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Ramen Yushoken
95/100 (2988 ratings)
Fried rice
Miso ramen
Tonkotsu ramen
"Gyoza, karage, any kind of ramen. Whatever they put their hands on is definitely worth it. Sitting at the bar counter and watch the kitchen wizards..."
Toby Knappe
"The best amongst all! God of Ramens! Staff-very courteous and professional! I have dined here several times I can't even count and they will always..."
Donna Martinez
"Yushoken's shoyu ramen is so far the best ramen i've tried. It is creamy and tasteful, no wonder every time we visit we have to wait for a chair to..."
Jovanne Erika
"Definitely worth the drive down south. Always an occasion for us northerners whenever we dine..."
Aurick Go
"Number 1 ramen place... the flavor of the tonkotsu broth and the consistency of the noodles never disappoints every time we eat there. always..."
Deejay Gabriel
"I am a big fan of ramen, have tried several from NYC to here.. this is by far the best ramen I have ever..."
Carla Hernaez Evangelista
"My go to place for a ramen fix! 😋 I have recommended you guys to my friends, and they love your ramen too!..."
Ann-Margaret Santiago
"The best tantanmen in the south. � The chahan nailed it. It is so..."
Meng Cabacungan
"Remen Yushoken is the best ramen place in Metro Manila!..."
Mara Fuentes
"This place made us wait for more than an hour for a bowl of Karai Tokusei. It dont matter. That ramen was from the heavens...."
Vincent John Arlante
"One of the best, if not the best, ramens I've ever had. Lucky to have had it in Cebu and now I always crave for it..."
Bobby Roa
"Best ramen in town. Never failed to satisfy my ramen cravings, always worth every..."
Shiela Jaye Constantino-Jarantilla
"Always a pleasure! Great food great service. Nice place for family and friends get..."
Richard C. Joson
90/100 (81 ratings)
"Relaxing ung ambiance kc d crowded ung place at hnd dn maingay..masarap dn ung products nila.. affordable specially dun s mga..."
Lizel B. Acompañado
"quiet place to have coffee and chat with friends, nice staff and good tasting..."
Remhy Mimi MhAdz
"The food was great just at the right price. Staffs are very friendly. Place was quiet, nice and..."
Cherry A De Castro
"Love their cheesus-es and loaves. We go there usually on Fridays when they have buy 1 take 1 or 50% off promos. Also, I am just recently able to grab..."
"Their pastries (particularly the breads we've brought home) are delicious, although a bit expensive when compared with more popular brands. The shop..."
Maria MM
"It’s another terrific day of the week “Tuesday”. Grab your own Red Velvet and Dark Chocolate frappe Buy 1 get 1 for free every at Boulangerie22..."
Allans Gastro Snaps
"I must say that it is not the best cafe but I think it deserves a good rating! Their pastries were priced (around 50 - 70) just the same as the other..."
Getting Pigger
"Went here for tea and cake and I was so tempted to get a lot of the pastries. The cakes look so cute! They also have biscuits that I was told sell..."
Mari Gere
"One of the reasons why I loved Boulangerie22 is because from their bread, to frappes and cakes are all affordable and taste good.. They also have..."
"Since Boulangerie22 Robinsons Place Ermita has no page yet I am writing my review on Boulangerie22 Filinvest City Muntinlupa instead. I was wanting..."
Mae Dv
"One of the bakeries I really go back to. Everything I’ve tried so far never disappoints. My fave would be the Japanese Custard Cream and Holy..."
Lorraine Mabanglo
"My favorite is their Double Espresso Frappe. Better than SB. The delicious intensity of rich espresso, mellowed by a touch of cream- something you..."
Sorosoro Abie
"I discovered this place by searching for a pokemon themed cake, they have it custom made. Surprisingly their coffee is not that pricey it only cost's..."
"the place is nice and neat. order took too long because it has only one staff. too slow to make coffee and she's also the cashier. i ordered a cake..."
"This one of my go-to places for studying. Their food and drinks are okay, but their very budget friendly. Good enough for munching during study..."
"I ordered the Holy Cheesus. The servers heated it up so that it can be more gooey. If I'm not mistaken, it's made with three different types of..."
Manila Dining Diary
"Food- 🌟🌟🌟Mac & Cheese tasted frozen and just reheated. Well probably its the truth. Just like in SB pastas are in the fridge and..."
Meldynn Calupig
"We're scouting for pastry for our boss's birthday. Look, i find new cake store (bakery), i don't know if it is new, but it's new to me.1st it..."
"Very nice interior- very modern, plus you will hear a classic music french background, as if you visit a cafe in France. You'll see the bakeshop when..."
"Ambience in this branch is nice and you can actually study/work here since they have wifi and sockets available. What we ordered:* Matcha..."
Chamy Osal
"Chocolate espresso frappe is a must try! Also tried double espresso frappe thumbs up! Good ambiance and friendly staff. Their brownies is also..."
Jamie Titular
"The best Spicy Chicken Floss in town! Very addicting! I will definitely go to their opening branch tomorrow in SM North and will get all the Spicy..."
Ayen Cuevas
"Great pastries, love them all! Will definitely be back every now and then. Their red velvet cake and frappe, must try 'em if I were you. Two thumbs..."
Choux Jeoung
"At first I was skeptical and I don't believe in everything I heard about Cheesus. Then one day, I tried it and I was enlightened! The hot cube bread..."
Ludwig John Lompelow
"I'd love eating the Mozzarella Honey Garlic Butter Loaf and my kid's love the Dark Chocolate Chip Loaf. Taste every They have promo like 22% off..."
Emerlie Padilla
"Everytime I go to any branch of Boulagerie 22,I  always  buy  soft  and tasty loaf bread and spicy chicken floss,I also enjoyed their buy 1 take..."
Ferrer Quino Merrejane
"What I like about Boulangerie22 is their fresh and authentic breads and their fun and very accommodating staff. Holy Cheesus is one of my favorite,..."
Pamela Atienza
"I visited the place last week and was very happy I did! I had a very exhausting day at work, and had to grab dinner. Food was great, 2 thumbs up for..."
Emengerd Emengerd
"Everything in this restaurant is fresh with home made and taste quality their slice cake are so smooth,creamy and crunchy and the price was so..."
Cholo Aguilar Magtoto
"Wow! Never seen this branch packing but i am happy that there are a lot of people today. They still have their buy one get one promo on the Frappes..."
Eboy M. Donato
"The Filinvest branch of Boulangerie22 is a very cozy place to go to. The interior decoration is such an "eye-candy" for me maybe, a great place with..."
Divine Ofiaza
"I really love cakes, super yummy tlga :) i want to go here soon. at ung holy cheezzz omg! gustong gusto ko. grabe ung chees overload tlga sa center...."
Stephanie Garado Yabut
"the ambiance of this place was nice and it felt relaxing. I tried their pizza and their pasta. I was quite disappointed with their Italian spaghetti..."
Jan Siegfrid Semeno
"This was where I tried their Holy Cheesus bread. At first I thought I can't finish it all because it was huge! But believe it or not, I did! The 13..."
Ma. Charina Rose Arrienda
"I love this cake so much its indulging my sweet tooth a lot. The cake itself speak because of its design very elegant plus factor is the taste which..."
Anohc Oibila
"My sister and I bought two cakes for our youngest brother's birthday last May. It was their opening day. Their cakes are delicious especially year of..."
Hannah Fel Timbreza Mortel
Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory
89/100 (67 ratings)
Ice Cream
"We quickly stopped by before they closed to pick up some soft serve. Nice and creamy ice cream. You can also see them make it from the pickup..."
Benedict Uy
"I love milk, cheese and ice cream, so when I heard about this place I decided to give it a go. It was a bit pricey for a serving of soft serve ice..."
Grace Pilao
"Best place for soft serve ice cream. Their mixed (milk and cheese) is the best topped with salt and camembert biscuit. You can also have their..."
Kim Saul
"Since i am BIG FAN of cheese! How could i say no to this?! My new fave! Must try for CHEESE LOVERS!!! 🧀🧀🧀 Come on come and visit their..."
"It's pricey for a soft serve ice cream and langue de chat cookies but sooo worth it. The soft serve is creamy, milky and dense. I also love their..."
Elle R.
"Worth yung binayad, yung 130 na soft serve palang worth na, makakasapak ka sa sobrang sarap tapos yung salt & Camembert 👌👌 tapps yung..."
Moeru Honou
"I really love the ice cream! One of my favorites! It's so creamy, like the "melts in your mouth" consitency. It also tastes great for me because it..."
Selle Castillo
"I pretty much had no choice but go for the Milk flavor since the Cheese and Mix variants were unavailable. If you just want an affordable dessert, I..."
"We tried out the main attraction of this joint (the cheese and mixed) ice cream, and it did not disappoint. It was sooooooo goooooooddddd. Their..."
"This is one of a kind experience and i think this is one of the legit store that offer cheese products particularly coming from tokyo..though its a..."
Jovalmarie Quilla De Vera
"Disclaimer: review is just for the ice cream.It was next to a jewellery store that I went to, so I decided to swing by this shop too. I..."
"all was pricey but i think its because this was originated from japan and i think it was a fresh milk? tried their famous cow cow ice. i ordered the..."
"Capping off the day with some Cow Cow Ice! A hokkaido-style soft served ice cream which is made up of two cheeses; cream cheese and Hokkaido Gouda..."
"Expensive but damn its worth every penny. I consider this as a foodgasmic an orgasmic kinda food hahaha... This is the kind of food when your sad and..."
Yumme Macapayag
"I think I just fell in love! The combination of milk and cheese is just perfect. I want to go back and try the other combinations. The salt &..."
"Was only able to try their mixed soft-served ice cream because their cheesecakes and biscuits are our of stock! The mix composes of cheese and milk...."
Getting Pigger
"This has been trending for some time over on this side. How do you exactly eat that Cow Cow Ice right? Looks very good on photos and in real life...."
The Hungry Employee
"The place had a simple, cute, wooden or maybe a bit farm like look to it. It might look like an empty wooden area from the side but if you look at..."
"My mom and nephew love their biscuits, they can't stop eating all the flavors. For me my taste buds find the biscuits bland, but still try the..."
Eileen Loves Eating
"There were no toppings available during our visit. Still, we enjoy the mixed milk and cheese ice cream... it was sooo creamy, milky, cheesy...."
Wandering Matcha
"The best ever cheesecake soft serve ice cream I have ever tasted! 💯👌🏽❤️ the price is just right for the serving size. They do have other..."
Ania Gulle
"This is one fad with a high price attached to it! Hahaha This is what you get for following what's trending.I sampled the Salt & Camembert..."
"I was not originally a fan of their cookies, but when I had a taste of their mix flavor cheese and milk ice cream I was hooked, it was so rich and..."
Fat Girls Day Out
"Review for Cow Cow Ice soft serve ice cream! Let me establish that I love Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory's biscuits-- all flavors but..."
Foodie Dokie
"Most cheesecakes are really overwhelming. Tokyo milk cheese placed themselves as a huge exception for their creamy cheesecake. Not overpowering, not..."
Kristian Jewel
88/100 (1011 ratings)
Fish Soup
"The thickness and tenderness of the katsu keeps us coming back. And also the unli shredded cabbage! It’s fresh and delish with their goma sauce...."
"Yabu Alabang town center has always been packed - long lines and unbelievable mixed crowds. This branch gave me a top-notch experience. Because of..."
I Am Shanwein
"Please make sure that miso soup is piping hot before serving to..."
Gilbert Trinidad
"Loved the fries! Service is really good. We were seated outside because we had our pet dog with us. The servers were really friendly with our pet and..."
Mita Urbano
"Food is great. You get unlimited lettuce, rice, and soup here. It feels a bit cramp though but oh well. Price is a bit high but very worth..."
Miguel Gonzalez
"Love the service in this branch. Staff were very attentive and friendly. Food was great, I had my fave Ebi Patty!..."
Beverly San Juan
"Our go-to place for tonkatsu.We've been to this Yabu branch more than a dozen times. If you haven't been, it's a bit confusing to get to...."
Curious Couple Eats
"More salad option...."
"Katsu Curry is what I usually order. Yummy sauce with a little kick of spiciness👅 Always worth the price because of the serving. Another favorite..."
Mar Ian
"So far, this if my all time favorite restaurant! I’ve been here a couple of times and I am so happy and satisfied on every visit I do in Yabu. I..."
Dorothy Mae C. Torretijo
"honestly menchi katsu is one of the best-tasting katsus i've ever had my entire life. i think the price is just right for something as delicious as..."
"When we’re craving for katsu, Yabu is the place to be. Their meat is tender and perfectly fried. The set meals are also worth it considering..."
Southern Tummies
"I am not really into Japanese foods but man their dishes are excellent. I tried the katsu with ham and cheese (I forgot the name lol) and it so..."
Brent Orjaleza
"Food is great... I would definitely go back and try other things on their menu... One thing they can improve on the is the waiting time of the..."
Dizon Kiel
"This place is a must if you love tonkatsu. Most of the items in their menu is good especially the mozzarella sticks. You won't settle for just a cup..."
Kim Saul
"I liked here so much that i honestly don’t have anything to complain about. The people are very nice and attentive to my needs especially since..."
"After my first dining experience at Yabu a few years back, it became my benchmark for good tonkatsu. I also like how their lettuce is always fresh +..."
Gena Claire
"Yabu is a great place to go on an empty stomach. Went to this branch with a party of 8 people. Everyone was full and satisfied come the end. The..."
Chris Williams
"I've been to this outlet a lot of times with my best friend. We really love Katsu, especially, their Tori Menchi Katsu, the cheese and ham complement..."
Finna Ross
"Irasshaimase! Yabu is one of the famous Japanese restaurants, well-known for their Yabu Ritual and for serving brown rice. Katsu sets are worth the..."
"My experience at Yabu is always THE BEST! Superb serving & flavor. And I really like that they offer unli brown rice 😍 Which is rare,..."
Christel Valdez
"This place is always very crowded. Best to get their before 11:30, or you’ll be likely to wait behind a long line. Their pork katsu is perfectly..."
"We gave Yabu a try since it has good reviews from my friend and my sister. We went there before lunch time and we're greeted right away by one of the..."
"So far, this is one of the most promising Japanese restaurants if anyone of you wants a guaranteed or fixed quality for the food, meaning the quality..."
Cjae Galang
"I've been to several branches of this katsu restaurant. We must like it, since we keep coming back!We haven't been very adventurous,..."
"Good food, serving size and service. Staff are very friendly and accomodating. Will definitely come back at this branch. Will recommend this to my..."
Ray Allen Marvida
"A few months back, Yabu released two dishes that Chef Lee Jose has been teasing me about for quite some time now.. Their Katsu Burgers. So being a..."
The Pickiest Eater In The World
"I was with friends. I should say that the foods are so pricy but i think the price is worthy. I am not a fan of japanese curry but it doesnt bother..."
Kathleen Demesa Gaitos
"Delicious food! It does get crowdy in lunch and the space is quite small. But the food makes up for it! They have unli rice, salad, soup and fruits!..."
Katrienne Salas
"My friends and I had our annual Christmas dinner here at Yabu. Rice and cabbage are refillable. They're dishes are quite expensive if you ask me. The..."
Louny Sajenes
"This restaurant is not exactly for the cheap. It's best to never eat there alone and go with a group. If you're going on a date especially a blind..."
"Yabu is always one of our go-to places as a family. My group of friends also love eating here. I typically order the chicken tonkatsu meal..."
Darren Tagle
"Food: 4/5Service: 4/5Ambiance: 4/5What we usually order:Chicken Salad, Prawn Katsu Set, Chicken Katsu Set, Deluxe Seafood..."
Nyx Del Rosario
"Yabu, one of my favorite restaurants (my friends and I come here often to eat out btw).What makes Yabu such a great restaurant? The service and..."
"The most delicious tonkatsu I ever tasted so far. Had the Menchi Katsu Set. The cheese inside the meat was really creamy. It really melts in your..."
"The best Katsu place in town! Bang for buck since they have unlimited Japanese Rice, Miso Soup, organic cabbage and fruits. The only thing that is..."
Jet Eloriaga
"Me and my mom got an appointment with DFA today and exactly lunch time were already in Town. We're supposedly to eat in Cibo but it's on under..."
Karlo Maneja Dela Cruz
"I went there just before 6PM. I anticipated the crowd, having read reviews already. I already tried waiting in line at Yabu Robinson's Manila 2..."
Lon Lao
"Love going to Yabu on an empty stomach because of the unlimited refills of rice, salad, miso soup and fruits! I always order the Rosu + Oyster! It's..."
Manila Dining Diary
"Rating it accordingly. (from 1-5)Location: 4.5Ambiance: 4Cleanliness: 4Value for Money: 4Staff/Service: 3.5Food:..."
Liana Tan
"Food was excellent value for money. Service was quick, efficient and courteous. Free flow of rice, soup, cabbage (excellent sauce) and fruits...."
Leonard Thangavelu
"Yabu, my go-to Japanese restaurant never failed to give me a decent Japanese meal! Price range is fine, quite pricy but it worth my money! I will be..."
Ezron Tirol
"Summary: If you're craving for some quality Katsu, Yabu is your place to go in ATC! Price may be a bit high but you get delicious katsu as well as..."
"Masarap ang pagkain, Mejo pricey sya pero sulit ang bayad kase mabubusog ka talaga. 😊😋Pwede kang mag refill ng rice, fruits at soup nila...."
Patrick Oneil
"Ambiance is good. Clean overall. Tables feels cramped together. They should improve the dining area layout.The girl in the podium was not..."
"Been a huge fan of this restau. We visited last Mum's day as I wanted to treat the family. Was surprised that everything was refillable, from the..."
Hanna Palero
"We order katsu set and the Food is always good. Unlimited cabbage are the best! Reasonable price for the katsu set. Ambiance and staffs are good...."
Jahziel Pernia
"Food was delicious, the service was a bit slow, we've been asking for refills of water and rice for countless of times (maybe because it's..."
Krizzle Pereda
"Yabu is so good that everybody goes here 😞 for some reason, Yabu at Alabang Town Center is always crowded!!! The tables outside don't give you a..."
Mikee Macasaet
"Ate here with friends and it did not disappoint. The food is a bit pricey, but the Katsu is very good quality and you do get unlimited sides (fruits,..."
Carlo Subijano
"I can't recall anymore how many times I've dined at Yabu..but my favorite would always be the Seafood Katsu Set (I love the salmon, and the..."
Chris Aquino
"Yummy and delicious Japanese Katsu set. We opted for Menchi Katsu set with mouthwatering cheese. Love it! The place is good. Staffs are friendly. I..."
Nuj De Castro
"In my opinion, Yabu probably still is the best Katsu around. With several concepts rising out of the Metro, Yabu still maintains the excellent..."
Alberto Tenedero Jr.
"Their food is quite pleasing, I love their pork katsu and their serving is worth it, they serve it with salad, you get to make your own sauce. You..."
Nicole Denise Laygan
"Friendly and accommodating staffs. They always see to it that the customers get what they deserve and they serve what the customers deserve. The food..."
Shane Jocson
"Yabu is one of the very few restaurants that are consistent with quality of both food and service, no matter which branch you visit. We have visited..."
Louise Manuel-Portillo
"Salmon Don was the bomb! Well, we had our dinner here at Yabu. I got Salmon Don, and my mom ordered Hire. I just love that everything's refillable..."
Jom Lopez
"I remember being happy and really full the last time we ate here. We ordered various katsu dishes, of course. I also remember our server being..."
"One of the best authentic Japanese restaurant. Their tonkatsu is juicy and tender, it's not that oily even its fried. What I love about Yabu is the..."
Albert Co
"It's more of a 3.5...We had our family lunch in Alabang since we go to makati often anyway.The little girl decides to eat at Yabu..."
Aissa Chan
"Portion sizes here are huge, and everything is good. I had the Hot Kurobuta Katsu Curry Set which was delicious, with the right amount of spice and..."
"Yabu has been my go to place for katsu's and even if I wanted to just be stuffed. Yabu is the place to go. This particular store has ample seating..."
Yvonne Tan
"Yabu is a very reliable place if you're really hungry. Their signature pork is really juicy and soft, the rice is good (although sometimes dry in..."
Nico Nicdao
"it's my first time to try this place. i have always passed by this place whenever i'm at the Town, but the place kind of looks a bit intimidating for..."
Bie Jo
"(Review for Oct 4)After celebrating Sunday mass, we decided to have lunch at Town. My sister and I were craving for Yabu so we convinced..."
Bea Pavino
"My go-to restaurant when I feel like demolishing an ungodly amount of meat, rice, and veggies.I normally go with the Menchi Katsu Set..."
Gabe Ojeda
"It was our first time in yabu,Tried hire and katsu burger with fries and loved it! The serving was pretty generous!Ill definitely come..."
Liz Cuyong
"My third time in Yabu was like the first time as if I haven't tasted their food yet. I don't want to be biased since this is one of my favorite..."
Nevalie Pascual
"Yabu is the perf place to visit if you're craving for some dainty Japanese food. Their Rosu set is my favorite. It is served with unlimited Japanese..."
"My rosu fix Its always a pleasure dining in Yabu, particularly their branch in ATC. Servers are polite and friendly. Food is great. Service is..."
Katrina Roa
"For an expensive price, you'll get a heap of serving and delicious Japanese food at Yabu. Their side dishes are actually unlimited so eat until your..."
It's Emified
"Been a frequent customer of Yabu ever since it opened in Manila. Been to several branches already but this by far is my favorite branch simply..."
Joseph Luis
"Recently ate at Yabu a few days ago. Despite the number of days apart from my last visit, the food is still awesomely of the same quality and taste..."
Marco Miranda
"I have loved Yabu since the first time I dined in their Megamall branch -- and having a branch in the South of the Metro makes them even more..."
Elisa Jane
"I love their Katsudon so much. The servings are huge(for me) :) The staff are accommodating. This is my go to place for a Katsudon..."
"Got a email that I had a voucher for a free meal because it was my birth month so I dropped by! Aside from good food, they have really good CSR..."
Nicole B. Andaya
"God knows how much I love this place. Their unli salad and miso just gets me all the time. I order the cheapest katsu on their menu because I know..."
Camille Eduvane
"We’re here to celebrate Father’s Day last weekend. Unfortunately, this place doesn’t take reservations and I clearly understood why. It was..."
Nica Erguiza
"I always loving going to Yabu! I think I've tried almost everything on their menu already because I'm a big tonkatsu fan. But today, I ordered the..."
Kat Orteza
"When Yabu wasn't open yet in Alabang, we'd go all the way to SM Megamall for this!Yabu hits the spot when you have a serious katsu craving...."
Ana S.
"I just had a semi-heavy lunch, and I shouldn't be thinking about food anymore but the sight and memory of Yabu's Tonkatsu is enough to put my Glutton..."
Barney B.
"Great food! Unlimited serving of rice, miso soup, cabbage, fruit, and pickles. Staff are friendly! Definitely a place worth coming back to..."
Nikka Ramos
"Unlimited Rice, Soup and Cabbage! What more could you ask for?! The food is yummy and delicious, the place is great but not too big enough to..."
Arra Mae Therese Almirol
"Yup, my second FIVE! This is the best tonkatsu place to go to! It was tender and so yummmyy. I SWEAR TRY IT. Their tonkatsu sets deserves a big..."
KMP Manods.
"Tonkatsu restaus are a hit lately but nothing beats yabu for me. Everything here is just worth it. The serving size, the price, everything's great!..."
"(Late review as usual) Uber polite staff and very accommodating. Katsu was on point, didnt finish mine though because I have this bad habit..."
Lei Realon
"I really love Japanese food. And it was my first time here so I expected so much in this restaurant an it was a good thing that it did not disappoint..."
Getting Pigger
88/100 (734 ratings)
"Love their food specially the ~don menu's my co-workers and I love to eat here every time we are craving japanese food. Everything is good with an..."
Michael Manalese Gonzal
"Matindi mga pudtripings dto. Unli rice pa(jap rice) tapos oorder ka ng hangar steak. Juskopong mahabagin solid. Ung mga maki and aburi sushi nila da..."
EJ Sepnio
"Really, really good food. Serving sizes look kinda small at first, but everything's actually quite satisfying. And delicious. Really attentive crew..."
Patrick Sevilla
"The best Hanger Steak! They have complimentary rice on all orders...."
Rachelle Yap
"Great experience. Good food. Good people...."
Mauryn Arandia
"Ooma: a modern take on japanese cuisineCheese Katsu Curry DonI love the spice from the curry mixed with the mozarella cheese and..."
Hannah Macapagal
"We dined during lunch time so we waited around 5 minutes to be seated.Tried the aburi sampler, cheese katsu curry and chicken teriyaki..Everything..."
Princess Santiago
"This place is a great place for sushi. I love the sushi here and I love the presentation of all the..."
Maria Prior
"Food was good although it is not remarkable. I love the gyoza. Staff are..."
Alecsi Jousse
"Value for money. They staff are all very accommodating and friendly. Tempura and crowd favorite is a must..."
Roy Roy
"i just want to express my experience in ooma since my friends keep telling me to try their new menui was really amazed because it's not a..."
Santi Agustin
"Japanese is something i really love.It says alot about my choice of food lately. Good food is served here. Waiting time was really long...."
Karl Gorospe
"nice environment👍 the tofu got a little bit late to served but the server always inform us about the status. very..."
Erika Pina
"I have only tried here once when I was with my bestfriend’s family and all I can say is, this is a resto that you will definitely keep coming back..."
Kristina Cueto
"This is the first restaurant review for me. I got inspired by the Salmon Tataki. Staff was very patient in assisting us since we had a 94 year old..."
Maria Olivia Cruz
"We ordered the steak and salmon skin aburi makis, buta kakuni, tori kara-age, and ebi tempura. Everything was delicious and served promptly but I..."
Jeremy Revereza
"For our Friday lunch, we have been eyeing this new Ooma branch neat our office. And we were delighted that its now opened. We got 3 dishes: hanger..."
Pol Maleniza
"When we visited here, the placed was packed for dinner. However, the staffs were able to keep up and did provide an incredible service! Loved their..."
Grace Isais
"(Didn't try all the sushi we ordered so I just have pics)Scallop & Tuna Aburi Maki - Definitely looked better and tastier on the menu. It..."
"Celebrated my son's graduation here because he likes Japanese food. My brother in law loved the hanger steak. It was so good. The tempura is..."
Eloisa Rondain
"And kahit sa Alabang, i also eat at Ooma sometimes because it really is good and very affordable. Steak and oyster aburi is really good and of course..."
Dhanica Ghienne Mharrie Lim
"It was already past 9pm and we were looking for somewhere to have some late dinner. Checked Zomato and saw that Ooma’s open till 10pm. We were..."
Beverly San Juan
"Finally! Afters weeks of trying to eat here, we finally had a chance of tasting the food here. Tried the Crowd favorites sampler. Which is..."
Ben Joseph Tiu
"I have always wanted to try Ooma in Megamall but never really had the chance. Now they’re finally here in the south, wouldn’t miss it for the..."
"After years of this being open, I finally got to try this one out! Yes they have multiple branches out there. They even have this Ooma Sushi Bar..."
The Hungry Employee
"This is definitely one of my favorite Japanese restaurants. I love that they offer Maki Set options so you can try a variety at a time. Their food..."
Stephen Perez
"Gyudon still a favorite. But recently discovered the awesome Uni Udon. The staff in the Molito Alabang branch are very courteous and alert, making..."
Marielle Ardiente
"Rolls are perfection.The gyudon is also love at first bite.The tempura, my son's favorite.Anyone who loves Japanese..."
Kathy Kenny Ngo
"Pros:1. Authentic japanese food, consistent in taste (been there 3x) and plenty in serving2. Excellent customer service3. Clean and..."
Keizi Winn Igtiben
"Food is very good! Our server Bella and as well as the other servers were courteous and attentive. The place is clean and looks very nice. Will..."
Marja M. Balcos
"There’s a new area in Molito that is now open and Ooma is one of the restaurants there. The place is shared with Manam. It’s very spacey with its..."
"had dinner with my family , The food was absolutely wonderful and  the menu are good it's perfect for every one. also the service was awesome , the..."
Crystal Joy
"The servers were very polite and accommodating. Place is very spacious and very modern-looking. Food was delicious, especially their rolls. My..."
Kenzo Arago
"We went here a few days after it opened and the place was almost packed. Servers are very nice and accomodating. Anna was our server, she was warm..."
"Definitely an Ooma-gayd experience! From the very comfortable dining experience, superb customer service and awesome food! All the thumbs up for this..."
Liezl Jose
"For a nice sushi dinner, we were glad to find that ooma was already open in the south. We ordered our favorites:Sushi platter with the..."
Fat Girls Day Out
"Went to Ooma to celebrate my birthday and ordered the following:Salmon skin aburi maki-torched salmon with asparagus, cream cheese,..."
Southern Tummies
"This is my first time eating at Ooma since it was recommended by a friend. We ordered the Ebi Tempura which was great for the price. It was delicious..."
Meg Lee
"Amazing, delicious food. They have super polite and hospitalable service. This may not be sincere but the food was reaaaally good haha ❤️👏..."
Hazel Pelayo
"We had a great experience eating here in Ooma Molito. The food was just as yummy as the other branches and the service was excellent. Big thank you..."
Bgit Tuico
"Had an awesome dining experience! Love their Ebi Tempura and Salmon Skin Maki ❤️ Thank you to the bubbly Miss Innah for always smiling and..."
Isabel Lorenzo
"Great food and ambience! Really loved their hanger steak and spicy tuna maki. Would recommend this to all my friends. And really loved the service..."
"Had a really bad week so went to Ooma to give my heart & tummy some love! As usual, I left the place full & happy :)I’d also like to..."
Anna M
"The place wasn’t crowded yet when we arrived. Service was fast . Innah was always smiling . Food was good. Background music needed improvement..."
Reynaldo Dizon
"First time here and I tried their samplers. All were good. A bit heavy on the truffle oil but no other complaints. Our server Innah was solid, always..."
Rj Dizon
"Aside from the food (which we really love), staff are soooo friendly and accommodating. Shout out to Innah and Jess, thank you so much. Til next..."
Lorena Baylon
"Newly found Jap resto!👌🏻Ebi Tempura’s crunchy with a flave twist, AND you can straight away eat it’s head which is..."
"Ate here on a Friday night. Food was great. Service was good. Although the food took a loooong time to be served. A bit understandable since there..."
Mela Salazar
"First time eating at Ooma and it was great! I commend our server INNAH due to her attentiveness and she sure does her job right! Their hanger..."
Nathan Soriano
"So happy Ooma is finally here in the South! Love the food Hanger steak! oh so yummy! Service was great. Waiter (nen?) assigned to the table was very..."
Rach Elbinias-Verdejo
"Love everything they're serving. They're sushi is the best, I really like the variations of flavors. Very friendly staff. Thanks, Innah from Ooma...."
Kristine Alyssa Ramirez Pabiana
"They finally opened in the southern area :) not a food critic though so today, I'm rating them on customer experience. We were served from start to..."
"Went for lunch and ordered Uni Udon, Kani Salad and Crowd Favorites (mixed maki). We loved the crown favorites, but the Uni Udon was so creamy at..."
"The service is one of the best parts of the dining experience. Our server, Innah, was very attentiveand friendly.Will recommend any of..."
"Finally!!! I don't have to go to makati for ooma!!!! Really good aburi maki!!!! Alabang is really becoming a food heaven!! Great service and top..."
Che Cayabyab
"had a bit confusion over getting a table as they had only one station taking note of the guests for both Ooma and Manam. servers were cordial and..."
Sucelle Deacosta
"Finally! Ooma is in the South! We enjoyed everything that we ordered, especially the UNI UDON with its creamy uni sauce, it has to be..."
"One of the best japanese/asian fusion restos in the south! 🤩Ordered their aburi mixer, hanger steak, and ube sago. All were delish! Will..."
"Great food, value for money, and ambiance. And excellent service. Thank you very much Innah! We’ll be back soon. The new Moment card is also very..."
Aaron Mamiit
"Newly opened and going on 1 week tomorrow Jan 21, 2019 so brace yourself cause it takes a while to get seated. Staff are nice and accommodating but..."
"Now I know what's the fuss about!Went to Ooma's new branch in Molito and I ordered their Aburi Mixer.Salmon Skin Aburi Maki - I..."
Cernan Manalo
"Im not too convinced that having the kitchen/bar smack dab in the middle of two dining areas AND one closed area above it is the ideal setup, and it..."
Richard Tan
"Ms.Innah of Ooma Alabang was very very helpful and accomodating. She was also very friendly and approacheable. Love her. Heart heart heart heart..."
Remar Bayona
"Good food, great service! Special mention Innah, our sweet and friendly server.😊 I love the restaurant's aesthetic, very cozy and conducive to..."
88/100 (107 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
"We frequent Bellevue and I always wanted to try this restaurant. I finally was able to try it last month for dinner with a group. The restaurant is..."
Marita Medina
"The ambience is great for a Japanese Restaurant. The food was good - I love the miso soup, Kaisen Kani Miso Yaki and the Spicy Tuna Roll. My husband..."
AiKa Callora Panal
"Being located inside a hotel is a plus point already. The ambience is really nice especially if you’re looking for a Japanese resto for your..."
Sam German
"One of the better Japanese venues in the south. Good quality ingredients and nice ambience. Cod marinated in miso sauce is a must have. Various..."
David Lopez
"I had high expectation because of (1) the location and (2) the friend who invited us, a real Japanese who likes good food and brought us to nice..."
Nicolas Roussel
"My friends and I had such a great time dining here. The private room was spacious and food was delicious! I highly recommend this place. Great food,..."
Curious Foodie
"For me, dining at Bellevue Hotel is synonymous with their Chinese restaurant, Phoenix Court. Phoenix Court is one of my favorite restaurants, and..."
The Pickiest Eater In The World
"Hatsune offers one of the best authentic Japanese Food in Manila today, I’ve been on a Japanese food rolls for over a week and so far it’s been..."
Tina M. Gonzalez
"I've been looking for a good Japanese restaurant in the south for a very long time. Thank God I found this place. I love hanakazu in BF but now I..."
Jeremy Marquez
"If you consider yourself a Japanese food connoisseur, you’ll appreciate the authentic Japanese cuisine at Hatsune. You must definitely try..."
Jaeu Bistro And Ramen Bar
88/100 (300 ratings)
"I’ve been craving steak for a while now, but didn’t know where to eat without breaking the bank and still have legit steak. At Jaeu you get both..."
Jilliane Stacey Pacquing
"Team Ramen! Iekei is my favorite! This is for now, I have yet to try the steaks with my family. Good job on the Iekei Ramen! May I add that the cold..."
Leonor M. Manio-Leonardo
"Great food from starter to entrees whether ramen or steak refreshing drinks nicely blended iced..."
Phel Esmaquel Jr.
"My daughter super love the ramen and definitely I will come back for thier super yummy steak.Excellent ambiance and food to try in south..."
Ronald G. De Leon
"iekei is my favorite. The flavor is not overwhelming but..."
Henry Lu
"Best Ramen, Gyoza, Steak and Frites and house blend Iced tea.... Everything superb!..."
Sheryl Villareal Borja
"This place is awesome delicious food and very relaxing ambience drop by and experience..."
Boom Mendoza
"The food and ambiance are great. Best for meeting friends, families and associates. I would recommend to visit even just to..."
Pogs Aquino
"The ramen and steak were super good!! Two of my faves in one restaurant! Must try!!..."
Ramon Enrico Yap
"Tried the spicy miso ramen - the noodles are perfect and the ramen broth is delicious. Had the cold tofu for starters - light but..."
Dino Fontanilla
"I try not to finish ramen broth, but the Iekei ramen here is so good I couldn’t help..."
Niccolo Manahan
"Will definitely be back to this Japanese and Euro inspired..."
Nash Ortiz Luis
"Good food. Great, fast and responsive..."
John Ilagan
"JAEU, this was our first time trying this ramen shop in Festival and it wasn't a mistake at all. Japanese-European fusion what more can you ask for a..."
Noel Del Rosario
"The food is superb! We ordered gyoza, Tantanmen, Yokohama Ramen and Dragon Roll maki. Gyoza is the first one that was served and we're impressed..."
Anne Jhinel
"CONCEPT: JAEU means Japan-Europe. You could easily relate the branding to the interior design of the place. The restaurant is divided into two, both..."
Ariane Peralta
"Been wanting to try JAEU for a long time now (since they're in partnership with Zomato Gold) and finally, I was lucky enough to try some of their..."
Jonylle Pineda
"At first I thought this is a Korean restaurant, but it turned out that it's Japanese & European, hence the name JAEU (pronounced ja-yu). Their..."
Tara Lets Anywhere
"Worth it!! A bowl of their ramen is worth every peso you will spend and will surely fill up your tummy as well. Their gyoza was awesome as well! I'm..."
Jan Airah Bazar
"I like their gyoza, very flavorful and worth the price. The vegetarian ramen is okay, but it could be better - the broth had an aftertaste that is..."
Dana Calvo
"The place is nicely designed, one half is French inspired and the other half is Japanese inspired. However, the food is just okay, nothing too..."
Enrique Lopez
"We went here the other and we tried their best seller ramen according to one of their staff which is tantanmen ramen and we also ordered tempura..."
"Staffs are really polite and accommodating. We used the zomato gold 1+1 in our order steaks though zomato is not allowing same variant thus we..."
Maria Paola Bianca Sabug
"The only ramen place I dine at Festival mall. It's better now that they have their affordable makis, sushis, and sashimis. Steak also is superb!..."
Hannah Literal
"At 8:55pm, 5 minutes short of their closing time, we were still gladly accommodated, and our orders came really fast... so thank you!Using..."
Southern Tummies
"Here's a pleasant surprise in what's usually an over commercialized place! There's unlimited Asahi or Sapporo on tap. The ramen was decent and the..."
John Walter Baybay
"Place was very nice and their dishes were delicious. I ordered their Salmon Sashimi and it was fresh you won't be disappointed! Their signature ramen..."
Fred Resurreccion
"Went here on a Friday night. The place was big yet we were the only customers when we arrived. The first things we noticed were their velvet couch,..."
"Staff is very attentive of our needs even before we ask. The steak was soft and their tantanmen was flavorful! Very sulit if you have Zomato Gold as..."
"I ordered the Tantanmen, the broth is so rich in flavor, very generous on the ground pork.👌 Service is good and the place has modern exterior that..."
Khrys Talato Imuan
"Modern interiors, I ordered Yokohama ramen, the sauce is kinda thick. As it is Tonkotsu based ramen, it is flavorful. The taste is inferior though as..."
"So why just try the ramen side of this restaurant? Well, it serves both European and Japanese Cuisine. No, it’s not fusion dish. When you think..."
The Hungry Employee
"This is our third time visiting Jaeu on Festival Mall and we ordered Chicken Curry Ramen, Iekei Yokohama Style Ramen, Steak Frites (150g), 5 pieces..."
Dorothy Mae C. Torretijo
"Been here twice already past this week, came back for the ramen and their food never fails me. The second time around though failed to take pics as..."
Therese Magdaluyo
"Went their monday lunch and they don’t have a lot of customers which means we were served 30 mins. I was hungry and their gyoza was served. I love..."
"Booked a table via Booky for 500 pesos off!! This was totally worth it! It was Saturday lunch time pero walang tao.. i guess dahil medio intimidating..."
Charisse Anne
"Absolutely good. The food is exquisite especially for someone like me who craves Japanese and European cuisine on a daily basis. It gives a fresh..."
"We've been passing by the outlet for the longest time and finally we decided to try it last night (01/12/19). The food did not disappoint...not at..."
Jonas Philip Lo
"Service is 5/5.Food is 5/5.Ambience is 5/5.My favorite is their creme brulee.. (sweet tooth)😍😍😍I'm..."
Laverne Paredes
"I ordered their Tantanmen Ramen and Lemonade 😊 I liked their broth. It was thick and flavorful 😍 Would have preferred a harder cook on the..."
AC Climaco
"Tired of all the usual ramen places that have popped up all over Alabang, JAEU is a welcome change with its European menu and Japanese euro-fusion...."
Ben Valdecanas
"The roasted chasu of the Iekei “Yokohama Style Ramen” was the center piece that brought all the delicious ingredients together. A good tasting..."
"Looking at it from the outside, JAEU looks like a high-end restaurant (because it actually is), something a struggling yuppie like me would usually..."
Noel Peñafuerte
"Are you #TeamRamen or #TeamSteak? I know it’s hard to choose between the two. Worry know more, because there’s a restaurant in Festival..."
"As a regular mall-goer of Festival Mall in Alabang, hubby and I would always passed by at this restaurant named “JAEU”. I thought it was another..."
"JAEU Bistro and Ramen Bar is not a fusion restaurant but a reataurant that offers dishes from Japan, by way of Ramen and other simple bites and..."
Eboy M. Donato
"At first glance you could obviously mistake JAEU for a budding Korean grill and I wouldn’t blame you because the name very well suggests it...."
"If you're looking for fusion Japanese food with a little twist, then this is the place to be. I tried the steak frites and the ramen burger. The..."
Bianca Isabelle Si
"The food is great... the crew and owner is really accomodating.The ambiance is quite relaxing.One venue two kinds of meal... i would like..."
Liaganna Nolagnob Obaromaj
"When you look at JAEU at the dictionary, it's strict translation to english is 'comfort food'.Although you can find richer tasting ramen,..."
Tim So
"It’s very rare for me to find a place where I can indulge my multiple cravings that belong to different type of cuisine at the same time. I live..."
"JAEU is great! Love how they designed the place :) The staff is very accomodating and friendly. I love their curry ramen! Got to try their cookies as..."
Beatrice Cadiz
"I tried their Stake and Frites Meal and the fries were so many I couldn't finish them all. The stake was also tender and juicy. I loved it!..."
Jong Ignacio
"#team steak. Very tender and sauce tastes perfect. End your meal with crema catalana for a heavenly experience! Courteous staff and owners are..."
Adrian Perez
"Food is great, service is awesome. The ramen is good. Tan-Men must try, they can also lessen the spiciness if you want. The steak is juicy and..."
Ana V. Figueroa
"It’s a delightful gustatory experience! The steak is very tender and savory! The frites is flavorful and it was difficult to stop eating it. I had..."
Petal Maddock
"Id give it 3.8 to be exact because I didn't like the thick noodles but it was tasty nonetheless. Ambiance is also great with classical music as..."
"Staff was friendly and inviting. We ordered from their japanese menu and the food arrived incredibly fast! The taste was ok; the dips for their fish..."
Arvin Caseles
"I've been there many times but still I never get tired of their steak and frites, the steak is so tender it just melts in my mouth. I also tried..."
Meg Vianca Tan
"Celebrated Mother’s Day at JAEU Festi. The food is great. My kids ordered ramen and chicken, mine is steak since its a mother’s day treat :) Just..."
May Calinap
"This place has very nice interior and very friendly staff!! Aji tamago was a bit salty but I don’t really mind. Would definitely come back..."
"Super love their Iekei ramen!!! Their cold tofu, Chicken Karaage and and Crema Catalana is a must try too!The staff are very..."
"Headed south just to try this newly opened ramen place and I must say that it was worth the travel. We ordered the Yokohama style ramen and it..."
"Best ramen in town!!! Please visit!!! Good service and very good staffs!!!!nice ambience. the staffs are very accomodating. clean restrooms. the..."
Chona Estrellado Roa
"Looking forward on a very good ramen and nice place to eat and bond with our GPS family :)nice service and great food choicesThank you for..."
Yza Lace Tabin-Bautista
"Im really not good in writing. but, all i can say is.. if you want to taste a unique and savory ramen in town, JAEU is the place to go and also,..."
Henry Ho
"One of the very rare occasions I chance to travel to Alabang, I chanced upon this great find. For people who can't decide whether they want Japanese..."
Venice Chan
"tofu 👌, spicy ramen 👌, fries 👌,steak 👌, panna cotta dessert 👌have to get the max spicy ramen next time.where else can..."
"I wanted steak, he wanted ramen, so it was a no brainer that we’d choose to come to JAEU! I had the Cold Tofu, 120g Steak Frites, and Crema..."
Eri Carunungan
Lawrence Miranda
"Great service! The staff are very friendly and attentive.The food is tasty. I tried the hell ramen and I super loved it! Their cold tofu is..."
Natasha Kosheleva
"Their Iekei Ramen is a must try! The roasted chasu is perfect with their tonkotsu broth 💖 The price is also reasonable with the excellent service..."
Steph Gee
"Amazing food and excellent service!!!🌟Their mouthwatering steak made my tummy very very happy with its tenderness and juiciness AND the..."
Nicole Tañedo-Trinidad
"Eikei ramen is sooo good!! and steak is very tender and really yummmy that blends with its sauce and fries!! entire venue is perfect simple but..."
Cris Padilla Omnes
"The eikei ramen is superb! The steak was tender and its sauce goes very well with the frites. Last but definitely not the least, the crema Catalan..."
"Good ambiance. The steak and frites was goooood. The ramen was superb. And their coffee was a good way to complete your dining experience at Jaeu...."
Tek Yumang
"The iekei ramen—their signature ramen is super good yet light to stomach. The steak sauce complemented the belgium frites very well. definite..."
Henry Lu
"There's way more to say that's good but I'll open with a disclaimer that they are still on soft opening so the service wasn't perfect. They had a..."
Raphael Tee Ten
"Tried both ramen (Iekei) and their steak frites. The ramen broth is exquisite and very flavorful and well enhanced by the radish and bamboo shoots...."
Julian Alexander Huibonhoa
"Friendly staff, beautiful and clean interior and great food. There are many ramen houses but this one has a cool atmosphere similar to a French..."
Anthony Durmiendo
"A newly opened restaurant located in the upper ground level of the Expansion wing of Festival mall. It's a Bistro serving steak and fries..."
87/100 (118 ratings)
"Staff are friendly and polite. Amazing dine in experience despite of..."
Melanie J D Aguilar
"The food was amazing! Staffs are courteous and friendly. We were advised that the serving time is about 15-20 minutes, but I think it was served..."
Nuj De Castro
"The place is very clean and the servers are very accommodating. The food is good! Im particularly happy with my buttered chicken rice meal. Very..."
Issey Theresa Policarpio
"I came to this place yesterday and satisfied my hunger. The food is great and worth it at its price plus the staffs are courteous and very..."
"Been seeing this new resto located at riverpark next to yellowcab. It looks like semi fine dine vibe with small area, i think it only accommodate..."
Nyk Limjoco
"This is my first time to dine, i ordered beef curry rice osaka style, one of their osaka specialties curry and rice, also i ordered miso soup, and..."
Fran Magdaluyo
"We wanted our kids to try a variety of other Japanese food so we brought them here. We enjoyed our Sunday family lunch with their good food and good..."
Karen Nubla
"Tried this restaurant the first time and we were amazed at the range of options in the menu. We ordered the Garlic Rice with Bacon and Egg, Pork..."
Elyn Aragon
"the place had a great ambiance and the servers were really attentive. though it took some time for most of our orders to arrive, it was worth it..."
"This place has been my Mom's current obsession for whenever we go to this particular mall, we stop by and dine. She's a creature of habit and her..."
Karen Buñag
"Excellent service. The servers were knowledgeable and very accommodating.We had Pork Paitan Ramen, it was good. I like the pork broth. The..."
James Benguet
"Go-to Japanese food 😋We’ve tried the place several times and we were always satisfied. Whether you like teriyaki, ramen, okonomiyaki,..."
"Love the food great place and staff are approachable. My ramen is fantastic but the gyoza skin is little hard for me.Will be back soon...."
"Got curious about this resto because of a Filipino film that was shot in Japan. Few months after the release of the movie, I saw this resto in a..."
Where Wanwan Eats
"We've been here yesterday. The food is delicious!. I love their wakame salad and their takoyaki. We'll dine here again soon! A must try restau! The..."
"Food- 🌟🌟🌟🌟What I love most is that they have katsuobushi supply in the table as well as seaweed flakes and okonomiyaki sauce. I can..."
Meldynn Calupig
"I honestly love Japanese food and this place really hits the right spots on my taste buds! I have to admit that the serving size is a bit small but..."
Dorothy Jane Pauline
"I visited Osaka last year but did not had a chance to dine at Botejyu. I passed by the place when I was exploring Dotonbori. Anyways I was surprised..."
Elle R.
"Looking for a new place to eat and my feet took me to this Japanese restaurant. It was around 3:30-4PM so the place wasn’t busy nor crowded. Food..."
Miguel Caymo
"We really enjoyed our time here, unlike our experience eating in the Megamall branch almost a year ago which was neither here or there. We waited a..."
Regina Delos Santos
"Overall. Service was fast and the guy working on receiving customers was impeccable. Had classic takoyaki, chicken terriyaki and moonlight..."
Ben Joseph Tiu
Ramen Nagi
87/100 (371 ratings)
"Ebi King is a winner! As described with special shrimp oil and dried shrimp powder, the flavor is amazing! I enjoyed eating this dish because it was..."
Patrick Unson
"The best so far.. i walked from my hotel to MOA twice a day just to enjoy their savory one of the best ramen. I know it's a very busy place but one..."
Chris Campoy Catarata
"One of the best. For me, pinaka-sulit siya sa lasa and quantity of serving para sa price. Ang problem ko lang is parang iba yung luto ng ramen sa..."
Emmanuelle Sagad
"What kind of curse did you bestow onto my blackened soul that I am again craving for your ramen after having a bowl the last night?..."
Stephen Fernandez
"One of my favorite ramen house. Butao king is the best..."
Jay Tanghal Macabenta
"Ramen Nagi is to die for! Definitely a place to..."
Ron Ronquillo
"Ramen nagi 🥰Great taste especially broth 🤤🤤 Full bodied of taste plus the noodles and the meat perfect for rainy season..."
Kimi Anne Ronquillo
"I have always been a fan of good quality ramen and Ramen Nagi takes the rightful spot as one of the bests I've tried.From the tender meat..."
Kei Lin
"Ramen Nagi is always awesome although it would've so much more if they had smaller portions for people who would like to eat alone and can't finish..."
"One of the better Ramen Nagi restaurants we've been to.We went to avail of their birthday promo: FREE Butao bowl on your birth month if you..."
Curious Couple Eats
"Everything is appetizing, from the ramen and appetizers like chicken karaage and their gyoza! 😊 We enjoyed it and we spent 995 for three recipes!..."
"Another go-to place for your quick ramen fix! This crab king ramen is for the win! Super yummy! The place though gets too crowded a lot so this place..."
Shiela Taway
"ordered the red king which had just the right amount of spice, and was generous with the pork. and they offer bibs in case you're worried about ramen..."
"Black king - 4.5Expected but well-balanced flavors from a good ramen. Their checklist style ala ichiran helps you achieve your own perfect..."
Diana Reyes
"Servers are very polite and accomodating. I like how you can customize your ramen by filling out a checklist. Makes the experience more fun. I always..."
"Best Ramen in Manila, so far.My usual should be the King Butao. Loaded with garlic. Normal noodles. Regular broth. Pork..."
Man On A Budget
"Ramen tasted really good and filling although choosing what to order was a little confusing at first, because they give you the power to dictate how..."
Alyssa Talabis
"Availed of the Birthday Promo, free Butao Ramen during your birth month. Must be accompanied by one full paying guest. Ramen was customized to my..."
Eboy M. Donato
"Ate here on a Sunday night with family and friends. The Black King and the Chicken Karaage are always a must eat for us. Plus the butao chips to go...."
"I have been wanting to try ramen nagi for a long time. Good thing they opened up here in the south. I liked the atmosphere of the restaurant as well..."
Raymond Alimurung
"Butao king my ultimate favorite! Similar to the taste of Ichiran Ramen in Japan! I always order the shoulder since its thinner... compared to the..."
Gia Juliano
"We had an early dinner here on Christmas eve, and it was a most pleasant experience. First off, this is how you want restaurant staff to be ......"
Joey Barcelona
"Broth was rich; noodles were firm; and the pork belly was cut thickly, meat lovers would def enjoy it! Not into the gyoza tho; would’ve been nicer..."
Franchiesca Ang
"Rich tasting ramen broth ever! Two thumbs up 👍🏼👍🏼Their Akao is already level 5 (spicyness). I am expecting that I will not be able..."
Jennifer Cada
"Yes, still has that same Nagi taste wherever the branch may be. Staff are very accommodating as how I have experienced in 2 other branches I have..."
"My friends and I visited the ATC Corporate branch during the first week of their opening. Lucky because there were seats available and got to order..."
Elle R.
"Space is a little bit crowded, small table that will limit you to buy a lot. Hehe Broth is perfect! Taste is perfect!..."
Eating Bird
Sushi Ninja
86/100 (696 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
"I think we found the best japanese resto for us! Their servings are huge which is unusual for Japanese restos. Their Sakura Maki which is made with..."
Bobet Arandia
"My family enjoyed our experience here at Sushi Ninja. From booking a reservation, getting served and the food itself. Aside from their great and huge..."
Rusty Jimenez
"All i can say is wow what a great place having a great staff and a great kind of foods..keep it up GOD bless u..."
Emil Victor Te
"A Japanese restaurant a notch above the rest! Specialty is the Toshi! It has evolved to a fusion resto with a Spanish touch since Sushi Chef Matt..."
Medy Santiago
"Their California Maki and Sakura Maki are my fave. :D Value for the food is worth..."
Lelen Florendo
"Biggest sushi rolls I've eaten in my life! We ordered California, Tsukiji, Sakura and Shinjuku Maki. Shinjuku was my most favorite! I would've liked..."
Mandy Estupin
"The foods were great, real fresh and well served. Crews were friendly and the cleanliness of the place was well-maintained. This is the one of the..."
한 사월
"I just love this place!! Brought my sister in law here and she loves it. Aside from the food, they have friendly and honest staff. Left my phone and..."
Gie Kier
"Sushi ninja is great. From the regular menu items to their seasonal specials. Best value for money considering the..."
Mikel Sala
"When we’re in Alabang area and our children want to eat japanese food, their immediate (or should I say one and only) choice is Sushi Ninja. From..."
"Been to a lot of japanese restaurant and I can say that this one is by far the best in south. Everything they serve is a must try! Don’t mind going..."
Jhezel Clamosa
"worth more than what you pay for. the specials made by their chef are really good. the food in general is made in a way that you can appreciate all..."
Rakesh M
"Loved their poke bowl. The rolls tasted good but was hard to eat in one..."
"The best sushi I had. Though the size made it quite difficult to eat, it's just so good. Whenever I crave for sushi, it's always this..."
Cherrynel Katsuragi
"Sushi Ninja for our dinner. We ordered Kani Salad, California Maki, Beef Gyudon and availed 1+1 drinks (Mango shake) from Zomato💛 #GoldMembership..."
"Super love that the fish is fresh and juicy, the rolls are generous and flavorful, and the staff..."
Raquel Isabelle Donado
"Will definitely come back here! Finally found a good poke..."
Fay Tan
"The rolls are consistently good and unique. In fact, they have one of the best selections in the Alabang area. The only turn off is when we ordered..."
"I’ve been here twice and I’ve always enjoyed dining here. The serving size is LARGE. The food tastes great and fresh. My favorite is the Sakura..."
Moshi Eats
"Love their selection of sushi. Generous serving as well. The place got a little crowded in the afternoon the last time I was there though which is a..."
Yael Bastian
"Sushi ninja is definitely a great place to get your modern sushi fix! Super enjoyed their truffle aburi sushi, spicy salmon, and their giant makis!..."
Mich Clemente
"My ultimate number 1 for sushi and all things raw. Their Spicy Salmon salad is super flavorful that 1 order is not enough hahaha. This time I tried..."
Abigail Viloria
"Finally tried Sushi Ninja with my wife and it did not disappoint! We ordered spicy tuna salad, sukiyaki, and torched salmon. Spicy tuna salad arrived..."
"I have been hearing a lot of raves from workmates on how good this place is. As a Japanese food lover myself, that piqued my interest to try this..."
"E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g is sooooooo gooood! From california maki, sake, tempura, wagyu!! Big servings! When I say big, it really is big. Not the usual..."
Yllona Magno
"Toshi is heaven in your mouth! Any toshi from the menu is amazing. I always have a happy heart and a full stomach every single time I eat there. Even..."
"This is my favorite sushi place. The servings are humongous and it packs a punch. Every bite is an explosion of flavor. 10/10 would..."
Duane Lemuel Galang
"Hiroshima and arashiyama both taste good. My personal favorite is the sakura with big chunks of salmon and cream cheese. It is perfect especially for..."
"I'm a sushi lover, although, I admit I don't know how to make one. But looking at Sushi Chef Matthew Floro Tanjuakio makes me want to take up a..."
"This is my favorite japanese restau in the Ph so far.Their salmon cuts are thick, even if it’s not supposed to be that way. But who’s..."
Enid Primo
"Very welcoming staff and the food is great! Must try!First time eating oyakodon (chicken) version of rice bowl.Wakame salad- cheapest..."
Richelle Dayrit
"The best Japanese restaurant in Alabang, for me! I highly recommend their Mixed Poke and my favorite Okinawa Toshi (you have to! I swear!!!)...."
Jane Acosta
"My family and I have been to Sushi Ninja many, many times, and the food does not disappoint. For less than 500, you and another friend will be full..."
Rina Ejercito
"The BEST Japanese restaurant, loved their tacos and toshi dishes unique to their restaurant. The staff was very friendly amd accommodating. I will..."
Kamille Grant
"Great food! Recommend to try their Okinawa Toshi and Fried Chicken Curry. A let down is their Beef Gyudon as it was served to us cold (even after..."
Mark Perfinan
"Love the food there. They offer a different take on sushi and maki rolls. Will definitely keep coming back for the great food and great..."
Leigh Reyes
"Always come back for their gyuniku, spicy salmon salad and sushi! Best japanese joint in the south! Service staff are polite and pleasant. Highly..."
Paul Austria
"Nice sushi fix First impressions...Great sushi. Pricey. Good service. Worth another visit. Food 4/5..."
"This resto is always full so we just tried going around 8pm thinking there might be lesser people eating especially on a Good Friday. When we..."
Erlaine Casis-Gool
"Sushi Ninja is one of our go-to date places. Food is kinda pricey but I have to say that it's worth it. I have only seen such huge servings of sushi..."
"The best sushi in town! Worth every penny. Ambiance was good. The crew was superb! I hope you will branch out soon. Share it to the rest of the PH...."
"Servings are huuuge. Good for barkadas who love to eat. You better try their Spicy Salmon Salad! I was afraid to try out salmon before but after..."
"I regularly visit Sushi Ninja for their grilled salmon belly and Sakura Maki, which I don’t find in other Japanese restaurants. The salmon belly..."
"Awesome food presentation.Spectacular sushi. 1 order can be good for two people.Dude! Try the Salmon Belly with ice cold..."
Kevin Lautengco
"Literally the best sushi place in town! Its sushi rolls are unlike the typical ones- it is served VERY HUGE. The size of the sushi rolls complements..."
Shane Frederique Ang
"Worth every centavo!My friend just introduced this to me as he knows how addicted I am in Japanese Food. We drove all the way from Manila..."
Cristina Damagan
"My go-to for sushi cravings! This is definitely the best sushi place in Alabang. I’d personally recommend the truffle flavored balls (forgot what..."
Keish Sagandoy
"I've been dying to try this resto since I'm a fan of sushi and I've read lots of good reviews about this place, so we dined here last Feb. 4. We..."
Ma. Angelica De Guzman
"My favorite Japanese restaurant in Alabang! Their sushis/rolls are really big and taste really good. I loooove their poke bowls as well! Definitely..."
"Ended up eating at Sushi Ninja on a stopover from a weekend trip. It ended up being one of the highlights of the trip. Their sushi is so good and the..."
Trish Deluria
"Had my first taste at this Resto last May 2018, with my friends who introduced me this. Was surprised with the big serving and literally BIG maki! At..."
Christina Louise Tacadena Bergado
"Okinawa Toshi, a deep-fried sushi with cream cheese, topped with torched salmon and fish roe with a hint of truffle oil is a must try. Pucela and..."
Arlene Protacio
"Their Okinawa Toshi is a definite must-try!! Always a favorite whenever I dine in here. Also liked Tendon with its large serving of prawns and the..."
"First time to try it, definitely coming back. The ebi tempura is one of the best I’ve tasted just the right batter and big.Recommending..."
Raoul Reinoso
"So happy to finally have eaten in Sushi Ninja! It was, hands down, my best Japanese dining experience yet. Our group of five feasted on the..."
Gena Claire
"Best sushi place not only in the south but in the metro! Shinjuku Maki and spicy sapkon salad is a must try! The staff here are ultra friendly and..."
Dek Noriega
"Super love their shinjuku roll! I always prefer wating in here when south. Quality of food is superb also value for money. One of the best fresh roll..."
Kim Quiñones
"Servings are big but hard to eat in one bite. Excellent Ambience, good food and proffessional staff. Very Clean and a good place to eat for anytime..."
"Sushi Ninja was the bomb. Dare I say more?My family and I went to Sushi Ninja Westgate for lunch on a cold and rainy Sunday. It wasn't too..."
"Best Sushi, Maki Rolls, place in Alabang! You should try the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Rolls. I always come here for the makis and sushi. Great..."
Albert Herrera Goquingco
"The ambience here is really great and gives you the vibe of a modern japanese restaurant. The food is good as well and it was really hard to pick..."
Ian Lapa
"Went here with some friends after working out at the nearby gym. Ordered our favorites: Spicy Salmon Salad, Hiroshima Maki, and Shinjuku Maki. This..."
Paolo Cabañero Cayco
"If you are looking for a Japanese food in the south, Sushi Ninja is one of the best sushi place we tried. Little pricey but worth it 😊 They offer..."
Ma Kathrina Ofiana
"Their sushis and toshis are definitely must-tries! Personal faves are hiroshima, sakura and okinawa toshi. Prices are on the high side but the food..."
Janel Nogaliza
"I would definitely go back to Sushi Ninja. The price is worth the taste, quality and serving size. Although they ran out of salmon at the time, they..."
Ira Nevalga
"The ambience is what you get first. The whole vibe of the place is very inviting. The waiters and staff are very friendly too.Food quality..."
Florenz Julian Trinidad
"Their servings are huge. They have really friendly staff+good food. Just be sure to mix and match your orders cos if you go for friend sushi all the..."
Dyan Chua
"Food: The food was excellently prepared. Ordered the spicy tuna salad and the salmon cream cheese fried sushi. Flavors we're very balanced and..."
Art Of Takawando
"Driving to the South makes it so worth it!! I don't think I've ordered anything that doesn't taste good here! My staple is the spicy tuna salad. The..."
Jay Vergara
"If you’re into Japanese sushi and happens to be in the south, by now, you should know that Sushi Ninja is one of that best that offers authentic..."
"Firstly, great atmosphere. Good for group dining and dates with your partner. I had the sashimi platter along with classic and modern sushi roll..."
Keanan Oliver
"This has been magical for me and my boyfriend. We have been here countless times and quality never changed. In fact, it gets better every time. Sushi..."
Iana Carissa Abinoja
"I tried Sushi Ninja the first day it opened a few years ago and until today it’s still my go-to Japanese restaurant in Alabang. My favorite is..."
Jennina Erika Luna
"Tried using zomato gold here. They have a special menu gold members can choose from for the promo and the selection is pretty wide.Makis in..."
"My ultimate favorite place to get sumptuous rolls. Shibuya Maki, Spicy tuna salad, Kani salad and Agedashi tofu are my usual fix. Staff are super..."
Brian Cruz
"Mouthwatering Japs food! @sushininjaph 💞❤️❤️❤️❤️📍Westgate Filinvest Ave. Alabang, Muntinlupa..."
Allans Gastro Snaps
"Firstly, the ambience is quirky and fun. Not over the top Ninja themed, but a few ninja stars in the wall and little ninja stickers. The service is..."
"Service was exceptional. Japanese fusion food (especially the maki menu) was also great. Be sure to allow 10-15 minutes wait time especially during..."
Paul Enriquez
"Since the day I have been introduced to the Japanese food by the hubby, I never stopped searching for a legit, fresh and will blow me away kind of..."
Unshakable Foodie
"I had reviewed this place when I was "blown away" at the first time I ate here (10/02/16) and gave it a perfect *5.0* I said I would definitely be..."
Chris Aquino
"There are a lot of Japanese restaurants sprouting almost everywhere but what sets this restaurant apart is the passion that fuels them to serve..."
Marj Liwag
"Japanese food is one of my favorite and I'm so happy to find an excellent sushi place and a hidden gem here in the South — SUSHI NINJA, located at..."
Elaine Dogelio
"I always order Gyudon whenever I’m at a Japanese resto and I can say that this is by far the best gyudon I have ever tasted. Kudos! The..."
Michelle Dayego
"If your craving for sushi this place is one of the best! They serve huge sized sushi worthy of their price. The place is nice but gets a little bit..."
Arazen Quisoy
"BEST VALUE FOR MONEY + SUPER YUMMYBig servings. LITERALLY! I would recommend this place when you’re craving for japanese food..."
Lyanne Nikaela Nebres
"i’ve been having lunch here almost everyday since mid-September. the food is great, staff is great, the place is clean and beautifully/thoughtfully..."
Ina Silva-Melgazo
"In my opinion, all the best sushi places are found in the South, and Sushi Ninja is definitely at the top tier. The food is great and worth its..."
Bianca Gail
"My favorite Japanese (fusion) restaurant! Menu is unlike any other. Every order is amazing and servings are sizable. Oh, and they have House Tea,..."
JC De Leon
"Sushi Ninja is a pioneer in bringing their signature dish the Toshi, which is inspired by the owner’s chef sensei. Deep fried balls of sushi..."
"This restaurant may not be cozy nor spacious but the taste of the food more than makes up for the inadequate space. It may not be about the ambience,..."
Anya Sawc
"I’ll always come back for their Spicy tuna salad. For sushi my favourites were Ikebukuro and Sakura maki (guess I’m a sucker for cream..."
Mr. Roboto
86/100 (612 ratings)
"Ordered almost 50% of their dishes and not one of them is disatisfying. Everything on the plate explodes with flavor I haven't experienced before...."
Mikhail Stefan Ramos
"Apart from offering a delectable twist on Japanese food, Mr. Roboto’s staff are to be commended for their customer service and attention to detail...."
Reggie Reginaldo
"The food and service are excellent. The plate serving is also just right. Taste of food is so good. A must try here in the..."
Carlo Angelo Falcis
"Superb Japanese food, super cool ambiance and my fave 80s music! This is my kind of resto! Thank you, Mr. Roboto! Definitely, coming back here...."
Melanie Lara
"Loved the voltron and shake nigiri. On my next visit, I'll try the Nori Nacho and other sushi..."
Genica Lozada Doquenia
"When My daughter invited me yesterday, I said I think I will not like the food coz its new to me and I am having a hard time with the chopsticks..."
Juvy Prescilla
"Great Maguro Nigiri! Nice ambiance and great staff and service. Highly..."
Troy Hodges
"Voltes 5 is really a winner, my husband and I's fave.� Dotonburis are also a yummy treat. Another one of our favorites is the Chicken Karaage,..."
Maine Dvc
"Good food, fast service and the ambiance really is..."
Bobby P. Ocampo
"Smart fresh fun ideas well executed. Decor is a love letter to the classic mecha. An instant..."
Ian Carandang
"Wonderful staff and..."
Andrea Rose
"Servings are big sized portions good enough for 2-3 people even though the staff would always say it is just good for one person. We always end up..."
The One Who Does Not Eat Alone
"Not usually a fan of fusion Japanese cuisine since I'm a hardcore purist but boy was I wrong. I loved every dish I tried, the Mr. Roboto, the Voltes..."
John Cabayan
"Super worth it. Currently my favorite japanese resto for maki...."
Sean Kyle Tan
"Best Japanese fusion restaurant in the Philippines easily. Mr. Roboto>OOMA, Chahan fried rice and dirty corn are real tasty. Big servings at a..."
Joaquin La O
"i already went here 3 times because of this dish, i also love the fact that the place isn’t packed and not noisy at all unlike in some other..."
"I love everything about this restaurant—their retro, robot-themed ambiance, friendly staff, and OMG, THEIR FOOD! I live in Quezon City..."
"Hard vouch the Ika Nigiri! Just be careful in eating it because the ink tends to stain your teeth but I daresay it’s worth it!! Would definitely..."
Bea Lopez
"Love!! Really good serving size! In love with their chahan, didn't get to take a pic of their chicken karaage but it's also another favorite...."
Stephany Bracewell
"Finishing a 12-piece sushi all by myself is a really fun experience. I loved Mazinger Z so much because the taste is out of this world! Definitely..."
Camille Cuisia
"I looove their sushi!!! You can eat alone or with friends and you would never mind because their food is really delicious!!! I have been here for..."
Kristina Cueto
"Mr. Roboto is a classic/modern Japanese restaurant located in Alabang Town Center. It is a robot themed restaurant particularly Voltes V, Mazzinger Z..."
Sally Punzalan
"Big servings, delicious food, and excellent service! My friend and I found the place after a post from Tara Sa South in Instagram. Definitely worth..."
Raed Tobias
"Great food!! The flavor of the sushi is unique and balanced. Salmon was fresh, rice dishes were flavorful, dessert was perfect. 5/5 will go back for..."
Rita Diaz
"I love love love the Nori Nachos! Actually, once you enter, you'll notice every table has Nori Nachos. 😅 It's a definitely must-try. Another thing..."
Nanay Cess
"Kumain kami dito last father's day 2019.Mahilig kasi si papa sa jap food kaya sinuggest ko itry namin dito over our yung fave namin jap..."
Marlo Orense
"Great value for money. Yes, the Salmon Chirashi bowl is P480, but for P480, you get a bowl of salmon sashimi and rice that’s enough for 1.5 hungry..."
Angela Obias-Tuban
"Space was a bit cramped and we had to wait a while to be seated. It was worth the wait though - the food was really tasty! I would recommend this..."
Jaime Constantino
"After our kid's recognition ceremony, we craved some japanese food. Opened up zomato and this was the first that popped up. Decided to eat here, and..."
Kent Nemenzo
"If you love a different twist on your California Maki. I love their best seller tea. Simple.The desert, I need to bring it home.It is too..."
Mitch Casas
"My friends and I loved their food! They had huge servings, so everything was really sulit.The salmon from both their nigiri and their..."
Sushi Santos
"Their menu are all creative and good. I really enjoyed all the meals that I ordered here. Despite that it's westernized, everything still came out..."
"What a great food experience! I used my zomato gold to avail the 1+1 on food, but my favorite dish would have to be the nori nachos - it is a MUST..."
Dani Nacpil
"Amazing presentation of food and the serving is big for its price! Place is loaded with robot anime pop culture designs. Overall the dining..."
Lenard Valdez
"Shake Nigiri (php255)Dirty Corn (php195)Refillable Genmaicha Tea (php40) I quite like the nigiri. I wanted to try their Chirashi..."
"The place takes a fun twist with traditional Japanese rolls. We tried 3 different roles: the Mr. Roboto, the Voltron, and the Voltes V. When our food..."
Grace Co
"Food was superb but the place was surrounded by glass and it tends to get warm during lunch time (eventually cooled after a few minutes, I guess they..."
Beverly San Juan
"When in ATC, this is always my go to sushi restaurant! I love their Salmon Chirashi so much that almost every time I visit, this is what I order. It..."
Realynne Evangelista
"all the food we ordered were the bomb! worth every cent ☺️ portions are good for sharing 2-3 persons (depends on your appetite) will..."
Angela Mansilla
"Colorful and tasty modern Japanese dishes at a reasonable price!Ate here twice in a month. We had nori nachos, salmon sashimi, shake..."
Audrey Palomar
"Food is good, big serving. Could have been better if they allowed us to take home left overs. Tempura sauce was so-so. I still prefer the traditional..."
Katrina T
"First, it has parking around the area. It is not hard to find. Second, the place has an ambiance of 80s with new wave music and the paints of famous..."
Mark Peralta
"It was our first time to try Mr. Roboto and it did not disappoint at all! Big servings and fresh ingredients. We wanted to try the Gyudon but it was..."
Pat Bocobo
"First off, the place looked really cool with their colorful designs. Plus, I liked how the construction of the place made it easy for the staff to..."
Sam Nadela
"We used 3 Zomato Gold memberships to get 3+3. I'd prefer the salmon sashimi platter to have more raw salmon but the spicy salmon and cream cheese..."
Benz Limsenkeng
"Mr. Roboto’s take on modern sushi is very intriguing. We ordered 3 different kinds of sushi rolls and enjoyed every bite of it! The staff was quick..."
Mayi Quimpo
"used zomato gold here. food was great and the ambiance was good as usual. But i wish the service was warmer; for the most part, it seemed just..."
Sucelle Deacosta
"Mazinger Z and Shake Nigiri were a hit. The tempura, not so much. The veggies covered in breading or flour tasted a little weird. Iced tea is too..."
"My friends and I went here after gym for our dinner. Everything is delicious. The service is also good. Their Ultimate Prawn Tempura is a must try...."
Paolo Cabañero Cayco
"Great food and big servings. Our food was served real quick and the staff were courteous. We just don’t understand why you cannot take out your..."
Tine Gonzales Del Rosario
"For our Monday night dinner, I'd give this resto a 3.5 over 51. Servers aren't attentive and not friendly. I've seen customers who were right in..."
Mika Trinidad
"The queue on a friday night was loooooong.. We had to wait 45-60 mins to be seated. This was probably due to the fact that the restaurant was a..."
Richard Sarino
"The salmon is worth it with 3 variations and takes a different twist the tonkatsu is good but the gravy is very salty and the tempura is cooked right..."
"The Nori Nachos is a must-order shared by me and my husband. But this is meant for sharing with 3 or more people or else there's "umay" factor. Our..."
Erlaine Casis-Gool
"It’s my second time eating here and I must say the consistency of the food quality is on point.I have eaten the Mr. Roboto and Shake Nigiri..."
Janus Remo
"First time here and really excited to try their makis since my mom said they were so good! I totally forgot the ones we ordered since the names of..."
AJ Francisco
"We ordered Mr. Roboto, Shake Nigiri and two Chicken Katsu. First off with Mr. Roboto, OMG!!! The size of this sushi was beyond my..."
"My first experience dining with my zomato gold. It was seamless! It was such a great deal also because food here was superb! The pork and chicken..."
Karen Mae Honrade
"Me and the wife have been itching to try this place. With my son out with his friends and the place tucked in one of the corners of ATC. This was..."
Hungry Filipino
"Excellent service, excellent food! I really appreciate how they give importance to making sure people with food allergies are well taken care of. I..."
BY Thebenchmarkph
"2nd time dining at Mr. Roboto. Used my Zomato GoldIt was today at lunch time. Around 11:30amFood: 10/10 Delicious Food. Great..."
Ben Joseph Tiu
"They serve large portions but taste was just okay. But, this is just my opinion on taste. Staff was friendly and accommodating during our..."
Totz Licop
"This is your Japanese dining reinvented! Everything’s delicious and perfect. Enjoyed the sushi, but I definitely loved the Nori Nachos. That was..."
Leynn Ü
"everything was delicious and servings were big. we ordered tuna chirashi, chicken teriyaki and mazinger z roll. pair it with the asahi beer..."
Cheska Garcia-Halili
"Good food. Will remove shrimp from menu item if requested, so people with allergies can still enjoy their food. We eat here whenever we can...."
"All the sushi's are superb. Japanese cuisine with a twist. Kinda pricey, but everything was good. Make sure to try the Nori Nachos, it's yummy...."
Trixie Malaya
"I can't count the number of times we've been here. It's a go to place whenever we crave japanese food. I love their wasabi, it's different from other..."
Cernan Manalo
"Super sarap ng maki!!! Lahat ata ng maki nakain namin kasi sobrang sarap! We also tried the tonkatsu super sarap din! Very good Japanese food sila..."
Ahlex Herbert Pineda
"Super worth it. Thanks to zomato we only paid less than 600 for all these food.The serving is big and the sushi tastes good.Btw,..."
Denise Adriano
"Me and my friends go-to place whenever we are craving for Japanese food. 💓 Their staff was very attentive and love the store's retro wallpapers...."
Hyo Jeong Jo
"We tried this place because of Zomato gold. We got a bit disappointed when the waitress told us that only modern sushis are part of the Zomato gold..."
Janel Divinagracia
"We ordered Nori Nachos, Mr. Roboto & Salmon Sashimi! The food was great, not your ordinary rolls and sashimi. It is really the modern Japanese type..."
"Mr. Roboto offers one of the best tasting Sushi in town! You can never go wrong with any of their Sushi offering. Never bill out without trying their..."
Jeff Suezo
"My first visit to Mr. Roboto was during their soft opening. We were a big group of eight people, so we had enough appetite and budget to try out some..."
Gena Claire
"Retro themed restaurant with anime artwork interior that serves Japanese food. This instagramable restaurant caught my attention since..."
Kris Ignacio
"Seriously love this modern Japanese restaurant! Fave picks are their Nachos and salmon sashimi plate. We kinda widow every visit but those two are..."
Debbie Dizon
"Good food and service! Quite pricy in comparison to the amount of food being served. Really loved the sushi tho. Consider healthy options such as..."
"I love the interior of this restaurant. I'm a fan of anime. I always their Daimos and Mr. Roboto. So far, this is among the best sushi places I've..."
Tanya A. Mindo
"Service is quite slow, but food is good. It ain't too authentic, but it doesn't really matter. I would recommend the Nori Nachos and the Sushi...."
Javi Martinez
"It was my first time to eat here and it met my expectations. I will definitely recommend this restaurant to my family and friends. Yummy! 😍..."
Anne La Sangre
"First time to try Zomato Gold and glad we tried it in Mr. Roboto! First time to try out these lovely sushi dishes. Defintely no regrets. Will go back..."
Aicah Galang
"Mr. Roboto is located at Alabang Town Center. It’s a modern Japanese restaurant with lots of Japanese robots on the wall mural. We’ve been..."
James Benguet
"Delisheshness! Great food, fun ambience, decent service, fantastic presentation of dishes and super solid quality food. Especially enjoyed it with my..."
"I really dig their spin on the different sushi dishes. Not traditional, but still pretty good even for the price point! Be sure to bring friends as..."
Norman Paul Roy
"Mr. Roboto is a retro-themed restaurant with graphic anime artwork and interior. Really millenials!!! Me and my boyfriend, Daniel Rodriguez ordered..."
Marian Diolata
"Innovative and good tasting Makis. I enjoyed the Tuna and Salmon Makis i ordered. Both has distinct flavors. The tuna was torched and with a faint..."
Eboy M. Donato
"I misjudged this place until a friend of mine treated me here last weekend. The vibe was sooo modern with a pop culture-twist.The food, for..."
Philip Roa
"Mr.Roboto is a modern japanese restaurant that specializes in sushi. In this visit we tried the following items:Modern salmon sashimi..."
Fat Girls Day Out
"Good food! Cool interiors! 👍👍👍Their nori nachos was so gigantic! Thumbs up for the crunchy kani and nori! 😋Mr roboto maki..."
Mary Espelimbergo
"Mr. Roboto is a modern Japanese Robot-themed restaurant in the South. It is located at the ground floor of Alabang Town Center. They cater all kind..."
Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen
84/100 (186 ratings)
"I forgot the names of the ramen that we ordered but me and my boys are happy with it. My husband ordered the mild spicy one and it’s really good...."
Ronna Rizza
"Christmas time when we try this store for the first time. It has a very good balance with the broth, the noodles were kinda hard for me though it was..."
Noel John Del Rosario
"My first time trying Ikkoryu last Friday and had to read reviews first because we already paid for the Metrodeal voucher hehehe. The reviews I found..."
Rhea Pauline
"One of the best ramen house so far ! Their set meal is superb ! You can share it with your friend if your not that hungry because they offer big..."
"As part of #salvasfoodventures presents #MrRamenSeries, I chose Ikkoryu ATC as the 5th ramen house to explore. I planned to order Ebi Tonkotsu but to..."
Salva's Food Ventures
"One of the best Ramen House. Yuzu Tama Tonkatsu Ramen 5/5Aburi Chashu Tonkatsu Ramen 5/5Their ramen is tasty. And Chicken Karaage is..."
Rose Ann Cuadra
"The Ikkoryu salad was the perfect starter. Light and clean on the palate and very good texture. The ramen, I would have to say, was good at start,..."
Raisa Quilet Pantaleón
"This is the first branch that I tried their signature original ramen. Superb and definitely my most favorite ramen for now. The broth is so tasty and..."
Stella Marie
"Nice ambiance but since we seldom visited this mall, we had a hard time finding their location. Staff are friendly even their manager serve our food..."
Mae Ann M
"Ikkoryu is pretty underrated but man, I love going here for ramen. I'm not sure if it's because the facade of the resto isn't as visible and as..."
Jasmine B
"Our favorite Ramen! Whenever I am craving for a ramen, I'll always have Ikkoryu in mind. They always serve a hot ramen and it is a plus. We love..."
Danica Cuizon
"great place! super delicious ramen. i'd definitely come back. small place but very cozy. they even have lunch meals at a cheaper..."
"The place is small for events or bulk orders but the food and crew is great tho so you might as well visit them at ATC ground floor ( why is there a..."
Shiella Lor
"This restaurant provides one of the best ramen I tasted in manila. Whenever i crave for ramen, this resto is on my list. The flavor of the ramen is..."
A Lawrence Nava
"The manager, Eva, is very polite and courteous. Their management has some annoying policies though. We had metrodeal vouchers and one of my..."
"Although this place is small, i believe that this particular resto has spectacular food to offer. We went there around noon time on a weekday, and it..."
Patricia Valdivieso
"By far the best Ramen I've had. So good that I totally focused on just eating, and forgot the name of the dish. Try dropping by on weekends and avail..."
Mike Mendiola
"Had the chance to dine at this ramen place and I was satisfied with my shoyu ramen. The consistency for the ramen was too thick or thin, it was just..."
"Their ramen, the broth and noodles, were surprisingly good. Did not expect it since I wrongly assumed it to be instant in quality. The place does not..."
"Nice that it wasn't crowded during lunch time. Was relieved the food doesn't taste anything like instant ramen. The broth was super yummy, the meat..."
Maya De Castro
"Best ramen place for me, so far! We've dined here quite a number of times using dealgrocer coupons, and I must say. Their ramen never lets me down. I..."
Hanna Palero
"PROS - Very clean and comfortable enough, Great Ramen choices, Friendly and attentive staff, choices on what type of noodles and very fast..."
Marj Liwag
"Finally had the chance to eat here and the best part is, I got to eat with some of the bloggers from my blogger group. After our event yesterday, I..."
Kathy Kenny Ngo
"One of the finer ramen houses in the metro ,the serving is generous and comforting tho a bit pricey for me.The interior and the color scheme is..."
"Got a DealGrocer for this place which is a great way to try out restaurants I haven't been to. I'm giving them two thumbs up for this first visit! We..."
"Lunch Date with my church bff,  Alabang Town Center was very crowded then so we end up having our lunch here at Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen, I ordered..."
Bette Eunnie Medina
"Well from a busy Sunday we ended up having a late snack and so this was at a regular restaurant where we have good ramen. So one of the..."
Jay McLean
"Not really a ramen fan but I think Ikkoryu is one of the good ramen places out there. I first tried them when the BGC branch opened. Satisfied since..."
Kei Otani
"Tried their best seller ajitama tonkotsu. Ordered for a hard noodles and gyoza for my side dish. Was the ramen good? Yes, it was but not good enough..."
Catherine Higino
"The place's neat. I love how some of their ramens are included with egg unlike other ramen stores where you have to purchase it separately. The..."
It's Emified
"I've never been good with choosing ramen, it's always a hit or miss for me. But Ikkoryu Fukuoka's has got to be one of the bests for me. I always..."
Catherine Mabini
"My first time eating ramen and it couldn't be any better. I loved mine but I can't remember the name haha but I got to try the one with the kimchi..."
Yey Morada
"I tried their best seller at Ikkoryu. This happens to be a favorite now because of the Aji Tamago eggs together with the soft pork. What I didn't..."
Rina Sheryl Estabillo
"My all time favorite Ramen House found at the heart of Alabang Town Center. Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen! the noodle was great and very smooth plus the..."
Leanna Lagrama
"Having tried a few ramen restaurants here and in Japan, the ramen here in Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen is pretty delicious! The noodles were cooked..."
Hannah Zuniga
"Ikkoryu's food is definitely something to try. I don't visit a lot of Japanese restaurants, so I'm glad one of my first few ventures beyond Tokyo..."
"This is my mom's favorite local Ramen restaurant. Service is always fast and the staff are nice and friendly. You can choose the firmness..."
Ana S.
"After watching a movie, I am craving for ramen so we decided to eat here. I ordered the tantan tonkotsu and while he ordered the spicy tombanjan..."
Che Rabajante
"I have to admit, when i first tried Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen, it was my favorite ramen place. But after i tried a number of other ramen places that..."
"We went here for dinner before going home after watching a PBA game. I've been wanting to try this place because of the poster in their store..."
"The usual ramen pairings: gyoza and karaage. Their gyoza was quite good even though it was a bit thin. It possessed those crispy edges that I was..."
The Hungry Employee
"For me, it's the best ramen place so far...better than Yushoken. The richness was just perfect (not too rich) and the noodles was superb. The..."
"Next to Ramen Nagi is the Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen at ATC!!We enjoyed the Ramen so much. Especially me. I'm with my family this time. They're..."
Eula Mariz
"The first time I tried their restaurant, it was noodle day in Alabang Town Center, a buy 1 take 1 promo. We tried the Ajitama Tonkotsu, Gyoza, and..."
"This is the second best ramen for me after Ramen Yushoken. I like their tonkotsu broth especially their black garlic oil ramen. You could choose how..."
Dwight Ivan Bautista
82/100 (1013 ratings)
Udon & Soba (Wheat & Buckwheat Noodle)
Sukiyaki & Shabu Shabu
Bento (Lunch Box)
"What I liked about the restaurant:-Slightly more affordable than other Japanese restaurants but still of good quality-Moriawase sashimi..."
Christine U
"One of the very first Japanese Restaurants in the South to have emerged. Over the years, the menu has expanded and improved while retaining the very..."
The One Who Does Not Eat Alone
"Weak bones for japanese food and Omakase at Molito offers superb set of dishes without breaking the bank! Decent price for quality food and ambience..."
Paolo Angelo Anyayahan
"I super love Japanese food pero di kaya ng budget. Seems like a dream nalang kung maka kain ng jap food. Pero Omakase wow ang dami mo ng makakain..."
Wapah SSandigan
"Got the teriyakidon. Serving was a bit small for me. Also took awhile for it to be served. The taste is really good though...."
Miguel Gonzalez
"To the ones who know me, Japanese is my top favorite cuisine. So for a simple celebration, I treated my siblings and boyfriend to..."
"Salmon sashimi was sooo good. Also really liked Singaporean roll! The best! Their poke bowl wasn’t good though. Oh, plus attentive staff! Ebi and..."
Larra Fernando
"I love this place. Been coming here since it took the place of okasan as the reigning japanese resto long ago. spent many birthdays/dates here. Yes..."
Paolo Aranza
"Worth the late review and post of pictures. Since I am a big fan of gyoza and since not all gyozas are of the same taste, I came here to try their..."
Cindy Kathleen Sardiña
"I was invited by my churchmates to eat here. I love their food. In one plate order, it will result to a happy tummy. Great customer service, it is..."
Mitch Casas
"Grabe!! Ang sarap dito. Huhuhu worth it ang bayad namin at ang daming serving which I really appreciate the most. Loved all our orders. I also love..."
Jazzy Eat World
"If you are looking for a good ramen and sushi the Omakase is the spot for you! Their maki, sashimi, sukiyaki and the donburis are definitely a must..."
"A great place for the family. They have a unique selection of rolls. My usual order would be chirashidon, deep blue sea roll, and sashimi depending..."
Joe Lopez
"The only thing that got me so curious about Omakase is their sushi. But now that there’s so many Japanese restaurants serving great sushi, I really..."
Monique Santiago
"My officemates and I always like to eat their maki because of its variety. We tried their Okonomiyaki, California Crunch, Mount Fuji Roll, and my all..."
Vickii Vega
"Very high quality japanese food! One of our go-to when in Molito, as the price is fair and they have a good menu. My favorite is their assorted maki..."
"Coming from my cousin's rehab center in Better Living, Paranaque, my Tita  N and I got caught in the horrendous Southern (Christmas) traffic. So, we..."
"Among the top 3 Japanese Restaurants, based on overall value, for me, along with Nihinbashitei and Kikufuji. The generous servings of Sashimi had me..."
Sar Castillo
"I love the ambiance of the place, the servers were really friendly and accommodating. I got an extra scoop for my birthday. I really love their green..."
"READ my FULL review at earlmantes.comOmakase in Molito Commercial Complex, Alabang is a sushi paradise. It boasts of a wide selection of..."
Earl Christian Mantes
"a good place for japanese food , i would recommend their ramen , its really good and malaki yung serving. staff are also accommodating. will..."
Joshua Virola
"Yummy sushi is what they’ve got. Sushi lovers should not miss this. This restaurant is good when you need to celebrate. Good value for money. Will..."
Mavreen Viaje
"Sushi and maki happiness! Especially their sushi boat. My default choice for legit and great-value Japanese food, especially with their variety of..."
Gena Claire
"Omakase is one of my go to Japanese restos here in the south. My usuals are;1. Tofu steak - not all the time, gout will attack me2...."
Mike Tiu
"Hands down this is the best quality for the money when it comes to sushi restaurant. Other sushi restaurants are far more expensive and less..."
Cindy Ambion
"Omakase really satisfied our Japanese food cravings :-)Staffs were accomodating and the ambience is nice and with class plus it is quite..."
"I love Japanese cuisine and yes, they delivered that taste well. Tho my co-“reviewers” said their Agedashi tofu lacks taste...."
"My best friend and I love this restaurant. We always eat here at least once a month. It’s kind of a tradition. The food and service is great...."
Meg Lee
"One of the best Japanese restaurants in the Metro. If you want to experience authentic Japanese food, then this is where you should go. Excellent..."
Aaron Paul Monta Andres
"Chirashi DonThis was a very heavy serving but all the good stuff were there. Everything was cold and fresh plus I loved the sea urchin, though..."
Patrick Unson
"Food- 4/5Ambiance- 5/5Price- 5/5Service- 2/5Space- 5/5This place is really good for dinner and solemn dates! The place..."
Jan Adrian Ong
"One of my favourite local sushi places. The place is always busy but there are two floors with a lot of tables to accommodate large groups. Can..."
Alvin De La Fuentes
"As a southerner, Omakase has always been a favorite of mine, my family, and my friends. In fact, I'm sure anyone from the south would recommend..."
Abby Dominguez
"Omakase has long been a favorite of mine when it comes to Japanese food in the south. I would pretty much recommended anything on the menu and I'm..."
Chris Williams
"Visited alabang to satisfy our craving for japanese food. Searched zomato and found that there's omakase in alabang. We tried omakase before in..."
Dax Placente
"Our go-to for japanese dining. Their maki selection is good! The service in Molito branch is okay. You have to confirm if the ingredients are..."
Anj Mendoza
"We ordered katsudon, katsu curry, coa platter and kaisen miso. The katsudon was mediocre, nothing was really special about it. The sauce was not as..."
Marianne Layco
"Our family go-to resto. Always hits the spot on our jap cravings and most staff are friendly too. Price is ok for japanese food. I usually crave for..."
Kat Diesta
"this is our favorite Japanese Restaurant. we always order the DYNAMITE roll. its our heaven. we also love the Tempura Icecream. everything is..."
Regina Arciaga
"Visited this restaurant on November 11, 2017California Maki:The California maki tasted good and the food definitely did not taste..."
"Great sushi, sashimi and salad. Good salmon don. Alright katsu and karage. Pretty bad tonkotsu ramen. Just ok service, staff were corteous but I do..."
Greg Carino
"Foodwise, it was a great value for money that doesn't sacrifice the taste. The california crunch is awesome! It reminds me of fishball..."
"I grew up loving Japanese food, thanks to a nearby Omakase. Omakase is truly one of the restaurants out their that prove their long existence with..."
Darren Tagle
"I miss the small little-known Japanese restaurant tucked away in the basement of the former Casa Susana Arcade in Alabang where the food was cheap,..."
May Verona
"I've always celebrated my birthdays with the Omakase Premium sushi boat! This has been my favorite in addition to the Spicy Salmon or Tuna Salad and..."
"Not really a fan of Japanese food! Yummy and authentic. Like the food presentation!Not that costly aswell.. 😋 Im not sure kung..."
Arjean Calma
"Best maki I have tasted so far. The servers here in Molito are attentive, our glasses were always filled up, and they serve fast even when the place..."
"Favorite place to get Japanese food 👍Omakase tends to attract a lot of people, especially on the weekends. The place itself is very..."
"Great place to stuff your face.Loved it, everything I ordered tasted amazing. Ordering out does not change the quality either.The..."
Chris G
"Loved all that we ordered today: Tenzaru Udon, Sunset Roll and Chirashi Don.I will definitely go back to try the other..."
Mari Gere
"We dined here for lunch during father's day around 11am. Since it just opened, getting a table was easy. It amazed me that the big dining area got..."
Shiela Valera
"Omakase is alive and kicking! Their rolls bring back a lot of memories and their menu still has a lot of the old favorites. Their spider..."
David Mendoza
"Everything Japanese with a twist. Food will not disappoint from presentation to taste. Ambiance, place and staff makes the experience an even finer..."
Sheera Brown
"Visited July 21, 2017We had our team lunch out here today. Majority of my coworkers wanted to eat here. I wanted to eat somewhere but here..."
John Doe
"What I loved about Omakase is their bento. You'll be satisfied to the fullest haha 😍😍😍 fresh salmon and tuna is the best, plus nice staff...."
"My favorite japanese restaurant!! Guys you really have to try Omakase when you come to molito. My regular orders are american dream maki , beef..."
John Alouette Jugo
"What I've ordered. I took the classic Katsudon (4.0) and Salmon Katsu (4.0) to go as Office Lunch. Serving size were generous ans authentic Japanese..."
John Irish Binalla
"I'm not sure who first offered it, but I first experienced having Salmon Don at Omakase, and it changed my life! I used to only eat Salmon Sashimi,..."
Bevz Sapon-De Guzman
"Ordered:Salmon sashimi - best thing we ordered. Good value for your money. Chicken bento - it was alright. Wish there was more..."
Corinne G
"My go-to Japanese place in Alabang! Been going here for years even when it was still in Casa Susana and their food never disappoints!!! As of now..."
Mia Yatco
"Omakase in Japanese means "leave it to me". Usually you just sit back and wait for whatever gastronomical surprise the chef has in store for you...."
"Omakase Japanese Cuisine:Oyster Butteryaki - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5Spicy Tuna Salad - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️..."
"The place in Molito Commercial Center was good. They have good food as well. Tried their Chicken Bento. Surprisingly it was really a heavy meal. The..."
Nuj De Castro
"The place is great! Very modern interior. The food is good, thought not stellar. I think the okonomiyaki was a bit too thick. The waiters and..."
Kathleen Nicole Uy
"This is basically everyone in the south's go-to Jap food. The accessibility going here is easy as 123 and the parking space? It's just as wide as..."
Mikee Macasaet
"We were looking for a good midweek dinner and unanimously voted for Omakase. We ordered Salmon don, Shrimp Tempura and Grilled Chicken Terriyaki. I'd..."
Cathy 💋
"For a day when I'm taking good care of my weight, (Yes, I'm on a diet. Ha!) Japanese food is really a good choice, especially sushi. Zomato..."
Heide Padilla
Hakata Ikkousha
82/100 (219 ratings)
Karaage chicken
Special Tonkotsu Ramen
One Bite Gyoza
Ajitama Tonkotsu Ramen
Ajitama Black Tonkotsu
"My favorite ramen place!!! Their broth tastes better than the famous franchise you could think of. Just thinking about God Fire makes me drool during..."
Mae Tenerife
"I couldn't count for how many times me and my family have been here. This is where we do religiously our monthly ramen fix. For us, who have japanese..."
Therese Magdaluyo
"I will definitely go back to this place. I looooove the food. Customer service is great too..."
Aimee Lyn
"I love their authentic Tonkotsu Ramen and bite size Gyoza. I also love their karage mayo don. The resto is cozy and customer service is great. One..."
Vee Z Yoo
"Perfect for the rainy season! Whenever you talk about where to taste a legit ramen, Hakata Ikkousha should be one on your list!So if you happen..."
Where Wanwan Eats
"We are all thrilled with the way of food ordering. We choose what are Ramen will be like. What will be the noodles, broth, toppings and above all the..."
Third Jacobs
"The customer service was definitely satifysing! The staff were so friendly and assisted us nicely.We ordered the Shio Tonkotsu, Ajitama..."
Abi C. Soriano
"Good Service and Good Food 👍The broth of the ramen is phenomenal and the chicken karaage very well seasoned. Gyoza slightly sticked together..."
Migs Garcia
"Ramen is so rich in flavor and karaage is so good, and the interiors is so likely a legit ramen house, japan feels. I will definitely come back again..."
Khrys Talato Imuan
"My fave ramen so far. It's customizable - from thickness of the noodles, saltiness, etc. Price is okay. I find it worth the price. The place is not..."
Spotted Philippines
"Me and my daughter favorite place for ramen😍😊i love also you can customize according to your taste and spicy level. We definitely love the soup..."
Fran Magdaluyo
"I used not to finish a bowl of ramen until I had a taste of Ajitama Tonkotsu of Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen in Alabang Town Center. Oh boy, it was good!..."
The Dabas
"You can customize your ramen like spiciness, saltiness, noodle doneness, etc. We ordered the Ajitama God Fire and Ajitama Tonkotsu. The Ajitama..."
Manila Weekends
"I love that you can customize your ramen from the saltiness of the broth, the toppings, to doneness of the noodles - that way, you are sure to enjoy..."
Samantha Joseph
"Just the right saltiness. Each slurp is packed with flavors. It was a surprise to find a good ramen place in Festival Mall. Will definitely come back..."
Mary Rani
"Gyoza: 🍥🍥Ramen: 🍥🍥🍥🍥Ambience: 🍥🍥🍥🍥Price: 🍥🍥🍥🍥Ordered the God Fire special with..."
"Authentic Ramen place. Japanese greetings by the attentive staff is fascinating. The Tonkotsu ramen is extraordinary! With choices of noodles and..."
Benedict R. Cruz
"I've eaten here 3 time already. 2 times with my coworkers and 1 time with my boyfriend. Their Shio ramen is the best I've ever tasted... so far. Hey!..."
Abby Buenaflor
"Ramen is life... And this outlet serves good ones. Service is great, staff are respectful; they checked on us esp as we used the tables outside. We..."
Jonas Philip Lo
"I really love their ramen because the broth is super tasty and it has a creamy like texture to it. It is really nice that you also have the option to..."
Sieglinde Perea
"Loved it! Ordered the special tonkatsu ramen and karaage chicken. Super good and super worth the money. Gyoza is pretty good too. Staff is courteous..."
Nica Ambrocio
"Staff escorted and greeted us well, they were very attentive to the needs of their customers. During our visit I ordered Tonkatsu ramen and it tastes..."
Praise Deblois
"The ramen is so good, I keep going back for more. I live in Manila, so I have to travel far just to eat their Ramen. That's how good it is.I..."
Loury Mae Luzadio
"Their ramen was good and I really liked it. Karaage chicken was also good although it took some time for it to get served (like I was almost done)...."
"Yes, I am missing Japan. And soon, I’ll be posting my super duper delayed Tokyo posts. To be honest, I don’t know what happened. Got so busy with..."
The Hungry Employee
"We came here not expecting much, but we were pleasantly surprised! We really liked the thin ramen noodles and the flavor of the broth which was not..."
"THE BEST AUTHENTIC RAMEN IN SOUTH You get what you paid for when you eat here, you will have no regrets. I really really love their gyoza..."
GabriEllisse RecLa AngeLes
"Honestly not a fan of japanese ramen or any japanese dish, but this one is an exemption. The last time I ate ramen was in Mckinley and didn’t enjoy..."
Roselyn Magcalas
"Place's ambiance was great, staff were nice and approachable. The gyoza I ordered was a little too small for my taste, though delicious. I ordered..."
"This is my favorite ramen place and i really really love their fried chicken karaage! We ate here in their soft opening and me and my family always..."
Angelika Sinsay
"The staffs were all courteous and kind. The ambience is great as well.Very price worthy because it has big servings. I love how the broth..."
Little Sweet Taster
"Hakata Ikkousha is located on new wing of Festival Mall Alabang. I'm not actually a fan of Ramen but this really hooked me up. We ordered Special..."
Dorothy Mae C. Torretijo
"Need to go back for their cute gyozas (forgot to take picture though), and because I have not found my favorite ramen flavor here just yet. 😊..."
Vanj Victoria
"Super loved the ramen! Very flavourful. All variety is a must try! Also, staff are friendly and quick to assist with customer needs...."
Leslie Anne Tataro Almazan
"My go to place for my ramen fix. Since festival mall is just 10 mins from mu house. Been here 5 times. Still in love with the godfire ramen 😁..."
Ben Joseph Tiu
"I love this Ramen house so much!You can create your ramen experience based on your desire. Also you can buy an extra noodles and ask for soup..."
"Ate today with my Bae. Had the Tonkotsu Ajitama (normal seasoning, hard noodles) and shared the Karage. Comparing this with Ikkoryu and Ichirans..."
Hanna Palero
"Ramen is good (still loyal to Ramen Yushoken), price-wise OK. Chashu included might need a bit more grilling.NOTE: place DOES NOT ACCEPT..."
Rico Paolo Tee
"Luckily, people from the South like me can now enjoy the Hakata style ramen without even needing to ride a plane bound to Japan. Hakata Ikkousha..."
"This place has really good food and their price points are very affordable for the quality. Their ramen is really good and the broth isn't too rich..."
David Mendoza
"T’was my first time eating here. Since I was feeling experimental, I tried their black Ajitama. When the ramen was served, I didn’t like the..."
Pamela Villanueva
"I'm so excited to visit this ramen place when I saw my officemate experience on Instagram. Bf and I tried the Black Tonkotsu, Akai Ramen and Gyoza...."
Elle R.
"They are similar to Ramen Nagi as you get to customize your own ramen but you only get to choose the type of noodles and level of saltiness. Taste..."
Camille Manalo
"Hakata Ikkousha is a new ramen restaurant in Metro Manila, but it hails from the world-famous Ikkousha ramen restaurant chain with roots in Fukuoka,..."
Darryl Uy
"Nice place, it gave me the typical japanese ramen house feeling, the ramen was so good, specially the meat it melts into your mouth. Most of all I..."
Dr. Rizal
"Food: this is the experience you want to have if you are looking for a new ramen fix. Bold flavors especially for their Black special. Finish was..."
Nyk Limjoco
"Yes I know we have reviewed this Ramen Shop just days or weeks ago, but we had to put up one more to emphasize a point.  Their ramen is great. ..."
"..the best ramen restaurant i ever try their tonkotsu broth is very rich in flavor and taste for me signature tonkotsu ramen enough to filled my..."
Jay Mallari
"The REAL authentic Hakata ramen! I don't need to go back to Fukuoka just to eat IKKOUSHA ramen. Recommended to all who loves Hakata..."
Shigehiro Tomoda
"This new Japanese resto in the South is now my fave go- to ramen place that will surely satisfy my ramen cravings! I ordered Ajitamen..."
Tee Gee
"Pretty awesome place. It feels like a quieter side of Japan. You get some appetizers like Red Ginger and condiments. I ordered the Special Black..."
Johanan Matthew Ragos
Healthy Shabu Shabu
81/100 (66 ratings)
"Raw food given to you is good enough. I like that the pots are individual so that you can create your soup by your preference. A bit expensive but it..."
Miguel Gonzalez
"i love this franchise. the special sauce and satê really go well with my usual order of tofu and baguio/taiwan pechay (not a meat eater). the staff..."
Ina Silva-Melgazo
"One of our fave go to places when we want to enjoy a hot bowl of soup. The chicken breast solo set with their steamed dumplings is just the perfect..."
"it’s always a happy tummy eating experience in this resto. my daughter and i share the same liking for shabu shabu. we love their beef tendeloin..."
"Really love this simple Shabu Shabu place! Waiters are very helpful to first timers and I really love how everything is so simple but when eaten the..."
"This one is totally a much better shabu shabu restaurant...Food 10/10Service 10/10Ambiance 10/10Value for Money..."
Chef Roma Ricci
"Prompt service 👍🏻 fresh foods 🥙🥘🍲🥓 tranquil ambiance. The cost of the food was worth it.I got the individual set worth..."
Honey Sabio Velasquez
"We had our periodical dinner with my close office friends. This is our second time here as we are looking for some healthy place to eat.We were..."
Pol Maleniza
"My friend said that we should just have a light dinner since she had to go diving the following day and she wanted to get into her diving suit..."
"Ever since I was on the hunt for the best Shabu Shabu restaurant, I came upon Healthy Shabu Shabu because it's the nearest from where I live. I liked..."
Maxine Levy
"Serving size and food quality are reasonably good for the prices they charge. I believe we got the P380 meal set and we were quite satisfieed. I like..."
"I prefer this than any shabu shabu place in the South. They renovated the ventilation and exhaust but I think there is still room for improvement...."
"Its my favorite shabu shabu. The food tastes great and i always get full and enjoy when i eat here. The only thing i dont like about the restaurant..."
"I'm always hesitant to dining in restaurants where you need to cook your own food. I can always cook at home, right?But eating in Healthy..."
Aimee Flordeliza
"A very healthy restaurant if you and your companion(s) are looking for a "healthy" meal. This is the place where I only became fond of the hot-pot..."
"One of my favorite shabu-shabu restaurants in Manila. The vegetables and meats are always fresh when they bring them to you. I particularly..."
Ruben IV
"Initially I find the service time a bit slower after the crowd started, after speaking to a lady server, she was polited and aplogized and mentioned..."
EJ O. Bartolazo
Oishi Batchoi!
81/100 (48 ratings)
"One of my..."
Monica Yanson
"Interesting fusion between Filipino batchoy and Japanese ramen.--== AMBIANCE ==--The restaurant was designed to look like a..."
Curious Couple Eats
"Actual rating: 3.8 starsFusion of filipino and japanese cuisine. I like that they incorporated the batchoi in the japanese ramen. The broth..."
"This is my favorite go-to place whenever I’m craving for comfort food. The ambience, staff, and cleanliness is excellent. Plus, it is budget..."
Angelica Balderama
"“The well-loved batchoi with a Japanese twist!”Their slogan was really a come on for us who love Japanese food.For dinner, we..."
Southern Tummies
"Japanese and Pinoy food combined 👌 Tried the gohoku chahan and crunchy maki- both are so oishi! This will be added to my fave list of..."
Myra Edo-Galaites
"Our newest go-to restaurant. Delicious food, sizable serving but very reasonably priced! So far, I have not been disappointed. Service is fast..."
"Oishi Batchoi is a fusion between Japanese Ramen and Filipino Batchoy, and it is a unique take. For 220pesos you get a sizeable amount of soft..."
Eboy M. Donato
"I absolutely love Oishi Batchoi. The ramen/Batchoi are so flavorful and delicious (Tried the Super and seafood batchoi but the Miso Lapaz is my..."
"Affordable ramen with a twist of filipino taste. If you are on a low cholesterol diet the ramen is not recommended. Too much fat. taste is "pwede..."
Jay Cel
"I ate here last Saturday with my cousin. We ordered katsudon and original miso batchoi. I am really craving for noodles and I love how they made..."
Ghabbie Tongco
"The place delivers what it says: fusion of Filipino Batchoi and Japanese Ramen. I did not expect anything more, and was quite surprised with the..."
Kysces Camille
"Dined here last night as we are both craving for noodles. While strolling around festival, we saw this resto. And the food looks yummy. We had..."
Giselle Padilla
"Was initially skeptical of this place since the signage was a bit cheesy. I was very pleasantly surprised. Good fusion of Japanese and filipino...."
"This is my second fave Ramen place in the South next to Ramen Yushoken. (Or should I say Batchoi?) their ramen- batchoi love child tastes just right..."
Trizzy O
"My go to place! Definitely, oishi batchoi is one of the best restaurant that i visited! The fusion of japanese and filipino made this one special...."
Klein Mark Salgado
"Very satisfying and very cheap. Ideal for lunch outs and dinner outs :) variety of meals to choose from. Definitely going to try shio ramen next..."
Angelica Liwanag