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Juanh Mi
100/100 (1 ratings)
Fast Food
"Filipino Banh Mi? Yes please. The Juanh Mi special Banh Mi is delicious and authentic to both cultures it draws inspiration from. A substantial meal..."
John Paul Manuel
"Juanh Mi is a good fusion of Vietnamese and Filipino cuisine.We had Pares Banh Mi. Pricey at over php 400 but quite a large serving. Black..."
"We just finished watching Ready Player One and we decided to try Juanh Mi. It was almost their closing time but the staff still welcomed us. It was..."
Nami Teruzaki
"This restaurant is new.. I’ve been waiting for this since I am a fan of Vietnamese Cuisine. However, the type of food selection was Vietnamese-..."
Mikko Magbag
"Ordered: (1) Pares Pho - A Filipino Flavored (Pares) Vietnamese pho! A perfect mixture of Filipino and Vietnamese food! Didn’t actually..."
Kat Reyes
"A multi-colored grain bowl that was both nourishing and satisfying! The two main sources of protein were kikiam and kare-kare, which was tender ox..."
Delightful Appetite
"Worth a try! The newest restau you can find in Greenhills. Juanh Mi offers Vietnamese food that has a touch of Filipino taste.We ordered..."
"Some thing new in Greenhills. They offer Vietnamese cuisine with Filipino twist. They had this lunch all-day, everyday option choose from Bahn Mi,..."
Feed My Tummy PH
"Tried their traditional pho bo with meatballs, their soup smells good, tastes delicious, try it with the additional beef. Generous serving, maybe..."
Marclene M.
Mama Dad's Grill Kitchen
96/100 (84 ratings)
"Food was wonderful at less the price! Everything in the menu is worth tasting. They always put a twist to a simple dish which is superb. Restrooms..."
Ei'ram Enna
"So much feels in this joint ��� Steady vibe. Meeting awesome guests along the way. And one of the best soul food in town! Thanks Chef Betong..."
Boying Diloy
"Food was great with superb service by the crew! If you happen to be in San Juan with your friends, Mama Dad's is one of the best place to hangout!..."
Jam Rivera
"Nice place you must visit so you can taste its delicious and affordable..."
Esperanza Arceo Paras
"So far all the items we've tried were yummy! Dilis rice and dinakdakan must try! Keep up the good..."
Rica de Jesus
"I the place is simply amazing.. The foods are delicious and affordable !! The owner is so accomodating ! Great..."
Jay Tee
"The food is so great and affordable..."
Sheng D. Diche
"Cool place and i love the food... Affordable price but you will surely love the..."
Tatum Tamee Santos
"Nice people,ambience,unique food.,love their..."
Edison Hipolito
"The best talaga . Sulit na sulit wala ng tatalo..."
James Aleph Permejo
"It's Freakin lit the service is good and the food is so..."
Mark Eddieson
"It was awesome!!! The food and the place is..."
Bien Cordero Flormata
"Panalo! Rapsa to the max. Babalik ulit kami! Thanks Boss..."
Joaquin Koolero Lakwatsero
"The best pa rin talaga luto ni Chef Robert Guzman!!!..."
Jacky Llavore Arroyo
"Sub zero beer! Good..."
Tio Pando Omer
Carousel Creamery
95/100 (648 ratings)
Ice Cream
"This is the 4th time i've been here. This time I tried the NY Cheescake plus The Chewie Baka Flavor! Omygosh, the Cheesecake tasted so authentic...."
Denise Ang
"What I hate about them is that they don't have a branch near to my residence. Kidding aside I just had a great ice cream experience here. The owner..."
North Remon Mendoza
"This has been my favourite ice cream of all time. My favourite store/branch was nestled at Greenhills. Two all time favourite flavours: Chunky..."
Mark Joy De Jesus
"A happy place for all ages. If you love ice cream, then this is your heaven on earth...."
Mulawin Galang
"The best in town! There's a variety of flavors to choose from and I was never disappointed to taste my all time fave, Pistachio! Am going back soon..."
Mai Castillo
"Every time I have dinner with my rowdy bunchy we end up at the Creamery to indulge in one of our guiltiest of pleasures ... and there is nowhere else..."
Joey Reyes
"Huge selection of flavors. Some not of my preference but great to have so many choices. Sometimes the numerous choices can feel overwhelming that it..."
Tim Al
"Carousel has excellent ice cream flavors and the taste-testing part will really make you wish your stomach could take in a scoop of each ice cream..."
Amanda Jessica Susulin
"It was my first time to try the ice cream at Carousel Creamery. They taste testing is supposed to make you decide on which flavor to get, but with so..."
Joanne Lim
"I'm a sucker for Great Ice Cream and I can say that You can never go wrong on this one.. You'll come back for sure.. Tried their Dark Side Choc and..."
Mark Arriola
"The staffs were very accommodating :D The flavors were new to my taste and I luuurv it so much. This is indeed a place to visit. Will come back to..."
Kristen Limuaco
"It took a while for my 2 boys, my hard-to-please Mamu and me to choose the flavors that we will order but with the help of their awesome staff, we..."
France Ariola
"If you need to impress or just got that intense craving that you need to settle, then this is the place for you. The selection is quite overwhelming..."
Stephen Tan
"The best ice cream parlor in the Philippines! Carousel Creamery is a place where you’ll come back again and again!..."
Nikki Guese
"I’ve been wanting to try their ice cream out for quite a while now. Their place isn’t hard to get to,it’s near Gloria Maris. All I can say is..."
Nikki Tanya
"Overwhelming is what I would say if you first come to this place. Just with the amount of choices you have, its going to be a tough decision picking..."
"Over a hundred selection of ice cream?! And they include weird ones too which i know i’ll never get to try! Their ice creams are smooth and creamy,..."
"You can't go wrong here if you love or are craving for ice cream. So many to choose from, whatever you prefer. You can even have a taste of..."
"So many flavors to choose from! From Filipino ingredients to different types of chocolates, your taste buds will surely be satisfied. Best..."
Ana Francheska Gutierrez Garcia
"Several unique and classic flavors to choose from. Truly an experience. Their ice cream is the best. Would always travel here anyday.++ Try..."
Daniella Evan
"Lots of flavors to try. 😍 If you’re an ice cream lover, you’ll really love the place. Price is reasonable so it’s a must-try. 👍🏻 I..."
Jonah Perez
"I now understand the 4.9 rating of Carousel Creamery. Remarkably creamy ice cream. The Rum & Raisin is the best I've had next only to Haagen..."
"My team went here after having KBBQ for lunch and it was just the best way to end our meal. Also helped beat the heat given how hot it was that..."
"One of the best ocee cream shops. Flavors are very unique that you’ll have a hatd time choosing which one to order. This place is highly..."
Anju Reyes
"This is the best ice cream place that I've ever been to! Variety of choices, flavors, and quality of service is outstanding. My boyfriend and I..."
Wella Acedillo
"Its expensive but its worth it if you want to taste a new flavor of ice cream that you dont usually see. I forgot the flavor that i ordered hehe but..."
Jac Choa
"The number of ice cream flavors to choose from is actually overwhelming, so it was quite difficult to choose what to order, especially for a..."
Johann F.
"Follow me on Instagram: @astro.adinIce Cream haven located just outside the main Greenhills Shopping Center. This joint is a sanctuary for..."
"Food 5/5Service 5/5Ambiance 5/5Cleanliness 5/5Value for money 4/5Overall 5/5+ so many flavors to choose from (I..."
Tiffany Anne
"One of the best ice cream parlors in the metro! They have so many flavors to choose from. You can also ask the staff for a free taste in case you..."
"It does the name "ice cream parlor" justice: It has a couple or so outlets so as not to encourage lingering laptop users, and the place itself is..."
Emilia P
"Service - 5/5Professional, neat-looking, and courteous staff with very hands-on manager on duty. Feels so warm and friendly!Ambience -..."
Small Girl Big Appetite
"Not gonna lie, but for me every flavor tastes so good and unique. The only problem for me is that it is so hard to pick from 100+ flavors. Wish I..."
Dempsey Margaux Bautista
"So much flavors to choose from. I can't wait to comeback and try all of them. The place was nice. Accomodating staff.Tried the Dark Night..."
Juridico Babiano
"Wish it were nearer. The ice cream is really good here. Carousel Creamery has just this one branch. Or at least have pop ups in BGC once in awhile...."
Christina | Kain Club
"Ambiance is good, staff are very accomodating. Hardest part was choosing the icecream coz they offer a lot of flavors and all looks delicious. I..."
Faith Canuto
"I swung by here to enjoy my first keto ice cream. The service here is always superb. The staff members are attentive, responsive, warm, and..."
Earl Malvar
"Has some of the most interesting ice cream selections in metro. Offers a variety as well. Some of the memorable ones were Beer and Bacon and Cheese...."
"Actual rating: 4.7Generally, it is a good place to enjoy your ice cream with the best service and ambiance. They offer a wide variety of..."
Jesse Lui
"Let me start by saying that parking is bad, really bad. But other than that all else was great, their selection of flavors were more than what can be..."
Budoy Lim
"When you see the counter, it's easily over 100 of flavor choices. (125 approx.) This is good but also at the same will give you a hard time to..."
Rara Ssi
"Specifically went to San Juan to try this! Yummy ice cream. Worth the walk ( Yep,we walked from Crowne Plaza). They will let you have a free taste..."
"I SUPER LOVE the idea of having to share a variety of flavors with the squad! CONEnundrum (P750) brings you 10 scoops of your choice from their 100+..."
Stephanie Bernadette Ellao
"This ice cream shop piqued my interest simply because they offer a wide variety of flavors. Who would have thought you can get a free taste of every..."
"Just a stone's throw away from our condo is Carousel Creamery which has over 101 ice cream flavors!😋🍧🍦 Wasabi, Olive & Basil, are some of..."
MJ Juco
"They have a wide range of flavors so it's pretty much impossible to not like anything. I personally would come back for their vanila basil ice cream...."
"What's your flavaaaa? 🍦Carousel Creamery is a dessert specialist offering 101 classic and whimsical flavors of premium small-batch handcrafted ice..."
"I tried their ice cream with bacon. It’s very interesting. Though I still have a lot of flavors to try when I go back. They have so much flavors..."
"Carousel Creamery - located in 8 Missouri St. Greenhills, San Juan. This ice cream shop is so good as they serve various flavors that makes it..."
"Carousel creamery is a wonderland for the ice cream lover. With a mind boggling array of flavours to choose from and friendly staff that let you..."
Kislay Chandra
"This place is every ice cream lover's dream. 💛We ordered the following flavors (in order of our most preferred flavors):1. Oreo..."
Cheska Trinidad
"This ice cream place gives your palate plenty of selections to explore. Aside from brain freeze, they will also give you a sense of bravery to try..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
"The ice cream flavors are unique and superb. Some of the ice cream names are unique and witty. The staffs are knowledgeable about the ingredients of..."
Jasmine Caceres
"I have had Carousel Creamery on my bucket-foodie-list, but always seem to forget about it. Dessert isn't my top priority for food. I am more the type..."
Beatriz Fores
"Carousel has always been our go-to ice cream parlor whenever we find ourselves in Greenhills because it has unique flavors that you can’t find..."
Fried And Prejudice
"Go-to dessert place whenever in Greenhills area!I love the variety of flavors they offer, to the point that they have weird ones you'll..."
Anne F
"Small place but crazy 101 flavors! They offer free taste to each of their flavors so you can decide first what to order. Perfect place for an ice..."
Matthew Ocampo
"This is without a doubt the best ice cream place in the metro! They have such wide variety of awesome flavors to choose from! Beware, it’s..."
Eunice Buenafe
"Looking to beat the heat? Look no further and make your way to Carousel. They literally have a lot of flavors that you'd never expect. Go on, don't..."
Ninoy Julongbayan
"We got to taste their flavors because of our seminar event. Not being a biased foodie but all I can say is that they really got your flavor! What I..."
Harriet Cipriano
"Best tasting ice cream in the metro. Wide variety of flavors with extreme taste. Must try and very good value for money.Ambience:..."
Thor Khalifa
"Definitely the best ice cream store in the metro! :) They have the widest range of flavors, from the ordinary to the most unique. They just seem to..."
Innah Abesamis
"Ready for some sugar rush? This ice cream shop offers 101 (handcrafted ice cream) flavors. Yes, you read it right. 101 flavors! ❤️ Too many..."
"It may seem a bit pricey for ice cream, but it's definitely worth it considering how unique some of the flavors are and that you can get lots of..."
Diego Limpo
"It was a delight to see a hundred and one different flavors of Ice creams surrounding you in one place. I ordered their sampler, and I really had a..."
Crave Feast Burp
"ice cream is always a good thing. they had 2 display freezers of all kinds of flavors. ask for a taste of whatever. it's allowed. i opted for good..."
Jose Miranda
"Wow! Love the coffee almonds! No sweetener! No sugar! And he got mango speculoos! Never thought i can still have ice cream with no sugar 😊..."
Joeŷzëē ĀŁiënză
"I tried their chunky cheese flavor, which is basically the regular processed cheddar cheese flavor we're all familiar with, and it was good. The..."
Mark Philip Wu
"Heaven on a cone. I tried several flavors before deciding... it was a very hard decision to make. Everything tasted so good. I ended up with the Milo..."
Catherine Walls
"This has got to be one of my top places to have desserts. 101 flavors of ice cream!!!! Am I in heaven or what?!?!?! There's just so much to choose..."
Yshkael Co
"Overall, their deserts are great! Definitely worth countless visits if you're craving for ice cream since there are a ton of choices ranging from..."
Raimond Dasalla
"Tried so much flavors but ended up with almond soya ❤ super yummy and not super guilty while eating it + it taste like the almond jelly my mom used..."
Ira Tan
"Heaven is a place on Earth with Carousel Creamery. If you're an ice cream lover like me, go ahead and pay Carousel Creamery a visit. One..."
Nolein Dela Cruz
"If you re looking for an ice cream shop that serves unique flavors, head to Carousel Creamery for they offer 101 different flavors.We..."
Clarielle Lising
"What we got:1. Mascarpone and Figs - 4/5Have never tasted mascarpone nor figs before which is why I chose this. It has a subtle flavor but..."
Monica Cadena
"104 different flavours available this morning in Carousel Creamery ! That was a real adventure for my eyes to browse their teasing selection...."
Zivek Huffallart
"Picked flavors randomly because there were 50 options but still tastes very good. For agoraphobes, best to go during lunchtime after strolling..."
Paolo Galarrita
"Suuuuper hard to choose because there are so many choices!! Haha!! Picked Speculoos and Avocado though—Speculoos is honestly t h e bomb. Their..."
Keii Fuentes
"If not the best, Carousel Creamery is one of the best ice cream parlors so far. They have around 100 different flavors and some of which are really..."
"Great place for hanging out. The staff are nice and accommodating. Free taste until you drop! 💕 Plenty of creative flavors to choose from, you'll..."
Katrina Andrea Pahutan
"I needed a dose of happiness today. And what else is a sure fire way to brighten your day? ICE CREAM, lots of it! Like really a lot of it, like..."
Gillaine Pineda
"When I was a kid, I dreamed of having my own ice cream store where I could have the craziest most unique ice cream flavors. Carousel creamery beat me..."
Raphael Diaz
"The place with the most friendly staff. The people were so nice! They have over a hundred flavors and you can try each one. Their chewie baka was..."
Tesh Reyes
"Carousel creamery is now my favorite ice cream parlor. It's basically ice cream heaven! With a whopping total of 101 flavors (although some flavors..."
Benedict Bigalbal
"Carousel Creamery is a dream place for an ice cream lover like me 😱 There are so many flavors to choose from and they'd let you try anything as..."
Kelsey Policarpio
"I've never been a fan of such sweet treats but Carousel Creamery's wide variety of flavors still amuses me upto this date!! It's my 3rd time here and..."
Haydee Kua
"They have a wide selection of flavors you wouldn't even think of! The Wasabi definitely got me interested but I only had a free taste of it. It..."
Bea Hingada
"Place/Ambiance: Ito ang isa sa mga lugar na sobrang nahirapan akong hanapin....dalawang beses ko pa binalikan para mapuntahan lang. Maliit lang din s..."
"I've been really curious about this Ice cream for a long time so I gave it a shot. I was amazed that they have a LOT of flavors in this ice cream..."
Karlo Maneja Dela Cruz
"What an ice cream parlor should be like!👍🏻I only have the most positive feelings for this ice cream shop. I love that their flavors..."
Foodie Dokie
"By hearing the name The Carousel Creamery, there was a bubble in my head that thought of carnival, fun, and colors. True to their concept, this ice..."
Spoons Around The World
"Finally!! I've been able to go try Carousel creamery at Greenhills! I was very excited the sooner my friend agreed with me to go and try visit..."
Marco Basco
"Number of times visited: 2XParking: Available, in front of the store. As it is located in a busy Greenhills area, it’s hard to secure..."
Project Viajero
"Hooray for this ice cream shop! ❤ They really have what ever flavor you're craving for. They also offer free tasting of any flavors so you can..."
Aerielle Dela Cruz
"I LOVE CAROUSEL AND I AM THANKFUL FOR ITS EXISTENCEThis place doesn't deserve a 4.9 Zomato rating because it deserves a 5.0!!!There..."
Jasmine B
"Flavors I tried were: Peppermint Chocolate,Avocashew, and Almond Roca. They were all good especially Avocashew (a bit of bias here since I love..."
Rex Tupas
"One of the reasons why I keep coming back would be their wide selection of flavors. Aside from the classic flavors, they also have interesting..."
Trina Yu
"I rarely go to Greenhills so when I found myself in the area one rainy Saturday because of an errand, I practically begged my girlfriend to let me..."
Le Point Bar Ph
94/100 (98 ratings)
Fast Food
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
"Lovely and friendly place, well decorated and confortable ! Perfect to admire the sunset and have one of their delicious cocktail 🍹 very good..."
Lucie Chérubin
"Such a chill place with good food, awesome drinks served by great people. My fave is chillin' by the beach drinking my fresh buko juice every after..."
Princess Ostan
"I really love the drinks, we don't even taste the alcohol so addicting specially for a non drinker, food is also good, i had a carbonara and it is so..."
Marinel Repomenta
"They serve the best Mango Shake and Pasta Bolognese! Definitely a perfect place to chill and enjoy the view of the sun kissing the sea!..."
Mara Janella Plantilla Cordial
"Very cozy place to relax...felt the nice and warm welcome from the staff......"
Jeffrey Montecillo Udaundo
"Great time at Le Point, had a wonderful friends birthday celebration. Spent many evenings enjoying the music and the relaxing atmosphere.. Recommend..."
Edgar Palafox
"Really helpful staff and great food, would go back again. Definitely worth popping in if you're in the..."
Suzanne Fordyce
"Best Mojitos in La Union! You also have to try the seafood..."
Sasha Zakharka
"The best crepe in the north! Awesome people, good music, delicious French food and amazing beach front!..."
Luisa Jimenez
"We certainly enjoyed our time at Le Point Bar� will surely drop by everytime we're at San Juan, La Union! Thank you sis julia ann..."
Sherwin Avelino Stockinger
"Best place in the world!� Best people in the world!� Best dog in the..."
Rita Gulevich
"LOVED it! Extremely chill despite the long weekend; plus the fire dancing was really entertaining. Their drinks are different and the nice lady at..."
Maria Concepcion Paminiano
"Cozy size... Good lighting... Good modern music... and fantastic conversational bar company. The drinks are alcoholic..."
Uffe Mboya
"Perfectly situated bar which serves great food and has friendly staff and very cool..."
Nico Puertorico
"Way cool atmosphere. You feel welcome from the first minute you arrive. A great experience and damn cool view..."
Chico Surf
93/100 (577 ratings)
"One thing I liked about his branch is less waiting time than other branches more space and seating capacity.Good Food, Nice Ambiance and fast..."
Daniel Carlo Cocjin Bueno
"Good food and great service! The place has good ventillation compared to other Korean grilling restaurants. Will be back..."
Richard Lim Sy
"Good food and good service! Affordable price for an eat-all-you-can Korean barbeque. Worth coming back..."
Michael Lu
"Definitely one of the best branches,..."
Nikolas Escobal
"NAPAKASARAP!!!! The best branch so far..."
Zharlaine Wang
"Loved it here! Definitely value for money! Plus, the servers were attentive..."
Sanmae Gan
"Yummy food and good service. Will definitely come back soon..."
Mary Ann Koa
Leon Tio Tan
"Yummy food! Great service. Will be back soon..."
Justin Cheng
"The place is really clean and the servers were..."
Josef Ayson
"BaBalik balikan!..."
Mark Levinson Koa
"Best branch..."
Patty Ramos
"By far the cleanest/well-maintained Samgyupsalamat branch we've eaten in. Good exhaust, a/c, charcoal heating, non-greasy floors, clean..."
KY Yap-Pablo
"Delicioso ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Food quality ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Best value for money..."
Des Bautista
"Still the best samgyup place for..."
"They don't have the potatoes :(. Dined here last September 13 around 12am. The soup was too salty. Accomodating staff!They also allow solo..."
Elisha Sison
"Been here twice already and so far, the service and our overall dining experience was good! But the meat and side dishes served on our first visit..."
Danielle Grace Marasigan
"⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for service. Been here multiple times and the staff have always been attentive and courteous. Best Samgyupsalamat..."
"B3 and B4, P3 and P4 are the best for us.I made sure to go the best one for our first Korean BBQ and it didn’t fail us. Really loved it and we..."
Joann Estrada
"Highly recommended! Best samgyupsal ive had so far in manila. Their ice cream is the cherry on top! The only problem is that they only take cash!..."
Sarah Meouche
"Love the grapefruit soju! Best paired with the grilled meats! Love the steamed egg, baby potatoes and the hot soup that comes with the unlimited..."
Nicole Chua
"Super good food and the waiters are super nice and accommodating! You should try it! There are a lot of samgyup around manila. Make sure to go at a..."
Sydney Go
"Favorite Samgyupsalamat branch because aircondition is nice not like other branch that you cant feel the aircon and will make you sweat while eating...."
Daniel & Joy
"good and fast service mababait yung mga servers, at sulit yung binayad namin, 449 per head at madami nang side dishes di ko lang na enjoy yung cheese..."
"The best! Our go-to korean fix!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Food⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Service⭐️⭐️⭐️..."
Connie Urbano
"Experience cook-it-yourself Korean bbq at a reasonable price. Unlimited pork and beef for PHP499. This place taught me patience. Hahahaha!..."
EatGirl ♡
"Follow me on Instagram: @astro.adinOur Samgyupsalamat cravings were satisfired last Saturday. We chose to dine-in here since this branch is..."
"We were within the area so we decided to try this outlet despite the negative reviews we have just read. But we have confirmed those reviews - late..."
"The food is delicious, sulit na sulit! The staff were kind and accommodating, not to mention they're also fast! I would recommend eating here,..."
John Carlo Roman
"The food is good. I enjoyed it alot, but the utensils is a bit oily even before we start eating. Overall its good! I would love to go back again...."
Winalee Rivera
"As always, it’s addicting. I just don’t like the floor and utensils because it’s so oily. Also for the restrooms, it seems like no one is..."
Sabina Cruz
"Sarap lahat kaso yung bulgogi lasang tocino. Sarap lahat kaso yung bulgogi lasang tocino. Sarap lahat kaso yung bulgogi lasang tocino. Sarap lahat..."
"Samgyupsalamat is a really great restaurant with many different choices of marinaded beef and pork to choose from. It is really accessible to the..."
Pamplona Man
"Out of all the countless unlimited Korean BBQ restaurants in the metro, Samgyupsalamat still tops my list! Love how they serve generous portions of..."
MJ Juco
"By far, this is the best Samgyupsalamat branch I visited. Though we waited for an hour before we got a table, it is understandable. The service was..."
"Please consider putting a time limit on customers because we waited 1.5 hours and the line did not move at all. We could see people not even eating..."
"the place was clean and nice, a very accomodating and attentive crew. this is my go to place for korean food in San Juan. The Samgyupsalamat is..."
Fatima Secretario Gandionco
"Food was great, service was fast, affordable price, and their staff were very friendly as well. Will definitely come back soon. Meat recos- beef..."
Geronimo Tan
"Super sulit and sarap , thanks sa super babait at accommodating staffs and keep it up,. And sulit sa unli side dishes at i super like ung kimchie..."
"Now i understand why everytime I would attempt to eat at Samgyupsalamat, lines are endless.At 4pm, we were already waiting at number 5. We..."
Camille Santos Encabo
"Before watching Crazy Rich Asians in the cinema, my friends and I had a round of unli Korean BBQ in Samgyupsalamat. ❤️ This flatlay features the..."
Fried And Prejudice
"My boyfriend and I decided to eat at Samgyupsalamat and we were maybe 10th on the list since it was a Sunday lunch time and got seated after about an..."
Abigail Villavicencio
"Waaaaah sobrang cool ng experience second time to eat Korean buffet the P1 to P4 I must say na for chill moment lang sya as in parang kwentuhan to..."
Mhayette Servano
"Went here for Sunday lunch with the family. Since it’s peak hours, we were waitlisted and we had to wait for 30 minutes before we were given a..."
Camille Solis
"I haven’t tried a lot of Samgyupsal places but I know good food and food here is definitely good! What I love best about this place is how..."
Elle Macatangay-Diaz
"Affordable. Love the various choices of pork and beef flavors! Although very few variety of side dishes. Queue is always long in any branch..."
Mia Lambinicio
"We came in hungry. We were a group of seven and came in around 530pm on a Sunday. Got seated right away and half of the place was filled with dining..."
Bettina Bell
"The beef meat selection is good but are thin to accommodate the all-you-can population. There’s too much fat on every meat but it’s their..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
"I ate here with my friends and we really enjoyed our meal that day. The food is great, both pork and beef as well as the side dishes. The place is..."
Justin Cheng
"We waited for 2 hours, but it was well worth the wait. We tried almost all the pork and beef, getting just 1-2 pcs or half servings so we could try..."
Trish Deluria
"Been to this branch twice and I love it here. It’s my favorite branch. Very spacious, fast service, polite staff, good air-conditioning, waiting in..."
Jessica Tang
"Good place to hang out with your friends. The food presentation is good. When it comes to meat, they are all good, different flavors to choose for...."
Gab Valencia
"The food and service in samgyupsalamat in San Juan branch is SuperB. Especially for a restaurant that is frequently full of people because of their..."
Mae Alimon
"This place is a must try!!! We had a wide range of beef & pork to choose from! All are mouthwatering, rich in flavor, and easy to cook! The side..."
Raxel Ruiz
"Service was fast and good. Waiters were friendly and responded quickly to customers. They had good variety of meat to choose from. Totally worth the..."
Alex Reyes
"Great variety of food from icecream , fish ice cream , melona and also their Soju perfect in rainy season. The food was great so delicious and the..."
Maria Gracia Cruisia Floresia
"i like samgyupsalamat san juan branch because of the good service, food, ambiance, interior, big spacious can accomodate 70 pax. the price is..."
Gilbert Collantes
""Yangnyum beef" craving satisfied. Hands down samgyupsalamat san juan branch :) and I heard that this is one of the best beef dish. I always invite..."
Zhuwe Dela Cruz Balladarez
"One of the best Samgyupsalamat branches. Staff are attentive, nice, accommodating and friendly. Though there were a couple of times it took them a..."
Paula Aguila
"One of the best korean food I’ve tasted, I really love beef boolgogi, gochoojang beef samgyup, side dishes and especially the kimchi so delicious...."
"When we got there, we were surprised that the waiting list was already so long! We were 11th in line. Since we were already there, we decided to just..."
Karen MNL
"The food is good and the staff is approachable. The ambiance is good and clean perfect for family gathering. I'll recommend this to my friends and..."
Marie Nyas
"Awesome food. Great! Please visit this samgyupsalamat san juan. Amazing spacious ambiance and also their good service. Great taste of food and list..."
Nicky Sanchez
"We went around 6 PM on a weekday. There was already a queue, but we were called in not long after. SUPER SULIT!!! Completely sated my bbq..."
"Went here last weekend to check what the hype's all about. We tried their UNLI 2 which offers 5 kinds of pork and 4 kinds of beef, together with..."
Stanly Chan
"Loved the food! Especially the yangnum beef. I would definitely go back with my friends. Friendly staff :). Excited for the upcoming new..."
Rachel Leen
"This is by far the best Korean BBQ experience I’ve had. The food was great, servers were excellent, and the place was very spacious. The K-pop..."
Perry Ang
"Our family celebrated Mother’s Day here and it was a really great experience! At first they were a bit slow (maybe because there were a lot of..."
Myzyl Choi
"Definitely worth paying , food was sooo good. service was excellent, they were very attentive!! will definitely come back to this awesome..."
Barbara Hipol
"My family has not been to a lot of Korean BBQ places that have been sprouting all over the metro. I know, right :) ? But last weekend we decided to..."
"Great value for money. Good variety of meat. The beef and pork menu is 449.00 for lunchtime and 499.00 for dinnertime. The sides are also good. Be..."
Sherryl Legaspi Llorca
"FOOD: 5/5- I loved that they have a variety of meat that I can choose from- The side dishes were delicious and it complement well with the..."
"Love this place! Wide variety of meat and it tastes so good!!!😁 Service is quite good. Need patience in waiting for a seat but it's worth it. Best..."
Laurence Balderrama
"Food: All of the food tastes good especially the beef meats. I love their soup with a hint of spiciness. Also the one with egg in a small bowl, not..."
"Compared to other Samgyupsalamat branches, the San Juan branch has one of the widest sitting arrangement however, compared to other branches again,..."
Eena Samonte
"This is by far the best korean bbq place in Manila. Quality meats and good side dishes. The Beef Samgyup and Beef Yangnyum are winners. Defnitely a..."
Mark Levinson Koa
"If you plan on eating unlimited pork/beef as a group, then by all means, try this place out. The size and serving of meat is thicker, not to mention..."
Rica Palomo-Espiritu
"Good food and Good service! Affordable price for an eat-all-you-can Korean barbeque resto. Great ambience and good ventilation and aircon system...."
Michael Lu
"Place- arrived at about 5:30pm, no waiting needed. Place was spacious, tables had adequate space compared to other branches(crowded). Staff-..."
"Very good customer service. Fast and friendly staff. Worth the price. They serve fast and attenda to your requests immediately. Staff are always very..."
Abby Garcia-Kwong
93/100 (63 ratings)
"Got the 6 inch cake thru grab food. And it is yum. The cake is moist and not too sweet, just right. I cant wait to eat this again with tea/coffee...."
Margaret Kho
"Limited to Sugar Free (SF) sweets, one nitpicks quality. Chocolat delivered with its SF Chocolate Mousse Cake.Unboxing was..."
Mariel Go
"Love their chocalate cakes! Favorite is their Kahlua and Hazelnut variant. Their red velvet is also delicious and their carrot cake is one of the..."
Ruth Acero
"Very good cakes, always hits the spot. Best of all, they aren’t anywhere near the 1000php mark. It’s really hard to fathom how cakes these days..."
"I recommend the hot chocolate, a good place to relax for some good cakes and a warm cup hot chocolate. Definitely a place to stop by if you're in the..."
"The place itself only hosts a few tables but the desserts are to die for! For chocolate lovers out there, you must try their best seller ''Death by..."
"This place is already an institution known for its Death by Tablea, its best selling chocolate cake with bittersweet icing, native cacao and..."
Miguel Francisco Macaalay
"Death by Tablea is my favorite. It is absolutely to die for. Try it out, or better take home one and savour it in your own place and own..."
Gamalielh Ariel Oña Benavides
"One of the best if not the best cake shop were you can dine in for slices of their cakes.Food: 5/5Every time we visit a cake or coffee..."
"I’m a dark chocolate and cake lover and discovering this place is like discovering a treasure box full of gem! I tried their Death by Tablea for..."
Dianne Kathreen
"This place has the BEST chocolate cakes I have ever had! Even though their branch locations are out of my way, I make sure to drive out whenever I..."
Claire Zarate
"We came here looking for sweets to munch on. We tried their recommended Death by Tablea and their Tiramisu. The Death by Tablea was delicious and..."
Joshah Caleb Chua
"The best chocolate cake evah! As in best cake evah! Not eo sweet but so chocolatey! So soft! So moist! Even after a week the cake is still so super..."
Ace Ednalan
"It was a Sunday night and we were looking for a birthday cake. It so happens across the restaurant we were eating in was a bakery/cafe. Saw their..."
Gene Roca
"I am not a sweet tooth, not a fan of super sweet cakes. But their deep dark classic suits my preferences, not too sweet, but generous with the amount..."
Jeun Eats World
"I am a chocolate and alcohol lover so I find their Bailey's cake super good! Though this is not highly recommended to people who do not prefer..."
Ciella Uy
"Been there. Yun cakes and frappe. Sobrang nakakabusog, isang slice pa lang ng cake panalo na yun tyan ko. 😁Masarap na cakes and frozen..."
"I tried Chocolat a few years back because of their Death by Tablea Cake. It was weird cause I found it very sweet and heavy. I didn't go back after..."
StarryEyed Luna
"We came here for dessert. We ordered Chocolate hazelnut - the cake is moist and the flavor is really yummy. There is a hint taste of..."
Dette Arellano
"Chocolat is near our home and is a go to place to buy cake for birthday celebrations. They use tablea chocolate for their chocolate cakes. These..."
"Went here the other day to satisfy our cravings for Cheesecake and Chocolate cake, I was surprised to what they can offer. You will be drooling with..."
"My chocolate cake craving was satisfied! If you want that moist chocolate cake with a milky chocolate fudge icing, Chocolat is where you should go...."
Gillaine Pineda
"The chocolate carrot cake got me interested in buying it. It was the first time for me to eat a chocolate and carrot combo. I liked it but I probably..."
Wilma Poso
"I ate their carrot with cream cheese frosting cake. I must say that I liked it a lot although they could have used more cream cheese frosting. Maybe..."
Albert Yap
"The death by tablea intrigued me. I always wanted to try it and I got that chance the other day. It did not kill me (obviously) but it did make me a..."
Justo Yap
"My dad and I went here to have dessert and boy does their cake make you want to beg for more. One slice of cake isn't enough that you'll be wanting..."
Gail Petterson
"Very cozy place. Small and perfect for studying alone or hanging out with a friend or two. Their chocolate cake and banana walnut loaf tastes..."
Issa Villapando
"Chocolat has been our go to place to buy cakes for birthday or when we ate craving for a nice chocolate cake. Their Death by Tablea is really yummy...."
Den Sy
"My boyfriend loves their cakes so I decided to try it with him. Well, the place is small but the thing here is the cakes they have right? We had..."
Krista Mendez
"The place is simple and different from what I expected but it's just okay.Their cake is really yummy!!!I really love their Tablea..."
Alexis Louise Corpus Arenas
Pho Hoa
92/100 (1571 ratings)
"Pho Bo Kho is excellent comfort food! Add a squeeze of lemon, a couple of basil leaves and all of the bean sprouts to the flavorful beef stew with..."
"Old favorite. All their classic choices are as sumptuous as ever. However, can I complain about the sizzling steak cubes... they used to cover the..."
"i think this is the most authentic veitnamese pho noodle soup you can find in this country, its too bad i dont see them much anymore in zomato gold,..."
Sandy Martinez
"Employees are accommodating and the service of the restaurant is efficient. Even though we had our msal at past 10 pm, the servers still smiled and..."
Nadine Grace Jaurigue
"Staff was very friendly and accommodating. 5 of us dined, and all 5 of us claimed zomato gold. We did not hear any complain from the servers, nor..."
"Very good Pho, reliable taste and quality. Order the Thai Iced Tea or Lemonade (with real lemon, not the powdered kind) to round out your meal. Eat..."
Geraldine A.
"Service is always excellent at this branch in Wilson. Pho hoa is well loved for their dishes and we are always in this branch when we have Vietnamese..."
Alexandra Vallejo
"They have approachable and friendly staff, and I love the food here!! :)We always go for:Seafood noodle soup 🍲Chicken noodle..."
Zandra Faye Mendoza
"My family loves Pho Hoa. We dine here almost weekly. Some of our favorites include: fresh spring rolls, beef flank pho, and pork chop rice. Their..."
"Always wanted pho hoa, and i finally got a chance to dine after my workout. Super wide selection of dishes. When the food came out, we were surprised..."
Marky Tan
"You get a taste of authentic Vietnamese food for a reasonable price. It's even better now that it's part of the Zomato Gold family. More than their..."
Rachel Lim
"Pho Hoa never fails us because of its comfort food. We always love the Combo: brisket, flank, tendon, and meatballs. Husband’s choice of marinated..."
"I like Pho Hoa because of its consistency and dedication to sticking to what works and not cutting corners.I ordered my usual, which is..."
Lai Sy
"One of those places I forget to take a photo of the dishes before they’re eaten because the food simply smells so good. You just dive in when the..."
Christopher Cheng Ng
"This resto is near where I live and I almost always pass by it. Parking is empty whenever I pass. It’s my first time to dine in this branch and I..."
Andrea Joyce Wen
"We’ve been in this branch for hundreds of times. Food quality hasn’t changed and I’m glad they have been consistent all throughout :) We..."
David Ong
"Staff were accommodating and friendly even though we came almost closing time. Best of all, good food! Previously, have vermicelli bowl and noddle..."
Ge Lo
"Delicious food and pleasurable experience, especially on Zomato Gold! Vermicelli Bowl and number 50 Pho 👌👌👌 Sobrang sulit na po! Will..."
Kyle Tan
"Restaurant has ample parking considering it is in Greenhills. As usual, food is great. My go-to orders are fresh spring rolls and beef stew. This is..."
Joy De Villa
"Their price versus serving size and quality is on point - especially if you have the Zomato Gold membership. We ended up having two bowls of noodle..."
John Gan
"Very authentic vietnamese dishes. Never missed to order the Pho Noodle soup and Beef tenderloin on rice. Other dishes are very delicious as well. One..."
Peter Tan
"Sans parking issues during peak hours, this restaurant is really spacious inside. The good thing about it too is that it's one of many Zomato Gold..."
Angeli David
"Great customer service. Very polite and friendly staff. Kudos to Omar!! Food is always 5*. Super love the beef brisket, spring roll and..."
Mary Grace Reyes
"They have many specialties in store! This Vietnamese restaurant has so much to offer, even the spiciest food. I usually order their Pho Chin Nam Gan..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
"Whenever we’re in the San Juan area after a day of errands, or even just after school, we go to this place. These are our go-to choices for comfort..."
Fried And Prejudice
"I ordered their Pho Chin Nam. It's very good. Not quite as good as the real dish in Vietnam but close. It's soup with vermicelli noodles, thin slices..."
Nom Nom
"I love Pho Hoa. My favorite is their vermicelli bowls -- lots of flavor, lots of vegetables, clean and fresh taste. It's the closest you can get to..."
Annette A. Ferrer
"This is place offers authentic Vietnamese cuisine with a variety of menu. Their single serving dishes are also good for two people with those of not..."
Issa Pisa
"When I was younger Pho Hoa Beef Pho was my official hangover meal. It had always cured--a bit-- my heavy yet floating head.Nowadays, Pho..."
Esay Querubin
"What I love from Pho Hoa are their consistency in preparing Pho! The taste of the broth shows the care in preparing a robust flavor of broth that..."
Cliff-Jacky Cheng
"I keep coming back to this place almost weekly, you can hang out at Jacks loft while eating their food. pho noodles and Pho rice plates are all good...."
Benny De Leon
"Flank brisket tendon and beef ball Pho noodle soup. It's the only thing that can solve my fix for pho. Although, the other pho soup flavors are good..."
Angelica Marie Hipolito
"Pho Hoa is one of my favorite places to eat!Pho Ga and Fried Spring Rolls is my ultimate favorite at Pho Hoa!Plus you can never go wrong with the..."
Larra Santos
"World history has always been a study of conflicts and violent cultural clashes. And some of these have resulted in some interesting blends,..."
The Food Dude