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Man Ho
93/100 (201 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
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Vegetarian Friendly
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Hong Kong
"There’s always a first time for everything and this EATSperience of ours was another first. First time to dine at Man Ho in Manila Marriott Hotel...."
"Food is yummy! Chinese food with a twist. The ambience is perfect for cozy and intimate dinners, especially for family dinners. Pricey but definitely..."
Cristine Dominguez
"Excellent staff and great food! The restaurant had a pleasant ambiance as well. Try the Assorted barbecued meat combination. Will definitely return..."
Kahlil Palatino
"Not usually a fan of Chinese food, but this is the BEST Chinese restaurant I’ve ever been to. Its prices are steep but worth it. The steamed pink..."
Bianca Gail
"Staff are very accommodating. The foods are great and they tastes really good.Ambience is really elegant and I love the scent at the..."
Ma. Ervick
"Superb dining experience, excellent service and quality food. Hoping they could increase the quantity while maintaining the quality of their food...."
Wild Ride
"We had a great experience. Delicious food, nice ambiance and great people. What a good place to celebrate your birthdays or anniversaries. Thanks..."
Ericka Dawn Agustin
"Man Ho is one of the Cantonese restaurant that you should try. Dishes are incomparable to anything I have tried before. The server Dennis (if my..."
Rain Flores
"Man Ho is one of the better restos in Manila Marriott Hotel. Last weekend, my family and I had a double celebration here. Though it wasn’t my first..."
The Executive Home Director
"We were watching a show in Marriott. Since we were a bit early and it was also time for dinner, we went straight ahead to Man Ho. The service was..."
"For the sake of having all the cards on the table, I should say that if you have never been able to taste the difference between different "brands"..."
Haitao Wu
"Marriott Hotel Manila has made a name for itself for its world-class accommodation service. From the elegant structure of the hotel to its top-notch..."
May De Guzman
"Perfection. The beef fillet with black pepper sauce was just so amazing. It was delicious. It literally blew my mind away. The other dishes..."
Kathy Kenny Ngo
"All attention was on us as we were seated by the maî·tre d' while the waiter assigned to our table asked for our drinks.We had the chef's..."
Drew Uy
"The Food:Assorted Barbecue (Php 1,288) Chef Law Wui Wing strictly shops for quality. If he doesn’t find his ingredients at par with his..."
"Full Review here: of all types of Chinese cuisines, Cantonese cuisines from..."
Kirk Ngo
Gogo Kitchen
88/100 (153 ratings)
"GoGo Kitchen is a Chinese and Filipino Restaurant located in Seascape Village. What makes this restaurant different from other Chinese restaurants in..."
"Featured Food:🍽 Black Pepper Beef🍽 Pompano in Black Bean Sauce🍽 Salted Egg Aligue ⭐️🍽 Fried Chicken🍽..."
"Located at Seascape Village, it boasts a very relaxing area vibe as the place is not crowded at all. Their GoGo fried Chicken is really a must try,..."
"I could have given 5stars if our orders were served almost at the same time. The tempura were served last as if they were our dessert 😊😊😊...."
Gee Aces
"Gogo Kitchen screams modern Asian-fusion eats that's right on the budget. Again, a family-style meal that's worth every peso, and whets your..."
"Asia, being the largest and most populous continent, has many great cuisines. But how do you decide which Asian nation produces the best cuisine? But..."
Sand Under My Feet
"📍 Whatever your craving desires, they have it from ala carte menu to 'Paluto'.📍 They have a comfy and artistic ambiance📍You can..."
"Good place to have your paluto. Cozy setup. Though it atmosphere is kinda dull, could use a little music to liven up the place. Other than that, they..."
Nikko M. Taytay
"Great food, great service, great place. We will definitely come back. Food was delicious and staff are friendly. We highly recommend this..."
Jeiel Gadriel Twaño
"I celebrated my birthday here and it was so worth it! Food is very delicious and cooked well. Plus the crews are polite and give excellent service. I..."
Karen Olivera
"In this restaurant, you can literally GO and watch the chef's cook at their KITCHEN while preparing your freshly cooked seafood dishes straight to..."
Jonylle Pineda
"Why go to Gogo Kitchen?1. Love watching them cook! - You could watch them wok fry and cook your dishes (or maybe somebody else's). Live..."
Boodle Bear
"Gogo Kitchen was the second of the Seascape Village Crawl. It's not as huge nor as intimidating the other restaurants in the village. What it lacks..."
"GoGo Kitchen is one of the twelve participants of Seascape Village’s Independence Day campaign next week. From June 12-14, seafood lovers can avail..."
"I was excited to finally get to visit Seascape Village and I took photos like crazy! The market is on the right side of the ground floor and we..."
Patrick Unson
"GoGo Kitchen is one of those few restos that are part of Zomato Gold in Seascape and so we decided to try it. The 1+1 promo on food was applicable to..."
Harolyn Obligacion
"Ordered salt and pepper spareribs in medium size, buttered chicken in medium, garlic rice in medium, small beef salpicado and small seafood soup...."
Kristine Fausto
"The place is clean, well-lit. They have a semi-open kitchen. They offer special style of seafood paluto, although it is not included in zomato gold..."
"Its 8pm and the kids are hungry so we went to seascape its just a few meters from sofitel, we tried Go Go Kitchen we read good reviews on their food..."
Victor Yap
"Because of its ambiance and interiors, it's hard to imagine that this is a paluto restaurant as well. It was kinda classy. Servers were very..."
Glenn Joseph | Jogpen
"Gogo kitchen is a "paluto" restaurant.  You go to the Seascape Market and buy meat, seafood, etc and have it cooked there.  A fusion of traditional..."
"Not your usual dampa. Very clean, relaxing ambience with excellent staff. And of course the food was great! My favorite is the buttered clams,..."
Mark Riñoza Mendoza
""Yang Chow Rice palang sulit na!"Loved the Yang Chow rice because GoGo Kitchen did not skimp on the "sahog." It is a meal in itself and it..."
MCSI Group
"I love their concept of open kitchen wherein you can watch how the staffs prepares your order. It wad really fascinating and impressive as they are..."
"Gogo provides as a refreshing and bold new alternative to the traditional “paluto” restaurant concept that is getting a little worn out. Don’t..."
"The restaurant was simple and minimalistic, hindi nakakabulag ang interiors. This is a nice place if you just want to eat, have good family time and..."
Mits Almarez | Mitsadventurez
"What initially struck me the most at GoGo Kitchen was their interiors, and decor. It was rather artsy, minimalistically monochromatic for a Chinese..."
🦄The Last Unicorn🦄
"A kitchen exhibition right in front of your eyes. Went to this resto as part of a crawl with friends. As soon as we entered we were greeted..."
Hey Guys Eats
"I usually hate dampa-type places. I hate the barkers that harass you to go into their restaurant. So I was extremely surprised with Gogo Kitchen!..."
Ma-an De Ocampo
"We loved this place! It’s Dampa meets Greenbelt. Classy and the food is even better than Dampa but prices are just as reasonable. The garlic butter..."
Bong De Ocampo
"Situated a few hundred meters away from seaside dampa in macapagal ave, gogo kitchen is one of the many restaurants in seascape village that offers..."
Benj Ong
"Fresh seafood cooked well! Enjoyed the adobong pusit and salted egg crab (crab was very sweet and meaty). Definitely cleaner than going to dampa..."
Danica Shasha Uang Tan
Tim Ho Wan
85/100 (902 ratings)
"As a self-proclaimed foodie, I'm ashamed to admit that I've only just tried Tim Ho Wan very recently. And I'm very disappointed with myself for..."
Noel Peñafuerte
"Not my first time and definitely not my last. I like how fast the orders come. The attendants are quick and fast to respond.I love their..."
"A lot of pork buns in the metro tries to copy tim ho wan, but nothing comes close. Tim ho wans pork buns with the crumbly top, warm bread and..."
"AMBIENCEIt was very crowded during lunch time, but surprisingly, we were in the queue for about three minutes only. As always, we just needed to..."
Patrick Unson
"We went here last saturday with my family to eat lunch. When we got here we are in the waiting list #3, but a few minutes later we got our seat..."
Scotty Wilburt See
"The flavors are just 150% spot on!Went here for a fast merienda but never thought that these three small plates will satisfy two people the way..."
"i still wonder how come this place serve only a handful of offerings compared to the myriad of chinese restos in the... world?! well, i..."
"I always eat here when im craving for quick and cheap chinese food. They have a variety of quick and easy dishes that always satisfy my cravings. I..."
Naveen Devnani
"Served fresh! Ahhh. I really love it here. We have ordered four dishes and a drink: Our usuals: Baked Pork Buns - My mom and I shared buns,..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
"Lucky to be served at around 12 noon as there are so many people waiting in line. Food was okay; tried their Chow Mien Stir Fried Noodles. Food menu..."
Bick Lloren
"Staff are very accommodated and the food is delicious as well of the hongkies food recommend to all ....Try their Char siew bun ..and also the..."
"Two words: BAKED BUNS!!! I can’t get enough especially when it’s piping hot. This is my favorite restaurant when I’m in SM MOA and while I’m..."
"if you are craving for chinese food yet affordable and delicious TIM HO WAN is good for you, mu favorite order is spareribs rice and pork..."
"Food was great! We had prawn dumplings, spring rolls, egg noodles soup, spring roll and congee. Great place for fam. We actually kept coming back...."
"Tim ho wan for me is an affordable choice if you want something chinese that can be eaten fast if you're on the go. Their menu is quite simple, a..."
"I think this is the only branch that is not really busy and we were very happy that day because they gave us a good table to sit in. Every food was..."
"Whenever I would pass by their restaurant, I’m always tempted to purchase their pork buns. I really like that it’s always served warm, and tastes..."
Bianca Monzon
"I was craving for baked bbq buns all days so I decided to have a snack at Tim Ho Wan. Their buns are super good! I could finish all 3 pieces to..."
"Been eating here for several times and I must say they are consistent. The food is good and the service is quick and efficient. Too good that..."
Jhing Seria
"I’m not into Chinese Cuisine but this reataurant got me. I love their dumplings and the noodles!! The price is worth it, ambiance and service is..."
"Tim Ho Wan has been known for being the most well loved chinese restaurant in Asia, not to mention the cheapest amongst the Michelin star rated..."
"Authentic Hong Kong dimsum in Metro Manila, plus other superb authentic chinese dishes. I personally love the spare ribs rice. The staff are nice and..."
"I think the Michelin Star speaks for itself. The pork buns are as glorious as advertised, and I like how they limited their menu since they could..."
Gilliane Bonguit
"All time fave! Would definitely not put a strain on your budget. The pork buns are glorious as advertised but you should order their spring roll with..."
Gilliane Bonguit
"Probably one of the cheapest Michellin Star restos in the world. This is my go-to place when it comes to dimsums during tea time! My absolute..."
"I am not a fan of Chinese food but I really like Hakaw and Tim Ho Wan’s pork bun and this is my preferred restaurant than others in malls. They..."
✨ Rayray ✨
"Tim Ho Wan Restaurant presents you enticing menus that have won the plaudits of food critics and hearts of foodies around the world. Congee with Lean..."
Dorothy Mae C. Torretijo
"We try different dimsum each visit but we could not resist having Pork and Shrimp Beancurd every time..The Chicken feet is very tender. I just..."
Unshakable Foodie
"Long queue of hungry 😋 peeps, crowded place, loud hustle and bustle in the kitchen, gleeful chatter over food… these are just few of the things..."
"I sooooo love chinese food! We had Prawn Dumplings, Baked Bun with BBQ Pork (didn't eat that since I'm a pescetarian), Vemicelli Roll with Shrimp,..."
Giselle Padilla
"I love their baked bun! ( it is similar to a siopao but waaay better) Their Hakaw and kuchai dumpling is also good ( compared to other chinese resto..."
Camille Manalo
"Tim Ho Wan has really grown on me. 😍 It has really become my favorite since it came to our shores. 😍 If there’s a Tim Ho Wan within..."
🦄The Last Unicorn🦄
"Definitely a go-to for a quick bite if you have some Chinese food cravings.Me and my fiancé enjoyed grabbing a quick meal before heading home..."
Liana Tan
"We tried their steamed dumplings and they were great! Don’t forget the BBQ buns, definitely a new favorite! Prices are very reasonable..."
Elaine Valencia
"My colleague and I stopped in to this place for lunch and was pleasantly surprise. The food was excellent and the staff were great. The prices were..."
Leny Mendoza
"Its been a while since the family's last visit. Fortunately our craving for Tim Ho's fare was in sync last Sunday .After just a few minutes..."
"Their pork buns are to die for. And also the vermicelli roll, I love it. The service is good. And the ambiance of the place is good as well. I like..."
Micaella Javier
"This is why people are going crazy about Tim Ho Wan. This baked bun with bbq pork is a taste of heaven on earth. The bun is soft and fluffy as the..."
"I like the spring roll with egg white, and spinach dumpling and chicken feet with abalone sauce... actually all the food we ordered... price is very..."
Oneng Concepcion
"If you heard/saw the name Tim Ho Wan, dumplings and buns always come to our mind because its their bestselling/recommend food even you have to wait..."
Rain Villoso
"Tim Ho Wan's branch at the Mall of Asia recreates the same kind of experience in their other branches. The quality and consistency of the dishes is..."
"Tim Ho Wan serves the best pork bbq buns. I love it and it taste heavenly. I will surely come back for more. Kudos to the chef. The restaurant..."
Claire Lu
"Tim Ho Wan, a restaurant which easily went up on my favorite restaurants list!What I love about this branch in particular is how big their..."
"It’s their Baked Barbecue Pork Buns. If there’s only one food I could live my whole life with, it’s that. Not only that, it’s very..."
"the Pork BBQ bun is a must!!! I have brought several people to give this place a try and I was never let down. Service was ok but the dimsum is very..."
Yohanny Eats
"Love the pork bun and spare rib rice meal.My new favorite is the cake .It looks like "puto but this one is tastier.I wonder if this is made of rice..."
Kris Tin
"Place is quite big and comfortable. We were seated at the corner which is very convenient because my parents are both senior citizens and would want..."
Winnie Barbosa
"Loved the pork buns and dimsum! Their single rice serving became quite heavy since we had other orders. We just had to try as much as we can on the..."
Bretha Elican - Dagami
"Service is okay and so far servers are attentive to their customers. Ate ther around past lunch and was surprised that our order was served almost..."
Josef Rey
"My favorite thing here is the pork buns (ofcourse!) and I always order this every time. I also like their Chow Mien stir fried noodles, its cooked..."
"My new comfort food! ❤💘💝There is this one friend of mine who always posts mouth- watering food from this restaurant like every..."
Amy 🌸
"Always a thumbs up!You can never go wrong with any order. Though the only thing in the menu with rice is Spare ribs. One thing i hate about,..."
"Tim Ho Wan has become one of my go-to restos when I couldn't find new ones to try. I love their Pork with Black Beans. Their Century Egg Congee was..."
"Tim Ho Wan - a Michelin starred restaurant. Ever since it opened here in the Philippines and heard excellent reviews, I've become an addict towards..."
"The much awaited wait is over! Finally tried out this place and put an end on wondering what the buzz was. The year Tim Ho Wan was introduced, every..."
Welcy Jeremy Chua
"Giving this rating only for the dumplings because their service sucks. Visited 3 times and I never liked their customer service aspect. No smiles,..."
Mei B
"We were on a ramen hunting that day but we end up here at Tim Ho Wan. There are 6 Tim Ho Wan in Manila and we visited the one in Mall Of Asia. It is..."
Herbert Kikoy
"Tim Ho Wan is all I recommend to my friends if ever they crave for Chinese authentic food. Their pork buns live up to their title as definitely one..."
Beatrice Redor
"The service is slow,The chicken is bland,The pork is boney,But the Pork Buns are gold.And sometimes, you only need one..."
Migz Cruz
"Food taste is comparable to other Chinese dimsum and teahouses in the Metro. The difference is that their dimsum wrappers are made just at the right..."
"Waaah. Went here yesterday and til now nagccrave parin ako sa dumpling na may spinach na may shrimp. Huhu. Iba ka bes! Hehe. Masarap sana kaya lang..."
Bet Azusano
"The best DIM SUM so far compared to others !! One of the team member Jayson ( formerly from ROBPLACE , ERMITA ) was so polite. We were there last..."
Leticia Gaw
"The best Dimsum ever!FOOD: Personal favorite was of course, the ever famous Pork Buns, and Spare Ribs Rice. Super sarap!!!!!..."
Madielaine Palor
"Best pork buns annd chow mien stir fried noodles ever! This is my favorite pair.The price is absolutely reasonable. Service is very good..."
Clary Viel
"Sooo happy with the pork buns today!! They were absolutely perfect. Steamy barbequed pork filling inside crusty pastry 👌🏻 this is the dish that..."
Muffy | OneHungryTeacher
"Eating at tim ho wan is a very good experience. Excellent food quality, great ambiance and great service crew. Ive tried lots of pork buns, but I..."
A Lawrence Nava
"A friend of mine brought me here last 17 September 2016 and I can say that this restaurant definitely met my expectations insofar as casual Chinese..."
Jude Vincent Espesor Parcon
"This will be short and sweet... since what I like in Tim Ho Wan is a short list too. :DI love their Baked Buns with BBQ Pork! Pretty cheap..."
StarryEyed Luna
"Tim Ho Wan, if the three stars was only on the food, it might make one star. If we were to follow the Michelin star system. On the local ratings,..."
Ben Bernardo
"Not my first time to try Tim Ho Wan. Got to try their Glorietta branch last year, but since this is a new branch and it's near our office, we paid it..."
Midz Sy
84/100 (409 ratings)
"it's good to be a zomato gold..."
Alvin Zapanta
"We used here the Zomato gold for the first time and dining experience was just perfect. We ordered one of their bestsellers, roast beef noodle which..."
Miguel Basco
"Serving was good and food was delicious. Good service..."
Janina Jao
"My friends and I tried this place as this is just near our office and good thing it is a zomato gold partner.If you love spicy food, their..."
Monica Dasmarinas
"This Taiwanese restaurant has 2 outlets, MOA and salcedo village. I have to say I loved the broth and noodles in their soup. This is definitely a..."
"Serving size is good for one. The texture of the noodles is chewy and the soup was flavorful. The beef was thinly sliced and soft. Good value for..."
"Tried Mazendo at S Maison for a Zomato lunch for 3pax. Orders included Red Roast Beef Noodles, Braised Beef Tendon,Pan-fried Pork Dumplings, and..."
Kristine Fausto
"Ready your stomach because servings for the dumplings are big. The sesame pork dumplings were especially delicious, but the Sichuan style dumplings..."
"Great food as always at Mazendo! We ordered the Hainanese chicken, chicken chops and dumplings in chili oil. There wasn't that much people so serving..."
Cara Tomada
"We were looking for a chinese quick fix earlier + something to ease my flu! Ta dah! Dumplings + black vinegar! Very potent cleanser! And of course,..."
"The place was great. Price of food wasn’t expensive. The staff were friendly. The taste of the food was good. Nothing too special but not..."
Alec Chiu Wan
"Surprisingly good noodles! I always tended to ignore this restaurant in SMaison but now I think it will be one of my go tos when in the area...."
"The food was great. Really liked their seasame dumplings and their noodles. Almost went on a Food Coma because I couldn't stop eating. Only down side..."
Lorenzo Arceo
"Been craving taiwanese noodles lately and i kust say that its really worth it to catch the closing hours just to eat this and not to mention staff..."
Fian Dela Paz-Tan
"The chicken chop was good. Crunchy on the outside, chicken was cooked well. Rice was really tasty. Ordered the pork noodle soup as well with two..."
"After the World Chocolate Day fair at S Maison, we headed over to Mazendo for dinner.We got the following:Sesame dumplingsHot..."
Fat Girls Day Out
"This place is amazing, there is not a lot of choices here in manila when it comes to sze chuan style cooking. Mazendo is definitely one of the must..."
"Ambiance is very nice. If you want to have great coffee, this is the place to be :) they have a wide selection of coffee and pastries to choose from..."
"The smell of freshly brewed tea and Chinese spices are sure to give you a welcome here at Mazendo!I went here with my boyfriend on a Sunday..."
Patrick Anthony Nota
"This isn't my first time to dine here but every time I do, it's always a lovely experience. Ordered their Vegetarian dumplings in Chili Oil and..."
"Forgot to take pics but food was good and cheap considering the taste and the location. The noodles were obviously hand made and freshly made, as it..."
Claine Avelino
"we ordered the roast beef noodles, the noodles were thick and chewy, the beef are soft too. we also ordered sesame dumplings which hubby thinks that..."
"The food were flavorful and authentic. The servings were big, fit for 2 (if not hungry). Moreover, the waiters were attentive and polite. Overall, we..."
Ivan Villaflores
"Affordable place for your Taiwanese food cravings like pork chop and pork dumpling in chili oil. They even have noodles, dumpling, and fried rice..."
Maureen Lay
"Decided to dine in here and got Mala beef noodle soup with mild spicyness, pork dumplings, taiwanese pork chop with egg rice, and milk..."
Clary Viel
"We ordered the red roast beef noodles, pan fried pork dimsum and Szechuan pork dimsum. I loved the unique flavors each dish presented. Will..."
Francis Gerard Fajardo
"Great place, superb food and accomodating staff. Mala beef noodles is my favorite plus the dumpling in chilli oil. My hubby tried their chicken on..."
Joanne Lacap-Tañada
"Dumplings - MUST order! Really yummy 😋 smooth texture too. And it has some soup inside like a xiao long bao!Zha Jiang Mien - Frankly, i..."
Margaret Chan
"Love the dishes we ordered. Spicy dumplings in chili sauce was spot on! Would highly recommend. Also, the prices considering the serving sizes are..."
"If you are looking for some really good chinese beef noodle soup this is the place to go to. Always been my go to place to get the Mala Beef noodle..."
Manila Foodie
"They allowed us to bring in cake for a colleague’s birthday (without charging corkage). They even put a candle and everyone sang HBD. Kudos to the..."
Agi Recio
"Food was great. I think the ala-carte meals was good for 2 servings already (depends on your appettite). My friend and I tried our best to finish..."
Arazen Quisoy
"Finally got to convince the family to try this place eversince it opened. Being a noodle/s lover, the Taiwanese Beef Noodles (Red Roast) was top..."
Travis Mishuku
"We’ve eaten here 3 times already.Red Roast Beef Noodle 5 stars, excellent, the beef broth tastes like it was boiled for hours. Tender..."
Jose Maria Francisco Jr
"Good food, quick service and friendly staff. The restaurant’s ambiance is relaxing. Will definitely come back and recommend this place. Must..."
Steph Flores
"If you’re craving for Taiwanese food, then this is the place to be. We went to this resto mainly because of Zomato Gold and it did not disappoint!..."
"I have eaten in mazendo for about 3 to 4 times already. That already says that the food is quite good. The servers were very attentive and the..."
Parker Keanne T. Chua
"We tried this restaurant for being a Zomato Gold member. So far my dining experience was satisfied. The food was good and the service was well..."
"Their service was great! Our server was super friendly and had good knowledge of the menu, which I think is not as common nowadays.We..."
"Dont believe the negative reviews. Also, the zomato estimate of 1400 for 2 people isnt accurate. 1000 is a more accurate estimate. Order the Red..."
Francis Arjonillo
"I loved everything we ordered. I liked how chewy and springy the noodles are. I guess my only complaint would be that the wrapper of the dimsum is..."
Jess S
"Super love their dumplings. Best dumplings I’ve ever tasted. SWEAR. It’s really good. I didnt like the noodles much, I think it was too spicy for..."
Nicole Chua
"Subtle and comforting ambience complimenting our Chilli dumplings and Chicken rice set which were seasoned to our taste, not too salty nor too spicy!..."
Lito Josol Maggay
"I've been wanting to try this place out for the longest time as one of my friend keep raving about this. Finally after two years, here I am.I've..."
"The food and ambience were good. Staff were very attentive and they have a fast service.Sesame Pork Dumpling: 3/5Red Roast Beef..."
The Hangry Couple
"Definitely worth it with zomato gold privileges. Great ambiance, unique food, and authentic cuisine. If you feel like eating something different,..."
Karen Tan
"Their noodle and dumpling combo is value for money :) Sesame sauce is rich, but satisfying. The dumpling is juicy, but not bland. The place is quiet,..."
Crissy Martinez
"Hmmm honestly we were hesitant to try this restaurant due to the poor reviews. Good thing we followed our instincts to try it.Firstly,..."
Aldrich Huang
"Everything was fine, was worried at first since this place has a lot of 1 star rating. But we gave a chance since we never been here, so this 1st..."
Tama Lumenta
"It’s always a nice visit whenever we eat here. Ordered pan fried dumplings, taiwanese pork set (with fried rice), sesame noodles, and pork..."
Nichole Iliscupidez
"What we liked: consumme beef noodle soup, panfried dumpling, steamed dumpling, pickled cucumber, porkkchop riceWhat we didnt like: zhajiang..."
Lorenz Lao
"I was craving for noodles with soup last night, that’s why we decided to try this restaurant. It was our first time so we ordered the..."
Isabella Magajes
"Twas my first time to eat here, Impressed though it has odd taste (in a positive way) I ordered Noodle set with Chicken chops. Definitely..."
JM Granado
"It was one of those nights when we couldn’t decide where to eat. So i chose any resto available in Eatigo because who doesn’t want discounts..."
"There mala soup is very unique and special.service is also very quick also offer some discount in eatigo .thinking this premier location,cant expect..."
Satoshi Kinoshita
"Always a fan of Sesame paste... This dish of boiled dumpling in Mazendo in sesame sauce is awesome! Price is very reasonable. So far a taste worth..."
"Damn this is one of the best noodle houses I’ve been to. Their noodle is soft and chewy and you just want to keep eating more. Also their..."
Sheena Yap Chan
"Satisfies my craving on a rainy day!Been here for 3 times already and today is another dayI love their red roast beef noodle soup....."
"Tried their really tasty boiled dumplings. I like the the pork with Spicy sauce. Eight pieces of dumpling per bowl all ready good to make you..."
Allan Espano
"Taiwanese Noodles from @mazendoph _🍜On the Table🍜_1⃣ Red Roast Beef NoodlesMazendo's bestseller. Thick noodles,..."
Tong Yang Plus, Sm Mall Of Asia
83/100 (39537 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
"it was a great experience, the place is nice and the ambiance is good..i am happy and satisfied with the service and the..."
Jen Bajala
"Very nice people and the food was delicious. Its a a place for family and friends �..."
Kael Mallavo Otero
"great food, service and ambiance. keep it up tongyanggg..."
Jamella Patricio
"Thank you poh s here celebrating my natal day today so happy with my bacthmate alona edong loveu lon thanks soo..."
Shailanie Orinday Pena
"their foods taste so delicious and i love how they treat nicely their..."
Princess Mae Noble LLano
"This is the best place for family, unlimited menu are great and i enjoyed most of their seafood and their sweet dessert is the best. The price is..."
Maria Criselda Santos
"Di talaga ako mahilig magpicture picture pag nagkakain kaya pagpasensyahan nyo na ang nagiisang photo hahaha.Okay naman yung food. Pero..."
Joey Bote
"Tong yang has grill and hotpot. What's not to like? I was also surprised that one hot pot was given per person. That was nice.They have a..."
"This buffet restaurant offers both grill and hotpot and also has cooked dishes. There are plenty choices - chinese, japanese, filipino and other..."
"My family and I (friends and officemates also) are fond of shabu-shabu and grill. It’s like we dine on a regular basis with no umay feels hehe...."
Angielyn Morales
"One of my favorite buffet place is Tong Yang Plus! They have shabu-shabu and grill items too! Dessert are not quite many but still I keep on coming..."
The Intermittent Foodie
"I can't attach as much photos as I want to because I used the others elsewhere online but I hope my comments will be useful..."
Maria MM
"Food: Delicious food from the Japanese to the Chinese, and the Shabu ShabuAmbiance: Clean dining setting and very classyService: People say..."
Ryan Y. Ong
"Very limited varieties and food takes too long to be refilled. Taste was superb. Worth the wait especially with their dumplings, grilled meats, and..."
Jason Lagman
"I love Tong Yang Plus. Especially enjoyed the unlimited hot pot and the grilled beef and pork. Worth the money :) The ambiance is very nice..."
Janine Elace Soriano-Ligad
"A good option if you're a fan of hotpot. There's a wide variety of vegetables and meat to choose from, including noodles and the broth itself...."
Gilliane Bonguit
"Like all buffets, Tong Yang attracts a lot of people and for a good reason. You could easily customize your hotpot prefrences since they offer..."
Gilliane Bonguit
"We celebrated my wife’s 26th last Sunday. The over all experience is very good. I come to Tong Yang for the shabushabu and it did not fail me. You..."
PJ Bulatao
"Good choices of food and they’re all well displayed. The restaurant provides you your own e-stove; meaning you have more control of what to put in..."
"Ok ang food madaming choices ng pang shabu shabu fresh ang mga fishball meat and fishband grilling yung beef nila and pork malambotSarap ng soup..."
Queennie Angelene Omega
"Grilled dishes and hotpot is a great combination. Food selection is great except for dessert. They are slow in refilling the dishes and some of their..."
"Went here for early dinner one sunday. The place is clean and not so packed. They'll give you a maximum of 3hrs which is nice because you can enjoy..."
Rochelle Angelica Andasan
"We arrived 6:30pm on a weekend and we’re able to enter the restau by 8:30pm. Mind you, kitchen will pull out all the food and drinks by 10pm. While..."
Maemae M. Ramos
"It hasn't really been that long since I last paid a Tong Yang branch a visit, but that didn't stop me from being excited about the opening of..."
Midz Sy
"We celebrated New Year's Eve at Tong Yang Plus and without a reservation, we had to arrive early for walk-in. I like that they still made an effort..."
Bea Hingada
"The location is really nice, away from the bustling shopping street of MoA. The food and drinks are superb, specially the hotpot ingredients, they..."
Kenneth Methan Paul Yap
"Reception is good and the overall organization of how they queue is very smooth. However, be aware that during weekends, they do not accept..."
Ruka Azuma