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Mom And Tina's Bakery Cafe
92/100 (215 ratings)
"Mom and Tina's is one of my go-to places whenever I crave for comfort food. Today I decided to go for some dessert - - nothing heavy so I chose one..."
"Been a couple of months since we last visited. As expected, food is perfect. Staff is great. Im coming back for more...."
Christopher Magat
"Looking for a casual, Filipino-style breakfast place? Mom and Tina's is the answer!Our orders:🔸Pancakes and sausages🔸Beef..."
"Absolutely love their pastries and comfort food. Beings you home cooked food prepared in a very elegant way. Not to mention the ambiance is very ig..."
"After a week of eating healthy, my husband and I look forward to indulging on weekends. I was delighted to see fresh biscuits on the menu. I don't..."
Pierre's Mum
"Have you tried their baked oreo cheesecake? You should!! It's so good, it instantly became my favorite! They have great coffee as well and we love..."
Ruth Acero
"We celebrated my Daughter's Christening party at Mom and Tina's O Square Greenhills Branch. The Team was great and party was hitch free. Excellent..."
Anthony Paul Chua Uy
"The beauty of this modest establishment is the fact you can go here anytime and it still feels like they have exactly what you want. Breakfast?..."
Sherryl Legaspi Llorca
"I like the politeness of their staffs and they are so accommodating. Their Brazo de Mercedes is the best brazo I ever had! I like the cheesiness of..."
Jillie Chilly🔆🇵🇭
"First time to dine in this place and at first bite I know I will be back for more!Ordered chicken and chips, fish and chips amd chuck steak. All..."
Valerie Go
"One of the mantras I always try to follow is to never shop hungry. For one thing, experiencing hunger pangs might distract me from getting the best..."
Jellybeans In The City
"I guess every branch of this resto is really great! I’ve been to all their branches and the service and food are always excellent. The staffs are..."
Aya Cortez
"I feel that the servings have become too small. I don’t remember it this way before. The empanada is good. The grilled sausage was above average I..."
Selwyn Ang
"Ate here awhile ago, i ordered beef stroganoff, it was kinda insipid for me, im just expecting more on the pasta tagliatelle to be exact, i think it..."
Alexandra Charlemae Serrano
"Come on guys what do you expect? It's mom and tina's, it's like eating at home except your mom can actually cook! It's an always warm and welcoming..."
Deng Tee
"We had the Smoke Bangus, Tocino & Egg, Beef Stew, Fish & Chips, Burger, and French Apple Tart.  The food was good.  The Beef Stew could be shared..."
Let Us Eat
"Their place is so sunny and we love to have breakfast here before Sunday mass. Though the food is a bit expensive, their serving is big naman. I also..."
Mommy Lanie
"Came here to have some dessert. I do have a sweet tooth!Surprisingly, this place is pretty jam packed. We had to wait a few minutes before..."
Yshkael Co
"We were heading to the parking lot when I spotted Mom & Tina's. Since we just had our lunch, we only had coffee and dessert here.We tried..."
"I've always had a particular bias in favor of these all day breakfast type places, those that feel a bit like home but professionally styled, as if..."
ABE | ABEventures
"solid place to get gourmet food in a predominantly chinese restaurant area. mom and tina is slowly expanding with more and accesible branches to..."
"Went here for a gathering of friends on a weekday and it was packed. The place itself was quite tight with all the people in there but the interior..."
Joshah Caleb Chua
"There is a new branch of Mom and Tina's in Greenhills so we tried it out. Once you walked inside, you will feel at home already. Its as if you are in..."
Dette Arellano
Pho Hoa
91/100 (1585 ratings)
"Pho Bo Kho is excellent comfort food! Add a squeeze of lemon, a couple of basil leaves and all of the bean sprouts to the flavorful beef stew with..."
"Old favorite. All their classic choices are as sumptuous as ever. However, can I complain about the sizzling steak cubes... they used to cover the..."
"i think this is the most authentic veitnamese pho noodle soup you can find in this country, its too bad i dont see them much anymore in zomato gold,..."
Sandy Martinez
"Employees are accommodating and the service of the restaurant is efficient. Even though we had our msal at past 10 pm, the servers still smiled and..."
Nadine Grace Jaurigue
"Staff was very friendly and accommodating. 5 of us dined, and all 5 of us claimed zomato gold. We did not hear any complain from the servers, nor..."
"Very good Pho, reliable taste and quality. Order the Thai Iced Tea or Lemonade (with real lemon, not the powdered kind) to round out your meal. Eat..."
Geraldine A.
"Service is always excellent at this branch in Wilson. Pho hoa is well loved for their dishes and we are always in this branch when we have Vietnamese..."
Alexandra Vallejo
"They have approachable and friendly staff, and I love the food here!! :)We always go for:Seafood noodle soup 🍲Chicken noodle..."
Zandra Faye Mendoza
"My family loves Pho Hoa. We dine here almost weekly. Some of our favorites include: fresh spring rolls, beef flank pho, and pork chop rice. Their..."
"Always wanted pho hoa, and i finally got a chance to dine after my workout. Super wide selection of dishes. When the food came out, we were surprised..."
Marky Tan
"You get a taste of authentic Vietnamese food for a reasonable price. It's even better now that it's part of the Zomato Gold family. More than their..."
Rachel Lim
"Pho Hoa never fails us because of its comfort food. We always love the Combo: brisket, flank, tendon, and meatballs. Husband’s choice of marinated..."
"I like Pho Hoa because of its consistency and dedication to sticking to what works and not cutting corners.I ordered my usual, which is..."
Lai Sy
"One of those places I forget to take a photo of the dishes before they’re eaten because the food simply smells so good. You just dive in when the..."
Christopher Cheng Ng
"This resto is near where I live and I almost always pass by it. Parking is empty whenever I pass. It’s my first time to dine in this branch and I..."
Andrea Joyce Wen
"We’ve been in this branch for hundreds of times. Food quality hasn’t changed and I’m glad they have been consistent all throughout :) We..."
David Ong
"Staff were accommodating and friendly even though we came almost closing time. Best of all, good food! Previously, have vermicelli bowl and noddle..."
Ge Lo
"Delicious food and pleasurable experience, especially on Zomato Gold! Vermicelli Bowl and number 50 Pho 👌👌👌 Sobrang sulit na po! Will..."
Kyle Tan
"Restaurant has ample parking considering it is in Greenhills. As usual, food is great. My go-to orders are fresh spring rolls and beef stew. This is..."
Joy De Villa
"Their price versus serving size and quality is on point - especially if you have the Zomato Gold membership. We ended up having two bowls of noodle..."
John Gan
"Very authentic vietnamese dishes. Never missed to order the Pho Noodle soup and Beef tenderloin on rice. Other dishes are very delicious as well. One..."
Peter Tan
"Sans parking issues during peak hours, this restaurant is really spacious inside. The good thing about it too is that it's one of many Zomato Gold..."
Angeli David
"Great customer service. Very polite and friendly staff. Kudos to Omar!! Food is always 5*. Super love the beef brisket, spring roll and..."
Mary Grace Reyes
"They have many specialties in store! This Vietnamese restaurant has so much to offer, even the spiciest food. I usually order their Pho Chin Nam Gan..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
"Whenever we’re in the San Juan area after a day of errands, or even just after school, we go to this place. These are our go-to choices for comfort..."
Fried And Prejudice
"I ordered their Pho Chin Nam. It's very good. Not quite as good as the real dish in Vietnam but close. It's soup with vermicelli noodles, thin slices..."
Nom Nom
"I love Pho Hoa. My favorite is their vermicelli bowls -- lots of flavor, lots of vegetables, clean and fresh taste. It's the closest you can get to..."
Annette A. Ferrer
"This is place offers authentic Vietnamese cuisine with a variety of menu. Their single serving dishes are also good for two people with those of not..."
Issa Pisa
"When I was younger Pho Hoa Beef Pho was my official hangover meal. It had always cured--a bit-- my heavy yet floating head.Nowadays, Pho..."
Esay Querubin
"What I love from Pho Hoa are their consistency in preparing Pho! The taste of the broth shows the care in preparing a robust flavor of broth that..."
Cliff-Jacky Cheng
"I keep coming back to this place almost weekly, you can hang out at Jacks loft while eating their food. pho noodles and Pho rice plates are all good...."
Benny De Leon
"Flank brisket tendon and beef ball Pho noodle soup. It's the only thing that can solve my fix for pho. Although, the other pho soup flavors are good..."
Angelica Marie Hipolito
"Pho Hoa is one of my favorite places to eat!Pho Ga and Fried Spring Rolls is my ultimate favorite at Pho Hoa!Plus you can never go wrong with the..."
Larra Santos
"World history has always been a study of conflicts and violent cultural clashes. And some of these have resulted in some interesting blends,..."
The Food Dude
Cafe Publico
91/100 (12 ratings)
"I love this place a lot and I usually drop by before here and get some snacks and the drinks are also cool and very refreshing. This also built my..."
Salma Cayabyab
"Great ambience and the staff were friendly and attentive even if we dined near closing time. Servings are generous which is good for the price. The..."
"CAFE PUBLICOHigh Point Medical Hib, Shaw Blvd.April 12, 2018 (11:00pm)1️⃣ AMBIENCE ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️It felt..."
Jam Blauta
"The Lengua with salted egg rice and the panini are so tender even an elderly can bite to eat easily. If you have an eatogo apps you may get 50% off..."
Margaret Chan
"Cafe Publico is standout restaurant at Greenhills Promenade as it offers not just food and beverage but as well as board games to pass the..."
"Cafe Away from the PublicProduct: Whenever I look at places to eat in Zomato, I always stumble upon Cafe Publico but never really choose to..."
Nicole Meredith Ayag
"This place is very memorable cause aside from the fact that my boyfriend and I had our first date here (hihi), the gelato was heavenly. I am not a..."
Kathleen Nicole Uy
"First time here. It is situated at the 2F near the Promenade Hall. The place is cozy and have a rustic feel to it. Maybe also because there’s a..."
Joeŷzëē ĀŁiënză
"Their Thai black iced tea (I'm not even sure if this is really it's name) is the bomb! Their pizza chips tasted plain potato chips but went perfectly..."
Mendy Alawi
"Got a chicken salpicao salad for lunch. Nice portein mix with veggies instead of the bad carbohydrates. Nice water containers. Place is nicely..."
"Before watching a movie. We had dinner at Cafe Publico. While waiting for our orders we played on their huge chessboard. For our meals, we..."
Feed My Tummy PH
"Tag: Their serious about their drinks concoctions! Seated near the cinema area this cafe is indeed an attention catcher due to their..."
Fridate Diaries By Cecil Valle
"This cafe is sooo pretty!!The ambiance was really good. We went there on a saturday and it was not crowded at all. My friend got the fish..."
Pauline Avelino
"Their beautiful interiors could win your eyes and hearts. The place is well designed and a corner is dedicated for personalized dedications. Cafe..."
"We went into an event near this cafe so we decided to eat there. We were a little shock to see the prices of the food though when we were given the..."
Hazel Evangelista
"Food was really great. Place was great too. Perfect for those people who love to post/document of what they are eating. Service was very efficient..."
PJ De Jesus
"The place was aesthetically pleasing so my friends and I went and try their food. We ordered the twister fries,meatballs in marinara and pizza..."
Shawn Sotelo
"Was attracted to the aesthetically pleasing place while we were looking for dessert in greenhills. The place was very decorated and had boardgames..."
Benedict Bigalbal
"I really like this place. It's quiet and away from the crowds of Greenhills. We only had dessert and enjoyed their Gelato and especially their..."
"Cafe Publico is a quirky place with interesting decor that begs to be photographed.Their Mushroom and Truffle Cream is a must try, it is..."
"I got attracted with Cafe Publico's gelato stand. However, I ended up falling in love with the cafe itself. For worth 105 pesos you can have a great..."
Marj Liwag
"Had a light merienda here ordering their churros and red velvet gelato. The churros was nice and crispy while the gelato was just so so. Great for..."
Alberto Tenedero Jr.
"I ordered the Pork Pot Roast, Earl of Publico Iced Tea and Espresso Cortada Condensada. The pot roast was really good. The serving size is just right..."
"It was never enough to compete in today’s food industry, what more if you find yourself in the middle of the ice cream and fro-yo..."
Iza Gram
Trisha Mae Df
"Stopped by here since we had 45 mins to kill before a movie. The restaurant is quaint and homely! We ordered the chicken salpicao (just..."
"I go to this place all the time, absolutely love the interior of this place as it showcases so many various types or art. This cafe reeks of..."
Joshah Caleb Chua
"tried their pistachio and ube flavors. they allow you to taste their gelato until you're embarrassed that you've tried everything. :p :) can't say it..."
Aissa Flowers
"I’ve never really heard of Cafe Publico (or maybe I have, but didn’t think much about it) until my sister suggested that we have dessert there..."
Aina Banaag Blaza
"We always have ice cream here before going to the movies and we always have Robert Brownie Jr., Strawberries and cream, Cookie Dough, Red Velvet, or..."
Giannina Gonzalez
"Good: the 3 cheese beef lasagna, mac and cheese casserole, mushroom and truffle cream, the lovely Gelato creations per season...need I go on?Not..."
Derrick Daniel
"Good food. Great desserts. Gelatos are impeccable. A little pricey though for their serving size...and one of their waiters is a bit loud and..."
Boy Reklamador
"The staff are beyond friendly and their food is pretty good. Their coffees are pretty interesting, adding a scoop of gellato to coffee and their teas..."
"We've been going to this place even before the most recent wing of GH Promenade opened. The place used to be a lot bigger, but don't worry the food..."
James Escalante
"It first opened at Promenade, the side where Teriyaki Boy is located. The design of the place really stood out among all the resto lined up. It..."
Brenda De Guzman
"If you are up for something different aside from just eating, then this is good place to try. They have games that are really familiar unlike other..."
"THEY HAVE A GIANT CHESS SET.Okay, now that I've got your attention, they've got a giant chess set here and I think that's incentive enough to..."
"One of my fave go-to place whenever I'm in Greenhills! I love the interiors and the ambiance of this place, the staff are friendly and service was..."
Jillian Vinluan
"We stopped by Cafe Publico for dessert. We shared a medium cup of gelato with three flavors: Pastillas, Ovolmatine and Speculoos. A medium..."
"Cafe Publico has great ambiance. It makes you feel at home or like you're on a vacation. You can even play board games while waiting for your food,..."
Justine Roxas
"Perfect for friends/family bonding, loved the place already and it's just my first time. While enjoying the food, you can too play with the board..."
"Too many pictures for this album? Its actually because its composed of our first and second visit to the place. Café Publico wasnt on Zomato back..."
Rachelle Ann G. Bautista
"This was always one of my favorite gelato places. Recently, I went and found out that they no longer have my favorite Ferrero Crunch gelato. That was..."
Christa U.
"If you're looking for a cool hangout this summer, definitely give Cafe Publico a go. The way they designed their interiors is so charming, you'll..."
Kirsten Uy De Baron
Pancake House
91/100 (62 ratings)
"Was so happy to know they opened a branch here! Staff are polite even if you stay here for a long time. Try their marble pancakes, spaghetti special..."
Ruth Acero
"Meals at any Pancake House are always satisfying and consistent, but props to this branch for having the friendliest and quickest servers!..."
Jam Tan
"What I really liked:- Tacos: super fresh produce, love the burst of flavor with each bite- potato bacon salad: really filling, can be a..."
Goldielyn Limsiy
"I always order their tacos and fried chicken! My all time favorites! No need to look at their menu haha. Staff here were very friendly. They..."
"The staff was nice and very attentive, food was great as always, the amount of serving was satisfying, and the toilet was surprisingly..."
"Ordered Salisbury Steak and asked if I can replace rice with additional corn and carrots -- they did and without any extra charge...."
Anne F
"Loved pancake house fluffy pancakes! Whenever I'm craving for pancakes I always go to pancake house. I had this for merienda since they are serving..."
Dax Placente
"Pancake House was one of the few restaurants present in Cardinal Santos so we ate there after a hospital visit. I love Pancake House cos it's one of..."
Kelsey Policarpio
"My comfort food is always here in this restaurant. I always order their Classic Pan Chicken and their Classic Pancake. Truly the best! Will go back..."
Marie Francine
"I have eaten here a bunch of times because cardinal santos is the nearest hospital in our area and pancake house is pretty much the best resto in the..."
"Whenever we're in Cardinal, Pancake House would always be our go-to place. I had a Spicy Chicken Fillet with Brown Rice Pilaf since I felt like..."
Jan De Santos
"For me, if there wld be a place to get a good balanced meal, it wld be here!I feel that having a meal here takes away the "hospital" vibe and..."
Carolyn K. Chua
"When I got Dengue, this was my place of refuge. No, I did not go there while I was sick but I usually requested my wife to order take out and take..."
Patrick Joseph M. Luis
Coco Ichibanya
91/100 (161 ratings)
"Food exactly what I had before during my trips to Japan. A bit pricey but well worth the taste and..."
Olivia Amanda Stella
"The best curry house in the philippines mabilis yung service nila sa robinson manila..."
Katrina Cordero
"Biased as I love Coco Ichibanya! The standard was high as it is in any Coco Ichi, and the cost was in line with other branches around the world -..."
John Chettleburgh
"I love Coco Ichibanya... Im a fan..."
Jen Sumo
"the chicken katsu topping was really thick and juicy; well worth the price :D the hashed beef's curry sauce was notably different and tasty...."
Кукла Глаза
"Honestly, I find Coco Ichi in the Philippines better than the ones in Japan. Always my go to now whenever I crave for..."
Keane Rush
"I loved all the dishe I ordered before at your greenhills branch looking forward to eat again..."
Jacqueline Farinas
"Fave! Esp the omurice and udon. will come back for..."
Rie Takeda
"Always bundat after every Coco Ichibanya visit. This time I tried the Level 2 spice and I think it’s just right for me..."
Giant Foodie
"I tried their tonkatsu omurice curry with potatoes and carrots! Love everything about it! But I was not able to finish everything because it was too..."
Nina Ricci
"This is the ideal branch if you want to get a quick fix for your Japanese curry cravings. Literally this is located inside the car park building and..."
Edgardo Masamayor Jr
"A bit pricey but the food is definitely tasty..."
"One word: Currrrrryyyy. Great food and ambience. We will definitely come back here and try other level of..."
Dom Logmao
"Our go-to restaurant at greenhills area will always be coco ichibanya! Their authentic curry is one of the best that I've tasted and definitely..."
Jenea Yu
"Can I just say that my experience here was SUPERB! I'm a big fan of Japanese curry and Coco Ichibanya definitely did not disappoint, especially since..."
"My go to comfort restaurant in Greenhills. Amazing food and customer service. Try their curry with an extra serving of cheese, it's the..."
Adrian Pacific Ong
"Mia and I were craving Japanese, and we stumbled at Coco Ichibanya yesterday for an early dinner stint. This successful international..."
"I like the ambience in greenhills branch. The place is clean and the crews are polite. The food is definitely a must try! I like the katsu+egg curry...."
Cheyenne Chelsea Nasol
"Eating inside felt like morning. It was pretty well-lit in the evening and the restaurant was crowded and lively. They don't have a restroom so you..."
Patrick Unson
"Taste Japan’s curry at its best!When I went to Japan, I fell in love with their curry and the first time I had one was just at the..."
Nicole Meredith Ayag
"Very satisfying straight up curry place. Possibly a comfort food for us, we love how uncomplicated the menu is. It's either just yakiniku or pork..."
Jay Cuaki
"Let's curry our life with curry!I ordered the naan curry and standard size of vegetable curry. I felt like I only ate carbs and starch,..."
"Ordered pork omelet curry with spicyness at level 1. It has just the right amount of kick to it without the spicyness overtaking the flavor giving a..."
Thea Gardose
"I recently gave Coco Ichibanya-Rockwell a perfect score. When I craved for the same food in GH area, I wasn't entirely disappointed, but I felt quite..."
Jesse Lui
"First time at a CoCo Curry House but I’ve heard that it’s good since it’s a favorite of some friends and relatives and now I know why! It..."
Ria Pe | RIA_litybites
"I love it! The taste is consistent, same as the ones I’ve tried in Japan which makes me feel that eating curry from here is just a mall away...."
Mits Almarez | Mitsadventurez
"This is an excellent place for people who loves Japanese curry. I admire a restaurant where you can adjust the level of spicyness that you want. Here..."
Angelica Limlengco
"Lured by the smell of wonderful curry, I remembered that it has been a while since I've tried CoCo Ichibanya...when it first opened at Estancia. I..."
"4.5 to be exact. This is my first time ti try CoCo Ichibanya. To the people who know me, I love curry. I'm going to treat my friend for a lunch out...."
Takaw Tikim X Nina Jesica Tolentino
"It was my first time to eat here, overall their Pork Cutlet with rice and omellete was awesome. The place was clean, spacious and well..."
Christian Levi
"Coco ichibanya is slowly but surely solidifying themselves as the curry katsu resto in the metro. Customize rice amount and spice level to your..."
"The resto for your curry cravings! The curry here never disappoints. Pure umami! The flavors of the curry along with the various toppings you can..."
"Food: If you like spicy food then you will love it here. They got different levels of spiceness. The serving is okay but because of how good the food..."
Karl Angelo
"I've never really enjoyed eating curry dishes before, but this one is DIFFERENT. If you don't like curry and you don't think you'll like it here,..."
Stephanie Cabahug
"Considering that salads at restaurants are usually pricey, I was surprised that CoCo's salad was cheap (P100) yet filling and delicious. My order was..."
Patricia Nicole Te
"I can’t count the number of times I’ve spotted Coco Ichibanya and told myself “Yes, I’ll visit there soon”, or dad telling me he’ll take..."
Christa U.
"Our go-to curry place ever since Eri Curry in Megamall closed down.The place looks modern and homey like those Japanese family..."
Nami Teruzaki
"Place/staff: comfy booths and clean; staff were nice and accommodating Food: food arrived at approx 20mins. Ramen was very good, not too salty..."
"I know I'm not into curry... But i had to try. Came for the curry, left loving the Carbonara. Tried the Gratin as well, at least that's less..."
Barbs Lim
"I’ve been eyeing on this place ever since they branched out here in Philippines but since all their branches were too far from home I haven’t..."
Aiko Panajon Martinez
"Reminds me of the curry in Japan. Homesick. Great place and food and ambiance and generous serving. It’ll do more than satisfy your craving for..."
Chelsea Eusebio
"Coco Ichibanya is one of my favorite spots for comfort food. It's really hard to say anything against their curry. It's very flavorful and the staff..."
Jackie Cheng
"Curry House CoCo Ichibanya is a global player when it comes to Japanese style curry dushrs,was established in 1978 and a world renowned..."
"While waiting for my boyfriend, I wanted to stay and work somewhere quiet and not as crowded. They had wifi but the connection wasn’t as good but..."
Feed My Tummy PH
"This took so long to happen but today I’ve finally tried Coco Ichibanya! All my expectations were met with the quality of the food. This probably..."
"Best curry ever!! I've tried their Pork cutlet omelete curry and Fried chicken omelete curry, it was really good! Also, the staff here in Greenhills..."
Ann Jurado
"FOODTried eating here for the 2nd time (ordered shrimp gratin before) and it's still just as good! The burger with cheese tastes so-so, but the..."
Lucky Cookie
"Aside from my mom's lamb curry, i consider coco ichibanya to be one of the best japanese curry out there. Ordered the hashed beef omelet (360php)..."
Audrey S See
"We had dinner here before watching a movie. The food was so good especially since I'm a fan of curry omurice. The regular meal was a little too big..."
"This place is amazing! Though the prices are a little higher than other restaurants, the taste of curry dishes are extraordinary! We didn't have to..."
Monika Lim
"Went to Coco Ichibanya with my daughter for lunch. It's very bright, immaculately clean, and inviting. Upon being seated we were served 2 sets of..."
Rowena Wendy Lim Lei
"Finally, got to try CoCo Ichi. It tastes way different and better from the Vermont and Golden Curry curry roux boxes I'm used to. Hahaha. The flavors..."
Marianne Millama
"I don't actually eat curry but i fell inlove and got addicted to eating curry because of this restaurant. Actually, I only eat curry here😂 Their..."
Kate Mañalac
"I am a huge fan of Japanese curry! And so, I looove Coco Ichibanya very much❤️ haha ate here several times already or should I say all of the..."
Angielyn Morales
"So we ate our lunch here yesterday. I ordered the pork cutlet omelet curry and my cousin got the shrimp curry rice gratin.So their..."
Justine L.
"Heard about this place for a while now but it was my first time to eat here yesterday. Tried the pork cutlet omelet and it didn't disappoint! The..."
Ferron Ocampo
"One of the better jap curries i've tasted. Had the pork cutlet omelette curry med hot and it was perfect. Plus the egg was cooked perfectly fluffy..."
Gretchen Panganiban
"I was invited by Cyril Lumboy as a photographer for her food and fashion blog, dolldelight. The crew is accommodating, especially the marketing..."
Kei Villanueva
"I must say that this place is a must try. I was strolling around Greenhills with my cousin Lesley Anne and found this great place. It caught our..."
"Okay dito 👍🏻 ma-curry lahat may curry Overpriced para sa itchura pero okay lang masarap namanBabalikan ko eto pag nasa greenhills..."
"Who wouldn't be hungry after shopping in Green Hills? It was my second time here in Manila and my cousin brought me to restaurants that are not in..."
Lesley Anne
"This is my second time trying this place. It is relatively new in greenhills located in the carpark arcade 1st floor right beside army..."
Pierre Ong
"Their curry sauce is unbelievably tasty. 😍It was my first time to eat here with a friend who has eaten here several times in Japan (favorite..."
Jamie Rosemarie M. Nailes
"I'm not a curry fan but this restaurant is just my happy place because their curry is THAT good. I eat here once or twice a month (I would eat as..."
Pau Gonzaga
"Coco Ichibanya is my favorite Japanese curry shop in the Philippines. Here in this Greenhills branch, it is smaller than their first one, in..."
Alvin Ong | TFC
"coco Ichibanya is one of the authentic japanese curry that you can twitch the dish to your desire size and spice level. but there are quite some..."
"Pork Cutlet Omelet Rice 🍛Shrimp Curry Rice Gratin 🍛🍤 ..."
Vireza Wynn Yu
"I loved the curry in this place so much, I felt that I really needed to make a review. Really wanted to visit this place since and I do not have any..."
Meg Galvez
"I've been meaning to visit Coco Ichibanya ever since it opened its first branch in Manila. Took me a while to visit, but it was worth the wait...."
Monique Tendencia
"I first tried Coco Ichibanya in Singapore and was thrilled to hear that it was openings its doors here in Manila. Definitely one of the top curry..."
Bryan Johnson Lim
"Looking for a delighted curry house, we'll this might one the acceptable place in Metro. Yes it is a place for your craving tummy of curry. A..."
Stewart Joseph Dela Cruz
"Not a fan of curry but when i tried coco ichibanya i think im going to add curry on my regular menu. Their food are really aromatic and will make you..."
"If you have been stationed in Okinawa for a bit then you must love Coco Ichibanaya. I'm not much of a curry fan to the point that I was just watching..."
"It's my first time to hear of a restaurant specializing on curry. Everything is more than fantastic! We ordered chicken and shrimp gratan, hamburger..."
"Went for lunch here yesterday. Kind of surprised to see that the GH branch is a little different from the Estancia branch. Idk if it's just me but..."
"CoCo Ichibanya has already opened 3 branches in the metro, with the promise of more branches to come... It was our first time to try the food at..."
Foodie Dokie
"I haven't had a resto I've raved for in weeks. Thanks for our hungry appetites following our last minute Christmas shopping, we discovered Coco..."
"I love the idea that creamy taste of cheese and the spices of curry compliment each other! Plus, the refreshing calamansi iced tea!Will definitely go..."
"Coco Ichibanya's curry aroma will surely welcome you upon entering the premise. They've got food display at the facade that will definitely lure in..."
"One of the highlights of my food adventure here in the Philippines is discovering the presence of some of the brands I have grown to love in Southern..."
Cyril Lumboy
"Japanese curry... IT IS! being that it was my first time there, I took the recommendation of shrimp cutlet curry and cheese hamburger curry... added..."
Carolyn K. Chua
"I can say that I am I curry convert. Before I am not fond of eating curry until I met my boyfriend. Sooo fast forward to today. I tried the newest..."
Katrina De Castro
"I have to say. Their curry is one of the best I've tasted. Probably also the best one I've had so far. Nice ambiance, friendly staff, and most of..."
91/100 (522 ratings)
Vegan Options
Vegan Options
"My friend recommended me to try, so we went on our last day before flying back to Hong Kong. My husband and myself got seated without waiting (Yay!)..."
Sharifa Mae Carreon-Caja
"Most of the time, we need to wait in line for dinner. A small rice serves 1 person according to the menu, but for us, 2 people can share it with an..."
Patrick Unson
"Service and food was beyond excellence. This is so far the best filipino cuisine I have had. I will have to find one in the U.S. but it might be a..."
Joeweeh Garcia
"Was initially disappointed with the service but I would like to commend their attending manager, Adrian, for making up for it big time. I really felt..."
Thirdee Deacosta
"Although Covid19 is now synonymous with quarantine or staying home,  we can still enjoy food from our favorite restaurants thanks to GrabFood ,..."
"Manam has been a craze these days when it comes to affordable prizes for delicious Filipino food with quality output and twists.  You will actually..."
Funky Orion
"We were lucky enough to get in without a line! This has to be one of my fave Filipino restos. The service could be improved though, but the serving..."
Luna May
"The food and service was superb! The manager Ms. Charie is very accomodating and friendly. Will definitely eat again...."
Rosalyn Chua
"Crispy palabok and sisig are must order here. They have small, medium or large serving which is good if you are dining alone, with a..."
"We tried kare kare, binagoongan and gising gising.Everything tastes fine.Service was good.Mango shake was..."
Princess Santiago
"Patrick Moldes has a good attitude attending all our needs giving us excellent quality..."
Jhonathan Ocsan
"Our server mr patrick always served best for us with gis smile and..."
Robin Jose
"I like the food there but have issues with having to wait for available seats. I just hope that this resto will start accepting phone reservations...."
Beth Marquez
"This is the second time I’ve eaten in Manam and what’s important in any branch is the consistency of their food. I believe they have still..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
"Ordered:1. Pinaputok na pla pla2. Kare Kare3. Sizzling Corned Beef4. Lumpiang sariwa5. Chicken and pork adobo6...."
"Friendly staff and good service. It gets quite crowded and hot because of the sun. Hope they could install blinds. Food..."
Joshah Caleb Chua
"Noteworthy service by Manager Rachel and very attentive servers Patrick and..."
"crispy pata sisig crispy palabok are all very good.... paco salad nam nam salad is good.... lots of drinks to choose from.... mango turon with..."
Napoleon Ong
"Patrick was very helpful!! And food was great as..."
Din Ligunas
"Manam has taken modernized Filipino cuisine which (in my opinion) has totally lost traction (such as the renditions of mesa and sarsa) and gave it..."
Stephen Tan
"Manager Charry is very cheerful and accommodating. She would always visit each table and ask how was our food? Is our order complete? She attends to..."
Jennifer Oma Ong
"Good food and great service from our server, Patrick. This is cozier compared to their Greenbelt branch. It was our first time to try the sizzling..."
Judy Opinion
"We ordered their Grilled tiger prawns, House crispy sisig, Crunchy salt and pepper squid rings, and Crispy pancit palabok. First time to try their..."
Nikki Tanya
"I wish it wasn't so popular because it takes me an hour or so to get a table. Service is fast, and the food consistently good. The sisig is the best,..."
Adrian Pacific Ong
"This is a really good Filipino restaurant. Food is consistently cooked well and delicious. My favorites are their kare-kare, gising-gising and sisig...."
"I’ve been dining in Manam, from the year it started, and everything has always been great, except for the long lines, and waiting time, but that is..."
Cresta Castañeda
"Better than we expected! We thought Manam was just another common Filipino food restaurant, but boy were we wrong.Orders:🔸Pancit..."
"Had lunch here today. Good food and good service! The food arrived fast even in the middle of lunch hour. Jen our server was very nice and..."
"Reychel and jen there are friendly, approachable and very Polite of Manam & Ooma restaurants employees. That's why i always return to threir..."
Ydlarrej S. Nadnilagnam
"Princess is such a very good singer! She made our co-worker's birthday celebration more exciting! Phil and the lady with red hair is also very..."
Mont Santiago
"The long line is really overwhelming on weekends . Their famous watermelon sinigang is a must and the palabok. The ambience is nice . The selection..."
Emma Dy
"The Beef short rib Sinigang with watermelon is just to die for. Ordered it at their Alabang and MOA outlet and consistency is really the key. I'm..."
Kakai Chua
"Super love Manam! ❤️ Their sisig and wings are the best! It’s no wonder people queue for their food. I also love how you can choose the sizes..."
Khasandra Roño
"Food - 5Place/Ambient - 4Staff - 5Dining at any Manam restaurant and cafe is always a good idea!! Their food is, as usual,..."
Sheena Kathrina Cruz
"Manam has developed into the best Filipino restaurant chain over the years. Every dish and beverage here is of good quality, well executed and tasty...."
"Manam is one of our all-time favorite restaurants that serves Filipino dishes with a twist. Their Crispy Sisig is a must-try! I also love their..."
Pearl Velasco
"What I love the most in this place is having the option to have a regular or for-sharing size of all their menu items. It gives you an opportunity to..."
"The food is great,worth the price and everyone is accommodating. Special thanks to Rachel!! A must try dishes!! I love the crispy sisig and the..."
Jenel Orias
"Excellent foodGreat serviceFriendly staffVery accommodatingHad dinner with my gals. The foods are instagramable. Surely we..."
Alaiza Santiago
"Definitely one of The Best Filipino restos ever! My family loves their sisig, kare-kare, and especially their bibingka! I especially Love that their..."
"Manam was a great experience! Besides the wait, everything was worth it.Shakes ( especially the ube one) were quite heavy yet addictive. The..."
Joma Sanchez
"I was expecting commercialized Filipino food as stepped in the restaurant.  Service was so efficient.  The place was packed even before 12nn but..."
"First time to try Manam with my highschool friend. We ordered bulalo, sisig bangus, tinapa fried rice and palabok and bibingka for..."
Angelo Maniquis
"Celebrated my friend's birthday here at Manam on a Saturday lunch. We had to wait for our table as the resto does not accept reservation and full at..."
"The long lines are a good sign of what is to come. Mom was raving about their sisig. So we had to have that, it was crispy which i like. Their beef..."
Guilty Pleasures Seeker
"We loved the food so much. Very unique taste. We enjoyed our dinner the staffs, manager and ambiance. Awesome!! Kudos manam 😊..."
Mara Palijado
"Definitely my favorite filipino comfort food restaurant! Such a feel good restaurant, gives you a great experience every time you dine here. Manam..."
Celby Pineda
"Definitely pricy but my goodness, the food’s to die for! Since everyone was raving about Manam my whole vacation in Manila, I decided to give it a..."
Anna Fajardo
"You better forget about your diet when someone invites you to Manam. Be ready to feast on straight up Pinoy Classics or dishes with a..."
"No doubt, Manam’s crispy sisig is the best sisig in Manila! Their Greenhills branch was quite small though so we had to wait for almost an hour..."
"Way smaller than the BGC branch. Met up with a friend here and was surprised how our 6-7 dishes only cost us no more than 800. We ordered everything..."
Christina | Kain Club
"Follow me on Instagram: @astro.adin2 thumbs up for Manam. I didn't expect it to be that good. There are lots of restaurants which caters..."
"This branch is really small and we had to wait before we were given a table for 10 last week. That’s the deal breaker. My expectations were high,..."
Giant Foodie
"One of our go-to for quick and affordable yet delicious Filipino food. It’s nice how they have different sizes for each dish so people can dine..."
Ria Pe | RIA_litybites
"Same consistency with the other stores, food is always great! Glad they’re in Greenhills now, since this is my go to place to watch movies...."
Tom Salamanca
"MASARAP! MASARAP TALAGA! Friendly staff! Nakakaconfused lang at first kasi 2 restos in the same place siya and mainit sa waiting area (inside)...."
Joann Estrada
"Polite and great service. Shout out to Ivan for the care.Great food. Decent price. The small, medium and large servings help us pick a..."
Thomas Aquino
"Both the food and service here were great! We had to wait for a while because it’s the weekend but it was worth it. We had the kansi, pusit..."
Jonathan Carlo Galapia
"This is the best! I love their Sisig! Sarap!Very cool and professional the way he talk.. good Job jess for the great service and..."
Joey Legaspi
"I brought my balikbayan friend here for great Filipino Food. We loved the sisig, laing, sinigang, garlicky adobo. Also thanks to Ella and Ivan for..."
"5 star for the food and service!staff are polite, We ordered caramelized wings, gising gising, bone marrow kansi and ofcourse the best..."
Faytotz DJ
"Two tumbs up! 👍🏻👍🏻For Mam/Ms. Charrie! Sobrang accommodating na manager 👌🏻❤️ sobrang nag enjoy kmi ng husband ko sa pag visit..."
Faustine Clavero❤️
"Late lunch with friends at “Filipino food with a twist” restaurant, Manam. The food here is really good. You have the option of going classic..."
"I vsited this Restaurant for the first time and so far i enjoyed my stay even though their aircondition is not really working well. The best crispy..."
"Family and friends try the new resto @greenhills San Juan the place were the cod manam we eat there with my mommy and’s..."
"Perfect 5 for everything. Love the food. Service. Ambiance. Interior. Staffs were very nice and attentive. Will definitely try other dishes...."
Shao O. Bergado
"Dined in their new branch in GH. We had the kansi, binagoongan, and bicol express lumpia. The kansi was the best among the three. The lumpia was good..."
"Thank you to Kuya Ivan for making our dining experience so pleasurable! He even got us extra caramelized patis wings sauce cuz we liked it so much!..."
Marcus Giancarlo S. Abalos
"This restaurant was Pop for me.Foods great,service was fast,staffs are very nice and always smiling.Like the server named Alyssa very approachable..."
Priscilla Tuazon
"Very amazing food, everything is so fresh and full of flavour, great place to take balikbayans or have a meal with family. Just be warned about..."
Jelo Feliciano
"Wow just wow! Expectation exceeded. I must say manam is the place to go for great food,affordable price and warm service. A perfect place to dine..."
"It was my first time here in Manam together with my friends and I would like to congratulate your Restaurant for the great food you served to us...."
"A lot of Filipino restaurants try their hand at Sisig, a dish featuring bits of crispy pork, onions and chili served on a sizzling plate. Some add in..."
Fried And Prejudice
"I like that they add twist on filipino dishes, having 3 sizes are unique too although the small serving is really small.Bone marrow kansi,..."
Jona Pilien
"It's my first time to try their breakfast menu, and guess what? I still went for their House Crispy Sisig! 😆 In fact, I initially ordered it's..."
🦄The Last Unicorn🦄
Feta Mediterranean
90/100 (1762 ratings)
Middle Eastern
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
"I've been passing along this place for quite a while thinking it was an upscale Italian restaurant. The storefront looks commanding and honestly..."
Goldy Chu Yancha
"Delicious food, cozy ambience, friendly staff, you wouldn’t mind spending a bit more than you used..."
Tin Arcangel Del Rosario
"My favourite Turkish Restaurant. Been here many times.The best lahm b ajine and shawarma sandwich..."
Joseph Felix Assad
"Decent Mediterranean food at affordable prices. I've only tried the beef gyros and yogurt shake, but I suspect the other menu items are pretty good..."
Ethel Uy
"Good value for your money! Lamb was tender and does not have that gamey taste or smell, a must..."
Leslie Ramillano
"Good food here, enjoyed your pizza and chicken😊 Very good service as..."
Reddie Red
"After long time overeating. Food was good but little bit expansive. Must try recmanded. Friendly..."
Dost Faisal
"Excellent food. Very nice ambiance. Accomodating staff!..."
Shiela P. Saguisag
"good very first time for mediterranean..."
Kuan Kuan Wong
"Food was superb and couldn't stop eating. I don't really like eating Mediterranean food, but upon the recommendation of a friend, went and tried it..."
Jon Lao
"Good Food ,Good service ,Good Ambiance !..."
Jojo De Leon
"Sumptuous Mediterranean food. I like the sandwiches and the coffee. The Balloon bread paired with humus is a favorite...the vaklava is just another..."
Estelita Valdeavella
"During recently concluded Zomato food fair in Makati Avenue, Feta Mediterranean was one of the exhibitors who featured not only food but amazing..."
Eboy M. Donato
"Great value, authentic food and the owner cooks..."
Mercedes Briana Lim
"Feta Mediterranean serves authentic Mediterranean and Turkish Mediterranean cuisine. We got to try the Mezze Platter with Balloon Bread - hummus,..."
Glenn Joseph | Jogpen
"I've been hearing many great things about Feta so I was really, really excited when I was given the chance to finally try the restaurant out! I count..."
Bella Javier
"Overview: Really good Greek food that's value for money! Lovely ambiance, service, and with high chair available for families with toddlers (very..."
Phylicia Marie Pineda
"Legit authentic Mediterranean experience from presentation to taste. Plus, I love that the food was prepared by a Turkish chef. I super enjoy the..."
James Benguet
"If you're in the mood for some fancy Turkish and Mediterranean dishes, this is definitely the place! With their garden-like interiors, it is also..."
Jonylle Pineda
"Amazing food, huge servings and great service! This is probably one of the rare places where you can get really good lamb. Try the lamb + hummus,..."
Jean Montecillo-Romero
"This was a pleasant find. I just chanced upon this place with my husband and we were glad to have tried the Iskender Kebab and the Roasted Shrimp..."
DF Godinez
"Love the food here... It's the best Mediterranean food in Manila. You can't go wrong with the food here.. The chef is international and the food is..."
Rakesh M
"shawarma is very authentic, garlic-y, onion-y with roasted beef. has tasty fries unlike other shawarmas in the metro. onions got spicy at the end..."
Kathleen Bernabe
"It was a delightful afternoon to have Feta as our first stop to visit during a Food Crawl featuring restos that are listed as Foodies’ Choice..."
Unshakable Foodie
"No need to miss your Turkish favorites! This restaurant offers the ambiance and dishes you desire for your Mediterranean cravings. Feta was chosen..."
Mits Almarez | Mitsadventurez
"Place: ✅great ambiance ✅good for large groupsLimited parking space though :(Must try: ✅mediterranean pizza ✅kebabs ✅kunefeh is..."
"Everything was..."
Nikka Escober
"Food is oh so sumptuous. 5 / 5. Service is beyond what we expected. People were accomodating, ambience is so..."
Karla Jane Sale
"Recommended:1. Chicken Pide - P485    Choose this boat-shaped Meditteranean pizza over their regular pizza!2. Ezme - P200   ..."
"The place and food was amazing, extremely flavorful, appropriately priced, authentic mediterranean food 🥺🔥 might have found my new favorite..."
Geraldine Gervacio-Penales
"Food is great. Place is clean. Will definitely come back to try other..."
Neil Jasonn Tsai
"Big servings on their dishes.I just wish they have like a kid's menu.I didn't like their spaghetti with Meatballs or rather Meatball* since..."
Joanie Ann Moral
"Legit cheese pastry soooo..."
"First time to try this Mediterranean restaurant and it did not disappoint. Too bad I was not able to take pictures of our other food orders. Their..."
"Food taste and quality is great, no question about it. But service.... is terribly slow :-( they say it’s because they make food from scratch which..."
"Charming, if somewhat expensive, Greek restaurant in the Annapolis area of Greenhills. Although parking is rather limited and kind of a pain,..."
Marianne In Manila
"In Berlin there is a massive Turkish community that I felt incredibly close too. This made me feel like I was back home. I love everything and will..."
Lucia Valeria
"I was craving for mediterranean food that night when i luckily saw Feta n the list of Restaurant in Zomato gold. I was satisfied with the food that..."
Jessica Andrea Meyer
"Feta took us back to the streets of Istanbul. The aroma and the music were simply Turkish. Not to mention that their chef is also from..."
Karen Opina Espiritu
"This is a happy place 😊 good food in big servings, a for-sharing is sized for a family. The Caesar salad is different in a really good way, and..."
Camille Paulino-Acedillo
"We have gone to Feta about 5 times in the last 2 months and we always enjoy everything we order from the lamb shank, cheese boat pizza, margheritta..."
Donnabelle Ong Lee
"Ordered the Pesto, chicken kebab, and lamb chops. Everything was delicious and will definitely be back for more. I even availed of the promo and got..."
Gabi Del Rosario
"This place has the best mediterranean food. From the appetizers to the mains, you can't go wrong. Hummus is on the tahini side and is best with the..."
Curt Choy
"Second time here, and didn't regret it. Consistent taste, attentive crew. (thank you Mark!) And best of all, everything on the menu is part of zomato..."
Amor Ulep
"Loved the food, big servings but a little pricey. Got the Turkish Coffee for free (IG promo). Will definitely come back and try more items on the..."
Valerie Liao
"I love the food. And the ambience. It’s become my new go to comfort food near my area. Excellently priced, and excellently flavoured. Only problem..."
"Definitely one of the best Mediterranean restaurants in the metro! I even enjoyed the onion side dish, considering that I don't normally eat..."
Ros De Vera
"My college friends and I bumped into each other while in GH and decided to go on dinner together on a whim! We ended up here in Feta as recommended..."
PC Magnaye
"Don't let its outside appearance fool you, inside this resturant you will find it very cozy and well decorated.We orderd the lamb shanks,..."
"The food here is amazing. If you're into Mediterranean this is the place to be. Although very pricey, if you'd like to treat yourself or your family,..."
Sarena Nicole Arokiasamy
"Driving all the way to Greenhills is all with it just to try this place out. An authentic Greek restaurant which offers a wide variety of dishes from..."
Mark Yap
"The ambience is very fitting for the cuisine. The food was also really good and authentic. I loved the hummus, and their lamb shanks would fall off..."
Justin Cedric Lam
"One of the good mediterranean restos I've tried.turkish vibes. 😊 Ordered hummus, beef doner lamb souvlaki and yogurt drink. also loved their..."
Marge Ng
"Food is authentic. Lavash and pita are wonderful. Would appreciate faster service. Our pita was sitting on counter for a while and was not good when..."
Cherry A
"Glad to have found this Greek-Turkish gem along annapolis street! The interiors are bright and inviting, sporting the sky blue paint in their walls..."
Jinnessa Catapia
"Staff was so friendly and accommodating!Had the Doner, Swedish meatballs, hummus, and ezme. Loved them all and will definitely come back..."
Frankie Abraham
"My favorite restaurant in Greenhills. Definitely the best place for Mediterranean when in Manila. Order the souvlaki platter, lamb chops, or iskender..."
Joanna Cancio
"Food is very tasty. Ordered:Lamb on hummus solo: served with breadAdana's kebab: tasty and served with onions & fries (can be rice..."
Paula Ariel I. Reyes
"High quality and excellent food always. It might not be cheap, but very worth it. Try the lamb dishes and the pizza. Salad is also fresh..."
"LAMB SOUVLAKI IS THE BEST. I love the veggies; it comes with a salad and is really refreshing. We would definitely come back to try the other stuff..."
Nicole Chua
"Authentic Mediterranean restaurant in Greenhills area. This little gem serves homey and comfort dishes. Servers are friendly and helpful. Their adana..."
Ann Coho Sy
"A happy little suprise to see a Greek / Turkish restaurant here. Last time I had a proper tzatziki was ages ago.Tzatziki - Lots of garlic,..."
"This restaurant offers authentic Mediterranean cuisine in the heart of greenhills. Food was served fast. Parking was very convenient. Will definitely..."
"Our favorite Mediterranean restaurant! Friendly staff and excellent food. Also, check out their mini grocery for some excellent Turkish coffee and..."
Alice Bernie Ty
"Feta, a touch of mediterranean dish, i believe their dishes are of greek origin. which alittle spice, feta bread , sampler of their beef plate indeed..."
Food Buster
"Feta is indeed a hidden gem in the periphery of Greenhills shopping center! Only learned about the place through Zomato Gold since it's one of the..."
Krizia Yap
"We tried this restaurant due to zomato gold deal. It definitely didn't fail us.Food is good, authentic and good value. The salad was nice..."
Aldrich Huang
"This was a hidden gem just right outside the greenhills mall proper. Their interiors were well thought of but I must say that the food packs quite a..."
Justin Lawrence Phoa Uy
"Dishes are authentic, and service is really accommodating. Solo dishes are a bit small for the price, but overall taste is great! I think I like the..."
Lyxen Tan
"Best. Hummus. Ever. They have the best I’ve ever tasted. Other restaurants’ hummus dishes are sweet. Feta’s aren’t. Another praise-worthy..."
Dale Sy
"This is one of the most underrated restaurants ever.I absolutely LOVE their doner! Everything in their menu is delicious. ❤️..."
Angelica Abalos
"Had a wonderful gustatory experience...we love everything we ordered. The lamb chops, souvlaki, adana, the baked fish, pasta, pizza, calzone, turkish..."
Cynthia Campos
"Very good Mediterranean food. I also liked that they have vegetarian options (and clearly stated on the menu). Some food are good for sharing even is..."
Korina Ada Tanyu
"Great portions! We ordered "solo" for both salad and hummus and both exceeded our expectations. Ambience is relaxing and perfect for conversations..."
Kristine Alcantara Javier
"One of the best restaurants that serves authentic Mediterranean cuisine! I loved all the food we ordered - from the freshly baked pita to the doner..."
"I've eaten here a couple of times, and their food does not disappoint! First discovered it from eatigo. The food is a little pricey, but it's worth..."
"The place is great. You can feel an authentic Mediterreanean experience with mostly internationals wating in this restaurant. The food serving is..."
Joash Paunil
"Underrated place with very good Greek food. Their lamb choices and stuffed meatballs are a must here. For drinks, I'd suggest getting their yogurt..."
John Gan
"Probably the most accomodating dine in/out resturant out there. the staff were very polite, they promptly attend to you. food was also serve on time..."
Justin Ace Siu
"Ambience was superb. Food was delicious! And love the service!! Planned to eat first before our appointment but arrived late because of traffic so we..."
Cheska Jumawan
"Really flavourful dishes with elegant plating. Even the rice was unexpectedly amazing with the added ingredient much like noodles. Price is..."
Claire Rodriguez
"Wow! Wow! Wow! Had an opportunity to visit FETA and if you are looking for real Mediterranean, this is the spot. The food is outstanding and..."
Aaron Black
"Greaaaat Food! I forgot what's it called but we got the one they cook in a clay pot and break before your very eyes (of course there's foil naman) ...."
Pizza Grigliata Manila
90/100 (79 ratings)
"I loved the ambience and the friendly chef.The margherita pizza is superb! I loved the the parmesan wings it's well done! And ofcourse the bulul..."
"It was delish. Would have been better if there were more choices on the menu tho. But the pizzas are excellent! Ordered the Mushroom and Bacon Pizza..."
"Follow me on Instagram: @astro.adinThe Pizza parlor I've been craving to try since we discovered Carousel Creamery downstairs and became..."
"We love Pizza Grigliata for its innovative flavors and ultra-thin crust pizzas. All the ingredients used are obviously of quality while the greens..."
Yogo And Cream
"Given the surmounting food choices around, an establishment today needs a distinct identity to stand out. A certain brand needs to be recognized for..."
"Awesome service, great enviroment and the perfect pizza's!! It is a MUST try for all!! You will not be dissapointed!! Highly recommended for all..."
Marc Guevarra
"This isn't my first time here. Was introduced here by a very special kumare and bff. The prosciutto is indeed not salty, as what I know of others and..."
Joeŷzëē ĀŁiënză
"I have dined in Pizza Grigliata twice and I always leave happy every time. I have sampled quite a bit from their menu and nothing missed!I..."
Lai Sy
"I'm not a fan of thin crust pizza and I am still not a fan of it, but with Pizza Grigliata, it made my experience eating something I am not really..."
Hazel Evangelista
"Awesome artisan pizzas! At first I thought they were overcooked in fire but learned they were black doughs. We love the arugula with honey! This is a..."
Joash Paunil
"I love thin crust pizzas and they serve one of the best ones I think 👍 I enjoyed their tomato curry with apple soup, ordered the spinach- arugula..."
Carmina Cortez
"Something new in GH. Food taste do not disappoint but it could have been better if they add more food choices. Price is on the expensive..."
Andrea Joyce Wen
"They have the bestt 4cheese pizza!! This place is a must try! Only one size of pizza and the price ranges from 280-350pesos. Kind of small pizza but..."
Mef DB
"First Grilled n’ Torch Pizza in Ph ❤️🇵🇭 I was truly amazed by their food from their starters, chicken, pastas and especially their..."
Allans Gastro Snaps
"Pizza Grigliata Manila may be one of the many pizza concepts to hit the Philippines, but it is the first of its own to introduce the grill-and-torch..."
Fried And Prejudice
"Went here 2x in just a week.. A friend brought me and we got the Margherita and Caesar Salad.. I love thin crust pizzas and this one surely didn't..."
Angie Gosiaco
"From what I know, Pizza Grigliata would only be found in bazaars and alike before it attracted many food experts. After garnering awards, they were..."
Lexi Enriquez
Chili's Greenhills
90/100 (703 ratings)
"Food are good for sharing. Recommended:  Chicken Crispers (P360), Steak and Shrimp Fajita (P695), Bottomless Tostada Chips w/ Salsa (P395), Loaded..."
"Chili's is your quintessential american family spot that you can take either your group of friends, your family, or a laid back casual Wednesday..."
Stephen Tan
"I tried their top shelf margarita, and it was alright. It can get a bit too much to try and finish the whole thing, as it's a pretty big serving, but..."
Mark Philip Wu
"My favorite branch of this famous franchise! I love how you will get the same quality of food in any of their branches. Service is a hit or miss..."
Foodie Dokie
"What I loved (good for 5 people!):1. Clam chowder2. Boneless chicken salad3. Honey mustard chicken crisper, with shredded corn and..."
Goldielyn Limsiy
"A Greenhills institution - who hasn’t been here?! No complaints for this branch since we were in high school. Even their mashed potato is a warm..."
Jam Tan
"Amazing food; big servings; great for sharing with friends or family. This place is for everyone and has something for anyone (maybe only a few..."
"Always a fun time in Chili's. Our barkads fave is still the unli nachos. For our unli chikas this is the perfect companion! We had 5 refills during..."
Te Candano
"We ate 2x in chillis in a month.. i like all the foods we ordered big servings and worth the price. Staffs are friendly but i think its their SOP....."
Jac Choa
"The go-to place for after-work dinner and drinks with my officemates when I used to work in the Greenhills area. The branch is spacious. Nice venue..."
Ria Pe | RIA_litybites
"Friendly staff. love the great food and ambience 😊 a great place to chill at night with friends. definitely will come back again to enjoy more..."
Gwynne Yee
"They have the Best burgers. Very Good value for money. And very Kid friendly. The staff is very Friendly. A very upbeat place. There is something for..."
"The food here is really good, high quality taste and big serving! There’s nothing on the menu that does not taste awesome.. the waiters are..."
Pau G
"We had Baby back ribs, chicken crispers and house salad. Everything tastes so good! Ribs not so meaty though. So planning to try another dish next..."
Jeff Chua
"This place has always been our turf ever since. My go to here is their Bacon Mushroom Burger which they no longer serve. I’ve always loved the..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
"Chili’s has always been our go-to restaurant for unlimited nachos or the occasional bottomless margaritas whenever there’s a promo. But even so,..."
Fried And Prejudice
"We usually eat here before we found out that they have a branch in atc. Love the mini burger bites, its bite size but full of flavors. I always order..."
Dax Placente
"In terms of casual dining, it is still one of the more maintained brands even when it opened here in Manila almost 20 years ago. From their appetizer..."
Hungry Adventurer
"my go to with friends love their salsa. usually i visit this place with friends after long day of work to chill and relax a bit. staffs are..."
Rosley Secerio Boncan
"Great food all around, and i think the long lines prove it. So many tasty and hearty dishes, you will not be disappointed. The one place where i..."
"Chili's is one of my go-to restaurants that never fail to satisfy my admittedly Western influenced palate. To this very day, I still have dirty..."
The Pickiest Eater In The World
"Chili's is one of my favorite American imports, and glad to see that this branch is as good as the others. Staff is knowledgeable and friendly,..."
"Great place for a quick meeting and dates with my love. Great food always. :) All though I just don't like the rice so I will opt to pasta and mashed..."
Nicole Aban
"Still the same Chili's we grew up with. Fajitas is love. So is bottomless chips ♥️ and their beer choices still include cervesa Negra and super..."
"Good food, great servings. Great Service. So many great dishes. Chicken salad is good, and they often have specials. Can't go wrong here, always..."
"Chili's is definitely one of my go to spots for some comfort food. They absolutely never fail in providing top notch service and super great tasting..."
Yshkael Co
"Ate here again at this branch last week after years. It hasn't changed much. The place is crowded but not the bad type since you expect it from the..."
"It was my nephews birthday and his parents decided to celebrate here. They were the ones who picked what to order since I don’t have any idea what..."
Angielyn Morales
"We were here on a Friday evening until their closing time (1am). All our orders were good. The waiter was attentive to often refill our glasses of..."
Nom Nom
"A good place to meet-up long lost college pals. The ambiance was lively, not boring. I enjoyed the food, which are all in big servings. Burger taste..."
Crave Feast Burp
"Had dinner at Chili's Greenhills yesterday and tried two new dishes. The Bacon Perfection Sliders and The Texas Trio. I enjoy eating burgers, i dont..."
Marilyn Chua
"I sooo love chilis. Its everything comfort food for me. Was able to take advantage of the 200 burger. We ordered 8 burgers all in! Its also great..."
Cristina Lim
"One of the few place opened today and it was packed. I arrived at around 5:30pm there were a few tables left. By 6pm it was all filled up and some..."
Feed My Tummy PH
"Food - 4/5Service - 5/5Ambiance - 3.5/5Recommended:- Chicken Crispers (P340): Great value! Battered chicken fillets with..."
Hungry Girl
"Chilis is our go to restaurant for comfort food. We love their nachos with the skillet queso. The chicken crispers are the favorites of my children...."
"Just like other branches it seems Chili's has the same quality in terms of their service, ambiance, and food. I had their Fish and Chips,Chili and..."
"Chili's is our default place to go when we can't decide where to eat. We usually start off with either southwestern egg rolls and/or calamari. For..."
"Will always be a fan of Chili's and their food. Aside from that, their staffs were so accommodating, in spite the amount of people they were serving...."
Jeun Eats World
"There are times when I go to Chili's several times in a week. Although I try new dishes, I always find comfort and consistency in their skillet queso..."
"It has been quite a while since my last Chili's visit. If I remember it right, it was way back February of last year. Yes, it has been over a year! I..."
Mary Love Siy
"I absolutely love love LOVE the Fresh-Mex bowl!!! Yum!!! I usually come to Chili's when the bottomless Margarita promo is on, though I think they..."
F Kat Lo
"I always go here when I want to take a break from everything. After 15 years, they haven't changed the taste or quality of my favorite dishes. Even..."
Rica Palomo-Espiritu
"The best place to dine with family and friends. Their Frozen Strawberry Margarita, unlimited Nachos and Fajitas with shrimp, steak and chicken are my..."
"When my best buddy and I need to chat and unwind this is where we go. It seems that they've revamped their menu recently and the quality of the food..."
Philip T
"Hangout of my childhood! We all felt so cool 12 years ago going to Chili's and then drinking coffee at Starbucks. We were so hip and happening or so..."
"Had to invite my clients for dinner and my local contact there mentioned that chili's will be a very nice place to visit . Truly they have a very..."
Ashish Kirtikar
"It's been years and Chili's remain to be a go to restaurant for Comfort American food. Ren Dela Cruz celebrated her day with us and watched Gilas..."
"Our family loves this place. Whenever we come back again and again to dine, our old favorites never fail to disappoint. The never ending nachos,..."
"Craving for a steak and mashed potato? Chili's is the place! Chili's really has one of the best and most tasty mashed potato that I can't stop eating..."
Kathleen Navarro
"Good food and drinks! Our favorite hangout place for drinks after dinner in Greenhills. :) Unlimited nachos for the win! :) Warm and just the right..."
Ianne Palima
"Chili's is always a good place to hang out and catch up with friends. I was surprised to see that the restaurant is full on a weeknight. I had a..."
Dennis Carlson Lim | TFC
"chili's has turned into the ever lasting american food chain for me. friday's is just no match to the quality and the consistency of..."
"I first tried out Chili’s when I was in grade school when one of my classmates celebrated her birthday in the Greenhills branch. Fast forward to 14..."
Nikki Sian
"I like Chili's Greenhills. My cousins and I seem to be hanging out a lot here nowadays to spend time with one another. The place is comfortable and..."
Joseph Mendoza
"I love Chilis a lot! For me they are the best restaurant ever! Mt staples are either big burger bites, baby back ribs or their nachos. What I like..."
Christian Poso
"my daughter and i stop by chilies greenhills for snacks we ended up ordering sea food platter, white fish pan fried -nd jsmbalaya and salad, the food..."
"Chili's is an American restaurant chain. It's also quite popular in the US. My favorites here are the nachos, clam chowder soup, burger and the baby..."
Mike Yu
"I've tried other Chili's branches but this branch here is the best so far. Quality of food is very satisfying and you will really crave for more. I..."
Margarita Maria Fernandez
"Chili's is an American restaurant chain that specializes in American and Mexican cuisines. It offers a wide variety of appetizers, soups, salads,..."
She Co
"Chili's caters to everyone from all ages! It is a go to place for fuss free all American grub. Their Chili is a highly recommended item - Note: order..."
Cliff-Jacky Cheng
"Ever felt so bad and all you wanted was a basket of Chicken Crispers with shredded corn and really thick slices of Fries? Chili's is my Go-To place..."
Angelika E
""Welcome to Chili's!"That ad goes on and on in my head, LSS on it because regardless of country (US or Philippines), it plays on and on...."
Kevin Atendido
"Chili's is an all-American restaurant bar that's been around for quite a long time. I think it has been around for more than a decade. I remember..."
Vivian Co
"Me and my wife have been going to Chili's at least one every two weeks the past couple of months. And I order the same thing: half rack honey..."
Patrick Joseph M. Luis
"Shrimp Tacos and Bacon Burgers to start with, my favorite from our orders. So mouth wateringg!! Bacon burger added with thin sliced onion rings, very..."
Angelo Paralejas
"Good service, excellent food, convenient location and with easy parking due to valet services being offered. This is one Chili's branch that me and..."
Patrick Mendoza
"Chili's Greenhills is a great place to hang out with friends and a good place to eat after a late night work out since it closes late. The food is as..."
Kristen Lim
"One of the few restaurants (in the area) that have stood the test of change and time in the last couple of years, without losing the quality of..."
Christa U.
"There’s aplenty of sumptuous dishes offered at Chili’s, but they are mostly and largely for meat lovers. Where’s the beef? It’s rightfully..."
Rochkirstin Sioco
"One of my comfort-food restaurants, Chili's has always been consistent with the quality of their food. The price, for me, is fair enough to the..."
Althea Marie Toledo
"favorite hangout to eat a lot of nachos! one order of anything could really feed three..."
Mj Josue
"Greenhills is a place of food haven all my life. And having Chili's as one of their food resto's there is very convient for me. Whenever i get to..."
Bea Marcelo
"Our favorite place for night cap. My family's favorite dish is their buffalo wings and the lava cake...."
Princess Angela
"The rains have finally eased up, but the skies remained grey. A little taste of sunshine would be nice. Southwestern flavors on a grey overcast day..."
The Food Dude
"When I'm craving for really excellent American/ Tex-Mex food and I'm willing to splurge, I go to Chili's. Even though they charge more than your..."
Kirsten Uy De Baron