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Mikhaila Tuble
The 299 sampyupsal was worth it. You get what you paid for. Reasonable meat variety and also tastes good. The side dishes were also good. Though it would have been better if they have pickled side dishes and more vegetables rather than the carbo heavy sides. Still an enjoyable samgyup experience with friends and family.
Sep 07, 2019
Joy Ann Saguban Millor
With only 299 pesos we had the chance to eat more than what we payed for. Super sulit!

They have several side dishes which are all yummy!
The only thing I find somehow disappointing is that they don’t have a smoke vent which is so uncomfortable on our side.

But their food was really great! Pero ayaw pud icompare sa uban kay 299 ra baya ni sila diri hehe.

Pero btaw sobra ka sulit sa kana lang btaw na price.
Aug 20, 2019
Yzzl May Eroa Bandola
This is one of the earliest Korean buffet restau here in Cebu so we decided to come and try their meat. Since we don’t eat pork so we ordered the 399 which consists of unli beef, pork & chicken. The chicken meat were thick & large in sizes to the extent that we had a hard time grilling it because of it’s thickness. Their korean beef meat were thin that it would only take a minute for it to be cooked in the grill. The side dishes are goood especially the kimchi but there wasn’t enough side dishes. I love how cold their water is but ung baso sobrang small so you get to go to the counter often for water refilling. I also love their fries, not too salty.
Mar 11, 2019
Shaira Trazona
My go to place when i crave for some korean food. Aside from their unlimited samgyupsal, they got loads of side dishes too! And its only for 299php. I totally recommend this place 💯
Nov 22, 2018
Angelo Benito
Pretty good and a nice change of pace. Leega was one of the earlier Korean All-You-Can-Eat buffets that popped up after Bada. I liked how they had a food set out already so you can start eating a bit before your meat cooks. They have korean chicken similar to (but not the same quality as) Chosun Chicken. It's self serving so you can get boatloads of samjang sauce and sides without having to go through the employees. The grill and meat is better than majority of the competitors because it cooks evenly for some reason. The staff wasn't all that friendly to be honest, but I'm willing to let that go since you barely interact with them in the first place. The kimchi wasn't too good in my opinion, something about it just tasted "off". Someone mentioned that it wasn't fermented, and I think that might be it. Another thing I would have liked would be that mayonnaise-like sauce that comes with the shredded cabbage. They offer the oil-based sauce which was still good. Overall a good experience. I go every month or so.
Oct 14, 2018
Bryan Golosino
Great place! But they could improve on their kimchi it is not fermented. But overall the experience with the place and the staffs were good. Definetly would eat here again.
Oct 06, 2018
Jin M.
Tried eating with colleagues here a few months back and we had the unli samgyupsal for 299. The meat was average but the side dishes were plenty so I could say it was somehow satisfying. I liked the gimbap too. I'd like to come again sometime.
Sep 29, 2018
Musings Of A Libra
Another good samgyupsal place! They have unli side dishes, which I like and most of them tastes good. Kinda disappointed with the kimchi tho. Place gets stuffy and you'll smell korean bbq when you leave the place.
Aug 29, 2018
Leega is one of those k-restaurants that offers a wide and unlimited selection of korean side dishes. And of course, the famous korean grilled pork- samgyeopsal.

You get to savour great foods and not having to spend a lot of peny.
The restaurant is located along the highway and is very accessible to the commuting customers. The place has a good size to cater it’s customers but there are days that people has to wait outside for the availability of table.

The side dishes are arranged in a typical buffet set-up where one has to get the food from the table to the side dishes area; and needs to walk extra careful due to the slippery floor of the restaurant.

Lastly, LEEGA is a very recommendable place to dine-in with.
Aug 04, 2018
Jan Lowelle Guido
with unlimited rice and side dish.

Went here for a Friday night dinner with friends, it was around 9 pm when we got our turn to dine, there were 3 of us in queue. Make sure you write your name on their waiting list so you will not wait in vain (masakit umasa lalo na pag gutom ka).

I’ve been to a lot of Korean Restaurants, and this one is hell of a side dish kind! and it’s unlimited too! kimchi sadly was a fail for me, I want me kimchi spicy AF.

I consider myself as a meat expert and their meat is good but not as good as Donga’s or Chosun’s. It would have been a pass if they have the bacon cut.

The place is huge though, nice tables good for big groups, and great AC but I think they need to add more exhaust fans because it’s suffocating when there’s a lot of grilling mayhem going on, I had to go out and breathe some not so fresh air of Cebu.

If your a big fan of Korean cuisine or you just want to try it cause why not? This place is for you! for 300 pesos it’s damn worth it!
Jul 27, 2018



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