Lolaneh Bulalohan Makati

Lolaneh Bulalohan, Makati Food Circle, Second Floor, Cash & Carry Mall, - Makati

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I do our groceries at cash and carry and when I'm running late to make dinner I just buy the food from Lola Neh. They make good home made food that's affordable and delicious. Their bulalo soup is excellent. If you're alone just order the solo size cause the biggest serving is enough for 4 or 5. The sizzling dishes they have are also a notch above regular food court fare. The sizzling plates come in a metal domed bowl placed on a wooden pallet. The server usually places a bunch of paper napkins on the metal lid so you won't burn your fingers opening them. Of the sizzling viands I've tried the chicken in butter sauce, sisig, salmon and tuna belly. My favorite is the chicken because it's full of gravy and when it's done right the chicken is grilled instead of fried before being drizzled abundantly with that rich sauce. I'm giving them just 4 stars because I've noticed that although the food is good there is no consistency to their way of cooking the chicken in that particular dish I like. I hope they just grill it all the time instead of fry. When I get the fried one the meat tends to be dry but the taste is still on point with the gravy. The sisig if you request it like me, they can make it crispy. The salmon and tuna are OK. For the vegetable dishes I recommend the seafood broccoli, Ginatang langka, fried togue lumpia. The fresh ubod lumpia is just so so. I noticed that it's just all ubod, hardly any shrimp or pork at all but the sauce which they do so very well is good. I've also tried their Lechon kawali karekare, which I may add was terribly sinful but delightful. That was truly high blood inducing but it was so crispy and tasty. I like their stall because there are so many choices from extremely healthy to screw it I'm not on a diet today. So whatever food mood or health resolution I'm on I can always find something satisfying to feast on there.
Apr 05, 2018
Risha Angelica Montellano Samarita
If you are looking for a good bulalo,a bit epic if I may say, this is your to go place! 😍😍😍 I got the chance to eat here when I went to cash and carry to buy some stuff (blessing in disguise) because it led me to my bulalo haha. (Foodcourt, Cash and Carry buendia)

Bulalo is one of my weaknesses especially when Im a bit hangover hahaha. One of my specialties too (I cook but a bit lazy to do so 😂)

Service: Fast.

Crew: Cordial.

The serving is big and for 150.00 this is a good catch!
Apr 08, 2017
Trish On Jazz
Aw I'm so surprised that Lola Neh is here in Zomato. I grew up in the community near Cash and Carry and had been eating at Lola Neh for years before I moved to Mandaluyong. I really wanted to commend them for their Bulalo years ago but had not been able to do so.

Well now here's my chance! Let me start with the fact that as I roam around Metro Manila, I haven't found a better Bulalo yet than of Lola Neh's. I may sound like overrating it, but try it. There's something in their bulalo. It's not too heavy nor strong, it's just right and satisfying.

I like their Bulalo so much that I will come back here and will take pictures to share. I hope they won't change it's taste and recipe because it surely is remarkable.
Sep 25, 2015


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