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Coco Ichibanya
89/100 (238 ratings)
Japanese Curry
"Food exactly what I had before during my trips to Japan. A bit pricey but well worth the taste and..."
Olivia Amanda Stella
"The best curry house in the philippines mabilis yung service nila sa robinson manila..."
Katrina Cordero
"Biased as I love Coco Ichibanya! The standard was high as it is in any Coco Ichi, and the cost was in line with other branches around the world -..."
John Chettleburgh
"I love Coco Ichibanya... Im a fan..."
Jen Sumo
"the chicken katsu topping was really thick and juicy; well worth the price :D the hashed beef's curry sauce was notably different and tasty...."
Кукла Глаза
"Honestly, I find Coco Ichi in the Philippines better than the ones in Japan. Always my go to now whenever I crave for..."
Keane Rush
"I loved all the dishe I ordered before at your greenhills branch looking forward to eat again..."
Jacqueline Farinas
"Fave! Esp the omurice and udon. will come back for..."
Rie Takeda
"love their curry so much, but the naan bread is a bit expensive if we want more of..."
"Best Japanese curry on the world.I have to admit I'm a little biased here because I'm addicted to Coco curry. So when the first Coco..."
Curious Couple Eats
"We ordered:- Shrimp curry rice gratin- Pork cutlet curryTaste was good, ambience was great, service was great, value for..."
"This is one no fuzz meal. I think the price is on the expensive side for this kind of meal but taste wise, it is good. You can personalize the spice..."
Jess Liauw
"Curry and Katsu really work! I can’t really taste how different they claim their curry to be from other Japanese restaurants and what I can make..."
Christina | Kain Club
"I’m not a fan of japanese curry so it’s my first time to try it here. (S/O to my friends for forcing me to eat here lol) When ordering..."
Ghia Ayate
"I have been wanting to eat in CoCo Ichibanya ever since a saw an outlet in Japan.. Unfortunately i haven’t tried it there.. So we went to Estancia..."
Melissa Mayor-Casupanan
"I always go to Coco Ichibanya to satisfy my japanese curry cravings. First time to try the Estancia branch and it did not disappoint!Pork..."
"Whenever I crave for Japanese curry rice, Coco Ichibanya is the first thing that comes to my mind. This restaurant has obviously spent a good amount..."
Rochkirstin Sioco
"Coco made me cuckoo over Japanese curry. I love how fluffy their rice is. The hamburger curry is cooked very beautifully and so as the omu..."
Rozelle Carlos
"No other Japanese restaurant does curry quite like Coco. I’ve tried the Tokyo branch and what we have here comes pretty close. Love the burger and..."
Glo Anne Guevarra
"One thing I can say about this resto is that they live up to their name of being the house of curry. One look at their menu and you’ll see a lot of..."
Orange Pesto
"Really love all the curry dishes! Brought with me my anak and my dog. My son is not into spicy food so it's great to introduce him to curry without..."
Janelle Santos
"Food is exactly how it looks like in their menu and taste is authentic and close to what a Japanese curry should be.  A must try for Japanese curry..."
Fat Girls Day Out
"Love the flavor of the curry, and it's nice that you can customize the spice level, amount of rice, and combination of mains. The curry is vegan..."
Kelly Peralejo
"After watching too much curry adventures on Youtube my cravings were finally answered and I'm lucky enough that this Estancia branch was just few..."
Pop Gas
"My husband really loves Curry so we ended up eating at Coco Ichibanya after we visited the latest attraction at Estancia Mall.Since it was..."
Ani Corpuz
"Coco Ichibanya claims to have the best Katsu Curry in the Metro, but I beg to differ.But the curry is still very good, with sauce of..."
Migz Cruz
"I've never heard of Japanese curry until I visited this place. And I'm glad that I visited! I even went back for a second time :)Service at..."
"I love Japan and one of the things I missed in Japan is Curry House CoCo Ichibanya which serves really good curry dishes. So just imagine how excited..."
"Delicious curry! Pork cutlet omelette and clams with spinach and ripe tomatoes were really good. Their price for the add-ons was also worth it. If..."
Lyra De Leon
"All that curry goodness on a plate! Hot, spicy, and very flavourful - love coco ichibanya! Ps: i have my curry on the side. This ones my..."
Muffy | OneHungryTeacher
"Im not really a fan of curry but this resto serves the best curry dishes. We tried the cheeseburger and it was good. Serving was good for two people...."
Food For The Goddess
"Curry House COCO ICHIBANYA:Pork Cutlet Omelet Curry - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5Soup of the Day -..."
"Best curry house in the country! Consistent taste and flavour with Coco Ichibanya Japan, it's as though the dishes are actually made in..."
David Isaac Pimentel
"Coco Ichibanya is our favorite!! We love the Pork Cutlet Omelet Curry (Php360), which is comparable to the regular katsu. It was a generous serving..."
Hungry Buddy
"I love curry. All kinds of curries from all parts of the world. And I am grateful to Coco Ichibanya for introducing me to Japanese curries. This..."
Kislay Chandra
"If there's a craze that I am all for hitting the country. It's the Curry Craze. I think we have enough Ramen places in the country. There are more..."
The Pickiest Eater In The World
"One of my family's fave curry restos.. Whenever we go to the Estancia Mall, this resto is almost always our first choice.. Though a bit pricey,..."
Janis Tan
"Their shrimp curry rice gratin is amazing. can't believe i only just tried this now. unfortunately i wasn't able to finish it cos we were in a hurry...."
"Reeeaaally gooood! I loved the Katsu Kare. It's a cool twist that they paired it with an omurice. The curry sauce is really awesome, you can tweak..."
"I want to start off by saying that this place is a Curry Haven.My mouth started to water as I was browsing their menu. I loved every curry..."
Jason Steven Ortega
"My favorite resto in Estancia Mall! Why a 4.0? Admittedlt there are points for imporvements to get it exactly the same in Japan. I still like jap..."
"CoCo Ichibanya offers different ingredients in the same base (but different level of spicyness) of curry. I really like my curry with a certain sting..."
"The first restaurant in our food crawl is Coco Ichibanya. The restaurant is a franchise from Japan and specializes in Japanese Curry. The place was..."
"Gone CURRYazy and went to curry heaven! Ahhhhhh. I can’t believe I only tried this restaurant recently! Thanks to the UCC group for bringing the..."
Hungry Pants
"This is the second time that me and my foodie crew are going on a food crawl. Food crawling is basically going to a certain number of restaurants in..."
Foodie Day Out
"A food crawl adventure together with my foodie friends. Our first stop is Coco Ichibanya in  Estancia Mall. We had four curry set with four..."
Foodie Day Out
"First things first you gotta love curry to enjoy this joint. Having said that, it is a Japanese showcase of how they have coopted the pungent spice..."
Paul Salapantan
"Although a bit on the pricy side of a dish being around P300-450, the food was definitely worth it. The ordering process offers customers with set..."
Joshah Caleb Chua
"This is currently one of my favourites. The curry is so rich. There is an explosion of flavor in every bite. I got the Japanese burger with cheese..."
Wiss Rivera
"I love that they're very generous with the amount of curry they serve. I ordered their cheese curry with the shrimp croquette, which was really..."
"We went here on a friday night around 6pm. Only two tables were occupied. I ordered the katsu omelete curry and my sister ordered the mixed salad...."
"My fave curry place. I always cant resist going to coco curry whenever im in SG or HK so im happy it is finally in Manila. Everything is so good if..."
"Curry please !!! Omg we almost didn't got the chance to dine here :) my friend isn't really a lover of curry but in the end she agreed to give it a..."
Amazing Eats By PrimSy
"Not a fan of curry myself and we tried eating here with friends the first time today. I had Seafood Curry and it tasted better than I expected, if..."
Tech Goddess
"I'm no curry fan but this curry house is very popular so I joined my boyfriend who's a curry lover, explore their curry dishes. He tried their..."
Jean Santiago
"My son has been bugging me since last week to eat here...well I'd say he has good taste! Cocoichibanya is a curry house located at Estancia Mall in..."
Pats Lim Dy
"I love Japanese curry, and I would prefer it to Indian or Thai curry because it isn't as strong, plus it has a mildly sweet flavor. I was really glad..."
What The F | TFC
"Coco Ichibanya is one and only Japanese curry 'commercialized' (multiple branches) all over Japan. From a recent trip to Tokyo, we ate at 2 Curry..."
Alvin Ong | TFC
"I'm not really a fan of Japanese curry just because I'm not into spicy food, but because of good reviews and saw that you can control the spiciness..."
Jame Febre
"Really good Japanese curry, just like they serve it in Japan (with spiciness levels and all). Their cheese hamburger patty is the bomb! It's so..."
Raina Cheng
"First time to try this place since its had many High Reviews.I was curious so decided to go with my Boyfriend.He ordered Hashed..."
"So happy with my last visit from Coco Ichibanya in Greenhills that I had to visit their branch in Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons. It's quite..."
"I first tried Coco Curry Ichibanya when I was in Shinjuku. There was a Coco Curry near our hotel. I was really happy when I found out that it's..."
David Ramos
"Ohh i do love Japanese curry especially when the flavors are upfront and spicy! This was our second time in Coco Ichibanya to get a curry fix, and..."
Giannina Gonzalez
"CoCo Ichibanya calls itself a curry house. It is a restaurant from Japan which serves various types of meat + curry sauce as a viand. They offer some..."
"The food is superb! Never tried a Curry House restau before but this one set a standard on my foodie list! Will definitely go back again with family!..."
April Rodriguez
"Quite pricey but it's a given since its from Japan... Serving tho was disappointing for the price. Would've liked to receive more meat for the price..."
Ross S. Tan
"NEW REVIEW 2/25/16:The first restaurant in our food crawl is Coco Ichibanya. The restaurant is a franchise from Japan and specializes in..."
"Quite pricey but worth it. Exactly the same curry goodness as the one I ate in Tokyo a few years back. I don't eat pork, so I tried their fish fillet..."
"Visit this place if you want some authentic Japanese curry! Its the best you cant find in the metro. I ordered mine to go and they had it packed in a..."
"I had their omelette curry...the one with scallops and tomatoes. I absolutely loved every bit of it. The omelette was fluffy and just perfect. I..."
"If you love to eat curry then you should try this restaurant because it's their specialty. The taste is good and the way they plate their food makes..."
Miguel Rasonable
"Another Curry house, this time at Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons. We got Pork Cutlet Omelette (P360) and Shrimp Rice Gatin (P330). Curry tastes so..."
Bee Santos
"One of the best curry rice meals that I have ever tasted. The flavor is rich and the level of spice is just right. I like this restaurant because..."
Charm Chan
"I got the pork cutlet curry and it was pretty good. Opted for 200g rice and didn't even get to finish it so yay for saving P20. Choose the set meal..."
"Not a fan of curry but I like Coco's pickled radish and how the Sausage pops in your mouth! Try ordering Fried Chicken with Extra Melted Cheese!..."
Aya Lopez
"Three words: Hamburger cheese curry. It's the right balance of all good flavors - savory, salty, creamy, sweet and rich. Best enjoyed at medium..."
Gino Borromeo
"I'm not much of a curry fan, but Coco definitely changed the game for me! I first tasted this in San Diego last month and i got excited when i..."
Catherine Mabini
"Service was superb! There were dining staff on standby waiting to ask you for a water refill (always with ice!) ♥️ Quick food service with..."
"Last Saturday, we checked out the new Estancia Mall at Capitol Commons in Oranbo, Pasig, and had dinner at Coco Ichibanya Curry House. Curry House..."
Karen MNL
"After opening 1,400+ branches and marking its name in different parts of the world, CoCo Ichibanya Curry House finally arrived in the Philippines...."
"The worlds largest curry restaurant (According to Guiness World Record with over 1,400 stores) open its first store in Estancia Mall. Got..."
Mark Alba
"Best Japanese curry in town! It has the same taste with the Japan branches. I always order pork cutlet curry, 200 grams rice, level 2 spice..."
Fina Mesina
"I believe this restaurant is one of the few ones that offer Japanese curry. We ordered pork cutlet curry with vegetables and one without vegetables...."
JoLyn L
"M loves curry. So once we saw this restaurant in Estancia (and it was highly recommended by my cousin who goes to Singapore or HK to eat this), we..."
"If your looking for a taste of japan curry. Go here! I just had it two days ago in Shinjuku and it taste the same. The level of spiciness is what..."
Ian Ragojos
"I've visited here with my filipino subordinates.Whenever I visit a chain restaurant from Japan, I expect the same taste as in Japan. Here, it's..."
Ryo Nagai
"Easily one of the best curry houses in Manila, but with one small catch.Not only does the curry taste great, the meats and toppings are really..."
Randy Magsanoc
"Whenever I go to a Japanese restaurant, there are two things I really look forward to: 1. Ramen and 2. CURRY. Let's talk about the latter. Japanese..."
Pauline Chua
"I can assure you that Coco Ichibanya is more than just the amount of hype going on around it. The idea is simple: a main dish with lots of curry..."
"Whenever I crave for curry, I think of no where else but CoCo Ichibanya. Being the biggest curry food chain in the world, there's no doubt that they..."
Glenn Ong
"Good place to eat. Curry is really good n price is reasonable. You can order how much rice you want n extra veggies or kimchi on it too. Coffee..."
"Went here a Monday evening, almost 9pm. Lucky to place our orders by the 9.30pm cutoff.We had a hashed beef curry and a hashed beef omelet..."
Cafe Juanita
89/100 (1530 ratings)
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Late Night
Crispy Pata
Kare kare
"Great food specially the Kare Kare love it medyo konti nga lang ang portion pwede dagdagan like yong Kaldereta nyo 😀👍surely babalik kmi my kids..."
Ai Mee
"It was an amazing experience.The place is unique and I love it. The servers are very friendly and accomodating and the food is really good and not..."
Calhai Calhai
"Went here for a holiday dinner. The place was marvellously decorated. They also had an in-house piano player! Festive, indeed. Great food, with large..."
Abba Marie Moreno
"One of my favorite restaurant i love the place good service, the staff is so accomodating very nice ambience and the food is so good. Yesterday i..."
Leonora V. Lipio
"The owner, Doc Vasquez, was so cordial and he really made us feel at home. And while the place was nothing short of festive and grandiosely quaint,..."
Luisa Saida De Guzman
"My wife and I are vacationing from New York City. We were brought by my cousin and her husband to have lunch at Cafe Juanita today. I am so impressed..."
Tony Valencia
"Cafe Juanita never fails to amaze me, all these years, they have always been consistent - from their excellent service to the very good food. I held..."
Hazel Bartolome
"Another great dining experience at Cafe Juanita. Consistent favorites are Sinigang, Kare-Kare and Crispy Pata. But discovered a new favorite..."
Jeo Vaz
"Love the place! great ambiance, food is really good, staffs are all friendly..excellent service..surely will come again!.highly recommended to my..."
Riza Robelo
"It was an amazing experience.The place is unique and I love it. The servers are very polite and friendly and the food is really good. My favorite is..."
Mawel Dela Cerna
"I have visited the place twice already. I love the food and the ambiance is very comfortable and romantic. I particularly like their Shrimp Okoy,..."
Raquel Encomienda
"Really had a nice time at Cafe Juanita. Delicious food especially their Kare-kare ♡♡♡. Very affordable place to bring your family and friends...."
Arcee Anthony Cabral Almarinez
"Yesterday, we had asort of despedida dinner for a friend of ours who was flying back to Canada, and we decided to go to Cafe Juanita. Barrio..."
Burt Gabot
89/100 (1955 ratings)
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Crispy Pata
Kare kare
"Been here once and referred it to my friends..back again last May 4 and they loved the place, music not so loud, food is great and the staff are..."
Dolly Salonga
"Food food, good place. Never failed to impress. Everytime I have friends and family who's going to our place at Pasig. I introduce Locavore to them..."
Mark Bryant Tan
"The best, the yummiest..Wala akong masabi sa sobrang sarap ng food ninyo...Sarap balik balikan..."
Virgy Tumalip Arana
"great experience for us first timers! would definitely go back to have a taste of what else is on their menu! Sugpo con mayonesa was our famfav..."
Madelaine Yap Quinzon
"We loved your service, creativity and innovativeness in making dishes. We will surely return and invite my loved ones and try different food from..."
Karen Mae Guarin
"Locavore serves Filipino dishes with a twist, something different!! My family tried Gising gising, Dinuguang Lechon, Lechon Oysters Sisig, Sizzling..."
Winnie Silverio Malimban
"Solid food!! Or was just lucky with what we ordered. But yeah, it wuz satisfying. I never knew that Kimchee Sinigang would work -perfectly too, and..."
Julian Eudela
"Can't complain about anything, this place is highly recommended. Everything that I ordered was so random,but we enjoyed every dish. Two thumbs..."
Javi Bruan-Pineda
"Food was amazing. It was love at first taste. � I never knew that Filipino food would taste even..."
Prinze Jon Pabelico
"Flavorful! You should order the lechon oyster sisig and sizzling sinigang. We want to go back next time. Not recommendable if you want big..."
JC Carpio
"The food was excellent! First time to dine here and it was superb! I was moved on the innovative menus but uncomplicated flavor. Will be back again...."
Kath Baradi
"I will never grow tired of their food here. I usually come here for their sizzling sinigang. Then having a drink. Or two 😄 Service is very good..."
Oli Rivera-Diaz
"We ordered their Beef Pares Stew and Kare-Kare wings.Beef Pares Stew: you get that yummy flavor of pares paired of with a fall-of-the bone beef..."
Vanessa Rose Returan
"We always have a good time when dining at Locavore. It’s one of our go-to restos for a good Filipino meal. Their modern takes on our Filipino..."
Lena Opiniano
"Had lunch here with friends and ordered the sizzling sinigang, lechon with oysters, sugpo con mayonesa, and turon. The prawns were very good, one of..."
"Love the place been one of my favorite restaurant in kapitolyo area. But almost all the food with sauce has too much msg in the food. You will..."
"Still on top of my list when it comes to Filipino food with a twist! This branch is cozy and laid back, staff and crew are friendly and warm. Food as..."
Nikko M. Taytay
"Quick service and great..."
"The gabi chips are always my personal choice of appetisers. Crunchy and just the right amount of saltiness. The gising gising that they have is the..."
Vanny Mendoza
"Remarkable! Overall great food experience! Try fried oyster sisig, you won't be disappointed. The staffs are very attentive. Price is a bit high but..."
Leona Gonzales
"If you want to experience Filipino cuisine with a twist, Locavore is the place to be. For dinner, this is where we brought our balikbayan cousins. We..."
Southern Tummies
"Inventive and unique dishes. When I saw their menu, I was honestly quite overwhelmed coz they do have a lot of dishes to offer. So we decided to try..."
Thea Bartolome
"Loooooove Locavore. Love its creative takes on Filipino dishes and the generous servings 😍 Everyone probably already said it but the sizzling..."
"Their food never ceases to amaze me in each visit. Love the taste of the flavorful fusion hitting on you at first bite! Staff was also accommodating..."
Faustine Reyes
"Loved the food! Fusion pinoy dish especially the sizzling sinigang, gising-gising and the gabi chips. Their drinks are nice too. Parking is a little..."
Donna Barbadillo Glaraga
"Always a go to place with our staple orders. Here are the must try items (based on my preference of course) Ensaladang..."
"SIZZLING SINIGANG IS PERFECT. enough said.its a unique twist of this filipino classic dish. i love the way the cherry tomatoes would burst in..."
Jenn Piñon
"Their Sizzling Sinigang was definitely unique and flavorful. I also liked their Fried Lumpia with salted egg and Gising Gising. Their Curry Bicol..."
Kyra See
"I really loved everything we ordered:Sizzling SinigangSugpo con mayonesaKare-kare wingsPusit ala PobreBaked scallopsTuron & ice..."
Christina | Kain Club
"Our go-to restaurant never ceases to amaze us with their food and service.ORDERS:Our usual order of Sizzling Sinigang, Fried Oyster..."
"Ate there on a weekday around 2 pm so there wasn't much of a crowd. Service was quick and the servers were nice. We had sizzling sinigang, which was..."
"Been here with the entire family. And we were all surprise that the place is so spacious. Their foos is also great. The service is amazing despite..."
Ace Ednalan
"One of thest moder Filipino restaurants in Metro Manila. My family ordered the Salted Egg Gabi Chips, Pork Belly, Sigarilyas and Sugpo and all dishes..."
Franco Trinidad
"Best filipino cuisine so far. I really really love the sinigang the best ever.!! Best time to eat dinner and with your love ones. #filipinocuisine..."
Karl Aguilar Cardona
"Filipino dish with a twist! Taste good! Kinda pricey for a filipino dish though. Each serving is good for 2-3persons. Ordering 3 kinds of dish for 2..."
"VenueVery cute venue. Whilst it seats a lot of people, it still feel intimate, oddly enough. That being said, this place is clearly somewhat..."
Jeremy Dejardin
"Everything we ordered hit the spot! Sugpo con mayonesa is the one that stood out. The only thing I was a bit disappointed about was we had a..."
Chi Kupie
"Is there any other spin to Filipino dishes? Locavore has found a way!Top picks:1. Fried Oyster Sisig - I just wish they had a..."
Guilty Pleasures Seeker
"Went here for valentines day, and the place was packed but the atmosphere was still so chill and nice.The oyster Sisig was really yummy and..."
"My favorite Filipino restaurant by far. Everything we ordered was delicious! My personal favorites are sizzling sinigang and oyster sisig (I think..."
Jo Anne Maraña Montemayor
"I love Locavore! I absolutely love the oyster sisig! The chocnut ice cream is so good too! Make sure to make a reservation before going to this..."
"Filipino cuisine with a twist. Fantastic flavors and different textures make the dishes quite interesting and unique. Keeps me coming..."
Paolo Rabat
"I think it's been a year since i visited this place last. They've expanded but still kept the same vibe. Had to wait a bit for a table since we..."
El Ray
"We ordered the deep fried oyster with mangga and bagoong. The plating really looked cool and it also did taste good. We also tried the sisig oyster..."
The Beanie Review
"So this is my favorite resto in Kapitolyo. Yes it might be expensive for others but their filipino food with a twist are must try!!!Few of..."
Ylo Omaña
"It must have been really good because up to this day I can’t forget the meal we had at Locavore. Everything was tasty and filling. A little..."
Cybelle Marie Melodias
"Always our go-to restaurant for dinner with friends and family. Guaranteed a success and can cater to any discerning and discriminating tastebud. Was..."
Nina CB
"Great and delicious food but a bit oily so if you’re health conscious, better think twice. Will definitely go back for cheat days. Staff..."
Cookai Talusan
"I’m not really into Filipino restaurants because in my opinion, I can cook those dishes anytime at home but Locavore changed my opinion about..."
Katrina Kayle Cunanan
"Ingenious Filipino food concepts! Everyone should have a taste of their food! I love their Sizzling Sinigang and Kare Kare wings. Sounds crazy but..."
Jan Cruz
"Sizzling sinigang is a must here so we always get that. For a change, we tried the bistek omu rice and champorado. The beef was tender but that was..."
Jess S
"I haven't been back to this Locavore branch in 4 years (usually I frequent the Fort branch) and I must say, the food here is way better than where I..."
Angeli David
"Worth every penny! Super sarap ng foods plus how they named their dishes! ‘twas so cute! Servings are good for 2-3 persons...."
Jill Ramos
"Home of the best sizzling sinigang ang kare-kare wings. Sugpo con mayonesa is also a blast! You will never go wrong should you wish for a Filipino..."
"My whole family enjoyed the food. We ordered almost all of their bestsellers and everything was indeed good. I love their sizzling sinigang, oyster..."
Andrea Villanueva
"Online reservation was fast! Got to book for 9pax within the day, no hassle! Also, the food was really good. A bit pricey if you would compare to the..."
Rachelle Joya
"Great twist on Filipino food! It’s quite pricey but absolutely worth it! The Bistek omurice and Oyster sisig is a must-try. Their kilawin is also..."
Jed Marcelo
"Modern Filipino Cuisine kinda dinner. The Bistek Omu Rice is bomb! Super delicious and definitely recommended to try. Our usual sizzling Sinigang..."
"what can i say? i mean, where do i start? The place is very easy to find and when we got there the security guard assisted us immediately until we..."
Jorge Cardiño Juan II
"I'm not a fan of Filipino cuisine but Locavore's unique way of preparing traditional Filipino food was really a surprise, it made me crave for more...."
SeeFood Lover
"If you are planning to go somewhere in Pasig, you may want to try this place. They are serving Filipino dish with a special twist. As starter, we..."
Eat's Time To Eat
"Ambiance is for casual dates and eating with barkadas.I was quite impressed with how unique their menu is, Kare-kare wings caught my..."
Michelle Nhat Ly
"Been here a few times and my tummy always gets the satisfaction or the joy it needs whenever I visit the place! Invite your friends/family/loved..."
Jozelle Anne
"Probably the best filipino fusion in the metro and I love filipino fusion, cause eating the same cuisine everyday desensitises the experience...."
Katrina Lim
"My best friend brought me here for the first time last night for our catch up dinner after yeaaars. And heeeey, their food was so goOoood that even..."
Ellaine Dayao
"Everything was cooked perfectly the way I like it. I had salted egg gabi chips for starters. Curious, right? My initial reaction was to..."
Nicole Bagtas
"Choosing a place to eat at Kapitolyo was really a struggle coz a lot of restaurants were there. But i'm so glad we got to choose #LocavorePH 😍 The..."
"Locavore in Kapitolyo is such a charm. It serves only locally grown and produced Filipino dishes with a French twist. Whenever you want to have..."
Rochkirstin Sioco
"I’ve been hearing a lot about Locavore Kitchen & Drinks in Kapitolyo for the past few years since it opened but having moved offices from Ortigas..."
Jellybeans In The City
"Will forever go back to this place. Glad that they're expanding now! Always a nice place to bring friends while enjoying our favorite Sugpo Con..."
Foodie Nation
"A Fil Resto worth spending, I don't usually spend much $$$ on Filipino food since it's something my mom can cook at home but Locavore is worth..."
Joey Agojo
"Roasted Garlic Rice: Very aromatic and full of flavor. Goes well with the viands we chose. Oyster Sisig: It feels a little fattening but too..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
"Filipino food with a modern twist! Love their oyster sisig, sizzling sinigang and gising gising.Service was fast and the staff was pleasant..."
"I’ve been here several times and it never fails to exceed my expectations. This time I ordered Lechon & Oyster Sisig and Oxtail Kaldereta. Both are..."
Charlie T. Fernando
"The place is hidden in a side street, parking was not good, but this was compensated for by the food, Filipino food presented in a modern way. The..."
Budoy Lim
"The best of Filipino fusion cuise. Great gastronomic combinations. I can't forget my first impression with lechon oyster sisig bursting with flavors..."
Cristina Red
"Lacavore did not disappoint once again with its Filipino dishes served in the most unique way, yet still maintaining its authenticity. This..."
Lexi Enriquez
"Actual rating: 4.6I’ve always enjoyed my meals in Locavore. This time, I was with my best friend and we were pretty hungry. We ordered..."
Jesse Lui
""Super sarap!" is how I would describe my Locavore experience. We ordered their sizzling sinigang and kare-kare wings and were quite enthralled with..."
Rachel Leen
"Everyone must try this place especially if you’re looking for delicacies with a twist! I really love their sizzling sinigang and chicken wings..."
James John Andres
"If you're craving for two seasons boracay's oyster sisig then you have come to the right place as locavore's oyster sisig is just as good, if not..."
Silantro Fil-mex Cantina
89/100 (2764 ratings)
Late Night
Lamb chops
"I've never been to this place, but as I look at the ads, it looks like, I will enjoy the food, I just hope there are many branches of this near my..."
Ed de Guzman
"You will never regret waiting to be sitted! The food is delicious and affordable. The beef nachos and calliente wings are my favorite! And oh try..."
Joey Bagasina
"The food is great! Super full yesterday! I also loved the taste of their unli ice tea. We enjoyed our early dinner. Thank you, silantro! Keep it up!..."
Malou Roque
"Food is delicious as hell. Ate here 2 times now in Kapitolyo. Kahit na mahaba lagi pila and dami tao di naman ganon katagal waiting, and you can see..."
Judy Dalisay Tacud-Miranda
"Always an awesome time with family at Silantro Kapitolyo. Excellent food, value for money, and efficient staff. They would even offer to take your..."
DJ Francisco
"I thought the restaurant was just hype because of the hour-long wait. When I took my first bite of the nachos, I was completely wrong. That hour long..."
Steven Maxwell Tan
"Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! Haven't tasted really good food in a long time. It was well worth the long queue....."
Tonet Lipana
"Food tastes soooo good, that is if you like a fusion of Fil Mex cuisine. Servings are food for sharing and their prices are very..."
Inday Ni Na
"Definitely the best restaurant for us! We tried their branches in UP Town Center and in Laguna but their Kapitolyo branch is the best so far. Been..."
Jed Basa
"Called in advance to order for pickup. Kuya was very accommodating and friendly. Ordered 30 minutes in advance. Waited for an additional 10 minutes..."
Kinni Eala
"We went here for a weekend late lunch and were able to sit right away. We just two people. Right of the bat, the menus were disgusting! It was wet..."
Rakesh M
"seafood paella it..."
Appetite Hunter
"Never fails to satisfy my taco cravings. Glad that the quality and quantity of service were not compromised even if they’ve branched out to other..."
Katherine Aguas
"I still recall the first time I tried Silantro  some two years ago at  its Kapitolyo branch which was near our abode. It was first son's birthday..."
Jose Enrico Perez
"First time here and the nachos did not disappoint. We ordered it twice! Everything is fairly priced. No wonder lines are always long outside. I am..."
Josh Rosario
"Their food is one of the things that are worth waiting for. Dining with a friend, waiting didn't seem like a waste of time too! We just had their..."
Mary June Conti
"One of my favorite restaurant here in Kapitolyo. Their quesadillas and burritos are the top on my list as this satisfy my tummy. For me, these are..."
Patrick Jan Faustino
"I had a wonderful lunch date with my girl here, the place is along the food trip street of Kapitolyo.Parking is a bit difficult as there..."
Pavan Ramchand
"Parking is a big letdown. Food is great and worth every peso. Can't eat and talk properly because of staff letting us know that our vehicle might get..."
Vix Gaminde-Leviste
"The place was packed, but the long line was worth the wait. Their beef nachos is THE BOMB!!!..."
Jefferson Briones
"I’ve always been a fan of Silantro’s Burrito from Day 1 but never got to try their other dishes until just recently. Their beef quesadilla has..."
"My friend invited me here and thats when I started to love rib eye. The place was crowded when when we came and had to wait for 30 mins to get a seat..."
"This place is great for family friends and a romantic date. The serving was very satisfying and each plate can be shared with your company. I suggest..."
Laidback Lifestyle
"Best nachos in metro manila. Their steak is also good but have the same taste as the beef in the nachos, you are technically tasting the same thing..."
Rhameses I
"Food's SO good! The place is small (and actually kind of hot inside) and if you come when the place is packed, you might have to wait outside for..."
Ahliesa Santiago
"Hmm, had high expectations here because of the reputation and reviews here on Zomato. When we went, we had to wait a bit to be seated... even though..."
"Will keep on coming back to this place (as long as the prices don’t go up lol). Real OGs know that Silantro is one of the best restaurants in..."
Migo Lumawig
"Silantro Beef Nachos. Definitely must try! (Thank me later. 😅)We went here on a weekday night. I expected there was gonna be a queue,..."
Cathy 💋
"Bang for your buck!! Great taste, generous serving size, affordable price. Been looking for good tacos and I was not disappointed when I ordered..."
Ranel Irvin Toledo
"If you’re craving for Tex Mex, I suggest you go to Silantro. One of the best soft tacos I’ve ever had 👌🏼I don’t even think my..."
Maureen Lay
"Love this place! Their food is very affordable and taste great! One of the best nachos ever! Their quesadillas were not too good though. Their..."
Naveen Devnani
"Decided to grab a quick bite as it was the closest branch to my area. There was no line when I got there but it was too hot to enjoy it outside so I..."
"The place is small so if you are planning to dine here, you have to be an hour early or else you have to wait. The food is good. We ordered beef..."
April Cui
"My siblings suggested this place. We arrived just after 1pm we ordered: calliente wings, beef nachos & silantro's paella. Their servings are good for..."
"Had cravings for some mexican food and decided to try out Silantro.We ordered:Nachos - Generous serving with lots of beef, onions..."
"It was my first time to try and good thing there were no lines. Maybe because it was for late lunch, around 1pm on a humpday..."
Eats Like That
"we reached the place around 8pm and waited for 10-15mins. i don’t mind the queue because i left the place full and satisfied. i will definitely..."
Charmaine MGav
"BEST PLACE FOR MEXICAN FOOD!Nachos are loaded with toppings and has available dips. Burger is ginormous and juicy. Chicken wings is so..."
Mag Cruz
"They serve the best fries I've ever had!! Perfect with the white aioli like sauce. The place is a bit crowded but food is good. Perfect for barkada..."
Tin Kua Pornel
"What can I say, Silantro just gives you value for your money.Serving wise, taste wise along with their service is prompt, attentive and..."
Jc Anerino
"Finally got to try this restaurant with some friends when we arrived early. The place is always so full you will have to wait long before a seat is..."
Guilty Pleasures Seeker
"I love mexican cuisine. This place in Kapitolyo, Pasig is one of the best choices for friends to hang out and have a great meal.They have..."
James Tancioco
"Our go to place for Tex-Mex food. Almost always jam packed. We went here for a snack and ordered Nachos and wings. I don’t like the Mexican wings..."
Jess S
"Come early or prepare for the long queues. The place is always packed despite the inaccessibility of the location.Must-try items:-..."
Minique A
"My friends from Pampanga came to visit us so I wanted them to experience the food here in Manila. I searched for food places around Mandaluyong and..."
Conie Sillar
"• hole in the wall!• small seating area, could get busy at night and weekends• inexpensive ₱, share plates • Papi’s Fritas..."
"Long Queue....but it's ok! We waited for an hour just to get into this simple place in Kapitolyo. It has a chill vibe, assuring staff and best of all..."
"Highly recommended. I usually go here at least once a week. Budget-friendly and quite big serving. Caliente wings, quesadilla, and nachos are..."
"The place is always packed but it's worth mentioning that the food here is amazing. I can't stop thinking about their quesadillas! Nachos,..."
Ma. Alyssa Cabana
"Great value for money, i recommend the Beef Taco Hard Shell (tastes similar to Pancake House Taco but a lot better!). Soft Shell Lengua is good as..."
Patrick Pecson
"Best Fil-Mex Resto for me!!!ZOMATO GOLD referral code to get 20% membership!ZOMATO GOLD referral code to get 20%..."
Pitt Bryan Roman
"There is always a line here (which is understandable considering the food is really good) so you better be there early. They bring justice to the..."
"Don’t go there without ordering their Beef Nachos! Best beef nachos!! Silantro Quesadilla is 4*, Grilled Mahi Mahi is 4*, my favorite main course..."
Mary Grace Reyes
"AWESOME Mexican dishes with Filipino twist.Homey atmosphere as in you can dine in wearing whatever you want (just don't go their naked -..."
Kim Marcelo
"It’s my first time to try Mexican food and I will definitely come back for their dishes. I fell for their cheesy beef taco, overloading seafood in..."
Kathleen Leanda
"Food was great and the price was also worth it! I ate here with my family after church, and we we’re excited to try out their dishes. Can’t wait..."
Kate Denise Vallejo
"A and I can’t count the number of times we’ve been here. I think it’s been more than 10x already. 😂PARKING ☑️Super limited...."
Table For Me And You
"Long lines is not new to us whenever we visited this branch regarless, we still chose to dine here. Friendly staffs, Great foods. I really enjoyed..."
"All time favorite fil-mex resto I've been to!I've been to 3 different branches, and I must say they've been consistent with the taste and..."
"I never thought there’s a good tasting mexican restaurant around Kapitolyo until I found this! Silantro offers delicious fil-mex dishes with a..."
Faye Lacsamana
"Went here together with my colleague after an inspection with one of our buildings near the vicinity. Luckily for us when we arrive all customers..."
Wild Ride
"This resto is always full of people. The queue here is always long! So my tip here is to come early and better to go here on a weekday! We got lucky..."
Jemarie Amores
"I can eat this all day! Their nachos is sooo good for sharing ;you can choose 2 sauce (i recommend the silantro sauce especially the spicy one)...."
JC Nepomuceno
"My go-to place for my paella, burrito and chicken wings (Caliente Wings) cravings. Paella is good for 3 persons and 5 chicken wings for Caliente..."
"the nachos were amaaaazzzing. The burrito was also yummy. Everything on the menu that had beef in it is a must try. It would really be great if there..."
"Good place to get your dinamita (cheese sticks with jalapeño) albeit it being overpriced. They are cooked perfectly though, crispy ‘yung wrapper..."
Jesse Lui
Tittos Latin Bbq & Brew
89/100 (1493 ratings)
Late Night
Chicken Wings
"THE PLACE Pretty packed on opening night says a lot about a new place :) Parking right at the venue is limited, but worry not--they have valet..."
Denise Atas
"Great food and great service! All staff are very accommodating esp our waiter Gerald. we ordered steak burrito, taco barbacoa (if I remember..."
EU Mercado
"Amazing place,super ambiance,food ������ and the desert OMG we tried all the menu it is so..."
Mehdi Moussaoui
"We had lunch here last week, I love the food and the place. Looking forward to visit for dinner. Also wondering if there's a bar at night, would like..."
Nap Garcia
"Definitely a must-try! Everything I have tried in this resto is tasty and filling. The ambiance is awesome, food is great, and there's valet..."
Iris Parto
"This place is great.! Ambiance perfect.! Food is Excellent and amazing service.!! will be back for sure ;) Special thanks to the staff who..."
Eleanor Basbas
"Love the place and nachos ��� perfect place to spend wih your..."
Lovelyn Bendejo
"Great place and excellent food! I personally love the pollo quezadilla, nachos, titto's chicken and the paella! Cant wait to try the others!!..."
Ojie Paloma
"The staff are nice and very attentive to our needs. I dropped the lime of our paella on the table and a waiter offered to bring us a new one. I..."
Hernani Laurel
"Everything was spectacular and gastronomical delight (as cliche as it may sound) unfortunately we have finished everything and that one slice of..."
Ryan A
"This is my favourite Latin-American restau ❤️ I love the food so much, must try their Tittos Iced tea..."
Shiena Bernal
"Brought my family here for their despedida dinner and everyone enjoyed the food! Try their Crab Tortilla de Bomba and Truffle Pizza!..."
Tin Lacson
"One of Two lechons was from Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew! I enjoyed the immense tenderness of the meat and incredulous crunch from the skin. The lechon de..."
Eboy M. Donato
"Loved their Tapas de Chipa and their Chiquittos. The Tapas de Chipa's smoked salmon was the star, complemented by the soft cheese. A few drops of..."
Miguel Macariola
"Its our second time coming here, and its definitely a step up when it came to the experience. The ambience was very nice. The food came at a..."
Allen Mueco
"Sulit na sulit ang food dito! I love the chicken and paella very delicious! Food wise very good! The place is also great! Maganda yung setup ng place..."
"The staff were really polite and considerate. They didn't rush us even if it was closing time. They didn't give us a hint that they were closing..."
Maybelle Alvarez Velasco
"2nd time at Tittos (at a diff branch) and it’s still the same great experience. I just love their Chiquittos. But all in all, every food we’ve..."
Lena Opiniano
"Titto's is a restaurant worth coming back to. The food was very tasty. I would recommend the Titto's Signature Steak Pasta and the Sisig..."
Melanie Bravo
"Cool ambience and staff. Delicious food. Best enchilada in town! We also tried the Garlic Shrimp BBQ Pizadilla and it didn’t disappoint. Appetisers..."
"What We Had:Paella NegraNacho el GigantePollo AsadoPesto & Mushroom PizzaWhat We Liked:Having gone there for the..."
The Beanie Review
"First time to the place, finding the place was easy, parking is an issue. Reservation recommended, croquets and gambas for starters were amazing,..."
Maria Rona Bas
"They have good food and service. I highly recommend their sisig chicharrones and their dulce de leche cheesecake. Also try their flavored beer...."
Emmanuel Ibanez
"I've been craving for tacos for the past week and so I decided to give this place a try considering how high it's rated in zomato.Chiquitos..."
"The ambience is great! I tried their Beef Tazones and it was really good. We also ordered the Sangria Blanco, and it was quite strong but still good!..."
Chrissa Zafranco
"Glad we tried it here because the reviews are true, the food is great and the staff were all wonderful ☺️ My favorites were the sisig chicharon..."
"One of my favorite cuisines yet: Latin American. As long as there's Latin & BBQ on the name, I'm definitely down for it!For the appetizers,..."
Jonylle Pineda
"We keep coming back for the SANGRIAAAA , and really really really loved the kare-kare burrito, sisig tacos, and the frozen brazo! We wish the..."
Pia J
"Titto's is NOT specifically just for the Titos and Titas of Manila but for anyone who wants a lot of Latino magic in their meal.The..."
Boodle Bear
"Enjoyed my first dining experience at Titto's with my family. One dish turned out enough for two pax because the servings were big. My sister and I..."
Alex Reyes
"Was my first try here and it didn't disappoint.Although my agenda really was just to meet up with a friend, have some chitchats and few..."
Pop Gas
"It’s my second time to eat here and in a large group (more than 20 people). Good food as always! Love the salmon and the nachos. Shout..."
Josh Rosario
"I can stay here all-day with their nachos el gigante and Tittos wings. You can order anything from their menu at Room 16 (hidden bar and extension..."
"Went here for the first time after a tough workout and felt like I could eat everything on their menu. Alas they proved me wrong because serving..."
Eribelle Tapalla
"I will never get tired of this restaurant because of its Latin American ambience and superb FEAST. Must try: Truffle Pizzadilla, Paella Arroz Negra,..."
Far Velez
"Food is nice, staff is friendly, place is homey. This is where you would want to celebrate special occasions. Not too crowded as there will always be..."
Altier Laurice Feliciano
"Actual rating:4.3/5.0We had the pesto and mushroom pizzadilla as a starter. It used a tortilla wrap which contributed in making..."
Jesse Lui
"My husband likes ordering nachos in almost everywhere we visit, and he didn’t skipped on this one. We shared an order of El Gigante Nachos (PhP..."
Rochkirstin Sioco
"Quick table confirmation using the Zomato app. My friends and I (group of 10) were given great service by all the staff. We all enjoyed the food we..."
"Dinning here was an impulsive choice, so we did not really expected much... But the food here is really great! The nachos are how it should be, the..."
"Sisig chicharrones is the bomb!!!! We also ordered wings, chiquitos, barbacoa and pella. Ambience is also good and the place doesn’t get really..."
Ayvee Callao
"First time trying Tittos and I was not disappointed! Food was really good and service was excellent! Highly recommended if you want a good fix of..."
Pauline De Las Alas
"Their sisig is superb! One of the best sisig I’ve tasted. Their paella and truffle pizza is also delicious. Plus they have good music. We love RM..."
"Ordered a steak burrito for delivery. Initially thought that the price was rather expensive but when the burrito arrived, I was pleasantly surprised..."
John Santos
"Great setting and food was authentic, coupled with nice Brazilian cocktail mix... minor improvements in pace of service. Overall good place to..."
James Velasquez
"We love the food specially the nachos. I love how food are shown on their menu for reference. We liked the vibe, casual yet “instagramable”. Very..."
Cham Ubaña
"We went here for our team lunch and ended up ordering a lot. I loved the paella, the pumpkin soup, mashed potato and baby back ribs. I didn't like..."
Nadine Esternon
"Taste: 🎖🎖🎖🎖Price: 🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖Ambiance: 🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖Service: 🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖Very sulit! The..."
Mt. Foodji
"One of my favorite taco places. Good food and value for money. My favorite tacos are their beef barbacoa and salted egg shrimp tacos. Their salpicao..."
Isay Macasinag
"Must Try Dishes:Salted Egg Street TacosPaellasEnsaladas(+) ambiance, have nothing but good things to say whether it be the..."
Small Girl Big Appetite
"Kapitolyo is a great place if you want to go on a food trip because it's considered as the foodie haven of Pasig. . One of the frequent haven of..."
Foodventures By FraPao
"new menu alert and it’s oh so goood!let’s hype the Titos this time - because the Titas are overrated na, haha!Tittos Latin..."
"One of the best tacos I've tasted. I also like their version of steak. Servers are also very quick and respectful. I'll definitely come..."
Wilson Paul Co
"I really enjoyed dining at Tittos. We ordered the Baha Tuna, Beef Barbacoa, and Nachos. It looks fairly simple, but the flavors worked perfectly. I..."
Trish Deluria
"Came here for a quick bite. Food was excellent, service time was reasonable, staff were very attentive and quick to address our needs. Ambiance was..."
Minique A
"Tittos has recently celebrated their second anniversary and along with it are new dishes on the menu. . My friend Jen  Sand Under My Feet  was..."
Phantasm Darkstar
"We had a feast! Let me tell you what we enjoyed the most first:- horchata : I have no idea what real authentic horchata tastes like but..."
Jen CC Tan
"Great place to chill. Good food. Cozy ambiance. Attentive and friendly servers.Must try - cocktails! Amaretto sour and customized cocktails..."
Kate Procopio
"People say that millennials like me are ruining friendships and that we are going through a friendship crisis as a generation because we only connect..."
Sand Under My Feet
"The best burrito, quesadilla, and soft taco ever! So much flavor and color in the food. We will be back for sure. Kudos to the staff that serve..."
Jian Christian Chua
"This is the second time I visited this place and it’s still great! Tried their beef barbacoa and pork chuleta which were really tender and..."
Tobi Tubil
"We had our anniversary dinner here. The food I can say has big servings and flavorful. The ambiance was like a Latin American, Mexican Vibe. There..."
"We tried their elote, beef barbacoa, 18hr gaucho steak, pollo asado and pork chuleta. The elote was sprinkled with seasoning that I cant really..."
"Ambiance is so relaxed and chill. Went there hoping to go inside RM16 but they were closed during sunday. I love their nachos and sisig tacos...."
Joa Rivera
"This is a good place to have a get-together or a small party. I went here with my block for the end of our summer term. One of the best things about..."
Samuel Ephraim Caneja
"Try their Nachos el Gigante! My favorite one so far 👌🏼 would definitely come back for it. Also, the Breakfast Burrito was mostly rice but still..."
Evanmarie Mendoza
"One of the best place we have eaten around Kapitolyo. Their roasted chicken was the best chicken I have tasted so far. We choose mashed potato..."
Team Lafang
"We went here for dinner since this restaurant is near to our place. Super dope menus and foodies. Mexican or Espanol style foodies. He he..."
Happy Muñoz
"Another recent addition to the establishments in the foodie-friendly Kapitolyo neighborhood is Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew. The family and I were..."
Jellybeans In The City
"Talk about quality! From the food to the drinks and to their dessert! Highlight is their churros! It has ube filling! Their squid ink paella is..."
Jam Blauta
"If you are craving for pesto pasta and quesadillas, this is the best place to go! You'll for sure love the ambiance here-- perfect for your IG..."
Shiela Busquit
"Good ambiance, good food (especially the nachos), and generous serving of food. Staff are accommodating and professional. Would come back..."
"Nacho El Gigante ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Mexican Elote ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Lomo Saltado..."
"Always my go to place! Lucky i live close by to the best Latin food in town! Highly recomended dishes are sisig tacos, gaucho steak and beef barbacoa..."
Katya Gutierrez
"We were greeted by accommodating staff. The place is well maintained and the servers are very responsive to our needs. The food definitely did not..."
Cathleen Irish Lacebal
"Gaucho steak is a must try! I love the gravy and the steak itself. Tacos are amazing but a little bit pricey for a taco costing 140-150 each...."
Ann Margaret Silva
"First time to visit this place with my bf and I must say it was worth the try. We ordered steak burrito (no pic😅) and burgerittas. The serving was..."
Jam Sanchez
"Excellent service and ambiance. The servers were very accommodating. Food is served quickly. Breakfast burrito is the bomb! We loved the Sangria as..."
Marc Malibiran
"This restaurant didn't disappoint. We wanted to try something different from the rest which was along the strip.There is a reason why side..."
Aisa Q. Hipolito
"Good ambiance and service, good menu selection as well. Got the fried fish with salted egg sauce and spicy beans lunch meal, not particularly mind..."
"Omg, the Nachos el Gigante was soooo good! Serving size was huge; 4 to 5 people can comfortably share the medio. Tittos Chicharron was sinfully..."
Liz Mora
"If it wasn't for Zomato, I wouldn't have found Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew. I was planning on eating around the Kapitolyo area, and saw it listed in the..."
Beatriz Fores
"This place serves really good food. The price is reasonable for its quality. The management is accomodating but sometimes they are in chaos,..."
Miguel Sese
"the food is great! the ambience also gives a mexican vibe. we tried nachos, baby back ribs and chicken wings and they are must try!!! we'll..."
Dan Dilao
"Their crispy pata comes with 3 sauces: sweet soy sauce, vinegar, and chimichurri. I never thought I would prefer the chimichurri over vinegar for a..."
Lo De Alberto
88/100 (602 ratings)
South American
Central American
"Great delicious food, I had the opportunity to stop here in February 2017 and loved the food. I live in Southern California in the United States and..."
Agustin Lopez
"Great food 100% legit mehicano chef! Accommodating people. Very friendly owners and staff. Surprise on every bite! And oh you gotta try their..."
Chriz Bigbounty
"Food was simply delicious! And the drinks! Kudos to the bar tender preparing them. The staff were friendly and very accommodating. I'd say I made..."
John Joseph Viel
"Best Mexican food in the whole country! The owner and his wife are great and the chef is an artist with..."
Kim Morrison
"Number one authentic mexican food in the metro! Love the tacos, horchata and the generous amount of cheese they have in their..."
Samantha Aquino
"They catered for my and my mom's double birthday celebration last Sunday and the food was just awesome! Authentic taco bar with the freshest,..."
Adiel Santos Bonifacio
"Great place, great food, great drinks, and great customer service...."
Matt De Castro
"Great place. I feel like I'm back in California. Highly..."
Ace Cruz-Herrera
"Best and most authentic Mexican food in Manila! I love the homemade soft corn tortilla!!!!..."
Gaia Royeca
"The food and service are excellent. It looks like I'm gonna be seeing [750868060:Balam] a lot more in the future. Loved..."
Jude Itutud
"Check it out!! Then grab a bite of delicious authentic tacos at lo De Alberto its mexico in the..."
Carl Quirante
"I live in Houston Texas now and have learnec to like Mexican food and i have learned to cook myself. But your food is unforgettable! I have my recipe..."
Ana M Bouffard
"we’d heard a lot of good things about this (sort of) hidden gem in the heart of ortigas, and we decided to try it out. nagdinner na kami sa..."
Z+C Foodventures
"It was a great place to relax, unwind, and have good conversations with friends. Food was good, drinks were cold, and staff was..."
"Aside from Uncle Moe's and Frankie's, City Golf also has LO DE ALBERTO! This is the first Mexican restaurant that we enjoyed from start to finish...."
MCSI Group
"The food tastes just right, almost authentic. It's also quite affordable, and the serving sizes are almost always good for sharing. The staff is..."
Emjo Ramirez
"This little taqueria serves quality and great tasting tacos. I don't think I'm the best person to say if this is an authentic taqueria as they claim..."
Ann Coho Sy
"Good, tasty mexican food at an excellent price point, and with a relaxed ambience. The flavoring of the salsa is incredibly on point, and pairs well..."
Mr. Snob
"Had a nice catch-up with a friend over good mexican food,Had a couple of tacos and the Suadero (Beef) stole the show while next was the..."
Miguel Luis Felizardo
"Love their Chilaquilles! The sour cream chunks gave it a unique flavor. Also very generous serving! And it looks real beautiful. Place got a nice..."
The Beanie Review
"Thumbs up!The closest Mexican and authentic it can be.Their menu is straight up more choicesTheir servings are for sharing..."
"🐽 Food: Yummy comfort Mexican food! Serving is generous. 🍹 Drinks: They have special promos for their beers and..."
Cheska Del Rosario
"Love the food and ambiance of this place! Been here 3x and never fails to satisfy my Mexican craving and yet deliver great service.Their..."
Cindie Cheng
"They were actually right, this is the most authentic taqueria there is. Best dalandan Margarita ever. Sadly, when we ordered the sangria right after,..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
"Great Mexican food without breaking the bank. The price is pretty reasonable for what you get. We loved the Campechano (Php230) burrito, which was..."
Che Faustino
"Great Mexican place in City Golf Plaza! We had the Sopa Pancita, a spicy soup with beef tripe, for appetizer. For our mains, we opted for..."
Miguel Francisco Macaalay
"Kumain ako ng enchiladas. Ito ay masarap pero tatlo lang. May ang enchiladas maraming masarap na sauce. Ang inumin ko ay horchata. Masarap din!..."
Kyrylo Silin
"A tad pricey with service charge but I found the quality worth it. I had the enchiladas and they were very nice. The chicken was tender and the rolls..."
"Best MEXICAN RESTAURANT in Manila. 👍🌮🌯🍸From Q.C. but went here so many times with my workmates. Imagine the travel time just to..."
"Best Mexican food in the Philippines, you cannot get more authentic food than here. Of course is not going to be the same as in Mexico, but it's real..."
"Great stuff! Tried them way back before they moved to their present location. Liked it then, love it more now.We had the suadero, ensenada,..."
Gian Conde
"Had dinner here with friends last night.Lo de Alberto gives value for your money. Aside from offering buy one get one on their cocktails,..."
"According to a friend who grew up in Mexico, the taste of the food in Lo de Alberto is the closest to authentic Mexican dishes out of all the Mexican..."
"If you’re looking for authetic Mexican food, this is the place for you! Great tacos and amazing quesadillas! I love their soft corn tortilla...."
Elaine Valencia
"The best mexican food place in metromanilaÉl menú esta supervisado por un cheff mexicano, las quesadillas las recomiendo altamente, no..."
Jose Alberto Salazar Trejo
"Ordered the Suadero and their Horchata. Was very satisfied with the food. Very filling and definitely has a good value for money. Will be back to try..."
Artsy Foodie
"I am refreshed to discover Lo de Alberto in Pasig.Their authentic Mexican cuisine is the major reason why I’m delighted. Tried the Hongo..."
Mike Lord Raymundo
"Note: This review is long overdue. Based on a visit on October 17, 2017.Lo de Alberto-- They claim to be 'The only authentic Taqueria in..."
Beatriz Fores
"We went for lunch and tried the Taquiza, Chilaquiles and Campechano.  All were very good. The spices were fresh and just right, not too hot.  The..."
Sandy Cabanes
"Highly recommend the crispy and delicious Chilaquiles (tortilla chips with salsa roja, pico de gallo, chicken, and sour cream). Great for sharing!..."
A. Yu
"Hubby has been hankering for some Mexican food at this relatively new taqueria located at City Golf, along Julia Vargas Avenue in Ortigas, Pasig. The..."
Jellybeans In The City
"The food was great. We got here at around 3pm for an afternoon snack. the place is quiet, not a lot of people is there around that time. We ordered..."
"I just had takeout (via honestbee) the burrito was delicious! Big, flavourful, and great value for money. I can’t recommend this place..."
Andrew Wilson
"Boyfie and i had lunch here this afternoon. Tried ordering the beef tacos, it was good i ordered more for take out. The burritos was so so, bf dint..."
Ciahciah Sakata
"The most authentic taqueria in town! My personal favorite includes the enchiladas, burritos, & their Margaritas! If you're in the area make sure you..."
The Cranky Foodie
"The restaurant itself was pretty, but I was really taken by the area at the back. There were comfortable little sofas and pillows, pretty lights..."
Kyle Jamero
"One of the best Mexican cuisine in manila. I guess credits the the Mexican chief Balam. Their mojito is amazing as well! I think the only problem is..."
Yknip Metoac
"We had our burritos for take out so the tortillas were a bit soggy when we ate them (totally our fault) but still, they're..."
Elise Francisco
"Must try their Enchiladas: corn tortilla, with perfectly cooked chicken, cilantro, salsa, chunks of cheese and sour cream If you want..."
Nina Niguidula
"The vibe has always been relaxed with the staff always very accommodating. They now have a bigger menu after their move to a larger space. The agua..."
Moshe Baldo
"Affordable and very filling! I always order the Alambre with the two-for-one frozen margarita. Love going here to dine after work and chill with some..."
Hannah Israela
"Tried their beef burrito and it was definitely delicious and filling! Nice service too. It's also a good thing they transferred to a new location in..."
Wil Reyes
"Awesome authentic Mexican food! Love the new location (old Bugsy's Bar) so you don't have to eat outdoor in parking lot. Soft opening is when I went..."
"This place has authentic mexican tacos and burritos which made us go back, twice already! Their beef choices are THE BEST! Even the drinks (different..."
Claire Zarate
"Finally tried this resto after seeing it several times! Got the Beef Burrito and the Tres Amigos Taco Platter. The Tres Amigos Taco Platter had a..."
"I wasn't really hungry. I just wanted a snack, just a bite, so I won't go drinking on an empty tummy. I would've ordered just anything but decided to..."
"Did you say authentic? YES This is the best mexican place so far! We ordered tacos, quesadilla, burrito with tortillas on the side. And i forgot to..."
Angelo Constantino
"For me, Lo de Alberto has the best taco shell in Manila.  I'm definitely coming back for more tacos!  Their mushroom quesadilla is also very good...."
Meg Koh
"This place had been oblivious to me due to Frankies but boy, I've been missing out. Their tacos are really good- the shell is soft and their Carnitas..."
"This is as close as you can get to a Mexican taco stall in Manila. I love this place. Forget those hipster taco places and sisig burrito..."
Kit Reyes
"The taqueria is located in a humble spot in City Golf's untroubled lineup of restaurants, bars and bistros.  Wooden tables and chairs are set..."
Jani Escaño
"I am fast becoming a fan of this new and rising, small but very endearing taqueria located in the middle of a parking lot that makes it more rugged..."
Marika Cinco
"Kind of accidentally walked into this place as we were on our way to dinner somewhere else. The branding and the visuals were so inviting, we..."
Monique Tendencia
"A lot of Mexican restaurants have been sprouting lately. I have been to a number in the past weeks. And all of them impressed. This place has great..."
"Very good Mexican street food restaurant in the parking lot of City Golf Plaza. We started with their beverages. Tamarindo is like a tart..."
"Best damn Pollo Burrito from first up to the last bite.Wrapping was quite soft so you need to slowly peel the foil.But, the best part is..."
Man On A Budget
Mom And Tina's Restaurant
88/100 (276 ratings)
"My sister in law celebrated her birthday with us last July and we got her a cake from Mom and Tina's. We ordered via GrabFood. We got the Mocha..."
"Food ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Ambiance ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Value for money ⭐⭐⭐⭐Service ⭐⭐⭐⭐Location ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Overall..."
Cza Tan
"What an amazing touch of old country class right off of C5. Once you walk in you forget about where you are and the incredibly polite staff greets..."
Steve Muchnick
"You know you’re a “tita” when you spend Sunday Brunch eating Tocino or Pancake with sausage and egg at this place. Place is so cozy..."
Chic Bulalacao
"Super love the food here. A bit pricey but worth it. Our supplier always bring these for the meetings and we look forward to it more than the meeting..."
"Their Callos is my favorite, but when I recently had breakfast here, parang kumonti yung serving. Kulang din sa lasa. Their Mango Walnut Torte saved..."
Paola Gene
"We've only tasted their dessert as we have our lunch at the nearby restaurant. The brazo de Mercedes is my favorite. Will come back to try their main..."
Jonathan Tiozon
"Sandwiches and pastries here are such amazing comfort food. Love the Beer Callos dish. Would absolutely come back and bring friends here for a cozy..."
Glo Anne Guevarra
"Dined here last Monday, June 12 with my Church mates and Dgroup leader after we attended freedom fest 2018 in Sm Aura. I love the interiors and..."
Patricia Larracas
"Perfect comfort food. I like the homey ambience. No music was playing so you could just hear people chatting. We ordered: soup of the day ( there's..."
Jean De Leon
"we like having brunch here. nice ambiance, good food just a bit pricy though. staff could be more friendly... but overall it's a cute little place to..."
Jess Liauw
"This restaurant has always been one of my personal favourites. The ambiance that you get from their cute interiors is second to none. It’s a good..."
Mac Mendoza
"Been here more than 30times! First of all, near our place. Second, great as in GREAT food! Third, feels like home. :) I would recommend to go here..."
Laurence Balderrama
"Homey interiors and the classic comfort food of Mom and Tinas. The only problem here is always the parking space. Given the capacity of the..."
K @
"I loveeeeeee their cake!!! Especially the butter cake. 😍 taste like heaven. 🎂☁ it's very pound unlike the other cake that looks like fluffy..."
Danielle Lois Buenaflor
"Food at Mom&Tina’s is amazing! Don’t just stick to ordering the pastries, try out their meals as well. The Lengua is my fave out of all the..."
"So easy to get here on a weekend - Sunday to be specific or on holidays. We know how traffic C-5 is... You ride an fx, grab or cab and is very..."
Myra Gay ♡ Coffee ☕🍽 Dine 🍴🍸🍺🍹🍷
"I really love their quiche! Also their food it's affordableAnd also the cakes... amazing!! 🤓😘😜 how i wish may branch kayo sa..."
Christian Grey
"Mom and Tina's is one of our go to places for delicious grub and desserts for potluck parties. A few Fridays ago, we had dinner here. I..."
"Met up with two good friends whom I have not seen in ages! 😜 hazards of our jobs!We wanted to have a lengthy dinner that can extend up to..."
Foodie Dokie
"When I need comfort food or want to take it slow but only have an hour or two to do so, Mom & Tina's always comes to mind. Today, I felt like I..."
Fluffy Belly
"8th Visit. My 1st inMOM & TINA'S BAKERY CAFEArea and Staff✅ Location✅ Amenities✅ Restroom✅ Crew✅..."
Radcliffe Young
"First time to visit Mom and Tina's for dessert as I usually visit for their main meals. A great place to catch up with friends because of the homey..."
Dennis Carlson Lim | TFC
"Mom & Tina's Bakery CafePasig CityOne of the cozy and relaxing cafe in town and spacious too. Cute and colorful designs that are..."
Pauoie Dimla
"Cool and cozy place to dine in. A perfect place for meeting or family gathering or a simple lunch or dinner with you loved one. Food quality is great..."
Aya Cortez
"Mom and Tina's Bakery Cafe is emerging as a staple brand in the food industry. They now have 4 locations in Metro Manila and I think all are doing..."
"I was here before for a baptismal and i am here again for a mooncake dice game. We are using the 2nd floor function rooms. Today we will order the..."
"Had a quick meal at Mom & Tina's while waiting for someone, and there was nothing extra special about what i ate. I had the mango kani..."
"consistent for serving sumptuous food. desserts are just perfectly sweet. service is fast. i always like the ambience of the place, feels like..."
"When in the Pasig area, Mom and Tina's would be a good option. Can't go wrong with their breakfast menu. The Angus Beef Tapa is good enough to come..."
Jimmy Roa
"I love Mom & Tina's!!! ❤ Well, half the reason is cause it brings back so many good memories as I used to work just beside their compound. My..."
Kat SanDiego Muniz
"Their brazo de mercedes is soooooo good!! Its a little than many of the ones i tried before - which makes me like it more. The meringue has a nice..."
Muffy | OneHungryTeacher
"Great Comfort Food.Mom and Tina’s is along the way to where I live, so it’s always a welcome pit stop before heading home...."
Kathy Lou
"Stepping inside Mom And Tina's is like stepping into a relative's dining room. The decor makes one feel really comfortable. Their menu consists of..."
Amanda Cuenco-Cruz
"My mom’s side gathers for lunch every Sunday and, just like an outfit, a restaurant is rarely repeated. A couple of weeks ago, we tried Mom and..."
Raina Cheng
"Its a quaint place and airy. We set out to buy cake from this place but my kids' were hungry so we ate here. We ordered tapsilog, sheperd's pie and..."
Selwyn Ang
"I was just flipping through some of my old photos and I remembered that I haven’t posted about my brunch escapades at Mom & Tina's yet, so here..."
Janix Lo
"Mom & Tina's has pretty good food!I personally love their Meat Lasagna. It's been some time since I ate here and I remember the lasagna..."
StarryEyed Luna
"Caesar SaladUS RoastbeefRoast ChickenIced LatteNot on photos: US Chuck SteakEverything was a win, even the salad!..."
"Hearty, homey, comfort food. Pastas are rich and creamy (the sun-dried tomato one is mouth watering), and the tapa is addicting and gives you..."
Geenuh Esguerra
"After our getaway sa tagaytay. We eat dessert sa mom and tinas and it was may first time. Masarap siya and hindi nakakaumay. Medyo na disappoint lang..."
Dane Tamayo
"Since this place is on our way home, we decided to have our dinner here. I really love restaurants who automatically give customers service water. We..."
Jacky Jonas
"I could have frequent this place further if only they had more interesting picks on the type of food I like- healthier ones perhaps. They do have..."
"Whenever I start craving for comfort food the first restaurant that comes to my mind is Mom and Tina's. Craving satisfaction from breakfast meals,..."
Reuben Buencamino
"One of my job's perks is to explore foods and restaurants of the Metro. I had a meeting with Mom & Tina's head to discuss business transaction and at..."
Judy Ann Garcia
"The saddest part of turning pescetarian is saying good-bye to all my favorite Mom & Tina's food: US Beef Tapa, Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad (FAVE!),..."
Helga Gabrielle Weber
"Love this home - feel ambiance.Went here for a dinner date.Service was good.Food tasted really Good.We..."
"As this resto shares parking space with other establishments, expect to have some trouble parking during busy days. Personally, I find Mom & Tina's..."
Jellybeans In The City
"We had tocino breakfast meal, crunchy chicken macaroni & toblerone walnut torte for dessert. Everything was great! We are definitely coming..."
Andrea Chebat
"This is my go to place for my callos craving.The hungarian sausage breakfast is a staple but to me i wouldnt mind braving the C5 traffic jam for..."
Jerome Lanuzo
"Drove into the night just to get here! Mom's favourite place to have late night dinners. Never a disappointment! My staple meal: chicken spinach..."
Shar Aguilar
"FOOD Terrific. Fan of the US Beef Tapa All Day Breakfast. Delicious Chicken Spinach Lasagna. And tasty treats like the Oatmeal Cookies and Blueberry..."
Boris Berlog
"From someone from the northern part of QC, travelling to Libis must really be worth it... and my experience say yes. Though they have a branch..."
Doc Ian
"Celebrated Mom's Day in this restaurant. The home- feel ambiance is complimenting their home cooked goodness. I ordered steak for myself and my mom..."
Karla De Vera
"We celebrated our anniversary here. This was my choice because of the ambience and the style of food here. The place is not very crowded thus..."
Clarence Bautista
"Sandwiches and pasta are great here. The US beef tapa is so delicious too. I just find the cupcakes a little bit too sweet. A cake lover I am, but I..."
"Love their cakes and cupcakes plus they are open as early as 7am so you can have your delicious breakfast. Yummy! They have so many flavors to choose..."
"Been eating here since I was young and I always order their lasagna, baked macaroni and shepherds pie. I also like their bakery and pastry items...."
Monique Angeles
"I went to my cousin's wedding held here. One of the dishes marked on me is the paella, it's taste so good and delicious but slightly expensive. I..."
Kean Pante
"I and my sister loved this place; we always ordered caramel cake and chocolate butterscotch bars. I have not try their food yet but I want to go back..."
Carlo Chico
"I always order their US Beef Tapa breakfast meal because it's just so crispy-f*ckin'-licious! Actually it's not tapa meat but more of bacon, which is..."
Elg Santiago: Takaw Mo Elg!
"My mom is a fan of Mom and Tina's. Whenever the family is out and would ask where to go for breakfast, lunch or dinner, she'd always suggest this..."
Hungry Pants
"Food was really good. We had fettucine pasta and lengua but loved their callos, although i wanted it a little thicker but the taste was really good...."
Maecar Locsin
"Ambiance is so cool... I love their food and how they present it... I love their Banoffee pie, it taste just right perfect... Will surely go back to..."
Maylanie Pajares Japson Rn
"This is where I usually go after eating meals. I go here because it's comfy and it's relaxing to stay in. Also they serve great coffee and pastries..."
Kevin Roces
"I've never eaten savory meals here, usually whenever my family and I go here, we just go for dessert and coffee. I highly recommend their Bee Hive..."
Tess Santos
"This is a nice quaint place we frequent. The US Beef Tapa is my favorite because the beef is sliced thinly and fried to a crisp like bacon. Perfect..."
Coco Fullon-Francisco
"a friend told us about mom & tina's so we decided to visit. the branch along c5 was their first i think. luckily, my food choice of roast beef turned..."
Pol Maleniza
"Nice cozy place to hang out. I was treated here by my boyfriend because it's his first pay day in his new job. My pasta cravings at that night was..."
The Greedy Appetite PH
"A Mother's love..Not a perfect rating but definitely one of the best breakfast place I've been to.I am a breakfast person. Most..."
"I loved the ensaymada..will come back to try their dulce leche butter cake! Friendly staff that made my visit sweeter. My family recommended this..."
"Homey feel ambiance. It is a good place to go when you feel chit-chatty with friends or family. The food, presentation and service are very good as..."
Shane Talusan
"Feels like home -- this is how I felt dining in at Mom & Tina's. From the interior decoration, to the way the food was presented everything was..."
"All the pies in the world and then there's Mom and Tina's! Dainty ambiance and good for conversations about weddings or getting hitched, that's how I..."
Angelika E
"Mom and Tina's is one of my favorite cafes here in Manila. The food is good. The serving is big. Their cupcakes are really yummy and their pastas are..."
JoanneKristel Lim
"Ordered lunch from Mom & Tina ' s for home delivery.Had the US Roast Beef which comes with mashed potatoes, veggies and rice.Also had..."
"Quite expensive for a breakfast but worth it. The coaches and sofas are very welcoming. Very clean and has a polite crew members. I love their..."
"As for my experience, I would rate Mom & Tina's as 5.0 because it's been a long time since i ate here (more than 2 years ago) and the food's still..."
Chynna Chua
"It's my first time to be here. The feeling inside is so sweet, relaxing, feels like home. Food is 100% perfect!!!! Good customer service. It's a must..."
"Good food, friendly staff, quick service, and cozy ambiance. Must try includes brazo de mercedes, sausage roll, chicken empanada, and mini ensaymada..."
Bee X-Aquino
"It is a delight that I got to dine in again in Mom & Tina's. The restaurant gives you a homey vibe that it gives you one of the reasons to go back..."
JoLyn L
Tipsy Pig
88/100 (1211 ratings)
Wine Bar
Late Night
Crispy Pata
"My favorite place to chill with friends for a drink. I like the pasta and sisg here. Drinks are very affordable which is a big plus! Staff are always..."
Johna Paguinto
"In the mood for drinking wine, we found ourselves chilling at Tipsy Pig. Had a fun night with the officemates 😍Food, ambiance and staffs..."
"Great crowd, super chillnuman vibes on a Monday ❤️ Working people-friendly rates (college student-friendly rates too!), speedy service and..."
Enzo Feliciano
"A pleasant surprise this place was. All that I ordered were delicious. From the creamy carbonara to the overloaded nacho that could have been a meal..."
Raymund John Rosuelo
"We were just two during this photo was taken in Tipsy Pig Gastropub, we were informed by the server that Dirty Mexicana Nachos is good for a big..."
Allans Gastro Snaps
"Ample parking. If the outside parking is full, there's a decent walk to the mall parking. Good food. Can either be too crowded or no crowd at all...."
Tim S
"Food is great but service could be better. It was a bit challenging getting the attention of the servers but they were nice enough. Drinks are also..."
"For drinks and bar food. This is the place to start a planned late night. The baby back ribs and grilled marlin are my favorites. Keep a bottle at..."
R St
"✔ Excellent service! Servers are very attentive to our needs. When we wanted to transfer to a different table despite having a slew of food served..."
Rita Alo
"This was my review last 2016. Tipsy Pig was already a big hit when it started a few years ago. I witnessed their success when I used to..."
"If you’re looking for a cozy place to unwind after a tiring work day, then this is the place to be. DJ has a good selection of feel good music,..."
Avey Guillermo
"Awesome vibes here. Used our Zomato Gold for 2+2 free drinks (can only get the same kind) for frozen daiquiris and watermelon drafts, and both were..."
Erika Cangco
"Very hospitable staff, great cocktails and affordable bar menu. I once thought that Tipsy Pig was very intimidating but glad my friends and I tried..."
Monica Dawn
"Good place to chill friends with their signature salted caramel beer..Nice place where you see some familiar faces,either athlete or someone you..."
Marianne Heizl Alvarez
"Always a good time in this pub with delicious cocktails and food. For the food, I recommend the Freshly Baked Mussels, The Dirty Mexicana, Rigatoni..."
Dhivya Dargani
"I’ve been here multiple times both in BGC and Capitol Commons. Food is good, and so is the service. This place is easily a staple for me and my..."
Javi Bruan
"The place has a good ambiance and the food is also delicious!we ordered the sisig wrap,buffalo wings and it was really worth it! Will definitely be..."
Rizza Ivy Alcala
"I've been here twice with my Dad and we love the food and the place! Their Sisig Platter is a must try as well as the Nachos, Ribeye Steak and Seoul..."
Cj Valencia
"My go-to-place for beer. I also think their food choices is one of the best there is. Price is a little high than what you expect though, but..."
Jamie Guzman
"Got their nachos which was big enough to feed 3-4 people. We liked how they did not scrimp on the cheese and toppings so we were able to finish..."
Anne F
"One of my go to restaurant/bar. They serve good food and drinks. Wide variety of food selection. Must try dishes: kesong puti pasta, rigatoni pasta..."
Abby Calaquian
"Went here with friends last night for a round of drinks. Flavored beer is tasty and hella big for the price. I ordered the Salted Caramel one, and it..."
Mai Parot
"Follow me on Instagram: @astro.adinTipsy Pig is known for their wide variety of drinks and pulutan. Their food is pricey tho but the taste..."
"Masarap ung sisig roll nila. Etlagi inoorder ko kapag andito ako sa resto na ito.. sobrang bagay nya sa ice cold beer!!!So far masasarap naman..."
Jeff Chan
"Pub grub is what we wanted to eat so Tipsy Pig was the unanimous choice. I totally love their Sisig Tacos. It’s a innovative way of serving a..."
"I love this place, but you got to prepare money - food and beer and be pricey. But its good and the staff was really polite.Will go there..."
Zare-ann Tentativa
"I love a good pub. For me a perfect pub is a combination of good food, reasonable priced beer, relaxing ambience, chillout music and a good service...."
"A good place to chill and hangout with your family or friends! They also serve delicious food for lunch outs and dinner. 😊Crispy Pork..."
"Food is soo good :) we had the baked mussles, sisig, crispy pata, 2 kind of wings, blue marlin and lava cake for dessert. am inlove their version of..."
"Havent tried their main dishes, but highly recommending this place for after-office drinking. Plays good music (which is very important for me) and..."
Judy Legaspi
"This is a good place to eat out and hangout with your friends. Prices were reasonable. Usually the place is crowded during weekends. Polite and..."
"Food is not that good but expensive. I had the pulled bread pizza and tapa carbonara. No wine selection I just took what they gave me. Nice place and..."
Sean Dela Rosa
"This place was super packed when I first went here! I remember waiting for about 15 minutes just to get a table for me and my friends but heyy it was..."
Alyssa Nicole Legaspi
"The best place to chill and to catch up with friends! Amazing service plus the food was oh so good! You’ll never regret eating here I swear!..."
Akiko Centeno
"Yes !!!! Finally ! I’ve been dying to try Tipsy Pig and got the chance recently to try their famous CRISPY PATA! For starters they..."
"Great selection of beers. Flaming Wings are a must! Don’t let the name fool you. Not as spicy it looks, but good. Variety of taco options and..."
"Tipsy Pig, as the name suggest, is a superb combination of playful humor, great tasting food and cool environment all rolled into one place. The two..."
"Celebrated a Cinco de Mayo drink and chill night here for our balikbayan friend's vacation spree.This is one go-for-the-drink pub to be at...."
Reign Warner
"Food is pretty good. They’d like to tell us that they have food other than the sisig tacos which almost everyone still orders. They have..."
Christina | Kain Club
"A great place to chill out to de-stress yourself from work. Overall, ambiance and location is great. There are great variety of food that..."
Cy Balatero
"My family loved it. The food is worth it. The crispy pata is good and the roast beef is super tender. My daughter loved the mashed potato that was..."
Chi Kupie
"Great place to celebrate birthdays! Good food and music. (THE CRISPA & BUTTER BEER IS AN 11/10) Love the ambiance and staff. ❤️✨ THE PUB TO BE..."
Bianca Eyrine Gatdula
"Great place for big groups. Very spacious. There were 20 of us when we went there, and they were still able to accommodate us easily.Good..."
Frances Cabugao
"Another date night spent here with the hungry hubby.Nice place, nice ambiance. It's usually crowded but that night, it was just perfect. We..."
"The sisig tacos were amazing. The flavored beers are not best of its kind but will do. I love the service and the food and the ambiance. Very..."
Paul Jeric Almira Diasanta
"Great place to hangout with friends over drinks and sumptous meals. Staff was friendly. We’ll come back again to try their other dishes. Service..."
"Tipsy Pig is home to some of the best pulutan dishes you will ever encounter -- including mouth-watering nachos, sisig tacos, and savoury fried..."
Migz Cruz
"if you have no idea where to dine and drink with your bosses then tipsy pig is the place to be. good food, affordable food and drinks plus a chill..."
Climber In Heels
"Good resto bar serving local dishes. Their kare kare and tokwa’t baboy were good, but the lechon manok was tasteless. Interiors are comfy and..."
Mike Carmona
"Finding places to eat, have a few drinks and enjoy some great music is hard to find in Manila but after finding Tipsy Pig I was really impressed...."
Geneille Rigor
"Good place for an evening with friends. Gets busy in the late nights. The food is of a sharing style and there's plenty of alcohol options. Can be a..."
"Great food. Nice set-up. Good Price. Servers are a bit unattentive given it was an off-peak hours.Must try:Lechon. Shrimp pasta...."
Java Saint
"Ordered their Salted Caramel and Hazelnut signature beers (Jumbo) & it was worth it!We loved the whole ambience and feel of the place ++..."
Karmel E.
"This gastropub boasts of wide array of booze and delectable dishes to tickle your tastebuds. The servings are big good for sharing. The..."
Mervin Dalan Merueñas
"I love tipsy! Been here with my college friends,, for get together and chooses tipsy pig! So nice place, good ambiance good food and staff,i super..."
Stacy Banilla
"Good ambience. Service is ok.. food is good. Drinks are exceptional. Love that peach-flavored drink and the nachos! Wish that the aircon from the..."
"I went here a few times and caramel beer is always on my list. I love how the caramel blends well with the beer - it taste like a rootbeer but with a..."
Faye Mariano
"Eating with a large group of people can be both a challenging and an enjoyable experience especially when everyone needs to do their best to satisfy..."
"I treated my team here for a job well done and of course we all deserve a night like this even for once in our hectic corporate life. I let them..."
"Food quite expensive but are good for sharing. Ambiance is beautiful and serene, good place for dates and catching up with friends. Good selection of..."
"Good place, the ambiance was good. Great place for birthday celebrations or just chill. Although a bottle of beer is a little pricey but all good. We..."
Raffy Adan
"Made a mistake of ordering pasta right after I came back from Europe. This pasta was a 1.0. The pasta was soggy and overcooked. It was bland too. I..."
"Friend from Germany visited for vacay and it's imperative that we have a dinner and drinks. Of course I arrived early to avoid traffic, so..."
Feed My Tummy PH
"There's a variety of foods and drinks that you can choose from. Service here was excellent; it was fast and efficient. We did not have to wait long..."
Koi Halili
"Went were on a not so busy Saturday Afternoon and hence got a table immediately! I really liked the feel of the place. Tried the pulled pork jack bbq..."
Annesha Bhattacharya
"Another holiday get together the other night, this time with grade school friends. Capital Commons is the most central location given that we are..."
Red Plate
"A great place to dine and to have fun with your friends! Love the ambiance, their staff are also nice and very approachable! I love their flavored..."
JA Zamudio
"Ate here twice! You guys have to try their Boneless Crispy Pata, Pulled Pork bbq pizza and Beer Can Chicken! I'm not a fan of their Dirty Mexicano..."
Lois Camacho
"I love the music and the ambience! There's a variety of foods and drinks that you can choose from. I ordered salted caramel beer, my friends had..."
"I was with my friends the first time I went here. It was on a payday Friday so the place was jam-packed when we arrived. Game 6 of Ginebra and..."
Darryl Dantis
"Tipsy pig is definitely the ideal place to enjoy good food, drinks and of course hangout with friends. The service is great and the serving time is..."
Epic Cafe
87/100 (558 ratings)
"They really make the best coffee in the island. And the banana loaf? The best one I had in years! The place is very welcoming and people friendly and..."
Ana Lúcia Teixeira
"A great place to chill :) Sarap ng coffee and food. ..."
Maan Nagtalon
"Great staff, very accommodating and respectful. Great..."
Gertrudes Montojo
"I always bring my friends to this cafe. Great food and awesome coffee too. Price is..."
Carlo Ratilla
"This little place in Kapitolyo houses a trove of beautiful vintage cameras. Those and bicycle related deco and good coffee. A very nice place for..."
Niña Venus
"What we ordered: Cafe AmericanoCafe LatteHumba RiceWhat we liked: The coffee that they serve tasted really well,..."
The Beanie Review
"Epic cafe is petite cafe in kapitolyo. Nice ambience but not really for bigger crowds. We tried the angus beef tapa with 2sunny side up eggs and it..."
Lorenz Lao
"Follow me on Instagram: @astro.adinIt was a rainy Thursday night last week and I'm searching for a place to stay for awhile and I saw this..."
"Hot chocolate grande size is 5/5Free 1 hr wi-fiPower outlets by the wallPolite baristas and serversBikes on..."
Kindred Pasana
"Went here with a large group, about 10 people. It was a few hours before their closing time and they were able to accommodate us despite the cafe..."
Josh Rosario
"A pleasant surprise tucked in the Kapitolyo neighborhood. The shop has got mixed reviews in Google Maps, but my wife and I still went to try out..."
Ranel Irvin Toledo
"I hung out here a lot when I worked in Kapitolyo. Epic is great, but I wouldn't recommend their desserts. Instead, try their sandwiches (their..."
Pepita Paris
"Epic Cafe is Poco Deli's brother. So don't be surprised to see the Poco Deli sandwiches being sold here. Place is a heaven for bike and photography..."
Mykmyk Pascua
"I loved the simplicity of the place.The food is great as well as the coffee. They offered coffee flavor that might suit you and they..."
Haryi Man
"I love this place! Coffee was perfect ❤️ and the food was great. I really enjoyed my breakfast this morning, which was also accompanied by great..."
Mheng Valdellon
"1. Caramel Latte (5/5)- Best Latte I've had so far. Taste is deep and sweet and milky. Very balanced.2. Belgian Cake (4/5)-..."
Cheska Trinidad
"Been here once with my friend and we liked their vintage and rustic ambiance. We ordered sandwich and matcha latte and I must say that their matcha..."
Team Lafang
"Went on a quick coffee run so I didn’t have time to stay too long. Definitely loving the ambiance though, added bonus for putting out a sketchpad..."
"Great coffee for the price. It closes too early in my opinion (10pm). The wifi now has a time limit of 1 hour, frustrating as it is I understand that..."
Mai Parot
"The ambiance is all that's perfect. Great place to bring friends and catch up about life in general. I will try to come back and check other drinks..."
Odz Cruz-Las Pinas
"I like the cheesecake & affogato ❤ celebrated valentines here and its great bcs were the only one here. I like that it is not crowded. I enjoy my..."
"If you are looking for a place to chill and relax with cool rustic ambiance, airconditioned place, Epic should be one your of your choices in..."
MJ (Kain Tayo MNL)
"EPIC, from it’s name my expectations were very high buttttttt... their coffee didn’t meet it. The price is almost the same as other coffee shops..."
Micah Gabrielle
"This is our go to cafe/coffee place, but lately I've been wishing for new local coffee shops to open in Kapitolyo. This time I ordered flat white, my..."
"Nice ambience, delicious foods, and great coffee! We ordered, grilled cheese, kielbasa and tapa meal. Awesomely delicious and full! Their best..."
Aya Shimizu
"nice interiors and design of the placecoffee is goodemployees are accommodatingover priced food, wish they can have more affordable..."
Ruby Raymundo
"The ambiance was very chill which I liked very much. Also, the display of vintage cameras gives the place a bit more ... personality? I don't know..."
"Yummy coffee. Their smores coffee is really good. The ambiance is really nice. The servers are really nice. The location is not so good. Parking is..."
Tesh Reyes
"Best Cake and Coffee.What could I ask for?Try their strawberry cake and rainbow cake ♥Place usually gets full around late..."
"I love the ambiance, it makes me want to study or read a book. Good interior design. And I also love their coffee esp the caramel macchiato and love..."
"It's our favorite place to go to for a sip of coffee and to take a break from the usual coffee shops. Service is fast and ambiance is great! They..."
Russell Solete
"I've been here many times and I still can't get over their coffee. Their Epic Blend is a must-try, and is great with their grilled cheese sandwich...."
Klang Sarceno Mangayao
"Cute place, vintage theme - perfect for coffee drinkers' ambiance 😊Will never get tired of ordering Sea Salt Caramel Ice Blended ❤..."
Maan Bantayan
"Honestly, I'm reviewing this just because of how impressive the place is. I love the ambience (its serenity) as compared to typical and mainstream..."
"Always been my go to cafe when kapag malapit lang ako. I am really not a coffee person. But i do like epic's coffee.Coffee:..."
Paul Rivera
"I really liked this place! Very cool and laid back vibe. Such a homey atmosphere with a great selection of coffee and blended beverages!..."
Foodie Dokie
"After having breakfast at Poco Deli, I was hankering for a good cup of coffee and my feet led me to Epic Cafe. When we stepped in, my first thought..."
F Kat Lo
"Really had a bad day today so i decided to meet up with the BF for some yakapsule to make my day better. Unfortunately, his classes end at 8PM--my..."
"Along East Capitol drive, this coffee cafe has first and foremost, great coffee! I like what they call the Epic Blend - mix of robusta and arabica...."
Paolo Defensor
"This place is awesome! Together with my officemates, we stayed here for 8 hrs becuase it was too peaceful. The place is perfect not only for students..."
Ian Salvio
"Went on a Kapitolyo food tour with my homies from foodsocietyph to partner with restaurants and come up with affordable packages for foodies to..."
"It's a nice place to study even though there might be some people who'll be a little bit loud, their ambience would still make you read and study...."
Sam Fernandez
"I used to frequent Kapitolyo when i was working as a night owl in Ortigas. When I say frequent, it is not synonymous to "i tried all of the restos"..."
Reich Torio
"Not bad at all. There were 11 of us and we couldn't finish 4 slices of cake and a brownie. Strawberry cake - to die for! But you..."
Jenny Lives For Cheat Meals
"This is a late review. Thank God that I have some saved photos from our visit.My favorite, Cafe Mocha, was my drink for the day. I like the..."
Quinn De Los Reyes
"This cafe is so chill in the morning. The place is big too. If I live in Kapitolyo, I will surely be there most of the time. They also serve..."
Forever Hungry
"A fine coffee shop with all day breakfast dishes from the group that brought us Poco Deli, Epic Cafe is a fine looking coffee shop. Nice modern..."
ABE | ABEventures
"We got the epic frappe & walnut brownies, and it's to die for! If you got the major sweet tooth then this is the perf place! The brownie is huge too,..."
Erika Nuguit
"Coffee, cakes, ice cream and access to Poco Deli's menu! All that and a nice hipster feel of a café. What more can I ask for? You must drop by this..."
Angeli Recella
"This is such a great place to study.The music is great, the ambiance is so relaxed and chill, the staff are accommodating, and the place is..."
"I had Epic's signature Pour Over blend coffee! Not a legit coffee drinker LOL pero it was okay, no need for sugar or creamer.We ordered..."
Reish De Lara
"Such a cozy and relaxing place to hang out especially after pigging out at a buffet nearby! I opted to have some tea, and their tea selections are..."
What The F | TFC
"I loved how quiet this place is. I love coming here because of one reason...rainbow cake. Their rainbow cake is so good and no words can describe it...."
Ellaine Diligencia
"Stopped by for coffee and dessert after a meal next door at Ninak. Surprised by the popularity of this cafe - seems to a favorite family meeting..."
"Saturday morning, I had to look for a place to work which needs an internet connection. As I have search from Rappler, Epic is one of the few cafes..."
Jecelle Mateo
"This café is known for its bicycle theme. It has a calm ambiance with good choice of background music. They offer cakes, sandwiches, coffees and ice..."
"We ordered an Iced Sea Salt Latte, a hot cup of Almond Roca, and a slice each of Belgian Chocolate cake & Sans Rival. We didn't really like our..."
Joey RM
"the place is good. however, i've expect that there is atleast an available outlet to charge a laptop,etc. sadly, i was informed that they already..."
Lito Mendoza
"Salute for the interiors, service, staff and their affogato. The ice cream they used their affogato is so so good! Their mocha and cappuccino is also..."
Dale Cruz
"5 Stars for the Sea Salt caramel latte. The red eye coffee tastes great and is ideal if you need to stay awake for long hours. Great ambience, good..."
Benny De Leon
"Along East Capitol Ave, between rows of restaurants, you can locate this small cafe. The creators of Pocco Deli themed it to be a a green friendly..."
JV Maralit
"This is truly epic. This is not your typical café but some place you would surely want to stay for a long. Their artistic interior design matches..."
Kevin Edward Culla
"Recommended coffee store in Kapitolyo. We had their carrot cake. It tasted good. It's not enough to share with another person. Price is 100. Great..."
Nom Nom
"You go to a restaurant for the food and the feels. You go to a coffee shop for the drinks and the feels. Epic accomplishes both well. I just hope it..."
Mark Muleta
"I went here 7 months ago and it was really hard to get there. The map seems to have given me the wrong direction, but anyways enough of that. The..."
Renzo Timothy
"After a good dinner at Gastropub, one of my friends recommended to grab a good cup of coffee here at Epic. Not knowing what to get, I heard the..."
Foodie Day Out
"The ambiance is quite vintage and not spacious. But the breakfast meal can be for sharing and also tasted good. Sea-salted caramel tastes well. Cakes..."
EJ Javier
"When we stepped in, we heard Christian songs are playing, we felt at home and calm. I love the place perfect for the concept of cafe. This cafe is..."
Dan Calagui
"I'm not much of a coffee drinker so this review would be more or less for their cakes. I was able to try a lot of their cakes and I can say that the..."
Alberto Tenedero Jr.
"The ambiance is very different from other coffee shops, which makes it stand out in a positive way. The cakes, especially the chocolate and rainbow..."
Kevin Tuazon
"Their sea salt caramel latte does not disappoint! You really have to try it.I came here a last week while I was waiting for EDSA traffic to..."
Allyra Gamez
"Now, since I tried Silantro early in December, I of course had to try EPIC as well seeing that it was also on the list of the Top 50 food places that..."
Kathy Kenny Ngo
"Me and Mom went to Kapitolyo after our Sunday service. We’ve been eyeing to try Epic Coffee Roastery at Kapitolyo, Pasig. Since..."
Iza Gram
"Nice ambiance..with the bikes inside. Love the cookies and cream frappe. Good place to hangout since I'd be spending time here more often in the next..."
Kei Agustin
"One of the best coffe shop that I've been..-Cozy Place due to it's minimalist interiors-Feels like home-Nice furniture-And most..."
Darwin Narte
"The experience wasn't something I'll call epic. It was decent and most likely re visit when am in the area. The menu is quite limited to a food trip...."
"Epic Cafe came at the top of the cafe list for Kapitolyo, so I was really expecting bigger space for such a popular cafe. Despite it's size, it's..."
Chantal Sue Paler
"Epic is one true epic coffee shop, serving good quality coffee and cakes while the customers enjoy the bicycle-studded interior. It's location in the..."
Francis Moria
"A pretty cozy place to have coffee. We came in sunday at 9am for breakfast because the sign outside says breakfast all day. We ordered the..."
Haru Sushi Bar And Restaurant
86/100 (834 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Sukiyaki & Shabu Shabu
"I keep coming back to this place but the staff should be considerate because we arrived exactly at the scheduled reservation however the staff did..."
"Closest I’ve tasted from that in Japan. The place is also well maintained, squeaky clean I must say. Photos attached here are just some of my..."
RM Angeles
"The only possible issue you'll have with this restaurant will be parking. The food is good and I've never questioned the freshness of their sashimi...."
Cindy Perez
"This is definitely one of the best restaurants in Kapitolyo, Pasig!Haru Sushi Bar and Restaurant is so aesthetically pleasing. The interior..."
Jemarie Amores
"The Japanese food at Haru is very good but a friend of mine told me that it used to be better. I ordered the bento box with chicken teriyaki,..."
Michelin Guy-d
"The place needs a little updating. It's a li'l over decorated. But my mom loves the place and its interior. The food is good. Love the tofu...."
Akie Dela Cruz
"One of the best sushi restaurants here in Manila. The interiors of the place is nice (Japanese inspired) and clean and the prices are reasonable...."
Erik Nazaret
"Parking, front of the restaurant. Probably 6 or 7 vehicles at a time. I'm not sure if they'll let you park at Cafe Juanita or Irving's since they..."
Bernard Go
"I love the food! Asian flavors plus the goodneds of great Japanese cuisine. It feels like dining in a restaurant in Kyoto since the food crew wore..."
Joyce Lamela
"The place is great giving a Japanese modern vintage style. Great for taking pictures. The foods are delicious very authentic with a reasonable price...."
"My go-to Japanese resto in KapitolyoTempura 3/5Maki 4/5Dalandan Juice 5/5Sake of courseLove the sushi and maki..."
Kindred Pasana
"They serve old school Japanese cuisine made right. Despite the decline of Kapitolyo as a food destination, Haru has kept a strong footing as a go-to..."
"The huge crowds waiting and the lack of parking space was a good sign. The ambience was traditional but prettier with the cherry blossoms. We sat at..."
Guilty Pleasures Seeker
"This has been out family’s go-to Japanese restaurant in the district. The sashimi, sukiyaki and tempura are definitely some of my top reco..."
Jonah Ambata
"I love this place! You will enjoy having an intimate dinner here. The ambience is 5 out of 5 for me. Food is great. Their sashimi is very fresh!..."
"Our family loves Japanese food and we were so thrilled to discover this restaurant! We loved their beef yakiniku, tempura, crazy maki roll, yamameshi..."
Ruth Acero
"Love the ambience, food and service. My partner and I had our first date here and have always celebrated our anniversaries here. Best chicken..."
Andrea Kristina Golez
"Everything we ordered were delicious but the sushi rolls were a bit pricey for the serving size. Nevertheless, the place has relaxing ambience and..."
Patricia Zapiter
"Haru Sushi Bar and Restaurant has a wide variety of sushi to choose from. Since we were craving for Nigiri, we decided to have the Aki Nigiri..."
Our Hungry Tummies
"I loved the food and the place. We made dinner reservations on a weekday, though the place wasn’t as packed as we expected, the reservation..."
Ian Gabriel
"our go-to japanese resto. kitschy decor, friendly and attentive wait staff. the cold green tea soba with a side order of crispy baby prawn tempura..."
"Been here a few times, usually packed with diners so you’d need a reservation.Food is great. place is highly decorated - like every corner..."
Lesley Anne Gan-Red
"Bless this place!Uni sashimi- fresh af. Very oceany ng taste as expected. Ang laki rin ng serving very good for sharing!Salmon..."
Bianca Uy
"It’s always a delight to go back to Haru - even more than twice a week! I’ve been to Haru countless of times already. Staff are always attentive..."
Kimberly Mas
"I need to go back and eat more gyoza,because they have beautiful,firm,and delicious gyozas! 💜 Oh and the Salmon...I really need to go back!..."
Monnel Uy GaLicia
"Great service. Our server Gilbert was very attentive with our every need. The food is great!! Sashimi was fresh and tasty. Loved their Spider maki..."
Isa Reyes
"Everything we ordered were great and delicious. But it taste nothing special than other Japanese restaurants which is okay. I guess the good ambiance..."
Hapi Fit
"Been here twice already. And proud to say that i always get the same exceptional dining experience from the service and their Japanese food (Kudos to..."
Rhon James C. Aguilar
"love the place!accommodating servers/employees!love their sushi and donburi meals!..."
Ruby Raymundo
"This had been long on our list of places to eat and finally had the chance last night. It was definitely worth the wait. I am a big fan of Japanese..."
"Entering Haru, you get to see many decorations, mannequins dressed in kimonos, and cute touches here and there. There're outdoor tables (though not a..."
ABE | ABEventures
"Upon entering Haru, you'll be welcomed with a variety of Japanese decorations. It's so cute! From the moment you walk up the staircase to when you're..."
"Great authentic Japanese food with amazing ambiance. Next to Izakaya Kikufuji, this Japanese restaurant is next on my list. 😊 I recommend the..."
Angelique Mina-Rualo
"This is my happy place. It's where my future husband took me on our first date (plus 99 pogi points agad). Japanese food is my favorite, so I know..."
Ellaine Ann Cruz
"The closest to the authentic Japanese sushi and atmosphere. Several articles in the restaurant makes the experience more interesting. The owner knows..."
"🐽 Food: We ordered the basics - ebi tempura, salmon sashimi, Japanese fried rice, and beef teriyaki. Everything was just too good! Served hot as..."
Cheska Del Rosario
"If you read the first line of my detailed review, let me tell you to eat at Haru. Delicious and worth it Japanese food.We ate here a few days..."
Jamie Rosemarie M. Nailes
"We were so impressed with the interiors of Haru. Very traditional and relaxing. The servers were accomodating enough. The food was okay and our..."
"If you're craving for Japanese food in the Kapitolyo area, this place delivers. Good ambiance, accommodating servers and most importantly, authentic..."
Mike Bilgera
"Im not a fan of raw food but i liked their maki's. the food is well seasoned. a little bit salty on the eggplant side dish of the bento and beef..."
Corinne Aggabao
"Food is really good! The freshest salmon and tuna. The tofu wasn't salty and the tamago sashimi was full and sweet. Service tho wasn't so..."
Jenny Lives For Cheat Meals
"I would definitely RATE HARU 4 Stars....Food presentation, Ambiance, price wise, good service with nice staff?? Hmmmm........."
FoodDiva- Philippines
"The interior and ambiance of the place is amazing. The food is excellent. However, the waitresses (yes only the female ones) are very rude. It was a..."
Nicole Sta Ana
"Haru never disappoints! We were 12 and happy that our food was quick to be served despite a lot of orders. Food came in altogether and serving time..."
"Haru is one of the restaurants among many many others in Kapitolyo. The ambiance and vibe is very much like that of Cafe Juanita, with the exception..."
StarryEyed Luna
"Haru is the best Japanese restaurant for me. Tori teppanyaki + kira meshi is a superb pair. Add uni and saki sashimi and your nipon experience is..."
Chris Reyes
"Simple lang akong tao,  may mga simpleng pangarap - pumayat, makadaupang-palad si Whang-Od,  magpakasal kay Benedict Cumberbatch at marami pang..."
Reich Torio
"The place is neat Japanese at its finest: food and ambiance. I just love everything in their sushi, maki, tempura, teriyaki and sashimi list...."
Sheirry Ann Alandy-dy
"When my husband wasn't feeling well,I asked him what he wanted to eat, comfort food...and yes, it's almost always Japanese food! (For us both) So,..."
Kat SanDiego Muniz
"I have been pretty inactive with Couchsurfing for a few years now. The only way to lure me to reply to posts or appear in gatherings would be food...."
Mary Love Siy
"At last! I was finally able to try Haru! Located just beside one of Kapitolyo's Cafe Juanita. Haru serves your traditional japanese dishes that is of..."
Alberto Tenedero Jr.
"The interiors of this restaurant can only be described as quaint and pleasant. There are many nooks and levels where different groups of all sizes..."
"This sushi bar / restaurant features a plethora of choices. From sushi rolls, sashimi, noodles and many more. It's very easy to get lost in perusing..."
JV Maralit
"One of my favorites! They always have the freshest salmon sashimi and their Kaki Kari Kari Yaki (that's a mouthful!) is delightful! They have a mega..."
Grace Angelica Ong
"We went here to celebrate mothers day and they took our photos and gave us souvenirs which is really great. I like the ambiance its so japanice. They..."
"Our Haru visit was totally unplanned. We were supposed to eat at a Mexican joint nearby but changed our mind last minute. As soon as we got in the..."
Christian Andrei
"My favorite!!!!!!!!!! :) Very good food and service, each and every visit! I love their Sukiyaki and Agedashi Tofu! :) Perfect Ambiance..."
Deonna Fernandez
"Everything was great! Food, ambiance and service is very commendable! 👌🏼 We had their salmon skin karaage, fish and ebi tempura,..."
Danilo Botor Puga II
"Haru is one of our go-to places for Japanese food. I just love how the place is designed to have to a resemblance with Japan with all the elements of..."
Camille Solis
"Got a bunch of stuff from the menu. Tori Kuwayaki - double fried and sweet. As an appetizer it should be one of the first dish to arrive..."
Rodney Ong
"For Japanese food cravings, we normally go to Sugi. But with the current traffic condition, it will take us forever to get to Greenbelt...."
Rissa Cheng
"Really good sushi! I had the soft shell crab - excellent! - and the futo maki which was all right. The interiors are quaint and cute, but I wasn't..."
Patches Espino
"Uni SashimiSake (Salmon) SashimiShimesaba (Mackarel) SashimiYasai itameHaru RamenGyudonKatsudonHaru was only..."
"Authentic sushi experience in Manila! Lots of good sushis to try and to choose from, attentive "geisha" dressed servers to entertain and help..."
Noreen Olivas
"Haru transports their guests to Japan - almost every spot of the place is picturesque. It does not just serve quality food but also immerses the..."
Jasmin Ng
"Been here a couple times already!Interiors are the nice!Food is GREAT!Loved the Spicy Tuna!Even the Rolls were..."
"Amidst the growing profit-driven chains of homegrown and franchised Japanese joints sprouting like mushrooms in Manila, it’s really difficult to..."
"this is one of the staple restaurants in kapitolyo and I was able to give it a try one time. I am not a raw sushi fan so we ordered the standard..."
"Haru is a hidden gem tucked away from the usual *foodie places* around the Metro with a small and humble exterior greeted with red lanterns and a..."
Cedric C. Cheng
"Our family ate here for lunch last Sunday. Parking was a bit difficult but we were able to park along the street. The restaurant was full at that..."
Geraldine Hao
"Food is 5/5, but I don't like the ambiance. It's like you are in your aunt's room who is collecting antique stuff. It's clean... but not what I am..."
Vielle Perez
Charlie's Grind And Grill
86/100 (2315 ratings)
Late Night
Philly Cheesesteak
"What I loved about the black angus five cheese burger were the following: the black angus burger patty, the five cheese, and the burger..."
Miguel Macariola
"I love the wagyu burger,its juicy and cooked the way i like..."
#wanderer /Richie Salao
"Service was prompt. Cashier was knowledgeable with zomato gold’s buy1+1 promo. Self service. Condiments can be taken inside their drinks..."
Michell Calag
"Food is nice! We ordered their Black Angus Cheese Burger and House Fries...."
Camille Figueroa
"One of the food establishments you should try when you visit Kapitolyo. They serve good burgers, pasta, and of course the beers. Has both open area..."
"Black angus cheese burger is really good paired with iced tea and garlic aioli! Their wings are also my mom’s favorite.. especially with the blue..."
Raph Hidalgo
"One of the best wagyu and angus burgers in the Metro! Wait! I mean in the PH! Charlie's 5 cheese Wagyu and Black Angus Burger are the bomb! Your..."
Monico Carlo Aquino
"We ordered the black angus, and since we are on gold, we got it on 1+1.The quality of food has been consistent ever since. The patty is always..."
Jayson Angeles
"Charlie's has been our favorite since 2008 and the quality of their food has not changed! Our staples: angus burger, fries, nuclear wings, and AIOLI!..."
Anna Marie Garcia
"We’re supposed to have dinner here , unfortunately it was closed tonight. I dont know if it’s an ongoing renovation or just for today. It is very..."
"I'm not much of a burger girl but Charlie's has made it to my comfort food list, which really means a LOT. Haha. There's nothing in the menu I've..."
Anj Heruela
"Definitely one of my favorite burgers in town. I also love their onion rings.The burgers here are consistent and always served fresh.The patty..."
Gino Gonzalez
"Great food. We've been here 3 times already, and only the first time we had a bad experience with the burger we ordered. The Charlie fried chicken..."
"Came here as a party of 5, so the ordering was slightly chaotic. 2 of us were #ZomatoGold members so we had 2 additional dishes. 3 of us had burgers..."
"With all the new burger joints in Manila, Charlie's Burger remains a classic. Tasty burgers paired with equally tasty sides makes for a good casual..."
Tobiel St. John
"Deyyyyymmm. Really love their burgers. It is on the pricey side though, but their food is really good. Service is ok. Really am wishing that they can..."
Patrick Dacanay Vidal
"Our go-to-place for burgers and wings. Tried both Wagyu and Black Angus burgers and both are good. Tried their flavored wings too and I like the..."
Carla C.
"Angus burger and hot wings are good. Place is newly renovated and looks cleaner and brighter now. Would come back for the angus burger and will..."
Jo Anne
"I initially thought that Charlie’s isn’t vegetarian-friendly. With a quick glance on their menu, I saw that they only have 1 burger that I can..."
Charlotte Evangelista
"Simplicity at its finest! Charlie’s burger was the first legit burger I fell in love with. And yes, you can have unli aioli and their signature..."
Diane Ruth Javier
"Charlie's Grind and Grill still serves one of the best angus beef burgers and chicken wings!! Probably my favorite chicken wings!! Quality remained..."
Cess Gresola
"Good food and staff! Loved their chicken wings. Very generous with the sauce. Ambiance was great. Felt very homey and fast wifi speed as well...."
Jaime Del Rosario
"Always a delight visiting the OG burger place in Kapitolyo! Their burgers are of course a+, but the cheesesteak is something I'd order..."
Lianna Cruz
"Always craving for their BEST Burgers and Wings ❤️ Try the onion rings its 👌👌👌 Reasonable price especially when you use your Zomato Gold..."
Ana Lorraine Liboro-mba Hmua
"Yummy burgers! Ordered the double angus burger and sloppy wagyu. Skip the wings and the fries. Unless you're using Zomato Gold, then I guess they're..."
Thea Ong
"Value for money. Paid 900++pesos for 4 half dozen wings and 2 fries and were 7 in the group. Love the garlic parmesan flavor for the wings!!!..."
Lenee Te
"Black angus five cheese burger was good - recommended for people who like a lot of cheese in their burgers! Philly cheesesteak was okay - the meat..."
Tiff Huang
"Sobrang convininet na mag pacarwash then haircut and food while waiting. Always go for their 2x wagyu and peach tea. Solid din 1lb nacho..."
Mark Santiago San Juan
"We always go back for their Fresh Fries - Dirty, Nacho, and Chili. Burgers are always made fresh and best paired with aioli. My personal favorite is..."
"Go-to burger place. You can't go wrong with Charlie's. I love their burgers and house fries! Super happy that they have buy 1 take 1 on zomato..."
Rikki Saul
"The place is a lot better now. Their chili dog is the best and we usually get that when we go here. Its best to go here during weekdays to avoid the..."
Russel Christian
"Good foo! Good ambiance! Quiet place. ☺️ Clean tables and restroom. Service is great! Will def bring more friends here. Always a go to place in..."
Maika Leyco
"After Brothers Burger, Charlie’s was the “it” place for premium quality burgers. My fave was their wagyu burger, very tasty and flavorful wagyu..."
Guilty Pleasures Seeker
"Yummy good burgers 👍 perfect fresh fries and best condiments!👍 not the first for us and definitely not the last. Angus Burger pattie on our..."
Kat SanDiego Muniz
"Great food and they have a lot of choices! More than just a burger joint :) seems simple outside but it’s a pretty spacious restaurant. Good value..."
Angel Rivera
"We got the BBQ hot wings & Sloppy Burger. The quality of their food is definitely great, no questions asked. I’m rating it 4 stars because A LOT on..."
Joseph Efraim Biscocho
"I have tried Charlies twice thru Zomato Gold and it didn't disappoint. Although, most of the food that we wanted that night were unavailable like the..."
Elen Francisco
"Charlie's Grind and Grill is very dear to me. My Dad took me here for the first time when I was in sixth grade, and even now that I'm a working fresh..."
Darren Gomez
"The cashier was patient with us in explaining the food included in the Zomato Gold. Although I jumped when they yelled my name for our order. Maybe..."
Aya Fortu
"Relatively quick, no-frills service. The place was cool (air conditioned), spacious, clean and bright. Rather extensive menu for a “burger..."
Jose Luis
"Ate lunch here and ordered the Black Angus Burger Steak and Cheeseburger. Honestly it was a soso. If not for zomato gold I wouldnt think the meal was..."
Berns Castaneda
"First off, we decided to try Charlie's because it is a Zomato Gold restaurant. So we were expecting to get the 2nd meal we ordered for free...."
"Brought my fiancé here for the first time and he was impressed with what we ordered (except for the Honey BBQ Chicken Wings, which was good but we..."
Paula Kintanar
"The first angus cheese burger that I’ve tried more than 10 years ago. Tried it again just recently from their new branch in BF Homes Paranaque and..."
"I love the fact that they have unlimited and free condiments, especially the Aioli! The wagyu cheeseburger burger was okay, not really remarkable but..."
Zyrile Gomez
"The food is really good and we got the chance to angus burger, chili cheese fries, bbq wings and a vanilla milkshake!! The crew is really attentive..."
Jose Gabriel Carlos
"Ate here last night at around 10pm and I was expecting bad service and all due to the reviews, but overall I am satisfied. Food was served in less..."
"As per the staff, Wagyu cheeseburger is their best seller and it did not disappoint! Also, do not underestimate their chicken wings — really a must..."
Sheena Marie Pagana
"Food 4/5Price 3.5/5Ambience 3/5Cleanliness 4/5Slow serviceHas own bathroom, has sockets, has wifiWith parking..."
Small Girl Big Appetite
"I enjoyed my Zomato Gold experience. I ordered the amgus cheese burger--and it was just right . Not to greasy and very flavorful. I suggest you order..."
Lebron James
"Charlie’s is my go-to place whenever I’m in the mood for a big, greasy burger in the area. I particularly like their wagyu cheeseburgers which..."
John Santos
"This is one of my go-to burger places. Nothing fancy, just a simple honest place to get your burger fix. Delicious juicy patties and always, ALWAYS..."
"Their OG burger also known as the Black Angus Burger is the bomb for me. Also like the black truffle fries (best eaten as soon as they serve it.) I..."
MarthaVanessa Kier
"One of my fave burger places in Manila! Get the angus cheeseburger 👍🏼 The fries are really good too! Sweet potato fries are also good if you..."
Ariana Henares
86/100 (283 ratings)
Wine Bar
"I love Barcino’s very helpful to drunk people! They will take care of you from start to finish hehe! And if you accidentally leave some of your..."
Camille Paulino-Acedillo
"Same great Barcino food and wine but the place itself is a bit small and cramped. BUT I think the cozy atmosphere here makes it a great date place...."
"Food is good, as always. The restaurant was also nice to deduct the similar-priced items as the free Zomato Gold dishes (instead of automatically the..."
Inca Oliva
"Even though we already had dinner downstairs, we still could not resist and ended up ordering everyone’s favorite- the Paella Negra as well as a..."
"I really enjoyed this Branch. We went out to lunch with my business partners and you can really enjoy each other's company. The waiters are very..."
Josh Bacar
"Best place to be if you're looking for a chill wine night. They also serve a variety of drinks. Great ambiance and good Spanish food! (I love..."
Pat Santos
"This place has been here for the longest time. The surrounding area has already changed but this place continues to serve great Spanish food, which..."
Miguel Francisco Macaalay
"Love their wine selection. Although a bit pricey now compared from the first time they opened sometime about a decade ago, they have..."
"Wine a bit you'll feel better! Come and spend your day enjoying a Spanish tradition of fruit infused wine and delectable appetizers and paella from..."
Alexis Manuel Deocaris (forkspoonmanila)
"Last week, Tim and I had a pretty amazing date at Barcino in City Golf Plaza. I went to their branch in Burgos Circle a few months ago with some girl..."
Bettina Bacani
"My friend had one of those days you just want to drink wine and vent. Since, I'm always game for any hangout session. I accompanied her and ordered a..."
Feed My Tummy PH
"My S.O. and I find anything with squid ink hard to resist! There are only 2 Spanish restos we go to for the best Paella Negra in town, and until..."
Raina Cheng
"Went here for after-dinner drinks with friends on a Friday night. Must say I really love the ambiance of Barcino, I really like the vibe. We opted to..."
Trish Maramba
"Good wine selection and excellent Spanish tapas. Their paella negra is cooked nicely and not overpowering. The baby squid in olive oil is also very..."
"Craving for Spanish food? Barcino specializes in it! Their food is pretty good too!This place is also a nice chill place to hang out with..."
StarryEyed Luna
"they have a vast selection of wines but we opted for spanish beer. the beer is really good and worth it, better have it during happy hour. Paella is..."
Ian Hermoso
"Went here on a Monday evening - my first visit to this Barcino branch. Since we'd just finished a jog, we decided to eat healthy and not drink..."
"I love the place. It's so cozy and quiet. Perfect place to hang out with friends and sip wine. They have a lot of wines to chose from, and..."
"We went here before 6pm and had 20% discount for all wines. We had white wines, specifically Valformossa Claudia and La vinia Semisweet. Wines are..."
"I love Spanish cuisine as they have a very distinct taste in their food. Though it's quite pricey but it's all worth. The place was cozy and calm. ..."
"Before there was a wine place outburst in Manila, Barcino was FIRST. Try their Torta and their Marinara pasta (very strong tomato taste, borderline..."
Angelika E
"A cozy place to unwind. Their Sangria is good and worth the price. Order that with their cheese platter and you're on your way to a truly relaxing..."
Liza Garcia
"I love all their food! I especially love their pulpo a la gallega, the olives & anchovies, the cheese platters, the spaniah sardines, the paella..."
Mich De Guzman
"great food!!! and affordable also. I love gambas con bacon (shrimp wrapped in bacon w/ garlic mayo) and PAELLA..."
Maria Erika Divina
Oriental Pearl
85/100 (261 ratings)
"Our table looked like a buffet, but it's one of the joys of eating at a family style chinese food resto. We had dimsums, and noodles, and entrees. We..."
"This used to be the Jade Palace i think along Shaw Blvd. Always our family’s default restaurant when we need to celebrate something. Duck is..."
"Your usual old style, dependable Chinese Food fix. The ambience resembles that of the 80s maybe 90s feel. The food servers to the managers were very..."
Steven Ngo
"My family and I love this place for Chinese food. It’s nothing fancy and doesn’t pose as a fusion like other Chinese restaurants in malls, which..."
Mille Reyes
"I have dined here for a number of times now; whenever I crave for chinese food, this is my go-to place. The food here is affordable and delicious...."
"The food is so good and affordable you'll always want to come back. The menu have so much to offer and you would want to try all the meals..."
"Affordable and authentic Chinese cuisine. Haven't eaten anything here that I didn't love.Their hakaw is one of the best ones out there...."
"I ordered Fung Shing Dumpling and we had the food stuff separated from the soup. Serving size is crazy. It could have been good for 2 pax. Dumplings..."
"This use to be Jade Valley when it was still in Shaw. Love the new location and the food quality and service is still great and awesome. Price is..."
Charlene Briones-Michelena
"Food: if you're craving for Chinese food, satisfy your cravings hereAmbience: Simple and cleanService: can't judge since we're the only..."
Rouella Macairan
"One of the best value Chinese (Cantonese) restaurants, period.  It's like eating in Binondo or Banawe but within Kapitolyo, Pasig.  We had a heavy..."
Robby Villabona
"It's one of those hole in the wall kind of places that you don't often hear or see in ads. A friend took me here after we decided to go for..."
Kenette Cu Nicolas
"It was known before as Jade Palace outside Kapitolyo. Its a go to resto after drinks, their food cures hang over. They closed down and opened this..."
"After the bad experience at Masuki, you may want to totally cleanse your palate for traditional Chinese or Cantonese food. Formerly known as Jade..."
Jerico Pascual
"No photos now but Oriental Pearl (or what used to be Jade) is one of our default places to order or dine in. Helps that we live close by too....."
Kat SanDiego Muniz
"The old Jade Palace located in Shaw Blvd. Grew up eating Jade Palace's food and so grateful we found them. Same old food, staff, manager — but a..."
Isabelle Pozon
"If you want an authentic Chinese food near Pasig, this is a recommended restaurant. The food tasted delicious. There's many customers waiting for an..."
"I like my Chinese food greasy and salty so long as it's good, but sometimes you just want good Chinese comfort food that is neither of these two. If..."
Tania Arpa
"We went here for my graduation dinner. We ordered one and a half of their set A menu. Eveyrthing was delicious and tasty. A must-try for me is the..."
Jaz Bernales
"After 8 months of no Fung Shing, finally I have found the new Jade Palace. They are under new management now but the food tastes the same but the..."
Jon Lazaro
"This is the new Jade Palace-- one of our go-to Chinese restaurants, used to be along Shaw Blvd. It is smaller yet better, because it is cleaner and..."
Esay Querubin
"Chinese restos are really great for big family dinners and this is no exception. The fam had dinner here for a joint birthday celebration for my..."
Jellybeans In The City
"I have been eating at this Cantonese restaurant since I was 4 years old. It was first named as Kowloon house and then it was changed to Jade Palace..."
Marielle Antonio
"Chinese go-to in Kapitolyo. We always order their Salt & Pepper Spare Ribs, good for sharing! Note that the pork spare ribs rice meal is a whole..."
Kimi Fernandez
"Finally a decent chinese restaurant very near my place. We tried it and it was ok. Definitely a go to place when craving for decent chinese food. Not..."
Paolo Quimson
Takashi Japanese Cuisine
85/100 (251 ratings)
"Great food. Shoyu ramen is my new favorite...."
Sharm Puzon
"Shoyu new favorite. Must try yum. Now im..."
Kim Bandola
"Tried the New Spicy Karaage Ramen. Sugoi! Very Tasty and generous servings! Oiishi! Authentic Japanese Ramen at a very reasonable price. Will..."
Maria Jennifer Joy Repas
"Good Service though slow in cooking the..."
Austinn Santos
"Always loved to eat our hot noodle soup near my daughter's place...."
Roselle Tan
"Good selections of Japanese food! We had the Gyoza Cheese Fondue which we were excited to have and it did not disappoint, worth the money for the..."
Faustine Reyes
"Tried their own version of Katsudon one time.  It was good, nothing special, but still it's filling and satisfying.  Better than Yoshinoya with its..."
Alvin Abitria
"I was invited to a birthday celebration hence the many food and blurry photos.I managed to try most of those we ordered and it was all OK...."
"A good place for a quick Japanese fix. Conveniently located at Pioneer Center Supermarket Kapitolyo. I loved their Katsu Curry and Salmon Teriyaki..."
Kat Carlos
"We have dined here several times now. I always had Tonkotsu Shoyu ramen and terriyaki chicken. The noodle is chewy which is good, their rice set is..."
Karren Cachero
"Value for money! Always a good feeling being able to get good value for what you pay. Well presented, good taste and serving quantity. Staff are..."
"We only tried 2 dishes but we were very happy.Will definitely come back when in the area or try the Makti branch.😋 Tuna sashimi😋..."
Mao Mao
"I got sick a week ago and had to switch my diet to non oily, non spicy, non dairy and bland food.So basically I was deprived of the good..."
Mi M.
"Complete selection of your Japanese must-haves: ramen, sushi, tempura, katsudon and others.Ramen was tasty enough, sushi was of good quality and..."
Joe Gutierrez
"Good ramen for the price point which is relatively cheap for authentic ramen. Other meals are good too. They have katsudon, pork curry, and..."
MB DeeCee
"Not my first time to go here. I went back for the spicy tuna. Now, the spicy tuna is no longer good. :( Overall, good value for money. Maki's..."
Pol Sarmiento
"Visited this place when i had a terrible cold. Had Tan Tan Ramen, peanut based broth, spicy, tangy and creamy. Soothing and edgy. Pork Tonkatsu was..."
IamLil Affamé
"Random night out with friends and against traffic and all odds, ended up here for a "Ramen Night". We got there and luckily, there were still seats..."
Jace Pablo
"Needed a quick japanese curry fix. Takashi was accessible and offered japanese food at a reasonable price. Their tan-tan ramen and katsu curry are..."
"October 16, 2016Takashi Japanese Cuisine - Kapitolyo, PasigCrazy Maki Sushi- P180.00Chirashi Sushi- P290.00Kani Salad-..."
Edson Paul Flores
"The ramen, maki, and gyoza were satisfyingly delicious! The serving were just right at a very reasonable price. We did not wait that long for the..."
Michael Florida
"Great food! Ordered ebi tempura, kani salad, and yaki gyoza. Even the sauces are all great. Ebi tempura had that crunchiness that was just right but..."
Laurence Balderrama
"As Kapitolyo's restaurant has been growing exponentially, more and more restaurants that has been there for quite some time is being highlighted or..."
Alvin Ong | TFC
"I dined here December 2014, after months of searching for really good seafood ramen, and Takashi Japanese Cuisine nailed it! Although it wasn't spicy..."
F Kat Lo
"The ramen tastes great and the cost is not too high. I have tried their ramen (miso) and california maki sushi. There are lot of options in their..."
Gabrielle Ann Guinto
"Simply yummy. Worth every centavo. Freshly cooked meals to satisfy your Japanese cravings. Try the oyakodon and takoyaki balls. Their makis are also..."
Crissie Malay Austria
"Gyoza and Tempura craving satisfied! And it was good!Been wanting some Japanese food and saw this beside Kissako. Tried and it was good...."
Roxie Castelo-Velasquez
"We had their ramens which were quite alright. Their tantanmen had the nutty taste one should look for in a tantan ramen. The spice level was just..."
"No panda sushi for me :(Product: We had the Salmon Sashimi, Spam Musubi, Ebi Tempura, a plain rice, and their Sweet Tea. The sashimi was..."
Nicole Meredith Ayag
"Tonkotsu Shoyu RamenService was fast! Unusually fast, even. It just took them around 5 minutes upon ordering to serve.The place..."
"Good Japanese restaurant in Pioneer Center Supermarket at corner of Pioneer and United Streets. Quick service, clean interiors and freshly made..."
"I now have a new favourite Japanese restaurant.Food is great and fresh.Price is a lot lower than most Japanese in the NCR. Kapitolyo is..."
Robbie Couture
"Truly enjoyed our food. The prices are fair as well. We ordered oyakudon, curry, maki and gyoza. I also appreciate how they make your maki on the..."
"Known for their cute food preparation, their chicken curry was quite good. However the food serving was quite few. I ordered their chicken curry don..."
Hanna Joy Alejandro
"I regularly eat at this restaurant since it's the only Japanese restaurant in the area that serves decent food. You can't go wrong with their ramen..."
Karlo De Leon
"Tried their new items, chirashi, karaage don and panda sushi, they all looked good but nothing out of ordinary as far as taste is concerned. The best..."
"With growing popularity of Japanese cuisine I was pleasently surprise at the dishes serve in Takashi. The ramen is excellent with thick miso broth..."
Chef Sarap
"Tried Unagi rice, Miso soup and Ice green tea latte. I would strongly say it's authentic Japanese foods. And surprisingly their foods are affordable...."
"What a wonderful discovery in the kapitolyo area. Found this restaurant and was surprised to find it was authentic Japanese food! And inexpensive..."
"1. Very clean utensils and plates 2. Servers are attentive , food is fast, billing is also fast!3. Food is AWESOME!I ordered the..."
Johnny Bravo
"Definitely a must try for japanese foodie. All ramen and rice meals are worth a try. If you want an honest to goodness kind of japanese food then you..."
Paolo Sabido
"The best way for me to describe this resto is non-descript. It's located in Pioneer Center, not in the more hip Kapitolyo streets where the..."
Jellybeans In The City
"Takashi resto is just one alternative whenever I crave for a japanese dishes. I've been there for couple of times and I had a good time tasting every..."
Wilz C
"Dined in before attending a seminar somewhere in Pasig. I should say that they serve good ramen here. It even surpass my expectation.Tried..."
Leo Kevin Mendiola
"I needed a quite place to have a meeting last night and I needed healthy light dinner. The Chatime nearby is good for meetings but won't fit my need..."
Lady G
"Decided to eat in this japanese restaurant after our weekly gorcery. We ordered Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen, Crazy Maki Sushi and Sizzling Beef Teppanyaki...."
Mark Alba
"Cozy little place in, I'd say their Japanese fare is slightly above average. Tasty miso soup, standard priced sashimi and.tempura...."
Renee Arianne
"Great flavors on their side dishes, their gyoza is quite delicious as well, their noodle quality is good, however their broth is so so, needs..."
Jp Crisostomo Acosta
"One of the best authentic ramen in town and yet very affordable. Big servings ! . I highly recommend Takashi if you are craving for ramen .. truly..."
Ola! I'm Doray
"Payday Friday nights are busiest times for restaurants and seats and parking are hard to find.I opted for the newly opened Takashi Japanese..."
Em Dy
Cafe 1771
84/100 (496 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
"A very relaxing and romantic place. especially when meeting with your loved ones, a meeting with your colleages and your bosses. Great food, a..."
Eva Lynch
"Tastiest shrimp gambas i've tasted in a while. Beef salpicao and ravioli was spot on..."
Hirro Kuizon
"Relaxing place with good of a kind place for gatherings and..."
Eric Cong
"I just had my daughter's baptismal reception here last weekend and they were fantastic. The food was great and the staff was very quick and..."
Trissa Manalastas-Menardo
"The food is great. The staff are very pleasant. The service is ok. The overall ambiance is conducive for small..."
Allan Arellano
"Cafe 1771 is an elegant and classy place that has become one of our favourite spots to have breakfast. Highly..."
William Rodriguez
"Food is amazing and the place is elegant..."
Rose Lynda Ydia Olisa
"Excellent customer service from Ludell and Mark! We had my bridal shower in Cafe 1771 yesterday. The staff went beyond the expectation when they made..."
Edelweiss Moghadasian
"great food and very nice ambiance.. cozy and elegant..."
Helena Laureen
"Nice and fancy ambiance. It just took some time for our food to be served probably because we were a big group. But it was worth the wait. Our food..."
Ianthe Magdalene
"So sorry to hear that Cafe 1771 is closing. Will miss the consistent and reliable menu offerings, its excellent staff and the relaxing..."
Dondi Alikpala
"Lovely Place… Yummy Lunch…Grilled Prawns & Lacquered Salmon were both overcooked. The kind of doneness that have caused the dryness of..."
"A nice place with a great ambience and some good food. We ordered for lemon chicken, ravioli pasta and some red wine. The pasta was really nice and..."
Siddharth Wadehra
"Cafe 1771 5/5What we had:Chicken Liver PatePan Fried Chicken with 3 CheesesLacquered SalmonEvasionWhat I..."
The Beanie Review
"A good place for Filipino food that’s been around for years. Flavorful profiles are on point and consistent. They have a few dishes that stands..."
"Great breakfast!Get the tosilog since it's not fatty, the rice was good, and the eggs, just right.Can get crowded in the mornings..."
Vladimir Manuel
" 1771, we rented the place for an afternoon meeting and i can definitely say that in here, you get a bang for your buck! although a bit on the..."
Jeremy John Borlongan
"Ambience was great and the service was very good! All the dishes except the pasta we’re good. Both Chorizo pasta and the carbonara were quite dry,..."
Cesca Wong
"The place is really nice and cozy.It is very accessible to our place so we decided to give it a try. The menu is also great. We tried their breakfast..."
Rizza Ivy Alcala
"Celebrated my birthday here with my family. My sisters pan chicken with 3 cheese was the winner for me. The lime butter prawns with risotto was my..."
"Place is perfect for date nights. Food was great. We really loved their soup of the day, which is the pumpkin soup shown in the photo. Also, they..."
JamilaJardin Evangelista Dela Rosa
"Absolutely Devine best breakfast place in Ortigas Area . Though some dishes are not allowed of Zomato Gold but l like the food here will definitely..."
"Love their pizza and ravioli - both sooo cheesy!They have big serving (Good for 3-4) of osso buco caldereta - meat is very tender and flavorful!..."
Kat Hernandez
"Always a pleasure to visit. The ambiance of the place, not just the mere food, is something you come back for. Servers are very nice and attentive as..."
CarLa Lenice Lee
"Very cozy ambiance. An awesome and perfect place for your first date. Servers were polite and friendly. Just 4 stars because it took a while for our..."
Cristina Castro
"Bright interiors with homey ambiance. Their house special, Osso Bucco Calderata is a must be ordered by first timer. Their service is excellent too...."
Jaycee Dela Cruz
"Omega products offer modern fix for your modern home. A company that started out importing vacuum flasks in Binondo, Manila. Omega began in 1958 and..."
Feed My Tummy PH
"Went here for an event. So it’s a buffet style type of service. The food’s almost perfect!! I loved it. Shrimp croquettes w greek yoghurt dip...."
Epicurean Foodies PH
"The restaurant has a good ambiance and table setting, food is great it is a fusion of European and Filipino cuisine, if you wanted to have a calm and..."
Ryan Paul Magdangal
"Food is fantastic you can never go wrong with any menu they have here.Service here is greatAnd venue is on spot classy..."
Kim Ching
"We had dinner here for my 22nd birthday.Beautiful interior, accommodating staff and scrumptious food. I just kinda felt bad because the..."
Dj A
"Its a very nice experience dining in this resto. Fine dining is exciting! I like their choice in this menu. It served a sumptuos sea bass escabeche,..."
Food Tripper
"Cafe 1771 is a quaint cocotte restaurant located at El Pueblo in Ortigas Center. It provides the timeless essence of rustic French cuisine with hints..."
Catherine Walls
"This is such a nice place to work in.The food is great, the place is beautiful, and the service was good. I had their pizza which had a..."
"My girlfriend and I had breakfast here and we ordered the following :- Beef tapa with plain rice- Juevos rancheros with sugar free pan..."
Nom Nom
"For me, this is one of the best resto with excellent interior and ambiance. Love the color combination of teal, white and brown.I tried the..."
Qaramelle Blog
"I've had breakfast here a few years ago and have been wanting to relive that experience. I got the chance this morning and feel it's the best way to..."
"Great food. Nice ambiance. The best place for a private group dinner. All of the staff were accommodating and pleasant. Their service also..."
Mel Jairus Jabol
"Had our late dinner at this very classy restaurant in El Pueblo.  Although the place screams business meeting I still loved the ambiance. It is very..."
Lalee De Leon
"Of all the things I miss about working in Ortigas, it is my visits to Cafe 1771 that I miss most. I went often enough that the workers knew my usual..."
"There are only two words to describe Cafe 1771 - posh but cozy. Went here for breakfast and since I heard good reviews about their eggs benedict, I..."
Gillian Hero
"This resto, in the metro😀 is usually jam packed. 😉Not your typical boring go-to place that would only be alive bcoz of the crowd. If you're..."
"First Impression: Such a lovely lovely place. I instantly fell in love with their decor.Food: I love their desserts, they're heavenly. For..."
"In Ortigas? Try Cafe 1771! Their handmade ravioli is to die for - filled with button mushrooms and ricotta cheese, tossed in extra virgin oil and..."
Hungry Pants
"Dropped by for a quick, light dinner. Tried their Prawns & Shiitake Salad and it did not disappoint! The ambiance is nice and the bathroom..."
Bianca Marie
"@the breakfast here is good. I tried the pasta and it's just basic. I just feel that the place is too small for business meetings. The tables are..."
Sherwin Gatchalian
"It was meant to be. The Chateau Group invited us and The Burp Society (TBS) over for dinner and drinks at WineBar 1771 to introduce us to what they..."
Certified Foodies
"If you want a new perspective, this is the closest you can get to a cafe in Paris! (Well as I saw Parisian cafes in magazines -- right amount of..."
Angelika E
"One of the best ambiance there is for a cafe. The french library concept with a homey feel is perfect for those intimate gatherings as well as for..."
Kirk Ngo
"Great ambiance, very homey and elegant. It's a classic place if you want to refresh your brain from the hustle bustle of the city and go travel in a..."
"ive tried this place years back just after their remodeling and upgrade, its an elegant place, just like a British drawing room and a french bistro ,..."
"My fave among all 1771 restos ! Their ravioli is my fam's all time fave, as well as the Korean beef stew, not to mention their enticing line-up of..."
"Cafe 1771 in El Pueblo was such a nice place to have breakfast. The ambiance was warm and cozy. The chairs looked very elegant yet fun and colorful...."
A. Yu
"The place is so nice!!! I love the blue decors of the restaurant. I also like how comfy their chairs were. The whole resto can be split into three..."
Camille Solis
"restaurant design I see attractive. if you pass by the place it would make you want to take a look inside. the food is a bit pricey for an ordinary..."
Karen Avila
"I've always wanted to try Cafe 1771, especially since the redesign, because of the favorable reviews and beautiful pictures. So when my Ortigas-based..."
Em Dy
"Best cafe in the Ortigas area!Awesome breakfast..."
Antonio Modesto
"As you enter Cafe 1771, you will be greeted by their beautiful display of desserts. Cant wait for the dessert. Then you notice the nicely set up..."
Pldt EmpRel
"Cafe 1771 occupies the former space of its sister restaurant, Chateau 1771, which has since transferred to Greenbelt 5. The difference between the..."
Tales From The Tummy
Wildflour Cafe + Bakery
84/100 (1057 ratings)
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Croque Madame
"Passed by Wildflour at The Podium Mall and seeing that the place was not too crowded I decided to buy some bread to take home. Saw a beautiful pack..."
Eboy M. Donato
"Kimchi fried rice of @wildflourmanila is the bomb. Price is on the steeper end but quality wise they've definitely nailed this. The braised beef..."
"Recommended: Squid Ink Mafaldine (P650), Grilled Octopus Salad (P495), Potato Bacon Danish (P155), and Brownies (P95). Their cake slices are also..."
"Ambience: 4/5Price: 4/5Food: 5/5Service: 5/5The place is usually packed. Super love their cornetto with the warm hazelnut..."
Jayjam Ganang Isidro
"Wildflour cakes are really worth the price! Their carrot cake was very dense and filling, but the star was their tres leches cake. Although I've..."
"Went here for the Reuben and I was not disappointed. Though I prefer the one from Chuck's Deli, this had better bread texture (love the crunch!) and..."
Anna May Villaluz
"BIBINGKA CHEESECAKE IS THE BEST! I'm not a fan of bibingka, but this one? Super good! Pair it with their hot choco or coffee for a perfect..."
Joan Mu
"We went here on a Saturday for a sundae and to be honest there’s nothing special about the taste. I would have wanted vanilla but they dont have it..."
Karl Bel
"Ive been always a fan of this resto. No fancy, just great food and dining experience. Theyve got the freshest baked goodies and big servings. They..."
"Carrot cake.Been here twice. Still soooo freakin' good. Loved the frosting, just the right amount of sweetness. The cake was moist and..."
Heide Naguit
"Service was excellent. Ambiance is dim and romantic. Dishes are very pricey🔸Baguette w/ 4 kinds of butter : my fave was the garlic..."
Mochi Bear
"Food was good. The serving time for the steak was long though. Also, the waiters didn’t say thank you upon leaving which really isn’t a huge..."
Icel Ramos
"Staff were nice . My favorite was the casarecce cacio e pepe. ❤ the kimchi fried rice was a little spicy. Baby mixed green were good. We didn't..."
Patricia Conde
"What can be better than a concoction of chocolate, cream & fresh maraschino cherries? I was looking for something to end my meal on a sweet note when..."
Annesha Bhattacharya
"Wildflour Cafe and Bakery Podium Outlet is akways pack to the brim weekends. Their food is certainly palatable . They also got lots of great drinks...."
"I ate at Wildflour a couple of times but this is my first time here in Podium. We ordered the Mushroom bowl and sisig bowl. Their eggs were really..."
Denise Tan
"I came here at 9 AM and I was craving for cake and coffee. I fell in love with their interiors, choices of cake slices, and a vast array of coffee..."
City Crawls: Ellie And Chris
"This place was amazing.They have variety of food choices. They have different menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We went here on a Saturday for..."
Anne Stephanie Ramos
"Food ordered:New York Steak - P1,200Beef Bourguignon - P820#JKExperience:Variety of Menu - 🥩🥩🥩🥩Food..."
Kathleen Navarro
"I have never yet tried a dish from this restaurant that I did not love. Everything is so good! But my all-time favorite is their soup, salad and..."
Monique ADM
"Polite and attentive staff. Good food. Good drinks. Price is a bit too high though. We experienced a little slowness at the latter part of our stay..."
Jen Madrid Baldovino
"Salted Chocolate Cake was very moist and really delicious. It was a very big slice and best for sharing. The Black Velvet Coffee was also very good..."
Jamee Uy
"Wild Mushroom Salad is a Must-try! I also love the amazing desserts and coffee they serve! Plus the ambiance and setting of the place is perfect for..."
Diane Samson
"Fancy how they have different menus for breakfast,lunch and dinner. The price is quite intimidating,but it lives up to the quality of the food and..."
Gab M.
"Food is quite pricey but the ambiance is so nice. Love their Cronuts Dulce de Leche😍 If you are on a diet you might want to try their KALE..."
Ana Lorraine Liboro-mba Hmua
"The best bread and pastry I've ever had. You'll never go wrong for their carrot cake, croughnuts and cheese garlic with cranberry bread. We also used..."
Nicolette Querobines Mendoza
"2 + 2 on drinks, with cookies great ambiance with acoustic music at the ground floor of the podium. Great Saturday night the place is full, well its..."
Food Buster
"We decided to have drinks and dessert at Wildflour thanks to Zomato Gold Buy 2+2 on drinks. Pro:Service was goodCon:I..."
Guilty Pleasures Seeker
"We already love Wildflour even before we purchased Zomato Gold. We usually have breakfast here with our family. Food and overall experience is great!..."
Jay Cuaki
"Not your everyday go to restaurant especially when you're on a budget, but definitely worth the try. Their menu consists of mostly organic food...."
Sharedpsychosis 🔪
"I had brunch for two days straight here- that’s just how much I liked the ambiance, service and food. Must try for me are: Cereal Polvoron, coffee,..."
Aja Totanes
"The kimchi fried rice did not disappoint. The salted chocolate cake is one of the most unforgettable cakes I’ve tried, truly chocolatey but with a..."
"Cafe Mocha and Bread and Butter (garlic parsley). Service was excellent. The bread was baked to perfection, and the butter was simply irresistable...."
Kristel Pahinag
"Great food as usual. Love the ambience. Service could’ve been a bit faster but it’s understandable since there were a lot of people. Great place..."
Kenn Reineir Gonzales
"Love their healthy bowls for breakfast like oatmeal Brûlée or the chia bowl. Healthy smoothies are also a must try. One of the best places for..."
Eric Cham
"One of the best restaurants in the metro. I tried their burger and boy, it was really good. They also have a wide selection of pastries. We tried the..."
Marky Tan
"Always liked their cronuts. Kouign amann to die for. Pastries do get stale after a day so best to just dine in. Prefer their black velvet coffee over..."
Noreen Gonzaga
"If you want to splurge on a good breakfast, then Wildflour is for you. Definitely one of the best bacon slab I’ve tried. Value for money is 3/5...."
Clai Litiatco
"Went for coffee and dessert here. Taste is superb. The Mango crepe is wonderful. I enjoyed the bread pudding as it compliments well with the coffee...."
Jarryd Khristianssen
"Always so friendly and polite! It was a busy day and they were very helpful with deciding what to order. The staff were very attentive and always..."
"Always a busy restaurant. Their food portions are big. The chowder is amazing and of course the vietnamese coffee is the best. We seldom visit the..."
Amira Ylaya
"During our strolling, we have noticed this coffee shop with nice ambience. Wanted also to have some rest, we decided to try this restaurant. They..."
"Love the coffee here! The chocolate chip cookie is sulit as well given that it isnt choc full of sugar and it maintains a good balance in its..."
Rika Rustia
"We went to Wildflour Cafe to try out their famous salted chocolate cake. The slice was humongous! (well, the price wasn't that economical, so I guess..."
Rachel Leen
"Booked a table using Zomato. We arrived earlier than booking time and they were able to accommodate us as soon as there was an available table. Used..."
Maria Meliza Cabato Romillo
"Been going to Wildflour for years now and them being in Zomato Gold makes it all the more worth it. We’re a family of 4 so their Buy 2 Take 2 on..."
Joseph Efraim Biscocho
"We got two Almond milk and two Vietnamese Latte! I appreciate how they were patient with us fuzzing over what drinks to order. Thank you! I’ll be..."
"Really enjoyed my stay here with friends! Although service was kinda slow and they didn’t really take note of all the free orders for Zomato Gold..."
Anna Alonzo
"Food: 👍👍👍👍Loved the saltiness of the of the food, how the rice made sense and tastedService:..."
Don Red
"They open at 9 a.m. for breakfast. Good and hearty breakfast choices. If you are not into spicy food in the morning I suggest you stay away from the..."
Philip Alvin Wong
"Loved the Wildflour breakfast! Their bacon steak (+30php only!) is perfect for my holiday cravings because it tastes like holiday ham! The butter..."
Rica Garcia
"Their price is admittedly a bit steep, but they do have the best sandwiches in town. They don't skimp on the servings either. Default dinner place..."
Dyan Chua
"THE PLACEThe restaurant is quite big, with outside seating as well. Everything is organized and clean,THE STAFF/SERVICEStaff is..."
Lesley Anne Gan-Red
"Had coffee with my friends here at Wild flour. I was surprised that this branch was much dimmer than its BGC counterpart. For a nice..."
Fat Girls Day Out
"Celebrated a family celebration last Sunday. We loved everything most especially the pastries! Their cronuts and Salted Caramel Chocolate cake is to..."
Teph Cordero
"The staff suggested salted chocolate cake which is moist and not overpowering just enough for an elevated sugar like me. She also suggested the..."
Vida Ken Tan Bautista
"Always love it here but there is one thing, there are flies and I don’t know where they are coming from. You guys need to be more cautious since..."
Kristine Agosto
"This place is perfect for date night. The lights are dim and the candle lighting makes the dinner feel special. Also, it wasn’t that noisy even..."
Mits Almarez | Mitsadventurez
"I always think of salted chocolate cake whenever someone would mention wildflour. 😊 I cant think of a food from its menu that doesn’t taste..."
"I’ve been told that this place is phenomenal & let me tell yaaa the rumors were right. Everything about this place is excellent! From their mouth..."
Alyssa Nicole Legaspi
"Went here for dinner and decided to try their steak frites. Meal was was complete since it went with fries and salad as sides. Meat was good. ..."
Randal Elido
"It’s my first time eating here. I tried their Squid Ink pasta. I loved it! The serving is just enough. I also love the ambience. It got this..."
Jenny Esguerra
"Absolutely love this place.. had the roast chicken and the coffee here.. one of the very few places I would recommend it to be worth the..."
Siddharth Wadehra
"I never liked puddings. Until this place reintroduced me to this British dish “palatably.” And I have never smirked at puddings since. Well at..."
"Getting my carb fix at my favorite bakery! Their pastries never disappoint and it’s always fresh. There’s so much to choose that I end up..."
"Can't get enough of their pancakes, so creamy and fluffy although a bit on the bland side, need to add a lot of syrup, still they're really really..."
"Ive always been curious about the food here. I know its good because they are always full and my friends say its good. So one rainy saturday morning..."
Climber In Heels
"We celebrated something and just wanted a slice of cake. Off we went to Wildflour for one of our favorite cakes - the Salted Chocolate cake. Super..."
"I love the wildflour franchise in general but this branch out of all the places are one of the best. Ambiance is highclass and staff are world class...."
Jayvee Roca
"This place is great! I’ve been here twice already and both times satisfied our palates. They offer different menus during brunch and lunch/dinner..."
Ence Senogat
"Big fan of the Blueberry and Ricotta Pancakes + Podium now allows dogs 🐶🐶 Fluffiest yummiest pancakes in the world. Not very fond of the..."
Tara Cabullo
"So much love for this restaurant because of their food + ambience! Such a chill place. Perfect for family catch up, lunch/dinner dates with friends,..."
Marielle Antonio
"Sophie says "If there is a rating greater than 5 stars, Wildflour would get it"This place serves the best french bread I have tasted...."
Tom Sawyer's Old Fashioned Krispy Chicken
83/100 (411 ratings)
"Ate lunch yesterday with my family. Chicken was spot on! Its not KFC or Chickenjoy. It is its own taste. Real Southern style fried chicken. I just..."
Carlos Quismundo
"It brought back childhood memories. I remember when my dad still bought a box of their chicken from their old place in..."
Marcus John de Guzman
"New fave fried chicken and gravy! Nicely fried chicken to..."
Michael John 'Mj' Nicasio
"My brother and i love the chicken and coleslaw, i still remember the disappointment when the tagaytay branch was closed, we always go to tagaytay..."
Jacquie Bruselas Estrada
"Love the taste of TS fried chicken. It's on TOP 1 of my fried chicken list. It taste like the love of your mom. I hope they will expand soon. Maybe a..."
Tati Abellanosa Lacsamana
"Great tasting, crispy, juicy, always hot. Pieces are large! Price point is..."
Anna May Villaluz
"Move over, fastfood fried chicken brands. Even Ministop's Uncle John's Chicken! MY GAD, Tom Sawyer's is sooo good! The gravy is different too - you..."
Hope Reyes
"Familys favorite fried chicken! Please improve your corn bread. UPDATE: Thank you Tom Sawyer for granting my special request. I will forever..."
Shin Cabrera
"Still the Best Fried Chicken in Town! Bring back the branch in..."
Teng Gochuico
"It was our first time to eat there yesterday. Me and my husband. And as a food lover and as chicken lovers. Just WOW!!! We love the chicken. And..."
Julie G Tem
"The best fried chicken and the tastiest gravy. My all time..."
Minnie Aguilar
"Best fried chicken ever! Crispy outside,flavorful inside! And the gravy is..."
Burt Sarmiento
"Waited 30yrs to taste their food, I wasn't disappointed, came back this afternoon & brought along my sister in law, now she's a big fan of your food...."
Lucius Francis Natividad
"Brilliant staff..loved the chicken and..."
Grace Barretto
"Just as I remembered it. � thank you for bringing this..."
John Gary Navida
Romulo Almendras Yap
"taste like heaven.sobrang sarap ng chicken..."
Shannel Mediavillo Yap
"I'm so glad you brought back Tom Sawyer's! When my sister and I saw that sign that you will open soon we got so excited! We were like children again..."
Kathy Ramirez
"Awesome chicken!! There used to be one in Baguio in the early 90s which my my family and I frequented. Fast forward 20 years and I see it here and..."
Rhon Liquete Go
"This for me, is the best fried chicken in the metro. Classic! Tom Sawyer's Old Fashioned Krispy Chicken is super crispy, juicy, and uber delicious!..."
Monico Carlo Aquino
"Juicy, crispy and tender Southern style Fried Chicken! With tasty gravy. We got a couple of pieces of the fried chicken and took it to the..."
"Lowdown:Best southern fried chicken I've tastedSolid chicken. Enough said.Chicken is juicy,crispy,tender, and not greasy.Order two pc..."
Matt Chan
"When was the last time I've eaten a Tom Sawyer's chicken? I don't remember. Why? The brand has fallen off the food radar. Sayang.I..."
"After a rough day, my parents handed me this to me for my dinner. Though it was a take out, the quality stays fresh and it's not hardening unlike..."
Clark's Corner
"Upon going inside the store, you can smell the delicious fried chicken, which did not failed our expectations.Fried is big and crispy and..."
John Paul Resuello
"Before Jollibee, before McDo, there was Tom Sawyers. What makes it different? Its just fried chicken. Theres something more than salt and pepper. I..."
Carlos Maglutac
"It’s my first time in Tom Sawyer’s. My boyfriend persuaded me as he spoke so passionately of this brand that he grew up with.We ordered..."
Josh Rosario
"Love the chicken and ribs! Grew up with this in the 80s and I'm so glad they're back :) The fried chicken smells like buttermilk :) They also offer..."
"This place is underrated! I wanted to get chicken but since i went here on a Friday on lenten season, i decided to get the fish fillet, BUT no..."
Stephen Suico
"Best place to eat for chicken! So crispy and juicy, it's worth your money. Buying the 9 piece chicken along with sides of rice or cornbread is a good..."
"Probably the most underrated fried chicken. I wouldn't classify this as a fastfood as how well the food is cooked and served to your table (hot). It..."
Seong Cheon Lee
"I might have committed sin for ignoring Tom Sawyer's since they re-opened in 2014 because one bite was all it took to win me over.The..."
Khael Angeles
"Disclaimer: My boyfriend's ad agency works for Tom Sawyer's.I'd heard of this chicken place years ago but I'd never considered it because..."
Regina Marie Peralta
"I ordered their 2pc chicken, fish fillet with fries meals. The chicken is really tender, breading is quite thick tho not that crunchy still, it is..."
Yulz Zabala Garces
"As a kid, I used to go to Tom Sawyer's when they were still a sit-down restaurant in Greenhills. I'm glad to say that the recipe never changed. A..."
Angelo Vergel De Dios
"I was really surprised how delicious and crispy their chicken was. A great alternative to Jollibee and if you want affordable and not too crowded..."
"I'm so hooked on Tom Sawyer's country fried chicken!!! In my opinion it beats KFC, mcdo and Jollibee hands down.....Always fresh and..."
"This can easily be my choice over the ever famous chickenjoy. Always been praying na mag franchise na sila. Kasi naman super sarap ng chicken nila...."
Jek Panlilio
"I was this close to eating at Tom Sawyer's last year when I attended a birthday party at a nearby kid's play area. Sadly, it was cut short when we..."
Eboy M. Donato
"Tastes like Greenwich but smaller parts. Few food choices here. Branch is kinda small. They should offer a variety of food not just the ordinary..."
"Quick place to eat good food. Their chicken is different from the typical Jollibee-Mcdo-KFC, so it is definitely a must try! The things I did not..."
"So hungry that time after my partner renewed her drivers license just around the corner of tiendesitas. Hook her up to try this chicken house since i..."
The Hungry Sapien
"Dined here after reading the reviews on Zomato. I've never been to their old branch so I have no idea on its taste. So after I renewed my license at..."
"quick service. spaghetti was very meaty. chicken was quite crispy. nothing too special but it was good and i didn't regret choosing them for dinner...."
"Chicken here reminds one of home cooked meals your mother or Manuela used to serve you when you were a kid. The gravy perfectly goes well with their..."
Vance Madrid
"Visited this place because I was walkin around the corners of Tiendesitas and discovered what appeared to be bangin' lookin' fried chicken and prices..."
"Food: 5.0 - when I was still a child and my family goes to Tagaytay then, we always dine-in on Tom Sawyer. Now the revival is still as good as the..."
"I LOVE FRIED CHICKEN! ❤️CRUNCHIER. TASTIER. JUICIER. These are the slogan that truly says that they have one of the best..."
"The chicken was really good and affordable. It was very crunchy and I loved it . The ambiance of the place is just good. I also loved their brownie ...."
Alex Bianca Cuento
"Howdy! Juicy, crispy southern style chicken and unique mushroom gravy sauce with herbs and spices from Mississippi. Worth the wait and out of the way..."
"As a child studying in O.B. Montessori during the mid-80s, trips to Greenhills were quite frequent. We would usually stop by McDonalds for lunch,..."
The Pickiest Eater In The World
"Tom Sawyer's offer great food at affordable prices.Their chicken is flavorful, properly seasoned and breaded. It is juicy and crispy with..."
"Affordable and delicious food. Chicken is crispy on the outside and the meat inside is juicy! Spaghetti is yummy and their ribs is so tender! Good..."
Travel Eat Pinas
"A friend kept raving about this place for as long as I can remember and when she invited us over for dinner, I couldn't be more excited. The menu is..."
"My dad brought us here saying this one's a classic. Well I dont regret going cos this is by far the juiciest tasties chicken I've had in ages. And..."
Tintin Francisco
"Surprisingly delicious! My new favorite crispy and juicy chicken as of late, with equally delicious gravy to go with it. You can also try the..."
Trish Maramba
"Had take-out. Chicken was still warm when we ate it. Very delicious, was saying their chicken skin (balat) is like a cross between KFC (spices,..."
Maid Of Lorraine
"Downright good fried chicken. Crisy and heavy on the breading, but doesn't overpower the tasty and juicy meat. Don't go here if you're craving for..."
Lallie Udquin-Peralejo
"Tried tom sawyer in tiendesitas, very tasty, the chicken is crispy, my personal favorite is the spaghetti. Their budget meal is also not bad. Highly..."
Mary Grace Badere
"First time trying this newish chicken place in Tiendesitas and quite pleased. The chicken is very crunchy and crispy and even more flavorful than..."
R. Nelly
"What was supposedly a food binge at The Grove turned out to be a classic Southern American dinner at Tiendeditas.After checking the pet stores..."
Joy Felizardo
"We heard fried chicken are Texas-heavy big so we headed towards Ugong. Seeing the servings, I oohed and aahed with expectation. Waited 15mins for my..."
"I really like the Fried Chicken here! Indeed, it was perfectly done as what they claimTheir chicken to be!Also, their service is..."
"I just have to give it up for Tom Sawyer's chicken and delectable gravy! Thank goodness my fellow foodie recommended this place. Although I'm..."
Victoria Sy
"I must say, their Fried Chicken comes almost close to Pancake's Pan Chicken dish in terms of taste. Great marinade that you can savor from the..."
Elg Santiago: Takaw Mo Elg!
"This is hubby's go-to place for a quick fried chicken snack in Tiendesitas. I found the skins crispy and the meat tender and juicy but I get the..."
Jellybeans In The City
"I was full already but I managed to eat 2 chicken wings. I love their old fashioned gravy. Their chicken is big and crispy i love the crackling sound..."
Chym Fernandez
"Who wants chicken? I want chicken!Hands down, Tom Sawyer's has the best chicken in town! Taste and quality of it, can't be compared to any..."
Beatriz Fores
"This is like throw back foodie.. I remember tom sawyer's chicken back in the days when they were in greenhills, the chicken is still the same though..."
"don't judge the food by it's cover photo...hehe the fried chicken is a blast. a must try for chicken lovers. Never thought something like this good..."
Phillip Callos
"This place offers one of the best fried chickens in Manila. You can get tender and juicy chicken that is even better than Chickenjoy. It was served..."
JoLyn L
"HANDS DOWN THE BEST CHICKEN AND SPAGHETTI MEAL IN MANILA!  Seriously the best I've ever tasted (compared to other fast food chains). Kudos to the..."
Ada Akogu
"Definitely coming back here, their fried chicken is to die for!!! Stand back Jollibee Chickenjoy, Tom Sawyer's gunning for your..."
Cedric C. Cheng
"I liked the fried chicken a lot!!!!!!! A little slow in the service though, just a bit. But if it's good fried chicken you want, this definitely..."
"For some bizzare reason I reverted back to an eight year old kid and craved for Fried Chicken.  Tom Sawyer's old fashioned krispy chicken is located..."
Doc Papa Bear
"The place gets packed by lunchtime. Obviously, they cloned Jollibee's famous Chicken Joy. But, the taste is way damn better. Modified and..."
Man On A Budget
"So happy to have something new in the Tiendesitas compound. I work in Silver City so this is a very welcome addition. This chicken, I tell you, is..."
Mai Dumana
"Oh my Lord God Almighty. Their Chicken is Amazing. Juicy, crisp, tender and packed with flavor. Tastes Just like it did back in the 90's in its..."
"The store is pretty barebones and could use some work but the chicken is delicious! And the gravy too. Pretty affordable too at P88 for 1pc chicken..."
Chris De Vera
"I've been a fan of fried chicken since I could remember, so I definitely wanted to try place out and it was a good idea. The chicken was crispy and..."
Kalie Rodriguez
"It will be Christmas in a few hours and once again we are reminded that it is better to give than to receive. (Well, specially if you are a boxer. :..."
Patrick Cruz
82/100 (311 ratings)
Late Night
"I decided to bring my client and colleagues to Cazuela last Friday and I swear it was a good decision. We all loved our food, the Gambas were the..."
Patricia Isabelle Blanche
"Excellent service. Excellent food.So many choices.I would definitely recommend this restaurant!Loving their Pollo Pinchos and Calamares...."
Susmitha Lyn Aquino
"Well executed dishes and excellent customer service! Definitely a place I will frequently visit and recommend to..."
Aileen Ignacio Albano
"superb ang pagkaen!!!! very accoomodating and super sulit must..."
Walter Enriquez
"Ayos dito. They have a good service talaga. Babalik at babalik kami. Thank you cazuela...."
Francis Dann Ortiona
"It is always a good time here in Cazuela. Food and sangria. I hope they would bring back the unlimited tapas from Tapeo. Kudos to the service team..."
Jonathan Andro Tan
"Love the food & the ambiance of the place. Will surely go back..."
Jenny Santos
"French press coffee �, good � wines, & complimentary popcorn..."
Desi Marie Enage Sapnit
"I Loved it. Ang sasarap ng mga food!! Halatang professional ang may gawa.. Keep it up for Cazuela and Staffs. God bless..."
Jonas Harvey Dela Fuente
"I went here for a chill Friday night with a friend and we weren't disappointed! I loved the cozy atmosphere and the service was greaat too as the..."
Cristene Anne De Torres
"Each dish is good for sharing but when it comes to dessert, I don’t think I want to share it with anyone because I want the whole order for myself,..."
Jacque Colitoy
"I arrived at the restaurant the first thing that I always look for is customer service. The staff was really friendly and warm. I looked around the..."
Kristian Marfori
"I always order Paella Negra and Peeled Shrimp with Tomato sauce dip. Paella had a very rich sauce with lots of toppings. Shrimp was simple and..."
Benedict Solpico
"The food was so good i was so excited i was not able to take a picture of them all. 😂Paella Negra was so tasty its not oily and the..."
Gab R Iyel
"We were treated out for dinner at this place. First time I heard of this and was a bit skeptical at first. Its situated in the middle of a resto..."
Selwyn Ang
"Cazuela is one of my new favorite restaurant in Sapphire Bloc. They offer mainly Spanish dishes and has a very small and intimate place. I’ve been..."
Camille Solis
"Cazuela - Sapphira Bloc, Ortigas.Our first time to try out Spanish Cuisine and everything was so good. We ordered the following:..."
"A lovely little place with a cosy spanish decor.They had a 50% off promo if you ate lunch there at 12.00 using an app.Tabla de..."
"Good food and good ambience. Serving time got stretched but my friends and I did not mind it too much. I dont know why this is listed under zomato..."
Sean Samson
"We plan to eat somewhere new every date night....So tonight, we tried a new place. When I sat down, I noticed Cazuela had a similar vibe to..."
Raisa Zavalla
"Favorite restaurant at Sapphire bloc! We always come back for their paella negra and gambas. 10/10 for sangria and their mojitos. Staff is very..."
Samantha Anne Castañeda
"1. Tabla de Longganizas (homemade garlic, spicy and hamonado sausages) served with marinated cheese and flour tortilla2. Callos3. Paella..."
"The restaurant gives off a foreign but cozy feel. When you enter, the place is kind of dark with warm lighting. The food is superb. The servings of..."
"Very cozy place. Food smells and tastes delicious! If you’re looking for some comfort Spanish food, then this is the place to go! Just make sure..."
Joseph Thelmo
"Food: 3.5/5Service: 5/5Ambiance: 5/5Value for money: 4/5Celebrated Father’s day with my family and the food was good! I..."
Ashley Villa
"Brought my family here for Mother’s Day and the food is so delicious! I highly recommend the Pollo a la Brasa. The crew is also great! Manager is..."
Marvelle Santos
"If you are in a mood for some Spanish cuisine and happen to be along Ortigas area, you may want to check out Cazuela. Cazuela is a spanish 2-floor..."
Monique Sanchez
"Place is small but the interior is interesting. Service crews are attentive and have a good grasp of their menu. We ordered their recommended dishes..."
"Cazuela offers relatively affordable Filipino-Spanish dishes compared to other Spanish restaurants in Manila. On both occassions we dined in Cazuela,..."
"This was an unintended meal at this homy restaurant that has a somewhat quaint-colonial-ish feel.Food: They offer old school dish like paella..."
Jae-t Morgan Chase
"Really good food and the ambience is superb! Will definetely be back :) Their food is amazing fromm appetizers to desserts! Mae it a must to visit..."
Aimee Buzeta
"Good restaurants are hard to find in Ortigas Center until now when condo-buildings now provide commercial spaces for new food troves. Located in the..."
Renz Calub
"Best callos, gambas and kesong puti cheesecake!!! I keep coming back to Cazuela. You should also ask for churros. #cazuelamanila #sapphirebloc..."
Tere Canayon
"Best callos period. Immensely enjoyed the cerdo al horno. Service was efficient too. Tucked away in what I perceived to be just a watering hole, this..."
"Nearby: CBD OrtigasFavorites: Paella paired with their wide array of wine✔️Food✔️Menu Choices✖️Value..."
"Food: 4/5Ambiance: 4/5Service: 4/5Recommended:- pollo al horno (₱385): my favorite dish, highly recommended! We were..."
Hungry Girl
"Valentine's Day lunch out with my officemates. Its unplanned and almost lunch time when we decided to dine outside. We had Spanish dish this time. We..."
Sandra Yu
"There are real stunners in their menu! I love the creamy and flavourful lengua, the lamb skewers which were surprisingly flavourful even without the..."
Talia Ruiz
"Went on a rainy evening on the recommendation of our Turkish friends - ended up having a pitcher of sangria and lamb skewers. Will..."
Abhijit Singh
"You must check out this new restaurant called Cazuela that I was invited to try a few weeks ago. I had dinner there with my family and even my picky..."
Karen MNL
"You must check out this new restaurant called Cazuela that I was invited to try a few weeks ago. I had dinner there with my family and even my picky..."
Karen MNL
"Tried this Spanish restaurant along Sapphire Road. We tried their Gambas al ajillo. Super yummy! We also had Sangria. Good place to chill and kill..."
Norman | The Travelling Tongue
"Trying out a new resto at the Sapphire Bloc, Calueza who is still at its soft opening stage. I was surprised that the restaurant gets easily filled..."
Dennis Carlson Lim | TFC
"We had a mini dinner bonding last Sunday at Cazuela with my family 😍First, of course everything we had is delicious. Callos and Paella..."
Menchie Chan
"Been waiting for them to open for awhile now after seeing their construction sign for months. They offer mostly Spanish with some Mexican and other..."
"New resto in Sapphire Bloc serving modern Spanish cuisine. It's on soft opening. Nice roomy interiors with wine bottles displayed along the walls...."
Kalesa Cafe
81/100 (37 ratings)
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
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"I really recommend their restaurant. Great staff, very accomodating. The dinner was amazing. It's nice to have a place like this and escape from the..."
Kristopher Andrew Robles Esmaya
"Myself and about 20 others stayed here for 4 nights for my wedding, and it was amazing. The staff were really helpful and accommodating, breakfast..."
Elliot Nelson
"Amazing staff delivering excellent service. Rooms well-kept and superb amenities. Food is..."
Yan Marianne
"One of the best place in the metro!!! I just hope they could maintain this kind of service managers and staff are very accomodative thankyou..."
Rk Hernandez
"Very accommodating staff. And the eggs Benedict are to die for!!! Will be coming back...."
Nio Manzano
"Hotel is clean, our room is clean, staff are so amazing approachable, breakfast buffet is good, room is spacious and my son did like everything...."
Mich Diamond
"Great people, food and place. We enjoyed our stay here in Mercure Manila..."
Ramil Gonzales
"Good food and superb service��� staff were really nice and..."
Anabelle Rio Cruz-Peña
"hotel staff are all very accommodating, wd superb food on..."
Luvy Malaluan Remo
"Great. Awesome. I always look forward to be back in Mercure. Love the food. Cozy place to relax at the end of long-day meeting. Thumps up for the..."
Loucille Alcala-Dabhi
"Wow...very accommodating the place..sarap ulit..."
Kanov Zevach
"From the check-in everything went well. I've asked the front office staff from where can i get taxi and in turn she booked a Uber and came till the..."
Venkatesan Nanthagopal
"superb service from the whole staff.. awesome..."
Sisie Marshela
"Kalesa- All day dining Restaurant offers International Asian and traditional Filipino dishes.Food:We tried the chef’s..."
EatGirl ♡
"Polite and friendly staff. Make sure to order Kare-Kare it’s one of the best sellers. They have a function good for 25pax but you can ask them if..."
"Love the food here and service although it is a boutique hotel and makets the business travelers the resto has its personal and family feel. Food was..."
Lhong For Short
"So Mercure Hotel is finally open. It is a dynamic botique like hotel that's actually targeted to young professionals and businessmen in the Ortigas..."
Kanto Freestyle Breakfast
81/100 (2677 ratings)
"Any self-declared foodie must have visited this place at least once. Their infamous breakfast options and all day, all night service makes them quite..."
Niña Venus
"Open air seating with lots of fans to keep you cool (they also have a small "indoor" seating area if you really want). Menu doesn't have many photos,..."
Rakesh M
"Ordered here for to go.. as usual its jam packed because of their reasonable prices. Please don't be maarte when you go here. Place is decent with..."
Tara Lamon
"the only problem is that when my friends and i went there, their garbage place is in front and near to the gate of the resto. maybe that day the..."
Margareth Custodio
"A great great place for morning breakfast. The staff is super courteous. The place doesn't have seating for very large groups but definitely worth..."
Susanne Rodrigues
"Always ung Honey Garlic Chicken nila. Un palang solb na! Winner! Then you can also try their Lechon Kawali which is equally good. Their staff are all..."
Polo X Recuenco
"Our go-to hangover recovery place. Anytime breakfast just take away the queesiness and over partying remnants from the night before.We love..."
"Best place to go to when you're craving for breakfast food at ungodly hours. They have everything from pancakes to kesong puti and tuyo and spam and..."
Anj Segovia
"Dining here often. Low priced yet filling and satisfying. Service is average, food takes some time to be served. Ambiance is okay, it is open air,..."
Leona Gonzales
"Affordable yet the dishes are indeed high quality!! Love their champorado even at midnight, as well as their desserts and spanish sardine! A place..."
Natsumi Rin
"Rice meals are no-fail. Pancake batter could be more fluffy. Prepare for the heat and drink lots of liquid if necessary. Parking will probably be a..."
Alex Concepcion
"Another to go place if you want an affordable spot to eat. The name says it all, they only serve breakfast meals ALL DAY which is a haven for people..."
Escape With Alyzza
"I came here at around 3 AM, and I ordered the well-known Honey-buttered Chicken, original pancakes, and breakfast tapa for my partner. We truly..."
City Crawls: Ellie And Chris
"...Kanto is one my personal go-to places for breakfast, it never fails when i bring guests that i need to impress, the simple whole-in-the-wall vibe..."
Jeremy John Borlongan
"Kanto is one of my favorite restaurants as it has big servings with reasonable prices. You would want to order everything in the menu when you go..."
Danieka Ingua
"Great place for cheap foods but luxurious when it comes to taste !! Their chicken longa is my fave! This is the only place where i order chik longa!..."
Kim Ahmed
"Went here for brunch. As always never disappointed with tapa. First time to try danggit and it was tasty. Ate gurl who serves food looks out of her..."
Tracy Herrera
"First time to try it on a rainy day without the usual crowd. And glad I did because service was efficient!It's just breakfast, but for some..."
"We had trouble finding the place, but all worth it. The concept is simple genius. Whenever I eat here I cant decide which viand I want, and they have..."
Guilty Pleasures Seeker
"Comfort food x homey vibe! The first time I went here w my friend, we had New Zealand Beef Tapa for dinner. 😍 Yummm! They also had enough servings..."
Ellaine Dayao
"Finally got to try this joint! Ambience is very laidback. Feels like you're in an outdoor canteen. Food are reasonably priced. Love that you can..."
Ruth Acero
"Parking is a pain.This is our favorite breakfast place since it's near our area.Do get the New Zealand tapa. It is sweet and wet..."
Michell Calag
"Went to this branch at 9am on a Saturday morning thinking it would be off-peak hours. Boy were we wrong. The place was packed and there was a short..."
Minique A
"It was our first time to dine here earlier. We ordered their bestseller, the tapa and an ala carte order of their honey garlic chicken. The tapa was..."
Marianne Layco
"Cozy,. One of the go-to places before u end the night with friends. Their kapitolyo branch is not so accessible, so u gotta find it but i love how..."
Rachelle Lachica
"Perfect place for an all-around breakfast place in the midst of the bustling Kapitolyo restaurants. They have a reasonable variety of dishes to..."
Miguel Carlos Lazarte
"The service was friendly and fast. The food was good. The prices were surprisingly affordable and was too fair for the quality of the food. I ordered..."
"If you crave for filipino kanto foods then you must be in a right place.The foods are exquisite presented, I enjoyed my every kain session here...."
"Always a happy tummy whenever we went here for dinner!!! I super love their Tapa and Danggit. I just wished that the food were hot when served but it..."
"Been here a couple of times. Love the food. Ive been bringing my friends here as well for some good silog. What I love most is their selection of..."
Mark Guerra
"Had brekky here and the place was sooo rustic and cozy. A lot of people were there already and people keep on coming. It's really a good place to..."
Mikee Jacalan
"The place is full packed almost all the time. But I was surprised when we got there last time Wednesday at 12:30 am, our group is the only one there..."
"They offer good food. We liked the champorado very much. I just hope they could uograde their seats with backrest. But overall, I will recommend this..."
Marie Antonette Reyes
"Their prices have significantly gone up compared to before. But the quality of the food has not changed. The waiters are also now very friendly and..."
Paul Elijah Candelaria
"A place like home where you can eat your favourite breakfast treat. One of my favourite dish that they are serving is their tocilog and scramble...."
"Great food for 1/3 the price (compared to most breakfast restaurants).Open 24/7.Very attentive staff.Hopefully they..."
Gidell Palos
"Heard a lot of good reviews about Kanto since 2015.... Finally, after 3 attempts, get to visit around 9 in the morning. Was surprised that even that..."
Cee Vee Gee
"Kanto Freestyle Breakfast Kapitolyo.The whole place was spacious enough. It’s actually an open-air restaurant, which makes it a bit warm...."
"Being with your co - food blogger during wee hours is such an amazing experience! Having her along the way is almost perfect! I found a true friend..."
"Dinner time, we went here at kanto freestyle new branch in Pasig. ‭we ordered honey chicken and new zealand beef tapa with 2 boiled..."
Happy Muñoz
"Got the honey garlic chicken, it was on the sweet side but it was good! #UglyDelicious The skin was crisp, perfectly complementing the tender..."
Leslie Cua
"This will be the best thing you will ever have at times of your petsa de peligro. Don’t compromise the taste just because you are on a budget. My..."
"If you’re into breakfast-type of food then this is the place for you. You can customize and add additional orders depending on your preference. The..."
Tobi Tubil
"First time I came to this place, and I’m surprised on how good the chicken was. Honey garlic chicken here is a must try. You will appreciate good..."
"Cute and cozy place. Quite small but organized. The servers were accommodating and nice. The prices are cheap. The food is delicious. We tried their..."
KMP Manods.
"(F)ood=====I am a breakfast lover that is why I keep coming back to this place because of their great classic Filipino breakfasts with..."
Jowell | FoodFlings.PH | Flingeros Philippines
"They do have a unique style of serving their breakfasts. I already had several meals here and really satisfies my tumny especially when you are..."
Kathleen Leanda
"It was my first time here and the food is great! I ordered Honey Garlic Chicken. It is very tasty and how they present the food is just wow... to..."
Rica De Mesa
"Kanto Freestyle's Honey Garlic Chicken will never disappoint you. When you have limited budget and still would want to eat a good meal, this..."
"Visited this by a recommendation by my colleague. Location: It's a little hard to find unless of course you search "Best Breakfast in..."
Leah Villareal
"If you don't mind an al fresco set up this resto is for you. Tucked away in Kapitolyo is a small restaurant that offers really yummy breakfast items...."
Tesh Reyes
"Ube White Chocolate Ganache PancakeAfter 30 minutes of waiting for our orders to be served, I was pretty happy with the ganache - cream is..."
Miake Acedilla
"Well, for any mundane time this place is well and better for anyone. Again, living around Kapitolyo, the first time my friend introduced me to this..."
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