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Zoo Coffee
81/100 (4187 ratings)
"Zoo CoffeeOne of my favorite coffee place and the least crowded of all coffee shop here. I always order their Espresso Frappe which I love and..."
"Place is nice and cozy. There was a cup sleeve event for V and Jin. The server was attentive and patient in explaining the drinks on the menu. I got..."
"The ambiance of this place is really nice and cozy. The staff are also very warm and welcoming. The price of the food is inexpensive but its typical..."
Food Torpedo
"The staff were polite and courteous. Ambiance is great. I have yet to come back and try their other food. The waffles are phenomenal. Crunchy on the..."
Patricia Jarmin L. Pua
"After lunch, we had our coffee and dessert at Zoo Cafe. We ordered brewed coffee, strawberry yogurt, macchiatto, americano and strawberry bingsu..."
Eats Mommy Carrots
"- plus for the comfortable seats- big plus for not being crowded at all- very big plus for having plenty of power outletsa nice place to do..."
Joc Joc
"One of my fave to-go Mocha drink!Zoo Coffee (Vertis) has a great ambiance, and quiet environment compare to their Megamall branch.Staffs..."
Rizza Salas
"The Dulce de leche cheesecake is the best I’ve had of its variety. Not too sweet, just enough cheese, consistency is perfect for me! I love it..."
"After lunch at a Thai restaurant, mom and I (especially now I’m eating for two. LOL) still had room for dessert. After a few minutes of roaming..."
"Amazing coffee, great pastries, good snacks and the fun nature loving ambiance. Love the stuffed animals although could get a bit dusty, nonetheless..."
Gabriella Wicks
"Price - very reasonable. The gang was surprised for the big serving waffle, with whipped cream and fruits, for just P200.Space - Spacious and..."
Lady G
"Nice place to have coffee. Beautifully decorated and not cramped.They have hot meals, waffles, pastries and other dessert items here. They..."
Mindful Eater
"THEY HAVE OUTLETS!!!!!!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Food (3.5/5)Menu is kinda limited but can be considered plenty at some point (since it's a..."
Seferin Rudolph Cañeso Cabotage
"I ordered from GrabFood today because I was really craving a good iced mocha, and after further research, I settled for Zoo Coffee. NO REGRETS! As a..."
Me, Maureen
"I love the ambience, it was cozy just as I would imagine a rustic modern cafe. The price is on the average. The waffle was great and affordable...."
"Must try their bingsu. And coffee. Bingsu is good for 3 people. Super nice to hang out here especially if you have kids around. They will enjoy the..."
Beatrice Que
"Tried this zoo/animal concept café and it was worth the try! Just found out it's a Korean inspired type of cafe. I especially looooove the waffles..."
Park Min-Ji
"Budget: 500 for twoFood: We tried their pasta. It taste good but small serving only :( Their bread taste sooooo goood! We also had their Belgian..."
"very nice coffee shop! i loved staying there because it was so peaceful & clean, also loved their belgian waffle & iced caramel macchiato! they were..."
Patricia Daplas
"I love themed coffee shops and this one happens to replicate a zoo. I love the safari theme of the place, with stuffed animals lined up everywhere...."
Kimchi Eats
"The place is really cute!I had an iced caramel machiato. Their sizing is great but I find the price a little high for the..."
"Number of times visited: OnceParking: Mall parkingFood: Tried the plain yoghurt  smoothie and totally enjoyed it. Can anyone go..."
Project Viajero
"I believe concept stores that provide more interesting angles for customers will continue to thrive. Zoo Coffee, a Korean franchise, gives you an..."
Soru Izakaya
84/100 (5882 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Late Night
"My family and I had my much delayed birthday dinner last Sunday. The food was great. I loved the nori tempura and the maki. I also loved how they..."
Tala Pascual
"I gave Soru Izakaya 5 stars because they serve good Japanese food and the look of the place is very nice. The price is also very reasonable. We were..."
Joy De Guzman
"I love soru izakaya! I really dont eat japanese food eversince, but now!? I can say its my favorite food ever! Shake furai and chizuni maki is sooo..."
Maria Jehzza Punzal
"The first time I tried this restaurant I already loved the service and the food. I tried a couple of their best sellers and the menu says it all, if..."
Kyle Vinarao
"Soru Izakaya is a true advocate of healthy and organic food. They only use the best of natural ingredients in all the entries in their menu. In fact,..."
Tj De Jesus
"Good value for money. Not as expensive as other Japanese restaurants in Metro Manila, but the quantity and quality are competitive. Nice ambiance..."
Roy Carpio Devesa
"Higly Recommended! The place is very interesting, colorful, artsy, instagram-able and has a personality. The comfort room is very clean. There is..."
Mark Jerome Fajardo
"When I go to a Japanese restaurant, I rate it based on their Katsudon. And theirs is the best for me so far. And the other orders are super!..."
Jim Baluyut
"Great place, awesome food! Can rival the Jap restos found in Little Tokyo. I just hope they add the more traditional sushi in their menu, plus add..."
John Fadrigo
"This easily became my husband and family's favorite restaurant! Best Japanese food especially their tempura!! We love this place so much we held our..."
Sheane Mejia Ramirez
"I love their ramen! And it’s located in a nice neighbor in Maginhawa Street :) a must-try also are their beverages. They sometimes have buy 1 take..."
Carla Perez
"My fam and I have a very strong affinity towards Japanese food. As it is one of our favorite cuisines, more often than not, we end up choosing..."
Jellybeans In The City
"The ambiance is good especially for groups or families who are dining in. Not recommended if you want to eat alone although you can, but I think it..."
"Sulit w/ zomato..."
Bea Miranda
"They serve a modern touch on traditional Japanese dishes. Serving sizes are a bit modest but filling. The menu may seem limited but prove to be..."
Robi Lorenzo
"Ramen and..."
#wanderer /Richie Salao
"I had a great experience here! The food is delicious and the service is swift. It's a bit pricey, but it's understandable. I especially enjoyed the..."
Rakesh M
"Good food and service. Enough parking spaces for..."
Karl Jamoralin
"The place had such a nice ambience and all of our orders were extremely delicious. We left with super full and satisfied stomachs!! Will definitely..."
Abbie Ramirez Dolatre
"Food that were marked recommended in the menu were good so you should try one of those dishes that were marked recommended. Curry for Meiji Kare was..."
Belle Gutierrez
"I believe the food is worth the price. Soru is my favorite fusion resto and I wait to come back. I love the Lava Maki because its spiciness is not at..."
"The pork tonkotsu would've been better if not for the thick breading. Overall, the experience was satisfying. Will try again other food in the menu..."
Alexander Cary Vitalicio
"One of the best Japanese resto I've tried in the PH! Waiters we're accomdating. Food was great and they added art to the sushi, which I appreciated..."
"Great place with a modern Japanese vibe - which is good, since many Asian restaurants tend to lean on a more traditional look. It's a gastropub and..."
Edberg Joseph Garduce
"I love Soru!! I don’t really like Japanese food as much as I like other Asian cuisines but Soru sets apart. Their sushis are amazing. Must try is..."
Elisse Bo-o
"We ordered 1 ramen and 8pcs of maki which were more than enough for two people. The taste is great and their serving was adequate. The staff refilled..."
"Excellent food quality but found it weird for a Japanese-themed resto to be playing 90s/00s R&B songs. The party music kinda ruined the overall..."
Faye Ananda Yu
"We love the gyoza and katsudon! Ramen was okay. Food presentation was great...."
Camille Figueroa
"Tried my Zomato Golf priviledge here and it was worth it. But I must say the cost of food was kinda pricey. Their ramen was tasty - I ordered spicy..."
"I've eaten here twice and whatever I choose from the menu never fails to disappoint. The presentation is lovely and the flavors are explosive. Bonus..."
"One of the best Jap gastro pubs i’ve been to. Customer service is on point and have not had any bad dishes here to date. What makes it more worth..."
Helen Veloso
"Food is amazing, and what makes it stand out more is the fact that their staff are EQUALLY AMAZING and accommodating and nice. Very attentive, even..."
Cristina Ducusin
"Enjoyed everything we ordered!! 💕💕💕Their gyoza is to die for. The ramen is soo thick and..."
Lianne Mae Homez
"It's a great and hip place along Maginhawa with great food & ambiance. Prices are reasonable. Their chicken karaage was TDF! Disapointed with the..."
"Soru Izakaya is one of our favorite places to fix our japanese food cravings. We’ve been here numerous times and yet they never fail us. We took..."
Leyah Josef
"Food is great!! Staff were very attentive and helpful. Thank you to our server, Mark and all the staff in BGC! Will always be a favorite. :)..."
Jei Mercado Estremadura
"It was a delectable experience! Food was great, SOMe staff are friendly. But first time to encounter a rude server. I always go to different..."
Jovie Del Fonso Molina
"As this is a small place, parking is limited. We went in an off peak so we were able to park properly in front of the place with a courteous guard..."
Gerby De La Cruz
"We ordered gyudon, curry rice topping, nori tempura, ika sashimi. We asked for them to give us half nori and half original. We like the nori flavor..."
"Great food and ambience. Fantastic presentation for the price too! Best place for quality Japanese cuisine in the area. Great service, very attentive..."
Danee Gm
"We went to the Maginhawa (Sikatuna Village) branch. The service was a bit slow, so hopefully they can improve on that aspect. Overall it was great..."
Chelsea Ting
"Really good Japanese food and super friendly staff. I liked how they infused modern twists to traditional Japanese food while ensuring that the taste..."
Ria Dane
"Delicious Japanese cravings can be found in Soru Izakaya! A neighborhood Japanese restaurant that will give a good treat on their bestsellers like..."
Tonie Tummy
"We were looking for a place to dine in late last night, and we came across this Gold resto, and saw good reviews, plus they close at 1AM. Good..."
"Staff was great and very accomodating, and by great I mean 5 star great service and personality wise. They welcome and recommend great foods to those..."
Jervin Kua
"This the 3rd time we've dine here for the past. 2wks. Well love the food here specially the gyudon, makis, tiramisu and their ice teas. Service is..."
Victor Yap
"Really good place for sushi and dining in with friends. They offer a wide variety of beers as well Asahi is a really good japanese beer to complete..."
Anton Villegas
"Tiramisu, spicy maguro salad and tantanmen never failed me. The matcha cheesecake is good. It doesnt have the matcha after taste and the flavor is..."
Ara Crissele Joson
"I highly recommend this place because of the food and the staff. The staff is commendable for being friendly and courteous. Although the food..."
Kenneth Chua Mangako
"One of the better Japanese restos in the area. We ordered the Tantanmen and Katsudon. Tantanmen was too spicy for my liking (can’t tolerate spicy..."
Che Rie DLS
"Everything was good!Try the Spicy Maguro Salad for starters, Okinomayake ( close to Osaka version)The unique Nori Tempura for Tempura..."
"Number one go to place when craving Japanese food in UP/Maginhawa area! Everything is worth the price.Their maki dishes are must haves!!!..."
Justinne Marie Real
"My go-to-place when I'm craving japanese food. Buti na lang malapit sa opisina. I love their smoked pork belly tepan, sukiyaki and kyuri green iced..."
Vanessa Juvy Balita
"If you near Maginahawa, Quezon City. You should try Kuro Dragon Maki and Tantanmen Ramen is the best! Try it out.  We are..."
Gabriel Diaz
"Saw this restaurant in Zomato gold and went here without any expectations. Ordered Tantanmen, Hiroshima Maki, Wagyu cubes, Bacon Enoki, Gyuchizu, and..."
Joana Chen
"We will definitely be back and bring friends over! I really love their Maguro Salad, the best I’ve tasted so far! Would love to try their makis..."
Myles Roxas-Macpherson
"As a big fan of Japanese cuisine, I am both open to trying out new restos but also a little picky with my options. Good thing Soru Izakaya..."
"A lot of choices on the menu so whether you're in the mood for ramen, sushi or rice meals, I believe you'll find something here. I've tried most of..."
"Daring creations that step out of the ordinary Japanese mix! Definitely my top 3 Japanese restos ever 😁 Spent the entire meal shaking my head and..."
Gio Santaromana
"Really great Japanese food but maybe because it was lunchtime, we had to cancel our order of tempura shrimps. We were at the end of the meal but it..."
Ramona Roxanne Campiglio
"I always go here for japanese food. Restaurant interior is ok. Staff are attentive. I love their makis , aburi, tuna salad, seafood teppanyaki, wagyu..."
Emma Dy
"For two consecutive years, I've been celebrating my birthday here. The ramen was a bit too salty for my Papa, but the rest of the food are superb! I..."
Ros De Vera
"I've always wanted to try the foodbhere because of all the good reviews. We ordered some grilled skewers, Tantanmen, and Gyudon. The gyudon was good..."
Angela Viola
"A M A Z I N G service!Never had to call on the waitstaff for anything. They knew exactly when to come to the table and give us what we need...."
Arden Santos
"Great place, good food, very reasonable price! Has parking space. Good for family and barkada dining! Love all their rolls, black ramen is quite..."
Rozan Samodio
"It was our first time to try this Restaurant in Sikatuna Village. It was soooo good. The food was great! We are full with the generous serving of..."
Caution Hot
87/100 (2761 ratings)
"Kuchay and Pork dumplings + light malted barley blend Tsingtao beer = to die for. Not even exaggerating. Now I am craving...."
Julia Ann Marquez
"Make your space big please hehe thank you sa matapat na employee, imbes na ibulsa ang sukli, iniabot pa din samin kahit nasa labas na kami at..."
Princess Sarah Matagay Cabalar-Dollano
"Seafood szechuan egg noodles 2nd degree w 10 pcs of pork dumplings, is the best best best best!..."
Allene Gail Monica Go
"Masarap beef and seafood, the best with..."
Cristina Constantino
"Worth it yung price, worth it din yung food. I'd definitely come back here!..."
Krstl Cnls
"I went here twice. With my wife and with my buddy. Both times were great. Penang Laksa was good! A bit different from the one I had in Penang but..."
Carlos Quismundo
"This is my first choice whenever I am craving for ramen. They serve a big bowl of ramen for around 200 and up (depending on your customization). They..."
Patrisha Anne Alpay
"For the third time, I went here with friends on a Friday afternoon. Surprisingly, there was no line of customers waiting to get a table in this..."
Nat Haniel
"The selection is limited, but good. Their soya milk is great. The staff are friendly attentive. The place is small and there's a bit of waiting time..."
Rakesh M
"Despite the long wait, we braved the hunger with our bowls. I have eaten in Kapitolyo branch many times but this time it was all our first times in..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
"Caution Hot in Quezon City is my new favourite when it comes to noodles. I know they have been around Teacher’s Village for a while now but I got..."
Milet Miranda
"The place is nice although a bit noisy. The food is delicious! There is also a level of spiciness that I liked! 😉❤️There is also a..."
Joie-c Lawas RN
"Definitely going back!I read about this restaurant months ago but we were able to try it just this month and we were so impressed by their..."
"Beef Szechuan ftw!! Best post-drinking meal I’ve had in a while. I tried the level 1 spiciness and it has enough kick to make you sweat a little...."
Bea Lopez
"Had my order for take out so I didn't have to wait in line. My order was pork+szechuan+egg noodles in 3rd level of spicy. The serving was big! I..."
Eliza Pechardo
"Came back here with some friends after a long time! My favorite still is the szechuan soup base with egg noodles and seafood, 2nd degree burn. Their..."
Tiara Aracama
"Food is great. Serving size is great. Overall good experience. Nagulat lang ako dun sa spicy level, spicy talaga or siguro wala lang sa mood yung..."
Aaron Torres
"If you’re craving for budget friendly ramen, this is the place to go. Their broth is as good as what you’re paying for...."
Ela Zabayle
"We just try to eat something new naman. so far hindi naman kami na disappoint.. nagustuhan ni wifey yung ramen dito and for sure babalik kami dito..."
Dawn Mon
"Caution Hot serves great food at an affordable price. I ordered the classic broth with pork asado toppings while my husband ordered the szechuan..."
Marianne Layco
"Classic broth with Beef toppings and Wheat noodles plus Kuchay-pork Dumplings always hits the spot. If your looking for something comforting to eat..."
"This has been my ultimate comfort food when I was still studying. My go-to order is seafood-szechuan-egg noodles and second degree burn. I really..."
Vernice Sison
"Perfect for rainy days! ❤️Regular order is Beef Schezuan Egg Noodles 2nd degree. Spiciness can be adjusted a level up if you want more..."
Jean Santos
"Favorite noodle house! Winner! 🏆 #worththewait You have to be early lang if you want to dine here kasi you'll be in the waiting game..."
"Our go to Chinese spicy noodles simply because we can’t find any other place that serves spicy Chinese noodles. Always go with the maximum..."
Karin Cossette
"My all time favorite comfort food! ❤️ Just be patient since the line here is always long. Their place is really cramped it can only accommodate..."
Jeska Jennely Sajol
"Ordered their Laksa and was shocked to see this. Didn't know that there are different versions of laksa so suffice to say I wasn't able to satisfy my..."
Anne F
"This place knows how to give you value for your money! I ordered the Szechuan Beef with Egg Noodles (2nd degree burn) and I was floored..."
Francesca The Foodie
"Caution Hot is my ultimate comfort food. Or it used to be, when I was still studying as an undergrad. The servings are very generous, the ingredients..."
Kim Banaag
"The food preparation time isn't standard, sometimes it takes so long and sometimes it's fast. Have the Tsingtao beer if you want to enjoy a while...."
Alexa Antonio
"CAUTION HOT.CAUTION Hotter.CAUTION Hottest.A Review of CAUTION HOT Spicy Noodle HouseText by Margaret..."
Margaret Asuncion
"Simple, comfort food. I had the Tom Yum soup with seafood and wheat noodles. My companion had the vegetarian option with the egg noodles. The soup..."
"Very affordable prices and large servings! Got the Schezuan broth with asado pork and wheat noodles, and the heat at 3rd degree burn. So good! Also..."
"The place was small so expect to wait in line, but then service is fast for ramen orders so the turn over of tables is fast too. Estimate of 20 to 30..."
"The only thing bad about this place is that you have to line up just to be able to dine in this place. All the line is worth it tho, since the food..."
Kends Toledo
"i've only eaten here once but it left a lasting impression on me. i had to wait in line for some time because there's a lot of people lining up to..."
"One of the best go-to place when you're craving for some spicy noodles. Plus, yummy bao bing!Responsive and polite crew too. Worth the waiting..."
"This is near my apartment and always my go to for noodles and dumplings. One of the few places in Maginhawa that is cheap but won't disappoint. My..."
"This is not a good place to go to when you're hungry AF! Most of the time, there is a long queue and their waiting area is just outside, along the..."
"*SPOILER ALERT*THIS IS NOT A RAMEN PLACE.If you're craving for a bowl of hot noodle soup with a Chinese/Szechuan twist, this is the..."
Jake Sumagang
"The line will be long but the noodles and the dumplings were good like the reviews said. It is also really affordable. It was just a bit hard to park..."
Mariel Verano
"Very affordable! Your 500 pesos can feed 3 hungry people. The broth is flavorful and the toppings are generous. The kutchay is also super yummy...."
"This is my favorite cheap ramen place. Their food is yum and you will get your value for money. It's not very expensive at all! It's just that they..."
Alodia Marte Reniva
"Love the food and super sulit for the price! With just the right amount of spiciness you’ll really enjoy the ramen plus the kutchay pork dumpling..."
Debbie Ebol
"What I love most about this place is the variety of broths. I’m not too keen on variety of noodles hehe. Kuchay dumplings are a nice..."
Philip T
"The szechuan pork egg noodles combo is the best thing to order here. The dumplings are alright. Their wheat noodles feel like pancit canton instead..."
King Biray
"Caution Hot! is one of my favorite noodle places because they are really gooood. Plus, a special thing about this restaurant you can combine the type..."
Stephanie Bernadette Ellao
"When they say hot, they mean hot. Prepare yourself for a delicious bowl or noodles that will make you pant and sweat--or at least order a milk tea...."
Regina Marie Peralta
"Went here on a Monday night to unload stress from work hehehe And we were luck enough to easily get a table under 15minutes.I'm not that..."
Gelli Naig
"My go-to restaurant in Maginhawa. They have a generous serving for the price, and the quality of the food won't fail you, either. The lines usually..."
Patria Carina Morente
"(4.5/5) This place will always be a crowd-pleaser. Especially enjoy their Asam Laksa Noodles in Seafood and Wheat Noodles (PHP220). You are fed with..."
Mr Pomodoro
"If you're a fan of spicy food, then this is the place to be. They offer affordable ramen dishes that are flavorful and undeniably good. It also comes..."
Jhanz A.
"Braving the rain was so worth it!We had the classic pork wheat noodles and the beef schezuan egg noodles. The serving was enough for two to..."
"Always a blockbuster! At first we were always wondering about it’s long line of patient customers outside and once we have tried it we were always..."
Mary Josephine Jane Blanco
"Going to this noodle house, we were welcomed by a long queue, but being a fan of chili/spicy cuisine, we waited in line. Believe me, it was worth it,..."
"Our forever go to Noodle house whenever me and my husband craves for Spicy noodles! Price was cheap for a big bowl of noodles. Dumplings were great..."
Vienna Alessandra Marcelo-Weedon
"The taste is good especially the pork. I also like the broth. Quick tip, don't order extreme hot, just the 1st degree, because there will be a lot of..."
Anj De Leon
"Bf and I have been coming back here for almost 3 years now! expect a long queue as the store's space isn't enough to accommodate people dining here..."
Janna Romano
"Big servings at an affordable price. Just try 1st degree if you're not into spicy food. My default order is always Beef-Szechuan-Egg Noodles. Order..."
Bev Cristobal
"One word to describe this place, SULIT. It was my first time to visit the place after weeks of planning to go there. And it was worth it. The noodles..."
Adam Christopher Banares
"I love their noodles! Tried classic broth and laksa (in the picture) and it always amazes me every time! Big servings that can be shared by two! Love..."
Carlo Frederick Taylor
"Two words. Long line! Caution Hot! is a small noodle house in a corner of Maginhawa st. We decided to try here since it’s “dinadayo” and people..."
Charisse Anne
"10/10 yung pag kain dito! Babalik balikan mo talaga. All time favorite namin ng mga kaibigan ko! Bukod sa affordable na siya masarap! Kahit isa lang..."
Marga Sobrepeña
"This is our go to place whenever we crave for soup. As seen in their menu they only have a few items but you'll definitely keep coming back because..."
"Been here a few times (more than 5, I think)Everytime we’re looking for restos to eat in Maginhawa, Caution Hot has always been at the top of..."
Trish Porca-David
"The food here is good, try ordering ramen with their unli soya!!! Their ramen is spicy and soya balances it well!!Food serving is good for..."
"Caution when you eat at Caution Hot! 'coz it might be addicting.This place is a great find when you find yourself in this neighborhood. It..."
Boodle Bear
"This is one of the places i go to when i crave for... dessert! Haha. The ramen is good - very clean taste and the kuchay dumplings are delicious. But..."
"Ambience 3Service 4Value for money 5Food 3You definitely get what you pay for. There is nothing special in their noodles...."
Jayjam Ganang Isidro
"Caution Hot is a noodle house located right next to StrEAT Food Park in Maginhawa. The place itself looks a bit small but can probably fit up to 25*..."
Cath L.
83/100 (2203 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Kare kare
"The food is awesome. This is our go to restaurant if we want to eat legit Filipino dishes and fantastic cakes. Service is great too. Always a..."
"Conducted our department meeting here and all I can say is that this is a good venue for business activities. Victorino's offers delicious authentic..."
Myrrha Bernadette Santiago
"I love the interior of this restaurant . Very homey and well lighted. Love the variations of their food and attentive staff plus the cakes and..."
Emma Dy
"Great food and ambience. Perfect for when you have foreign guests in QC. Would have given a 5 but disappointed with staff's reluctance to recommend a..."
"Ambiance is homey. Feels like a classic filipino home. Service is great. Taste is awesome. I loved everything we ordered. Try their crispy baby squid..."
Beatrice Que
"Our Sunday lunch here was delicious!Started off with their Easter complimentary quail eggs in a yummy soy sauce. Then came our Lumpiang..."
"One of Quezon City's best kept secrets. I would describe it as elegant and sophisticated, but down to earth as well. My faves are the poqui poqui,..."
"I've been here before years back. At the time, you can only order from their breakfast menu. Now on my second visit, I'm very pleased that their..."
Bernard Go
"Been here for 3 or 4 times already and everytime we try something new. Always hits the spot. Aside from the cozy place and good food.. i always come..."
Rhea Rivera - Castro
"Food - 4.5/5Ambience - 5/5Service -5/5Home of delicious Ilocano cuisine, set in a classy old-house-turned-resto. Plus factor is..."
Lilian De La Cuesta
"I had my 19th birthday celebrated here. The restaurant has a vintage ambience. I’m an Ilocana which made their dishes taste just average to me but..."
"Victorino’s is another homey place to eat. Best for lunch are bagnet chips, ginisar nga pusit, crispy binagoongan and kare-kare...."
"Been to this place a second time, and I really chose to go back because the food is amongst the best. They are famous for their gising gising, kare..."
"My boyfriend and I have chosen to celebrate our anniversary here at Victorino’s and we were not disappointed by the food as well its ambiance...."
Gil Sellegru
"Filipino comfort food at its finest perhaps. This is a go-to for my titas and titos. I liked the little shop inside the restaurant too where they..."
"Victorino’s is a showcase of Ilocandia’s pride. From food to woven products and more. The place was really homey and classy. You can see piles of..."
Sharedpsychosis 🔪
"Victorino's in Tomas Morato serves many of the timeless classic Filipino food. The place is spacious and perfect for family meals that will leave you..."
Rochkirstin Sioco
"I love the Chicken Sandwich as well as their Carrot Cake! I simply love the simplicity and nice interior of the place. Good combination of food and..."
Hans Quintos
"Other than actually going to a place, the best way to experience its culture is through its cuisine. Ilocano cuisine is influenced by the region’s..."
Jellybeans In The City
"Can't begin to tell you how I really really looooove their Fiesta rice! Better than Chowking's yangchow/chao fan (which up to this point was my fave..."
Amiel Guiteng
"I fell in-love with the ambiance, Its like your living back to spanish era. And the staff are very accommodating! I think Victorino’s is one of the..."
"Love the food, cake and ambiance. Will definitely come back! We tried their breakfast menu and Heny Sison's cakes. I love their Strawberry Shortcake..."
Denieza Yu
"Our go to family dining place! The old ancestral house converted to resto creates a homey feel. We always order the fiesta rice, lengua, laing and..."
April Manalastas Geronimo
"What you should order:- Mains: relyenong talangka and binagoongan (tastes good though has just big portions of fat)- Dessert: pistachio..."
Karla Mae Dela Cruz
"a friemd brought me here coz according to him, they have the best cake.... YESSSSS THEY DOO! this easily became the best mango torte ever. and to..."
Arcee Cordova
"Hubby and I were here for our Valentine’s Day late lunch. As expected, it was packed with groups and couples, but the staff attended to us well...."
The Executive Home Director
"I always believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day so upon entering the place, I already had high expectation. We..."
Marie Neisne Negapatan
"vigan in the heart of manila =) awesome food from starters to desserts. bottomless iced tea is also cooli like the ambience very..."
Rubz Zamora De Ocampo
"Victorino’s primarily serves Ilocano food. Most of the food I’ve tasted are delicious! The Ilokano specialty Bagnet is crispy and juicy. It’s..."
"We had breakfast here when my sister came home with her boyfriend for the holiday season. We really enjoyed the food, the ambiance, and the great..."
Artsy Foodie
"My niece and nephews definitely loved the place because: 1) the decor is so novel. They enjoyed looking at all the displays. 2) they adore the open..."
"Food: 7/10Ambiance: 8/10Service: 9/10The place has this fine dining slash homey vibe which is interesting. The servers are..."
"Naimas!Talagang naimas! Authentic Filipino dishes. Big servings and delicious dishesCrispy Pata - Sinerve ng mainit pa, crisy ang balat,..."
KL Rodelas
"Good food, great place with spacious parking. We ordered kare-kare, callos, kilawin tanigue (milk based instead of vinegar), ilocos express (gising..."
Hendrick Chua
"Laing, Lengua, Fiesta Rice, Crispy Pata and Cakes from heny sisons are the reasons we come back more often. Place is homely, ample parking space and..."
Ortiz-Luis Bogs
"I brought my parents at victorino's and they love the cozy and homey place. Their waiters and waitresses were so accommodating and..."
Kristina Oclarit Plaza
"My reaction to this cake is 😍. The cashew meringue is so perfect that it is a treat on its own. It compliments with the chocolate layer, sweet..."
"This is another place that my family loved to dine in. We went here for my dad's birthday. Their place can get packed at times, but good thing they..."
Cris Cantuba
"Specialized in Ilocos-style cuisine. Crabs were good and so was the beefsteak. But dessert was definitely the bombazi - made by Chef Heny Sison. My..."
"Food 4.5/5Portion 3.5/5Service 4/5Ambience 4/5Parking 3/5Cleanliness 4/5Value for money 5/5Overall dining..."
"Victorino's is one of my most favorite restaurants !!! If you want a hint of elegance but on a laidback ambience, this is the place. You the chicken..."
Katrina Valdez
"I've been hearing good reviews for this place and was able to try it out with the Hubby and some of our friends for an early lunch. Needless to say,..."
"Was here with family on 19 Nov 2016 because we celebrated Mom's birthday. Dad, who's a finicky eater, enjoyed everything we ordered.  We had 2 salad..."
Maria Lee
"The place looks fancy, and the overall theme of the place is very classy. The food was great, not the best Adobo Rice I've tasted, but one of the..."
Jason Steven Ortega
"All I can say is SUPERB! Flavors exploded on my mouth as I began to eat. Two thumbs up for the authentic Ilocano taste. My whole family enjoyed..."
The Fat Foodie
"Loved the binagoongang bagnet and the red velvet cake! We also tried their adobong manok which was good, too. By far the best red velvet cake we've..."
"I have dined at Victorinos several times already but I will write about Heny Sison's dessert this time. Place is homey and nicely decorated. There..."
Mindful Eater
"One of our fave resto around Timog and Tomas Area. Food is yummy and service is great. I highly recommend this resto to OFWs who craves for Pinoy..."
Jessica Dizon
"Are you looking for a traditional, authentic, family-style Filipino resto to take your lola or maybe some balikbayan relatives out for a date and get..."
Tj Tingson
"I had a good long lunch here with a friend.  It was my first time at Victorino's, but my friend had been there several times and knew what to..."
Tina Vitug
"It's ok. Pricey though. Modern Ilocano food that's a new take on the classics . Parking is a problem too because there's none. So leave early if you..."
Jojo Nicdao
"The food was amazing! They also have good service. You can even shop for chichacorn, honey, sardines and others inside the restaurant. It feels like..."
Jiane Yu
"Naimas!! It means delicious in Ilocano. The food here is predominantly Ilocano and I love it. Cakes here are also delicious, recommended are the..."
Raimond Dasalla
"I've always seen this place and good thing we've decided to eat dinner here. The place is really nice and with accommodating crews. The food is..."
Jonah Perez
"I really enjoy the cuisine here in Victorino's! This is my first time here but thankfully what we ordered are all yummy! The pork with bagoong is..."
Nicole Yao
"We weren't able to try their actual food, but what we tried was their cakes. They were delicious! Their Chocolate Mango Torte and Lemon Torte were to..."
Aldrin Gonzales
"Despedida dinner for one of our colleagues here. A modern Filipino restaurant, more on the Ilocano way of cooking thus the choices of dishes. Place..."
Giant Foodie
"Victorino's is the newest venture of Chef Henny Sison. It is a Filipino Ilocano Fusion restaurant that also sells her specialty cakes, pastries and..."
Cliff-Jacky Cheng
"This is just a place for the whole family to hang out. Saraaaap is the word to describe their food.very nice house decoration and best dining..."
Erwin Joe
"Bagnet, Adobo nga dalem ken baticuleng (liver and gizzard), Warek (sisig), Sinigang na Sugpo, and Callos. Servers need to be more attentive, but..."
Katrina Roa
"Quite pricey version of Filipino food. Interiors are cute and the place is big enough for meetings and gatherings. It's worth a try considering all..."
Zzlleenn Lee
"Victorino's is a popular Filipino restaurant in this side of QC. I've been there twice & I love the truly Filipino, specifically Ilokano (proud..."
Gretchen Aquino
"First impression: upscale place. My friends and I were looking for a restaurant we haven't tried yet and found this on Zomato. Filipino comfort food..."
Tricia Mercado
"This place is interesting. It looked like a residence that was transformed to a restaurant. The service was also at par with professional and..."
Esay Querubin
"excellent place for family feast, loved their beef sinigang which I can't described the flavors swirling inside my mouth. i would surely come back..."
Ian Hermoso
"New fave resto alert! Totally love the place, I suggest you reserve before going there. The place is packed during dinnertime. One of the best..."
Odie Taganas
"Ambiance is cozy, comfortable, quiet . Personnel are attentive . Food is above average, class A ingredients ,cooked to perfection, meat is tender...."
Arlene Rodriguez MD
"Victorino's serves predominantly Ilocano dishes, mostly with twist, and it gives that homey feel, being a residence-turned-restaurant. The dishes..."
Francis Moria
"Nicely tucked the "Scout" neighborhood of QC, this place is definitely a foodie haven.  Place was packed when we got there on a Wednesday, around..."
"Wow!The restaurant exuded classic Filipino elegance without sacrificing the warmth of Filipino hospitality. The food was a very..."
Anne Uyco
"Such a cozy restaurant. And it really feels like home because of its filipino ambiance.. Food is really good specially their pancit and red velvet..."
Jeanine De Castro
"All menus superb...i really loved the taste of their did they cooked that! Even my grandkids enjoyed the taste of your..."
Ma Criselda Guerrero
"I have been to the North of the country twice and one thing is for sure – I love their food. From the Ilocos Empanada to the Papaitan, I keep..."
Nikki Sian
"All items in their menu is a must try. The pastries are superb! You'll never go wrong, knowing it's made by Chef Heny Sison and her great staffs. I..."
Ynah Concepcion
"They have a decent nice homey feeling kinda place. The food is ok for filipino dish, a bit pricey for the normal but the taste is ok. I like their..."
Sambo Kojin
87/100 (2160 ratings)
"Food - if you like Korean-Japanese cuisine then i truly recommend this place Service - staff are attentive once they take note of you... but calling..."
"We ate earlier here at sambokojin and we really like the service.. Staffs are really great.. If they saw an empty plate on your table, they will ask..."
Dayanara Lopez San Juan
"Wow, the place to be if your pocket got lotsa load. Try ang eat all u can buffet...superb. promos are guaranteed good. Staffs are exquisite...u guys..."
Rod Bondoc Tayag
"Service is undeniably good! We were seated right away. The staffs are also very accomodating . For the food, I would rather give a 4 since I wasn't..."
Cathy Barangan Enriquez
"It was fun watching some of the staff dance with glee for the birthday celebrants. Food was great, from raw foods then to cooked meals, and to the..."
Estela Cunanan Llovido
"I like the venue. Staffs are very accomodating. Anything that you wanted, just ask and they'll attentively serve it to you. Place is clean. Foods are..."
Lui'h Miranda
"I celebrated my birthday here at sambokojin, west ave. My 2nd time to celebrate it here with my family, because of the great and variety of foods......"
Aimerej Meg Nuñez Lpt
"I have a frequent diner card at Sambo Kojin and has been a fan for many years. The staff are attentive and accommodating even when I compare my..."
"First time to try here. It's a bit pricey, but totally worth it. Great food, great service, friendly..."
Redge Palma
"We, as a family, went here to celebrate my birthday last november. We ate dinner here and we have our seats already as we went there, no reservations..."
Scotty Wilburt See
"If you're finding a "sulit" buffet and a samgyupsal resto that offers a huge variety of meat cuts, Sambo Kojin is definitely what you're looking for...."
"This is our go to place for birthday celebrations. They got good promos. Always satisfied with their food and their service. I prefer this branch,..."
"Great place to celebrate with friends or just dine-in with family. You get what you pay for — Good food, comfy seats and accomodating staff...."
"They offer wider varieties than other Korean Grill. Just a little disappointed with their Ice cream - they don’t have Avocado ice cream from Big..."
Conie Sillar
"Sambo Kojin is possibly one of the first restaurants in Metro Manila offering unlimited authentic Yakiniku (Japanese grill) and Korean barbecue. The..."
Ivan Jose (
"Since we are craving for Japanese-Korean food, we went to Sambokojin West ave. Food is great but the kimchi is quite salty,. What makes our dinner..."
"Food/Taste: ❤❤❤❤Price: ❤❤❤❤Place: ❤❤❤❤One of the most popular buffet in PH. Best place for gathering,..."
F 💙💚 D Is Life By MeissyG
"I have been to Dad's World Buffet countless times but this is the first time I have tried Sambo Kojin. Holiday season made it very difficult to book..."
Sharedpsychosis 🔪
"Pros: excellent food quality and taste with so much to choose from. My little brother loves the shrimp tempura ans my little sister craves their..."
"So surprised that the place is full even on Monday night and a lot of birthday celebrations were held. But it's good they have a big space so you..."
Mariz Rosales
"Admit it or not, Sambokojin is one of the places people go to especially for their birthday promo because it is really such a steal! You can choose..."
"Sambo Kojin is one of the leading restaurants in Manila that offers UNLIMITED samgyeopsal, fresh seafood items for grilling, a wide selection..."
MJ (Kain Tayo MNL)
"sambokojin west ave isn’t clean & neat as it used to before, but the food is always lit, excep for the kor chickens that are quite hard to chew..."
Angeline Beltran
"Well what can I say this is one of my most recommended & loved buffet. The food is simply the best. The best buffet ever. I love their Japanese..."
"Only thing I didn’t like how hot it was. More AC is needed in a place like this. Sambokujin will still be my go to place for buffet. Either this..."
Mef DB
"Great dining service! We enjoyed how the dining staff dance whenever they sing Happy Birthday to a celebrant. It was so fun to watch! They also made..."
Jen Jeren Jenjen
"Our family love Japanese food so we often eat here especially if there are birthdays because the birthday celebrant is free on their birthday and 3..."
Just A Foodie
"Celebrated one of my friend’s birthday here in west ave branch. The choices are kind of few compared to the others most especially in Sm Fairview...."
Angielyn Morales
"Best grill buffet that i've tried so far! You can choose different foods, from cooked to raw foods. I loke the most is the matcha cake from the..."
Aiks Palisoc
"For sushi, gyoza and korean food lovers! 🍜🍣🍢🍥🍤Enjoy their mouthwatering japanese / korea cuisine.Don't missed to taste every..."
Coleen Cordon
"Great food selection and great service. We can't go as often anymore because of the price increase. But when there's an event we want to celebrate,..."
K Rivales
"For ₽888/head on a holiday dinner, it’s quite worth it because of the massive choices of meat that you can grill to your tummy’s content + a..."
F Kat Lo
"Great food. Great service. Great place. Clean CR. Accommodating personnel.Mabilis din sila magreplenish ng buffet table. Though yung drinks..."
Jau Villamor
"Well honestly compare sa ibang branch, I think this is the smallest one but the food is still good. Sobrang daming customer kaya siguro hirap mag..."
Bernard Dela Peña Timtiman
"When we think about Asian Buffet, Sambokojin is the place to be! Good food. Affordable rates. Good ambiance. Great for big group, families and..."
Scout Panda
"Great food and good service. The staff are all accommodating :) You wouldnt wanna miss their beef enoki roll and their sashimi. Also, the shrimp..."
Erika Shayne
"this branch of sambokojin is the best for me , mabilis sila magrefill ng food , and i think much more fresh, they never ran out of salmon that is why..."
Stephanie Anne Bernabe Buenafe II
"Me and my family celebrate my birthday here. Good staff! Very accomodating staff. Good ambience! Awesome food! We love it and we'll be back here..."
Gisselle Rios Lumba
"An infusion of Japanese and Korean food in one place! They have an extensive selection of meat for grilling at your own table but I still prefer..."
Bea Hingada
"Me and my friends enjoyed eating here but my friend noticed something , we suggest that the restaurant pay attention with the cleanliness. And i hope..."
Katie Razon Magsino
"I love everything about this place! It's worth the pocket, really!! If you want to eat out in a fancy buffet resto with a budget or less than 700..."
"Getting a table: easy getting one during weekdays and for small groups of until 4. For big groups, better call to reserve a table.Food: The..."
"been here a couple of times from xmas celebratioms to baptismals. a good mix of cook your own food by hot plate and ready to eat food. the place is..."
"Sambo Kojin is a good buffet place. I like going to this particular branch because it is much more convenient for us since they have a valet...."
Joey Legaspi
"A Japanese eat-all-you-can buffet that serves different kinds of sushis and katsu. They also serve roast beef, tempuras, and takoyaki. After eating,..."
Roxanne Roxas
"So glad they now have roast beef, lamb and lechon at this branch. Two years ago they didn't have one. My former officemates and I had a get together..."
Feed My Tummy PH
"It's a good enough buffet for what you're paying for. Their beef and pork belly taste good, and their shrimp is fresh. Their sushi is pretty okay,..."
Mark Philip Wu
"Sambo Kojin never fail to amaze me! Thanks for their Matcha Ice cream, Cheesecake and Matcha cake. 98% real taste of matcha!Sushi, sashimi..."
Kin Bueno
"Big place, great ambiance, good airconditioning and accommodating staff. Above all, so many choices of food to choose from. Food tastes..."
"Variety of Asian and American cuisines. All are fresh and delicious. Very nice crews though the receptionist is kind of suplada and good ambiance...."
"I'm not much of a buffet person, as my stomach can only carry so much. But if I'm craving for asian cuisines, particularly sushis and such, then..."
Mai Campos
"What's good about this specific restaurant is its on the ground floor. This building doesn't have an elevator so get this one if you're dining with..."
Juris Go
"What's cool? Customer service was great as they did what I I exactly asked of them for my s/0's birthday celebration.The price was very..."
Mishy Moi Cuvos
"This is my favorite eat all you can buffet. Aside from having a smokeless grill (so you don't smell like smoke after dining in), they have..."
Hanna Christelle Ho
"Im a maki lover and sambokojin is definitely top of the list when Im craving for maki. They have good varieties of maki. 👌👌 I love their bacon..."
Chrishalie Mae Cailao
"The thing I loved the most here is their yakiniku, especially the pork belly, beef teriyaki, bacon and cheese roll and marinated chicken. Although..."
Cha Galan
"Love the freshness of their seafood! Great Japanese buffet place! Bundles of joy really liked their tempura and desserts! Service is very good too!..."
Pihikan Si Nanay
"I think this will be my new favorite buffet. With endless choice of tempura, sushi, katsu etc. I got to try those japanese foods i hesitatebto order..."
Ayrah Leido
"Went here on a monday for lunch and I had a pleasant dining experience. It is best to call for a reservation atleast a day ahead (which I did) and we..."
Sushi Lipstick
"When my family craving for grilled foods.we usually dine is great even not so many variety like in sm megamall,service is good and..."
Victor Yap
"Delicious choices of food but was disappointed when the place got full because the waiters and waitresses were too busy to ignore our drink refills...."
Flor Angelene Europa
"Literally my favorite place for korean and japanese food. The food is amazing, the choices are amazing as well. The ambiance is A++. This is by far..."
Denise Camarsi
"My favorite place is Sambokujin for their grill and sushi. My father's a regular here and loooves coming here when there's a birthday celebration (so..."
Gigi Ramos
"1.27.16Sambokojin is one of the new and upcoming buffet here in the metro. Similar to what you would find in Yakimix, it's a fusion of Korean..."
Karl Gorospe
"Me and my family looooves Japanese food, and when we are craving to really eat a lot and I mean A LOT of sashimi and tempura this is our go-to..."
Jillian Vinluan
"Tried this branch with my friends a month ago. We came there late and only had an hour to enjoy our lunch. Sambokojin may not offer a wide selection..."
Patricia Aquino
"I called up their number at around 9:30pm on December 19 as it was a last minute decision to eat here for dinner the following day. I was advised to..."
Precious Anne L. Taliwaga
"Our go-to eat-you-can resto in QC. Great food selection for the price - wide variety of meat and seafood for grilling, sushi rolls, Korean and..."
"One of the best buffets in Manila. The food was great and the servers were nice and accomodating. The place is clean. I have nothing to say but it..."
Happy Tummy
"Been here with my wife and son on our wedding anniversary, the experience is great, place is cozy, food superb, though the line of choices are a bit..."
Daniel B. Cortez
"I've been wanting to try Sambokojin since it opened here in Manila and luckily Mom was game to get our tummies filled for Saturday lunch...."
Ani Corpuz
"I liked Sambokojin better than yakimix but they should omprove their desserts more :) had a great time with friends! kudos to the servers as well!..."
The Berry Gen
"If you love Japanese and Korean food, Sambo Kojin is a must try in your go to list. I love their interior design however, they've only got one..."
Malyn Malaluan
"It was my first time to visit this restaurant in West Avenue. They have accommodating and friendly staffs. I love the ambiance so much and I couldn't..."
Kristina Ligaya
"I love Japanese food. Show me all the tempura and sashimi that I can eat please! Here at Sambokojin you will definitely get your money's worth. Plus..."
Violet Reyes
"I love their chapchae, bulgogi, and sushi. I don't like the taste of their katsu and their tempura is 80% bread crumbs and 20% shrimp. Their..."
Raimond Dasalla
"My experience in Sambo Kojin was great. Really tried their different varieties of food. But what I like the most is their grilled beef, pork and..."
Allana Jelika Ong
"Sambo kojin is really one of the best buffets in Manila!!! the service is really good and the people are really nice!!! Also, with the food!!! one of..."
Arctic Sunrise
"The staff were very nice and accomodating, the ambiance was great and I even celebrated my birthday there and availed their birthday promo. We loved..."
Paolo Teodoro
"Among all the buffet restaurants I have visited, Sambokojin would probably be first on my list. Im a fan of yakiniku and I want my food served hot,..."
Mary Francis Enguero Quitevis
"The food was great esp. the cakes!!! Staffs are very accomodating kudos to the photobomber behind our pic. Hehehe ! More maki pleaseee..."
Rola Raymond
"Sambo Kojin is a great place to eat if you are looking for a buffet place with your family. Their selection of meats is awesome and plentiful. If you..."
Marco Miranda
"This place easily gets full, good thing we always call for reservations and we could skip the lines which tends to be long. Love the fact that they..."
Christian Poso
"The best place to be for bithdays.  The birthday cast even has costumes.  The good is great with a wide array of selection.  Shrimps are really..."
Jayme Ngo
"Sambokojin has the best yakiniku in town. They have a lot of foods to be grilled and marinated with different flavors. Great service. Great..."
Arvin Gonzales
"My friends and I just recently celebrated a birthday here and the place was perfect for the occasion. They wait staff is really friendly and they..."
Wilma Poso
"I so love the assorted sushis and maki. As of now, it is way better from other buffet with on the spot cooking. Staff are somehow approachable but I..."
Marge Elizalde
"Not really a fan of buffets cause I value the quality of food rather than quantity but I did enjoy my first visit here and I kept coming back..."
Jean Santiago
Tri Mo Shawarma Co
88/100 (2156 ratings)
"From South to North just to try this famous shawarma!!! Tri-mo isn’t the authentic shawarma I’ve been craving for. But this one’s better than..."
Charisse Anne
"should expand their branch or add..."
Joan Cristine Viibryd
"Food: I'm from Pasay and yes, I go all the way to Fairview just to get a taste of this shawarma. The best i've tasted here in Manila. Shawarma that's..."
Hilary A.
"This is a great and cheap place for shawarma. Their size and portion makes it value for money. They also give you one yogurt plain and spicy for..."
Jahd Remers
"Rarely do you find a wrap full of beef for just P80! The beef is so good per se. But, wait. Pour the garlic and chili sauce over each bite and poof!..."
Monique Santiago
"This shawarma house is legendary. It is known by everyone already since celebrities are also eating here. I love it here! Kept coming back for almost..."
Elka Mejia
"This shawarma is our favorite midnight snack plus their tuhog tuhog on the side like isaw, tenga, bbq etc.. Yung tipong 2am kumakain ka pa nito. 😅..."
"The Beef Shawarma is good when I taste it for the first time. Nakita ko yung process ng pagawa.Fresh pa yung mga ingredients like yung Fita..."
Joseph Andres
"The best place to go to when you’re craving shawarma in the middle of the night. Will try their Papaitan soon as I am craving for more from them...."
Adette Aquino
"Place/staff: Simple, and clean open area with pleasant staff. Food: It was my first time when we went there. Beef Shawarma was really good..."
"One of the best shawarma sa area and dinadayo talaga to. Mabilis ang serving kaso mahirap maghanap ng parking if nagdala ng car. Recommendation ko..."
Mark Trinidad
"Ito yung place na parang karinderia style pro pag harap mo na yung shawarma nila para kang mapapasabak sa shawarma challenge. Grabeh siksik liglig at..."
Xabz Solis
"You'll call us 1 of their suki 'coz literally if we don't have ulam for dinner we go here and order shawarma. I also love their longganisa, it taste..."
Karla Jane Doca-Cita
"Shawarma is life in here! So good. Sizzling or the normal one. Guys, try it yourself. Seriously, cannot recommend other dishes apart from shawarma...."
"Still the best for me. I have tried so many Shawarmas already, but this one's remarkable. Babalik balikan mo sa sarap! Kudos on their strategy na..."
Myla Cadag
"This is the best place to go if you’re craving for Shawarma. 👌🏼This is even way better than Turk’s Shawarma, to be quite honest...."
"You are not from Fairview if you do not know Trimo-Mo. When you crave shawarma in the wee hours, this is where you go.Our first go to..."
"Our all time favorite!! We always order the SA4 pero I suggest you order A4. Mas mura at sulit pa! Sana lang mas iimprove yung service like dapat may..."
"Try mo, Tri-Mo! Seriously. I'm so lucky I'm from the North, so getting here was pretty easy...except for the MRT construction-induced traffic. Still,..."
Regina Marie Peralta
"Been visiting this since highschool. We always comeback here whenever we crave for a shawarma or if we were looking for a food trip. Always three..."
Aiks Palisoc
"Best locally sourced Filipino style shawarma in Manila. The pita is jam-packed with beef. They also serve a lot of local Filipino cuisine at a..."
Nico Angeles
"The best shawarma in Novaliches. They just need to improve their customer service. Ventilation is ok. Food is great specially their sizzling shawarma..."
Jepz Darlucio
"The best shawarmaThis place is located in a subdivision somewhere in Lagro, Novaliches QC, considering I am from Navotas I love going to..."
Marvin Batiancila
"Good and affordable food! Super love their garlic sauce. Their ihaw ihaw is also a must try! This is a perfect food spot after a night of..."
Karlo Arsenal
"One of "farview's" prides. Their best seller is the hot, freshly cooked and ground shawarma. You can order either shawarma on a sizzling plate or in..."
"Travelled far for shawarma a while ago and i didnt regret the drive. The place is pretty easy to find because of waze and lucky we found parking..."
Muffy | OneHungryTeacher
"Tri - Mo Shawarma is unique and good. My brother bought shawarmas for the whole family. What I like about this food chain is that you get to have a..."
Julianne Gabasa
"Craving for Shawarma, we opted for a long drive to Fairview to try Tri-Eat Shawarma House for the first time. The place has this ordinary karinderya..."
Cortha Lamasan
"Tried and tested my go to quick snack when going back to fairview. The all meat with cheese beef shawarma never grow old for my taste. Still one of..."
"The shawarma is better than those served at malls, the meat is stuffed in the pita bread and will ooze out of it when you take a bite and the serving..."
"Their beef shawarma is so good and so jam packed with filling. We completely get why this place constantly has long lines and why people are always..."
The Grey Nomad Blog
"It's cheap, yummy and definitely bang for your buck. There's always a long line of customers lining up for a taste of either their shawarma or rice..."
Manang Bidang
"My ultimate shawarma favorite! Been to emirates and KSA but yeah this is still my personal fave. Because the meat is really good, wala msyadong litid..."
Crizzy Dionco
"Affordable good for barkada, pang merienda, pero mabubusog kna sa laki mg shawarma depende kung matakaw ka haha! May rice din sila sa mga di..."
"Overrated. Nothing special with the shawarma. The shawarma was good for its price. The chicken shawarma still has some chicken bones in it though...."
Sam Villanueva
"Tri Mo Shawarma Co. was already a landmark in Lagro, Novaliches (yup, Lagro is not part of Fairview). Their shawarma is still the best for me. I..."
Jurek Miyoji Aguas Castro
"The food is delicious and very affordable. The serving of one viand is for two! They serve grilled food as well but the place is always crowded I..."
Maine Asprey
"Tri-Mo Shawarma Co. is a local food store/resto in Lagro, Fairview wherein their beef shawarma is worth the travel! From Sampaloc, Manila we..."
Juvy Juves
"Bes! Try niyo ang shawarma nila. Grabe heaven sent! Suuuuper sarap at definitely na babalik balikan. Marami silang mai-ooffer (I mean hindi lang..."
KL Rodelas
"I always go here since 2009 when i crave meat or shawarma cause its close to my house, this is what you call a Filipino-kind of shawarma, cause there..."
Corinne Aggabao
"There is something special in their shawarma compare to other shawarma stands in malls. Whenever we get cravings for shawarma, this place is where we..."
Alpha Male
"Hidden gem hiding in Fairview, Quezon City! I've heard a lot of positive feedbacks regarding their Shawarma and the first time I tried it, I say I'm..."
Jessica Dizon
"One of my comfort food! The long lines during holiday season makes you crave and ask for more Shawarma.What I really like with..."
Tara Dañas
"I've seen this place (and prices) evolve. Living near here makes the experience less exciting whenever we eat here. Not to mention you have to line..."
Ysa Arce
"My friends and I often go here when we crave for shawarma. Tri - Mo was just a mini shawarma joint when we first tried it. Through time, their..."
"Kulang lang ng .5 kasi di malamig ung free water. Hehehe. But, if i had a choice I would devour that meat on top of rice. It is so good. Real beef!..."
Nica Dionisio-Luna
"Tri-Mo Shawarma Ko has been around for some time but it was only yesterday when we were able to try the place. We arrived around 5pm. There was no..."
Royce Salvatierra
"Tri-Mo is a small eatery in Lagro that has been popular, for locals, for their shawarma. A friend was telling me that when it started it was just a..."
Alvin Ong | TFC
"Masarap dito pero dapat pumunta ka na habang hindi ka pa gutom dahil madalas sobrang haba ng pila at aabutin ng lagpas 30 minutes bago ka maka-kain...."
Erielle Esturas
"Nag-crave ako ng Beef Shawarma and I end up to the most famous Shawarma place in Lagro, Quezon City. Dinayo ko pa. Sulit naman ang..."
"It doesn't have the best interior/ambiance there is but we all know that some of the best interiors don't serve a good meal - this was an exception...."
Candice Beltran
"The best shawarma in the metro. I have seen this shawarma joint grow from a simple eatery to a newly renovated diner. The shawarma has a lot of meat..."
Rigel Bartolome
"After around three months of not seeing each other, Deeday and I decided that it was about time to head out to another adventure. Where else, but to..."
Ivan Jose (
"The best shawarma place there ever is. I didn't try that many shawarmas out there, but I still think this place really STANDS OUT.Long..."
Mei Javier
"The best shawarma ever.There shawarma is very tasty and big.The quality never changed from the time they started until now.I also love there shawarma..."
Miko Marcelo
"Been coming back here since high school. The taste of their shawarma differs from the shawarma stalls you have tasted. You have to try their sizzling..."
Hens Chueng Torrecampo
"Best shawarma ever! We make it appoint to go here every now and then as we cant get enough of its taste! Though the place is a bit crowdy and not so..."
"Love how it was just 200 steps away from our house. Big improvement for their place since it opened last 2007. 😁🤗 Kudos to their kind staff...."
Kim Einon Mendoza
"Although it's soooooooo far from my place (i am from Malabon, Trimo is in Fairview), it's the best shawarma i have tasted my whole life. Me and my..."
"I am very thankful that my boyfriend took me to this place just to have a slice of heaven, I've to say that this is the BEST shawarma that I've ever..."
Cristal Maramag
"Satisfying shawarma meal at Tri-Mo ShawarmaI was so glad i accepted the invitation of a friend to try this shawarma joint. The long ride to..."
Ivan Jose (
"The shawarma is super good, hindi din tinitipid ang servings. I also tried their pork steak and it's super delicious, from then on, i always pass..."
Grace Espiritu Lonzamia
"Going home from Paco to Fairview at around midnight, we came here for a take out. Even at the wee hours of the night a lot of people were eating here..."
"I am a big shawarma fan. My friend, who lives in Far-view, I mean Fairview LOLs, told me about this joint. I went to Batasan Hills for a christening..."
Franz Dinar Velasco Osida
"Started going to this store in 2004 (I hope it's still the same store)My colleagues from FEU hospital swear that this was the best shawarma..."
Nino Dayanghirang
"Hands down the best comfort shawarma food in Manila. Just found out about this restaurant a few months ago but I always crave for their sizzling..."
Jheann Garcia
"Best shawarma ever! The go to place of everyone not just ordinary people but also celebs... :) it's not a 5 star restaurant, it's just an ordinary..."
Hannae Farin
"Catchy name, that made me attact to this place. The name is actually witty so randomly we decided to go here. Actually I saw it from the FB newsfeed..."
"I have been coming to this Joint since it was a small eatery in Lagro Subdivision. Now I get to finally review it! YEHEY!Let me just say I..."
Kristine Hufancia
"Best shawarma up North! Even southerners brave the Fairview traffic just to taste! My favorite is the sizzling beef shawarma which you can pair with..."
83/100 (3322 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Kare kare
"I have eaten in most highly promoted and highly rated restaurants around the country and yet, this place brings me back to palate memories of..."
Dorz Dargantes-Mc
"Quaint restaurant in Maginhawa. Ambience is perfect .... makes you feel like dining in a typical Filipino home. Food choices are great and at..."
Cecile Ronquillo
"The food is very good, the theme is perfect, the staffs are very nice. If ypu ask the guard on duty for the parking, he can refer you to a parking..."
Stpn Tecson
"I really love the food! Specially the pusit bawang and lechon kawali sa alamang. I would definitely recommend this place to all of my..."
Kristina Bosquillos - Yasoña
"First time to eat here. We liked the food it was delicious, freindly/ accomodating staff, good fast service, clean place and good we had a..."
Gerrilyn A. Montalvo
"The food was amazing, a very nice place to dine with family, friends and relatives. The staff were very..."
Monreal Quielley
"Very courteous staff, good food, good ambiance, they listen to your requests and delivers it...."
Daniel Golez
"We ordered Kare kare, bulalong tagaytay,Bicol express,okoy and adobong balut. Taste is good especially Okoy na parang chicharon it's new to me.What I..."
"I think what we have paid for was the amazing ambiance. I'd def recommend this to some of of our foreigner friends but I'd say for my husband and I?..."
Shane Ahorro
"It's hard for me to find a restaurant with good Filipino food because our household cooks reaaaally good food. I like their take on local cuisines...."
"Please read the full review from the link. Thanks!Excerpt: The laing dish (taro leaves in coconut cream with pork and chili) was delicious...."
"The best filipino restaurant in maginhawa for me. The dishes are truly as close as authentic as your mom's cooking. With every bite, I can imagine..."
Rhameses I
"I always go here for the filipino ambience and food. The staff are great. The food selections have variables to entice your pallete . Good for..."
Emma Dy
"Great colonial style atmosphere bringing you back to the old days of traditional fine dining. The menu offers a selection of Filipino dishes from..."
Marcos Broc
"I love the ambience of this place, fancy classic Filipino restaurant. I love their smoothies and the Filipino cuisines that they serve tastes good...."
Kristine Mae B. 💊🎸🎹 🎶🎮🚗🏹🏸🎱
"The place gives of this Filipino home but in a modern setting. The food was cooked just right for its price, the service was also adequate we didn't..."
Allen Liquigan
"Provenciano - "ang sosyal na probinsyano"!The menu is a collage of Pinoy comfort food splashed thru different regional cuisines and..."
Boodle Bear
"When family members came home for our wedding last year, we couldn’t think of another place to bring them where they will always be reminded of..."
Edward Gador
"I appreciate their effort of not only promoting authentic dishes from the provinces of the Philippines, but also the Filipino arts and culture which..."
Katrina Beatriz Nieva
"If you are looking for a restaurant that offers authentic regional Filipino dishes, you've come to the right place. I especially love the crispy..."
"Great food! Great service! Clean. Definitely go back . First time in the restaurant . We really enjoyed it. It would be great if you expand the..."
Mary June
"The place to go to for excellent Filipino fare!Dalandan Cucumber and Dalandan Orange were our refreshing beverages.Beef Salpicao..."
"Great value for food and awesome ambience! We went here for early YE dinner with friends and the food especially their Kare-Kare is the bomb. Will..."
Jeane Curilan
"Ambience is good. Food is awesome. Best for family gatherings and reunion with friends. Recommended for people who wants to try filipino food with a..."
Rai Vincent Mendoza
"Hard-to-find in the Metro is Pako (fern) salad but luckily this homey restaurant in Maginhawa strip has it on their menu aptly named Chinoy Pako. The..."
"I love this place! Probably one of the best Kare Kares I’ve had. I love their okoy too. Great for family get togethers and dates. Only problem is..."
Angelica Asiddao
"This restaurant feels like home. Their interior will surely give you that feeling of being in the province. I went here with friends on a Sunday so..."
Dax Placente
"First, they have good interior that gives a probinsya-like feel and reminds you of home especially for someone who comes from the province like..."
Maf Maldita
"This feels like home! Pinoy food at its best. I recommend all favorites - Crispy Pata, Kare-Kare, Sugpo, and Tulingan. The selection is so flavorful,..."
"The food was great. But we had a hard time eating the pork of sinigang cause the cut is so big. And I think it’s not cooked yet cause it’s not..."
Jerico Castro
"Actual rating: 4.8Amazing experience! We had the crispy pata, litsong tadyang, laing, and McArthur’s rice.The listong tadyang..."
Jesse Lui
"We ate our late lunch here on a Sunday and I was surprised that the place was packed at 3pm. We ordered Hito, Bulalo, Okoy, Bibingka, Dinengdeng and..."
"Food is so delicious! The ambiance is also good and stayed true to its name. You should try their okoy, vigan pinakbet, sinuglaw -- sooo good!..."
Joan Marie Garay Salahid
"Great place, homey, cozy, and well ventilated. The place represents the interior of old houses built during the Spanish colonial. Each section of the..."
Macky Zafra
"Food is just like how you would have it at home, thoughtfully prepared and done as how Filipino food should be.Ambience and design of the..."
David Dela Cruz
"We were invited to lunch at Provenciano for my aunt’s 50th birthday... It was set at Sunday lunchtime. It was our first time at this restaurant,..."
Foodie Dokie
"food - 4.0price - 3.5plating - 4.5ambiance - 5.0service - 5.0☺☺☺☺☺Good for groups...."
Krisshia Manuel
"We find this restaurant a bit pricey for a Filipino restaurant; I guess this is to compensate for their large menu (which can be very overwhelming)...."
"The ambiance and food is great, worth every penny. Except for the servers especially that tall, chubby guy who ruined our birthday surprise for our..."
Joy Mariel Isadora Burgos
"Great food. Great service. Needs improvement lang sa parking space. Though the SG is very courteous.Panalo yung Bulalo Tagaytay, Pancit Bihon..."
Rob Viola
"Pros: Food is good and they serve different Pinoy dishes. Ambiance is cozy and very Filipino-themed.Cons: Took a while to serve the food...."
Kali B.
"My family’s favorite restaurant. Pros: 👌🏽 Beautiful place where you can spend a few hours in chatting with loved..."
Monica Cadena
"Ordered Sinigang na Baboy, Rellenong Talong and Puto Bumbong and 3 Rice for 800+ pesos. It was an okay experience in Provenciano, nothing special..."
Victor Inocentes
"Their puto bumbong and bibingka makes me want to come back to this resto. It is a must try. If you want to try a new twist to an okoy. Try theirs as..."
Rein Barnachea
"We had a company dinner here and was surprised when we got the bill amounting Php 14,000. But were 25 pax and most of them are men. Serving is small..."
Isten Mallari
"Been here for the 3rd time and they are consistent. Tasteful, creative food with just the right portion and at reasonable price points. Ambience is..."
Jack Jude
"Filipino regional cuisine that is authentic and honest. Hacienda home ambience completes the experience. Travel with your palate and skip the lines..."
"Went there 2 weeks ago to meet two different sets of friends but that was probably my 6th or 7th time to visit the place.It must be popular in the..."
Arlene Gonzales
"A sophisticated restaurant specializing in Filipino food, this place is truly a gem located in the middle of Maginhawa street. From interiors, food,..."
Marga M.
"Great interiors and good food. You'd want to visit this place for its simple rustic filipino ambiance showcasing local crafts and filipino-culture..."
"Had lunch here and I appreciate the hospitality of the staff. The owner (or manager, not really sure what her position is) was very accommodating and..."
Ida Weinstein
"Went here to celebrate my graduation and for introducing my girlfriend to my mother over lunch. I booked a table through the app and they responded..."
Romelito Manuel Clorina
"Great Food!!! You will keep on coming back. I have tried molo ni lolo, baby squid in olive oil and garlic, kilawing tanigue, beef kaldereta, crispy..."
Punzalan Dela Peña Tina
"Very happy and satisfied with our visit to Provenciano last night. Been meaning to eat here a long time ago and finally, tonight is the..."
Mindful Eater
"Pretty impressive enough for a Filipino cuisine adventure. Very good ambience too! Hardinera a little disappointing because all you can taste is soy..."
"We chanced upon this resto while looking for a place to have an early dinner. Since I haven't had any initial feedback on this place, we asked the..."
Beverly San Juan
"We went here a few weeks ago, sorry for only doing this now. the McArthur rice is really awesome. i love the deep fried catfish and the side that..."
Marlowe Perjes
"Loved the resto's interior. The Bulanglang sa Bayabas was unforgettable. However, I didn't like the "Okoy ng Calamba". It's too crispy, I still..."
"Provenciano was able to capture an authentic Filipino ambience with a touch of elegance. The place is very relaxed & cozy. It is similar to..."
Katrina Valdez
"Provenciano looks like an upscale restaurant at Teacher Village where you can bring your family and balikbayan relatives/friends. Nice homey interior..."
"Super good!!!! Dining here was so worth it!! Not only the place looks good, and also the food! You'll definitely taste the "probinsyanong luto" to..."
Angeline Mae D. Rivera
"Place is cozy, you get that homey feel since the place looks like a large dining area of an ancestral house. Food was okay, atleast as far..."
"Despite the inattentive service, unavailable items on the menu, and some dishes missing their marks on flavor (extremely sour tamarind broth and the..."
Lawrence San Diego
"Now here’s a fancy restaurant along Sikatuna called Provenciano. :) The restaurant is beautiful and I was so lame to not take photos around. Ugh. I..."
Claudine De Leon
"We just came from CCA Katipunan to inquire about a culinary class I will be taking next year. Since it was in Quezon City, I thought that it's also..."
Midz Sy
"This place is jam packed on a Saturday night mostly with big group like families and barkadas that's the ambiance this place is giving everyone..."
Fridate Diaries By Cecil Valle
"Lots of folks for dinner on a Tuesday night since it's one of the few that's open November 1. While the place was packed, the food did not..."
Karlo Legasto
"Pinoy food is always gonna be love.First of all, the place is love at first sight. For all those artsy enthusiast who likes to dine in an..."
"Their Tadyang ni Enteng and garlic squid are favorites I will keep  coming back for. Not everything tastes excellent.  I will skip their..."
"Sunday lunch time when we chose to eat here. Thankfully, we were early for about 10 minutes (we didn't make any reservations). After that time,..."
Madelaine Anne De Guzman
"It's our first time here , we planned our visit to this restaurant , knowing that it gets really busy everyday specially during lunch and dinner , at..."
Amazing Eats By PrimSy
"Chichalak is a mix of chicharon skin and chicharon bulaklak... good for the tummy not good for the health ha ha haAdobong baby squud is one..."
Paowie Kan
"I always see this restaurant jam packed when I pass by, So I thought I will eventually give it a try at some point.We tried to eat at..."
Harold Ian Baingan
"27Feb16, a saturday night on the busy street of Maginhawa.Some foods tasted have no photos (so please bear with me)Not the usual type..."
Janine Lim
"It was a pre Valentine date with the girls..Place & ambiance - it was nice for a fine dining restaurant .. That night was just too cold for..."
Edel Jane Castillanes
"I don't usually eat at Filipino restaurants but this is an exception. It's now one of my favorite restaurants when it comes to Filipino food. The..."
"It was my second time eating at Provenciano awhile ago and it's Valentine's Day. My family and I had to wait for almost 15 minutes to get a table. We..."
Jihan Custodio
"This restaurant is fairly new on the Maginhawa strip and it also is one of the pricier places. I have to say that I enjoyed the food. They..."
Maginhawa Food
"Am rarely in this part of town and I went for a friend's afternoon tea party. I admit there are probably good dining places in Maginhawa. Expect me..."
"There Maginhawa culinary is definitely thriving. One of the newer restaurants that have called Teachers Village home is Provenciana. Check back..."
Maritess Canlas
"This restaurant is the bomb. Wow. Just wow. Undoubtedly my favorite filipino restaurant as of now. Everything was just plain perfection. Very..."
Kyle Belleca
"It doesn't feel like you're in Maginhawa when you enter the place. The ambiance will give you the probinsya feels from its interior to their..."
Din Turla
Mister Kabab
86/100 (2046 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Middle Eastern
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Doner Kebab
"The place is not air-conditioned but was well designed. The roofing is high and to each table is a ceiling fan. You will never feel warm in this..."
Rakesh M
"Sizzling Lamb Chops 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟- really, really goooood!- it's gravy is on the sweet side but perfect pairing!- love the..."
Margaret Chan
"great food great place, worth the price expect the service to be under..."
"This is one of our favorite go-to place when we’re craving for meat, sizzling, and kabab. I usually order lamb but I ordered chicken kabab during..."
Myzyl Choi
"Craving kebab and the good thing there's Mr. Kabab. It's the original Mr. Kabab at West Ave. so we went here instead. The place is spacious and..."
Epicurean Foodies PH
"I keep coming baaaack! The food is awesome. The special chicken chelo that may be requested to be double shish, motabal, hummus, the shawarma plate,..."
"Everybody gets this late night cravings, so thankfully, there is this branch where you can just go any time you want to and what’s best is that the..."
Bears Looking For Food
"Mister Kebab never disappoints. We ordered the mixed keema, lamb chops, and extra gravy. Their servings were generous. The keema was seasoned..."
Marianne Layco
"We only had the keema pizza and a yoghurt with mango and a plain yoghurt shake. The pizza was pretty basic for a 200 peso pizza. The shakes were..."
King Biray
"The O.G.!🙌🏻😂 Always worth the money! Never gets old! Generous servings! And they are generous with the sauces as they come bottled and free..."
Marin Yen
"When hubby and I were teenagers, this was the most popular place to eat after gimmick nights. Still has good shawarma and kebabs. We love the food..."
Charlene Briones-Michelena
"When I was in college, me and my friends frequented the restaurant (then located in the old branch) every weekend, and back then, I was a Special..."
Monique Santiago
"We usually go here around 10:30 pm driving from taft to here is all worth it. The food is always AMAZING, kebab pair it with their yogurt drink is..."
"After an errand in Del Monte QC, my officemates and I had dinner here. We ordered the special beef chelo kebab, as always hehe. This branch has no AC..."
Angielyn Morales
"First time to try hummus and i liked it. Their chelo was good as well. Love their unlimited yogurt and hot sauces, haha! We'll definitely come back..."
Skye _18
"After years after visited this resto, it has boomed into now a haven for kebabs and such. Form the mono-block days while I can see the misus cook the..."
"Still my favorite kebab place!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ I always order 1 Special beef chelo kebab double ground + additional beef korma sauce +..."
Andrea De Guzman
"Hands down the best Persian restaurant in the Metro. Special Beef Chelo Kebab, Keema, Extra Rice, and Ox Brain. Solve na solve ka na! You can add..."
"The first time I ate in Mister Kabab was when it was still located along Quezon Avenue, and I’ve loved it ever since. Though their other branches..."
"I have been eating here since year 2000. It was just a small diner back then at Quezon Ave. Food devolved slightly lower in terms of quality but the..."
Trevis Tan
"I love Mister Kebab so much. They are open 24 hours, even on holidays. So your kebab cravings doesn’t have to wait. My usual order is..."
Chic Bulalacao
"Im actually new to the Philippines, Being a Muslim I do not really have a Lotta choice with the restaurants here So This has been my usual dinner..."
Hasan Akbar
"Still my favorite go to place for persian food. Chicken or beef special with rice is still amazing though the sauce is really essential. The service..."
Sherry Guico
"Mister Kabab has been one of my go to restaurants back in college. Its mouthwatering and affordable kebabs are just too good to resist. And when it..."
Mary Love Siy
"It’s shawarma and pita bread kind of day today. So Mister Kebab it is!! It’s weird choice for brunch but whatevs! We ordered 2 plate of Keema,..."
Ronini Ronini
"Classic! When in doubt, go to #misterkabab 🍢 I first fell in love with Mr. Kabab back in college, that was over 10 years ago, during the time it's..."
Marian QV
"If you find yourself craving for food in the wee hour of the day - the door is always open here. Yes, they operate 24/7 😊Food quality is..."
Raquel Ann
"Still the best Kebab in the country. I’ve been eating here since it was a 3 table resto 20 plus years ago. The way they marinate the beef is the..."
"I have to commend their business hours because we were looking for a place to have brunch after a morning workout and were perfectly craving for..."
"This branch in particular is pretty close to my heart because I hung out here with my best friends in med school before we parted ways for..."
Anika Molina
"Ambience is good but not that Instagrammable. The food is okay but made curious about the other meals in the menu. Perfect place to bring your..."
Davis Thompson De Leon
"I am honestly not a fan of Mediterranean dish however, Mister Kebab offers an irresistible menu that would satisfy your not-so-into-mediterranean..."
"I now prefer their kebabs over Uncle Moe's because of the juiciness of theirs. Also, their Mango shake with Yogurt is a must try! Perfectly goes with..."
Cheska Trinidad
"This is where my friends and I used to go when we were in college. Up to now, their food is still good and affordable. I would definitely recommend..."
Jeun Eats World
"Not fond of shawarmas and kebabs, but that changed when I tried Mister Kabab! This place is a good go to place after late night drinks, or even if..."
Joshua Maberick Guzman
"Ordered the beef chelo kebab-double grounded, lassi,keemaThe chelo kebab was heavenly!perfect for the drunk night out! Need an extra rice..."
"Ive been a fan of Mister Kabab for a very long time, i remember how cheap the oxbrain was... 25 pesos. The taste of the food never change the meat..."
Michael Angelo Salmos
"If I want to eat something Im not usually able to buy in the area where I live, I always end up buying here. Shawarma and Yoghurt Shake or Keema,..."
"Craving for a shawarma or kebab? This place is just for you. I super love the garlic and hot sauce lol. The lamb chop steak is super delicious. I..."
Tinalalala 🌼
"For me, the best Mediterranean food here in the metro. Even though the place is very simple, open ventilation and with no aircon, the food really..."
"Been here 4 times. I always ordered beef special chelo kabab. It's my favorite here that's why I chose to dine here sometimes. I also tried their..."
Mary Joy Paragas
"Chicken special chelo kabab is..."
"One of the best go to places for kebabs and shawarma. I recommend going for the special beef chelo kabab. One classic ground beef and the other the..."
Nico Adoremos
"Mister Kabab, one of the earliest in the kabab dining scene.  The place has no aircon but is very airy as 3 sides are open and ceiling fans are all..."
Let Us Eat
"Boyfriend and I dine here almost every week for the past 2 years. We would always have their double ground beef chelo and yogurt and never try..."
Kate Pantig
"Chicken Special Chelo Kabab with Basmati Rice - 4/5This was my order from my last visit here at Mister Kabab. It’s always a pleasant..."
Artsy Foodie
"I love their beef chelo special. But I hate the service, It took like an hour to serve us our food. It's a Sunday lunch and there's like only 8..."
"We always prefer eating in their main branch despite it’s an open area. Parking is difficult esp on peak hours but good thing they have parking..."
"Kabab is always ❤Huge area, thus can accommodate large groups of customers. Serving time takes quite a while, but the food is definitely worth..."
Frances Cabugao
"I started eating here many years ago.,and still they are my number one go to shawarma place. The garlic sauce is simply divine. Haven't tried..."
Matianne Billante
"The food is good maybe the best even considering the fact that i spent only 500 pesos for two people. If this restaurant can make delicious food that..."
Raphael Pascual
"It's my first time to visit and I was impressed. Great ambience. No hassle in parking, they do have a spacious parking space. Attentive staff. Great..."
"Mister Kabab is top-tier hangover food, situated strategically near the nightlife in QC.It's no secret that they have great Korma, Kebab,..."
Migz Cruz
"Never fails! Ultimate favorite for that kebab cravings. My favorite is chelo kebab, shawarma plate and the yoghurt shake ♥️..."
Nikki KC
"Their beef special chelo kebab is just outstanding! Ive been eating here for years already (since highschol) and the taste of their food didnt..."
"Place is visible.Big venue and good for large people.Food are delicious👌For 1st timer, try their special mix chicken and beef chelo..."
Coleen Cordon
"excellent food.just take some time for the food be served but everything else is ok. good environment and the pita bread with hummus is really..."
"My favorite recovery food of all time is their kema with eggplant and their special chelo kebab. Place always packed with hungry customers. Service..."
Jacky OH
"I always love this branch because it's near from my place and 24 hours sya, perfect for night owls like me! Beef chelo kebab forever! So tasty. Pero..."
"Food: The menu is the same always and the quality of the food is consistently good. It is nearby and open 24 hours which makes it convenient. Also,..."
Sumaiya Kalam Siddiqui
"Mister Kabab has been a staple among Quezon city locals for more than a decade already. It has undergone several facelifts, and new branches have..."
Claine Avelino
"Ulimate comfort food! It’s my go-to place for late night cravings. It astounds me how they get the taste of the meat consistent every single..."
Maria Almira Samson Cleofe
"Really good falafel, hummus, shawarma plate. Kind of felt like their shawarmas were dry though, and less meat compared to others. Good ambiance, open..."
Audrey Mae Domasian
"I had no love with shawarma, kabab, keema etc. but when my partner brought me to this place, my world change, I now have other food cravings than..."
Ever Fajardo
"Pricy but worthy ❤️ you must try their yogurt shake, can't seem to find another place which serves this. I've been here for more than once, and..."
Dana Marzan
"what amazes me about this place is how consistent they are able to make good kebab all through these years. Despite them expanding to multiple..."
"We went here yesterday and we ordered Chicken Special Chelo Kabab, Beef Special Chelo Kabab, Korma-beef, Hommus and 4extra pita bread.It..."
Nedie G.
"✔best kabab ever!!!❌hindi aircon pero well ventilated naman and there are ceiling fans👌special beef chelo kabab (double..."
Marlo Orense
"Your go-to place when you just came from a drinking Sesh and end up early morning and your hungover! Beef Keema and Chelo Kebab! Lots of fun memories..."
Regina Arciaga
"I miss it!! Since college days until now i'm still craving Mr.Kabab! Mas gugutuhin ko pa kumain sa west ave. Feel na feel ko kumain dun well ok naman..."
Roxanne Dimabuyu
"My favorite hangout place after work. Open 24 hrs so it's perfect for my shift. I love their keema with eggplant, lamb kabab, and of course their..."
Norman | The Travelling Tongue
"The renovation is really nice. Lumiwanag with all the added lights. Pero yung mga server ang susungit. Hindi mga friendly at parang galit lahat...."
Sam Villanueva
"I love the yoghurt shake and the beef chelo!! Their garlic sauce is amazing. Love the atmosphere this place is giving. Servers are friendly and fast...."
Soban K-town Grill
87/100 (1973 ratings)
"The menu was quite amazing never have I've seen fries, tacos and burrito in a korean resto. A big bold move to have this item infused with korean..."
Dennis Ong
"Great korean food, good ambiance, friendly and attentive staff. I've been to Kpub, Lee Hak, Don Day, and other Korean Resto, but Soban is still..."
Del Villanueva
"1st time today, SM North Edsa branch. Ordered bibimbap beef. It was good! Big thin strips of beef, not ground beef by the way. Friendly & attentive..."
Jhoyce Reyes
"Dined last 9/25 with a buddy of mine at ATC branch. I ordered Bibimbap and Woo Sang Yup 180g. Quality of food is superb and taste was great! Great..."
Archimedes Brian Sanchez Villadolid
"I have been to Korean Restaurants around Makati and SOBAN RESTO is one of the best Korean Resto in town. The food was great and tasty espcially their..."
Yolly Reyes Gador
"Thank you Soban K-Town Grill SM North. Very friendly and attentive yung mga staff especially Miss Emcee. � And super nag enjoy kami ni boyfie sa..."
Jesshan Garcia Jacinto
"Thank you looloo for the inviting us and soban ktown grill for having us try your upcoming beef set grill. Dotz and two sisters explained to us how..."
Jayson Jao
"The place is huge the food is delicious the staff is friendly and very..."
Wakin Templo
"It's our first time to eat here an i was impressed with their service, they served our food fast and very accomodating. The food is so amazing we..."
Gracey Braña Santiago
"One of my favorites in Soban! Plus the warm greetings and great..."
April Pagotaisidro
"Great food and..."
Angelo Yu
"Great deal, great food, EXCELLENT SERVICE :) kudos to Jaymar!..."
Dre Miraflor
"The staff was very friendly and helpful. They immediately attended to any concern we encountered. The meat was good meat and tender. The promo deal..."
Liza Garcia
"Staff very accomodating. Great food as well and excellent service..."
Patricia Ann Baltazar
"Efficient service and accomodating..."
Allec Alvarado
"excellent food and service! keep it..."
Nick Scrtch
"Good food and ambiance as well as excellent service! Will definitely come back to try more. Highly recommend..."
Gela Sol Cruz
"Friendly and accommodating staff :) Fresh lettuce and delicious meat. We enjoyed our stay...."
Roanna Tolentino
"Long waiting, almost 1hr.The service is good, we understand that it's crowded but you will really need to wait for the refill of the side..."
Ja Mie
"The place was great since the time we've arrived they were not packed. The service was fast and the staff were friendly and accomodating. The food..."
Jelani Bate
"The food was awesome, price was reasonable and the crew was attentive to our needs! Will definitely be back here with family..."
"Great food and service. Jaymar was especially helpful and the staff was great. We had a birthday..."
Charlene Ang
"Please improve the layout of the tables. I have to ask the neighboring table to stand up just so I can pass. Also, the tables are small, so the hot..."
Alyssa Lara
"Good food, excellent service will be back again.....tender pork and beef super sarap na side..."
Maricar DG
"crews are friendly and foods are great..."
Cheska Marcos
"A place i always go to whenever i crave for Korean food. Commending the service of Darren! Very accommodating..."
Janette Gaspar
"It's affordable due to the number of side dishes they serve and the quality of meat they have. Worth every penny...."
Gian Daag
"pamuchin is my favorite!..."
Hyde Cruz Aceron
Leo Cayago
"Great food and great..."
"seafood pancake quite dry and the filling wasn't full but the rest of food was..."
Mary Grace Charmelle Rivera
"Great food and convenient place. 😊 Very affordable price and amazing ambience. ❤❤❤Will surely go back for the food and the place...."
"Side dishes are great. Amount of meat is enough. Price is reasonable. Meat quality is great. Staff are very accommodating. Environment is..."
Jenny Rose Soriano
"I love their egg roll and meat. 😀😀Staffs are approachable and very nice to attend in our requests...."
Dyu San Pedro
"The side dishes were delicious as it exceeds all expectations. The premium combo set was delectable and the staff were very much friendly which was..."
Camille Marquez
"Food. The food is great for its price. I love it, especially the side dishes. I enjoyed the experience.Staff. They are all friendly and..."
"food is great, service is superb! Best place to grab a quick lunch with friends. Ordered the beef bibimbap - serving portion could be..."
Melody Tan
"Yes! Korean food trip it is! Kudos to all the staff and crew of this restaurant. The person who assisted us really knows their menu and knowlegeable..."
"Soban is my latest standard of k-grill 😊 i love everything they served on our table. I love the quality of the meat, as well as the side dishes...."
Janna Romano
"Masarap! Well attended by Jaymar. 5 stars for him. Delicious. Manyaman. Naimas. Mashisoyo. Masarap! Well attended by Jaymar. 5 stars for him...."
Cocoy Vinluan
"The sampyulsal was excellent; we absolutely over ate! And we appreciated being given the choice of side dishes as we really love kimchi and cant..."
Pia Lacson
"Its a good place to have your lunch, late lunch or dinner. Staffs are friendly and food is great! You get value for your money! The food is..."
Leo Buenaventura
"Soban K-town eastwood is always our go to place almost every week! Very exemplary service from the wait staff up to the manager. They always refill..."
Elise Ventura
"Food is so good! Love the chicken bap, egg roll and kimchi. The staff are also attentive and polite. Ambiance needs to be improved since the place is..."
Clarisse Paras
"Always a good experience in this restaurant. We’ve been coming for years even if there are other Samgyeup places in the metro, we always come back..."
Julie Ann Altea
"Whenever we eat here, we realize that we don't need to eat unlimited to feel "sulit". In terms of flavor and quality, we choose to go back even if..."
Mehs And Noms
"Excellent service as always! Best Korean BBQ eveeeeeerrrr. Been going here almost every week now. Best branch so far also 👍👍👍 Wonderful,..."
Wendell P. Labre
"Soban K-Town Grill is a great place to go if you’re looking for a korean grilled restaurant. Aside from it’s wide range delectable options, the..."
Ariane Chanel Castañeda Lontok
"Great food and good value! We ordered the 2k worth bbq meal and had it cooked. The amount of food is worth it probably can be good for even up to 6..."
Marvin Apacible
"Please make the maki hot and the rice of it.Thank you that's all thank you so much we had a great time!..."
Gloxinia Mei Jimenez
"Service and food were excellent. Staff was very accommodating, always bothered to ask if we wanted refills of our side dishes and beverages; food..."
Kyle Bringas
"Great place for delicious korean BBQ! We ordered the fathers day meal set for 2 and a few extra dishes for our party of 3 as they were pretty strict..."
Hungry Hieu
"Great food! All are served fresh in your table. Staff are uber mega friendly! Even though they do not have enough headcount they are still able to..."
Dayanara Kimi Gonzales
"Thumbs up for the excellent food and service! Love the Jap Chae if you ever stop bye go for the best deals that they have, worth for your wallet and..."
Jen Dayrit
"Good food and accomodating staff! A recommended place to eat with your family and friends. A must try korean grill that caters a lot of choices to..."
Reinald Kurt Villaraza
"Great quality and value for money! Will definitely eat here again :) The samgyup and beef belly were superb! The restaurant has a nice ambiance and..."
Bench Cruz
"Their set that's good for two, is good enough to feed four people. We liked their kimchi, the taste and smell is not overwhelming.Overall,..."
Rhizza C. Umpacan
"Highly recommended, the food was so good, meats are always fresh. Very attentive for the things you need, excellent service! ♥️🤞 Definitely..."
Nica Millondaga
"Soban has been our go-to place every time we crave for Korean food. I would absolutely say that their food is very authentic and delicious. Also,..."
Cirille Torres
"Good food super busog. Ordered their mother’s day set for two. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 kuya keiko, our server, is very..."
Alissa Marie Villarin
"It’s a great visit. Thank you for a great customer service. 👍 Good day! God bless you all.. 😍 will surely visit this place again soon....."
"Been here for the nth time. And we are satisfied on everu visit. The food and side dishes are good. The crews are friendly and courteous. Nice place...."
Lei Blando
"It was my first time to eat in soban, nice place with a Great food. And a very friendly staff, great service with Mr. Raymart. Thanks for the good..."
Bernadeth Ramos
"Very good dining experience. The food is delicious and staff are very accommodating. The restaurant is located inside the mall so it is very..."
Jed Athena
"I can’t even begin to describe how tasteful soban is; you get deals that serves your cravings. Savory meat that leaves you in cloud. You will not..."
Jade Dayrit
"Pricey but sarap!!!Visit with an empty stomach.Food 5/5Staff 4/5Ambiance 4/5Service 5/5Crowd 4/5Open space..."
Castro Alicia Marie
"We managed to avail their 1.3k bbq for 2 promo and it was worth the price. Good service, great food. We would definitely come back here..."
"The servers are very nice and prompt. They are very attentive to our requests. Food is awesome and excellent. I love the soup! #foodcoma..."
Abet Garcia
"At first glance, I thought the food in here is very expensive. The place is really cozy. Food is great and the price is reasonable. I wish it will be..."
"Craved for Samgyupsal and thought of visiting here. Good thing I looked for Soban. Good quality of meat, accomodating staffs. Definitely worth the..."
Gwen Mendoza
"Excellent food selection and staff were very responsive (thanks, Jaymar). We ordered the premium set - meat selection and variety of side dishes did..."
Ava Tan
"The food was great, with great value for your money. I loved the meat and the side dishes (they were really generous with it too). Probably why the..."
Dianne Despi
"The side dishes are so delicious! The meats are so tender and juicy! Friendly staffs :)) We’ll surely come back again!! Kamsahamnida Patrick for..."
Melai Mejorada
"Great food, great service, friendly staff. Price is very reasonable, especially the mega meat set, and it is very delicious. We will definitely come..."
"Its a solid place to eat with family and friends. The steamed egg is delicous, and the sides are refillable. It may be somewhat pricey though, but..."
Budi Abiera
"Our son's fave resto in Eastwood!!! Service is good, people are accommodating! LOTS of freebies too when you dine. Everything we've tried here is..."
Mark Armand Portugal Sazon
"Place is good. The service crew is so fast and impressive that your badvibes will go away because they will impress you of how they serve you...."
Joseph Jesben Gabunas
"Best Korean restaurant ever!!! Less usok, less amoy bbq pag-uwi. The meat was tender and juicy. Parang hotdog. Cheret! Seriously tho, best meat!..."
Jerlyn Lasagas
"jaymar - is very attentive and looks after our family meal needs.we are celebrating graduation party of our 2 kids.we are looking..."
Bal Pulta
"Our go to place for Korean BBQ in Eastwood. Their Mega Meat is the best for groups. The bone marrow soup is to die for! Service is good..."
Marco Pasicolan
"Fast service. Enjoyed the food and the servers are polite and quick to give us our needs. Food is great. We ate outside because we have pets but..."
Tina De Silva
"The service is fast and the food has good value for money. The staff are attentive to the customer's requests. The ambiance is good. Good..."
Nina Javellana
"Food is absolutely lush. Specially the mega meat package for 4 persons was indeed a great deal. Costumer service was superb and the place is in the..."
Jonna Mae
"Food is great, as usual! Service is excellent. The staff were always attentive and nice. (Sir Jaymar in particular. Tnx po!) We’ll definitely be..."
Mymy Dela Cruz
"Love the food here especially the meat and side dishes! Love the side dishes too😍 My favorite korean restaurant in Eastwood. Great service..."
Marie Go
"Had a wonderful dinner experience. Will definitely be back to this place for more. Shoutout to the awesome crew as well. Looking forward to more..."
Neillene Ann Dela Cruz
"Good food for the price. Service was efficient and friendly staff. Value for money, especially for a big group. Will definitely recommend for big..."
"Always Great Food and Great Service! Super sulit the Mega Meat Promo for 4. Will always return to this resto and branch! Thanks Eastwood..."
Hazel Penelope Redrino
"Awesome beef bibimbap with unlimited sides of kimchi, soup, and egg rolls! Especially loved their kimchi ❤ just the perfect amount of spice and..."
Anne Astrid Sangil-Bello
"Great food and service! Their marinated beef belly is delicious. The waiters are also very attentive to all your needs. Would recommend for those..."
Julienne Francisco
"They have good food and friendly servers. Downside is it’s always full. I like that it’s not the usual unlimited meat korean resto but the..."
Olivia Virina-Fernandez
Ma Mon Luk
70/100 (1934 ratings)
pancit canton
"After several decades of eating here, it still tastes the..."
Nick Geaga
"Ma Mon Luk for me is a nostalgic experience.  Whenever I can I try to stopover to buy their asado siopao to bring home to my family.  The..."
Penny Angeles-Tan
"My dad would always bring us here when we were little so I can say I grew up eating their special mami and siopao. This is easily my favorite siopao..."
Zar Francisco
"Because I live nearby, my family has been visiting this Institution until this day. My late father and mother had a favorite spot where I still sit..."
Rene Geraldo Ledesma
"Isa pang nostalgia review. Lagi kaming dinadalhan ng tito ko ng Special Mami at Asado Siopao. Nung bata pa ako ang sinasabi yung sabaw e amoy (aba..."
"Fortunately, there’s spacious parking area but only limited.Waiting time for orders takes too long. And nothing special about their..."
"Food is incredibly delicious. if you are looking for a place to travel back in time, this is the place to be. It's like frozen in mid 80's or 90's...."
Ma. Luisa Reyes
"We always loved dining here. Even with its old and gloomy restaurant in QC. Their crew has been serving for several years now. Their mami and siopao..."
Karren Cachero
"Since we passed by near Banawe we decided to take a sip and taste the said original Mami of Ma Mon Luk.Starting with the Place:You..."
Lyka Jane
"Their special jumbo siopao and chicken or beef noodle soup are my favorite eversince I could recall. They still taste as good as the first time I..."
Roane Ruta-Villanueva
"One friend of mine brought me to this place last week for a simple yet good dinner. I've been craving to eat some dim sum of the Chinese Cuisine for..."
Daphney Ticbaen
"Ma Mon Luk siopao is the best for me. Unfortunately, thats it. I dont like their mami, or their siomai, the siomai was all meat with no fat which..."
Joseph Africa
"For an establishment that's been around since your 75-year-old dad's college days in the 50's, Ma Mon Luk's not too shabby. It's where you go when..."
Cielo Gutierrez
"Rating it accordingly. (from 1-5)Accessibility: 5Value for Money: 5 Cleanliness: 3Staff: 3Food: 3I would say that..."
Liana Tan
"Rainy season is already here which means its the perfect moment for a bowl of anything that has soup!  So if you feel like going authentic Chinese,..."
Cortha Lamasan
"Special Ma Mon Luk mami paired with their Special Asado Siopao. Perfect. Love their siopao most, not so sweet, you can actually see the shreds of..."
Stephanie Lopez
"This place is always plain and simple. No renovation, nothing fancy, but good food. Their Mami has this nice mixture of chicken, pork, and beef. I..."
Crave Feast Burp
"They've perfected their serving systems for sure having the dishes ready in almost an instant. I got to try their classic mami but particularly..."
"This is one of the favorite restaurant's of my grandmother. We used to eat in Quiapo and unfortunately Quiapo branch is closed :( The only Ma Mon Luk..."
Yumme Macapayag
"Old school Siopao & Mami. Still has the old world charm. Grew up with this being a regular treat as a kid. Hope they never change a..."
"Ma Mon Luk has definitely left a legacy. They are known for their delicious mami and siopao. They’ve been in the business for several decades now..."
"I had to go to a wake last Sunday so I decided to drop by an old childhood favorite where my dad and mom would take us for an inexpensive meal. MaMon..."
Tonyboy Ongsiako
"2nd Generation suki of this branch. Our parents used to date in their quiapo branch after attending mass. This was the time before Jollibee. The..."
"Classic childhood comfort food. Brings you back in time during the bygone era. An institution that had withstood the test of time and still is..."
Jamie M Cayetano
"This is a place that is so nostalgic that I had to really be aware of my judgement and not be bias. My uncle recently visited from San Diego and..."
Dom Platon
"Their mami will always be a classic. They allow you to adjust the seasoning to suit your own taste. Even my lolo has a special place in his heart for..."
Bernice Rosario
"Ma mon luk is one of the oldest "mami" house in manila. I've remembered my mom used to bring us in Quiapo, where i think is the original location..."
Yheng Dela Torre
"Slow service, servers are not being attentive to the customers if they are about to order. We kept on raising our hands and calling some servers..."
Kimberly Conde
"Pag pasok pa lang alam mo na :) you can feel the binondo vibe :) mami and siopao combi my all time fave here :) lagyan pa ng siopao sauce ang mami :)..."
Fat Kids Love Cake
"Big siopao, i like their siopao and noodles match with their hot sauce, what we do is to mix the hot sauce in the noodles adn it will turn red! Yummy..."
Gaiety Lou Guevarra
"Their famous mami, siomai and siopao is a killer combo. Although I like Masuki more in terms mami. Their mami is tasty but salty compared to the..."
Jaz Bernales
"There foods are just typical for the others but take a look and taste guys it's not that kind of expected taste that u want but its originality and..."
Mhoniqlo Dl
"I love the place! The place doesn't need to be fancy. Ang cute nga e, parang bumalik ako sa nakaraan. Friendly yung cashier. I ordered 4 Original..."
VAniLLa Blast
"Well first off, why is this place rated 2.8 overall... They have the best siopao and beef mami, Chinese style. The siopao is absolutely delicious and..."
KMP Manods.
"Haven't been here after a long time.I missed the distinct mamon luk smell. I'm glad no major renovations have been made, the tables, the tile..."
Jap Jap
"The best siopao we've tasted.. the asado is well flavored.. Not too sweet and salty.. the bun is really soft although not very white in color.. 😀..."
Vien Eugenio
"I'm not a big fan of siopao. As a matter of fact, I'd be happy just eating the dough or the discarded outer layer. But when it comes to..."
Ava Javellana-Solon
"Date w my momma! Large Classic Chicken Mami +extra soup, and their special asadi👌 always yum! Aircon and better smell lang sana. But all the more,..."
Krisanne Sawali
"I never really liked eating here as a kid, but my sudden craving for siopao and mami brought be back and to my surprise it was one of the best I've..."