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Food and service was better now than last time. Faster service today and got lechon served.
8 months ago
Curious Couple Eats
Good restaurant for lechon.

I particularly like this branch because it's a few blocks from our office and it helps me get my lechon fix. 😅

The restaurant is interestingly big for the location. It's well maintained, not worn out like other restaurants. The service is also quite good, even better than most restaurants we've been to.

The food is good. The lechon, specially the spicy one, is flavorful. I have to admit that it's not the best tasting lechon I've had but it's not the worst either. I've craved for other lechon brands but not Zubuchon, at least not yet.

Overall, it's a good place to get lechon. Specially compared to other Zubuchon branches. But that's a review for another time.
Aug 22, 2019
After spending a few years in Talisay, Makati, Zubuchon is now across their former location. So if you’re wondering where they went, our Cebu Lechon hub is now at the ground floor of Assembly Grounds, The Rise.

My Filipino lunch today consisted mostly of ‘lutong bahay’ as I missed having that with all the exciting restaurant options around. I’m glad Zubuchon has classic pieces which I’ll be sharing with you in this article.

The Slow-Cooked Adobo gave me fascinating, tangy feels. Pork bellies were simmered in strong coconut vinegar and sea salt, without the usual soy sauce.

Next was Ginisang Monggo, topped with Cebu Lechon and bits of squash. I grew up loving this bowl of comfort food, best consumed hot with rice, on a rainy day.

There’s the smoky Tinapa Ensalada too, a simple combination yet very addictive. The simplified version of that ensemble was my ultimate pair whenever my mom would cook Filipino dishes.

Zubuchon served their masterpiece while I was happily downing my childhood memories. The trio arrived, a platter of meaty and lightly seasoned, Cebu Lechon in Original, deep-fried Flakes form and Boneless. The latter was my top pick, it was juicy and skin, extra crispy.

I needed all the Aligue Rice (with real crab meat strips) I could handle with all the plates around me. Oh, our table also had some cheesy, Baked Scallops!

Since sweet treats are needed to end a meal properly, we got two desserts! One was Zubuchon’s take on the staple, Turon. It looked like Lumpiang Shanghai for they were short, Cebu does it that way. That came with delectable dulce de leche dip.

The second order was much better, a sampler of Visayas’ signature delicacies. It had budbug kabug, biko, leche flan, and fresh mangoes. I even discovered a better version of Sticky Mango Rice while having this.

Zubuchon, thank you for coming to Manila!
Aug 05, 2019

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