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Tapsi Ni Vivian
70/100 (78 ratings)
"We usually visit their branch in Marikina but we would visit this branch sometimes after work or one Sunday night. And just like on their Marikina..."
Jec Almarza
"We always eat here during my college days after a night out. Their tapsilog is a bomb!! and their bulalo! Until now we still manage to go here..."
Hezy Cancino
"Super sarap ng bulalo nila. Binabalikbalikan nmn ang msarap n bulalo ng tapsi n Vivian. Try nyo rin promise d kau..."
"My go-to place for tapa!! I super love their Tapa eversince I'vd tried their Anonas branch. 🙂 so happy that this Ortigas Ext. branch opened as its..."
Patricia Veronica Jasmin
"I LOOOOVE TAPSI NI VIVIAN!We usually go here after our shift (which is a night shift) so it's morning and the servers are not tired yet! haha..."
Jaye EspSto
"I always go here during rainy days. I always love their savory goto. Perfect for the rainy season. Partnered with tokwa't baboy and hard boiled eggs...."
Jade Pangan
"We frequent this place because it is along our usual route. My mom swears not to return because she didnt like the sweet dinuguan. Tapsi was..."
Joan P Budac
"This is one of the best restaurants I've ever tried! Their Bulalo and Tapsilog are superb! I wish they could renovate their place to be much cooler..."
You DONUT Know Me
"Known for its famous TapSiLog and other value for money food offering, this Tapsi Ni Viavian branch is where I frequent...Since it's open..."
Kim Marcelo
"I finally got the chance to try Tapsi ni Vivian's tapsilog when we had our teambuilding in Cainta. Unfortunately, my expections was not met because..."
Toni Reyes
"I remember being a teenager after hours and eating hear. Times has definitely changed but this place remains steadfast with the same good simple food..."
Charlene Briones-Michelena
"Tapsi ni Vivian is our default dinner place when we want quick, affordable food.They were extremely busy and packed last Saturday night..."
"I have been here a couple times before, and I can say that their tapa is good, not too sweet, not too sour or salty. This place is a go-to place for..."
Lyzelle Sigua