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Man Ho
93/100 (201 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Hong Kong
"There’s always a first time for everything and this EATSperience of ours was another first. First time to dine at Man Ho in Manila Marriott Hotel...."
"Food is yummy! Chinese food with a twist. The ambience is perfect for cozy and intimate dinners, especially for family dinners. Pricey but definitely..."
Cristine Dominguez
"Excellent staff and great food! The restaurant had a pleasant ambiance as well. Try the Assorted barbecued meat combination. Will definitely return..."
Kahlil Palatino
"Not usually a fan of Chinese food, but this is the BEST Chinese restaurant I’ve ever been to. Its prices are steep but worth it. The steamed pink..."
Bianca Gail
"Staff are very accommodating. The foods are great and they tastes really good.Ambience is really elegant and I love the scent at the..."
Ma. Ervick
"Superb dining experience, excellent service and quality food. Hoping they could increase the quantity while maintaining the quality of their food...."
Wild Ride
"We had a great experience. Delicious food, nice ambiance and great people. What a good place to celebrate your birthdays or anniversaries. Thanks..."
Ericka Dawn Agustin
"Man Ho is one of the Cantonese restaurant that you should try. Dishes are incomparable to anything I have tried before. The server Dennis (if my..."
Rain Flores
"Man Ho is one of the better restos in Manila Marriott Hotel. Last weekend, my family and I had a double celebration here. Though it wasn’t my first..."
The Executive Home Director
"We were watching a show in Marriott. Since we were a bit early and it was also time for dinner, we went straight ahead to Man Ho. The service was..."
"For the sake of having all the cards on the table, I should say that if you have never been able to taste the difference between different "brands"..."
Haitao Wu
"Marriott Hotel Manila has made a name for itself for its world-class accommodation service. From the elegant structure of the hotel to its top-notch..."
May De Guzman
"Perfection. The beef fillet with black pepper sauce was just so amazing. It was delicious. It literally blew my mind away. The other dishes..."
Kathy Kenny Ngo
"All attention was on us as we were seated by the maî·tre d' while the waiter assigned to our table asked for our drinks.We had the chef's..."
Drew Uy
"The Food:Assorted Barbecue (Php 1,288) Chef Law Wui Wing strictly shops for quality. If he doesn’t find his ingredients at par with his..."
"Full Review here: of all types of Chinese cuisines, Cantonese cuisines from..."
Kirk Ngo
Salad Stop
92/100 (82 ratings)
"Best salad place to go to! Of all the salad wraps I have ordered, cobb wrap is my favorite. It's quite expensive but they are generous when it comes..."
"My only go-to healthy restaurant in MOA! Although they are quite expensive, its worth it. Serving only the freshest! Always with..."
Liezl Jose
"Their salads are pretty good and you get value for money as well. Prices are relatively high but they're generous with their serving size. Will order..."
"Got the Cobb salad to go, intending for it to be for dinner. which I ate the day after because we had dinner out instead. Really should be eaten on..."
Christina | Kain Club
"Great salad place. Has a lot of choices, and you can substitute any items you would like. Fresh greens and dressing choices are plenty. You can..."
Mike Carmona
"Our go-to healthy place. Very fresh selections for salads and wraps. Unlimited choices for dressings but our favourite is Ranch-Bulgogi duo 👍🏻..."
"When ordering salad, I like how they allow you to change the ingredients in the salad to something else for no additional charge! I don’t like..."
Ina Lorenzo
"We had Jai Ho (the best!) and Hail caesar (goodfor those who arent really a salad person). Price was tad expensive though their serving was hefty. I..."
Shane Pines Quijada
"The Jai Ho wrap is my go to favorite from SaladStop! It’s delicious, filling and you don’t feel guilty after eating it. I just wish Saladstop!..."
Chris Williams
"Pretty good place. Food was good and so was the service. Prices are getting higher though, but it's very understandable due to inflation. For now..."
Philip Roa
"Ordered jaiho and it was really yummy. The price is reasonable to its size and quantity. Its thick and you can taste the all the ingredient are..."
"Highly recommended for salad lovers out there! Tried Jai Ho and Oh Crab Lah, guilt-free tasteful food! One serving is actually good for 2 person..."
Renz Delgado
"If you think eating salad won't fill you up, think again! Their serving size is huuuge! Their signatures are really delicious! The ingredients are..."
"Love this place! So far I’ve tried iron (wo)man and tuna san for their salads. My favorite would be iron (wo)man + the grilled chicken because of..."
"Their signature mixes are something that you should try :) I hope they will have more branches especially in Makati so that salad meals are easily..."
Anna Klarmena Bunda
"I was so happy they opened a branch at one of my frequent go to places! Now I can grab a healthy dinner at a place with a sole purpose of serving..."
Cheng Gervacio
"The staff were friendly and they recommended their signature salads with smoothies. We got Jai Ho! and Big Bird salads with Green Glow and Life's a..."
Jelani Bate
"Service is super fast. Servings are relatively big, given the price range. Singaporean chili crab dressing is super good. Location is a bit far/out..."
Stephanie Javier
Ippudo Mall Of Asia
91/100 (946 ratings)
Okonomiyaki & Takoyaki (Flour Dish)
"Founded in 1985 by Shigemi Kawahara, who has been dubbed The Ramen King, Ippudo is the stage by which the famed ramen chef showcases his “tao”..."
Jellybeans In The City
"Enough serving for the price 👍Though serving time was a bit long but sure gonna dine here againRamen taste the same as the other ramen..."
"Definitely one of the Top-Tier ramen shops around.We ordered almost every ramen variety they have (Except the mushroom variant) and it's..."
"Yes this should be on my Ramen list. Not on the top though but I still consider to come back here sometime again soon.The Chasu meat is..."
Unshakable Foodie
"Nice place!I love that complementary pork bun before the ramen was served.I like their soup base for their ramen. The gyoza is..."
Uise Choi
"the food was great! definitely one of the authentic japanese ramen house in the metro i will surely comeback here if we want ramen specially these..."
Locarl Malang
"First time 2 days ago and it didnt disappoint. These are dishes I ordered, my husband had another type of ramen and we were both satisfied. The..."
Charmagne Yerro
"One of my favorite Japanese resto! Always coming back for their Yokohama Iekei Ramen which has Paitan and Tonkatsu broth mixed up for a flavorful..."
"Shiromaru, Akamaru, Karaka? all great! Personally i always go with hard noodles. You usually have to wait in line but it's worth the wait. Everytime..."
Ferrick Crenz De Vera
"Their Ramens that are worth 500 php are worth it when it comes to toppings and flavor. Even their gyoza is one of the best I've tasted. Only con I..."
Jan Gervin Mendoza
"Enjoyed our meal here. Tried the Goma Q for the first time - Japanese sliced cucumber with sesame dressing. This was really good. They..."
Christina | Kain Club
"It's our first time to dine here but it definitely won't be the last. They asked us if it's our first time, so the server guided us through the menu...."
Maine A.
"Their pork buns and fried chicken buns are really good. It's worth falling in line for. Most of the food are also delicious but they only allow the..."
Kim Saul
"i had a great dinning experience at ippudo, everything they serve is really great, if you are a first timer they can help you in splitting the ramen..."
"I've had a great dining experience at Ippudo's Uptown Mall branch and it's good that the food is consistent with those here. While Ippudo is known..."
"Bought akamaru special and their pork buns, broth isn't as rich as i wanted and i'm disappointed that you can't add more paste, the "hard" noodles..."
Literal Salt Shaker
"Go to ramen place in moa complex due to the umami taste of the broth itself and the texture of the noodles, exceptionally service , the staff are..."
Christian Austria
"Ambiance: 4/5 (nice and clean place.)Food: 4/5 (their ramen is one of my favorite.)Service: 4/5 (servers were nice, very knowledgable of..."
"the best Japanese restaurant if you're craving for authentic ramen. good customer service. we celebrated the birthday of my husband here and it was a..."
"My officemates and I make it a point to dine out right after we get our sweldo. This time we decided to get ramen.I have eaten at Ippudo'..."
Libra Rosas
"As a certified ramen girl (lol), I've probably already eaten almost every ramen there is in the Metro. Name it, I've tried it... except for this one...."
"In celebration of 33rd anniversary, Ippudo offered us their original 1984 ramen recipe--Zero Ramen. They only serve 33 bowls of zero ramen per day as..."
Cindy Ambion
"Their serving is huuuuuuge and it’s perfect for your big appetite. I’m always on the look out for great ramen places and this is a good try too...."
Macy Wayne Olazo
"We went there on Sunday for lunch. There were 2 groups that came before us, but we were seated in around 5 minutes. The place is cozy but could have..."
Mary Ann Chua Simuangco
"Guess I'm lucky that there were no lines when I went there last week.It was a hell of a week and I just wanted something to cap off the..."
Brys Otilano
"Love the sizzling okonomiyaki. I ordered akamaru special and it was sooo good. I would like to try more and maybe bring my friends with..."
Diana Florendo
"Ramen date! Perfect for rainy day! 🌧 I really love the ambiance and the crews are polite. The Food is 4/5 coz i didn’t like the taste..."
"I love Ippudo!! Started queueing at Megamall when they first opened and they are still my go to comfort food 😋. Latest dining is 2 weeks ago at..."
Mae Villanueva
"Cold weather calls for Ippudo to get my cravibg fix for Akamaru ramen with a side of pork bun! Satisfied with my broth temperature this time around!..."
"Ramen cravings! From batangas to manila and back to batangas again. Yes! For the love of ramen. I loved the ramen. The seasoning on the side is..."
Nicka Cobeng
"Dined here with hubby Allan Benedick Arguel for lunch today. Service was plus ultra! Food was great! Broth was very thick and had the right..."
Angelou Trinidad-Arguel
"loved the sushiii!! and of course the ramen. I ordered the spicy one (not really spicy) but its smells so good!! and the meat, it's heavenly! One of..."
"Not a ramen fan, based from my previous experience of not finishing my bowl of Ramen. But when we dine here, I really did finish my food. It tasted..."
Kc Cabilogan
"Staffs here are very nice, they'll deliver you the service you deserve. 👍 But as to the ramen, masarap sya, honestly, pero for me, equal lang sila..."
Divina Targaryen
"I ordered a Shirumaru Ramen and I think this is one of the best Ramen I've ever taste. If I'm going to compare this with Nagi, I think they are..."
Jerome Cadano
"Great Service, but the problem is there is only one Restroom for use. The food is good. Compared to other Ramen Resto, the pork is tender and..."
JM Santos
"One of the best ramens I had. The 400+ php you pay for the food is really worth it. I ordered a tantamen. I forgot what my other friends bought but I..."
Jazzy Eat World
"By far the best ramen I had. I usually go for the spicy one so I also went for it in Ippudo. It wasn't as spicy as I hoped it was but it was so good...."
Nicole Trishia Deparine
"Ippudo is my #2 ramen place. I always go back for their shiromaru special and their pork bun. The line is worth it. It's a lot less crowded than..."
Gilliane Bonguit
"I keep on coming back for their shiromaru special!! Although the place would be way louder than you expect it to be, the service is pretty great...."
Gilliane Bonguit
"Went here last night and ordered the Shiromaru Special (the one with chasu and egg).Verdict is as follows:Broth - it's rich,..."
Joseph Lee
"Expect to wait to be seated when you dine out here there is usually a long line especially during dinner time, but its always worth the wait. Their ..."
"Probably the best ramen and gyoza I've ever tasted. A bit pricy but the taste and serving compensates.Serving was quick and great ambiance...."
Japi Cataran Ignacio
"My friend invited me for a dinner here and we ordered Shiromaru Chashu, Karaka-men, Pork Bun and Gyoza. Both ramen were delicious. The broth was rich..."
Rhodalyn Flores
"It’s always a happy experience dining in at Ippudo for they have the nicest service and the most flavorful ramen broth I have ever tasted. Never..."
Jermaine Murphy Murillo
"I always go back for their chiromaru ramen and torched salmon rolls, really two of my favorites. The staff were attentive, but felt a bit overbearing..."
Valerie Abby
"Excellent service from the Ippudo Mall of Asia Branch. The ramen noodles were cooked according to preference and the broth simply took me back to..."
En Antonio
"Best ramen I had so far, definitely worth every penny you paid for. Considering the price point of their ramen, its quite pricey but the taste..."
Deanne Alipio
"In my opinion, the best ramen I've ever tasted! The flavour of the broth is superb. I especially loved the thin noodles and how I could choose the..."
Raleine Cruz
"I cannot say enough good things about this place! My daughter and I dropped by spur of the moment for a "snack"😂. We had Torched Salmon Roll (for..."
"Arrived here at around 7:30 pm on a Friday night. The place was jam-packed that’s why we were asked to wait. The staffs are very polite and it only..."
Chaeronea Elizalde
"Straight-up no bull ramen. The broth was one of the best in the business, noodles was perfectly al dente, egg was creamy and just yum, and chashu was..."
"Saturday night ,payday weekend it just so happened that I have some foreign visitors living in a hotel near MOA.As I'm not a fan of this area..."
"Ordered the Akamaru and Shiromaru for me and my sis. Both ramen - delicious 👍Service staff are very attentive. My sister ordered their..."
Christine Ann
"Ippudo is a classic in the ramen scene. My favorite part of each bowl is how hard the noodles are, and how they blend so well with each ingredient..."
Migz Cruz
"Best ramen that i've ever tasted!! Super worth the price even though it's expensive. I ordered the Karaka special and the taste is sooo yummy! I even..."
Aiks Palisoc
"Craving for ramen lead us to visiting Ippudo where I was finally able to try their ramen. We came starving so the wait for us to be seated felt like..."
Bea Hingada
"Our second time to visit Ippudo - Moa Branch. Thanks to their Customer Relations and Staff for having us back. Im glad we came back because if we..."
Regina Arciaga
"Aside from Ramen, their Black Sesame Ice Cream is to die for! Simple japanese interiors.Service tends to be slow esp. during..."
Ags Villa
"First time to eat here. We ordered Akamaru Special and it was so delicious! So tasty and I love the spiciness! Best ramen so far! Also, I love their..."
Geline Salazar
"Pretty pricey yet they serve Delicious ramen.Polite and friendly staff. Thumbs up!! Highly recommended :) The aka ramen, was not that spicy but..."
"Ordered the Akamaru Special this time (cause I always order the Shiromaru), it was absolutely delicious, found it a bit spicy though. The tempura..."
A. Yu
"This is my first time ever to eat at Ippudo. I know, I have been missing out. But at last, here I am. I tried their Akamaru Special and it was divine..."
AC Climaco
"Food Presentation 4/5- Food presentation is done well (Simple yet elegant) but it doesn't really make me crave for the food..."
"We were a group of 6 and we had a chance to try all ramen, namely: shiromaru, akamaru, karaka. We had all three specials. We didn’t get to try..."
"I love their tantanmen (regular spice) haven’t tried the spicier flavor but will definitely try next time, fried gyoza is also a must try,..."
Marz G.
"The ambience was good and the service is absolutely awesome their staff takes time to recommend what to get and give options.The Food was great..."
Kristine Villanueva Chan
"Ippudo in MOA has a great location 'coz it's centrally located near the entrance and front of MOA.I would consider Ippudo to have one of..."
Boodle Bear
"Happy Tummy! That's how I feel every time I order Ramen. The pork slices melt in your mouth, the broth is excellent and the noodles are perfect! I..."
The Picky Eater
"Nice, clean surroundings, friendly and efficient staff, and impeccable ramen. This is a great place for a quick bite when you find yourself lost in..."
Liee Lozano
"Ippudo is known for its authentic ramen dishes. We can't help but compare this restaurant to other mainstream ramen houses. Its food is delicious and..."
Yanyan Valenzuela
"Went here with my hommies on a Saturday night. And, thank God! The line isn’t long. The place nice, though quite crowded.We ordered the..."
Adrian Alcantara
"Ippudo is the best tasting ramen I had here in the metro. The price may be steep, but it is definitely worth it. They let you choose the hardness of..."
Kent Toledo
"Best tasting ramen I have tried in the metro, albeit a bit expensive. The broth is flavorful but not overwhelming. I also like how I can customize my..."
Lenette Somoson
"Been here twice. First tried their limited edition ramen so I forgot the name and it was okay. Second visit, I ordered Shiromaru special and it was..."
"I was quite excited when I learned that Ippudo's Limited Ramen will be their 2016 Top Seller TanTanMen 😍 First day they rolled it out, I was..."
"Fantastic ramen!!! It's a bit pricey though if you're used to the P100 above range of ramens. But I can assure you that you get what you pay for. Not..."
Kim Brasileño
"What we like about Ippudo is their great service and courteous staff in SM MOA. Ramen serving was also unquestionable. Though the gyoza seems to have..."
Nets Manrique
"I absolutely love Ippudo. I first encountered the restaurant in Yokohama, Japan, at Queens Square near Yokohama Landmark Tower.  My favorite ramen..."
Geraldine Palacio
"This is one of our favorite Ramen place. They have authentic black sesame ice cream. Gyoza also tastes good. Servers are very busy but they are well..."
Jang Abane-Maestro
"Overrated.Don't hate me.I only ate ramen and gyoza. And I almost had nothing left for taxi! 😂NOT FOR THE FAINT POCKET.Not..."
Jae-t Morgan Chase
"You get what you pay for and you will only be served with all the expectations you have based on their menu! Love the #worldfamouseramen!The..."
Melissa Profeta
"My fave ramen place, either here or in Japan. My mom, who is a very picky eater also loves the ramen. The soup is very savory and the noodles is..."
89/100 (145 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
"food winners: baby squid in olive oile, mais sibyla, bistek bangusservice: waiters not looking to the customersambiance: fine,..."
"One of the best restos ever! 🖤I don't even get what these negative comments about the service and all are about (specially for those who..."
Juztine Candelario
"Filipino Restaurant owned by Florabel which shows in the container goodies display near our table during late lunch last weekend with my family. They..."
Unshakable Foodie
"Loved the food and the ambiance. the place was packed when we dined there. Loved their mini lechon, the skin was still crispy :) ohh. they also serve..."
Grace Isais
"I am inclined to give this resto a 5.0, mainly because they served good food, quickly and on a lunch visit at a time when the place was actually..."
Claine Avelino
"It's been a while since I dined at Crisostomo. I must say that they have maintained the quality of their food - meals are not too rich but with exact..."
Joy De Villa
"Such a beautifully designed restaurant! We were imagining how it would be great for private events. The balcony is picture perfect for a toast. We..."
Gena Claire
"I've tasted the best paella negra here so far. So tasty! All their other dishes are also must tries like the fish miso soup, sisig, beef salpicao,..."
Ma. Ervick
"Customer service is superb! Food are a bit pricey but when you get to know the taste, it makes sense. The place and ambiance will give you the feel..."
Ann Camille
"Food: 9/10 Filipino/Spanish style of food. A little bit “umay” but I suggest order the plain rice if you want to enjoy the dishes. Adobo rice is..."
"The ambience is great, wooden decor with well lit and light walls to compliment the cleanliness of the establishment. The food is tasty and the..."
The Average Consumer
"Got 50% discount in Eatigo.We tried Kare Kare ng Kura, Calamares ni Tales, Paella Filipino and Tinolang Matanglawin.Kare Kare, it is..."
Aethelu Sol
"Food: overall good food; we ordered tinapa rice, laing, relieno fish, and lengua.. not salty, oily, bland or anything. The only thing that 2/5 rating..."
"Got a 30% discount at Eatigo so we decided to dine here.I'll give 4.5 stars for the food. All that we ordered except for the lechon kawali..."
"My friend referred to eat here. I don't usually eat at Filipino Resto, but i was impressed with the taste. I mistakely ate Bagoong rice since i have..."
George B. Hosoda
"Location is a bit hidden if you are coming from the park area. Place looks great and designed in traditional filipino style. Service was okay but..."
"Crisostomo, a Filipino restaurant, offers an expanded menu of sumptuous dishes that every pinoy/pinoy-at-heart will love. I was impressed with how..."
"Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post. Although it will not be a holding ground for me to share both positive and negative views. Expect 100%..."
"The restaurant was definitely beautiful. Food was served beautifully. We were a group of 12 people and we ordered so much we can barely finish it!..."
Mela De Jesus
"Unique Filipino dishes that are really satisfying! A bit pricey but definitely worth it. Serving sizes are appropriate and the ambiance is really..."
Pam Antig-Aportadera
"Rating it accordingly. (from 1-5)Location: 5Ambiance: 4Cleanliness: 4Value for Money: 3.5Staff/Service: 4Food:..."
Liana Tan
"My friend from Singapore decided that we go for filipino food so we went to Crisostomo at Blue Bah Walk. We ordered sizzling tofu, karekare, and..."
Ta Ra
"Great place and great food! The ambiance makes you feel like you're back in the spanish era. The menu is also very creative because of their names...."
Dareka Albaniel
"Our family dinner at Crisostomo was truly fulfilling. The dishes we ordered for four included Leandro (laing w/ lechon kawali), San Gabriel (deep..."
Jehaycee Carlos
"Currently on staycation here in Pasay, near Bluebay so we decided to have dinner at Crisostomo. But our original plan was Elias because we thought..."
Angielyn Morales
"Have eaten here twice already and the food is always great. This time, I ordered their Paella Negra, Adobong Pusit and Pinaputok na Isda. I loved all..."
Sushi Santos
"(February 25, 2017)The food here is great plus the place. Ughh. Such classy! We celebrated my boyfriends birthday here. 👌🏻 But daaaaang,..."
"This is a great place to bring foreigners or balikbayans who want to experience and enjoy Filipino food. The well-lit ambiance depicting a grand old..."
Dennis Carlson Lim | TFC
"It was my friend's birthday celebration and we decided to have Filipino cuisine. Crisostomo is a two level resto, with a very Maria Clara vibe. We..."
MaryAnne Montenegro Velasco
"One of my newest fave Spanish-Filipino go-to restaurants ❤️️Fell in love with their outlet at the Blue Bay Walk, fell in love with..."
Tinay A
"The resto has an impressive interior...The food is delicious...It promotes our language (the signages are written in Filipino with English..."
Nicole Ann Rose Malapo
"I should be making a review in tagalog for this restaurant. The ambiance and the menu is really Filipino. My family liked the Tinapa wrapped in..."
"Foods are awesome, nice ambiance and servers are very accomodating.. Two thumbs up.. I thought i was in the era of katipuneros, kastila etal. 10/10..."
Wisdom Caldito
"If you are looking for creative Filipino dishes, Crisostomo is a great choice. The names of the food are very interesting, all are associated to the..."
"I enjoyed reading their menu. They offer variety of dishes. The food were all good though the serving is smaller in size than I expected and its a..."
Qhat Le Yah
"LaingTaste: 5/5Price: 5/5Inihaw na PusitTaste: 4/5Price: 4/5Tinapa and Salted Egg RiceTaste:..."
Hazel Ng
"From Resorts world to Alabang town to Blue Bay, their dishes never fails to satisfy. Our family was up to a really late dinner ( after my..."
"If you're looking for a great filipino food, try Crisostomo. It's yummy, has an elite ambience, prestige interior and quite expensive. We tried their..."
Sarah Sanchez
"Brought my cousin from Hongkong to Crisostomo's today so that she'll have a better understanding of Filipino food. Little did I know that Crisostomo..."
"If you're looking for authentic yet updated Filipino food, look no further than Crisostomo. The food group behind Elias and Florabel offer delicious..."
Ren Dela Cruz
"This restaurant has decent ambience if you want the old Filipino style, tho it could ha e been made to look more authentic. The food is a good mix of..."
Andrea Carag
"El filibusterismo kinda of feels everytime we eat here. Great for family gatherings. Most especially because they serve the filipino dishes with..."
Chris Talosig
"Our dining experience here is delightful. It's basically, good & simple food done well. Filipino food done in such a way that would remind you of..."
"Just recalling the family lunch date over the weekend puts me in a good mood. For a moment, the stress of the preceding work week..."
Mike Portes
Conti’s Bakeshop & Restaurant
89/100 (577 ratings)
"Goodday ,first of all the quality of food was superb as expected,the quality has not changed even in different branches. Thus the atmosphere of the..."
Marje Fuller
"special mention...baked salmon..."
Alvin Zapanta
"Food: Of course, everything was mouthwatering. It has been a must to order salad when there's one in the menu everytime we eat out and Conti's has..."
Hilary A.
"I’ve rediscovered Conti’s. I mean, it’s one of our go-to places for coffee and dessert, but their regular food hasn’t really piqued my..."
Fred Salvador
"A friend brought this blueberry cake who said he bought it from this place. We were about to have iced coffee and this was perfect timing!..."
"Mango Royal salad - Must try! ⭐⭐⭐⭐Italian Supreme Pasta ♥️♥️♥️♥️Chicken ala Kiev ⭐⭐⭐⭐Mango Bravo..."
Ra Quiray Gaudinez
"I love their toast with creamy spinach and mushroom. I just love how the poached eggs blend with the bread and toppings. Aside from that, the..."
Mylene Tan
"Mango Cheesecake!!!! P625 plus edible topper for only P40. Mango on top, cheesecake in the middle and grahams at the bottom.I've waited months..."
Unshakable Foodie
"I have always enjoyed visiting Conti’s whether it be with my friends or with my family. I really like that aside from their cakes, they also have..."
Bianca Monzon
"What I love the most about conti's are their cakes. I love eating here especially with friends because their place is really nice for barkada catch..."
Arazen Quisoy
"Try the mango bravo and the turtle pie! I don't always go for tart desserts but I make an exception for the mango cake. It's just so scrumptious!..."
"It's been a while since the last time we where here and the I could not be sure if they change their look or not but the ambiance and the cozyness of..."
Loraine Joy Nieto
"Conti's is a good place to have a birthday party or just hangout with friends and eat pastries and cakes plus it has a set of really good menu..."
"Food: exceptionally deliciousAmbience: love itStaff: superbFavorites: Mango Bravo, Baked Salmon, Symphony Salad, Cheesy Baked..."
Charmi Ainza Jimeno
"Desserts are the best. However for the price of the food, it's quite expensive.. I got Roast beef with mushroom sauce and it was like one of the most..."
Clary Viel
"The hang out place of my in laws. We usually go here on Sundays, just because Conti's is Conti's. Perfect for an ideal family Sunday..."
Mermaid In Manila
"Who will say "NO" to Contis? It's well-known because of their Mango Bravo (Cake). I visited this place for several times, but it always..."
Jayvee Lapina Ardona
"We like eating here during the weekends after office hours (we work nights) since they open early. Good place to get those good ol' comfort food as..."
"Still a reliable source of cakes, baked goods and savory dishes...Finding myself in the area, I chose to eat at Conti's for their beef..."
Foodie Dokie
"MANGO BRAVO!!! ❤❤❤❤❤Nothing can beat this summer except for this delicious Mango Bravo. Perfect for every occassion. Craving for mango..."
Jenelyn Asuncion
"Decided to have our lunch here after meeting a friend. We ordered baked salmon, beef with mushroom, garlic sotanghon etc. Food same as..."
Victor Yap
"I really love their Salmon Salpicao and Blueberry Cheesecake. The cheesecake is not too sweet. They served the food in a timely manner given that..."
Shiela May Tan
"Conti's Bakeshop and Restaurant in Bluebay walk was one of the open restaurants we found last holyweek to celebrate my cousin's birthday. Hence, the..."
"Am a huge fan of Conti's, whether meals (all day breakfast & lasagna are my favorites) or pastries from the bakeshop and most definitely cakes❤..."
Angielyn Morales
"The place is a bit small and tables look a bit crowded in this branch for me. Their desserts are pretty much of the same quality with other conti's..."
Catherine Joy Tan Lim
"This place is my new favorite for Filipino comfort food. Their place is quite cozy for family and friends or even if you're dining..."
Rowena Galvez
"For my brother's welcome home party, we decided to eat dinner at Conti's Blue Bay Walk.It is my 2nd time dining in here, and still, the..."
Arriane Rose Garcia De Guzman
"One of the restaurants in Blue Bay Walk that opens early. Service is good, attentive staff and accomodating. Wait time is ok. A bit pricey but with..."
"SUPER LOVE EVERYTHING CONTI'S OFFERS 💖some faves are:-mango tart-mocha tiramisu (cake)-turtle pie-choco overload..."
#BEAts (Bheya Santos)
"This is always a good choice for good food especially with family and friends. Been here countless of times. Still leave with satisfaction. Ambience..."
Tintin Francisco
"Oh Conti's!!! What an awesome, relaxing one stop shop.I have a sweet tooth and they definitely did not disappoint, I just couldn't..."
"I love Contis because of their food and most especially their cakes. We got their Calamari with Tartar sauce for appetizer. Grilled..."
"Dined here a lot of times already and they always delivered. Great food at great prices, it's getting boringly predictable but we keep coming back...."
Chris Ong Of Kain Manila
"Baked salmon. Baked prawns. Baked new zealand mussels. Mango royale salad. Everything baked. All topped with cheese and garlic, except the salad,..."
Raiza De Guzman
"Contis gives us a homey ambience and we love their comfort food. I personally am a fan of their bottomless homemade ice tea! Their staffs are well..."
May Rachel Nolasco-Silangil
"Review is unfinishedCuisine: Bakery and ItalianRestaurant: Fine DiningFood: so - soAmbience: Cozy and very relaxingStaff:..."
Viel Silang
"Contis is on the pricey side but their food and the ambience makes for a worthy spend. The interior design of this outlet is superb! The decorations,..."
Lady G
"The bravita of all bravitos-- Mango Bravo 💖My aunt brought this home once and I can't get this off of my mind. It's like a package-kind..."
Clarisse Delgado
"Conti's is well known for their desserts, but they also offer some savory meals. My favorite dish is the Chicken ala Kiev because of the cheese and..."
Alexia A.
"The first time I learned of Conti's is because of their Mango Bravo, the giant mango torte with a sans rival-like texture. Conti's became part of..."
Dennis Carlson Lim | TFC
"Awesome food, good ambiance and friendly staff! This restaurant serves instagrammable food. Totally recommend this to a lot of my friends..."
"Me and my friends had our lunch in Contis. I ordered their Roast Beef Belly and the rest of my friends ordered their special Baked Salmon. I am not a..."
Lyanne Malonzo
"My sister was so fond of this place and insisted on eating here to celebrate my birthday. We ordered a group meal for 6 consisting of crab salad,..."
Rachel Reyes
"Beef TapaTaste: 5/5Price: 3/5 (could use more tapa)US Beef BellyTaste: 4.5/5 (wasn't a fan of the horseraddish sauce but the..."
Hazel Ng
"At first I was hesitant to try their healthy fiber drink because I'm scared of what it would taste like but then it was delicious. Tried their salad..."
"We visited this place on a late Sunday night (around 11pm) so there were very few tables occupied (they close at 12mn on Sundays). This branch is..."
A. Yu
Gogo Kitchen
88/100 (153 ratings)
"GoGo Kitchen is a Chinese and Filipino Restaurant located in Seascape Village. What makes this restaurant different from other Chinese restaurants in..."
"Featured Food:🍽 Black Pepper Beef🍽 Pompano in Black Bean Sauce🍽 Salted Egg Aligue ⭐️🍽 Fried Chicken🍽..."
"Located at Seascape Village, it boasts a very relaxing area vibe as the place is not crowded at all. Their GoGo fried Chicken is really a must try,..."
"I could have given 5stars if our orders were served almost at the same time. The tempura were served last as if they were our dessert 😊😊😊...."
Gee Aces
"Gogo Kitchen screams modern Asian-fusion eats that's right on the budget. Again, a family-style meal that's worth every peso, and whets your..."
"Asia, being the largest and most populous continent, has many great cuisines. But how do you decide which Asian nation produces the best cuisine? But..."
Sand Under My Feet
"📍 Whatever your craving desires, they have it from ala carte menu to 'Paluto'.📍 They have a comfy and artistic ambiance📍You can..."
"Good place to have your paluto. Cozy setup. Though it atmosphere is kinda dull, could use a little music to liven up the place. Other than that, they..."
Nikko M. Taytay
"Great food, great service, great place. We will definitely come back. Food was delicious and staff are friendly. We highly recommend this..."
Jeiel Gadriel Twaño
"I celebrated my birthday here and it was so worth it! Food is very delicious and cooked well. Plus the crews are polite and give excellent service. I..."
Karen Olivera
"In this restaurant, you can literally GO and watch the chef's cook at their KITCHEN while preparing your freshly cooked seafood dishes straight to..."
Jonylle Pineda
"Why go to Gogo Kitchen?1. Love watching them cook! - You could watch them wok fry and cook your dishes (or maybe somebody else's). Live..."
Boodle Bear
"Gogo Kitchen was the second of the Seascape Village Crawl. It's not as huge nor as intimidating the other restaurants in the village. What it lacks..."
"GoGo Kitchen is one of the twelve participants of Seascape Village’s Independence Day campaign next week. From June 12-14, seafood lovers can avail..."
"I was excited to finally get to visit Seascape Village and I took photos like crazy! The market is on the right side of the ground floor and we..."
Patrick Unson
"GoGo Kitchen is one of those few restos that are part of Zomato Gold in Seascape and so we decided to try it. The 1+1 promo on food was applicable to..."
Harolyn Obligacion
"Ordered salt and pepper spareribs in medium size, buttered chicken in medium, garlic rice in medium, small beef salpicado and small seafood soup...."
Kristine Fausto
"The place is clean, well-lit. They have a semi-open kitchen. They offer special style of seafood paluto, although it is not included in zomato gold..."
"Its 8pm and the kids are hungry so we went to seascape its just a few meters from sofitel, we tried Go Go Kitchen we read good reviews on their food..."
Victor Yap
"Because of its ambiance and interiors, it's hard to imagine that this is a paluto restaurant as well. It was kinda classy. Servers were very..."
Glenn Joseph | Jogpen
"Gogo kitchen is a "paluto" restaurant.  You go to the Seascape Market and buy meat, seafood, etc and have it cooked there.  A fusion of traditional..."
"Not your usual dampa. Very clean, relaxing ambience with excellent staff. And of course the food was great! My favorite is the buttered clams,..."
Mark Riñoza Mendoza
""Yang Chow Rice palang sulit na!"Loved the Yang Chow rice because GoGo Kitchen did not skimp on the "sahog." It is a meal in itself and it..."
MCSI Group
"I love their concept of open kitchen wherein you can watch how the staffs prepares your order. It wad really fascinating and impressive as they are..."
"Gogo provides as a refreshing and bold new alternative to the traditional “paluto” restaurant concept that is getting a little worn out. Don’t..."
"The restaurant was simple and minimalistic, hindi nakakabulag ang interiors. This is a nice place if you just want to eat, have good family time and..."
Mits Almarez | Mitsadventurez
"What initially struck me the most at GoGo Kitchen was their interiors, and decor. It was rather artsy, minimalistically monochromatic for a Chinese..."
🦄The Last Unicorn🦄
"A kitchen exhibition right in front of your eyes. Went to this resto as part of a crawl with friends. As soon as we entered we were greeted..."
Hey Guys Eats
"I usually hate dampa-type places. I hate the barkers that harass you to go into their restaurant. So I was extremely surprised with Gogo Kitchen!..."
Ma-an De Ocampo
"We loved this place! It’s Dampa meets Greenbelt. Classy and the food is even better than Dampa but prices are just as reasonable. The garlic butter..."
Bong De Ocampo
"Situated a few hundred meters away from seaside dampa in macapagal ave, gogo kitchen is one of the many restaurants in seascape village that offers..."
Benj Ong
"Fresh seafood cooked well! Enjoyed the adobong pusit and salted egg crab (crab was very sweet and meaty). Definitely cleaner than going to dampa..."
Danica Shasha Uang Tan