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Bake Cheese Tart
97/100 (163 ratings)
"It's been ~3 years since my last bite of these heavenly cheese tarts; and I'm kinda late already to try it here 'cos I didn't want to join the hype..."
Tricia Ortega
"Bake soft serve was very cheesy and had the perfect texture. It's worth a try and will surely satisfy your sweet..."
"Its been a long while wanting to try this. Cheese tart the last time we drop by they are sold out already. Well this time we are so lucky. We had 15%..."
Victor Yap
"My group just came from a foodie meet up when we decided to kill time around The Podium. Since no dessert was served, we thought of having..."
"Price range is high for a tart (P95.00/piece) but I was really mindblown when I tasted it. It was delicious, as in. No question at all. Soft but..."
Glenn Joseph | Jogpen
"The baked cheese tarts here are very good. Just the right level of sweetness complementing the tartness of the cheese. The Original tarts were good...."
"Update: July 17, 2019. Wednesday. NEW! Limited edition Blueberry Cheese Tarts are now available at BAKE. Same sweet, thin crisp crust corners and..."
Eboy M. Donato
"Bake Cheese Tart is one of those Cheese Tarts that is worth the cheat day for. Whenever I am in Podium or Power Plant, I make sure to grab a tart or..."
Marj Liwag
"This is my new comfort food. Super sarap! I do not regret the PhP95 per piece. 😂 Mahal pero nawala pagod ko sa isang kagat. Fan ako ng cream puff..."
"The Cheese tarts here are amazing. Almost a perfect desert after a typical Podium meal. The different flavours (chocolate) make the experience even..."
Siddharth Wadehra
"I had a craving for cheese tarts and saw Bake Cheese tarts at the Podium. I tried their chocolate cheese tarts and it's soo yummy! Best eaten when..."
Maria Rechilda
"Just beautiful pastry crust that has the right texture and not too crumbly. And luxurious cheese filling that is not overly sweet, and the cheese..."
"They serve freshly baked, mouth-watering cheese tarts! I’ve tried Pablo and other versions from various bakeshops but this is absolutely the best!..."
Pearl Velasco
"One of the best cheese tarts from Japan. Soft, creamy but not dry. Eat while it's hot! Always try their special limited flavors. They do not..."
Mindful Eater
"I love it! It's really tasty, rich, soft, and creamy! Also perfectly baked and served warm. It's just too pricey in my opinion (95/piece) so I try to..."
"At P95 per tart, you would expect nothing short of the best; and BAKE Cheese Tart delivers. Each tart has a melt-in-your mouth texture, with a creamy..."
"the best cheese tart i’ve tasted.perfect blend in taste and texture :)i will never get tired eating this.quite pricey but i tell you..."
"It's true that Japan holds the magic to lure tourists,  especially during spring, making it a dream destination for many.  While Japan goes into a..."
Joy Felizardo
"This is a mind-blowing cheese tart! The soft cheese just oozes out. The price per piece is expensive and you can buy a complete meal that can fill..."
Rochkirstin Sioco
"It took me awhile before I finally decide to buy this. It’s 540 pesos for 6 pcs . It was expensive! Im not familiar with the brand. But it was..."
Albert Cruz
"It was newly baked when we purchased our cheese tart, thus we were advised to let it cool for 20 minutes before consuming it. I ate one piece when I..."
Lexi Enriquez
"So good!! The cheese tastes so real and the texture is great. I love how it's not too wet or gooey, and the crunchy crust makes it perfect. Worth..."
Chelsea Aguirre
"Seeing the price of just 1 cheese tart seems a little overwhelming and might make you think if it's really worth the try or not. I've been at The..."
Gab M.
"I first saw this establishment in Shinjuku Station last year when my friend bought some to bring back home. I did not buy any back then because I no..."
Alvin Co
"TASTE 5⭐️ The texture is perfect. The taste is something that you will continue on craving for. The cheese is not too salty nor "nakakaumay". My..."
Richelle Ho-Madera
"I’ve been passing this stall for weeks and I finally stopped by tonight and had a piece. It was one divine bite after another, so am likely to buy..."
"The best cheese tart for me existing in Manila right now. They also offer the cheapest BAKE cheese tart in Asia. I always make sure to buy some when..."
Wild Ride
"For someone addicted to cheese tarts, I wouldn’t miss trying these from BAKE. Everything - from the crust, consistency and taste - are just right...."
"initially i asked if it was still hot. but was informed that they dont serve it hot. i was a bit disappointed coz i wanted it to be gooey. but once i..."
Arcee Cordova
"OMG! My tastebuds exploded when I first tasted this. I am not a big fan of cheese tarts but this one is definitely an exception. You guys have to try..."
Lors Co Bondoc
"As we all know, cherry blossoms bloom around this time in Japan, so over the course of the Holy Week, my Facebook feed was pretty full with pictures..."
Bettina Bacani
"I don't eat cheese tart as much as a professional cheese tart reviewer could but based on my first time experience, I would say it's great. You can..."
Seong Cheon Lee
"The cheese tart was really good! The shell was sturdy so there weren't that much crumbs all over the place. High expectations for this since it's..."
Hannah Frances Acosta
"I have always had my eye on this ever since I first saw it on Instagram. I remember sending photos to my friend in Singapore, and asking her to try..."
The Hungry Employee
"Golden crust with a gooey creamy cheese filling. Semi-sweet with a hint of salt in every bite - just delightful and deliciously smooth. Perfect with..."
Miake Acedilla
"Dear Bake Cheese Tart, I was just so happy and contented with Lord’s Stowe’s egg tarts, why do you have to arrive at the scene to cause..."
"SOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!It is pricey at Php95, if you focus on volume. The taste and texture of both the cheese and the pastry (and the..."
"Best straight out of the oven, when the cheese is oozing and warm. I’ve tried it freshly baked, from the freezer, from the fridge, warmed..."
Christina | Kain Club
"Finally had the chance to visit Podium last Friday to try Bake cheese tarts. For 95php, I think it’s a steal. I was expecting it to be..."
Norman | The Travelling Tongue
"IT’S HEREEE! These yummy cheese tarts from Japan are now here in Manila.When a friend of mine sent me a message that it’s the soft..."
Camille Solis
"The best cheesetart hands down. I love how they quietly opened without the media fuss. Maybe learning from the previous franchise that opened. That..."
"Not your ordinary cheesecake or tart (in this case). Bought the box since it'll come out cheaper than the 95/piece price. It was good, tried eating..."
Liz V
"Better than the other overpriced cheese-tarts in the Metro. Smells pretty good and tastes heavenly. Better go here during weekdays to skip..."
Kath Sunga
"Ok their cheese tart now surpassed Kumori and Lava’s version. I love how crunchy the base was and how it was able to hold the filling too. It..."
Feed My Tummy PH
"BAKE Cheese Tart is another famous cheese tart shop in Japan, and it's also now finally in the Philippines. Thank goodness they have a branch close..."
Nicole Meredith Ayag
"07 March 2018(Thursday)Ranking of Flavors:1. Plain Cheese Tart - 5 stars2. Lemon Cheese Tart - 4 stars3...."
MCSI Group
"This cheese tart thing/craze is on the roll but BAKE is a force to be reckoned with! Coming from Japan, their creamy and rich cheese tarts are made..."
"We found ourselves at The Podium today and it was the perfect opportunity to try BAKE Cheese Tarts. It is really one of the most awaited franchises..."
Foodie Dokie
"Bake is one of the franchises I've been eagerly eyeing on since the beginning of 2017. It was first rumored to open at S Maison around Mall of Asia..."
Midz Sy
"Finally, the famous Cheese Tart originated in Hokkaido, Japan called Bake Cheese Tart is now in the Philippines. Located at the Ground Level of the..."
"It’s as good as I remember! Had my first taste of this heavenly dessert in Taipei. It may be long overdue but hey you guys are finally here! Thank..."
Christian Luna
"Bake is finally in Manila! After over a year of waiting, the world's best cheese tart is now open in Podium. . Hello, Bake Cheese Tart. I haven't..."
Mary Love Siy
"How can I review Bake Cheesetart? Since I've first tasted it overseas it became an instant favorite.The long wait is over,after an influx..."
"I had zero idea that there is a new cheese tart shop in town and I was just lucky enough to spot this after raiding (yeah PoGo, like you still play..."
The Ore Spotter
Soban K-town Grill
95/100 (290 ratings)
"Great food, as always. Definitely our favorite samgyupsal place. Been to different branches but the service in Megamall is superb! Our server Jessica..."
Jesse Misal
"The food is always good at Soban. My mother really enjoyed the food and the experience.However this branch is quite small and the service..."
Milene Saito
"The meat was thicker than your usual kbbq, but despite it being thick it does not make you feel full..."
"They offered real korean foods here at Soban! great and friendly staffs..."
Ancis Food
"Price is just right..Great place not crowded...Food is superb...And service is great..Romel is polite and friendly...Will return..."
Ianne Valencia Sotto
"Friendly and helpful staff 😊 Generous..."
Christine Mercado
"Our waitress was smiling and accommodating to all our requests. Jell-a was fantastic..."
Don Red
"Craving for Samgyupsal and thank goodness someone handed out flyers because this branch is newly-opened. Despite the limited meat, it was really..."
Mary Tricia Ann Pelipas
"We took a break from the usual unli meat offered by K-bbq joints and decided to have samgyeopsal here in Soban. The quality of meat is great, the..."
Ezequiella Quennie Duay
"Good customer service. Generous side..."
Christelle Ann Cui
"It's my first time eating at a Korean Bbq resto that doesn't offer unli meat and I have to say, the quality is top notch. From the meats up to the..."
Jb Tiamson
Michael Angelo Quito
"We had a great time dining in Megamall branch. High quality meat,delicious side dishes and good and fast service. We will definitely come back...."
Janah Cabrera-Liberato
"Food and service was awesome! Servers were very polite and accommodating as well. We will surely come back and dine here again!!!!! :) :)..."
Enrico Ian Villamor
"I would like to recommend Mr. Marlon for the assistance to us. He really did well👏 Keep it up..."
Anj Factor
"The Mega Meat Set was everything! 🤤 Sure, it's so easy to compare menus from other Korean restaurants by contrasting who offers unlimited meats or..."
🦄The Last Unicorn🦄
"Happy Payday..."
Jennifer Borbon
"Value for money! The two of us were already full just ordering 2 medium meats and 1 small meat. Fyi, here is the size to gram info: small (120g),..."
Veronica Macapinlac
"Jerick took care of us and attended to our needs...."
Alther Siwa
"This is our fist time in Soban. Where we celebrated the birthday of my BF.The food is great and very reasonable price and most especially..."
Angela Carambas
"Soban has to be one of the best korean bbq grill in town. It provides you with a wide variety of meat selections together with a large selections of..."
Izzu Villanueva
"The staff were accommodating and very attentive to our needs. Best samgyup in town! Will definitely come back and bring my family along! 5 satisfying..."
Jules Olandesca
"One of the most reasonable ala carte Korean bbq restaurants. First tried soban k town years ago in Greenbelt, we were not satisfied with the service..."
Margarita Lourdes Balisi
"Suggesting this Korean Grill restaurant to all Korean Grill lovers out there. Great food especially the marinated ones. Kudos to their excellent and..."
Iana Jongco
"Marinated pork and beef are tasty. Refill of side dishes is slightly slow. Staffs are polite. Surroundings are neat. Mark the assigned crew is very..."
MJ Narito
"The food was absolutely wonderful, from preparation to presentation, very pleasing. We especially enjoyed the special desserts, pork and beefs are..."
Clara Raposa Cruz
"When you enter soban the ambiance is really great. The staff are nice specially our server, Mark. I highly recommend this place if you are looking..."
April Magdayao
"Superb experience thanks to our server Mark! Meat and side dishes were delicious. Totally worth the price, will surely come back and try other..."
"The service is great! Especially alvin. The quality of meat is really good and so sulit! 500php per pax sulit. Unlimited side dish and the..."
Vet De La Merced
"The ambiance is great and the staff are very welcoming. The food is so good. My favourite is the marinated pork because it is easy to cook and..."
Krisha Uy
"Friendly and accommodating staff. Kudos to kuya Joven for assisting us. Food is great! Pork and beef are tender. Fast service! Will definitely go..."
Elinore Cruz
"Full blown korean feast of Soban K-Town Grill 소반, A fine dining that surely provide highest quality of meat marinated by their signature..."
Kath Garcia
"Super nice staff. They're friendly and attends to customer's requests quickly. No long queues. Meat served was tender and sarap! Sulit! We did not..."
Francis Vincent Garcellano
"Food is delicious, service is excellent, and the staff is friendly ( Joven). We will definitely come back and eat here again!!..."
J-nie Lagula Tolentino
"Service was good. Food was okay. One of the best restaurants here in Megamall. Thank you to mr. Kyle for being friendly and accommodating. Great!..."
Kyle Deneese Daluyen
"The food is Great! We like that the side dishes are unlimited and the beef , pork and chicken are fresh. The place is also new and nice. Great..."
Je Gotamco
"This is my first time eating here and I liked the food and service. Food was good and the staff were friendly. We were served by Mark. The..."
Joyce Gotamco
"Had a wonderful experience at this branch. I love their Honey spiced marinated samgyupsal that's why I keep on coming back at this place. Also their..."
Marvin Lester Reyes Cruz
"Server Kyle is so friendly😊the food is very good and affordable Unlimited side dish sulit talaga 👏😊😊we feel comfortable, we really enjoy..."
Billy Dela Torre Circulado
"Had one of the best samgyupsal experience! Though the meat are not unlimited, its quality and the side dishes compensate for it. Will be coming back..."
Honest Eats
"Our 3rd time here in Soban Megamall , as expected all servers were very attentive to our requets especially our favorite Aya. We will definitely come..."
Julie Fuentes
"Their beef is really soft (Woo Samgyup) and they have plenty of side dishes that can satisfy anyone's taste buds. I also liked the tall glass of iced..."
Kenneth Colinco
"Food is good😙 i like the honey spiced and side dishes ( egg roll )😍The ambiance is nice also ms. Jane is our server she is a nice keep up..."
Norbert Abat
"Really good food. Great value for money. Only request is that they allow large order for 2 people. As of now, at least 1 order per person, regardless..."
Diane Cowper Del Rosario
"Jella and the other staff were very accommodating! Excellent food and place for dining with family and friends! Instructions on how to cook the meat..."
Mary Annalyne Chan Go
"Great value for money. Unlimited sides. Can get a little busy and crowded at noon but everything else is good. Pork is on a thick side so needs..."
Gian Pisueña
"Quick and good service by Mark. One satisfied customer here. Happy tummy! Yum! Enjoyed all the side dishes and the beef belly! Thank you til next..."
Hilda Padre Ojastro
"The server (Kyle) was really attentive to customer's needs. Actually all server's were really cordial and accommodating. Will definitely come back..."
Princess Romina Oquendo
"Nice food - Black pepper samgyeopsal with cheese is my fave order. The service is fast. They will also call you when you're in queue so you can go..."
Ann Psyche Salonga
"Food:10/10, the dessert was superb! Highly recommended! Service: 10/10, they are very accomodating especially Kyle who assisted us with our order...."
Stacey M Dcruz
"First time to eat at Soban K-Town Grill, Good Ambiance and Food! Our server, jane is fast and responsive she is also very attentive to our needs. I..."
Vin Damian
"Staff were friendly and attentive. Food was amazing. Food was not unlimited unlike other places but the quality of the meat and sides are amazing...."
"Our server was Joven, and he was very friendly and accommodating. He attended to our needs fastly and no order was needed to be followed..."
Ramon Adriane Apolinar
"5 stars. The staff are awesome and accommodating. The food is delicious. Definitely a good option if unlimited korean food is too much for you. Our..."
Luke Siopongco
"Friendly staff and delicious food. Very good service of Ms. Janeen @ Soban Megamall Branch. I will surely go back here. I will recommend it to my..."
Cha Estefanio
"the ambience was nice as well as the ligthing. above all the quality of meat we ordered was good. the service was fine. sure to come back at this..."
Xrystn Felipe
"Overall a great gastronomic experience. The food and service is among the best i have encountered throughout my samgyupsal ventures here in Metro..."
Hustino Tiongson
"Friendly, helpful and attentive crew, especially Kyle.Food tastes good and yummy!Unli side dishes. Ordered lots of egg..."
Clariza Palomar
"Meat sets are affordable but what sets them apart with other korean restaurants is their fantastic service. Staffs are really polite, quick and..."
Catherine Manalang
"The food are awesome. Heaven as it taste. The eggg rollsss are awesome, mapapa one more ulit kuya Kyle. The service is very good, accommodating and..."
Abegayle Dagalea Largo
"Delicious food, a refreshing ambiance. The staffs are approachable and friendly specially the staff who assisted us. Joven. Will go back again for..."
Rushkye Delmonte
"The place is nice and the food was delicious. Staff are friendly and serves customers well especially Joven. A must try place, the price is..."
Demetrius Torres
"The food is sooo good. The place is so comfy as well unlike other korean bbq store. Its well ventilated 👍The staff are accomodating especially..."
Joy Perez
"When I crave for a good korean restaurant in malls, i surely look up the branches of Soban k-town! It’s relatively value for money, i love the..."
Diana Ong
"Great food + Great customer service!! Very accommodating especially Joven. He always checks what the customers need. Kudos! Keep it up! Will..."
Roselynn Marie Grana
"I’ve been to Soban Greenbelt, Megamall & BGC. Service is excellent & consistent wherever I eat. Food is fresh & always delicious...."
Consuelo Maria Clavecillas
"Korean Barbecues are all the rage, and it isn't surprising to see one at almost every corner. While most of them offer meat-all-you-can, the Mega..."
Fried And Prejudice
"The food is very good food. Our servers Mae and Jella was efficient with great personality. The service is fast and efficient. Will definitely be..."
Ma. Rita R. Villanueva
"Ordered the large fresh pork belly. Serving size is just right for a full meal. I like the thick slices since it allows the meat to develop a nice..."
Andrew Cerv Antes
"2nd time in this branch. I came back for the sulit meals, but I was quite disappointed that I had to ask many times for almost everything. Lettuce,..."
Kristel Pahinag
"Food and service were amazing. The server, Kyle, was friendly and approachable. He was always smiling ☺️ Our over all experience was great. ..."
Mary Grace Caramat Domingo
"Good food. Good service! The staff were accommodating especially our server, Kyle.Better than those unlimited meat korean grills. You..."
Samantha Angela Fajardo
"This is our second time to visit Soban in Megamall. The staff are super friendly and accommodating and most importantly, the FOOD is really great. My..."
Bugol Doz
"My friends decided to have our mini reunion and post birthday celebration in Soban. We wanted samgyupsal so we chose this place. Food is delicious..."
Ruvi Flores
"We enjoyed Family Sundate here at Soban. Healthy veggies with grilled fresh meat. Thank you, Dren, for the good service! It's my 3rd time here in 2..."
Christine Felix
"Had a lot fun here. It was our first time visiting. They even offered us to have some of the sides to be taken out. Will definitely return to this..."
Dondie Ferry
"One of the things I enjoy most about Korean grilling is the communal aspect of cooking and sharing food with friends and family. The..."
Marianne In Manila
"Good food quality 😊 all the staffs are very attentive . Even if they are all busy they always be attentive when there’s a guest raising their..."
Axel Jhon Albia
"Foods are nice. You can really taste and authentic korean taste to their food. All their foods are definitely worth the price. All the staffs are..."
Kimberly Dionela
"If Food Parks have been a trend for the past two years, then Korean BBQ or Samgyupsal has been the latest Food craze of both Pinoys and Koreans in..."
Unshakable Foodie
"Good food and good ssrvice. Accomodating staff . Kuddos to kyle for a good dining assistance! He always smiles and give fast service. Cozy place ...."
Sherlyn Parreño
"If you want your samgyupsal fix without the long lines, this is for you. Almost the same price if you are an average eater at the all-you-can eat..."
Selle Santiago
"Great service, polite staff especially Kyle, and Dren. Food is nice and great. Will Recommend to my friends and relatives as well. Desert taste great..."
Louie Ramos
"Excellent food and service, specially Ate Jane who assisted us! Will definitely go back here. Staff will make sure everything you need is served..."
Jordylocks 123
"This resto has the best kimchi ever!!! The staff are very polite and very attentiveI hope every brach has a staff like them . Name is kyle and..."
Joanna Padilla
Paradise Dynasty
94/100 (350 ratings)
"Went here for lunch. Loved the specialty paradise Xiao long bao - excellent! Crispy prawn with salted egg was good too as was stir fried shredded..."
"A visit to Paradise Dynasty is always a treat! Especially liked the Podium branch because it isn't as crowded at the S Maison one. We always come..."
Phylicia Marie Pineda
"Xiao Long Bao place! Service is good. We didn’t have to queue for too long at around 11am. Drool-worthy..."
"Paradise Dynasty has come out with a new set of dishes to try. These are called ’Chef’s Recommendations’ that includes 10 dishes that you'll..."
Unshakable Foodie
"Paradise Dynasty has been one of my favorite places to dine in ever since I had my first bite of its delectable xiao long bao in 2017. The..."
Mary Love Siy
"I’ve been seeing a lot of good reviews about Paradise Dynasty and I have always wanted to try their colorful and legendary Xiao Long Bao. So, I was..."
"Love at first try!!! Been craving for so long to try their signature xiao long baooooo and the picky eater in me was so happy to eat at Paradise..."
Roselle Reyes
"Thinking about the meals to try at Paradise Dynasty?Paradise dynasty is famous for its legendary 8 flavored Xiao Long Bao - (8 flavors for Php..."
Jef Marcos
"You go here for Xiao Long Bao but there's definitely an extensive menu that you have to discover in Paradise Dynasty. The Salted Egg Charcoal Bao,..."
John Bueno
"I’m back in the Paradise of the best XLB that I ever tried. Indulge with their original flavors from Northern and Southern China, It will satisfy..."
Takaw Tikim
"Really good Chinese food, good staff. sweet and sour fish is the best, highly recommended.The Noodles could have been a more crunchy, but..."
Lucia Tortella
"Best Chinese food I've ever tasted! Worth braving..."
"Since they opened in S Maison, Paradise Dynasty has always been our go-to for Chinese comfort food. Everything we’ve tried so far has always been..."
"Finally had a chance to try this Paradise Dynasty Philippines Specializing in Northern and Southern Chinese cuisine, Paradise Dynasty is also known..."
Pau Atanacio Leonor
"We've been wanting to try Paradise Dynasty in Podium and have heard a lot of good reviews about it. True to its monicker, "Legend of Xiao Long Bao,"..."
Marikina Foodies
"#ChryzhFoodies for Paradise Dynasty📍If you're into some gastronomic search, this restaurant will definitely give you what you're looking for...."
"It's not my first here at paradise yet, first here at the Podium. Almost the same vibes with SM Aura branch. Elegant and fine. Every visit I always..."
James Benguet
"This is my first time to dine at this restaurant. I am so happy I finally tried their 8-flavored Dynasty Xiao Long Baos! It's packed with flavors and..."
Baby Ann Go
"Here are things you might not know about Paradise Dynasty: it's a Singaporean brand. It classifies itself as a casual dining restaurant, not fine..."
Bella Javier
"When in Podium, one of the must-visit restaurants is Paradise Dynasty. Their name fits, as it is truly a hub to experience one of the premier Chinese..."
"The ambience and the interiors of this outlet has a Zen-like aesthetic and simple touch with great combination of Oriental and contemporary..."
Foodventures By FraPao
"I'm so happy that I can eat Poached fish/beef in Sze Chuan Chili Oil here in the Philippines! This is one my my favorite dishes here in Paradise..."
Joan Mu
"Foie gras, Black Truffle, Cheese, Garlic, Ginseng, Sze chuan,Cheese, Original ... take your pick.Paradise Dynasty never fails to delight..."
"I love Chinese food! But this was my first time to dine here at Paradise Dynasty. They serves authentic Chinese cuisine & their signature Xia Long..."
"Ate here for this Chinese new year... Ordered their specialty - the signature dynasty Xiao long bao with the 8 flavors - their Shanghai fired Rice,..."
Carmina Cortez
"Paradise Dynasty is Xiao Long Bao heaven. After dining at the S Maison branch, a must visit is their Podium outlet which did not disappoint me as..."
Jenny Pagalilauan
"love their scrambled egg with fish and conpoy. The food is good, but the xiao long bao tasted just okay. The place is jam packed, but good thing we..."
"First time to try Paradise Dynasty and I really loved their xiao long baos. It was good and the filling and “soup” tasted so fresh and clean. I..."
"The restaurant has a good La Mian selection. I don't know why people are not noticing this. Last time I was here I ordered La Mian to be paired with..."
Martin Turner
"Masarap pagkain nila kahit naghintay kami ng matagal kami naghintay. The restaurant looks very expensive but when you check on the menu, affordable..."
Jason Dela Cruz
"Last time I was here, I went to try their Szechuan dishes and what I liked most was the Poached Sliced Fish in Szechuan Chili Oil. It's good for..."
Susan Emiliano
"I went here last time with my family since we got curious on why the restaurant had a long line. When we got in, we're briefed of the best sellers..."
Andrew Morgan
"I love the food. Place is great. I'll definitely recommend this to some of my friends.One the best things that captured me here is the..."
James Tan
"Excellent food. Xiaolongbao is not the best but pretty high up there on the list. Garlic.pork chop was tender. Beans is a staple order in these types..."
"Had dinner with visiting friends.  The place was bright and clean.  Reception was friendly.  We ordered the Xiao Long Bao, Pork Dumpling in Hot..."
Let Us Eat
"Good food. Only thing is some are a bit pricey yet the serving is good for one person only...."
Abigail Fabian
"They have the best Xiaolongbao I have tried so far in Manila. 10/10.Their spicy Wanton Noodles are very decent 8/10. Have tried..."
Huang Yi Feng
"Everyone in the group loved the food, especially the crispy fried crystal prawns tossed with salted egg yolk. The original xiao long bao was..."
"My favorite Chinese restaurant is Paradise Dynasty. We always go to The Podium branch because it’s closest to us. Our favorites are their Xiao..."
Rowena Wendy Lim Lei
"What I ordered:6 pieces Original Xiao Long Bao6 pieces Black Truffle Xiao Long BaoNoodles with Braised Pork BellyThe food..."
Johna Paguinto
"When I first tried Paradise Dynasty in S Maison in Conrad last 2016, I was impressed with the quality and taste of the dishes. But there was a hitch..."
Candice Tang
"Paradise Dynasty is my #1 Favorite and the Best Chinese Restaurant in the Metro. They are awarded by T Dining Philippine Tatler as Best Restaurants..."
Aileen Laurio
"Love this resto! Been here twice already. The food is really good (xiao long bao ftw) but it's the place itself that's really remarkable. Great..."
"Paradise Dynasty’s Fried Rice in Yang Zhou Style ⁣⁣⁣🍽 Taste: 8.7/10 ⭐️’s 💸 Price: P238 ⁣This one gets a..."
Chinky Chinita Eats
"Cheers for Paradise Dynasty’s Specialty Dynasty where you can taste the eight different flavors of Xiao Long Bao. A bit expensive though but for me..."
"I had longed been intrigued hearing about Singaporean restaurant franchise Paradise Dynasty restaurant and I had passed by many times at one of the..."
Leo My
"Fine Dining in Chinese restaurants is what I always anticipated with glee. I often look forward to exciting things each had in store for..."
Emiliana Sison
"Service, ambiance, and food quality were all excellent!Service was fast and servers were attentive. Serving size of the rice is good for 2 only,..."
Mochi Bear
"I honesly think it's just too overrated? Kidding aside, it is undeniably one of the best Chinese Restaurants!Spending my birthday at..."
Hanz James
"I love all the food that we ordered didn’t have the chance to take photos for I was very hungry 😅 lettuce roll is a nice Appetizer original xiao..."
Tracy Ann Domingo Moises
"Another Philippine Tatler’s best restaurant for 2019. Ambience is great. Highly recommended are the ff: 0fcourse, the xiao long bao...."
Happy Eater
"What I loved:Everything about our experience here was great. The interiors, the look, the food, especially the service and the staff are..."
The Beanie Review
"Interior design is very inviting. Servers were very active and helpful. Food was great, some dishes were simple but very delicious. Only problem for..."
John Cheng
"Great food to be enjoyed among family and friends! I loved the charcoal custard lava bun and poached beef in Szechuan chili oil - good for 5 or more..."
"Good food. Everything taste great. XLB’s are very tasty. The lava bun is very delightful. Taste like leche flan with salted egg. We ordered so many..."
Jec Santiago
"there’s no doubt about it that @paradisedynastyph reigns supreme when it comes to their xiao long baos. 8 delectable signature flavors that’s a..."
"There was this sudden cravings for chinese food and tuh-duh!! And there wasn't tummy space left for dessert, though. #chinesefoodlover #happytummy..."
Karl Aguilar Cardona
"Finally got to try this place after bugging so many people asking if it was worth and yes. It. Was. That 8-flavor sampler really took me on..."
Raya Victorino
"a xioa long bao haven. the place is an upscale version of restaurants that serve similar food like lugang, thw, dtf etc. great tasting food..."
Ronnie Uy
"Love things place. First tried this restaurant here. Hubby and kids loved it so much, we went to Singapore to try the real thing. Their xiao long bao..."
Noreen Gonzaga
"We enjoyed our dining experience. We loved the food and the dining staff are friendly. Even the place is super busy every single time we don't mind..."
Amira Ylaya
"We ordered Special Dynasty Xiao Long Bao (8 flavors), Stir-fried shredded pork in black bean sauce with Chinese crepes, Dynasty Crispy Chicken, Deed..."
"Super yum xiao long bao and La Mian with roast pork belly (tastes like a japanese ramen, equally flavorful). Generous servings. The lava bun is also..."
Wander Joy
"Xiao long bao, WOW WOW WOW paradise dynasty is my top favorite chinese restaurant to eat because of their famous xiao long bao 11/10 no..."
"Not really a big Chinese Food fan tbh. But their Xiao Long Bao may have changed it. It’s a must-try from their menu. The place is quite..."
Chic Bulalacao
"Upon seeing the menu, I was already overwhelmed with the number of interesting dishes that I would like to try. Everything looks good and..."
Joseph Alvin De Jesus
"Came here on dinner time, and expect the restaurant to be crowded, but no worries, it’s quite fast to get a table, the server are helpful, food..."
Yeyee Chan
"My go to Chinese restaurant in Ortigas area. Their xioa long bao is amazing but I love their mapo tofu and hot and sour soup.This may be a..."
Perpetua Calliope Ngo
"Just found a new place for xiao long bao and I'm sooo happy! I dont normally eat pork but XLB is love... well at least the good ones like in Paradise..."
Cindie Cheng
"I realized I am a “foodie” when I got to try different Chinese food around Binondo. I really wasn’t a fan of Chinese cuisine or any foreign..."
May De Guzman
"Paradise Dynasty is a franchise from Singapore. They serve Chinese food and specialise in Szechuan and Taiwanese dishes. We recommend..."
Fat Girls Day Out
"This might be my new go-to place for xiao long bao. I'm a big Din Tai Fung fan, but Paradise Dynasty is just as good... and they have more flavors of..."
Nora Pangilinan
"Everyone goes to Paradise Dynasty for the famous Xiao Long Bao, so far I’ve asked a number of times to people saying that Paradise Dynasty hands..."
Krizia Catapang
"Paradise Dynasty will always be one of the top Chinese restaurants in the metro in my book and their new branch at Podium is no exception. The..."
Manang Bidang
"A bit pricey but you’ll get the value of what you paid for. Most dishes are for sharing so if you’re eating here as a group, go ahead and try to..."
"I was extremely happy with what we ordered. Had the dynasty xiao lobg bao which offered 8 different flavours. Although i only favored the crab roe,..."
Lalee De Leon
"Excellent service. Food looks as good as it tastes. Ideal restaurant to celebrate a special event like birthdays. Vegan/vegetarian friendly...."
Bev Caluma
"Paradise Dynasty is one of the restaurants that I would go to when I wanted an authentic Chinese food. They just released new dishes at The Podium..."
Tgc The Giving Cafe
93/100 (494 ratings)
Late Night
"The place is so homey and the design is amazing! The food and coffee is also great! You wouldn't expect the food in a cafe to be this good! The..."
Kris Correa - Nery
"Love the ambiance this place gives :) with games and books and of course good coffee and food..will be back to try their dishes and pastas � sayang..."
Jerome Tuballas de Guzman
"One of my faves now. A very cozy place to eat and drink coffee. Staffs are..."
Ölay Päz
"Great coffee and nice..."
Louielyn Mata
"TGC is my go-to place for breakfast. The location is near condos in Boni literally walking distance.Food: I haven’t tried a lot of their..."
Jon Romero
"You don't really expect a good place like that on their location. But it's perfect! The place looks so pretty, pretty like good for IG pictures. The..."
"Everything is delicious! Their turon & pansit is a must try. Ambiance is great. Definitely worth the..."
Kenneth Mariano
"I’ve been eyeing this cafe for quite a while now, so I’m happy that I finally got to try it and was not disappointed.All of the food we..."
Mia Angela
Supreet Kini
"Food is consistently great here but my favorites are Cheese Sticks and TGC House Special Pancit. I've heard from friends that their coffee offerings..."
Anne F
"Enjoyed eating at TGC. It has a small cozy place which I find okay. I am also loving their restaurant theme. They also offer some..."
"Went finally to eat in this place. TGC came into my attention everytime I travel from Kapitolyo to Boni. I’m always curious of this place from a..."
Pop Gas
"Coffee is 10 stars! Food and ambiance is also good! Clean CR is also a plus. Wifi is not that good sometimes but if you are there to catch up with..."
Coffeeteria Ph
"PancitI have to admit that this cafe really outdid itself since I literally went into a food coma. Even though I was full, I still wanted..."
Kristian Marfori
"TGC’a tapsilog is the bomb dot com 🥰 The meal comes with a delicious cup of Americano, too 😊 PERFECTIONNNNPlease try their nachos,..."
"I love this place. Its my new fave cafe in Mandaluyong. Php95 for a decent cup of flat white?! What more can I ask for?The food is a..."
Eleanor Tolentino
"Scrumoptious food and a very chill place. Not too noisy. Can conduct short quiet meetings. :) Price range was okay cause the food is worth the price...."
Bianca Herce
"Second time to eat here! It’s a quaint little cafe in the neighborhood. I love the ambiance and food. Not too noisy at all for a cafe-restaurant...."
Josh Rosario
"Everything and everyone in this cafe is so nice! Ambiance and interiors are so comfy and cool. The best coffee milk tea, coffee, and turon of all. My..."
Altier Laurice Feliciano
"TGC is a unique cafe where its very cozy, affordable and good at the same time. They give back to the community of coffee farmers which is really..."
Food Torpedo
"After our workshop at the ICE (Institute for Coffee Excellence) ), we had lunch at TGC (The Giving Cafe) which is also owned by the group. It is..."
Carlo M. Tecson
"We recently passed by for some Jasper and engineered milk from philippine barista champion michael conlin. Unfortunately, they ran out so we had..."
Fat Girls Day Out
"I would've rated 3.5 if there's a .5 option.TGC is the place to be for titas out there.We dined here on a Friday night. The cafe..."
Ddyo Du
"Really nice cafe if you want to hang out. There are also parking spaces available so that's a plus.Piccolo - I'm not a coffee expert but I..."
"The Giving Cafe is a restaurant where you can eat and at the same time give. There are special dishes here where a portion of the money you pay will..."
"Affordable food and beverage! Proceeds of what we eat will go to their foundation to support the local coffee farmers in our country. Awesome job! I..."
Angel Hernandez Bisquera
"The Giving Cafe is a hidden nook waiting to be discovered by foodies who want some chill vibes after work. They have got a wide range of offering..."
Mykmyk Pascua
"So in love with this place! Went here with my churchmates for a dinner, and I found the interior very homey feels. The lights, furniture, and accents..."
Dianne Kathreen
"Medyo matagal lang magserve but everything we ordered is sooooo gooood! Lalo their corned beef pandesal. OMG. I’m doing this while I’m still..."
MB DeeCee
"The ambience and its concept are nice and peaceful. Good food for good price - totally worth it. This place is cozy with good vibes. It is now one of..."
The Alchemist
"Why I go here: Go-to place when I need to work out of the house - really fast internet connection.I'm not sure if it's because of the..."
Elle L.
"A hidden place near Pioneer St that offer very affordable food and beverages. I was really impressed with their Honey Sriracha Chicken Pandesal on..."
"One of my favorite coffee shop around pioneer st. If you want to chill and relax in a nice coffee shop with quality of foods, but you don't want far..."
Team Lafang
"Good food, inexpensive price, no msg. I will definitely come back to try everything else. We need more places like this that are not pretentious..."
Lester Ng
"Ambience and service are excellent. It gives a relaxing vibe. Perfect for those small intimate catch ups with your bffs. Food is good but the drink..."
"A cafe with cozy and stylish ambiance drawing diners to an unlikely location along sheridan st. Glad to see the place was almost packed lunchtime on..."
"I had been to a lot of different cafes and am still looking for new ones because I kinda fancy being out on weekends enjoying my free time, catching..."
Ian Tapang
"Found a new fav place to just chill and wind up.Place is cozy, vintage with a modernized style. Board games and books are also available..."
Patty Fernandez
"I love their Tapsilog! I swear it tastes like no other tapsilog I’ve ever tasted. I also tried their Milk Tea and it was quite yummy as well. I’d..."
"My coffee enthusiast friend and I toured parts of Metro Manila coffee shops a couple of months back, and The Giving Cafe in Pioneer was one of our..."
"Very nice ambience! The management have thought very well about the kind of market they will have - millenials. Given the case, the place os full of..."
Kevin Refran Ripas
"The Giving Cafe a coffee shop from the people behind Henry&Sons PH. One of the most popular coffee equipment distributor here in the Philippines. TGC..."
"TGC is one of the new kids on the block in Highway Hills! Loved the warm and cozy decor - it felt so homely. We ordered an Americano, a Hot Mocha and..."
Annesha Bhattacharya
"FOOD: Good food and coffee. The price is cheaper than the others. I love their huge popcorn bowl!!! ❤️🍿AMBIANCE: Perfect for me!!! A good..."
Roma Joyce
"Excellent coffee! The food choices are also great. Ambiance is good and the service is top-notch. This café is a good weekend hangout place...."
Rogene Lacanienta
"A good cup of coffee for a cause, that's what this place is all about! The Giving Cafe or TGC is a social enterprise of coffee solutions company,..."
"The Giving Cafe, or just TGC, is a new cafe along Sheridan Street, Mandaluyong (near the more popular Pioneer Street) that seeks to make a difference..."
Chef Jay's Kitchen
"The Giving Café also known as TGC: A Social Enterprise is a newly-opened café along Sheridan Street, Mandaluyong.This quaint and homey..."
Cindy S.
"I'm here almost every week cause I really love this new cafe in Sheridan. Why? 1. The ambiance would make you feel that you are in a rich ancestral..."
Laly Martinez
"Beyond the great ambiance and friendly staff, I really love the food and coffee they serve not to mention the good books that the customer can read..."
Micky Amancio
"Aesthetic and ambience is great, has a very homey vibe. Altho finding a parking is tough. Staff are friendly and attentive. I have been here twice..."
Monina Marie Austria
"Went here for some coffee and chill time with friends. Ordered the flat white and it was so good, played some board games too. The place has a nice..."
Anthony Maniquiz
Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings
93/100 (2621 ratings)
"This is a go to order for me. I love these wings. Sauce pa lang ulam na...."
Hailey Reyes
"I think that it’s safe to say that Frankie’s is the most popular resto in megamall’s fashion food hall. There’s always a long queue in their..."
"Amidst the COVID19 threat, the family is obeying the government directive and will be homebound until the  end of the Community Quarantine  as it..."
"We've been there together with my family. I love their food. But most of all their service. By the way we've been at Frankie's molito. I just want to..."
Amazing Nice
"Chicken Wings were delicious! Definitely going back again..."
Roselle Geronimo
"Always been a go-to place whenever we're craving for chicken wings in the middle of Megamall. It's located on fifth floor food court. There's always..."
Von Millard Cea
"My go to place whenever I crave for buffalo wings. I love their classic buffalo and cheesy bacon as well as their mozzarella sticks. Great value for..."
"I am not a fan of chicken wings anywhere else except for Frankies. I used to takeaway classic wings for lunch at work. The sauce is tasty and..."
Nadine Sy
"Wanted to check out what the hype is all about and thankfully there's a Frankie's here in Megamall. Their wings were kinda salty but it was really..."
Alexandra Ng
"They always have the longest line in the fashion hall food court mostly on weekends and eating hours so you need to get your patience ready. Their..."
Mee Gutierrez
"wings 10/10place 7/10service 9/10They are about to open a new stall (formerly halal guys) and hopefully it will lessen the..."
Joseph Russel Pengson
"The line here in megamall is always blockbuster that's why you need to wait patiently for happiness to light up 😂😂😂Must try:..."
"Superb chicken wing flavors, as usual! Our favorites are korean, carribean jerk, garlic parmesan! The mozzarella sticks were also super nice. The..."
Trixie Estomata
"When craving for chicken frankies is a definite place to go to with their wide selection of flavors however it's sad that they run out of chicken..."
Mari Delos Santos
"I always see people lining up at Frankie's. My personal favorite would still be garlic parmesan. It feels so good eating chicken by bare..."
Eats Mommy Carrots
"If you're looking for an affordable lunch to share with your buddies, Frankies is the place to go. However, since they only have a small stall in..."
Rachel Leen
"I am not really a fan of chicken wings but this restaurant won me over. Wings are delicious and socculent. My friend and I ordered the Frankie’s..."
Elbert Tang-O
"Came here for early lunch at around 10 am so there was no queue yet. We ordered Honey garlic and Garlic parmesan wings. Aside from the honey garlic..."
Racine Reinoso
"Simply one of the best chicken wings store there is in the metro. Every bite is flavoursome. We love how tasty every flavor is. Really worth its..."
"THE BEST AMONG THE REST WINGS!! ✨ Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings need to have there own restaurant in SM Mega not in a food hall. Because they..."
Ravina Remolano
"Food ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Ambiance ⭐⭐⭐⭐Value for money ⭐⭐⭐⭐Service ⭐⭐⭐Location ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Overall..."
Cza Tan
"This will be the only restaurant that will definitely survive in the Fashion Mall Food Hall. Morbid, but true, other restaurants beside it might die..."
"Tried ordering via delivery service, food is well-packaged. Freshness/qualoty of the chicken wings is maintained. You can never go wrong with their..."
Jhon Paulo Talato
"I gotta say I'm not a fan of chicken wings that much but Frankie's is the exception. I love the different flavors (Salted Egg and Carribean Jerk come..."
Hernani Laurel
"Everything is perfect except for the long line of waiting to grab our food. The chicken is favourful and budget friendly. It is also good for..."
"Ewan ko ba kung bakit type kita.😆 This is the only resto where I can eat chicken wing part (other than my choice of breast part). They're more..."
Hilary A.
"Located at the food hall, they might as rename the food hall to Frankie's hall because nearly every table ordered Frankie's. Personally, still the..."
Ferrick Crenz De Vera
"This is my all-time favourite buffalo wing place because of their cheesy bacon boneless wings, which I never cease to crave. 😍😍 The line in..."
Chelsea Samantha Starling
"Cravings satisfied!Had lunch with my college friends at Frankie’s outlet store at SM Megamall.Salted Egg Wings- 4.5/5 the..."
"One of my most favourite places to buy wings! Its affordable and filling ☺️ The portions are really big so you’ll get real full after your..."
Iah Alvarez
"When having a hard time choosing what to eat, Frankie’s is one of the easiest options. With lots of flavors of chicken I’m sure that anyone could..."
"This is by far my most favorite wings place! I don't mind waiting in line if it means I het to taste their wings. Two of my favorites are the classic..."
"Good old Frankie's in a different setting: a foodcourt set-up. Not complaining about it because the service is still A-okay and considering the..."
MCSI Group
"Chicken wings in a wide array of flavors. Good for big groups. Better eaten with hands. Buffalo was spicy as hell but good! Will definitely try this..."
Nadine Esternon
"I tried their Cheesy Bacon wings. Taste was soo good with a little bit of "umay" factor because of their too much cheese on their chicken wings...."
Regina Grace Tan Peñalosa
"Value for money, consistent quality, flavorful wings every single time.Their classic buffalo wings are no-fail -- this is the flavor that is..."
Minique A
"You can never go wrong with choosing Garlic Parmesan - and this is my kind of wings! This just bursts with garlic and the parmesan cheese was really..."
Christine Flores
"I love the way they present their food and its quite effective. There always a long cue so you have to be early. Nothing beats the classic wing...."
Chef Daddy
"well.. naka ilang balik ako natikman ko na lahat ang di ko lang talaga gustong lasa is yung classic buffalo.and the burger minsan di ganon..."
Kent Anthony T Bartolo
"My go-to place for wings cravings! Honey Garlic is my usual order here. That first bite has a sweet and ticklish sensation to it (I’m not..."
"You know the food is great when you see a long queue of people. This is always the scenario whenever we visit frankie's at megamall. Delicious wings...."
"The. Best. Buffalo. Wings. Evuuuur! Very fast service, considering that there are a lot of people in the line. We ordered their best sellers: 1/2..."
Kira Martinez
"Dinner for today, friend chickens. We got Salted egg and Bacon 'n Cheese. 💓 As usual the Salted Egg was super yummy with the right amount of..."
Jo Na
"2nd best wings!!! The only thing I didn’t like is that it’s on a food court. It deserves its own space for god’s sake!!! With more tables and..."
"I first tried Frankies at Sm aura food court with my friends and I must say it is so far the best buffalo wings I've tasted.Although my..."
"Ordered take out but would definitely come back to eat it hot from the fryer. Well cooked and tasty. The dip was really good, I'd like a whole tub to..."
Pepper And Purr
"Frankie's at Megamall, or in any branch actually, is the only place in that gigantic commercial shopping center that I personally go to for my quick..."
Genesis Santos
"Service here is very fast considering that I always eat here on Fridays where there are a lot of people. They commit the chicken to be ready by 20..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
"Almost everyone knows Frankie’s. Who wouldn’t? They just have the best wings in the country. Plain and simple. If you haven’t tried their..."
Elle Macatangay-Diaz
"I love Frankie's! It's really worth the hype. Their servings are pretty big and the taste is superb. Some might think it's a little bit expensive,..."
Hangry Cherry
"I’m a big fan of buffalo wings/chicken wings. I ordered the classic spicy 🌶. It’s was good . Serving was big enough to satisfy my cravings..."
Albert Cruz
"While waiting we take the time to check the place out, just like the foodcourt they have on the lower ground floor but this place is cozy, the..."
Kai Santos
"Frankie's built its name as one of the to go places whenever you're craving for chicken wings. Amazing as there are so many chicken wings joint in..."
"My second favorite wings place! Ordered the classic (my go-to) and salted egg flavors. The classic is my favorite because it's sour, spicy, and..."
Kimchi Eats
"Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings.My favorite flavor was Garlic Parmesan, but the majority of my friends preferred Honey Mustard than..."
"I've always loved the Garlic Parmesan flavored wings of Frankie's, and I thought nothing could beat it.Until I tried their Salted Egg..."
Mon Villaverde
"I love the Garlic Parmesan 😍 The Wings never fail to satisfy my cravings. This wing shop is the first one I tried and it is still number 1. Hoping..."
Lyle Sophia
"Food: 5/5Ambiance: 5/5Service: 5/5Price to Serving Ratio: 5/5We ordered two Boneless with rice in garlic parmesan and..."
"Favorite go-to place for chicken craving! It's also budget friendly so you need not to worry 'bout the price. But, patience is a must due to its long..."
Debbie David
"I super love their wings!We ordered the garlic parmesian and salted egg. It was very delicious! The salted egg was a bit too spicy for me..."
Aerielle Feliciano
"How we love this restaurant, doesn’t love chicken says who? What an amazing place to eat buffalo wings chicken, with different flavors available...."
Kianne Arizala
"The best buffalo wing we've tasted so far!! Our favorite is the Hickory Bbq!! The best!!! Their classic buffalo is also great!! This is our go-to..."
Geo Pedrealba
"We love Frankie's buffalo wings to the extent that we've eaten here countless of times. We always order a dozen of wings with 4 flavors. You will..."
Little Sweet Taster
"Not enough tables and long queue especially on weekends but worth the wait. One of my favorite chicken buffalo places. More of these please..."
Stephanie Valmoria
"My girlfriend Keysi Eats Ph was the one who recommended this place to me when we went out on a date. It was the first time I ever heard of this place..."
Chino Heinrich
"Garlic Parmesan for the win! Never get tired eating frankie’s. I can eat 6 wings in one sitting. Many varieties of flavors to choose from plus..."
Kelly Regencia
"Frankie's new york is the best wings in town!Price? Reasonable.Taste? Superb.Accessible? Yes, it is. They only have 6 outlets listed..."
Keysi Eats Ph
"Looong line but i must say that they are systematic in managing it. Be patient because it will be worth it. We ordered Wings World (garlic parmesan,..."
"Brought my sister for her first time and once again im *italian chef kiss* blown away by the flavorful wings and dip. Busog!!!! Thank you frankies..."
Thara De Villena
"Only downside on this area is that the line is too long everytime that we eat there, but that is bearable to wait for a sumptuous chicken meal...."
"I get ALL of the dips! The Garlic Parmesan, Honey Garlic, Salt and Pepper, and Honey Mustard ones are my favorites. I don't think I've ever had a bad..."
"Does not matter where you put Frankie's. They still one of the best buffalo wings. Hope for them to have a bigger place in SM Megamall or maybe two..."
Jeremy Patrick Calderon
"Food: 5/5Service: 4/5Ambiance: 4/5Value for money: 5/5The best garlic parmesan and salted egg chicken! It is hard to..."
Ashley Villa
"I ordered Wings World so that I'd be able to try more flavors at P369. I really think that I got more than a dozen pieces; no complaints here! It's..."
Hannah Frances Acosta
"My partner and I went to SM megamall to apply for a passport but came in way too early for our appointment so we decided to look around for a place..."
Geni Palugod
"I super love it 👌👌👌 despite the long line, service is really good. and the crunchiness of those wings even its a take away, superb.. the..."
"This is our all time favorite comfort food! This is my basis for chicken wings because their wings are big and very tasty.  Price may be a little..."
92/100 (162 ratings)
"My go to fair-priced steak..."
Nona Lyzel Vicente
"always love to dine in..."
Appetite Hunter
"Service was topnotch. Servers were very quick to respond and attentive to our needsFood-wise, we ordered the Spanish dip, squash soup, and..."
Goldielyn Limsiy
"Always a good meal here. The water service is great and the staff is friendly. We had the tuna sandwich with pate and mushroom dip, finishing off..."
Sato Nakamura
"Cibo has become my go-to restaurant for good and comforting Italian food. I always order Farfalle Genovese because it is just so delicious. I also..."
Josh Rosario
"The Porchetta Sandwich and Farfalle ala Genovese are my no-brainer orders in this branch. The quality and quantity of food are consistently superb,..."
Diane-Joyce Perez
"I’ve eaten at Cibo a bunch of times and in several of their branches. Their food never differs in taste regardless of the branch and their service..."
Denise Tan
"I love love this restaurant, no words can describe how friendly their staff is. Since we eat here a lot, they kinda know us due to our faces, their..."
"🐽 Food: My go to favorites are Spinach Dip for appetizer, Penne Al Telefano and Rigatoni All’Alfonso for pasta. My friend’s favorite is the..."
Cheska Del Rosario
"Our fave place to go to when we're in Manila!Staffs are nice and friendly.Food is superb! Their pesto sause was the only pesto I..."
"Fave italian comfort food! Love their spinach dip always! Firs time to try the potato chip which was good as well! Their pastas are also the..."
Celby Pineda
"My visit to Cibo is never complete without ordering their spinach dip which is enough for 2-3 people. If you like cheesy pasta, I recommend the..."
Dyana Dizon
"Cibo (pronounced as Chibo) in Italian means Food.In the Shang Mall, this Cibo is sprawled over an open space that makes dining here fun..."
Boodle Bear
"12/06/18THE PLACEVery clean and organized, although it could get very noisy when at full capacity. THE STAFF/SERVICEThey..."
Lesley Anne Gan-Red
"Can't complain about anything really. This place not only has bomb ass food, it has also great customer service! Will definitely come back to eat..."
Alyssa Nicole Legaspi
"Already eaten before I can even take shots, good food. Salad was superb, the flavors are balanced. Soup seemed underseasoned but I am sure its..."
Dwight Dee
"I grew up with this particular Cibo branch. Since I can remember, family has always had Cibo as our go-to restaurant. My dad loves their Gamberetti...."
A. Marie
"Cibo Nuovo: This is the Cibo Branch that I’ve been to the most and go here for dinner right after mass. We always ordered our staple order here..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
"Loooove Cibo, I mean, who doesn’t! They make quality food at reasonable prices that’s why they’ve been around for decades. My top dishes for..."
Ria Pe | RIA_litybites
"My bestfriend and I went here for dinner at Shangrila because we’ve passed by this place a lot of times already and wondered why Cibo was always at..."
Micah Gabrielle
"I am a pasta-lover. I've tasted so many varieties of pasta dishes. I have some personal favorites among them, yet the one that really stands out is..."
Davis Foodventure
"Let me just say that Cibo is one of the best italian restos i've been to! And the Shangrila branch is the best.*Some of the dishes i'm..."
"This place looks calm, even though it is a passage to the other side of the mall, the quality of service is excellent, the staffs are easy to..."
Ryan Paul Magdangal
"This place gets jampacked even not during lunch/dinner times. It just shows that Cibo is one of the wonderful places to be to get good food and..."
Yshkael Co
"Celebrating 20 years!Cibo has been a staple since my high school days. I think they have done a great job at quality control over the..."
Foodie Dokie
"I found my new favorite dish in CIBO is Rigatoni alla bolognese con panna. SUPER DELICIOUS! I enjoy so much while it's warm. The amount of pasta for..."
"When I dined here with a couple of friends, I realized I have yet to write about this legendary spot. I've been here many times in the past and it's..."
"I like eating at this branch. It is right smack in the middle of level 2 near the escalator and some high end shops. There is something about open..."
"The food is great, that 4 cheese pasta is always my go to pasta. Pizza is great too it's really good for sharing. It's just a little intimidating..."
Tiffany Doria
"This was the main Cibo branch I've been going too since I was small! I passed by recently and it hasn't changed! Service is still good, the food's..."
Cara V
"Had been to Cibo about 3 weeks ago. #latepostI rarely visit this place, the last time was more than a year ago in Rockwell with girl..."
Sandra Yu
"Whenever i visit Manila, i see to it that i visit Cibo for a meal. Love their pasta alfonso and squash soup. I like the location, perfect way to end..."
"👍👍👍👍the beast Italian food in Philippine : value for money and quality of food ... We been regular guest of Cibo from the last 10 years..."
Original Pizza
"Hmm what can I say about Cibo? Judging by my pictures, it seems like I've been to this resto a thousand times! Anyways, Cibo was created Chef..."
Alberto Tenedero Jr.
"I find it highly commendable that Cibo has most of its outlets literally in the middle of the mall. Apart from the amazing food, the ambiance and..."
"Cibo is celebrating their 18th birthday with a bang. You can choose from 18 preset pairs of dishes. Pay regular price for one item then enjoy the..."
"I always come back for their Spinaci Zola. It's the best dip out there - perfect with the toast. I love how the cheese go well with the spinach...."
"If you want a great Italian Cuisine experience, this is the restaurant to go to. Their food is always flavorful and delicious. Price is okay since..."
Gerard Santos
"It's like a pop-up resto in the middle of Shang but it serves yummy and healthy food. :) When you're not sure where or what to eat, I think Cibo is..."
Annie Lopez
"Cibo is known for celebrating their birthdays in a grand way, and for their debut (they're 18 this year!), they're celebrating with a month-long..."
Joshua Castro Dizon
"Cibo is my favourite Italian restaurant. From their panini sandwiches to pizza to pasta - all I can say is "delicioso". My personal favourites are:..."
"My go to restaurant whenever I cannot decide where to eat! The usual order is: spinach dip, lemonade and tono sandwich or the pasta alfonso! The..."
Zzlleenn Lee
"Their branch in Shang is in the middle of the corridors/ hallways but with quite a lot of seating capacity still.There are a lot of people..."
"Cibo Shangrila has always been a favorite of my kids. Just let them order Cibo's spinach and cheese dip (a must every visit), with either marmellata..."
Liza Garcia
"I was accompanying a friend for an interview, so we went to Cibo for coffee while he interviewed. We ordered pizza so we it'll be easy to eat while..."
"On the Table: Spinaci.Zola, Gamberetti, Rigatoni All Alfonso, Pizza Prosciutto di parma. Drinks: white or red grape shake & pomelo..."
"CIBO has been the most go to place for my family and I when it comes to quick, quality and affordable pizza pasta place.So on one lunch..."
"Among all of the Cibos, my fave is the one in Shang. Try their Spinacci Gonzola for appetizers and for pastas - Penne Al Telefono for cream lovers..."
Angelika E
"Went there for lunch on a Saturday. Got the wonderful consistent good food that Cibo is known for. Iced tea - fresh tasting as..."
"Still my favorite mall eats ever! Whenever I'm having my PMS, and craving for pesto, nothing can satisfy me except from Cibo!..."
"I'm really picky when it comes to pasta and pizza. I don't like the "authentic" one. I mean, I don't like my pasta or pizza to be sour. Not only..."
Aldrin Mendoza
"This is one of the best Italian restaurants that I usually go to. The fact that Cibo has been existing for several years proves that they are able to..."
JoLyn L
"Whenever I feel like eating some fresh healthy Italian food, Cibo is the first place that comes to mind. Although a tad expensive, their servings are..."
Iss Bautista
"For always satisfying, no-fail, authentic Italian food, Cibo is the best place to go. Gaita Fores' inspired resto is one of my family's favorites..."
Kirsten Uy De Baron