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Lola Ina’s
84/100 (56 ratings)
"Serving is big and satisfying and the prices are reasonable. My "GO-TO" place when it comes to seafood! Must say, everything in the menu is..."
Razz Sison Nidea
"This is by far the best seafood restaurant in town... Fishes would definitely sing hallelujah in your tummy!!!..."
Marv Uy
"all the food that we ate are superb! we will sure comeback! thumbs up also for the staffs and the manager! very..."
Christine Caroline Magtalas-Malabag
Marlon B Fabricante
"Seascape Village Bay Market is now open. And they offer Filipino, Asian, and fusion cuisines all in one complex. This area also has a wet and dry..."
"It is one of the paluto restaurants we stumbled in Seascape Village. Ambiance is homey. Service is okay. This is the last restaurant we visited on..."
Glenn Joseph | Jogpen
"Last Stop! If you’re tired of very classy or “sosyal” dish. This is where you can find a home. Filipino Cuisine is what they serve. The place..."
Takaw Tikim
"I missed the opportunity to visit Lola Ina’s during the Food Crawl event of Zomato. I saw the high ratings given by the top food reviewers so I..."
Sharedpsychosis 🔪
"Almost all the restaurants at the Seascape Village are either Chinese or American or Japanese.  Currently, they are the only Filipino restaurant..."
"As the solely Filipino-owned seafood restaurant in Seascape Village, Lola Ina's has that certain Pinoy charm for which most visitors come for, as..."
🦄The Last Unicorn🦄
"If you want a Paluto place specializing more in Filipino cuisine, then Lola Ina's would be your best bet.I would recommend..."
Boodle Bear
"When I think of Lola Ina’s, it reminds me of simple family gatherings. Simple lang ang interiors, hindi nakakadistract na you’d waste time taking..."
Mits Almarez | Mitsadventurez
"We loved Lola Ina's! They serve straight-up delicious Filipino food. No pretentions here but just honest to goodness lutong-bahay magic that would..."
MCSI Group
"There’s always something about Filipino-style cooking that you will always look for. This resto gives me that. This was the last resto me..."
Hey Guys Eats
"Currently the only filipino owned paluto restaurant in the seascape village, Lola Ina's is a good choice if you're feeling of having an all filipino..."
Bijin Nabe
84/100 (153 ratings)
"Francheska patiently assisted us throughout our dining experience, making us feel relaxed the whole time. Service makes all the difference. Aside..."
"Their signature golden collagen chicken has a weird texture but is definitely flavorful and has a creamy feeling. The chicken is very tender and..."
Grace Isais
"I loved every food I ordered. Firstly, the Bijin Nabe collagen hotpot is a must try! If you will not try it just go look for another Japanese resto...."
Claude Larracas
"I've been eating here for over a year now and I try to introduce friends to it whenever I can. It really is a unique experience. First of all, if..."
Pepita Paris
"My grandfather has cancer, diabetes, and a weak kidney - so he pretty much can't eat anything sweet or salty. I wanted to make sure his New Year's..."
Goldielyn Limsiy
"Rich soup sourced from Japan (imported) ✅Light organic meal ✅Lots of vegggies ✅Bijin Nabe is known for having wonderfully..."
Vincent Tan
"The resto is intimidating at first because its not the usual hotpot food that we have in Manila. The servers are very accommodating and kind. Very..."
Issey Theresa Policarpio
"If you want something as good as a tonkotsu ramen, but cannot eat pork, the bijin nabe is basically what you need. It’s basically chicken bone..."
Marianne Bernardes
"Japanese shabu shabu who use the collagen chicken, the taste is similar with ramen soup, so tasty. They use the good quality product, and..."
"The food is great —— fresh ingredients, excellent combinations. The collagen broth is refreshing. Prices are modest, given the quality. But..."
Tin DR
"There is hot-pot all over Metro Manila. And then, there is Bijin Nabe. As of now, this is the only place that offers a chicken collagen based broth..."
Kislay Chandra
"Did not disappoint with regards to the food. Everything tasted great and as advertised. However I ordered leg and breast bijin nabe and they gave me..."
Michael Ong
"Oh My... Ang sarap! ❤️ Kung di ka pa decided kung saan ka kakain at binabasa mo ito, pasok na sa Bijin Nabe Beauty Hotpot! Order the Bijin Nabe!..."
"Loved the soup on its own & cooked with the veggies! Both gives you a diffrent taste and flavor. Too bad they dont have the option of ordering just..."
Twinny Wally
"The servings look small but it surprisingly was just right for the two of us. I love their broth and the tsuru tsuru egg noodles. Will definitely..."
Ha Eun Choi (joahana)
"I was never really fond of hotpot type of food service but since i love trying out new stuff, I gave Bijin Nabe a try. Loved their collagen broth,..."
Marj Tacud
"Delish! Will definitely come back with my fam na 💕Delish! Will definitely come back with my fam na 💕Delish! Will definitely come back with my..."
Jhensen Go
"Loooved the broth! Tip: save some of those freshly melted broth because you’ll end up losing the taste of pure chicken broth once you put all the..."
Sushi Santos
"Our favorite restaurant in S Maison. Bijin Nabe is subtle and sublime.It’s a bit pricey, but the distinct, unique flavor makes it worth..."
Jim Ponce
"I was excited to try the Bijin Nabe, beauty benefits or not, it was a very healthy treat for me. One serving is good enough for two people to share..."
Manila Dining Diary
"A few weeks after our Chibo Okonomiyaki experience, my friends and I found ourselves in yet another Japanese restaurant at S Maison - Bijin Nabe by..."
Bettina Bacani
"You go to Bijin Nabe for one thing, the collagen soup, and they deliver on that one thing. The soup is the kind of soup you'd want to have on a..."
Mark Philip Wu
"Thoroughly satisfying experience - though I must admit we went in chilly and starving. My husband and I ordered one order of Bijin Nabe, a chicken..."
"As a man married to a woman with a new found obsession with skin care products, I have come to be more aware of the importance of creating a..."
The Pickiest Eater In The World
"Twas a busy evening when my wife and I decided to stopover and eat. Due to my in-laws influence, they've invited us to try this restaurant and told..."
We Travel Fearlessly
"I absolutely loved this place. I’m used to the Chinese hot pot with the flavorful satay sauce, but this was a break from that usual fare. The hot..."
Miguel Francisco Macaalay
"They are known to the ladies for their Japanese Beauty Hot Pot, Bijin Nabe. Here are the dishes that we tried:Maximum Fried..."
Phantasm Darkstar
"The soup is very good. We have been to this restaurant several times but starting today we will not go back again. The waiter now requires kids 12..."
"My Mom is a very picky eater. If she doesn’t like it a single bit, she won’t eat it. But thankfully, she ate alot and enjoyed everything..."
Leslie Castro
"Soup will always have that comforting feeling when being consumed. In our case, Mrs. Eats is a big fan of soup dishes. As she likes to warm her..."
"Loved their bijin nabe!! It's freakin' delicious! Loved the soup! Their chicken nanban is to die for! And the smoked salmon is a must try! Also!..."
Jemi Angela Penaenae
"Tsukada Nojo specializes in Bijin Nabe (Php 750 per portion, which is already good for two people) This broth is stewed for over eight hours, until..."
Bea Atienza
"Went to Tsukada Nojo in S Maison just recently. The obviously Japanese-inspired exterior and interior seemed to have brought me to the Land of the..."
Alvin Perez
"Japanese shabu shabu at its best in Manila... Got a nostalgic feeling of Hokkaido. Great ambience and great food too... The Bijin Nabe is a must..."
Kenneth Wong
"Saturday night screening of beauty and the beast ended around 9.30pm made us super hungry after. Headed out originally to paradise dynasty but was..."
"Hotpot was OK at best but definitely overpriced at P750. The 1 hotpot requirement for every 2 pax will stop me from coming back to this restaurant..."
JL Torres
"They went out to try their Bijin Nabe so I joined the gang in doing so. Not because of the beauty effect but mostly about the experience...."
Ken Lingling
"Read a lot of good reviews about this restaurant from various blogs. Therefore, I decided to try it. I love their food! The collagen soup is so..."
"Taste exactly like in Japan. Order the 750p nabe which is good for two people. Sorry can't remember the name. Broth very tasty and servers are adept..."
Earlene Go-Reyes
"The Collagen soup is something you'd want on a gloomy day, while recovering after sickness, or when you're feeling down and depressed. A portion..."
Kyra Rios
"Collagen in soup form is so inviting, especially to us women who are all about the latest beauty craze! Each serving of their beauty hot..."
The Cafe Mediterranean
84/100 (125 ratings)
"One of the best Mediterranean places in Manila. The Turkish salad, while expensive is worth it. They don't skimp on the feta cheese. The chicken gyro..."
Mark Sigmon
"This is my fave resto when I’m craving for Mediterranean food. This particularbranch is my fave so far because of the ambiance. Place is..."
"I’m a forever chicken kebab and moussaka fan! Super love this place and the wait staff are awesome!! I was over the moon when this was 1+1 on food..."
Angel Medina
"I tried the mushroom and caramelized onions hummus and while I love tasty flavors, this one is very light and a little bland in my opinion. The meal..."
Johanna Michaela Abdulkadil
"Big servings. Authentic mediterranean food. Knowledgable, warm and accommodating staff. One of my fave go-to restaurants when i feel like eating..."
Marielle Ardiente
"Delicious hummus bowls from their menu. Flat pita breads are big enough to empty each bowl. It's better to add hard-boiled eggs to make each bowl a..."
Francis Gerard Gonzales
"I got the mushroom with caramelized onion hummus and it tasted amazing! The texture was smooth and it had a generous serving of mushrooms. The waiter..."
Dyana Dizon
"Been a cafe med fan since I was in HS. They serve the best moussaka and chicken kebab! Moussaka is just made right, especially with basmati rice and..."
John S
"This is the first place where I used my Zomato gold membership. I had Buy One, Take One on their gyros. I just wanted quick meal and a light dinner..."
Annalyn Jusay Zoglmann
"Ambience:Our discounted Eatigo reservation, as always, got our suppressed enthusiasm raging for a feast with pita bread! Fortunately, their..."
Patrick Unson
"Authentic Mediterranean food! Yummy! Best restaurant when craving for Mediterranean cuisines. Big servings! A bit pricey but will definitely come..."
Lyka Espiritu
"Brought mum with me to have lunch here in Cafe Mediterranean, we had hummus, falafel, smoked salmon and, grilled tuna fish. Nice quiet ambience......"
Big Baby Blue Bunnycorn
"Staff are nice and accomodating. They seek for customer's opinion on the food. Visited may 26, 2018 with my family.bolognese spaghetti is..."
Maria Christina Paine
"This branch is somewhat exceptional. Once I had dined in 2014, they would offer an appetizer of flat bread with cottage cheese dip and a type of..."
Joeridge Ross Chua
"Their moroccan lamb stew is the bomb!!Their service is great too. We managed to get a table when it was almost closing time and the servers..."
Jhoanne Suplente
"The Cafe Mediterranean is the first restaurant that serves "Exotic" (which I thought before) that I ever went to as a kid.I don't remember..."
Danyka Lintoco
"First time to try Cafe Mediterranean and I will def come back☺️ The roasted rosemary chicken is the best - flavor, perfectly cooked chicken plus..."
Rizzel Moira
"i usually come here when i get cravings for kebab. i especially like their grilled beef platter. the food is great. the service is great. their crews..."
Helen Maya
"We only tried the Sampler Plate of 4 (395php) and picked Hummus, Falafel, Labneh, and Kofta, from the list of Appetizers and Little Plates. I loved..."
"Ambiance was lovely. Nice and cold.Customer service was really good. Waiters were attentive and went beyond expectations.Good quality food...."
Princess Ong
"Place is very cozy and you can smell them cooking your food fresh. Their place in MOA is quite big and can accommodate a lot of customers without..."
Winnie Barbosa
"ORDERED: Grilled Chicken Kebab with Buttered Rice, Mango Panna Cotta(+) Service was great. Staff were courteous and attentive.(+) I..."
"My first time at the restaurant was yesterday noon, when my family & I had our lunch.So far, good service. And quite..."
"Firmly a go to Mediterranean resto of me and my bestfriend/boyfriend. We opt to frequently order our all time favorite Kebab platter which I believe..."
Shane Pines Quijada
"Me and my Mom's fave go to mediterranean place. Being big fans of mediterranean cooking I must say this resto is a close as we could get to the real..."
Jamie M Cayetano
"Had I written this review a few years ago I wouldve rated this place higher. Cafe Med sparked my infatuation for Middleastern/Greek food. I am a big..."
"Cafe med still is my comfort food. I cant remember the last I ate at cafe med - greenbelt one branch. Moa branch, attentive waiter and very..."
Pinky Burog
"Still one of the best Mediterranean cuisine in the country. Ordered my usual grilled fish gyro plate and lentil soup. Definitely a staple for many!..."
Pats Lim Dy
"The staff always wear a friendly smile and are very accomodating. Orders don't take too long to order. Their grilled chicken is the best! Definitely..."
Jude Potato
"Cafe Med is one of my winner Go To Places when we have Sunday Family Lunch. There are times where you want to order else but you always go back to..."
Johanna Kay Lim
"The Café Mediterranean - We ordered Shish Taouk which was a traditional shish kebab which can be found in Syrian and Lebanese cuisine. The..."
"Back when I was still working in Ortigas, at a building just walking distance from Robinsons Galleria and Podium, my boss would sometimes take us to..."
Gillian Hero
"Countries like Greece, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco form part of the Mediterranean and their cuisines are what this restaurant is all about. Staffs..."
Dennis Carlson Lim | TFC
"My favorite stop in MOA. The servers are always Courteous. The food here is full of flavors and worth every cent you pay and the price is very..."
Grezia Valdecantos
"Just had lunch at this awesome resto. My mom, bro, sis and I were eating off each other's plates. We wanted to have a taste of everything. We now..."
Precious Anne L. Taliwaga
"Tried their grilled lamb and fish with pita.the lamb was cooked medium rare just as what my partner expected them to be.grilled fish was just right..."
Ana Patrysha Reyes Chavez
"I always like mediterranean food. Place is cozy, comfortable and relaxing. Price a bit on the expensive side. Food is very good...."
Peejay Cabrera
84/100 (16 ratings)
Spicy Beef
Crispy Fried Dumplings
"place has a great ambiance. a bit pricey, but i think the chicken is so worth it. the kimchi rice and radish is also really delicious. I've been here..."
"This is way way better than other korean fried chicken I have tried. We tried the honey series whole chicken and I gotta say that they do really know..."
Dana Anne Cueto
"Loved this place. I ordered the original set and the chicken was tasty. The staff are also very nice and accommodating. They greeted customers coming..."
MJ Fango
"They don't serve food here; they serve nostalgic memories of mine when I was in Korea.It's a must try place. The chicken is indeed fresh..."
Chicco Villon Reodava
"We must say, we feel like their food is reliably and consistently good despite it being our first time eating at Kyochon. There’s just this feeling..."
"Excellent and heavenly crispy chicken , korean style. Their tastes are addicting especially their sweet and spicy flavors. Combined with salad , the..."
"I love their greens and the Korean dressing that comes with it. I cant remember the name of the food I ordered but it was sooo good. It was grilled..."
Mari Gere
"The red and honey series of the chicken was great. I didn't like the original flavored that much though. Also, the grilled chicken on the salad was a..."
Angelo Naval
"I've loved Kyochon since a coworker brought me to a restaurant. Food's tasty, interior's nice, and servers are friendly and accommodating, which..."
"Ordered a combo for 2 persons. It was that one with ten chicken wings (which we made half-super spicy and the other half not spicy at all), 2 rice,..."
Hera Ydulzura
"We prefer the SM Megamall branch. The venue looks small. But the food is great. The staffs look friendly and they know how to treat their customers...."
Justin Allen Capalad
"Food: The Red Series is really spicy! I saw another table with the customers crying because of the heat and another table didn't even get the..."
H Baile
"Ordered their original flavor drumsticks with garlic rice and was really satisfied with it!!! I actially ordered 4 and an extra rice(dont judge). The..."
Anjii Noarin
"I'll give them a five because my boyfriend loves spicy food and Kyochon's the only spicy thing he's eaten that almost made him teary eyed. Hahaha...."
Natasha Monique Pascual
"My mom and I had our early dinner here so there weren't many customers around that time. I actually had a pleasant experience because I really..."
Camila Francia
"A good Korean restaurant that you must try. They have very delicious and spicy chicken that you must try. The prices are reasonable. And they have..."
Nuj De Castro
"During the Franchise Show week, I was able to try out Kyo Chon for the very first time. This newly opened branch was packed when I got there but was..."
Alberto Tenedero Jr.
83/100 (381 ratings)
Okonomiyaki & Takoyaki (Flour Dish)
"Ramen Ramen Ramen! 🥰 Authentic Japanese Ramen! 1 order is good for sharing already.PS. They don’t allow take left over take..."
The Intermittent Foodie
"Food was good and the customer service is great. The interior is nice and the seating is very comfortable. The menu has good selection. Price points..."
Charlene Briones-Michelena
"We were supposed to eat a a buffet restaurant infront of this store but we got really hungry waiting and so we decided to try this..."
Sue Santos
"Authentic Japanese food! We already want to go back! I’d give high rating for value for food. Ambience is perfect. Not too crowded. Recommending..."
"I really love this place! I've tried 3 of their best sellers! A must try for food lovers! I will definitely go back here whenever i'm craving for..."
"Food comes fast and tastes great. Servers are friendly in explaining their variety of condiments and toppings. As an avid solo diner, this is one of..."
Mark Joshua Torres
"My Friends and I enjoyed this place so much, the food was so good especially their Okonomiyaki, nice ambiance and good staff service! Definitely..."
Elle Santos
"First time here in this restaurant, and I was impressed by the quality and taste of their food! The pork cutlet wth curry was okay, less sauce though..."
Christian Levi
"What can I say? Great selection of authentic Japanese eats.Got the curry pork katsu, takoyaki and skewers.All were..."
Arthur Kevin Rabago
"It’s our first time to visit and we found it a bit pricey. Though we thought to just give it a try. Customer Service :..."
Jillie Chilly🔆🇵🇭
"first time dining here and it was Saturday night so it’s not very crowded. we enjoyed the food specially the ramen. a little bit pricey but the..."
"Chicken karaage is superb for me👌🏻👌🏻The ramen was good, I loved the soup.Ambiance was relaxing yet it’s hot.(or may be..."
Apple Streudel
"I was really craving Okonomiyaki and I went back to Botejyu for a legit Okonomiyaki in the area.We had Pork Ramen with Char Siew, cheese..."
"It waa good. The serving was huge and was filling. They have a really good okonomiyaki and Okonosoba. Definately worth it! Also the sours are good to..."
Chiya Hazaki
"I love their menu 😂😊👌Of course we enjoyed our food. It's really authentic. I wish to go back here soon. And note their service is good...."
"Osaka street food experience? This is the closest that you can get, I guess, while in Manila. The ambiance is nice, as it’s seated at one of the..."
Alben Bagabaldo
"My top spot if I want my Japanese fix. Would recommend their beef kalbi teppanyaki since it has redefined caramelized onions forever. Their takoyaki..."
Gilliane Bonguit
"Ambiance is good, staff are friendly and accommodating, and the dishes are great! I liked their chicken karaage, since the chicken is crispy but..."
"Love yhe fact that Botejyu is a few steps away from that long shopping spree (window or not) we Pinoys indulge in during our well deserved weekends...."
"Authentic Japanese food plus the ambiance and the accommodating staffs, thumbs up!!! Great food pkus their big serving. I almost wasn't able to..."
Nikka Nidoy
"Wanted to try something new so we ended up here. Didn’t know what to expect but it was not your typical japanese resto. We wanted somethinng..."
Randal Elido
"The place had modern wooden interior and overall good ambience.The customer service was really good, although I need to note that we did..."
"Rich in taste and culture!For first timers like me, the friendly waiter suggested for me to have their Premium Takoyaki and their Premium..."
"Everything is excellent. Tendon donburi was nice and the yempura batter creamy. We got free allstar takoyaki from a credit card promo. Very nice..."
"Upon entering, they would greet and assist you. The place wasnt that crowded. The girlfriend's order was sukiyaki and she loved it (well..."
The A's
"We ended up dining here because the nearby restaurant was fully booked. I'll give 4.5 stars to the staff who sales talked me to try their..."
"Finally tried this place. Food is okay, beef curry, sukiyaki, and takoyaki were not so bad. The actual serving portion was different from the photo..."
Mike Carmona
"While the experience is lacking due to its inconsistency in restaurant design, Botejyu more than makes up for it with its food, delivering the unique..."
Philip Roa
"I ate here with my family last June 2017 for father's day. We ordered A LOT. hahahaFood here is expensive, but it is understandable because..."
Camille Ellimachtur
"I'm not an avid fan of Japanese foods but these dishes from @botejyuphilippines caught my taste. Their food was great and service was okay. ..."
Jayvee Lapina Ardona
"A place where you can find a superb ramen!!! I will definitely come back and try some of their dishes. They also have takoyaki and okonomiyaki!!!..."
Queen Cara Quin
"IF YOU LOVE TAKOYAKI, YOU HAVE TO TRY THEIRS.Their foods are good for sharing. As in nakakabusog talaga agad. No more reviews, you just have to..."
Janine Lim
"Osaka, known as the kitchen of Japan, possesses many food cultures, is also the birthplace of Botejyu, a restaurant famous for its okonomiyaki and..."
Dennis Carlson Lim | TFC
"If you are a japanese food fanatic, then this place is for you. Huge servings and very fast, too! Ideal for groups so that you can order other..."
Kristian Jewel
"We had the original takoyaki and beef teppanyaki. We opted to choose the rice set (rice, soup, kimchi) instead of plain rice alone because the..."
"Had the Pork Cutlet Curry Rice Bowl. Serving Size: 4Heavy meal.Flavor: 4Pork was crispy on the outside while still..."
"A hankering for Japanese food and the urge to try something new led us to Botejyu, which is in the new, yet-to-fully open part of MOA near the IMAX..."
Nina A.
"Their okonomiyaki is freakin' delicious!!! Their takoyaki is my favorite! I love it! Service is kinda slow, but still.... The food is great! The..."
Jemi Angela Penaenae
"Food: Ordered original takoyaki and grilled pork rice bowl with onion soup. Takoyaki served hot, tasted great but was quite wet. Rice bowl was huge..."
Francino Delima
"Pleasant atmosphere, good service, outstanding foodCheese Omelet Takoyaki - each piece is big and flavorfulPremium Moonlight Okonomiyaki -..."
"We really enjoyed our first time food experience here at botejyu. The place is well sanitized, their crew is very approachable and their food is very..."
Ayeb Samson
"I guess this resto is relatively new. Good customer service ad food. I'm not into japanese food but surprisingly, I liked it. Big servings too!..."
Darnell Ceasar Malayao
"Nothing extraordinary about the place and food. The flavor is something you can find in other Japanese restaurants. However, I like their Matcha..."
JoyCa Adamos
"It's the broth that has conwiered my taste buds as it was as thick as my skin that made the Ramen surprisingly good.Truly a must..."
Louiza Nasol
"Food : Buta Don , the grilled pork was delicious! The serving is more than enough. Perfect with the side of fresh lettuce. Ambiance : 9/10..."
Don Carlos Roda
"Being a fan of Japanese food, this resto didn't disappoint me. I had tempura rice bowl and takoyaki. I loved the way how the rice bowl was presented...."
Rachelle 💕😋😁
"Because of the options in their menu, I'm definitely making at least a few more visits. I tried their Original Takoyaki, which comes in 6 huge..."
Patrick Unson
"This is a great place if you want prompt service and quiet dine. The location is quite isolated (for now) so not alot of people dine here...."
"New restaurant alert! Botejyu at SM MOA offers okonomiyaki, okosoba, ramen, takoyaki, and donburi. For today, my friend and I had one of must-try..."
"Parking: Available, if not full (😄)Servers: most of them are polite and goes out of their way to, you know, be of service. There was one..."
Food Chronicles Of Sparky&Noggy
"Japanese restaurants have been sprouting here and there around the metro and this one is specializing in that Osaka favorite: the Okonomiyaki. The..."
Rowena Galvez
"This place is in the newer section of MOA that is being redeveloped and sort of hidden. That is a shame, this is a very bright and modern restaurant..."
"One of the new places to go for some authentic tasting takoyaki and okonomiyaki. You'll also be surprised that they have a wide variety of okonimakis..."
Catherine Joy Tan Lim
"Our Tuesday dining group chanced upon this new wing at the Mall of Asia. We got curious and entered. The ambience was Japanese but the..."
Tonyboy Ongsiako
"It was a nice dining experience and it's situated at this new area in MoA together with Caramia, Morganfield's, Paper Moon, etc. Ordered grilled pork..."
Ces Fabro
"They have a great staff and great food ambiance is very nice. We ordered takoyaki and one of their breakfast meal with egg and bacon and okosoba..."
A Lawrence Nava
"The day my fiance proposed, he took me to eat here! He actually dined here with my parents a couple days prior to ask them for my hand in marriage..."
Kate Duenas
"One of the newest restaurants in SM Mall of Asia's newest wing. Botejyu specializes in okonomiyaki and takoyaki.Personally not a fan of..."
Travel To Eat
"Nice ambiance, food was very tasty, no need for condiments 😊 Staff was very attentive, and we liked how they greeted us but I think they were a..."
Mindy Del Mundo
"I really like their bacon and cream cheese but it was a bit oily. Okonomiyaki was at par with their price and the size is for sharing. The salad was..."
"Recommended by a friend, the boyf and I tried this new restau in MOA called Botejyu. The price of their food is okay. Their dishes are very tasty and..."
Tina Pacheco
"My first time to try okonomiyaki and Botejyu did not disappoint. The servings were big, the flavors were great and their other items, like the..."
Patrick Michael Balo
"Food was good and tasty. Price is somewhat pricey but ok. Serving size was a bit small for us to say it is affordable. Menu can be a challenge due to..."
"We tried the donburis (beef and pork cutlet) and 3 kinds of okonomiyakis. Also tried takoyaki and edamame. Adding bonito on the table as a free..."
Jon Morales
"We went on their second day, and am glad we did!! The experience was pleasant, let me start off by listing down the food we had.Toriten..."
"We went here for lunch on a Friday (yes, work day). There were initially two of us. Upon entering, we saw two officemates already settled, (hooray..."
Midz Sy
83/100 (272 ratings)
Fast Food
"i liked the patty and actually the burger itself and that you can customize it according to your..."
Joan Morales
"We ordered the western burger and ranch burger. The beef patty goes well with the bacon (for western only), veggies and the bun. I can say it's worth..."
Yhang Lindayag
"We were able to dine in this sports bar burger place wayback February of 2017 the one in Glorietta as our first timers, we were excited to experience..."
Allans Gastro Snaps
"This was actually in Glorietta but still I’m a meat lover and burgers are my thing. I seriously love burgers. And this is for the great record...."
Third Jacobs
"Yen is very knowledgeable about the Zomato promo. She made my visit easy and worthwhile.Food - 3.9/5 (they ran out of dip and bone-in..."
"This burger place is so underrated. Got the Western Bacon BBQ Fatburger with Cheese and the Chili Cheese Fries. The sweetness of the bbq balances..."
Debbie Rosabal
"Looking for good burgers, Fatburger is a good try. Ordered their Western BBQ Fatburger with Cheese and 1000 Island Fatburger with Cheese along with..."
Kenn Tupinio
"Ordered fatburger, fat fries and honey garlic buffalo wings. I didn’t like the fries and buffalo wings that much but I love their burger. Will..."
"Small chickens,but tasty. Good dining,my collegues and I enjoy the place. Will be back here and will try in different branch as well...."
Marianne Heizl Alvarez
"Burgers are not that greasy. Staff is very professional and catered us, our table have 4 total of Gold. Chicken is also good too. But the chicken..."
Mark Oliver
"Paid only 220 per burger! Ordered the Triple, and added some cheese ❤ it's so sulit! If you're craving for burgers, you may add Fatburger into your..."
Bernadine Cruz
"The food was delicious!We got the double burger with cheddar and bacon. Kick'n chicken wrap. Caesar salad. Skinny fries.Burger is..."
Baba Panuncialman
"This is our go-to place for burger cravings! I'd recommend the Thousand Island Fatburger. The patty is juicy and tasty complemented by the sweet and..."
Mark Victoria
"I enjoyed my stay here in Fatburger. The ambiance is so cozy and quiet. You can peacefully eat your food and enjoy the company of your friends. I..."
Krizia Salvador
"Siguro kung malapit lang sa amin ang MOA, naka-ilang kain na kami sa Fatburger.. HAHA! Super sulit ang gold dito, as in! Very yummy food and gusto..."
Cj Valencia
"Excellent food, i really loved the onion rings and the bbq bacon burger. The ambiance is also cool. You will have the american diner vibe. The..."
Naomi Joon Bianca Costiniano
"One of best burger if not the best i have ever tried. Their MOA branch has a very inviting ambience and the staff were ok. I just hope there is a..."
Jessica Torre
"Follow me on Instagram: @astro.adinA perfect 5/5 for the services, ambiance and the foods.The service is incredible even if..."
"Enjoyed my visit at Fatburgers MOA, if only they still had a branch in Glorietta. I miss there bigger space in Makati. But, their MOA branch has a..."
Eboy M. Donato
"I missed this, they closed their shop in glo. We really liked doing there. I love the burgers and the chicken wings! The root beer float..."
"Their patty was amazing! Really tasty and yummy! Their pickles and mustard are the winners for me! Not all Filipino burger joints have these two so..."
"Great food, nice staff and a family friendly restaurant. The service is also quick. The overall ambiance is relaxing. Will definitely come back...."
Steph Flores
"Ordered a Beef Platter with Pepper Gravy Sauce and it was sumptuous! Also, the Teriyaki Buffalo Wing’s sauce is also a must try! Overall, 4/5 Star..."
Jonathan Lim
"As evening approached, we went to MOA for a view of the Manila Sunset as a close to our Manila Sampler Tour. After the mandatory pictures of the..."
Pia Mauleon
"Tasty and filling - I enjoyed every bite of the double fatburger. Used my Zomato Gold here and it's super sulit! BTW, they have rice meals too...."
Diana Joy
"We ordered an original burger and crispy bbq chicken platter! With unli rice! The crew was friendly, approachable, and very attentive to our..."
Grace Alonzo
"Good place to stay for quality burger. I like the staff's responsiveness and how fast they serve the food. Will come again! I just hope they ask how..."
Forth Lozada
"Pros: The staffs are polite, food is good. Ambiance is really nice, I recommend the place for barkada gathering. They have outlets/ sockets that you..."
Joanne Adrineda
"Place and ambiance is nice. Quality of food is 4/5 for the price. Overall nice experience in Fatburger. Staffs are also accomodating. Easy to..."
John Frederick Marquez
"Very accomodating staff! I love the ambiance. Good food deal! Recommended burger place. This is my 1st zomato gold membership claim and it was..."
Levy Lyn
"Ate here today and was able to use Zomato GoldWe had a double fat burger and the Western Bacon BBQ w/ Cheese. Also Onion rings and the Oreo..."
Mille Reyes
"Chicken is super (get the honey mustard and honey garlic flavors) but kind of pricey for the serving size. Love the fries and milkshake also...."
Patricia Denise Lim
"Bacon and Egg was a bit of a let down for 295 (see pic)My girlfriend seemed to love the Double burger (bless Zomato gold) and the fries..."
Peter Mendres
"My friend and I ordered western bacon bbq fatbuger with cheese and we had an additional sides of skinny fries and onion rings. We used Zomota Gold to..."
Eirene Joy Villanueva Patingo
"Staff were very friendly and accommodating. We were in a rush for a meeting but service was fast so, we had ample time to dine in. The “mild”..."
"Very satisfactory service. Reasonable price.Great food.I really love their Coconut Jerk and Honey Mustard. Will come here again to try out their..."
Gino Castro
"Grilled chicken and refillable rice is the best!Mushroom gravy is a bit salty and yummy nonetheless.FYI, Sides (fries) aren't..."
Brian Dys Sahagun
"We tried the Western Bacon BBQ with Cheese, Original Burger and the sweet bourbon bbq wings. The Original Burger taste good and is quite bigger than..."
Jose Gabriel Carlos
"Had to do some errands in MOA and since this restaurant is Zomato Gold partner, we tried this. We ordered 2 Original Fatburger, Western Bacon BBQ..."
Sheena Marie Pagana
"The veggies burger is too good. A really good option for vegans. Good ambience and good staff.Zomato gold card was a good investment. Good..."
"They do not disappoint. Comparing the actual look of the foos versus their promo ads, no difference. The tasted is good. Typical comfort food. I also..."
Lira Quizon
"food 5/5 (good for sharing)Service 5/5 (big thumbs up) best customer servicd, staffs are friendly and accomodatingambiance 4/5..."
"Amazingly good burger at a reasonable price. The place was also very cozy with a lot of charging outlet all over the place. The portions were just a..."
Lyndon Vincent Ang
"Service was good & great value for money! I really really love their burgers and it’s not overpriced unlike other burger joints out there...."
Christina Paredes
"Brings back memories when I used to live in Vancouver. That was my favorite burger joint. So I ended up in MOA and used my Zomato Gold benefit. And..."
Tonyboy Ongsiako
"Great food! Loved the burgers, salad and wings. Nice staff and orders delivered quickly. Milkshakes are great too. Highy recommended! We'll..."
Gladys Tribdino
"I particularly enjoyed the lemonade and onion rings! The burger steak meal needs more mushroom sauce for the amount of rice on my plate. Ambience and..."
M. G.
"It's so worth it! And the taste of the burger is just awesome especially with blue cheese... worth the price. Oh the onion rings are FTW! Thanks for..."
Genevieve Revilla
"Food is fresh, staff are nice and friendly. Price is above average, not the best burger joint out there but definitely worth the try. American style..."
"The place has a good ambiance. Tried their Original burger, fat fries, honey garlic wings and Beef platter and I can say that it tasted good...."
Paul Renier G. Branuelo
"I forgot to take a picture of my food because I was so thrilled to try their burger. Anyway, I ordered a Double with American cheese on brioche bun..."
Froi Liwanag
"Finally Fatburger is now in MOA. More spacious layout compared to their Glorietta Branch. Aside from the burgers, we love the onion rings ( better..."
Ags Villa
"I love the atmosphere of this place. I felt like I walked inside a new york diner thanks to the vibe provided by the decor and color..."
California Pizza Kitchen
83/100 (39476 ratings)
"Celebrated my son's birthday here and we were acommodated well by Mark. This is aside from enjoying the food, sumptuous dishes in classy..."
Tina Oh
"I love going back to this place. Hubby said they have the best halo halo ever. Salad is super tasty and never boring in the palate. Overall, the..."
Jshaun Sj
"okay na okay masasarap at malinis ang place at mababait ang mga..."
Cristopher Aranilla Lagrosa
"So sad that our fave restaurant will be "moving" this end of May. Wont forget the quick service, the usual spot you provide for us, the best pizza..."
Rey Jore Lim
"I celebrated my birthday in California Kitchen last May 17 at BGC branch and the people is very accommodating, the food is great and the place is..."
Mae Linobo
"I give 5� because my first experienced​ was awesome, the food was great and the staff are so polite and hospitable to their guests. Keep up the..."
Rey Salinas
"Hi I wanted to commend on your staff's excellent service at CPK Taguig Special thank you to your Manager and Sir Jared for making my birthday..."
Johanna Lim
"Pizza is really fucking good from the crust to the toppings and the friendliness of the staff this place is relaxation central after a hard day at..."
Hans Montes
"Great food! Love the Cheese Steak and the their..."
Jet Antiporda
"CPK's pizzas aren't just your average and fast food type of pizza. I just proved that when I got to try it for the first time last year...."
Jonylle Pineda
"Mexicali by California Pizza Kitchen is a nice treat for vegetable lovers. It has roasted corn, black bean chipotle salsa, avocado and jalapeno on..."
Kris Dominic Rubillos
"If you like pizza, of course. They are more pricey than Pizza Hut or Shakeys but you can tell from the food why. It doesn't look or taste..."
Jae-t Morgan Chase
"We actually went here on the 1st of July 2017 , it was a change of plan since the 1st resto we want was renovating though it was a good choice , its..."
Yian Madrid
"My craving for pizza was satisfied. I love how flavorful their original barbecue pizza is. They also have good service. Definitely going back...."
Bernice Cacho
"November 10, 2016 visit:While working and waiting for my man, I orderedCucumber Lemon Mint shake (Didn't expect it to be too maasim...."
Marya Manalili
"California pizza kitchen MOA BRANCH has an excellent service. Very responsive and accommodating. When it comes to chicken bbq pizza, this italian..."
A Lawrence Nava
"Normally, the California Pizza Kitchen Restos I go to have bad service. But the CPK at MOA has excellent service. I'm not from Manila so I had to..."
Hannah Jayne Wong
"We ordered The works and Cheesy meatball pizza then for the pasta we had bolognese and carbonara. Good tasting food with hefty serving. Will..."
"CPK is synonimous to innovative pizza concoctions with the Cali vibe at (almost) Cali prices. What got us all happy with CPK was their Pizza Day..."
Boodle Bear
"Ambiance:Typical Pizza place with that Californian vibe.  Cozy yet hippie! Food:Begin with Crispy Chicken Fingers.  The crispy..."
Joy Felizardo
"Barbeque chicken pizza and the seafood carbonara is FTW (high rating because I love seafood so much ?) I also enjoyed the oreo mud pie! Heaven in my..."
Clare Cruz
"For this visit, we had a large BBQ Chicken Salad, Fried Mozarella, Quesadilla, and Say Cheese (a cheese shake). We had a voucher from an online deals..."
"I highly recommend their Thai crunch salad-- I couldn't get enough of it!The spinach artichoke dip was also really good.The soup was..."
Gaby Flores
"the original bbq chicken pizza was a surprise and it's a good one. not sure if that was cilantro. i was on the verge of regret when i saw the dessert..."
Rurouni Neko
"I love CPK's Spicy Arrabbiata and their House Salad ❤️My kids' all-time favorite is Penne Alfredo ❤️The restaurant is perfect for a..."
Eens G.
"Really good and authentic food. Not so friendly staffs. You wouldn't feel that you are welcome to the place. But oh well, Im only there for the food..."
Em Gabriana
Aristocrat Restaurant Mall Of Asia
83/100 (518 ratings)
"Still my top chicken barbeque choice in the metro! We had an early dinner in MOA and decided to eat at the Aristocrat; an old time family favorite..."
Rachel Leen
"Tostados was superb and the Chicken BBQ paired with peanut sauce is something my tastebuds would remember. But the service was a bit slow mainly..."
"Great pork sisig and lumpiang sariwa. The sauce was really tasty. Worth the try. 👍👍 The chicken was just okay for us. The ambiance is really IG..."
Naomi Joon Bianca Costiniano
"Went here to celebrate my graduation day and it didn't disappoint! The food was superb especially their Kare Kare which is my favorite. The serving..."
Loren Aquino
"Aristocrat is by definition the gold standard of Chicken Barbecue in the Philippines. They defined this staple way before other players got into the..."
"I wished just to patiently queue up and take some dishes and eat it in the comfort of my hotel room. But when I got my turn, suddenly decided not to..."
"We enjoyed the food which is good for 2-3 people serving. I also commend for the fast and good service, maybe because the resto I guess has..."
Gail Tp
"As usual the chicken barbecue and java rice is the best for me and my family! We sometime have family lunch in here and always have a good time..."
Kristoff Cotton Mark Opinion
"Truly a sarap to the bones chicken barbeque from Aristocrat. Juicy and tasty chicken and pork barbeque. Crispy pata is also a must try. Price is..."
Janica L.
"Classic Filipino food at its best. chicken barbecue brings back fond childhood memories. must try kare kare & crispy pata. staff very efficient...."
Frank Ngan
"Had our late dinner here well food was good specially the chicken bbq and java rice for me.i love the dinuguan. Service is not that fast. Price is..."
Victor Yap
"Lettuce Says,If you are craving for a tasty and filling Filipino meal, Aristocrat is your best option. Their 3-pc chicken barbecue meal is..."
"Aristocrat is one of the good old restaurants that I grew with just like max's and savory, and yet I can't seem to forget Aristocrat's signature..."
"When it comes to bbq and java sauce, this resto is my favorite. Nothing beats their chicken bbq! :) Their house blend ice tea is my fave..."
A Lawrence Nava
"Coz we were told that our food would take longer than 30minutes and we were dire hungry and tired, we could nap at the great ambience and acoustic...."
Ea Gesika
"Monday evening Busolve! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Totoong 15-20 minutes ang pag aantay! 😉 Yung 2-3 per servings pwede na pero hindi sa..."
Irene Bea Maestrado
"We had lunch here today. We had chicken bbq, mechado, dinuguan, kare kare, ensaladang manga and iced tea. Everything tasted how they are supposed to..."
"I was craving for dinuguan and hooray! Aristocrat was there to grant my cravings. Their dinuguan taste so good for me. It has a pure and legit..."
Lovelea Ho Suarez
"The Aristocrat has always been a family favourite since I was small. We had dinner with my good friend from highschool and enjoyed all time fave..."
"Aristocrat restaurant is one of the mainstream food destinations in MOA. And I'm glad that we were able to secure a table for the whole family as we..."
Lifestyle Bench
"This restaurant is the most delicious philipino food I have eaten for now~~~ I like their bbq chicken and fried pork leg~~~ it's a long history in..."
Cici Tong
"Masarap talaga ang boneless chicken nila. Especially un kanin pa nila. Masarap talaga. Ang ayaw ko un ice tea nila. Grabe sobrang tamis tae. Nakailan..."
Christeine Lim
"What the establishment lack in appeal and accommodation compared to the contemporary and comfortable look of the nearby cafes and resto, they make up..."
Joy Felizardo
"A truly home of boneless chicken barbecue! Note: peanut sauce is really addicting.Ambiance - 3/5Food quality - 4/5Service -..."
Anton Louis Limco Fernandez
"Have been a loyal patron of Aristocrat ever since I was a kindergartener. Before this branch was even made available to people who live around my..."
"Had a visit to The Aristocrat in Mall of Asia last month.Since it was late evening the place was less crowded. we were able to get a better..."
Rajesh PN
"This branch serves good chicken barbeque and grilled liempo.  The meat is still juicy and cooked just right.  It goes well with the atchara and..."
Vivian Co
"when my mother got home we went to eat to aristocrat for the first time and we ordered there ice tea and sinigang na bangus, and it so amazing..."
Shn Serrano
"A very nice restaurant. I will go back here again. The foods are great and aunthentic filipino food. This is a must try restaurant. Aristocrat is the..."
Chris Igarta
"I love the halo-halo. One of filipinos food, the chicken and the spare ribs is so good. One of the famous restaurant in filipinos and decided to try..."
Angela Ellena
"I have always love their grilled chicken here! Plus woth their java rice, everything just seems so perfect for me! Will never grow tired eating at..."
Valentin Gabutan
"Chicken Barbeque at its best!!!! All time favorite through the years. Value for money is 4star. Seafood kare kare is good but a bit pricey. Other..."
Jen Castro
"For years, our family has been visiting Aristocrat from time to time. I can still remember when I was a child we used to eat at their Manila branch,..."
Richard Dale Umayan
"Okay naman siya. Parang sa Reyes Barbeque. Masarap din naman pagkain. Kaso medyo mahal din para sa studyanteng gaya ko. Pero okay siya. Matagal..."
Joena Jamison
"I really love their chicken. Their broccoli was fresh and also delicious. The ambiance was good. And it was really relaxing. The cost of foods are..."
Gerry's Grill
83/100 (1189 ratings)
Kare kare
"Instagram : @makansamaoki | #makansamaokiI'm curious about Sisig and they say that most of Sisig are nom halal. So i got recommendations..."
@makansamaoki | Ricky Nevariza
"When we came, jampacked with diners but since they have enough manpower, ordering was not a problem.Service was fast and efficient.Food was..."
Ani Corpuz
"One of the most affordable filipino restaurant here in the philippines. Cheap but somehow good food. But the place is too crowded though we..."
Raine Anne Sanchez Orlanda
"This branch of Gerry's is the best if you want to chill and drink on a Saturday night because of the bands that play. However, if you want a bit more..."
Angielyn Morales
"Because we were early I suppose, we were seated after a few minutes of waiting time. The food is priced fairly in my opinion. It tastes great! The..."
"Dine here 5x and still likeeee it 💖 Food taste great 💯 ambiance 💯 Service 💯 it rained on our last visit and the staff able to handle..."
Ann Marjorie Garcia Constantino
"Staffs are good and accomodating, bit pricey but its okay size of serving is good and also quality of food is great. We ordered crispy pata, pork..."
Nekohime Rina
"The first thing I noticed was that the place was spacious since it could accommodate a large number of customers. I also noted that they had several..."
Amanda Lacson
"The sisig we ordered was really crispy, but had a lot of meat still. They have an additional charge for adding an egg though they were able to inform..."
Kea Custodio
"The food was good and was served hot. We ordered the sisig and lechon kawali. I really liked the sisig since it was very crispy although I noticed..."
Bianca Monzon
"We ordered sisig and lechon kawali. The food and ambiance was great, as well as the promptness of the staff was awesome. Great place to hang with..."
Janelle Co
"Been here many times already with my baby and I can say this is one of the best dining places we've been to! 😃 We always feel the delightful..."
David Jhan Calderon
"We love the foods and the servings.Madami servings nila, worth it s presyo nila.Definitely babalikan nmin ang Gerry's grill. Ambiance okay..."
Zoraida Villafuerte Asilum
"One of the worth the price and good quality Filipino food restaurant. Ambiance and Service was good. All foods are super delicious, I Love Gerry’s..."
"This is my favorite branch of Gerry's Grill!Been here many times! 😃👉🏻The place is big and well ventilated. 👉🏻Great..."
Rhodalyn Flores
"Here are my thoughts on my recent experience at the SM Mall of Asia Branch:Filipino cuisine 🇵🇭Tasty food 👍Easily..."
Carie Acac
"The ambience is ok. Their food is great. There is so many choices to choose from. Their staff and crew are very accommodating. Overall it's good...."
Ferdinand Maramba
"Responsive and alert waiters. Accomodating and food is served as stated in the waiting time. Tastes good and fresh especially the mango shake. Food..."
Ma. Luisa Reyes
"Filipino food was great as usual and service was quick enough to not keep your tummies waiting. Place was a little tight which makes moving around..."
Sino Pinas Eats
"Our go-to Filipino restaurant. Love their bangus sisig! Well, I love every seafood dish they have. The place is kinda hectic, as you would expect in..."
Jemi Angela Penaenae
"Took my foreigner friend here for a taste of Filipino food and he absolute likes it. The winning dish is....sizzling sisig! Their tofu is also good,..."
"Got a chance to try out this hugely popular casual dining chain during a recent visit to Manila. Place was packed and buzzing with diners. My first..."
"always been dining here whenever i'm hungry from attending concerts in MOA Open Grounds. never fails to make my tummy satisfied and full but it just..."
Marchelle Hara
"8/27/16What I like about Gerry's grill is their sisig best of all time , their binagoonang rice , dessert ofcourse , shanghai . they were about..."
Yian Madrid
"We came here after a long day at the mall and parents were craving for seafood.For sides we had the Mango Salad which comprised of the..."
RJohn McLorenz S. Esguerra
"I visited their branch in Baguio, Rosales, Morato and MOA for this time my 5.0 rate belongs to Baguio branch.The serving was okay and..."
"Had baby squid (yummy), sinigang na baboy ( maasim, just the way I like it), green mango, and garlic rice. Very happy. Met up with a balikbayan..."
Elizabeth Ong
"I have to say that eating here is really worth it. I loved everything we ordered. What I love the most is the grilled squid. The sisig was great too...."
Sandy Lauguico
"The organizing committee of the Pinoy Photography Organization’s 10th Anniversary had some well deserved dinner at Gerry’s Grill after the said..."
"This is by far the best Filipino resto we tried. The menu was very impressive; the presentation was great. You'll find it quite hard to choose since..."
Jellaica Castro Gapac
"get together with team eph!! super yummy foods !! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ..."
Angeline Dequiña
"Regular customer 🙋🏼 their sisig is my favorite! Don't forget the crispy pata, dinakdakan, garlic adobo shreds, sugba kilaw and crispy pla-pla..."
Khamille Onda
"family friendly restaurant yey! foods definitely delicious :) we usually ordered sisig, laing and lechon kawali super yummy :) its like a home cook..."
Ramses John Donado
"Keeping it to restricted to hard facts, this outlet can be rated 4 for food, 3 for service, and 4 for ambience. Like all othwr outlets of this..."
Prithwiraj Sanyal
"I like the food..good taste..good ambience..good service..and the prize just right.. i love gerrys.i always have fun everytime i go..specially with..."
Dang Medroso Luig
"What I love about this place: Great food, Live band and nice view of the bay.Gerry's grill is one of the best watering hole you can find in..."
"Gerry's Grill is one of the popular choices for weekend beer drinking sessions. I consider Gerry's Grill as one of the restaurants serving great..."
Mike Yu
"After being away at sea for almost a year, we took my brother in law here for good Filipino dishes. We ordered for Sinigang na hipon, crispy pata,..."
Edward Manuel
"One of the best filipino restaurants in the Metro. I love their sisig the most. A great place to eat before going into night life habits with..."
Eric Gendrala
"Gerry's Grill is still one of the best Filipino restaurants in town. They serve one of the best crispy pata and pork sisig in the metro. Aside from..."
She Co
"Everytime we crave for filipino dishes, this is one of the top places we consider visiting. They cook delicious filipino comfort food here. I really..."
Lehda La Moste
"I have always a fond memory when it comes to this place, though it will just be cherish from the past. Remembering how before the night life starts,..."
Jemicah Joya
"Gerry's Grill is definitely known for its great Filipino dishes. Must-try here are their crispy pata, pork sisig, beef kaldereta, beef kare-kare and..."
Vivian Co
"Though it was my first time to eat in Gerrys, i enjoyed it alot. I love the place, the foods and the crews. Hihihihi! Specially the baked scallops!..."
Anghela Mary
"Been here twice, with a large group and with a friend the second time. I can say is that you can't go wrong with choosing this restaurant. Customers..."
"If you are looking for filipino food gerry's grill is the best place to go. My personal faves are their Sisig&Tuna belly. You can also try their..."
Rosel Legarde
"This resto is a must! If you are craving for filipino food go to GERRY's GRILL! My personal faves are beef casserole, kare-kare, and crispy..."
Meg Lagorza
"Garlic Adobo Shreds, Inihaw na Pusit, &..."
Ben T
"Definitely one of the best restaurants out there in the Philippines. This one in the MOA Branch though has my average grade for customer service, in..."
83/100 (52 ratings)
"I wanted to try something different for my birthday celebration so we decided to try Agos. The place felt like an old american diner..."
Michelle Nhat Ly
"Paella was flavoursome! Best I've ever tasted so far. Binagoongan not that good. Service was good as well. Place was a little small especially for..."
Nina Clemente
"Very good interiors, reasonable prices except for the beef salpicao which I had very high expectations. For the price of 500+, the serving size was..."
Jeaneth Fortades
"Im not really one to post, however for Agos, I had to make the exception. With the simple interior and the most amazing filipino cuisine, this is a..."
Bea Flores
"We went to Agos by Chef Tatung after watching a movie in the newly built SM Cinema 7 at SM Mall of Asia. Yes, Chef Tatung is the one behind Alab..."
"I just loved everything here! Especially the "Sinampalukang Sugpo sa Gata" and "Roasted Beef with Mushroom Gravy" So yummy AF! ❤ My sister fell in..."
Geny Carian
"Went here because we kind of celebrated my younger brother's first pay from his very first job, and my mum and little sis were leaving for Australia..."
Alyssa Gañac Damian
"I hate the feeling when I read bad reviews that are given unfairly. It makes you wonder if you ate at the same restaurant they did. Have you ever..."
Derrick Daniel
"Went here with our Aussie boss who was craving for Filipino food. Awesome food choices, we had a hard time finalising our orders lol. The price for..."
Denisse Soleil
"My first impression is that this place is a bit intimidating. The food they serve are of Spanish origin so i assumed its pricey. However, upon..."
"Lots of hype on this new Pinoy resto by Chef Tattung. There were some hits and misses, but the food was generally good. our favorites were the fresh..."
"So the moment that Chef Tattung announced that he is having a resto at MOA, ('coz I needed to work at MOA for like 3 weeks) I decided to treat my..."
Marj Liwag
"My family likes having dinner together especially if there is a special occasion. And since Agos recently opened, we decided to try it. We had the..."
Mark Lawrence Lagac
Cafe J
83/100 (650 ratings)
"I brought my officemates to eat lunch here. The super love all I ordered. 1. Sinigang na pork 2. Crispy daing 3. Pusit 4. Pakbet. Full house the..."
Chuck Cruz
"Milky Way Cafe continues to be a premier Filipino food destination over many years. Quality is consistently high.We had Itlog na Maalat at..."
"Best filipino restaurant. Every time my mom comes to Manila, I always bring her here. Prices are quite high but definitely worth it. Especially the..."
Dhanica Ghienne Mharrie Lim
"I love the food here! They serve great Filipino dishes. Let me talk about the must tries based on what we ordered last time. First, their sisig. If..."
Orange Pesto
"Totally my favourite filipino restaurant. It is myGo to place when I crave for filipino home cooked inspired dishes. Totally worth the price you..."
Dhanica Ghienne Mharrie Lim
"MILKY WAY CAFEArnaiz St. Makati CityAmbiance: 4/5Service: 5/5Food: 4/5The place is a little bit old, well most..."
Pauoie Dimla
"I grew up with Milky Way. Yes that's how I am. I remember being with mommy having Halo-Halo in Milky Way on a sizzling afternoon with half of Metro..."
"I’ve been living in Sydney for a year now and every time I’m home I always look for Filipino food. My best friend brought me to Milky Way since..."
Johanna Kay Lim
"Just visit the christmas party in Milky way. The foods is awesome (salmon, salad, pasta you name it). Milkyway has big function room which can fit..."
Ngadiman Sentosa
"Note: late reviewMilky Way started out as a dairy bar in Manila in the 1950's.  In 1962, Julie Gamboa took over the ownership and..."
Reich Torio
"Ambience: straightforward, traditional restaurant set up.Flavors: comfort food and the sayote tops is the best! The Sinigang na Salmon is..."
Claire Del Rosario-Bernabe
"Milky Way is a permanent stop whenever I am in Manila. Classic, simple dishes made well. Baby crispy pata is always a winner! The skin is crisp and..."
"After our yakiniku dinner, I was supposed to drop Reich T at Greenbelt 1 when I had the urge to eat something sweet. We went to Milky Way Café for..."
Jairus Delos Santos
"Best value for money! Milky Way along Arnaiz St - definitely one of the best places I've been to. Great service, great food... I always order..."
Shayne Garcia
"One of my best go to place for a good Filipino home cook meals. Just be ready to spend. It's pricey. Consider the place a high..."
Bob Azcor
"Function Room ReviewThe last time I was in this particular Milky Way, I was 8 years old. They had my favourite coffee jelly and sukiyaki,..."
Kathy Lou
"Milky Way is a classic Filipino restaurant. What makes it special for me is that people who flock to this restaurant really has the intention to eat..."
Jamie Conner
"One of the most popular and old restaurants in San Lorenzo Makati. You will see a lot of people hanging out and conducting their meetings due to..."
"The best halo halo I ever tasted so far. I'm not fond of ice cream but theirs was sooooo good. #milkywaycafe #milkywaycafehalohalo 🍨🍧 i will..."
Charz M Andaya
"I had bolognese in angel hair pasta though it wasn't really impressive. Plus the food are over priced. I don't think I'll be back here maybe just for..."
Maryle Dionne Bunquin
"In a galaxy far far awayIs a place called Milky Way CafeWith food that will take you out to spaceCome and join this extra terrestrial..."
Stacy Danika Alcantara
"They serve the one of the best baby crispy pata in town and of course, halo-halo!!They have a quiet, nice and cozy place, you won't feel..."
"A classic that always hit the spot. This has been a family favorite ever since my mom was young. Pretty much everything on the menu is good. Lechon..."
Ros Juan
"Just been here last night with my friend..the place was si nice and their food was awesome..I like thier pork spareribs adobo and ofcourse their..."
Charisse Ann Framil
"A restaurant serving some popular Filipino dishes. Order the Fried Hito with mustasa salsa and of course the popular Halo Halo! The restaurant also..."
Cliff-Jacky Cheng
"A very good place to come for lunch. Chill atmosphere, with a hint of Manila Nostalgia, and the food is pretty good. I also would recommend their..."
Cedric C. Cheng
"Family style Filipino food. We always go here when we are in Manila.Must try every single item on the menu but I recommend you start with:..."
Bong Valdez