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Cafe Ilang-ilang
90/100 (1049 ratings)
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Late Night
Peking Duck
Seafood Counter
Foie Gras
Ice Cream
Baby Back Ribs
Garlic Prawns
Dim Sum
Salad Station
Cakes and Desserts
Pizza Station
Steak and Salmon Corner
Fruit and Desserts Bar
Roast Beef
Korean Dishes
Juice & Smoothies
Beef tenderloin
Sushi and Sashimi Combo
Mandarin Duck
Hong Kong
"I have tried Breakfast and Lunch and the selection is..."
Sheren Claire Vasquez
"Loved the selection of food. Didn't like the set up though. Went with our visitors and we all had difficulty in finding the Japanese section. There..."
Rakesh M
"I have given an odd and personal gauge for my ratings of hotel buffet before, and that is their attention to making their finisher dishes good..."
Asch And Sieglind
"For the price you pay on a promo, cafe ilang ilang is hard to beat. Specially in thursday when they have foie gras. The spread is wide and..."
Bob Azcor
"Round 1 - Get the ROAST BEEF STEAK ! It's near the Chinese Cuisine area. Then head on to the grill and get the LAMB CHOPSRound 2 - Seafood...."
Margaret Chan
"Loved it so so so much ♥️ i used a voucher, but it would have been totally worth the original price...."
"We went here to have a Sunday lunch buffet. The food was delicious and so many food to choose from. This is one of the best buffet hotel restaurant..."
Scotty Wilburt See
"Their seafood night is so lit. 👌 I also love their japanese section. Good food and Great staff will definitely go back with my family and friends...."
Miel Solidum
"Everything superb. I love the coffee section, each latte I ordered came out so beautiful and tasty. The ice cream had a surprising amount of..."
"Tried their buffet thanks to BDO’s 50% promo. Food was superb! Almost everything was of the best quality (for a buffet meal). I particularly loved..."
Louise Martin
"We expected the place would be really crowded judging from the reviews i’ve seen online and knowing it’s in Manila Hotel. My whole family stayed..."
Tine Jadormeo Clemente
"One of the ultimate buffet places to go to with value for money because of their awesome promos for some card holders. Perfect for special..."
Charmagne Yerro
"This buffet restaurant inside Manila hotel is a good start to define your cravings. Know why? Simply because this foods are definitely satisfy all..."
"Currently our go-to buffet place.They have the best seafood buffet in town (thurs to sat). A lot better than Spiral IMHO. Unlimited lobster, sea..."
"Great food and service. Good Ambiance and highly recommended buffet dining especially during the Seafood Friday night! Special maki is to die..."
Lhea Manongdo
"Food : 4.5Ambiance : 5Service : 4.5I've been in many restaurants and buffet in Metro like Vikings, Buffet 101, NIU and so on. So..."
"Always love the ambiance here. Been coming here since I was a child. Their burger tastes the same. Their Pancit Malabon is always yummy and full of..."
"Came here on super crowded Holy Week. The place was absolutely packed, despite that the staff did a good job in keeping all the dishes flowing and..."
"Stayed at the hotel for an event and we availed of their lunch buffet. Was really looking forward to trying their roast beef but it wasnt available...."
Pau V. Flavier
"I love the Breakfast Buffet here. That's why I always look forward to eating my breakfast whenever I I stay for the night in Manila..."
"We tried their american night dinner buffet. The roast beef was tender, loved the lechon with truffle rice, the desserts were great, lobster was..."
Mica Valenzuela
"Foods are great during friday seafood theme night, lots of seafood and all food taste good, i love to keep coming back here at least once a month..."
Danny Espinosa Liao
"I've eaten here over 10 times and its hands down my favorite buffet in Manila. It has the best selection and I love the Japanese room and..."
Bob C
"One of the best buffet restaurants in Manila for sure. Food from around the world and very good as well. Attentive staff. Plan your dishes and..."
"We tried their dinner buffet and we were pleased with all the different cuisines. Their food were presented really nice and the service crew were..."
Gigiiiiii 🍛
"One of my favorite hotel buffets in the Metro.Appreciative of the range of different cuisines ( especially indian) which was really..."
Joma Sanchez
"I had a stay @ The Manila Hotel & I had my breakfast at the Cafe Ilang Ilang throughout the stay. Loved their food & the service., even their dinner..."
"We went here like 3 times already and it is still a pleasant surprise which makes me want to go back again! For me Cafe Ilang-Ilang have the best..."
Roxy Dimanalata
"Kumain kami dito kagabi kasi birthday ng misis ko at kasama yung 2 kapatid nya (tsaka 40% off pag gagamit ka ng BDO Credit/Debit card hanggang..."
"One of the best Buffets. One of the best high-end Buffets that is. Food is legit good and you can find High end food inside. They serve..."
"The breakfast buffet was pretty good. You get the standard breakfast food that you would typically crave, as well as those that you won't really find..."
"Came here on a friday due to there unlimited lobster. Got a good discount at deal grocer. A very pleasant experience. We actually left with literally..."
Riz Sugba
"Been to Manila Hotel several times but wasn’t able to dine there but this time I celebrated my 27th Birthday and our 2nd Anniversary at the Cafe..."
Ann Maniclang
"Can't think of any unpleasant experience here. I always enjoy dining at this place. Maybe the only downside is the price, but you get what you pay..."
Ana Alryne
"No need a long review for this hotel buffet, simply wonderful. For me, it's the best among the hotel buffets in Manila, better than Spiral which has..."
"I celebrated my birthday by eating dinner here and it was the perfect meal. There are so many stations but my favorite has to be the Japanese..."
Ens Manahan
"We had an overnight stay with my family in Manila Hotel. The buffet breakfast in cafe ilang ilang was great! 😊 We will definitely come back for..."
Gen Cartalla Torio
"The place was jam packed on Sunday Lunch. Food was great, wide selection and fresh. ambiance is very classy and romantic. Service is also good, fast..."
"August 11, 2018 11:30am LWF - We originally scheduled to eat here yesterday but something came up and we rescheduled for today. Thankfully the..."
Carlo M. Tecson
"After staying infor the night, we had our brunch here at Cafe Ilang Ilang. The breakfast buffet spread was awesome! All our favorite breakfast food..."
Liz Ng
"I must say as this was my first time dining there, I was impressed.. I liked all the variety of their buffet. All meals from starters/salad to main..."
"I’ve recently eaten the buffet here but that was my first time, last June. I loved their Smoked Salmon which is a top hit, their steak is also good..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
"You won't go wrong with Cafe Ilang Ilang. A nice place to celebrate with loved ones. Been here for 3-4 times for birthdays, graduation, and get..."
Amy Villegas
"Our family's go to buffet. I always love this buffet compared to other hotel buffets. The sections are organized. The staff are really accomodating,..."
"Of course who wouldn’t give a 5 star here. Always craving their choco tarttt! Omgggg! It’s the bomb! Would recommend this for any special event...."
Mef DB
"Tried the lunch buffet here and overall it was ok. There were different types of cuisine that were cooked well, just what you'd expect in a..."
"We stayed at the hotel and the room came with a complimentary breakfast buffet. I loved how the choices weren't overwhelming and that they had really..."
Hey Hey
"I celebrated my birthday in Manila Hotel and had a chance to try their buffet breakfast during our stay. They serve delicious food and I love that..."
Ayushi Malik
"FOODFORTHOUGHT:The refurbished and relaunched cafe Ilang-Ilang is one of the best, if not the best luxury buffet in Manila right now! They are..."
"I love this buffet place! I especially love their steak station where they carve a piece of steak from a huge slab of meat and cook it to your..."
Cristine Dominguez
"My favorite buffet spread because of the quality of food they serve. Too many choices is just as annoying as having none so the selection here is..."
"I think its our 3rd or 4th time to dine here at cafe ilang ilang its my top choice for hotel buffet. Not so many choices compare to other buffet but..."
Victor Yap
"Buffet!!!!! I think I was here,....friday night. Seafood night. What can I say more, unlimited lobster, shrimps and crab made me really really happy..."
Joanna Rose Cruz
"This is my all-time favorite buffet, so maybe I’m a bit biased. I used to like Spiral the most, but it’s so hard to shell out 3K per head..."
Jesse Lui
"Third Review: July 2018 - 4/5The Manila Hotel has been our top of mind choice in celebrating special occasions, since my sister's..."
Jomarie Ang (Eat Drink Splurge)
"It was my first time to eat their lunch buffet and never got wrong with the idea to try it with my colleagues. 💚Definitely the food they..."
Anika Jin
"Awesome place and lots of food choices on diffrent cuisines. :) Servers are accomodating and friendly. I recommend eating here from time to time...."
Elmer Castillo Corono
"We have always been fans of Cafe Ilang Ilang and have celebrated many occasions here.Food-wise, highlight is always the amazing and..."
"Great service! The food was great, as usual. It was my first time at the renovated Cafe Ilang-Ilang; the space suffered compared to the..."
K @
"Food ⭐️⭐️⭐️Place ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Service ⭐️⭐️⭐️Been hearing about this luxurious experience with..."
"Great ambience, super delicious steak and has an oh so heavenly desserts section. I'm a huge fan of desserts and rarely does it happen that..."
Princess Norombaba
"Free breakfast buffet from our stay so might as well take advantage of it. Typically, our standards for buffet are lower but we have already enjoyed..."
"food choices ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5 (glad they have a few cheeses available... but wish they have more)food quality ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5 (big slices..."
Yohanny Eats
Zhou Fei
"Cafe Ylang Ylang has a wide selection of different kind of food hands up to the foods that they serves and also they have a very friendly staff who..."
Fat Girls Day Out
"For me, this is still one of the best hotel buffets here in the metro. My favorite is their Japanese section for their sashimi, sushi & teppanyaki..."
Joyce Hailar
"My friends and I decided to celebrate the "Despedida" of our friend @ Manila Hotel. And at the same time, this would be our first time to spend..."
Jayvee Lapina Ardona
"We had dinner on a Sunday. We love the carvings especially the roast beef. It is amazingly tender and savory. I prefer my steak medium well. The..."
May Pineda
"One of my regular go-to places and staycation-- the Manila Hotel and its Cafe Ilang Ilang will not disappoint. A place of history which had its..."
Sheera Brown
New Po Heng Lumpia House
89/100 (225 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
"This is arguably the holy grail of fresh lumpia. One wrong turn and you'll miss this place. Took me a few wrong turns (I'm bad at directions and they..."
Quitz Sinco
"Hands-down, THE best lumpiang gulay ever. Very generous in terms of filling and the amount of peanuts add that yummy crunch. Best paired with their..."
Ann Pauline Sison-Lim
"Ambience: It was hot during our evening visit but this is expected of other establishments in the area. It's a really simple place that's more about..."
Patrick Unson
"Great food at affordable price. If you are a senior don’t use your senior card. (Whispering...mas mapa mahal ka pa..."
Arnel Macariola
"Malayo lang, pero masarap. Natural ang..."
Butch Gonzalez
"Will come back for more delicious food! Thanks!..."
Porsche Peralta
"Sarap ng lumpia, 5-star rating talaga....."
Maricris Reyes
"Best lumpiah in this country same as in my country..."
Donny Saputra
"Authentic Lumpia with its signature sauce perfect for everyday..."
Jasu Chan
"Grabi ang sarap tlaga ng fresh lumpia sa new po-heng ito tlaga ang pinaka da..."
Lea Quisto Sandoval
"Best lumpia in Manila! Reminds me of my childhood in Singapore...."
Abby Tuangco
"One of the best lumpia I have ever tasted! There's sweetness, saltiness and a little kick (maybe coming from the pepper? Not so sure tho.)..."
"New Po-Heng's Lumpia has thin lumpia wrapper and looks small compared with regular fresh lumpia but once you cut the former, the wrapper will unveil..."
Travel Eat Pinas
"If you're a fresh lumpia lover, you have to visit New Po Heng in Binondo!I don't want to make this review too long, because you only need..."
Mon Villaverde
"2nd Best Fresh Lumpia in the world after my Grandma's !Siya lang yun pwedeng substitute when I crave fresh lumpia.They also have good..."
"Okay. Been so grateful this second time around 'di kami nasaraduhan. The lumpia is plain on the outside it looks smaller BUT... yes there's a but...."
Kevin Lumbaca
"One of the best fresh lumpias I’ve had in town! You could taste that the ingredients were really fresh. I love how generous the servings were...."
Louise Martin
"Best fresh lumpia in the world!They used to be located inside a building in Quintin Paredes St. But they moved to a smaller location..."
Justin Torres
"I recommend this place. Customer service is friendly. Affordable yet delicious. Love the fresh lumpia and kiampong! I will definitely order..."
Mirian Tan Lo
"The ambience is very different from what I saw but nothing negative about the place. Fresh lumpia is a very “must-try” dish!!! Peanut taste is..."
Patricia Policarpio
"I've been to other lumpia houses in Chinatown and they sure are trying to copy how New Po Heng makes its signature lumpiang sariwa. But nothing beats..."
Johnny Usman
"Went to their old place and found out they moved across the street (along the fruit stands beside BDO). Their new place is well lit and much cleaner..."
The Hangry Couple
"Had their Fresh Lumpia, our 3rd stop. One helping is big enough for two, since it is so compact, we had to share. I love the crunch of the ground..."
Lagura Anne
"Went here to try their Lumpia. But since we were able to find seats inside, ended up ordering their Pork/Fish Maki, and Kiampong as..."
"2nd stop in our Binondo Food Crawl.New Po Heng Lumpia House serves really good fresh Chinese lumpia. It has the perfect mix of vegetables..."
Boodle Bear
"The new poheng lumpia house is definitely offering the best lumpia taste, just be careful with the wrapper because it can easily..."
Lorenz Lao
"I love fresh lumpia so I went here with a friend who told me that they're one of the best places to go to for my cravings. I wasn't disappointed at..."
Gastronomiss PH
"📍New Po Heng in Quintin Paredes St. Binondo Manila🍴Lumpiang Sariwa for 95 Pesos (Original Price in Pricelist) with less-12% Discount I..."
JK Foodies
"A small cozy place in Quintin Paredes St., they serve good food at an affordable price. Love their Fresh Lumpia, Kiampong and Maki. It's my comfort..."
Mercsi Diyosa
"This was the first stop on the Binondo Food Wok that my officemates and I went to. I heard of this from other blogs but I was quite apprehensive...."
Regina Marie Peralta
"During my very first visit here, I was led inside a random building in China town and when we finally got to New Po Heng, I was surprised to see a..."
Fat Girls Day Out
"This humble chinese restaurant is the home of the best lumpiang sariwa in the metro. Prices are cheap and staff are friendly. Will definitely visit..."
"Ambience:It was hot during our evening visit but this is expected of other establishments in the area. It's a really simple place that's more..."
Patrick Unson
"I've tried different chinese lumpia before. So far, i like this one the most. i find it more flavorful compared to others. the sauce as well tastes..."
Aleizza Rae Nocon
"There lumpia chay or lumpiang gulay are the best. The best i ever tasted. It is recommendable👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 the stuff inside is also..."
"First time to try this raved about chinese lumpis place here in binondo. And I must say, it's not raved for nothing. Their lumpia is really really..."
"Really love their fresh lumpia and it’s very affordable. They also deliver but with a minimum amount. They also have different dishes you can order..."
"#latepostOur whole extended family had a Binondo Food Trip... We braved the rain, the traffic and the busy streets to sample the culinary..."
Foodie Dokie
"Not a glamorous place for sure but you will like it for its lumpia and all the rest of the food it offers. Simple but delicious. It is a hiffen..."
Jean-Francois Pinera
"just been dragged by a friend to get some lumpia tonight. i was supposed to visit this for the first time when i did my diy temple run in binondo but..."
Rurouni Neko
"I'm a big fan of fresh lumpia, so I must say - it's a must try! Though there's quite a drawback sa mami nila kasi walang lasa. But kung lumpia lang..."
Jerika Mica
"I'm a huge fan of fresh lumpia. I would eat it as often as I could so I was not too optimistic about this one. I knew I had high standards when it..."
Ish Meets World
"Masarap ung lumpia. Matamis lang siya. May taste sya ng seaweed and may sugar ung loob. Puro senior ung mga customer nila. Ambiance is okay. Super..."
"I just love the setting of no fancy improvement with an atrium. We just bought Lumpia real Veggie, I cannot give perfect score since I haven't tried..."
Jonathan H.
"Taste is good for first few bites but later on there's "umay"factor for me.Good hearty meal for vegan lovers. and their lumpia is too heavy for..."
RoxVin T.Co
"I was in binondo area practically all my life yet this is my first time to eat here by accidental discovery... The lumpia is great and the ambience..."
Kenneth Wong
"This is one of a hidden gem in Binondo. The location is not easy to find because it's located in an old building and you have to enter an alley. I've..."
"Don't be afraid to go through what may seem as a suspicious alleyway because you certainly won't regret it. Finding it at first adds to the thrill..."
Bears Looking For Food
"This is home to one of the best Lumpias in town. New Po-Heng Lumpia House is the go-to place when the talk of original Fresh Spring Roll surfaces. I..."
Janni Janni Daquigan
"My Mom requested for their lumpia while she was confined in a hospital. I was curious because it's all that she requested. She was bragging how the..."
Genevieve Uy
"Went here as part of our Binondo Wok Tour. This was our first stop. They have other Chinese food specialties but only tried their lumpia which is..."
Lady Baker
"Well its location is not very obvious. It is inside a building but can be seen easily for me. Well the lumpia's price is definitely worth for the..."
Daljit Singh
"Delicious straight forward fresh lumpia in this old joint. You'll feel like you are transported back in the old days when you dine in their..."
"As an additional place on my #BellaInBinondo Series, I check out this Lumpia House known in Binondo for 2 decades. It's inside Uysugin Building..."
Glenda Candedeir
"Read a lot about this place! This has been on the to-try list around Binondo since I don't know when. I can say that out of all the places we've been..."
Midz Sy
"As an additional place on my #BellaInBinondo Series, I check out this Lumpia House known in Binondo for 2 decades. It's inside Uysugin Building..."
Glenda Candedeir
"New Po Heng is part of the Binondo Food Tour curated by Ivan Man Dy. It just across an Eng Bee Tin store in Quintin Paredes, it is located inside the..."
Alvin Ong | TFC
"I have been patronizing their lumpia forever. Undoubtedly the best Chinese lumpia in Chinatown! I always try to buy whenever there's a chance to pass..."
Violet Reyes
"New Po-Heng Lumpia House is a popular in Binondo known for their Lumpia Sariwa, a Chinese-style fresh lumpia. A number of foodies love going to New..."
Chef Jay's Kitchen
"Rating more for the lumpia than the place itself. The place is quite hard to find since you still have to go inside a gated hallway to reach a small..."
Vincci Monique Salud
"Pretty much the same taste as with GLOBE in Raon just bigger. I didn't like the sauce though, it's too sticky for me. But the insides of the lumpia..."
"Best soup I have had in a long time. This was my very first visit to New Po Heng and I was just BLOWN AWAY by all the comforting goodness I was..."
"As our friends from Binondo will attest, New Po Heng Lumpia House serves as a good introduction to Chinese cuisine as it is found in Manila's own..."
Marianne In Manila
"One of the hard-to-find "popular" place in your Binondo food walk. They serve the best fresh lumpia in Binondo. At 50php a piece, you'll get one..."
"You have to try their Fresh Lumpia, it's highly recommended!😋Though you have to find the place because it's located way inside a building..."
Cindy Grace Lim
"We often kid the walking into New Po Heng is like walking into the twilight zone. Although there is a huge sign outside, you will walk a short..."
Dennis Carlson Lim | TFC
Original Pares Mami House
88/100 (114 ratings)
Fried rice
"I was in a food trip with a friend last week and just out of nowhere I just thought I haven’t had a bowl of pares yet, as in EVERRR. I’ve been..."
May Vargas
"Buti nalang talaga before magkaroon ng quarantine na try ko to 😭 It was my first time trying pares with my boyfriend and it was sooo worth it na..."
Ashley Aguado
"AMBIENCEOpen 24 hours. It was crowded as expected and people were lining up behind different customers that were already settled on stools..."
Patrick Unson
"I was in a food trip with a friend last week and just out of nowhere I just thought I haven’t had a bowl of pares yet, as in EVERRR. I’ve been..."
May Vargas
"A friend introduced this place to me a few years back and I really enjoyed eating here. This no frills pares house is always jampacked with diners..."
"Ignore the caption on the second picture. It was just for gags. Tbh, the food isn't dirty, it's delish! It's your very pinoy comfort food..."
Danyka Lintoco
"Whats make eating here exciting is the nostalgic feels of an old pares mami house. And the line gets really long but the service is fast so the..."
Chubby Channel (Mariel)
"Best pares for me. Crew were attentive but looked tired, I hope they are not overworked. Always dined around 2-5am, place was always packed. Soup is..."
Elisha Sison
"This restaurant is 40 minutes away from home (1 hour if traffic, of course) but my friends and I would really go the distance just so we can have our..."
Mica Jacinto
"My go-to pares place! This place is always full, so patience is a must. Whenever we go here we always had to wait for almost an hour to get a seat so..."
EatGirl ♡
"First time here and it was the best pares I've eaten so far. The beef pares was tender and has a chew to its texture. Waiting for this kind of dish..."
Christian Levi
"The term "Pares" refers to beef stew paired with garlic fried rice, and a bowl of soup. Along the stretch of N.S. Amoranto Avenue (formerly Retiro),..."
"Super duper good food!! The service also is fast and clean place. Its a nice place to go into for heavy eaters. Wishing they can have a..."
Jillian Tuazon
"One of our all time favorites and family go to! The best beef pares and pares chicken! Grew up loving their food, when I was a kid, never knew where..."
Angela P
"this place is a hit even at wee hours of the morning...we've ordered pares and tapsilog...and it's reallyy good.the meats were tender and flavorful...."
Shasha Zaragoza
"Our fave pares place. We love their beef pares, siomai and hototay soup. This place gets full pretty fast during lunch and dinner. You have to wait..."
Foodventures By FraPao
"My parents would usually like to go to this place when they've just arrived here in Manila from their flight and it's already around midnight or past..."
Anika Molina
"It is a dish that our mother or our lola used to make us during our childhood – it can be that good bowl of Sinigang, Arroz Caldo, mac & cheese...."
Fat Girls Day Out
"This place is very popular, and rightfully so. It serves some of the most humble yet delicious Filipino comfort dishes. Their specialty is obviously..."
Kit Reyes
"Two Saturdays ago, I had to drop by a baking shop in Congressional to canvass stuff for my project for work. Josh accompanied me there, and..."
Jomarie Ang (Eat Drink Splurge)
"Patience is a must when dining at this place. I went here on a Saturday morning to have a breakfast, and I was immediately greeted by a jam-packed..."
Crave Feast Burp
"It's the bomb! Could actually be the best pares I've ever had. (I'm actually a fan of cocoy's but the last time I was, it seemed quality has gone..."
Julio Veloso
"1 pares, extra rice, extra lotong(pares sauce). It's been my staple order since my 1989. Their Camto and pork sisig will not disappoint..."
Dean Reyes
"this place was almost perfect for a rating of five except that they won't open the second floor until lunch time to cater more customers. you'll have..."
"We call this place as pares retiro, the original and only! Not to be mistaken as the "pares retiro" in Tomas Morato. This one is a classic paresan..."
Angielyn Morales
"This is definitely the best pares place there is in the metro. The volume of customers at any time of day (and night) speaks about how popular this..."
Melo V
"Who wouldn't know the famous 'pares sa retiro'? Beef pares, sizzling sisig, buttered chicken, beef mami, pancit, lengua de gato; you name it, lahat..."
Kez Ayi
"Hands down the best braised beef I tasted so far. I've been eating here since early childhood so nostalgia might be a factor here - been going here..."
Jerwin Jake Ong
"The Original Pares house, yes this place is legit. The best pares that I've tasted my whole life. Some try to imitate them but they can't duplicated..."
Marvin Batiancila
"This is the real deal. Don't believe the other "Original" Pares branches, because this is the one with which dreams are made of.Call me..."
Migz Cruz
"I've been in this place for so many times now, probably the best pares mami in town love the food its delicious as fuxx especially the pares and i..."
Princess Llanita
"The Original Pares & Mami House is really worth the price. With less than 100 per pares set, this is value for money without compromising taste. Rich..."
Chinito Food Tripper
"masarap lahat ang Foods the best.Yun nga lang napaka hirap tumawag ng waitresses and yung take out corner walang sistema. naglagay sila ng..."
"Best ever PARES and Mami house!!!Wala ng SASARAP pa sa.....THE ORIGINAL PARES IN RETIRO LA L9MA QUEZON..."
FoodDiva- Philippines
"Who hasn't been here?? If you love "pares" this is a go-to spot. Located along the "lechon sanctuary" in Retiro/La Loma... If there's traffic, or a..."
"This place has the best beef pares ever. If you take a girl here and she doesn't find it as every bit delicious as you do, then you should never see..."
Nathan Benito
"The last time I've been here was when I was still 10 years old. Original Pares Mami House was my dad's fave and go-to restaurant when he had his car..."
Athena Cortes
"For our family and some friends, this is the best Pares in town with more than 2 decades in the business. From a 10 year old child to a senior..."
Wander Kid
"Here's my favorite pares, yes right pares is the best selling food in town, not just restaurant but the place is very accommodating so many people..."
Stewart Joseph Dela Cruz
Quik Snack Restaurant
87/100 (268 ratings)
"Can't believe I've never tried the Indonesian Tauhu (tofu)! We usually get the empanada like stuff here, and they're really good. But thanks to Mike..."
"We went there the weekend before Chinese new year and the place was packed! We had to wait for a while before we can eat but the staff were..."
Johanna C
"Food - 5Place - 3.5Price - 5Service - 4Ordered camaron, braised chicken, veggie with beef, kikiam, siomai soup, and flavored..."
Mykmyk Pascua
"Everytime we arrived Manila, we always drop by Binondo Church first thing in the morning. And Quick Snack is one of our favorite place to eat, after..."
Lazy Worm
"Kuchay Ah, Stir fried Beef Mi.Kuchay ah was good. The crust was light and flaky; the filling flavorful as well. The beef mi has good flavor..."
Heide Naguit
"A while ago, we went here to have our lunch. I ordered the Shrimp and Pork Bihon Guisado and a Fresh Lumpia. For me I liked the Fresh Lumpia, because..."
Scotty Wilburt See
"Best Chinese food!I love how they preserved the place. It feels very authentic. The food is delicious and tasty. Very affordable..."
Justin Torres
"My family and I have been eating here for as long as I can remember and it's a must go to restaurant whenever you visit Chinatown. The Kuchay-a is a..."
Stephanie Santiago
"The food is very good. Specially the kuchay ah and the indonesian tauhu. The machang is very tasty as well and the rellenong shrimp is a must have...."
Jec Santiago
"Great food, tight yet cozy dining area. You can never go wrong with Ahma’s Lomi! Other dishes are also a must try, such as their Chicken Teriyaki...."
Jack Tan
"Must try:KUCHAY AH- (good for sharing) Perfect and crusty!BEEF SATE NOODLES- (good for sharing) A bit peppery, but still..."
Dempsey Margaux Bautista
"Almost everyone doing Binondo food trips will encounter going to Quiksnack in the busy alley of Carvajal. It is a compact place serving really good..."
Justin Lawrence Phoa Uy
"Their chami is worth dying for. I would personally give them a Michelin star for their chami. It's also not exepensive so if you're planning to visit..."
Archie Lim
"Knew about it after the video of Mike Chen or Strictly Dumpling on Youtube. I ordered the oyster cake, which is the main star here. The omelette is..."
"We wanted to retry this place for the longest time as this place is screaming childhood for me. Have dined here before when I was little younger, but..."
"Quick snack is like a hole-in-the-wall. We purposely went here to eat their herbal sibut duck miswa soup which tastes awesome (similar to my grandma..."
Lorenz Lao
"Trying to find a place to have a decent lunch, while browsing the app saw this restaurant in a busy alley. Tried it for the first time because of the..."
Aaron Guinto
"This should be on your list if youre going to have a food trip around Binondo! It's in the middle of a busy alleyway in Binondo, you have to look for..."
"Growing up in Binondo, my father would come home in the afternoon with take aways from Quik Snack for me and my siblings. Just as my angkong did for..."
Jerson Taguibao
"I had purchased some baking supplies from my "suki" in Manila, so I took the chance to grab an early lunch in Binondo. Searching thru my gold list, I..."
Pia Mauleon
"I ordered my usual, fresh lumpia special and it was really good but the size of the lumpia was a bit smaller compared to before. My mom and brother..."
Alexandra Ng
"Had the quik snack chicken and oyster cake. Both were delicious. Will definitely come back and try the rest of the dishes especially the fried..."
Jerry Cleto
"My personal favorites here are Lumpia Taquitos and Tenderloin Beef. Good price and good service! Don’t forget to try their Avocado shake too!..."
Nicole T
"Weve been dinning in here ,since where living in binondo for years! This is one of those must try ,must visit here in binondo. if your..."
"Another authentic chinese eatery in the heart of binondo. They serve delicious sandwiches and my favorite cha mi suah. Before I didn't like cha MI..."
Mercsi Diyosa
"Ordered oyster cake, bihon guisado, fresh lumpia and kikiam. This has been my family’s favorite for generations and they still never fail to..."
"Small quaint place inside china town. It is located in the middle of an alley near Yuchengco street and is very easy to miss! But if you do find it,..."
Jayvee Roca
"Quik-Snack is one of the oldest among the food stops we listed. It's a go-to place for merienda and it's only open until 6 p.m.We recommend..."
The Eatventurers
"A straightforward restaurant that offers authentic Chinese cuisine. Their most popular snack is their lumpiang ubod (veggie spring rolls). The kind..."
"Love love love Quik Snack which I have been going to for years and years. My favorite is their kuchay-ah, a chive and meat pie with such a flaky..."
Labrador Lady
"I can't believe I loved it so much I went here three times during Chinese New Year 2018 celebration. I especially liked the Kutchay Ah I could come..."
Renato Magpayo
"Visited Binondo for Chinese New Year. Chanced upon Quik Snack in Carvajal Street. Ordered Indonesian Tauhu, Kuchay Ah and Amah's Kiampong. Enjoyed..."
Gabrielle Anne Garcia
"We are on our way to Ty Po Huat for our wedding band when Nikko (hubby) and I got hungry. We always pass by this restaurant but never bothered to try..."
Paola Katrina Yu
"SUPER DELICIOUS AND AFFORDABLE FOODIf you're in a food trip, make sure to bring 2-3 companions since there's a lot of good food here worth..."
Era Mae
"With the Chinese New Year happening tomorrow, we couldn’t just sit by and let the occasion just fly us by. Me-An used to celebrate Chinese New Year..."
Yogo And Cream
"Binondo food trip is not complete without a walk down the busy isle of Carvajal street. It houses fresh seafood, fresh chinese vegetables and a whole..."
"Hidden within the alleyway of Carvajal, this gem of a restaurant lies nestled among the various establishments in the street and seems out of place..."
Bears Looking For Food
"These are one of the hidden gems in Binondo  and this is  the first pit stop for us in terms of  doing a Binondo tour.  Their lumpia tacos is a..."
Hungry Adventurer
"We were first served Indonesian Tauhu which is a sight to behold. I sincerely appreciated the presentation and the taste was exceptional. It was..."
Janni Janni Daquigan
"Sate Mi Guisado tastes great! I would have devoured the entire order if I can. Place was airconditioned and looks nice. Would probably go here again...."
Daljit Singh
"Instant favorite: After the spicy Beef Sate Mi, I took a bite of Kuchay Ah (Php 40) and I therefore conclude that it’s the best empanada there is!..."
Louise Santiano
"Ok, I'm biased, I love satay sauce.Quik Snack's Beef Chami Noodle is the best Satay sauce noodle bar none. Traditional satay uses mortar..."
"I ate here a bunch of times back when I had errands in Binondo. We usually order their fresh lumpia (our staple there) plus other food from the menu...."
"Quik Snack, located along a tiny alley called Carvajal Street, is somewhat easy to miss in the busy streets of Binondo. The restaurant has been..."
Chef Jay's Kitchen
"Quik Snak, was built in 1967 by a 60-year old woman named, Pilar Ferrero Lim Glok Ki. The restaurant offers Hokkien food laced with other Asian..."
Marjorie Gavan
"It's been years since I've eaten here ,I love that old school feel of this place remembering good old memories of my is located within..."
"Food was actually good. The misua soup tasted like authentic just that the texture is quite too saggy. My favorite was the fish fillet lemon butter,..."
Mary Grace Khu 王育心
"The best pancit I've tasted! Up to this moment I'm still craving for the delicious taste of the pancit. It is a must-try resto when in Binondo. The..."
"Growing up in Binondo, the tastes and smells of Chinese foods are always fresh in m memories. There are many delicious restaurants that still exists,..."
Dennis Carlson Lim | TFC
"I've always loved eating here whenever my schedule permits me. I will always come back for the stuffed pork chop and the misua guisado, and come home..."
Violet Reyes
"I've been exploring the ins and outs of Binondo with friends and chanced upon the newly renovated (May, the staff told me) branch of Quik Snack on..."
Marianne In Manila
"Quik Snaks Chinese Empanada was savory. It's shape is not the usual empanada and when you open it by just the smell and how the ingredients looks..."
"Quick Snack is a small restaurant located in the narrow street of Carvajal. The food here are good and at the same time affordable. Must try are the..."
She Co
"Hidden in one of Binondo's alley called Nueva street. Dining here gives you a feeling that as if you are in Macau but eating home cooked Fukienese..."
Kenneth Wong
"A hidden gem in Binondo, located in a small street - Carvajal, which can be easily spotted along Quintin Paredes if you see some fruit sellers on the..."
Shake Villela
"Our third stop of our Binondo escapade is a hole in the wall Chinese eatery in Carvajal Street. It's a bit hard to locate especially if you're not..."
Clarice Supan
"Of all the legendary Chinese restaurants and holes-in-the-wall we visited during our “Great Binondo Food Wok” tour with Ivan ManDy last..."
Patrick Cruz
86/100 (755 ratings)
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Roast Beef
"Dad's World Buffet has been our family's buffet tradition. We usually go to the Glorietta Makati branch but since it's already closed, this Manila..."
Juan Wick
"I appreciate the variety and freshness of their foods. The staff is pretty accommodating and they offer good customer service. The facility also is..."
Jonathan Campo
"Went yesterday with the whole family To celebrate my mother-inlaw’s bday. We had a great time dinning. All the foods were delish😍 up to their..."
Vernacelle Palec
"Been here 5 times and every time was amazing. The food was amazing and so many delicacies to choose from, from Filipino food to all kind of Asian..."
"Can I just say I'm in food heaven. When one of the food items are empty the staff immediately refilled it. Ambience great! Food awesome! Money value..."
"It's my first time trying out this buffet place and it's was great!I'm with my family when we visit this place.The location is near..."
The Bandwagon Chic
"5 stars! The variation of food is wide and they suit my tastes! If I had to choose between here or any Vikings branch, I would definitely choose to..."
Monique Celis
"Good ambiance while eating delicious food is all what I can say about this restaurant.They also have staffs who sings for their customers..."
Aubrey Ganaan
"Dads! Lovin' the memories I have it there while doing my on the job training. Their foods are very delicious which you can have filipino foods,..."
Diane Nicole Abalos
"good buffet place. we visited this branch when they had a 50% off promo for their anniversary. therefore there was understandably lots of people that..."
"We booked their function room for a short awarding within our cluster. The staff are really god! Food is okay and fine overall. The staff is friendly..."
"The food was great and we loved the cakes that were served. If you want a peaceful place to dine then this may not be for you. There was a band going..."
"The food was great! There are a lot of varieties to choose from. They covered up eastern, western, up to asian cuisine! Additional points for..."
Caryl Delos Santos
"It has been a long time since I posted a review, and now my latest would be this one at Dads world buffet. It was my mom's bday and we decided to eat..."
Xander Coloso
"This was first ever buffet that I visited... I was in grade 6 that time and I celebrated my graduation.. The variety of foods are great choices!..."
Mawi Lopez
"My family and I were able to visit Dad's Saisaki Kamayan Padre Faura Branch last June 18,lunch time,Father's day.We availed the Dad's world..."
"Our family's most favorite buffet! Their Japanese-Korean corner is my top choice! Easy table reservations, very accommodating staff! You can also..."
Badet Amoroso
"Food is great with a wide variety to choose from. The staffs were nice and service is okay. They have a beautiful place, it's very accessible and the..."
Juvy Ann Espera
"The place was great. The food was really delicious. We enjoyed our lunch here which is also a birthday celebration for my partner's mom. We had so..."
Adrian Blair Albos
"My brother just went home here and we had our dinner at Dads branch at west avenue (unfortunately I'm not able to see west ave on zomato's list) :(..."
Cyril Coreces
"Dati nakikita ko lang 'to sa mga banner na kasunod naman ng banner ng Sambokojin sa megamall. Nakakatuwa kasi nung una akala ko lugi sa price at nde..."
Xiao Long Mehia Bao
"Great food and great service! Just got out of a meeting and celebrated my friend's debut here. It was really worth it, there were a lot of..."
"Kamayan is a nice place to enjoy buffet with lots of variety. serving excellent lechon, kare kare and Puto bumbong, for us kabayn, then we have..."
Madelyn M. Castañeda
"I'd give this a high rating since almost all the cuisine is delectable! For now, this is the best buffet in town. The ambience was quite ok but I was..."
"Dad's is probably the best international buffet out there. You really get what u pay for. I go here every year (usually on my birthday, for the..."
"Celebrated my brother's birthday here last week. The place is just ok for us. For the food, I don't find many foods that satisfies my taste buds. One..."
Von Rhitz Adrian Uson
"Experienced them at Megamall but this branch is much better. There are more choices, and the ambiance is nice. Not too formal nor dark. I enjoyed..."
"Been here last may to attend my godchild's baptism. I was not aware that this is a buffet. I looked around, place is fine, ceiling, air con/..."
"My very first buffet experience that actually started my buffet hunting! It was way back 2013 when I first dined here and had my first buffet..."
Fam Dacaya
"I've been here for 4 times I guess and you will love the food. They offer a wide variety of filipino food. Good for celebrating graduations and other..."
"Masarap po ang mga filipino foods like kare kare and bulao nila lalo n po ang mga desserts and kakanin.. Nag celebrate po ang baby ko po ng 4th..."
Monabel Apurado Clemente
"So far this is the best lunch ive ever had. What i love about dads is their service and their complete set of desserts! Their crews are really fast..."
Zynel Torrigue
"Lovely place.Products: I cannot describe all their products because there is a lot lot lot of food here. They have; American, Filipino,..."
Nicole Meredith Ayag
"Love it! I will definitely come back. Customer service was excellent from their chefs and staffs, all are accomodating and nice. They assisted us and..."
Abegail Cinco
"Foods are so amazing, and the place is so cozy, service is so geniune. My family and i enjoyed everything... The rate is so sulit. Love the..."
Anna Miranda
"Tried this resto and very satisfied with the selection of foods: Filipino, Japanese, Western and other asian cuisines available at affordable price...."
Aileen Lualhati
"The food is great and there are a lot of choices... The Kamayan part as usual will always be the best... My new found favorite on the Dads table..."
Kim Ed Ji Yoon
"From the outside, it didn't look as good as the one we had gone to in Glorietta. But when you walk in, you'll find it a lot better looking then. ..."
Russellyn Balason