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Tim Ho Wan
85/100 (902 ratings)
"As a self-proclaimed foodie, I'm ashamed to admit that I've only just tried Tim Ho Wan very recently. And I'm very disappointed with myself for..."
Noel Peñafuerte
"Not my first time and definitely not my last. I like how fast the orders come. The attendants are quick and fast to respond.I love their..."
"A lot of pork buns in the metro tries to copy tim ho wan, but nothing comes close. Tim ho wans pork buns with the crumbly top, warm bread and..."
"AMBIENCEIt was very crowded during lunch time, but surprisingly, we were in the queue for about three minutes only. As always, we just needed to..."
Patrick Unson
"We went here last saturday with my family to eat lunch. When we got here we are in the waiting list #3, but a few minutes later we got our seat..."
Scotty Wilburt See
"The flavors are just 150% spot on!Went here for a fast merienda but never thought that these three small plates will satisfy two people the way..."
"i still wonder how come this place serve only a handful of offerings compared to the myriad of chinese restos in the... world?! well, i..."
"I always eat here when im craving for quick and cheap chinese food. They have a variety of quick and easy dishes that always satisfy my cravings. I..."
Naveen Devnani
"Served fresh! Ahhh. I really love it here. We have ordered four dishes and a drink: Our usuals: Baked Pork Buns - My mom and I shared buns,..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
"Lucky to be served at around 12 noon as there are so many people waiting in line. Food was okay; tried their Chow Mien Stir Fried Noodles. Food menu..."
Bick Lloren
"Staff are very accommodated and the food is delicious as well of the hongkies food recommend to all ....Try their Char siew bun ..and also the..."
"Two words: BAKED BUNS!!! I can’t get enough especially when it’s piping hot. This is my favorite restaurant when I’m in SM MOA and while I’m..."
"if you are craving for chinese food yet affordable and delicious TIM HO WAN is good for you, mu favorite order is spareribs rice and pork..."
"Food was great! We had prawn dumplings, spring rolls, egg noodles soup, spring roll and congee. Great place for fam. We actually kept coming back...."
"Tim ho wan for me is an affordable choice if you want something chinese that can be eaten fast if you're on the go. Their menu is quite simple, a..."
"I think this is the only branch that is not really busy and we were very happy that day because they gave us a good table to sit in. Every food was..."
"Whenever I would pass by their restaurant, I’m always tempted to purchase their pork buns. I really like that it’s always served warm, and tastes..."
Bianca Monzon
"I was craving for baked bbq buns all days so I decided to have a snack at Tim Ho Wan. Their buns are super good! I could finish all 3 pieces to..."
"Been eating here for several times and I must say they are consistent. The food is good and the service is quick and efficient. Too good that..."
Jhing Seria
"I’m not into Chinese Cuisine but this reataurant got me. I love their dumplings and the noodles!! The price is worth it, ambiance and service is..."
"Tim Ho Wan has been known for being the most well loved chinese restaurant in Asia, not to mention the cheapest amongst the Michelin star rated..."
"Authentic Hong Kong dimsum in Metro Manila, plus other superb authentic chinese dishes. I personally love the spare ribs rice. The staff are nice and..."
"I think the Michelin Star speaks for itself. The pork buns are as glorious as advertised, and I like how they limited their menu since they could..."
Gilliane Bonguit
"All time fave! Would definitely not put a strain on your budget. The pork buns are glorious as advertised but you should order their spring roll with..."
Gilliane Bonguit
"Probably one of the cheapest Michellin Star restos in the world. This is my go-to place when it comes to dimsums during tea time! My absolute..."
"I am not a fan of Chinese food but I really like Hakaw and Tim Ho Wan’s pork bun and this is my preferred restaurant than others in malls. They..."
✨ Rayray ✨
"Tim Ho Wan Restaurant presents you enticing menus that have won the plaudits of food critics and hearts of foodies around the world. Congee with Lean..."
Dorothy Mae C. Torretijo
"We try different dimsum each visit but we could not resist having Pork and Shrimp Beancurd every time..The Chicken feet is very tender. I just..."
Unshakable Foodie
"Long queue of hungry 😋 peeps, crowded place, loud hustle and bustle in the kitchen, gleeful chatter over food… these are just few of the things..."
"I sooooo love chinese food! We had Prawn Dumplings, Baked Bun with BBQ Pork (didn't eat that since I'm a pescetarian), Vemicelli Roll with Shrimp,..."
Giselle Padilla
"I love their baked bun! ( it is similar to a siopao but waaay better) Their Hakaw and kuchai dumpling is also good ( compared to other chinese resto..."
Camille Manalo
"Tim Ho Wan has really grown on me. 😍 It has really become my favorite since it came to our shores. 😍 If there’s a Tim Ho Wan within..."
🦄The Last Unicorn🦄
"Definitely a go-to for a quick bite if you have some Chinese food cravings.Me and my fiancé enjoyed grabbing a quick meal before heading home..."
Liana Tan
"We tried their steamed dumplings and they were great! Don’t forget the BBQ buns, definitely a new favorite! Prices are very reasonable..."
Elaine Valencia
"My colleague and I stopped in to this place for lunch and was pleasantly surprise. The food was excellent and the staff were great. The prices were..."
Leny Mendoza
"Its been a while since the family's last visit. Fortunately our craving for Tim Ho's fare was in sync last Sunday .After just a few minutes..."
"Their pork buns are to die for. And also the vermicelli roll, I love it. The service is good. And the ambiance of the place is good as well. I like..."
Micaella Javier
"This is why people are going crazy about Tim Ho Wan. This baked bun with bbq pork is a taste of heaven on earth. The bun is soft and fluffy as the..."
"I like the spring roll with egg white, and spinach dumpling and chicken feet with abalone sauce... actually all the food we ordered... price is very..."
Oneng Concepcion
"If you heard/saw the name Tim Ho Wan, dumplings and buns always come to our mind because its their bestselling/recommend food even you have to wait..."
Rain Villoso
"Tim Ho Wan's branch at the Mall of Asia recreates the same kind of experience in their other branches. The quality and consistency of the dishes is..."
"Tim Ho Wan serves the best pork bbq buns. I love it and it taste heavenly. I will surely come back for more. Kudos to the chef. The restaurant..."
Claire Lu
"Tim Ho Wan, a restaurant which easily went up on my favorite restaurants list!What I love about this branch in particular is how big their..."
"It’s their Baked Barbecue Pork Buns. If there’s only one food I could live my whole life with, it’s that. Not only that, it’s very..."
"the Pork BBQ bun is a must!!! I have brought several people to give this place a try and I was never let down. Service was ok but the dimsum is very..."
Yohanny Eats
"Love the pork bun and spare rib rice meal.My new favorite is the cake .It looks like "puto but this one is tastier.I wonder if this is made of rice..."
Kris Tin
"Place is quite big and comfortable. We were seated at the corner which is very convenient because my parents are both senior citizens and would want..."
Winnie Barbosa
"Loved the pork buns and dimsum! Their single rice serving became quite heavy since we had other orders. We just had to try as much as we can on the..."
Bretha Elican - Dagami
"Service is okay and so far servers are attentive to their customers. Ate ther around past lunch and was surprised that our order was served almost..."
Josef Rey
"My favorite thing here is the pork buns (ofcourse!) and I always order this every time. I also like their Chow Mien stir fried noodles, its cooked..."
"My new comfort food! ❤💘💝There is this one friend of mine who always posts mouth- watering food from this restaurant like every..."
Amy 🌸
"Always a thumbs up!You can never go wrong with any order. Though the only thing in the menu with rice is Spare ribs. One thing i hate about,..."
"Tim Ho Wan has become one of my go-to restos when I couldn't find new ones to try. I love their Pork with Black Beans. Their Century Egg Congee was..."
"Tim Ho Wan - a Michelin starred restaurant. Ever since it opened here in the Philippines and heard excellent reviews, I've become an addict towards..."
"The much awaited wait is over! Finally tried out this place and put an end on wondering what the buzz was. The year Tim Ho Wan was introduced, every..."
Welcy Jeremy Chua
"Giving this rating only for the dumplings because their service sucks. Visited 3 times and I never liked their customer service aspect. No smiles,..."
Mei B
"We were on a ramen hunting that day but we end up here at Tim Ho Wan. There are 6 Tim Ho Wan in Manila and we visited the one in Mall Of Asia. It is..."
Herbert Kikoy
"Tim Ho Wan is all I recommend to my friends if ever they crave for Chinese authentic food. Their pork buns live up to their title as definitely one..."
Beatrice Redor
"The service is slow,The chicken is bland,The pork is boney,But the Pork Buns are gold.And sometimes, you only need one..."
Migz Cruz
"Food taste is comparable to other Chinese dimsum and teahouses in the Metro. The difference is that their dimsum wrappers are made just at the right..."
"Waaah. Went here yesterday and til now nagccrave parin ako sa dumpling na may spinach na may shrimp. Huhu. Iba ka bes! Hehe. Masarap sana kaya lang..."
Bet Azusano
"The best DIM SUM so far compared to others !! One of the team member Jayson ( formerly from ROBPLACE , ERMITA ) was so polite. We were there last..."
Leticia Gaw
"The best Dimsum ever!FOOD: Personal favorite was of course, the ever famous Pork Buns, and Spare Ribs Rice. Super sarap!!!!!..."
Madielaine Palor
"Best pork buns annd chow mien stir fried noodles ever! This is my favorite pair.The price is absolutely reasonable. Service is very good..."
Clary Viel
"Sooo happy with the pork buns today!! They were absolutely perfect. Steamy barbequed pork filling inside crusty pastry 👌🏻 this is the dish that..."
Muffy | OneHungryTeacher
"Eating at tim ho wan is a very good experience. Excellent food quality, great ambiance and great service crew. Ive tried lots of pork buns, but I..."
A Lawrence Nava
"A friend of mine brought me here last 17 September 2016 and I can say that this restaurant definitely met my expectations insofar as casual Chinese..."
Jude Vincent Espesor Parcon
"This will be short and sweet... since what I like in Tim Ho Wan is a short list too. :DI love their Baked Buns with BBQ Pork! Pretty cheap..."
StarryEyed Luna
"Tim Ho Wan, if the three stars was only on the food, it might make one star. If we were to follow the Michelin star system. On the local ratings,..."
Ben Bernardo
"Not my first time to try Tim Ho Wan. Got to try their Glorietta branch last year, but since this is a new branch and it's near our office, we paid it..."
Midz Sy
85/100 (227 ratings)
Frozen Yogurt
"I love red..."
Denise Dela Cruz
"It’s good that they have seating for those who want to ‘dine in’ and there are usually vacant seats whenever we visit. It’s just that some of..."
Anne Hernandez
"Costly but worth it because it's very delicious and the staffs are kind 👍 but I personally don't find the cookies and fruits complement each..."
Cristina Gonzaga
"The caramelized lotus biscuit sauce is nostalgic. The staff are very accommodating. They would give very honest suggestions as to what choices would..."
Justin Sindol
"Ordered Sanum which has 3 fresh fruits, 2 crunches, 1 sauce, and FroYo. Lotus crunch and sauce, to die for!! Will definitely..."
Eana Patrice
"I got sanum. Fruits were strawberry, kiwi and mango. Crunches were all almonds and the sauce was nutella. They really have one of the best yogurts..."
"Tried Golden King (smoothie) because I got it from a promotion on another app I subscribed to. It was good enough but I still like the yougurt plus..."
Clary Viel
"Place 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟They have plenty of tables and chairs available. Somehow an open area but have little privacy. Food..."
"Llao my favorite sweet tooth fix. Pun intended :pJust the right balance between tanginess and sweetness. One serving of sanum seems good..."
"ordered the golden plus, the yogurt was nice, the mango wasnt ripe enough. over all it was a nice smoothie to cool me down on a hot afternoon but i..."
"We all ordered Sanum -- froyo + 3 fruits, 2 crunches, 1 syrup for Php 199. I liked what I ordered, on the overall. The best "crunch" that I got was..."
Anne F
"Yoghurt parfait were tasty, altho priced a bit on the high side. There are different options and toppings and syrup to choose from. The facade looks..."
"The quality of the yogurt and additional condiments is great! It is a much healthier option than a regular ice cream. We tried the Sanum, which..."
Alba Singh
"It was my first time to try their yogurt and I can honestly say that it tasted really good since I prefer yogurt that tastes sour rather than sweet...."
Amanda Lacson
"I wanna SCREAM for more please!!!!!!!!!!!I couldn't wait for the Holiday Sanum to come out this November and so I got this regular Sanum..."
Unshakable Foodie
"One of the best froyo I've tasted. My favorite thing about their froyo is their white chocolate sauce! I like how the sweetness of the sauce..."
Arazen Quisoy
"Best llaollao branch I've been to so far. They always have a fresh stack of fruit and at least 5 variants to choose from. The crew works really fast..."
"This is the best yoghurt I’ve had in my life. You don’t even have to choose any toppings, the plain yoghurt is already very tasty. But if you do,..."
Kyrylo Silin
"⭐️ I finally found my favorite frozen yogurt!!!LLAOLLAO 💚 #1 THE BEST! Okay I’ve been dying to try Llaollao ever since the..."
Denise Jestine Ang
"This is one of the highly recommended frozen yogurt! You will surely love creaminess! The perfect sweetness. My two favorite toppings was the mango &..."
"Bakit ulan umalis ka na di nagpapsabi.? Tapos naginvite kapa ng araw para magstay. Buti nalang andyan si @llaollaophilippines para pawiin ang init ng..."
"Been here a lot of times. My grandparents who are not fans of yogurt love their own share of froyo and smoothie. We’re guaranteed to come back..."
Salty Dinosaur
"Definitely my favorite place to get froyo!! I highly recommend their Lotus Caramelized Biscoff sauce and their crunchies. :) That sauce compliments..."
"Frozen yogurt cannot get any better than this. It does not melt as quickly compared to others, and they do not skimp on the yogurt. I usually get the..."
Gilliane Bonguit
"June 30, 2018 After picking up Puppycat, we all headed over here to have some dessert. I loooove their yoghurt! It has the perfect balance of tart..."
"I've been into frozen yogurt since it started gaining popularity several years ago. Llaollao is no different from those that I already tried. But,..."
Kevin Jan T. Villaluz
"Llao llao is heaven for us yogurt lovers. I introduced this to my boyf and friends and they loveeeee it so much. Fruits are fresh; servings are..."
Charm Guanlao
"Had some foreign visitors ,treating them for some frozen yogurt you can never go wrong with the Spanish Llao Llao.Order the Sanum different fruit..."
"We just tried their yougurt size large (with 3 toppings). I picked strawberry, white chocolate and dark chocolate.The yougurt si soo sour..."
Karen Del Prado
"Best yogurt ice cream in town! The variety of choices for their toppings and sauces is really amazing! Their taste of their yogurt is quite sweet..."
Camille Manalo
"I iust tried the Llaollao in MOA but I always eat in Glorietta branch. MOA is accessible for me so I guess it is okay even though I notice that they..."
"It's my second time eating froyo in Llaollao and I still find it amazing that something tastes so good and delightful compared to other froyo joints...."
Morell Begonia
"Never expected it to be that good! Have tried others, Llao Llao has done better so far. All I can say is that, this is Qualityyyyyyy!!!..."
Christoper Quiogue RN
"Tried this golden plus smoothie using the buy one get one promo from booky. And i must say that it taste really good, wherein the frozen yogurt is..."
Angelica Manlangit
"After trying blk 513, my friend referred me to llaollao. I had sanum. I chose dragonfruit, kiwi and mangoes as my fruit. My crunch was lotusbiscoff..."
"I couldn't stop thinking about this place and their delicious yogurt hehe 💛 I tried their Sanum with 3 scoops of Mangoes, chocolate crisps, lotus..."
"Love at first bite! ❤ I tried other frozen yogurt pero iba ka pa din. Halos everytime na pumupunta ako sa MOA, lagi kitang dinadaanan. Lagi din..."
Marianne Besoña
"At first I thought it was just a cup of ice cream. I also got confused why many people visit here just to avail the Sanum(Best seller) every time I..."
Nikki Rei
"Refreshing! :) I got the Sanum - frozen yogurt + 3 fruits + 2 crunch + 1 sauce for P199. For fresh fruits, I got dragonfruit, mango and kiwi (a bit..."
Pam Lloren
"Healthy and unique taste of frozen yogurt. The first time I tasted it, It has been my favorite. I usually pair my frozen yogurt with caramel sauce..."
Danah Isabel Francisco
"I think this is a solid competitor of BLK 513. The yogurt is okay, but the concept of being healthy is a little off cause of the Nips thing. The..."
Perlito Fabiani | Hungry Panda
"This is not my first time to try Llaollao. I already experienced the healthy frozen yogurt in two of their branches... Glorietta and Megamall but..."
"Their version of Frozen yogurt is not too sour which makes it more enjoyable to eat. They have mango, grapes, dragonfruit, kiwi, strawberry and melon..."
Wandering Matcha
"I am a big fan of Froyo, and llao llao did not disappoint. I ordered Sanum and it was just the way I like it. Best-tasting yogurt so far! Will..."
Jessa Dee
"LLAO LLAO. (MOA) 🍦There's different choices of size. (S,M,L)Choices of toppings and yummy yogurt.And just enjoy the rest. The stay..."
Nikka Push
"Place - restaurant is spacious and you can enjoy it either in the restaurant or to go. Service - staff were friendly and accomodating...."
Hades Agcaoili
"My fave is Sanum! Our usual toppings are the almond crumble, mango, strawberry, and chococrock! Yummy! Perfect dessert/snack while at the..."
"I ordered the Sanum, which I'm told is the most popular item they sell. I loved the combination of the slightly tart yogurt, the fresh fruit, the..."
Daniel A
"The yogurt is so good, it deserves an encore. I braved Wednesday traffic for this delectable frozen treat treat. I got Sanum with chocolate balls..."
Reich Torio
"Yummy yogurt and lots of toppings to choose from. A healthy dessert that can best satisfy your taste buds. My friends and I were curious about the..."
Angela Tangonan
"If you love eating Froyos then you must try this one. It's a frozen yogurt franchise from Spain and they say, this is the most natural frozen yogurt..."
Adelle Lubrido
"I ordered sanum and honestly I regretted it. It's good for two people! We could have ordered petitllao instead. Nevertheless, I liked it. I like..."
Jeninah Calimlim
"Best tasting yoghurt, be it plain or with toppings of your choice. Not too sweet, not too sour but with a hint of milky flavor. Place looks fresh and..."
"The newest frozen yogurt place is in town! Llao llao (yao yao) frozen yogurt has opened its first store at Mall of Asia. I was lucky to be one of..."
"I've only tried the medium sized froyo with three toppings: strawberry, dragon fruit, and watermelon. There weren't many options so even if I don't..."
Iya Agravante
"I kinda thought I might not finish it because there's too much caramel sauce and since I am not into sweet stuff... and I WAS WRONG! The sweetness is..."
"I liked my visit to this branch better than my visit to their Glorietta branch for one reason: their crunch. I loved their muesli with..."
Midz Sy
"Go out and try their sanum. Totally worth it!!! But I think that having 2 crunchies is simply "bitin" for a sweet tooth like me. :-)..."
Always Hungry
"Llao Llao's bright and clean interior plus mouth watering visuals are two reasons why I tried out their yogurt soft serve.  We ordered a small..."
"I learned my mistake from trying Blk's froyo. This time, I asked the staff not to put any sauce on it because all their sauce were sweet (chocolate,..."
Cerize Sicat
"Probably one of the best yogurt I've tasted! I usually put fresh fruits on my yogurt and I find it fresh and yummy. The yogurt is very nice..."
Aileen Santos
"I ordered the small cup since I was full. I still couldn't reject buying one in a full tummy, that's how good it is!!I usually get dark..."
J Rod
"What sets it apart from other yogurt places is probably the number of available toppings. My personal favorite is the caramelized lotus biscuit,..."
Adrian Christian Castro
"the location is nearthe frozen yogurt is nice ..the place is clean I forgot if I mixed a not so good match of..."
Ram Billedo
"To all fro-yo lovers out there, visit Llao-Llao ( Glorietta / SM Mall of Asia ). Fresh, delish, and heavenly! Comes with a choice of..."
Wally Fallorin
"A taste of frozen yogurt is extremely satisfying! 🍦🍦🍦I was walking around MOA when I come across this bright green boutique. I..."
Raquel Navotas
"The new yogurt place in town! They have quite a lot of toppings to choose from. My fave is Lemon Sensation, it's a lemon shake topped with yogurt..."
"Eating healthy never tasted this good. Among all the frozen yogurts I've tried, this is the best one so far! They have a wide range of choices for..."
Nolein Dela Cruz
"Finally got to try their fro yo! I got their smallest cup (Php 99.00) with one topping and I had mangoes. What I loved about it was how their yogurt..."
Anne Bonsato
"Tried their medium sized yogurt at P179.00 with your choice of 3 add ons. You may choose from fresh fruits, cholocates, cookies and syrup. The med..."
Tina Pacheco
"I've been going here every weekend since it opened. I don't know, but i always had a thing for frozen yogurt.The goodthing about this is..."
"Ordered their Sanum Cup, chose kiwi, mangoes and strawberries for the fruits, oreo and I am not really sure what other crunch that was and then Lotus..."
Mielly Belly
"Llao Llao is one of the talk of the town as of today. The taste of the yogurt itself is similar to the other yogurt shops here in the Philippines..."
"Froyo, ladies and gentlemen! It was just a month ago when this store got my attention. I always wanted to try it and here are my..."
"I must say that the frozen yogurt is actually pretty worth it in my opinion💕I like the creaminess of it perfectly blended with the multitude of..."
Princess Reich
"Average... Pink berry is much better and has a variety of Flavours, unlike llao llao. I got the Sanum which wasn't very well balanced. It had too..."
Alfy Lay
"The MOA branch offers more toppings/sauces (they have fruit sauces!). This time I had their medium yogurt with strawberries, almonds, and caramel..."
Bea Rigodon
"Update! It still is my most favorite yoghurt place in town minus the loooong lines! I love the consistency and the thickness of the..."
"As usual, this brand of froyo still, and is the only one that passes for me as not leaving that sour aftertaste. I just hope that they'll add a..."
Roweign Taniegra
"I have tried some of the yogurt places in Manila such as White hat, Red Mango, and Pink berry. Among the three, the last one is the best. However,..."
Jilliane Dimaano
"Ordered the Mango Plus, if I remember correctly. I wasn't planning on buying here since I haven't heard of it. But the branding and the well-lit..."
Monique Tendencia
"I ordered this small sized frozen yogurt with two toppings- mango and chocolate ferrero sauce. Their small size is actually quite big already, it..."
Sherry Yao
The Cafe Mediterranean
85/100 (126 ratings)
Regular Pita
Falafel wrap
Moroccan Mint Tea
Kebab Platter
Baklava Cheese Cake
Grilled Chicken Gyro
Beef Kebab Pizza
Gyro Platter Grilled Beef with Biryani Rice
"One of the best Mediterranean places in Manila. The Turkish salad, while expensive is worth it. They don't skimp on the feta cheese. The chicken gyro..."
Mark Sigmon
"This is my fave resto when I’m craving for Mediterranean food. This particularbranch is my fave so far because of the ambiance. Place is..."
"I’m a forever chicken kebab and moussaka fan! Super love this place and the wait staff are awesome!! I was over the moon when this was 1+1 on food..."
Angel Medina
"I tried the mushroom and caramelized onions hummus and while I love tasty flavors, this one is very light and a little bland in my opinion. The meal..."
Johanna Michaela Abdulkadil
"Big servings. Authentic mediterranean food. Knowledgable, warm and accommodating staff. One of my fave go-to restaurants when i feel like eating..."
Marielle Ardiente
"Delicious hummus bowls from their menu. Flat pita breads are big enough to empty each bowl. It's better to add hard-boiled eggs to make each bowl a..."
Francis Gerard Gonzales
"I got the mushroom with caramelized onion hummus and it tasted amazing! The texture was smooth and it had a generous serving of mushrooms. The waiter..."
Dyana Dizon
"Been a cafe med fan since I was in HS. They serve the best moussaka and chicken kebab! Moussaka is just made right, especially with basmati rice and..."
John S
"This is the first place where I used my Zomato gold membership. I had Buy One, Take One on their gyros. I just wanted quick meal and a light dinner..."
Annalyn Jusay Zoglmann
"Ambience:Our discounted Eatigo reservation, as always, got our suppressed enthusiasm raging for a feast with pita bread! Fortunately, their..."
Patrick Unson
"Authentic Mediterranean food! Yummy! Best restaurant when craving for Mediterranean cuisines. Big servings! A bit pricey but will definitely come..."
Lyka Espiritu
"Brought mum with me to have lunch here in Cafe Mediterranean, we had hummus, falafel, smoked salmon and, grilled tuna fish. Nice quiet ambience......"
Big Baby Blue Bunnycorn
"Staff are nice and accomodating. They seek for customer's opinion on the food. Visited may 26, 2018 with my family.bolognese spaghetti is..."
Maria Christina Paine
"This branch is somewhat exceptional. Once I had dined in 2014, they would offer an appetizer of flat bread with cottage cheese dip and a type of..."
Joeridge Ross Chua
"Their moroccan lamb stew is the bomb!!Their service is great too. We managed to get a table when it was almost closing time and the servers..."
Jhoanne Suplente
"The Cafe Mediterranean is the first restaurant that serves "Exotic" (which I thought before) that I ever went to as a kid.I don't remember..."
Danyka Lintoco
"First time to try Cafe Mediterranean and I will def come back☺️ The roasted rosemary chicken is the best - flavor, perfectly cooked chicken plus..."
Rizzel Moira
"i usually come here when i get cravings for kebab. i especially like their grilled beef platter. the food is great. the service is great. their crews..."
Helen Maya
"We only tried the Sampler Plate of 4 (395php) and picked Hummus, Falafel, Labneh, and Kofta, from the list of Appetizers and Little Plates. I loved..."
"Ambiance was lovely. Nice and cold.Customer service was really good. Waiters were attentive and went beyond expectations.Good quality food...."
Princess Ong
"Place is very cozy and you can smell them cooking your food fresh. Their place in MOA is quite big and can accommodate a lot of customers without..."
Winnie Barbosa
"ORDERED: Grilled Chicken Kebab with Buttered Rice, Mango Panna Cotta(+) Service was great. Staff were courteous and attentive.(+) I..."
"My first time at the restaurant was yesterday noon, when my family & I had our lunch.So far, good service. And quite..."
"Firmly a go to Mediterranean resto of me and my bestfriend/boyfriend. We opt to frequently order our all time favorite Kebab platter which I believe..."
Shane Pines Quijada
"Me and my Mom's fave go to mediterranean place. Being big fans of mediterranean cooking I must say this resto is a close as we could get to the real..."
Jamie M Cayetano
"Had I written this review a few years ago I wouldve rated this place higher. Cafe Med sparked my infatuation for Middleastern/Greek food. I am a big..."
"Cafe med still is my comfort food. I cant remember the last I ate at cafe med - greenbelt one branch. Moa branch, attentive waiter and very..."
Pinky Burog
"Still one of the best Mediterranean cuisine in the country. Ordered my usual grilled fish gyro plate and lentil soup. Definitely a staple for many!..."
Pats Lim Dy
"The staff always wear a friendly smile and are very accomodating. Orders don't take too long to order. Their grilled chicken is the best! Definitely..."
Jude Potato
"Cafe Med is one of my winner Go To Places when we have Sunday Family Lunch. There are times where you want to order else but you always go back to..."
Johanna Kay Lim
"The Café Mediterranean - We ordered Shish Taouk which was a traditional shish kebab which can be found in Syrian and Lebanese cuisine. The..."
"Back when I was still working in Ortigas, at a building just walking distance from Robinsons Galleria and Podium, my boss would sometimes take us to..."
Gillian Hero
"Countries like Greece, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco form part of the Mediterranean and their cuisines are what this restaurant is all about. Staffs..."
Dennis Carlson Lim | TFC
"My favorite stop in MOA. The servers are always Courteous. The food here is full of flavors and worth every cent you pay and the price is very..."
Grezia Valdecantos
"Just had lunch at this awesome resto. My mom, bro, sis and I were eating off each other's plates. We wanted to have a taste of everything. We now..."
Precious Anne L. Taliwaga
"Tried their grilled lamb and fish with pita.the lamb was cooked medium rare just as what my partner expected them to be.grilled fish was just right..."
Ana Patrysha Reyes Chavez
"I always like mediterranean food. Place is cozy, comfortable and relaxing. Price a bit on the expensive side. Food is very good...."
Peejay Cabrera
Uma Uma Ramen
85/100 (1159 ratings)
"#Uma Uma PH ramen taste so yummy and healthy The noodles are flawless and it has no msg, a perfect place to treat a friend, family and..."
Elvira Bayona
"The food is nice the place is cozy the staff is very..."
Wakin Templo
"Excellent ramen and service. Thank you for a great..."
Jermaine Soo
"masarap super. ang tagal namin hinahanap ung restaurant na ito kala ko nsa sm mall of asia wala pala. nasa Maison pala siya. sarap balik balikan..."
Cristopher Aranilla Lagrosa
"Oishi!�� Yummy gyoza and their oh so richly flavored ramen is definitely a must try! Also, their matcha ice cream is �!!! Pleasant..."
Lindsay Rafael Ravello- Medina
"great food, great cocktails, plus a nice view of manila bay,..."
Lawrence Gabriel
"Love the place and food. Love the staff. You gotta try it..."
Sasha So Seng Yu
"Food was great loved everything we ordered will definitely be..."
Richmond Young Chan
"Ramen is good but a little bit salty. Gyaza is good..."
Cris Hernandez
"Super love the ramen..."
Bea Casin
"Best ramen of my existence! Thick savory broth..."
Ivy Velasco
"Food: One of the good places for Ramen. Their broth is flavorful and noodles are firm. We had Uma Uma Ramen, Spicy Chasiu Ramen, Gyoza, California..."
Hilary A.
"As I was in Pasay one afternoon been craving for some Chicken Karage, since I went solo typical Karage Bento might be too much for me so I decided to..."
Allans Gastro Snaps
"Went with BETH friends for a friend’s Despedida Party, we walked longer but all the ramen’s we ordered are all so delicious. Though I came from a..."
Third Jacobs
"I love their ramen and everything else in their menu. It serves no frills, great food, and with a good price to boot. Great value for money in S..."
"Their Chicken Karaage was the bomb! Ramen is definitely part of my top-ramen-bowls list. As for the one-bite gyoza, it's worth the try! Servers were..."
Winnie Go
"Superb food! Although we are always at Conrad, this is actually our first time trying out their food. Glad to say that we were very impressed!! We..."
"This actually a pretty good place for ramen cravings. Their ramen is better than a lot of ramen restaurants. The broth is thick and flavorful and the..."
Naveen Devnani
"The best ramen ever! Not much to say but just eat. I really love the soup and evrything. The serving size is just right. Price is also better..."
Ram Garduque
"2nd time here in Uma Uma, their ramen was very good, fresh ingredients and fresh broth. I really like their Garlic Ramen and also their gyoza. I will..."
Christian Levi
"Winner was the char siu rice. My kid finished one bowl by himself. I love that the gyoza was so cute and bite sized. The rolls were too big for one..."
Jess S
"We ordered Uma uma ramen, Spicy chasiu ramen, and a serving of their one-bite gyozas. Slightly cheaper priced compared to other ramen restos such as..."
Ferrick Crenz De Vera
"Tried uma uma ramen several times and it is as expected! The tamago/softboiled egg is really good and we tried several soup base and definitely all..."
Lorenz Lao
"Tasted their best selling ramens because we've heard they serve one of the best so decided to try it and I was pleasantly surprised. It tasted great..."
"Good Staff ❤️ Flavourful Foods ❤️ Overall 5/5 ❤️😍 So satisfying! I love the Uma Uma Ramen which is known for MSG -Free. Also..."
Romeo Ladag
"First time to eat here with my family. All i can say is we were satisfied customers. We enjoyed eating the garlic ramen and the karaage. My dad..."
Ashley Bong
"First time that we went here with my family and I must say THE BEST RAMEN HOUSE so far. The broth is rich in flavor. The noodles are perfectly..."
Kobe Saya
"Their Ramen are reasonably price, an order may be good for 2 not so hungry diners. I love their space, simple but well lit. What we had:-Uma Uma..."
"Thumbs up! 🙂 Karrage Don was lit 🔥 Uma Uma Ramen is worth it. 👍 I love the vanilla ice cream 🍧 They have a big serving, good for 2-3..."
Nina Leones
"We came here on a Sunday evening after a convention at the nearby SMX Center. We ordered the Spicy Chasiu Ramen and the Mazesoba (soupless) ramen...."
Chris Williams
"[Garlic Ramen]The base broth is the same used Uma Uma Ramen. Heavy, thick, and slightly creamy with a touch of umami.Garlic oil is..."
Khael Angeles
"I ordered the signature dish is Carbonara Ramen, which is so unique for me, the first time I taste ramen combination with western cuisine.The..."
"This is our fave restaurant to eat at especially when we are in the area to watch a concert at the MOA arena. We always have early dinner here..."
Ria Pe | RIA_litybites
"I always end up ordering their garlic ramen because it honestly tastes like the Akkamaru special of Ippudo but here in umauma its a 100 peso cheaper...."
Shane Pines Quijada
"First time to visit a japanese cuisine so we try at UMA UMA RAMEN at CONRAD we ask for their best sellers or most popular ramen and side dish...The..."
Chen Espina
"Good service plus great food! Tried their tantanmen and chasiu and karaage.the noodles are rightly cooked and the sauce is really flavourful. The..."
Sporks Sporks
"Food was great loved everything we ordered. Plus a nice view of manila bay, perfect!! Staff were very accomodating and friendly will..."
Cecille Lepaopao
"I just enjoyed one of my Favorite Ramen here @UmaUmaThe Mazesoba Chasiu. Very delicious and Very affordable. Staff were very Friendly and..."
Romeo Ladag
"I have been to Uma Uma Ramen two times (from the posted date) and as someone who has Japanese roots, this is one of the Japanese restaurants here in..."
Ruka Azuma
"The best for me! I like the veggie ramen and gyosa! Love the experience of Japanese ramen 100% MSG free.Plus Dining while viewing the famous..."
Mansion Villamar
"Celebrated my birthday here with my family. The ramen was so good very flavorful and is good already for sharing but we ordered one for each of us..."
Lyka Espiritu
"Went to the outlet recently a few times. There’s this really sweet staff called Krizelle, I think. Super friendly and always smiling from ear to..."
Kenneth Lim
"Had brunch + merienda around 3PM here at Uma Uma. We had takoyaki, uma uma ramen, and the chasou rice bowl. The price is quite high for the takoyaki..."
Clary Viel
"We craved for ramen on a rainy night and wanted to try a new ramen place so we settled here. I ordered the Tonkotsu Ramen and was overwhelmed by the..."
Bea Hingada
"The Uma Uma ramen is really good! MSG free but doesnt cut corners on taste! It has 3 big slices of meat too enough to make one hungry tummy very..."
"First time here and we already love the place. For starters, we got the Dashi Maki Tamago and One Bite Gyoza. Both were delish! The tamago was very..."
Cheen De Guzman
"Ramen is really nice and taste good!!! Takoyaki is crunchy outside and soft at the middle!!Tamakoyaki was sofe in all part this is also the main..."
"Ordered the garlic ramen. It was ok, soup was unusually thick and the egg was legit aji-tamago. The noodles were a bit too soft for my liking though...."
Leslie Cua
"One of the affordable Ramen in town. Food was great and service was fast the broth was just too oily. Place was also cozy since its inside a nice..."
Ishan Ibañez
"We were about to eat at Ramen Nagi, however, the line was quite long so we looked for an alternative. What was once a plan B happened to be a better..."
Jhaz D
"The signature Uma Uma Ramen was very flavorful, almost like my all-time favourite ramen in Mendokoro! 😱 It’s supposed to be spicy but I removed..."
Krizia Yap
"Ramen has a lot of toppings compared to others. Price is reasonable for the quality of their Ramen. In addition staffs are very attentive in..."
Lester Gonzales
"Follow me on Instagram: @astro.adin | #AdinEats | #AdinRamenHuntsUma Uma Ramen located at S Maison is somewhat a hidden gem in MOA Complex..."
"Ramen ftw for two consecutive days!Tried their signature Uma Uma ramen and Spicy Chasiu ramen. Serving time was fast and upon ordering, we..."
Jonylle Pineda
"Booked via eatigo and got to enjoy a 30% discount. We ordered their uma uma ramen, spicy ramen, garlic ramen and gyoza. The serving is generous that..."
Jaydee Medina
"Surprisingly good. This is coming from a woman who had her first taste of ramen at Ikkoryu Fukuoka a few years ago and was less than impressed (I..."
"Since it's the rainy season, my cousin Gia Mikaela Bernales and I decided to eat something warm. We ordered Chicken Karaage, Garlic Ramen and Spicy..."
"Loved the Garlic ramen and Sushi platter!!! No condiments on the table like sesame seeds, pepper etc which is a staple to a Jap resto. But you can..."
Kate Alyssa Caton
"DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE RATING!!! THIS PLACE IS WORTH IT! 💯 Breaks my heart that i see bad reviews from people... I've tried so many ramens 🍜..."
Ken Rosco
"I needed a cheaper alternative to my go-to, Mendoroko Ramenba. The portion is generous. Taste-wise, it didn't disappoint. Their Uma Uma Ramen has a..."
Jemm De Leon
"The place was small, but clean and not cramped up. All their ramen had pork in them, which I don't eat, so I opted for their vegetarian ramen. It..."
"The staff were very friendly and accomodating, given that the place was packed with people when we came for dinner. Ramen was delicious but..."
Patricia Anne Macapinlac Sison
"Good Value for money. Big bowl of authentic tasting ramen for a fraction of the cost of the bigger more well known places. Service could use a bit of..."
Jonathan Avila
"I like their gyoza and ramen 🍜 however it wasn't the best ramen 🍜 I have had. The servings were huge and filling too. I think a bowl 🍲 of..."
Melanie Castillo
"I ate here with my son and we really loved the food and the service. i ate here the best matcha ice cream ever. 😍😍 . definitely, we will be..."
Josh Tablada
"While looking for a place for late dinner we happened to pass by at this restaurant at around 9:OO pm. It was packed with happy diners so we decided..."
Geneille Rigor
"Was pleasantly surprised by this ramen house. High score purely for its ramen bowl that was being offered for a limited time on leaflet menu last..."
"We were intimidated by the restaurants we pass by in Conrad as we search for Uma Uma because we had a reservation via Eatigo. We were glad it's not..."
Glenn Joseph | Jogpen
"Nice flavors. great noodle to soup ratio. The Garlic Ramen actually tastes better than their best selling Uma Uma Ramen in my book. Service in the..."
Manying Tibayan-Yuvienco
"Try the ice cream matcha please omg I never really liked anything matcha but bruh...Too bad they were closing up when we get here so we..."
Espressamente Illy - Mall Of Asia
85/100 (78 ratings)
Coffee & Tea
"Ambiance is quiet, and relaxing. The accompaniment of classical/contemporary genre of background music is good for a café. There are charging..."
Glenn Joseph | Jogpen
"Coffee is just okay. The food is surprisingly good especially the truffle pasta. I loved how it cook and super tasty. Just a bit pricey though..."
Harley Quin
"Food: 8/10Excellent coffee. Good Salad and Flatbread.Service: 8/10Crews are very attentive.Ambiance:..."
Inspector Meals
"Enjoyed our Viennese Coffee with whipped cream and chocolate powder care of Zomato Gold's 2+2 deal, it was bittersweet and indulgent for the price of..."
Eboy M. Donato
"We were hungry, not thirsty so did not get to enjoy the Zomato gold offer.Their menu is surprisingly extensive. We ordered the Bolognese..."
"Place 🌟🌟🌟The place has an open-cafe setup, so there’s not much privacy and can be noisy if there are people passing by the area...."
"Illy cafe has a wide variety of drinks available, whether be it coffee,tea , smoothies you name it they've got it. They also have a good number of..."
"Illy cafe is quite a good place to have a cool and relaxing day. Very good ambiance with very tasty drinks and cakes. I would like to suggest the..."
"This cafe is amazing! They got the best espresso shot ever! they serve good food as well, if you guys want to have some quiet time and..."
Ezekiel Zafra
"Drinks were really refreshing and pasties were really filling. Service was very attentive without being too ostentious. I will definitely back as I..."
Jerome Wilfrid Rodriguez Mendez
"if you are looking for instagramable and nice place to chill, meetings, or if you want to read books, then illy caffe is for you. we booked..."
"Nice cafe with really great ambiance and good coffee. Their cakes really look yummy too but the time we got here we were already so full so we only..."
"The place has a relaxing vibe. Their espresso brownie blown me away. You can go here to eat and chill for a while. It is located at the main mall...."
Dane Tenorio
"We went to MoA for the Manila International Book Fair 2018. We had our dog with us and needed to find somewhere to stay while waiting for the rest of..."
Cheska Trinidad
"As a tourist from Australia looking for an espresso coffee more to my taste, this place was perfect. The food options and more plentiful than..."
Jason Meaden
"Food in this cafe is surprisingly good. We were expecting a cafe which serves coffee this good might just have just-ok food but it is a pleasant..."
"Honestly I did not expect that they will serve good food. I know Illy for their coffee and strong espresso shots but amazingly their pasta and pizza..."
Lyndon Vincent Ang
"Ambience: open cafe set up in front of Uniqlo - the chair height is not proportional to the table it’s very uncomfortable - since it’s..."
Amazing Eats By PrimSy
"Went here on a late lunch and I must say that food was amazing!crostini with achovies, mozzarella and tomatoes are great!ciabatta with..."
Rain Flores
"Great food and excellent service by the staff. Would definitely go back for more. But would no longer order the tuna penne. Whahhahaha. Bad mistake..."
Benedict Cruz
"I ordered All day breakfastFettuccine al tartufoAll day breakfast - this breakfast needs a little dash of taste. Its just a "not..."
Ged Tajonera
"On the table:🍝 Fettuccine al Tartufo (fettuccine in creamy truffle oil)🍝 Aglio e Olio (spaghetti tossed in extra virgin olive oil and..."
Sonick Posadas
"Illy cafe is synonymous to Italian coffee,I've known the brand because of their packed coffee beans and coffee shops around Asia.This is my..."
"Me and my officemates had a really good time at illy Caffé in Mall of Asia. It was my first time to try the place and I honestly did not know what..."
Red Cup
"Pizzas and Pastas are yummy! Service is ok. Service size is adequate. Staff are friendly and attentive. The Smoked Salmon Omelette was a miss though...."
Don Cruz
"The mushroom cheese pizza and pesto sandwich are incredible! The new MOA location is great too, a welcome respite from the busy mall. It’s cool and..."
Four Seasons Hot Pot City
85/100 (1994 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Hot Pot
Sukiyaki & Shabu Shabu
Juice & Smoothies
Shabu Shabu
Hong Kong
"We went here to eat our dinner last Saturday to celebrate my graduation. There was a lot of food to choose from, there was a section of cooked food..."
Scotty Wilburt See
"Worth it for the great food choices. Great service overall, they also refill their food fast. It has a very nice ambiance and a good looking comfort..."
Leona Gonzales
"Hotpot has always been underrated for me, it definitely deserves more spotlight. As for me it is the ultimate comfort food.Four Seasons is..."
"Hindi ako masyado mahilig sa hot pot pero dito nag invite yung tita ko at libre so go na.. Ang ganda ng lugar, ang daming selection ng fresh items..."
"5/5! I really loved spending my birthday celeb here just this year. The staffs are very friendly and accommodating, and they really place value on..."
"This restaurant is huge and has a lot of variety to choose from. There are wide selection of Japanese cuisine (sushi, tuna and salmon sashimi,..."
"Place 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟The place is huge and can accommodate a lot of people. It is also well lit and ventilatedFood..."
"Great place great food and a lot of food varieties, I really love this place this defines the very best hot pot experience. One thing that really..."
"For a hungry pips buffet is a must! Four seasons Hotpot buffet’s food is nice. What i like about this buffet is they have a hotpot. However, some..."
"We waited for about 30-45 minutes for our priority number to be called. We should call for reservation next time. Ambience and service..."
"Since this was a family dinner (with my grandmother), we opted to dine in a place that offers healthy options. Thus:PLACE: The place was..."
"Ang cutie ng ambience nila super! I also like the food and mababait yung staffs nila! They gave me a congratulatory cake for my graduation!! One of..."
Mary Ann Delfin
"Mas maraming food selection dito compared to SM Southmall's. Comparing the two because that's the only two branches I've tried. I'm actually not much..."
Jazzy Eat World
"Its a really good place if you like Hotpot with lots of variety. Though the variety of meatballs look different but for me they taste the same. They..."
Marvin Wee
"I would say that their food selection is definitely worth the price. Other than the vegetables and meat that goes in the hot pot, their drinks,..."
"We want to try something new, so we ate here to try shabu-shabu. We are so full when we left. Very good 💯FOOD 5/5 We really enjoyed the..."
Ann Marjorie Garcia Constantino
"We entered the restaurant and the ambience and aroma reminded us of Singapore and Hong Kong. The buffet spread was good especially the Japanese..."
"The best thing about this place is that it's big and spacious. I've been here twice, and it's never crowded compared to other buffets that I've been..."
"We availed the 50% off on weekday buffet of CBC credit card, it's really very sulit. Seafood are fresh and the internal organs of both chicken and..."
"We weren't able to make any reservation since we impulsively decided to go to MOA to splurge into a buffet dinner. We went there around 2pm and we're..."
"Went here to celebrate. it has almost everything you would want to put in a hot pot from different broths to different kinds of noodles, vegetables,..."
Jasper Luz
"If you are craving for hotpot, this is THE place to visit. Tons of choices available and their buffet spread is pretty good as well. Unfortunately..."
Efren Wong
"We went here to celebrate my friend's birthday and we were expecting so much because we haven't tried hotpot before. They have a wide selection of..."
Sofia Guirhem
"🌸 Location is accessible (near SM Mall of Asia, sea side)🌸 Huge parking space🌸 It can accommodate large count of pax because of..."
Andrea Clave
"The best and only hotpot I ever enjoyed! I tried 3 other hotpot restaurants before and I didn’t like any of them. So I was kind of hesitant to eat..."
Jaydee Medina
"Upon coming in, we were greeted well by the register staff, welcomed properly and easily got a table.from my reservation made using booky. We were..."
James Andrew Hao
"If you love noodles and hotpot then this is the place for you. They offer a wide variety of ingredients and food for your preferred hotpot. Price is..."
Keysi Eats Ph
"For Shabu Shabu lovers!Hope you could make an instruction or simple recipe to be followed for those first timers so that they may enjoy the..."
Cudz GM
"People who loves shabu shabu, try Four Seasons Hotpot City! Many soups, main dish and dessert to choose from.It's better to go on weekend..."
Dianne Salonga
"My place to be, my happy haven. I found this place while looking for a restaurant to settle in for my graduation dinner feast with my family. I came..."
"The ambiance is great. They have great varieties of food. Love their service as well. Their dessert tastes good. The price is pretty fair for their..."
Micaella Javier
"Not much of a fan of hotpot dining but my boyfriend enjoyed his dining experience at their SM Southmall branch. Aside from fresh meat, seafood,..."
Bea Hingada
"Was my birthday and it was my Kuyas' treat!Love their sushis, spicy hotpot, different kinds of meats and veggies... Oh! Don't not forget their..."
Carmela Belle Manibog
"We had a good dinning experience at Four Seasons. We had difficulty as to what we’ll try first because their food is so overwhelming. They have..."
Hanie P
"Like its sister buffet, Vikings, Four Seasons Hotpot City also offer wide-range selection of food except this provides a different dining experience..."
The Eatventurers
"The place is so high class compare to other buffet in terms of the venue, wasn't satified that much in foods, maybe because the choices for foods are..."
Ysh Rys
"My friends and I decided to celebrate Ben’s birthday at the Four Seasons Hotpot City because of the birthday promo, great rating, and experience..."
Tracy Ann Perez
"The ambiance is good and the staff are very accomodating. The taste of the foods are satisfactory though the choices are very limited. I would..."
Marjorie Villariño Fernandez
"We went here for my birthday. Food and service were great! They have this section for the vegetables and they were fresh unlike in other buffets...."
"Some of our relatives treated me and my brother here - thankfully so because this is normally out of our price range. We arrived an hour into the..."
"One of my favorite buffet restaurants in Metro Manila. Wide selection of Asian dishes neatly arranged and prepared. Perfect for special occasions if..."
Pam Antig-Aportadera
"I do love eating here.. the taste is great and most of the seafoods are fresh. Common problems of buffets is quality control there were times that..."
John Alouette Jugo
"We went here last night to celebrate my birthday. I had a free of charge dinner. You just have to present valid id with your birthdate. We were..."
Claire Lu
"Totally exceeds my expectations.The only thing i dont want is the treatment of one of the managers to customers..i asked if we can still..."
"Me and my husband love it here since food is fantastic, always fresh and delicious. Service is great and we even held our wedding reception here. Thr..."
Rytz Lim
"This place is actually spectacular for a hotpot. I wasn't really expecting much even though this was a buffet but they actually had a lot of meat and..."
"Food here was excellent! Most of the diners were chinese or korean. Sa sobrang dami ng food choices, malulula ka. Lol. Ang downside lang is their..."
"Definitely a place for buffet to try out. Had a variety of meals that can be complimented to the hot pot theme, but less when it comes to independent..."
Jay Juat
"We celebrate our anniversary here. Limited choices of seafoods but we enjoyed the food and the hotpot!! 👍🐽🍜🍥. And a bit dissapointed cous..."
Ma Czarina
"This is the second four seasons branch I have visited and again, this restaurant never fails. It is the same homey four seasons I loved. I love how..."
Graciemae VM
"The promo is definitely a plus. Food selection is limited to Japanese, Chinese and Filipino cuisine. But you've got to cook your own soup and..."
"Place: Good interior, clean, organizedFood: Your selection is from chinese-korean-japanese. They have more selection of dimsum and raw..."
Iya Sofia Valencia
"This is my first time at four seasons, and I was really happy and content.They have almost 10 sections including the meats (and innards), ready..."
"My friend from church and I reserved a table here when we both found out that I would be sponsored by the Chinese embassy here due to winning an..."
Gian Paulo Austria
"Four Seasons Hot Pot City Buffet is a healthier choice than other buffets like, "Sambokojin" They use Hot Pots instead of grills. What I love about..."
Janela Franzin Apolinar
"Fast queuing but reservation is a mustClean and quick replenishment of food because it's still relatively new in the place Good..."
"Enjoyed their hotpot and other foods but had limited seafood to choose from. We went here on a Monday night. Quite satisfied for a 992.30 price of..."
"4.5 because eveything is so delish. we weren't dizzy after - so it's a great sign (konting msg i guess ahaha) staff are very accomodating EXCEPT the..."
"I've eaten here twice already and the food here just gets better everytime, they got a huge selection of seafood, thin sliced meats (my favorite),..."
Paolo Blancas
"This is our favorite Hot Pot restaurant! We keep coming back! :)For only Php588 (weekday lunch), you get to enjoy a medley of..."
Hungry Buddy
"Great variety of food for the price and service they provide to their customers. Been here quite a few times and never failed to impress our group...."
"Now, down to treat myself on a delectable choices of an all around the globe food picks in @fourseasonshotpot in MOA. Thanks to someone very close to..."
Marlon Gresos
"I was amazed with four seasons hotpot buffet! All foods that you wish to eat its all here from appetizers, main course, and desserts it here! We..."
Ezekiel Zafra
"One of the best buffet I had ever experienced. They offer everything that I can think of that you can put in the hotpot. Even the hotpot sauces were..."
Lyndon Vincent Ang
"The celebration after my oath taking was held here. The food and the place were great. Every one of my guests had a good time mainly because of the..."
Nina Marquez
"One of the best buffet ww've been too, mainly because you choose what you're going to have. You can go healthy or you can eat you heart out. Hot pot..."
Ma. Corazon Bernabe
Yabu: House Of Katsu
85/100 (813 ratings)
"My son who is 2.5 yrs old only eats spaghetti or rice with miso soup, so last week, when we were in Robinson's Magnolia, after having Conti's..."
Joyce Ann Santiago-Sandquist
"i love Japanese food & my wife is the opposite. i can't take her to my fave Japanese restos. but Yabu is an exemption. thanks Yabu, i can eat my fave..."
Ryan Bobadilla
"Katsu sets are super worth it. Aside from the excellently cooked meat, their unli-rice, unlli-fruit, unli-miso soup and unli-cabbage salad will cap..."
Abba Marie Moreno
"High quality meat and ingredients. The staff are also attentive and friendly. Generally, worth your money's worth!..."
Nicole Acosta
"Yabu Megamall ��� I enjoyed eating Japanese food and so far Yabu gives the quality of taste and services I'm looking for a restaurant! They are..."
Mac Dubista
"My 2 grown up children and I enjoy dining in Yabu, Megamall, A friend of mine wanted to treat me for lunch and so I brought her here. Just like..."
Jayjay Ramirez
"The best! I love everything about this restaurant :) Excellent food and also the unli segment haha unlimited rice, fruits, veggies, and most of my..."
Vic Navarro
"Yabu in Robinson's Magnolia. It was cozy and the ambience was really good and I really loved the food with its corresponding price. But what was..."
Arvin Ventura
"Excellent service and great food. This is our favorite Katsu house and our favorite Yabu branch. Keep it up!..."
France Loyola
"Best mid range Japanese restaurant in the Philippines in my opinion...."
Arel Josh Cadungog
"To eat in Yabu for lunch is my son's request after our long vacation from province. We just waited for 10mins for our seat but we waited for almost..."
Gina Cruz
"Love the food, service and ambiance. Food 5⛤... Best katsu in town... Service 5⛤... Quick to attend to customer needs... Anbiance 5⛤... Ample..."
Angelo Adarlo
8 Cuts Burger Blends
85/100 (336 ratings)
Fast Food
"We dined here (last December 2019) before going to MOA Arena to watch a concert. I wanted a heavy meal so I got the Fried Pork Chop meal with rice...."
"Food - Good as my first experience in ATC. Quality among different branches seems consistent. Place - Kinda warm inside. Average space but..."
Pat Constante
"I love the ambience and design of the whole place, love the beef patty. Not so packed on weekdays, we went there on a friday night, the food serving..."
Claudine Munoz
"Juiciest burger E V E..."
"We have been here many times since it opened. and will keep coming back. The food is great - simple but extra tasty, especially when you can design..."
Daniel Gomez
"Our server, Mhady is very accommodating. She gave us suggestions to go with our food. Excellent service!..."
"Juicy beef patty! From it's taste, you can tell that they're only using fresh ingredients. ¼ pound cheeseburger with sauce no. 3 is my favorite,..."
"The food is good. The burgers were really tasty.Onion rings and mozarella sticks are a must try. And will definitely eat here again.The..."
"We ordered QDaddy, Burger&Wings combo and four cheese. All were superb! I was quite surprised that everthing we ate tasted great since this rarely..."
Kael Alma
"Good service & delicious food. It is our second time to dine here. Servers are attentive. You could also avail their free flow of ice tea for an..."
Missrose De La Cruz
"What a nice artisanal burger joint.Pound a few doors down does a Chuck and brisket blend but 8 cuts trumps that with their 8, I just..."
I'm Batman
"We've dine here a couple of times now and exceptional service everytime Of course the food is exceptional too, because it's our family's all-time..."
Judy T.
"Good place to rest for a break from malling whether for work or from shopping. Quite noisy but better than the usual fastfood. Attentive..."
"Home of the best onion rings (in my opinion, at least)! I had their wings and burger combo and got so full and satisfied! My boyfriend had the..."
Bea Hingada
"My go-to burger place. Their burgers were mouth watering added with their flavorful onion rings 😍Both setting and service is great, very..."
"Never ever failed to please and fill me up with special stacks, pumped up with fries and o-rings, good old wings and things topped with shakes as the..."
Rafael Andrade
"great tasting burger, onion rings is mu favorite, good customer service, nice ambiance, too bad they are not zomato gold partner, 8 cuts is a to go..."
"Me and my friends’ fave lunch out spot during work. Love their onion rings and burgers!! 😍 A bit pricey but compared to other burger restos,..."
"Reasonably priced specially since you get a lot of serving. Their staff were super accommodating and nice as well.Steal No. 2 (falafel..."
"I had the Piggy when I was last here. It was pretty good and juicy and the serving was pretty huge. It's a nice place for a burger fix. 🤗 My..."
Anika Molina
"Great tasting burgers. Loved how moist and buttery their buns are. Chicken wings was a fail, too starchy due to the heavy breading. Can’t taste the..."
Mike Carmona
"Great service. Great quality burgers. We got the Frenchie and Q Daddy! Both were juicy and they don't scrimp on the ingredients. Make sure to order..."
Tiffany Uy
"What we ordered: Four Cheese 2.0 - 5/5 esp. for Cheese lovers like me, Onion Rings - enough for 2 persons to share, Cheeseburger - my boyfriend loved..."
Lorelaine Nolledo
"Its been a while since my last visit. Staff was quite accommodating and helpful. They will assist you with the menu if can't decide what to choose...."
Alfred Ryan Teves
"One of the best burger to enjoy with. 🍔🍟 📌 Their beef patties are not dry. They're juicy and very rich in flavor. 📌 Their..."
Tonie Tubigon
"While in the Manila area, we wanted to have some god to honest cheeseburgers. So we headed over to 8 cuts, they ground their beef on the spot when..."
Fat Girls Day Out
"For me I still prefer their burger than zarks. Price is reasonable. Friendly and accommodating staff. They'll ask you which do you prefer a juicy..."
Ha Eun Choi (joahana)
"🐽 Food: Lined up for their 6th anniversary promo - Php88! It was worth the wait. We ordered cheeseburger, garlic & Parmesan wings, and onion..."
Cheska Del Rosario
"The burgers were good. I had a little hard time choosing from their mouth watering selections of burgers. It's flavorful and so filling. There's just..."
Alyssa Jao
"Just wanted to commend the very accommodating staff of 8 Cuts MOA. We love your restaurant, ate at different branches already. But love MOA branch..."
Fraulein Tan Aragones
"Great place to grab a bite, all the food was really well prepared, the crispy fries were amazing. The onion rings sprinkled with bbq powder was a..."
Man Vs Food DXB
"The burgers are on the smaller side, but they do not lack in flavor. To be honest, I only come back here for the onion rings. I thought a whole..."
Gilliane Bonguit
"I absolutely adore their burgers and they are reasonably priced, only goes to show that bigger is not better. However, this place could improve on..."
"We love their onion rings (one of the best!).The caesar sauce for the salad is perfect but it isn’t much for the volume of the..."
"Ever since i tried 8 cuts, i just keep on coming back. My all time favorite would be their onion rings. 😊❤️ everytime i go here, i just..."
Dareka Albaniel
"This is a good place to go to whenever you have burger cravings. I loved their four-cheese 2.0 and q-daddy. Aside from the burger their onion rings..."
"I enjoyed eating here with a friend. My only negative feedback was that they did not guide us thoroughly with their menu. We were asking if the..."
Carlota Lea Caquilala Malagueño
"First time @ this resto and we sure are coming back. We ordered Steal #3 and Steal #4 and it surely is a steal. And upon tasting the onion rings we..."
Ags Villa
"What ba? 😂 I enjoyed the food here 😋😋😋 walang tapon, walang keme 💯😊 you guys should try "basta yung burger na may bacon" that's it...."
"Tried the Oomax8 Cuts soft shell burger. Kinda expensive but I really liked it. Other burger staples I've tried before were really good. Place is a..."
Valerie Abby
"I've been here a couple of times and this is my favorite burger joint.Food - Burgers here are generally good. The patty they use is of..."
Jan Gervin Mendoza
"Great menu and food. I am a forever fan of their onion rings. I appreciate the most with 8cuts is their consistency of how they prep and cook their..."
Ela Eun Mendoza
"Dayyyuuuummmmm!Me and my son went here earlier, like a few hours ago before going to the movies. My son ordered for a party pasta..."
Kamille ..........
"I love their burgerrrrr however, it cost much higher than your usual burger restaurants out there. But heyy, their chicken wings is also on fire,..."
"I went to the restaurant with my two younger sisters because I read all the positive reviews about it and it didn't disappoint us. The service is..."
Joville Yu
"Ordered Steal No. 1 and 4. Plus a strawberry milkshake. Onion rings and the milkshake - the best!Chicken and salad - goodPatty -..."
"Sooo good!!! They have the best onion rings! Service was great and the food was delicious. We had the Cheeseburger and the Fish and Chips. I'm not a..."
"It's our first time at 8 Cuts and it exceeded all my expectations! We went in knowing they have's top onion rings in Manila for 2016 and..."
Pauline Bautista
"First of all, kudos to the waiters at duty 11am yesterday (Oct 28).Well, the hype is real. Food is good. Burgers are excellent! Q-Daddy..."
"One of the tastiest hamburgers that I've ever tried.My friend and I enjoyed the food during dinnertime since we got tired after going shopping..."
Nikki Rei
"Just came here for lunch and got the falafel sandwich with fries! I definitely enjoyed their falafel sandwich even if there was a spiciness to it. ..."
Sheena Yap Chan
"Ambiance: Quite peaceful for a Sunday lunch. Still not jam-packed, music was wonderful.Food: Ordered Daily Steal 1 with Onion Rings and..."
Darren Combine
"This has the best onion rings so far! I loved Q daddy too, which has been my constant burger of choice (well at least for me) 🤗They have..."
Maria Trisha Daguman
"Warm service, good ambiance, and much good food! Too bad we didn’t have a chance to taste their signature burgers but we ate some delicious fries..."
"if you are going to order fries please remind them to lessen the salt. Ours was very salty so we didnt enjoy the fries much. Pasta and burgers are..."
"8cuts is definitely the best burger chain in the metro. They provide the tastiest and juiciest burger thanks to their sauce no. 3. They also have the..."
Kent Toledo
"Me and my cousin were looking for a place for lunch. And we passed by 8 Cuts so we went in. The service was impeccable, the staff are really..."
Karlo Maneja Dela Cruz
"The taste and quality of their burgers are worth every penny you'd pay for. It might be pricey than the usual price we pay for burgers but it's one..."
"The food was great specially the burger. Not just an average patty. The salad is great too. Although some of croutons is little bit burn. We have a..."
LLyn Tenebro
"Burger was great. Pasta was a bit disappointing. But dude, they have the best onion rings! Ever! Would definitely come back for those tasty rings...."
Kim Cabrera
"My last day in Pasay wouldn't be the same without a visit to one of my fave restos and enjoy my favorite burger and my top 2 best rated Onion Rings..."
ABE | ABEventures
"I have to say sorry, but I am really biased when it comes to 8cuts... As i've said on my previous review, i'll keep coming back.. Still the best for..."
Brian Joseph Apo
"Perfect for group bonding. The food was great. The patties were cooked to perfection. They have big servings so di ko naubos ung buong burger..."
Cherrybooberry 🍒
"Onion rings are good, burgers are good, the chicken wings are meh. I ordered the hangover burger, which has corned beef, egg, potato strings, cheese..."
Kimchi Eats
"Cheeseburger lang inoorder ko dito.Una kong order dito yung bleu cheese na ang gara ng pagkakaproject, hindi ako natuwa parang akong..."
"Yesterday, I brought my friends along to claim my prize which included all 6 Daily Steals. Great food and customer service. Period. Love their..."
Cary Pineda
"Our favorite burger joint, my hubby and I would definitely choose to dine here on special occassions (we're big burger lovers on budget). I normally..."
Diet No More
"The onion rings were really tasty and addicting. I like the burger as the bread was soft and the filling was tasty. In addition, the price was quite..."
Mylene Tan
"My second favorite burger joint (first is Charlie's).  I always go to 8 Cuts when i am craving for burgers.  I like the fact that they have a..."
Reich Torio
"It's our second time here and the onion rings were what made me come back. This time we tried the Piggy and it did not disappoint. The oreo milkshake..."
Joanne Quilon-Mallare
"The strong smell of beef kinda turned me off a bit when we stepped in, but the food was delicious enough to more than make up for the minor..."
Barvs Faeldon
"After seeing this burger joint flourish around Metro, I finally got to try it. If you have been reading my previous reviews you'll probably notice..."
"Food is as great as its service. We never expected such warm service from the staff coming from a burger joint. Kudos to this resto for making our..."
"This chain has always impressed with not only great food but outstanding service, even back when they were the Burger Bar. My only complaint is they..."
"Went here with my boyfriend for the sake of eating something different. We're not the burger-type people so yeah, we went here. Upon entering, the..."
"About a week or two prior to our visit to 8 cuts, my officemate has been talking non-stop about this limited-offer collaboration sandwich of Ooma and..."
Midz Sy
"I tried their party spaghetti and their best seller burger, all I can say is Oishi!!!!! Staff service was very nice and very attentive. I did..."
Haruka Takayama
"Best Onion Rings and Burgers! 🍔🍔🍔 The were also staff were accomodating and friendly. The quality of the food was also great. Overall, we..."
"8 Cuts is one of my go to burger joints whenever I'm trying to satisfy my burger cravings. This is one of those joints where you can have a more..."
"Had Cheeseburger No. 3, skinny fries with sub-atomic bacon and cheese, lamb burger ............ The food 's bit pricey unlike other burger joints but..."
Mitzi Blossoms Martinez Ilagan
"First time to try 8cuts even if theyve been open for a long time already! I am amused!Seems like they upgraded their menu, because I..."
"First time i ate at 8 cuts was in Greenbelt and it was all because of a promo, the burgers were free. So, we ordered sides, fries and onion rings...."
Popoy Privado
"Yesterday the line to get a seat in 8 Cuts was totally long because of their 88 peso burger anniversary celebration. It took me more than 2 hours to..."
Alba Restaurante Espanol
84/100 (205 ratings)
"I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS RESTAURANT!!!!!Food - everything we (me and my partner) ordered are tooo diiiieeeee foooorrrr!! It’s insanely good!..."
"One of the cuisines I truly enjoy is Spanish. And on a recent conference, Mia and I got to have Alba. It wasn’t exactly traditional Spanish but..."
"Came in for dinner at past 8PM already however spread was till superb, didn’t look like leftovers. Quality was still good and the variety was still..."
"Food tastes good and waiters are attentive, although the serving size is small. Love the bread they serve and that they refill it. We love the gambas..."
Lianna Cruz
"Perfect buffet place for the family! The ambience was on-point, very classy feels. Their staff was friendly and very attentive. As for the food,..."
"I LOVE LOVE LOVE this branch! I had my second reception here and the servers were great and the food was ah-mazing! A lot in quantity, variety and..."
Ma. Charmagne Cruz
"I loved their paella cordero and I have to say it was very good. The rice was al dente and creamy. I'll try their buffet when I get back and I'll..."
Rogelio Junior Rivera
"We know nothing of Spanish cuisine so we decided to try out Alba. Its actually a buffet that can also offer single order items. We..."
The Hangry Couple
"One word to describe Alba Restaurante Español: Delicioso! Location: The one I went to was Alba’s branch at Prism Plaza. It’s near Mall..."
"We had the buffet option here last night. It was good but nothing was great or wow. The people were really prepared for a lot of customers for coming..."
Chinky Chinita Eats
"I was able to try Alba in Alabang several years back. Then i saw that there is a new branch around MOA. I decided to visit together with my wife and..."
Pol Maleniza
"Although apart from MOA the mall itself, Alba is still one of the best when it comes to paella. Each grain of rice is packed with flavor, and I like..."
Guilty Pleasures Seeker
"Food is very delicious. I and my high school friends had our reunion there. Despite being oustide the resto, we enjoyed both the food and the..."
Emerson Chua
"It was a delightful experience for my family. The staff are friendly and attentive. They provided a free bread with butter which is really nice..."
Belle Salazar
"If you’re looking for a break from the usual Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, American & Italian cuisines, then this is a good place to dine in at your..."
"Ambience together with the arches and the wall murals completes the feel of being in a Spanish restaurant amidst the concrete jungle.Staff..."
"Had the chance to try their foods here because of our tour in school. :)Food: the foods were really really delicious. try not to skip any..."
Foreverinlovewithfood 🌸
"Great spread on their Buffet lunch. There wasn’t a lot of choices like the other buffets we’re used to but the quality of the food beats..."
"Food selection may be limited but almost everything was good. Personal favorite is the lengua, big cuts, tender and tasty. Bdo promo of buy 1 take 1..."
"The Prosciutto is great. You need to request for additional orders since they refill it slowTheir lechon was the best I've evr..."
Shaun Cusi
"Th Eatventurers have been meaning to try Alba’s Quezon City branch for some time now. We finally got to try it this week, only, it’s in the MOA..."
The Eatventurers
"It was my first time trying the booking function of Zomato app, and it was seamless!Went here yesterday for Father's Day celebration. For..."
Dan Paculan
"Alba is a hidden gem that saved our hungry selves yesterday. Reservation is efficient, called within the day and got booked despite our late arrival..."
Jan Gaebielle
"Food hit just the right spot. The dishes were light and flavorful. Every dish was a new experience. The star of the night was the Spanish Paella..."
Hungry Filipino
"I always visit Alba with a very empty stomach (if there is such a term) because a trip there is like getting a full tank of carbs. Their Paella..."
"If you love Spanish cuisine, you'll surely love Alba. We had the buffet which included a selection of authentic Spanish dishes such as callos,..."
Adz Y.
"Good choices of spanish cuisine, the ambience is perfect, including parking access very convenient. I like their paela negra, but you have to take..."
"We had for take out:- langostinos thermidor au gratin : stuffed prawns in creamy white sauce - costilas de Vaca : beef ribs in red wine..."
Nom Nom
"interior design place is elegant & quite for meetings & parties. staff very professional & efficient. classic spanish-Filipino food bygone years...."
Frank Ngan
"Who would not love Alba. Authentic spanish dishes. I love paella and we love the lamb paella. Such a flavorful lamb. Paella is good for sharing...."
"Went here with officemates last night. Though I am familiar with Spanish cuisine, there are no Spanish restaurants in the malls I frequent so it was..."
Regina Marie Peralta
"My family and I have always wanted to try their paella and their dinner buffet was the right opportunity to sample their menu. Although the food..."
Bea Hingada
"We had a buffet at Alba located at the top of two Ecom Center to celebrate my aunt's bday. What stikes me the most was their Paella negra, Canonigo..."
Melanie Buendia
"We love buffets and there are so many options here in the metro. Most of them are casual and usually cost around P200-P300 per head. My wife and I..."
"Eventhough the MOA area is full of buffet places, Alba is still hard to beat with its price and quality of food. It might not have a big of spread..."
Boodle Bear
"Alba hadn't been our first choice to spend our parent's anniversary at, being only semi-familiar with the name and never had dined at any of the..."
Hungry Mango
"My go-to-Spanish buffet with my team! Our favorite lunch buffet! Just right! The food, service and ambience are so Spanish! If you're on a diet don't..."
"When at Alba's, one is most certainly free to order a la carte, but when their scrumptious Spanish buffet costs only P764.50 for lunch and P825, net,..."
Marianne In Manila
"Offers great value buffet on a quiet, relaxed restaurant setting. Sets it apart from the buffet rows in MOA, where all of them gives a cafeteria..."
Mike Carmona
"The food are really great. I went home with a happy and full tummy. Their marinara paella and fried squid are so flavorful and yummy. The price is..."
Qhat Le Yah
"Food is great!I ate buffet lunch here earlier and I especially liked the arroz valenciana, callos and lengua as entree. For the price, it is..."
Precious Anne L. Taliwaga
"We ate here saturday lunch and we were the only customers. The place is hard to find and who would have thought that there are restaurants in this..."
Charles John Idanan
"Last Sunday was my second time in this Alba branch, found at  the Prism Plaza at the Mall of Asia Complex. The building itself is not yet that..."
Cath L.
"Alba in Prism is one of my favorite restau in MOA. I've been here twice and my favorites are their paella valenciana and chorizo fritos. Paella..."
Betsy Patio
"Great food, especially when one is craving for Spanish cuisines.Their paella is exquisite and it never falters to satisfy an..."
"I had a good experience at Alba. Upon entering the restaurant you will feel a warm embrace due to its cozy environment. Their food is good and you..."
Estella Clarisse Glifonea
"????????There menu and prices are fine and the ambience are so unique and grand. I love it even if i've been..."
Rafael Jose T. Buya
"Had my dinner here last saturday after seeing the avengers.Always wanted to try it out and finally had my chance hehe.And i wasn't..."
Jex Capinpin
"I am not into Spanish food; I guess that's the reason why I didn't enjoy it as much as I did at other restaurants. Overall, their food still tasted..."
Cherry Ann Bernardo
"The food presentation in my photos don't look really good because I hardly can take pictures at the buffet area. But every single serving of food I..."
"Paella Negra is a MUST!!! Me and my friends ordered 3 sets. Every bit is soooo tasty. I highly recommend this cuisine. It's worth every..."
Hungry Na Ina
"Alba's serve the best Spanish food.  I love their paella, the cochinillo and the canonigo.  Everything on the buffet spread is very good.  They..."
Vivian Co
"Alba Restaurante Espanol is one of the few Spanish restaurants here in Manila. Last time I ate here was 2 years ago in Prism Plaza branch and it was..."
She Co
"I and my mom just had a simple lunch buffet date in Alba, and I must admit it was a mixture of good and bad things. Well, the first thing..."
Renz Kristofer Cheng
S Kitchen
84/100 (172 ratings)
"COMPLETE KITCHEN APPLIANCES REVIEWS, RATINGS AND BEST DEALSIn a world where cooking evolves, kitchen appliances shall evolve as well. We..."
Wakky Wabbit
"This buffet place in Sheraton hotel was lovely. We had 50 off from BDO credit card promo. The food was mostly Filipino and seafood which were mostly..."
John Cheng
"We had a buffet lunch today at S Kitchen and we had a very good time! I love the set-up, the ambiance... the staff and of course the food especially..."
Shane Gaza
"Food was good. Ambiance was nice as well. What I love the most was the seafood section. We ate a lot of seafood there, especially the shrimps. And I..."
Scotty Wilburt See
"We celebrated our 9th anniversary at S Kitchen (Sheraton Manila). Our dinner starts at 6:30pm, but we arrived at 6:15pm. We were asked to wait at the..."
Arriane Rose Garcia De Guzman
"Food was really yummy.. especially the steak, seafood, conchinillo & kinilaw. They serve the conchinillo first before the big lechon, so you better..."
Geng Gomez
"Stellar customer service. Nice relaxing ambience, away from the crowds. Great place to catch up.Lovely breakfast steak. Will come back to try..."
Christine Tandoc Pangilinan
"Food was good although the selection was limited. Ambiance was nice as well. What I love the most was the customer service. All of them are gladly to..."
Karl Carpio
"One of the best hotel restaurants in Metro Manila. Excellent service, great selection of food and very nice ambiance! Always love spending time with..."
"Had dinner here (twice already!). Both the food and the service are impeccable. My favorites were the Ribeye Steak in peppercorn sauce with french..."
Luz Baldueza
"What i find special about this is the lechon.You can request for the ears!I love their signature iced tea.The Filipino section and the..."
Rochell Bonamy
"One of the best buffet places. Although selection of food is limited, food tastes great. Customer service is beyond excellent. Everyone is nice and..."
"I super duper love it here! Good ambiance and very high standard customer service. I would highly recommend Vic who patiently assist us with our..."
Lachelle Hortelano
"Good food, great service. Love the lechon, tender, juicy and flavorful. But they need to do something about the flies, they are huge and plenty. It's..."
"Really good food here. My favorite are the salad station, pasta and Filipino sections. The salad is brimming with fresh greens and theres so much..."
Michelle Garcia
84/100 (174 ratings)
"Craving for a japanese resto and we decided to try this one. I liked the branch since it’s not crowded and the service crews because they’re so..."
"This place is a decent place to get your tempura fix for a fair price. Their dishes are prettty good and their tempura batter is really nice and..."
Naveen Devnani
"I was craving Tempura so I decided to stop by at Tenya. It’s my first time at this branch and it’s pretty consistent with the other branches. ..."
"Love their tempura ♥️ it's really something :) though I'm a bit disappointed with the fried's a bit dense for my taste. Overall i love..."
"Definitely one of my favorite tempura places in the metro. The batter is light and fluffy, the shrimps are huge, and the vegetables are perfect for..."
Kimchi Eats
"A feast for the eyes! I ordered their tempura set and found the presentation of the food very appealing, almost similar to what I had in Japan. But..."
Alben Bagabaldo
"As of now for me Tenya is synonymous to Shrimp/Prawn as KFC is to Chicken. Its amazing how they are able to consistently maintain quality for a type..."
"Good Japanese food, great service, and nice ambience. Price is very reasonable. I always go for the all star tendon tempura set --- good value for..."
"The place was great, clean and the english speaking waiter was the best. I can't wait to come back t the restaurant to have more food..."
Maxime J-c Lutin
"Going to MOA during the weekends is fun, up until dinnertime. Choosing a decent resto that is kid friendly, tasty and not crowded is pretty..."
"There's no better place to go for your tempura cravings than here. This has to be our favorite tempura joint ever - all outlets we've visited, i'll..."
Moana Abot
"I like the ambiance and the songs were very relaxing.Very commendable japanese restaurant! Great tempura, and tasty ramen 🖒👌 Will comeback for..."
Patricia Dela Cruz
"The ambiance is good, comfy seats, enough space on isles, food is great! Well-presented, serving size enough for 1- value for money. They have set..."
"I’ll give 3/5 to the place, (4/5) serving time and (4/5) food. The thing I dislike about Tenya is the lack of choice, I know the name itself is..."
Sasha Santos
"Japanese famous tendon franchises extends there operation in Manila.I like rice more warmer but without rice ,it’s very good .I often repeat this..."
Satoshi Kinoshita
"The batter used for the tempura is different from the usual panko flakes, but works well for them as it makes their tempuras unique. The tiger prawns..."
"I've always been a fan of Tempura growing up. It's the ultimate Japanese kids treat- a finger food, fried, tasty with a matching savory dip and warm..."
"Since this is just newly opened resto in MOA eats, the place was clean and ambience was very cool. The servers were very attentive to our needs and..."
"Food 10/10 The best!!!! must try!!! di sayang pera!✅✅✅Ambiance 10/10Maayos di masikip and malamig..."
AJ David
"I was here for a late dinner, alone and hungry 😁 all i wanted was a hot soup and a comforting plate of tempura to fan my hunger pangs away!..."
Chris Aquino
"Was hoping to try someplace new at moa and ended up at the newly opened restaurants section near imax (im sure the place has a name but i cant..."
Hannah Martinez Riñoza
"Though not originated in Japan, the Japanese has evolved tempura to the way we enjoy them today. The Japanese originally deep-fry their food without..."
World Eats With Us
"Although the boyfriend have shrimp allergy, I agreed to eat here. And we didn't regret our decision. He ordered the ordinary tempura bowl with 3pcs..."
The A's
"The staff were awesome. Great customer service indeed. Especially the manager interacting with the customer from time to time. Food is quite average..."
Cj Saraga
"We were in Mall of Asia for dinner after doing some groceries. We couldn't decide on where to eat so we brought dad over to the new #MOAEATS hall...."
Unisse Chua
"In a mall this huge, it's not easy finding the right kind of casual dining experience. If you're looking for this kind if Japanese dining, Tenya fits..."
Nadj DG
"I was craving for katsu or tempura and remembered that I came across this new tempura place around Mall of Asia, so we decided to go for it. Tenya's..."
Midz Sy
"TENYA Tempura Tendons Asakusa Tokyo:Spicy Salmon Salad - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5Isobe Cheese -..."
"I was craving for Japanese food and saw here that Tenya Tempura Tendon looked good so I decided to try it. 😁 I ordered All Star Tempura..."
Arlou Samac
"Ordered steak jyu, great steak meal set under 500. Serving size is enough to make you feel satisfied. Kids enjoyed the Buta Kimuchi and kids meal..."
Paul Aguirre
"Was glad to be one of the first customers when Tenya opened last Friday (Dec16) I wasn't that hungry just curious so I ordered the Classic Tendon,..."
Chris Ong Of Kain Manila
Wolfgang's Steakhouse By Wolfgang Zwiener
84/100 (389 ratings)
Crab Cake
Seafood Platters
Filet Mignon
Porterhouse Steak
"The ribeye was cooked to perfection and it was juicy and..."
#wanderer /Richie Salao
"Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is surely one of the notable steakhouses in the world. From his humble beginnings, Wolfgang Zwiener, was once a head waiter..."
Sand Under My Feet
"Quite pricey but they have great steak! Good and attentive service too. Great cut of steaks with several other options for other non-steak items in..."
"Wnights are fun and i wish there were more of these ‘coz they played songs that i danced to while i reminisce my school days, haha.apart..."
"Best steak ever! In celebration of Mother’s Day we ate here. Their food serving is quite big. The Mushroom Soup was good, its not too..."
Mila Carolino
"We came upon Wolfgang's whilst looking for somewhere to enjoy our last day in the Philippines and we couldn't have chosen a better place. The food..."
Adam Thomas
"Food - 🌟🌟🌟🌟Ordered Wolfgang's SaladPorterhouse Medium Rare 👍And Fillet MignonI liked the Porterhouse which is..."
Meldynn Calupig
"Celebrated my birthday here with my wife. Whether you’re a steak fanatic or not - always have your steak either rare or medium rare. That’s the..."
"Memorable dining experience as we celebrated our wedding anniversary here together with our kids. The Seafood Platter was quite fresh, each piece..."
Jennifer S. Verano
"We decided to try this restaurant on a weekday lunch to avoid the crowd during weekends. I expected a lot from this restaurant, it was good, I was..."
Miss Palate
"Amazing steak! Pricey, yes, but worth it if you’re celebrating something special. Perfect for the family. Not recommended for a simple dinner..."
Cristine Dominguez
"💕 Date for Two: The Wolfgang Experience, Taste of New York💌 Total: P7376Overall: There’s no stopping Wolfgang’s Steakhouse..."
Date For Two
"The best USDA Prime Dry- aged porterhouse! 2 kilos of heaven that melts in your mouth.. quiet pricey but so worth it. Will definitely come back!..."
DyLee Zulueta
"Amazing steak. We ordered the 1kilo steak (supposedly good for 2 but it was waaaay too much) Service was awesome. But it's just soooo pricey. But..."
Patrick Michael Balo
"I will give this place an easy 5 stars.  I have been here about 2-3 times and always enjoyed every visit.  The service has always been exceptional..."
"Their porterhouse steak is top notch, no doubt, and it is worth the price, as the serving is more than enough, even with steak rice and onion rings..."
"Had my post birthday dinner in Wolfgang. The staff are nice and accommodating, although we came a bit late and I thought we had ordered right before..."
April Angeli Cusi
"There’s no better way to celebrate the holidays than by nurturing a food baby. If you don’t end the month without a bulging midsection, then..."
Manila Food Crawl
"When the holiday season rolls in, all bets are off. We go all out with the festivities and send apologies to our wallets and waistlines. Finding a..."
Ish Meets World
"Impeccable service. Assertive staff. Elegant ambience. Perfectly cooked steak. Generous servings. Rich, soft and creamy cheesecake. Wide selection of..."
Atty. Sash Aguilar
"I had dinner here with my dad for Father's Day. As expected of a fine dining restaurant, the site was pristine and posh. Our waiters were attentive,..."
Patricia Nicole Te
"BEWARE Vegans - this place ain't for you, just moo-ve on!This was my first experience at a hi-end steakhouse in PH. We're from Chicago..."
"(PHP158) as side dish. I also ordered a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon (PHP418) to pair my steak. While waiting for our meals, we enjoyed the wait..."
Mary Love Siy
"Ordered the Porterhouse steak for 3, medium rare. 1 of the best steak houses in the Metro. Steak serving was really for 3 people, and cooked really..."
Rachel Go
"My fiancè and I are steak lovers, thus this review. The quality of service was great. The crew members are very attentive and has knowledge about..."
Bing Subiate-De Guzman
"Ordered a medium rare porterhouse steak for 2. (Huge, can actually feed 3 people). It was beautiful. Juicy and cooked to perfection! It doesn't come..."
Corinne G
"Steak was awesooome! It was worth the price. Although the food presentation could be improved. The staff were very friendly and..."
"very satisfied. Ordered the USDA Prime Porterhouse. Ordered medium doneness since Jerry preferred it and i just asked waiter to cook my servings well..."
"Probably the best steak experience I've ever had in Manila. We went there during lunch the day after Valentine's and it was empty which means they..."
Custer Vister
"My friend and I took the table outside the main dining area and found it still decent and casual. We had the Wolfgang's Salad, Porterhouse for 2..."
Miake Acedilla
"We were greeted by super welcoming staffs the moment we stepped in. That's a big, big plus. So... on to the food.The Porterhouse..."
"I ordered the Porterhouse for Three while I was with my girlfriend thinking that it would be your typical "Filipino" sized dish... boy was I wrong,..."
Martin Louie Piscoso
"There is always something all-consuming happening at Resorts World Manila.  As we all await for the Manila staging of Annie, we can first indulge..."
Joy Felizardo
"After 4 decades of service at the famed Peter Luger's Steakhouse in New York, with a great deal of those years as Head waiter, Mr. Wolfgang Zwiener..."
The Pickiest Eater In The World
"Michelin star chefs has been getting attention in our local food scene. Wolfgang's presence has been anticipated for months and we Filipinos..."
"R never fails to make me fat. He suddenly messaged me that we could have a fancy dinner a few days ago and that I could pick any restaurant. I went..."
Mary Love Siy
"Fellow Carnivores, prepare your appetites (and wallet) as a trip to Wolfgang’s Steakhouse will show you one of the biggest yet tender steaks in the..."
Allen Michael Gurrea
"Were a little apprehensive after reading other people's reviews but it is not as bad as what was written there. French Onion soup for starters was..."
Earlene Go-Reyes
"The expectations were high when I first heard we were going to Wolfgang's. Besides the publicity the name generates, it is located on a classy place...."
Ronald Fajardo
"This is one of the best steak house I've been to here in the Philippines, I wouldn't give it a perfect score though.We ordered Lamb Chops..."
Wander Waded
"Alright lets get real here boys,Ive tried Wolfgangs in both Japan and NY, difference? the staff. The meat, atmosphere, utensils, everything..."
Paul Cordero
"I have tried this restaurant a couple of times in New York. The selection and taste of the food was exactly like the legendary Peter lugar steak..."
Bob Azcor
"Now this is a steakhouse. The bread was really good and hot. Crab Cocktail was fantastic, Canadian Bacon, oh yeah!!! The porterhouse and rib-eye were..."
Gino Cruz
"I called to reserve a table for 7:30, the hostess over the phone told me that 7:30 is fully booked but if we were to arrive at 7, she could give us a..."
Stephanie Chua
"Had a chance to try Wolfgang's Steakhouse. Well, quality of beef is totally acceptable. Very well at far from other trying hard so called steak house..."
Chef Roma Ricci
84/100 (409 ratings)
"it's good to be a zomato gold..."
Alvin Zapanta
"We used here the Zomato gold for the first time and dining experience was just perfect. We ordered one of their bestsellers, roast beef noodle which..."
Miguel Basco
"Serving was good and food was delicious. Good service..."
Janina Jao
"My friends and I tried this place as this is just near our office and good thing it is a zomato gold partner.If you love spicy food, their..."
Monica Dasmarinas
"This Taiwanese restaurant has 2 outlets, MOA and salcedo village. I have to say I loved the broth and noodles in their soup. This is definitely a..."
"Serving size is good for one. The texture of the noodles is chewy and the soup was flavorful. The beef was thinly sliced and soft. Good value for..."
"Tried Mazendo at S Maison for a Zomato lunch for 3pax. Orders included Red Roast Beef Noodles, Braised Beef Tendon,Pan-fried Pork Dumplings, and..."
Kristine Fausto
"Ready your stomach because servings for the dumplings are big. The sesame pork dumplings were especially delicious, but the Sichuan style dumplings..."
"Great food as always at Mazendo! We ordered the Hainanese chicken, chicken chops and dumplings in chili oil. There wasn't that much people so serving..."
Cara Tomada
"We were looking for a chinese quick fix earlier + something to ease my flu! Ta dah! Dumplings + black vinegar! Very potent cleanser! And of course,..."
"The place was great. Price of food wasn’t expensive. The staff were friendly. The taste of the food was good. Nothing too special but not..."
Alec Chiu Wan
"Surprisingly good noodles! I always tended to ignore this restaurant in SMaison but now I think it will be one of my go tos when in the area...."
"The food was great. Really liked their seasame dumplings and their noodles. Almost went on a Food Coma because I couldn't stop eating. Only down side..."
Lorenzo Arceo
"Been craving taiwanese noodles lately and i kust say that its really worth it to catch the closing hours just to eat this and not to mention staff..."
Fian Dela Paz-Tan
"The chicken chop was good. Crunchy on the outside, chicken was cooked well. Rice was really tasty. Ordered the pork noodle soup as well with two..."
"After the World Chocolate Day fair at S Maison, we headed over to Mazendo for dinner.We got the following:Sesame dumplingsHot..."
Fat Girls Day Out
"This place is amazing, there is not a lot of choices here in manila when it comes to sze chuan style cooking. Mazendo is definitely one of the must..."
"Ambiance is very nice. If you want to have great coffee, this is the place to be :) they have a wide selection of coffee and pastries to choose from..."
"The smell of freshly brewed tea and Chinese spices are sure to give you a welcome here at Mazendo!I went here with my boyfriend on a Sunday..."
Patrick Anthony Nota
"This isn't my first time to dine here but every time I do, it's always a lovely experience. Ordered their Vegetarian dumplings in Chili Oil and..."
"Forgot to take pics but food was good and cheap considering the taste and the location. The noodles were obviously hand made and freshly made, as it..."
Claine Avelino
"we ordered the roast beef noodles, the noodles were thick and chewy, the beef are soft too. we also ordered sesame dumplings which hubby thinks that..."
"The food were flavorful and authentic. The servings were big, fit for 2 (if not hungry). Moreover, the waiters were attentive and polite. Overall, we..."
Ivan Villaflores
"Affordable place for your Taiwanese food cravings like pork chop and pork dumpling in chili oil. They even have noodles, dumpling, and fried rice..."
Maureen Lay
"Decided to dine in here and got Mala beef noodle soup with mild spicyness, pork dumplings, taiwanese pork chop with egg rice, and milk..."
Clary Viel
"We ordered the red roast beef noodles, pan fried pork dimsum and Szechuan pork dimsum. I loved the unique flavors each dish presented. Will..."
Francis Gerard Fajardo
"Great place, superb food and accomodating staff. Mala beef noodles is my favorite plus the dumpling in chilli oil. My hubby tried their chicken on..."
Joanne Lacap-Tañada
"Dumplings - MUST order! Really yummy 😋 smooth texture too. And it has some soup inside like a xiao long bao!Zha Jiang Mien - Frankly, i..."
Margaret Chan
"Love the dishes we ordered. Spicy dumplings in chili sauce was spot on! Would highly recommend. Also, the prices considering the serving sizes are..."
"If you are looking for some really good chinese beef noodle soup this is the place to go to. Always been my go to place to get the Mala Beef noodle..."
Manila Foodie
"They allowed us to bring in cake for a colleague’s birthday (without charging corkage). They even put a candle and everyone sang HBD. Kudos to the..."
Agi Recio
"Food was great. I think the ala-carte meals was good for 2 servings already (depends on your appettite). My friend and I tried our best to finish..."
Arazen Quisoy
"Finally got to convince the family to try this place eversince it opened. Being a noodle/s lover, the Taiwanese Beef Noodles (Red Roast) was top..."
Travis Mishuku
"We’ve eaten here 3 times already.Red Roast Beef Noodle 5 stars, excellent, the beef broth tastes like it was boiled for hours. Tender..."
Jose Maria Francisco Jr
"Good food, quick service and friendly staff. The restaurant’s ambiance is relaxing. Will definitely come back and recommend this place. Must..."
Steph Flores
"If you’re craving for Taiwanese food, then this is the place to be. We went to this resto mainly because of Zomato Gold and it did not disappoint!..."
"I have eaten in mazendo for about 3 to 4 times already. That already says that the food is quite good. The servers were very attentive and the..."
Parker Keanne T. Chua
"We tried this restaurant for being a Zomato Gold member. So far my dining experience was satisfied. The food was good and the service was well..."
"Their service was great! Our server was super friendly and had good knowledge of the menu, which I think is not as common nowadays.We..."
"Dont believe the negative reviews. Also, the zomato estimate of 1400 for 2 people isnt accurate. 1000 is a more accurate estimate. Order the Red..."
Francis Arjonillo
"I loved everything we ordered. I liked how chewy and springy the noodles are. I guess my only complaint would be that the wrapper of the dimsum is..."
Jess S
"Super love their dumplings. Best dumplings I’ve ever tasted. SWEAR. It’s really good. I didnt like the noodles much, I think it was too spicy for..."
Nicole Chua
"Subtle and comforting ambience complimenting our Chilli dumplings and Chicken rice set which were seasoned to our taste, not too salty nor too spicy!..."
Lito Josol Maggay
"I've been wanting to try this place out for the longest time as one of my friend keep raving about this. Finally after two years, here I am.I've..."
"The food and ambience were good. Staff were very attentive and they have a fast service.Sesame Pork Dumpling: 3/5Red Roast Beef..."
The Hangry Couple
"Definitely worth it with zomato gold privileges. Great ambiance, unique food, and authentic cuisine. If you feel like eating something different,..."
Karen Tan
"Their noodle and dumpling combo is value for money :) Sesame sauce is rich, but satisfying. The dumpling is juicy, but not bland. The place is quiet,..."
Crissy Martinez
"Hmmm honestly we were hesitant to try this restaurant due to the poor reviews. Good thing we followed our instincts to try it.Firstly,..."
Aldrich Huang
"Everything was fine, was worried at first since this place has a lot of 1 star rating. But we gave a chance since we never been here, so this 1st..."
Tama Lumenta
"It’s always a nice visit whenever we eat here. Ordered pan fried dumplings, taiwanese pork set (with fried rice), sesame noodles, and pork..."
Nichole Iliscupidez
"What we liked: consumme beef noodle soup, panfried dumpling, steamed dumpling, pickled cucumber, porkkchop riceWhat we didnt like: zhajiang..."
Lorenz Lao
"I was craving for noodles with soup last night, that’s why we decided to try this restaurant. It was our first time so we ordered the..."
Isabella Magajes
"Twas my first time to eat here, Impressed though it has odd taste (in a positive way) I ordered Noodle set with Chicken chops. Definitely..."
JM Granado
"It was one of those nights when we couldn’t decide where to eat. So i chose any resto available in Eatigo because who doesn’t want discounts..."
"There mala soup is very unique and special.service is also very quick also offer some discount in eatigo .thinking this premier location,cant expect..."
Satoshi Kinoshita
"Always a fan of Sesame paste... This dish of boiled dumpling in Mazendo in sesame sauce is awesome! Price is very reasonable. So far a taste worth..."
"Damn this is one of the best noodle houses I’ve been to. Their noodle is soft and chewy and you just want to keep eating more. Also their..."
Sheena Yap Chan
"Satisfies my craving on a rainy day!Been here for 3 times already and today is another dayI love their red roast beef noodle soup....."
"Tried their really tasty boiled dumplings. I like the the pork with Spicy sauce. Eight pieces of dumpling per bowl all ready good to make you..."
Allan Espano
"Taiwanese Noodles from @mazendoph _🍜On the Table🍜_1⃣ Red Roast Beef NoodlesMazendo's bestseller. Thick noodles,..."
Tori Ichi Yakitori & Bar
84/100 (288 ratings)
"If you’re a fan of Japanese food but wants to try other dish besides ramen, this place is for you. Tori Ichi Yakitori offers sashimi, sushi, rice..."
"Food ia surprisingly good. My mother does not like sushi but she loves the maki I ordered for her. Even my baby girl was able to finish her tamago..."
Winnie Barbosa
"Their spicy deep fried tuna maki is the best!Food: 4/5Value for money: 4/5Service: 3/5Ambiance: 4/5Location:..."
Dave Dognidon
"Airconditioning can improve...."
Philip Anthony Ong
"Nice quiet place. Food is great and price is fairly low for the quality of the food. Staff are nice and fast. Will definitely come back here...."
Travel To Feast
"Servers are very alert and they refill our filtered water even without asking them. Plus the food is great. The matcha ice cream was my favorite...."
Louie Marie
"We decided to try this restaurant since we were in the mood for some Japanese food. We ordered the tonkotsu ramen, gyoza, yakitori set meal, and..."
Jenea Yu
"Service is superb. Zomato gold transaction is smooth. A bit pricy for the quality of food. Maybe taste/price can be improved. I also tried their set..."
John Frederick Marquez
"Another Japanese restaurant with a must try food. We tried their ramen and their noodles and soup is good. You may add spices if you want too. Also..."
"I took my son here for a quick break from skating. We had tojidon, tamago gohan, tebasaki, uzura tamago bacon, momomi bacon, and asparagus bacon. My..."
Francia Balauro
"Definitely one of my favorite Japanese restos to visit! You can never go wrong with their rice bowl meals paired with miso. Plus their matcha ice..."
Edz Valeza
"We were able to use Zomato Gold 1+1. Food was good and served really quickly. The staff were very accommodating and made sure our glases were always..."
Marian Panopio
"I super love the food we ordered 🤩 the price is not that expensive and the staff are also nice and accommodating ☺️ I would definitely..."
Lachelle Hortelano
"We ordered Shio Ramen, Katsudon, Tori Karaage, and Nikudon. Service was nice and fast. There was even complimentary tea given to each guest. Chicken..."
Totz Licop
"Serving is just right for the price. The taste is just ordinary and does not bring anything new to the cuisine unlike other japanese restaurants who..."
Benson Lo
"Ambiance - (4/5) The place is quiet, spacious, well-ventilated, clean (even the comfort room), and has a touch of japanese ambiance.Food -..."
Monica Dasmarinas
"One of my favorite Japanese restaurant to eat! Excellent food and service. Great ambiance. I will go back if i had a chance to go. Recommended to all..."
Jian Christian Chua
"ambiance was really great, most of the food was quite pricey but there were more affordable ones on the menu. the oyakudon was delicious--not too..."
"You will love all the food and mas lalo mong ma fefeel dahil sa ambiance super clean and mababait ang mga staff loving the matcha ice cream!..."
Jerlyn Sangrones
"This place is very nice. The ambience is great. And the food and service are excellent! Great for barkada and family gatherings. You should try..."
Elle Ross
"It was our first time in this restaurant and we ordered chicken karaage, spicy bean sprouts with pork, stir-fry veggies and gyoza. The karaage was..."
Harolyn Obligacion
"First time to try Tori Ichi Yakitori in MOA. Ordered stir fry veggies with beef and their 5pc gyoza. Savory, hot food, low carb meal. Served fast..."
Kristine Fausto
"used zomato gold.1st timer and willing to visit again with or without zomato gold.we ordered matcha icekrim , gyoza , yakisoba ,..."
Candice Clot
"The yakitori variants were really good and each of them had their own distinctive taste that delighted our palates. The butabara was my..."
Catherine Aquino
"The service was excellent. The food’s rather okay. I’ve only been here twice on different branches but our last visit here in moa was great. We..."
"Polite and friendly staffs. Everything we ordered was good except for the katsudon that tasted so plain and dry. Their spicy salmon roll was one of..."
Mikee Vitug
"First time to use the Zomato Gold for 1+1 on food. Super sulit! Glad that me and my friend have a gold to try four dishes. Great value for..."
Abigail Aldwin Tanfelix Santos
"We ordered the assorted sashimi, nikudon, and torikara mayonnaise. The sashimi was super fresh and the salmon just melts in your mouth. Nikudon and..."
Lance Chester Keng Lim
"great food and service. highly suggest you try this place. staff are courteous and really fast. great selections too. bring all your friends to..."
Neil Nakamoto
"Food is great! I tried their katsudon, and different Japanese skewers. They have cute set up in SM Moa including frames of legendary cartoon..."
Jinelle San Miguel
"Big servings and the taste is just right. The crew is also very helpful and attended to our needs promptly. Will definitely go back to try their..."
"The place looks nice and the service was great. Food’s more of a 3.5/5 though. Katsudon was OK but it was a bit bland. Spicy tuna roll..."
Gino Serrano
"The food was delicious. The restaurant’s ambiance is very Japanese. The servers are professional and polite, specially Ms. Dada @ MOA branch. Its..."
Jocel Evangelista
"Food is okay for the price you pay. The set meal is sulit since it already has soup, egg rice (unli rice), meat and dessert (matcha or vanilla). They..."
"Nice place, its not crowded also. Friendly staff very accommodating.They also serve delicious food.Dont mind the smoke 😅, if you know..."
"The servers were very kind and attentive.The food was good, the sashimi were not cold/frozen. The wasabi was great.I especially liked the..."
Marianne Bernardes
"I’m a fan of anything Japanese (and Katsudon) and once again, I finished my whole bowl! My only comment would be is that the rice has too much..."
AJ Francisco
"Very nice Japanese restaurant! Clean place and attentive staff. We really enjoyed the Ebi Tempura and the Katsudon wasn' t bad either. What stood out..."
Paulo Madeja
"The staff were great! They’re really accommodating. The quality of the food was really good and their serving size was great for the price. Would..."
Isobel Pareja
"Servers are very accommodating, polite, and attentive to your needs. Tojidon and the cold soba are 100/100!!! 😋 will recommend to..."
Pam Linarez
"Great food, great value, great service!Tori Ichi has become one of my favorite Japanese restaurant. Every order I placed here tasted..."
Hiroki Ogawa
"Tori Ichi Yakitori & Bar has a nice location at #MOAEats which is below the dome-shaped Galleon Museum. It is situated in a less crowded part of MOA..."
Boodle Bear
"Our bill reached over 2000 for all the food that we ordered, I can't remember each of the dishes names because my goal is to just eat salmon sashimi...."
"Ambience 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥▫️Super cool interior!▫️If you need/want a relaxing and cozy date with your loved-one, this is one of..."
Ronna Pulchritudinous
"Ordered the yakitori set which includes - egg rice (sunny side with bread crumbs), miso soup, chicken skewer (4/5), pork belly (3/5 too much fat..."
Dave Yap
"I love Tori Ichi's distinct dining areas, especially the cozy couches. We shared the Hourensou Bacon (spinach & bacon salad) php125, Salmon..."
"Place is nice. Very Japanese vibe. Clean and great ambiance. Servers are courteous and attentive.Delicious food, both rice bowls and..."
"Tori Ichi is definitely a place where you can get decent Japanese food at the Mall of Asia. It is situated in the new wing of the mall, near the..."
Mr. Joe
"Tori Ichi is one of the newest Japanese restaurants in Mall of Asia, Pasay City. It is located at #MoaEats to he exact. The place is very nice..."
Jayvee Lapina Ardona
"Good food at reasonable price. 👌 Enjoyed every bite of the food that were served in a timely manner. Def going back to this place! Staffs were..."
Hilary A.
"Food- 4.0Ambiance- 4.5Service- 4.0Irasshaimase! Tori Ichi is one of the newly open restaurant at the south wing side of Mall..."
Mary Iventrix Ton
"the place is good becausenit is really nice and clean the chef really japanese and He is the owner that is why all food they served to us was soo..."
Rein Fletcher
"We ordered 2 set meals- Yakitori and Tempura. Each meal came with spicy & sweet dilis appetizer, hot miso soup, a cup of good quality long grain rice..."
Carol Mae Go
"I love their yakitori especially the Asparagus Bacon. There is like an outdoor type of Ambiance. If you are hungry and you are looking for Yakitori..."
JoyCa Adamos
"Went to eat with my boyfriend because I was craving for authentic Japanese food. It was quite pricey for the amount of food served. It looked..."
Anna Paulina
"Ramen and rolls – such a combo right? Now imagine you have a Zomato Gold account and you get buy 1 take 1 perks! Tried out Tori Ichi at SM Mall of..."
"Visited Dec. 16, 2016We orderedGrilled Whole Squid Nasubi (Eggplant Yakitori) Enoki Mushroom BaconBeef YakinikuI..."
Marya Manalili
"Oh my goodness. I love the food here. I already went here three times in a span of two months. I'd definitely recommend this place. The very first..."
Kate Duenas
"we just want to try something new and found this newly opened restaurant. the ambiance is really nice, its like you're eating in japan, and the food..."
Marchelle Hara
"We all left this restaurant satisfied and happy! I'll be straight forward with my review, because food, and the service was so good. You can see..."
Jom Lopez
"We had lunch today at Tori Ichi food was great and the happy hour Buy 1 Take 1 from 2-5pm was awesome. Definitely will dine there again. The only..."
Patricia Chu Cheng
"Found another restaurant that's pretty great for huge set meals after a long and tiring day! My favorite would of course be Hokkaido Ramen Santuoka,..."