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Elegant. Opulent. Extravagant.....

Those are the adjectives that came to mind when I first set foot in beautiful Yulei in Okada Manila...
Aug 08, 2019
Nicole Meredith Ayag
If you're looking for a luxurious fine dining experience, Yu Lei might be the place for you. I'm telling you this place is the very definition of fine dining, from the magnificent interiors to the presentation of the food, everything about this place screams luxury. 

Upon entering, you'll walk through a beautifully lit hallway. It's covered with 10,000 pieces of glasses imported all the way from the Czech Republic. If that isn't enough to wow you, the dining hall also has another 10,000 pieces of glass designed like lotus pods. It's the biggest chandelier you will ever encounter. 

The setup of the tables was also unlike any other. There were 2 sets of chopsticks for each person; one is for eating and the other is for getting food from the platters. It doesn't get any fancier than that! 

There's also a beautiful view of Manila bay outside so you can get some fresh air while you wait and take some pictures while you're at it. They also offer private rooms. I think the biggest one can fit up to 20, maybe 30 people.

Crispy Sweet & Sour Kurobuta Pork in Three Types of Vinegar (Php 1,100): one of the dishes that stood out the most for me was this one. I love that the sweetness and sourness were perfectly balanced despite the three types of vinegar mixed together. I don't remember it being crispy but it was just the right texture for me because it was covered in sauce but it wasn't soggy.

The Stir-fried King Prawns in Kung Pao Sauce which I think is a new addition or the menu here isn't just updated yet. It's stir-fried butterfly cut prawns with mushroom & shishito pepper in kung pao sauce. It's a given, I feel like any prawn dish will be worth the purchase and this one did not disappoint.

Another favorite of mine is the Grilled Chicken & Black Truffle with "Youlin" sauce in Casserole (Php 1,500/half a chicken): I don't know what the youlin sauce is but it was delicious! I'm sure that if you're bringing kids with you, they would love this as well. What I like about this is that the grilled chicken was drenched in sauce so each bite was full of flavor. 

Which is why ordering the Yangzhou Fried Rice (Php 880.00): was a great idea. The serving is good for 4-6 people but we had to order another one because we finished this bowl quickly. Just the rice alone was fulfilling enough. It was like a fancy version of bagoong rice because it had so many dried shrimp mixed in it. It had a lighter taste than bagoong which makes it perfect for the other dishes. 

Among the desserts, my favorite was the Mango Jelly with Coconut Milk (Php 280.00): the mango jelly worked so well with the coconut milk that I didn't even mind the tapioca. It was sweet but had a hint of sourness which makes the overall experience a delightful one.

They also had Deep Fried Golden Sesame Balls (Php 280.00): which is the expensive version of buchi. I liked it because it was so crispy and they used red beans for the filling which I just adore.

We also got some Egg Tart (Php 280.00): which we just needed to try because it's a known staple among Chinese desserts. The crust was also crispy and the filling was rich in custard and I'm glad that you couldn't taste the egg much yet you know that it's there. 

The chef also gave us complimentary desserts which I actually loved even more, I don't think they're on the menu but I hope they put those in it too. Those were too delicious to be ignored.

Of course, such a lavish place would have such extravagant pricing but if you're looking to really treat yourself and live like royalty for a little while, you should try this place out. The service is also very commendable. The staff is very easy to call and they notice things so they assist you right away without you even asking. I had a pleasant dining experience and I will not forget this place for sure.
Aug 03, 2019
Yu Lei delivers a luxurious experience, unparalleled from another fine dining, Chinese restaurants. For one, they spared no expense on its sophisticated interiors, highlighted by thousands of imported crystals.

The service here is stellar, the wait staffs on top of being personalized, are also knowledgeable about everything in the menu. They can even speak Chinese!

The dishes are described as Modern Shanghainese, originated from the city of Shanghai, the busiest and most advanced destination in China. It integrates light Japanese ingredients making the taste subtle yet still flavorful.

Anyway, I have a lot of favorites from the 15 plates our group ordered. On the top of my list are two powerful combinations that fully describes Yu Lei’s identity- Grilled Chicken & Black Truffle with Youlin Sauce in Casserole and Stir-Fried Ten Types of Seasonal Vegetables in Soy Sauce. These were relatively simple recipes but spoke volumes in how they blend well together.

Oven-Baked Grouper Fillets had an uncanny rice wine sauce while the Crispy Sweet & Sour Kurobota Pork had a beautiful mixture of three types of vinegar (black vinegar, white vinegar, and apple vinegar).

Another memorable main was the Stir-Fried King Prawns in Kung Pao Sauce. It’s a mellow cooked, four pieces of butterfly cut prawns with mushroom and Shishito, a sweet East Asian pepper.

You got to order Yu Lei’s rice! Go for Dried Shrimp & Cabbage Fried Rice and the more familiar, Yangzhou Fried Rice. Both are a meal on its own.

For starters, consider having the steamed then pan-fried, Kurobota Pork Belly & Vegetable Buns and Vegetable Spring Rolls. It’s a pairing designed to get you going the rest of the night.

Among the five desserts, this trio stood out. I highly recommend the Red Bean Buchi or Yu Lei’s very own Deep Fried Golden Sesame Balls; rich Egg Tarts with a crispy crust and creamy filling; and the Mango Jelly with Coconut Milk & Tapioca.

Okada continues to amaze its visitors on its new restaurants. The concepts here are well curated, designed to wow every customer. I’ll be back soon!
Jul 25, 2019



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