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Buffet 101
83/100 (2597 ratings)
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Roast Beef
Juice & Smoothies
"Nakakamiss na pumasok sa buffet 101 moa miss q na mga kasama ko kamusta na kayo apat na taon aqng nag silbi sa restaurant marami akong natutunan..."
Joseph Samson Francisco
"Buffet 101 has a wide array of food to choose from. Most items are cooked and presented well. The food taste very good and his seasoned properly. The..."
Yrrab Tseb
"I would give it a 4 star. Was there for lunch and I liked it. There are 2 concerns, 1. The cooks seem to drag their feet when it comes to refilling..."
Christian Elneik
"I used to think that Vikings was the best buffet jn Cebu, but Buffet 101 certainly proved me wrong.In terms of food, there's a wider..."
"Best place to celebrate birthdays! They have an accommodating staff. The place gets crowded on weekends and holidays, make sure to have a..."
Yee Mosote
"Lots of good food to choose from. Whenever we dine here, I always look forward to their spicy/chili crabs. But they always run out fast though :/ If..."
RJ Caligdong
"My partner and I love buffet meals so much and Buffet 101 has a lot of cuisines to offer. Space is so big. Can occupy a lot of people which is really..."
"I'd probably choose Buffet101 over Vikings, the ambiance gives the edge of it. It doesn't look crowded and the seatings are good, doesn't make you..."
Andrea Aligato
"A lot of foods to choose from and all I’ve tried were delicious. Literally no leftovers! Staffs are really strict when it comes to that. One staff..."
"Very good food. But Male CR(the toilet door), needs to be fixed. there is a space in the door where the person would be seen doing his business...."
ケーシー カバネス
"It has been long since I last visited Buffet 101. But I still remember how I was not much of a fan until some circumstance..."
Mary Allyn
"Probably one of the best buffets in cebu with a wide array of selection and cuisines. might be a little bit pricey but totally worth your..."
Christian Lariosa
"Perosnal favorite in terms of All You Can Eat category. Why? Well, I do like their spread of cuisines. Also, that they have sangria in their drinks..."
Barbara Benj Algoso-Carubio
"There is a lot of varieties to choose from. I visited this place like 5 times already and i still enjoy the food. Though it is getting crowded than..."
Kem Pot
"The food was really good!I really liked the roast beef with the black pepper sauce, wow! Oh, I also loved their Beef Curry!!Their..."
Kikay Sormillon
"What's better than walking into a buffet on a hungry tummy and seeing the long line of buffet tables all around tempting you? What's better than..."
"For starters, I would highly recommend to make a reservation before going to this place as it gets crowded around 12 noon. They would text you as..."
Ooh Maria
"Been here for a couple of times and still want to come back. The price is reasonable with the food and the service they provide. The food..."
Aqeela Khan
"Their roast beef and pork are something you want to come back for. The place is not accessible though. Buffet rate is reasonable. They have a good..."
"I’ve been here only twice so far but there is an excellent variety of choices for the food: features both Asian and Wesreen cuisines. The food was..."
Mariel Lim
"Food selection is greeeaat! There are a lot of choices, different cuisines.  This is so far the best buffet in Cebu that I have tried. The place is..."
Leila Lechon
"First, the resto is hard to find. When you reached City Times Square 2, you have to ask the guard for the exact location. This is situated at the far..."
Marcus Saba
"Good value for a buffet since there are so many types of cuisine and food that you can choose from, and they have a huge selection of bottomless..."
Angelene Meriel Escatron
"There's sooooo many food choices! I love the place! This is legitimately an excellent buffet! If only it wasn't too far away lol. The place is very..."
Demi Bernice Eslit
"Celebrated my birthday here. We had to wait for 20 mins before we could get our own table. It can get a little crowded and noisy in my own opinion so..."
Eduardo Guillena Embradora
"Buffet 101 lives up to its name. They offer a wide array of international cuisines: Japanese, Korean, Italian, Filipino etc. You definitely would not..."
Sheen Carbellido
"I LOOOOOOVE THE FOOD HERE! There are a lot of food choices!! May it be korean, japanese, or what! I love the desserts too! Also, IT HAS A HUGE..."
Justine Nicole Dajao
"Definitely a win-win situation! Great food, Great quality service and sanitation is a plus. Although view-wise is not as pleasing as I thought it..."
"I am a Vikings fan but I have to admit, Buffet 101 has more delicious food! My absolute favorite would be steak (of course!) and baked cheesy potato..."
Segunda Katigbak
"For Asian and Western dishes, Buffet 101 is the right place for you. For 799php you can eat anything you want here. I, myself since I am addicted to..."
"A lot of varieties and cuisines to choose from! This does not disappoint. Went home very full and satisfied. I'm looking forward to coming..."
"The place is great. Wide area with posh tables and counters for different types of dining group. Interior is marvelous albeit the exterior area..."
Chinju Yoon
"We went there for lunch. The place is nice, clean and huge but nothing special with the food selection. There are different food to choose from but..."
"One of the best buffet restaurants in the city. Different variety of cuisine selections, from Asian to Western cuisines. I must say, its worth the..."
"Travel the world through food. My dining experience was great! I love the food and will come again in the future. The interior was great too, it was..."
Ielle Niepes
"Out of all buffet restaurants I had visited, this is by far has the most abundant choices! Mostly Asian cuisine but they bridge to the other known..."
Chbz Chiboi
"The price we paid was so worthit. I celebrated my birthday here and got a discount. I even felt rich while eating here because the place was so..."
Catleya Snow
"The food is great lots of choices.. but the staffs?? Nahhh!! Not accomodating 😒 i even told one of the staff "ayaw pag mug-ut miss, look for..."
"The first time I've been here was last December 31 2016, and it's almost been a year, hopefully for a second time soon. The food is satisfying and..."
Novem Cosep
"One of the better known buffets in Cebu. In terms of variety they have a lot of choices; more than most of the buffets locally. However, the quality..."
Angelo Benito
"Buffet 101 is, by far, the best buffet restaurant I've been to.I went there three times in different occasions and the service was consistently..."
Sheena Caña
"I always love a place which is not crowded and that day, since we arrived early, I was able to notice how modern and stylish the interiors were..."
Iway Diaries
"Indeed it was a happy birthday to me. I love the food especially the tempura and pizza. However, I was disappointed at the calamari and pandan. Also,..."
Where I've Been
"Great food and lots of selection. Place is clean. Super like the chowder and baked clams. Looking forward to dine here again for a feasty dinner...."
Jm Avila-Buta
"You have alot of choices in this buffet the only problem is how and where to put it in your body hahaha you just can’t get enough of there food and..."
Harry Palileo
"I love the food choices and the place itself. With the rise of buffets in the city this is certainly my number 1 choice. The dessert corner also..."
Stephie Grace Tesorio
"Buffet 101 features international cuisines. Variety of food to choose. Food is so yummy and delicious too. One of the best buffet in..."
Margarette Agbay
"Whew! amazing food and magnificent place. I wish we were there when they opened. We arrived nearly 1pm for lunch. A lot of people are already done..."
Easther Carrera Echerecho
"Indulge in One of the Best Buffets in the Metro — Buffet 101. Food was sumptuos. Some foods were a little too hard to chew for me but that doesn't..."
Novella Angela Misterio
"Loved the tempura and noodles with naruto, try not to eat a lot of carbo or else you'll be full in no time. Shawarma is a little bit dry and strong...."
Joseph James Quicho
"My favorite buffet in town! Jap food and ambiance made it to 5 stars. The variety of choices, cleanliness and quality of food, and the courtesy of..."
Vince Marie Balsicas
"We (my wife and I) have been there, yesterday, August 9, 2017.The buffet experience they offer here is worth what you pay for. They have a really..."
Karl Robert Zweifel
"Buffet 101 offers the widest variety of cuisines from all buffet restaurants in Cebu that I've visited. The place is large so be sure to look around..."
"The only buffet place I keep coming back to. Great food selection, place is very spacious but the seats are limited (reserve!). Staff are very..."
Erika Alice Huang
"One of the best and not so expensive buffets in Cebu. Have eaten hear mulitple times even in my birthday last year. Service is good with entertaining..."
"Place: By far one of the best buffet in Cebu. Its really spacious so it can really accomodate alot of people. The ambiance was great and the..."
Caryl Ann B. Marinduque
"The buffet experience they offer here is worth what you pay for. They have a really wide variety of food selections from cuisines all around the..."
Tristan Loyed
"One of the most favorite buffet ever.. This is my 3rd time. Last was I enjoy eating their Roasted Angus Beef and it was so tender and flavorful....."
Mikee Ryans
"Food is great plus free drinks plus draft beer. Just grabbed a lot of sushi too bad they dont have ramen,oysters,muscles and kinilaw octopus but soba..."
Boyerz Urashima
"First time here plus my bday month hence I got the 3+1 bday promo. Food was good. The Japanese cuisine is my favourite of all. The Italian/American..."
"The place is very nice and their food is delicious. Their staff are friendly and very accommodating. What I liked best was their grilled beef.I'm..."
Mi Ming
"The place is exquisitely elegant and classy. Peaceful and clean. They have a variety of food to choose from which whatsoever you choose will..."
Juderose Almacen
"Opulent interiors. Awash in affluence and sophistication. Mouthwatering treats from all corners of the world converge in a ready-to-eat,..."
"This restaurant has a modern touch interior design, what I love about it was the colors which made it more clean in the eyes, Also you could never go..."
Maria Christi
"This restaurant is also one of the luxurious buffet restaurant I tried.  I like their pizza and guess what? It's unlimited! But be sure not to eat..."
Fiona Magda
"Buffet 101 is one of the best eat-all-you-can experience. The place is nice the interiors and the ambiance. They offer a wide a variety of foods from..."
Clariedille Anne Giron
"The place was very appealing, it's really nice. With all the lights and the set up inside. Had a lot of foods there, and it's just like heaven..."
"Most elegant buffet I've been to. As we entered this restaurant, it looks like a hotel reception. But their staff guided us to a vacant seat and told..."
Lala Lyn Brigada
"My fave buffet place! You can never go wrong with Buffet 101. They offer a wide variety of food, from local to international. Their sushi is love and..."
Musings Of A Libra
"THEIR FOOD IS A+++!! Ebi tempura haven, technically. I kept on coming back for the Japan corner for the amazing food. And I love how free-flowing..."
Shyra Vega
"Buffet101 offers a wide variety of food. The food is good and the interior is just perfect, very elegant. It's also one of the most spacious buffet..."
Joseph Inoferio
"My fave place so far. Everything was amazing!!!! From Japanese food to desserts. You should come and dine here even once in your life. The service..."
"Every buffet have their own style in serving the food. So far, what i enticed the most is how the shrimps were prepared that you'll be able to taste..."
"Greatly enjoyed my experience eating here, the place is so huge and elegant and very classy and clean. All I can say is its the perfect place for..."
Jade Buaya
"The place is elegant and class. Great ambiance and sound system. Huge seating capacity which can accomodate more than 500 guests. The food is great..."
"The best affordable and decent buffet i've been! The ambiance is great. The staff are friendly and helpful. B101 truly serves up an elegant eat all..."
"Absolutely terrific buffet - probably the best I've ever experienced anywhere.  It's only been open for a short time, so everything is shiny and..."
Most Interesting
"AMBIANCEAt first glance, you’ll notice the intricate interiors, high ceilings populated with sparkling chandeliers and dining areas separated..."
King Of Sinulog
"I love their buffet. They are very fast in refilling their dishes and their dishes are very fine especially their shrimps which is very fresh. They..."
Jn Go
"There's nothing like sitting around with friends ,having a great conversations over a delicious meal...Had a great lunch here..tried several..."
Katie Hawks
"Once in a while it is great to dine like kings and queens. Buffet 101 simply makes you feel regal. Design is sleek. Food are beverage are offered..."
Ques Tor
Ramen Yushoken
90/100 (1607 ratings)
Syper Chashu
Chicken Karaage
Seafood Ramen
Asahi Super Dry
Miso Broth
karaage 唐揚げ
Sapporo Premium Beer
Tantanmen and Gyoza
Tonkotsu Ramen Shoyu 430 Pesos
Shoyu Maze Soba
Super Chashu Ramen
Iyashi Ramen
Shio Maze Soba
Tonkotsu ramen
Shoyu Ramen and Karaage Chicken
Ground Pork
Hiyashi TTM Seafood
"Definitely the best ramen in..."
John Robertson Nocos
"The food is always really really really great and the service is also amazing and consistent. This is definitely our favorite authentic ramen place..."
"We absolutely love the ramen! ❤ its perhaps the best Ive ever..."
Marga M Velasco
"Best ramen in Cebu city! ⚡️🙌 follow my instagram @alnixeats for more photo/video food..."
"We really love yoshuken. No other ramen stalls yet that can beat ramen yoshuken (we've tried sachi, ikkousha, hamakaze, barikata, 168 etc.) Also, the..."
Kristine Barriga
"Literally love everything on the menu! This is my go to ramen place in Cebu!..."
Athena Grace Lim
"The best ramen so far in Cebu! It is worth it to wait in line. I would come back to this place anytime..."
"We absolutely loved everything we ordered. We got chicken karaage, gyoza, seafood ramen (off menu), chahan and chasu. We went due to a recommendation..."
Kenette Cu Nicolas
"Tried Shoyu ramen and I can say this is one of the best ramen I've tasted so far. Broth is very rich, and the chashu which comes with it is really..."
Kirby Ramirez
"THE BEST RAMEN IN CEBU! I’ve tried other ramen places in Cebu but nothing comes close to this resto! Their Gyoza is..."
Emily Flores
"Ordered Gyoza and Tantanmen. Not a fan of fat noodle in ramen thus the four stars. But the broth, I loved it. Rich, Creamy, Thick 🤤. Be sure to..."
Toni Salinas
"Authentic ramen! Really good and the noodles are..."
Andrea Aligato
"Been to different Ramen places all my life and this place, in my opinion, has the best Ramen i’ve ever tasted. The noodles are very well textured,..."
John Yasis
"BEST RAMEN IN CEBU 🥰 Their OFF menu item (Super Shoyu) the meat is gigantic. But I wasn't able to take picture since I was really excited to dig..."
Carlyn Danise
"I love their Shio Ramen! Simple flavor but very filling. Also, by far, the best gyoza I’ve ever tasted!❤️ Highly recommended!..."
"Best authentic ramen in Cebu. It’s expensive but definitely worth it. Make sure you go early as it gets..."
Bart Van Oost
Lutherine Mariz Balagonsa
"If you want an authentic ramen experience in Cebu, this is the place to be. Yushoken ramen is thick, flavorful, and hearty. While a little bit more..."
"The first time I went to Yushoken, I ordered their classic ramen. It was by far the best ramen I have tasted. The broth was so rich, you'd actually..."
Mikhaila Tuble
"I'm not really a ramen person but my gf loves ramen. Of all the ramen I have tasted, I would recommend this place to you ramen-seekers out there...."
Jesse Brylle Alegria
"Best ramen place by far!! I ordered the Miso soup which was around 440php (kinda forgot) but it was all worth every sip I could get from that creamy..."
Jess Villa
"I've had ramen from Japan so I have pretty high standards when it comes to the dish. There aren't many ramen shops in Cebu that make a decent ramen...."
Gio Garnada
"Simply the best ramen in cebu... or maybe even the Philippines. I try to come here once a week if I can. My favorite is their Shoyu Super CHASHU..."
Albert Christian Co
"BEST RAMEN IN CEBU SO FAR! It's pricey, but worth it. The place is small and they usually get crowded, so we went there on a weekday, days before..."
Jonabelle Encorporado
"As far as I know, it is the best restaurant that maintains Japanese quality in ramen and fried rice, which can be eaten overseas.This store is my..."
Tomonori Takeda
"One of the best ramens I’ve tasted. Highly recommended. Staff are friendly. You just have to be there early to get seats because waiting line are..."
"Any day is ramen day. The servings here are HUGE. The ramen broth is so warm and the noodles are perfectly cooked. My all-time favorite menu item is..."
"The food was great. The best ramen I've tried so far (not that I'ventried many tho). The ambience of the place was nice. Customer service was awesome..."
Jaelein Nicey Monteclaro
"If you want to taste an authentic japanese ramen. This is the place you want to be. I love their ramen that is not on the menu. The broth is really..."
Stiffany Bajo
"I thought ramen in Cebu couldn't get any better but Yushoken blew my mind away! I came here to have an early dinner yesterday evening. The place..."
"THICK. Thickest noodle for ramen i can find in Cebu. Broth is also heavy bodied, thick, and and full. The chyashu slices are also thick, so if you..."
Patrick Patalinghug
"If you love ramen, or ramen loves you, this is the perfect place for a dinner date! Simply put, this is going to be the best ramen you can find..."
"Home of the best Ramen in Cebu! 🍜I am claiming it, definitely the best Ramen I have tried in Cebu yet. I have dined in various Japanese..."
"My top picks from Yushoken: Shoyu ramen, chahan & gyoza. I love their ramen but it might be a little too filling for 1 so I suggest to split it into..."
"Ramen will never be the same because of Yushoken. It is indeed the best ramen I ever had - even better than the numerous bowls of various ramen in..."
"One of the best ramen houses in Cebu. They make their own noodles and their broth is made from scratch as well. Place is clean plus the staff are..."
Katharine Agnes Abad
"Best authentic ramen ive tasted so far. Also loved the Chicken karaage and Gyoza. Must try in Cebu. Only problem is the waiting list but worth the..."
Al Louis Miguel Ongsuco
"Not a fan of the karaage but I love, love this place. I make it a point to try the different kinds of ramen and I'm never disappointed. Our order is..."
Hannah Frances Acosta
"Love their Shoyu Ramen! It tasted so good that it didn’t bother me anymore that the faucet upstairs wasn’t working. One of the staff was kind..."
Mary Mediatrix Pruel Acas
"Their ramen has the richest in flavor in cebu. Hands down, the best and the yummiest. Friends have been raving about their food and now i certainly..."
Katherine Chin-Abella
"Tip: start with the shoyu, then explore the dipping noodles, then progress to the off-menu grand chasyu. Avoid the closing hours. Sometimes the broth..."
"BEST RAMEN IN PH! I first visited their branch in Makati and I loved their ramen. Long lines were worth it. I’m so happy they branched..."
"My favorite place for Ramen. The broth and the noodles is just perfect for my amateur taste lol. I would eat here more often if the waiting list isnt..."
"So far has the best ramen I’ve tasted in Cebu 👍🏼👏🏼The noodles are just the right texture and firmness and the broth is absolutely..."
Nikka Mae Quiñanola
"This is by far the best ramen in Cebu, although their servings are smaller compared to other ramen house elsewhere, to me their serving is perfect..."
Mon Sabado
"I tried their miso ramen, and tonkutsu ramen. Without a doubt one of the most authentic ramen places in Cebu. The noodles were the right firmness,..."
Ed Bryan Canangca-an
"This is the closest thing to Mendokoro Ramen here in Cebu. Their ramen is just so good. Definitely worth it. The servers were friendly. The issue..."
David David
"This is the best ramen in the Queen City of the South! Pair your Ramen with Gyoza and dinner is solved. Prepare to wait for your queue tho but it’s..."
Jai Goc-ong
"It was the weekend and was raining, I craved for something hot and steamy. Did a little search on my phone and voila this popped up. It was an 18..."
Juan Kagaoan
"When in the mood for ramen, and some juicy, delicious sides (hello, karaage & gyoza!), Ramen Yushoken should be one of your go-to places. Just make..."
"Heard great things about this Ramen House and finally tried it for the first time last night while we were looking for a place to chill. Got hungry..."
"I am not really an expert on ramen thinhs and what noys. But accdg to my palate, well it taste malinamnam! Very good when it comes to quantity as it..."
Kyle Suarez
"I heard rave reviews from friends about Ramen Yushoken, so I tried it one fine evening. True to their word, this place did not disappoint. We ordered..."
Inday Adventurista
"I've never had a less than satisfactory visit to Ramen Yushoken. The service is consistently stellar and the food is phenomenal, making it all worth..."
"This is probably the best ramen I've ever tasted in Cebu. The broth is so rich and flavorful. Noodles cooked to perfection and not too soggy. And the..."
Chantal Nunez
"Probably the best ramen house in cebu. I am not really a fan of noodles but I felt like I needed a second bowl. The noodles were perfect, the meat..."
"The gyoza and the karaage were amaaaazing! The gyoza was bursting with flavour at each bite, juicy and sumptuous! The karaage melted in my mouth like..."
"One of the best ramens i tasted so far. Even the meat was tender and seasoned well. Gyoza was good too. Very nice place and excellent customer..."
"SUGUI! SO YAMI!  Best ramen place in the philippines, definitely worth the long drive from the north to the south! Such an experience eating..."
Luke Sebollena
"Before coming to this place I already tried most of the ramen shops/japanese restaurants here in cebu. From budget friendly ones to mid tier ones,..."
Joseph Emmanuel Naval
"The best ramen eveeeer!I've tried Ramen Nagi and Ramen Kuroda in Manila and this is a little better than both.I ordered 'Super Chashu'..."
Jessa Mojica
"By far, the best ramen place i've been in Cebu. Rich broth, fast service, amazing staff. This is not for everyone though. You have to come in with an..."
Mawus Mawus Tesaluna
"The ramen is excellent. The broth is so rich and flavorful, and one bowl fills you up. The staff are extremely friendly and your order arrives..."
Mariel Lim
"By far the best ramen house in Cebu. Their ramen broth is is so rich and yummy. Karaage is tender and juicy. Gyoza is tasty. The shoyu ramen is the..."
Myra Sabaldan Lahoylahoy
"The service here is excellent. I like the place its attractable and I love the smell of the ramen areperfectly cooked and the staffs are..."
Lucas Henrie Xavier
"Excellent service and good food. I just find the shoyu ramen a bit too salty. I don't really have a big appetite so I didn't finish the food but it..."
"Always a good visit! Nice staff, great ramen, best gyoza! My boyfriend and I would want to explore all other Japanese restaurants in Cebu but we..."
"BEST. RAMEN. HOUSE. EVER.Yushoken deserves a gold label for the ramen they serve. Hands down, the best.There are a lot of ramen houses in..."
Barbara Benj Algoso-Carubio
"Shoyu Rameeeennnn 🤤🤤🤤 already my craving since 2016!!!Great service crew, just the right amount of salt, pepper and magic mixed..."
"For me, this is the perfect place if you want to try different kinds of ramen. I am not a Japanese so I couldn't tell f they're using authentic..."
"This is definitely my go to Ramen place whenever I crave for it. There’s no doubt that they definitely offer great food and great service. They are..."
Aaron A. Hernandez
"Indeed one of the best tasting ramens in Cebu if not in the country. I'm a food explorer. Great place, great people, great service. The taste is..."
Drard Alcantara
"Believe the ratings and reviews guys! Ramen is delicious! Came here on a Monday at 11am and by noon the place was almost full with some single seats..."
Ken Tang
"Hands-down the best ramen in Cebu, it will leave you craving for more! I ordered their best-selling Shoyu Ramen. My favorite part of it is the soup...."
Reginabelle Montanez Mogami
"I don’t even know where to start, cause this ramen house deserves more than the 5 stars. Thats how good this place is. From the ramen, gyoza or..."
"My favorite ramen place in cebu. Me and my friend ordered Shoyu Ramen and gyoza. I'm not really much of a ramen fan but this is to crave for ♥️...."
Gen Gutierrez
"I enjoyed having my lunch-dinner with their best seller ramen. The pork is tender and the noodles are great. The overall experience is something to..."
Emari Pimentel
"I think, by far, Yushoken is the best place to be when you're craving for authentic ramen in Cebu. I ordered the Tantanmen since I have a high..."
Gene Green
"The service is very good. Attentive and friendly staff. Ordered their off menu Super Chasu ramen which is the best ramen Ive tasted in my life. The..."
Warren Levi
"Although location is far and prone to traffic jams, I'd still want to eat here again. For my first visit, i tried shoyu ramen and it didn't..."
"If you want to know where to find one of the best ramens here in Cebu, find yourself here at Yushoken. Here you can savor your favorite ramen bowls..."
Kleinberg Fletcher Tabel
"I forgot every other ramen house the first time I had Yushoken ramen. It's my favorite go-to on cheat days before we head out to the neighboring..."
"Incredibly good. By far the best Ramen in town, and actually better than their sister store in Manila. Better than some ramen houses in Japan even...."
Jace Shaw
"Surprisingly we're 7th on the list to get a table, even on a normal weekday. The wait wasn't that long though since there are available counters good..."
Emdjay Eyteen
"Authentic Japanese taste! It's really delicious and I love how they try to let you experience how Japanese eat their ramen because they don't serve..."
Ielle Niepes
10 Dove Street Confectionery
83/100 (1290 ratings)
"Been to a few 10 Dove street branches, and all of them provides excellent service.Ambiance - Very neat and pretty, the cafe/restaurant is..."
Mikhaila Tuble
"I LOVE THIS PLACE! It really feels like Christmas when you visit their store. They have cake selection and goodies made for Christmas...."
"My first time was in their original location - Sto. Niño Village back when they were still starting and I can say there are big changes. Second time..."
Kyle Christanne Labrador
"I came here on a rainy Saturday night and was sad to find the indoor seating full. But it was fortunate for me to find an empty table and eat in..."
"Mouth watering dessert. Banoffee’s taste are just right. For those who dislike too much sweet. Pair it with a hot tea and your good to go for this..."
Emari Pimentel
"I have tasted one of the best Chocolate Muffin here at 10 Dove Street. In all fairness, it was really good! The environment is clean and it was..."
Buble Querubin
"Cakes are appetizing and mouthwatering. It may be expensive, but it is worth every penny. The place is also as good as their cakes. Fruit..."
Sheen Carbellido
"My go-to place whenever I crave for dessert. The place is quaint, I love the ambiance and the staff are very helpful. I like how they always have a..."
"I was overjoyed upon seeing their shop! If you're a sweettooth like me, your insides will do a happy dance when you see their wide array of cakes and..."
Sam M
"Obviously, the total look the place is very shabby chic. It does make you want to stay there for awhile, hangout and enjoy a cup of their good..."
"Been wanting to go here for ages now and just passed by this place as we were on our way to someplace else. We didn't stay around though as there..."
"1. Atmosphere/ Ambiance: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️You can stay inside or enjoy the outdoors fronting the open space. This is a non smoking area..."
"The place is perfect for late night caffeine fix--quiet and not so crowded even on weekends. We've tried their Ube cake and Red..."
"For all the sweet-tooth fairies out there, I'm telling you this has been the best confectionery I've been to so far 😇 They have cakes w less sugar..."
Mary Grace General Adolfo
"Been looking for a valentine's gift for my mom(from my dad) and thought of 10 DC. I looked for their FB page and found that they have V-day cakes. I..."
El Len
"Looking for a cozy and quite place to date your one true love this valentines? This is the best place to be! 10 dove street is known for their mouth..."
YanYan Laagan
"The most wonderful time of the year is finally here! And what better way to enjoy this festive season than by spending every single minute of it with..."
"Well this is a hidden gem in Cebu for pretty and tasty cakes. The ambiance and interior is really good for reading a good book. Their holiday cake,..."
Joseph Inoferio
"Sweet tooth or not, 10 Dove Street Confectionery (10 D.C. for short), will surely satisfy your post-meal or snack cravings. Nestled comfortably in..."
"If you love cakes then head on over to 10 D.C. and you'll be able to fill your sweet tooth cravings. They have chocolate-based cakes as well as..."
The Visual Traveler
"When it comes to delicious desserts this place does not disappoint! They have a huge selection of cakes and my fave is the banoffee pie. Sooooo..."
Sheena Yap Chan
"I don't know where to start. The whole place is just beautiful and all their cakes turn out to be a perfect combo with their coffee. I always order..."
"One of my go to places for cakes and desserts. Mango cakes and chocolate decadence are favorites. It's also a good place for coffee, tea and..."
Andrew Olano
"Very chic place to stay. Everything about the place and ambiance exudes class. The dining area is a bit small but the al fresco can accomodate twice..."
Inday Adventurista
"The place has a cozy ambience - very relaxing; chamomile tea is ❤️ - smooth and sirene. Kinda' disappointed because I didn't see any cheesecakes..."
Ferrychan Loyola Padua
"Imagine a house full of cakes? Well stop imagining 10 Dove Street Confectionery is now open. From the pearly white walls and some fancy interior..."
Ram Kuizon
"Their cakes are like those that are made by your mom and grandma, a product of care and art. Simple but elegant. I have an obsession with their..."
Ethelbert Ouano
"We ordered their specialty; A combination of a sandwich, soup, cake and coffee! Everything is so good. The staffs are very accommodating. Space is..."
"This is cake heaven. It's a nice quaint little place perfect for meet-ups with friends. The cakes are absolutely delicious and the coffee is not bad..."
Elisabeth Baumgart
"I love these bars especially the mango bar! Not too sweet. Just enough to satisfy my soft palate for fruity flavor. The interiors is Fab and chic...."
Hershey Chua Bernz
"I love their green tea layer! I recommend this to all the green tea lovers. Also try their nutella cookie, almond cookie, and crispy peanut butter..."
Kezia Marie Paglicawan Medina
"It's sweetness overload. I thought I was a child again because of their different display of cakes and other desserts. The nutella cookie is my..."
Anj Ville
"The sweets are not too sweet - just average. And the place is very homey and cool. they have alfresco dining and not. #10DC #CebuFoodCrawl..."
Babie Sarah Ladeza
"They have interesting and yummy sweet treats, from cakes, cookies, and pastry bars.Fruit medley, chocolate decadens, and salted chocolate..."
Ian Limpangog
"This has always been my favorite comfort dessert shop in Cebu. The place is so homy and the food is, as mentioned, comforting. My absolute favorite..."
Kerr Quevedo
"If you're looking for cake heaven, this is the place to go. The cafe's ambience is country inspired, it just feels homey. You can place orders for..."
Keane Vincent Valencia
"What's with 10 Dove Street Confectionery's Molten Lava that makes it different from others? 1. It's placed in a white ceramic bowl that's very..."
"Well, this was introduced to me by someone special so this I consider a special place. This is a place of pure peace and zen in eating dessert cakes...."
John Ray Hernani
"this place is certainly one of my little heavens down here. so glad i was able to get my hands on their silver cake lover ticket during their opening..."
Honey Lyn Mendoza
"worth a try! their cakes are not as sweet as you think.. every ingredients compliments with each other that makes a certain very yummy.. they have a..."
Lovelea Ho Suarez
"And 10 Dove Street just opened its dessert parlour just recently. A very cozy place indeed with interiors soothing to the eye. I like how they used..."
Habhab CEBU
Fat Dois
84/100 (718 ratings)
Garlic chicken
Cheese Ribs
Spicy Noodles
Pork Steak
Kimchi Rice
Cheezy Chix Spicy
Cheesy Shrimp
Garlic Soy Cheesy Chix
"Finally, chicken buldak in Cebu! A must try if you love cheeeeese! They have a very simple menu, and the dishes are good for sharing and reasonably..."
Marco Paulo Diala
"Loved everything about this place, a simple yet very unique restau in cebu. The cheesy garlic chicken and spicy ramyeon noodles were superb! Will..."
Irene Villaflores
"Although the waiting time will be a test of patience and tolerance to hunger, the food is worth it. Their garlic soy chicken and ribs are..."
Paul Reymon Torregosa Macanip
"Affordable yet quality food. Serving is for 2 individuals, can be up to 3, depends on the consumption of each..."
Cez Taala
"The distinct taste of their ribs makes them unique. I understand now why people are willing to fall in line. We ordered the cheesy chicks soy flavor..."
Camz Yee
"When we came, the place was already full so we waited for almost an hour BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. I recommend you their cheesy chix (chicken with..."
"I would really suggest to go there early since the waiting list os quite long. The food was great! It was worth the wait..."
"The cheesy chicken and spicy ramen was amazing! Been here countless times and the food never fails to..."
Geson John Gawchua Mandawe
"Definitely five stars for this restaurant. It's always jam-packed because the food offered are scrumptious. It's affordable too - so it's good for..."
"The staff was kind and accommodating. We ordered mac&cheese, shrimp, ribs and i think it was cajun flavored chicken?I loved the mac&cheese, the..."
Caballero Dianne
"One of the best tasting cheesy chicken and ribs I've ever had! There are people waiting in line so you need to be early if you want to eat at an..."
"I have been here for a couple of times already but their food never did once disappoint. 😋 I'm in love with their cheesy ribs and cheesy chix...."
Jessa Marie Pedrola
"We live nearby & yet we only made time recently to eat here. There was some wait time but as my husband & I were willing to sit on the high chairs,..."
"Waiting for how many minutes for a table or something is all worth it. We ordered all the foods on their menu, and everything was delicious. And its..."
"There is a reason why people are willing to line up and wait for hours for this place. Their food is scrumptious! I, particularly, love the kimchi..."
Nomnom Monster
"WORTH THE WAIT! ❤ the place is small so you have to be early and write down your name in the list provided outside the small door. I can guarantee..."
Mariole Flores Flores
"Finally back with my food blog. Fat Dois was a great start for that. Worth the wait cuz food was really good and with all the cheese I must say..."
Joy Leyson
"Waited for quite some time since the place was small, but it was definitely worth it!The boyfriend and I ordered cheesy chix, rice and..."
Sheena Caña
"worth a try. ive been there twice already and my opinion change. Its worth the try if you havent yet, but not worth the wait every single time. the..."
Andrei Pelato
"Definitely one of the greatest resto here in Cebu. Though it’s away from the city, it’s worth the wait! if you are a cheese lover , then..."
Yeula Lyn Espanol
"Food is great. And serving is quite good too. We ordered 3 servings each of their ramen, shrimp and chicken, and 2 servings of kimchi rice for a..."
Jonabelle Encorporado
"We ordered their shrimp, chicken, and ramyeon. The shrimp was easy for one to get "umay" because the sauce was too rich that it does not compliment..."
Ed Bryan Canangca-an
"Can’t count how many times i have went to this place, but all I can say is, their food is definitely worth the wait!!! Everything looks and tastes..."
Danelle Elisha Asdillo
"Defntly worth the wait! But it's better to go there before it opens so you get listed first. Really good food! Unique! Although, it would be nice if..."
Andrea Aligato
Micha Paigan
"My friends and I arrived early around 5 and we were one of the few people who got a table right away. A few mins later, a lot of people were lining..."
"The food, price and staffs are excellent. Everything is perfect except for the setting. The place is too small and can accomodate a few people..."
Dale Aaron Cabuena
"Good for group gala 😁. We really had fun when we went there... We were just teasing their friendly staffs ❤️. Would really recommend this..."
Worfi Montesor
"Their place is really small so customers had to wait outside for a long period of time. Their food is worth the wait though. Price is definitely..."
Kc Miguel
"Very yummy and affordable, you just have to wait for an hour or more  because they have a small space and there are lots of people, but i like how..."
Ivy Faith Aloy
"The food was good and the proportions are rather big too. Their kimchi rice is good for more than 2 for sure. And I also recommend the garlic soy..."
Ed Quitos
"If you love cheese, it is the best place to go in Cebu. They only have three choices on their menu, all has mozzarella cheese. Mini stoves are in..."
Beastly Eats By Jes
"All the dishes in the menu are 😋😋😋😋😋 waiting time is 15-20 mins. but the wait is worth it. Each dish is good for 2 people. The..."
Zyra Zarsona
"Nothing fancy just good food. Place a bit small but will definitely come back here. The place get crowded real quick so be early or you will end up..."
"Small place but the food is really yummy! Although, our cheese got "burnt" because we left the stove on for a long time... So if you think the cheese..."
Justine Nicole Dajao
"Chicken wasn't as spicy I thought it would be but still tasted good. The cheese was a bit tough and too chewy when it cools down. I'm a fan of..."
Angel Saroca
"We went there because we were curious of this red door where a lot of people waited outside everytime we passed this place. Sure enough, we got..."
"Though we waited for an hour plus, the food was worth its price. Affordable (student friendly), good food and most importantly, fast service. Too bad..."
Juliane Benemerito
"Me and my brother were really looking forward into dining here and generally, the food was good but didn't really reached our expectations. Surely,..."
Ted Lawrence Bermudez
"We arrived at Fat dois at 5:30 and waited until 8:00 pm to get inside. The place is really small and I think it can only accommodate up to 20 people...."
Charm Natividad
"If you are looking for an affordable Korean resto that offers good food, i guess this is a must try for you. My personal fave is their Kimchi Rice..."
Aaron A. Hernandez
"The food is nice. The place is okay though if you look from the outside, 20 people are not enough but I also thought about that one. There is no..."
"The food is absolutely delicious! The food is served immediately, and the food stays warm thanks to the portable gas stove. The ribs easily get sold..."
Charlene Varona
"You can easily find the place due to the long line of people, mostly teenagers waiting to get in and it has a bright red door thats impossible to..."
"Food: they only serve three dishes and we ordered all of them. Their food is okay. I was satisfied with it but I was expecting for more. The ribs was..."
Gio Brauer
"the ribs is a bit pricey for the serving. the spicy chix is a thumbs-up for me. the least we like is the spicy noodles, nothing extraordinary about..."
Ianne Jorj
"Been eyeing to try this place since I heard about it. But everytime we pass by their overly eye catching red door, we see long list of people waiting..."
Lou Castañeda
Aaron Petallana
"Im not really a fan of those kind of food 😂 but they really taste GOOD! Especially the oyster flavored one which I happen to forget what it was...."
Lara Dominguez
"I’ve been eyeing on their food since months ago. I wonder why alot of people opt to line up for hours just to get in the resto. So I researched and..."
Mary Grace General Adolfo
"The place was good, it was full when it was our turn so the room was noisy but it was just the right amount of noise that you can hear what your..."
Ellane Magale
"The food was so delicious and affordable. We got there on time so we didn't have to wait. I will definitely come back for more. In cheese we trust!..."
Rohini Rozanne Doronila
"The food was AMAZING. No wonder people line up to eat at Fat Dois. My friend and I tried their Spicy Chicken and Ribs and it was GREAT. The ribs were..."
Bea Pogoy
"It was worth the wait 💕Affordable foods that is so LAMI 😍Location: Near OAKRIDGE , BaniladSuper sulit 💪🏻 Tyak na..."
Joy Ann Saguban Millor
"the cheesy chix is so tasty I love it. our happy place with hubby The ribs is okay still yummy but I prefer the chix..hmm the noodle is just fine..."
Johanna Mariel Cruz
"There are only two things I distinctly remember about dining in Fat Dois.One is the food.The other is the ridiculously long..."
"Loved their bbq flavored chicken because it's both yummy and affordable. The downside is that we waited 2 hrs in order to get served because we went..."
Catleya Snow
"Great food, service and cute red door! The food was served quick, delicious (especially the garlic soy chicken) and also very affordable! I like the..."
Lara Jianni
"Food is good but you'd have to be here early if you don't want to wait in the line for too long. My friends and I arrived there at 5:30 and got to..."
"One of the sought-after restaurants here in the metro. So because of that, expect people to flock this place. Going there, you can easily spot this..."
Musings Of A Libra
"We waited 1 1/2 hrs to get inside and another 25 mins to be served. Patience indeed is a virtue. The inside was small yet well-ventilated so it was..."
Miss Monica
"All we can say is, lami gyud siya. 😂Worth the wait!!The wait time for the food to be served is not too long. The food are served hot...."
"Waited for almost 1 hour but it’s worth it. - Foods are affordable and tasty. - Place is small, but has a nice ambiance.-..."
Sheen Carbellido
"Lami ila pagkaon pero maka sum.ol jud siya. Nindot ipares ila pagka.on ug soft drinks or alcoholic beverages. Be warned, taas kaayu ang waiting time..."
Irish Ortiz Pekitpekit
"I've been dying to try Fat Dois for months now ever since it started making buzz all throughout Cebu's social media scene. There were several..."
CHarMz BOrcEs
"I've been hearing Fat Dois from my friends. They've been trying to get in for several times but they always end up disappointed because the..."
Brian Mateo
"Was really curious about what the rave was all about and decided to try it. We arrived at around 8pm and we were 6th in line and we got seated around..."
"The only reason I gave this a 4.0 is the waiting time for you to be seated and the lack of parking space since it is situated right at the side of..."
"The food was great especially the spicy noodles with spam, affordable rsad but patience is a virtue jud kaayo. We've waited for 3 hours to dine...."
Denise Paige
"Cheesylicious food at a very affordable price! Worth to try together with your friends since the place was really queuing. The place has limited..."
Maris 🌸
"I can't believe we patiently waited for TWO WHOLE HOURS just to get a table 😂😂😂 Well, we had fun talking so we kinda forgot the time until..."
"ambience and customer service is not so impressive hence the 4 ratings. the restaurant is in the smaller side which can only accomodate aroun 4-5..."
Jade Buaya
"Went here last month but forgot to give a review. Hahaha.When I first heard about it from my friends I didn't even like to try it. However..."
Miguel Teñedo
"Ambiance: The place was so small that you have to wait for hours outside (near the road, which was not really good). Lucky us, we were first on the..."
Food For Thought
"The place maybe small but the food is great. We tried everything on the main menu and I'd give two thumbs up for the three. I'm looking forward for..."
Giselle Ann Gonzaga
"When you get here you have to make sure that you write your name on the list. We waited and was one of the first few to be seated. We ordered and it..."
Marie Nikolai Cabrera
"Waiting time can be long, better do there before 5:30 and list your name or reserve ahead. Price range is affordable. Food is great. We've..."
"Place is a bit small, food is good but not great, really looks tatsy basing on the photos but it is worth trying. The spicy ramen was good same as..."
Boss Ralf Mercado
"Went here last night to try their dishes and it was so delicious! Loved their cheesy chicken in garlic soy (can't stop picking on the cheese 😅)..."
"Went there yesterday around 6:00 pm and they were already a lot of people waiting. There are chairs outside their store.While waiting, the..."
"I honestly have the patience if the food is worth it. In Fat Dois, it is indeed worth it. The line is quite long, and of course, dinners are not done..."
Niethel Salinas
Sachi Authentic Japanese Ramen Okonomiyaki
84/100 (692 ratings)
Okonomiyaki & Takoyaki (Flour Dish)
"The takoyaki is 90% similar of that in Osaka imo. For a third of the price, i call it a steal. Some dishes were not available though as we arrived..."
Rigel Dunidee
"verSACHI on the floor. Okay, no puns... Sachi has very Very delicious Ramen! Gyoza and everything else in that menu! Love love Sachi :) they can fix..."
Niña Denisse Mayol Yuson
"Authentic Japanese food here in Cebu. I love the idea that whenever I ate Ramen I always compare the taste to the one I ordered here in Sachi. I..."
Kayne Inso
"Really good and authentic. The price is just right for the servings, taste and of course ambience. Have tried almost all of their dishes and I have..."
"This place was recommended by a Cebu local as one of the places that serve authentic Japanese ramen.Taste/Food - their ramen selection was..."
"The ramen is really delicious and the price they offer matches the goodness of their food! Worth it! The ambiance isn't quite nice compared to other..."
Andrea Aligato
"So far the best Japanese Restaurant in Cebu! Their ramen taste awesome and MY GOD the best GYOZA EVER! Super stuffed!!! Will surely comeback for more..."
Davey Nuñez
"This is the best branch for me, not only it's super near my place. Their pork teriyaki and ramen tastes really really good compared to the ayala..."
"This was where I had the chance to eat a lot of Japanese food. The okonomiyaki was the best! However the place can be a bit too crowded especially at..."
Jin M.
"Literally the best ramen I’ve had in Cebu. The place by Maria Luisa is small, but the ambience somehow just works. Service was on point and the..."
Angelo Benito
"So far I like sachi, it’s like fast food but Japanese: the prices are very reasonable and cheap. And the service is also fast. Overall this is a..."
"So far one of my favorite Japanese restaurants in Cebu. My boyfriend is a huge Japanese food enthusiast, and he brought me to this place (the..."
"Place is okay, food is great, price is average not so expensive not so cheap too. Usually crowded at night i love their ramen and their misu soup..."
"The location is very near to my house. Ambiance is great. Price is reasonable. Food is superb! my fave here is their collagen ramen, gyoza and..."
Luo La Cenz
"Well finally i made it for the first time! and it was superb! i loved it 😍 I was not aware that they were Best of Cebu lasy 2015 congrats you did..."
Boyerz Urashima
"If you're looking for authentic ramen, Sachi is definitely one you should look forward to. The place has the Japanese vibe you'd want when..."
"BEST RAMEN in CEBU so far 🍜👏🤗🤗 Great and authentic japanese style cuisine! Friends you should try this! Worth thebwait and the..."
Jhan Villasin
"Nothing like the OG. I’ve been to ayala and lapu lapu branch but definitely, it feels different in the original one. Lovely and accommodating..."
"I've tried 3 ramen places in Cebu, Sachi by far is the best. Noodles are firm, broth is flavorful and serving is big enough when you are hungry...."
"A very easy go-to place to have the best ramen in town. It is the simplest ramen but one of the best that I had so far. Definitely my comfort food...."
Jeaneh Makei
"Sachi offers the best tasting Okonomiyaki in metro cebu, it's like a omelette or pancake, but it's more referred to a japanese pizza. lets us not..."
"What a sumptuous gastronomic experience! The crew is so accommodating. Love the food and left the place with a warm fuzzy feeling on a full happy..."
Beyee Caballes
"Sachi's takoyaki (6 pieces- 90php), okonomiyaki (130php-250php) and wasabi were surprisingly authentic and yummy. They tasted like the ones i had in..."
Audrey S See
"We always order their Takoyaki which we just love especially the pr8ce and serving pieces.For this trip, we also ordered the Noukou Kotteri..."
The Visual Traveler
"Invaded their main branch because we wanted something different (location wise). This branch looks very humble but when you get inside, you still get..."
Inday Adventurista
"Few of my friends recommended Sachi coz they know how i like ramen. So i finally decided to visit this place yesterday. I was not in the mood for..."
YanYan Laagan
"Situated near my residence, lucky me! The best ramen in town at an amazingly affordable price. Great ambience, fast service. Suggestions for..."
"They have delicious authentic Japanese food. I've been here recently and although the restaurant may seen small from the outside, it's actually quite..."
Marie Nikolai Cabrera
"It's a great place to get your Takoyaki fix! I'm pretty sure they have the best in Cebu. The Okonomiyaki and the ramens are a must try too! The food..."
Michael Clyde Sanchez
"The price of their ramen is really economical! Location wise is not okay since their parking space is very limited. Kudos though to their waiters..."
Nikki Dee
"I definitely would want to recommend this place to those who love Japanese cuisine. Food is really yummy and service was great. Even the manager..."
"As i took a sip of the noukou kotteri's broth, i've realized that it tastes a lot like balut.. The broth was flavourful and the meat was soft....."
Monterry Llena
"Ramen here is the closest i've had from Japan. First timers go get Noukou Kotteri. If you wanna get that ramen fix go here. The takoyaki is to die..."
Aaron James Dela Cruz
"Unlike other mainstream and commercialized ramen houses, Sachi's relatively moderate means of operation allows it to maintain the quality of its..."
The Lifeaholics
"They use to be that little Japanese kanto shop under the stairs at Piazza Elesia, Talamban where we regularly fill in our Okonomiyaki and Takuyaki..."
"If you're looking for a place where you can get really good ramen, Sachi is the best place for you. Although accessibility might be an issue since..."
Bea Alfar Evardone
"I dub this place the best RAMEN place in the Cebu! For now... Great tasty ramen and yummy gyoza too! ~ less than 300 pesos for a bowl of ramen. So in..."
"RAMEN. This is totally the place for ramen lovers. Their ramen is just the perfect match for a cold weather. Sacchi's tantanmen was just awesome...."
Angela Tamura
83/100 (685 ratings)
"Balai cafe will always be one of those cafés you’ll love to go to- for relaxation from a busy day at work, or at school. Just the perfect place to..."
"This is the best restaurant/cafe/chill place I've been to in Cebu. The moment we stepped in, I already knew we were in the right place. The staff..."
Francis Angelo Maniego
"Let me talk about the pros and cons:The Cons-First of all, we arrived when it was dark and the parking area didn’t have any..."
Mariel Lim
"Food tastes great (worth the price), except for the pancakes. The red velvet pancakes were uhm, tasteless (thank goodness there was ice cream which..."
Mandee Germanotta
"For a good meal with instagrammable corners, this is the place to be! Love their chicken here! Also the chicken skin!!! Their coffee blends are okay..."
Andrea Aligato
"Love the atmosphere and vibes to it. Not so well lit for people who came there to read books but overall was worth the price. Would definitely go..."
Wayne Ybiernas
"Brought my parents for brunch on a Sunday. I love the ambience. It's cozy and homey. The service was also great. Their brunch was amazing. I could..."
FeeBee Bacs List
"Great place to chill. Food and coffee is quite decent and very reasonably priced. Staff was also cheerful and friendly, and service was prompt. Cozy..."
Krizia Lee
"Finally got the chance to visit this place. This has been stucked on my bookmarks for so long since this place is very much familiar to me, just a..."
Twisted Sunshine
"The ambience is very calming. Wi-Fi is great. We ordered their roasted chicken and it’s really good. Their staffs are friendly and the prices are..."
"Loved their chicken meal. Ambience is great, homey even. Great place for first dates or just hanging out with your friends without the crowd and all...."
Jess Villa
"I love the ambiance of this place and very authentic interior design it really feels like you are in your 'Balai'. The food were amazing, the staff..."
Stiffany Bajo
"Highlights:+ Polite Staff+ Nice lightings and Ambiance is classic - i like it+ great for dates : set up of the tables/chairs/mirrors..."
Patrick D. Unabia
"Love the ambience of the place. Love their Latte Frappe coffee! Staff were friendly. Food were really good though it took some time when it was..."
Lara Monegro
"Good coffee, fine food & great ambiance for a date or in groups. I recommend the farook chicken & chicken skin coz it's tasty paired with curry rice..."
Chbz Chiboi
"The ambience has always been great and glad to see it grow even more. Have a lot of options to choose from the menu but not to a point where you'll..."
Katharine Agnes Abad
"Such a good cafe!!! I just find this cafe so far. Since I love breakfast foods, my boyfriend suggested this place and we went here for breakfast and..."
Maris 🌸
"They have the Best coffee in Banilad! Very nutty and neutral sweetness. Staff is very accommodating and smiling. Thank you for the great..."
"It took awhile for me to try this place because, word is, it's always packed and parking can be tricky. If you are afraid of the crowd, consider..."
Kara Mae Noveda
"This place was lovely! We both had their bacon plates and it was delicious. Generous amount of food. This was the best breakfast we’ve had since..."
MJ Acabal
"I get confused with this place. Sometimes they can really impress, but sometimes i just feel like they are being lazy. At least it’s more of the..."
David David
"If you want a quiet, instagram-worthy place where you can drink coffee, catch up with friends, and eat good food, you should try Balai. Food servings..."
"Went there at 7AM for breakfast. The ambience is very cozy, there’s a lot of food choices, and the food is delicious. Not complaining, just an..."
"Went to balai cafe on a sunday afternoon and had a sunday chill kinda day. The place was quiet and relaxing and the interior was sooo cool. The cafe ..."
Hungry Gal
"it’s a place you’d like to just chill and talk with your friends or simply spend time with yourself. i don’t have a lot to say about the food..."
Grace Biaño
"We got lost when we tried to go there. Hahaha But hey! Its all worth the walk and sweat. The place is so cozy and spacious. There are lots of trees..."
"Cute little coffee shop in banilad that’s super IG worthy to take pics. Their decor is nice and their prices are ok. Enjoyed their avocado toast...."
Sheena Yap Chan
"Great atmosphere, good food, friendly service - BUT NO ALCOHOL. This restaurant is losing a lot of business due to their lack of adult beverages. All..."
"I love how home-y and classy the location and atmosphere is at the same time. I often visit the place for coffee and work. This was the first time I..."
SoundsLikeGab 👑
"My first breakfast ever in Balai is superb. Location is not hard to find. There is a parking area for the customers. Great staff and great place to..."
Jofrey Delos Reyes Lai
"Traditionally, most people prefer white walls, low and short curtains, small windows and bright lights. For me, I have always preferred the..."
BINGE EATERS // YouTube Channel
"I have visited and dined in Balai several times already and each time is ALWAYS a good time for me. The place gives off a homey feel and a relaxed..."
Nowi Burgos
"This place is 11 / 10 on my book. The place itself is wonderful, with a whole outdoor dining area where you can smoke freely while eating or..."
"Staff was really accommodating. Food was superb and not that expensive. The experience was great. This will be my fave coffee shop from now on. The..."
Lea Shelle Fabro
"We came here for brunch. I find the place so homey with a touch of a romantic ambiance. I can see there were lights set up in their outdoor dining..."
"Balai is a place where you can sit back and relax with your friends and loved ones. The place boasts a certain melodramatic feeling which emphasizes..."
Patrick Dean Amit
"I love their chicken! And their avocado toast. However don’t order their drinks (flavored ones) it’s totally a waste of money, it’s way..."
"I love all of their menu. This was my first time to visit this restaurant. It's looks native like our home, you can feel relax in here. I am plan to..."
Sarah Chan
"This restaurants makes you feel relax, because of the design like also a regular house but it was totally beautiful restaurants. Last time my friends..."
Kathy Ann Macasling
"We often at times have this monotonous feeling when we go to the same restaurant over and over again. We often times try to find that niche to fill..."
Jan Edward Marquez
"I don’t enjoy coffee places that much, but this one I had to make an exception. This place is so lovely. Whenever I go there it’s not very..."
Pauline O.
"The ambience is great. I love the food. The place is perfect for a dinner chill out. But if you're already hungry, this is not for you. It took us..."
Luo La Cenz
"It was my last day in Cebu and my friend took me there for lunch. This place was one of the most Instagram-mable restaurants I’ve been to in Cebu...."
Feed My Tummy PH
"I love the ambiance of this place . It’s comforting and relaxing. Homey feels as it is named “balai”The food is great especially the..."
Lady Alfie Rudas
"Great tasting chicken + a peaceful place to stay and chill. The employees were also very accommodating and we didn't wait too long for our food to be..."
June G. Reuyan
"Food: was great! We went there for dinner and ordered their charcoal chicken and chicken skin. We enjoyed it. It took them approximately 20-25..."
Gio Brauer
"The place is really homey as the name of the establishment literally means “house/home”. Best time to visit would be close to it’s closing..."
"The food is sumptous. They serve big portions. It is a value for money. The ambiance is very good. The only thing that needs to be improved is the..."
Anne Aymone
"This is the perfect place to go to if you have an in dire need to unwind and free yourself from stressors. When we went their, the staffs or crew..."
Eloisa Marie Abalos
"The place has its indoor and outdoor seating with both nice and cozy design. A perfect place to chill and hang out with your boo, family and..."
Cathy Rain Castro
"Ambience is great! The Chicken was DELICIOUS! Both the roast chicken and the chicken skin were great! Good pita! And the sauces were amazingly good!..."
James Anthony
"Balai, a hole in the wall cafe restaurant. Quite pricey but it was all worth it. We checked in for dinner time and quite lucky enough to be able to..."
Emily Joyce
"Add me on IG: raymondguaguaReview Deck: Balai by Cafe +Brunch cafes thrive the metro to welcome an emerging trend of eating..."
Raymond Guazon
"unfortunately opening time is 10:00am,i waited half an hour infront of door 😂but resturants atmosphere is extremely nice..."
"Spent 700+ for 2 people. The richly spiced tender chicken was AFFORDABLE at P300, which was in contrast to the P39 per cup rice and the P110 iced..."
Miss Monica
"Good food and cozy place. Those were the words that came into my mind when we visited Balai. Located across Fat Dois, this coffee shop/restaurant..."
Musings Of A Libra
"Quiet, great ambiance of Spanish and Filipino design, coffee has giant size which is great for coffee lovers such as me, and it has a semi-function..."
Paul Magale
"Such a great place to eat peacefully because it isn't crowded. Their food is super delicious! (And they have reasonable prices too) The ambiance..."
"You know that feeling when you're very sleepy and you find a bed? That was how I felt when I was looking for a good cafe and found this...."
Honey Cepada
"Good Ambiance, Excellent Interior. great food and accommodating staff, good place for studying. i haven't seen any outlets so minus points for me...."
"When we got in the cafe, we just fell in love with the place. It was 10AM so they just opened. We ordered Mocha Frappe and Caramel Macchiato while..."
Monique Marie Cinches
"I'm in love. This place had a very urban and aesthetically pleasing vibe to it at an affordable price. Their packaging and interior were very much on..."
BTS's Korean Beef
"I like the place, it was cozy. I also like the service. It was fast and the waiters were very friendly and accommodating. We visited on a tuesday to..."
Karen Abello
"A great place to do school work except study. They have good ambiance. The staff seemed too busy to entertain me so I had to stand in front of the..."
Marie Nikolai Cabrera
"I love how simplistic but modern the feel is. It is a great spot to think and be creative as it is relaxing and quiet. The coffee is great but would..."
Nieco Tborz Cinco
"Coffee tastes really good for a reasonable price. Ambiance of the place is wonderful. You can either go here to chat with your friends, study for an..."
Earl Monica Tordillo Gasatan
"AMBIANCE 🏠“Dayun kamo sa among Balay.” Chos. I’m not sure how the term “Balai” was originated. In France, it means “The..."
Mary Grace General Adolfo
"I really like the place.. its a good place to chill. The food is great the service is good. The place has wifi, you can totally watch your favorite..."
Janine Claire Rodriguez
"New fave hang out place!I love the ambiance. Coffee was so-so but what made me want to come back was the avocado toast! 😍 I didnt know..."
70/100 (610 ratings)
"very affordable and yummy! ang staff mga abtik nya ang food jud, unique..."
Karen Bacusmo Longakit
"Samgyupsal, tahong, squid, chorizo, chicken liver and more for 290 unlimited!! Love the sauce that you put on the grill to taste the meat. I was..."
Camz Yee
"Beef yakiniku is superb! And also the hungarian sausage. Tip: Don’t waste your time cooking the chicken. Get the beef, shrimp, marinated pork and..."
Larisse Apawan
"For a samgyeopsal lover like me, Kogi-Q may be one of the more worth-it all-you-can-eat meat and seafood there is in Cebu. I tried Kogi Q in  Peublo..."
Inday Adventurista
"Been here sometime last month with my son. We wanted to try a korean food but was surprised because they only serve filipino cuisine. Price was..."
"I've been here with my officemates for a dinner celebration. KOGI Q here is a bit cheap compared to other branches for they do not offer veggie and..."
Queenly Rose B. Fukumizu
"Since it was the New Year almost all the restaurants were closed but lucky us we found out that you guys were open for lunch. Social media..."
Tessa Madrid
"The food is amazing especially the side dishes. The price is worth it. Plus the crew was very accommodating. We came there very early, still close,..."
Therese Marie Dela Torre
"Their service is great, very nice staff, i love the taste of their grilled squid and pork.. unlimitted food for only 299.. good experience....."
Marivic Buntod
"Its fun cooking while eating, lol. We arrived 30mins before their closing time. However, we were still accomodated & the staffs were really friendly...."
Caryl Ann B. Marinduque
"Super busog haha im a meat lover so yea their meat is juicy. Staffs are great. Very affordable and great place for family and barkada. I prefer you..."
Honey Mae Quijada Baraña
"A best place for your friends, colleagues or family for affordable grill buffet.. It was nice, my colleagues enjoyed grilling their favorite..."
Mikee Ryans
"We chose to eat here during my birthday. It was nice. There are a lot of food to choose from and its all delicious. You have to make sure you can..."
Guada Mae Rebuta
"If you're looking for an experience that's within budget, this is the place to go... Place offers different varieties. Bit of a downer is that we..."
Devie Povadora
"Calling all meat lovers who also love to cook Korean style. Well, the place offers a variety of tasty meat from chicken, samgyeopsal, tempura, squid,..."
SweetAnn Inot
81/100 (559 ratings)
Coffee & Tea
"My sister urged me to try their Cold Brew since she has this B1T1 voucher. I had the Original Cold Brew while she had her Vanilla-flavoured one...."
Twisted Sunshine
"This is by far the best Starbucks in Cebu and I have loads of respect for the other branches too. Sure, it's Starbucks - you're not going to find any..."
Nicholas Barang
"I love hanging out here! Also, it’s a great study place and really comfy too. It’s one of my fave starbucks branches. Also, very close to..."
"Really good ambiance and has the chill ambiance or vibe that we look for when we're enjoying our cup of coffee. The service is fast too. Probably the..."
Andrea Aligato
"One of the only two favorite branches. Employees and baristas are VERY friendly! There are still a lot of people but not too over-crowded. Ambiance..."
"Each coffee they make is of fine quality that would find its way to soothe your weary spirits. It has two floors and a spacious outdoor seating. The..."
Kleinberg Fletcher Tabel
"Great service! Me and my thesis mates have been here a lot of times already🎉 the staff were great and really friendly. The free mini samples of..."
Harper Villamon
"My hangout place every end of the week. Has truly the best coffee and chocolate drinks to date. Very recommended. Starbucks is awesome man. (It's..."
"Ask them for suggestions on how to customize your drink (eg. My fave drink is Caramel Macchiato then the barista suggested if I want it upside down..."
Mae Maramara
"I like the new Tahitian vanilla Teavana. It is sweet, fragrant and just right amount of bitterness. I also like to stay at this Starbucks branch..."
Andrew Olano
"Starbucks located in Oakridge is my best-loved branch of theirs. It reminds me of the spot I have frequented when I was in Korea. The atmosphere is..."
Angela Tamura
Peri Peri Charcoal Chicken
79/100 (411 ratings)
"i loved the Pasta with shrimp,forgot how'zt it exactly called. I even asked if they can serve a menu with the shrimp alone-- it was reaaal good!! the..."
Sharon Laurente
"Lami ilang #TodoCarne pizza����� Highly recommend..."
Eljeda Culaste-Etorma Montanez
"It's something different and tasty from the usual Jollibee, Mang Inasal, and others. I Iiked the drums and galvanized sheets as a decor. The..."
Papartsj Joel
"The food extremely delicious and the staff are very attentive keep it up..."
Oscar Solon
"Nice restaurant, warm greeting by all staff and the chicken was masarap. Soft and delicious, marinated 24 hours. It didn't taste like Nando's as some..."
Steve Tulleth
"If you come here expecting Nando's, you'll be disappointed. This place has an identity of its own, which is quite refreshing. Highly recommended!..."
Iris Clamor
"Food is good, just right for my taste buds... I can choose from variety of sauces to match the chicken. Tenderly cooked, I loved..."
Che Gumana Ram Fernandez
"this restaurant was so great and yummy food..... i love this place music nice ang relaxing song... the service was nice... i..."
James Pangandoyon Arnado
"Nice food. Good ambiance. Perfect for beer drinking..."
Vincent Ryan
"The food is so good... !! And the managers are beautiful..."
Kelvz Cruz Villaruz
"JEWEL in the DESERT! harissa exotica. here's the best tasting esol..."
Raffy Yagonia de Leon
"Superb!! Dili gyud ka magmahay sa imo gibayad, Mobalik gyud ko magdala Ug frenz para sila ako pabayaron! :-) :-)..."
Cooley Flores
"To be honest when I eat at a restaurant I kept my expectation low and just enjoy the company of my friends and family. As a cook also I know the..."
Gary Reyes
"Love their truffle pasta. My comfort..."
Ryan Kaw
"Has a variety of yummy food options to choose from. The sauces they have are also delicious and could go well with a lot of their dishes. This resto..."
Katherine Chin-Abella
"My fave meals on their menu:- mozzarellas sticks (it had this garlic flavoring that made it unique!)- fernando’s (chicken)- pasta..."
Jasmine Uy
"It was our first time to try this restaurant out and luckily, they serve really good food. HOORAY FOR CHICKEN LOVERS🐔❤️ with the chicken comes..."
Anne Margarette Florita
"Chicken is super tender and juicy! We ordered the Diablo whole chicken and we were really happy with its size. Their chicken skin is also one of my..."
Chloe Aidyl Ong Lear
"First time to try Peri-Peri and it was a good experience. It wasn’t too crowded when we arrived. Their staff are really friendly and accomodating...."
"The food in Peri-Peri is delicious with their custom sauces that would suit any type of foodie from sweet to spicy. The chicken is moist and juicy..."
Paul Magale
" African-Filipino Fusion what I love about this restaurant is they let you customize your food through their sauces and it unlimited. Most of their..."
Gen Gutierrez
"I'll give them 5.0 ratings. The food is really great and affordable - I wasn't expecting it that much. But great sauces to choose from for their..."
Drard Alcantara
"Roasted Chicken!!! Huge parts good for one, yes, but it`s more than enough. And mind you, varieties of sauce to choose from. Making a review about it..."
Buble Querubin
"Great food.Love their group meal. Budget friendly. :) :) :)been here twice in a month for birthday celebs.They have a promo for..."
Shani Donaire
"Its an okay eat and quite satisfying. Nice clean place, fast service, accomodating staff. Very well thought out menu. I wish there was soup..."
Hippiebee Universe
"Peri peri chicken is something that you really have to try! Worth the price. Try it with a cold beer! The location is very accessible. Friendly staff..."
King K
"Located right by North Reclamation Road, we were always curious as to what this restaurant served, and finally stopped by one Friday..."
Cece Siao
"1. Atmosphere/ Ambiance: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Nice interiors. The place was too maximized that you can't easily move around if the place is..."
"That moment when you checked online and it says they open at 10 am so you go there early before the clock ticks 10... And poof! To our surprise, they..."
CHarMz BOrcEs
"First things first, we definitely ordered more than what we could consume.We were curious on what the "Peri-Peri" hype was all..."
Sophia Lauron
"The staffs here are so nice and friendly! The food was good & service was really efficient 👍🏻 Its also a nice place to chill with friends :)..."
Caryl Ann B. Marinduque
"First of all, a Happy Father's Day to my fellow dads out there!My loved ones treated me to a Father's Day lunch at Peri Peri Charcoal..."
"Good service, very attentive staff, yummy food! Will come back here very soon! A little pricey though and the service charge is too much, but maybe..."
Therese Carmel Dilla
"Food: delicious especially paired with their sauces Service: very quick serviceLocation: far from the city, but accessible via private..."
Michiko Francey Yap
"When we entered Peri Peri, the staffs immediately greeted us with their Peri Peri term lol the place is cool and unique, what I love the most is..."
Lans Alivio
"Tasty chicken and you can actually choose sauces according to your own liking. Great service. I think more people would come and eat if this was in a..."
"It was okay. Liked most of the sauces, but it's really not a place I feel like I'd want to come back to when craving for chicken dishes. Service was..."
Krizia Lee
"A bit pricy but if rich flavors coupled with quality spices are your liking, then Peri Peri Charcoal Chicken should be in your must-try..."
Quinn De Los Reyes
"It was a great experience! Good food! Service is nice! Place is cozy and looks awesome! 😁 Would definitely recommend their peri-peri chicken! And..."
Ivan Alcaraz
"It is a great place to bring friends and family to share a full meal. They accommodate groups since they have group option in their menu. Try their..."
Eza Claire
"I first tried this place when I reviewed in UP Diliman. They had a branch in UP town center. I wasnt really impressed when I was there, their chicken..."
"Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken is a great addition to The already long list of amazing restaurants in Cebu. Their chicken is quite different from the..."
"Will always suggest this place to friends or to anyone who loves grilled chicken. Their grilled chicken was really good, better than what i expected...."
Joseph Inoferio
"8 sauces ! You will have your own favorite. The chicken really tastes good when you eat it fresh from the kitchen. Do not take too much time taking..."
Andrew Olano
Leega Korean Restaurant
70/100 (400 ratings)
"The 299 sampyupsal was worth it. You get what you paid for. Reasonable meat variety and also tastes good. The side dishes were also good. Though it..."
Mikhaila Tuble
"With only 299 pesos we had the chance to eat more than what we payed for. Super sulit!They have several side dishes which are all..."
Joy Ann Saguban Millor
"This is one of the earliest Korean buffet restau here in Cebu so we decided to come and try their meat. Since we don’t eat pork so we ordered the..."
Yzzl May Eroa Bandola
"My go to place when i crave for some korean food. Aside from their unlimited samgyupsal, they got loads of side dishes too! And its only for 299php...."
Shaira Trazona
"Pretty good and a nice change of pace. Leega was one of the earlier Korean All-You-Can-Eat buffets that popped up after Bada. I liked how they had a..."
Angelo Benito
"Great place! But they could improve on their kimchi it is not fermented. But overall the experience with the place and the staffs were good...."
Bryan Golosino
"Tried eating with colleagues here a few months back and we had the unli samgyupsal for 299. The meat was average but the side dishes were plenty so I..."
Jin M.
"Another good samgyupsal place! They have unli side dishes, which I like and most of them tastes good. Kinda disappointed with the kimchi tho. Place..."
Musings Of A Libra
"Leega is one of those k-restaurants that offers a wide and unlimited selection of korean side dishes. And of course, the famous korean grilled pork-..."
"UNLI SAMGYEOPSAL 299 with unlimited rice and side dish. Went here for a Friday night dinner with friends, it was around 9 pm when..."
Jan Lowelle Guido
"I cannot put into words how I love this place..I may only be able to take one photo of jajjangmyeon because it got devoured as soon as it..."
"Great meat and side dishes! They have more than 1 AC and Electricfans so it's not that hot inside. We went there around 3 because we think it's the..."
Gelo Tabinas
"their buffet is a little expensive than other korean restaurants offering the same experience. although, it’s worth noting that they have a lot of..."
"You'll come in hungry. You'll come out full and happy. Love their unlimited side dishes. They also have good customer service as per our experience...."
Marvie Catubig
"Will definitely recommend the place if you’re an Eat All You Can Monster like me. You’ll have a handful for 299 it’s a great deal! Just be..."
"Yummy meat and great sides dishes like Topokki and Kimbap. I like the fact that it is a self service restaurant. We just need to go to the buffet..."
Jess Recopelacion
"We went there for dinner but the line was not that long so we got served in less than 30 minutes. The ambiance was average despite the fact that..."
Arvee Camacho
David's Tea House
77/100 (373 ratings)
"It’s finally in Cebu. The taste gives me the nostalgia of the Binondo restos. Kinda pricey, but they serve proper chinese food. This is my go to..."
John Yasis
"•Amazing service: They still welcomed and served us even if it's 10 minutes til 11pm, which is their closing time. Servers make sure to tell you..."
Marrielle Ferrero
"One of my fave authentic dimsum restaurant. Food and place is great, very friendly and accommodating crew. Their japanese siomai is definitely one of..."
Alreen Jumar-Crestfall
"Ever since this restaurant had opened, it kept ringing in my mind the same tea house when I was a kid visiting & dining in Manila & indeed they are..."
Chbz Chiboi
"Had my grad party in here. Food was superb,You get what you paid for and the tea was relaxing. The package includes the photobooth, tarp, flowers and..."
Treena Yap
"First of all, the name of the restaurant can be a bit misleading. It is not a place for your “High Noon Tea” parties or should you crave for..."
Tristan Loyed
"Most delighted dimsum ever tasted! I wanna keep coming back! Though their staffs don't give a smile, I'd give them a 5. Because of their quality..."
Bryan Mayuela
"David's Tea House is another Chinese restaurant favorite of mine. I like how the dishes are really fit for the family. One particular dish that I..."
Kerr Quevedo
"David's Tea House never disappoints if you are in dire need of Chinese food. Their serving size is good for sharing and the price fits the serving...."
Elisabeth Baumgart
Candiez Cafe
83/100 (351 ratings)
Carbonara Pasta
Iced Brewed Coffee
Signature Spicy Chorizo & Sausage Pasta Bestseller
Moroccan Mint Green Tea from Dilmah
Brownies with Chocolate Toppings
"I highly recommend this place for you to visit and spare some time to relax. It's an ideal place to have some "me time" ��. I usually take..."
Lyn Ann Amando
""Not just a café but a home " This place is one of a kind. I would like to recommend it to all of my friends who is looking for delicious pastries,..."
Faith Fe
"Oh yeah, my new favorite cafe ever! The owner and the staff are very great in there service. Come-on try to visit here, a very relaxing place ever...."
Jerame Pelicano
"Great food, great place and a very accommodating owner. If you want to relax with friends or just want to be alone to find inner peace, this is the..."
Nan Cy
"Just loved their foods.� I also tried dragon fruit smoothie, the best!!!!! Perfect for person who loves foods and good drinks. My boyfie likes the..."
Kaylee Marj
"It's my first time here. Loving the place, food/drinks and the people. Anhi namo guysssss!!! This is also a Christian cafe.. � Inspiring kaau plus..."
Myla Gurrea-Evalaroza Gepanaga
"Very nice place. A very good place to relax. And a very comfortable place if u want to unwind � ... The staff are very friendly and kind . .. Try..."
Hermie Grace O. Rosatase
"it's a nice place to unwind and distress with their tasty food and fraps.. ellah thanks for letting us taste your mocha frapp a must try when you..."
JeSsie SicAh
"Most relaxing and cool Cafe I've been. Yummy Carbonara pasta and desserts! This place is highly recommended and worth visit!..."
Nylamla Sajor Ehcor
"A good place to de-stress. You will be lifted up while listening to its background music (Christian songs). The owner has been very good and..."
Shaen Ponce
"Strawberry Smoothies was very delicious and also Hungarian Sandwich :-) Come & Visit Here Candiez Cafe... #Finding ourselves at home in God is a..."
Elisha Ann Alazne
"Check out the new Café in the Metro: Candiez Café. Relaxing ambience, friendly and customer-oriented staff, and the food! Yep, delicious and soul..."
Renee Casillano
"A very good place to relax and enjoy their delicious foods & drinks especially their pastas and frappes � and the ambience of the cafe is very nice..."
Shekinah Villasencio
"A great place for chill time. Very delicious foods served with a smile. My favorite is their creamy carbonara. very yummy. �� Awesome..."
Joy Gatdula
"My new fave place for study out..."
Melody Grace M. Demecillo
"We regularly have our bible study here every week and it is just a lovely place like home. Great food, awesome coffee and adorable staffs. God..."
Jaisel C. Merin
"If you're looking for something that is beyond the usual, Candiez is a must-visit place when you're in Cebu. Impeccable service and food satisfaction..."
Herbert Kikoy
Hamakaze Dining And Bar
87/100 (348 ratings)
Chicken Collagen Broth
Spicy Paitan Ramen
Paitan Syo-Yu Ramen
Abura Soba
Ebi Shrimp
Spicy Ramen
Chicken Karaage
Chicken Katsu Don
Tonkotsu Ramen
Sho-Yu Paitan Ramen
"One of the best ramen houses in Cebu! One defining difference from the other ramen houses in Cebu is that they are using chicken broth as their..."
Gino Karlo
"one of the best ramen and gyoza in cebu..."
Ann Cabilen
"the green paitan is good, medyo wierd sa pamlasa ko pero masarap..."
Zilch Mane
"Try it solve sa servings and kayang kaya ng..."
Mark Caballero Jose
"Best Tsukemen in Cebu ever! A must try! Highly..."
Tristan Dalay
"Ramen date! � � Quaint but love the..."
Maning Maribao
Abe Shigeki
"Food was great and their crew was very..."
Dion Conejos
"daghan sila sabaw sa ramen unlike many other ramen..."
Mark Chester Goking
"I have been here multiple times craving for their curry katsu. It is very filling. Although a little pricey but worth it. 🔥 i have also tried..."
Jenn Rocas
"I love how authentic their ramen is. I was going to eat at Yushoken but the place was jam-packed! When we saw this place a little farther from..."
Rodna Jeliane Closas
"One of the best ramen houses in Cebu and the best Karaage I’ve tasted ever! I love this place because it felt like Ichiran - not in..."
"If you want to taste the Miso flavor without feeling overwhelmed you should definitely try Number 1. But if you want more seafood flavor in it, you..."
Antonnette Dial Lao
"Another beautiful spot for ramen enthusiasts out there. The place is small yet homey. The price is reasonable. Staff are friendly and very much..."
"I can say that this is one of the best Japanese restaurants in the metro. Their food is authentic, for me. Even though the place is small, it felt..."
Musings Of A Libra
"Went there at 2:30AM on a Saturday morning after work as it was open until 4:00AM. I ordered the house specialty with the chicken broth base paired..."
Hya Rivera
"I think i may have found my new favorite ramen house. It's different from the usual pork bone soup which i find too rich for my taste. I tried the..."
Jas Marcos
"Ambiance - Location is quite inconspicuous, 25-seater restaurant with an open bar slash kitchen and a second level for development to a karaoke bar...."
King Of Sinulog
"Ramen places is popular here in Cebu and these places are often visited by younger generations are part of their love of ramen and their food trips...."
Jervie David Montejar
"Ramen never fails. Especially with the right and fresh ingredients, you can never go wrong with ramen. With the growing number of Japanese..."
"For both lovers and curious minds of Ramen, Hamazake is an ideal Japanese restaurant you should visit and dine. First, the food is great ranging from..."
"Ramen Overload @ Hamakaze, One Of The Newest Ramen Place In Cebu. Their Collagen Chicken Soup Ramen Is A Must Try, I Must Say One Of The Best I've..."
Gaylord Tingzon
"Clean and simple, that’s how we’d describe Hamazake’s dining area. As with classic Japanese interior design, the place favors space, minimalism..."
The Lifeaholics
"I have entered Hamakaze Japanese Ramen Restaurant where authentic Japanese Ramen is served by Mister Taka, a businessman who has remarkably opened..."
Kerr Quevedo
"The chicken collagen soup excites me. It is a refreshing contrast to the usual thick and creamy pork bone soup. This one is light but rich in flavor...."
Ethelbert Ouano
"Hamazake offers a wide selection of authentic Japanese Ramen. For as low as P240, you can already enjoy an authentic bowl of cold ramen and P280 for..."
The Lifeaholics
84/100 (565 ratings)
"One of my most favorite resto in cebu, food is very delicious and has a cozy and comfy..."
Chenyjil Tinampay
"I like the food. I just have a suggestion, you might try putting placemats on the table bcs it's a bit hard slicing the meat while our plate keeps..."
Lynette Flores Estrella
"This is my go to place if I want some good food but don’t want to spend a lot. The pesto herb porkchop in Streetyard has become one of my favorite..."
Felina Justine Adiong
"Went there at dinner time, it was a weekend and mind you the place can get packed during weekends, however when we went there on a saturday night..."
Laarni Jane
"You need to expand!!! Pls have more branches in Cebu city. The best pork chops ever!! My favorite is the sour cream chops Hehe never tried their..."
"Their pesto porkchop and carbonara was soo yummy!! 😍, will definitely come back to eat here. There are other two different flavors for the..."
Claudette Musni
"Streetyard offers a menu that is affordable. I think their area is just small and they need to expand since they have a lot of customers especially..."
Charm Natividad
"i frequent this place due to their scrumptious pork chop 😊 it’s very affordable and their portions are big. their carbonara is also yummy...."
"My favorites are their carbonara and sour cream chops. The price is reasonable and their serving size is good for sharing! 😃😃😃I love..."
Aqeela Khan
"Their carbonara is okay but I come here for their chops. My favorite is still the sour cream chops. This has always been the restaurant that I want..."
Aj Espera Ngujo
"I've been eating in this place for countless times already and i could say that the food here is great and has not changed its taste since opening of..."
"Great food, ambiance and service!..."
Sabby_Me ♥
"The place isn't really that spacious but it was just enough. The ambience was fair. Their porkchops tastes really good and also, their carbonara. It..."
Dez Ouano
"LocationVery convenient as it is located at the 2nd floor of Parkmall. Only thing though is that it is right above the puv terminal of parkmall..."
SoundsLikeGab 👑
"It’s a small restaurant which served american and filipino food. We ordered hang over pork chop and pesto herbe pork chop for lunch. It tasted good..."
"Came here to have dinner and the place was packed but the food was worth the wait, the chops were flavorful and tender. The prices were just..."
Joshua Seno Flores
"Delicious food. No doubt about that. Only problem I have is that there aren't enough seats and tables to accommodate a large group of people..."
Hezel Angelique Uy
"Didn't expect their hang over porkchop is very 'halang' when you put it in your rice! Beware because you are in for a treat! Hahaha!😂 I liked..."
Chbz Chiboi
"Place: Wasnt really spacious. Nothing special about the ambiance as well its just an ordinary eating place.Price: Worth it! Matched with..."
Caryl Ann B. Marinduque
"What could be a more satisfying self-reward after such a strenuous day at work than indulging a good steak at a very affordable price? So to..."
"This place is worth visiting especially if you're on a budget. Their pesto porchop cost you only 95 pesos! Though they only have a few choices listed..."
"Streetyard! When we arrived around 7pm for dinner, the place was full! (1st timer) The P L A C E had outdoor dining which was a good one..."
Lesley Anne
"The service was prompt, and the staff were courteous. When it comes to the food, they could charge more for how big the portions were and how..."
Shiela Marie Castro
"This is the same as Snackyard in J Center Mall. Their chops are still very delicious and affordable but then you get a whole new different experience..."
Marie Nikolai Cabrera
"Think Brown Cup's pesto chops only slightly bigger in serving plus an option to pair it with their super super spicy hot sauce for only 5php!..."
87/100 (330 ratings)
"Everything was good- from their meat (I only ate beef since I don't eat pork) to their side dishes. They refilled side dishes fast and staff were..."
Musings Of A Libra
"A good friend brought me here and I've loved it ever since. The food is relatively affordable, and the sides paired with beer is top notch. I come..."
Angelo Benito
"It has been awhile since I made a review but I just have to rate this place. Among all the korean restaurants in cebu, this is by far the best. From..."
Ri Za
"I've been here many times and this is one of my favorite Korean Restaurant, especially when I'm craving for Mak chang (Pork Intestine) which is their..."
JCat Kim
"Price is okay. Food was great. The tables and chairs were a bit far and you cant move the tables near since the exhaust is also far and they had to..."
Beatrice Reyes
"My first experience was at 2AM in the morning when I had a sudden Korean bbq craving. The woman who served me and my friend was very polite & also..."
"I have been to some korean BBQ outlets before, and this one serves a round of applause. One reason is because the staff is so hospitable and really..."
"Modern and clean seating area, great Korean bbq with a good variety of meats and sides to choose from (the free sides are excellent as well). If..."
"Despite being out of the way, my friends and I always come back to this unassuming Korean BBQ place. Industrial interiors, ample seating, great food..."
Krizia Lee
"Nice place, good food, excellent ventilation. A bit expensive but the experience is what makes it worth it. My friend and I had a great time here...."
Joanna Rose Babol
"Was craving for Samgyeopsal and we wanted to try a new Korean resto. The good thing about Makchang is that they have an exhaust when grilling. You..."
"I like the interior of this restaurant. It's sleek and clean. Their food doesn't disappoint as well. Although their kimchi side dish wasn't that..."
Marie Nikolai Cabrera
"Recently i have been watching korean drama and what i always notice is the food. Watching those series. A part of me wanted to be on that set and..."
"Different from the usual korean resto's with really crappy interiors and oily floors [aherm! pearl!] Food is great, the sides were..."
"Korean Barbecues can give you a unique dining experience.  Makchang is no different as it offers a complete with different cuts of meat.  One of..."
Andrew Olano
"I like the place, it's big, clean and well organized! kudos to the interior designer. The staff were friendly and attentive. Their kimchi is by far..."
Jan Lowelle Guido
"Ambiance is great. Fancy looking restuarant. P250 per order for the samgyupsal is not bad because side dishes are unlimited. You'll love it if you're..."
"The best Korean grilling place by far. High quality meat and superb customer service. Their grilled pork intestine is just heavenly. It is a great..."
"The word Mak Chang was kind of new to me though I am expecting it to be something Samgeyopsal. At first, I thought it is just the restaurant's name..."
Relbster L
"Mak Chang is always associated with Pork Intestine and somehow it tastes weird for some Filipinos. But the restaurant's Mak Chang surely captures the..."
Habhab CEBU