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St. Louis House Of Fine Ice Cream & Dessert
94/100 (442 ratings)
Late Night
Ice Cream
"Had a quick stop here for dessert.We had a scoop of St. Louis, which the server recommended, and a scoop of Cookie Dough. Each scoop costs..."
Mariz Pascual Angeles
"Love, love, love their gelato! Texture is perfectly creamy with no bits of ice lurking in it to surprise you. My favorite is the St Louis...."
Sushi Santos
"I've always wanted to try their icecream and i'm so glad I finally did! My favorite is their mint choco chip one and it was really worth it. We got..."
Cerize Sicat
"We checked this out after having my birthday lunch, churros were amazing (as seen in photo) & the mint ice cream was good..."
Regina Galfo
"Can I give this a 4.5? I really do want to give this a 4.5. I would have easily given this a 5 if the prices weren't so expensive for the servings..."
Emilia P
"Very accommodating and friendly staffs!..."
M Lim
"Anyone for some ice cream? If you’re looking for a nice sit down place, then head towards St. Louis House of Fine Ice Cream & Dessert. I found a..."
Michelin Guy-d
"Went here for dessert on a Friday night. Just a small place but I like the ambience. All their ice cream flavors looked so delicious it was hard to..."
Johna Paguinto
"THEY HAVE THE BEST UBE ICE CREAM OF ALL TIME! It is super underrated but definitely a must-try. Coffee here is also great. Nice ambiance and very..."
Rycia Mantua
"After having lunch with friends, we went to St. Louis for desserts. We chose the flavors for our ice. creams at the counter and waited for it to be..."
"Great place for desserts! I always get their ice cream and crepes that have good quality every visit. The ambiance is also nice you can stay here..."
Iris Raña
"Rich taste, pleasant service and generous serving. The owner is very hands-on entertaining the customers and making sure of the good service and..."
Ana Francheska Gutierrez Garcia
"It’s always a great dining experience! Food is awesome, staff are friendly and accommodating and great desserts and drinks! Would recommend to..."
Jamie Atkin
"I love love love this place! Their ice cream is just amazing and had great texture. Almost all their ice cream flavors were great! But i especially..."
Naveen Devnani
"St. Louis is known for their good ice cream and churros but being on a keto diet as of the moment i am not entitled to take carbs and sugars. So Marc..."
Dhanica Ghienne Mharrie Lim
"Food’s delicious but taste is just the usual - what you expected. Food presentation is nice - perfect for instagram. The price however is too..."
Clarence Rae De Veas
"The Place to Be!!I am here every other day if not everyday. Food - 10/10Ambiance - 10/10Customer service 10/10Location..."
"Best crepe place in BGC! Great ambiance, and great staff. Althought I want to suggest that they should have longer hours, hopefully until around 2am,..."
"Tried the st louis house of fine ice cream and it is ok.Got the following ice cream and desserts:1. Salted caramel - okay..."
Lorenz Lao
"Having our breakfast there after morning walk around Highstreet. Love the interior design and ambience. Order Ferrero Waffle & Chicken Mushroom..."
Lie Siang
"On a hot day in Manila a scoop of St. Louis' ice cream is a great idea. We tried their Mango Yogurt and their Wild Strawberry Ice Cream. Their ice..."
Tesh Reyes
"Love their ice cream varieties especially the Ferrero Rocher - perfect blend of chocolate and nuts. Really surprised about their Raspberry sorbet -..."
Emmeviene Suelto
"Always go here to work, i love the ambiance outside, you can see people walking around in high street . I love everything in their menu! I enjoy the..."
Anjeanette Cansino
"My foodie boyfriend always been telling me to try their coffee especially the cafe mocha. So when I had a opportunity to go to bgc, I grab the chance..."
Charmaine Mirandilla
"delicious! would argue that this is one of the best ice creameries in Metro Manila! vibe and ambiance is great.salted caramel, raspberry..."
Kyle Tan
"Hot Chocolate is a source of comfort for many of us. The rich and creamy texture of the chocolate washes away the stress of the day. St. Louis..."
Panda And Coon
"Best Ice cream place around BGC!And #ChocolateNoir is my favorite flavah!Try it to believe it! ❤️👌By the way, thank you to..."
Maebel Schofield
"Their ice cream and desserts are to die for! The place is full when we arrived but the staff asked us to have a taste test of their ice creams while..."
"Great ambiance and rich, creamy ice cream with a wide range of flavor offerings. This is a great alternative to similar places like Farmacy, and a..."
Hitomi Ejima
"Always save room for desserts. I've been using that line as an excuse to get my hands on some sweets even after indulging in a heavy meal. After all,..."
Mary Love Siy
"One of the best brunches around this part of the city. Vegetarian friendly and great coffee! There is a wide variety of breakfast or lunch dishes and..."
Precious Lee
"The Damage (no drinks): Php 800-1,300 for twoRelaxing cafe/bistro in the BGC High Street Central row of eateries. We liked the Chicken..."
"If the Friends gang had Central Perk, I have St Louis. This place has been home for me over the last year. The first thing I look for in a..."
"First visit and just tried their ice cream. Cookies and cream was a tad too sweet to my liking but it's what I settled for after trying out 3 flavors..."
"Best place in BGC for a proper cup of coffee and amazing service. If you’re feeling hungry, I highly recommend the Chicken Grain Bowl. Oh yeah and..."
Niccolo Tapales Magsino
"Strawberry Nutella Crepe: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Churros (w/ dark chocolate dip): ❤️❤️❤️Churros (w/ milk chocolate dip):..."
"Blueberry Yogurt: Fave. Damn. Subtly creamy. Removes the satiation from all food. Waffle cone is sweeter but really Belgian. Flavor and crunch..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
"I love it! Ambiance is nice, the interiors are good for taking instagram photos. The presentation of the food is so cute, ang sarap picture-an! Not..."
Mits Almarez | Mitsadventurez
"At first I had double thoughts about this ice cream shop because it really expensive. After trying it, I still think its expensive but worth it you..."
"The milkshake. That hit us really hard. REALLY, REALLY HARD. It was very unsuspecting, rather plain, if you ask me. But the sweetness, the..."
Allen Mueco
"My friend was craving for an affogato and we scoured the entire BGC until we luckily found one. We were so lucky, that the place actually have the..."
Foodie From The South
"What's not to like.???? This has become our new favourite place to go.    From the friendly and helpful staff who will go out of their way , to the..."
Janet Wise
"Food: THE FOOD WAS GREAT 👍 •instagram worthy•good presentation •MASARAPPrice: PRICE IS REASONABLE 🤑Ambiance:..."
Kobe Requilman
"Always a favorite place for dessert and coffee with friends. Friendly vibe and great selection of ice creams and desserts. Churros feast is always..."
Jhunalyn Modesto
"The creamiest ice cream in town! I’m glad that they have improved their store as it was so hot the first time I went there and left without..."
"I love this place, awesome food , great service best location. Reuben sandwich is the best. Perfect for a quick coffee or a heavy meal. Love the ice..."
Rsc Tech
"Great cafe with very good coffee and gelato. Food items look good however didn’t have a chance to sample. Nice atmosphere and a welcome addition to..."
"Their ice creams are really good. The cheeky monkey flavor is a must try. You can taste a many flavors as you want before you order your own scoop...."
Mariel Lagana
"A bit on the pricier side for me for a dessert place but most of their items are new and elevated versions of my favorites. It also tastes as good as..."
"I came here for their Sweet Amalia Journey, a very photogenic dessert I found here on Zomato. It is a trio of the St. Louie ice creams they offer..."
🦄The Last Unicorn🦄
"This place sells probably the best hot chocolate in town! I’m a coffee lover but when I saw an adjacent table order hot chocolate, I became a..."
Miguel Francisco Macaalay
"Today was our second and NOT visit to you establishment...the best Rueben Sandwich I have had in years....thank you for maintaining a quality..."
Jeffrey O Hobbs
"After a satisfying dinner, we were looking for a dessert to eat and found this place just across the High Street. We entered the store and saw..."
Medrell De Jesus
"Was expecting a regular coffee shop, but what picked my interest was the wide variety of desserts they have. Plus they have breakfast too! Interiors..."
"The staff is very friendly and attentive. That is always a plus for me. The ambiance is inviting and it makes you want to stay longer (not a good..."
M.D. Uy
"As a first timer in Manila it was fantastic to have a restaurant with a quality of breakfast on par with what we receive in Australia if not better!..."
"The attractive ice cream display drew us in. Didn't realise the menu had all day breakfast, waffles, crepes and fondue. We settled for two..."
Marianne In Manila
"Love the place. Very relaxing and my kinda second work place whenever I go to BGC. I really love their Iced Latte. Wishing for another branch..."
Bernard Magcarang
"A friend suggested this place a year ago and I’ve been in several times - religiously every time I’m in BGC. It’s so hard to find consistent..."
Simona Antonova
"I am a loyal customer of St. Louis. I absolutely love the place! The staff service is excellent and the food was absolutely wonderful. I would..."
Carla Regin
"I love this place so much! The food, service, coffee, ice cream and cocktails are all made with so much love! Whether you’re getting breakfast,..."
Not A Blogger
"Upon looking at the varieties of their ice cream flavors, one of their staff gave me a free taste of their ice cream by putting it in the..."
"Staff wasn't so nice. When we arrived, the male server just looked like a deer in the headlights.Moving on-to the food. We got their specialty..."
No Ong, No Life
"Was able to try their waffles finally~ and they are so good. We tried the strawberry one, and I absolutely loved the white chocolate. We also ordered..."
Kimchi Eats
"In two occasions, Mia and I had two generous servings of Gelato here. For just Php 200, they throw in two scoops. And you just add a sweet and..."
"This icecream is even better than any Italian icecream I have ever had in Italy. If you are sad, this stuff will turn you happy, trust me on this..."
Angela Cocco
"looove their waffles!! id definitely come back for the strawberry crepe. a bit pricey i think but definitely worth it. their icecream were good too...."
Arcee Cordova
"It was fortunate that I craved for an ice cream as I passed by St. Louis. I now have a staple dessert place around Bonifacio High..."
Migz Cruz
"What initially drew me in here to eat was the gelato in the window.  The food I have eaten here is very good.  I also love the fact that they allow..."
"St. Louis is the newest café in BGC that’s serving incredibly delicious hot chocolate. It comes with three different variants - milk, white, and..."
"I had an hour to spare before going to another appointment. It had a quaint and minimalistic feel which made the ambiance more cozier and conducive ..."
Feed My Tummy PH
"I swear this ice cream shop is already my favorite place to visit ever! I'm a fan of their ice cream flavors such as the cheeky monkey, choco mint,..."
Michelle ♡
"Went here for my "eton mess"-- one of my favorite desserts of all time, which I would say seldom available in the metro. Unlike the usual mess that..."
Karla De Vera
"Super delicious desserts:Chocolate ice cream 5/5 (Twins love it)Fondue: 5/5 (strawberries are delish, chocolate is heavenly)Strawberry..."
Erica Hernandez-Garcia
"Desserts were really good! You get what you pay for. I hope they will have more cakes next time. We didn’t know that you need to order over the..."
Van Floro
"SWEET TOOTH SATISFIED!Because orkginally, I was on the mission on having waffles for breakfast. Because I was craving for waffles before..."
Danyka Lintoco
"Been here numerous times already because I really love their hot chocolate! I’ve tried the milk chocolate version and the dark one as well, and..."
Anna Dominica Tapel
"Really liked their ice cream! 250 PHP for 3 scoops is definitely worth it. The scoops are big. If you just wanna chill out with some good sweets, I..."
Rej Benipayo
"We ordered the Banana Popcorn Waffle and it was so good. Love the combination of the maple syrup and the chocolate sauce. Their waffle is the best!..."
E-jhaiye Tarranco Galvez
"This is a great dessert place. Tried their salted caramel ice cream and we loved it. Ordered their 1 scoop and it was more than enough for the two..."
Randal Elido
"My boyfriend is craving for an ice cream late at night and my duty as a foodie boyfie is to take him to the best ice cream parlor around but the..."
Karlo Maneja Dela Cruz
"Loved the ambiance here, really comfortable and perfect for quick catch ups with friends. They offer a lot of artisan ice cream flavors that you can..."
JR Tan
"Veggie baked eggs are simply superb. Coffee is also really good. The service is prompt and non-intrusive. I did not try the ice cream or the dessert...."
Harvinder Singh
94/100 (1212 ratings)
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Chicken Wings
Anticucho de Pulpo
Marquesa de Chocolate
Tres Leches
Ceviche Limeño
Picanha A la Parrilla
Samba Salad
Canilla de Cordero
Pastel de choclo
Conchas En Salsa de Trufa
lomo saltado
Asian Ceviche
Arroz con mariscos
Andaluz Salad
Pollo a la brasa
Rocoto Hot Wings
Pisco Sour
"Samba is a nice restaurant with a huge terrace. Staff friendly. Food is delicious!!! Lomo saltado have been the best dish I already tried there, so I..."
Renaldo Salazar
"Great food made with high quality ingredients both sourced locally and abroad. Friendly and efficient service makes this restaurant one of the best..."
Robbie Francisco
"Samba was really nice place . We really enjoyed our lunch here. Food was excellent as well as the service. Thank you Shynne for taking care of us. We..."
Fred Parungao
"Great food, excellent service at a very reasonable price. The grilled scallops and tres leches are my die..."
Vanessa V. Jopillo
"Love my dine in experience at Samba resto! Cant get enough of their ceviche and tres leches dessert! The service was great and certainly their..."
Ma Theresa Mc Combs
"Great authentic Peruvian food! Service was also exceptional, Special thanks to our server,..."
Angelle Rivera Tagaza
"One of the most exciting dining experience ever. Relaxed atmosphere, world class beverage program, pisco sour like nowhere else! Food is really..."
Simon Côté
"Celebrated my birthday. First time here. Superb food �� Great service Especially Liezel & Shynne..."
Nikki F. Nabong
"Two thumbs up! We were there as a group two nights in a row. Ceviches is excellent and they offer different varieties. Other highly recommended..."
Fanny Chan
"The food has a unique twist and taste. Great ambiance, good service and cool..."
Lia Linaban Datur
"Probably the best restaurant in town . By miles . Food is brilliant and chef Carlo makes sure that everything you get is spot..."
Xav Castello
"Samba is a great place to be!!!!! Almost perfect food and super love the..."
Yel Cornel Aquisap
"Nice place and food. Will definitely come back for more..."
Manni Abello
High Street Lounge
93/100 (706 ratings)
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Club Sandwich
"I'd like to recommend Anne for assisting and accomodating us. She delivered an excellent service towards us. She keeps on smiling and very..."
Renzie Stifler Ballon
"Spot on ambiance all the time, although service will always need to improve, ALWAYS.Typical working afternoon with a couple of friends, had..."
Miguel Luis Felizardo
"Wow. This place is amazing. The qinuoa carrot salad is spectacular. The coffee cake with crumbles and strawberries whipped cream is wonderful as..."
"After a long day of enjoying the weekend, we decided to go here at the #HighStreetLounge at #ShangriLaAtTheFort. Truly a fine place to unwind after a..."
"This has always been our go to place during the weekends or weekdays if we want to relax and wind down, especially if I want to study. My husband and..."
Denise Liwanag
"I usually expect good pasta and desserts on hotel restos and this one reached my expectations. They serve simple dishes but they go beyond..."
Kimchi Adventures
"This is one of our go to places for some coffee and tea-o clock with cute pastries 🥮. Good service here of course and should be because it is a..."
Dhanica Ghienne Mharrie Lim
"😘🙂Discovered this cozy place at @shangrilafort lounge. We had cafe latte and cappuccino with prices competitive on a par with the leading..."
"The best thing to be paired when you want to unwind is the Gin and Tonic from High Street Lounge. There are lots of labels to choose from and Faith..."
Rain Flores
"Ambiance: 5/5, loving the fancy vibes, jazz music while raining outside, comfy sofa chair plus the pillows. i can sleep here. lol.Food:..."
"I love the ambiance. It's very relaxing. It provides quite the privacy you may need during high tea with your girl friends. Contrary to common notion..."
Audrey Ann Lee
"Go here if you are looking for a nice and relaxing ambience. We got the Easten Set (Php 995) for our afternoon tea. I think it was reasonably priced..."
JoLyn L
"First time trying here in High Street Lounge and it's as amazing as High Street Cafe which is just next door. But the prices are definitely more..."
Karlo Maneja Dela Cruz
"A grand lobby lounge indeed!My friend and I were hanging out at the High Street Lounge after the festivities of the night. We headed here..."
Foodie Dokie
"The ambiance is nice and the Gin and Tonics are good!!! I have been there 4 or 5 times and every time i go i see less people... they need to do..."
Hugo Bertrand
"Shangri-La is Shangri-La! We all know this. The ambiance is indescribable. I tried the "The Club" Sandwich. It had friend egg, roasted..."
Aris Santos
"Upon entering, I couldn't help but notice the High Street Lounge's classy interiors. The place looked like a room from a castle. We were ushered into..."
A. Yu
"i love everything in this buffet!My family loves it.I like their selection of seafoods!Love the lobster!!!yahoo!!but i dont have pictures with this..."
Rubzwen Sanofevidal
"Luxurious ambience and great service by Ms. Dee. If you want to be relaxed by being surrounded with fine interiors and satisfying drinks, this is the..."
Dominique Macanas
"Ambience - perfect for meetings, tea parties, alone time, coffee/ tea dates. Part of my bridal shower was held here and it was nice...."
Samantha M. David
"After our lunch at TWG, we went to Shangri-la The Fort to check a cafe/ restaurant for a cup of coffee. And decided to try the High Street Lounge and..."
"My friends and I are always looking for a lovely place to have high tea in, where we could enjoy delicious tea and pastries as we had a good long..."
C P Coulter
"Absolutely one of my favorite places to go to for an afternoon snack. The place has this luxurious ambiance and the staff was really attentive. I..."
Aska Nakagawa
"Excellent place to get coffee and dessert. The interior was just beautiful and spacious. The staff's great and so was their service. Definitely the..."
Kelsey Salazar
"Such a great place to catch up with my friend last weekend as we enjoy a lunch set with some High Street Lounge Blend. Will come back to try other..."
Ofalyn Ellar
"If you're looking for a night cap, then High Street Lounge is the place to be! Their wide array of drinks (from tea to alcoholic beverages) are..."
Basia Joaquin
"If you are looking to just unwind from a long and stressful week, this is the perfect venue. They got a wide wine and dining selections, delicious..."
Nike Amistoso
"Absolutely one of my favorite places to go to for a relaxed afternoon snack. Ambiance is great with music to accompany it. The tea time sets are the..."
Agustin Juanengo
"We were so full having gotten both the east and west tea time sets! I liked the west better. It included blueberry scones, eggs with caviar,..."
"I think High Street Lounge is one of Fort's best kept secret in getting coffee and cake. Reasonably priced with coffee drinks starting at Php120 and..."
Boodle Bear
"Classy ambiance and nice food. It's a bit pricey, of course this is one of the most luxury hotel in the world. However it's worth it.  I was..."
Yuta Matsubara
"Highstreet Lounge maybe a little intimidating for some, but it's a perfect place to end the day here. Mellow music, live band, great coffee and..."
Alvin Ong | TFC
"After eating, We wanted some coffee and a place to stay for a while. So my friend picked this place. We ordered cafe latte and cappuccino. For me the..."
Carls Ngo
"The place is very nice and cozy, and has very accommodating staffs so we tried their tea set menu and I really liked the presentation as you can see..."
Allison Sharpay
"Afternoon tea at the high street lounge has a nice unique presentation good tasty savories and pastries love it .I will keep coming back for sure.Try..."
Febe Ledesma
"Got their famous afternoon High Street Lounge Cafe Tea Time WEST set. It was so beautiful that it made eating them very difficult! Just look at all..."
Pats Lim Dy
"Newest hotel at BGC is Shangri-la. The place looks so luxurious. It smells so good when you enter.We headed here for coffee and dessert..."
Mindful Eater
"The always giddy hungry pants that I am, became even more giddy, to a point of doing cartwheels after receiving an invite from Zomato Philippines for..."
Hungry Pants
"Love the place, the staff are welcoming and friendly. Nice ambience, really a good place for an intimate afternoon tea time experience. Very good..."
Jeric Macali
"The High Street Lounge is a chic yet relaxing space where one can enjoy a variety of drinks, from afternoon tea to alcoholic beverages, accompanied..."
Bettina Bacani
"I must say this is my counterpart to the Fairmont Hotel in terms of my workspace to unwind and relax in the Fort area. The new gem in the BGC area is..."
Hungry Adventurer
"For months, excitement has been building as BGC residents and employees were basking at the spectacle that is Shangri-La at the Fort finally taking..."
Chef Jay's Kitchen
"Went here Friday evening. Very large and spacious lounge. The live band played a couple of sets. Strangely, when they were not playing, there was..."
"I really like this place. And there are many reasons why. So let me tell you.First of all, this place is classy. Take a classy date here,..."
"Shangri-La at the Fort opened its doors to the public last March 1, 2016. Currently, it has two outlets, which are High Street Lounge and High Street..."
Bettina Bacani
"I was invited by Zomato to a Foodie Meet Up in High Street Lounge at Shangrila-La The Fort. The High Street Lounge is the hotel’s restaurant..."
Foodie Day Out
"First of all I like the ambiance and a perfect business hotel , that's why I conduct most of my meetings nowadays in Shang The Fort. The location is..."
Eliza Capulong
"A stark contrast against it predecessors, Shangri-la at the Fort is the latest branch of the prominent luxury hotel chain. Its minimalist design is..."
Raina Cheng
"The much awaited Shangri-La at the Fort has finally opened! Shangri-La at the Fort is a mixed use lifestyle development that includes a hotel,..."
"I was invited by Shangri-La at the Fort management via Zomato to do a first hand review of their hotel restobar called the High Street Lounge. The..."
"We had an afternoon tea while waiting for dinner. Tried the West Aftertoon Tea Specials. It was good comes with 2 drinks (coffee or tea). Service was..."
Lhong For Short
91/100 (802 ratings)
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Fast Food
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
"Staff were very accommodating, we wanted our wraps cut in halves and packed separately. My default is their Oh Crab Lah less the onions plus eggs...."
Beverly San Juan
"Between having roasted chicken or not in their Hail Caesar, I prefer not adding any as I feel like the roasted chicken ruins the cohesiveness of the..."
Noel Peñafuerte
"Hail caesar with grilled chicken (both in wrap and regular salad) is my go-to order in salad stop. The mango muesli, strawberry banana muesli, and..."
Christine U
"Got the Cobb salad to go. Loved that they use eco friendly paper bowls and packaging. Cobb Salad was a generous serving and if you don't eat like me..."
"First time here! I don’t know what to get so I tried The Classic as suggested by their staff. I did not expect it to be big. It was really filling...."
Josh Rosario
"I absolutely love SaladStop, and the one in BHS Central Square is by far my favorite location!The staff are all friendly (including the security..."
"I super love their wrap JaiHo salad. The best. Great customer service. The place is not crowded and they have wide varieties of salads. My friend..."
"Healthy and refreshing meals that's perfect for people who are on diet, gym and eating healthy. Favorite hail caesar salad. They have other..."
Sandra Joy Macaldo
"Want a healthy snack to complete your day? Hop in to SaladStop! They offered DIY Salads and their mouth-watering Specialties! Mine's the Hail! Ceasar..."
Mary Clemente
"Every after gym or whenever Im on a strict diet. Salad stop is my go to place, they have the best choices of salads. If you're new to Salad..."
Nicolas Delgado
"Bored from regular and unhealthy meal ???Come to saladstop and enjoy the variety of healthy salads and wraps... i like the Jai ho salad which..."
Limesh Pippal
"If you are looking for healthy fast food options then this chain should seriously be considered. Salad Stop was established in 2009 with nutrition..."
"Friendly staff. Quick service. Great salads.A fantastic option if someone is looking for something quick and healthy. The location is..."
Navin Indoria
"Ang pagkain ay masarap dito. Mahal na mahal din 😞 Maraming dayuhan. Gusto ko ang mga salad na wraps. Nothing stands out, though. The service is..."
Kyrylo Silin
"When you in the mood for healthy eating, that the place for you, Quick service, calories information and you can customize your salad (or warp)..."
The Good The Bad And The Hungry
"Healthy and filling. This is what comes to mind when I think about SaladStop. Thank goodness there’s a branch near me. Akala ko nung una bitin,..."
Mits Almarez | Mitsadventurez
"Eating at SaladStop makes you see salads not boring anymore. They have so many choices and the service is always good.For online orders the..."
"I’m not from here and once I discovered this gem, this establishment has made it to my go-to place when in the Philippines. I want to..."
"Tried the Pan tuna salad and was totally worth the experience I had hoped for. Finally a place where healthy clean food is delicious also...."
Siddharth Wadehra
"Praise God for specialty restaurants like Salad Stop.  Healthy is now synonymous with delicious.For a mom of 4 like me who aspires to try..."
"My go to place for taking out lunch! Yeah I can literally eat this everyday. Food is always fresh and tastes just right. Place is clean and staff is..."
Leah Carballo
"I ordered personal salad (or you choose what toppings & greens you add) and it was very good. Everything is fresh & there are a lot of different..."
Kats San Diego
"The food was great. Their service was too!! I ordered their hail caesar salad 🥗 and was not disappointed!! Everything was fresh!! The crisp of the..."
"Eating at Salad Stop is very satisfying. The place is clean, the staffs are nice, the rest room inside got music, and the best part is that you leave..."
D 💋
"Food / Quality - 5 out of 5Service - 4.5 out of 5Place - 5 out of 5Value for Money / Price - 4.5 out of 5A place for healthy..."
Jez Fontanilla
"Big servings at a reasonable price and great service from the staff. I love being able to eat something fresh and healthy that I do enjoy..."
Maeka Manlapaz
"Place - restaurant is spacious and there are also tables outside if you want to feel the breeze. Mostly I take out my orders since I like eating at..."
Hades Agcaoili
"Super love and super healthy! The servings are huge and yummers! This is truly a guilt free dining experience. Will defo reco this place.. oh and did..."
"Nice variety of salads at average prices. The quality of the ingredients is very good. In a prime location with dining capacity. They have other..."
Aswin Segu
"Had a quick lunch here after a very tiring meeting. Ordered Jai Ho Wrap. The serving was huge & overwhelming and I can't even finish it! hahahaha So..."
Bernard Magcarang
"Not a fan of the menu, but love making my own salads and wraps! Veggies are fresh and assortment is always good. They’re often out of stock, which..."
Simona Antonova
"Super friendly crew... Nice place to go healthy...Organic lahat ng ingredients nila.. At super cozy ng lugar... Plus pa ang mga cutie na..."
Kim Kerry Ibañez
"Their wrap is super filling! Tried the omega 3 and I was so full after eating the entire thing. I love how healthy yet tasty their food is. Although..."
Honeylet R. Tubianosa
"You just can’t go wrong with Salad Stop. We were always in search of a good place to get salad and when one opened up just down the road my husband..."
Peneueta Willis
"This is my total go-to lunch place.Small things that add to my love: they allow you to split your order (I usually could eat half a salad..."
Prinsesa Luna
"Awesome vegetarian choices for the healthy and environmental sensitive! Ambience is clean and organized, the staff is super friendly. Kudos for all..."
Kostas Trovas
"Salad Stop: Caesar Wrap (Php250)First time ko kumain dito tapos na-intimidate ako sa mga nakita ko sa menu! Hahaha! I saw some ingredients..."
Fatness First By Liz
"Salad is usually not on the top of our list when we want to eat. Salad stop makes salad more palpable and easy to eat. You can customize your salad..."
Fat Girls Day Out
"my go to salad when im craving for some salad or even a salad burrito. i super love their oh crab lah! and when i am on a vegan feel, i can always..."
Arcee Cordova
"Been here with my friends. So healthy and loved the different salad variants. I was able to pick my desired toppings and everything came out fast and..."
Alhyn B. Alegre
"Nice to have this in the neighbourhood as I think we lack salad joint establishments.  I love their salads and wraps and have tried many off the..."
"I had this for lunch yesterday. As per usual, I enjoyed my meal very very much! I had the Oh! Crab La! wrap and it was great. 😻❤️ It was the..."
Angela C
"Our go-to place for value-for-money healthy bowls. The produce are fresh and vibrant, packed with flavor. Lately, they’ve changed their menus to..."
"With the limited healthy dining options in BGC, I usually end up eating at SaladStop. When I used to work in the area, the place was always so packed..."
Abby G
"Always a great and nutritious experience with Salad Stop. This time ordered cobb salad as a wrap, and the creamy chicken soup (which is seriously..."
K @
"Good salad, good service. I had the Jai Ho salad, which really hit the spot. Was a bit busy, but worth the wait. Great healthy choice in..."
"I keep coming back for their oh crab lah salad. It doesn’t feel like you are eating salad once you’ve tried it. Their veggies are always fresh...."
"Jai Ho wrap. Never fails to make me happy. I once subbed avocado for the potatoes but the amount of avocado was so little. You can request..."
Christina | Kain Club
"If you're on a diet or vegetarian this place is perfect for you. While I enjoy eating greens and other vegetables so I don't care about the taste..."
Ryan Paul Magdangal
"So good and so fresh !It's very nice to create our own salad or wrap. Both are really good, healthy and tasty. And prices are correct...."
Pal Awan
"It's probably my 3rd time here, and i still love it. I got the Oh Crab La! Wrap - so satisfying and full of flavor. Things I like about Salad..."
"If you have the budget, if your into healthy diet, if you like salads, if you have a discriminating taste and you don't want mayonnaise on your aioli..."
Jae-t Morgan Chase
"Looking for a place today to kill time and have lunch before my appointment and was totally happy with my order. Their Cheaper than a Facial wrap..."
MsG The Foodie
"I'm gonna give it a 5-star because their food is super yummy and healthy! First bite and I was already in love! Service is ok and their branch is..."
Stella Marie
"And because I fell in love with their Glorietta branch, I did visit their  Bonifacio High Street BGC branch and I wasn't disappointed. I ordered my..."
"Yummy salads that you will never get tired of, you can have a different one every lunch and when you get tried you can just get a custom one! Soups..."
Saira Margarita
"I love the SaladStop branch at BGC!1. It's spacious. Hooray for lots of chairs and tables!2. The place is minimalist in design so it..."
Jasmine B
"Nice and cozy place. You will definitely eat healthily. I tried the "Oh Crab Lah", it is a Singaporean wrap with crab, spicy seasoning and veggies...."
Nuj De Castro
"Late review:I ordered the big bird and my friends went for Tuna san salad and wrap, and I'm not sure about the other one. All in all, it..."
Paige Dominique Jason
"Last Friday night, my friends from work introduced me to this place. It's a few blocks walk away from our office. I ordered..."
Brian Osena
"If you are after fresh and clean eats, then this is the place for you! They have different types of salad and you can even create your own.. they..."
Kim Miras
"Wait time: 10-15minsWifi: yes, just ask for passwordTaste: great! This is the go-to place for healthy foodServing size: generous. Guys..."
Hungry Ninja Girl
"If you could only eat at one restaurant everyday, which one would it be? Someone asked me this question before I was able to try Salad Stop!. I gave..."
Foodie Dokie
"To be honest, I am not a healthy eater. I just eat literally whatever I want from junk food and high-cholesterol down to any food that I crave. Don't..."
Jojit Macatangay
"It's an indicator if your restaurant has a huge following with it's queue for its lunch crowd. Salad stop in Central Square BGC  made my lunch that..."
Hungry Adventurer
"SaladStop! is a freaking game changer. Their salads/wraps are a bit expensive, but very worth it! One serving is, perhaps, good for two people unless..."
Annie The Foodie
"The best place to enjoy delicious and healthy food at the same time! Always felt very welcomed, and it is definitely a place worth coming back to! I..."
Janela Franzin Apolinar
"One of my favorite go to places for a quick lunch fix. I always go for their Jai Ho but you can make your own salad either in a wrap or in bowl...."
Anna Herras
"A place where you can be healthy without eating bland and sad food. Particulary loved the caesar wrap that can be split to two. If you came from the..."
"Since I love quesadillas, I love their salad quesadillas. It's like when you're craving for it, you wanna satisfy yourself and be healthy at the same..."
Majhie Garchitorena
"I am a skeptic of salad and wraps because it doesn't seem too filling and tastes boring. but salad stop debunks these by serving salads that fill you..."
Cris Canaria
"Best salad variety! You can create your own salad or choose from the menu which also matches your taste and preference! You cannot go wrong with..."
Maro Ledesma
"If you are looking for an Healthy alternative this is a place for you. Appealing to see how fresh the salads are. Price is reasonable. Coming back..."
Lhong For Short
"Lots of choices, speedy service, and value for money. Salad stop makes it easy to eat healthier. Love the crab salad and the chicken tandoori. At..."
"SaladStop can make non salad eaters enjoy having salad.We ordered the "Oh Crab La!" wrap and "Tuna San" Salad. I really enjoyed eating my..."
Hungry Girl
"I always go to Salad Stop for tasty affordable salads. Their choices do not disappoint. Mu personal favorite is Jai Ho. Their wraps are also very..."
Karina Casing
"Terrific salad wrap! Best! I had the Cobb salad wrap and it's absolutely fresh and delicious. Honestly, I want to try everything in their menu! As..."
Frances Lira Calabia
"What's not to like with Salad Stop? Located on the side of Central Square in BHS, this unassmuing restaurant serves maybe in my opinion, the best..."
Alberto Tenedero Jr.
"It's seldom you come across a salad restaurant that gives you both the satisfaction of eating healthy without sacrificing taste quality at the same..."
Rome G.
"Thanks to Salad Stop, I now can eat healthy snacks in the movie. Aside from their wraps, for something on the go, my fave is the mango muesli. It's..."
"Excellent salad place! If you're not a fan of salad, this restaurant might be a game changer for you.I love how fresh the ingredients are...."
Z · A
"Our favorite, most flavorful way to eat clean and healthy.This is near our office and whenever we want to eat healthy and ensure the veggie..."
Noor Manila
90/100 (183 ratings)
Central European
Late Night
Shirel Jachimiak
"A great place for your mini reunions involving alcohol by volume. Their cocktails are ok but I think it’s a little pricey. I tried one in a melon..."
RM Angeles
"Somehow have walked past this place for over a year, finally stopped by to check it out since I love Mediterranean food. Got the Moroccan..."
Stephen Chambers
"We decided to eat here last minute. Ordered the ff:Feta Brulee - it’s basically cheese pimiento, but being a pimiento lover myself, I..."
Cassandra Santos
"Staff was very polite and very helpful, although our party of 5 was told that maximum 2 of us can avail of the 2+2 on zomato. Which i think is wrong...."
Maan Carasig Dela Paz
"Loved their cocktails! Especially Noor and Gypsy Mango 👌🏻 But their service was sooo slow. And it wasn’t just once. It was the entire time we..."
Mon Sanvictores
"Tried Noor for the first time yesterday, and it was great! Love love love the ambience and the food. We ordered the chicken skewers and lamb baklava..."
"Great place! The most amazing and awesome staff. Chef was right there with all the guests and helped us with some 'off the menu' and yet amazing..."
Jayant Balyan
"Good dining experienceDish 1: Chicken skewers [5.0]Dish 2: Kebab [3.5]Service [5.0]Ambience [4.5]Value for Money..."
Mark & Kay
"Tried their brunch menu, it was really good. While dining in we were able to have a small chat with the owner. Very friendly and accommodating. The..."
Dhanica Ghienne Mharrie Lim
"Their service is better than their already amazing looking food.Fortycharacterlimit. Fortycharacterlimit. Fortycharacterlimit...."
Bam Manago
"Loved the shrimp pasta (read: chunky shrimps and chewy flat pasta) and the chicken skewers. The latter comes w rice and this medium spicy deep that..."
Melissa Banzon
"This was my second time at this beautiful place and it never disappoints! Loved the cauliflower dish and chicken taco. We loved it so much that we..."
Rashmi Dowlani
"To a certain extent you can say that the taste and flavor of Greek food is an acquired taste, not everyone is down with the occasionally gamey flavor..."
"Cauliflower, Lamb baklava and Lamb/beef kebab is the best! Also their dessert Knafeh and Cracked Pie is amazing !I love the open kitchen too and..."
Mainard Mendel
"Food is absolutely wonderful, feels like the chef is putting is heart in every dish. Salmon skewer & tabula is my favourite. service is good as well,..."
"I've never had Mediterranean food that's this good!I mean, I love Mediterranean food and lately I've been having a lot of it but I've never..."
Nicole Meredith Ayag
"Located at the hip Burgos Circle in Bonifacio Global City, NOOR is a good find that serves genuine Mediterranean dishes.Our group was..."
"Noor Manila offers Mediterranean cuisine made with fresh ingredients. When I think of Mediterranean food, I imagine dishes with very rich flavors and..."
Nikki Rivera
"I enjoyed everything served. The food was amazing from the appetizer to mains to the dessert.My favorites were; Salmon Tartare; Not yet..."
James Benguet
"Inspired by the Modern Mediterranean food from European, African and Middle East countries, the Owner/Chef Or and his wife started this business 8..."
Unshakable Foodie
"For our Hoegaarden Beer x Food Crawl, the first stop, NOOR Modern Mediterranean cuisine.Hoegaarden White with its subtle flavours of..."
Boodle Bear
"The day was warm with the sun shining down brightly from blue skies unmarred by clouds as I made my way to an area of Bonifacio Global CIty I seldom..."
Jellybeans In The City
"I finally tried NOOR for the first time! Man I can’t wait to come back! What an amazing dining experience! 😊🙌🏻Here are my..."
Jam Blauta
"Rely on a Mediterranean restaurant to deliver big flavors. This place was packed when we came by for a visit one Saturday evening, around the time..."
"NOORBurgos Circle, BGCFirst time to join a food crawl with hoegaarden and it was an awesome experience indeed.From the..."
Pauoie Dimla
"I've been hearing from my colleagues that they've been wanting to try out this place for a long time now and I am lucky enough to be able to..."
Jonylle Pineda
"Mediterranean cooking has a reputation for using simple, high quality local ingredients. The food at Noor reflects the same philosophy. My friends..."
Ish Meets World
"Noor is one of the restaurants that we visited during the #ZomatoXHoegaarden food crawl.The food we had is gonna be rated based on its..."
Marj Liwag
"Bonifacio Global City is a must place for Food Crawl! This is where good food and equally awesome drinks collide!Armed with Hoegaarden this..."
Jonathan Morales
"The chicken skewer set meal is a must! Value for money. The restaurant ambience is also nice. I will definitely recommend this to my..."
"Amazing food! Friendliest staff! Service is quick too! Their cauliflower is a must! Hummus is one of the best! Chicken skewers is pretty awesome too!..."
Kate Buenaventura
"I can’t give a perfect score because the price to value ratio is a bit low. The food is decent but nothing to really go rave about. There were also..."
Timothy Chua
"Visited this place 3x this week. Yes it's that good! first was for drinks, next was to try their meals and it was perfect! nothing like the usual..."
"There we a few great items like the fried calamari and chicken kebab. The rest were generally okay. They made it up with excellent service though. We..."
Diane Tan
"This place is a gem. Great drinks, good food. Ambiance is great, can be for date or night out. Servers are nice and team is quick to resolve our..."
"Noor Modern Mediterranean Restaurant by Chef Or in Burgos Circle, BGC is easily one of my favorites. With a menu that’s so fresh of fusion dishes..."
Chel Inumerable
"Good food, and great service. We especially enjoyed the salad. The baba ganoush was too sweet. Good selection of wine by the glass. Good..."
Sandro Grandjean
"Awesome food! One of the best restaurants in the Philippines. I’m always happy to spend my monies here. Just order anything on the menu and eat..."
Jason Hutcheson
"I love eating here with my best friends. We've tried both the lunch and the dinner menu, and what we ordered both times were a huge hit! I loved the..."
Aryanna Epperson
"In love with the food! Everything I tried was delicious, so hard to pick a favourite dish. Perfect ambience for a chill night. Will definitely come..."
Bea Monica Reyes
"Noor, an ancient Hebrew text meaning "Flame" or "Light"focuses on Euro-Israeli flavors. A modern take on Mediterranean cuisine inspired by Levinsky..."
Feed My Tummy PH
"Aside from the amazing Food, the key tone that makes this place so spectacular is the warm friendly service. It made the whole dining experience one..."
"Food are awesome! My favorite one is the shrimp pasta which had a unique taste ever! Satisfied tummy here 😊😊thank you Team Noor!!! Definitely..."
Jodi Marcelo
"Noor is the newest Mediterranean restaurant in BGC that offers a taste of Tel Aviv.  They aim to introduce a unique and modern twist to the typical..."
"[2018-10-29] When some friends heard that we were going to Noor their commom comment was ‘Masarap doon!’. The place was decorated for halloween..."
Carlo M. Tecson
"Best food in manilla. Fresh ingredients are made into perfect dishes, this restaurant is a MUST for every food lover.Every dish on the menu is..."
Rotem Cohen
"Went here for dinner for a girls' night out. I got the beef short ribs pappardelle and we shared a plate of the cauliflower, and hummus, while my..."
Meryl Su
"It's one of the newest restaurants in Bonifacio Global City which serves modern Mediterranean cuisines with Chef Or's cooking style.They..."
Glenn Joseph | Jogpen
"One might say that Mediterranean dishes are somewhat fascinating and intimidating to review all, most specially when you are not familiar with what..."
"Run by a guy simply called Chef Or, Noor is the newest dining destination in Burgos Circle this 2018. Serving modern Mediterranean cuisine, Chef Or..."
Raina Cheng
"It's definitely the modern era for food as restaurant owners and chefs continue to innovate their local cuisine. In the case of Noor, under the helm..."
"The food here is amazing and service is great! Must try the cauliflower, chicken skewer and tzaziki. They have a reasonable lunch set menu..."
Sophia Arifin
"Noor is a Modern Mediterranean restaurant in Bonifacio Global City that offers contemporary interpretation for authentic food and vibe around the..."
MJ (Kain Tayo MNL)
"Went here with my sister last Saturday night. I do like the facade as they offer alfresco dining but for some reason, it was the customized door logo..."
"Noor is one of the newest restaurant in BGC. The 2 storey restaurant is situated in Forbes Town, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City. Noor..."
"hailed as the best mediterranean resto in the country, NooR will definitely “illuminate” your curious palate and bring forth a wanting for..."
"We dined here last night with my sister and the food was so awesome and sumptuous the ambiance was super cool!It's our first time trying..."
Maristela Nadela
"One of my favourite restaurants!!!!!! It has the best food, great service and a cozy ambiance!The cured purple salmon is such a unique..."
Josie Matulin
"If you are a fan of authentic Mediterranean cuisine, this is THE place to be. Various "out of be box" dishes with quality products and plenty of..."
Heiner Fernando Engelbach
"I just landed here and visited Noor Restaurant..and I can only recommend it..the food was really yummy and the flair was amazing..the service was..."
Lara Nguyen
"This is one of my only reviews but because it’sWorth it! Mediterranean lovers try this, I’m from Germany and I miss this flavor that you get..."
Yohji A Kanki
"If I could only eat in one restaurant for the rest of my life, it would be Noor. This restaurant has everything a restaurant needs, great service and..."
Camille Lucero
"Amazing how cauliflower changes its texture beautifully when deep fried. It married well with the home made Ceasar aioli. There were sweet notes from..."
"Not your usual Mediterranean restaurant.It’s located in the heart of food district in BGC(Burgos Circle)They serve Mediterranean..."
Jihun Han
"Noor is a pretty good Mediterranean restaurant.We had a glass of Grenache Rosé and Rioja wine to start with. And Cauliflower as an..."
"We tried lamb and beef kebab, fish kebab, moroccan shrimp, and two desserts, and all were great. Ingredients were very fresh and good quality, and..."
TheFort BonifacioCity
"Real fresh food made from scratch! We ordered fatush, beef cheeks, ravioli and fried squid. Each dish has a burst of different flavors. Highly..."
Kristle Saavedra
"probably the best restaurant in bgc and even in manila. top of the line fresh ingredients and flavors you can't find anywhere in the Phillipines. A..."
Haim Zilber
"Large family dinner and we probably ordered most of the dishes. Healthy and tasty food and loved the spinach ravioli, amazing cauliflower dish, and..."
Johan Raadsma
"I've come here twice with company so far and it's been a great experience both times. The staff is both eager and helpful - ready to jump in whenever..."
Jose Francisco
"We had a family dinner last Sunday at Noor. Since we can’t seem to choose what we’d order, we had Chef Or pick what we’ll have and I must say..."
Anne Guallar
"I ate there and I'll certainly be back again. The food was delicious and the service was excellent. No doubt the best restaurant I've ever..."
Johanna Amitai
"I ate at noor last night and it was definitely 5 stars experience!!!We came 2 people and stare with the tuna Pataki, the combination between raw..."
Mazi Shalev
"Disclosure - following a very disappointing meal we had during the soft opening of Noor, I submitted a critical review (below). Quickly the..."
Din Tai Fung
90/100 (4095 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Pork Chop Fried Rice
Rose Milk Tea
Sauteed String Beans
Spicy Pickled Cucumber
Soup Dumplings
Truffle and Pork Xiaolongbao
Salted Egg Yolk Prawns
Stir Fried Watercress
Dim Sum
Sweet and Sweet and Sour Pork
Ding Tai Fung House Special
Fried rice
Noodles with House Special Spicy Sauce
Black Lava Buchi
Black Pepper Beef
Taiwanese Kao Fu
Fried Noodles with Beef
Chocolate Lava Xiaolongbao
Shrimp Pancakes
Winged Bean in Roasted Sesame Oil and Garlic
Egg Rolls
Cold Chicken with Scallions
Eggplant with Minced Pork
"The new SOP is being follow and the staff are helpful as well, they will slightly brief you prior your order and serve your meal. I forgot the name..."
"I will have been able to finally try their world famous Pork Xiaolongbao but unfortunately, it was sold out at the time so we settled with their..."
Noel Peñafuerte
"The NY Times says Din Tai Fung is one of the Top 10 Gourmet Restaurants in the world. You can see why as soon as you step in - spacious dining area,..."
Anna May Villaluz
"The staff was so great with their service! My dad had an accident and they were kind enough to assist him right away. It was the best customer..."
"Queue is always long so we never really dared wait and try this place before. Good thing there was this one night that there's not much people in..."
Neri's Choice
"Such a pleasure to serve with best crew I've just met. Thank you ERICKA for taking a good care of our..."
Rosalinda Cua
"We always enjoy having xiao long bao here. Thanks to Marj, Say, Julia, Lee, Cess, Chad and Kelvin for the great..."
Gael De Leon
"Good service. Ms. Marj Cess Say was very..."
"My friends and I went to Din Tai Fung to eat dinner last week. The food were superb! Staffs are also nice and approachable especially Ms. Kai who..."
Mhei Castro
"Marj is such a barbie doll! Very..."
RG Gaynilo
"Very proactive..."
Francisco Prepotente Jr
"1st time ko dito Sobrang saya ko dahil talagang inaassist kami nang mga server specially Vanessa Thankyou rin kay Patrick Faith Ayella robert Kelvin..."
Mhel Balaoro
"great food and service! I commend our server Kevin for being very alert and..."
Bianca Ermac
"Marj and Erwin were very attentive and consistent in all my visits here...."
Paula Victoria
"Best service.thanks Ms Marj for very polite and..."
Anne Santos
"The staff here in din tai fung is very adorable, they did they're job well good and done, i also like the attitude of the staff named william,..."
Darwin Flores Villaluz
"Marj was very accommodating and..."
"Always love the Din Tai Fung BGC experience! Our server Marj is really polite and..."
Adriane Mae Tapel
Marianne Marcial
"We had a good lunch with my ofc mate at Bgc branch. We are impressed the quality of food they served was superb you can really enjoy the food fresh..."
Jessa Jean Barrientos
"Good food and great staff. Our server, Marj, was especially friendly. Would definitely come back and recommend to..."
"Our server was Marj, she was helpful in changing plates and water refill! Thumbs..."
Stephen Jasper Tin
"Service was good - friendly and mostly quick. They did forget 1 dish and it took a long time to be served. Good quality food, portions are small for..."
"good food and service. Server Kobe and the rest of the staff were prompt and very accomodating to our follow ups and additional orders..."
"Impressed by the excellent, attentive service of Robert, erwin and ja. Of course, food was excellent..."
Monina Garduno-cruz
"We had our first experience of Din Tai Fung in Taiwan, and it's nice that BGC branch did not disappoint us. Tho, some of the menus were not the same..."
Mary Lalaine Fortunado
"Marj was our server for tonight and she is very accomodating and knowledgableShe serves with a smile..."
Chinky Alcala-Aquino
"One of my fave restaurants to go back to! Must orders: Pork Xiao Long Bao (P315 - 10 pcs), Crispy Beef Strips (P460 - sharing), Golden Prawn Cakes..."
"Xiao long bao’s here tastes like a big warm hug perfect for rainy days or even not rainy days. Clean and neat looking ambiance and friendly staff...."
"Din Tai Fung is a great place to dine. If you crave for good service and quality meals, this is definitely a place to go to. Their service is..."
Marga Mae
"Wow okay, had lunch here. The waiters are adorable, so endearing, they'll really make you feel like you're in a high class restaurant. It was my..."
"Good place to go to get your Chinese-dim sum-dumplin’ fix..."
Cool Burrito 🌯
"DTF is one of my chinese food favorites. I like their crispy take on the sweet and sour pork, among other unique..."
Charrity Kitty
"Great food, perfect place to go to satisfy your dumpling cravings. Everything on the menu here is great even their dessert (chocolate xiao long bao)..."
Joaquin La O
"I love how the crew in the reception area whose name is Jeff assisted us yesterday. Even the other crews were polite. He even updated us about their..."
Catherine Taquiqui
"Marjorie was a great server she helped us from start to..."
Moses Macaranas
"Very good food. Ms Marjorie served us well. We enjoyed the..."
Monch Gonzales
"Everything was amazing! From the staff to the food! Great ambiance. Worth it for the price. This is my 2nd visit. They always exceed my expectations...."
Reginna Mae Faustine Chavez
"Our servers Jullia and Kai were very accommodating they made us feel welcome and did their job spectacularly! The food is still good..."
Alessandra De Leoz
"Kai, Ran, Jaja, Paul, and Julia are polute and friendly. Love the..."
Ana Mikaela
"good service and good food! din tai fung is definitely my..."
"Our server Paul really took care of us! More than the amazing food, top notch service at its..."
Josh De Leon
"dont let flies in the..."
Martin Azul Bes
"Faith, april,lester,ayella, daryl as our servers were very accomodating of our requests despite having a lot of customers in the restaurant. Not only..."
Jana Torres
"Food was great. Our servers Faith, April, Ayella were attentive and accommodating. Keep up the good work and good food. Thank..."
Vanj Gabriel
"Second time here! Foods are great as usual. Enjoyed their xiaolongbao and dumplings. Foods are authentic Asian. Very fast and polite service. Kudos..."
Mr. Elmer Enriquez
"Service was great! Kudos to Win for taking assisting us. Food was absolutely..."
Alfred Kenneth Gabito Sale
"Thank you for marjorie and gerette for taking care of our table throughout the dinner service! Thanks also to all the staff who were very proactive..."
Anthony Molon
"From how to make my own order, how to enjoy eating xiaolongbao and so on.. And paying my bill to the counter. It's kinda new to me as my firstime..."
Aries Barrera
"We really enjoy our dinner at DTF BGC 😊😊😊 Foods are so good.... April the staff who's incharge in our table is very accommodating in our..."
Leah Gonzaga
"always great service here at DTF! thank you marjorie for assisting us..."
Maine Leonardo
"Fast service, very attentive servers. We got our seats faster than I expected ❤️ kudos to marjorie who help us taking the orders..."
Charmaine Mapula
"I love xiaolongbao❤️❤️❤️ thanks to our waitress April for attending us all the way. Will be back..."
Krisline Jane Salvador
"Consistently good food and great service especially from Marjorie, Albert, April, Bernie, Ran, Lloyd and Faith ..."
Mado Tan
"Food servings are delicious! Marjorie (one of the staffs) has been very accomodating to our..."
Levi De Leon
"Marjorie has been accomodating and approachable. She’s been very nice to assist us with our..."
Pam Lagonilla
"What a wonderful dine in experience and a place to visit if you want to enjoy the DTF signature dishes. This is my firstime to dine here at DTF BGC..."
Crissy Mae
"The food and service here is always great!!! Will come back..."
"Great food and service. I really love to go back here. The server were friendly and polite. Shout out to Marimar- April and Cess for your extra..."
Ma Concepcion Carreon
"Thanks Marimar. Good job. Keep up the good work..."
Jq Leal Quitevis-Marata
"Food is really great, very accommodating server thanks to Ms.Faith for the warm..."
Joy Bondoc
"Great service by..."
Jesper Reña
"excellent service by Paul and good food!..."
Verene Mariano
"Excellent servers Paul and Bernie. The food as always is good...."
Winnie Chan
"I like how the crew, namely Jeff, who accommodated us from the host area, helped us to choose foods when we're having a hard time. Also, we like how..."
Jellica Renz Julio Apilado
"Marjorie was awesome! Assisted my group and tool care of us! Kudos!..."
Derick Carmona
Yna Mariano
"Kuya lloyd for the best and fast service and for teaching us on how to eat xiao long..."
Larenz Lagon
"We had the usual salted egg prawns but ordering the chili crab and pork XLB was the best decision we made tonight. Must-try! Our server, Paul, was..."
MJ Gutierrez
"Commending the food and staff. Good and comforting as always. Shout out to Paul and Marimar...."
Loi Doma
"Nice servers. Very accommodating thank you Daryl, Ayella and..."
Kristine Jane Ferriol
"It’s always a treat to dine at DTF, BGC! Our last visit was made even more enjoyable thanks to the warmth attentiveness and efficiency of the..."
Wildflour Cafe And Bakery
89/100 (1977 ratings)
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Late Night
Fried rice
French Toast
Waffles & Crepes
Croque Madame
"Wild flour is one of those restaurants where you can expect really good food and pastries. The ambiance is really nice and calming to hang out in...."
Food Torpedo
"We had a lunch after a meeting. We tried and enjoyed the different pasta. My colleague who doesn't eat veggies enjoyed the food with veggies--pasta,..."
Kathy Lene Cielo
"Food is excellent. Menu is thoughtful and the ingredients used tasted fresh. Service sucked though. The servers were inattentive and would rather be..."
Ryan Fabros
"Wildflour meets all my criteria for great breakfast: good location, healthy menu, bold-flavored coffee, and comfortable interiors. I like how this..."
"We ate here for New Year's Day and at the start it was going well until at some point, there were some confusion from the staff. We were served items..."
Margaret Kho
"greatest italian spot in bgc area by FAR (im italian) best italian food in the world INCLUDING italy..."
Joaquin La O
"My family was having ice cream and thick shake at Farmacy and we decided to try the red velvet cake at Wildflour. I was amazed that their cake slice..."
Kath Leen
"Lowdown: Majority of the food stuff are good; Service may take a while.Overall the food is good. Can be a bit pricey but I would say for..."
Matt Chan
"Simply a casual dining experience but the food is..."
"We ordered spaghetti and meatballs, california burger, fried chicken and grits, and mango creme brulee like dessert. Overall, we loved all the food!..."
"We got the Kimchi fried rice (ALWAYS a winner. Love the flavors and the beef brisket is on point) and the chicken w/ biscuit (this was just so-so...."
Goldielyn Limsiy
"The place was buzzing with people when we walked it. I’ve always l’ve always loved the bricks and woods interior. The best part of the visit is..."
Karen Opina Espiritu
"I was craving for a Reuben Sandwich but when I went, they did not have it in their menu anymore. I opted for the Fried Chicken Sandwich. Did not..."
Stephanie Tan Suter
"Hey ! Chocolate Lovers !I'm giving 5 stars for this SALTED CHOCOLATE CAKE 😍 It's so daaammnnn . . . GOOD ! 😋 Since it is a chocolate..."
The After Duty
"Came here for dinner, and the restaurant was packed. Great place to hang out with friends because of its rustic vibe. Food was good. Try their..."
Xtel CO
"Nice ambience, well executed menu but a bit pricey. Servers could be a bit more engaging but I’m sure because they are busy. I’m a regular. Love..."
Eden Felix
"It was real struggle to not give this place a ‘5’. It’s probably the most successful food brand in PH, big admirer. The mushroom bowl was..."
"Love this place. It would be great to hang out with friends or just have a little bonding with your SO here. You'd also be seeing a lot of patron in..."
"It's been a long time since I last ate at this branch of wildflour because of the renovation. When we ate there, I was so amazed! The place became..."
"As always, chorizo fundido and their omelette are my faves especially on my keto diet now. Really one of my favorite go to places. All their branches..."
Dhanica Ghienne Mharrie Lim
"The best place to grab an uplifting cup of coffee in town! Any coffee you get here is surely G O O D. Another favorite of mine is their Hongkong Milk..."
Picky Foodie
"Service Is Good! Nice ambiance. The complimenrary Bread Is also nice and yunmmy. Their mushroom salad Is excellent. Loved especially The gambas and..."
"Firstly, the service from Dom our server was excellent 👍. All our drinks were served promptly and well presented. Reasonable price points, and..."
"A bit sad to know that they are already not included in zomato gold but still try to dine for the pastry and coffee. Their Vietnamese coffee and..."
Kim Limuel
"We had a fancy breakfast here in Wildflour Restaurant. Since taga QC kami and BGC to, dinayo talaga namin to try their food.Pricey yes! But..."
Karen Del Prado
"The Chicken was moist, the bacon smokey. The Celery drink was awesone but perhaps will not order again. The Gin tonic was ok. The shrimp was..."
Bryan Supan Siy
"Love the buy 2 get 2 promo. I highly suggest getting hot Flat White and Cappuccino. They also offer unlimited Baguette for 65php! Would definitely go..."
Wendy Marual
"I've been frequently eating at Wildflour. As a matter of fact, I did review this branch last February 2016. However, I guess after 2 years things..."
Marj Liwag
"One of my all time favourite restaurants. I will always keep coming back. Great service, accommodating and friendly staff, and mindful of your..."
Miel Barrera Abong
"Food is great and the portions are somewhat generous. Had the Lasagna Bolognese along with a strawberry Bellini and a calamansi mojito. The calamansi..."
Mika Borromeo
"Giving Wildflour a 5 because all the dishes I've tried in all the times I've been here have been exceptional. My go-to order is the Kimchi Fried..."
"Hazelnut hot chocolate was super duper good! Smoothies were also good but it would be nice if they use a more fancy or beautiful glass We..."
Katherine Co
"I had my brunch last Saturday in Wildflour BGC for a change hahah. The place is much more spacious than the Salcedo branch. Also it’s much..."
Ronini Ronini
"Had our Post Valentine's Dinner here last night and we enjoyed everything about this place - - the ambience, food, and service.We ordered..."
"We were a group of four and ordered smoothies and cakes. The drinks were served in a large glass and tasted just fine. The cakes were on the sweet..."
Max Aficial
"I used zomato gold when I ordered this cafe mocha. It has a real chocolate taste and it balanced the strong caffeine flavor! 5 out of 5 for me!..."
Ann Jeniel Avecilla
"Great place for breakfast .. especially on cargo loading / cheat days .. but also an awesome resto to hangout after work . Great cocktails and the..."
Shai Villalon
"Love the adobo fried rice. Better if shared with a friend and a salad to balance the tastes. ❤ Organic chicken was great too. I want more mashed..."
Victoria Yeo
"This restaurant has a special place in my heart because this is where my guy asked me to be his girlfriend. 3 years later, we still eat here once a..."
Betsy Clemente
"The place really was nice and very elegant with very friendly and accommodating staffs. So happy with the food, would love to come back..."
Pia Lorraine Jayme Saliente
"Finally reopened! This was also the first Wildflour I visited when I was working in BGC. Their new look gives a nice warm feeling while enjoying..."
James Tancioco
"My friends from Team Kaladkarin and I had a little get-together as a yearly habit before welcoming the New Year here at Wildflour café. I’ve never..."
"I gave this place 4 stars. Our friend who is a habitué of this coffee shop took us to have dessert and coffee after having lunch at the other side..."
Auraldad Grew
"Favourite brunch spot in BGC. Attentive wait staff. Laid back ambiance. Pet-friendly. Favourites include: salmon and eggs on toast, plain croissant..."
Rachel Ann Santiago
"try the iced cubano! its a different, in a good way, take on coffee. the cinnamon is not overpowering - just about right. very friendly and attentive..."
"So while waiting for another friend, my friend and I had a light dinner. Pasta serving was just enough for 2 but I think a person can finish this..."
Beverly San Juan
"The fact that I'm almost always there enjoying a cup of their Vietnamese Latte with friends is already a testament to how much I love the place...."
"I’ve been here a lot. I love their food! Their milkshake is the bomb. I also love their hot chocolate. For the food, I recommend their adobo rice..."
Katrina Kayle Cunanan
"Beautiful place, though kind of dark at night. Lovely if you want to go out with friends but not for an intense party.The bread is..."
Dionne Ong
"This is my go to place to have a good meal with friends and colleagues. Great food and great ambiance. Used the 2+2 voucher for drinks. Very sulit...."
Abby Salgado Go
"The squid ink pasta was rich in flavor with generous helpings of assorted seafood Try pairing with their prosecco The mussel starters were quite..."
"Our barkada had our Christmas Dinner here and it was wonderful. People may get intimidated with the ambience and the price, but it’s a nice place..."
"Inaya ako ng tito friend ko kumain sa labas kasi sobrang happy niya, ang dami daw niyang ikekwento about sa lovelife niya. Catch up daw kami. Tapos..."
Fatness First By Liz
"4 words: Worth every centavo spent! The food exceeded my expectations. Definitely recommending the Crispy Duck Confit. I love the Tarty..."
"Great service! They asked if they can redo the strawberry bellini that they served because the prosecco that they used wasn’t up to par to their..."
Pia Pelobello
"I don't write many 5* reviews (at least I think I don't) but Wildflour is a place that I can recommend without hesitation. I was a frequent diner at..."
Steve Schechter
"Always great food. Their Adobo fried rice and kimchi fried rice is perfect for brunch as it fills you up for the day. Pair it with some Vietnamese..."
Troy James Palanca
"From 100 seating capacity , this branch of  Wild flour ballooned to as much as 2x its size since its renovation a few months back.We were there for..."
"I really love the ambience here in Wildflour, super chill and the service is great. Food is delicious and you can tell they use the finest..."
EJ Lorbes
"Came here for Sunday brunch. It was packed as expected for brunch, but the place inside itself is small. They have outside seating for al fresco..."
"Another awesome dinner last night at one of my favorite restaurants. I’m happy that the original branch has reopened with a new makeover. It’s..."
"First time I came here I ordered their famous SQUID INK MAFALDINE, and boy, it did not disappoint! I would love to go back again but the store is..."
Anjelica Barte
"A great and classy place to be! Perfect for chillax moments with your family and friend! :) But hey, it is a bit pricey! But for me, worth your..."
"Wildflour is an amazing restaurant that has always surpassed the expectations of any guest who walks into the establishment. Food and bread are..."
Joaq Pads
"According to John Gunther, "All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast." I am not a breakfast kinda gal as brunch is what I would usually prefer..."
Sand Under My Feet
"Food was greeeaaat!!!We went here for a Sunday breakfast and the place was kinda full... But that's fine.I had Mushroom and Asparagus..."
"Im a sucker for their cronuts. I soo love what they serve for breakfast, its perfect kick off to start anyones' day. That's why i keep on coming back..."
Jacky OH
"This is the Best Place to get your morning right.Me and my boyfriend finally decided to get breakfast here. The ambience here is so..."
Danyka Lintoco
"I keep coming back for Squid Ink Mafaldine! Sooo yummy! Nope, it won’t stain your teeth! Then suggest to pair it with Chicken Salad Banh Mi!..."
Jackie Leonor Magpayo
"I can’t believe I haven’t written a review about this place till now. It’s a place I just keep on coming back not only because it’s just a..."
Joan Chua
"Thank God for WF, for giving us peace of mind after a noisy, uncomfortable dinner we had at a Pinoy resto a few steps away. On a cool Saturday night..."
Christina | Kain Club
"Wildflour is a concept and you find a number of outlets in Makati and elsewhere with similar characteristics. The one in BGC sells less breads and..."
Jean-Francois Pinera
"Quaint spot opposite Rolls Royce on ground floor of Net Lima building. Ordered the Roasted Eggplant flambè (8 square pieces) which was quite..."
"Don’t be fooled by the price, they have a hefty serving that’s good for two! 😊 The servers are attentive but it I wonder why it always takes a..."
Melisa Jane Thomson Cruz
"Food is overrated, coffee is not. Vietnamese Latte!A place to go right after dinner. Food: 7 (10-1)Crew: 6..."
Charlie Brown
"As a 4th year medicine student currently on my clerkship year, I always wake up at dawn and go home at dusk. Once or twice a week, I spent 36 hour..."
Spoons Around The World
Souv By Cyma
89/100 (224 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
"The food did not disappoint! Loveeee the salad with lamb and the greek paella was to die for! Meat platter was tasty and the yogurt was fantastic -..."
Shirley Yap Bitong
"Salads, grilled seafood and platters all delicious..."
Michelle Calix Domingo
"Service was friendly and knowledgeable. Food was excellent...."
Anna Javier
"Loved everything that we ordered. The staff was warm and..."
Mariel Moya Aguiling
"Good good... Good service... Must try. Highly..."
Kael Kcire
"I love everything that they serve! Top it with excellent customer..."
Jumel Balid
"Looking for healthy options, this is the place to be in the heart of BGC. We tried the chicken salad for lunch while our friend chooses with wraps...."
Lemuel Aquino
"Lunch, June 28, 2020Sanitary Checks:1. A temperature check and foot bath is done at the door before entry. 2. Waiter led us to..."
Pia J
"This is a simply spectacular restaurant. Almost everything I've tried on numerous visits has been excellent, but a personal favorite is the..."
PK Basu
"Walked in with a warm welcome, I had the lamb wrap which came out very fast and barely any fat on the lamb, it was lean which I love as I eat..."
Ryan S
"The food and customer service is great! If you're looking for a place to eat where good food is freshly served but not too pricey, this is another..."
Mark Lolo
"I had the lamb bowl and the Greek nachos to share. I loved..."
Henry Alvarez
"This is not the first time I’ve reviewed this restaurant. And I should say that they have been consistent from the service (kudos to our server who..."
"I really enjoyed Souv's Dinner Plate with Grilled Salmon Fillet, quinoa brown rice and 3 kinds of veggie side dishes. It is expensive at P650 per..."
Miss Chow Chow
"SOUV by CymaNet Park, BGCIt was one of those nights when I just wanted to have some unusual dinner. So with some of my friends we..."
Pauoie Dimla
"Just in the Net group building and very near our workplace so very convenient for us. Usually very packed during lunch/dinner tho.I ordered..."
Jewelle Mae Poncardas Solijon
"Our favorite restaurant in BGC! The food and service are consistently good, though the crowd can get a bit loud depending on the time and day of the..."
"Food was excellent, with a homey quality. I had the all-meat platter (chicken) and my friend got the moussaka. The chicken was ok- could have baked..."
"Great place for Mediterranean cuisine, the hummus and the pork chops are one of the best that you can get in Manila and the lemonade is refreshingly..."
Mauro Gallardo
"Love their salad, pastas and meat dishes. Favourites are the Roca Salata, Solomos pasta, and the meat platter! Also love the hummus. The swordfish is..."
"Always fantastic food here. Every dish I have tried has been great. Very authentic Greek food. Would highly recommend to anyone that hasn't already..."
"Our group had dinner at Souv on a Saturday night. The place was full but we were able to get a table quickly.The food was great. We had..."
Mike Rondario
"Food was great! Love their pastas and dips. The meat was very tender and the pita bread served had very good texture. Also, amazing and unique..."
Naveen Devnani
"What we ordered:- Roka Salata: Surprisingly good. Didn't even taste like salad (this is huge coming from me as I hate salads!) it's very tasty,..."
Goldielyn Limsiy
"The modern and youthful version of Cyma works better for me. Souv’s smaller menu has all the right elements as they serve quality Greek-inspired..."
"This is easily one of the best greek restaurant in manila. I always order their pulpo w fries. The best dishes here are.. their porkchops! They have..."
Edward Yu
"This is basically an extension of Cyma, and it does deliver the quality you expect. The roka salata is as it always is, the hummus is great, the..."
Mark Philip Wu
"There are not enough Greek restaurants in Makati/BGC area! Souv is the perfect yuppie dinner place -complete with meat-heavy dinners, shareable but..."
Camille Calma
"Good food and service, decent wine selection. The roka salata and cranberry grains salad and tzatziki were all ok. The konoupidi was great. The lamb..."
Ed Bunyi
"The only restaurant which serves shiratake noodles with marrow, thats already very creative for a diet option. Except for the overcooked swordfish,..."
Dwight Dee
"Its our second time to dine @souv. We enjoyed their unconventional food offerings and recommend them to anyone who wants to enjoy a filling meal that..."
"I always see this place with a lot of people so I got curious! I got the Salata Kinoa (480 pesos, small - good for 1 to 2), the Cyma Lemonade (120..."
Kevin Refran Ripas
"My First time to eat a Greek food 🥘A Lamb Bowl served with Juicy Potatoes (a bowl of quinoa, brown rice, and spinach with harissa yogurt,..."
"The resto was full when we got there at noontime. They wouldn’t accept reservation except for 11am and 1pm. In between, walk ins are..."
Maria Victoria Jasmin
"This is where I had the best salad ever! Because Im a sucker for healthy food, I ordered the Super Souv Salad. It was ALL CAPS AMAZING! It didnt even..."
"Been on this restaurant 4 or 5 times already and every single time, I always forget to take photos of my/our food because it’s too good for me to..."
"Same owners as Cyma but the food is more expensive.  The place was a bit on the noisy side but given a choice I would just go to Cyma considering..."
Average Person
"As we had positive experiences at Cyma, we figured it would be fun to try out Souv. Plus the place is typically busy with customers so we took the..."
Rocky Sunico
"I am definitely coming back here! Loved the great food, especially their take on nachos. Their dip was simply delicious! And the Angus Beef Rib was..."
The Dave Ildefonso
"Personally, Souv Cyma has become one of my go to places when it comes to greek food! They can do no wrong, its absolutely delicious and fills my..."
"Delicious food especially the grilled octopus, Greek nachos, Greek summer salad, moussaka, & lamb ribs. Great service but was pretty crowded for..."
Denise Raymond
"Came for the nachos, enthralled by the short rib, had a eureka moment with the Yiouvetsi ... but was disappointed with the frozen yoghurt 😔..."
Joey Melliza
"The best place and grrrrrrreat Food! Soo perfect Definitely Ill comeback here and bring mu families and friends and far this is the..."
"Not really a fan of Greek food but Souv just made me reconsider. The place itslef was really nice for catch-ups with friends or dinner with family..."
"Finally, a Cyma restaurant in BGC. We love the food here in Souv. It is our Go-To greek restaurant in the Metro. We usually go for our..."
Randal Elido
"Souv! by CymaCyma Roka SalataMeat Platter (Chicken, Pork, Pita, Pickled Onions and Cucumbers, Potatoes, Coleslaw and Garlic Yogurt..."
Miake Acedilla
"The food was amazing, restaurant was clean and modern and service was super friendly! I'm only taking off .5 because I think the service was a smidge..."
Hunter Dong
"Souv! by Cyma, lives up to the stage set by its predeccesor. For starters, we had etes beer, it was light crisp and very easy to drink...."
Fat Girls Day Out
"Everything you like about Cyma, and much more.The interiors are tastefully designed but still comfortable (not off-putting or too..."
Anna May Villaluz
"After seeing so much of Souv online, I finally got to try it out with my family. I was really looking forward to the meal because JodiesDaddy and I..."
"I only got to try 3 things from the menu:Beef Kalamaki - 5/5 Soooooooo soft and juicy and tender!!! One bite will make you fall..."
Zzlleenn Lee
"food: 4.5/5service: 4.5/5ambiance: 4.5/5Been craving for LAMB for the past few weeks, so when we figured souv, we went there..."
Ira Tan
"Went in to celebrate my dad's birthday. The staff were so friendly. The table is a bit small for 4 people but anyway the food was really good. A must..."
Tesh Reyes
"We ordered the Salata Kinoa, Sticky Wings and Prawns and Shellfish Makaronada.I must say that each dish is very well executed. Just the..."
"Must try: 1. Octopus appetizer (not in photo) 2. Sousvide Porkchop ( tender and flavorful)3. Clams pasta 4. Frozen yogurt with..."
Mayz Lui
"The new "darling" in BGC, the food i had was greatness and heaven in my mouth. The hype is real.1. zucchini kroketes - who doesn't love..."
"Ordered for take out for Sunday lunch a few weeks ago. I placed a call to check if I can advance an order for pick up, my call was answered by Bumble..."
Christina | Kain Club
"First time to have a taste of Greek cooking, and Souv certainly gave me an unforgettable first. Incredible taste, huge servings, worth the price...."
Grace Quebral
"I'm thankful for being the Food Photographer for Souv's Menu & Social Media use. Souv was an addition to Cyma's wonderful creation. Souv had a touch..."
Paul Martin Reyes
"I love this place! Everything was just delicious! I've always loved Cyma and even then I thought it was a notch above the regular Greek restaurants..."
Kathleen Gosingco
"Enjoyed the food we ordered! 🤤😍👍 the seafood pasta, the porkchops and the baklava frozen yogurt were all good! 🐷 will definitely go back..."
"Chef Robby Goco of Cyma recently launched a new concept restaurant that’s more fun, fresh, modern, and progressive Greek. Coming from the famous..."
"Got excited when I found out that there is a Cyma resto opening in BGC? although this is a more modern approach compare to Cyma but the food quality..."
Lhong For Short
"Loved this new concept resto by Cyma!Greek Nachos is the real bomb- fantastic combo of all the Greek dips I like - tzatziki,..."
Las Flores
88/100 (1435 ratings)
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Late Night
Chicken Wings
Seafood Paella
Patatas Bravas
Foie gras
"My pre mothers day celebration was good. I must say the cuchinillo was exceptional and the paella negra a happy treat. I suggest ordering food 30..."
Romina A Jayme
"The food and drinks were a bit pricey, but well worth it. The ambience was just right to give the place a cozy atmosphere where you could carry on a..."
Angel Magno
"This is for Las Flores Podium - This by far is the best Traditional Spanish Restaurant in the Ortigas Area, I would defintely recomend anyone who..."
Christine Flores
"Hi All, after 3 years living in manila I know why I always come back here. Really good food ,service � and it really feels like home. I can't rate..."
Michelle Murphy
"Very good food, stylish with good character. I have tried many Spanish cuisine but the concept and preparations especially the taste is far beyond..."
CT Schizo
"My family and I had the best time at Las Flores. The Paella Negra was to-die-for! Everyone loved the cuchinillo -tender and tasty. Of course, the..."
Eleanor Marie Bahrami
"Perfect place We love this place very nice food very good service very friendly staff just excellent..."
HappyNoi Orawan
"Super Sarap (Delicious)! Service is great with very attentive staff. I like it when they ask if they can change my plate so I can pause from digging..."
Peter Paul Galvez
"I love Las Flores! I love the food (the best gambas), decor, and the..."
Jemmy Wemmy
"Food and Service are top notch and you can't go wrong with Las Flores for small, memorable and intimate celebrations � oh and the gin and tonic..."
Steph Ordoveza
"we spent our christmas eve at las flores, thank you las flores for the food very delicious , but it took so long to served �.... and the white wine..."
Aldrin Collado Guerrero
"Best sangria blanca and paella negra! Croquettas Pollo also..."
Errole Gutierrez
"We celebrated our anniversary here. I liked the Solomillo de Ternera the most. The steak was really delicious. Next to that, i love the taste of..."
Rica Landicho
"Had a great Valentine's Day dinner with my wife. Homely setup, accommodating staff. Ensalada de Salmon was delicious and the octopus in the Paella..."
"Las Flores is known to serve modern Spanish tapas, that won’t break your bank and leaving you extremely satisfied. My recommended dishes would be..."
Purple Curiosity
"For a good 8 months, Las Flores to me was like Narnia, enchanting, sought after yet far fetch and inaccessible, I’ve always wanted to go there..."
"My friend told me its the closest to authentic Spanish cuisine that we could have here in the Metro. I was impressed by their tapas and definitely..."
Cedric Ira Aquino
"Food is good but restaurant atmosphere and ambiance is not commensurate to its pricey menu. Even two small pieces of extra bread was the cost of a..."
Fernando Daquial
"I loved everything about the place: the food, music, ambiance, service. The only thing that I didn't like was that mosquitos were snacking on our..."
Clara Castro
"One of the institutions when it comes to Spanish cuisine. Great food, amazing value, good portions, and food quality is consistent all the way...."
"I love the food and customer service experience except for the Sangria that they served it in mason jar which I did not think it was appropriate...."
Richie Flores
"This fancy spanish place deserves my 5-star rating! Very pricey but worth it. The salmon & salmon air baguettes, angus and foie minis, and..."
"One of the oldest places I go to. All the time! I might have been here a thousand times. Food is good and the ambiance is nice! Nice spot for dinner..."
Monika Veron
"Fish tartar is fine, goat cheese paella is super, salmon is ok, octopus and shrimps are Amazing. The staff are very professional. Fine fine dining...."
"Its interior is very sophisticated and classy. It has an ancestral home feel, great for dates and family gathering. We ordered three kinds of their..."
"One of the best spanish restaurant! Loved their tuna tartare, also salmon tartare (was not able to take a picture of it since all of us got excited..."
Dhanica Ghienne Mharrie Lim
"This place is totally cool! I love their Churros and it has taken my ♥!! Very nice ambience and friendly staffs.The place is a bit crowded in..."
Radhika Vivek
"las flores is a staple in bgc. bacalao was amazing. lamb shank was tender but nothing special. dessert is choix pastry with filling? similar to beard..."
"Lovely atmosphere and food was fantastic.  The menu is focused on strong spanish cuisine and the drinks selection is appropriate with the food..."
Karen B. Otic
"I celebrated my birthday there yesterday, made reservations a few days ago and was surprised there was no corkage fee to bringing your own cake!..."
Anne Beatrice Gatchalian
"You pay for the quality of food. Ambiance of the restaurant is very spanish and classy. Staffs are very friendly and welcoming you feel you are..."
Anjeanette Cansino
"Love this place! My go-to for Spanish cuisine. I must've already ordered everything on the menu and all of them are great! I especially love the..."
Patricia Montero
"Good place for dates, get-togethers, and unhurried dining.Ordered pulpo, roasted lamb shank, seafood paella, and cheesecake to end. All..."
Rachel Ann Santiago
"Las flores has an 'ancestral home' look and feel which makes the ambience more appropriate with the food selection. It has a similar vibe with anothe..."
Lorenz Lao
"It's always a treat dining at this place.Upon entering, you're greeted with warm smiles and welcomes from its cheery staff and owners. The..."
Jv Pineda
"posh, polished and perfection in their food, ambiance and service were what i’ve observed dining at this spanish resto in BGC.expensive,..."
"Yo habla español? Wanting to try Spanish? This is the place to eat. I will definitelt dine here again. Classy place too 👌 Great job guys! 👏..."
Ebet L. Layman
Hungry Girl IN PH
"Authentic spanish food. Very good paella and tapas. Ordered the pulpo and chorizo.. so good!Salmon and beef foie gras tapas must try also!..."
Edward Yu
"Quiet and classy ambiance, very tasteful interiors. The place offers a wide array of food choices that are all as equally impressive on the palate...."
Audrey Tinio
"How can I resist their Paella Negra? Everytime I visit it would always be on the table. The foie gras is also to-die for.This place is..."
Joseph Raul Umali III
"Food is amazing, as always. Between Paella Negra and Marisco, I choose Marisco. The gambas is always a good starter of all. The wagyu-stuffed..."
Nico B. Valderrama
"Nice location, beautiful ambience. The staff were friendly. The food is exquisitely rich. The croquettes were crunchy and tasty. The calamari is a..."
Jeric Travis Prospero
"Although Las Flores is known for its impressive line up of Modern Spanish cuisine, my cousin's and I went here just for their roster of desserts...."
"¡Muchas gracias a Las Flores! This place is perfect for a romantic dinner and my experience was wonderful.You should try a paella..."
"Most of all, all the foods were great specially the Tartar de atun(Tuna tartar). It’s fresh and has jelly-like texture that goes perfect with..."
Jihun Han
"The taste of the food is great, fair presentation. Ambiance is fine. Staffs are accommodating as well. Make sure to book a reservation, it’s too..."
Zi Ri
"We ordered a bottle of machoman. It was recommended by our waitress, Camille, who is the sweetest. We got salmon and salmon. Very light dish with..."
Gene Roca
"My boyfriend brought me here to formally ask me to be his girl. Everything went smooth and I loved everything he ordered. Some of my favorites were..."
Ria Garcia
"One of the busiest restaurant in BGC so if you guys are planning to visit, make sure to give them a ring to reserve a table.The ambiance is..."
Erica Delapaz
"Everything tastes so good most especially the Paella de Cochinillo :)I will definitely come back soon with my fam! ambiance-..."
The Hungry Pig
"When we found out we were gonna dine here, I worried about parking. Luckily, they have valet parking when you eat at the restaurant. Everything from..."
Ayushi Malik
"The Filipinos had been a Spanish colony for over 300 years, over that time, we have grown fond of their food that a lot of their influence can be..."
Fat Girls Day Out
"Paella de cochinillo was my favorite, not a fan of lechon but this dish got me. my kids loved the chipirones andaluza. Gambas al ajillo, paella negra..."
"I loved everything about this place—the ambiance, the service, the FOOD!!! Everything I’ve tried so far tasted good, from appetizers to dessert...."
"It's been a while, Las Flores!🙌🏻I have almost forgotten how much I love their paella de cochinillo!😍 But, don't worry I remember..."
Foodie Dokie
"Las Flores is a Spanish restaurant tucked in the heart of BGC. Although it is a little pricey, the dishes tasted really authentic. Plus, if you get..."
Kimchi Eats
"We were the first ones there when we arrived around 11:30am. They quickly assigned us to a table we reserved days before. It’s quite open and..."
Mika Kubota
"A nice chillout place for drinks & spanish food. The place looks elegant and perfect for quiet dinner.The design of the place looks like it was..."
Geneille Rigor
"Las Flores always hits the spot for authentic Spanish food. Everything we ordered was delicious and the servings were just right. My favorites were..."
Andrea Tinio
"Legit Spanish food. Take your lady/boy toy here! Get yo freak on with the black paella, octopus and croquetas. Seriously. Also best Moscow Mule in..."
Gio Puyat
"Ever since I fell in love with the paella negra being sold at those weekend markets, I've made it a point to try it when the resto offers one. For a..."
Gillaine Pineda
"Went on a Monday night for my birthday dinner. I'd say the place was not too crowded. We we're seated right away despite having no reservations. The..."
Shammie Custodio
"Can't believe it's been nearly 3 years since my first visit to this restaurant. They started growing and now we have Rambla and Tomatito, which of..."
Manila Eats
"The food and drinks were a bit pricey, but well worth it. The ambience was just right to give the place a cozy atmosphere where you could carry on a..."
"Ordered:Croquettas - this was a win. I have nothing else to say except MORE! Gambas - i didn't enjoy this very much. While it..."
Corinne G
"Las Flores is a favorite and my husband and I go often! Since Maria is at Tomatito now, the management and service has gone downhill a little, but it..."
Joyce B.
"Highly recommended place not only for couples, business meetings but also for family and friends. Apart from the very classy and nice ambiance, the..."
Katrina Jhorraine Marcelino
"Last September 2016, a few weeks after my birthday, we decided to have dinner to celebrate my 33rd year in this planet. We chose Las Flores..."
DA Dizon
"A hidden authentic Spanish tapas haven!Thankful to my colleague who introduced this fine dining resto to us. You will need to make..."
Pats Lim Dy
"I had my birthday dinner here with my boyfriend and it was PERFECTION. The romantic ambiance was good, although it was too cold and at times too..."
Bea Marquez
"Went here for lunch with a friend and ordered the Pasta Salad, Roasted Chicken, and Chocolate Fondant. I'm not usually a fan of thick pasta, but I..."
Hitomi Ejima
"I can't believe that Las Flores is my top 1 restaurant in BGC and have been many times yet I haven't taken a single photo of any of their food! I..."
Alluring Pie
"We were very happy with the food and service here. Staff were very attentive to our food sensitivities (between four of us, one vegetarian, allergies..."
Hungry Ninja
"Las Flores houses authentic Spanish dishes and curated drinks/cocktails. Loved their Paella Negra, Chorizo and desserts! The place is also quite..."
Kristian Jewel
"Stopped in for Saturday brunch and practically had the place to ourselves. The food was solid and atmosphere was cool. Didn't try it, but the create..."
"I cannot stress this enough: call for a reservation before coming. They are almost always fully booked.The ambiance is great, the host was..."
"Albeit being a little on the expensive side, Las Flores certainly makes it worth it. (at least for me) dined here a few times and i've gotta say,..."
Penny Chua
"Everything about this restaurant was arranged tastefully - the menu, the interiors, the seating layout, and the music. I was impressed by their..."
"awesome, awesome place to hang out, meet new and/or old friends, or even work. great service, reasonable prices and the food is excellent! can't wait..."
Bie Jo
"They have lunch meals which aren't expensive for what you'd get. For me, at least. It alreay has an appetizer, a glass of wine and a main course...."
Sherry Lynn Magno
"We ordered the Trio of Chorizo, Jamon Serrano and Paella with Suckling Pig, and Rose Sangria. Chorizo was just perfect! I wanted to ask for more..."
Kyra Cabaero
"Excellent service, awesome food, amazing place. Perfect for a more relaxed dinner-and-drinks night. The place is more casual than I thought. Dressy,..."
"Very good selection of Spanish food, specially Tapas to choose from. This is one of the happening places in BGC right now. The level of food and..."
Harvinder Singh
"Food is so great! Manager is awesome. Parking is not available but they have valet parking for only P50.00. I love their gambas. We will..."
Angelo Constantino
"Las Flores is beautiful. Simple, not too opulent, but warm and welcoming. I love the decor, especially the pendant lights and other chandeliers. The..."
Veca Keeler
"Good restauarant with good food!Paella Negra is so flavorful. Other were gppd too but it was the Paella Negra that stood out for me. I'm..."
"I've always been a lover of Spanish food specially their tapas. As my recent search for the Spanish tapa spot I was eyeing with my Australian buddy..."
Rome G.
"Great overall experience. The restaurant is relaxed, modern but cozy. The food is excellent - flavourful, fresh- and serving sizes are..."
Katherine Lim
"Had the pleasure of dining here on Sunday evening. A superb restaurant in terms of food, cozy interiors and fantastic service. What more can one ask..."
"The ambiance of the place is enough to make me want to go back! I came to Las Flores with some hesitation but left it happy and wanting more. Every..."
Larry's Cafe And Bar
88/100 (172 ratings)
"I just moved the BGC from Makati so I wanted to find a cozy breakfast place... I found it at Larry's Cafe. The staff were super friendly, I love..."
Amy Berezowski
"Cozy environment and friendly staff. We only had coffee and dessert the first we visited the place but we were treated with importance. The ambient..."
Juncarjos Deguzman
"Lengua estofado is a must! Love their tenderloin steak too and the chia dessert. Enjoyed a quiet and meaningful bonding over good steak and wine. The..."
Kristine Bugia
"Having breakfast at Larrys is like have breakfast at home. A very friendly crew like mark, rain. Kris , at si chef..."
Ken Angsanto
"We eat here, or order from here, on a regular basis. It’s comfort food that is always good. The staff are friendly and it’s nice that they..."
Shawn Cornell
"What I most appreciate about Larry's Bar is they made my labrador, Mayumi, and I feel truly welcome. The first thing our server did was to fill a..."
Victoria Lim Ortega
"Dining at Larry’s Cafe and Bar is always satisfying... good food, good service and nice ambience. I make sure I dine here whenever I am in the..."
Vi Mugol
"Good fud...kind staff...nice to be back ...the prize is good....very cozy..."
Flora Averilla
"One of the best cafe I've been in. The servers are welcoming and the food is..."
Christian De Paz
"We love to dine here. Me and my partner are satisfied with their service. They always checked and asked you about how the food is. And the food is..."
Ma Ka Poy
"When I want calmness and good food, Larry's is still the best place for me......"
Winnie Ekid-Pamittan
"I've been a frequent customer in Larry's and others from the LJC Group. Aside from the great food and ambience, I love the customer service, they are..."
Noida Avila
"My buddy and i tried sisha and a couple of drinks on this place, Because we're stuck in a heavy rain. Since we're a first timer, I didn't expect much..."
Tin Tiongson
"Delectables dishes. Cozy and warm ambiance. Accomodating staff. Good service. Overall..."
Monico Carlo Aquino
"Love the caesar salad and the beef teriyaki,and also the food presentation was nice.Wide choices to choose from,food and also..."
#wanderer /Richie Salao
"I ordered the Rosemary Chicken for lunch and ate every bit of it as it was so delicious. Perfectly seasoned, moist and juicy, and paired with a..."
Rose-Marie Sales
"Staff are all accommodating and..."
"Best resto I've tried so far around Serendra. A bit pricey but you get your money's worth. Our total bill was almost 700 which is surprising..."
Sasha Santos
"Absolutely loved the food and the ambience. Would definitely go back. The Chicken Scaloppini was stunning with delicate flavors and the crunchy..."
"Outstanding service and quality food! They were able to accommodate a large group and had no difficulty handling our split bills. Definitely a place..."
Andie Grupe
"Hi All,It has been long time since I have written any review. Been to so many restaurants during this time.Now let’s me be..."
Rohit Sharma
"Larry is another member of the JLC group serving Continental comfort food. Similar to their other restaurants, the décor and feel of the place is..."
Fat Girls Day Out
"We super love the Cappuccino & Eiscafé here , just the way my Husband Love the taste ..Quite place and super friendly people working here .will come..."
Iyah Lehmann
"Larry's Cafe was not our first option. We wanted to have pizza and pasta in the restaurant beside it, but we were waiting already for quite too long...."
Renz Kristofer Cheng
"Tried their new menu for this monthSalade Sante. Roasted Beetroot and pumpkin, feta cheese, assorted greens; served with a light..."
Takaw Tikim X Nina Jesica Tolentino
"Salade Sante. Roasted Beetroot and pumpkin, feta cheese, assorted greens; served with a light vinaigrette sauce.  ..."
Takaw Tikim
"Great place to dine and spend quality time with your special someone. Background music and atmosphere is very cozy. Foods are well..."
Randall Chan
"This September, LJC Group celebrates Larry J. Cruz' birthday and they features LJC Festival of Flavors in which they will bring in 2 new dishes on..."
"LJC  Restaurants Group kicks off the month of September with 3 events to pay tribute to its  founder Larry J. Cruz.The first event , "The..."
"Let me preface this review by expressing my gratitude to the LJC Group, and Zomato for an exclusive invite to feast on some of the dishes (17..."
🦄The Last Unicorn🦄
"Larry’s Cafe Bar is known for its special drinks that serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and in-between snacks. They will now showcase new dishes this..."
"Excited for these truly inspired dishes that showcase the innovative minds of the chefs behind The LJC Group!✔️ Salade SanteThis..."
"Larry's Cafe and BarAs a tribute to Larry J. Cruz, LJC Group conducted the event LJC FESTIVAL OF FLAVORS, which would offer new dishes to..."
Pauoie Dimla
"The place is nice and clean. Servers were very fast and attentive, so was the manager, who was also serving instead of just standing around watching..."
Bernard Go
"We paid a total of 1160 for a spicy chicken salad, 2 cups of americano, a tall glass of milkshake and a plate of pork and mashed potato. The ambience..."
Kevin Refran Ripas
"Everythings here is great! From food to staffs. For food, you should try their teriyaki beef tenderloin, it’s so delicious. Also the US beef..."
"Excellent service, warm and friendly waiters, and okay wine service made for a good experience.We wanted to enjoy the afternoon with some..."
"This restaurant os good for group dining. I like bringing my project teams here and eat family-style! I personally will recommend the Lebgua..."
Xandz Galang
"I stumbled upon Larry's by accident. I was initially walking around Serendra, trying to find Single Origin because one of my colleagues recommended..."
Kimchi Eats
"April 2, 2018An impromptu meeting with a future client by the hubby led us to Larry's. After some chitchat on what is expected from each other,..."
Marco Antonio Lozano
"I've been curious about this place for a long time and finally I got to try it here. Went here morning after my HIIT workout and thank God I did. I..."
Paulene Manguin
"Food - 4 (adobo flakes, salmon dishes, mushroom pasta, aglio olio, and salpicao) Ambiance - 3.5 a bit darkService 4.5 - fast, efficient,..."
"Worth the money. Excellent service. A great place to hang out and chill. They always remember what you like to order. Defenitely a great place to..."
Tiffany Santos
"Larry's Cafe & Bar or just plain Larry's is an "old" classy resto-bar type of a set-up that reminds you of jazzy watering holes from back in the..."
Boodle Bear
"The LJC Group of Restaurants launches 3" news dishes for The LJC Festival of Flavors as a tribute to the founder behind the success of Cafe..."
"TENDERLOIN STEAK WITH GRAPESWhat can I say but, Tenderloin is Tender😁. The wine and grape sauce gives it a more full bodied flavor while the..."
"Had lunch here with my family, since Abe was full. Turned out to be a good choice! Tried their two mushroom pasta with truffle oil, hummus, and taco..."
Karen Sison
"Larry's review:Ambiance: 3/5, old restaurant, gloomy inside. Needs renovation.Food:3/5, food was just ok, the price of the food..."
"Great food and ambiance! Very friendly and attentive staffs! Had our 1st monthsary here. 😍😍😍 it became one of our memorable places. Fine..."
"Larry's is my favorite breakfast place. Service and food always good. The waiters and waitresses are the best. My favorite to order are danggit and..."
Maricel SA
"FOOD.:Rosemary Chicken:.It was pretty good. It's been awhile since I went here but I remember it's cooked and flavored..."
Clarese Alegado
"The interior is not very pleasant as some of the booths have peeling leather on the seats, which makes it uncomfortable to sit on. I do like to come..."
Joyce B.
"A hearty meal called Hefty Almusal (includes Garlic Rice, 2 Eggs, Tocino, Corned Beef and 6pcs of Danggit) for a person who crave a Filipino food for..."
Jennifer Jaf Awa
"Nothing special but servings were really big. So it was perfect as our choice of restaurant for my friends despedida brunch. We had an overload of..."
Esay Querubin
"I love their food :) There service is excellent! Ill go back here. One of the few retaurants in Serendra that serves quality food! Better try it...."
Pau F Planas
"Two words. Lengua Estofado. I shall be back for this! Service is excellent. Ambience chill and ideal for conversation. Thai Salad is a must try...."
Tintin Francisco
"Located at the ground floor of Serendra, lies this restaurant/cafe where I visualize the Tita's of Manila having a weekend chat over tea or coffee...."
Hungry Pants
"Larry's is among the many but few restaurants that serves quality food in Serendra. It can get crowded in this area, you won't miss it, but you have..."
Maureen Livingstone
"Was invited for a business meeting with a good business friend. My first time but this is his regular office place. :)Anyway we ended up..."
Jay McLean
"Me and fiancee love to dine in places where we can chat without having to shout at each other. We also love restaurants that offer more than steaks..."
Reuben Buencamino
"Tapa is staple breakfast for me. Decided to be adventurous and tried Shredded adobe. Was not disappointed. Wife order the eggs Benedict and found..."
Jimmy Roa
"Comfort food, all day breakfast, great coffee, great dessert, great place and great service.... They are not perfect but nearly..."
"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Larry's offers all day breakfast (believe it or not). I seriously thought that this is a pub, thats..."
"My highschool friends and I had some cakes and coffee here. I'm not a coffee-fan but their is so good. I'm also not a fan of red velvet cake but it..."
Maria Verayo
"We have visited Larry's a few times now and it has never disappointed. The staff are friendly, the service is quick the only disappointing thing is..."
Ritchie Sachdev
"this restaurant is a nice spot to have some down time with friends or a special someone over tea or coffee. they have a great selection of desserts..."
Paula Andrea San Jose
"4 stars for the presentation of Eggs Benedict. The greens + orange tomatoes complement not just the color but also the taste of EB. 3.5 stars for the..."
John Alincastre
"I happened to pass by BGC brunch time and decided to hang out at Larry's Cafe. The place was quiet and relaxing. It's great, for whether you're alone..."
Sam Fusingan
"I can clearly call Larry's my favourite restaurant in whole of Metro Manila. It has excellent food, excellent ambiance and excellent service. Larry's..."
Sneha Dadarwal
Marugame Udon
88/100 (1980 ratings)
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Udon & Soba (Wheat & Buckwheat Noodle)
"Ordered via GrabFood. Delivery was packed neatly and food is tasty and delicious (photos don’t lie). I had this for takeout and believe it will be..."
"It was not crowded that time and this was before the enhanced quarantine). I like how the staff were very inviting. It was my first time here and the..."
Glenn Joseph | Jogpen
"Amidst our Enhanced Community Quarantine because of  covid19 or corona virus,   it is nice to know that we can still enjoy some of our creature..."
"Marugame Udon is so consistent and their udon is sooo good! We had the mild Chicken Paitan Udon and Beef Yaki Udon. Both were good! Along with..."
"I have always been a fan of Marugame Udon. Having been my first time to visit this branch, I got Gyudon bowls and some tempura to..."
Sushi Santos
"The restaurant looks so attractive and it caught our attention while we're walking along Bonifacio High Street. The paintings here will make you..."
Rakesh M
"It is delicious to the taste and very desirable.Kimchi Udon, Sukiyaki Ninja, Beef Udon, Beef Ontama, Tempura are the best for us.Must try!100%..."
Mic Magallanes
"Our favorite go-to udon restaurant indeed! Good quality noodles, fast service and it also has a nice and busy ambiance. Always up for Pork Samurai..."
Ernest Garcia
"Awesome food! you get your money's worth!!..."
Paul M
"It was my first time to try Marugame. It was lunch time and I was surprised that there were no queue so we immediately went inside. While I was..."
Janina Enriquez
"We only ordered their regular noodles with some slides but sulit lahat especially their curry udon and chicken karaage. Medj uncomfy lang ako sa mga..."
April Germina
"I simply love them. Inexpensive but really good. Our favorite lazy-night-order-in place! My fave is their tendon and any of their beef ramen or rice..."
Elaine Valencia
"Whenever I pass by in High Street after work, I always see this restaurant in long queue that made me wonder why. Curiosity got me so I tried this..."
Irene Sanchez
"I love this place! The broth is delicious and the tempura was freshly cooked...."
Jj Juan
"I ordered a regular pork samurai udon and a sweet potato. I was looking for an umami broth, still good.But when we saw the receipt they punch..."
Austinn Santos
"No matter which branch you go to, you can get the same quality of food. Prices are affordable, food is tasty. We don't usually get the side dishes..."
Eliza De La Fuente
"Nice food. Great and accomodating service. Amazing ambiance. Took long to get inside because of long line but it was worth it. Mejo nakakaumay foods..."
"When craving for Udon, this is the go-to place. Just be sure not to go there at 12noon or 7pm, else the queue is so long!I love their beef..."
Rebekah Rio
"Ordered gyudon and chicken karaage. Food and service is excellent as always. The crew was also very attentive and wanted to make sure se had..."
Paula Mae Santos
"This is my go to place whenever I crave for something hot and cheap. I definitely come back for their karaage and their curry udon. Makes me happy..."
Toni Lopez
"Wonderful concept. Wonderful value for money. 250p for nice fresh meal with free access sauce bar, quick serving. Fried pork Katsu was good, I tried..."
"Favorite meal was Teriyaki Chickendon, Beef Yakuniku and Spicy Beef. Affordable price and taste was great. The sides are a bit pricey. Pork Tonkatsu..."
Karl Carpio
"I met up with my friends and we had lunch here at Marugame Udon. I really wanted to eat there but there was always a long line outside whenever I..."
"From the first time I ate here till now this place never fails to satisfy me. What I really love is that you get what you want at the line (just like..."
Food Torpedo
"Vince here, maaaan what can I say this is place is amazing. Truly the bang for your buck place. Real noodles and a real good time. I can assure you..."
Vincent Mastimono
"There are so much F&B options to try out in Manila. One that was recommended to us by a relative is to try Marugame Udon, which I presumed is a..."
"Affordable and delicious Japanese food. We got katsudon and gyudon rice bowls and both were really flavorful! We also had additional gyoza and..."
Jan Bernice Blay
"The beef in the udon was very flavorful, it's on the sweeter side. I love the thick noodles, although I suggest that don't order tol much sides if..."
Patricia Joy Bersamina
"The Beef Ontama Bukkake Udon is to die for!If you’re craving for udon - look no more ~ Go here!The Regular order is enough to fill..."
"My husband keeps telling me about this place since this is where he dines every after his class so I wanted to check the place and why my husband..."
Ani Corpuz
"Food was great! I loved the Beef Yakiniku, sooo good!! Price was okay too. We loved everything we ordered. People line up for their food and..."
Beverly San Juan
"Already ate here twice. Great udon and even the curry. I like the cafeteria style wherein you get to choose the number of tempura and other viands...."
"I like the concept of self service dining wherein youll be able to choose from the different array of toppings for your udon or rice dishes. Big..."
Beli B. Samonte
"Marugame is packed most of the time. Simply because they serve authentic and really good Japanese food. Waiting time for yor food is quick. Plus,..."
Stephen Perez
"food is great!!! taste is 10/10, ambience of the resto is very warming and the interior is beautiful! ive ordered regular beef udon for only 185..."
JC Tan
"What i really like about this ramen place is that there are various sizes to choose from and it is really good because some people can’t finish a..."
Dhanica Ghienne Mharrie Lim
"Ambiance is good, gives you the authentic feels. The selection is simple and straight forward. I am not a big fan of ramen but for me this is worth..."
Aaron Guinto
"By far my favorite japanese restaurant! Food is 5/5. Service is 5/5. Ambience is 5/5. Price is 5/5. This is the perfect place to be if you’re..."
Honeylet R. Tubianosa
"The foods are good. Especially I like their tempura. And the way they accept the customers is organized. The restaurant will not be too crowded...."
Yeeun Kim
"We did not wait long, the service was efficient and the food is worth it's price. The regular bowls are very filling and the beef was tender and..."
Shaji Sera Jose
"From the restaurant, to having the food delivered, I can say that Marugame Udon offers the best udon and Gyudon for its price range. I just hope that..."
Miguel Sese
"This is my favorite place in BGC. I always keep coming back to it and if I can eat this everyday, then hell yeah I will. 😍My favorite is..."
Jai Guzon
"Tried their best seller beef ontana bukkake udon and it was superb. Udon was cooked perfectly, very cheey. Soup was light. Beef was succelent and..."
"I was indifferent with this new place at first. It took me months before I get to try.Earlier, me and my officemates fell in line to 'try'...."
Toni Stacy Ainnah Aquino
"The queue is long when I visited the place but the wait time was pretty decent. While you wait, you can enjoy watching the crew handpull the noodles...."
Ralyn Ganayo
"Always good to go with friends. You can create customized dishes. I love udon bigtime and ever since I visited Japan- I have been a fan of..."
Kate Pacallagan Mañez
"My colleagues and I decided to try this udon restaurant just across our workplace. Waiting time is just 10-15 minutes before getting inside the..."
Grazelle ✨
"This place is hands down one of my favorite restaurants EVER - their food is really good and their dishes are hella affordable.If you..."
Izobelle Pulgo
"Food: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Ambience: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Service: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️We always order..."
Supertaster J
"Food tastes good and is very affordable! The udon never ceases to satisfy our cravings. This place is an excellent example of how casual Japanese..."
Rovie Doculan
"I am just so in love with their kakeage udon. Though theres always a queue, the line moves fast and the staff assisting with seats sre very..."
Mar Lac
"Eating in Marugame Udon is so authentic Tokyo feeling when you need to line up to order your food and pick whatever side dishes you want. So happy to..."
Lance M. Apolonio
"Forever my favorite place for Udon and tempura. Spicy Beef Udon and Kakiage is the best combo for a filling lunch! You'll never go wrong with this..."
"I love the Udon! The canteen type set up is really cute. I just hope they add more choices on the food they’re offering. Will definitely come back..."
Lex Carlos Dela Cruz
"Ordered the Large serving size for beef ontama bukkake udon and it was good! I was impressed with how the egg didn't break when they placed it in my..."
Anne F
"Marugame Udon is definitely a great choice, value for money wise. They also offer a variety of tasty dishes, not to mention that you can see them..."
Claudine Faylogna
"My friend and i dined in here dinner time so the line is really long but worth the wait. We're surprised with the price and the heapings of each..."
Shela Santos
"This was such a great dining experience. You start with picking your udon/main course and then on your way to the cashier, you'd be met by all the..."
Jesse Lui
"This place serves delicious and cheap japanese udon and rice meals. The prices are far lower than regular japanese restaurants, the thing is the..."
"Dined here with my friends for dinner. There was a line but the turnover of people is fast so it didn't take a long time for us to be..."
"The Beef Ontama Bukake Udon is great! The broth is tasty and the noodles are firm. Even the beef itself is flavorful especially if you will break the..."
"This is a self-serve restaurant for the most part: you walk in, take a tray on the counter and order away. We ordered a chicken paitan udon, a..."
Popsy Turvy
"A great place where you can catch up with family and friends, the quality of the food is good also hindi ka manghihinayang sa presyo at pera mo dahil..."
Ruling Thru The Waves
"If you want a different approach in a japanese dining (well, here in the ph atleast), this is the place to go.You start your experience by..."
Richard Sarino
"My favorite udon place. I go straight here whenever I feel like eating udon. My favorites would be sukiyaki ninja and beef paitan. Yummy food and..."
Roselle Jo Mae Utalia
"The gem of this restaurant lies on the kare (curry) udon, which perfectly pairs with the kakiage (carrot and onion tempura). The thought of this..."
Josh Lacap
"I absolutely love udon. I enjoy it a lot more than ramen too. I'm really happy Marugame lived up to my expectations and all the hype.The..."
StarryEyed Luna
"OMG the food here is soo yummy! I recommend it even to people who are not into japanese food. The servings are also big and affordable. It can get..."
Shelly Jelly
"We had beef ontama bukkake, teriyaki chickendon, chicken karaage, tonkatsu and ebi, I tell you now, it is very delicious and tasty. The price is..."
"My first time trying udon and i’m already in love! So tasty, filling, and surprisingly affordable. I would love to try all the food on their..."
"The food was filling. I had the Beef Ontama Bukkake Udon and of course the Spam Musubi I can not pass. Very reasonable price. Not really a fan of..."
Jen Cloma
"This is a much recommended noodle place. If you love noodles, try out their beef ontama bukkake udon. So much pleasure indeed while eating here. This..."
Mark Dexter Barasi
"Most reviews say that it takes a while to order your food because of the long queue. Surprisingly, we were just 5th on the line when we first tried..."
Ashley Nicole Quirez
"Always wondered why there are so many people in line outside the store, turns out it's because it's like a canteen with Japanese food, you pick your..."
"The food is affordable! My mum is picky but she loves the food so much. They could use a little bit of expansion, tho. Place gets packed during lunch..."
Angelica Imperial Reyes