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Zark's Burgers
86/100 (1239 ratings)
"If into burgers and fries, Zark’s Burgers is your place. Plus, it’s affordable. Perfect for low key dates and barkada food trip. My usual go-to..."
Shary Dacuyan
"Tried their famous bacon wrapped burger and it was delicious but I think it wont be my regular order due to its health reasons obviously hehe!..."
Mike Tiu
"#threepointer -awesome burger, so big, cheesy and meaty. Jawbreaker tlaga siya, but i love it so much. Ma-oily nga lang😯the fries is si..."
Skye Blue
"My go to place whenever I'm craving for burger and fries.The ambiance is nice. Only issue is with their bacon. Before, whenever I order Zark's..."
Saturn Armario
"If you want large burgers and greasier patties, this is the perfect one for you! The greasier, the better it is. Always my to go food when I'm..."
Patrick Wilson Dalid
"There wasn't special about the food. The burgers are always delicious. However, the place is a bit disappointing. It is too small. I think they can..."
Nikki Rei
"I think it's been my 10th time dining in here at Zarks BF. As usual, they never disappoints me about the size of serving and the..."
Marjorie Mae Pangilinan
"Good burgers a perfect placee for barkada hang outs quick but heavy snack. Place is not that big.. good air conditioning.. nice staff.. will love to..."
"Not the best burger in town but you will definitely get your money's worth on their burger. I love the black mamba ( well cause im a kobe fan ) and..."
John Alouette Jugo
"Burger in all its amazing glory! This how a burger should taste and look like. Great burgers, and the wait is worth it. They have a lot of burgers to..."
Aimee Buzeta
"Big Burgers, affordable prices. Patties taste great but the bread is hard to chew. Staff were fast and courteous. Place can get pretty packed easily..."
Denise Foodie
"Burgers here are really cheap and large servings, plus they got so much variety too... (I love the bacon wrapped burger).Go here if you want..."
Paolo Blancas
"The price of their burger is affordable. Its like your just buying burger from McDonald's but Their burger is so big that it couldn't even fit in my..."
Charnell Aranzaso
"Tasty burgers and fries! Really fills your hungry..."
Ayiee Bianchi
"Facility: It was my first time in Zark's and I could say that the facility was neat and tidy. The aura seemed to be in high in pressure since that..."
Joe Gibson
"Good place to get your money's worth and diverse burger choices! I got very full even with one of their basic burgers, the Black Mamba. I would also..."
Monica Gonzalez
"I've been a fan of Zark's since their taft days so I was very glad when they opened a new branch in BF. Their burgers are to die for - it even beats..."
Jay Pineda
"If you love burgers and you're in it for the huge, huge servings, this is for you. Valued at 200+ for their major burgers, a few peso less..."
Abby Malubag
"The grease, the junk, the fat, and the oily burgers... Ya know it! They're affordable (and obviously not your choice for healthy food) but their..."
Cassie Reyes
"Zarks - have been hearing alot about this place from Facebook and alot of reviews. Famous for their " Tombstone Challenge " where you need to finish..."
Sean Graeme
"Burgers!! Yes, yes yes! Good burgers, and fries of course! They have nachos too. The place so small tho. Suggest to go there after lunch or before..."
"When you have 2 nephews who think Zark's is the ultimate burger place to be, merely because their classmates were going gaga about how awesome their..."
"Their burgers tastes really good and has a big serving for the price. The place its a little bit small and isn't that nice compared to new modern..."
"This has become our favorite burger joint in Manila since I tried the Jawbreaker. I should have dared myself to try their Jawbreaker challenge but..."
Travel Gourmande
"Zark's never fails to satisfy my burger cravings. The price is so worth it with the size and taste of the burger. There are even fries on the side..."
Juhee Lee
"Zark's is probably everybody's go-to burger place especially when you're on a budget or too lazy to dress up. Place is so casual and has that..."
Jay Quintana
"The greasier, the better!!! I really love their candy bacon burger. I like the flavors of the patty and bacon together. If you're a fast eater and..."
"It was packed when we tried here. It was so crowded and so noisy. Each of us ordered different burgers, mine was the Philly Cheesesteak burger. The..."
"Service was great. Greated us when we arrived plus they asked if our order was satisfactory.Food wise... Its a burger place.. If your into..."
Mau Gamboa
"My fave Zark's Burgers outlet (because it's the nearest) lol just kidding hahaha! Maliit lang pero okay yung service!! Zark's never fails to satisfy..."
Sheereen Tibajia
"Value for money. This place serves gigantic burgers for only 150-300. Then they have that crazy burger called tombstone (500+) which is really..."
"I'm a really picky eater when it comes to burgers. I would just prefer the buns, patty, cheese and even some BBQ sauce if they offer it. Everything..."
It's Emified
"Their zarks ultimate burger and anerican all stars burger is so yummy!! And it's worth the price. It costs 130-145 pesos only then you can add 35..."
Shane Jocson
"Zark’s offers monster servings for affordable prices. Try out their Black Mamba, a full serving of cheeseburger in a bed of lettuce, tomato which..."
Nikki Sian
"A well know restaurant here in BF Homes, they already established their product well. If youre looking for American and jaw breaker sized of burgers,..."
Caleb Zion
"Affordable Big ass burgers! I wanna try all of it next time! When you're craving for burger and don't want to spend much then this one's the best!!..."
AreianeLee | EatLikeAButiki
"I really like the food here! Its a bit pricy but it will be all worth it once you get your order. This is one of my favorite place to eat burgers...."
"Hmm. What I do really like about Zarks is that they still serve big burgers at unbelievable prices. It's something that me and my buddies would go..."
Karl Gorospe
"Zark's Burgers are definitely burgers worth their price tag- suuuuper affordable. It's a no fuss, unpretentious, family friendly place. I had the..."
Cher Secondes
"I am a burger lover and I love to explore, that is why we tried the burgers in Zark's-President's Ave. It took us a while to get there from BF..."
Ghie Mata
"Zarks burger is definitely one of the best burgers in town. Plus its pocket friendly. They had the tastiest patty and the fries is perfectly cooked...."
Cams Turqueza
"One of the best burger joints in town. Very affordable price and the beef is just delicious. Craving for burgers, this is the place to be. Almost..."
Dhenyel V.
"Highly recommended if you want to enjoy the so-called "cheat day." We keep on coming back because if it's deli burgers. Yummm ???. XoXo...."
Nikka Nidoy
"Great burgers! I loved the burgers but the atmosphere wasn't that nice. Most of the staff were friendly and nice but sadly the place is too small and..."
Virgil Sagana
"Great tasting burgers at hefty sizes; I usually split a burger with whoever I'm with because I can't conquer one by myself. Prices are very..."
"So yummy burgers sulit talaga sa laki half lang busog ka na talaga affordable sulit price pa para sa mahilig and matakaw sa burgers eto para sa inyo..."
Michael Kevin Sy
"Zark's BF Paranaque is always full. No doubt because the burgers are really so.delicious and the prices are all affordable. It would be nicer..."
"I LOVE their burgers! Though the serving's gotten a tad smaller and the prices a bit higher, it's still worth it. Place is simple but clean and the..."
Issa Villapando
"So far it's the best burger I've tried in Pinas. It's affordable on it's rates. My fave is Candied Bacon Burger. Even to write this one, I started to..."
Grace Anastasia
"The burger is good though while the fries, it is not that crisp anymore when they'd served us. The burger will satisfy your stomach. You should give..."
"It's CHEAP ITS GOOD ITS PERFECTION, ALL YOU WANT FROM A DELICIOUS BURGER. The location kinda sucks but it is totally worth it! I highly recommend you..."
"I almost finish their challenge. 2 piece of fries left. By the way, the burger tastes ok but the quantity of it over its price makes it special...."
Mel Paulo Fernando Bueno
"One of my favorite burgers in town! Always love to go back here every now and then. Because of their big-patty-burgers and large fries. That will..."
Glazzie Gonzales
"Juicy patty and its a real quarter pounder! And with 155 php for a quater pounder burger, fries and drinks, its really a good deal! Talking about..."
J9 Fernandez
"The food they serve is really good! I enjoyed the food but not the place itself. The place is just really to dine. The price is OK given the size of..."
Craisin Lover
"Fairly cheap prices for the sizes of burgers and fries they serve. Place is small and an abundant of people always eating or waiting for a seat...."
Ray Espina
"Burger from hell is the best! :) Perfect for your cheat day. HAHAHATaste - not the best tasting burger but this is something..."
The Promdi Boy
"This is a big deal because it's awesome and cheap. It's topped with Spam and crispy Bacon!! This is how we celebrAte Friday the 13th...."
Hungry Na Ina
"Been in this place with friends...we were all loud and sh*t but the staff dont mind because we were enjoying the experience...all of us had the..."
Jessie Jay De Leon
"I recently craved for a burger.. me and my family went to one of zarks branch near our place.. our burgers came in just at the right time and it was..."
Bhong Acirfa
"The only downside I see is that the place is too small and the location is not that accessible. On the outside, you have no place to sit around or..."
"If you want to have an epic cheat day and have a surplus of calories, then look no further zark's is the place to stuff your face and indulge. huge..."
Big Mac
"I'm not a big fan of burgers, but Zark's is an exception! Their burgers are seasoned and portioned well and are, by far, the best burgers/gourmet..."
Chai Ignacio Timbungco
"Had lunch there on 10 November. My first impression was to wonder why the floor was super slippery. I hope it was from soap rather than grease. The..."
Lisa Kulp
"I love American food, all things that are AMERICAN and one of them is BURGERSS! Yaz and if you're looking for a gigantic yet sumptuous burger and..."
Jam Camenforte
"BUSOG SARAP. SULIT. :)My friends and I live in Las Piñas Area. One Friday night we decided to go out and do some food tripping..."
Diana Ruth Sison
Nobu Restaurant
86/100 (601 ratings)
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Fish Soup
French Toast
Bento (Lunch Box)
"We spent our Christmas eve here and it was definitely memorable for us. ❤️ We had the Miso-marinated Black Cod (which was super delicious!!) and..."
Hanah Jade Lim
"Their US Prime Dry Age Ribeye is to die for, when you go to this restaurant, you shouldn't miss this one. Their wagyu tacos won't disappoint you too...."
Rochelle Amrad
"If you’re into Japanese food then I highly recommend this place! It has just enough selections for this cuisine, just enough mains, sushi, and..."
Nikki Tanya
"As fantastic as all the other Nobu’s around the world. This Nobu however has a much much better service as I always experience with Filipinos who..."
Dheeraj M. Tolanii
"Seriously, the place is really very classy. It's a step up from the usual hotel buffet because of the fusion food that they serve. They don't just..."
Foodie Dokie
"Our First time to dine in at Nobu Restaurant since there are a lot more Choices to dine in City of Dreams. But ofcourse Nobu Restaurant is known as..."
Regina Arciaga
"Always has been a favorite spot here in Metro Manila. Service is superb and consistently good. Quality of food is good albeit a little bit pricey..."
Monika Veron
"Nobu Restaurant is the world’s most recognized Japanese restaurant, known for its innovative new-style cuisine, paired with a hip crowd and..."
Rochkirstin Sioco
"The food was much better tonight than when I came a year ago. Menu selection improved as there are slightly more choices. My nephews loved the king..."
Pilar Maria Daza Baltazar
"Really a fantastic place for delicious and authentic Japanese dishes. It never fails to amaze me no matter how many times I’ve been to this..."
Gerry Salvador
"I decided to propose here. The staffs friendly and food as expected is great.The texture of the black cod is slightly different from its..."
Street Foodie
"My first teppanyaki experience was from here, and i gotta say they have experienced teppanyaki chefs!! The food was great, especially the soft, juicy..."
Anna Lamons
"Maybe Im such a fan of breakfast buffet. I had a wonderful experience here in NOBU.Many options to pick. What I really love here is their..."
Karen Del Prado
"We went here for a staycation and included is the breakfast buffet in Nobu restaurant. Upon arrival, we were greeted by their staff and was asked how..."
"I recently stayed at the Nobu Hotel Manila for a birthday staycation. I invited a few friends over for dinner, drinks and a horror flick before..."
Ish Meets World
"Ate here last December with their New Years menu special. It was pricey but who gives a bleep when you’re eating in a Michelin starred restaurant...."
Mark Huang
"Love this place! especially the contemporary Zen ambiance. Great music plus nice interior makes you feel relaxed. Japanese inspiration is evident in..."
Geneille Rigor
"Worth the price! ❤️ Will definitely go back for special celebrations. Nice ambianceNice foodNice..."
Mylene Estabillo-Gascon
"Nobu Lobby....a cozy place. Japaese food were all fresh specially their sashimi !! It's good to eat there. So light ! We love JAPANESE FOOD. Thanks..."
Leticia Gaw
"I have never eaten any raw fish. I had absolutely no intention to, but had a change of heart because of Nobu. After an exhausting waiting..."
Kim (IG: Kimmykurt)
"Very good japanese restaurant. Impeccable service. I highly recommend their alaskan cod dish, king crab tempura, salmon sashimi and umami roasted..."
"oppulent and exquisite Japanese buffet. price is high but selection extensive and unique. sashimi sliced thinly with drizzle of light soy..."
Frank Ngan
"Nobu means trust. Consistent trust that they provide with every bite and never giving you the fear of disdain.I would give Nobu more than..."
"Nobu Manila is known for it's elegant setup and wonderful Japanese dishes that is fit for the hotel, as well as the high ballers at the casino. So it..."
Ken Lingling
"NOBU is known worldwide for innovative Japanese food created by celebrity chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa, who is particularly close to The Godfather Robert..."
Christina | Kain Club
"Many ask me what my favorite food is, and I can't give a straight answer. I always tell people that I love almost all food, and that the food that I..."
Midz Sy
"When Nobu said their brand is all about treating their guests like rock stars, I didn’t realize they took that adage and shot it right off the..."
Manang Bidang
"I was lucky enough to get invited on a Thursday night to try Chef Oi’s 8-course meal, and it was pure food-gasm! From the Toro Tartare Caviar, the..."
Patrick Victoria
"The Nobu restaurant definitely has one of the best seafood and sushi selection in the metro. I was fortunate enough to be invited to one of..."
Muffy | OneHungryTeacher
"The first course "Toro Tartare with Caviar " looked simple. The colors were muted. The portion was really small. It looked like a "quiet" albeit ..."
"One of the finest restaurants in Manila.In a degustation setting, a chef is able to showcase his creations which I think chef Kirika Oi of..."
Catherine Joy Tan Lim
"1. Food was exceptional and really fresh! 2. Ambiance is very intimate. Good for business meetings and/or romantic dates;3. Staff are very..."
Ronwald Munsayac
"sunday brunchNobu is not your run of the mill buffet. Unlike other buffet places that is chaotic with people jostling around for..."
P. Anda
"The gindara never disappoints but the beef was not as fresh. I wonder what happened? I do hope they add more dishes though. Service was excellent...."
Lizelle Tan
"Their breakfast buffet was lovely! We enjoyed the breads, pastries, beverages, and food viands. I forgot most of the names but the quality is legit..."
Patrick Unson
"One word to describe dining in Nobu: opulent. The black cod miso is their bestseller, and aptly so. The flavour and texture of the dish is so..."
Maia Garcia
"Nobu Manila- an international brand with an exceptional Filipino service. I had the Omakase menu, which I would recommend to fully enjoy the..."
"My favorite Japanese restaurant in Manila! Aside from the food, it's the service and their well-trained staff that marked a great impact -- it's like..."
Jaypee David
"The Sunday brunch buffet is worth it!!!! The Japanese twist on Pinoy faves such as the salmon sinigang belly in miso soup was unique and full of fine..."
Mj Marfori
"I love this place! It's like being in Japan, but cheaper. 😂 Everything in the photo included in this review is from Nobu's vegan and gluten-free..."
Samantha M. David
"I was invited by my friend Ampy to join them to avail the Huawei Mate Senses Omakase Set at Nobu Restaurant. I know this restaurant is expensive,..."
"the dinner was year 2015 we requested chef zack to make something special for us, to serve what he thinks will amaze us. i dont really eat raw fish..."
Wenda Sidayen
"We get to have breakfast here since we got a complimentary breakfast for our 1 night stay. The restaurant has a very good interior. This is what..."
Herbert Kikoy
"I wanted to try out NOBU for quite sometime now. But i was always busy. But on this Sunday night, my hubby and I decided to break the diet and go to..."
Veronica Go
"It's all about the Sunday brunch. I read about the brunch on the Internet and they had me at the matcha fountain. The sashimi and sushi..."
Sheena Yap Chan
"Dining in Nobu is not what I would consider a gastronomic exercise but rather a whole experience. The posh and luxurious interior tells sets the tone..."
"Last night I was lucky enough to be invited last minute to dine at the famed Nobu Manila that opened over a year ago (Hello, December 2014). I know..."
Micca D.
"Best Japanese ever. Very good service, ambiance and food.I love the Black Cod Miso and the Taco Salmon.The wagyu also one of the must try!..."
Ignacia Tigris
"So Hungry Pants, aint single anymore. Shit just got real, just kidding! I have been very busy but I promise to try to get back to writing food..."
Hungry Pants
"I was able to visit Nobu when I covered an event that was held there. The first thing you will notice upon entering is how beautiful and extravagant..."
Yogo And Cream
"In the last few days of summer, we stayed at Nobu Hotel in City of Dreams. The place was luxurious a.f. and was priced appropriately. The buffet..."
Raina Cheng
"One of the best Japanese restaurants I have ever eaten in. The place itself is very opulent and very sophisticated.  So we tried the mixed..."
Rowena Galvez
"I was happy to see Nobu open here in Manila and I knew going in that it I should not compare it with memorable experiences in New York, LA, and Tokyo..."
"This outlet at the city of dreams Manila lives up to the nobu experience. Great lounge and dining areas overlooking the infinity pools. We had the..."
"Came upon an invite of a friend, was told that a Japanese chef creates excellent dishes in this restaurant. I just ate out but didn't want to pass up..."
Rome G.
"Great food, great ambience, steak was excellent, the ceviche i give 2 thumbs up, the coconut shrimp was great, and the chocolate cake was..."
Andrew Inovero
"Great ambiance! Good food! Pricey AF! will come back! Just a tip. Order something different.. The hosts knows a lot about their dishes consult..."
Carter Yu
"The best japanese zen style resto in the metropolis... Serving fresh japanese style breakfast buffet.. Cant wait to try their ala carte dinner that..."
Kenneth Wong
"Oh toro and chu toro was great, steak also was great, but the oyster sometimes not that fresh. Wagyu gyoza,Lobster tempura musta..."
Tim Sy
"The best resturant I've eaten at in the Philippines!Everything I ordered came out fresh and was delicious. The quality, service and atmosphere..."
Polo Marco
"I had the chance to eat breakfast here but I was truly regretful because it was a hurried affair. I would have wanted to linger and taste more and..."
Eileen Perez
"Food, ambiance and service were good. Food presentation in good. We made a reservation an hour before we arrived and they are very accomodating. We..."
Qhat Le Yah
"The atmosphere in Nobu Manila is quite abit stripped of elegance, more polished chaos but with a clientele that is no less dressy. Much of the..."
Janix Lo
"Nobu was an experience you would expect from restaurant in a casino, but im here to rate the food . First, I ordered two makeral sushi. then I..."
Dre Navarro
"Nobu exceeded my expectations! I loved the Tasmanian ocean trout! It really is a bit pricey but it is definitely worth every centavo! Try their..."
Jill Zafranco
"A sucker for tasting menus, seeing Nobu open in Manila had me all excited. Nobu is all about celebrating the beauty of the sea, with top of the line..."
Poma Malantic
"Nobu was as good if not better than what you would expect. Favorite dishes to try are the spicy fried rice cakes, lobster ceviche, gyoza. The tacos..."
Clarke House
"I never knew that a taste of heaven would be that awesome! Good service, great crew and great place! We ate I think 7 or 8 dishes, served by 7 or 8..."
Chille Tan Lopez
"The food here is great! This is my favorite Japanese restaurant now, easily edges out my former favorite Nihonbashitei. Fusion Japanese at it's..."
Justin Caparas
"My husband and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary in this restaurant. We wanted to have a Nobu experience. The staff ushered us to the main..."
May Rachel Nolasco-Silangil
"Excellent food I must say. My friend got these photos and rated it really good, great fine dining experience. Place, food, and service is great...."
Charry Blue
"Everything we ordered from the menu were exceptional especially their signature dish, Black Cod Miso. It's that melt-in-your-mouth kind of dish. The..."
Angeli Umali
Allen Tan
"Enjoy chic surroundings, relax, meet friends and savor superior quality tea blends and late night offerings.Outlet..."
City Of Dreams Manila
"Nobu is a beautiful restaurant with a long sushi counter, round indoor cubicles,  and outdoor cabanas which are great for small groups. Nobu's..."
Marianne In Manila
"if you want to experience luxury without the need of going to las vegas, just be ready for approx 25k for 2pax to experience the best on their menu..."
Jay Cee
"True to it's international reputation, Nobu at the City of Dreams is a exceptional Japanese restaurant.  My favourite dishes were the lobster..."
A Manila Food Affair
"Had the daily special omakase. Food was impressive and delicately presented. Would have been 5 stars had our first server not been so..."
"The NOBU Restaurant is a Japanese & Peruvian-inspired restaurant by Celebrity Chef Nobu Matsuhisa in City of Dreams Manila. It's the signature..."
Anton Diaz
Conti's Bakeshop & Restaurant
86/100 (815 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Robert Bayani
"Its origins trace back from BF Homes. Absolute value for money. Five stars on their Mango Bravo and Baked SalmonGo to place for..."
Man On A Budget
"My favorite sans rival of all time.Conti's is my go-to comfort food. They serve delicious everything. I've never ordered anything that I..."
Curious Couple Eats
"All time favorite! Everything's worth for its price. I didn't quite like their breakfast meals because some food served on plate was too salty..."
Reagen Mari
"One of BF's original Sunday lunch places still serves good food, although servings are smaller and prices have skyrocketed. Known for their baked..."
Regina C
"We dined here on Mother's Day and as expected, it was fullhouse. Luckily they have a function room that was available so we stayed..."
Ani Corpuz
"Have been here many times for YEARS, esp. since my highschoolmate's family owns it. Definitely my mine & my mom's nonquestionable go-to for cakes and..."
"Doing a review for their ube custard cake which I have been seeing through different facebook posts that made me crave the other morning. I am a fan..."
Grace Isais
"Nice and friendly staff. The food was good, a little pricey but definitely worth it! Their place is okay, they should add more tables bec we ate here..."
Mheng Sablan
"This place never fails to give you the best cakes for any occasion. The staff were also very nice to be assisting us with their personal preferences..."
Kends Toledo
"It was my first time trying Contis, I only know the name because of the cakes I have tasted before, but when my girlfriend insisted that I should try..."
Noel John Del Rosario
"4th time to eat breakfast here. Food is always great but please tell your janitor or whoever cleans the floor to launder the mop or rag that they use..."
"This is the original Conti’s restaurant. For this visit, we got a couple of chicken empanadas and their classic mango bravo to bring to my aunts..."
Fat Girls Day Out
"I really love the food and atmosphere of this restaurant! Before, I just buy cakes. Now, I get to experience the food. From appetizers to desserts,..."
Angelo Veloso
"Finally got to try their meals and everything is so far awesome! This explains why the redtaurant is always full, even my husband loved their food!..."
Renee Angelina Lee
"I was getting adventurous and decided to order an item I don’t consider typical for a meal at Contis. The chicken roulade was nice. The chicken was..."
Hungry Filipino
"I would go here when i cant seem to decide on a new place to eat because aside from being accessible to me, their food is almost always reliable...."
Diana Reyes
"First time to post a review here but have frequented the place before started reviewing here in Zomato. Mango Bravo is a favorite. It’s..."
Maria MM
"Ordered chicken ala kiev, roast beef and gambas for lunch. Everything was delicious but a bit pricey for such a small serving. Cakes are delicious..."
Mik Admana
"Nothing spells christmas better than the taste of baked salmon at this specifi Conti's branch. I can already see the hoards lining up to grab their..."
Mikee Filart
"You can never go wrong with Conti's. Lengua, Salmon, Chcken, Ribs, Pasta and these are just the entrées what more if we tackle their desserts?? Two..."
Patrick Encarnacion
"For the quintillion times I've eaten here, only once was I disappointed. Their Lemongrass chicken with cilantro dip is tender, tasteful and heavenly...."
Marc Sacriz
"My favorite branch and my go to place every time I crave for comfort homey food. The customer service is topnotch from the time you park your car..."
"This place is classic. I heard their salpicao is good. But where would get a mango bravo cake? Only at contis! Ask them how to you can cut..."
Law De Guzman
"Not the best branch but food is always good, my all time favorite always be chicken ala Kiev, their salads too are good, we love their chicken..."
Kristine Villanueva Chan
"Conti's is really known for their desserts and everybody knows that. I haven't had a cake that I didn't like. It's a different story with their..."
Aaron Sison
"I love going here for breakfast on weekends. The place emits a homey vibe and the staff are attentive. Our favorites are their salmon and moms..."
Mari Gere
"Been an avid fan of Conti's since I was 12 yrs. old. It has been our family's tradition to order at Conti's everytime there's an occassion in our..."
Elaine Nor Cariaso Perez
"Had the mussel and mushroom pasta. Table of 7. Everyone satisfied. Got free brownie tasting at the end with coffee. Green mango shake is a must try...."
Nicolas Roussel
"Contis is well known for their baked treats and cakes. But I just love all their dishes, especially the Baked Salmon. Whenever we would dine in..."
Curious Foodie
"Meaning to buy a cake from a different shop but spotted this place first, so swung by and bought one from here instead 😊. Thank goodness they are..."
"I'm a big fan of their mango bravo, other cakes and pastries are also good... The cooked food is just ayt, they gotta improve on that part. Go here..."
Paolo Blancas
"I will forever be a sucker for their Mango Bravo !!But hey, the rest of the menu aint bad either. The chicken cordon bleu is still the tops for..."
Ron Mendoza
"I really do end up finding myself coming back here to this place ☻ I think that this place is a great place for family luncheons or dinners. Their..."
Yumi Okazaki
"Its my favorite go to place whenever I famished and longing for a good cup of coffee. My all time favorite is their baked prawns, sinful, melts in..."
"It's my moms birthday this is the first time that i've eaten this cake. I so love it , it melts in your mouth, its like a mango graham chocolate..."
Yumme Macapayag
"Contis are well known for their pastries but also on savory dishes. We had lunch with the family and ordered sotanghon, shanghai, chicken lollilop,..."
"I've always loved the food in conti's. Our favorite chicken a la kiev, soft shell crab, baked salmon and lengua. Of course, who could resist mango..."
Jae Dungca
"Their Prawns are really good! When we cannot think of a place to go to with the family, this is where we end up. For sure it's gonna be good! No..."
Marge Herbosa Casal
"Loved the Symphony Salad. Also tried their Mango Royale Salad but it wasn't as good as the Symphony. The Baked Salmon was puuuurfect. Had the right..."
Camille Eduvane
"My girlfriend's family and I had a dinner here after hearing the mass. We ordered their buffalo wings, beef salpicao and many more. Their salpicao is..."
Kristian Pante
"My favorite dish from Contis would be the baked salmon. This branch is walking distance from our house thus becoming a constant for home deliveries..."
Gidjette Arguelles
"Sans Rival FTW. Been here and was given exemplary customer service from the beginning til the end. The quality and the quantity are worth your..."
Mark Magno
"I think 99% of Conti's customers love Mango Bravo. It would literally and figuratively melts in your mouth. This is definitely the cake of..."
Ghie Mata
"My all time fave here is the Chicken ala Kiev. Its like chicken cordon bleu but instead of ham and cheese inside, it has herbs and spices that oozes..."
Dette Arellano
"There is an attempt to try all the dishes on the menu because every dish that has been ordered is really mouth watering; lengua, chicken ala kiev,..."
"Their ensaymadas are really good, melts in your mouth and you can order mini ensaymadas too which are really cute. And their best seller Mango Bravo..."
Sammi Apora
"Always loving their cake. Not that expensive but worth the price :) their food are also good. But as what you expect, it's slightly pricey. I'll..."
Glazzie Gonzales
"Ever since I was a kid I go to this restaurant with family every Sunday....still as good up to now on this branch...heheh...I love the..."
Camille Santiago
"Conti's, an Italian restaurant great for desserts. Loving their brownies, i'd give a 10 out of 10 for it. Crunchy inside and out. Plus they give..."
Angelo Paralejas
"Family and friends are welcome at this nice resto, but i would say its pretty noisy in some locations. Food not consistent in some areas. But quality..."
Nick B
"Conti's has already been an institution in Bf Homes. Conti's offer a wide range of food from hearty appetizers to foodgasmic desserts.I..."
Eat, Burp, Repeat.
"Very good food and great value for money. One can go here anytime for any occasion!..."
Harvinder Singh
"they need to work on healthier..."
Alan Tagle
"Conti's has been in BF Homes longer than we are so it's already a landmark for southerners. I dined in here yet, bt it's always jam-packed with..."
Mona Verdida
"Conti's has been a part of my life ever since I was a little girl! My family and I LOVE their food here, and usually serve their pancit and cakes for..."
Chiara Garcia
"You really can't go wrong with a place like Conti's. Good, hearty meals and desserts for fair servings and prices. If someone's having a birthday and..."
Hitomi Ejima
"I love you very much Jahziel Pernia! From the bottom of my heart! I will love you forever and..."
Joshua Pinpin
"Conti's has always been a familiar place. I don't think I've ordered anything in this restaurant that I hated. Most of their food are either okay to..."
I Heart Chicken
"Compilation of favorite household world dishes, with Conti's you can never go wrong.Whenever we have family potlucks for sure someone will..."
Ruben IV
"I rarely dine-in the place but I regularly order their meals and desserts. Top of the line are: Breakfast Tapa (great quality and taste), Baked Mac..."
Mary Anne Tolentino
Cafe Mary Grace
85/100 (591 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
"Consistent talaga ang ganda ng ambiance at linis ng mga branch nila kaya parang may pamilyar na memory ka nang babalikan kapag nasa ibang lugar...."
Merl Peroz
"My saving grace this hot, hot day is Mary Grace's Cold Mocha Coffee. And, I was actually amazed that their hot choco is so creamy that it can..."
Jenny Pagalilauan
"Being a legit #titasofmanila,I always enjoy my own personal me time in this restaurant. I was just craving for some sweets so I indulged in a slice..."
"I love the ambiance it feels like your at home and very comfy..about the food generous serving and very delicious..staff is very accommodating and..."
Marjhory Soriano
"This has a cozy ambience. The food is delicious too and service is good. They also have generous servings which is a plus for me. Keep it..."
Grace Pilao
"A wonderful blend of perfected home-made pastries and international dishes, Mary Grace manages to make these her own and then some. The ambiance is..."
Philip Roa
"Craving for comfort food? This is a place to be! Their grilled ensaymadas and cheese roll paired with their chocolate de batirol is so..."
Tintins Patisserie
"Food is excellent - 9/10Service - 10/10 very accommodating and friendly staff.Cleanliness - 9/10 wash room is too small (but its..."
"Food Great! Soft Fluffy Ensaimada and best chocolate drink.Staff Very Friendly but in this store, less staff to accompany the..."
Darylle Acosta
"Food-5/5 All time fave carbonaraAmbience-5/5 homey and elegantService-5/5 very accommodatingValue for money-5/5 worth it for a large..."
Fhrea May Inamac
"My friends and I love eating and hanging out at Mary Grace. We love the ambiance, it's the ultimate tita place. Lol. The food is good although a..."
Mik Admana
"My heart will always be happy here.I’ve dined this branch for 3 times already and I cannot say anything bad about it 😭 My..."
"I have been wantingg a hearty meal for this week and have been thinking of a creamy pasta. We ordered the Mary Grace Mushroom Cream Pasta and their..."
Gianne Ninia L. Llamas
"Never, ever a disappointment! The number 1 item that I order from here is the Beef Tapa. They have spectacular food, whether it's pizza, pasta, soup,..."
Weslee Trout
"The food, the ambiance, the service. The lists goes on and on for reasons to come back in Mary Grace. Staring at their insta-worthy hanging lamps..."
Foodie From The South
"The kind of restaurant that you would like to dine and relax with your family.  The place is very cozy and uniquely designed (those pieces of paper..."
Maria Luisa Martinez Rivarez
"I supposed I'm not yet a "tita of Manila" who frequenta cafes like Mary Grace. The place is cozy though, not just for titas. I love their clam..."
Maria MM
"If you are tired, in a hurry and looking for some good food... MARY GRACE BF HOMES IS THE BEST PLACE TO VISIT!!!Me and my family ordered 3..."
Alfred Christian C. Barretto
"A nice cafe place to visit especially on holidays and weekends. The interior has a nice touch. They also have variety of food to choose from. I..."
Nuj De Castro
"Mary Grace has single handedly built her empire entirely on ensaymada and excellent customer service. Deeply rooted in faith (evident in her daily..."
Eboy M. Donato
"Still one of the best pasta and sweets stop! Branch isn't an issue, we still get the same delicious, perfectly prepared dishes in any branch! I had..."
Kathleen Navarro
"A realky cute place to go too. The coffees were strong which is how I like it. The food was ok but I prefer the desserts. Service was really helpful..."
My Food Diary
"I ate here for the first time. The place is cozy and romantic, I like their ceasar salad, good for 2 person but I will not recommend their carbonara..."
Aubs Ramos
"So inlove with your breakfast which comes with tocino, egg, achara and a lot more! Plus the mouth-watering tiramisu.. Mary grace is our favorite spot..."
Kath Sarceno
"This place gets easily full especially on weekends so I usually prefer the weekdays for a more quiet and cozy experience. I love the simplicity and..."
"ambiance is so relaxing. food is really great 😊 pastries are also delicious 👍 me and my family will surely go back and dine again to try other..."
Faith Domingo
"I love their signature ensaymada! They use keso de bola for the cheese which makes it really really good and unique from the rest. Everything here is..."
Xandz Galang
"Best cakes in town!! Omg. The place is good too, they have a background music of chirping birds. Ensaymada is so good here. Even everything is..."
"Perfect place for comfort food! Super love their salads and pasta! Also their home made infused teas. The lemon bar's super good too! Definitely one..."
Marge Herbosa Casal
"Mary grace for dinner on my 17th birthday and it couldn't be more perfect.Food: We ordered for their Beef Tapa and Fried Bangus. It was all..."
Anne Bonsato
"Honestly the first time I heard of the place from my mom, I was a bit skeptical of I would even enjoy the food. Most Filipino cuisine restaurants..."
Sean Graeme
"Mary grace has great food. One of the things I always order when I go there is the fili beef sandwich its the best for me. They also have great..."
Sandra Cabili
"I always pass by a Cafe Mary Grace but have never stopped by to try out their food, despite hearing and reading about how good their offerings..."
"Tried only the Grilled cheese roll (the best I'd ever tasted), grilled Ensaymada, Peppermint and Fruits, and Mary Grace Hot Chocolate. Hot choco is..."
Mark De Jesus
"I like the grilled ensaymadas. Their hot chocolate is sweet and somehow creamy. I like their pastas and the chicken sandwich. What i like most is the..."
"Food that will make you smile! Ambiance 9/10Food Quality 9/10Service 9/10Value for Money 9/10Totally comfort..."
Chef Roma Ricci
"First time to try the pizza in Mary Grace today and I really enjoyed it! I got the Margherita pizza, which was very simple and fresh. Aside from my..."
Kat Orteza
"I love going to Mary Grace Café. Not only because their meals are delicious – but because the place has a homey vibe to it, it’s like coming..."
Nikki Sian
"We had a late lunch here at SM BF Paranaque as we wait again for our high schooler to finish their group video project. We scouted the whole mall and..."
Pol Maleniza
"Mary Grace in BF is a good restaurant to dine in. They have good pastas and Good cakes. Great for lunch or a simple "meryenda" their cheesecake and..."
Karl Gorospe
"It was my first time to be at SM BF Paranaque and I found that options for dining there were quite limited. After walking around the mall, we decided..."
A. Yu
"I'll make this short and simple. The perfect place to meet your client,friend or a love one. Staff is really nice and enthusiastic. Ambiance is..."
Michelle Dayego
"Great service! There's so much sincerity with the way the servers greet their guests that it instantly adds up for a great stay. The food, as always..."
Lucky So Alabado
"My officemate and I went here to grab our quick lunch before we go to work. We were stuck in traffic (QC to Parañaque) and was just too hungry to..."
R. Marcelo
"My all time favorite food hub. From the main dishes, desserts up to bevereges, its all great. Adding the place that feels like home. The art stuffs..."
Diana Jean Baes
"This is one of my favorite branches of Mary Grace because it has so much natural light. The servers are all well-trained, too! ?During our..."
This Semi Vegetarian Life
"Cool place, nice chandelier. Very accommodating staff. I love the dressing (not sure if Caesar) but super good! My boyfriend let me taste the..."
Miracle Tan
"If you want a feel good meal, this is the place! Aside from good food, their place would take you to a different place... The notes on their table,..."
Roxie Castelo-Velasquez
"The service is great and very friendly. My favorite here are the vigan longganisa and the mushroon truffle!For dessert try the limone..."
"The ambiance was superb! It's not hard not to fall in love with the place and especially the food. I had Strawberry Shortcake and Cream Dory sandwich..."
"My 2nd chance to eat at Mary Grace. The first time was in SM Southmall. Nice ambiance. SUPERB pastries... Pricey but it's all worth it. Highly..."
Marie Vidal
"I loved it here. Reminds me of Sundays with my family. The place is cozy, the staff gives the warmest service and the food sure is definitely good!..."
Tina Pacheco
"The homiest and coziest spot at SM BF, where I would usually mix work and pleasure with a yummy slice of #TruffleCake or #MangoBene while the..."
Mike Portes
Lucky Noodles
85/100 (3079 ratings)
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Late Night
Kare kare
"I remember dining in this restaurant 3 months ago. (Maybe I should start reviewing restaurants around this area) I love their Make Your..."
Raymond Lim
"Ordered beef hofan, seiw mai, and turon. The food was very delicious. The staff, notably Francis Carl, milo, and reniel, were very courteous and..."
Merlyn Tuvida
"The ambiance is 5/5! Love the big tables, comfy couches, the table set-up and their biggy chopticks. 😊 The service is fantastic! The crew are very..."
"Got a Make-Your-Own Noodles bowl with flat noodles, Vietnamese Beef broth and wontons. It's good, hits the spot! Good for sharing as well. Looking..."
Khat De Guzman
"Food is okay, and services are great. :) I came here together with my girlfriend to celebrate our 10th year anniversary, and I think we came to the..."
Evanry Gustilo
"Excellent food quality and service. Really loved the beef black pepper, deep fry salt and pepper squid and turon ice cream for dessert...."
Naomi Joon Bianca Costiniano
"Good food. Good ambiance and good service. Thank you to Arnar, Job and Ms. Jasmin for the good and excellent service. 👍 always happy to dine here...."
Christine Daenne Voluntad Capuchino
"thanks to my server rjan and arnar for being friendly and very accomodating to us,very consistent service thank you also to supervisor jenny tan keep..."
Aldrin John Fernandez
"Excellent service by manuel dimsums here are thr best its very nice to bring your companions you will surely have a great time. Siomaj siopao and..."
Arceli Porciuncula Castillo
"Angelo A and Manuel my server are very excellent in recommending dishes to me. Me and my friend loved it so much. Very nice ambiance and the waiters..."
Butch Gazo
"Awesome food! Great portion. 😊Errold and Diana delivered amazing service. They were very attentive to our needs. 😊 thank you for..."
Leah Cerrero
"Excellent service from the crew. Very good accommodation and food was able to give various choices of an Asian cuisine. I recommend the ebi tempura..."
Nicolas Yuseco
"Service, friendliness, presentation, and food are amazing! Must try for those who are looking for great asian food for their tummies! Also the best..."
"Thanks Aljohn for helping us what to eat , we have enjoyed our dinner much 😇 mwahmwahtsuptsup haha... we will tell our noodle addict friends to..."
Jertrude Maverick
"with domeng passing... we somehow worked on an appetite for chinese food... we thought of lucky noodles at solaire... there wasn’t any heavy..."
R. G. Cruz
"The food was ok (3 stars), but the service was very good (4 stars). The waiters, particularly Manuel was very knowledgeable of their menu and..."
"I ordered their create your own laksa, twice in two weeks lang! Haha! Ang sarap kasi. They have to keep their consistency though. The first time..."
Jesse Lui
"Having a breakfast with my friend.. Aljon,ponce and gelo assisting our needs and were very satisfied to their recommendations best noodles and..."
Mercy Bueno
"Food was very good. A little on the expensive side as expected of a casino. If you're there look for Ponce Ryan to be your server. He's great! Very..."
Kilo Henares-Chuidian
"I would like to write this recommendation to Christian San Pedro our server was nice and happy to have dined here in Lucky noodles..."
Gertrudes Borja
"Catching out with my friends here in lucky noodles. one of our server Criztian That one of the best seller here is Seafood Laksa once I taste, it was..."
Mary Grace S. Abapo
"Food is awesome. Waiters like Chriztian and R-Jay are more awesome! It was a worthwhile experience eating in this restaurant. Always visit this one..."
Juan Miguel Flores
"Good food and very good service by Ponce, Jonathan and Francis Carl 👌👌👌 we will definitely come back. We recommend trying the tokwat baboy,..."
Kathleen Domo-ong
"Laksa is my favorite Noodle Soup, and I like they way Lucky Noodles cook it, though anywhere i go for a meal, I always ask for it in all the..."
Ayushi Malik
"If you are looking for a good restaurant, I recommend you to dine here at Lucky Noodles. They have a lot of choices for food, malilito ka talaga sa..."
Maricris Reyes
"The food is really good. Very thankful for Ponce, Ralph and Jas for making our dining experience great (and giving us extra kropek all the..."
"Dishes are good, value for money is correct. They have special menu from time to time which is nice. 24-hours service. Last time I try yellow noodle..."
Bon Appetit
"thankyou for excellent service by my waiter manuel. Porkbelly the food he recommended to me was very good. thankyou. i was very happy to visit here...."
Cora G. San Pedro
"Excellent service and the foods are very mouth-watering 🤤 It is my first time dining here but it will never be the last! The noodles are very..."
Ebu Monterey Arbolante
"We always dine here whenever we’re in Solaire. Our usual orders are the create your own noodles and dimsums. Though it may be a little pricey, it..."
Angielyn Morales
"Food is very good thank you for the excellent service by rjan and angelo very friendly accomodating and good looking keep up the good..."
Ligaya Silverio
"The food is great and the staff are friendly. They are helpul esp. Christian San Pedro.We will share to our friends and will invite them to eat..."
Imelda Pacheco
"Food and service are both great! You can create your own rice bowl and your own soup. For services, I would like to commend Manuel, Ghan, Russel..."
Benedict Lopez
"Criztian is so accomodating today he is my server. The ambiance is so nice if u are looking for a chinese food to eat in the middle of the night, try..."
Fara Macapili
"Thankyou rjan,gahn and cristian for giving us an extra ordinary service. This guys was so friendly good service.... they teach us on how we ordered..."
Mary Apple
"Very accomodating server very friendly and very consistent when it comes to service, food is also great all in all excellent service 👍 kudos to..."
Eric Lee
"Lovely staff and great food. We enjoyed the delicious Bbq crispy pork belly followed by sweet and sour chicken & just the best Yangchow with shrimp..."
"Thankyou rjan for giving me a great time at your restaurant i surely have a great time here thankyou for the laksa it was so great kudos to you..."
Filadelfo Bartolome
"The waiter recommended me the laksa seafood soup. It was so good. It is the very best soup that I ever taste, every one was very kind specially..."
Rito Bandola
"This place is great and the food is exquisite every one enjoy here, even foreigners, even their waiter is accommodating. Specially ralph...."
Genzu Miyuki
"Sa laki ng servings, sulit! Puyatan for food.haha.. Thanks Aljon,, indeed a fun and quality service t'was.. Recommended Laksa ftw! D'Best! Til next..."
Heyhem Blancaflor
"Good service specially who serve us R-jan. Nice ambiance and delicious food.. if you fancy oriental food i highly recommend lucky noodles at solaire..."
Jennie Tumala
"Very hospitable! 👍👍 Great food and excellent service.😉👌 Thanks to Rjan and Criztian...keep it up..😉Surely I will come..."
Dennis Perez Gonzales
"Love the simple food that gives us simple pleasure . I keep coming back for the beef tapa very tender , the price is good !!!Not to mention the..."
Thess Ramos-Malvar
"The Service is good every time we dine in. The servers are also nice specially jose and joy and liezel. I and my husband felt at home everytime we..."
Daniel Morales
"Good service, good ambience and food was fast and good. Well laid out restaurant. Ponce and Julius serve us well. Will certainly come back. Highly..."
"I’ve tried eating here for a few times and so far I’m always satisfied with their food and their serving. Kudos to my server, Mhau and Job, who..."
Joni De Guzman
"Been eating here since like 2014 and I've liked the place the first time I got here. It was a change of scenery and food of course to be here. They..."
"Thanks to JAJA , ALJON and CHEF TRICIA for having our take - away orders packed well last OCT 5. It reached our home as neatly as they prepared it !..."
Leticia Gaw
"Very convenient to dinners. Staff are friendly and accommodating. Special mention to the supervisor Mr. Erold, Raniel and Ponce. These guys knows..."
"Lucky Noodles’ make-your-own-noodle is a must try! For customers who doesn’t like spicy broth, you may opt to choose Superior. A mixed of..."
Carmina Magistrado
"The food is good. The service during the time we were there was awesome, despite the fact that the place was full (saturday night). Ralph, our..."
Rigor Rad
"If you want a friendly and quality food and beverages. lucky noodles is perfect for you. We were assisted by Ponce, Reniel, Francis. Jenny. And chef..."
Gerald Lallave
"Very good food! They finally added Filipino dishes to the menu as well! Best part was the friendly staff! Thanks to Ponce, Reniel & Joylet for..."
Mia De Guzman
"My colleagues and I went there for dinner last Friday night. Our servers were Francis, Gabriel and Jenny--they were really attentive and the service..."
Diana Dee
"Excellent dining experience as usual at Lucky noodles and great service from Ponce and Chef Maynard. Another job well done! Thank you! Food..."
Yanyan Valenzuela
"Great noodles to pair up with your experience along the casino. I loved how you're able to customize your noodles with the broth and ingredients that..."
Johanne Thelmo
"Finding something affordable, I tried their Chicken Lugaw w/ Egg and the serving was very filling. Do I get value for it? Not really, since it's..."
Patrick Unson
"Been here for the nth time and their Zambales Chicken is something worth visiting for Asian palate. Excellent service from Milo and Chef Francis...."
Jason Jaruda
"This restaurant is one of the most affordable restaurants in Solaire. It offers a variety of dishes that one would want to try. I love their curry..."
Rachel Reyes
"Food and drinks: 4.5Ambiance: 5.0Service: 5.0Value for Money: 3.5The make your own noodles was okay. Will..."
Khaycee Taneo Antonio
"A Chinese restaurant that boasts of different Chinese cuisines - that's what Lucky Noodles is. Despite having noodles in its name, did not bother..."
It's Emified
"First of all, I love the restaurant so bad because they serve authentic chinese food! Every flavor highlights savory and freshness of the viand, even..."
Xtine's Escapism
"We find LUCKY NOODLES staffs and server so polite and nice . EDIRIC CASTILLO , as always is ready to ask our orders and how it will be done. He..."
Leticia Gaw
"A Chinese noodle house with lots of choices of noodles. The place was big and spacious. They got different kinds og noodles, thick, thin, name it,..."
"I've long been eyeing this Restau because of their Make Your Own Noodle Bowl so when I had the chance (and time) to visit this place, I immediately..."
Tina Pacheco
"This is one of my favorite restaurant inside the property. They serve both Chinese and Filipino food.  Reasonable price to think that they are..."
"This resto serves chinese and now filipino food. I ordered filipino food pancit quezon its soo good the authentic taste still there but its not..."
Apollo Abayari
"Just hopped in to get a little bite to eat before hitting the a slots again! Had the noodle bowl with honey glazed pork, beef brisket, veg..."
Sue Castellino
"Has simple but elegant interiors and designs. We sat down on a table near the counter. Servers and attendants are friendly, everyone smiles at you...."
"Love love love the Create You Own Noodle!!! You've got to try their best seller Laksa as the soup. I cannot stop! It's really nice to have this in..."
Xandz Galang
"Good old-fashioned Chinese food. It all depends with the dishes you get here. Could never go wrong with the steamed BBQ pork bun and the Tossed..."
"When I first ate here, I ordered the Hainan chicken which I liked cuz it reminded me of the Chicken Rice in Singapore. I'd rare that 4 stars...."
Yey Morada
"I ordered Seafood Curry laksa. I'm so happy with my food!!! The soup base was rich and flavorful.. Just the way I like it. Except for the noodles..."
Michelle Ann China Yu
"We tried the egg noodles with beef & veggies, hainanese chicked rice and pork barbecue. Food was solid, not really anything spectacular about it...."
Gerard Santos
"Delicious barbecued pork belly!!! My Food-O-Meter:Taste: 4/5Price: 3.5/5Service: 3.5/5One of the affordable..."
"The food are very pricey I must say. We ordered their fried noodles and black pepper beef. The food is good but not spectacular. I can find a Chinese..."
Dette Arellano
"10/10 Curry Laksa Noodle Soup is perfect. Stewed Yellow Noodles with Vegetabes and Shredded Pork is so good that you can't help but want..."
Goodyield Chu
"Next to the Foodcourt, Lucky is probably the most affordable restaurant at Solaire.The beef noodles are nothing spectacular but the serving..."
Chris Ong Of Kain Manila
Mandarin Palace
84/100 (765 ratings)
Dim Sum
Hot Pot
Sukiyaki & Shabu Shabu
Shabu Shabu
"Very limited parking..."
Ian Tamares
"Mandarin palace is definitely a must-try when cruising along the BF Food Street! Authentic chinese dishes for an affordable price! I super loved..."
Mich Clemente
"My soon to be wife reserved seats for my family and friends on my birthday in 2018. Aug 4, we are back because their food is fantastic and worth to..."
Al Tampus
"Dim sum gorging? Go to Mandarin at their off peak time where you get the best service, the best promo which is 20% off if you charge or 25% if you..."
"Food was very refreshing and taste really really good. We tried the salt and pepper spareribs (though not spicy), the shrimp Hakaw is my fave as well..."
Jonalyn Bula
"Mandarin's always been a go-to for family lunches or dinners and we've been dining in/having home deliveries for years from hereShrimp..."
"This is the Gloria Maris of the South.We always like to order the shabu shabu. Sulit!Go to food of course, sweet and sour pork, fried rice,..."
Chuck Cruz
"Foods taste good and prices are very reasonable. They serve the dishes very fast and also you can order foods for pick-up if you are living nearby to..."
"We frequent eat here and enjoy the food they serve.Love their hot prawn salad!!! The best!!!Also enjoyed the 20% promo of dimsum, noodles &..."
Gee Aces
"My favorite time to come over is between 2pm-5pm where they have 20% discount on their dimsum, mami, and congee's. I recommend their taro puff,..."
Fat Girls Day Out
"authentic chinese restaurant in the south mouthwatering dimsums. super like and super sarap. bat pa ako pupunta ng binondo to eat this food kung may..."
"I’m always happy after eating hakaw, bean curd roll, sweet and sour pork, and yang chao rice from this place. I never liked buchi until I..."
"We booked a table for 20pax via zomato and its was hassle-free. Great food. Good serving sizes. Service is fast. Very good staff. Will definitely..."
Mich Mangalus
"We always get intimitated in this restaurant because of the fine dining vibes! Outside you can see live fishes and shrimps swimming in an aquarium!..."
Charisse Anne
"Mandarin Palace is my go to place for quality dimsum in the south. They have a dimsum cart that goes around all day and a very good roasting..."
David Mendoza
"Yo! It's your boy...Hmmm oh yeah Mandarin my family favourite spot in B.F Not favourite Chinese restaurant. But favourite restaurant..."
"Solid, unpretentious and reliable restaurant in the south for Chinese comfort dishes. Their roasts (especially the duck) are exceptional. Went with..."
Kit Reyes
"One of our favorite spots in BF Homes. You can count on this place to serve quality Chinese food. One of the best sweet and sour pork in the..."
Hungry Filipino
"My new fave Chinese resto place. Used to be intimidated to go here since it looks so expensive but I learned that they are affordable enough with..."
Lhex Nobleta
"My fave chinese resto in Bf area. Been eating here since, i think, 2010. Aside from this one, they used to have a small dimsum place along..."
Liz V
"Must try prawn hakaw and shrimp siomai. One order is good for two persons. Congee are very delicious and good for sharing. Jumbo siopao is a must..."
"The food here was great. I came with my husband here for the first time because he heard lots of reviews from Korean community regarding this..."
Renee Angelina Lee
"Their crispy noodles, sweet and sour pork, fried rice, and dumplings are delicious!This is the best Chinese resto in BF. My family dines..."
Philip Roa
"Best Chinese restaurant in the area. Simple yet tasty. I love the fresh seafood you can have cooked. They have these thin finger like clams with..."
"Great Chinese food! Friendly and attentive staff.Be aware, a lot of Chinese folks show up there, so it's noisy ;)Generous dishes, so you..."
"The best Chinese restaurant ever! Their dim sum selection is my ultimate comfort food while their shabu-shabu is my well-deserved reward for self...."
"Mandarin palace is a good bang for your buck! its cheap but authentic plus the ambiance feels good! id recommend going for a rice platter then keep..."
"Food is really good, but the overall smell of the restaurant is horrible!!! It smellsl ike urine and vomit, which is VERY unappetizing. I hate dining..."
"Superb!I celebrated my gender reveal here with my family since i’m craving for some Chinese cuisine so we decided to have a special dinner..."
Marz G.
"One of the best Chinese Restaurants I've eaten at. Food is great, service is good, and it isn't too expensive. Here are pics of their duck. Dimsum is..."
Weslee Trout
"One of the best Chinese food places in the south. It tends to get really full, especially during weekends, holidays, and special occasions. The..."
"The food and service of this restaurant is good. The staff are prompt in service and friendly. But like most Chinese restaurants this place is noisy..."
Ogie Tipon
"Nothing beats salt and pepper squid, white chicken and yangchow fried rice when you eat Chinese! Mandarin offers a wide range of Chinese delicacies..."
Gianne Ninia L. Llamas
"Mandarin Palace is one or if not the only authentic Chinese Seafood restaurant in the area of BF Homes Paranaque. You can always see this place jam..."
"Definitely a must try for shabu shabu lovers!!! A little pricey so if i were you id go here around 9 pm to 12mn to avail their 20% off dimsum and 25%..."
John Alouette Jugo
"The food is good but it took them so long before they served our milkshakes. The place is easy to find because it's just along the road. Lack of..."
Chanel Del Rosario
"The only restaurant that serves comfort Chinese food that I trust. From the hakaw to the sweet and sour pork to the Peking duck made 2 ways..."
Paolo Rabat
"I am Chinese and grew up eating this cuisine. Living in the south, to have our Chinese food fix, my family would rather opt to go to Makati and..."
Hannah Chua
"resto is always full. it's not surprising as the food really taste great. good choice if you are craving for chinese dishes, i like shabu shabu the..."
"We love this place but sadly their price have increased exponentially since our last visit. We were seated in the coach area. The place was bright..."
Eboy M. Donato
"Surprisingly good Chinese restaurant in BF! Reasonable price for quality food. Fast service too. Parking may be a bit of a problem especially during..."
Cherry Cleary
"Super good Chinese food as always. Their crispy fried beancurd with golden sauce is a must that taste like salted egg and garlic. Their salt & pepper..."
"Its a classic Chinese restaurant and great for families and groups. I love the dimsum cart, the roast duck and the hotpot. No wonder this place is..."
Chris Aquino
"The place is always packed and I've always wondered what their food tastes like. We went their around lunch time to get a reservation for dinner..."
🌸 Joyce 🌸
"When in BF and we're craving for Chinese food, we always go to this place. It's value for money because food is good, servings are big and prices..."
"Best seafood ever!! Also loved their 3 kinds of mushroom with broccoli 😊I also loved their seafood combo shabu-shabu!!Great..."
Stergen Baylosis
"Food, serving amount, ambiance and personnel service results in the "best value for money" Chinese restaurant in the South of Metro Manila. There are..."
Dunkin Donato
"Binondo in BF!!Authentic, sumptuous, tasty ... pretty good dishes served in just the right amount of time after ordering.Although the place..."
Ron Mendoza
"* 2017 Update: Food is still delicious, one of the best Chinese Restaurants in the South. Service has improved on some days (when Manager is present)..."
"Quality Chinese quisine need not to be expensive. Thats what Manadarin Palace Offers. From the very affordable dimsum and dumpling deals to the..."
"Our family's favorite Chinese restaurant here in the south! Good quality food, wide range of selections. Authentic tasting "yum cha" as they call it..."
Chezka Arellano
"Great place to go to if you're craving for some authentic Chinese food. They have great dimsum (hakaw!!!), and their Yang Chow fried rice is..."
Jillian Reyes
"Finally able to reserve a table at this place! It is always full and busy. My husband and I never really got to try this place out since we know..."
"Good food ! Great for big group of people .. Authentic chinese food !!!! But don't done on a Sunday .. Service is slow since it's usually full....."
Mae S. Sedigo
"Updating for the latest visit: Had a blast stuffing myself with the Peking Duck done in two ways. This is almost as good as Peking Garden, yes that..."
"For me the highlight of every visit was seeing the dimsum cart stroll infront of you. We were like kids at the candy store 😄 A variety of pipping..."
"Dimsum dishes are good but not that spectacular. The food is somewhat oily. Availed of discounted prices which is between 2 to 5 pm. Because of the..."
Washington Alto
"The place lacks parking eventhough it occupies another vacant lot. The food is pricey for common chinese dishes that's served at every chinese..."
Cassandra Catalo
"Always a good place to celebrate absolutely any occasion! Our family loves to eat siomai, dumplings, etc. which is why we find it affordable to eat..."
"Another one of our go to restaurants in BF. Their dim sums are good especially their Pork and Shrimp Siomai, Hakao, Chicken Feet, Taro Puff,..."
"Mandarin Palace is our go-to Chinese restaurant.  Every time we are craving for some authentic dimsum and yang chow- we go here!Can't say..."
Mike Rilloraza
"😋🍴👪 #PekingDuck for the win as always for the fambam 🙌 #MandarinPalace is one of my my family's fave restaurant! ☺️ They serve..."
Menchie Chan
"Best chinese food place along BF. They have this bamboo shell.thing which they cook for you in a spicy? sauce. I forgot the name but they said its..."
"Awesome food! Ambiance 8/10Food Quality 9/10Service 9/10Value for Money 8/10Totally an awesome place to dine..."
Chef Roma Ricci
"My parents love this restaurant. I love their dimsum especially the Chicken feet, Hakaw and Pork siomai. The staff was nice and overly accomodating...."
Bea Trisha
"Been here once. Food is in big servings, tastes great and is reasonably priced. Highly suggest that you make a reservation if dining on a..."
Jay Pineda
"My family loves this restaurant so I find myself coming back here often. I won't recommend their peking duck, it's a bit dry and I don't like how..."
It's Emified
"Great chinese food in the south!Good dimsum and yummy peking duck.Shabu Shabu looks yummy!Will definitely be back there.Be sure..."
Jimmy Sy Jr
"One of my favorite chinese restaurant. I really love their dimsum here. Specifically their prawn hakaw and japanese siomai. Aside from that their..."
Imelda Villanueva Pante
"Went here on a Sunday, we waited for almost 30min(they are jam packed on a Sunday - dinner). The food we ordered went out fast. The siomai is okay,..."
"This resto is one of the few Chinese restaurants i love. This place does not run out of customers but despite that, the staff manages quite well. My..."
Gidjette Arguelles
"I'm not a fan of Chinese food, but when it's Mandarin, i just can't say NO!! You would know they dont put MSG since everything just tastes so good...."
Elise Lauren Cabrera
"9.18.16Went back to this resto because we were craving some chinese food. This was the place to go since its big and its not that expensive..."
Karl Gorospe
"This restaurant is great! The food here is wonderful and flavorful. The aesthetic is nice and slick. Also the food there is very unique and serves a..."
Earl Josh
"I have no idea what these other people ordered to give this place a 3.5 and below but this is the most authentic Chinese restaurant that I've been to..."
Yano Que
"My girlfriend and I went here for a dinner together with his older brother. We ordered dimums, salt and pepper spareribs plus lemon sauce chicken and..."
Kristian Pante
"The service was very quick and actively responsive! The choices were not too pricey and the quality of the food was outstanding. I definitely saw the..."
Luis Valino
"Located at BF Homes Paranaque, Mandarin Palace is your seafood - Chinese restaurant that offers you good Chinese dishes without travelling all the..."
Arnie Alesna
"When it comes to family gatherings, intimate meetings, or simply craving for some authentic dimsum, Mandarin heads the list.Apart from it being..."
Millie (NotYourOrdinaryMum)
"Mandarin Palace is where I usually go to whenever I want to eat in a Chinese restaurant. They have good service and the waiters and waitresses are..."
Kevin Roces
"Mandarin Palace tops the restaurants in the Metro South that serves authentic Chinese cuisines that you absolutely got to try.  Mandarin Palace..."
Emiliana Sison
"If you're up for some really tasty Chinese food like Siomai, Hakaw or Peking Duck, then this is in the south that can give it to you and have a few..."
Nicole Paler
"Mandarin Palace has all the perks expected of a Chinese restaurant. Vibrant, well-lit, and portion sizes good for a family. As for the food, some..."
Pauline Batac
"Despite having a lot of customers, their staff are very attentive and they'll give you suggestions if you're unsure of what you want to get. Really..."
April Perez
"I like the wide range of items on the menu. Over-all i'd eat here 5 out of 7 times And that's how much i like the place.Some..."
Renee Arianne
"Good accommodation good cr good ambiance food isn't bad but little .. But I like to. Go back again someday ;) ............... ..."
Hazel Yamazaki
"Definitely a good place to go to for good Chinese food. There's a reason why it's always full, especially on weekends! Very little improvements..."
Aj Nilooban
Tito Chef Restaurant
81/100 (529 ratings)
"Yum! Super like - fried oyster chowder, wagyu beef cheek burguignon, beef fellit with foie gras, carrot & kale..."
Nouls Laroya
"Our first foray into the South and we chose a good restaurant - Tito Chef. It's a cozy converted house with good ambiance. Service is..."
"The Chicken Quesadilla is so great! It compliments the ambiance of the restaurant. Creme brulee is really good too. A great selection of tea too...."
Aris Santos
"This place gives hotels a run for theor money. Really good food fit for celebrarions. Food quality, taste, and presentation is top notch. Ambience..."
Charlene Chan
"Good, delicious, well plated big servings. Had the peri peri chicken and salmon. On the pricey side but worth it. Courteous staff. Beautiful..."
Judith Cabanatan
"Food is great! I ordered peri peri chicken for mains, strawberry shortcake and brewed coffee for dessert. My kids ordered bruschetta, teriyaki..."
Girlie Tan Sytin
"Limited menu but really good food. Staff is attentive and ambience is great. They also have a small room for families who want to celebrate an..."
Trish Yap
"Wow improved a lot! The last time we ate there was 5 years ago. Service was excellent as usual. Ambiance felt like I was back in Shanghai eating..."
Mark Joseph Sarmiento
"Tito Chef has always been my go to place for gourmet food. The entrance of this spot leveled up the food scene in BF.This trip did not..."
Hungry Filipino
"Nice ambiance for a family gathering. Food was good. Service even better. Price was reasonable considering the quality of the food and selection...."
Amy Uy
"Must try up-market restaurant at reasonable prices for the serving and quality of the food.Great food, great ambiance, great music, everything..."
Pavan Ramchand
"Tito Chef deserve no less. The only exquisite fine dine in BF. Ambiance is very private and serene. Staff are very accommodating and friendly,..."
Riki Pajarillo
"A bit pricey but delicious and loved the experience. The Oysters Chinoise is a must try for me, well if you like oysters. There’s also a variety of..."
"The decor is gorgeous and very inviting. The menu was bright and interesting, my eyes were drawn to the batter fried oyster- with mango salsa,..."
Princess Reich
"Very homey, pleasant interiors with refreshing colors and lighting. We went for poultry today and had Peri-Peri Chicken with Basil Rice and the..."
"Finally got to try Tito Chef's Aussie lamb paella for dinner tonight and it was so good. The food here qas really good its just really expensive for..."
John Alouette Jugo
"I've been to Tito chef twice and it was better the second time around. Went there for Mother's Day this time and brought with us more family members...."
"We came in not expecting a lot. It was, after all, just a regular house turned into a restaurant. But when we came in, we saw how smartly designed..."
"The place is very lovely. I only had a chance to eat the strawberry shortcake and it was perfect. The service is also great. Will be back again for..."
Riesheena Hernandez Cordero
"If you're looking for something special, but don't wanna go far, this may be the perfect place. The ambiance is really nice. Perfect for brunch with..."
Cathy 💋
"Service was good, as expected. But the food, well, maybe just ok. I came expecting a lot. A lot a lot. Heard a lot of good reviews from friends..."
Rico Cortez
"I tried their surf and turf of salmon and tenderloin and it was one of the best surf and turf I have tried so far. Their desserts are also really..."
B.A. Lanto
"I loved their menu the first time we dined here. The experience was surreal due to superb service, plus the elegant feel with classy interiors. We..."
Hungry Mommy
"Food 5/5Portion 5/5Service 4/5Cleanliness 5/5Parking 2/5Price 5/5This review is meant for the Tito Chef branch at..."
"Excellent choice for very special private family occasion! Quality of the food did not disappoint the already high expectations from a fine-dining..."
Washington Alto
"So unexpected! The food is so good and not as expensive as I thought. It feels like a fine dining restaurant complete with plating. The food is..."
"Experience the best fine dining cuisine in BF Homes at Tito Chef. Compared to other fine dining restaurants, Tito Chef doesn't lag behind its other..."
It's Emified
"Hola. Hola. Hola. I'm back with food reviews. Okay, to start with....We ate at the famous TITO CHEF located at BF Paranaque last april..."
"Been here for a few times and I'd say they're pretty consistent with food quality especially on steaks. Pretty pricey but it's all worth it. Aside..."
Christian Andrei
"Tito Chef is one of the best restaurants I've been to in BF Homes. Food was cooked to perfection and was made from quality ingredients. I started..."
Kelly Parreño
"fine dining that is not intimidating :) must try's are their hefty serving of spicy kung pao wonton salad and bleu cheese alfredo.. will definitely..."
Cathy Guieb
"This is another excellent resto in the south. This place is good for most celebrations and whatever group you're with, family, friends or a date. The..."
Nico Nicdao
"Great place for family gatherings or even meet ups. This restaurant is kind an old school in terms of structure but definitely has the quality to..."
Caleb Zion
"Call before you drop byTo make sure you have a table to stand byThis cozy place is an elegant escapeThe ambiance is classy, a treat as..."
Stacy Danika Alcantara
"We have been visiting this place of Metro-Manila every week-ends for the last 8 months and during all those trips we have experienced and tasted good..."
Robert Sac
"I have been passing through President's Avenue in BF but never had the chance to try it until last Wednesday.  Ambiance: Well, apart from the..."
Millie (NotYourOrdinaryMum)
"Good food. We had dinner here last night (4/18/15). Since there were 5 of us, we decided to order different dishes. I savored the blue cheese..."
"Small serving but food is great! Classy taste and awesome presentation. Desserts are superb! Would not hesitate to recommend to friends. Atmosphere..."
Jen Castro
"A fine dining spot that's chic and cozy. Good food is served by a courteous staff and I particularly loved the feel of the place. Looking forward to..."
Mike Portes
"Find the place kinda pricey however the serving is pretty much fair. Enjoyed my meal too. It's great to have this around B.F. Although it gets..."
"I have been dining here since they first opened their doors and not once was I disappointed. The service is fast, attentive, and very well trained...."
Aram Puzon
"Enjoyed my experience at Tito Chef BF. My first time was average but when we returned I was blown away. Great service and the entrees were..."
Chris Ong Of Kain Manila
"The staff are friendly, warm and accommodating. Thanks Tito Chef for catering our needs. For Jun for always there and making sure our needs are met...."
Rosario Nacasabog
"The tomato soup fondue is highly recommended. The gooey cheese goes so well with everything. Soup bowls are huge so you can actually share an order..."
"I only tried one dish at Tito Chef, the dulce de leche cheesecake, so my review is mostly for that but with a bit of the ambiance and..."
Queenie Sim
"A Casual yet Fine dining appeal. Tito Chef in BF is a sweet place to be especially during the time we visited, it was Valentine’s Day. My friends..."
Leyah Josef
"I really like the American hamburger its a burger that is not run in the mill, its a five star hotel hamburger. Beats all!! The shoestring potatoes..."
"I went for lunch with a friend to Tito Chef restaurant in BF Homes on a weekday and was very pleasantly surprised. The ambience is chic, food..."
The Grill
79/100 (92 ratings)
"To those who are constantly looking for good value for money, good food and superb customer service, I definitely recommend this place. I decided..."
Majo Laserna-Olivarez
"Value for money, hygienic street food and the desserts were generously portioned!! :) Maybe let's add in some vegetarian skewers? It won't be for all..."
Ma Katrina Pajarillo
"Great time Last night we tried The Grill for the first time . The food was absolutely Great . Na enjoy nmin ang do it yourself grilling :D The..."
Rodessa Baldevia
"The place is clean and cozy, the food is affordable and really delicious. Also, the service was great, food was served on time. Will definitely..."
Mark Oscar N. Mitra
"The grill is the new place to hang out with friends, families, barkadas and professionals like me... very affordable and cool place... from staffs..."
Rainier Espiritu Valenzuela
"Great tasting food all the way! Very accommodating management. A very cozy ambiance, superb service and the music too! Keep coming back in this one..."
Sojit Du
"I'll definitely recommend this place to all my friends. Good food. Awesome people...."
Algero Flaviano
"Me & My hubby loved the place, great food & be back for more foods to try at your menu..."
Rei Rina Flores
"Great food....good service! Ice cold Pale Pilsen....l love the..."
Archie Ventosa
"The place and the food is awesome! Value for money is great plus its the only do-it-yourself grilling joint in the..."
Raymond Braganza
"Craving for tuna panga (proud Davaoeño here :) ) i find this place a good and relaxing one considering they have a large parking area, accommodating..."
Mariah Victoria Sy
"This is a good place to go especially if you are living within the area. People are friendly, the food is good and affordable. The price of their..."
Marie Vivienne Rabe Abelador
"Good food, chill ambiance, very affordable but tasty food and very very very accommodating staff. We will definitely visit..."
Chris Gonzales Villanueva
"Quality food on a very affordable price. Great resto..."
John Carlo Rodriguez
"The ambience is good and very calm and plus the food is so good and their roast beef and beef mechado is a MUST try..."
Sean Pornel
"Mechado was definitely unforgettable. I loved everything we ordered: tuna sisig, mechado, sizzling pusit, karekareng bagnet, dinakdakan, and mango..."
Raph Solis
"Great bar serving good variety of local dishes. Loved their tomahawk pork chop, lightly seasoned and very tender. Tempura was also nice. This bar is..."
Mike Carmona
"We came here wanting to avoid eating at the same places again. Yes, as plentiful as restaurants are in BF, we just keep going back to the same places..."
"I was wondering why Balai Ilocos has been permanently closed; this could be the reason why.The Grill is a sister-restaurant and they have..."
Maria MM
"Took a 45min drive because we were craving for roast beef. Ended up having free food as they were celebrating. We ordered more on top of the free..."
Paula Tabbada
"Pretty good hang out spot if you want to chill and have some peace while having a cold beer. The BBQ here is pretty good. I always come back here for..."
Aaron Sison
"Great hang out place great food great crew! This chunk of goodness right herr is just less than 400 bucks amd it's good for 3 people!..."
Carmela Dela Cruz
"Friendly staff. Great home made BBQ recipes. Cheap beers. Had the T chops, tried the ribs, bbq, isaw. Generous servings well priced. Open air but not..."
Nicolas Roussel
"Clean (I guess because it's still newly opened), and interiors are one of a kind. The CR has palettes om tje wall, urinal is a beer keg...."
Karen Lorenzana
"Riding on the wave of specialty grill and barbecue joints along Aguirre, The Grill is the newest addition to this food street. Located away from the..."
Jonah Amora
"Nice place. Very accomodating staff & owner as well. The food is good and budget friendly, service time is 10-15mins. Will definitely go back &..."
Kandysse De Ocampo
Abe's Restaurant
78/100 (163 ratings)
"One of the best Filipino restaurants in Manila. Great food, abundant serving portions, and good value for money. Food quality is consistent in all..."
"I have been to this Abe branch for three times already and I can say the quality of their food and service is always consistent. I have never been..."
Isabella Magajes
"Stylish and reliable food, which is always a good thing for birthday celebrations. The guava sinigang na bangus was tasty, but the soup somewhat too..."
Marianne In Manila
"We ate after watching at The Theatre and the food was great. The staff were nice despite that we ate there late at night, and the service was quick...."
"Been a while since I’ve been to an Abe and it was my first time at this branch. We ordered lamb adobo, gising gising and gambas. Food was alright..."
Jess S
"We ate here right before the concert of Jose Mari Chan. Since this was the nearest retaurant in the theatre most people would eat here thus when we..."
Josh Aguas
"Mais Con Hielo:We started off with this, and everything expected of a Mais Con Hielo was there. I enjoyed drinking the milk..."
Patrick Unson
"Sinantol na Hipon is crazy good. Tasted legit, just like my friend's version.Their Kare Kare is on the 'creamy' side. The vegetables were..."
Franz Hector Bacabac
"They serve authentic Filipino food. A great way for balikbayans to reminisce their culture when they get home. Well, every Filipino restaurant has..."
Ifiaziel Dionisio
"There were so many waiting people when we went here, perhaps this is where most of the musical goers decided to eat too. After more than 30 minutes..."
"Great value for money as the ambiance, the food and the staffs are excellent. Having hosted a party for a group of 20 pax, the restaurant agreed to..."
Joh Sg
"We had a chance to try this place just about we were to watch The Lion King. We've ordered kare kare, sisig and sauteed squid together with Kamias..."
Bochie Samaniego
"Since I am working, I decided to fo a quick celebratory early dinner late lunch at this resto and truly as I expected food taste is great and awesome..."
Ana Soyao
"Ordered Pork Binagoongan, Pork Sinigang, Kalabasa (not sure of the exact name) and Laing and they were okay. But I must commend their Kalabasa dish..."
Alfonso Martin Aguila
"Been a fan of LJC's group of company. I've tried Lorenzo's way in BGC and it was a hit for my family, so we've decided to go triy Abe in Solaire..."
We Travel Fearlessly
"Good service. Attentive and very nice staff.Huge servings. What you should try:Shrimp with aligue..."
Rhea Deborah
"This Abe outlet is located at the not-so visited area of Solaire. It takes quite a walk to get there from the main entrance of the hotel/casino but a..."
Kristina Sanciego
"Before watching "West Side Story" at The Theatre nearby, we decided to try out the newly opened Abe Restaurant along The Shoppes row. They have a..."
Eboy M. Donato
"We went here for our friend's birthday celebration. At first I was scared to try some of the foods because there were some unfamliar names. But thank..."
Marjori Albis
71/100 (58 ratings)
Late Night
"The steamed shrimp dumplings (hakaw) and steamed pork buns (siopao) taste really great. Pricy yet flavorful. The bowl of noodles is also good,..."
Mark Lawrence Gale
"Love their noodle bowl soup. You can create your own bowl, choose your noodles, meat, veggies etc. Totally worth it! Also their siomai dimsum is..."
Fatima Quebec
"its a good place to stay and eat , you can here the band here its relaxing and the food was also great as for the employee's they are nice and..."
Joshua Virola
"Late night cravings and this is what I got! Superb! Taiwanese Style Duck Noodle Soup 🍲 The roasted duck is cooked to perfection and blends well..."
Rain Flores
"As a regular in City of Dreams, this is my go-to place if I'm out playing. Fast-paced, comfortable and servers are pretty *wink*. They will give you..."
We Travel Fearlessly
"my personal fave are the pork and shrimp dimsum and the “diy” ramen plus kimchi = solve ❤️the ramen is already good for 2, so if..."
Leslie Rivera
"The concept of noodl8 restaurant is unique. I enjoyed the make your own noodle soup, you can mix and match your choice of noddle , broth , protein ,..."
Geneille Rigor
"Their big noodle bowl is totally worth it!! Create your own bowl choose your noodles, soup , meat , vegtables and toppings. For me i always get the..."
John Alouette Jugo
"A pretty convenient place within the casino ground itself. They provide a buzzer just in case there's a queue so you don't have to wait around to be..."
"Ramen noodles are fun to bite since they feel hand-pulled. The Taiwanese broth is tasty to perfection and needs no improvement. Cabbage and enoki..."
Patrick Unson
"Noodl8 is relatively cheaper as compared to the other restaurants at City of Dreams. They have a Make Your Own Noodle Soup option where you can..."
"Their dumpling is very expensive but I always tell my bf that I can eat 3 servings of their pork and shrimp dumpling as I really enjoy the taste..."
"Noodl8 is snappy with their make-your-own-noodle-soup menu. You have 5 noodles to choose from to fit your mood: rice, glass, egg, ramen & udon. 5..."
Boodle Bear
"Love the idea of making your own noodle soup. It makes you creative of which ingredients to combine. Their dumplings were very delicious as well as..."
Rachel Reyes
"Amazing service! They were very fast and very attentive. The place is always on full house whenever I visit this place, seems like it is very..."
Sean Santiagudo
"Affordability and worthiness of pricing? Check! Flavorful taste? Amazing service and plating? Check! Awesome experience? Check!Noodl8 is a..."
Jace Sarthou
"Attentive and friendly staff. Lively place to go to. Very reasonable price for the foods. Serving tea was jasmine tea which is good. Overall rating..."
Justine Estopar
"Nestled in the lively atmosphere on the main gaming floor, serving a generous selection of authentic Asian noodle dishes.Outlet..."
City Of Dreams Manila
"For P298, you can have a bowl of noodle soup with your choice of noodles, broth, 2 proteins, 2 vegetables, and a condiment. Service tea was jasmine,..."
"Noodl8 is one of the reasonably priced restaurants in city of dreams. You can fully customize your bowl and choose from different noodles and..."