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Alex Iii
82/100 (84 ratings)
"Went here a while ago to have our early dinner. The food that we ordered was nice. I ordered the double boneless chicken barbecue. The texture of the..."
Scotty Wilburt See
"One of the best filipino restaurant I would go back to again and again. All the dishes are really good and will comfort you . The chicken and pork..."
Emma Dy
"Their chicken, their java rice, and peanut sauce is still the best out there. Although they are more expensive than the other bbqs you can see the..."
"Been dining here since I was a kid and they may have renovated this place a few times! Their latest renovation is the best in terms of utilizing..."
Timothy Chua
"Chicken barbecue is one of my fave comfort foods and when I want this dish there is only one place that comes to mind Alex III! Try out their other..."
Guilty Pleasures Seeker
"Best local restaurant for me serving comfort food favorites. Must not miss their adobong pusit, chop suey, chicken bbq, and the best camaron rebosado..."
Mike Carmona
"Still can't beat the old classic Mixed Boneless Chicken and Pork Barbeque P319.00This restaurant has been around for ages and they still..."
Bryan Johnson Lim
"Good ole Aristocrat meal of pork and chicken BBQ with their inimitable peanut sauce. I had their combination of boneless chicken and a stick of pork..."
"Alex III has always been one of the go to places when you want chicken barbecue. We ordered their Tuna Sashimi, Camaron Rebusado and of course,..."
Jan De Santos
"Le sigh, again, another family lunch with relatives visiting from the US (I'm not complaining though - free food!). They wanted a Filipino place near..."
Gigi Ramos
"Chicharon balat ng manok. Seeing that alone brought happiness down my spine. Tasting it brought me to cloud nine! It was sinfully delicious and..."
Joseph Mendoza
"Alex III has been in San Juan area for as long as anyone could imagine. Their most popular food item will always be the chicken bbq served with java..."
Cliff-Jacky Cheng
"I love Alex III. Although I like it for the simple reason that they serve that really good premium barbecue dish with Java rice, it is enough for me..."
Alma Luis
"Never leave the place without ordering their boneless chicken bbq. This is one of the best chicken bbq that I've tasted. I rate this..."
Dette Arellano
"I like this Alex III better than the one over at Robinsons Galleria. For one thing the place is bigger and better looking than the other. Also the..."
Christian Poso
"Alex III is best known for their delicious barbecues.  Their pork barbecue is particularly awesome.  Very "siksik" and almost has no fat!..."
Justo Yap
"This modern and new look of Alex III suites the place very well. It is more inviting now and more elegantly modern. The place still serves a lot of..."
Marco Miranda
"Pork Barbeque and Java Rice is what i always order when i am at Alex III. Their food is so good and delicious that it is also so hard to choose which..."
Patrick Mendoza
"Nice job on the renovations making the place more stylish and modern. The food is still the same which is utterly delicious and brings back memories..."
Wilma Poso
"The original Alex III I believe. It’s a place that offers great barbecue that rivals that of Aristocrats. The barbecue is succulent, tasty, sweet..."
Aimee Mejos
"This place holds a lot of fond memories as we used to go here for take out before. The new look though is now more modern and more inviting and they..."
Cristina Poso
"Ever since i was a kid, i remember eating here almost every Sunday and since then, i always ordered the same dish. That dish is and will forever be..."
Den Sy
81/100 (107 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
"My go-to veggie fix!! Does not taste like it at all! ✅ Good food ✅ Good..."
"My go-to veggie fix!! Does not taste like it at all! ✅ Good food ✅ Good..."
"I can only recall one vegetarian restaurant that I’ve dined in. And it was one good experience though I only had dessert that time. So maybe I..."
The Hungry Employee
"Comfort vegetarian food near Wilson! I really loved the mushroom rings and the Fortune Bag made of sweet beancurd skin ( I think) and steamed..."
Geia De La Peña
"I used to really watch what I eat. I was a l strong advocate of healthy living. And I get qualms when I dine in with family and friends. Yes, I could..."
"Those Oakwood Mushrooms are the bomb! Thought I was chewing on calamares. Fortune Bags were also tasty. Had a great and satisfying lunch, overall...."
Mariel Dueñas
"I'm giving it a 5 because it's the first time ever I enjoyed eating different varieties of vegetarian meals. I'm a vegetarian and so far, it's the..."
ELmo Astronomo
"First time eating something healthy. We ordered the mushroom teriyaki, the noodles (it was spicy), and some fried mushroom oak wood. Everything..."
Chelsea Eusebio
"Ordered Laing, Chicharon, Oakwood Mushroom, Chami, QueKiam, Fortune Bag, Bopis, Golden Mushroon with French Beans. These dishes satisfied my veggie..."
"Veggiezen is a small Chinese vegetarian restaurant. Decor is simple and clean, and can seat 30pax max. Parking is limited so if you're going there..."
Cindie Cheng
"Finding a restaurant that serves delicious vegetarian dishes is never an easy task. Locating one with a wide selection is even harder. I was glad to..."
Mike Laagan
"Vegetable-meat products just gave me an impression that it’s nothing more than just being a desultory substitute of meat. Many attempts of..."
Charity Valenzuela Marces
"Veggiezen: Food for the SoulAs the name suggested this restaurant in J. Abad Santos in San Juan City features delectable vegetarian dishes..."
Miss Keen Reviewer
"This restaurant opens at 11am until 10pm. They serve appetizers like tokwa noodles, chicharon, Tsai Tsa mien,  bola bola and sibut soups. I really..."
Elaine Taningco
Blue Posts Boiling Crabs And Shrimps
81/100 (9 ratings)
"My friends and I enjoyed the food. The pomelo salad was good as well as the crab chowder. We loved the crabs, the way it was prepared and the concept..."
Alma Mae L. Ganade
"Sambal shrimp crabs so delicious messy to eat but they provide fork n spoon what I like the most is their service, helpful staff are great they..."
Vanessa Gonzalez Garcia Higel
"The food is the best..,nice ambiance ..,acommodating staff and fast service..can't wait 2 see u again..."
ロペス ジョナミー
"The prawns were delicious, the staff helpful and friendly, had a lovely..."
Terry Gargrave
"love the Crabs.. crispy crabs and crispy. I like also the guave juice ( mixology ) bottomless baby!..."
Kuen Presquito
"We ate at the main resto in Davao.. food was so amazing.. Super good garlic shrimp..and the crabs so huge and..."
Rod Estrella
"Thanks for the crabs and beers. The food is great. Would love to dine here..."
Francis Claide Dumili Magallen
"Great foods... great place... satisfied much so yummyyy... sarap balik..."
Ging G. Yap
"Foods are deliciously prepared...excellent in taste...service is..."
Minerva-Minnie Quijada
"Ordered their specialty Cajun Shrimp and it was deliciously garlicky. We tried the lemon garlic butter too but the other really stood out. The shrimp..."
Mitchelle Te Mew Ngo
"Ordered garlic lemon butter crab and it was very very good. Especially delicious when eaten with rice as u can taste the savory richness of the sauce..."
"this place originated in Davao. sambal shrimp 🦐 was the best for me. never miss their sinuglaw; the greenapples and onions mixed really well with..."
"Blue Posts is the only seafood place accessible in Greenhills that has shrimps (since Shrimp Bucket closed down over a year ago I think)so I guess I..."
Abigail Villavicencio
"Still dreaming about the meaty crabs and tasty shrimps from our visit the other day. Takes me back to my visit in their Davao branch a few years..."
"A seafood lover's haven, Blue Posts Boiling Crabs & Shrimps has you covered when you are in the mood for a solid spot serving freshly cooked seafood...."
Rochkirstin Sioco
"A new favorite for the family: had calamares, kilawin, kamote fried and shrimps in lemon butter sauce and liempo - all very good. Service was..."
Barbara Magallona
"What I love about this restaurant is the staff!!! They are very accommodating, friendly and polite. VERY. Whilst, the food is quite expensive for a..."
"We celebrated my pre-birthday here because I love seafoods, and we got stranded because of the rain so we thought “ Why not let time pass by..."
Micah Gabrielle
"Good food and good ambience. The place doesn’t smell like a seafood place. The crab and shrimps were seasoned well. I don’t really eat seafood..."
Mark Ong
"I love shrimps and crabs! Blue Post Boiling have it all! Some products are already good for two or more people.Visited here together with..."
Dianne Salonga
"During our visit, the restaurant held a shrimp-eating contest where pairs of foodies had to eat six buckets of shrimps each! And though our KTG..."
Bettina Bacani
"Blue Posts' 911 Shrimp Fever Promo gives you the most bang for your buck. Php911 gets you and a friend unlimited shrimp in three flavors - Boiled,..."
Bea Atienza
"A well-known food institution in Davao, Blue Posts Boiling Crabs & Shrimps are set in letting you taste the treasures of the sea with its great..."
Ken Lingling
"Calling all shrimps lovers, this is you chance to feast on unlimited shrimps. Yes! Unlimited! Just grab a partner and take the 911 challenge at Blue..."
"I went to Blue Post Boiling Crabs & Shrimps’ #911ShrimpFever Launch last October 11. Here’s the video on what happened during the launch and a..."
Bea Danseco
"I’ve been here with my family twice & I’d say although it was pricey, it is worth a try and worth getting back to if you want fresh tasty seafood..."
Chi Ibuna-Ngo
"Heard the buzz yet?Blue Posts Boiling  Crabs and Shrimps will have its "ALL YOU CAN EAT SHRIMPS "  10 days from today. I dont know about..."
"Blue Posts Boiling Crabs and Shrimps is one of Davao's sought-after Seafood restaurants. The overall concept of Blue Posts Boiling tends to become..."
"Ive heard lots of good things about this restaurant from Davao, but im not particularly fond of crabs and shrimp because of the hassle to eat the..."
Gia Mendoza
"P579 for about 15 pcs. of shrimps. I wouldn't say the shrimps were the freshest. Some of the meat is stuck on the skin. The salted egg shrimp tho was..."
Rye Eats
"We had the shrimp in sambal sauce and fried garlic crab. I loved both dishes. The shrimp was juicy, medium sized, and even tasted better with the..."
"Celebrated my brother's birthday at Blue Posts Boiling Crabs and Shrimps or better known as the famous "Boiling Crab" which was originated from..."
"It had been raining cats and dogs for the past several days in Metro Manila. We need to work and made a pit stop at the Greenhills..."
Lawrence Chan
"Tag: loads of juicy seafood! The ambiance is casual and relaxed, indeed a good place to eat with your hands. Starting of with..."
Fridate Diaries By Cecil Valle
"I have a love-hate relationship with crabs and shrimps. Though I love eating these delectable sea creatures, I dislike peeling or cracking off the..."
Mary Love Siy
"Very much satisfied. Great food!!! The ambiance is good and the people are so welcoming. All in all the experience was excellent. Can't wait to go..."
Carla Mae Josen Villanueva
"wow!!!! I went to Boiling Crabs Greenhills last week and ive tried the buttered cereal shrimps and garlic was oh so yummy!!!!! My craving..."
Ritz Bernardo
"Living in a tropical country, we are home to some of the most beautiful islands and beaches in the world. We are also blessed with the abundance of..."
Yogo And Cream
"I just recently had an amazing seafood feast, thanks to Blue Posts Boiling Crabs and Shrimps in Greenhills for having me in their restaurant on a..."
"good stuff! freshly prepared food is always extra flavorful and special. even the soup was creamy and really tasted like seafood with a lot of meat..."
Gefseis Greek Grill
81/100 (316 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Lamb chops
"The best meal I had in San Juan. The lamp chops were outstanding and I would recommend this place to..."
Dennis Graves
"Best Greek restaurant I've ever been around here! The prices are reasonable and the serving is quite good we almost had a food coma last time we were..."
Rheine Fortuna
"I was too much enjoying the food the I forgot to take photos. Chicken kebab was awesome. Baklava was a great ender. Their platter souvlaki was a..."
John Yu
"Their chicken kabab is to die for. Grilled but not oily with a slight spicy kick. The included salad compliments the chicken and their greek rice..."
David Francis Dimatulac
"Credit should be given where credit is due. We went to this restaurant a few months back and I have nothing but praises for this place. I'm not a big..."
Noemi Gellera
"Our experience at Gefseis Greek Grill was nothing but pleasant and we really enjoyed having a taste of Greece in San Juan, LU. The owner was really..."
Bea Par
"Lovin' Greek food specially their salads and pita breads plus dips! A must..."
Ah Bee
"Loved the lamb souvlaki platter and the place is great..."
April Estigoy
"NICE Service. Tasty foods. You will really feel the Greek atmosphere by the beach because of the ambiance, food and the uniform of the servers. This..."
Japeej Paguio
"very nice place and nice was really great!...will come back for more..."
Maria Elena AQui
"Hands down best food. Loved the location the lamb and the owner is a very nice man. Keep up the good..."
Chris Zemus
The Golden Chicken House & Chinese Food Center
81/100 (191 ratings)
Fast Food
"Our reliable, GO-TO, affordable, tasty food delivery service! A portion of their earnings go to fund firefighters and volunteers. Can't go wrong with..."
Alice Atienza Mistica
"The Best delivery service .... Food is great ... Always freshly cooked .... Loved the Pineapple Chicken and Lumpiang..."
Francis Boñales
"Budget friendly and one of the best chinese restaurant I've ever tasted. Ka edad ko ang restaurant na to and mula bata pa ako lagi na kami umoorder..."
Merci Garcia
"Thx sa maayos na nacelebrate ang binyag ng anak ko po sa restaurant nio ate baby,nice food,,slmat sa mga nag assist sa mga bisita ko khapon po..."
Grace Kapac Refe
"Good food. Great for sharing. Nice service. Near big scoop too...."
Angela Buenviaje
"Great food and service! And they are part of volunteer fire fighters..."
Johann Tan
"Must try when in San..."
Alvin Uy
"Walking distance from my house. Love this place. Affordable na super sarap..."
Beau Ong
"san po..."
Jessie Arellano
"Looking for some good ol' Chinese food at affordable prices? Golden Chicken House is your best bet. This classic restaurant has been around as early..."
Fried And Prejudice
"The restaurant has been operating since 1983. They serve Chinese/Fil-Chinese cuisines. The first floor might look small but the second floor provides..."
Glenn Joseph | Jogpen
"It’s not often that we go to San Juan and eat there though it’s just adjacent to where I currently live. So, I wandered off to the smallest city..."
Jowell | FoodFlings.PH | Flingeros Philippines
"After church family bonding here ⛪❤️Must try here are : Beef Ampalaya, Beef Broccoli, Pancit Canton and fried chicken and Bbq for..."
"Golden Chicken House since 1983!Golden Chicken is one one of the oldest Chinese Cuisine located at 163 N. Domingo St. San Juan..."
Aileen Laurio
"GOLDEN CHICKEN's Crispy Pata (Php 445) is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. And yes, should you want to, it can be cut with a popsicle..."
MCSI Group
"Follow me on Instagram: @astro.adinAn old Chinese restaurant in N.Domingo that is always crowded. Almost every night I pass-by Golden..."
"Golden chicken house is not your usual restaurant since it has only one outlet in San Juan. I would really recommend their chicken. Well ofcourse..."
Grazelle ✨
"I always pass by this restaurant going to my doctor's clinic in QC or Big Scoop. The place doesn't look new, it's always empty every time I see it,..."
"We always eat here during lazy sunday evening. The food is very affordable and best value for money, the staff are attentive and friendly. By the..."
Ramor Nhoj San Pedro
"Food - 3.5Service - 3.5Value for money - 4Good food, affordable price and attentive staffs. Dined here with hubby & 2 sons, we..."
Big Momma
"Mura na masarap pa!!! Late review pero been visiting this place since their early years. Try their hototay soup, pineapple fried chicken and yang..."
Kaycee Enerva
"We don't normally dine here but on lazy days we call them for delivery (i guess San Juan area). Our usual orders here are as follows: pineapple..."
"Good service. Good food. Good price. Friendly crew and of course they their own fire brigade. Awesome. You must try their pinapple-honey chicken and..."
Michael Joseph Manuel
"Golden Chicken House is one of the oldest establishment in N.Domingo, since 1983. The look of the establishment is evident of its age, maybe..."
Alvin Ong | TFC
"Golden Chicken House is that unassuming red & yellow restaurant along N. Domingo St. in San Juan. A day before my birthday, I got a sweet surprise..."
Karen MNL
"Golden Chicken serves the best most affordable comfort food in San Juan.  Their dishes are mouth-watering.  My personal favorites are their..."
Jeffrey H. Chua
"I was so excited to try out their food. I’ve seen Golden Chicken House whenever I pass N. Domingo, can’t miss the big sign! But I’ve never..."
Karen MNL
"Who would've known you can find some classic, home-style, and downright comforting Chinese dishes at a Fire Station? Well, now you know. Golden..."
The Food Dude
"Being in a busy neighborhood, Golden Chicken is a good place to dine in. They serve affordable and tasty dishes to satisfy your Chinese food..."
Karl Ong
"This resto is a client of ours in the bank. We always order from them for freshly cooked lunch or merienda. We also order from them whenever we have..."
"Golden Chicken House is our neighborhood go to delivery meal service. Been ordering here since the 80's during my younger days and up to now it has..."
Miss Keen Reviewer
81/100 (185 ratings)
Coffee & Tea
"I have known this place since I was in high school and I have been a fan of their formosa milktea ever since. Inside, they also have these cute..."
Angelica Uy
"We had a food shoot in the nearby area specifically along A. Mabini (Chinese Restaurant) then right after we decided to chill in Tea Tap Cafe..."
Allans Gastro Snaps
"My go to place for milk tea cravings for 5+ years now. Their service standards havent changed as they took care of the entire cafe. I would certainly..."
Jazz Filamor
"This place is the best for people who want to study and or work outside. Coffee and milk tea are average. What really sets this place apart..."
Cheska Trinidad
"Everything I need in a cafe and more! If you find yourself in search for a place where there's a great selection of food and drinks; strong unlimited..."
"This place was always one of my go-to places for my thesis. But after it closes at 11, I go some place else but, I always ordered Osaka Milk Tea and..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
"When my cousin and I went here to kill time while we wait for our reservation, I didn't know what to expect considering it didn't seem too..."
"Took shelter over at Teatap during a very rainy afternoon. Because we were chilled and very wet (the rain did catch us off guard, and showed no signs..."
Fried And Prejudice
"Great place for special teas and good food choices and everything at a very reasonable price. Also good place to hang out over tea with..."
"Yes, i visited Teatap cafe again because of its chillax atmosphere. This time, I tried the chix coco laksa. At first, i was disappointed at..."
Gretchen Panganiban
"Food is good, serving size isn't bad for the price. Drinks are delicious (favorite is the chocolate mousse) and ambiance of the place is good for..."
Jovialis Yeung
"I decided to “kill time” in Tea Tap Cafe because it’s the only place in Wilson that has free wifi. It is still the same quiet place I know -..."
Camille Solis
"Student review: this place is absolutely studyable!It's a haven for students, actually. I've been going here even before I was a law..."
Jasmine B
"Tried their hokkaido cake and their wintermelon milk tea. The hokkaido cake was fairly forgettable, with the base being too crumbly and the cake..."
Mark Philip Wu
"Good place to work or study as it is rarely packed with people. A lot of customers get their milk tea to-go so you get a place to yourself. I only..."
Ruth Acero
"One of my favorite milk tea cafes around Wilson! It's a little bit more expensive than the other milk tea shops, but I don't mind cause it's really..."
Chelsea Aguirre
"I'm here a lot because it's near my house. I like this place for the visual ambiance, the good food and drinks, but don't go here if you're looking..."
Stephanie Aves
"If you're looking for a quirky place to hang out with good tea or milk tea and good food, this is the place to go. I usually go here to study with..."
Joshah Caleb Chua
"My colleagues often comes here whenever they feel like to be in a nice place to somehow free their mind from stress. They invited me and since I am a..."
"I love it that this place is so near my house. Im telling you that Tea Tap Cafe is the perfect escape from the freakin heat. The servers are fast and..."
Justin Chong
"Tea Tap Cafe is one of our go to places for Sunday desserts!I haven't been back in a long time and was really surprised that they have so..."
StarryEyed Luna
"Tea Tap Cafe is a tea shop with a cat theme. There are displays of cats everywhere in the tea shop. It has a relaxing ambiance that is perfect for..."
Dennis Carlson Lim | TFC
"I've been to this place lots of times. Of course the milk tea was great and their rice meals as well. So they had a new food selection two offer..."
Mikhail Kevin Laurel
"tea tap is not only a tea place but really a full restaurant. the place is very spacious and nice to hangout in. I particularly like how they have..."
"I live close by and maybe this is the reason I see this place but have not thought of dropping by as I had other places to go. One night though,..."
Alma Luis
"If you want to chill with your friends, then this is the best place for you! I have been in love on how Tea Tap can make his customers stay not only..."
Ciella Uy
"👍 Nice ambiance (esp the lighting). Courteous staff. Good ventilation. Perfect for studying or meetings. tho it gets a bit packed at..."
"Tea tap has a really nice ambiance to study at. Beware: groups of "conyo" peeps stay and play cards there. Haha! I also love their salads, pastas and..."
Grazelle ✨
"I pass this place a lot and had the chance to try it once as I was craving for yogurt. From the outside it looks like any other ordinary place, but..."
Cristina Poso
"I have been to dozens of milk tea places and Tea Tap consistently remains to be my favorite. Great interiors, free wifi, cozy furniture, and of..."
Chris De Vera
"nice quiet place to have tea. I had the strawberry fruit tea which was very refreshing. Even if the green tea had an after taste, it was very..."
"I went here with a friend who is a regular. It was unplanned and since it was a Sunday. I wasn't expecting that there are only a few customers...."
"I had the chance to visit this place and try the food, desserts and of course the Milk Tea. The place itself is quite relaxing, good for family and..."
Edison Tan
"Absolutely love the place and interior but parking is quite a challenge at times. Price is very reasonable and it's one of my favorite..."
Yano Que
"Tea tap! I like their milk tea! Nowadays, Milk tea are very mainstream you can find it in any corner of the mall. but the milk tea in tea tap..."
Mark Lacuna
"I have loved milk tea since it was first introduced in Manila in the 90s. Unlike before when milk tea places were sporadic and hard to find, nowadays..."
Kirsten Uy De Baron
Mann Hann
80/100 (553 ratings)
"Arguably the best Mann Hann in the metro, this is a staple for any fan of chinese fare. Mann Hann excels in being able to provide quality dishes to a..."
Stephen Tan
"What to be excited about this Chinese restaurant?Pro tips:1. Buko sherbet. Order and ask to be served in advance. So that after..."
Guilty Pleasures Seeker
"Mann Hann is always one of the most consistent Chinese Restaurant in terms of food quality, service and price. I’ve always believe that people are..."
Louie Castaneda
"Mann Hann gives its diners a modern chinese dining experience. They serve the best sweet and sour pork in town (for me) lol. Steamed dumplings too!..."
Nadine Esternon
"Definitely one of the best options for Chinese food. I super like their fresh lumpia plus its flavorful sauce. Service is fast, warm and..."
"Mann Hann has always been my go-to Chinese restaurant. It's just sad that the only branch that closes late is in San Juan.This branch is..."
Cheska Trinidad
"Chinese food cravings kicked in for Saturday lunch and Mann Hann totally fulfilled it. Their Chinese food is always tasty and satisfying. They..."
"This is the biggest Mann Hann among all of the branches, from having a small restaurant in front of a Monastery, they transferred to this spot with..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
"Chinese Food is my favorite. Ordered Fish fillet with broccoli flower, Hakaw and Yang Chow rice. Delicious esp.the fish fillet and fresh broccoli...."
Zac Wolf
"We ate here for Sunday lunch. I ordered Roast Chicken Noodles and Oyster Cake. The Roast Chicken Noodles was excellent. The broth was..."
"One of our family's go-to Chinese restaurant! Great food selection and everything we order is good! My favorites here are: siomai, hakaw, miki bihon,..."
Ruth Acero
"Mann Hann is one of our favorite Chinese restos. We always dine here. We like this branch because it's nice and big compared to other branches...."
"Their fresh lumpia, french beans and oyster cake, so good! The ambiance is very relaxing and conducive because of their high ceiling and spacious..."
"We had dinner there yesterday. The place was spacious, cozy and had a good ambiance. We ordered Yang Chow, Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp, Beef with Brocolli,..."
Karl Stephen
"My go-to Chinese comfort food place. Excellent yang chow, tausi clams, and sweet and sour dishes. If you don't mind MSG (I love it!) then this hits..."
Kit Reyes
"The place is really beautiful!! Very spacious. We came there last December and there were snowflake stickers on the walls. It looked amazing. We went..."
Paula Marie Sanvictores Tison
"Our usual chinese go-to resto. Place looks better than other branches but i think d high ceiling makes it conducive to echo..Usual orders:..."
"Probably this branch is one of the cleanest mann hann. Mann Hann has always been a place for family who would like to eat chinese food for lunch or..."
Riva Macapagal
"Our company's favorite hangout place! From meeting to lunch outs, good food and good place to eat! They offer affordable prices for delish dishes!..."
Rhen Monforte
"oyster cake! I love oyster cake and mann hann is one of the best at making them!  Chami (big noodles) is also one of our favorite food..."
"The best chinese food in town! I love their Yang Chow, Sweet and Sour Pork and Spareribs. Best combo. The Resto is spacious great for family..."
Brenda De Guzman
"One of my family's Sunday after-mass-go-to lunch or dinner places. We all love chinese food, its on our top 3 cuisines that we often go for. Among..."
Gabriel Luis Arcenal Fuentes
"Very nice place, very spacey, relaxing ambience ideal for family and friends get together. The food is very good and prices are reasonable...."
Benny De Leon
"My house is literally just across the street, so I love coming here when my family and I can't think of a place to have dinner. I also just..."
Gigi Ramos
"It's always great to spend get-togethers with family and dear friends over good food. Man Hann is a sure choice, food is good and well presented,..."
"One of the staple Chinese restaurants in San Juan with consistent food and service. My kids love the maki mi, and I almost always have a double order..."
Kensei Yonzon
"My definitely favorite Chinese restaurant. This branch has blown me away, with its sleek design and high ceiling, best branch I've ever been to. I..."
Joshah Caleb Chua
"One of the best chinese places in the metro! Must haves are their lechon macau, cooked to crisp perfection, noodles that are so flavorful and..."
Rain Vicencio
"The authenticity of a Chinese food is really great and the crew is very nice! :) I love this place..."
Rainiel Mata
Little Store On The Hill
80/100 (179 ratings)
"You will discover a lot of new finds here! They have fresh vegetables, Chinese canned meat, vegetables, try thier Canned Pork Pata best with bihon...."
Guilty Pleasures Seeker
"I used to not eat lumpia until I had one here. My friend who’s a foodie took me here. I had soya drink and the meat less lumpia cos I can’t eat..."
Mef DB
"It’s the lumpia that sets the difference. All other food items are the same as those other chinese restos. Don’t expect much of an ambiance. Its..."
Selwyn Ang
"My friends and I have been going back to the Little Store over and over again to shop for products that are never easy to find anywhere else:..."
"This is always our go-to place for affordable Chinese comfort food ❤️ I love the fact they also sell frozen dumplings which you can bring home..."
"The simple little store and diner at the heart of Little Baguio, San Juan. They offer Asian cuisine and sell different food products and..."
Issa Pisa
"Nice little restaurant when you get hungry while shopping for in Gilmore.Meals are less than 100 pesos.Order their fresh lumpia with..."
Nom Nom
"I super love their fresh Chinese lumpia rolls (egg rolls) with fresh coriander and Seaweed wrap (optional). It goes well with the garlic and sauce...."
Vance Madrid
"I ate at their branch in gilmore. I've eaten on this place a couple of times and always ordered their fresh Lumpia. Its still the same formulation..."
Ferdie Joson
"Little Store is a cozy little Chinese resto with a grocery store that sells Asian goodies.It's quite a gem actually. You just select the..."
Mellow Yellow
"Another hidden gem in San Juan. I walk here when I'm craving for a snack and Eat Fresh isn't open hahaha.It's a little store (obviously..."
Gigi Ramos
"Little Store is an asian store that sells grocery items and ready to eat food as well. The grocery area is quite crowded but they have a variety of..."
80/100 (526 ratings)
"The place has a homey feel and food is great! Loved their nachos, bbq pork ribs, harvester's salad, finishing them off with coffee and their..."
Adriene Elizabeth Lim
"Harvest salad, onion stack and aglio e olio. This is a perfect combination and it fed two of us. Dinner was capped with smores cupcake. Ice cold..."
Cleng Clemente
"What a treat to find this place in the intriguing backstreets of Addition Hills! Wonderful ambience, a gift store of unusual and delightful finds,..."
Lynne Castelijn
"Very good concept... dining and picking gifts for girlfriends bday or something for her... haha... Nice place to celebrate bday parties,..."
Ryan Deloso
"Our fave place to dine in and feast my eyes with their unique items and knitted stuff dolls. Love their food not only its healthy but tastes good..."
Beng Averilla
"Really nice place to relax with family and friends. Very cozy and they've got lots of parking too. The food is really good. The servings are HUGE!..."
Edsel Lance Tan
"A great find with an impressive collection of items for sale and on display; a hidden treasure indeed. Finding it was a challenge as it's not as..."
Monalisa Chuang
"We had spanakopitas for starters. And it was so generous with prawn filling. The shrimp blended well with the cheese. Best tried while..."
Sushmito Praxides
"Good place to hang out with friends or unwind when you’re alone.. conducive for meetings and “group” study where you can eat and share opinions..."
"Delicious food at reasonable price. Cosy atmosphere. Coffee and desserts great as well. Spacious parking , friendly staff. A good place to..."
Tin Ching
"Co/op's a cute place - definitely one where you can work or set a meeting in! I think they change their menu every now and then or have seasonal..."
Kelsey Policarpio
"A different restaurant experience since you get to check out merchandise on display while waiting for your food.Herb Crusted Beef..."
Tin Manalo
"We came here this morning and although we were confused by whether it was table service or not. They didn’t have flavour coffee (caramel, vanilla..."
"Found a hidden gem in San Juan! 😮 This cappuccino is nicely brewed — perfect for a coffee fix. It’s not purely a coffee shop though so they..."
Epicurean Foodies PH
"One of the favourite Salted Caramel desserts ever made! I first ate this one back September 25, 2014 and it’s still the best Cheesecake in Wilson..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
"The experience was pretty amazing. The place has a cozy ambiance, which make it very relaxing. The food was also great! Especially the smoked salmon..."
Kia Gabay
"Fancy a cozy place where the food is great and the a quiet sort of crowd? Well, look no more. This is the place for you. Their pasta is always..."
Rein Mutuc
"Can’t get over the way this place looks. It reminds me of a greenhouse with the large glass panels that let in warm sunlight. A lovely interior..."
Fried And Prejudice
"(11.04.17)I’ve been always wanting to try out this really attractive place in San Juan ever since I saw it. From the outside, the..."
Aemmanuelle Magno
"I rated this based on my previous meals here. They have big servings and overall food are great. This time we had: Pork ribs- since I’m..."
"This quaint shop is hidden in one of the side streets of San Juan. The first time I visited I was quite surprised, they have beautifully decorated..."
Fat Girls Day Out
"It was early last year when I discovered this place (thanks Zomato). Since then, I became a regular customer and I make sure that I'll drop by at..."
Nix Mix
"I’ve passed by this numerous times since it opened and just visited it now. Just like the good reviews from the online community and relatives, my..."
Gretchen Panganiban
"Sumptuous food tho a bit pricey. Great ambience. Their cakes are a must try! ❤️ If you’re looking for a perfect place to eat and chill, this is..."
Alex De Guzman
"I've finally found the best Salted Caramel Cake in town. 💯 If you want to have good food and good dessert, come thru! The place is awesome, the..."
Nyl Umali Sarmiento
"CO/OP is a lifestyle and café located along A Mabini Street in San Juan, Metro Manila. A splash of quirky décor is the first thing you’ll notice..."
Christian Manguiat
"Ambiance ||💋💋💋💋💋The modern industrial design was balanced off by the inviting for-sale-products showcased in the room. We loved..."
SkinnyFoodieMNL | Zy Tinio
"A big coffee place in San Juan area. Aside from being a coffee shop this place is also a store that sells art stuff and bags. The place is very..."
"189 A Mabini St San Juan City I love the place so much ,i love the design there resto but no wifi and there coffee was good naman..."
"After a lunch thing just along A. Mabini at San Juan, I was really craving for a cup of coffee. Good thing CO/OP was really close so I decided to try..."
"super spacious!! parking pa lang 5 stars na!i love the design and layout. we ordered the chicken, carbonara and a dessert ( forgot what it..."
LJ The Explorer
"Foodie with a twist of artsy? Go to CO/OP now — where you can shop while waiting for your food. Their mini shop costs a bit higher than expected..."
April Torres
"We tried their beef brisket sandwich and their shrimp diablo pasta. Firstly their prices are a bit high, but their serving sizes are also fairly big,..."
Mark Philip Wu
"Great food but expensive. Interior design of the place is very good. Nice place to have business meetings in San Juan area.. Parking is very..."
"Soon as you drive into their area, you feel homey. The food is prepared simply with a touch of elegance. We ordered the BBQ pork ribs, herb crusted..."
Maria Cecilia Luz Romero
"I went here for the Skin Speak event hosted by CosRx and Skincare Curator. The food was very tasty! I had some of their sweets and I loved them. The..."
Blessy Chio
"CO/OP is a refreshing creative space that serves up breakfast food and gourmet sandwiches. The portion size is generous. The eggs Benedict, for..."
Micky Domingo
"Quaint coffee shops never fail to make me giddy. But quaint coffee shops that serve good food make me happier. Shops like Tweedle Book Café,..."
Mary Love Siy
"Slow service. Pricey food. Delicious but quite forgettable. The only thing interesting was the interior and the ventilation and the stuff sold. Might..."
Chelsea Eusebio
"Easily my favorite place to get a salad from! So much love for their cobb salad 😍 very reasonable prices considering the huge servings that's..."
Page Lopez
"Co-Op was a hidden gem in Greenhills. The interior is very nicely done and their food tastes great albeit on the pricey side. Try their pizza..."
Paul Kim
"Co/op was surprisingly good both in its ambiance as a seller of quaint tchotchkes and as a purveyor of food & drink! The place is a heaven for people..."
"A house-turned-lifestyle store and cafe in San Juan. This Laid back store is selling hip goods and comfort food in one roof!I'd say this..."
Iza Gram
"Some time last year, I have heard of CO/OP but never found out where it is located until now that we are looking for a place to chill before moving..."
Dennis Carlson Lim | TFC
"CO/OP is a find! This design focused restaurant is an old converted house in the  Addition Hills area. The garden out front is framed by gorgeous..."
Marianne In Manila
"A cross between Heima and a cafe, Co/op offers a unique dinning exprience for a wide range of audiences. Whether you're a bookworm, artist, shopping..."
Cindie Cheng
"Went here with my partner for a quick snack which later turned out to be a nice dinner. Ambiance and good service are always strong points for me..."
"I frequently pass by this place and missed to inspect that it is a resto and also houses merchandise of quaint home and living items. Perfect for..."
"Interiors was amazing! My friends and I enjoyed it being the first one when we visited. Although, we didn't get to try the rainbow cake as they..."
Regine Alvarez
"Went here last night and was shocked that there was not a lot of people around, so thats good for us. Anyway, the sandwich was good, would order it..."
Iris So
"This place has a very cozy and artsy feeling that one will feel comfortable for a scrumptious meal from their mouthwatering offerings. I dont think..."
Jv Abellar
"The initial reaction after seeing the menu is that there arent many choices. We had onion rings, nachos, roastwd tomato soup, grilled cheese, aglio..."
"Coop has awesome food. Big servings and healthy recipes. Awesome ambience as well. Definitely worth returning to. Pastas and sandwiches and..."
"Everything we ordered was really good. Simple but they hit the spot. The ambience was cool, filled with a lot of novelty items for sale. Generally a..."
Raina Cheng
"Cozy is the word I would describe this place. If you want a laidback affair or nightcap, I strongly suggest you go here. The ambiance is enough to..."
Cristina Luis
"CO/OP is your neighborhood hangout spot serving great food, with a good ambiance. Upon entry one will notice that the restaurant ambiance is a little..."
Cliff-Jacky Cheng
"Their salted caramel cheesecake caught my eye. It turned out to be quite a nice catch if I do say so myself. The cake was sweet and smooth and the..."
Wilma Poso
"I had the mac and cheese in this place. I originally just wanted to try their coffee but I got hungry so that is what I got. It actually went well..."
Albert Yap
"Cozy is the word I would definitely associate with this place. The first few times I was here I got so relaxed I was not able to work as planned. I..."
Justo Yap
"They offer pasta and sandwiches as the main meal. They have big servings. Pasta is good. Sandwich is great. The home made drinks are even better...."
Malvin Domingo
"Love their dessert selection! The s'mores cupcake, chocolate cake, and coffee creme brûlée are all so gooooood ❤️❤️ The Tartufo pasta is..."
Ren Dela Cruz
"The place is inviting basically because of its urban chic look... This is a cafe and a curio store at the same time though the stuffs are pricey..."
Fridate Diaries By Cecil Valle
"Late dinner date at co/op. We ordered the tomato soup, Caesar salad and the Tartufo pasta (which I forgot to take a photo of!)..."
Jen CC Tan
"I egged my bestfriend into a free dinner one Saturday and was brought to this place. Given her choices of menu, I had second thoughts but lo and..."
"I promised to give this artsy nook a second chance so I will come back and check it out again but during their soft launch, I was disappointed with..."
Angelika E
"CO/OP is a hidden gem among the streets of San Juan. Doubling as a coffee shop and a home store, it's clear to see why this has come to be one of my..."
Jeune San Juan
"It's a nice modern classy place as if you eat at a forest cafe , what I like most is the parking, you can bring your nice ride here,I ordered roasted..."
"CO/OP MANILA is a house-turned-lifestyle store and café in San Juan selling hip goods and comfort food. The name was inspired by the "cooperation"..."
Anton Diaz
"New to Zomato but just had to sign up to review this place. After driving by every day for months I finally decided to stop in and give it a try and..."
Stephen Shu
"Co/Op is San Juan's hidden gem. I mean that literally because I got lost looking for the place! The place is reason enough to go there, but the food?..."
Phylicia Marie Pineda
"It's a lifestyle store with a restaurant where you could just chill and catch up with your friends. It could also be a perfect dating spot, your gf..."
Krista Mendez
"Before I tell you why I love this place, I will let you know the one disappointment I had. They burned the coffee :( If you're reading this Co/Op,..."
"Place looks amazing! Love the design and the products. Its really different from your usual stores. Food = very good. I'd say my favorites..."
Sam Chan
"Food is yummy, servings are big for sharing! Ambiance is great. Love the quirky and unique crafty things they sell. Plus points for..."
Eat Fresh
80/100 (1333 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Yakitori (Grilled Skewers)
Dim Sum
Hong Kong
"If you are looking for affordable Hong Kong style comfort food, you might want to check this place out. They not only serve "hong kong street food"..."
Food Torpedo
"A warm and delicious laksa for a cold Ber month days. this place is an upgrade from their other/previous location on the same street, additional..."
Daniel Carlo Cocjin Bueno
"I give them 5 stars because I love their tendons, soft and perfectly cooked and they have good service. everything else is ok. Tendons are a must..."
"Based from my experience in the past few years, this restaurant or food chain was really into giving fresh street food for their customers, you..."
"Had a wonderful experience. Dishes I approve of: hakaw, laksa and hongkong-style noodles. Also amused by the large-sized drinks! Quite affordable...."
Judy Legaspi
"We had Laksa, beef claypot, squid and crab on sticks, gulaman, and milk tea.The laksa gave us great food coma, and the beef tasted good..."
Mykmyk Pascua
"Dined here twice and it’s already on our fave list. Their Laksa is truly the best in town! We wouldn’t mind driving that long just to have it..."
Amy 🌸
"One of our go to restos in San Juan for a quick fix of HongKong food.This mew branch has roasting which is a good addition.I almost always have..."
Gino Gonzalez
"This new branch has a faster service than the first branch in San Juan. First time to try the clay pot rice meal, since we usually order the dimsum,..."
Sheena Kathrina Cruz
"Laksa and fried intestine is my comfort food here. I also like the almond shake to balance out the spiciness of the food. The place is usually full..."
Joan Mu
"First time i tried Eat Fresh i was dancing while eating!😍 i enjoyed every single thing we ordered. Ofcourse ordering the Laksa is a must. As they..."
Regina Arciaga
"When it’s late at night and you’re in your pambahay clothes yet you are still hungry, this place will still accommodate you. This neighborhood..."
Guilty Pleasures Seeker
"On a break from our ZG crusade, we decided to eat at a nonZG place, one of our most favorite restaurants near our home - Eat Fresh! This new branch..."
Angeli David
"One of our go-to places in San Juan! Place is always packed especially during dinner time-- sure sign that they offer good food. You gotta try their..."
Ruth Acero
"My go to in Eat Fresh has to be their curry squid balls, laksa, spareribs and chicken feet claypot rice, and their yakitori. Its consistent every..."
Fat Girls Day Out
"Our New Year’s lunch was made special by this new Eat Fresh branch. First of all, the place was great because it was spacious. The interiors were..."
Orange Pesto
"I was a fan of these resto when I tried one of there in branch in Marikina City. Great food, large servicing, and reasonable price where to me are..."
Arnel Cainila
"Recently, I've been giving a lot of 4.0/5.0 ratings in restaurants. Yet, it made me wonder what distinctive feature must a 5.0 have over a 4.0...."
Jesse Lui
"This place is less greasy than the one nearer us. But when I left the venue I still smell like food but what is Hong Kong Street Food if it isn’t..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
Pegi Waffles
80/100 (116 ratings)
Waffles & Crepes
"BEST RAVIOLIS EVER!! I’m a super fan of pastas and Pegi got that on point. I’ll definitely be going back to this place. There’s just little..."
Ev Buenviaje
"I love Pegi’s!! I love it so much I’m subscribed to the newsletter. I always order the plain Liege waffle. It’s a dough-based waffle, so when..."
"The waffles were really good - buttery, soft and the Liege waffle had sugar crystals in it for added texture. The wagyu salpicao was a downer though...."
"From their store name, waffle is the most recommended product. I have tried their waffles before, in and out of the store, so I decided to try other..."
Colleen Dioquino
"If i want a quiet place with almost no one around, I go to this restaurant. The place is quaint with comfortable seating. However, sometimes the..."
Gretchen Panganiban
"They have an interesting take on waffles. At first we thought they served Belgian waffles similar to the one you can get in Starbucks. But they..."
The Curious Belly
"After trying out Pegi waffles, I learned that there are two types of waffles. Brussels-style and Liege-style waffles. Brussels-style waffles are..."
"I like the afternoon tea package for 190php. It comes with a pot of tea, 2 buttered scones with jam and clotted cream. I love their scones which are..."
"For those who had a very packed workweek like me and looks forward to a weekend of comfort-filled meal..this place is for you. Had a very pleasant..."
"I've passed by Pegi Waffles, I think, twice since I moved to Quezon City. To be honest, I had no idea about them: that they're actually the supplier..."
Trish Maramba
"I have to say that dining at Pegi Waffles was one of the best resto experiences I have ever had so far. I was able to visit this lovely place for a..."
Rej Relova
"I've always enjoyed waffles, it's comfort food at its purest form. And nobody does waffles like Pegi Waffles. Classic Belgian-style waffles that..."
The Food Dude
"First Zomato Foodie Meetup!! Paint. Share. CareLet me just say, that there is no food in here that I didn't like. My goodness, the food..."
Nicole Meredith Ayag
"Let Pegi Treat you this Mother's Day! 1.  This promo will run from  May 1 until May 31, 2016, except during the days when we are booked..."
Pegi Waffles
"Remember Pegi Waffles? I do! Around a decade or so ago, it became a sought after item at Starbucks. I remember it always being sold out. People were..."
Karen MNL
"We've always been a fan of Pegi Waffle since way, way back and we thought that it already closed down ... Luckily, it didn't and that they still..."
Edel San
"Remember Pegi Waffles? I do! Around a decade or so ago, it became a sought after item at Starbucks. I remember it always being sold out. People were..."
Karen MNL
"Comfort food at its finest! Pegi waffles from outside may seem like your typical tea and pancake place but once you enter and see their menu,..."
Patricia Infante
"Cozy place for studying or catching up with your friends. Didn't see any electric outlets though so I doubt you could stay for as long as you like..."
"I’ve always been a pancake girl through no fault of my own. We just didn’t order or make waffles while I was growing up. Then I was told that..."
Marielle Ong
"poor food. even the waffle isn't good. I think people just buy waffles here for take home. I would never eat here again. maybe for coffee? but not..."
"My friend and I searched for some place to eat along P. Gueverra since there are a lot of places that you can choose from. 😁So Pegi..."
Pam Melendres
"Located in P. Guevarra cor Wilson street (across Rustan's supermarket), this restaurant can be unassuming at first given its modest exterior and..."
Calvin Buenavista
"We went there looking for ice cream and we were not disappointed. The strawberry ice cream is super good. If you have tried mad marks strawberry and..."
"Last January 2015, when this restaurant was newly renovated, we decided to try Pegi's Waffles. We often pass by this place and I was curious what..."
"I love how cozy it is when you're in Pegi. And their waffles are filling and affordable, too! They taste great and is best with ice cream. The staff..."
Issa Villapando
"A hidden jewel for desserts and other delicacies. They've done a great job in mastering their specialties...waffles! Their waffles come in a wide..."
Adel Valdecañas
"If you look at Pegi waffles from the outside, it looks quite boring and dull. But when you go inside the store, it's actually cozy. The place isn't..."
Kd Jay
Tender Bob's
80/100 (360 ratings)
Fully Loaded Burger
Clam Chowder
Country Fried Chicken
Angus Ribeye Steak
Signature Pepper Gravy
Turamisu Shake
Pork Belly
1buffalo Tenders
Rib eye steak
Tinapay Na May Taba at Prench Prays Tapos Basang Keso
Chicken steak
Masarap Na Pasta Na May Puting Sarsa
Mushroom Burger
Potato Skins
Choco Brownie
Jalapeño Burger
Wings and Fries
Chicken Tenders and Fries
Grilled Pork Chops
"Food was okay and the place has a really good ambiance. Overall experience was..."
Angelica Uy
"I actually liked this branch better than the one in Shangri-la as it was not as crowded and noisy. The waiters were also much more attentive (I would..."
Adriana Desimor
"Bf and Me are roaming around looking for some resto to eat, then we pass by Tender Bob’s (my bf loves steak). I ordered, grilled salmon was great..."
"My kids’ go-to-place. Can’t go wrong with their beef salpicao and garlic rice! We especially love The bomb too! I just wish the restaurant..."
"All time favorite. We’ve been coming here since it opened more than 10 years ago... reasonably priced steaks and the staff are warm and friendly...."
Charlene Ang
"Nice ambiance in Greenhills - quiet and not too crowded.Staff were nice and a commodating.Food was superb! We..."
Joann C
"Service was amazing. Food was ok. I particularly loved their buffalo chicken fingers. Quality of the steak was so-so (we just ordered the local..."
Julie Grace Ramos
"I ordered the Grilled Porkchop and I loved it. It was so juicy and easy to slice. It's a bit pricey but with the delicious food, beautiful ambiance,..."
Kristine Marielle Felizardo
"I first heard of this through a friend. They've changed their menu, and underwent renovation so there were a few items that were removed, but we..."
Nami Teruzaki
"Great food! Superb service!!We had our family lunch here and we ordered their grilled chicken, fully loaded burger, some salad and pasta...."
DOT Teano
"This is THE BOMB!!! 🥔 Figuratively because it really is soooooooooo good ...and literally it’s called “The Bomb” talaga!!! 😋 No visit to..."
Ria Pe | RIA_litybites
"Tender bobs its kinda restaurant that i always been satisfied with service and taste of food, time by time i missed the food here so i have to visit..."
Benny Ghasedi
"I was pleasantly surprised as to the quality of the food, it was good. Unlike the old branch in SM north, the restaurant must have undergone some..."
"Super love the food here! We ordered Seafood Platter and Grilled Porkchop - they were insanely delicious. Yes, everything’s a bit pricey, but with..."
"Make sure to have a reservation unless you like eating al fresco styleThe GOOD🔹Service: orders were served after around 15 mins,..."
Mochi Bear
"Mom and I are craving for pasta. There's no other pasta house (that we know of) within Greenhills. We passed by Tender Bob's and saw that they have..."
Ralph Rigor Lim Mara
"delicious comfort food and good service.ive tried the country fried chicken,salpicao and the tender bob's basic burger.its all good..."
Mary A.
"After braving the rain and weekend traffic (w/ a hangover, nonetheless), we were hungry and craving man food. So off to Tender Bob's at Greenhills we..."
"Tbob's country style fried chicken is very yummy. It's so huge you cannot finish it all. It's already good for two. Their carbonara is not that good...."
Christine Borr
"Here we love their steaks (cooked to our preference) and their potato skins. Sometime we go for their spinach antipasti which is also quite tasty...."
Barbs Magallona
"The food was worth its price! Food and service - 5 star! Large serving. I am very picky when it comes to coleslaw but theirs was really really good!..."
Lyza Rojo
"I met my mom for dinner and the best choice I can think of at that moment was here. My mom says she's been eating Pinoy food for the week and kinda..."
"Yummy food in my tummy! Had seafood and meat platter to balance everything. Lol! I loved everything in the seafood platter. It has..."
Elria Mariel Valiente
"Well worth the money and effort of going to Greehills just to go to this place. The prices were just right, not too expensive, but the steak was..."
Nicole Caburian
"Me and my friends went resto hopping but others wanted to eat here; so I decided to get dessert here since I just had lunch. The standard Banana..."
AJ Roque
"Very easy choices here at Tender Bob's, I thought as I scanned the menu. Picked the clam chowder for starters and grilled porkchops and country style..."
Violet Reyes
"Can't believe I actually forgot to write about this place. Anyway, last time we went, we ordered their chicken tenders, burger (forgot what kind),..."
"" All of my life, where have you been, I wonder if I'll ever see you again. "I wish they bring back their old menu which has a very..."
David Eats Food - Food Reviewer
"Late afternoon lunch led us to Tender Bob's today. We were practically too tired and starved to go elsewhere so I was ecstatic with the menu...."
"Good and affordable steak! Ordered their 300g Angus Ribeye (P939) and Potato Skins (P289). Steak was lightly seasoned and tender, no need for gravy...."
Hungry Girl
"I was looking for a place to eat something a bit different from Asian cuisine, I saw Tender Bob's Greenhills branch.I ordered grilled chicken and..."
"For tender bob's, me and my friends ordered:Spaghetti Chicken Wings (which is boneless and because I love spicy)Potato SkinAnd..."
"i was looking for a big juicy steak for weeks now so when i had a chance last weekend i didnt hesitate to try this one at the promenade, the steak..."
Sheila Marie Soriano
"I enjoy tender bob's. It has good quality meat for an affordable price. I've gone a couple of times and they are always full of people and I have not..."
"I've definitely eaten here before but it's very interesting because they rebranded quite recently. Expected of course is the increase in prices of..."
Kalie Rodriguez
"Tender Bob's! My go to restaurant whenever I'm craving for delish carbonara and affordable Angus steak ❤️ I also like the competitive pricing for..."
"Steak is LOVE! I am definitely coming back here. We ordered their Meat Platter and everything was simply Amazing! Super loved their..."
Joan Dorotan
"Tender Bob's is a great place to get western comfort food that specializes in steaks. They are brought to us by the same group that brought to us the..."
"My boyfriend swears this resto sells the best ribs. Best ribs means 100% meat, baby!Choose between two serving sizes Hungry and..."
Claudine De Leon
"Great food☺️ always one our family favorites😊 service is great☺️ ambiance is ok. Price is reasonable & generous serving. Keep coming back..."
Elma Gregorio-villaroman
"I never thought I would like another potato dish more that shakey's mojo potatoes. But when I ordered the potato skins here I was blown away. It was..."
Marco Miranda
"I love the steaks in tender bob's. It is juicy and flavorful. Although in recent memory they just look like a normal steak place nowadays, I still..."
Christian Poso
"I love Tender Bob's! This place is such a classic! Whenever I'm craving for good food I just dine here and order the Fish fillet, chicken steak and..."
"On the Table: Potato skins, Porkchops & Baked ZitiMy Food-O-Meter: Taste: 3.5/5Price: 3.5/5Service: 3.5/5Big..."
"One comfort steak when cravings strike.. We always order the us rib-eye steak with mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy plus the vegetables. Aside from..."
"Fast service, good seasoning, and spot on doneness in all their steaks. I also love that they still haven't changed their menu. I love their prawn..."
"Tender bob's serves great steak. Although I find the selection a bit limited, the choices are good enough. Ironically, it is not the steaks that I..."
Justo Yap
"Always! Bob is always tender! For tonight we had Domestic Ribeye Steak for 2. A bit in a budget tonight since we have been splurging so much..."
"I ordered their Sautéed Mussels, Tomato Soup, Oriental Chicken Salad, and their 6 ounce Angus Rib-Eye Steak. I say that all of them were pretty..."
Cedric C. Cheng
"Good Steaks! This is by far my favorite one. :) The quality of the steaks are very good. It is evident that their meat is weighed and you get the..."
Juno Ang
"If you love to eat steak, then you must try Tender Bob's. Quality steak served here for your salivating cravings.I don't recommend this..."
Sai Pauline
"Steak was superb, good for its price. Hubby and I craved for good steak and saw tender bobs nearby, out first time to dine and we didnt regret that..."
Gertrude Labang
"Good food that comes in affordable pricesThey have a big serving perfect for sharing and the ambiance is also relaxing. Their service was..."
Lance San Gabriel
"We originally planned to eat somewhere else but we were caught in really bad traffic and BFF was super hungry already. So, we just looked around..."
Will Run For Food
"Been here for a number of times and I can say my all-time fave to order here is their Pork Chops. For 260 pesos, you'll get 2 big pieces of grilled..."
Kat Navalta
"Let me start by saying that I have been in love with Tender Bob's since the beginning of time.It's my go to steak house along with Outback and..."
"Why did my grand daughter choose Tender Bob because there place mat has a game to make her occupy. Our order of Medium Rare Rib eye has some parts..."
Margaret Chan