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Tim Hortons
84/100 (231 ratings)
"Branch here is big with a good ambiance. There are also a couple of outlets but some are not working. Place wasn't too cold - it's a good place to..."
Epicurean Foodies PH
"Their hot double double hit my taste buds perfectly. I think I finally found my brew. Not bitter but not too sweet either. Just the perfect caffeine..."
"First time here in this branch, much much more spacious than the small seating area of both Eastwood and Glorietta. Lots of tables and chairs and..."
Ria Pe | RIA_litybites
"I tried Tim Hortons’ Double Double hot version and I liked it. When I shared it on Instagram, a friend recommended to try its iced version. So on..."
Camille Solis
"a nice place to have a good cup of coffee, desserts and light meals and sandwiches. i particularly liked the chipotle chicken wrap. i would like to..."
Ronnie Uy
"Friendly, warn, accommodating crew members. Really liking their options for food and drinks.Price is affordable as well compared to the..."
"Before Halloween officially arrived, a Canadian brand, Tim Hortons gave me their playful version of a spider in the form of their yummy double..."
"i love Tim Hortons 😍😍😍... Nice place for unexpected meeting... and the food is great, and also our coffee and shake order. Very polite..."
Enzo Goyo
"The coffee, donuts and bagels are just like they are back home. Only thing lacking is the efficient service, making it the only reason why I'm giving..."
Orven Rivera
"Tim Hortons is the only place I buy iced coffee from, and I like how their choices never go too expensive to order everyday. I love that they opened..."
Abigail Villavicencio
"Great place to get a late night dessert or coffee in Greenhills. Staff are friendly and there is free wifi available. Ambience is relatively chill,..."
"Tim hortons is the latest coffee place to hit the metro with their donuts and sandwiches, tim horton will surely be a hit for foodies and..."
"Great great great Ambiance. Bigger space compared to Libis Branch. But colder compared to Libis. Bring a cardigan. Another thing I love is their..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
"I really love their bagel belt! Yummilicious! And im trully happy they are way cheaper than Starbucks! My large latte is only 110 😀I love how..."
Cindy Tan Gaw
"The crew were so polite and friendly! I love their hot chocolate! It is so chocolatey and perfect for a chill morning drink. The donut that I tried..."
Hensee Uy
"Been coming back here almost every other day, its open for 24HOURS!!😀. I love those muffins they have and the small donuts.If you visit..."
"Sooo happy they finally opened in Greenhills. I’ve been looking forward to their coffee cause I liked how it tastes plus it isn’t as expensive..."
Feed My Tummy PH
Gloria Maris Restaurant
84/100 (2544 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Mandarin Duck
Peking Duck
Fried rice
Shabu Shabu
Dim Sum
Sukiyaki & Shabu Shabu
Hong Kong
"So glad and privileged I was able to feast on several delicious offerings of Gloria Maria Greenhills as they officially joined the Choi Garden..."
Ria Pe | RIA_litybites
"Food is really good, they have a lot of innovations for Chinese cuisines, service is really slow compared to the main branch in Pasay, also their 50%..."
John Michael Cai
"I still regard this as the best of best (so does most filchis in the metro I bet). You come here not for something new or something exciting but..."
Stephen Tan
"It's a fine dining restaurant so expect a hefty price tag. But the cooking is 👌🏻👌🏻 my sister like the individual taro baskets i like..."
"Great food and service. I have been eating here ever since I was young and the food still tastes great! My favorite is california maki, salted egg..."
Jiselle Chua
"Had dinner here for my Mom’s birthday and it was still very consistent.The peking duck and the rest of what we had was all on point.I like the odea..."
Gino Gonzalez
"One of the best restos in town for Chinese family gathering. We celebrated my parents birthday here on a lovely Sunday lunch. Love the peking duck,..."
"Definitely one of the pillars of Chinese Dining. They elevated the ambience with their big chandeliers and hotel like furnitures. You will still hear..."
Guilty Pleasures Seeker
"I love being BDO Platinum because they always come out with 50% discounts at my favorite Chinese restaurants (Gloria Maris being one of them). These..."
Goldielyn Limsiy
"Score: 3.5/5The ambience was relaxed and the service quite good. The waiters are attentive and the order taker (diane) is very polite and..."
Twinny Wally
"The ambiance is typical chinese setting with a little modern touch. The place is well maintained, big and can cater to big groups. This is always on..."
Geneille Rigor
"Good food . Place was big . I was with the management team and we ordered a lot . Big serving I should say . Though I haven’t really tasted a real..."
Albert Cruz
"Gloria Maris in Greenhills is one of the few Chinese restaurant I'd go to outside of Binondo.The dishes I usually order here are..."
Boodle Bear
"Best place for shabu shabu. broths are savory and balls are meaty and not just those that can be bought in supermarkets. Meat and veggies are also..."
"Pre wedding family dinner. The VIP room set the perfect scene for what was going to be a loud family gathering with great food. All the..."
Hungry Filipino
"Their fine dining here is two floors and I love it. Red carpet and everything. For their name, Shark’s Fin Restaurant, the Soup is a signature hit..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
"Their shabu shabu is the best. Dont forget to order the cheeseballs! It might be pricey but for our family, the price is worth it because the foods..."
"Food was superb as expected. We loved everything we were served. Air conditioning were opened exactly at the time of the event so we had to..."
Beverly San Juan
"The best fine dining! Good quality chinese food! Ambience is great as well! Worth it! Highly recommended! You will definitely come back for more!..."
"Definitely my favorite Chinese restaurant. I find the waiters very accommodating and helpful when my mom celebrated her 50th birthday in Gloria..."
Honeylet R. Tubianosa
"I've only had a few formal lauriat experiences, and so far Gloria Maris' is part of the top list. Servers explained the dishes, served it with..."
"I loved the steamed king fish and the two-way peking duck. Put the sliced duck in the cabbage wrapper- you’ll understand the meaning of delicious...."
Jayvee Sagles
"At this point, you know the legend that is Gloria Maris, the absolute go to Chinese banquet restaurant in Manila. This is where all important Chinese..."
Mark Philip Wu
"Great ambiance but the way food were cooked is not the typical thing I was expecting. You can also improve your mode of payment. Overall great..."
"Gloria Maris located at Greenhills Shopping Center has been around since I was a kid....definitely one of the best place for authentic Chinese food..."
Mar E. Diokno
"Extremely popular, vast layout equaled by a wide menu selection. Hit or miss on the food quality. Good for big parties due to its celebratory..."
"A solid and very consistent Chinese restaurant...You know the feeling of ordering a beloved dish at a restaurant and when you bite into it,..."
Foodie Dokie
"Always the place to go when you're craving sharks fin soup and barbecued meat dishes. Food is pricy but top notch!👍 Servers were all attentive...."
Alice Liu
"We had our dinner here. We ordered 2way duck, steam shrimp, coldcuts with crispy pigeon, yangchow, steam lapu lapu, and pumkin seafood soup 2way...."
Victor Yap
"Fresh and delicious seafood, good service, perfect VIP room for lunch meetings. A must try restaurant. Purely chinese taste of food...."
Apple Reich
"We were invited for a Chinese feast to celebrate my uncle's birthday. Food was served family style and the dishes were served one at a time. We had..."
"This biggest restaurant can house three weddings at at time and actually has three segments- dimsum, hot pot and fine dining. I am here for two good..."
"We were celebrating my dad's birthday and decided to eat at Gloria Maris fine dining restaurant in Greenhills because you get 50% off (for a max..."
"Back then, we always had our family gatherings here. This place is definitely one of the most sophisticated fine dine Chinese restaurant I have been..."
Avi Eats
"I am used to eating Chinese lauriat; in fact my whole life I am regularly eating Chinese lauriat. Just this year (2016) I have eaten Chinese lauriat..."
"So far, this is the best Chinese restaurant I've ever eaten at since I was a kid. The ambiance, the interior design, the table etiquette, is very..."
Tony Olonan
"When speaking of authentic and scrumptious Chinese cuisine, Gloriamaris stands out among the rest. 😊 Food is excellent! I love everything we..."
Jessica Dizon
"The first thing that you should know about Gloria Maris is that the one in Greenhills is different from all the other Gloria Maris that you can find...."
Jessa Acosta | Patches Of Life
"Gloria Maris Shark's Fin Restaurant is this famous restaurant in Greenhills that generated a number of loyal patrons and customers from the Chinese..."
"It's nice to see that Gloria Maris is still serving good food. The only thing I recommend is that more tables and chairs to avoid long lines..."
Bam Guinio
"Spent mySunday lunch dining here for my nephew’s birthday party. Food served was verydelicious and I was surprised how modern they serve..."
Wild Ride
"Now this is just my aunt's favorite place for any celebration and I just never get tired of eating here. Yes it is pretty expensive but the food is..."
Selwyn Ang
"This is for me one of the best Chinese restaurants. They have a couple of branches around I believe but the quality is not the same. Best to go to..."
"Had a mini-reunion with highschool friends over lunch on a Chinese New Year. As expected, the place is packed. We made a reservation (a must on peak..."
Bee X-Aquino
"Spent my Saturday afternoon dining here with three of my friends. We mostly ordered dimsum - from siomai, hakao, fried taro puffs, and more. We also..."
Bettina Bacani
"I've been here once for a wedding and I can say that food here is great. When you plan to go here and reserve for an event, make sure to ask for..."
Cheen De Guzman
"Really appreciate it when an establishment takes that extra effort to uplift it image. Nowadays, you have to keep rebranding to keep up with the..."
"Another family favorite :) It's best to come here when you're in large groups because the dishes are perfect for sharing! Also nice to have dimsum..."
Gigi Ramos
"One of our fave Chinese restaurant with my in laws 😋 Great choices of food, they serve it the best that actually fills up more than what we expect..."
Menchie Chan
"One of my favorite Chinese place! ✔When I was a kid, we usually hold our family meetings and occasions here, and up until now we mostly likely..."
"Our all time favorite shabu-shabu restaurant. I like the ambience even if most times the floor is slippery coz of oils i think. But the shabu-shabu..."
"very pricey but really the best. they have innovative dishes that shake things up in the chinese lauriet table world! as a person who eats chinese..."
"Somewhere is Greenhills, San JuanI bet you will surely find the oneThe one restaurant you have been searching forYour faith in dimsum..."
Stacy Danika Alcantara
"Had late lunch with the family and my aunt's friend here today before going shopping.We decided to order their famous yang chow and pancit,..."
Tine Nery
"I love dining in Gloria Maris! The ambiance is beautiful because it's so big, the interiors are so classy, and everything really makes you feel like..."
C. S.
"There are a wide range of hotpot to choose from meats of chicken, beef, pork and lamb and seafood. There are even balls of meat available. For..."
Hello Sheena
"Had Lunch with family. The place is huge. It's a typical Chinese resto, Food is good, Fresh vegies. I love their Taho. Definitely will be going..."
Chai Ochoa
"When you think of chinese food, it's always Gloria Maris. Food is always good. The ambiance has improved 10x better than what it used to be. It..."
Nerizze Mendoza
"We've been eating here since I was just a little girl. I love this place, never failed to impress me! We eat here for almost every occasion and the..."
Jiselle Denice Chua
"Everytime a relative will have their birthday, Gloria Maris is one of the choices to celebrate it. I love their food, though it's really jampacked..."
Joannie Norbe
"the ala carte and private room dinning of this Gloria maris branch at greenhills is outstanding, they have kept their recipe well since the 1980s at..."
"Dec 22 2014Good foodlove the prawn saladbraised beef with bun is sosobirthday noodle is goodChinese chicken -..."
Bob Azcor
"First time to eat century egg and it was soooo good! Pinky swear ;-) The place was huge and you would mistaken it as a hotel hahaha ;-) the staffs..."
"If they tell you all Gloria Maris restaurants are created equal, you're being lied to. Thanks to a large Chinese community in greenhills this branch..."
Deng Tee
"Gloria Maris is one of the top choices of Chinese families for special occasions. Like any other Chinese families, my family loves to go to Gloria..."
Den Sy
"It was my first time to step inside the fairly new massive property of Gloria Maris, albeit I've seen it during the rare times I was in Greenhills...."
Food Reviews Manila
"The new Gloria maris in town...there are 3 areas here at gloria maris.. SHABU SHABU, DIMSUM AND FINE DINING AREA. i love the prawn salad and..."
"GLORIA MARIS Restaurant, specifically the one in Greenhills, is our all-time favorite go-to place for authentic Cantonese food in Manila since 1995...."
Anton Diaz
"We ordered pata tim, fresh buko and dimsum platter at Gloria Maris. The food in this restaurant is mighty expensive but the taste would be worth it..."
Aldous Calubad
"Taho, a local snack made of silky tofu or bean curd with sago (mini tapioca pearls) and sweet caramelized sugar syrup, is an iconic and ubiquitous..."
The Food Dude
"Gloria Maris is my husband's favorite casual Chinese restaurant. He usually gets sudden cravings for the classics like Sweet and Sour Fish, Yang Chow..."
Kirsten Uy De Baron
84/100 (267 ratings)
"Banaue Area is home to many asian food options. This restaurant particularly offers authentic Singaporean streat food as the name suggests. Bugis is..."
"A must try restaurant. It definitely satisfied our cravings... :-) Laksa. The spicy coconut broth and thick noodles was delicious, filling and..."
"Pricing is competitive and food is good. I like to order the sweet and sour porkchop and the sizzling porkchop. Both have big servings...."
"I’ve been to two branches and this one is a lot cleaner than the other one in Banawe. The chicken chops and rice were prepared really quickly. Was..."
Mark Canteras
"This place surprised us. Was not expecting this good food along Banawe street, well I did not know Banawe street is filled with amazing stuff. I can..."
Kamille Nepomuceno
"Value for money 👍🏼 Delicious laksa that brought me back to Singapore. Extra soup for the laksa was also accommodated. Clean and modern..."
"Always love the food here! Best laksa I've tasted. I'd recommend their shakes because they're really good. Their Nasi Goreng rice was delicious...."
Stephanie Santiago
"The place is better than Eat Fresh since it does not look crowded. The food is good and has far more choices. They have also a better..."
카즈 토
"The laksa in this place is the bomb. The mix of flavors (im a fan of everything coconut milk!) and spices were perfect. I literally had it thrice in..."
"We ordered Nasi Lemak, Nasi Goreng, Laksa, Chicken Chops and Salted Egg Prawn. All the dishes we ordered were delicious, especially the Laksa! Will..."
Marianne Alberto
"Laksa was delicious! It's great that they give free refills for the soup. You might get umay though if you eat too much. The shrimp was fresh and the..."
Mel Dizon
"Laksa was very good, the soup was very nice, it does not have an overpowering coconut milk taste that other laksas have. PRO TIP; on a separate bowl,..."
Valiant Guthrie Santiago
"Love the taste of their food! From their appetizer sticks, laksa, curry, spareribs, nasi goreng... all tastes great! Best eaten with their..."
Nouls Laroya
"Food’s really good here! We ordered their Laksa, Nasi Goreng fried rice and paired it with their soy garlic chicken. Despite every dish being..."
Krystin Detita
"I love this new place in little baguio. Laksa is amazing and great for sharing and now I've got place to get some.roti even for..."
Xy Pintoy
"Bugis is known for Singaporean food, and everyone knows that Laksa is the main specialty of Singaporean cuisine for sure. 🇸🇬 So this was a..."
Fried And Prejudice
"A very nice neighborhood restaurant near our area for some good singaporean food. Lots of options for my kids with their fried stuff. Laksa was food..."
"Enjoyed all our orders! I was badly craving for someKaya toast and my dad told me that Bugis just opened a branch near our house so we..."
"Food: My personal fave: laksaEverything tastes good! My least fave is the chicken cutlet but only because it tastes floral to me. Service:..."
Karla Mae Dela Cruz
Poke Poke
84/100 (486 ratings)
"Went there with hubby para ma-try lang kasi naintriga kami sa poké. Grabe, nabusog kaming dalawa even though we shared one bowl! Haha.. Ang sarap!..."
Cj Valencia
"Definitely our favorite go-to fast food whenever we visit GH. Was introduced to Poke Poke almost two years ago and I must say I’ll keep on coming..."
Clai Litiatco
"Love at first bite!!!Ordered the Samurai and Dragon Pokés, both quinoa-based, and tadaaaaa.... foodgasm! (Not overreacting there 😜) Got..."
Jennica Paquiz
"A super place to get an interesting twist to salad. healthy food without sacrificing yumminess. as with many things healthy and good for the body,..."
"I made my own bowl here and you can definitely make a very satisfactory bowl on your own. I would say the main thing against Poke Poke is price, with..."
Mark Philip Wu
"I can't get enough of poke! If you see the pic I uploaded a few days back, you will see the 2 sizes of their poke bowls. We were..."
Foodie Dokie
"Being as lazy as ever, I just chose their ready made bowls: Samurai, this time for a taste of Japan. This bowl contained raw chunks of Salmon and..."
Fried And Prejudice
"If you like Sashimi, then you’ll live poke bowls! I’ve tried lots of poke bowls here in Manila and during my recent trip to the US last December..."
Ria Pe | RIA_litybites
"Spam masubi delicious and worth the price by using booky apps where they offer buy 1 take 1 at P220.00. Regular price is P220.00 each. Maybe next..."
Margaret Chan
"So fresh, tasty and yummy. Raw fish with salad and/or rice. So healthy, glad I found this place. Only thing was I wanted more! Wish they had larger..."
"The interiors of the place are cute and brightly-lit. I was just surprised that there were less salmon/tuna slices in my bowl than I expected (I..."
"Love their Poke bowls ❤️ I really like that they have healthier alternatives such as quinoa, brown rice or just salad greens. No guilty feeling..."
AnnaVi Reyes
"Tried Cali and it was delicious! 👌 Plus the service was awesome! Im not sure if the guy was the owner or the manager but he surely entertains his..."
Hokkaido Santouka Ramen
84/100 (493 ratings)
"We ate here with my family one rainy Sunday brunch after church. The restaurant opens at 10am during Sunday’s. It was my youngest daughters idea to..."
Gracey Dionisio Carrera
"I don't usually like ramen. But this one is my favorite. So far out of all ramen in the world, including ichiran haha i like this one the most. Their..."
"Great price for a great set. I think everything is sulit. Quite surprised that Shoyu is not that salty though. The food was overflowingGreat..."
"This ramen place never disappoints me, ever!Ramen noodles were always fresh and tastes really good. I love their Karaage so..."
Mon Sabado
"Before our Endgame schedule sa Theatre Mall, we opted to dine sa Hokkaido Santouka kasi nagccrave kami sa ramen. Dapat share lang kami sa ramen kasi..."
Feri 🌸
"This is a late review but me and my bf has not over yet in our dinning experience. I really love the ramen and the salmon roll. I keep on saying..."
Charmagne Disu
"It was our first time to dine here. Ambiance was really cozy, dimly lit with classical pop piped in music. Staff were attentive and accomodating..."
"I give perfect rating automatically for places that gives you sumptuous ramen from your first visit. I hope its the same with other branches. ..."
Bheng Obina
"Their black themed interiors are best for date nights. I like how their shio ramen soup base tasted, very flavorful. Natuwa ako sa narutomaki, I’ve..."
Mits Almarez | Mitsadventurez
"I believe nothing more needs to be said aside from "Kara Miso Ramen is Love, Kara Miso Ramen is life".No Seriously, even people who don't..."
Jethro Lubas
"Follow me on Instagram: @asto.adinA handful of ramen places have popped up recently, and if you’re following my reviews, I have lots of..."
"Hokkaido Ramen Sontouka is one of my favorite restaurants in Greenhills. It was so easy to order because of their set menu plus sushi on the side...."
Des Bautista
"One of my go-to restaurants if I’m craving for Japanese food! Their set meals really hit the spot for me as you get everything in one order! From..."
Arvie Crisnel Gabilagon
"Their shio ramen will always be one of my favorite ramen in Metro Manila. Not too flavorful so I get to finish the whole serving of a regular bowl...."
Anne F
"There are a lot of popular great-tasting, and hyped-up ramen houses nowadays. As a result, I don’t really bother venturing to places that sell..."
Lexi Enriquez
"I’m basically a ramen but at the same time a meat person too. I ordered something with enough meat then ordering an ordinary bowl. Tokusen Toroniku..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
"Because the one un Eastwood had a broken ac when we visited 2 weeks ago,m and did not dine there anymore, we went here in greenhills for lunch before..."
Selwyn Ang
"Food was nice. We love the broth. I like that the charsiu pieces were lean and not fatty. The price is reasonable. The staff weren’t very attentive..."
Cardel Yu-Ching
"Super loved their atc branch because of the quality of the food and the service they gave me. That pushed me to check if all the branches are really..."
Dax Placente
"If you really want to get the best out of Santouka's food, you must try their tokusen toroniku ramen. I personally prefer their spicy broth, but it'd..."
Jackie Cheng
"Good food and good service!It's actually my first time and it was satisfying I will definitely be back.I will recommend this to my friends..."
En Er
"Yummy ramen. Good pieces of pork and shoyu broth. The server was kind to note that hot water refills for tea is complementary. Good and prompt..."
"We went here for dinner last Saturday and it was quite fine. I love Japanese food and this has been in my to-go-to list for a long time. The spot we..."
"The place is perfect for friends who just want to chill and catch up. The food was tasty. The staff were attentive to the guests. It felt like we..."
Gael De Leon
"This restaurant offers an array of Japanese delicacies but focus more on ramen. I really did like their spicy miso ramen, which had a mild impact of..."
Johanne Thelmo
"One of the good ramen places we have in Manila. I usually eat here when I don't know where to eat when I'm in Greenhills. It's always a comfort food...."
Brian Ong
"They have widen their menu options which is nice. Now they are offering sushi, ala cart orders and bento style options. I ordered Tori Karaage (Php..."
Feed My Tummy PH
"Tried their Kara-miso and gyoza its good 👍 both of it 😊its a bit far from my place though but its worth it 😄 hope to visit again..."
Amber Garcia
"Staff was friendly but service was slow. Good quality food though not much stood out. I just really wish service would've been faster. It took almost..."
Carlo Reyes
"I've been here a couple of times and every single time it never fails to leave me craving for much, much more. Its broth has a slightly smokey and..."
"This is still my most favorite ramen place. I come here for most of my ramen cravings and they never disappoint when it comes to service and food..."
"I didn’t know that this place is much bigger than it looks, probably because it’s located at the far end corner of the second floor of Promenade...."
Camille Solis
"We went here last Sunday, and although it has limited space and they are unwell lit, those are actually the factors that made it comfy and cozy. But,..."
Hillary Anne Atondo
"Late review. Went here to celebrate a friend's birthday (and his return from a successful trip from Japan). Ramen choices they had were pretty..."
Erika Perena
"This restaurant is worth the pay!! Very delicious ramen we've tried to order their set menu pretty expensive but totally worth it! i will comeback..."
Fher Marquez
"My partner was craving for ramen and was annoying me the whole day to go out and have some. I couldn't think of a place that serves good ramen since..."
"Wow! Everything is soooo good! :)The place is designed very nicely and its very clean. The staff were all accomodating and friendly. The..."
"I enjoy going to this place for a quick Ramen fix. First of all, the serving and the taste is really worth the price. I usually order the shin aji..."
Samantha Concepcion
"Great value for money. Wife and daughter shared a set dinner meal of their yummy karamiso ramen and pork cutlet with rice. I was surprised at the..."
"A bit expensive, but who cares if the food is JUST THAT GOOD. I even got to take home some 😂 the staff is very accommodating and the place is..."
"To make your moneys worth and want to try a couple on their menu go for their set meals even if the portion of the ramen is a little bit smaller than..."
Jaycee Farin
"Now, on with this legendary ramen king, Hokkaido Ramen Santouka. With franchises in Japan, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and..."
Iza Gram
"Hokkaido Ramen Santouka offers tasty ramen. Serving sizes is definitely worth your money. Try their set menus which includes ramen, meat like..."
Kat M.
"In comparison to the usual regular sized serving of most ramen house, their regular bowl seems smaller. Nonetheless, the have good ramen. Service can..."
Audrey Ann Lee
"Pork isaw ramenAng dami ng isaw solid ang saya!!! Tapos may garlic slices AHHHHHH garlic yuuuummmm....Maalat yung sabaw Sakto lang yung..."
"Excellent food! Shiu ramen was outstanding. The Iberian pork was also really good. Highly recommended restaurant except for one aspect. One..."
Hiro Soneji
"Timing was perfect on this very special day that I tried Santoulka for the 1st time. It was a gloomy and rainy so what better way to cure that than a..."
Don Allado
"Hokkaido Ramen Santouka offers tasty, accessible ramen for which you don't have to brave an hour-long wait. Get the Santouka Set Menus for a great..."
"Location ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Venue ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Service ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Value for money..."
Ian Belleza
"Ramen being one of the biggest trends to hit this year, I decided to try Hokkaido Ramen Santouka. It's interior offers an authentic Japanese feel. I..."
Christine Dy
"Product Quality: very rich broth, noodles were not soggy, tonkatsu was not oily and dry but not that moist in the inside, rice was moist and..."
Claud Rodil
"Hokkaido Ramen Santouka is one of the recommended restaurant for everyone to visit, especially if they are craving for ramen (a Japanese noodle soup..."
Abigail Alfaro
"Of all the ramen brands that came here in 2013-2014, Hokkaido Santouka was the last one I needed to try. Just like Kichitora Ramen of Tokyo, ramen..."
Marianne In Manila
"At last I gave in to my husband's insistence that we dine here. I'm not a ramen person so I was readying myself to be disappointed. Happily, though,..."
Jellybeans In The City
"A ramen chain, and for good reason.This place has it all, exquisite service, delicious food, relaxing ambiance. It is at the pricier side..."
Ram Tan
"order the pork belly ramen. the one with extra meat! solid meat chunks! definitely love this compared to the thin sliced meats in standard ramen..."
"My girl friend and I ordered 2 set meals. I love the chicken karaage which was tender and flavorful and the miso ramen. A set meal is almost good for..."
Paulina Gungon
"We had their Char Siu Ramen with Grilled Salmon And Salmon Roe Set which I really loved since I'm a big fan of Salmon!!Ramen Night last..."
Pam Melendres
"The ramen adventure doesn't stop! Hey y'all zomaters. I'm not done with Greenhills yet coz there are just a lot of great finds around the block. And..."
Dave Cua
"Best of both worlds. While it's a warring zone of Jap restos between pleasing ramen lovers or katsu junkies, this place gives you a delectable hint..."
Angelika E
"This is one Ramen house that you can always go back to again and again. What I love about this place is that they have a wide variety of japanese..."
Foodie Day Out
"I have been craving for japs food lately and I have tried Yabu the day before and up to day I still crave for japs food. We were about to try Wafu..."
Dion Bautista
"I ate here with my friend after doing some shopping in the shopping center. the place is a little small and we waited a while to get seated, that was..."
Vonn Russell Vargas Olfindo
"We dined at the Trinoma branch. We ordered Ramen, Kimchi and Gyoza. Their Gyoza is 3.5/5 then their Kimchi is 2/5. It's one of the worst Kimchi I..."
Levi Dizon
"We dined at their trinoma branch and availed of the ramen + pork tonkatsu + salad. It wasn't the best ramen we've had but we enjoyed it. We never..."
Marky Ramone Go
"Tried their kara-miso ramen. The soup is really thick which is actually one of the good things about it. The noodles is as flavorful as the soup...."
Gino Castillo Chan
"Awesome experience for me and my friends on our first visit...."
"Sarap! A bit pricy Pero okay naman! Good flavor! Great aroma! Servings can be shared, perfect for dates!..."
Arto Jhocson Deleon
"Great ramen plus the katsu to sum up the food journey! This is while waiting for my new pup. #ramenventure..."
"With franchises in Japan, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Indonesia, it has now joined the ramen bandwagon here in the..."
Candid Cuisine
"As I am becoming an avid fan of ramen, we have decided to dine at santouka promenade last night. I was a bit apprehensive because of the anticipated..."
Veronica Go
Kogi Bulgogi
83/100 (304 ratings)
"Ambiance was nice. :-) We have been looking for a restaurant which offers affordable yet authentic korean experience for their bibimbap and Kogi..."
Cheng Basco
"Food is good and fresh. Winner is the set with lettuce and korean sauces. So nice and light on the tummy. Pork meats was a bit tough. Maybe thinner..."
"One of the few places where there is no service charge added to the bill. Place was not crowded. Server was nice and polite but overall service could..."
Hendrick Chua
"Kogi Bulgogi is a better option if you wanna have your Korean foods in a not so crowded place. You can find your regular Korean favorites..."
Rhon James C. Aguilar
"Went here to celebrate my bff's birthday. I love the place hahaha so instagrammable 😁 I enjoyed their dweji its so delicious what amazed me about..."
Joi Lian Buen Alag
"Yuk Hoi Dulsot [rae beef with raw egg] 🇰🇷🍜 not really Adan of Korean food . I only ate just because my friends are going to Korea so we..."
Albert Cruz
"Tried Kogi Bulgogi for the first time in Promenade and ordered their Bulgogi which comes with US prime marinated beef with mushrooms, special sesame..."
Denise Jestine Ang
"We left the place super full since everything we had are yummy! I don't usually eat in Korean Restaurant but since my nieces and cousins are in..."
Fridate Diaries By Cecil Valle
"Korean Style Fried Chicken Toppings and Japchae. Yummey! So good and satisfying foods! Thumbs up! Happy astonishment of foods like here. I..."
Jam Magalang
"PLACE: A Korean restaurant in front Greenhills, at the corner Promenade. The place was nice and the ambience suits the cuisine of the restaurant...."
"It has been a year (or more) since my last Kogi Bulgogi meal so I was hopeful that they have improved the quality of the food they serve. I ordered..."
"They had six variations of appetizers like usual Korean restos do. We ate Bimbimbop, Jjangmyeon, Ramyeon, Japchae, California roll, and jeon kimchi..."
Hannah Villapando
"This is a worthy alternative to Kaya for commercial Korean food. The serving sizes are modest. Japchae and the steamed dumplings went by so fast --..."
Micky Domingo
"I ordered Bibimpab and their Grilled Chicken with Lettuce and Kimchi. The good thing about this place is you could ask for side dish (kimchi, dilis,..."
Josh Marquina
"The food and the ambience are better than your average korean restaurant. Food and service are fair enough for 8% service charge...."
Reynel Domingo
"Admittedly, I am not big when it comes to Korean cuisine. It’s one of the many cuisines I usually forget when asked, “Where to eat?” But..."
"Cheap but satisfying especially their customer service. They provide appetisers for the guest who are waiting for their food to e served. Also their..."
Anne Bolosan
"I like Kogi Bulgogi as the place is nice and the ambiance is good. Service is okay here and the food arrives just in time. The prices can be a bit..."
Joseph Luis
"I tried their tofu steak and i was not disappointed. The tofu was cooked perfectly. It was neither too soft or too hard. The flavors on the dish was..."
Marco Miranda
"This place is good enough if you want to have some Korean food but nothing really great. We had the Bulgogi and Kalbi Jjim (beef stew) and the price..."
"We had dined at Kogi Bulgogi when it started to operate I think. My sister, mom and I are big fan of Korean food so when we noticed this..."
Pam Melendres
"it's a shame to eat here alone. i went here for a me-time-monday and tried their bulgogi ssam bap and a single-refill iced tea. hearty! i loved the..."
Rurouni Neko
"I have to admit that this Korean resto is kind of fastfood and modern but their Ramyeon is cheap and their Kalbi is good in size and taste! Good..."
Angelika E
"Good food, good service. Definitely will come back. Maybe the music is a bit too loud...."
My Astec
83/100 (177 ratings)
"Excellent food and comfy..."
Fly Rose
"Conti’s is a restaurant we usually frequent. Good quality food and desert. Went to have light dinner on a Sunday evening (Aug 25, 2019). Food was..."
Wilbert Tiu
"People here are nice and approachable. It's often quiet here since there are not much people dining. I am so in love with the Cheese Puff..."
Merl Peroz
"This is the closest Conti’s branch from our home in San Juan. I like ordering here since service has really been fast. Parking isn’t even a..."
James Tancioco
"We had Chicken Ala Kiev and Grilled Porkchops, both served with caramelized apple siding. The apple slices tasted good but were soggy, I'm not sure..."
Richelle Albano
"Place/staff: plaza where it is located is a bit like a ghost town even if there are different establishments there but the restaurant itself is..."
"This is actually the first branch I’ve eaten in. But now they’re not really for big groups because their pick-ups are more in-demand and..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
"Giving a score of 4 because food wise they are 5 but space wise of this branch is a bit too small so I’m rating it a 3. My top 3 faves to order in..."
Ria Pe | RIA_litybites
"Good interiors, dimly lit, fast service and good reception. I have ordered their Lasagna, one of the best I’ve tasted yet. Also, I had their..."
Jillian Ladia
"I tried their chocolate brownie mocha cake. This is very good! The base tastes like a brownie, on top of it is a layer of moist chocolate cake and..."
Nom Nom
"Contis though it has slipped a bit in terms of quality in their quest to spread their good food has still maintained a certain amount of consistency...."
"Good thing my sister and I arrived a little early because this Conti’s branch gets packed during Sunday lunch.I got a USDA Roasted Beef Belly..."
Camille Solis
"Drop by for take out of our favorite mango bravo, my kids love it even thought abit pricey. We've dine in their Robinson magnolia branch price is..."
Victor Yap
"This place is like panic at the disco for the love of sweet God!Their exceptional Mango Bravo brought them to an instant fame. Known for..."
Pats Lim Dy
"We were supposed to have dinner at Lugang Cafè, unluckily, it was closed for an unknown reason. So we went to Conti's instead, a few blocks away..."
Ayra Camille Borja
"Bravo...Mango Bravo my all time favorite cake. Contis is having new concept by focusing on bakery items. Their pies are amazing specially salmon...."
Apollo Abayari
"I had a wonderful brunch here with the family. It was late morning on a Sunday and besides those who were just ordering takeout, there was no one..."
Jellybeans In The City
"Conti's feel like home to me as they have a lot of nice homey dishes that I love and that my family loves as well. I personally like their chicken..."
Joseph Luis
"Their oreo cheesecake is my favorite oreo cheesecake of all time. They do not scrimp on the oreo as every bite and every part of the cake is all..."
Joseph Mendoza
"Their mango bravo is a sight to behold. I thinks it is one of the tallest cakes I have ever see.  Add to the fact that it is delicious and you got..."
Wilma Poso
"For me when you say Contis its synonymous to mango bravo! our family's all time favorite more specially my wife. it is also a perfect gift to a..."
"So looking around for some place to have our dessert my sister and I saw Conti's along Connecticut St., Greenhills. So we indulged! A slice..."
Pam Melendres
"I have always associated Conti's with desserts so imagine my surprise when I found at that their savory dishes were awesome as well. I tried their..."
Justo Yap
"When we say Contis, the first thing that comes to my mind is the Frozen Mango Bravo. For me, that’s the best frozen Cake I ever tasted. Although,..."
John Tulod
"Conti's is best known for their mango bravo and I must say, it tastes heaven. My sister and I decided to other their best selling cake for my brother..."
Grazelle ✨
"conti's is conti's. the food is always excellent (my personal favorite is the chicken ala kiev) and the service is always good. This branch was no..."
Cristina Miranda
"While their savory is a bit on the expensive side, their cakes is what will keep you coming back! What an amazing array of cakes! Their oreo..."
Patrick Mendoza
"Conti's has a lot of food choices to choose from, some of which I already have sampled and love and continue to order when I happen to dine here. But..."
Cristina Poso
"Two words: Oreo Cheesecake. This product alone has kept me coming back for more. In my opinion, it is the best Oreo cheesecake EVER! Add to that..."
Patrick Joseph M. Luis
"Conti's is known for their Mango Bravo cake and Baked Salmon. Although I'm not fond of salmon, their Mango Bravo cake is one of my favorite dessert...."
Michael Villamar
"The last few remaining Brownies, perfect. Conti's Cashew Brownies, moist and chewy. And the cashews just add another dimension of flavor and texture..."
The Food Dude
83/100 (231 ratings)
"We ate here for my birthday. It was our first time and we did not know what to order. The service staff (who was so nice) told us abt their buy one..."
Frances Nicole Enciso
"There is now another reason to keep coming back to Racks. You can re-experience over and over the hickory-smoked, flame-grilled, fall of the bone..."
"We had the southern fried chicken and baby back ribs. As always, food is very good! Chicken is crispy and juicy and the baby back ribs is..."
John Paul Sorongon
"Last weekend, we went to Greenhills because I wanted to sell my old phone while it still held some value. We decided to have lunch at Racks and try..."
Karen MNL
"Onion Brick + Blue Plate Chicken = BUSOG BUSOG :) . Excellent quality of Foods. Highly Recommended ;) The quality of Service is undeniable and the..."
Kaito Kid
"I’ve been here several times and they always deliver! They always have good service, always respectful and patient. They have the best ribs I..."
Richard Tan
"Yesterday, We eat here, You know what? Staff and Male manager are very accomodating, responds to our request urgently. Highly recommended this..."
"Shoutout to the Manager and Staff of Racks Greenhills branch especially to Ms. Ann Conde,Eugene Balaba and Jerald Chua. Aside from the great..."
Cielo Meneses
"Perfect service and perfect food. I really advice everyone to visit this amazing restaurant and enjoy the food at RACKS ❤️😍💕 thanks for..."
Shane Torres Herico
"Two words from a Brit - ‘bloody delicious’. As one who appreciates product quality, this one certainly delivered. With the vast multitude of..."
Marcus Torres
"Delicious food with very good service! Definitely 5 stars!We ordered onion bricks, ribs and chicken blue plate. Yummy! Place is nice and..."
Cams Villarias
"This Branch is Great and Excellent when it comes in Costumer Relation, Eugene is very attentive specially to my request and also the Managers...."
Dan Rodriguez
"Pictures taken with the very courteous staffs of RACKS....we really keep on coming back not only of their delicious,healthy and yummy foods but also..."
Evangeline Fermin Juezan
"This is my 1st time to rate Racks Greenhills because the staff and manager on duty are very accommodating, they always smile and always ask for our..."
Chin Chin Contemplacion
"HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! the food was great. i loved it. super tender ribs, and it's really delicious. to add up, the staffs are very accomodating,..."
Oltaki Dams
"Pinch me, I'm inlove. It has been a few hours since we left Racks with my foodie friends but I can't stop thinking about the food we had for dinner...."
Mj Rivaz
"Foods are really goooooood. The staff are accommodating. Though you have a little space still it's conducive for eating. RACKS it up guys!!!..."
Adri Enne
"I've been eating at Racks since 2011... Their quality used to be my Benchmark for Casual Dining, Ribs, and Steaks.Starting in 2015 - 2017,..."
Jethro Lubas
"Been dining at racks for couple of months now.. a year I should say. Been to different branches and servings are all the same. Ribs are sure the..."
"Good food, fresh. And the staff is very very hospitable... love it will be back later. Lets come and dine wit their new product called Katsu. Its so..."
Roxanne Salar
"I wanted to wait for my friend somewhere quiet and with less people. I stayed at the 2nd floor since it was empty. I could just chill without being..."
Feed My Tummy PH
"I usually order classic pork ribs, but this time I decided to order bacon aglio olio and it does not disappoint. Will come back soon. Thank..."
Loraine Joy Nieto
"Good food. Baby back ribs is my favorite. Sauce is superb. I've tasted better ribs in other placed but those are way more pricey and in far away..."
Lady G
"Ribs Like No OtherProduct: I have been craving for RACKS for the longest time now. Once you've had their ribs, you'll find yourself looking..."
Nicole Meredith Ayag
"Perfect food. Awesome crew. Perfect place to dine. If I can rate 100 I will. This is a perfect place to eat. No negative things about them cause they..."
John Stephen Gopez
"The best ribs in town! You can never go wrong with racks if you are craving for ribs. Definitely the perfect place to satisfy your..."
Angielyn Morales
"Food: 5.0 | Service: 5.0 | Ambiance: 4.5When we are craving for steak and Mississippi Mudpie (A-MUST-TRY) we always dine-in here. The waiters..."
"On the first Monday of October, I went to Little Baguio in San Juan City because I had some urgent matters to attend to. It’s been a while since my..."
Clari Says
"Love the buffalo wings, onion rings and baby back ribs. Yummy sauce for the ribs. Reasonably priced. Great place for ribs. Conveniently located...."
"Impeccable service, as always in Racks!👍I am very picky when it comes to service and they have exceeded my expectations... The servers..."
Foodie Dokie
"Great service kudos to their crew, bummer I didn't get their names I surely want to give them huge kudos!!! we ordered the onion rings which was..."
"This place is awesome from the ambience to the people and of course the food. We had beef, chicken and pork and it was tasteful and will make you..."
Justin Angelo Roldan
"Best to know that the rib quality has not changed through the years. When one wants to eat his heart and tummy out to the fullest, Racks will always..."
"beef ribs!! order the beef ribs! their beef ribs are tender and not tough on the teeth! beef ribs! pork ribs are good too but their beef ribs stand..."
"For a relatively affordable and filling family meal after a day of shopping in Greenhills, Racks is a good bet. A half rack of Classic Pork Ribs is..."
Jellybeans In The City
"My cravings for baby back ribs always satisfied whenever i dine it at Racks.. Plus i always order the boneless one and it's still soo soft, plus the..."
"Baby ribs so tender! Still the same old joint we all loved. The server was so attentive considering it was Sunday dinner, we had drink refills -..."
Karen Gonzales
"Racks is no ordinary barbecue hub but the best one yet. It's been a childhood love of mine since my mom use to work for the place. The food up to now..."
Joey Dacillo
"Racks has always been a place for people who loves flavorful ribs. We ordered The Family Platter which comprise of chicken and ribs, cheese brocoli,..."
Mark Alba
"I'm in the Racks! We go here from time to time just to buy their hot & barbecue sauces because they are the best! Beef Ribs - soft and tasty!!! Look..."
Sheryl Ann Shane Velasco
"Has arguably the best onion rings anywhere in the metro!! Ribs are very affordable (full slab + 2 sides for around 900). House brew bottomless iced..."
Hendrick Chua
"Ribs and bacon. Just can't get any better. And at Racks, you can have both.Racks introduces two new dishes to satisfy your craving for ribs..."
The Food Dude
""Consistency and dedication to melt in your mouth goodness beef falling off the bones"Rack's is a place where I have been to since my..."
"Racks! Steak lover must know racks for having a so much flavorful and very tasty rib steak! For me it was really soft and chewy and loving tender!..."
Ren Ren Santos
"When your office is right around Greenhills. And you're team is having that non-stop serious meeting at the office from morning till noon. Then you..."
Glenn B. Crisologo
Famous Hong Kong Street Food
83/100 (299 ratings)
"Super sarap!!! Babalik ako for the love of laksa!! and to try other dishes too!! Kaso magreready ka lang ng perfume kasi may attachment ung amoy ng..."
Lj Marangi
"Great place for your comfort food. They have an extensive menu due to the other restaurants around the vicinity which is the same owner where you can..."
"No frills Chinese food that is affordable for the good quality. Try their avocado shake, laksa, cereal chicken, salted egg shrimps, and yakitori...."
Giant Foodie
"The pancake was good. I honestly did not expect it to be that good. It has that crunchy texture and chocolatey taste (idk)The laksa was..."
"I’ve been to this place several times yet I haven’t been able to review this. So, here it goes:PLACE: The place is very unassuming,..."
"Eat Fresh has been one of my go-to laksa places in QC since I moved to the city. I love how big their serving is - enough for 2 people, but also..."
Louise Martin
"Love their claypot chicken and sausage rice. The P65 hongkong noodles were good. You can also order Shiok Shiok items in here! We had their cereal..."
Mica Valenzuela
"I just posted a review here to post THE MOST UPDATED PRICE LIST of their menu. This was from Banawe branch. One of the best still. Always worth..."
"I am glad that we have this type of resto; no frills, super cheap but really delicious! Pls do try their Laksa and everything in skewers. I missed..."
Kristian Jewel
"Their food are cheap. And delicious. I love their laksa and their dumplings. They also offer big cups of iced tea and two pax can share! The resto..."
Chadz Espe
"Our Friday night go-to dinner place before going home. Topmost faves are the Laksa, Chinese Sausage, Fried Rice and the occasional Kaya Toast and..."
Abi Bollas
"Food served hot, drinks served cold. Service is fast and efficient! Can't get enough of their stick menu.Not able to share pics of the balls..."
"I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch at Eat Fresh. Heard a lot of great feedback about this restaurant, I just had to drive to once very familiar grounds...."
Pia Mauleon
"We ordered Laksa, Beef brisket claypot rice, salted egg shrimps, lobster balls, yakitori, yakitori sausage. The place is just small but the food are..."
"Actual rating: 3.9Eat Fresh has always been a go-to place for cheap yet good-tasting dishes. However, while the dishes here in the Banawe..."
Jesse Lui
"Eat Fresh is a favorite place whenever my friends let me tag along with them to Banawe, and anywhere else it might be. I find myself craving for..."
James Quimpo
"If its your first time to dine at Eat Fresh, I recommend you to try their Laksa. 🍜 Laksa - The soup base is really rich, creamy with..."
Candyd Sia
"Very affordarble. Beef Brisket and fishballs is a must try :) rice meals are served with the claypot.Servings are good for 2 people. Place..."
ICS Travel For Food
"Never forget to order laksa and the different types of tusok tusok though parang minsan pareho lng lasa iba lng itchura hahaha also ung drinks nila..."
Kristine Lei Mendoza
"Food was masarap!Also, huge and super fast serving. We thought that Claypots are going to be small, like good for one - but no, Claypots,..."
"Laksa cravings kicked in and decided to stop by Eat Fresh to fulfill it. Their Laksa is great! They give a generous amount which is perfect for..."
"This is one of my dad's fave places near UST. The food is pretty good especially for the price. The clay pot rice that I always order is the chicken..."
Anika Molina
"Okay, so after work, I've decided to go straight to Banawe QC. My sister told me to try it here because of their delish foods and it didn't..."
Dennis Visitacion (garthmonolith)
"this was recommended to me by my friend since I told her that I wanted to try laksa, I wasn't disappointed at all. It's my first time to try laksa...."
"Super affordable and yummyyyy!! My favorite place in Banawe! Babalik balikan ko to promise! I so love their laksa, and of course the foods in a..."
Sayaka Kondo
"Value for money : 5/5Food: 4.5/5Place: 4/5Rainy afternoon, I was in Banawe area, what did I craved for? Some chinese food! I..."
Amelia Calipdan Lapiña
"Eat Fresh is a surprisingly interesting place to eat in Banawe. I didn't expect to find this many varieties of balls, street food on stick, and soups..."
Rochkirstin Sioco
"This unassuming restaurant in Banawe serves one of the best laksas I've tasted in Manila. Their laksa (P255) has generous toppings and really good..."
"Been wanting to try this place for quite sometime. Finally had the chance to. Aside from parking being a challenge, everything else was worth it...."
G Food Spot
"EXCELLENT SERVICE AND GOOD QUALITY FOOD. A friend of mine suggested this restaurant and this didn't disappoint. They have a huge variety of food to..."
Dax Placente
"One of my favorite cuisines is Chinese, and on the way home from a errands trip to Banawe, we passed by Eat Fresh Famous Street Food, I thought to..."
Fat Girls Day Out
"Cheap and delicious eat when you're craving for Hongkong street food! Absolutely love their sausage and mushroom claypot rice, as well as their fried..."
Kimchi Eats
"Ambience:It's a really bright restaurant and don't be fooled by the space you see from outside. Once you enter, turn right, walk passed the rest..."
Patrick Unson
"Food are tasty. Pricey but worth it.Staff are quick and serving is fast.Good for big groups and sharing.You can easily locate this..."
Coleen Cordon
"a very nice place to satisfy your Asian street food cravin' (KH, SG, etc.).a very reasonable price for a servings that you can..."
Antoniño Santos Ang
"Must order their laksa, white gulaman, porkchop rice(shiok shiok menu), on sticks and takoyaki. When you arrive during peak hiurs, expect to wait for..."
Beatrice Que
"Food here are cheaper than other chinese restaurants. Convenient location make this one of my favorite quick bite places! A wide variety of..."
Geneille Rigor
"I love Eat Fresh! Loving their 1 Liter drinks and their balls! Food is really cheap and satisfies my hong kong street food cravings. Sad that it’s..."
Beverly San Juan
"Good Food at Affordable price.. we tried the hongkong style noodles and i really love it the sweet sauce and peanut sauce with it will make it more..."
Lexy Love Murray
"If you want real FOOD TRIP, then this is the place to be. From their claypot dishes (Beef Tendon😭), to their Yakitori, and most specially their..."
Ace Lara
"A friend brought me here and then from that, it became my always favorite! A little expensive but I swear, good food. If you're into spicy, their..."
Glenn Miranda
"Great find! Food was cheap yet yummy. Although waiters are quite slow in terms of taking one's order but nonetheless a great find for those who are..."
Raimond Dasalla
"This is my happy place! Laksa for the win! 😍😍😍 street food are legit! This place always ruin my diet discipline! You just can't say no...."
Pol Sarmiento
"Reminicing how the tendon tasted when we ate 2 weeks ago makes me want to eat it again, NOW. You know it’s deadly but it’s good deadly. I’m..."
Gianne Ninia L. Llamas
"Go-to place for asian street food. The flavorful soup of Laksa is a real classic. Huge steaming bowl is good for sharing at P235. It is best matched..."
"Our go-to street food place! One should not leave this place without trying their yakitori (bacon wrapped mushrooms and asparagus) which comes with a..."
Nolein Dela Cruz
"Two days in a row for dinner here in banawe. Was driving along maria clara and had plans to have dinner at crepeman (and desserts also hihi) but..."
Angielyn Morales
"Forget parking, forget seating. There's only one thing you should order here: BLOOD SAUSAGE with rice. SARAP! But it has to be with rice; too rich on..."
Roybie Sotto
"Fried noodles, simple and satisfying enough, that it is one reason for repeat visits to the restaurant.Claypot rice meals, particularly..."
Pointy Mcpointer
"Eat Fresh offers a great range of Hong Kong street food goodies. Interestingly, they also serve Singaporean/Malaysian dishes. What to..."
Mr. Joe
"Must try: Laksa 👍 (satisfying) Good for sharing. Lemon Chicken 🐔Just a little upset with the crew; not so..."
Neil Robin Decena
"Place is small but staff were friendly. Food is good and not pricey. We will try the hotpot's next time.Parking may be a problem so be sure..."
R.k. Samonte
"I would've gone to Eat Fresh more often except that parking space is always an issue. For the times I've been there, the all veggie mushroom recipe..."
"Another default place for good hong kong fare around banawe.. Laksa, claypot rice, and curry balls are a must.. They have hong kong style milk tea..."
JR Tan
"They have great laksa which is good for 2 people. Heres a tip you can ask for a refill of the laksa for one time only. The rest of their food were..."
Nino Tanseco
"Best laksa in town!! Bonus is their super yummy dimsum and sticks too. Reasonable price! Don't forget to get the breaded scallop, yakitori and..."
Saira Margarita
"Lots of food items to choose from. Beef tendon claypot is my favorite. I love how soft and tasty the beef was cooked. I also like their fried rice..."
Crave Feast Burp
"I was sick when my folks decided to bring me to our former abode (QUEZON CITY). And of course we always frequent the banawe area because it's our go..."
"Felt like I was back in Hong Kong and Macau when I was gobbling up on their street food. The curry sauce tastes exactly the same as those locally..."
Mishael Torrevillas
"My favorite here is their laksa which I find closest to the curry laksa I find in Malaysia and Singapore. And so cheap for some P200 only which can..."
"Ive been eating at eat fresh for a year now and nothing changed a bit,in a good way. The place can be easily found at banawe corner maria clara. Eat..."
Marx Hegel Gases
"This is one of those places where you don’t necessarily always crave for it but when you drop by and witness the bacon-wrapped stuff in all its..."
Lester Lim
"Tonight was a Banawe night!Starting the night off with Hong Kong street food, Eat Fresh Hongkong is one gem us southerners are definitely..."
"We're about to try Bugis but it's still a block away and we're already hungry so instead, we settled to try EatFresh for the 2nd time since it's..."
"We were cruising along Banawe and either there were no parking spaces or we didn't feel like eating in the places that had parking. Good thing we..."
"Trying out foods along banawe and we passed by Eat Fresh. Ordered Beef Wanton, their soup was very much tasty and with lots of beef and wanton and..."
Dhang S
"Hk fried noodles and peanut sauce is yummy! Simple joys and affordable. Staff is not that friendly, but more courteous than the little baguio branch...."
"I love their laksa and claypot rice meals.😍I dont like their takoyaki. Please dont even try to order that. Waste of money. But do try their..."
"I like all the foods here especially their yakitori and kaya toast! Iv'e been craving for a kaya toast and eat fresh made my craving for kaya toast..."
Sarah Caceres
"Hongkong street food just few blocks way, I liked the black and white gulaman and takoyaki. Claypot rice toppings were good, too. Three cups chicken..."
Arianne Rose Garcia
"We accidentally got to try them oit cause they had parking on a saturday night. O got a lot of on sticks and it's all about their free sauses. Salt..."
David Bernabe
"I've eaten here before, and never knew that there was a room behind the counter for other diners, so when we entered the room it freaked me out..."
Violet Reyes
"Street food at it's best! I was first hesitant to try this out ,since this is far from my place and comfort zone but hearing so many good things..."
"If you love hong kong street food, you can go here for affordable and delicious food. 😉 It was my first time to try their seafood laksa and..."
Hannah Villapando
"Get the Laksa.Although branded for its hong Kong street grills. Most come back here for the laksa. The soup is true to its Singaporean..."
Juris Go
"Almond gulaman! Definitely get the Liter size because the regular just isn't enough! This is the first thing I order everytime we visit this..."
Polo Chua
"Let's make it Quick and straightIt's a HK style eatery so do not expect much from the space and interior.What's cool? The food and the..."
Mishy Moi Cuvos
"Nice place to dine, especially when you're on a tight budget. I usually order their hk style stir-fried noodles and some hk street foods on the sides..."
Jefferson Sy
"We have ordered: fishballs, beef tendon claypot rice, beef wanton noodle soup, and lechon and tofu hotpot. I could not find any fault to these dishes..."
"Subject : Supply & Maintenance of Water Filtration System Dear Madam,Our company, Acquatec Inc. provides..."
Yhen Acquatec
"You love Hong Kong street food? Great, go here for affordable and delicious Hong Kong street food. Try their yakitori sticks !! Feels like home every..."
Ross S. Tan
"This is my go to place whenever I get a massage around the area. There's always a tendency to overeat since they offer a lot of yummy food--on..."
Sushi Lipstick
"Been here many times because of the food especially the Laksa soup. Best Laksa soup I have ever tasted! Be warned, though, it is kinda spicy...."
Gui Bonto
"It was my first time to try Laksa Soup and it was so good!!! That's one of the reasons I'll be going back to this place. Their food is truly a hidden..."
Athena Cortes
83/100 (102 ratings)
Quick Bites
Coffee & Tea
"The ambiance of this branch is particularly inviting because of its ceiling and interiors. The coffee will always be the same, as I always say,..."
Stephen Tan
"On a short meeting today, I got my fill of my usual Iced Dark Mocha with less guilt. I opted for no whipped cream and nonfat milk instead of full..."
"Our family loves starbucks so much that we often come here to drink coffee and relax. My lil bro and I ordered the signature iced chocolate. My..."
Alexandra Ng
"Perfect location for people doing shopping and just want to chill for a while. Love the coffee and pastries always with the best of quality. Customer..."
Charlene Briones-Michelena
"Starbucks is one of the most popular coffee shops in the world. I love their coffee but it comes with a price. You can also customize your drink (ask..."
Carls Ngo
"This is where I discovered the joy of drinking Caffe Misto (add hazelnut flavour, please)! A good Starbucks outlet for reading or doing some work..."
F Kat Lo
"Since today was a holiday, we decided to go and do some shopping at GREENHILLS!!! We left as early as possible so that we won't have such a hard time..."
Aissa Chan
"Good Starbucks branch with a lot of seating. They share a washroom with chili's. My only complaint is not enough seats al fresco. I'm usually with..."
"I fell in love with the combination of a café americano and a sticky cinammon bun. Their combination really has that punch to make my mornings a..."
Marco Miranda
"I cannot get enough of their new strawberry cheesecake drink. It is like drinking a dessert. The strawberry flavor is strong and nice and just so..."
Christian Poso
"Nice Starbucks branch as the place has a nice homey vibe to it. The baristas are really nice too as they make sure that you are taken care off. The..."
Albert Yap
"This is a nice after dinner coffee place especially when you have had dinner in Chili's as it is right next door. The place is spacious and homey...."
Justo Yap
"This Starbucks is mostly filled with students as I always arrive here seeing a lot of tables filled with books. The only thing is that they tend to..."
Patrick Mendoza
"Cozy ambiance. Unlike usual Starbucks that's usually noisy, this one's fairly quiet - at least whenever I go.Lighting is a bit dark so if you're..."
"This is the Starbucks of my childhood. This is the Starbucks that popped my coffee cherry. This is the Starbucks where I first tasted the Mocha..."
"Having the best place of being a coffee lover suits the place to take those drinks where we go after a full lunchout. Really enjoyed the..."
Jemicah Joya
"This particular branch evokes a Filipiniana vibe for me. Maybe it’s the way they decorated and set up the place. Nevertheless it is one of the..."
Patrick Joseph M. Luis
"Me and my best friend were waiting for this guy. She was set up by my lovie to his old friend. After dinner we went here and like any other people..."
Bea Marcelo
83/100 (103 ratings)
Middle Eastern
"Our 1b go to. The servers are the best! Always a chill relaxed vibe on weekdays. Though its a different scenario on the weekends. Faves are salpicao..."
"Moksha is a quaint little bar-resto located in San Juan. This gem has been around since I was in high school. It was actually a favorite hangout..."
Kimberly Mas
"Great food, friendly waiters/bartenders, amazing ambiance!!! Tried the meat platter, hummus, meatballs, and prawn gambas. ALL DELICIOUS AND MUST TRY!..."
Jan Edol Jimenez
"Aside from the affordable beverages, what Moksha has to offer is their great Beef Kebab meal. Their ambiance though is outdated already. I think they..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
"Grat food,great place and very nice service.Perfect place for family and friends to hangout.Definitely I will recommned this to my friends and family..."
"Great food, don't miss the Moksha meatballs and gambas. Extensive choices of drinks, good service and cozy atmosphere adds up to a good place where..."
Mike Carmona
"I have nothing to say, really. Great food, cheap drinks, attentive staff, awesome interior. Together with amazing friends to hang with, perfect way..."
"The place itself is reminiscent of the Godfather with the dark setting, leather seats, lamps and big windows with blinds. People are allowed to smoke..."
Raina Cheng
"I had a private party in Moksha last July. First of all, they had excellent food and drinks. If you're going to eat in Moksha, I suggest you try the..."
Nikki Batungbacal
"Our first foray into Little Baguio, San Juan. Main reason why we chose Moksha was this is the only place open past 10pm in the area.Entered..."
"Their thin potato wedges slammed with garlic bits and rolled into salt and pepper will change your view on french fries! You gotta try their Chicken..."
Angelika E
"Loooove their food! Drinks are awesome too!!! Must try!..."
"Neighborhood watering hole. Good food, strong drinks, awsome company!..."
Sodam Restaurant
83/100 (870 ratings)
"It is one of the few Koreans I really liked. The quality of the meat was very good and easy to eat. The service could be improved a little bit, but..."
Doreen Graham
"Awesome food! Chapchae is a must try! The best kimchi ive ever tasted. Love the service always ready to assist customers and willing to help. Kept on..."
"One of the most affordable samgyup place in the Metro! I love their variety of side dishes especially their korean chicken. 🤤 For 350 pesos you..."
"We all know that Korean BBQ restaurants can be found everywhere. But as time goes by, our cravings for samgyupsal don’t just satisfy us anymore. We..."
The Hungry Traveler PH
"The place was a bit hard to find at first but once I found it I was surprised by the crowd. It was already 8 PM and the place continues to full up..."
Kristian Marfori
"Sodam Korean Restaurant is not that big but spacious and clean and well taken care of. They offer different side dishes in buffet style. The best..."
"For 349 may UNLI Korean BBQ, Hotpot and buffet kana 😋FOODUNLI Pork, UNLI Beef, UNLI Lettuce, UNLI Sushi, UNLI Pasta, UNLI Fish, UNLI..."
Elle Bongon
"SERVICEMabait ang lahat ng staffs and yung owner napaka accomodating 👍🏻FOOD Hindi pako nakapuntang Korea kaya di ko alam..."
Jerome Bongon
"An overwhelming number of Korean restaurants offering unlimited Samgyeopsal have been flooding the food scene nowadays. Come to think of it, all..."
Dea Mariano
"Set amidst variety of restaurants lining Jose Abad Santos in San Juan, the aroma coming from Sodam allures bypassers outside—during dinner most of..."
Hungry Byaheros
"The place has a great ambiance. The range of prices is really affordable compared to the other Samgyeopsal restaurants. The unlimited side dishes..."
Richelle Geronimo
"I've been here numerous times and by far the most affordable korean restaurant i have been to! Buffet+hotpot+samgyup all in one! No need to look for..."
Saan Aabot?
"I love this place, although AT FIRST (((some))) staff were a bit confused to what they were doing and not so accommodating but overall we still had..."
"Knowing the cheap rates of the resto, I didn't expect much of the food. But wow, I shocked! The meat was very fresh, buffet dishes were attentively..."
Jiyu Han
"Food quality is great, you'll know it is an authentic korean food. Sobrang haba lang ng pila nung nag punta kami. It was raining that time wala kami..."
Ruth Isbl
"This is a good restaurant. Crew are not friendly, but who cares... The buffet has a big enough spread, considering the price. The meat just keep on..."
Madel Pornobi
"From a small venue to the two storey building it is today, Sodam is the pioneer in korean food in the Greenhills area based on my knowledge. What..."
Guilty Pleasures Seeker
"ONE WORD: SULIT! I love how the meat and the condiments are perfect for each other and a lot in terms of variety. The wait is pretty long yet I..."
Betsy Clemente
"Super sarap lalo the side dishes!!! The meat itself is super yummy.. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone who loves samgyupsal!..."
Pau Orteza
"This is one of the best korean buffet ive ever had. So many side dish to choose from. This is worth the price for a buffetThe service is..."
"It's affordable and aside from samgyupsal, they have cooked food available. Their pork and beef slices are thin and cooks quickly. They also have..."
Pinky Ballesteros
"Ever since the K-drama invaded the Philippine television some years ago, quite a number of Filipinos have been caught up with the K-pop bug, no..."
Joyce Lamela
"One word: Sulit!The place is big and not crowded with people, even on a Sunday. A bit hot, maybe coz of the grillers. For a place with..."
"Sodam is a well-known Koream Restaurant even before the trend started.And now, it is worth coming back because of its new offerings. But..."
Marj Liwag
"Food is flavorful and tasty. I really like that they put on different food in the menu and it's not just the same thing over and over. I also like..."
"Good place for family gatherings or even reunion with friends. Much quieter than the typical Korean BBQ places, but offers the same kind of meat..."
"Great value for money and they have lots of meat selections and side dishes. Staff are attentive. I would have given 5 stars but our stove kept on..."
Patricia Reyes Vega
"Everytime I crave for Korean dishes, Sodam is definitely the first to come in mind! I may not be that much of a fan of the meat they serve, but what..."
"Best Korean Buffet around! Remember to always book in advance, otherwise you need to wait for seated guests to leave. 100% recommend this place to..."
"I would rate their meat 2/5. The slice is too thin. However, they have excellent main and side dishes. Also, the staff and the owner are very..."
Chynna Tolentino
"I’ve been to several Samgyupsal places before, and so far, Sodam is one of the best. They have a buffet for the side dishes and thu replenish the..."
Kat Nobleza
"Everything was really really great! From food, ambience and service! Really really worth the price too!Overall experience was superb!..."
Lee Teope
"Nobody’s perfect but close to it? Sodam surely is. From the time I called for our reservation to the time we drove out of the parking lot we were..."
Renato Mercado
"My favorite place for my Korean craving! Its my nth time here. I keep on coming back because its very affordable and everything they serve is edible..."
Cee Vee Gee
"Good day! I'm calling your 2 number posted here but apparaently none of them cant connect. Kindly please check your landline is not in service......"
Ana Custodio
"Wanting to wash away the taste of an awful Korean buffet we had at Tagaytay, we made the trip to Sodam based on the reviews here. I must say that the..."
Dianalan Family
"The food was good though some of it was a bit sweet for my taste. Make sure to make a reservation before a week you plan to eat there. Staffs were..."
Jewel Rose Matawa
"High rate for the service. Very responsive to customers. Food is great. Love the cuts of pork and beef easy to cook. You can get the food for buffet..."
Precian Marie Cervantes
"Sodam is one of the first unlimited Korean restaurants near my vicinity and I’ve been able to enjoy their make-your-own Bibimbap way before they..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
"Food is really good. Aside from the unli beef and pork you get you can also have the side dishes, which are freshly cooked and high..."
Calvin Tan
"Our first time here, the experience was great.. Though we were walk-ins( and the place was fully booked due to advance reservations) they still..."
"Sodam is great value for money Korean bbq. All you can eat beef and pork bbq for just Php 399 with a large array of side dishes. We arrived at 8pm on..."
"This is my go-to Samgyeopsal place at San Juan, great slices for both pork and beef, lots of other dishes to choose from, they have great tteokbokki..."
Erica Intal Del Rosario
"The ambience is nice, the crew are attentive and snappy... but hopefully, they should have name cards for the served food for those not familiar with..."
Tuliao Hyacinth
"My go to samgyeopsal place! Aside from it’s only 400 pesos, you can have more food with their buffet and I love the thinness of the pork and beef...."
Sabina Cruz
"I have been here twice and will definitely come back for nth times! Food is great, including the unlimited meat. Above all, servers are very..."
Maricris Johanna
"This is what you would call a boutique buffet. If you dont need all the amenities and what you are looking for is more bang for your buck, then this..."
Sherryl Legaspi Llorca
"Service is good! The food is great! The meat is thinly sliced so it cooks fast. It's better if you get a reservation so you won't have to wait long..."
Ina Andrada
"The place was in between two mid-rise buildings, looks like an old house converted to the restaurant. The meat was of two kinds pork and beef, the..."
Budoy Lim
"Food is great. There is a cycling menu set and meat is very good. A good value for your money although service is a bit slow due to the influx of..."
Kimberly Ong
"The place is simple yet cozy, we didn't wait too long since we first entered the restaurant. Pork, beef and all other korean dishes are so yummy...."
Dexter Deloria
"Best bargain for a korean buffet under 500. Has good set of main courses from the open buffet. And also hands down for the thin cuts of the..."
David Perlada
"This place is pretty impressive. I made sure to make a reservation a week in advance since I heard that this place gets packed especially on..."
Anika Molina
"The place can get crowded especially on weekends and ventilation inside is not that great. BUT, this is still one of the most ‘sulit’ Korean bbq..."
Sarah Balana
"Searched thru Zomato to find a good lunch place on a weekday within Little Baguio area and we found this Korean buffet worth braving the noon heat..."
"Been here a couple of times, Sodam never failed in providing us with quality food and services. To sum it all up - had a really commendable..."
Maria Carmela May Marcelino
"One of the best Korean Buffets I've tried. Very good quality of meat, finely cut not too thick and not too thin. Their staff is also..."
Sha Moldez
"One of the most "bang for your buck" Korean BBQ buffets in Metro Manila.It can get crowded and smoky so expect to come out of the place..."
"Finally tried the much heard Sodam Korean Restaurant with my friends last night!! The Samgyeopsal part about the restaurant is very ordinary, I’ve..."
Paula Andrea Paguio
"Best priced Korean buffet I've ever had! We went here for dinner during holiday and it was definitely worth it. We waited quite a bit to go inside..."
Mela De Jesus
"Sodamgood! Love their unli pork and beef. I also love their additional menus on the buffet. I just hope that it’s not that hard to book a table..."
Eena Samonte
"We went on a Sunday but we were not able to reserve seats. After a few minutes of waiting, we were already seated. There is a variety of side dishes..."
Hannah Garcia
El Union Coffee
83/100 (1293 ratings)
Coffee & Tea
"I loved my usual latte which I have 3 days in a row while I was at LU. Quite common concern is, the waiting time to get your food orders. While..."
Bobbie Tayag Frondoza
"This place (and flotsam) sets the culture for the whole town. The coffee is amazing, the grilled cheese is the best in the country, and the staff and..."
Raffy Zamora
"Every visit gets better! I love that whenever they recommend anything, they'd explain why. Coffee, food, the crowd, and the crew is great! The el..."
Dave Gabriel
"Probably the best hangout place in LU, great coffee, good food, & chill vibe. The people here are friendly too! Thank you..."
Car Mie
"I haven't had coffee for the past ten years because of health issues. I was here with my family who loved their orders (flat white and hot mocha). ..."
Armin Roxas
"First time to have coffee here and I absolutely loved it. Cold Brew Mocha for the win. Their skillet cookie was awesome too. Will definitely come..."
Carla Dumo-Chan
"Best coffee in the North and the most fun place to hang out in San Juan! Five stars all the..."
Randy Ifi
"I try to visit here at least once each time I am in La Union. The staff is friendly and knowledgable. Passionate about coffee, it's preparation,..."
Dante Garzon
"Great staff! Very friendly & accomodating, a must try when in San Juan..."
Mike Espino
"Cozy feels like home feeling! After a day of surfing and touring ourselves in other destinations that L.U can offer - its always a great choice to..."
Herbz Nava
"Awesome place to catch the sundown. Good Coffee! PetmaLATTE! Haha Met new little friends, Cadence and Adam 🙂 Will definitely come back..."
Sari Osorio
"just how i like my coffee! awesome vibe too! you won't go wrong with a latte and maybe smores on the side..."
Caj Dingle
8 Cuts Burger Blends
82/100 (163 ratings)
Iced tea
Burger and Fries with Cheese
Burger Deluxe
Cheeseburger with Skinny Fries
Four Cheese 2 0
Fries Rings Fries Rings
Mozza Nuggets
2-PC Chicken Meal
Heavyweight Fried Chicken
"Love the burgers and the onion..."
#wanderer /Richie Salao
"I cannot stress this enough: 8 Cuts food is really good, you can count on that. Personally, the factors that differ per branch are the ambiance and..."
Emilia P
"Finally an 8 cuts in my neighborhood. They have been here a while but haven't had a chance to eat there. Last night we were able to get some burgers..."
"8 Cuts never fails to deliver on it's promise is tasty burgers. We had Hangover 2.0 and Frenchie with waffle cut fries. Very delicious burgers. The..."
"I go to this branch at least once a month. Definitely my favorite 8 Cuts branch. The staff are always attentive -- I rarely need to ask for water...."
Vince Filamor
"Good food, quick service. Place was packed but servers weren't rushing or all over the place so it was a nice experience. Really enjoyed their..."
Nix Likes To Eat
"Ordered this free flow iced tea for only P99 and 1 onion rings for P70, which was originally P60 (before inflation, haha!) But hey, their onion rings..."
Grace Bonifacio
"What’s not to love about 8cuts! 🍔 Aside from the burgers being juicy and tasty, here are even more reasons why I love it:1. They’ve..."
Ria Pe | RIA_litybites
"As usual, I’m very happy everytime I will have 8 cuts burger. Just so good. The fries though, I don’t like it at all. Maybe skinny fries isn’t..."
"It's my first time trying 8cuts after all the hype. I had a cheeseburger. Patty was super juicy and super tasty. It was just the right size for a..."
"8 Cuts Burger is one of the top burgers in the metro.Burgers are consistently juicy, well-seasoned and good balance of fat and meat with..."
Boodle Bear
"AWESOME!The juicyness of the patty, the sauce, and the bun was perfect. I really loved their simple burger, fries and milkshake was also great...."
"If we're sawa na at eating at Sariwon this is our 2nd choice. Good burgers and delicious fries. Price ain't so bad too. Sometimes the order takes a..."
I Love Food
"An instant favorite and I can't wait to taste the rest on their menu. Yummiest burgers I've ever had and that tops the stuff I make at home. Flavors..."
Pepper And Purr
"8 cuts was out of this world! We shared the cheese burger with 3 wings and a side of skinny fries. The burger was phenomenal and juicy, cooked to..."
"Best tasting onion rings I have ever tasted !! Juicy burgers! Best onion rings! Best onion rings! Best onion rings! Best onion rings! Best onion..."
Natalie K
"Fo sandwiches, this is our go to restaurant in Greenhills. The patties are juicy, skinny fries are tasty and the iced tea is refreshing, we were so..."
"8Cuts is one of my go-to-places in Greenhills. Their burgers are always exceptional and scrumptious! Ambience is fast casual dining. Place is always..."
Kimberly Mas
"I like the burgers here though they are small but the taste is really worth it. Fries and pasta are good too. The only thing I’m not a fan of is..."
Joann Estrada
"I ordered the daily deal of Piggy burger, onion rings and iced tea.Fantastic burger and onion rings. Yummy mango iced tea. Outstanding. Proper..."
Matt Lock
"Ordered the Soft shell crab burger with the boyfie and some appetisers. The soft shell crab burger was very delicious, they put a good amount of..."
"Food: 5.0The hype is real! The burger did not dissapoint. The chicken (and dip), fries and the small burger also are very very great. It comes..."
"Favorite ko ang cheeseburger dito. :D 🏖 AMBIENCE:- Please is quite small🍽 FOOD & 🍹DRINKS:- I only order..."
"8 Cuts Burger Blends is characterized by 8 cuts of beef “freshly ground, custom-blended and seared to order.” There are 2 types of blended beef..."
Jellybeans In The City
"Cheeseburger craving satisfiedProduct: We ordered 2 Piggy's, a Q-Daddy, and a classic Cheeseburger. Along with a promo for buy 1 take 1..."
Nicole Meredith Ayag
"Great burgers though the ambience could be better, as it doesn't do justice to the concept and flavor of the food. The music is meant for young..."
N. Eraña
"Reading many reviews using 8 cuts' cheeseburger with sauce no 3 and truffled cream cheese, I was really intrigued... Sounds good right?The..."
Foodie Dokie
"8 Cuts remains one of the prized brands of The Moment Group. They currently have 9 branches of this American premium burger chain, which was born and..."
"Got a steak meal deal thing that has spaghetti, slider burger, and mozzarella nuggets. The burger tasted amazing, spaghetti is great, and..."
"They removed the blue cheese burger and now you have to DIY to recreate it.  It's just too bothersome.  Anyway, burgers are good as..."
Mindful Eater
"They have awesome burgers with special sauce, onion rings, & milkshakes. For the burgers, they have a set of simple burgers and the fancy ones packed..."
Patrick Unson
"Great place with nice teddybear:)Love the burgers here. My favorite ones. Good and fast service. Definitely recommend - especially if you have..."
Vik Ke
"Me and my partner were looking for a decent place to eat around Greenhills area until we bumped into this burger resto in Promenade. It was my first..."
Carol Gonzales
"Burgers and Onion Rings kind of lunch. I had the Piggy with a House Blend Patty. All I could think of while eating it was that it was so juicy and..."
"One of our favorite burger place. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻Reasonable price and cool ambience. 😉Loooove their onion rings, one of the..."
Kim Einon Mendoza
"The best burger yet!!! I just love the paty, it's perfect. The buns are so fresh. The cheese and the vegetables as well. I'm really really inlove in..."
Sherry De Vera
"8 Cuts Burger is a customized your own burger joint by the Moment group (which is also behind the famous Burger Bar). It is a reference to the eight..."
Mark Alba
"It was my first time to try this place and it was ok. I tried the Four Cheese 2.0 and Super loved their Onion Rings. For dessert, i tried the Molten..."
Joan Dorotan
"Service was great!!! Our waiter, Martin, was so friendly and nice. He made our day! The dessert with whipped cream, ice cream and lava cake was..."
"We tried their best seller burgers the Qdaddy, Piggy, Four Season and also The Boss & the Blends they all taste good. I recommend the boss & the..."
Ginnela Aveca Valarao
"Was it 2 months since I've been here already? I can't remember exactly but I know that our experience and the food were great. We were already full..."
Ian Karl Alfonso
"Service in this location is definitely faster than the one in Megamall! The place is more quiet and cleaner, people are not loud, and the ambiance is..."
"The burger patties are juicy and tender, cooked outside and a little pink in the middle. They also allow pick-up orders because the venue is a little..."
Pau Gonzaga
"Skinny Fries with Bacon bits and Cheesy Sauce FTW! A lil pricey and satisfaction lv is the same with Zarks pero sa Zarks may takeout ka pa. *Heavy..."
Jokoh De Roxas
"It will satisfy your burger cravings, the taste is both unique and excellent. I had the 1/3 cheeseburger with sauce 3. Don't miss put on their onion..."
Benny De Leon
"Must try: ONION RINGS!!! On the Table: Onion Rings, Classic Burger w/ No. 4 sauce & House Blend Burger on Brioche w/ Gruyere..."
"Tried out their classic cheeseburger and boy, was it good! The onion rings were also amazing both in size and taste. Will surely come back to try the..."
Mrs. DD
Cafe Sanso
82/100 (566 ratings)
Churrasco Pork Belly
Caviar Smoked Salmon Bruschetta
Meat platter
Cafe Sanso Cubanos
Água Fresca
Melon and Mango
Chorizo Y Quezo Paella
Virgin Sangria
Red Sauce
Mejillones Al Vino
Gambas Al Ajillo
Surf and Turf
Paella Valenciana
Seafood Paella
Beef Salpicao
With Fries
Beef Caldereta
"When I arrived, there were just a couple of tables with people. For the 6 hours that we were there, people came and went. It was never empty, us..."
Jaycee Pagdanganan
"Relaxed ambience. Really good food. Attentive staff. One of the places in our list worth coming back..."
Susan Dagdag-Profeta
"Cafe Sanso is my happy place. I just hope that people talk a little softly when the place is full. Loud chitchat ruins the cafe's cozy..."
Lani Garcia
"The best Churros I've tasted! Their Callos, Paella, and Caldereta ...... one of the..."
Atoi Salita
"Relaxing 😎 interior great foid! Serene place and its beside Museo Sanso!!! You gotta eat..."
Rossini R Conwi
"A very pleasant cafe with nice interiors and an art collage on the wall, good food selection, service. What will make me return for more is the..."
Joseph Bernabe
"Pork Churasco, Caldereta Picante, Pasta Vongole hit the spot. The churros with Ice Cream or Ice Cream with Churros whatever you call it won me the..."
Mark Sto Domingo
"Really looooved the food! I will strongly recommend this to my friends...."
Camille Ann Castillo
"Delicious food!! � we tried the churrasco pork belly, jamon serrano salad, salpicao, and pescado frito! All dishes superb! To cap it off, the..."
Nina Caldona
"Quiet, quaint, and charming. This beautiful quiet space tucked in one of the side streets off P. Guevarra boast of a well curated menu with flavors..."
Edwin D. Tan
"Great food. Great staff. Compliments to the..."
Madz Barrido
"Wonderful food and lovely helpful staff. Great..."
Ash Meikle
"I will definitely come back again with the one whom I recommend..."
"Ate here on random Saturday afternoon. Hands down, already one of my favorite chill date places. A little bit hard to find but it has 4-5 parking..."
"Very accommodating staff. Food is well-seasoned with good portion size for their price. I loved the callos, it was tender and very rich. I can eat..."
"Loved the food and the service was very good. The place is very relaxing and peaceful. We ordered Churrasco Pork Belly, Pan-seared Mahihi and Jamon..."
Johanna Babas
"First time to dine here despite being a frequent passerby in this area. My favorite would definitely be the mushroom chips, super highly recommended...."
Johanna Lim
"What I love about Cafe Sanso is the nice interior of the restaurant. Food is also great and plating is awesome. I like that each main dish has..."
Jason Pangco
"A hole in the wall restaurant hidden in one of the sides streets in San Juan, Cafè Sanso doubles up as a cafe/gallery in one. We ordered the Mahi..."
Alberto Tenedero Jr.
"Great food. Calm ambiance..."
Peter B
"The café had a really good ambiance. The serving was more than enough! Got a salad, mushroom chicarones, the bruschetta and sundried tomato and..."
Sam Co
"Used our zomato gold membership here. We had the smoked salmon triangles, paella Negra, hanger steak, paella valenciana, and churro cups for dessert...."
Ashley Lim
"Cafe Sanso has a cozy ambience. They have the most polite and accommodating staff. Great music selection. Big plus for me that it’s right next to..."
Marie Titular
"The area is very quiet and private, which I liked. They only had two servers that night so i worry if more people would be dining at the same time. I..."
Jules Gotauco
"Paella catalonia and mushroom chicharones were good. Gambas was okay. Their pork belly could be improved - i liked the crunchiness of the skin but it..."
Tiff Huang
"Polite and friendly staff food taste great! I have enjoyed their steak and the churizo y quezo was good and even the pasta taste great i will..."
Rosley Secerio Boncan
"Available discount via Booky.Got here and I the while indoor dining areais reserved. Not a problem because their alfresco dining is pretty..."
"This chic cafe is located beside a museum. The interiors look like art. Ultimate Choco Brownie (4.5/5)- We were pleasantly surprised..."
Cheska Trinidad
"Over the years, Little Baguio in San Juan City has been a great dining destination for a whole lot of foodies from all over the Metro. The..."
"Love this place! I recommend the mushroom chicharon, jamon bruschetta, caesar salad, surf and turf, churrasco pork belly, and cheese paella. For..."
"We were the only customers when we ate there. My first time and I must say that I enjoyed the food. I find the place simply nice and casual. Thinking..."
Janis Tan
"We tried their salad with jamon Serrano, their frittata, and their chorize y quezo paella. The salad was great, the flavors worked really well..."
Mark Philip Wu
"Tucked in the quiet and inner part of San Juan and away from the hustling and bustling of the city is the quaint Cafe’ Sanso.  Named after the..."
May De Guzman
"Christmas is in the air... and in churro cups too! @cafesanso, a sure go-to when in the heart of San Juan prides itself for this Churro Ice..."
"The food is amazing. Properly cooked, the flavours are just right, no extreme flavours. Not too salty, not too sour, not too spicy. Elegant..."
"Food was good, service could've been better, ambiance was quite nice. We ordered the cheese paella and the cinnamon squash soup. The paella was..."
Peter Fainsan (Peeta)
"Food: 3.5/5Service: 3.5/5Ambiance: 4/5What we ordered:Paella Negra (P600) - it was my first time to try squid ink and I..."
Hungry Girl
"Restaurant was quiet, clean and had a homey ambience. Food was great and service was above average. It's perfect for quick catch-ups with friends if..."
Ethel Ravena
"I love the ambience of the place; cozy and classy at the same time. The pork belly and gambas linguini are the best! I hope you guys try it out. Best..."
Micah See
"Great place, although small. Food is great if you like spanish cuisine. I love their paellas and the callos melts in your mouth. The dessert is..."
Malvin Domingo
"The price was okay. The ambiance was good. The music was great. Wish it could have been just a tad wider. The catalana wasn't too sweet. Which I..."
Rex Matthew Sabido
"Got zomato delivery from here and the food was superb - clearly a hidden gem. We had beef in two ways: Caldereta Picante had tangy beef..."
"This restaurant paved my way for liking spanish food more and more. I definitely loved their paella negra and mussels with cream sauce. Their serving..."
Kristine Gan
"2nd time here. Had what I had the last time, I don't recall what they call it but it's thick deep fried liempo over Rosemary infused baby potatoes...."
"on their property and you can also park along the street (once the current road. repairs are completed). I am happy that Cafe Sanso opened in our..."
"Good high end food in a great ambiance. A tad pricey but the food is very refreshing compared to the standard asian fare in the area. Despite so many..."
"Away from the fast-paced dining scene is a quaint little cafe in Little Baguio called Cafe Sanso. We ordered the Bacalao Croquetas..."
"The ambiance is nice and cozy.. but the place can't accomodate large group. The food was great. The paella and the churros are to die for. The place..."
"Coffee was good that I almost forgot to take a photo before I completely finished it. It is a real good place for a coffee and to have some real..."
"THE LOCATIONIf you're trying to look for a cafè that's directly beside an art gallery, then Cafè Sansò would be perfect for you. Upon..."
Jean Colleen Vergara
"This restaurant in San Juan is a delightful discovery. We had Tartuffo Linguini (pasta with truffle and ham) and Francesinha (ham, cheese and..."
Elmer Gatchalian
"The food was great! The pastas and the paella were really tasty! We had the tartuffo and gambas linguini. For the paella, we ordered both the paella..."
Lissa Agbayani
"Good food! I had one of their salads and also a fruit shake. :) I wish though there were more seating space, my friend and I ended up eating in a low..."
"Come here before everyone discovers it. It's cute, quiet and has yummy sandwiches. The Francesinha is a rich, cheesy hearty sandwich that I enjoyed..."
Xiu Fine Cantonese Dining
82/100 (409 ratings)
"Had lunch here with the family this long weekend. One of the few Chinese restaurants that I can say I would go back to. Ordered lechon..."
Kimchi Eats
"Had dinner with a group.  We ordered the Seafood and Pumpkin Thick Soup, Hargao, Sharksfin Dumpling, Siopao, Radish Cake with XO, Crispy Pork Belly,..."
Let Us Eat
"Only got to try Xiu now, and I've got to say, very impressive and definitely feels like a step up from the usual chinese places around Manila (of..."
Mark Philip Wu
"beef shortribs is super like.... melts in your mouth texture..... suckling pig is very crispy... like the 3 kinds mushroom truffle oil.... papu lapu..."
Napoleon Ong
"As we were deciding on where to have our group celebration, we chanced upon Xiu as there was a BPI card promotion. The place is elegant, really..."
Rachel Leen
"Xiu has a lot to offer, a cantonese restaurant that serves good chinese food, it’s main competitors are gloria maris and choi garden. Although the..."
John Michael Cai
"Food was hit or miss. Best to reserve in advance because their tables are full oftenWhat I'd recommend:1. Pumpkin and seafood thick..."
Goldielyn Limsiy
"This is our fave resto in Manila, every time we are in Manila, we always take the time to visit XIU.. We have tried all their dimsums, and we love..."
Emellie Ann
"The food was simply amazing! Ordered typhoon style crab, pumpkin and seafood thick soup (highly recommend), black ink rice (so good), fried noodles..."
Hendrick Chua
"Taste 5; ambience 5; service 5; price 5: A perfect 5. Our favorite is probably the mixed mushroom with truffle (which may not be very Cantonese). ..."
"Tried xiu again after a while. Familyy had a small gathering at the private third floor dining area. It could accomodate 5-6 tables. There is also an..."
"With my family, we celebrated the new year here at xiu. Inside the resto, it is very lavish and luxurious design as it is for fine dining. The price..."
"My favorite chinese resto.Love the crab rice. Lobster efu. Mushroom truffle paste. Etc... price is at par with the quality of food and love the..."
Clifford Yap
"Superb dining experience from Xiu. Service plus good food makes the prices well worth it. Pretty glamorous ambiance plus good taste will definitely..."
"Actual rating: 4.5Xiu is one of the pricier Chinese restaurants that goes with the ranks of Choi Garden and Gloria Maris-Fine Dining...."
Jesse Lui
"Food is delicious. Service can be improved, we came here on a light day (All Soul's Day) so maybe they brought out the weak staff. We had to remind..."
Kayelle Gonzales
"The best siomai and dimsum selection I've been to in Manila! Chicken feet was also super tender! Same to those I've tried in Hongkong! Will..."
Katrina Lee
"Check out Xiù’s unlimited dimsum promo, Monday to Saturday, lunch time until August 31, 2018. Check out their website or Instagram account for the..."
Ria Pe | RIA_litybites
"This is my family and I’s new go-to Chinese restaurant! Great food, friendly staff, and an overall good dining experience. Yes it’s pricey, but..."
Linzie Lopez
"For some reason, I’ve been going to Xiu very often lately. During my first visit, our bill was so high that my dad didn’t think of coming back..."
Lexi Enriquez
"Forgot to take a photo! We had laureate and everything was really good from appetizers to desserts. Service was a bit slow but I think it was due to..."
Myzyl Choi
"I really like this place. Xiu Fine Cantonese Dining has one of the best Char Siu's in the world. The pork was tender, moist, with good marbling and..."
Venice Chan
"Me and my son ate here and i don't think we spend 2300! Thats exag! Anyway I love the place looks clean and fresh just the same as there food. Best..."
"Xiu has been making a lot of noise since it opened last week. Socialites and food bloggers have been posting their favorites on Instagram and I could..."
Mary Love Siy
"The prices are a bit on the high end but the food is worth it. You definitely should try the Crispy Rice Soup, but do not take too much of the crispy..."
Calvin Tan
"Shut up and take my money 😂😂😂 Dining in XIU is expensive but oh so worth it! On the table: sweet & sour pork, singaporean prawns,..."
"I'll be honest with you. I was a little sad when I saw that one of my favorite Chinese restaurants, Lugang, closed down their branch at Connecticut..."
The Pickiest Eater In The World
"Came here cus i heard this place was popular in China. Interior is really nice. Love the paintings of Chinese women they put up. ..."
Sheena Yap Chan
"Excellent food, ambiance, and service. Double-boiled Black Chicken Soup with Shredded CoconutRoasted Suckling PigHoney-glazed..."
Vireza Wynn Yu
"We ordered a lot of dishes on its opening day. Everything is well and good, except for the lobster with pasta and cheese dish, which tasted a bit..."
Glenn Ong
"Had the privilege of being invited to dine here. The place has been buzzing since it "reopened" it's doors from being Lugang to this new elegant..."
Penny Chua
"I was able to visit Xiu this week during their media launch and was able to try several dishes. Here are the dishes the I was able to..."