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Aileen Laurio
It’s starting to get hot lately and summer is coming very soon.

People usually go to the malls during summer to feel the mall air conditioned or get some ice cream so yesterday I miss that kind of thing and run to one of the nearest mall in Marikina City.

There’s a Fiorgelato store located at the second floor of the Building 3 of Sta. Lucia Mall.

First I bought a cup of their strawberry ice cream flavor . It’s one of their best selling flavors. I choose the Regular cups with 2 scoops and it’s only 70 pesos . The strawberry flavor was so refreshing to eat. Don’t need to go to Baguio just to have a good taste of strawberry because they don’t use artificial ingredients. It’s Pure Italian Gelato.

Two scoops is not yet enough for me and saw their One for All . 5 scoops of delicious ice cream . Choco Nut Fudge, Choco Mint, Mango Graham, Bubble Gum, Vanilla. Every flavors was good and you must try the Mango Graham’s especially if your a mango lover like me . Five scoops is only 105 pesos . They also have 10 scoops for 175 pesos . Unbelievable right . You can invite your family and friends to share with you Fiorgelato’s ten scoops of delicious ice cream.

Good quality gelato in a very affordable price. Most of all , staffs welcome you with a smile
7 months ago
If you’re craving for gelato and on a budget, Fiorgelato, a longtime brand, delivers quality Italian Ice Cream at really affordable prices.

On this visit, I got to indulge in 10 different flavors and had them at One For All (10 scoops for Php 135), classic Banana Split (Php 120) and a double scooped treat in Giant Belgian sweet cone (Php 100).

The Menta (Mint Chocolate) was the variety I enjoyed the most. It’s super refreshing! Next is the bittersweet, Dark Chocolate.

The kids will likely come back to the Bubble Gum with Marshmallows and the Strawberry, which is also available on sugar-free.
10 months ago
Abby Balquin
Indulge your craving in ice cream when you visit @fiorgelatostaluciamall, aside from being an affordable ice cream parlor in town. You can also get to enjoy a lot of different varieties of flavors like chocolate, pistachio, vanilla and more! They also offer low-fat ice creams that wont burden your diet 😋

My best pick: choconut fudge so chocolatey😍🤤 📍2nd floor level at sta lucia east mall
11 months ago
James Cruz
I love their gelato. The flavors are intense but not too sweet. It is very affordable. Imagine you can have 2 scoops already for only Php 40.00. This is not a joke. It is very affordable for a gelato. They also have 5 scoops and 10 scoops. Their 10 scoops are out of this world! 10 scoops for only Php 135.00. That's one of a kind! I love their strawberry and this is my favorite. I also love the choco nut fudge and vanilla. I tried their regular sundae. 3 scoops with 1 free topping (mine was sprinkle). It has a syrup as well and I went for chocolate rather than caramel. The place is nice. I like the combination of their tables and chairs. Clean area, their staff are very friendly. Overall, I would really recommend Fiorgelato Sta. Lucia Mall. You can find them at the 2nd Level Building 3 of Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall Cainta, Rizal. Just very near the escalator. Delicious gelato for a very affordable price plus a nice and clean area at the same time they have a friendly staff. Definitely, I will be back here together with my friends and family. #newtambayan
11 months ago
Sally Fullero
Fiorgelato is a must visit when you are at Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall. With all the mouth-watering gelato displayed at the store, you'll have a hard time choosing which item to order. So to save myself from this dilemma, I ordered (almost) all the items from the menu. :) Please don't judge, I'm with my family. :) Plus points for this gelato store are the reasonable prices - you'll have authentic Italian ice cream for a fraction of the cost, the store personnel are all pleasant AND even those on a diet can have their dessert fix because Fiorgelato offers selected sugar-free flavors. Two thumbs up!!!
Sep 26, 2019
James Benguet
It's definitely one of my favorite ice cream parlor. Not only because it affordable but because flavor wise it's really good.

They recently add a new item on their menu. The Rebel Bar ala monde. The rebel bar itself is delicious and adding a scoop of ice cream is surely an overkill. haha.

📍 Location: 2nd Floor, Bldg 3, Sta Lucia East Grand Mall, San Isidro, Cainta
Sep 20, 2019
Pauoie Dimla
FIORGELATO : Pure Italian Ice Cream for All Ages


“The Pure Italian Ice Cream”
and also known to be “The Ice Cream of the Elite” since it was mainly produced for restaurants and hotels when it came here in the Philippines around 1989.

Fiorgelato is known to be the Original Authentic Italian Ice Cream made with 100% pure fresh milk and with the highest quality of imported ingredients from Italy.
It was relaunched around 1994 with new management and franchise was offered after a few years. Since innovation is inevitable, they also included coffee and pastries to their menu in selected branches.

Now they serve ice cream to all ages at an affordable price ensuring the best quality product for their customers.

So we tried the following:

Ice cream blend , strawberry (5/5) – smooth shake that is powered by strawberry flavor and not empowered by too much sugar.

Pistacchio Gelato (4/5) – that distinct pistachio nutty creamy flavor that everyone would love.

Peppermint Gelato (3/5) – not a fan of the super powerful peppermint taste.
Ube Gelato (5/5) – the creamy ube taste is so remarkable.
Mango Gelato (5/5) – the real mango flavor is just amazing.

Banana Split (5/5) – the usual banana split that we love, just a higher level with that Pure Italian Ice Cream scoops.

Revel Bar A La Mode (4/5) – well i find it too sweet but it would probably one of their best.
If you like to experience an amazing italian ice cream then you should visit them now.
Second Floor, Building 3 , Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, Felix Avenue corner Marcos Highway, San Isidro, Cainta.
#fiorgelato #gelato
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Aug 29, 2019
Jellybeans In The City
Just when we Easterners thought gelato treats are way above our budget or inaccessible to us, a Fiorgelato scooping station sets up shop right in our turf. Gelato is a type of frozen dessert that originated in Italy. Made with a base of milk, gelato uses a lot less cream than ice cream, resulting in a denser and creamier dessert.
Aug 28, 2019



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