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75/100 (2758 ratings)
Late Night
"The taste of food could be improved. I would still recommend this place, but it wouldn't be my first suggestion when talking about Asian..."
"This is about the 3rd (or more?) times I've been to this place already. It's still the same feel since the first time a few years ago (2013?). I..."
Maria MM
"There is a reason why they have long lines. They do have good food (specially if you get their early). This is one of our go to place during..."
Thina Riego
"Second best buffet restaurant for me. I loved it here, i can say they're better than ATC branch. The food was great and the staff were nice. Great..."
Chain-Chain Soriano
"Disclaimer: Long overdue postMy siblings and I had dinner here last week. It was raining hard so we expected the queue to be seated was..."
Life And Sizzle
"good food. good service. spend our 13th month celebration here and time money well spent. one of the best buffet restaurants in the metro. a must..."
Martin Lamsen
"Among all the yakimix that I’ve dined in, this branch has the fastest moving queue. The place seats a lot of people at once. The food is great but..."
Gabriel Muñoz
"Yakimix branch with the longest line almost everyday. Tried dining here for a couple of times but was forced to eat at different restaurant because..."
Dax Placente
"Yakimix is actually cheaper than other buffets in moa. They have a lot of uncooked meat to choose from and there are a lot of desserts and drinks as..."
"Availed the voucher that I got from Metrodeal but it was difficult for us to have a reservation. You need to call the branch first and ask if they..."
Nikki Rei
"If you don't have any reservations, 45mins up to an hour ka maghihintay sa labas. Food choices were okay. I've been here a few times already and I..."
"This was my first time eating on a buffet and they didn't disappoint my first impressions! Food - I just wished they refill their crowd..."
Rica Urbano
"Quality food , good ambiance. Though food refilling is slow . Desserts are the best especially the ones in the shot glass . Most of the time there's..."
Lezada Loise
"Still, one of the best japanese restaurant in town. Many varieties of foods you can choose from. Perfect for family gatherings or birthday..."
Tyan Baquiran
"A bit disappointed on the variety of food choices.. :( and the speed to refill the food at the buffet area especially during peak hours. Although the..."
"Food is good, maybe the only thing wrong with the place is that the floor is a little slippery so take care specially when you're carrying a plate..."
"Always gonna come back. Yakimix is what i go to when i wanna binge eat but i'm on a budget 😆. Staff is friendly and always willing to assist...."
Patricia Valdivieso
"Visited May 6 2017 for Dinner.Food 4/5: Great food. Nice selection (Wish madagdagan pa)Bathroom 4/5: Clean but maliitWaiting line..."
Nemo A. Manaog VI
"Food: 4.0 - the variety of food is ok with meService: 3.0 - the cooking device or whatever you call it doesn't cook fast making most of our time..."
"Masarap ang saya pag pasok mo puro seafood tas lulutuin m s harap mo nakakarelax at enjoy super like na like ko lalo n ung hipon babalik balikan ko..."
Ivhie Belando
"I am fan of yakimix and I love it. :) Our first experience was really good. We had a good time and Food were served generously. I thought the price..."
Jesma Salas
"Like other buffets, they serve a wide variety of food. The main dishes that they serve here are mostly Japanese and Korean themed. They serve..."
Janela Franzin Apolinar
"I've been to Yakimix only once. The food is okay and the branch is a bit crowded. Since it is a buffet restaurant, it should be spacious. It is..."
Angielyn Morales
"I enjoyed all the unlimited meat that you can grill on your table, it's one of my favorite experience here :) there are not much variety for desserts..."
"We ate here yesterday. We were seated near the window and it was only the two of us occupying the seats for 6 persons. 😊 The place was nice, and..."
Nala Cat
"Love the food, specially the meats grilled on our own table. Kaso mas okay sana kung may own oil na sa table para hindi na tawag ng tawag sa crew...."
Alvin John Garcia Tandoc
"Did I like it?Not much. I enjoyed eating here but I think their spread could really be improved by having a lot more choices but I really liked..."
Reg The Foodie
"Was not able to take pictures because the zomato team were too excited to eat. lol I love their Sushis!!! almost perfect together with some squid..."
"Yakimix will always be one of my favorite buffets. Generally, buffets have this "quantity over quality" stereotype that typically stands out...."
"Been there twice. Good as greenbelt and alabang branch. BUT the line was too long and the waiting time kills me. Overall ill give a 3.5 to 4...."
Christopher Manalo
"Been to the Greenbelt branch around 5 times and once at the Macapagal branch; tried this branch for the first time last Friday and I can say this is..."
Elizabeth Riego
"It is a natural home for me. Celebrated christmas, new year, and birthdays here. The food are good but not good enough, lots of choices and the..."
Nestle Knows
"Me and my family goes here every New Year. Their foods are good, the staffs are approachable. It's just that the ventilation is poor, I think there..."
Nicole Denise Laygan
"The food is undeniably great and its also fun to have a little cooking while you eating but my concern is there is some flies roaming around..."
"I've been here twice for the same reason. When we were still students, we were very practical in celebrating our anniversaries. The food never..."
Ammaica Dacanay
"Yakimix has always been an option for family events specially birthdays. We would always avail their birthday promo where the celebrant can dine in..."
Misis Noy
"I went with my fellow staffs to the christmas party at Yakimix MOA, it is a buffet, a good location, almost similar to Four Season but the only..."
Jennifer Chan
"Most of out visits at Yakimix were at the Libertad/Macapagal branch. We just tried once here at the MOA branch and we did not get disappointed. They..."
Jellaica Castro Gapac
"Went here with my officemates to celebrate a special occassion food was great! Reasonable price! some crews were really nice and the cashier also..."
Patricia Anne Nicole Corden
"Instead of Charaptor bbq buffet, we went to Yakimix. Better thank yakimix masinag. I guess they upgraded the menu here in MOA, 😊 more variety..."
Pat Bato
"Korean and Japanese BBQ~~ with dessert!!! I haven't take more pictures for this... Because of I concentrate on eating! Hahahhaha ... Nice restaurant,..."
Cici Tong
"It was my first time to celebrate my birthday at Yakimix and my experience was indeed great! Aside from the accomodating staff, the restaurant had..."
Kim Bañas
"I like it.... grill all you can is the best. you can invented what kind of meal you want Japanese Korean and Chinalese and also pilifino food. I like..."
"Yakimix has been in the eat-all-u-can industry for quite a while and has been providing a bit affordable rates on foods. The place is a bit small..."
Lester De Guzman
"Yakimix is one of my considerations when choosing a buffet restaurant to dine in. Most buffet restaurants nowadays are almost the same and Yakimix..."
Joseph Luis
"Yakimix really serves wonderful selections of food and cuisines. I love their choice meats that have to be cooked. I also love their dessert..."
Cristina Luis
"one of the best buffet, a class restaurant. the ambiance is good its like a big house with full of dining tables. this is good for group of people,..."
Ramses John Donado
"Looooooove eating here with my family. Best buffet ever! Many foods to eat, to choose. Masarap balikbalikan. I love seafood. Saraaaaap!..."
Loujane Bigtas
"Happy bonding with the team.. More desserts please. Good food anyways.. And service was just fine. By the bay view added the beauty of..."
John Malonzo
Tramway Bayview Buffet
70/100 (2261 ratings)
"im satisfied the place, the food but one thing how come theres no Asado not like last time they have Asado Pork hehehe. But guys i like tramway the..."
Virginia Isaguirre
"Got here to celebrate my niece/inaanak's christening. It was Saturday lunch and the place is really crowded. I must say, for it's price (278php per..."
Marjorie Mae Pangilinan
"We are 100% suki here! 😊 almost every occassions we celebrated it at tramway that we always choose to stay in their function rooms and guess what..."
Diane Nicole Abalos
"Updated: Dec 2017Solid and "affordable" buffet - that's itDon't expect to get the quality, treatment and ambiance as what you'll..."
Jeremiah Lugtu
"I've been to Tomas Morato, and Banawe but Buendia is the best for me so far in terms of space, ambiance, and food. I just hope the employees would..."
"Masarap naman yung food. Malamig naman kaso medyo crowded lalo na pag between 6-7pm. Last time pumunta kami dito nung umattend kami ng party...."
Samantha Bautista
"Eat all you can eat. Try to eat first their rice with chicken, then next is the vegetable salad. Dont drink big amount of water, because it will make..."
Jesson Mier Revilla
"Most affordable buffet I had. Been here twice and yet I still love the food specially the desserts. My favorite from their desserts are the coffee..."
Jonna Maryll Llena
"The food is very good I love there deserts especially the butchi and the waiters are very accommodating, I think they just need a renovation on..."
Rowita Adornado
"During our field trip, we had a stop over here at Tramway for lunch. When I first walked into the buffet, I was astonished on how big and spacious it..."
Ivan Alejandrino
"If you are looking for an accessible, cheap, eat-all-you-can restaurant, this, deifinitely, is the place. The foods are okay. Ordinary food and a lot..."
Jielen Camarce Bawan
"Based on the price alone, obviously you get to lower your expectations. Sure, paying extra for iced tea, having a clean plate policy and the old..."
"We visited this branch a couple of times and still price is reasonable. Not too many selection (bec its only 258php). Love the steamed fish and the..."
Laiza Abigail Principe
"Pleasant and nice place and staff. Highly recommended for big is superb and delicious. Definitely its worth a try.I just love Chinese..."
Arturo Caleon
"the buffet serving is so good and the food was so great the quality and quantity of their food.  The appearance of their restaurant is so pleasant..."
Hannah Ruth Bernal
"its was a great restaurant for me as my experience on that like a food there is so "masarap" especially they're cupcakes. hehe lab come on..."
Jaymelei Tila Buising
"This buffet is good with an affordable price! We've been here to celebrate my Papa's birthday. It's great! But some of their foods are have the same..."
Liza Uy
"Tramway.. What can I say?? If your looking for a affordable and delicious buffet restaurant tramway is highly recommended.. Low price buffet..."
"Experiencing a dine in a buffet is really worth it because you will get a chance to experience an unlimited eating spree in a fixed substantial..."
Marielle Medrano
Four Seasons Hot Pot City
85/100 (1994 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Shabu Shabu
Hot Pot
Sukiyaki & Shabu Shabu
Juice & Smoothies
Hong Kong
"We went here to eat our dinner last Saturday to celebrate my graduation. There was a lot of food to choose from, there was a section of cooked food..."
Scotty Wilburt See
"Worth it for the great food choices. Great service overall, they also refill their food fast. It has a very nice ambiance and a good looking comfort..."
Leona Gonzales
"Hotpot has always been underrated for me, it definitely deserves more spotlight. As for me it is the ultimate comfort food.Four Seasons is..."
"Hindi ako masyado mahilig sa hot pot pero dito nag invite yung tita ko at libre so go na.. Ang ganda ng lugar, ang daming selection ng fresh items..."
"5/5! I really loved spending my birthday celeb here just this year. The staffs are very friendly and accommodating, and they really place value on..."
"This restaurant is huge and has a lot of variety to choose from. There are wide selection of Japanese cuisine (sushi, tuna and salmon sashimi,..."
"Place 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟The place is huge and can accommodate a lot of people. It is also well lit and ventilatedFood..."
"Great place great food and a lot of food varieties, I really love this place this defines the very best hot pot experience. One thing that really..."
"For a hungry pips buffet is a must! Four seasons Hotpot buffet’s food is nice. What i like about this buffet is they have a hotpot. However, some..."
"We waited for about 30-45 minutes for our priority number to be called. We should call for reservation next time. Ambience and service..."
"Since this was a family dinner (with my grandmother), we opted to dine in a place that offers healthy options. Thus:PLACE: The place was..."
"Ang cutie ng ambience nila super! I also like the food and mababait yung staffs nila! They gave me a congratulatory cake for my graduation!! One of..."
Mary Ann Delfin
"Mas maraming food selection dito compared to SM Southmall's. Comparing the two because that's the only two branches I've tried. I'm actually not much..."
Jazzy Eat World
"Its a really good place if you like Hotpot with lots of variety. Though the variety of meatballs look different but for me they taste the same. They..."
Marvin Wee
"I would say that their food selection is definitely worth the price. Other than the vegetables and meat that goes in the hot pot, their drinks,..."
"We want to try something new, so we ate here to try shabu-shabu. We are so full when we left. Very good 💯FOOD 5/5 We really enjoyed the..."
Ann Marjorie Garcia Constantino
"We entered the restaurant and the ambience and aroma reminded us of Singapore and Hong Kong. The buffet spread was good especially the Japanese..."
"The best thing about this place is that it's big and spacious. I've been here twice, and it's never crowded compared to other buffets that I've been..."
"We availed the 50% off on weekday buffet of CBC credit card, it's really very sulit. Seafood are fresh and the internal organs of both chicken and..."
"We weren't able to make any reservation since we impulsively decided to go to MOA to splurge into a buffet dinner. We went there around 2pm and we're..."
"Went here to celebrate. it has almost everything you would want to put in a hot pot from different broths to different kinds of noodles, vegetables,..."
Jasper Luz
"If you are craving for hotpot, this is THE place to visit. Tons of choices available and their buffet spread is pretty good as well. Unfortunately..."
Efren Wong
"We went here to celebrate my friend's birthday and we were expecting so much because we haven't tried hotpot before. They have a wide selection of..."
Sofia Guirhem
"🌸 Location is accessible (near SM Mall of Asia, sea side)🌸 Huge parking space🌸 It can accommodate large count of pax because of..."
Andrea Clave
"The best and only hotpot I ever enjoyed! I tried 3 other hotpot restaurants before and I didn’t like any of them. So I was kind of hesitant to eat..."
Jaydee Medina
"Upon coming in, we were greeted well by the register staff, welcomed properly and easily got a table.from my reservation made using booky. We were..."
James Andrew Hao
"If you love noodles and hotpot then this is the place for you. They offer a wide variety of ingredients and food for your preferred hotpot. Price is..."
Keysi Eats Ph
"For Shabu Shabu lovers!Hope you could make an instruction or simple recipe to be followed for those first timers so that they may enjoy the..."
Cudz GM
"People who loves shabu shabu, try Four Seasons Hotpot City! Many soups, main dish and dessert to choose from.It's better to go on weekend..."
Dianne Salonga
"My place to be, my happy haven. I found this place while looking for a restaurant to settle in for my graduation dinner feast with my family. I came..."
"The ambiance is great. They have great varieties of food. Love their service as well. Their dessert tastes good. The price is pretty fair for their..."
Micaella Javier
"Not much of a fan of hotpot dining but my boyfriend enjoyed his dining experience at their SM Southmall branch. Aside from fresh meat, seafood,..."
Bea Hingada
"Was my birthday and it was my Kuyas' treat!Love their sushis, spicy hotpot, different kinds of meats and veggies... Oh! Don't not forget their..."
Carmela Belle Manibog
"We had a good dinning experience at Four Seasons. We had difficulty as to what we’ll try first because their food is so overwhelming. They have..."
Hanie P
"Like its sister buffet, Vikings, Four Seasons Hotpot City also offer wide-range selection of food except this provides a different dining experience..."
The Eatventurers
"The place is so high class compare to other buffet in terms of the venue, wasn't satified that much in foods, maybe because the choices for foods are..."
Ysh Rys
"My friends and I decided to celebrate Ben’s birthday at the Four Seasons Hotpot City because of the birthday promo, great rating, and experience..."
Tracy Ann Perez
"The ambiance is good and the staff are very accomodating. The taste of the foods are satisfactory though the choices are very limited. I would..."
Marjorie Villariño Fernandez
"We went here for my birthday. Food and service were great! They have this section for the vegetables and they were fresh unlike in other buffets...."
"Some of our relatives treated me and my brother here - thankfully so because this is normally out of our price range. We arrived an hour into the..."
"One of my favorite buffet restaurants in Metro Manila. Wide selection of Asian dishes neatly arranged and prepared. Perfect for special occasions if..."
Pam Antig-Aportadera
"I do love eating here.. the taste is great and most of the seafoods are fresh. Common problems of buffets is quality control there were times that..."
John Alouette Jugo
"We went here last night to celebrate my birthday. I had a free of charge dinner. You just have to present valid id with your birthdate. We were..."
Claire Lu
"Totally exceeds my expectations.The only thing i dont want is the treatment of one of the managers to customers..i asked if we can still..."
"Me and my husband love it here since food is fantastic, always fresh and delicious. Service is great and we even held our wedding reception here. Thr..."
Rytz Lim
"This place is actually spectacular for a hotpot. I wasn't really expecting much even though this was a buffet but they actually had a lot of meat and..."
"Food here was excellent! Most of the diners were chinese or korean. Sa sobrang dami ng food choices, malulula ka. Lol. Ang downside lang is their..."
"Definitely a place for buffet to try out. Had a variety of meals that can be complimented to the hot pot theme, but less when it comes to independent..."
Jay Juat
"We celebrate our anniversary here. Limited choices of seafoods but we enjoyed the food and the hotpot!! 👍🐽🍜🍥. And a bit dissapointed cous..."
Ma Czarina
"This is the second four seasons branch I have visited and again, this restaurant never fails. It is the same homey four seasons I loved. I love how..."
Graciemae VM
"The promo is definitely a plus. Food selection is limited to Japanese, Chinese and Filipino cuisine. But you've got to cook your own soup and..."
"Place: Good interior, clean, organizedFood: Your selection is from chinese-korean-japanese. They have more selection of dimsum and raw..."
Iya Sofia Valencia
"This is my first time at four seasons, and I was really happy and content.They have almost 10 sections including the meats (and innards), ready..."
"My friend from church and I reserved a table here when we both found out that I would be sponsored by the Chinese embassy here due to winning an..."
Gian Paulo Austria
"Four Seasons Hot Pot City Buffet is a healthier choice than other buffets like, "Sambokojin" They use Hot Pots instead of grills. What I love about..."
Janela Franzin Apolinar
"Fast queuing but reservation is a mustClean and quick replenishment of food because it's still relatively new in the place Good..."
"Enjoyed their hotpot and other foods but had limited seafood to choose from. We went here on a Monday night. Quite satisfied for a 992.30 price of..."
"4.5 because eveything is so delish. we weren't dizzy after - so it's a great sign (konting msg i guess ahaha) staff are very accomodating EXCEPT the..."
"I've eaten here twice already and the food here just gets better everytime, they got a huge selection of seafood, thin sliced meats (my favorite),..."
Paolo Blancas
"This is our favorite Hot Pot restaurant! We keep coming back! :)For only Php588 (weekday lunch), you get to enjoy a medley of..."
Hungry Buddy
"Great variety of food for the price and service they provide to their customers. Been here quite a few times and never failed to impress our group...."
"Now, down to treat myself on a delectable choices of an all around the globe food picks in @fourseasonshotpot in MOA. Thanks to someone very close to..."
Marlon Gresos
"I was amazed with four seasons hotpot buffet! All foods that you wish to eat its all here from appetizers, main course, and desserts it here! We..."
Ezekiel Zafra
"One of the best buffet I had ever experienced. They offer everything that I can think of that you can put in the hotpot. Even the hotpot sauces were..."
Lyndon Vincent Ang
"The celebration after my oath taking was held here. The food and the place were great. Every one of my guests had a good time mainly because of the..."
Nina Marquez
"One of the best buffet ww've been too, mainly because you choose what you're going to have. You can go healthy or you can eat you heart out. Hot pot..."
Ma. Corazon Bernabe
Song Do Won Korean Restaurant
86/100 (1607 ratings)
"Our office go-to Korean resto plus the free coffee is sooooo good. Good service and friendly staff...."
Cez Taala
"I totally forgot to take pictures of the meat due to the great smell of the meat. First off, this place is not the usual unli-kbbq place. This place..."
Food Torpedo
"It was our second time to dine at this branch, and both experience was great, especially, in terms of service.It was like a one waiter per..."
Mitzie S. Diaz
"Everything is wonderful, before the beef serve.We order 4 or 5 kind of the pork.  It's so delicious.everything is so good the night, until..."
Big Bear
"Songdowon is a premium Korean grill located in Macapagal Blvd along the mini Korean town there. I’ve been passing on that street for numerous times..."
Kimchi Adventures
"Very tasty and not too expensive when you order set menu. Set A and B is all time favIt’s good to 2-3 Male Try the..."
Jae Gu Kim
"SUPER LOVE THIS PLACE! I've been here several times and their food is always great. It's not the typical unli korean bbq thing that all the hype. The..."
Naveen Devnani
"Waiting time: much less than any korean bbq establishmentsAmbiance: Fair, at times the crowd would tend to be too noisy, save for the..."
Zac Osial
"Love this place!I like the fact that they are open 24 hours. It is your typical Korean BBQ place but the staff is what really made this place..."
Shermaine Loffler
"I base my first impression of a KBBQ restaurant with the taste of their kimchi. Well, based on their kimchi, I’m right It was really a great..."
"This is the best place where you can bring your buddies on a food trip. First time I tried and it felt like a flashback from my Korea trip last 2018...."
Athena Chua
"No frills korean barbecue place.Even though it is not an "unli" korean bbq place, their quality meats selection is good.The side..."
Arthur Kevin Rabago
"Good service. Hindi mo mararamdaman ung pagod ng mga crew kahit pabalikbalik sila (if naubos lettuce, etc) andun parin ang ngiti nila. Mababait ang..."
Vanessa Marie Sabarillo
"Things to like about Song Do Won in HK Sun Plaza.....1. Clean (compared to the other Korean resto in the vicinity)2. The enclosed..."
Boodle Bear
"Love the food! Great sidedish-es and of quality taste! 👍🤩 Most guests are Koreans; thus, seem to be really authentic in taste. A very..."
Jefrey Or
"Love that this place is open for 24 hours so I'd have a go to place if I'd crave for grilled beef. The food has been great and I was really impressed..."
Eyang Bonifacio
"One of my favorite Korean restaurants in the country. You will always see me here eating samgyupsal almost every week. Customer service is also..."
Dani G.
"Been going to this restaurant a lot of times. There was even a time when it would be a weekly thing and sometimes even 2-3 times a week. They have..."
Nicole Caburian
"Food here may come out as expensive compared to other Korean restos serving unli samgyeopsal but still reasonable esp when they serve quality aged..."
Nicolas Alejandro
"Song Do Won is already known for its Samgyupsal, major factor why people love it here? Its because of the staffs. They’ll give you the best..."
Dhaine Guillen
"The best Korean BBQ we have ever tried!- Great choices of meats. - Variety of quality side dishes. - They have a great service..."
Daryl Santiago
"24 hour korean resto that offers authentic korean food!AMBIENCE- you can grill your ordered food but rest assured that you will not smell..."
Elaine Dominique Magdaraog Estravilla
"Zomato please update your menu list. They got moooore items to choose from.A very well stormy midnight dinner. For two just order two bbq..."
Dona Fernandez
"i have been to other Korean restos and this is the best by far. Their meat are tender and tasty, the servers and staffs are nice and friendly. It is..."
Jayvee Sencio
"Song Do Won is as authentic as eating in Korea. The servings were huge. The side dishes were served generously. The meat is so tasty unlike other..."
"One of my friend invited us over dinner here. He's been raving about this place frequently. He said that the food is good so is the service. ..."
"So much love for the spicy squid!!! It was the best!! Excellent customer service as well. Will definitely go back here for their authentic dishes...."
Denise Dela Cruz
"This place is definitely a hidden gem. This is Korean resto where I was served the most and tasty side dishes. It includes free soup, scrambled egg,..."
Marian Panopio
"Yummy food and excellent service! The server was very attentive to our needs. He even asked us if we wanted more lettuce or sauce when he saw we were..."
"Favorite hangout spot. Am here at least twice a month.This place is owned and run by Koreans. They make their own kimchi (a wide variety of..."
Vincent Tan
"After giving it a try last night... It is now my favorite korean bbq restaurant! The place is well designed. Food is simply amazing. The staff are..."
Tobie Pe
"The food was really delicious. 😍 I love the side dishes like potatoes, vegetables, fish cakes and or/ kimchis and more. :))) The first time I went..."
Kylie Arianna
"We eat here once oor twice a month. The servers are really nice! Best meat in the city. I tend to bring my friends from outside the city whenever..."
Fae Cipriano
"Never knew it's existence til 2months ago as we only go to the korean store beside it and it's now my favorite korean restau since the 1st..."
"If you're looking for food that's worth your money, this is it. It's VERY AFFORDABLE. Everything is fresh, from the meat to the veggies. I just LOVE..."
Mary J
"Everyone just loved Korean BBQ. For this restaurant, I loved the side dishes and its unlimited. However their meat is not unlimited, you have to..."
"An enjoyable experience! I just let my companions order the food so I really don’t know what meat we had haha. But both were delicious! The variety..."
"The food and service is really great for a reasonable price! Would come back really soon! Loved how they advise you what to order if you are a..."
Kolyn Gervacio
"More than enough for 2 persons due to unlimited sidedishesFood 4/5Price 3/5Ambiance 4/5Service 5/5Will definitely comeback..."
"Excellent service, attentive staffs, very cozy and the food is great! We’re pax of 3, the other 2 were male. Imagine a man’s appettite and we..."
Myricar Quintana
"My favorite korean resto!! ❤ legit meat! not the paper thin unli meat of other korean restaurants. Plus a lot of good appetizers also and great..."
Jr Cruz
"Probably the best value for money Korean BBQ I’ve had. Thanks to my workmates for bringing me here, I realized I can eat Php200-300 worth of Korean..."
Bea Dizon
"The best Korean Resto that is open 24 hours. Attentive and Friendly staff. best bulgogi i ever tasted. Value for the money and we keep coming back..."
"Food is great!! Customer service is outstanding! They are very friendly and they always refill the sides. They even have free soup and free iced..."
Elah Yam
"This is by far the best Korean resto in Manila. I’ve tried a lot in Manila including Mak Chang but I swear I love this place more. We didn't get..."
"Pork samgyeopsal, pork bbq ribs, herb pork belly, beef short ribs were all so good! Thick and flavorful even on its own. Serving size should be..."
Vanessa Miller
"The food is great. Not that pricey compared to other korean bbq restaurant. We spend almost 3k for a group of 8. Plus! The service is also good,..."
Jarra Caringal
"Service is great. Food quantity and quality is superb! This is our first choice for Korean barbecue restaurant. We will definitely come back..."
Rhia Ivy Ylagan
"Super Good Food and Great Ambience. Superb service. Best Banchans I had in Korean Restaurants in Manila. For people in the south especially for..."
Lenny Chan Chua
"Also one of my favorite Korean restaurants, always come here with my friends and family. The only problem is the seafood is quite pricey 😔 Hence,..."
Yu Na
"An underrated place!Serving quality and authentic Korean dishes, Song Do Won is a must try! We (my family) just got to try this place out..."
"Korean food is as diverse as their cultureSong do won never gets old with its big servings, exquisite flavors, and welcoming atmosphere. I..."
Princess Reich
"Everything here was good. The service, food, ambience. Not to mention it wasnt that expensive. Its nice to know its 24 hours.The ssamjang lacked..."
Claude Reyes
"Thanks to my good friend who introduced us to this KBBQ house. Went here for two consecutive weeks already. Songdo Won meat quality was way different..."
Marianne Millama
"Open 24/7. Good place to go when your craving authentic korean bbq. Love their herbed beef and tempura. Many side dishes to choose from. Makchang and..."
"My cousin recommend us here, and its really nice. The service is excellent 💯💯 the food is affordable and definitely worth it! Will come..."
LJ Kim
"Excellent service. Open 24 hours. Kimchi actually is crunchy. Unlimited appetizers. Spicy dishes are actually spicy. And surprisingly good..."
Philip T
"Delicious Korean feast you can have for special occasions. Their meats are so good! Best Korean beef I've tasted so far even though it's a bit..."
Adelle Lubrido
"We're here like almost every week!!!! Love their samgyeopsal and their sides are the beeeest! Customer service is 👍👍, most especially to our..."
"Comfortable ambience. Well ventilated. Cool atmosphere. Very attentive staff. Korean food craving fully satisfied with great tasting cold coffee to..."
"Whenever we crave for korean food we always go here. The interior looks like a typical korean resto in Seoul. We love this resto cause they give a..."
"My husband took me here on a Sunday evening to cap the weekend off. He said this place was their go-to when pigging out (with his team.) I didn't..."
Jaja Cartagena
"This is my usual late night snack place with my brother. Like typical korean places they serve around 6-8 appetizers. Korean BBQ is the way to go...."
Richard Tan
"First time to dine at Song Do Won, and I must admit, I left with a very full and happy tummy. We were seated inside the non smoking area,..."
Gen Korean Bbq House
79/100 (1577 ratings)
"Thank you Gen Korean BBQ House for accommodating us. They really have nice food and excellent services. They even allow us to decorate, since we had..."
Hazel Joy Angue
"Awesome food! Ambiance was excellent! Band was great! Orders were delivered fast. And special mention to our server Gelo who, from start to end gave..."
Hazel Crisologo Santillan
"This is the first korean restaurant I have visited, kumain kami last week. Yung PLACE?? Maganda para kang VIP pero mejo mainit lang. The comfort room..."
John Soler Mosquida
"I tried out the meats and seafood during it’s dry run way back in September and I was really impressed and satisfied. Service is also top of the..."
Genedyn Ann Ebreo
"I'm not the kind of person who would write reviews, but I really want to share this to everyone. Place is cozy and not crowded. They have premium..."
Kristina Corazon Yu
"I am not the kind of person who would write reviews, but i can't pass on this one. Very accommodating with good food and great service. Thank you..."
When Dy
"I love that Gen Korean BBQ evolved the dining experience by introducing seafood to the menu. Every Korean restaurants now offers the usual beef,..."
Dale Palisoc
"GEN Korean BBQ House added more seafood items to it’s menu. Located at SM MOA - SM By The Bay - Unit 1-16, Seaside Blvd, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay...."
Pat Dimayuga
Mara Pandanan
"It was a rainy afternoon when we headed to GEN Korean BBQ House to have our team dinner. Upon arrival, the security guard immediately approached us..."
Rhodalyn Flores
"I've read a lot of bad reviews for this restaurant coz of their bad service so I was skeptical on coming here. But hey, kudos to our server (I think..."
Jen Jeren Jenjen
"If we're going to talk about the food, it's not as exceptional as some of the authentic korean restaurant in the metro but it is beyonc average if..."
Mener Bonza
"Fast Service and Great place to have fun with friends. May open mic na din na pwede kayo magkaraoke. Very polite servers. Good food. Enjoy sya...."
Josh Fontanilla
"My friend and I was looking for some unli-Korean BBQ and was advised to check here. We arrived before 6pm so the restaurant was not crowded yet. We..."
"At more than a thousand pesos per head, this is definitely one of the most expensive KBBQ places I've been to. And while their meats are flavorful..."
Jai Guzon
"It is our first time to eat at a Samgyupsal Restaurant. My hubby and I decided to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary there. I give 5 stars..."
Macon Caparas
"One of my favorite korean place to go to. It is pricey compared to other samgyeopsal place but it is less crowded and staff are nice, attentive and..."
Joyce Martinzo
"one of the more expensive option for an unli meat korean meal.pros:with 20 kinds of meats to choose fromless..."
Kaye Ederadan-Bautista
"The food selection was fantastic! My favourites were the steaks, cajun shrimp, beef belly and the brisket.The staff was attentive, and they..."
Arthur Kevin Rabago
"One of my closest friends who live in the US, aka “BAE”, texted our other friend na KUNG PWEDE DALHIN DAW AKO SA BUFFET, PERO SIYA MAGBABAYAD-..."
Fatness First By Liz
"We went to GEN BBQ because our first two options have too long a queue for us to wait. GEN is available. We took the weekday dinner 998 i think and..."
May Concepcion
"Was at Gen Korean Grill last night and would give this place 6 stars out of 5!!!Premium meats and amazing customer service. Our waiter..."
Angelika Soliman Apostol-Ella
"This is the first time for me to try eating unli-KBBQ and I must say that I enjoyed a lot.P1488 may be quite a bit expensive for most..."
"💕 Date for Two: 1488+ Unlimited 35 Premium Meats and Seafoods💌 Total: P2976Overall: SM By The Bay gets crowded for good reasons –..."
Date For Two
"My friends and I love trying different restaurants whenever we have chance to eat.GEN Korean BBQ House was a great find for us.Their food..."
"Everywhere I go, I see a place offering samsgyeopsal. In BF Homes alone, there are more than 20 (guesstimate) restaurants featuring this famous..."
"While there are a lot of Korean buffet nowadays, sometimes you just want to splurge a bit more for a better experience. This is where Gen Korean Bbq..."
Team Tikim
"Kinda refreshing to find a Korean barbecue/grill place that's not blasting Kpop all the livelong day (not that there's anything wrong with that!..."
Liee Lozano
"First of all, the ambiance is chill and a bit cozy. It was 6:00 PM that time. They're playing dance genre of music. It was good! The lighting was too..."
Glenn Joseph | Jogpen
"This is something we Filipinos should be proud of, why? Gen Korean BBQ House, Philippines is first in Asia to have them. I love the fact that their..."
Allans Gastro Snaps
"It was an awesome sunday evening experience! The place is just perfect for family and friends who love to chill and dine while enjoying their meal..."
Trixy Salonga
"I was invited at Gen Korean BBQ House in SM Mall of Asia Complex to try the Unlimited 35 U.S. Premium Meats and Seafood and Bottomless Wines,..."
"I'm a huge BBQ fan. Bribe me anything BBQ and I would definitely love you. GEN Korean is one of the places that I've been excited about ever since..."
Hungry Herl
"Gen Korean Bbq Oks na oks sa sarap. Tried their 35 premium meats na may included na Bottomless beers, wine, cocktails, sodas and juices...."
Francis Torres
"Gen Korean Bbq is a famous Korean Bbq resto in Los Angeles and this is their first branch here in Philippines. Located at the seaside area..."
Foodventures By FraPao
"I had high expectations as this place is famous in the US and when we found out that one is opening in MoA, we grabbed to opportunity to try it...."
Angela 🦄
"Defintely the best Korean barbecue place for me!!! ❤️🙌🏻Our team had a Christmas celebration dinner here and we really love the..."
Jhaz D
"Complete Korean BBQ Buffet Experience!!!This restaurant is one of the best among korean bbq buffet restaurants. They have a wide variety of..."
Raiza Reverente Cuasay
"Excellent service, food options were superb, ambiance was definitely high end and classy compared to the usual korean bbq restaurants in the Metro...."
Wild Ride
"Everything is perfect. !Love the freshness and quality of the meat.Also, the veggies are fresh.Their personnels are very..."
Sheena Ruiz
"I've been here for the nth time. And I'm still satisfied with their food and service. The place is very relaxing. The food is delicious.If..."
Aethelu Sol
"Had lunch here..together with Jo, Robert, Camille & Charm. Its actually my first time having korean buffet... i love the ambience perfect chill..dim..."
Big Baby Blue Bunnycorn
"Admittedly, GEN is on the pricey side. We only managed to afford it since they offered discounted GCs that one time. The staff was very friendly and..."
Gilliane Bonguit
"We avail voucher in metrodeal which is 655php during weekday dinner. 15 kinds of meat plus unli wine, unli beer and unli pepsi/nestea products...."
"High quality samgyupsal experience plus the staff were so so nice!! Super friendly and accommodating! The porks and beefs were delicious and the ox..."
Geo Pedrealba
"I was really craving for a good korean bbq, and Sir Jowell invited me to join him in reviewing the new menu of Gen KBBQ. When we arrived we were..."
Takaw Tikim X Nina Jesica Tolentino
"We were invited for their menu, the P1888 Eat and Drinks all you can. The restaurant opens at 5:00P.M. so better start and finish all you can. The..."
Takaw Tikim
"Been here once and I absolutely loved it. They have a wide selection of meat and not to mention an affordable price. The service was great and the..."
Sophia DC
"Ever since I knew that there was already a branch of Mikey Chen's favorite Korean BBQ restaurant from L.A. here, I wanted to try the restaurant as..."
Misako Kojima
"A couple of Saturdays ago, my Friends and I were scheduled to have dinner somewhere else but plans quickly changed when the birthday celebrant..."
Eboy M. Donato
"We tried the 1888 Ultimate GEN Experience with 35 meats and seafood options, which also came with unlimited drinks (including alcohol). I..."
Christina | Kain Club
"Korean Barbecue has been springing up like mushrooms in the metro lately. With all the flavorful meat and different side dishes, no wonder it’s now..."
"Perfect for family and corporate lunch or dinner.. Food is delicious fresh and healthy korean food. Friendly staff and very affordable..."
Apple Reich
"Food 4.5 : Service 4.5: Ambience 3: Price 4. Food was very good and plentiful. It’s buffet style for two hours. I recommend the marinated meats..."
"I like the thickness of their meat, even their so-described thin-sliced pork is decent, unlike other Korean BBQ restaurants where their servings are..."
"we had an enjoyable dining experience here : polite and helpful servers ( esp Angelo ), good ambience, good quality meats, and reasonable prices....."
Amira Al Maktoum
"Update:Turns out the service is only good because there weren't a lot of people when we first dined. They need more staff.For an..."
Di Africano
"Metro Manila has been infiltrated by an astounding number of new Korean barbecue joints. The latest player in the industry does not even come from..."
Ish Meets World
"NEW PROMO ALERT :Enjoy Gen Korean Barbecue's EAT ALL YOU CAN and ORDER AND GRILL  ALL YOU CAN   chosen from among 12 US Prime Meats for..."
"Visited the place twice during its first week. Meats are definetly premium compared to other korean buffets. Staffs were very attentive and helpful...."
Jan Salvador
"We have spent our anniversary was an overall nice place for special celebrations such as this..The place was classy and clean..take..."
Jeanne Nicole Biscaro Iral
"Place looks great! No korean bbq smell in the resto as the place is quite big. Live band music. Alcohol was a bit pricey but not too bad. The various..."
"A mid-fancy Korean Barbeque restaurant situated in the heart of the Entertainment City.This is the only K-bbq resto that serves unlimited..."
Eliza Alki
"staffs are nice and attentive. If you are a meat lover this place is for you. The food is pricey compared to other buffets in manila. I have ordered..."
Kitty Kat
The Singing Cooks & Waiters
86/100 (1522 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Crispy Pata
Kare kare
"This place proves that everything is surprise, making it "The Greatest and The Happiest Restaurant on Earth". Kakaiba ang mga playlists and dishes na..."
Andre Gere Adsuara
"The Singing Cooks & Waiters is truly a unique & memorable experience! As someone visiting from abroad,I was craving authentic fresh Filipino that I..."
Leslie Tupaz-Holland
"The best restaurant we have dine in so far. There's no dull moment once you entered their place. They cater not only good food but also good..."
Kristel Marie Balino
"Thank you so much "The Singing Cooks &Waiters"! Nagenjoy po kami ng sobra lalo na ang Tatay namin na nagcelebrate ng 70th Birthday nya dyan. The..."
DanYeth Barida
"What a great place to celebrate my son's 3rd birthday! We love the food, ambiance, staff and esp the entertainment! Excellent menu and awesome..."
Elvie Llanos-Orbeso
"Me and my family have celebrated my birthday here. It was my first time to go at this place, i did not expect that the staff/waiters were really..."
Charlton Abenes
"My fiance and I together with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins enjoyed and very well entertained. It was splendid, I love the food and the singing. I will..."
Tessa Veramae Logronio Davis
"Such a happy place. The best food and service and comes with fun musical entertainment. I'd gladly come back here. The whole family will enjoy dining..."
Jeman Bunyi Villanueva
"5 �, even higher if there are more stars. Hands down to these folk. Such a lovely place, food and specially staff. We had a great great great time..."
Beverly Kim Tan
"It's great to know that the S INGING COOKS AND WAITERS, ATBP. has been able to uphold their excellent reputation! The food were superb especially the..."
Dita Dominique Poblete Gorme
"Very nice place, and also the staff and chef.. all the foods are great We love..."
Sheryll Deleon
Gerry's Grill
83/100 (1189 ratings)
Kare kare
"Instagram : @makansamaoki | #makansamaokiI'm curious about Sisig and they say that most of Sisig are nom halal. So i got recommendations..."
@makansamaoki | Ricky Nevariza
"When we came, jampacked with diners but since they have enough manpower, ordering was not a problem.Service was fast and efficient.Food was..."
Ani Corpuz
"One of the most affordable filipino restaurant here in the philippines. Cheap but somehow good food. But the place is too crowded though we..."
Raine Anne Sanchez Orlanda
"This branch of Gerry's is the best if you want to chill and drink on a Saturday night because of the bands that play. However, if you want a bit more..."
Angielyn Morales
"Because we were early I suppose, we were seated after a few minutes of waiting time. The food is priced fairly in my opinion. It tastes great! The..."
"Dine here 5x and still likeeee it 💖 Food taste great 💯 ambiance 💯 Service 💯 it rained on our last visit and the staff able to handle..."
Ann Marjorie Garcia Constantino
"Staffs are good and accomodating, bit pricey but its okay size of serving is good and also quality of food is great. We ordered crispy pata, pork..."
Nekohime Rina
"The first thing I noticed was that the place was spacious since it could accommodate a large number of customers. I also noted that they had several..."
Amanda Lacson
"The sisig we ordered was really crispy, but had a lot of meat still. They have an additional charge for adding an egg though they were able to inform..."
Kea Custodio
"The food was good and was served hot. We ordered the sisig and lechon kawali. I really liked the sisig since it was very crispy although I noticed..."
Bianca Monzon
"We ordered sisig and lechon kawali. The food and ambiance was great, as well as the promptness of the staff was awesome. Great place to hang with..."
Janelle Co
"Been here many times already with my baby and I can say this is one of the best dining places we've been to! 😃 We always feel the delightful..."
David Jhan Calderon
"We love the foods and the servings.Madami servings nila, worth it s presyo nila.Definitely babalikan nmin ang Gerry's grill. Ambiance okay..."
Zoraida Villafuerte Asilum
"One of the worth the price and good quality Filipino food restaurant. Ambiance and Service was good. All foods are super delicious, I Love Gerry’s..."
"This is my favorite branch of Gerry's Grill!Been here many times! 😃👉🏻The place is big and well ventilated. 👉🏻Great..."
Rhodalyn Flores
"Here are my thoughts on my recent experience at the SM Mall of Asia Branch:Filipino cuisine 🇵🇭Tasty food 👍Easily..."
Carie Acac
"The ambience is ok. Their food is great. There is so many choices to choose from. Their staff and crew are very accommodating. Overall it's good...."
Ferdinand Maramba
"Responsive and alert waiters. Accomodating and food is served as stated in the waiting time. Tastes good and fresh especially the mango shake. Food..."
Ma. Luisa Reyes
"Filipino food was great as usual and service was quick enough to not keep your tummies waiting. Place was a little tight which makes moving around..."
Sino Pinas Eats
"Our go-to Filipino restaurant. Love their bangus sisig! Well, I love every seafood dish they have. The place is kinda hectic, as you would expect in..."
Jemi Angela Penaenae
"Took my foreigner friend here for a taste of Filipino food and he absolute likes it. The winning dish is....sizzling sisig! Their tofu is also good,..."
"Got a chance to try out this hugely popular casual dining chain during a recent visit to Manila. Place was packed and buzzing with diners. My first..."
"always been dining here whenever i'm hungry from attending concerts in MOA Open Grounds. never fails to make my tummy satisfied and full but it just..."
Marchelle Hara
"8/27/16What I like about Gerry's grill is their sisig best of all time , their binagoonang rice , dessert ofcourse , shanghai . they were about..."
Yian Madrid
"We came here after a long day at the mall and parents were craving for seafood.For sides we had the Mango Salad which comprised of the..."
RJohn McLorenz S. Esguerra
"I visited their branch in Baguio, Rosales, Morato and MOA for this time my 5.0 rate belongs to Baguio branch.The serving was okay and..."
"Had baby squid (yummy), sinigang na baboy ( maasim, just the way I like it), green mango, and garlic rice. Very happy. Met up with a balikbayan..."
Elizabeth Ong
"I have to say that eating here is really worth it. I loved everything we ordered. What I love the most is the grilled squid. The sisig was great too...."
Sandy Lauguico
"The organizing committee of the Pinoy Photography Organization’s 10th Anniversary had some well deserved dinner at Gerry’s Grill after the said..."
"This is by far the best Filipino resto we tried. The menu was very impressive; the presentation was great. You'll find it quite hard to choose since..."
Jellaica Castro Gapac
"get together with team eph!! super yummy foods !! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ..."
Angeline Dequiña
"Regular customer 🙋🏼 their sisig is my favorite! Don't forget the crispy pata, dinakdakan, garlic adobo shreds, sugba kilaw and crispy pla-pla..."
Khamille Onda
"family friendly restaurant yey! foods definitely delicious :) we usually ordered sisig, laing and lechon kawali super yummy :) its like a home cook..."
Ramses John Donado
"Keeping it to restricted to hard facts, this outlet can be rated 4 for food, 3 for service, and 4 for ambience. Like all othwr outlets of this..."
Prithwiraj Sanyal
"I like the food..good taste..good ambience..good service..and the prize just right.. i love gerrys.i always have fun everytime i go..specially with..."
Dang Medroso Luig
"What I love about this place: Great food, Live band and nice view of the bay.Gerry's grill is one of the best watering hole you can find in..."
"Gerry's Grill is one of the popular choices for weekend beer drinking sessions. I consider Gerry's Grill as one of the restaurants serving great..."
Mike Yu
"After being away at sea for almost a year, we took my brother in law here for good Filipino dishes. We ordered for Sinigang na hipon, crispy pata,..."
Edward Manuel
"One of the best filipino restaurants in the Metro. I love their sisig the most. A great place to eat before going into night life habits with..."
Eric Gendrala
"Gerry's Grill is still one of the best Filipino restaurants in town. They serve one of the best crispy pata and pork sisig in the metro. Aside from..."
She Co
"Everytime we crave for filipino dishes, this is one of the top places we consider visiting. They cook delicious filipino comfort food here. I really..."
Lehda La Moste
"I have always a fond memory when it comes to this place, though it will just be cherish from the past. Remembering how before the night life starts,..."
Jemicah Joya
"Gerry's Grill is definitely known for its great Filipino dishes. Must-try here are their crispy pata, pork sisig, beef kaldereta, beef kare-kare and..."
Vivian Co
"Though it was my first time to eat in Gerrys, i enjoyed it alot. I love the place, the foods and the crews. Hihihihi! Specially the baked scallops!..."
Anghela Mary
"Been here twice, with a large group and with a friend the second time. I can say is that you can't go wrong with choosing this restaurant. Customers..."
"If you are looking for filipino food gerry's grill is the best place to go. My personal faves are their Sisig&Tuna belly. You can also try their..."
Rosel Legarde
"This resto is a must! If you are craving for filipino food go to GERRY's GRILL! My personal faves are beef casserole, kare-kare, and crispy..."
Meg Lagorza
"Garlic Adobo Shreds, Inihaw na Pusit, &..."
Ben T
"Definitely one of the best restaurants out there in the Philippines. This one in the MOA Branch though has my average grade for customer service, in..."
91/100 (1133 ratings)
MAKI Combo
Free Birthday Cake
Free Beer
Baked Oysters Rockefeller
Assorted Breads
Sushi Station
Puto Bumbong
Vikings Free Anniv Cake of the Day
Salad bar
Chocolate Fountain
Shrimp Tempura
"My Best Friend recommendation and so I tried. There’s a lot of dishes to choose from and it’s amazing. Server’s are very accommodating and..."
Jillian Gay Fernandez
"We really enjoyed our celebration for my brother's birthday! The ambiance and food never failed to amaze me! Thanks to the wonderful staff and..."
Jazmin Joshua Enoce Dionisio
"The best buffet I ever had. Thank you for the great service sir Ron,Ric,Al and Paolo. Keep up the good work!!..."
Godwin Esmalla
"It's always a wonderful experience here at Vikings Mall of Asia especially for those people who assisted us.. Thank you Mam Lory for still..."
Erikå Paula
"The food is delicious.. Mababaet at maasikaso yung mga waiter specially sila paolo, dennis, jeff at almar. We enjoy eating at vikings moa.. We will..."
Laarni Bernardo
"vikings is our favorate buffet,all branches in vikings here in manila were been taking meals. were start 2011 eating there in vikings at 1st bday..."
Cm HiLda Balonga Ancog
"Biggest buffet I've ever seen, and I've seen a few. Brilliant food, everything is..."
Morten Hardtrance Sommer
"Vikings at moa is a very good place to celebrate birthdays. Thanks to sir Ric & Joseph who are very accomodating..."
Niña Paola
"Food is great. The server are very accomodating specially Ric, Rika, Jet, Ron and..."
Cristy Eusantos
"I only had one experience with Vikings but I am a regular customer of NIU and the Alley. Both buffet resto is owned and manage by Vikings. The place..."
I Am Shanwein
"I love how Intercontinental most Buffets in the Philippines but Vikings is one of the finest one. I also love the food, ambience, and their..."
Allans Gastro Snaps
"Vikings is still my favorite buffet resto in manila! Ensure to make a reservation cause it’s always fully booked! We came there on a monday night..."
The Intermittent Foodie
"Walk in dining can be tough during peak hours, you'll have to get a reservation. If you don't have a reservation, walk up to the front desk and..."
Rakesh M
"No more matcha ice cream? no more vegetable sushi? tenpura got small in..."
Vincent Fernandez
"We celebrated our year end party here. So sorry kung medyo maingay kami. 😂 One of the biggest buffet restaurant. Hindi ko lang sure pero parang..."
Rovelle Deleña
"My favorite go-to buffet restaurant. There's nothing to complain about. Priced fairly given the quality and extensive choices. My favorites are the..."
Raymond Pastoral
"One of the best buffet restaurants.They have many variety of food to choose from, I also love their roasted beef and roasted lamb :)..."
Jann Patrick Dulce
"Food tastes good! Have varieties of food. What I enjoy most is their sushi and maki. Will definitely come back. Reservation is advisable to avoid..."
Micaella Javier
"Wait time was short and was able to accomodate us even we were walk ins. The staff were all friendly and the food is great. I love the cheesy..."
Harvey Tapispisan Figueroa
"Celebrate my 22nd birthday with my boyfriend! Still, love the food mostly pizza and pastas! I thought I will be having a free lunch buffet but it’s..."
The Hungry Bum
"Finally, a review after the nth time of my gastronomic adventure here.Food: 4/5I was looking forward for the oyster, but it's no..."
Hilary A.
"Had my birthday celebrated at this place. It was so GOOD! The service was 5/5, the food was outstanding, I had my beef made medium-rare, it was the..."
Sen Ramzes
"Vikings has almost everything - Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Italian, American and Korean cuisines. They got appetizers, main food and lots of..."
Epicurean Foodies PH
"It was good but the crabs was not fresh anymore but the rest was good my mom loved the soup and they refill the food fast. We also love their promos..."
Ayumi Urashima
"My favorite all-you-can-eat place of all time!!! All my cravings are satisfied whenever I go here. It's a good place for celebrations / special..."
"If there's a thing I loved in Vikings, it was their churros. My first churros, my first meal in Vikings. I love everything because it's self-service..."
Mary Tricia Ann Pelipas
"Wish there were more food choices although food were great. Went here last year to celebrate my boyfriend’s 24th birthday and we had a wonderful..."
AJ Ranario
"I like the ambience here in MOA compare dun sa Sm north! Mas madami din yung choices sa MOA and I really love the japanese dishes but yung mga breads..."
Mary Ann Delfin
"One of the first ever, I wished I lived nearer Mall of Asia area. My request is to always seat by the grilled side, where my favorite Baked Oysters..."
Guilty Pleasures Seeker
"Sushii. Sushiiii. Sushiiii. Whenever I go to Vikings, yhe first thing I'll get is from the Japanese section. Salmon, Yellow Tail, Tuna sashimi, name..."
Noel John Del Rosario
"Very accommodating, we went here right after my graduation and we were few minutes late but they still acknowledged our reservation. They didn't have..."
Mica Domingo
"Always my go-to place on my birthday. Staff is accommodating. Lots of food to eat and desserts (especially!!) to divulge in. Liked their cheesy baked..."
"Wide variety of food choices at an affordable price. The staffs are approachable and very accomodating, I asked if we could sit on a different couch...."
"What i like here::: Unli yoghurt:: Some food were amazing, most notably the hainan chicken and steamed swahe (shrimp), which was located..."
"Eat like a viking! My favorite buffet ❤Food is superb 💯 Carving station 💯 Seafood 💯 Desserts 💯 Pasta && Pizza are my..."
Ann Marjorie Garcia Constantino
"I usually eat here with my family and you can easily book a reservation online easily, the experience of eating delicious food at this buffet is..."
Minerva Craft
"Vikings !!! is one of the good buffet ive ever been , you can choose many food from Japanese food , Korean food , Filipino food and many more !..."
Joshua Virola
"They have a nice and classy interiors here but like all the usual buffet resto, it can get really crowded mostly during weekends and dinner...."
Foodventures By FraPao
"It was an interesting experience here, the birthday song is a treat..... when it’s your birthday, but warning it was be a bit much sometimes. Lol..."
Peneueta Willis
"We celebrated my Dad's birthday in this branch and availed their promo. Since we went there on his exact birthday, it only required one full paying..."
Lorelaine Nolledo
"reservation is very convenient just a one click away. 😌celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday here.the ambience is good. tho our..."
"The place is big and the ambiance was good. We were given a good spot, actually. Kaso may leak sa ceiling which annoyed my mom. The service was good,..."
"Best Vikings I've been to! Nice food, lots of food to grill, great place with great view, love the dessert selection, and I think this is the biggest..."
Monique Celis
"Best place to fulfill all your cravings plus the staffs were nice! The food that I tasted were way better than I expected. Will probably gonna be..."
Aubrey Ganaan
"Always the favorite unli buffet in town. I been here like 5times and it's still mu favorite. Specially their sushi. Lots of variety of foods. Even..."
Ishy Mirasol
"I’ve always skipped on Vikings because of how long the queues are. We went here for my friend’s birthday and I can’t believe that I’ve..."
"It was my first time to try a buffet place.So naturally i chose the best one.What popped up is this place.I decided to place a..."
Collado Marcelino III
"The place is very cozy and luxurious good for events and the food are prepared hot you will ask for more they cater variety of food...."
Fat Kid Inside
"buffet price is proportional to taste if and when taste is good, great, or other worldly. Taste was great. price was good. Better than most buffets..."
"i forgot to take pictures of the food we ate bc omg everything’s really good from the appetizers to desserts. My boyfriend and I went here to..."
"Been here many times before and i would love to dine here again soon. But for me, North Edsa branch is better. The shrimps in North is bigger and the..."
John Carlo
"The food is absolutely good. I love the Chinese and japanese food. (HAKAW FTW!!) The only thing that I don't like about the place is that the tables..."
Anne Tabudlo
"When you hear "buffet", you expect (maybe a little), poor quality food. It's because restaurants consider quantity and they can't afford time. But..."
"Vikings is one of the first few (I think triple V — Dad’s was my first) buffets we frequent before all the other buffet restaurants popped up...."
Beverly San Juan
"First of all, this is not my first time dining in on VIKINGS. But this my very first with MOA Branch. On Foods: ⏹ I have to give it..."
"AccedentallyAfter the mass @baclaran church we went to moa and buy somenthing we need with the parents of course .. we dont have a plan to eat..."
Noemie Bii
"The food were okay. Nothing very special, really. But the Fam and I enjoy it whenever we're here bc of the variety of cuisines in one place. So yea...."
"Food in any Vikings branch always satisfy me.- Long queue and wait time to get Lechon, Lamb, Turkey, and other meat products in the carving..."
Fidel Flores
"I've been here numerous times but the quality of food stays the same. Tho the choices becames a Meh for me. Its quite spacious ambiance is okay. The..."
"Good food, can be overwhelming. I don’t like their steak tho. The desserts were good, I definitely ate too much LOL. Didn’t like their california..."
Diane Ernabel Anonuevo
"The place is huuuge! They have lots of dishes and different kinds of cuisines. From appetizers to entrees to desserts to drinks, you'll definitely..."
"Celebrated my birthday here with the whole gang. Loved all the selections, free cake that goes along with the birthday promo. I will definetely come..."
Mary Ann Esguerra
"..always do advance reservations when you want to dine in here.Well as a food enthusiast, advance reservation is what I always do since this..."
Mark E Cubero
"This is one of the best buffet restaurants.My favorite station here is and will always be the Carving Station. Roast Beef is heaven Ahhh ♥..."
Rhodalyn Flores
"Prepare! Because you may need to phone in for reservation or try your luck on waiting. Either way, once you're seated, you'll be bombarded with lots..."
We Travel Fearlessly
"Best buffet i ever had, i really love their turkey!!!! Their sushi's get into my nerves which i really love it. And also their Beers! Congrats to me..."
Dana Lyka Ganzo-De Guzman
"So many foods to choose from. They have so many cuisines to offer. I just love how presentable the Asian cuisine (sushi, maki etc...) is. Gusto ko..."
"Delicious. I can say that almost all the foods that we tried were very tasty especially the California Maki and the Japanese Siomai ❤️ I love it...."
Joshua Mikael Haplasca
"I have to admit that this buffet is way more expensive than other buffets. It does offer wode variety of food which I enjoyed. The place is so big..."
"Always here for our team lunch with one of our customers. Almost memorized everything on the table and where they are located, still same taste, same..."
Pat Constante
"It’s always a challenge to eat on a buffet restaurants. But their food choices are awesome. Very unique ambiance. MY FAVE WAS THEIR Tom-Yum shabu..."
Christine Borr
"There's just one statement that I could utter when I saw the food in Vikings: It is too overwhelming. Honestly, I am surprised that for a buffet I..."
Brasserie On 3
87/100 (1112 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
French Toast
Juice & Smoothies
"The food quality is great! Not as many options like other buffet but all are quality food and worth..."
"Very accommodating staff.I love all the food especially the dessert section 😍 It's unlike any other buffet. Also love the view very..."
"Always a pleasure dining here. New selections each time. However, the price should be mediated since half the price at NIU contained a greater..."
"Had a really wonderful dining experience at Brasserie. The view from our seats is incredible too. Their spread is less compared to most buffet..."
Celine Soriano
"Been dining in this awesome buffet restaurant since March 2019 and my dining experience gets better everytime.Currently my favorite place..."
Kim Marcelo
"Choices are so ample that we don't know where to start. Construction for improvement is ongoing in the view itself thus sitting right beside the..."
Zafri Rina
"One of the most amazing breakfast experiences I had so far! Laksa was super good! Tapa was tender and tasty. Yogurt shots were flavorful and..."
Katreena Sarmiento
"Lovely and elegant hotel but the food of this buffet restaurant is not on the same level. Dessert and salad section is wonderful. Sushi and sashimi..."
John Cheng
"When I was deciding where to bring my friends on my birthday and a balikbayan friend requested that we dine within MOA area since he was booked at a..."
Sharedpsychosis 🔪
"The dining experience was really nice plus the great view. I didn’t know that buffet starts at 6pm so we’re on ala cart menus. Use the 50% off in..."
Jerald Ramirez
"Our third time eating here. Really great food and choices. Loved their desserts! Also, one of the staff was very kind enough to ask if we wanted..."
Grace Isais
"Great view, food and service! From all the hotel buffets I’ve tried, this one is the best for me. However, they have limited choice of food but on..."
Abigail Aldwin Tanfelix Santos
"It’s my first time trying it here and it is good but not as good as my expectations (maybe because the food is already cold so hopefully they’ll..."
Maria Katrina Mendoza Flores
"Been here and had their buffet this last valentine’s and i say i am impressed. Me and my gf had a lunch buffet and the food selection is pretty..."
Allen Joseph Miranda Bobis
"I love Brasserie! I visit this place once in a while with my mom. Their selections are well thought of. The waiters are surprisingly quick..."
Patricia Valdivieso
"Made a reservation for 45 pax for today’s event. The ambiance or place itself was quite high end however had limited accommodation and unable to..."
Mell Franco
"My friends and I wanted to eat out for dinner where we could enjoy the whole night, so I searched a restaurant from a 5star hotels where we could..."
Bing Catubag
"This is a belated review. We dined here on my mom’s bday, 26 July. The chef and all the staff were amazing. They prepared food and cake specially..."
Rachel Chan
"We tried this restaurant using BDO promo: weekday dinner for 1020 net/pax)Staff/Place: comfortable seats, adequate light and nice ambiance...."
"Counter to what most buffets in town have been doing these past few months, Brasserie on 3 has stuck to its guns about keeping their lunch and dinner..."
Marianne In Manila
"One of the best buffet restaurant hotels in town. They served great international cuisine ranging from Japanese , American to Italian dishes...."
"The menu changes per day, Ive been here a couple times. Sinigang bar is amazing, taste so good. Last time there is lobster, and the chef’s..."
Elaine Tabula
"I’ve been to quite a number of hotel breakfast buffets in different parts of the world, and this one of Conrad is the only one that serves premium..."
"Great and cozy ambiance to bring family. Food choices are not as extensive but the Japanese and meat varieties are ample. Dessert is so and so. A bit..."
Sheera Brown
"Celebrated my sisters birthday here. Food was alright, but the view is what makes this restaurant special. I reckon it would also be great for..."
K @
"Perfect View especially around sunset time. Good ambiance. Good food. Classy and formal. Perfect for family and..."
Tina Remulla
"Location and ambiance is great especially if you can reserve a table with a view of Manila Bay, it's so serene and calming. The hotel area and even..."
Anna Javier
"Okay laging may nag assist sayo kung may kelangan ka. :) medyo malayo lang ang wash area. Pero all in all okay. Pati yung view malapit sa bay..."
John Sanchez
"Having lunch with a spectacular view of Manila Bay is always an experience in itself. Get a table near the entrance and make sure to take a lot of..."
Angeli David
"I was able to sample their breakfast buffet twice during my stay in Conrad and i found the selection extensive. The quality of the food was also very..."
Jose Valdes
"During our 2 days 1 night stay at Conrad Manila, we tried their Buffet Lunch called "Filipino Fiesta", which only cost Php1,500nett (USD$30) per..."
Vinabelle Hermoso
"Good ambiance and employees provide good service too. The place had an awesome view of Manila bay and you can enjoy viewing sunset while dining...."
"This is evolving into a food force to reckon with. I still believe that they are still working the bugs out if their young kitchen staff. The..."
"The newly opened Conrad had quite an expectation to live up to with the Hilton brand name and obviously it should be accompanied with a reputable..."
Sun Choi
"If you are looking for a restaurant with breathtaking views of the Manila Bay, then Brasserie on 3 at the newly-opened Conrad Hotel the best place..."
Emiliana Sison
"I was invited by a close friend for breakfast so we headed to Brasserie on 3. I love her for selecting the place.Overall: 3.5/5..."
Al Tampus
"In love with the food choices, especially for breakfast and dinner. I didn't bother taking pictures of the foods I devoured because i was starving...."
"The hotel was on its fourth month of operations so does the restaurant. I don't really know the true reasons for the low ratings this place was..."
Jc Gagate
"Celebrating my Inlaw's Wedding AnniversaryBrasserie on 3-Great selection of foods-The desserts are so yummy-Beautiful..."
Yuan Lorenz
"I read mixed reviews about Brasserie on 3 and at first I lost interest in trying it however we still went and gave it a chance. We were there for..."
Mindful Eater
"We checked in for a 2 days staycation in Conrad Hotel which is a newly open 5 star hotel here in Seaside MOA Pasay. Breakfast buffet is already..."
Remz Chesnut