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Hai Chix & Steaks Greenhills
86/100 (278 ratings)
"A true hole-in-the-wall type of resto in the heart of GH, the steak, although small in terms of servings, is so delicious! The steak is great, so..."
Grace Vicedo
"Came here for a late lunch, right before they closed for the dinner prep. The service is great and the T bone steak is always juicy, as we usually..."
Sato Nakamura
"𝖧𝖺𝗂𝗅𝖾𝖽 𝗍𝗈 𝖻𝖾 𝗈𝗇𝖾 𝗈𝖿 𝗍𝗁𝖾 𝖻𝖾𝗌𝗍 𝗌𝗍𝖾𝖺𝗄𝗌 𝗂𝗇 𝖠𝗌𝗂𝖺..."
Baby Ann Go
"I was a bit dubious at first because the place is called “Hai Chix & Steaks”. Hainanese chicken place that serves good steak?..."
"Amazing steak! 👌 The best of the best..."
Gabby Bitong
"Their pasta was cooked well, though a bit salty. Their shrimps were cooked perfectly and the steak from the paella was..."
Annika Noelle Reyes
"Best steak ever! The steak here is definitely a 5! But the hainanese chicken is too small. If they improve their serving of other dishes this will..."
Food For The Soul
"Tried their steamed hainanese chicken rice, laksa and house salad. The steamd hainanese chicken rice is very authentic. Price is very worth it for..."
Richard Dean Po
"The baby back ribs + callos pasta is 100% value for money when you get it on Zomato Gold. (Note: the steak is not included on Gold).Not..."
Perry Ang
"First things first, thank you Zomato Gold!!!Almost half of this spread was complimentary,What we had:Butter Garlic..."
Miguel Luis Felizardo
"Had the following dishes:Laksa: not my favorite laksa as I wish I could taste the curry and spices more.Truffle Cream Pasta: it..."
Paula Ariel I. Reyes
"Staple on their menu is the porterhouse steak. Its good for 3, and does not ever disappoint. Only if you're really a beef guy you'd find you can..."
Joan Sy Tan
"Service great but some of the staff were not familiar with Zomato Gold mechanics. Steak was over cooked but I wasn’t expecting masterful food..."
Jona Bautista
"Great food! Tried their Angus ribeye. Will definitely come back for sure to try their other food. Rated 4 stars because their comfort room was..."
Pocholo Villacorta
"The place is very unassuming and, frankly, quite dubious at first glance. The place opens at 6pm for dinner and one has to climb up a dark stairs..."
"Great great great service.The servers were very knowledgeable, polite and attentive.Their steak was perfectly seasoned and perfectly cooked..."
Joma Sanchez
"Took my girlfriend out on a date, ordered the steak, laksa, and the shrimp. Turned out to be one of the best dates if had. The ambiance..."
Paolo Rabat
"Review as of November 2018This place has a quite silly name such that you'd be tempted to pass up dining here but that's a silly mistake to..."
Hilary Hao
"Had a strong craving for steak and I wanted a place nearby sk we ended up here. Its on the 2nd floor, I hate the killer stairs but if anything it got..."
Beat Macalino
"If you’re a fan of marinated steaks, Hai Chix is the place to be!! steak tasted so juicy, fatty and salty. loved it! their garlic shrimp with..."
"Great for dinner out with friends/family. If you want to splurge a little for dinner, order the US Angus Ribeye or Porterhouse, you will not regret..."
"My family and I were in Greenhills and decided on having some American Cuisine for an early Wednesday dinner as we were craving for a good, thick and..."
"Delicious food. Worth every centavo. The Porterhouse Angus Steaks were huge and packed with flavour. The Garlic Shrimp was one of my favourite too. ..."
Karin Hollnsteiner
"Porterhouse with trimmings on top. You’re doing it right. Take my stars. After I ate here I got good dreams for a week and the Philippines became a..."
Jango Agustin
"We ordered the US Angus Rib-eye steak and BBQ half rack ribs. The steak, at medium done, was juicier than the ribs, which was a bit dry but..."
Artie C. Sindac
"Excellent food. Asian wings, laksa, wagyu rice with shrimps, fish fillet. Everything we tried was delicious. Place looks great as well. Only..."
"The Hainanese chicken rice was among the best I've ever had (not that I've had a lot). The chicken was perfectly cooked and ridiculously juicy. The..."
Diego Limpo
"Too expensive for a very casual place. It should be okay, but the utensils are not nice to give a good dining experience. Steak a bit tough, taste is..."
"Tried the Hainanese chicken rice and the half rack bbq back ribs (in pic). Food tasted so-so, the hainanese chicken did not have the overwhelming..."
"I like the ambiance as it is not very formal.  Food that we had tasted amazing. Butter Garlic Shrimp - Addicting.  Fish and Chips..."
Paolo Edrosa
"One of my favorite steak places to dine in, if not the top choice, Hai Chix and Steaks offers great quality steaks at an affordable..."
ABE | ABEventures
"The clams pasta tasted great. I asked for more lemon and it tasted even better!The steak wasn't as tender as I thought it would be but it..."
"parking was quite small probably best to come there early or can always park at greenhills shopping center.but on the otherhand,service is good,loved..."
Mary A.
"Visited this place on a Saturday night and it was jam-packed! Most of the guests were families with kids so imagine a very small place with some kids..."
Camille Solis
"Ordered the steak paella and half-slab babyback ribs, masarap siya. We like the taste of the steak sa paella, and yung price ay friendly. Steady..."
Jayr Magtoto
"Don’t you just love it when you set expectations and they don’t disappoint? This is exactly what I experience during one of my gastronomic..."
Sand Under My Feet
"Looking for less than 5000Php to take out your loved one on a fancy date?!HAI CHIX!!!Their steaks are just awesome! Really good food..."
Nikita Cardinal
"I've heard of Hai Chix & Steaks from my friends before, and I remember them saying that it was really good. And honestly, I wasn't let down by the..."
"I've heard a lot about Hai Chix & Steaks and it has been highly recommended by friends. I know that my carnivore husband would want to visit but..."
"Personally given a choice between meat and seafood, I will always choose the latter. You can say I'm not a carnivore unlike most people who love..."
Yua Dominguez
"I recently went to Hai Chix & Steaks in Greenhills, San Juan on a sponsored invite by Zomato. The restaurant, which is located beside this new..."
"Hai Chix & Steaks Greenhills is a very cozy place plus the food is super good.My favorite so far is the Porter House Steak especially the..."
James Miguel
"Hands down the best steak I have had in a really long time! The Rib Eye and the Porterhouse are a must! I personally prefer the rib eye more if you..."
"A little trivia first!Hai Chix and Steaks is short for Hainanese Chicken and Steaks. The ambience of the restaurant makes you feel at..."
Yam Zapanta
"Hai Chix and Steaks is arguably one of the more remarkable steakhouses in the Metro. The dimly lit interiors and dark furniture, not to mention the..."
Manfred Manalo
"This restaurant is easy to find.  Just right at the side of Promenade.  Ambiance was well lit.  It was cozy and a bit industrial. For the food,..."
"One of the things I remembered from watching hell's kitchen is that it is very difficult to pull off a fusion dish for it requires balance not just..."
Catherine Joy Tan Lim
"Hai Chix & Steaks is a Perfect Dine & Chill Spot 👅🍷 We had our scrumptious dinner there last Friday. The Porterhouse tastes really delicious!..."
Takaw Mata
"Yuummmyy!!! I like their shrimp pasta, it's really flavorful. Tho sometimes a bit too oily.But the place is spot onn!!! Yummy..."
"We ordered Steak Tapa with fries and Hainanese chicken. Between those two, I really liked their hainanese chicken. The chicken had savory flavor and..."
Nemie Dayos
"We highly recommend the Angus Porterhouse Steak. It's good for 3-4 persons, but it was too delicious that my date and I finished all of it! Better..."
Meliza Orbe
"One of the strangest combinations to materialize, Hai Chix and Steaks mixes Western faves, such as steaks and burgers, with the flavors of the East,..."
Jonah Amora
"Brought my extended family there for Sunday dinner. I really liked the food though I have 2 issues. Firstly, the pastas were a bit oily. And..."
Kenneth Yu
"I love the food here!!! Everything is delicious and priced well. The interiors are just minimalist and it's a good place to meet with friends because..."
"I was invited to try Hai Chix and Steaks in Greenhills a few days ago. For appetizer, we had Butter Garlic Shrimp and Shrimp in Balsamic..."
"I really enjoyed the soup. It was a lobster or was it a shrimp bisque but it was so good. I actually want to go back for just the soup. The others..."
"A belated birthday celebration last year...We were there just as they opened for dinner service at 530pm... We were so early due to our 7pm..."
Foodie Dokie
"Everything was very good. Interior design was good-it had the feel of an apartment in the US. Service was excellent as well. Ordered the shrimp and..."
Precious Monica Patalinghug
"Im not just saying this because i know the owner. The food is good specially the hainanese chicken and rice. I also like the design of the..."
Ron Reyes
"The steak is to die for! I love the crispy bits on top of the steak whatever that is! Can't get enough of the steak rice as well. Hainanese chicken..."
Mikhail Kevin Laurel
"I love everything about the place !!! Good food , great ambiance and very reasonable !! I will definitely go back whenever I feel the need for a..."
Caleb Canlas
"I've been a fan of Hai Chix ever since it opened. i'm glad they have a Ghills branch now! Located on Missouri St, above a wine shop, blink and you..."
"Love this place ❤ highly recommended. The staff was very accomodating. The ambience was perfect for lunch/dinner with family and the music was also..."
Rammy B
Mala Tang
86/100 (0 ratings)
Street Food
"I love the Lechon..."
Mark MJ Morales
"this is the bomb! Len need to move nanaman to a bigger place, lagi may pila :D ok to for some midnight snack after..."
Phillip Kaw
"The best hong kong roasting and noodles soup!..."
Lenford Dy
"Tang Hot Pot and Roastings | Considered as one of the hole-in-the wall restaurants thst you can find along the tiny streets of San Juan City, Mala..."
Allans Gastro Snaps
"Place is quite small and parking can be a problem. The staff was friendly and provided good service. They were out of lechon macau when we visited so..."
"Found our newest tipid sulit resto!!! 💖 Perfect this typhoon weather! 😬⛈ Being a fan of all things spicy, we ordered the Mala Sate Hot Pot!!..."
Haydee Kua
"Considered as one of the hole-in-the-wall restaurants that you can find along the tiny streets of San Juan City; Mala Tang Hot Pot & Roastings is a..."
Jowell | FoodFlings.PH | Flingeros Philippines
"This place has been in the neighborhood for the past 3-4yrs, it takes good food to last this long in San Juan. Mala Tang's bestsellers include a..."
"A small unassuming place situated here in san juan, the humble place looks old but cozy.We ordered the classic Gulam-Mi, some of their..."
"A very satisfying hole in the wall Chinese restaurant. We ordered toasted duck and Soy Chicken, and they were both had good taste. They may even..."
Erika Hanne Yap
"Definitely a go-to for Chinese cuisine! They arguably have the best LECHON MACAU in town - very crispy and soft at the same time. It's like heaven in..."
Anselle Coronel
"The roast menu is very good.  My friend ordered the duck and was pleasantly surprised of the taste and quality.  We didn't try the shabu-shabu as..."
Michael Henry Malong
"I heard from a good friend that this particular dimsum house is the bomb. Last night, was the unhappiest moment ever because they don't serve those..."
Ana Geaga
"For this small store, we didn't expect them to have good roast items. Around this area, they probably have the roast duck and lechon macau (come..."
The Curious Belly
"Authentic Ramen. I was invited here by a friend. Not really a fan of ramen but it's a good place to eat this . Masarap sya. Simple lang yung place..."
Albert Cruz
"After our games we headed to this hole in the wall resto in Greenhills. We were lucky to have the 2 car parking space empty..well it was 11pm..."
Natalie K
"I was craving for roast pork so we drove to this joint in San Juan, it's near Wilson St. Parking slot is good for 3 cars only. About the..."
"I love the shabu shabu i tried the 8 pieces dumpling cheese dumpling was good, tried fish balls, squid balls, lobster balls, crab sticks, crab..."
Normann Garcia
"When we saw an available parking slot, we took it! Those who have been there would understand this. Since we have tried their hot pot..."
Jen CC Tan
"A nice hole in the wall place for Chinese comfort food at a very affordable price. One has to wonder why the prices are a little low and so it got me..."
Don Allado
"Their Shabu Shabu with malatang brooth is sooo spicy but it was sooo good! Very affordable and the place was clean and simple. I will definitely come..."
Krys Rapanut
"Straight up good roasts.A quick fix; and roasts are almost always freshly made which gives it a distinct edge.Definitely a new gem in San..."
Gino Gonzalez
"We shared a bowl of their make-your-own hotpot with 8 pieces and it was pretty-good. The broth we used was a combination of the Malatang and Sate..."
"Making waves in the flavor department, this little place is. The sate soup pot is perfect for cold (or not) nights. You can personalize your pot the..."
"Why is this restaurant not that well known? The food is fantastic! This is the first time I tried this and I enjoyed it. They're open until 12AM so..."
"Best thing about this place is it's open until midnight 😂😂 try ordering the special hotpot, sate soup 💜💜💜😜 so yummy! Perfect for a..."
"I'm not really a fan of noodles until I discovered this small, cozy and simple Chinese Resto near my place. The "make-your-own Shabu-shabu" is..."
Landuy Salvadico
"I'm so excited as i write this review. I can't believe i have not tried eating here earlier! the waitress said that they have been open for a year..."
"Nice place but very slow service. My girlfriend and I waited for almost 15 minutes for her pork and rice and for my shabu shabu. But it worth the..."
Pablo Lent Basa
"first time to try here, im satisfied tho. their porkchop over rice is super sulit!! very reasonable ang price. yummy foods also. good job!..."
Angel Lopez
Peri-peri Charcoal Chicken
86/100 (375 ratings)
"Love the different sauces for the..."
#wanderer /Richie Salao
"I've been here several times and I think it's a good place to visit if you are looking for peri peri chicken. I hope they would let the customers get..."
"Undoubtedly the best periperi style charcoal roasted chicken you can feast on in Metro Manila. No other comes close. Tender and juicy , less grease..."
"BEST RESTAURANT TO GET YOUR PERI-PERI CHARCOAL CHICKEN FIX!!! 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦If you want some delicious yet affordable comfort..."
"We've been in this restaurant a couple of times already and I always remember them for their lights and colorful bottles. A few years back, we had to..."
Patrick Unson
"The location is near the cinema so after we watched a movie, we decided to try here 😊 the chicken, the sauces, the sides, they are all good 💯..."
Marifher Joy Trinidad
"Their loaded nachos is a bit bland. The chorizo bolognese is a bit too oily. It was really the chicken that made up for it though. Meat is very..."
The Beanie Review
"The Salted Egg chicken skin is so sinfully delicious. Tipong you know you should stop eating but your hand reaches out for more and your mouth can't..."
Goldielyn Limsiy
"I'm not a fan of chicken especially when eating out. But hubby does love chicken.So when I tasted my very first peri-peri chicken, I was amazed..."
"Healthy chicken done right!Bar is set higher now for me because of peri peri chicken, real juicy, tender and tasty chicken, thank you.The..."
Joma Sanchez
"It's my first time eating in Peri-peri's in Promenade. Recommended! Their Honey pork Belly taste just right, and it comes with generous servings. Its..."
Gretel Adrianne Umali
"Been coming back to this place many times because their healthy meals are so addicting. Usually i find “healthy” meals bland but periperi has..."
David David
"The food d best ... I thought I’ll be disappointed but thank goodness masarap .. so tender ng chicken and ribs the rice was also good . The sauce..."
"One of those great chicken discoveries. The chicken flavor profile consists of a deep smoky essence paired with enough saltiness of the super tender..."
Diana Reyes
"If you’re going on a weekend, always expect that there will be a line to eat here. If we crave for chicken and we’re in greenhills, this is our..."
"➽ Saturday @ 4:30pm➽ ₱880.00 for 2 (Service Charge Included)Crowded? ✖Airconditioned? ✔CR available?..."
"Fairview branch opened, yey!.i Love the chicken. i love the sauces ❤️👍 my "nth" time here. 👍.staff in Fairview branch..."
"Polite and friendly staff. Food is great. Can be crowded during dinner time and weekends. This is inside promenade mall in gh. Good for family dinner..."
"the food is great! but maybe don't post your contact number on your page, because there is no one answering the phone, its frustrating! non..."
Diosdada Alexia Catayao
"The Peri Peri Baby Back Ribs makes for a hearty lunch after running errands. 🙌🏻 This huge plate comes with fall-of-the-bone Ribs coated in..."
Fried And Prejudice
"You just gotta love the simplicity of the place and the great taste of chicken. It’ll be a little difficult to find the place since it’s tucked..."
Jillian Modelo
"I'm such a big fan of grilled chicken. I can totally taste the herb (I like herbs in chicken) yummm and like 8 or 10 selection of dipping sauce?..."
Carla Perez
"Let’s go straight to the point and talk about the chicken - we like it! It’s tasty and juicy. 👌🏼 And a variety of sauces to choose from -..."
Ria Pe | RIA_litybites
"the food is very delicious. sakto lang ung price. i just find it unusual that they consider rice as a side dish. :)) i think the place is..."
Vina Tuliao
"Food: 5 out of 5The foods were surprisingly good with a wide array of combos they offer. Opted to order one of their chicken platter and a combo..."
"Super sarap! As in!!! Di ka mabibigo. Medyo price-y siya pero worth it talaga. Meron silang service charge di naman sobrang laki kaya wag na magbigay..."
Ashley Villa
"Best Peri peri chicken around. the selection of dips are massive and delish! the chicken is flavorful and tender. sides are delish too, although..."
Kimmy Ramos Villafuerte
"Our go to place for when we're really hungry! I love their chicken. We usually order it with their pasta tartufo. The food comes out quick and..."
Inna Chen
"The place is easy to miss within promenade,,,but when u get in here there is a big space downstairs hehehe.. great food and place.. i love the..."
Stacy Banilla
"I love the fire roasted chicken, jampacked with a lot of flavors and you can choose whatever sauce you want garlicky or the spicy sauce ( they even..."
Sheila Marie Soriano
"My girlfriend and I usually eats at Peri Peri. Their chicken is good plus their side dish too. What brings out the flavor even more is the sauce. I..."
Paul Martin Reyes
"Me and my sister celebrated her birthday here.. we tried their chiken platter the astrud and their shakira.. worth the price and taste delicious.. u..."
Clarenz Nina
"- Flavorful chicken and other delicious dishes such as pizza, pasta, and even rice entrees at affordable prices are available here!- Serving is..."
Jasmine B
"It's my first time to dine here and thats all because of booky app's buy 1 get 1 coupon.The restaurant ambiance and decor really stands out from..."
Mary Grace Khu 王育心
"The place was nice and full of vibe. Love their designs. It was dinner time when we arrived and it was a full house and yet their staff were still..."
Kim Valdez
"what we love about peri peri is the variety of sauces. (the boyfie and i are suckers for places with diff kinds of sauces) the chicken is cooked..."
"The food was good but the serving for theyre best seller chicken served in rice is quiet small. But overall, it was a nice dine for us! The ambience..."
Pearl Ann
"I apologize in advance because I forgot the exact name of the platter/group meal we ordered but it basically consists of the following --1...."
"I always always always order the pasta tartufo here. It is, by far, the best truffle pasta recipe I've tasted in the Philippines. 👌🏼 I hate..."
"SERVICE: Their staff are kind and accommodatingPLACE: The seats are comfortable, but the lighting was not that good for those people who..."
Jericho Hollman Jumangit
"Went here after a tiring ikot around the tiangges. We had a hard time finding the restaurant haha. 😆 Upon entering, it's like you're entering a..."
Bet Azusano
"First African restaurant I’ve tried. I cannot get over their best seller “Pasta Tartufo”. I feel like I was made for pasta. My bf loves the..."
Maebel Schofield
"Good place and good food. Also, generous servings.Tried their Patatas Bravas and it was really really good!We also tried their..."
The Wandering Geek
"For Fitness First members you'll get a 10% discount when you order their healthy meals. We ordered Todo (Php525), it's whole roasted chicken..."
Feed My Tummy PH
"Since i love it so much i'm writing this review right before i start my day at work. :) The food taste so good, its definitely value for money. Just..."
"Food - 5Ambiance - 5Service - 4Recommended:- Peri Peri Wild Wings (P260): 8 big pcs of spicy wings with carrot sticks and..."
Hungry Girl
"If you're craving for succulent and arguably affordable roast chicken, this is the place to go. Everytime I go here, I alway get satisfied with their..."
Joshah Caleb Chua
"We tried their exotic dippings and it's actually good. Definitely the highlight in their menu. It gives a unique and signature taste and"
PH Weekly
"It was my first time in Greenhills and we are going to try this restaurant. Well the chicken is delicious and the sauces amaze me. I mean not all..."
Aliza Alagon
"If chicken makes you jump like a little kid, this restaurant is for you! Situated in the new promenade wing of Greenhills is a chicken lovers haven...."
"LATE REVIEW FOR PERI PERI.I definitely love it here! The chicken is a two thumbs up, actually lahat ng foods are great, so great. The..."
Ja Julian
"Since I love to eat chicken, I decided to try this restaurant last year. I enjoyed the food. I loved how juicy the chicken was. I liked the taste of..."
"One of the best roasted chicken I've tasted.Ambiance is ok..Service is not bad (Except for the part when the waiter served us our food but..."
Hubert Co
"I, the ever workaholic, Miss Piggy and my ever reliable very best bud stop by Greenhills New Promenade after a weekend work. The two of us are..."
Travel Eat Pinas
"Food is good, affordable and they offer big servings. I enjoyed the taste of tortilla wrapped pieces of chicken, salsa and canjun sauce it blends..."
Travel Eat Pinas
"Our first time in this restaurant was fun. The entrance was deceiving, we thought it was only a small hole but when we entered, it was a huge area..."
Mommy Lanie
"Food was good and very affordable compare to otherrestaurants that serve charcoal chicken. They offer wide variety of sauces tomatch with..."
Wild Ride
"Peri-Peri has the tastiest, juiciest spit fire roasted chicken in Manila. I have been a frequent customer of their old greenhills branch until..."
Alvin Ong | TFC
"The chicken was superb!! Hands down. We really enjoyed it, and even took some of it home. The side dishes (we got mashed potatoes, coleslaw, corn and..."
Mai Dumana
"This branch quality went waayyy 📉 since last year. What gives? I dont know but everything from service (having to ask for utensils twice and..."
Paul Kim
"Huge servings,Good value for your moneyGreat location, interiors, cold AC i r8 8/8Tried the Chicken Platters: Pele and Maradona..."
"My husband & I discovered this resto as we were looking for somewhere quick to eat before watching a movie at the promenade & it was a hidden..."
Gretchen Aquino
"The place is great and clean the food was ok not that really awesome,i just notice the java rice is like plain rice with just coloring.the food..."
Victor Yap
"Before going to the movies, we decided to have our dinner at Peri Peri. The place is huge, best for groups. I ordered Fernandos which is a set meal..."
Toni Reyes
"Place: I like the glass bottle designs on the window. I like the roof design eith an oil lamp hanging down, however 1/3 of the room do not have those..."
RJohn McLorenz S. Esguerra
"I remember the Peri Peri beside Teriyaki Boy at the same mall closed and it re-opened to this. I did not expect them to change their concept as..."
Justin Chong
"I ordered Palmas, which is 1/4 chicken with 2 sides.. got the coleslaw and java rice. The chicken was tender and flavorful, the coleslaw was okay,..."
"Everytime I come visit Peri Peri it never fails my cravings for their flavorful chicken that served with different sauce. This time friends and..."
Abegail Del Rosario
"It was my second time dining here yet the experience was as good as the first time I dined here. I ordered the 1/4 chicken with 2 sides. The chicken..."
Tiff Huang
"I went in with soaring expectations because of all the good reviews I've been hearing. We had the 1/2 chicken with two sides. The meal was okay at..."
Diane Garduce
"BBQ ribs was awesome. The dips were very tasteful. The Chicken however was a little bit dry but the lime helped to create flavor. The price was okay...."
Jam Mendoza Agaton
"I love the ambience of the place, it kinda gives you a different feeling like as if you are in a different place and not in greenhills.As..."
"we visited greenhills shopping center for the first after 2-3 years to fix one of our iphones. by lunchtime when we were searching for a place to..."
Pol Maleniza
El Union Coffee
86/100 (966 ratings)
Quick Bites
Coffee & Tea
Grilled cheese
"I loved my usual latte which I have 3 days in a row while I was at LU. Quite common concern is, the waiting time to get your food orders. While..."
Bobbie Tayag Frondoza
"This place (and flotsam) sets the culture for the whole town. The coffee is amazing, the grilled cheese is the best in the country, and the staff and..."
Raffy Zamora
"Every visit gets better! I love that whenever they recommend anything, they'd explain why. Coffee, food, the crowd, and the crew is great! The el..."
Dave Gabriel
"Probably the best hangout place in LU, great coffee, good food, & chill vibe. The people here are friendly too! Thank you..."
Car Mie
"I haven't had coffee for the past ten years because of health issues. I was here with my family who loved their orders (flat white and hot mocha). ..."
Armin Roxas
"First time to have coffee here and I absolutely loved it. Cold Brew Mocha for the win. Their skillet cookie was awesome too. Will definitely come..."
Carla Dumo-Chan
"Best coffee in the North and the most fun place to hang out in San Juan! Five stars all the..."
Randy Ifi
"I try to visit here at least once each time I am in La Union. The staff is friendly and knowledgable. Passionate about coffee, it's preparation,..."
Dante Garzon
"Great staff! Very friendly & accomodating, a must try when in San Juan..."
Mike Espino
"Cozy feels like home feeling! After a day of surfing and touring ourselves in other destinations that L.U can offer - its always a great choice to..."
Herbz Nava
"Awesome place to catch the sundown. Good Coffee! PetmaLATTE! Haha Met new little friends, Cadence and Adam 🙂 Will definitely come back..."
Sari Osorio
"just how i like my coffee! awesome vibe too! you won't go wrong with a latte and maybe smores on the side..."
Caj Dingle
Big Scoop
86/100 (963 ratings)
"Loved their dark chocolate and strawberry! Pistachio, I would recommend..."
Thea Grace Ortega
"Love love love Big Scoop!Their ice creams are my most favorite among other brands cause they’re not overly sweet out the flavors tastes so..."
Denise Jestine Ang
"They have the most unique flavors of ice cream and this branch also serve other meals. Just like BTF which also has a branch near where I live. My..."
Angielyn Morales
"This is where i find comfort and cheap but good ice cream! Have not found an ice cream flavor that i did not like from this store. Super worth the..."
Mj Caruncho
"My most preferred local brand of ice cream that is not heavy on the wallet. Best value and tastes much better than some more expensive..."
"For those wondering, yes this is the ice cream brand that most buffet restaurants have in their unlimited ice cream station. Definitely: 5 Stars for..."
MCSI Group
"Big scoop has been one of my favorite local ice cream brand, very simple flavors and affordable. Their pint of ice cream is just a little over..."
"Big Scoop.Known for serving big scoops of delectable ice creams, Big Scoop has been consistent also in producing various flavors of ice..."
" Loved their ice creams but haven't tried their other dine-in menus. For me their ice cream are not too sweet and they offer variety of flavors. I..."
"4.0 kasi since bata pa ako nandiyan na yang Big scoop na yan and talagang yung ice cream nila yung binabalik-balikan ko dito. Aside kasi sa ice cream..."
Tetel Gasmeña
"Dream come true ang makapunta dito. ❤ Super love ko talaga ang ice cream dito. May mga kakaibang flavors pero affordable pa rin. Been in Morayta..."
"Best ice cream I've ever had, especially their own vanilla ice cream, which tastes better than any other leading brands. Approachable staff, clean..."
Jerome Palma
"A great 70's atmospheric diner place serving homemade classic and unique specialty ice cream flavors. Too bad this place has limited (2) parking..."
Bryan Johnson Lim
"Nothing comes close to their Midnight Cookies and Cream. It's dark chocolate ice cream and cookies. It's the best and I'm happy that you can get..."
"Always love their ice cream! Rich and thick in flavor! My personal favorite is their Green Tea one❤️ Legit-est matcha ice cream in Manila!..."
Katrina Villadiego
"(Update below)Have been ignoring this place for the past 6yrs and when we decided to give it a try, boom! Game over! B-E-S-T I-C-E C-R-E-A-M in..."
"Never been to this place but had sampled their ice cream several times from one of their concessionaires and I love it, so I think I owe them a..."
IamLil Affamé
"If we want ice cream.we always goes to big scoop. We love their avocado.flavor the best. We drop by here tonight to pick up the ice cream my son..."
Victor Yap
"Haven't been to this place but Tender Bob's GreenHills uses their Ice Cream for their Banana Split and it is delicious! Smooth, creamy, and just the..."
AJ Roque
"JUST. THE. BEST. PISTACHIO. ICE. CREAM. EVER. I go here when I'm sad, when I'm happy, when I feel stressed, when I want to reward myself,..."
Milaine Santos
"Tried the Chocolate Chip, Midnight CNC and Dark Chocolate. I can hardly tell the difference of the three flavors since they're all chocolates!..."
"I have eaten here plenty of times and usually not even for their ice cream! They have good filipino comfort food on their menu from rice meals to..."
"I have first tried Big Scoop in their outlet in Binondo. It was a very sunny afternoon so having ice cream was at the highest priority. Their flavors..."
Nina Ricci Bunsoy
"I always order roast porkloin meal when I'm in Big Scoop. Really value for money meal at 165 pesos with soup, drink and a scoop of their yummy ice..."
"Nice selection of ice cream flavors. Very smooth and creamy. It is a very good alternative to the commercial brands. The price is a little less..."
Dolly Verayin
"Our family's favorite ice cream provider and avocado as their favorite ice cream flavor. I accompanied hubby to pick up some for her sister's..."
Jacqui T
"It's a holiday and I feel like today calls for ice cream!! 😄 So went over at big scoop and ordered waffle bowls. One has pistacchio, strawberry..."
"Ice cream not just for kids but also for adults! Wide selection of ice cream flavors... You can buy an ice cream starting from 20 pesos. You can..."
Kathleen Navarro
"We came all the way from Makati just to try this ice cream house in San Juan. The place is pretty neat and when we came in around 12 the place is..."
Foodie Day Out
"I've always been a fan of big scoop even way before big scoop signs where placed in restos where its served. It used to be called Cool Spot. Their..."
Jap Jap
"If I am not mistaken, I have seen the Big Scoop logo in some really high end buffets in the Metro. So when I saw this place, I knew the ice cream..."
Joseph Mendoza
"I enjoy the set up of this place as it feels like and looks like an old ice cream parlor. The place is clean too and I enjoy eating their ice cream..."
Marco Miranda
"Big Scoop Ice cream is one of my favorite go to places when I am around the San Juan area visiting my cousins. We frequent the place especially..."
Christian Poso
"Love Big Scoop ice cream. Their classic flavors of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry are creamy and light and the place is also something out of an..."
Wilma Poso
"Perfect for all my cravings 😍 it was perfect!! Aside from its walking distance from our house, all my favorite flavors are there. Midnight cookies..."
Patricia Ann Lagpad
"My friend and I went to Big Scoop on a hot Monday afternoon after reading plenty of rave reviews for it. There was just one guy working and another..."
"When looking for cheap but quality ice cream, Big Scoop would be my best answer. To start off, I would like to commend the ambience of the place. It..."
Karl Ong
"Never miss an ice cream craving again even if its a hot and blazing day outside. This is the only ice cream shop as i know in the san juan area that..."
Alvin Jover B. Neo
"Hot summer weather seems to be persisting into May, so regular ice cream runs are still crucial to sanity. Thank the lucky stars above that we..."
Marielle Ong
"I couldn't ask for more. Every flavor is a must try especially green tea. They have this sensation that whenever you're done with a serving, you need..."
"This place was my hangout spot with my high school clique. Their big scoop ice cream scoops are priced at about 65php per scoop while regular scoops..."
Raechelle Tinio
"I just want to share my favorites which is their Midnight Cookies and Cream as well as their Mt. Everest wherein you are able to select 9 flavors of..."
Pam Melendres
"Big scoop is an ice cream parlor with very affordable pints of ice cream! They also have this nice atmosphere while you're eating your favorite..."
Grazelle ✨
"My favorite ice cream house to date. Try their mocha ice cream... I like their lasagna too...."
John Aquino
"Perfect for my sweet tooth. I especially love to indulge myself at the everest.. different flavors to soothe my..."
Faith Velasco
"Big Scoop is our favourite hangout place in San Juan City. Their Mt. Everest is a must try! That's 9 scoops of ice cream with different flavors to..."
Cheng Bigay
Francesco's Kitchen
86/100 (165 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
"Had dinner with the in-laws.  The place was a home converted into a resto-cafe.  We ordered the Burrata, Trofie, Risotto, Vongole, Rigatoni, Parma..."
Let Us Eat
"The food in this restaurant is a bit pricey, but you'll definitely get what you paid for. The food was absolutely delicious and we were very..."
Czarina Andrea
"The osso bucco is expensive but it is really good. I Ordered Papardelle with duck ragout and mushrooms but it was a letdown, too gamey for my taste...."
Veronica Santos
"Finally got to try this place.Authentic Itlaian cuisine in an old San Juan house.Everything was consistent and good from the Burrata salad down to..."
Gino Gonzalez
"First off, the menu is very interesting and looks like a typical menu you would find in a restaurant in Italy (except that it’s cheaper in many..."
"Been here twice already. Food has been consistently good. Ordered risotto, margarita pizza, carbonara. Their free bread and dip is good. My favorite..."
Krystle Yalong Santos
"Food was delish and serving size was also good for groups. Price is at par with other italian resto chains but more authentic plus the servers were..."
"Francesco's Kitchen is one of the best authentic Italian restaurants in the metro. You can order a full-course meal starting from appetizers and..."
Tara Lets Anywhere
"My friends and I tried some dishes on the guest chef’s menu. There were some dishes there that were good and others lack flavour. The..."
"I only review iced teas and noodles (in this case pasta). Both get a 4. Yes I will come back and yes it is worth your time and money. The drink is..."
"The place to taste authentic Italian in Manila. I loved the Parma pizza and the Rigatoni tartufo. Didn't scrimp on the great ingredients. Will..."
"Great for people looking for authentic Italian dishes. Serving is good for 2-3 people depending on your appetite. You pay a little extra compared to..."
Denise Angelo
"A few friends and I have been craving Italian and since we were at San Juan, we decided to hit up Francesco’s Kitchen for their authentic Italian..."
"It's a hidden gem tucked along Mabini Street in Addition Hills, San Juan City. Francesco's kitchen serves Italian cuisines. It was very quiet on the..."
Glenn Joseph | Jogpen
"Had lunch here with the family and ordered Caprese, osso buco, parma pizza, vongole pasta and nutella dessert. Everything was good. The taste is..."
"So we had our despedida for our dear Aunty yesterday at Francesco’s and everything we ordered was superb. I’ll try to remember all of the dishes..."
"I was invited for a dinner event at Francesco’s Kitchen in San Juan. Francesco’s Kitchen is an authentic Italian restaurant, the name..."
"Best Kept Secret Italian Restaurant in ManilaFor those people still chasing for the finest and authentic Italian Cuisine, you may include..."
Sino Pinas Eats
"Located somewhere along Mabini St. in Mandaluyong, Francesco's Kitchen is one of those restaurants that you probably pass by daily that you won't..."
Alberto Tenedero Jr.
"A great date place because the ambience is great with its brick walls and attentive servers. The risotto nero (560) with sea urchin was absolutely..."
Che Faustino
"Authentic Italian restaurant. Servers were really attentive and friendly. Pizza and pasta were delicious and something we've never tasted..."
Hershey O.
"Very good menu and the food is fresh and tasting Italian. Reasonable price. We will come back with a bigger group and hopefully the chef would not be..."
Florencio Quiogue Lucero
"Taste 4, Ambience 4, Price 3, Service 5. Overall 4. The place was packed on Easter Sunday and rightfully so since the food is good. We had pesto..."
"Love this resto.. its a bit pricey but u will surely get quality food. One of my fave restos. Need to make advance reservations in the evening..."
Rye-rye Jl T
"We had dinner here for a late Valentine's celebration. Our meal began with a basket of sourdough that was so fluffy and flavorful! the buratta salad..."
Josh Jimenez
"Best burrata salad in town.If you're serious about your Italian food. Then this place is for you.If you're looking from Filipino..."
Deng Tee
"We tried their burrata, their crab fettuccine, and their truffle pizza. The burrata was fine, a bit pricey for my taste but on par with all the other..."
Mark Philip Wu
"Francesco’s Kitchen now serves breakfast sandwiches, paninis and croissants with good Italian coffee. Opens 8:00 am. Place is cozy and plenty of..."
Annabelle Sia Yu-Yong
"Presentation of food -excellentService -excellentAmbiance and cleaniliness -excellentParking readuly available if not at front then at..."
"Im amazed by this newly opened restaurant near our home. The chef owner who used to cook for Paparazzi in Shang did a pretty good job setting this..."
Patiris De Rivera
"We ordered the burrata salad, truffle pizza, parma pizza, aglio olio pasta, fettuccini with crabmeat pasta, meatball spaghetti, and grilled..."
Gia Mendoza
"Finally! Good Italian food made by an Italian chef! We like that their carbonara has an option with cream or eggs. The octopus appetizer was good..."
The Curious Belly
"Must order: 1. Steak 2. Truffle pizza 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 3. Uni Risotto Location: 4 (homey vibe) Food portion:..."
Mayz Lui
"So happy to have this resto in my neighborhood. My girlfriend and I shared 3 items and my favorite was the scallop with truffle and bacon. This new..."
Gail Co Laude
"My husband and I are always excited when there is a new restaurant near us. When Francesco's Kitchen opened, we made sure to check it out early on...."
Jen CC Tan
Nathaniel's Bakeshop
85/100 (169 ratings)
"After almost 3 months of Community quarantine, finally had a zip of my favorite Nathaniel's Buko Pandan! A must..."
Johann Montemayor
"Anyone in the neighborhood knows this place where you can get pasalubongs for loved ones, as well as packed goodies to share for..."
Ruth Acero
"I recently came from a trip from Subic, Zambales with my teammates. On the way back, it's common for many to stop by Nathaniel's at the Subic Bay..."
Beatriz Fores
"The buko pandan is now available at selected supermarkets across the Metro but if you see yourself in a Nathaniel's Bakeshop don't forget to try..."
Eboy M. Donato
"SO and I had lunch here, and their service was really fast and servers were really courteous. We had pork bbq, siomai, fresh lumpia and grilled..."
Joy De Villa
"My go to when I’m craving Buko Pandan Salad. Their version is not overly sweet. It has the perfect amount of sweetness and it’s a perfect treat..."
"Follow me on Instagram: @astro.adinNataniel's is basically a bakeshop on its facade even upon entering you'll see cakes and pastry..."
"Their best sellers are Pancit Palabok and Buko Pandan Salad but I never knew their Beef Caldereta would be so good til I tried it. Their Buko Pandan..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
"Their dine-in menu items were fine but nothing exceptional (just me). What we like are their chicharon with laman (spicy or not), assorted pastries..."
"Great go to spot for those meals you just don't want to think about what you want to eat, just sit down, get welcomed by great staff and served..."
Gio Santaromana
"Great place to bring balikbayans for a quick filipino snack and desserts. Most of their menu meals are available on shelves for take out. Their..."
Al Siccion
"A Filipino restaurant that offers healthy vegetables and meat dishes as well as all-time favorite deserts at affordable prices. They also have a..."
Issa Pisa
"Affordable place with nice selections. Nice place to buy pasalubongs such as pili nuts and chicharon. Service is good! Personal favorites are as..."
"We tried out several dishes including arroz caldo, dinuguan, siomai, bola-bola siopao, pansit guisado, and buko pandan for dinner. Out of all the..."
"If you are a pinoy food lover then this place is a must for you. We ordered their beef something, pancit etc. Everything is delicious! They also home..."
Marie Francine
"I bought a box of buko pie after yoga class...Crust is good. Quite thick. Fillings are a bit small in quantity but tastes good like..."
Ace Ednalan
"Caldereta, sago't gulaman, buko juice, halo halo & their best seller buko pandan. No regrets! Finished everything with gusto! A perfect score for..."
"The place itself is not overly extravagant but Nathaniel's Bakeshop makes some pretty darn good noodle soups! For me, the best was the Lomi. The..."
"We drop to try the famous buko pandan.. unluckily for us it's not available that day. So we ordered another of what we heard is one of their best..."
Azyx Zednanreh
"two words. puto asado! puto pao! or whatever it's called. salted egg on top is icing on the cake. their gulaman and buko pandan drinks are good too..."
"Nathaniel's makes the best buco pandan I have ever tasted.  It's so good and popular that they are now sold in some grocery stores.  I saw..."
Vivian Co
"If you are looking for delicious buko pandan, then you should definitely visit this place. The buko pandan here is really good. It's not overly sweet..."
Mike Yu
"This place reminds me of a better version of what we all used to eat as kids in a canteen. Their pastas with tomato sauce are sweet and suited to the..."
Giannina Gonzalez
"The buko pandan is hwy I go here. This buko pandan of theirs have spoiled me beyond belief. Now I can never be satisfied with other buko pandans. I..."
Wilma Poso
"I bought their pichi pichi. My standard for pichi pichi is Amber's. My take on nathaniel's, is that it is at par with amber's. I also love their..."
Albert Yap
"I tried the bola bola siopao. It was awesome. It was packed with the bola bola and the bread itself was very yummy. I then had their adobo with egg...."
Justo Yap
"I got to know Nathaniel's Bakeshop from my in-laws. They recently bought buko pandan from this place so I got the chance to try it. It was indeed..."
She Co
"Love Nathaniel's Bakeshop for their simply yet really tasty dishes that are priced really well and are made affordable for a lot of people. This..."
Alma Luis
"Good food in affordable prices for a student like me. Since it's located near our campus, it's a 10-15 minute walk. The servings are fair and while..."
Issa Villapando
"The restaurant side is simple and clean, with cheery atmosphere, plus the servers are so nice. Parking is free too. Love the LASAGNA (5/5)..."
"Buko pandan salad, palabok, puto pao, fresh lumpia, siomai, spaghetti, lasagna, and ROAST BEEF RICE... That's what I always order. Lol! Yummy and..."
Anna Dominique Reyes
"I have yet to try Nathaniel's other food and pastry options, but what I do come back for time and time again is their Buko Pandan which is the best..."
Cristina Poso
"Heard that Nathaniel's has great food and it so happen that we are on our usual Sunday late lunch so we headed to the nearby restaurant. The place is..."
Miss Keen Reviewer
Yumi Japanese Restaurant
85/100 (81 ratings)
"Try the Seven Sea Moriawase, its more than 7x awesome! my new favorite is the Tori Chiisu Maki (cheese filled chicken roulade)! Thank you..."
Muriel Vergel-Just
"It's hard to get decent uni and ika sashimi anywhere. And I got the freshest from Yumi!..."
Rachel Tacorda
"Our go to japanese resto. Great food and great service as..."
Vanessa Lina-Elvina
"The tempura is so big and juicy! Superior Japanese food at reasonable..."
Sherwin Go
"Check out my review here! sidesdish.livejournal..."
Anna Patricia
"Very tasty Japanese food! Worth the price of the food and the service is very good and fast. Would definitely come back soon!! A must try is the..."
Carla Tañada-Yam
"tried the new aburi rolls and it tastes soooo good, better than ooma in my opinion. also a huge fan of the ebi tempura! super crunchy and delicious..."
"Yumi has been on my list of places to go. I have gotten and read some reviews that they have a good selection of chirashi bowls as well as uni/sea..."
Beatriz Fores
"Staff are very friendly and accomodating and they knew us already. Food is good everytime we go there especially the salmon sashimi, salmon with..."
Jannet Bermejo
"Ate here Sunday with my family. Great place and good food. My only gripe is that my Tamago Sashimi and Kani sashimi never arrived and I had to cancel..."
Jody Reyes
"Favorite Yumi branch. Good and quick service. Food is always delicious and consistent. Salmon sashimi is always fresh, gyu aburi roll is..."
Neale Go
"Went to the Resto at around 8pm-9pm and thought that the place was closed since there were no customers at that time. The servers were very..."
Natasha Aves
"2nd time here. Food is great. A bit pricey than your usual Jap Resto. Place can use a little renovation but other than that, good Jap place while in..."
G Food Spot
"Love the bento boxes! Super worth it. I ordered the tempura bento box with the pork skewers! The service was good as well. Appreciate the appetizers..."
Franco Yam
"My favorites are: 1) Chirashi Ikura Sake or Chirashi Salmon (since I don’t eat everything that’s in the assorted Chirashi, I like Salmon more),..."
Ria Pe | RIA_litybites
"I love their sampler. Please try the soft shell crab tempura. Only few japanese restaurants offer this. It is really really good. The dragon roll is..."
Ruffa Garcia
"Yes it's kind of pricey but it's worth it .. I love the fast service and energetic crew I salute very accommodating.. thank you the food is a good..."
Francesca Santos
"Yumi is a cozy japanese place above the cinema. went there cause i was craving for japanese food (as usual 😬). I ordered their la vegas seared..."
Margaret Tan
"YUMI Ramen.Sushi.Teppan:Seven Sea Moriawase - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4/5Maguro Togarashi Sashimi -..."
"Their sashimi is one of the softest and most savory I have tasted. Their ramen is also good. Buta miso is my favorite. Their tori dishes are good..."
Nemie Dayos
"Before watching a movie we grab our dinner at YUMI, food presentation is great. it is also delicious. It is not pricey as compared to other Japanese..."
"Very good quality chirashi moriawase that is worth its price. You get a variety of sashimi and sushi that is well-seasoned and fresh on top of..."
"If you're a follower of this blog, then you know all about Richie's travels around California a few months ago. Like you, I too watched in envy as he..."
The Pickiest Eater In The World
"Their Shio Butter Ramen tastes good: milky, creamy broth topped with pork, quail eggs and corn.Tantanmen was the best! It's not as I..."
Eveth Canufin
"On the rare occasion that I was in the area with my parents one Sunday, we dropped by Yumi for me to have lunch. I knew there was a branch in..."
Cath L.
"Their dishes are good on their own, which is a good thing but some of their sauces are too salty. Must order: scallops!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My..."
Page Lopez
"Ordered the Tempura Wednesdays (tempura all you can) served with rice and miso soup. Love the food. Tempura was light, not oily and not fishy. Great..."
"Food was a bit pricey but it's worth it! The bento box was huge which includes tuna and salmon sashimi, coleslaw, miso soup, gyoza, rice, and your..."
"I was searching for a nearby ramen place that opens earlier and found this. Cozy place with dim lights. Ordered buta miso ramen and tori chiisu..."
Jandale Gallardo
"Great restaurant! One of the few to offer soft shell crab tempura! :) I've already returned several times, and will keep coming back for more...."
Charles Chua
"I love Japanese food. Although yumi is a bit hidden it serves high quality Japanese fare. They even have buy one take one promos depending on the day..."
"We came here for lunch. It was just us and another table eating there and what immediately caught my attention was the ambience of the restaurant --..."
Kat Dela Cruz
"My all time fave japanese resto. I keep coming back for their chirashis and tempuras. Its really one of the best in town for me. I also love their..."
Vanessa Elvina
"This will just be a short review 1. We got mojitos! The green apple mojitos is sweet but it tasted like green apple powdered juice but lil..."
"Sake SashimiChicken Terriyak Bento BoxButa Miso RamenAvocado, Orange, Matcha icecreamOne of the freshest Sake (Salmon)..."
"Tucked in the upper ledge of the second floor of the Promenade in Greenhills, Yumi seems to be hiding away from the busy end of this mall. Still,..."
Jonah Amora
"The place is a bit small and the lighting a little too dark for my taste, but the food was amazing. My favorite is the beef teppan (US Sirloin) which..."
Pau Gonzaga
"Personally, Yumi wasn't bad, I was recommended by a friend that I order the bento meal, so I did. After being seated and checking the menu, I was..."
Aldric Go
"Today's my first time eating at this restaurant, upon a recommendation of a friend. Having high expectations, especially on Sashimi, I immediately..."
Mathew Go
"Located in the mezzanine floor of Promenade, this place was hard to find at first but when you do find it, it's one great experience. Though a bit..."
Gerard Santos
"I like the place, very cozy. The mixture of modern era- japanese interior blends perfectly. As for the food, it's good. It complements on your taste..."
"A bit of a pricey Japanese restaurant to dine in. I tried the US Tenderloin Teppan Bento which was yummy and satisfying. Flavors were there and I..."
Cristina Poso
"I love tempura and the Ushi Ebi Tempura or black tiger prawn tempura in Yumi isn't half bad. It actually tastes really delicious and I have been..."
Joseph Luis
"This place is a bit pricey but it does have its merits as it does serve really good food, most of which are deserving of the prices being charged..."
Cristina Luis
"The tempura is very delicious crispy and many. The service is very good especially to regular customers. The favorite of the young and old. The ramen..."
Bagong Wesley
"I love Yumi and I've always enjoyed their chirashi! they have a new menu and we tried the seaweed salad, it was a little salty. still the chirashi..."
Giannina Gonzalez
"Last week after watching movie in Greenhills , I went to Yumi - i am craving for Japanese food that time and i am so hungry because i skip my lunch..."
"Whenever i'm in greenhills to watch a movie, i keep seeing this yumi logo even at the parking lot. i never get a chance to try until one day when me..."
"I've been coming back to this place because of their ramen. Now, I've tried their bento and I was not disappointed. Everything was well plated and it..."
Precious Monica Patalinghug
"The food here is very good and the plating is very creative. I love the freshness of the ingredients and the ideas of their menu entries like the..."
"Frankly, I don't know how new or old Yumi GH is, but I feel stupid for not finding this Promenade gem hidden away at the Mezzanine level (or hiding..."
Not Jess
"It was a good weather for Ramen one Monday night that Jason and I decided to eat at YUMI in Greenhills Promenade Mall while waiting for Jason’s..."
Gianina Mendoza Tan
"Yumi Japanese Restaurant never fails to disapoint! Amazing food, wonderful service, beautiful interiors... Whats not to like!!! Keep up the good work..."
Tony Meehan
"When I love a place, I don't care how many times I visit it. Such is the case of YUMI! Along with blogger friends, I was invited to checkout..."
"Excellent broth, excellent noodle quality, great ambiance and hospitable employees. All in all, I've enjoyed my food here and will be coming back for..."
Jp Crisostomo Acosta
"Yumi left us with a great impression. Who would have imagined that we will get a buy-one-take-one deal right of the bat. But it is only limited for..."
Rachelle Ann G. Bautista
"Yumi is now part of my favorite japanese restaurants in town. They got good food, generous serving and good service. Their dishes are not just..."
Leyah Josef
"Yumi is one of the new restaurants in Greenhills Atmos. Yumi is a typical Japanese Restaurant that will surely make your tummy HAPPY! Their..."
Den Sy
"I have to admit that this restaurant showed a lot of potential when my friends and I checked it out! Although located inconveniently on top of..."
Renz Kristofer Cheng
"Love this place! Cozy and they have delicious Japanese food! Try their green tea tempura ice..."
Genelle Paige Avisado
"Yummy Japanese restaurant. Try their bento...."
Sher Saquing
85/100 (241 ratings)
"Love their food specially the ~don menu's my co-workers and I love to eat here every time we are craving japanese food. Everything is good with an..."
Michael Manalese Gonzal
"Matindi mga pudtripings dto. Unli rice pa(jap rice) tapos oorder ka ng hangar steak. Juskopong mahabagin solid. Ung mga maki and aburi sushi nila da..."
EJ Sepnio
"Really, really good food. Serving sizes look kinda small at first, but everything's actually quite satisfying. And delicious. Really attentive crew..."
Patrick Sevilla
"The best Hanger Steak! They have complimentary rice on all orders...."
Rachelle Yap
"Is definitely a must try!!! GCQ eating in the car park is the new normal but the taste of this one is beyond!! I love..."
Vicelle Araneta
"Recommended: Salmon Tataki (P325), Tempura Soft Shell Crab Maki (P335), Hanger Steak (P498), Ebi Tempura (P398 -7 pcs!!!). Also tried: Crowd..."
"great sushi and..."
Kath Baradi
"always the best food and the best service but please bring back pork and squid..."
"Great food!! Would recommend the hanger steak and their..."
Gian De Leon
"First time to try this restaurant. It offers a vast and unique array of sushi and maki. the Hanger steak is also good. however, I wish the crew would..."
Worthy Habla
"Thanks, May, for recommending Bara Chirashi Don! My new comfort food. ☺️..."
Gerard James C. Gutierrez
"Ooma will always be a crowd pleaser. This branch despite just being a sushi bar has all your favourites so don't let that keep you from coming. This..."
Stephen Tan
"great foodgreat placegreat service andthumbs up for mr. Allan for the good food..."
Jeremiah Reyes
"The restaurant excells in both apperance and its food..I want to commend your server allan for his heart warming..."
Rain Regalario
"Server Cent was..."
Hungry Bear ?
"Very good service! The waiters are so accommodating. There is one pa nga na very attentive para sa unli rice refill. Haha. Superb foodddd! Maki was..."
Grace Cruz
"Ooma favorites are now available in GH. The Hanger Steak and Sushi Sampler never fails to satisfy. It is best-paired with Lychee yakult with an..."
"Sushi is a must try! Loads of great choices there and you can't go wrong with them.BUTDon't forget to order the hanger steak as..."
"LOVE THEIR SUSHI. Would highly recommend you just get their sushi when you come hereOn the other hand, I thought their other dishes could..."
Goldielyn Limsiy
"Great food, awesome and friendly staff, excellent service!!! Always a blast dining here. This is my go-to restaurant! You can never go wrong with..."
John Wesley Dela Paz
"Its beside manam . The steak is a must try and the maki. Its japanese cuisine with a twist. There’s a kine on weekends too so weekdays is much..."
Emma Dy
"And I reached in Greenhills and still did not disappoint me. I really am particular with consistency and it amuses me that Ooma is very consistent...."
Dhanica Ghienne Mharrie Lim
"You wont be disappointed! The food are delicious and the service of staff is fantastic! Thanks @Rechel for a great service! :) will be coming back..."
Alden Ngo
"Went here for dinner during Easter Sunday. Had to wait in line for a table which I really didn’t want to, but the food was worth it! Had the maki..."
Karlo Legasto
"This restaurant never fails to disappoint!Pros:1. Modern Japanese while retaining traditional flavors - some have tried but not as..."
Guilty Pleasures Seeker
"Ooma indeed oooommm ma.. yummy sushi . Japanese restaurant. Surely a hit with filipinos who loves japanase food. Go try their dishes. Crowd favorite..."
Food Buster
"It’s my first time to dine at ooma and it definitely exceeded my expectation! Ordered mixed sushi, hangar steak (melts in your mouth steak), and..."
"The service here is faster and better than their branch in Megamall. Since I was with someone who was trying out Ooma for the first time, I opted to..."
MCSI Group
"Craving for this and we love it! We orderd the usual and thanks for the excellent service ❤️ kudos! And Its has a unique twist for a japanese..."
Alaiza Santiago
"This is my top recommendation if you're in the mood for rolls. Nice location and ambiance. Since we went here for a late dinner, we didn't have to..."
Mary June Conti
"Unique! A tasty twist on sushi. My favorite thus far is their spicy salmon aburi. I've tried it twice so far and it has never failed to impress my..."
"Had dinner today great service!! Worth the price definitely will come back. Shout out to all the servers. I like the interior and the..."
Ladybird Ronan
"Very accomodating. Love how they're very hands on to every customer discussing every dish from whats new to best seller. The food is superb! Good for..."
Kim Quiñones
"Ooma is the place to go to if you’re looking for Japanese food with a twist. Never expect traditional Japanese way of preparing sushi and rice..."
Giant Foodie
"Good food and exciting sushi. It’s a totally new level of experience. Our server Innah was very cheerful and accommodating. It’s so easy to feel..."
Edmund Mar
"Great food as always! Our food came right after we got our seats as we pre ordered our food. Rochelle made sure that all our needs were accommodated...."
Ryann Lim
"OOMA-GAHD I super love Ooma! We ordered the usual - Spicy Tuna Maki, Kani Salad and their Hanger Steak. I can finish a bowl of Kani Salad on my own..."
Nix Likes To Eat
"Our FIRST time to dine here with my husband together with our 6 months old baby and his brother!! Annndddd!!! thanks to Ms. Andrea😘😘😘..."
Penelope Yap
"Our server innah is very accommodating and very nice she smiles, laughs and jokes with us clients. Not just taking our order and leave..."
"I liked the place and ambiance not So loud compared to other restaurant, first time to tried hanger steak, it was soooooo good, 4 kinds of maki in 1..."
Charlotte Cruz
"Good food and awesome service. Tried the tempura soft shell crab maki and salmon miso. It was sooo good! Also tried the seaweed salad. It goes well..."
Vernice Marie Pilar
"Although the place can be a bit warm, the food and the service was amazing. We ordered the Crowd Favorites, Ebi Tempura and Hanger Steak which was..."
"Had the chance to try Ooma for the first time and I was quite moved by the food that they offer. We ordered the Pork and Squid takoyaki aburi bowl,..."
Louie Anton Reyes Alfonso
"I had the chance to dine here. And I must say it was quite an awesome experience. Ordered the tori karaage and ebi tempura which was flavorful. And..."
Carlo Mendoza
"I dine here last night,I enjoyed the ebi tempura and salmon skin Aburi maki. The ambiance is quircky and chill. Thanks to our server Allan and to mam..."
"Last week me and my friends decided to ate at ooma greenhills, and we're surprised by the taste of the food, first we ordered the maki platter they..."
Mitchie Sy
"I dined at Ooma Greenhills and I will say that I'm definitely going back there, anytime! It was really such a cool place to dined in cos it is like a..."
"Babalik ako dito because masarap ang mga foods and i really like how a server do her job, she's name is ailyn magaling na server always active at..."
ChriselleMarie Cruz
"Very friendly and polite staff. Our water was refilled without asking. Complimentary tea was offered immediately. There was a bit of waiting time but..."
Judy Verdeflor De Leon
"First time Dining at Ooma. Started off with the sushi mixer. My wife and I enjoyed all of them, crispy, tasty and absolutely delicious! Then the..."
Roniel Destura
"My boyfriend and I had a wonderful experience :) food was good our server AILYN was very very helpful! I wanted to take off the rice from my Taco..."
Patricia Antonio
"Paolo our server was really what made our experience here superb! We’ve eaten in Ooma a couple of times but this by far was the best. I hope you..."
Ann Tancio
"Ooma never fails to impress. Food is superb, the steak aburi maki is my favorite. Its nice that they offer maki sampler plates for variation. Prompt,..."
Katrina Go
"Very good food and very good service. Our servers, Paolo and Jess, were very polite and always gave us attention just in case we needed anything...."
Angelica Uy
"Had the chance to try their branch in Greenhills, as a first timer it was quite an amazing experience. Special thanks to Paolo for guiding us through..."
Loraine De Villa
"It was my second time in Ooma - first in Rockwell then in Greenhills. Well when I tried the uni udon in Rockwell it was flavourful, sad to say there..."
"Although their menu is a little limited, the food still tastes awesome. Plus a great service given by Pao. Although the food may be a bit delayed but..."
Spencer Diaz
"Husband and I ordered Pork and Squid Takoyakii Aburi Bowl and the carb free Salmon Belly Maki the first time we gone there. It was great. The maki is..."
Ienne Cruz
"Food was great. Ordered the Salmon skin and Steak Aburi Maki and it tasted awesome and the service of Paolo was superb! Will definitely come back to..."
Lawrence Paul Villanueva
"Food was great. Ordered the salmon aburi that was offered to us and it was nice! Also, Paolo was a great server and he anticipated all of our needs...."
"Don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of Ooma most especially when they opened in Megamall. I took my boyfriend and family there. This branch though more..."
Feed My Tummy PH
"Although they have less menu from the original Ooma Restaurants, food taste does not differ from the mothership. Service is excellent. Serving of..."
Chi Ibuna-Ngo
"Great place to grab dinner. Place has great ambience. Food is superb and really good. Our server, Allan, was great. Plus unlimited complimentary..."
Enzo Concepcion
"Best food ever and best service!! friendly server shout to Sir Mykel for accommodating us, serving our needs. Try it here! You'll definitely enjoy..."
John Del Artny Bautista
"the food is super yum 🤩 service is rly rly cool as in very nice and friendly + easy to talk to :-) ! (PAOLO ESPECIALLY WAS A GREAT SERVER!!!) got..."
Dannah Lee
"Enjoyed some nice bonding time with my younger sister in their newly opened branch.🍚 Salmon Aburi and Spicy Tuna: this Japanese-style..."
Fried And Prejudice
"Tried a couple of things, their crispy calamari Maki and crabmeat uni aburi maki stood out as particularly nice. Their scallop and tuna aburi maki is..."
Mark Philip Wu
"Food 4; ambience 4; service 5; price 4. If you look for authentic sushi, this may not be the place. Food served appears to be Japanese fusion, and..."
"I’d give Ooma Greenhills a 5, but their waiters need to pay more attention to the customers. Hopefully it’ll be different in a few more months,..."
Kimberly Mas
"Ordered the tori kara-age, salmon aburi and spicy tuna, and the kimchi prawn and enoki aburi maki, all tasted great and fresh. Staff are friendly and..."
"Great food. Excellent presentation. Nice experimatentation on various ingredients. Food menu friendly for kids. Nive to have it nearer our house now..."
"It's been a while since I got to make comments on a place that I've visited.  At times, I crave for a Japanese cuisine because their dishes are very..."
Funky Orion
"Superb!Everytime I crave for salmon sushi, Ooma will be the first thing on my mind♥️Food: Mouth-watering! Will definitely..."
Anne Marcelo
"The Moment we’ve been waiting for! Ooma Sushi Bar x Manam is the mashup we didn’t know we needed. That is, the Ooma side can also order drinks..."
"The food is great and tasty. What I loved the most is their hanger steak. The food is full of flavors that it makes you crave more. Prices are fair..."
Anonymous Foodie
Tittos Latin Bbq And Brew
85/100 (167 ratings)
South American
Late Night
"We love the Blue Marlin Steak. It's a perfect subtitute for a beef. Mango vanilla and Horchata smoothies are good also. Not too sweet. Nachos are..."
Ding Dio
"Menu items we tried: ▪️Papas Enchilada▪️Pollo Asado (w/ Chorizo Mac and Cheese and Steamed Rice) ▪️Costillitas (w/..."
Kaye Corazon Woo
"Recommended dishes: Carne Asada Frittas (P325), Titto's Wings (P245-5 pcs), Beef Barbacoa (P165 - 2 pcs), Molten Lava Cake (P250)- HEAVENLY..."
"We dine here at least twice a month and their service is very consistent. Best nachos I’ve had and make sure to try their Baja tuna tacos. Awesome..."
Veronica Santos
"Ordered for their 18 hr Guaco Steak with truffle mashed potatoes as side dish. I requested for medium doneness. Some parts of my steak was not done..."
Foodventures By FraPao
"Food here is awesome. All the food we ordered were great. My favorites are Garlic BBQ Pizzadilla and Chiquitos (deep fried chicken taco with salsa)..."
"We ordered Tapas de Chipa, Beef Barbacoa Street Tacos, El Cesar's Salad Burrito and (not in photo) Costillitas.I love that the salad burrito..."
Nadine Cabe
"Mention the word “tapas” here and the image that comes to mind is that of cured meats usually served for breakfast alongside garlic rice and..."
Jellybeans In The City
"Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew has been feeding us with sinfully delicious Latin American-inspired food with a Filipino touch for quite some time now...."
Midz Sy
"More reasons to visit @tittos manila, now closer to quezon city, visit them at the O square, greenhills! They opened recently this year, July..."
Jayson Jao
"First impressions last. Both the exterior and interior of this place is really nice and fits the overall theme. Every wall and corner is IG worthy,..."
"Tittos is finally in Greenhills!Their Kapitolyo branch tends to be challenging in regards to parking, so having a Greenhills branch is a..."
Boodle Bear
"I am a big fan of tacos and THIS PLACE HAS THE BEST TACOS!!!! So so flavorful and doesn’t break the bank!!! Tapas de Chipa however needs..."
Sharvana Gacayan
"No complaints here. Food, ambience, plus a speakeasy! Would recommend for dinner and drinks :) will go..."
"Food: Superb and it was sulit given the huge serving. We ordered the chiquittos, mushroom pizza, steak pasta, paella, and pollo..."
"Food was delicious! Highly recommend their Chiquittos and Nachos. I’m going to be back soon to try their other menu items. Great ambience and..."
Lena Opiniano
"Start with the elote corn then get the barbacoa and sisig tacos. They also have a hidden bar in the restaurant that opens at 5pm...."
Andrew San Juan
"the menu is very unique! I love their black squid calari, mussels, pulpo, nachos, elote, salmon biscuit (i forgot the name) , crab omelette and the..."
Gem Myka Sy
"Pros: Food is very good and very well presented. Place looks great! They have a 60 seater secret room / bar at the back which you can rent for a..."
"Titto's is a hip place to bring big groups and enjoy latin cusine. Clean and spacious, perfect for family gatherings.Was pretty impressed..."
Xy Pintoy
"NEW BRANCH ALERT!The family #teampiggingoutonsundays is no stranger to Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew. A familiar hangout on..."
"Ortigas Malls in partnership w/ LEP brings about one awesome adventure crawl mga pare! four malls, a plateful of restos to chow down on, add in some..."
"Welcome to the newest location of Tittos, a more festive setting with its multiple color accents and fixtures. Just like the first store, it also has..."
"I’ve always had a soft spot for Spanish x Mexican cuisine. Tittos definitely hit all the right spots and is now one of my favourite go to places..."
Francesca The Foodie
"Been to their Kapitolyo branch and so happy they finally opened in Greenhills.My favorites and must tries: Nachos, Elote, Tuna Tirataki,..."
"The 18 hour Gaucho Steak satisfied my steak cravings! The taste with the crispy onions raised it to the next level.Horchata milkshake without..."
"They have their main branch in Pasig where I usually go to, but I’m so happy that they finally opened in Greenhills!! This is one of my go-to..."
Krny D.
"Food is great!My faves are:EloteTapas de ChipaTruffle PizzadillaArroz NegraMolten Lava CakeTake pictures! The..."
Eunice Balleta
"The food was absolutely wonderful, from preparation to presentation, very pleasing. So yummmie! We especially enjoyed the special bar mix drinks they..."
"The food is delicious, price is reasonable and awesome interiors. I would definitely go back for thier nachos and sisig taco. One thing to improve is..."
Angelo Laroya
"Super enjoyed my visit at this new branch! As always I ordered the Tittos’ Elote because it is the best thing ever! I also ordered their Paella..."
Lin Nicole
"Worth trying! I recommend the nachos, elote, tuna tirataki, chiquittos, pollo asado, and their pizzadilla (truffle pork or garlic..."
Christopher Kwok
"Overall i loved my experience at Tittos!! The Pesto and Mushroom Pizza was the bomb, I can eat that all by myself and order some more!I'm..."
Kristina Uy
Greyson's Dimsum And Noodles
85/100 (118 ratings)
"This food place made a great impression. The place is neat and the employees are approachable. The foods are very affordable and it tastes good. All..."
Gilene Naive
"Awesome place, super friendly staff (the owner lady even chatted with us while waiting for a table) real quick service and best of all FOOD WAS..."
Karl Andrew Sonio
"The place is simple yet very relaxing. Food was good and tasty. And all the staff was very accommodating warm greeters. I love to go back to this..."
Ronaldo Olase
"My family and I have been in Greysons many times and we have always been happy with the food and their service. The food is affordable and delicious...."
Yheah Mendez
"Good food, fast service and value for money. I wish they more elbow room though. Also the chili and garlic sauces should be upon request ad some..."
Gus V. de Castro
"Nice place, yummy food and affordable.. Sulit ang ibabayad mo hindi ka magsisisi.. I love Beef brisket w/ siopao and spareribs w/ rice.. Ah basta..."
Kristine L Estrada
"Love it! The servers are super nice too. Im surprised how nice your staff are. Thats additional plus points to you other than how good and affordable..."
Lana Ortega
"Staffs are accommodating, foods taste good...the place is simple yet comfortable, and its just within the reach of San juaneños, the price is..."
Danilo Diolanda Salindong
"The food is good at a very affordable price and the staff are very..."
Wildent Newt Ramirez
"They have delicious sharksfin siomai, pansit with pusit, the cucumber juice... And the ambiance. Good servers, polite, especially "Ganda".. ..."
Pau Line
"You must try their new menu. Like sweet and sour,yangchow ,chopsuey and fried rice..."
Arcie Santos
"Hanep to resto na ito hinde n ako makatayo sa sobrang busog pati ang dami kong inorder bakit ganun ang mura?? Hehehe Highly recomended nice food..."
Paul Abedes Magpantay
Jay Pee
"Affordable and delicious, you can eat and dine with your family and friends without breaking the..."
Melisa Miranda De Guzman
"Hole in the wall! You get delicious food for a very affordable price!! Must try and we will definitely come back!..."
Car Milante
"We went here to celebrate my friend's birthday and he suggested we try it because not only the food here is cheap, its also masarap! We tried their..."
Stefania Uy
"You really get what you paid for. If you are craving for ChiNoy favorites and in a budget, Greyson will make a great choice. During the afternoon,..."
The Famished Panda
"Quality food yet very affordable! Their chicken and dimsum are my favorite. Cucumber juice is also a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ especially when..."
Aj Alga
"The price is so cheap but the serving is very generous. You can order variety of dimsum and their pancit is great also! Their lemon cucumber drink is..."
John Victor Luna Aclan
"Great food plus affordable. Favorite ko 'yung Pansit, Pork Siomai and yung Special Halo Halo. Medyo mahirap siya makita if hindi kayo familiar sa San..."
Thea Grace Ortega
"Loved this restaurant. Ordered Pansit Canton, Chicken with Rice, Quail Egg with Rice, Sweet and Sour Fish, Pitcher of Ice Tea and cup of..."
Craig Fisher
"Pag buntis ka pag gising mo palang gutom kana. Tamad ako magluto kaya search sa zomato. Naalala ko pinsan ko may sinabi Greyson daw. Check zomato "uy..."
"Looove this place! Super affordable and definitely worth every peso! My all time favorite would be the Beef Wonton Noodles which is sooo much better..."
"Yahoo! 11am pala sila nagoopen, akala namin 10 so bumalik na lang kami around 5:30-6:00 pm and sobrang dami ng tao, na may pila na sa labas pero..."
Tetel Gasmeña
"Maliit lang yung lugar, bahay garage lang siya turned into restaurant.Grabe ang sarap ng Siomai nila, yung 25 pesos na siomai nila ia truly..."
Phillipp Kun
"Dimsum is served piping hot.  Service is proactive.  Food servers are quick on their feet.  Their beef noodles variants are value for money...."
Wilbert Sy
85/100 (477 ratings)
"Had lunch here with the family this long weekend. One of the few Chinese restaurants that I can say I would go back to. Ordered lechon..."
Kimchi Eats
"Had dinner with a group.  We ordered the Seafood and Pumpkin Thick Soup, Hargao, Sharksfin Dumpling, Siopao, Radish Cake with XO, Crispy Pork Belly,..."
Let Us Eat
"Only got to try Xiu now, and I've got to say, very impressive and definitely feels like a step up from the usual chinese places around Manila (of..."
Mark Philip Wu
"beef shortribs is super like.... melts in your mouth texture..... suckling pig is very crispy... like the 3 kinds mushroom truffle oil.... papu lapu..."
Napoleon Ong
"As we were deciding on where to have our group celebration, we chanced upon Xiu as there was a BPI card promotion. The place is elegant, really..."
Rachel Leen
"Xiu has a lot to offer, a cantonese restaurant that serves good chinese food, it’s main competitors are gloria maris and choi garden. Although the..."
John Michael Cai
"Food was hit or miss. Best to reserve in advance because their tables are full oftenWhat I'd recommend:1. Pumpkin and seafood thick..."
Goldielyn Limsiy
"This is our fave resto in Manila, every time we are in Manila, we always take the time to visit XIU.. We have tried all their dimsums, and we love..."
Emellie Ann
"The food was simply amazing! Ordered typhoon style crab, pumpkin and seafood thick soup (highly recommend), black ink rice (so good), fried noodles..."
Hendrick Chua
"Taste 5; ambience 5; service 5; price 5: A perfect 5. Our favorite is probably the mixed mushroom with truffle (which may not be very Cantonese). ..."
"Tried xiu again after a while. Familyy had a small gathering at the private third floor dining area. It could accomodate 5-6 tables. There is also an..."
"With my family, we celebrated the new year here at xiu. Inside the resto, it is very lavish and luxurious design as it is for fine dining. The price..."
"My favorite chinese resto.Love the crab rice. Lobster efu. Mushroom truffle paste. Etc... price is at par with the quality of food and love the..."
Clifford Yap
"Superb dining experience from Xiu. Service plus good food makes the prices well worth it. Pretty glamorous ambiance plus good taste will definitely..."
"Actual rating: 4.5Xiu is one of the pricier Chinese restaurants that goes with the ranks of Choi Garden and Gloria Maris-Fine Dining...."
Jesse Lui
"Food is delicious. Service can be improved, we came here on a light day (All Soul's Day) so maybe they brought out the weak staff. We had to remind..."
Kayelle Gonzales
"The best siomai and dimsum selection I've been to in Manila! Chicken feet was also super tender! Same to those I've tried in Hongkong! Will..."
Katrina Lee
"Check out Xiù’s unlimited dimsum promo, Monday to Saturday, lunch time until August 31, 2018. Check out their website or Instagram account for the..."
Ria Pe | RIA_litybites
"This is my family and I’s new go-to Chinese restaurant! Great food, friendly staff, and an overall good dining experience. Yes it’s pricey, but..."
Linzie Lopez
"For some reason, I’ve been going to Xiu very often lately. During my first visit, our bill was so high that my dad didn’t think of coming back..."
Lexi Enriquez
"Forgot to take a photo! We had laureate and everything was really good from appetizers to desserts. Service was a bit slow but I think it was due to..."
Myzyl Choi
"I really like this place. Xiu Fine Cantonese Dining has one of the best Char Siu's in the world. The pork was tender, moist, with good marbling and..."
Venice Chan
"Me and my son ate here and i don't think we spend 2300! Thats exag! Anyway I love the place looks clean and fresh just the same as there food. Best..."
"Xiu has been making a lot of noise since it opened last week. Socialites and food bloggers have been posting their favorites on Instagram and I could..."
Mary Love Siy
"The prices are a bit on the high end but the food is worth it. You definitely should try the Crispy Rice Soup, but do not take too much of the crispy..."
Calvin Tan
"Shut up and take my money 😂😂😂 Dining in XIU is expensive but oh so worth it! On the table: sweet & sour pork, singaporean prawns,..."
"I'll be honest with you. I was a little sad when I saw that one of my favorite Chinese restaurants, Lugang, closed down their branch at Connecticut..."
The Pickiest Eater In The World
"Came here cus i heard this place was popular in China. Interior is really nice. Love the paintings of Chinese women they put up. ..."
Sheena Yap Chan
"Excellent food, ambiance, and service. Double-boiled Black Chicken Soup with Shredded CoconutRoasted Suckling PigHoney-glazed..."
Vireza Wynn Yu
"We ordered a lot of dishes on its opening day. Everything is well and good, except for the lobster with pasta and cheese dish, which tasted a bit..."
Glenn Ong
"Had the privilege of being invited to dine here. The place has been buzzing since it "reopened" it's doors from being Lugang to this new elegant..."
Penny Chua
"I was able to visit Xiu this week during their media launch and was able to try several dishes. Here are the dishes the I was able to..."
Varra Resto Bar
85/100 (122 ratings)
Late Night
"Loved our stay here. Perfect place to catch up, have a few drinks with friends. Perfect tambayan! 👍🏻 The Mushroom strips are a must try! Bagay..."
Andrew Sy
"Loved their sisig and steak salpicao! The varra volcano was spot on! 👌🏻 Definitely the newest hangout spot in San Juan if you’re looking for..."
"I was privileged to try Varra last month, thanks to Gel and Lovely. The Varra team was one of the most accommodating restaurant teams I’ve ever..."
Camille Solis
"This is a new turf in Greenhills aside from All the neighboring bars. I would Just Love to suggest for them to produce Hoegaarden Roseé as a Draft..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
"Indeed a good place for a good night! Unlike the usual resto bar this is somehow chill, not that loud. The interior is really good. High ceiling. By..."
James Benguet
"I can’t remember a time when I would consider going to San Juan for a night out with friends. Shopping, yes, because of Greenhills shopping center...."
Sand Under My Feet
"📍#ChryzhFoodies invites you to check out VARRA Resto Bar located in San Juan📍 You should definitely try their Crispy Shrooms P130 and Spam..."
"The workday is through and you’ve earned yourself a little bit of a respite, wouldn’t you say?. If you’re looking for a place to meet with..."
Jellybeans In The City
"VARRA RESTO BAR - Located in P. Guevarra where they got its name.  A newly opened resto bar, not even a month old, but had already people talking..."
Patricia Veronica Jasmin
"San Juan City is a place well known for restaurants that serves delicious food with hefty servings. I recently been to this newly opened..."
"This newly opened resto-bar will surely give you the best chill place you want for you and your friends. I recommend the place for those who want to..."
Joana Rose Orino
"There’s a new resto bar in San Juan that is worth the visit, despite it being a new kid on the block. Varra Resto Bar has a lot to bring to the..."
Jomarie Ang (Eat Drink Splurge)
"If ever you’re in the San Juan area and you’re looking for a place to dine and drink, or just chill for the night, why don’t you give Varra..."
Reginald Baron
"Before heading my way to Varra, I was expecting it to be like a club that is dark and noisy. On the contrary, it was one of the relaxing and perfect..."
Nickson Garcia
"Whenever a new (foodie) haven opens, Terrific Traveller will surely be there! (or try to lol) and our newest discovery in Little Baguio, San Juan is..."
Mon Villaverde
"A lot of businesses are born every day, and most of these are food-related, may it be manufacturing, distribution retail or restaurants. We all need..."
"Super nice ambiance, and the food is so good! The salpicao is a must order since the meat is so tender. My fave is the truffle pasta. We also ordered..."
Cristine T. Ongson
"The Salpicao is a must try! Plus!!!! I love how you can request to adjust the doneness of its meat! The taste exceeded my expectation and it’s..."
Diane Alvaran
85/100 (61 ratings)
"What's more perfect to cap off your shopping than a refreshing chug of iced mocha frapuccino from Starbucks?! Perfect for relaxing and winding down..."
The Jester
"✅ plus points for free wifi (in the bldg i think) coz i usually work in cafes ✅ neat, clean and quiet✅ not crowded ✅ parking..."
"This branch is one of the less crowded Starbucks stores out there which makes it very peaceful to hang out at.It's also quite spacious here..."
Jasmine B
"I love this place. I consider it as a gem in our area. It has preserved its' personalized service and client friendly environment. Of course,..."
"Offerings wise, we all already know what to expect from a Starbucks.Place is's spacious but not too many seats. In the many times I've..."
Kenette Cu Nicolas
"Nice place to hang out if you live in the nearby little baguio-addition hills area. There's no need to go to Greenhills shopping center or Shaw and..."
Benny De Leon
"I found this branch to be one of the well spaced  and well appealed ambiance in the metro manila area.  I tried my usual american on ice breve no..."
Hungry Adventurer
"I am a loyal Starbucks patron and this is one of the less crowded branch of such coffee shop that I know. So, if you want to get a seat inside, you..."
"This is my favorite branch coz it's close to home and not so crowded yet and hope it will never be unlike in other branches wherein customers seems..."
Joann Estrada
"Yehey first review! I think I was the one who also suggested this branch couple of weeks ago. I love how we have a Starbucks now that is..."
Cowrie Grill
84/100 (362 ratings)
"I love the food we eat, every thing. The food, place, the staff. Masarap balik balikan. Thank you Cowrie..."
Chiu Pao Cheng Cruz
"staff so professional..steak at its the ceasar salad they make in front of..."
Keats Syquia-Musngi
"my first encounter ...was great...great foods...specially their salad freshly made in front of of.a delicious...great..."
Annie Alvarez
"good food would like to come back the oysters was big and fresh everything was..."
Miguel De Guzman
"Our favorite steak..."
Margaret Therese Sanchez Gregorio
"Very good food in this restaurant. The steak is really worth the price. Aside from the great food available here, service plus ambience puts this..."
"I grew up in the 80’s eating in fine dining restaurants like Cowrie Grill at Manila Hotel of which I’m thankful for. That was the time when..."
"Definitely the service was top notch. The hotel dining experience, that you'll get when you dine at Cowrie Grill. They are part of Manila Hotel group..."
"COWRIE GRILL in Greenhills Promenade brings the signature Manila Hotel sophistication and fine dining experience to this other side of the..."
Boodle Bear
"Did you know that Cowrie Grill was established in year 1977 in The Manila Hotel and transferred to their new home in Promenade Greenhills in year..."
"I would recommend Cowrie Grill to my family and friends because of the amazing service that was given to me and my family. I would like to give..."
Gabie Chung
"Order the set meals to get the most bang for your buck, but either way a great place for any..."
"Me and my girlfriend decided to have dinner here. We had a really nice time. The ambiance was great! The food was perfect! Especially, the..."
Bj Rodriguez
"Had dinner here last May for a birthday.Upon entry, the ambiance was pleasant and intimate - perfect for dates, special occasions, and the sort...."
"You cannot go wrong with choosing Cowrie Grill for your catching up lunch with long-lost friends. Their set menu gives the best value for your money..."
"Excellent service and excellent food! Always the same standard quality of service every time. Favorite is the ribeye cooked medium. Highly..."
Calvin Chan
"We went to Cowrie Grill for our anniversary celebration dinner. As expected from the reviews, the place/interior was very nice - perfect for special..."
Aldrin Furigay
"This is a perfect place to celebrate any occasion. Food is excellent from starter, main and to the dessert. Service is top notched. Place is..."
Jake & Co.
"We went here for Mom’s birthday party. The food ingredients were all top notch! Cesar salad is a definite must order. Sea bass is her favorite..."
Guilty Pleasures Seeker
"Food was superb, from soup, salad, main course, to dessert! Worth the money you pay for. Service was excellent, to the dot. We unfortunately didn’t..."
Hazel Chua
"Pricey but exquisite piece of steak. Worth diving for. This is a fine dining restaurant where you can enjoy the hotel treatment. We ordered a..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
"Was able to eat here 2-3x using Manila Hotel voucher. they have huge serving and customer service is good. They are attentive and they always..."
Khriz Batimana Ramirez
"We held my 24th birthday celebration here last May 12, and they exceeded my expectations in all aspects.Food (4/5)The food was great!..."
Charles Collado
"Cowrie grill was owned by Manila hotel. Definitely the food was great. A friend gave us a gift certicate here. The food was awesome it really taste..."
Wonder Foodie
"FOODFORTHOUGHT:🍉USDA prime rib steak - medium well🍉 ceasar salad🍉Deconstructed blueberry cheesecakeThisn is a set..."
"For our anniversary, we had a fabulous dinner date thanks to Cowrie. I loved that they gave us our own alcove. I enjoyed that they made their Caesar..."
"I eat here when I’m on the budget because of their frequent Citibank promos which usually cut prices in half. The staff are also familiar with us..."
Mark Huang
"A few of my friends have always recommended for me to try out Cowrie Grill, but haven’t had the chance to do so. Today, my wife and I took on a..."
Benjie Samson
"Overall, it was a good experience.We started with the complimentary bread and three types of butter - plain, sundried tomato, and I forgot..."
Jesse Lui
"My partner and I went here for her birthday and our monthsary celebration.Service was fantastic. The servers were polite and very..."
Miyuki Morishita
"Generally speaking, Cowrie Grill's food is good though the Laksa rice gave me rashes. I love Cowrie Grill's Steak, French Onion Soup and..."
Арияна Зиялсита
"We rarely go out after work especially on a Friday night. Main reason? Traffic! The traffic here in Manila can be exhausting at times specifically..."
"The ceaser salad is amazing! They put quite a show making it in front of you. Truly it is one of the best old style salad!!!!..."
"One of the better steak places in town. Simple yet flavorful and they get the doneness right. They even serve good desserts. You'll get your money's..."
"We went here for my graduation celeb. For the price,I was definitely expecting a lot more. I guess I set my expectations too high so I was not..."
Virnalyn Ching
"It was our first time and we used the Manila Hotel Voucher which includes 2 Angus Steaks and a choice of soup or salad. It also comes with a private..."
"Food - 4Ambiance - 5Service - 5Feb 2018Update! We went back and availed of the BDO set meal promo. A set meal with a choice..."
Hungry Girl
"Well, call me stupid but I ordered a burger. It was the best burger I had. I think it's worth 300 or so, and it was worth every cent. You can..."
Malvin Domingo
"The place is exquisite. Their steak is really mouthwatering. Actually every stuff they have will give you foodgasm. The ambience is so good. Truly,..."
Kathleen Villar
"As part of the perks of being a Manila Hotel Prestige Club member, I was given a voucher for a steak meal for two at Cowrie Grill...."
Stephanie Mascardo Dela Cruz
"Ate at Cowrie Grill for a special occasion. They currently have a Citibank credit card promo for 4 course meal with an option of Seabass or Steak...."
"Had the lunch special that comes with soup, salad, drink, steak and dessertThe steak was good. Flavorful and soft. A little too much fat..."
Sheena Yap Chan
"We won a dinner for two here in one of Zomato's Cruising Going Places legs. Once you sit on your table, they serve you with complementary bread and..."
Catherine Joy Tan Lim
"My husband & I tried this resto when we saw a Deal Grocer voucher for a 4-course meal (Mushroom & truffle soup, Caesar Salad, Filet Mignon with..."
Gretchen Aquino
"Great steak, great service, great salad and the interior great , What can a diner like me asked for? But it's better if you are with the one you like..."
Wendell Tan Cainglit
"The place was very romantic for dates. We went on a Sunday afternoon. The servers were very attentive. Had the salad prepared tableside and it was..."
"At first I rated Cowrie Grill at 4.5, the steak we ordered was great. I'm not an expert when it comes to steak so I represent the common or the..."
John Elbert Falsis
"Do not let the name deceive you, the place is quite fancy. At first, you might think that it's expensive but it's not that bad. The servings were..."
Celina Lapitan
"It was unfortunate for me that I had never been to the old Cowrie Grill at Manila Hotel before it closed to give way to Cafe Ilang-Ilang. Although..."
Iza Gram
"Had dinner at a not so busy evening. Their waiter was a pro. Everything is just ok, relative to the price. My only complain was my steak that was..."
Aldrich Villareal
"One of the good steak places we've eaten at. Tried their New York, English and one more steak cooked medium well with veggies and potato sides. Also..."
Pats Lim Dy
"I like the feel of this resto, Cozy and comfortable . For the soup, I had lobster bisque which is too tasty and salty for me. We ordered Caesar..."
"When was the last time you enjoyed a sit-down feast? There are posh buffets opening left and right in Manila, but there’s always going to be an..."
Marielle Ong
"At the first thought, Cowrie Grill would be something that would like Racks or Highlands Steakhouse with those leathers and horns but to my surprise,..."
Jin Cyrn
"The onion soup is a revelation. I never enjoyed onion that much, grabe. Haha. The steak tasted best when I paired it with the mushed potato. I so..."
Pam Rances
"The food are so awesome from starters up to desserts are so good. You must go to this restaurant and try their chocolate cake dessert. There best..."
Ian Belleza
"Superb tableside service at Cowrie Grill. We loved the caesar salad dressing and how it was classically prepared in front of us. Our server was Art..."
"What do you think of when you hear the name Cowrie Grill? The name is familiar to me because of my previous visits to The Manila Hotel years ago, but..."
Karen MNL
"I ate here for valentine's once. prices are quite high but service and plating was excellent. food was good too but the steak wasn't impressive..."
"What do you think of when you hear the name Cowrie Grill? The name is familiar to me because of my previous visits to The Manila Hotel years ago, but..."
Karen MNL
"In the new Promenade wing you'll find all kinds of new restaurants to try but what people fail to see is that at the back of Promenade there are also..."
"Food is really excellent. A but pricey but well worth it. Expect nothing less than delicious since Cowrie Grill hails from The Manila Hotel. Amazing..."
Justin Torres
"Fine dining right in the heart of the Greenhills shopping center. Cowrie Grill is still owned by Manila Hotel and serves as their offsite fine dining..."
"Cowrie grill is such a gem in the Greenhills community. Yes, Greenhills. The old steakhouse at Manila Hotel is now in Greenhills Promenade. I had the..."
FisforFoodBlog - Timmy Castañeda- Chua
"Had lunch earlier at Cowrie Grill, one of Manila Hotel's finest. Since I came in early, I got to check the place out beforehand and observed a bit of..."
"Open for quite some time and a bit intimidating because it holds Manila Hotel's name, this steakhouse is one that every steak enthusiast should..."
"Sosy steakhouse in a laid back place. Greenhills isn't exactly known for its fine dining restaurants so Cowrie Grill definitely stands out. It's a..."
"Superb steak! Succulent and cooked just the way you like it. Very accommodating, friendly and attentive staff. Well lit and comforting ambience with..."
Veronica Go
"Elegant dining is back. And you can find it at the heart of Greenhills...The Manila Hotel's iconic Cowrie Grill, the Grande Dame's..."
The Food Dude