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East Ocean Palace Restaurant
90/100 (537 ratings)
Fish lip
"Attended a Chinese New Year Celebration here with the handsome hubby last January. It was our first time to visit East Ocean Palace  and my first..."
"Food is good but it is quite pricey for the amount of serving. The servers are very accommodating. The ambiance are nice specially the lobby looks..."
"From the same guys as century seafood restaurant, is the rise of this Amazing place! I attended a wedding here and the place is superb. From the..."
"Now one of our go to Chinese restaurants in Manila. Love their food especially the place! Feels like you are in a hotel. Their service is also very..."
Chinky Chinita Eats
"Chinese cuisine is no stranger with us Filipinos. We were exposed to several of its dishes ever since we could eat solid food. But only a few could..."
Mary Love Siy
"The newest venue for weddings/ events that serve Chinese food! Private function rooms are available, ambience is good, service is also good. You have..."
Purple Apple
"Every cent you spend here is definotely worthit, since their food is definitely unique and really really good! Combine the good food with great..."
Frances Ang
"Curious with what east ocean palace has to offer, we decided to brave the rains and head off to pasay where this brightly lit restaurant is located...."
Benj Ong
"High level of food upon first taste! then someone told me that this place is also managed by the century seafood group and it all makes sense. so now..."
Conti's Bakeshop & Restaurant
86/100 (815 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Robert Bayani
"Its origins trace back from BF Homes. Absolute value for money. Five stars on their Mango Bravo and Baked SalmonGo to place for..."
Man On A Budget
"My favorite sans rival of all time.Conti's is my go-to comfort food. They serve delicious everything. I've never ordered anything that I..."
Curious Couple Eats
"All time favorite! Everything's worth for its price. I didn't quite like their breakfast meals because some food served on plate was too salty..."
Reagen Mari
"One of BF's original Sunday lunch places still serves good food, although servings are smaller and prices have skyrocketed. Known for their baked..."
Regina C
"We dined here on Mother's Day and as expected, it was fullhouse. Luckily they have a function room that was available so we stayed..."
Ani Corpuz
"Have been here many times for YEARS, esp. since my highschoolmate's family owns it. Definitely my mine & my mom's nonquestionable go-to for cakes and..."
"Doing a review for their ube custard cake which I have been seeing through different facebook posts that made me crave the other morning. I am a fan..."
Grace Isais
"Nice and friendly staff. The food was good, a little pricey but definitely worth it! Their place is okay, they should add more tables bec we ate here..."
Mheng Sablan
"This place never fails to give you the best cakes for any occasion. The staff were also very nice to be assisting us with their personal preferences..."
Kends Toledo
"It was my first time trying Contis, I only know the name because of the cakes I have tasted before, but when my girlfriend insisted that I should try..."
Noel John Del Rosario
"4th time to eat breakfast here. Food is always great but please tell your janitor or whoever cleans the floor to launder the mop or rag that they use..."
"This is the original Conti’s restaurant. For this visit, we got a couple of chicken empanadas and their classic mango bravo to bring to my aunts..."
Fat Girls Day Out
"I really love the food and atmosphere of this restaurant! Before, I just buy cakes. Now, I get to experience the food. From appetizers to desserts,..."
Angelo Veloso
"Finally got to try their meals and everything is so far awesome! This explains why the redtaurant is always full, even my husband loved their food!..."
Renee Angelina Lee
"I was getting adventurous and decided to order an item I don’t consider typical for a meal at Contis. The chicken roulade was nice. The chicken was..."
Hungry Filipino
"I would go here when i cant seem to decide on a new place to eat because aside from being accessible to me, their food is almost always reliable...."
Diana Reyes
"First time to post a review here but have frequented the place before started reviewing here in Zomato. Mango Bravo is a favorite. It’s..."
Maria MM
"Ordered chicken ala kiev, roast beef and gambas for lunch. Everything was delicious but a bit pricey for such a small serving. Cakes are delicious..."
Mik Admana
"Nothing spells christmas better than the taste of baked salmon at this specifi Conti's branch. I can already see the hoards lining up to grab their..."
Mikee Filart
"You can never go wrong with Conti's. Lengua, Salmon, Chcken, Ribs, Pasta and these are just the entrées what more if we tackle their desserts?? Two..."
Patrick Encarnacion
"For the quintillion times I've eaten here, only once was I disappointed. Their Lemongrass chicken with cilantro dip is tender, tasteful and heavenly...."
Marc Sacriz
"My favorite branch and my go to place every time I crave for comfort homey food. The customer service is topnotch from the time you park your car..."
"This place is classic. I heard their salpicao is good. But where would get a mango bravo cake? Only at contis! Ask them how to you can cut..."
Law De Guzman
"Not the best branch but food is always good, my all time favorite always be chicken ala Kiev, their salads too are good, we love their chicken..."
Kristine Villanueva Chan
"Conti's is really known for their desserts and everybody knows that. I haven't had a cake that I didn't like. It's a different story with their..."
Aaron Sison
"I love going here for breakfast on weekends. The place emits a homey vibe and the staff are attentive. Our favorites are their salmon and moms..."
Mari Gere
"Been an avid fan of Conti's since I was 12 yrs. old. It has been our family's tradition to order at Conti's everytime there's an occassion in our..."
Elaine Nor Cariaso Perez
"Had the mussel and mushroom pasta. Table of 7. Everyone satisfied. Got free brownie tasting at the end with coffee. Green mango shake is a must try...."
Nicolas Roussel
"Contis is well known for their baked treats and cakes. But I just love all their dishes, especially the Baked Salmon. Whenever we would dine in..."
Curious Foodie
"Meaning to buy a cake from a different shop but spotted this place first, so swung by and bought one from here instead 😊. Thank goodness they are..."
"I'm a big fan of their mango bravo, other cakes and pastries are also good... The cooked food is just ayt, they gotta improve on that part. Go here..."
Paolo Blancas
"I will forever be a sucker for their Mango Bravo !!But hey, the rest of the menu aint bad either. The chicken cordon bleu is still the tops for..."
Ron Mendoza
"I really do end up finding myself coming back here to this place ☻ I think that this place is a great place for family luncheons or dinners. Their..."
Yumi Okazaki
"Its my favorite go to place whenever I famished and longing for a good cup of coffee. My all time favorite is their baked prawns, sinful, melts in..."
"It's my moms birthday this is the first time that i've eaten this cake. I so love it , it melts in your mouth, its like a mango graham chocolate..."
Yumme Macapayag
"Contis are well known for their pastries but also on savory dishes. We had lunch with the family and ordered sotanghon, shanghai, chicken lollilop,..."
"I've always loved the food in conti's. Our favorite chicken a la kiev, soft shell crab, baked salmon and lengua. Of course, who could resist mango..."
Jae Dungca
"Their Prawns are really good! When we cannot think of a place to go to with the family, this is where we end up. For sure it's gonna be good! No..."
Marge Herbosa Casal
"Loved the Symphony Salad. Also tried their Mango Royale Salad but it wasn't as good as the Symphony. The Baked Salmon was puuuurfect. Had the right..."
Camille Eduvane
"My girlfriend's family and I had a dinner here after hearing the mass. We ordered their buffalo wings, beef salpicao and many more. Their salpicao is..."
Kristian Pante
"My favorite dish from Contis would be the baked salmon. This branch is walking distance from our house thus becoming a constant for home deliveries..."
Gidjette Arguelles
"Sans Rival FTW. Been here and was given exemplary customer service from the beginning til the end. The quality and the quantity are worth your..."
Mark Magno
"I think 99% of Conti's customers love Mango Bravo. It would literally and figuratively melts in your mouth. This is definitely the cake of..."
Ghie Mata
"My all time fave here is the Chicken ala Kiev. Its like chicken cordon bleu but instead of ham and cheese inside, it has herbs and spices that oozes..."
Dette Arellano
"There is an attempt to try all the dishes on the menu because every dish that has been ordered is really mouth watering; lengua, chicken ala kiev,..."
"Their ensaymadas are really good, melts in your mouth and you can order mini ensaymadas too which are really cute. And their best seller Mango Bravo..."
Sammi Apora
"Always loving their cake. Not that expensive but worth the price :) their food are also good. But as what you expect, it's slightly pricey. I'll..."
Glazzie Gonzales
"Ever since I was a kid I go to this restaurant with family every Sunday....still as good up to now on this branch...heheh...I love the..."
Camille Santiago
"Conti's, an Italian restaurant great for desserts. Loving their brownies, i'd give a 10 out of 10 for it. Crunchy inside and out. Plus they give..."
Angelo Paralejas
"Family and friends are welcome at this nice resto, but i would say its pretty noisy in some locations. Food not consistent in some areas. But quality..."
Nick B
"Conti's has already been an institution in Bf Homes. Conti's offer a wide range of food from hearty appetizers to foodgasmic desserts.I..."
Eat, Burp, Repeat.
"Very good food and great value for money. One can go here anytime for any occasion!..."
Harvinder Singh
"they need to work on healthier..."
Alan Tagle
"Conti's has been in BF Homes longer than we are so it's already a landmark for southerners. I dined in here yet, bt it's always jam-packed with..."
Mona Verdida
"Conti's has been a part of my life ever since I was a little girl! My family and I LOVE their food here, and usually serve their pancit and cakes for..."
Chiara Garcia
"You really can't go wrong with a place like Conti's. Good, hearty meals and desserts for fair servings and prices. If someone's having a birthday and..."
Hitomi Ejima
"I love you very much Jahziel Pernia! From the bottom of my heart! I will love you forever and..."
Joshua Pinpin
"Conti's has always been a familiar place. I don't think I've ordered anything in this restaurant that I hated. Most of their food are either okay to..."
I Heart Chicken
"Compilation of favorite household world dishes, with Conti's you can never go wrong.Whenever we have family potlucks for sure someone will..."
Ruben IV
"I rarely dine-in the place but I regularly order their meals and desserts. Top of the line are: Breakfast Tapa (great quality and taste), Baked Mac..."
Mary Anne Tolentino
Tito Chef Restaurant
81/100 (529 ratings)
"Yum! Super like - fried oyster chowder, wagyu beef cheek burguignon, beef fellit with foie gras, carrot & kale..."
Nouls Laroya
"Our first foray into the South and we chose a good restaurant - Tito Chef. It's a cozy converted house with good ambiance. Service is..."
"The Chicken Quesadilla is so great! It compliments the ambiance of the restaurant. Creme brulee is really good too. A great selection of tea too...."
Aris Santos
"This place gives hotels a run for theor money. Really good food fit for celebrarions. Food quality, taste, and presentation is top notch. Ambience..."
Charlene Chan
"Good, delicious, well plated big servings. Had the peri peri chicken and salmon. On the pricey side but worth it. Courteous staff. Beautiful..."
Judith Cabanatan
"Food is great! I ordered peri peri chicken for mains, strawberry shortcake and brewed coffee for dessert. My kids ordered bruschetta, teriyaki..."
Girlie Tan Sytin
"Limited menu but really good food. Staff is attentive and ambience is great. They also have a small room for families who want to celebrate an..."
Trish Yap
"Wow improved a lot! The last time we ate there was 5 years ago. Service was excellent as usual. Ambiance felt like I was back in Shanghai eating..."
Mark Joseph Sarmiento
"Tito Chef has always been my go to place for gourmet food. The entrance of this spot leveled up the food scene in BF.This trip did not..."
Hungry Filipino
"Nice ambiance for a family gathering. Food was good. Service even better. Price was reasonable considering the quality of the food and selection...."
Amy Uy
"Must try up-market restaurant at reasonable prices for the serving and quality of the food.Great food, great ambiance, great music, everything..."
Pavan Ramchand
"Tito Chef deserve no less. The only exquisite fine dine in BF. Ambiance is very private and serene. Staff are very accommodating and friendly,..."
Riki Pajarillo
"A bit pricey but delicious and loved the experience. The Oysters Chinoise is a must try for me, well if you like oysters. There’s also a variety of..."
"The decor is gorgeous and very inviting. The menu was bright and interesting, my eyes were drawn to the batter fried oyster- with mango salsa,..."
Princess Reich
"Very homey, pleasant interiors with refreshing colors and lighting. We went for poultry today and had Peri-Peri Chicken with Basil Rice and the..."
"Finally got to try Tito Chef's Aussie lamb paella for dinner tonight and it was so good. The food here qas really good its just really expensive for..."
John Alouette Jugo
"I've been to Tito chef twice and it was better the second time around. Went there for Mother's Day this time and brought with us more family members...."
"We came in not expecting a lot. It was, after all, just a regular house turned into a restaurant. But when we came in, we saw how smartly designed..."
"The place is very lovely. I only had a chance to eat the strawberry shortcake and it was perfect. The service is also great. Will be back again for..."
Riesheena Hernandez Cordero
"If you're looking for something special, but don't wanna go far, this may be the perfect place. The ambiance is really nice. Perfect for brunch with..."
Cathy 💋
"Service was good, as expected. But the food, well, maybe just ok. I came expecting a lot. A lot a lot. Heard a lot of good reviews from friends..."
Rico Cortez
"I tried their surf and turf of salmon and tenderloin and it was one of the best surf and turf I have tried so far. Their desserts are also really..."
B.A. Lanto
"I loved their menu the first time we dined here. The experience was surreal due to superb service, plus the elegant feel with classy interiors. We..."
Hungry Mommy
"Food 5/5Portion 5/5Service 4/5Cleanliness 5/5Parking 2/5Price 5/5This review is meant for the Tito Chef branch at..."
"Excellent choice for very special private family occasion! Quality of the food did not disappoint the already high expectations from a fine-dining..."
Washington Alto
"So unexpected! The food is so good and not as expensive as I thought. It feels like a fine dining restaurant complete with plating. The food is..."
"Experience the best fine dining cuisine in BF Homes at Tito Chef. Compared to other fine dining restaurants, Tito Chef doesn't lag behind its other..."
It's Emified
"Hola. Hola. Hola. I'm back with food reviews. Okay, to start with....We ate at the famous TITO CHEF located at BF Paranaque last april..."
"Been here for a few times and I'd say they're pretty consistent with food quality especially on steaks. Pretty pricey but it's all worth it. Aside..."
Christian Andrei
"Tito Chef is one of the best restaurants I've been to in BF Homes. Food was cooked to perfection and was made from quality ingredients. I started..."
Kelly Parreño
"fine dining that is not intimidating :) must try's are their hefty serving of spicy kung pao wonton salad and bleu cheese alfredo.. will definitely..."
Cathy Guieb
"This is another excellent resto in the south. This place is good for most celebrations and whatever group you're with, family, friends or a date. The..."
Nico Nicdao
"Great place for family gatherings or even meet ups. This restaurant is kind an old school in terms of structure but definitely has the quality to..."
Caleb Zion
"Call before you drop byTo make sure you have a table to stand byThis cozy place is an elegant escapeThe ambiance is classy, a treat as..."
Stacy Danika Alcantara
"We have been visiting this place of Metro-Manila every week-ends for the last 8 months and during all those trips we have experienced and tasted good..."
Robert Sac
"I have been passing through President's Avenue in BF but never had the chance to try it until last Wednesday.  Ambiance: Well, apart from the..."
Millie (NotYourOrdinaryMum)
"Good food. We had dinner here last night (4/18/15). Since there were 5 of us, we decided to order different dishes. I savored the blue cheese..."
"Small serving but food is great! Classy taste and awesome presentation. Desserts are superb! Would not hesitate to recommend to friends. Atmosphere..."
Jen Castro
"A fine dining spot that's chic and cozy. Good food is served by a courteous staff and I particularly loved the feel of the place. Looking forward to..."
Mike Portes
"Find the place kinda pricey however the serving is pretty much fair. Enjoyed my meal too. It's great to have this around B.F. Although it gets..."
"I have been dining here since they first opened their doors and not once was I disappointed. The service is fast, attentive, and very well trained...."
Aram Puzon
"Enjoyed my experience at Tito Chef BF. My first time was average but when we returned I was blown away. Great service and the entrees were..."
Chris Ong Of Kain Manila
"The staff are friendly, warm and accommodating. Thanks Tito Chef for catering our needs. For Jun for always there and making sure our needs are met...."
Rosario Nacasabog
"The tomato soup fondue is highly recommended. The gooey cheese goes so well with everything. Soup bowls are huge so you can actually share an order..."
"I only tried one dish at Tito Chef, the dulce de leche cheesecake, so my review is mostly for that but with a bit of the ambiance and..."
Queenie Sim
"A Casual yet Fine dining appeal. Tito Chef in BF is a sweet place to be especially during the time we visited, it was Valentine’s Day. My friends..."
Leyah Josef
"I really like the American hamburger its a burger that is not run in the mill, its a five star hotel hamburger. Beats all!! The shoestring potatoes..."
"I went for lunch with a friend to Tito Chef restaurant in BF Homes on a weekday and was very pleasantly surprised. The ambience is chic, food..."