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Fantastic Chef
93/100 (296 ratings)
"I liked their meat selection..."
Dio Uberita
"One of the better samgyupsal places in the metro, their pork jowls are really good and tender, so is their sliced beef!Some of their side..."
"One thing I appreciated the most is that the staff was very accommodating, for me, if the service is garbage then no matter how good the food is, it..."
Aki Kinori
"I love the varieties of meat and side dishes that it makes it difficult for me to choose which one I would pick. The food taste good too for a very..."
Anna Leah Mayor
"Fantastic Chef 👨🏻‍🍳 From South Korea to Manila , Fantastic Chef is bringing us a 3-starred Michelin Chef! For us to experience..."
Charmilyn Lucena
"AMBIENCEWe were actually impressed with the restaurant's size. It looked a bit small from outside but once they opened the restaurant, we..."
Patrick Unson
"The food, and service is really Fantastic!!! Very well recommended. I love the different choices of meat as well as the delicious variety of side..."
Hana Hana
"It's definitely better than the infamous samgyupsal S. Taste of the meat is good, lot of side dish too. But most of all, the waiters always pay..."
Hary S Soelistio
"Staffs were okay, very attentive. Food’s okay as well, they provide large servings. Selection was okay as well, they have a big selection. I just..."
Kath Sunga
"Another branch of fantastic chef with excellent food and very accommodating staff! They also allow us to avail the 3+1 promo even though we have a..."
Pat 💕
"This KBBQ has the best service and the best meat in the DLSU area The staff is extremely attentive, and within 5 minutes or less you'll have cheese..."
"It's an awesome rainy day to eat #KoreanBBQ at Remedios Circle. And what better way to enjoy #Samgyupsal than enjoy it BEST at one of the famous..."
Angela Mae Abad
"I'd choose Fantastic Chef over Samgyupsalamat and other Korean samgyupsal places nearby.FC has waaaay better meat and ambiance.The japchae..."
Kierby Cheng
"We’re not really a fan of Kpop but we definitely love Samgyeopsal because who doesn’t? It came to a point that we tried making our own..."
Dea Mariano
"Went here with my friends and we loved it! The service was great, crew were very attentive and there were times na kahit hindi pa namin sila..."
Louise Loque
"The ambiance was perfect for a Korean Vibe. Food selection was great because they have wide variety of food selections. Side dishes was also superb...."
Food Nomad
"Korean barbecue cravings never end!One thing that differentiates this place from other kbbq places that I’ve tried is the attentiveness..."
"Korean BBQ is now everywhere, every Korean Restaurant offers Unlimited Meat and Side Dishes. But every Korean Restaurant offers a different kind of..."
Takaw Tikim
"Korean Bbq, again?! Well, yes. Why not? Hehe! The Korean Bbq phenomenon is here to stay. We just got to accept it. However, we don’t need to..."
"The invasion of Korean food in the country is very massive especially that samgyupsal places are mostly everywhere, wherever we go. It is a known..."
Hungry Herl
"2018 saw the rise of the KBBQ and milk tea food trends in the Philippines and they are still spilling over to 2019. I’m already getting confused..."
Sand Under My Feet
"Fantastic Chef Taft id the absolute best! The owner is very accommodating and the staff are quick on their feet to serve you with mouth watering eats..."
Mj Saquilayan
"Craving for samgyupsal? Fantastic Chef Taft can be your next regular stop. It’s reliable for platters and platters of meat and all the good stuff...."
Rochkirstin Sioco
"FoodI love their meat! It is fresh and I didn't taste the strong and bad flavor that some pork meat has. Also, they offer so many variety of..."
Jai Estremos
"If you're one of the avid readers of our blog, you'll know that we love samgyupsal. This month, we had a new discovery - Fantastic Chef in Taft,..."
Tara Lets Anywhere
"Fantastic Chef Taft is a franchise of the Fantastic Chef restaurant that I tried in Remedios. Even though it's a franchise, this specific branch has..."
Kimchi Adventures
"Unlike my experience in the Remedios branch, my experience in Fantastic Chef Taft was superb! The service was way better because all the staff were..."
Raina Cheng
"Came late at night and i gotta say, it was nice to see a neat and decent looking place around taft for korean bbq.Ive tried quite a lot of..."
Jein Lee
"The best KBBQ in taft! Excellent service!! The owner made sure that we had a superb experience. He guided us on what to order first and even helped..."
Reina De Guzman
"One of the best eat all you can korean bbq restaurant that I have been to. The meat tastes really good even without adding any sauces. More than 10..."
Celina Iris Brito
"it was my first time eating there a few days ago. staff is friendly and accomodating :) they acknowledge orders real fast. also real good meat..."
Arielle Cordero
"Authentic Korean BBQ! The pork cheek is a must try! Their beef also tastes really good, even without marinade! This restaurant offers meat not found..."
Moises Cleon Limyuen
"The newest Korean BBQ in taft, Fantastic Chef. It offers unlimited kinds of pork, chicken and beef. Unli Pork and Chicken P499 - 8 kinds of..."
Epicurean Foodies PH
Becky's Kitchen
93/100 (1612 ratings)
Blueberry Cheesecake
crunchy chili garlic oil
"Becky’s is an all-time favorite! Love all the brownies ❤️ please don’t ask what’s my favorite. The food for the gods, lemon squares and..."
"new way to munge my favorite brazo de mercedez.. this cup version is really something.. i love it on my bite and can eat them all in one seating.. im..."
Ishii Weber
"A gem! Their cakes and pastries smell wonderful and taste even better. A cosy place with friendly staff. Very affordable given the good quality...."
Anna Reyes
"Visiting Becky's Kitchen after a very long time brought back childhood memories. I suddenly remembered that aside from the prune walnut cake, my..."
C Joy Carmelo
"Our go to cake everytime we crave! Their chocolate mousse is our all time favorite! Soft, fluffy, not too sweet. Brownies are also goood!And the..."
"I love everything!!!its really affordable 👍Been here last month. I crave for their chocolate cupcake that's why I decided to visit their..."
Aethelu Sol
"Just for take out no dine in :)Really good cakes and choco crinkles.No parking tho but you can briefly park on the side of the road while..."
April Marquez
"Here are updated prices for some cakes, taken this afternoon. Please update the Menu prices. Thank You! Love your Mango and Blueberry Cheesecake...."
Zari Toquero Malitan
"Got their swiss chocolate cake (their best seller), as suggested. Frosting was not too sweet, chocolate cake was moist, but not something i’d crave..."
Loren B
"The best cakes, and pastries ever!!!! Their Swiss Chocolate Cake is to-die-for! Their cheese rolls are soft-to-the-bite, sweet, and salty from the..."
FiFi Inigo
"My officemates and I went to Becky’s after an errand in Makati. Since it is near the area, we paid a visit and bought some goodies. There are a lot..."
Angielyn Morales
"Grew up eating their oatmeal cookies and it's still the best up until now!!! Their blueberry cheesecake is also one of the family's favorites!!!..."
"One of the best bakeries in the Metro. I love their chocolate cupcakes and their chocolate mousse cake, its sweetness isn't overpowering. I'll try..."
Kenny Rose Luyun
"Went for the first time to buy Walnut Fudge Brownies for the sake of our school project and they did not dissapoint! 11/10!! Can't wait to try more..."
Jelly Fish
"September 23, 2018 There's nothing better than waking up to a cupcake surprise! Last night I told Deckard I'm craving for some brazo de Mercedes..."
"Hi...can anyone pls suggest how much time we can keep the cake out of refrigerator? Like approx time before it looses it's freshness before..."
H S Aditya Sharma
"I've been back here twice in just a week's time. The first time I ordered the following:a box of their chocolate cupcakes - I love their..."
"Cute place, polite staff. The ensaymada was great but the blueberry cheesecake could have been better. The crust could have been more crusty and less..."
"Chocolate Crinkles here has always been my favorite but I recently tried the lemon squares and it’s soooo perfect! It’s not the typical treat for..."
Epicurean Foodies PH
"Sans-rival here is great! Not to sweet but still creamy enough. I just love it that there's a "tita" place like this near my school. WEll, to be..."
Pearl Tsang
"This was a pedicab away from school, so if i was hankering for a slice of cake or a box of brownies this is one of my Happy places in Manila back in..."
Eboy M. Donato
"I'm really a big fan of their brownies (esp. Fudge Brownies). The best so far. Their brownies are freshly baked, moist, soft, not so sweet and..."
Rhodalyn Flores
"We've been having Becky's since the 90's. They are known for their chocolate crinkles, and later on their brownies. Their aesthetic has not changed..."
Fat Girls Day Out
"Great and quality pasalubong prices that you can rely on anytime your cravings for lemon squares and brownies come up! Favorite bread place from my..."
Kathryn Felice Catahan
"I love Becky’s Kitchen! It has been a part of every celebration in our family and even in our office. Will never get tired of their classic sweet..."
Rhod Andres
"I've been hearing about this place a lot from my colleagues so I finally gave it a try!They said it's a Tita's Haven due to a lot of titas..."
Suby Quadir
"Service is fast and people were friendly. I really loved the coffee cream cake ❤️ They also allow you to buy just the half or slice of the cake...."
"My go-to place for cakes, brownies and cupcakes. :) Grew up going to this place and it never disappoints! :) Not-too sweet, very delicious and leaves..."
"I didn't get to take pic of the cakes and their store..again !! This bakeshop is always filled with customers. Most of the time we get here to buy..."
Myra Gay ♡ Coffee ☕🍽 Dine 🍴🍸🍺🍹🍷
"I was so curious about Becky's Kitchen. Since its my first time to try it I bought the Walnut Fudge Brownies. At first I was looking for something..."
Elaine Nor Cariaso Perez
"Their products are way better than those famous bakeshops in the country. I'll give a hundred thumbs up if I could. Not worth a try, but worth..."
Pauline Fontilla
"Highly recommended to Satisfy your sweet cravings. Affordable but food quality is superb. I love that their blueberry cheesecake is not..."
"The items we usually look for are:Caramel Cake (not too sweet; perfect!)Cheese Rolls (cheese chunk inside)Chocolate Mousse (soft and..."
Patrick Unson
"Just to remind everyone they are close every Monday but it's okay to come any other day. Beckys kitchen never disappoint me in price, taste and food..."
Gelene Cahanding
"It was my birthday last week and I was surprised with a cake from Becky's Kitchen. It is a white round cake and there's a toffee and like meringue..."
The Bandwagon Chic
"Delectable sweets! The Walnut Raisin Oats cookies are superb! Well, everything is a winner! Ohh! The ensaymada won my heart too! There is no dining..."
Diony Gomintong
"If you're looking for luscious home made cakes and pastries, This is the place to go to! Been looking for the Swiss Chocolate Cake i've tasted years..."
"Cakes to celebrate any occasion. Rich, decadent, comforting. You will wish that you can have your cake and eat it too! During the Christmas holidays,..."
"You can never go wrong with Cherry Walnut Fudge. We've been ordering this (and other cakes) for more than a decade now. And so far it has been..."
Mares Palma
"My better half has been telling me about this place and is only asking me to try one cupcake, the chocolate cupcake! Oh my! Granting her request, we..."
Aiz Parala
"Try their Brazo Cupcakes (photo)--it's to die for!Other delectable items are their brownies and lemon squares.If you want something..."
Chai Ignacio Timbungco
"A well-known bakery near or far, they offer beloved treats that, whoever you're going to be bringing them to, will surely thank you for. There is no..."
Bears Looking For Food
"Becky's Kitchen has always been my family's go-to place for take-out desserts. I highly recommend their food for the gods, brownies and chocolate..."
Arianna Garcia
"We first discovered Becky's when I was still a little girl visiting my auntie in Vito Cruz. My aunt always have a box of cherry walnut fudge brownies..."
Rose Anne Pelaez
"Becky's has been known especially to those who are and studies in Taft area. Not your typical cake shop as it is an old house converted to a..."
"Vito cruz was my 2nd home before and it was only last week I discovered this place. I can't believe it. Im not sure if it is already famous even..."
Forever Hungry
"Been here a couple of times, dine in but mostly take out. Never get tired of ordering Swiss Choco from Becky's. My favorite cake so far in the..."
"I visited Becky's Kitchen at around 3 pm and it was packed! There were lots of customers which is why I had to wait for at least half an hour to get..."
Geline Tolentino Patricio
"Location: 3.0Customer Service: 1.0 Food presentation: 4.0 Taste of food: 3.5 Value for money: 4.0Location: 3.0If..."
"Becky's Kitchen offers variety of cakes , pastries and cookies. Chocolate fudge cake, chocolate mousse, swiss cake, coffee cream cake , wallnut..."
"One of my all time fave bakeshops :) Shop is well maintained that's why it looks so nice and classic. Budget friendly but the quality of their..."
Janna Leon
"Best home made bakeshop that i've ever been! Their crinkles was so good and so chewy unlike other crinkles that its hard to chew, and what..."
Ezekiel Zafra
"So far on my very first visit I've tried the cherry wallnut fudge which was amaaaaazing! I don't usually go for anything with cherry but they..."
Faralyn Mae Aquino
"The brownies and the crinkles were really amazing. It is not that sweet and it is very chewy. I just wish they had a place where you could eat the..."
Lyndon Vincent Ang
"If you want good old fashion heirloom baked goods then this is the place to go to. A quaint little corner house wedge in between tall establishments...."
Jamie M Cayetano
"Been a patron of this bakeshop for years now and i would say that if u are looking for affordable cakes and pastries, you would never go wrong with..."
"My officemate bought Swiss Choco cake and i really liked it especially the sweet and chewy caramel in between layers. Not too sweet overall though...."
EJ Javier
"A quick stop happened unexpectedly when we spotted Becky’s going to DLSU. It is worth the stop I tell you. We came in and was 6th in line. So since..."
"Affordable and delicious cakes. Medyo mahirap lang puntahan but the commute is worth-it.Got the coffee cream cake and it's moist, fluffy and..."
"Desserts overload bec Sunday is family day. And Becky's is an all occasion go-to place for desserts. Bought swiss chocolate cake, caramel cake,..."
"This cakeshop is our favorite place to buy for cakes. Reason is that this place is very near to our home. Becky's kitchen is very popular for their..."
"Becky's Kitchen always evokes happy nostalgic memories. Delicious, mouth-watering baked goodies that are not cloyingly sweet.   Love love love their..."
"The quality of their cakes and brownies have really changed from what they used to serve back in the 90s. They are still quite tasty and good today,..."
Sushi Santos
"I bought the Swiss Chocolate Cake and the Coffee Cream Cake and was surprised that they are not overly sweet. Just so right to cleanse your palate..."
Cez Chosen
"Everything I have tried here is right up my alley - Chocolate Crinkles, Fudge Brownies, Walnut Fudge Bars, Food For the Gods, the Swiss Chocolate..."
"A quick stop happened unexpectedly when we spotted Becky's going to DLSU. It is worth the stop I tell you. We came in and was 6th in line...."
"I've passed this place maybe 3-4 times (thanks, Waze!) before I finally got the chance to stop by 😆 First off, the exterior of this..."
"Big, big fan of their brownies, Brazo de Mercedes cupcakes, lemon square, and Swiss Chocolate Cake. Price is just right. Everything feels like they..."
Nix Likes To Eat
"Home of the best pastries!! Try their fudge brownie, and victoria secret cupcake surely you won't regret it. Reasonable cost and will you'll..."
Patti Magno
"I have never tasted any of their products that I didn't like. I specially like their carrot cake - very moist and creamy! Not too compact! ..."
"Truly the BEST fudge bars I've ever had. Their brownies are perfectly soft, fudge(y), and moist without feeling like they are falling apart...."
"Been a fan since I was in elementary school! All the baked goods are that, really good! My fave is the crinkles. Very consistent taste. Must try..."
Yey Morada
"I love it when I unintentionally discover good food. Few years back, probably one yuletide season, my mom came home with baked goods, a gift from an..."
"Goodness gracious! That's how I would describe Becky's Kitchen. So far my favorite here would be that mouthwatering, delectable Blueberry cheesecake...."
Violet Reyes
"When i get there already have some people waiting for the cake. I bought the swiss chocolate cake,blueberries cheese cake and chocolate cupcake. I..."
"Great tasting cakes at such an affordable price. I've tried their Coffee Cream Cake and Swiss Chocolate Cake and both are good. They're both light,..."
"Highly underrated. Becky's Kitchen makes one of the best chocolate-toffee cakes I've ever tasted in Manila. Reasonably priced at below P500. The..."
"Yes! Definitely one of the best! This is cheaper when you're going to consider the quality, exact taste of sweetness and moisture. Chocolate mousse..."
Caithlin Samartino
"My sweet tooth definitely loves Becky's brownies! Very moist and chewy just the way i wanted it. Everytime we have the chance to pass around Becky's..."
May Rachel Nolasco-Silangil
"Ahh, Becky's Kitchen! It will always be my favorite bakeshop. Unassuming, friendly on the pocket, and almost everything tastes good! Now, I want to..."
Rizza Faustino