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Pop Gas
I've been in Max's Restaurant several times. Various locations, different times, different comrades. The food that sticks with me when I recall Max's Restaurant is their fried spring chicken. My brother was the one who first introduced it to me. This is where I first learned what "spring chicken" means. It is not entirely unique only to Max. Not saying Max's spring chicken is not that really good but I've tasted something else that honestly, as of now, still no one beats. Max's the second though.

The Intramuros branch was quite comfy. I went there with two of my clients, a lawyer and a chief accountant. We were on a hardcore mission to settle down an informal conference with a BIR examiner. One might know already where this is going, but for some that aren't familiar, this is something of a commonplace in any Company, in any country, and probably in any parallel universe too. RDO 33 is quite a bustling place too. I expected it, but never expected how much of a chaos the exterior area was. Lots of vehicles, tons of people, not to mention there's the BF Condominium where I applied for an "Internal Audit Staff" job in Meralco Ortigas several years ago. The recruitment firm was BF Condominium so after all the preliminary hassles of interview and written exams I have to travel all the way from Manila to Ortigas, only to end up waiting for hours and hours because the person who supposed to do an interview is attending a meeting. The horror of a lifetime.

I went tangent there, anyway going back to Max, the Intramuros branch was quite spacious too. The ambience is very laidback. Honestly, I expected it to be busy too given there are loads of people doing their stuff in RDO 33. Understandably, many will come here to grab a lunch or snack. Staff are very accommodating. I remember one waiter politely asking me if I wanted to order an extra rice since I'm 3/4 done with mine. I ordered their Fiesta Plate. Their chicken is as good per usual. Partner it with banana ketchup plus worcestershire sauce mix and a bit of hot sauce, that's a trinity made in heaven to go with their chicken. I'm not too impressed with the fresh lumpia though. The peanut sauce was quite lumpy or too thick. Not so sure it went well with the fresh lumpia, but it was quite okay for me. Their meals (like the one I got) usually comes with a piece of butterscotch bar, a good piece of dessert to finish off your dining.

I would always go back to Max, given how much it gave me a fond memory of families and friends like Savory. This place however I have to take note of. The ambiance probably resonated well with me.

I might have another visit here since RDO 33 might stick for a while, Haha, oh life.
Aug 29, 2019
Zar Francisco
Aside from being famous for their fried spring chicken Max's kare-kare is also worth eating here. The beef shank is slow cooked and very tender. The peanut sauce does not taste peanut butter and the vegetables are just cooked right.
Jul 06, 2019
John Paul Lozares
I love the ambiance and the staff, Top it off with great food... this branch deserves 5 stars. They make me feel special just by their service. Props to the management as well.
Sep 23, 2018


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