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Leega Korean Restaurant
70/100 (400 ratings)
"The 299 sampyupsal was worth it. You get what you paid for. Reasonable meat variety and also tastes good. The side dishes were also good. Though it..."
Mikhaila Tuble
"With only 299 pesos we had the chance to eat more than what we payed for. Super sulit!They have several side dishes which are all..."
Joy Ann Saguban Millor
"This is one of the earliest Korean buffet restau here in Cebu so we decided to come and try their meat. Since we don’t eat pork so we ordered the..."
Yzzl May Eroa Bandola
"My go to place when i crave for some korean food. Aside from their unlimited samgyupsal, they got loads of side dishes too! And its only for 299php...."
Shaira Trazona
"Pretty good and a nice change of pace. Leega was one of the earlier Korean All-You-Can-Eat buffets that popped up after Bada. I liked how they had a..."
Angelo Benito
"Great place! But they could improve on their kimchi it is not fermented. But overall the experience with the place and the staffs were good...."
Bryan Golosino
"Tried eating with colleagues here a few months back and we had the unli samgyupsal for 299. The meat was average but the side dishes were plenty so I..."
Jin M.
"Another good samgyupsal place! They have unli side dishes, which I like and most of them tastes good. Kinda disappointed with the kimchi tho. Place..."
Musings Of A Libra
"Leega is one of those k-restaurants that offers a wide and unlimited selection of korean side dishes. And of course, the famous korean grilled pork-..."
"UNLI SAMGYEOPSAL 299 with unlimited rice and side dish. Went here for a Friday night dinner with friends, it was around 9 pm when..."
Jan Lowelle Guido
"I cannot put into words how I love this place..I may only be able to take one photo of jajjangmyeon because it got devoured as soon as it..."
"Great meat and side dishes! They have more than 1 AC and Electricfans so it's not that hot inside. We went there around 3 because we think it's the..."
Gelo Tabinas
"their buffet is a little expensive than other korean restaurants offering the same experience. although, it’s worth noting that they have a lot of..."
"You'll come in hungry. You'll come out full and happy. Love their unlimited side dishes. They also have good customer service as per our experience...."
Marvie Catubig
"Will definitely recommend the place if you’re an Eat All You Can Monster like me. You’ll have a handful for 299 it’s a great deal! Just be..."
"Yummy meat and great sides dishes like Topokki and Kimbap. I like the fact that it is a self service restaurant. We just need to go to the buffet..."
Jess Recopelacion
"We went there for dinner but the line was not that long so we got served in less than 30 minutes. The ambiance was average despite the fact that..."
Arvee Camacho
Cafe Namoo
70/100 (133 ratings)
Coffee & Tea
"I enjoyed staying here. The place is relaxing with it's lights and colors. Ordered their caramel frape and loved how frothy and sweet it is...."
Insatiable Kaye 🌹
"Place was crowded but fairly good ambiance. The drinks though was great since it was really creamy and sweet. Would recommend this for sugar..."
"The chocolate frappe was tasty.  During our visit here, It was my first time to be in a korean-themed cafe, so I was enjoying reading all..."
Sigh Eats
"Jonathan AsentistaPlace is great! Perfect for studying and chillin. You can still nap for a short time if you feel tired and sleepy. Two..."
Jessa Aquino
"vanilla frape is superb 😊 will be coming back soon together with my friends. 😊😀 is nice and and drinks are..."
I Am Hazel
"Good place to hangout with your friends. I remember we brought our bags here and make our assignments and projects in school. The desserts here are..."
Bernardo Brillantes
"Came here with my friends to chill. I find the place really cute with all the colorful post-it papers on the walls & hanging from the ceiling. It was..."
Eyah Shanna Antonio
"I’ve been here multiple times and each time I visit, I have nothing but stress-free experience. Aside from the fact that I am obsess with coffee,..."
"Cute little place. It's a great place to hang out with friends. The place has little rooms that are exclusive to you and your friends. Ideal too for..."
Elisabeth Baumgart
"I would rate it 5 for their Warm Tripple Chocolate alone! (idk if Tripple was intended to be spelled as such) but the way it melts in your mouth is..."
"Korean themed cafe are kinda a 'thing' in Cebu. And Cafe Namoo is no exception. They have the usual sticky notes thing, the usual drinks, the usual..."
Angela Tamura
70/100 (12 ratings)
"When Parkmall opened I told the manager then that this place will become a good place to hang n shop. I liked Hebrews coffee shop before Bos came in...."
Joey B. Nolasco
"Parkmall has changed the traditional concept of a mall because it embraces the idea of a homey and animal friendly environment plus the fact that the..."
Omar Sharif Dilangalen Mamalinta
"I do love spending my spare time at Parkmall. They have indoor minipark and pets are allowed to come in. This is the first time that pets are allowed..."
Mary Grace Muit Baraquia
"I always pass by this mall when I go home from work. A day without parkmall is never complete. This mall is very accessible and convenient for..."
Edilbertz Mendoza
"The place is absolutely great! Though parking is a bit stressful at times but overall a one-stop..."
Jan Arias
"I love Parkmall bcoz it is very accessible. The guards are very corteous, they always show an urgency to help or assist, specially if u have kids or..."
Lynn Gobalani
"The pioneer of Pet Friendly malls in Cebu City. I wish more malls would accommodate pets as good as ParkMall does. People may look at them as "pets"..."
Jae Tiu
". .. I just want to say thank u parkmall for the aerodance fitness for #free ...for we have the chance to dance wd the master of aerodance #master..."
Roselyn Ramos
"I would like to extend my warmest appreciation to the Parkmall SECURITY TEAM for their hardwork and vigilance in apprehending the thieves (bag..."
Chelley Robinson-Tagana
70/100 (610 ratings)
"very affordable and yummy! ang staff mga abtik nya ang food jud, unique..."
Karen Bacusmo Longakit
"Samgyupsal, tahong, squid, chorizo, chicken liver and more for 290 unlimited!! Love the sauce that you put on the grill to taste the meat. I was..."
Camz Yee
"Beef yakiniku is superb! And also the hungarian sausage. Tip: Don’t waste your time cooking the chicken. Get the beef, shrimp, marinated pork and..."
Larisse Apawan
"For a samgyeopsal lover like me, Kogi-Q may be one of the more worth-it all-you-can-eat meat and seafood there is in Cebu. I tried Kogi Q in  Peublo..."
Inday Adventurista
"Been here sometime last month with my son. We wanted to try a korean food but was surprised because they only serve filipino cuisine. Price was..."
"I've been here with my officemates for a dinner celebration. KOGI Q here is a bit cheap compared to other branches for they do not offer veggie and..."
Queenly Rose B. Fukumizu
"Since it was the New Year almost all the restaurants were closed but lucky us we found out that you guys were open for lunch. Social media..."
Tessa Madrid
"The food is amazing especially the side dishes. The price is worth it. Plus the crew was very accommodating. We came there very early, still close,..."
Therese Marie Dela Torre
"Their service is great, very nice staff, i love the taste of their grilled squid and pork.. unlimitted food for only 299.. good experience....."
Marivic Buntod
"Its fun cooking while eating, lol. We arrived 30mins before their closing time. However, we were still accomodated & the staffs were really friendly...."
Caryl Ann B. Marinduque
"Super busog haha im a meat lover so yea their meat is juicy. Staffs are great. Very affordable and great place for family and barkada. I prefer you..."
Honey Mae Quijada Baraña
"A best place for your friends, colleagues or family for affordable grill buffet.. It was nice, my colleagues enjoyed grilling their favorite..."
Mikee Ryans
"We chose to eat here during my birthday. It was nice. There are a lot of food to choose from and its all delicious. You have to make sure you can..."
Guada Mae Rebuta
"If you're looking for an experience that's within budget, this is the place to go... Place offers different varieties. Bit of a downer is that we..."
Devie Povadora
"Calling all meat lovers who also love to cook Korean style. Well, the place offers a variety of tasty meat from chicken, samgyeopsal, tempura, squid,..."
SweetAnn Inot