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Marble + Grain Steakhouse
82/100 (269 ratings)
Truffle Gnocchi Pasta
Ribeye steak
Dry Aged Steak
Soup of the Day
Vanilla Ice Cream
Mushroom Soup
Salmon Fillet
Shrimp Cocktail
Chicken Yakisoba
Bread with Garlic Butter
Baked Oyster
350g Rib Eye Steak
"I’m a steak lover, and I would highly recommend you to try their dry aged steaks, it’s the best..."
Shella Geolagon
"Great service, perfect food. Thanks to miss Sheila and the crew. Thanks kaayo sa fast service. Lami kyo inyo steak...."
Michael Jones Santillan
"Steak-all-you-can for only P999++ is a steal! Feast mode on...."
Edgar Alan Zeta-Yap
"The place is just 💯 awesome. Clean + accommodating and friendly staff. They gave my baby some coloring materials while we wait for our order. The..."
Bee Kintanar
"Tried the steak all you can with soup, bread, dessert and side dish (rice, mashed potato, baked mac) It is definitely worth your 1500! Bai Hotel has..."
Kat Pets
"The place is very romantic.The food is quite pricy but worth it..Must try there steak and foi gras.The staff are very friendly and..."
Dorean Dulfo
"Meat and fire are the most primal combinations that have been a staple since the dawn of time. The thought of having a slab of meat grilled to..."
Jan Edward Marquez
"We were greeted & entertained well by the staff. I really liked how knowledgeable they were when it came to the menu items. I love the interior..."
"I'I've visited Cebu three times in the past, but for me it was always only just a jump off point to Bohol or Siargao. I would just usually spend a..."
Sand Under My Feet
"Have you ever imagined of savoring an unlimited delicious Angus steak here in Cebu? Check out BAI Hotel Cebu’s Marble + Grain Steakhouse. Each of..."
Iway Diaries
"They have the best steaks I've tried in Cebu. I walked in not knowing they had a steak all you can promo for 1k more or less. You choose your cut of..."
Cat H.
81/100 (559 ratings)
Coffee & Tea
"My sister urged me to try their Cold Brew since she has this B1T1 voucher. I had the Original Cold Brew while she had her Vanilla-flavoured one...."
Twisted Sunshine
"This is by far the best Starbucks in Cebu and I have loads of respect for the other branches too. Sure, it's Starbucks - you're not going to find any..."
Nicholas Barang
"I love hanging out here! Also, it’s a great study place and really comfy too. It’s one of my fave starbucks branches. Also, very close to..."
"Really good ambiance and has the chill ambiance or vibe that we look for when we're enjoying our cup of coffee. The service is fast too. Probably the..."
Andrea Aligato
"One of the only two favorite branches. Employees and baristas are VERY friendly! There are still a lot of people but not too over-crowded. Ambiance..."
"Each coffee they make is of fine quality that would find its way to soothe your weary spirits. It has two floors and a spacious outdoor seating. The..."
Kleinberg Fletcher Tabel
"Great service! Me and my thesis mates have been here a lot of times already🎉 the staff were great and really friendly. The free mini samples of..."
Harper Villamon
"My hangout place every end of the week. Has truly the best coffee and chocolate drinks to date. Very recommended. Starbucks is awesome man. (It's..."
"Ask them for suggestions on how to customize your drink (eg. My fave drink is Caramel Macchiato then the barista suggested if I want it upside down..."
Mae Maramara
"I like the new Tahitian vanilla Teavana. It is sweet, fragrant and just right amount of bitterness. I also like to stay at this Starbucks branch..."
Andrew Olano
"Starbucks located in Oakridge is my best-loved branch of theirs. It reminds me of the spot I have frequented when I was in Korea. The atmosphere is..."
Angela Tamura
Peri Peri Charcoal Chicken
79/100 (411 ratings)
"i loved the Pasta with shrimp,forgot how'zt it exactly called. I even asked if they can serve a menu with the shrimp alone-- it was reaaal good!! the..."
Sharon Laurente
"Lami ilang #TodoCarne pizza����� Highly recommend..."
Eljeda Culaste-Etorma Montanez
"It's something different and tasty from the usual Jollibee, Mang Inasal, and others. I Iiked the drums and galvanized sheets as a decor. The..."
Papartsj Joel
"The food extremely delicious and the staff are very attentive keep it up..."
Oscar Solon
"Nice restaurant, warm greeting by all staff and the chicken was masarap. Soft and delicious, marinated 24 hours. It didn't taste like Nando's as some..."
Steve Tulleth
"If you come here expecting Nando's, you'll be disappointed. This place has an identity of its own, which is quite refreshing. Highly recommended!..."
Iris Clamor
"Food is good, just right for my taste buds... I can choose from variety of sauces to match the chicken. Tenderly cooked, I loved..."
Che Gumana Ram Fernandez
"this restaurant was so great and yummy food..... i love this place music nice ang relaxing song... the service was nice... i..."
James Pangandoyon Arnado
"Nice food. Good ambiance. Perfect for beer drinking..."
Vincent Ryan
"The food is so good... !! And the managers are beautiful..."
Kelvz Cruz Villaruz
"JEWEL in the DESERT! harissa exotica. here's the best tasting esol..."
Raffy Yagonia de Leon
"Superb!! Dili gyud ka magmahay sa imo gibayad, Mobalik gyud ko magdala Ug frenz para sila ako pabayaron! :-) :-)..."
Cooley Flores
"To be honest when I eat at a restaurant I kept my expectation low and just enjoy the company of my friends and family. As a cook also I know the..."
Gary Reyes
"Love their truffle pasta. My comfort..."
Ryan Kaw
"Has a variety of yummy food options to choose from. The sauces they have are also delicious and could go well with a lot of their dishes. This resto..."
Katherine Chin-Abella
"My fave meals on their menu:- mozzarellas sticks (it had this garlic flavoring that made it unique!)- fernando’s (chicken)- pasta..."
Jasmine Uy
"It was our first time to try this restaurant out and luckily, they serve really good food. HOORAY FOR CHICKEN LOVERS🐔❤️ with the chicken comes..."
Anne Margarette Florita
"Chicken is super tender and juicy! We ordered the Diablo whole chicken and we were really happy with its size. Their chicken skin is also one of my..."
Chloe Aidyl Ong Lear
"First time to try Peri-Peri and it was a good experience. It wasn’t too crowded when we arrived. Their staff are really friendly and accomodating...."
"The food in Peri-Peri is delicious with their custom sauces that would suit any type of foodie from sweet to spicy. The chicken is moist and juicy..."
Paul Magale
" African-Filipino Fusion what I love about this restaurant is they let you customize your food through their sauces and it unlimited. Most of their..."
Gen Gutierrez
"I'll give them 5.0 ratings. The food is really great and affordable - I wasn't expecting it that much. But great sauces to choose from for their..."
Drard Alcantara
"Roasted Chicken!!! Huge parts good for one, yes, but it`s more than enough. And mind you, varieties of sauce to choose from. Making a review about it..."
Buble Querubin
"Great food.Love their group meal. Budget friendly. :) :) :)been here twice in a month for birthday celebs.They have a promo for..."
Shani Donaire
"Its an okay eat and quite satisfying. Nice clean place, fast service, accomodating staff. Very well thought out menu. I wish there was soup..."
Hippiebee Universe
"Peri peri chicken is something that you really have to try! Worth the price. Try it with a cold beer! The location is very accessible. Friendly staff..."
King K
"Located right by North Reclamation Road, we were always curious as to what this restaurant served, and finally stopped by one Friday..."
Cece Siao
"1. Atmosphere/ Ambiance: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Nice interiors. The place was too maximized that you can't easily move around if the place is..."
"That moment when you checked online and it says they open at 10 am so you go there early before the clock ticks 10... And poof! To our surprise, they..."
CHarMz BOrcEs
"First things first, we definitely ordered more than what we could consume.We were curious on what the "Peri-Peri" hype was all..."
Sophia Lauron
"The staffs here are so nice and friendly! The food was good & service was really efficient 👍🏻 Its also a nice place to chill with friends :)..."
Caryl Ann B. Marinduque
"First of all, a Happy Father's Day to my fellow dads out there!My loved ones treated me to a Father's Day lunch at Peri Peri Charcoal..."
"Good service, very attentive staff, yummy food! Will come back here very soon! A little pricey though and the service charge is too much, but maybe..."
Therese Carmel Dilla
"Food: delicious especially paired with their sauces Service: very quick serviceLocation: far from the city, but accessible via private..."
Michiko Francey Yap
"When we entered Peri Peri, the staffs immediately greeted us with their Peri Peri term lol the place is cool and unique, what I love the most is..."
Lans Alivio
"Tasty chicken and you can actually choose sauces according to your own liking. Great service. I think more people would come and eat if this was in a..."
"It was okay. Liked most of the sauces, but it's really not a place I feel like I'd want to come back to when craving for chicken dishes. Service was..."
Krizia Lee
"A bit pricy but if rich flavors coupled with quality spices are your liking, then Peri Peri Charcoal Chicken should be in your must-try..."
Quinn De Los Reyes
"It was a great experience! Good food! Service is nice! Place is cozy and looks awesome! 😁 Would definitely recommend their peri-peri chicken! And..."
Ivan Alcaraz
"It is a great place to bring friends and family to share a full meal. They accommodate groups since they have group option in their menu. Try their..."
Eza Claire
"I first tried this place when I reviewed in UP Diliman. They had a branch in UP town center. I wasnt really impressed when I was there, their chicken..."
"Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken is a great addition to The already long list of amazing restaurants in Cebu. Their chicken is quite different from the..."
"Will always suggest this place to friends or to anyone who loves grilled chicken. Their grilled chicken was really good, better than what i expected...."
Joseph Inoferio
"8 sauces ! You will have your own favorite. The chicken really tastes good when you eat it fresh from the kitchen. Do not take too much time taking..."
Andrew Olano
Cafe Urban Garden
77/100 (47 ratings)
Late Night
"Its a nice place � nice food � you can hang out here� they have also a nice staff..."
Wincelyn Dollimont
"Great place! Super friendly owner! ❤ The best Spicy Tomato Pasta!..."
Moe Escario
"Guys thanks for all the comments.. I'l take it all as a compliment ^^ hehehhe really, really , thank u so much ! Maybe some of u got disappointed..."
Honey Kim
"What a cozy place to jam with friends. Chillaxing at its best!..."
Chuck Silog
"Long day? This is the right place to unwind! Relaxing environment, perfect food, not to forget the booze..."
Paul Miranda
"nice place, very peacefulk that you can actually concentrate on every thing and your every thoughts. but i hope they will change their music...."
Eternity Lucky
"Good food, Great service. It's a perfect place for family & friends shared moments..."
Lovelle del Castillo
Razr Cheonan
"It's far and it's on the 2nd floor so you really can't see it from the street. But when you get inside it's cool, quiet and the ambiance is..."
Maria Angelica A. Saavedra
"Totally a great place if you want to unwind and relax. They have the fastest internet connection that i ever visited so far. Mouthwatering food at..."
Jessa Aquino
"A cozy place where you can study and enjoy food. The staff is very accomodating though they served a little bit slow. Price is okay. Will go back..."
Alien Foodie
"Very silent , cozy and affordable for student who wanted to study :) For customer wanted to smoke we have smoking area.Must try..."
Query Lee
David's Tea House
77/100 (373 ratings)
"It’s finally in Cebu. The taste gives me the nostalgia of the Binondo restos. Kinda pricey, but they serve proper chinese food. This is my go to..."
John Yasis
"•Amazing service: They still welcomed and served us even if it's 10 minutes til 11pm, which is their closing time. Servers make sure to tell you..."
Marrielle Ferrero
"One of my fave authentic dimsum restaurant. Food and place is great, very friendly and accommodating crew. Their japanese siomai is definitely one of..."
Alreen Jumar-Crestfall
"Ever since this restaurant had opened, it kept ringing in my mind the same tea house when I was a kid visiting & dining in Manila & indeed they are..."
Chbz Chiboi
"Had my grad party in here. Food was superb,You get what you paid for and the tea was relaxing. The package includes the photobooth, tarp, flowers and..."
Treena Yap
"First of all, the name of the restaurant can be a bit misleading. It is not a place for your “High Noon Tea” parties or should you crave for..."
Tristan Loyed
"Most delighted dimsum ever tasted! I wanna keep coming back! Though their staffs don't give a smile, I'd give them a 5. Because of their quality..."
Bryan Mayuela
"David's Tea House is another Chinese restaurant favorite of mine. I like how the dishes are really fit for the family. One particular dish that I..."
Kerr Quevedo
"David's Tea House never disappoints if you are in dire need of Chinese food. Their serving size is good for sharing and the price fits the serving...."
Elisabeth Baumgart