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St. Louis House Of Fine Ice Cream & Dessert
94/100 (442 ratings)
Late Night
Ice Cream
"Had a quick stop here for dessert.We had a scoop of St. Louis, which the server recommended, and a scoop of Cookie Dough. Each scoop costs..."
Mariz Pascual Angeles
"Love, love, love their gelato! Texture is perfectly creamy with no bits of ice lurking in it to surprise you. My favorite is the St Louis...."
Sushi Santos
"I've always wanted to try their icecream and i'm so glad I finally did! My favorite is their mint choco chip one and it was really worth it. We got..."
Cerize Sicat
"We checked this out after having my birthday lunch, churros were amazing (as seen in photo) & the mint ice cream was good..."
Regina Galfo
"Can I give this a 4.5? I really do want to give this a 4.5. I would have easily given this a 5 if the prices weren't so expensive for the servings..."
Emilia P
"Very accommodating and friendly staffs!..."
M Lim
"Anyone for some ice cream? If you’re looking for a nice sit down place, then head towards St. Louis House of Fine Ice Cream & Dessert. I found a..."
Michelin Guy-d
"Went here for dessert on a Friday night. Just a small place but I like the ambience. All their ice cream flavors looked so delicious it was hard to..."
Johna Paguinto
"THEY HAVE THE BEST UBE ICE CREAM OF ALL TIME! It is super underrated but definitely a must-try. Coffee here is also great. Nice ambiance and very..."
Rycia Mantua
"After having lunch with friends, we went to St. Louis for desserts. We chose the flavors for our ice. creams at the counter and waited for it to be..."
"Great place for desserts! I always get their ice cream and crepes that have good quality every visit. The ambiance is also nice you can stay here..."
Iris Raña
"Rich taste, pleasant service and generous serving. The owner is very hands-on entertaining the customers and making sure of the good service and..."
Ana Francheska Gutierrez Garcia
"It’s always a great dining experience! Food is awesome, staff are friendly and accommodating and great desserts and drinks! Would recommend to..."
Jamie Atkin
"I love love love this place! Their ice cream is just amazing and had great texture. Almost all their ice cream flavors were great! But i especially..."
Naveen Devnani
"St. Louis is known for their good ice cream and churros but being on a keto diet as of the moment i am not entitled to take carbs and sugars. So Marc..."
Dhanica Ghienne Mharrie Lim
"Food’s delicious but taste is just the usual - what you expected. Food presentation is nice - perfect for instagram. The price however is too..."
Clarence Rae De Veas
"The Place to Be!!I am here every other day if not everyday. Food - 10/10Ambiance - 10/10Customer service 10/10Location..."
"Best crepe place in BGC! Great ambiance, and great staff. Althought I want to suggest that they should have longer hours, hopefully until around 2am,..."
"Tried the st louis house of fine ice cream and it is ok.Got the following ice cream and desserts:1. Salted caramel - okay..."
Lorenz Lao
"Having our breakfast there after morning walk around Highstreet. Love the interior design and ambience. Order Ferrero Waffle & Chicken Mushroom..."
Lie Siang
"On a hot day in Manila a scoop of St. Louis' ice cream is a great idea. We tried their Mango Yogurt and their Wild Strawberry Ice Cream. Their ice..."
Tesh Reyes
"Love their ice cream varieties especially the Ferrero Rocher - perfect blend of chocolate and nuts. Really surprised about their Raspberry sorbet -..."
Emmeviene Suelto
"Always go here to work, i love the ambiance outside, you can see people walking around in high street . I love everything in their menu! I enjoy the..."
Anjeanette Cansino
"My foodie boyfriend always been telling me to try their coffee especially the cafe mocha. So when I had a opportunity to go to bgc, I grab the chance..."
Charmaine Mirandilla
"delicious! would argue that this is one of the best ice creameries in Metro Manila! vibe and ambiance is great.salted caramel, raspberry..."
Kyle Tan
"Hot Chocolate is a source of comfort for many of us. The rich and creamy texture of the chocolate washes away the stress of the day. St. Louis..."
Panda And Coon
"Best Ice cream place around BGC!And #ChocolateNoir is my favorite flavah!Try it to believe it! ❤️👌By the way, thank you to..."
Maebel Schofield
"Their ice cream and desserts are to die for! The place is full when we arrived but the staff asked us to have a taste test of their ice creams while..."
"Great ambiance and rich, creamy ice cream with a wide range of flavor offerings. This is a great alternative to similar places like Farmacy, and a..."
Hitomi Ejima
"Always save room for desserts. I've been using that line as an excuse to get my hands on some sweets even after indulging in a heavy meal. After all,..."
Mary Love Siy
"One of the best brunches around this part of the city. Vegetarian friendly and great coffee! There is a wide variety of breakfast or lunch dishes and..."
Precious Lee
"The Damage (no drinks): Php 800-1,300 for twoRelaxing cafe/bistro in the BGC High Street Central row of eateries. We liked the Chicken..."
"If the Friends gang had Central Perk, I have St Louis. This place has been home for me over the last year. The first thing I look for in a..."
"First visit and just tried their ice cream. Cookies and cream was a tad too sweet to my liking but it's what I settled for after trying out 3 flavors..."
"Best place in BGC for a proper cup of coffee and amazing service. If you’re feeling hungry, I highly recommend the Chicken Grain Bowl. Oh yeah and..."
Niccolo Tapales Magsino
"Strawberry Nutella Crepe: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Churros (w/ dark chocolate dip): ❤️❤️❤️Churros (w/ milk chocolate dip):..."
"Blueberry Yogurt: Fave. Damn. Subtly creamy. Removes the satiation from all food. Waffle cone is sweeter but really Belgian. Flavor and crunch..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
"I love it! Ambiance is nice, the interiors are good for taking instagram photos. The presentation of the food is so cute, ang sarap picture-an! Not..."
Mits Almarez | Mitsadventurez
"At first I had double thoughts about this ice cream shop because it really expensive. After trying it, I still think its expensive but worth it you..."
"The milkshake. That hit us really hard. REALLY, REALLY HARD. It was very unsuspecting, rather plain, if you ask me. But the sweetness, the..."
Allen Mueco
"My friend was craving for an affogato and we scoured the entire BGC until we luckily found one. We were so lucky, that the place actually have the..."
Foodie From The South
"What's not to like.???? This has become our new favourite place to go.    From the friendly and helpful staff who will go out of their way , to the..."
Janet Wise
"Food: THE FOOD WAS GREAT 👍 •instagram worthy•good presentation •MASARAPPrice: PRICE IS REASONABLE 🤑Ambiance:..."
Kobe Requilman
"Always a favorite place for dessert and coffee with friends. Friendly vibe and great selection of ice creams and desserts. Churros feast is always..."
Jhunalyn Modesto
"The creamiest ice cream in town! I’m glad that they have improved their store as it was so hot the first time I went there and left without..."
"I love this place, awesome food , great service best location. Reuben sandwich is the best. Perfect for a quick coffee or a heavy meal. Love the ice..."
Rsc Tech
"Great cafe with very good coffee and gelato. Food items look good however didn’t have a chance to sample. Nice atmosphere and a welcome addition to..."
"Their ice creams are really good. The cheeky monkey flavor is a must try. You can taste a many flavors as you want before you order your own scoop...."
Mariel Lagana
"A bit on the pricier side for me for a dessert place but most of their items are new and elevated versions of my favorites. It also tastes as good as..."
"I came here for their Sweet Amalia Journey, a very photogenic dessert I found here on Zomato. It is a trio of the St. Louie ice creams they offer..."
🦄The Last Unicorn🦄
"This place sells probably the best hot chocolate in town! I’m a coffee lover but when I saw an adjacent table order hot chocolate, I became a..."
Miguel Francisco Macaalay
"Today was our second and NOT visit to you establishment...the best Rueben Sandwich I have had in years....thank you for maintaining a quality..."
Jeffrey O Hobbs
"After a satisfying dinner, we were looking for a dessert to eat and found this place just across the High Street. We entered the store and saw..."
Medrell De Jesus
"Was expecting a regular coffee shop, but what picked my interest was the wide variety of desserts they have. Plus they have breakfast too! Interiors..."
"The staff is very friendly and attentive. That is always a plus for me. The ambiance is inviting and it makes you want to stay longer (not a good..."
M.D. Uy
"As a first timer in Manila it was fantastic to have a restaurant with a quality of breakfast on par with what we receive in Australia if not better!..."
"The attractive ice cream display drew us in. Didn't realise the menu had all day breakfast, waffles, crepes and fondue. We settled for two..."
Marianne In Manila
"Love the place. Very relaxing and my kinda second work place whenever I go to BGC. I really love their Iced Latte. Wishing for another branch..."
Bernard Magcarang
"A friend suggested this place a year ago and I’ve been in several times - religiously every time I’m in BGC. It’s so hard to find consistent..."
Simona Antonova
"I am a loyal customer of St. Louis. I absolutely love the place! The staff service is excellent and the food was absolutely wonderful. I would..."
Carla Regin
"I love this place so much! The food, service, coffee, ice cream and cocktails are all made with so much love! Whether you’re getting breakfast,..."
Not A Blogger
"Upon looking at the varieties of their ice cream flavors, one of their staff gave me a free taste of their ice cream by putting it in the..."
"Staff wasn't so nice. When we arrived, the male server just looked like a deer in the headlights.Moving on-to the food. We got their specialty..."
No Ong, No Life
"Was able to try their waffles finally~ and they are so good. We tried the strawberry one, and I absolutely loved the white chocolate. We also ordered..."
Kimchi Eats
"In two occasions, Mia and I had two generous servings of Gelato here. For just Php 200, they throw in two scoops. And you just add a sweet and..."
"This icecream is even better than any Italian icecream I have ever had in Italy. If you are sad, this stuff will turn you happy, trust me on this..."
Angela Cocco
"looove their waffles!! id definitely come back for the strawberry crepe. a bit pricey i think but definitely worth it. their icecream were good too...."
Arcee Cordova
"It was fortunate that I craved for an ice cream as I passed by St. Louis. I now have a staple dessert place around Bonifacio High..."
Migz Cruz
"What initially drew me in here to eat was the gelato in the window.  The food I have eaten here is very good.  I also love the fact that they allow..."
"St. Louis is the newest café in BGC that’s serving incredibly delicious hot chocolate. It comes with three different variants - milk, white, and..."
"I had an hour to spare before going to another appointment. It had a quaint and minimalistic feel which made the ambiance more cozier and conducive ..."
Feed My Tummy PH
"I swear this ice cream shop is already my favorite place to visit ever! I'm a fan of their ice cream flavors such as the cheeky monkey, choco mint,..."
Michelle ♡
"Went here for my "eton mess"-- one of my favorite desserts of all time, which I would say seldom available in the metro. Unlike the usual mess that..."
Karla De Vera
"Super delicious desserts:Chocolate ice cream 5/5 (Twins love it)Fondue: 5/5 (strawberries are delish, chocolate is heavenly)Strawberry..."
Erica Hernandez-Garcia
"Desserts were really good! You get what you pay for. I hope they will have more cakes next time. We didn’t know that you need to order over the..."
Van Floro
"SWEET TOOTH SATISFIED!Because orkginally, I was on the mission on having waffles for breakfast. Because I was craving for waffles before..."
Danyka Lintoco
"Been here numerous times already because I really love their hot chocolate! I’ve tried the milk chocolate version and the dark one as well, and..."
Anna Dominica Tapel
"Really liked their ice cream! 250 PHP for 3 scoops is definitely worth it. The scoops are big. If you just wanna chill out with some good sweets, I..."
Rej Benipayo
"We ordered the Banana Popcorn Waffle and it was so good. Love the combination of the maple syrup and the chocolate sauce. Their waffle is the best!..."
E-jhaiye Tarranco Galvez
"This is a great dessert place. Tried their salted caramel ice cream and we loved it. Ordered their 1 scoop and it was more than enough for the two..."
Randal Elido
"My boyfriend is craving for an ice cream late at night and my duty as a foodie boyfie is to take him to the best ice cream parlor around but the..."
Karlo Maneja Dela Cruz
"Loved the ambiance here, really comfortable and perfect for quick catch ups with friends. They offer a lot of artisan ice cream flavors that you can..."
JR Tan
"Veggie baked eggs are simply superb. Coffee is also really good. The service is prompt and non-intrusive. I did not try the ice cream or the dessert...."
Harvinder Singh
Raging Bull Burgers
93/100 (601 ratings)
Quick Bites
"I think it’s one of the best tasting burgers in the Metro. Way better than most of the burger joints in town. I Highly recommend it if you’re..."
Monika Veron
"I ordered mighty beast and I fell in love.YUMMY! Will definitely go back. Sulit for the price of 310. Don't let it fool you with its appearance...."
"Got the Mighty Beast. It was alright - meaty patty, good amount of veggies. Overall, pretty good but nothing spectacular!Note that you have..."
Goldielyn Limsiy
"Visited this place last week by the husband's referral. They use premium meat patties that's why they have highly priced Burgers.Husband and I..."
Unshakable Foodie
"After a few months of not seeing each other, I finally met up with my BFF. And, as usua, the first question was… where to eat.She, being..."
"Raging Bull Burgers is a classic take on the famous American burger. Their burgers are simple, but great. Another plus is that you definitely get..."
Francesca The Foodie
"My comfort burger! Fave burgers are their Mighty Beast and Wagyu...always perfectly grilled with the best buns! Prices are reasonable with the..."
"Nice place. I love all the collaboration of everything here. They have friendly staff. Okay I'm not into sauces but I love their sauce 😉 I suggest..."
"Had the aptly named kickass burger here and it tasted good. You can see them prepare your burger right there in front of you since it is an open..."
Dan Liu
"Ordered Mighty Beast and the Classic! I still cant decide if Shake Shack is better. So delish. Ube Shake is much better here...."
Pang Abella
"If am craving for a burger, this is the place to go! So tasty, so tender beef! Bread is soft and made of rhe freshest ingredients. The place though..."
Josie Velilla
"Awesome Wagyu Burgers @ a reasonable priceLocated in upscale BGC. The dining patrons mostly A-listers. A wide selection of sauces. The only..."
Andrei Pareño
"Don't be intimidated by the location of this burger joint, as this joint offers currently the best tasting burgers and chips in the metro with an..."
Eijan Ochoco
"Very good burgers with a wide array of condiments to choose from for your fries (e.g. 3 types of ketchup and multiple types of hot sauce), with..."
Jolo Villanueva
"This hits the spot. Every. Single. Time. Raging Bull is our go-to place when we’re in the mood for tasty, juicy burgers and thick cut fries. We..."
"Best burger. Not into burgers but trying this out made me change my mind. The quality of beef used for the patty as well as the other ingredients are..."
Iris Raña
"We ordered raging wagyu and messy fries. Sadly no milkshakes available that time.The burger is so good, meat is juicy. Only problem is that its..."
Joan Javier
"Wouldn't consider myself as a burger person, but went here cuz my bf wanted to try it...His taste is more american whereas mine is more asian. To my..."
Maria Reyes
"I’m not really a big fan of burgers but I really really love this place! The Wagyu burger is juicy and tender and I prefer their buns more than the..."
Qi Zao
"One of the best burgers you can get in BGC. Mighty beast is my favorite. The patty is juicy and fresh. When the burger is served with fries, and..."
"I am not really into Burgers but this place has the best burger. We had Raging Wagyu, juicy and 1/3 pounder, and all relish. You can put extra garlic..."
Lhong For Short
"Such a hip burger place! Not a lot of choices, but I actually prefer it that way. Better to have an uncomplicated menu with all great eats rather..."
Foodie Dokie
"Dainty place for burgers, fries and milk shakes. Gets packed during lunch time. I love their handcut fries. Best part, they have an array for house..."
Kristian Jewel
"I love the place and their service. Since i’m pretty much set on anything healthy, i opted for their vegan burger and it was awesome! Loved every..."
Margaret Yolo
"went to dine here upon the recommendation of a friend. pretty nice place for a burger joint. simple and not overly complicated.kickass burger..."
Ronnie Uy
"Humm...this is another place where I go and often take my dinner. They are not famous for its vegetarian burgers but the one burger they have is..."
Rohit Sharma
"I thought this place would be a lot more expensive considering it's in Shang BGC, but a Wagyu burger for 345 php? That's not bad at..."
Hitomi Ejima
"Was looking for good places to chill then saw Raging Bull by the sidewalk. Burgers and fries are mouth-watering. Price is fair for its thickness and..."
Maj Veloso
"Showcase restaurant for Shangri-la, located on the side of the main driveway entrance to the hotel. The promise of a freshly assembled, customised..."
Marianne In Manila
"The Damage (no drinks): Php 800-1,200 for twoCasual eatery in the BGC Shang area specializing in burgers. Menu is succinct while the place..."
"Whenever I drive to work, I always pass by this not fully discreet hole in the wall in Shang BGC. As a big burger fan I decided to try it..."
Paul Elijah Candelaria
"I’m not really in burgers but this place just “wowed” my tastebuds. 🍔😱The burger patties are definitely delicious and very..."
Micka S
"My go-to burger place in BGC. Even if it's a cheat meal, it doesn't seem so. Their patties aren't salty and fatty. The fries aren't oily too. The..."
"I am not a burger foodie but the burger here was really awesome and a must try! Price is justifiable with it's food and overall..."
Jo Na
"The number of items on the menu can be counted on your fingers. The burgers are really delicious, the fries are thick cut and go so well with the..."
Kislay Chandra
"Well seasoned double fried fries, paired with mayo and garlic and hot sauce. The mighty beast and wagyu burger were cooked a perfect medium. The..."
""Flavor forward burgers with a rockstar attitude"Nothing beats premium and quality beef burgers  that are grass and grain-fed paired with..."
"When I need my burger cravings satisfied, I head to Raging Bull. They grill the burgers when you order, so you get them hot and juicy. Fresh..."
"Craving for Burgers and Fries thoroughly satisfied!! We just bumped into this place when we were looking for a real heafty burgers and this place was..."
"KickassMighty BeastKickin' ChickenNaked FishMessy FriesThick Cut FriesIf you like quick serve burgers, then this..."
Miake Acedilla
"This is a good drinking place. LOL. It's really convenient to go here especially if you're staying at Shang BGC. We tried their Raging Bull Burger..."
Anika Molina
"Other than the burgers being small think quarter pounder. There’s nothing bad to say about the place. Strong exhaust so you don’t end up smelling..."
Ayushi Malik
"Burger was really yummy and juicy! The bread was good too. Place is cool. I also like the rustic fries.Price is ok, actually. This one burger..."
Jae-t Morgan Chase
"I came here for lunch because I was craving for a good quality burger, and some chunky fries. I had heard a lot of good things about this place so I..."
"Me and Lois went to the branch at the ground floor for their burgers first and we got the wagyu, i gotta say , it was okay. Bit lacking in flavor but..."
"Small but excellent burger place at Shang the Fort. Very friendly staff.We had the Raging Pilsner draft beer and a bottle of Blanche de..."
"I’ve been wanting to eat here for some time now but haven’t yet, as I find the place slightly intimidating, especially that it’s in BGC Shang...."
Dins Rodriguez
"they have different hotsauces to try with the burger. the place was nicely done. food were hefty. i thought this place would be super expensive but..."
Arcee Cordova
"This was soooo good. Really big, juicy burger that was prepacked for us. To think we didn’t even eat this straight from the grill. As..."
Christina | Kain Club
"Great ambience, food, and wide selection of hot sauces made for an awesome experience.The place looks and feels nice, the wooden chairs and..."
"Late review, we came here during our lunch break at 12nn last friday...The place kinda small, self service but it is ok..Am so used to it..."
Pinky Burog
"One for the Best Burgers in the area! 🍔🍟What me and my boyfriend had was, Raging Wagyu, Mighty Beast and Messy Fries.Their..."
Danyka Lintoco
"The wagyu burger is delicious and juicy and the crew were so friendly. The only downside is that they dont have their own toilet so youd have to use..."
"Finally tried this burger place near my office. They have an open kitchen and a straight forward menu. They have a 4 choices for your burger. I tried..."
Fat Girls Day Out
"Okay, this is a late review, as this should have come probably a couple of months ago....Adjectives fall short to describe the quality of good..."
Shreya Nair
"The place somehow contrasts the grandness of the Shang Fort hotel, but I guess this is the draw especially for its foreign guests. If you want a no..."
"One of the best burgers in The Metro. Go for the Mighty Beast (Angus beef) or treat yourself a little more with the Raging Wagyu Burger...."
Jose Celo
"Its a good burger place....yet another burger place..Prices are very reasonable and the burgers a good size. I like their selection of..."
Eric Kahn
"A good example of the saying that "the whole is not necessarily the sum of its parts".I had the:- Kickass Burger with cheese (1/3 lb...."
Marty Lopez-Vito
"This small but funky eye catching place is definitely a find. Been reading reviews about it but haven't really had the chance to visit until the..."
Chonetskie BA
"The never ending search for the best burger in town maybe over. Big thanks to RBB for exceeding my expectations. Since I just work across Shangri La,..."
Al Tampus
"Raging bull burgers Review:Place: Small Burger shop located at the corner of Shangrila BGC..It has loud music and a bit cold..."
"I tried the Mighty Beast burger and the juices were all over. Approved! I'm definitely going back. They also have this mini barrel with bourbon in..."
Sheila Snow
"9/10 for customer service alone! Mel and others were courteous when i actually called in for a takeout order, racing against closing time! cant wait..."
Samantha Yong
"Some of the best burgers in Manila with all the hot sauces you could want I recommend to anyone and everyone. Definitely a must hav3 for visitors and..."
Kahlil McDavid
"Good food. very friendly, accommodating staff.Must try: MIGHTY BEAST, KICK ASS BURGER, and SHOT OF BOURBON.This place needs more..."
Gabrielle Quirino
"Located on the other side of the Shangri La Fort Hotel away from the busy restaurant row, Raging Burgers is a small space that has a compact and..."
Eboy M. Donato
"The burgers are affordable and taste amazing and the variety of sauces on offer is very unique. The messy fries are also super good. The ambience is..."
Kimberly Que
"Very friendly workers! Food is great and the price is just right! It's my third time here now and I still enjoy it very much! Kudos to the team!..."
"Best burger i've had so far. Love how cozy the place is. Staff are really nice its a good place to chill at with friends and family. Definitely worth..."
Zoe Villanueva
"We tried the wagyu and beast burger as well as messy fries. I really enjoyed the beast and messy fries they were well made. The patty was really..."
Martin Macasieb
"First timer here but great burgers. Tried the mighty beast and the raging wagyu! The messy fries are real good as well but definitely try the bourbon..."
Paolo Aguenza
"⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Gail Karl and Leo 👍🏽👍🏽 great food and service. Cool place. Good price points. One hundred forty characters..."
Matt T
"Had great mighty burgers with the family. We love the milkshakes!!! Thanks to Gale, Janine, Dan and Neil. Cool place, strong wifi and clean..."
Ferdie Lugue
"We ordered the KickAss since I am scared I may not be able to finish the whole thing. The burgers are cooked just right medium and just had the right..."
"I've been meaning to try this place out and I've been craving for burgers for days already 😭😭 So I got really happy and excited when mah homies..."
Ruth Sarno
"great food & great service! the only things that matter when you want to enjoy eating out. Shout out to the best service team, Dan & Janine AND the..."
"Whats makes Raging Bull Burgers so good? You'll know the ingredients are made with the best quality. Oh not to mention the varieties of the..."
Maria Andrea
"Best gourmet burger in town!👍👍👍 super nice staff, superb service, love the interior as well. 😊 Hubby and I will definitely come..."
Grind Bistro
89/100 (70 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Three Side Dishes
Shrimp Scampi and Southern Fried Chicken
Onion Rings & Cajun Fries
American breakfast
Pulled Pork Nachos
Tofu Steak
Sizzling Sisig
House Blend Tea
Pork Sisig Calamari And Fried Rice
Shrimp and Chorizo Jambalaya
Coleslaw Steamed Veggies and Garlic Mushroom Sides
Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya
6 Hour Wood Smoked Ribs
Wood Smoked USD Premium St Louis Cut Pork Ribs
"Sophie Says steak on!!!The Grind Bistro steak is absolute heaven!It was cooked medium rare and arrived in all its luscious glory -..."
"One of the key components to a burger is the bun and by far these are the best brioche buns i ever had, you can tell that they’re freshly made..."
Dan Xerxes Rosales
"Great food, milkshake, ambience, and service made for a delightful Sunday dinner.   I went to Grind Bistro because the burger-lover in me..."
"The Grind Bistro. A restaurant tucked in the middle of a plethora of restaurants in Net Park. With it's neighbors being Chotto Matte, Motorino Pizza,..."
Enrique Capinianes
"BIRTHDAY BRUNCH! 🎂🥂Thanks to Grind Bistro, they started my birthday great with their awesome food! We had Naughty Eggs Benedict and..."
Danyka Lintoco
"I absolutely love this place! I’ve been here on 3 separate occasions and they have never disappointed me. If this is your first visit, I..."
Delightful Appetite
"💕Date for Two: Poke Nachos, Good Morning Bacon Steak, Crispy Chicken Wings, Iced Tea, Pastrami Sandwich, Truffled Mac and..."
Date For Two
"Tried their Naughty Eggs Benedict. Indeed naughty is the right name as it was basically super meaty, tasty, topped with poached eggs on a muffin...."
Kat Muyot
"Celebrated my husband’s birthday here because he likes burgers, and the Grind Burger absolutely did not disappoint! We had it split into two so we..."
K @
"Nice food with nice atmosphere. I liked the place much, several food option available, and moderate prices. Worth to check it out if you are visiting..."
DJ Digital
"Ambiance full of lamps and high ceiling 🎉Their ensaimada is heaven! Freshly bake products that they serves daily. More wines..."
Dianne Salonga
"Here's my top five picks off their menu:- Truffle Mac and Cheese (PhP 350.00)- Nutty Black Chicken (PhP 595.00)- Double Double (PhP..."
"Grind Bistro is relatively new in the BGC foodie scene. They occupy a space in the building next door - Net Park. I have been meaning to try Grind..."
Reich Torio
"The Grind Burger is really something else! You won't regret it. But there's one item on the menu you should NEVER order.Highs:..."
Aussy Aportadera
"I've always wanted to eat here but never really had the chance to do so because of the mixed reviews and I thought the dishes here are too pricey and..."
Ruth Sarno
"Another restaurant that gets a perfect 5 for me. Already saw this when I went for coffee on another place but I always see it in Net Park BGC and..."
Benedict Bigalbal
"I've been seeing Grind Bistro in Net Park BGC but never really had the chance to visit. I would see their space packed during dinner time but barely..."
"👉 grind bistro foods 👈Food : 5/5 Service: 5/5 Value of money: 5/5 Place: 5/5Cleanliness: 5/5👉..."
"I haven't found any restaurants (other than cafes) lately that I would really rave about with my friends and family... until I got to try Grind..."
"Grind. It could be figurative  (ie daily grind) or literal ie they grind their own corn-fed meat here and everything from the dip to the..."
"Superb food! Love the ambiance, atmosphere and the service. People are kind. The burger is awesome, and of course, their chicken wings are a..."
John James Gomez
"I've been in Manila for work a number of times and visited Grind for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is hands down the best "Western" restaurant..."
Patrick JA
"PLACE:The ambiance of the place is so cozy and kinda romantic.FOOD:Crispy Sriracha Wings : Wings are good but it seems..."
Shellah Marie Reyes
"This place knows its meat! It's hard to find a better slider in Manila...I regularly order the grind meatballs with a side of Rye toast which is..."
Charlie Allnutt
"Calamansi Pie••••••••••••••••••••••••Price: P320Where: Grind Bistro, @grindbistro..."
The Resto Huntress
"The Grind Bistro is nothing new to the food industry in BGC. They have American food and the ambience is something we've all seen somewhere else...."
Zare-ann Tentativa
"I liked the restaurant, the Squid Ravioli was something from other world. So good! And the gnoqui portion was very very small. The service and the..."
Rami Gonzalez Fernandez
"Love the ambiance and vibe from this restaurant.Beautiful interiors, comfy seats and awesome service!The chorizo burger caught my..."
Ali Daza
"Just had a couple of cocktails at this resto yesterday and my friend had the wine all you can, The cocktails was exceptional, especially if you were..."
Aldwin Avanzado
"This is a legit american comfort food. The burger was SUPERB! The brioche bun melts in your mouth. The carbonara taste like a heaven to me. Thumbs..."
Mark Gabrielle Balbastro
"[Late post.] As a sucker for trying out new places and dishes, I digitally dragged with me K and J to try this new..."
Mary Love Siy
"An americanish cafe to eat out. I ordered a Carbonara Penne Pasta. Quite like the Pasta we have in India. Just had pork chips on top. It had grilled..."
Palak Marwah
"Went to Grind Bistro at Net Lima Building before I'll meet the Kaladkarin Gang in Chotto Matte and Izakaya Sensu for a dinner and few..."
"Grind is good as far as good goes but they didn't match the vibe of the layout , furniture and style to the lighting. I turn away based purely on the..."
"i was off using zomato jurassic years ago but dining here in Grind Bistro opted me to be active again! i just cant get over of my last visit..."
Chino Lim
"The Grind Bistro opened its doors last May 2016 as a place where husband-and-wife duo, Steven and Cristina Carl, can showcase their love for food...."
Chef Jay's Kitchen
"Review 2: 4.0If you are familiar with Grind Bistro, you probably would have known at this point that they are now down to having two..."
"Loved this new burger place in BGC. Classy high-ceilinged interiors making for an airy restaurant.Started off with my customary brewed..."
"My amigas texted me last Sunday afternoon to ask me to have a last minute dinner with them at BGC. Since I was home, I immediately said yes. They..."
Midz Sy
"I've always been more of a "No Frills" kind of guy when it comes to food. I don't need fancy plating or overly expensive ingredients to make me..."
The Pickiest Eater In The World
"Food need not be complicated to be good. Agree? In this edition of EATSplorations, we will share with you our EATSperience in the ever-developing..."
"Officially my fave burger!!!Very juicy and cooked based on your liking.Best paired with their in-house chips! Place is a perfect place..."
Kristian Jewel
"As a sucker for trying out new places and dishes, I digitally dragged with me K and J to try this new restaurant called Grind Bistro...."
Mary Love Siy
"Was so excited to try this after eating at their SM north branch. Wow! This restaurant is beautiful. And the attention to detail is amazing. Now for..."
Jelly The Foodie
"The nachos are a must try. Generous serving of the spiced tuna but you'd find you need more of the chips. Light, tasty and will not make you feel..."
Myrene Pascua
"I love the place, the ambiance, the service and ofcourse the food. The Employees are acommodating and friendly. I enjoyed staying here as I also..."
Abigail Rose Abadiano
"I kept on looking and waiting for The Grind Bistro to open everytime I pass by that area before I go home when it was still under construction. What..."
Tricia Ortega
"3rd time eating here. Clearly the best burger in BGC and Makati. The beef is juicy (BEST AT MEDIUM). The lettuce, tomato, and onions are fresh...."
Miguel Enriquez
"Unbelievable burger! Excellent food and service, attentive servers and also the cute little manager :) i surely comeback and dine here again..."
Adam Carys
"Already craving for @grindbistro. Linguini pesto, grind burger, caesar salad, wedge salad, popcorn shrimp, corn and bacon chowder. Even if we just..."
Tiffany Abad
"Great food all around. Burgers were amazing. Brioche bun pairs well. Tomato soup is the best I've had. I'd recommend that you try everything on be..."
"I love how they present the food in the best way they can. The ambiance of the resto makes you feel relaxed. Serving of food was given as fast as..."
Sunshine Avenido
"I was able to eat here a couple of days ago and i ordered a grind burger and suprisingly it was not a usual type of burger it was like a glimpse of..."
Mrpooh (pao-pao)
"Cheat day be like!!😋 awesome food! I will always be a pasta lover my new favorite shrimp bucatini. Their burger is delicious!! Really good from..."
Mikael Pablo Castillo
"Great service and good food! Love the salmon, burger, and especially the onion rings! We had a bit of a problem with the bill but the management was..."
Ina Tuason
"It's hard to tire of this food when it is this good. The tomato soup is one of the best I have tried. The steak is perfectly cooked and has that..."
Chesca Imperial
"I started off with really really nice chicken wings and paired it with their homemade vanilla milk shake which is now a favorite for me. I shared an..."
Farah Laurel Imperial
"Exceptional food paired with world class service are two things that come to mind with this restaurant. All food items from the menu are organic and..."
Jay Laurel
"Grind does their burgers how you're supposed to, their bread is made in house and their burgers are oozing with flavor. If you're picky with buns,..."
Kyla Olives
"Burger was amaaaazing! Great homemade brioche buns that are super soft and buttery and a patty that's super tasty.We also had the ny steak. It..."
Cris Ilatar
"Wedge salad - too much cabbage but the seasoning/sauce is goodGrind burger - beef is beyond deliciousShrimp bucatini - heavyyy!!..."
Raging Bull Chophouse And Bar
89/100 (776 ratings)
Gluten Free Options
Gluten Free Options
Crab Cake
"Raging Bull could slide easily into any slot in New York City. The decor was chic, top class, Knowledgeable staff, exquisite wine selection and..."
Dennis A. Tedder
"Raging bull will be one of my favorite steak place in the metro. It is served with different dipping sauce, so you can go to whatever your palette..."
Michelle ♡
"I am stuck at home but I guess we all are. Well I ordered the Hamburger and I wasn't sure how it would be seasoned or if I would like how it was..."
R D Way
"One of the best steakhouses in Manila! The steak was thick and very juice. The price was worth it cause you get what you pay for. I also liked how..."
Patrisha Anne Alpay
"So, I have decided to treat myself after a long weekend here. I heard from my friend that they got great burgers here however, I wanted to splurge a..."
Marj Liwag
"Had darling downs wagyu queensland steak sooo good! Perfect steak and good..."
Issa Kalaw
"A nice pick for our Valentine's date I must say. The service is A+. Every course on the picked menu for Feb 14 is a delight to the senses.I..."
Ammaica Dacanay
"Definitely worth it. We ordered Darling Downs Wagyu and Mushroom Risotto. I like the idea of choosing your own weapon aka knife. Plus,..."
"The servers are very attentive and also give good recommendations. The foods (in the pictures) are very presentable, also taste..."
Marshall Lim
"Overall awesome experience and one that started 2020 right for us! Honestly, everything was just perfectly cooked to a medium, the smokey taste of..."
"Love the ambiance, staff and my rib eye steak! You get to choose your knife (Choose your weapon, as our server said) which is quite an..."
Bettina Jesena
"Best steak house in Manila. Flavorful and high quality meat. It has a very nice and cozy ambience. Our server was Sunshine and she was very pleasant..."
Peach Flores
"The Christmas season is a celebration of the birth of Christ. In the Philippines, it also means a very, very extended celebration of family, friends,..."
Ish Meets World
"Josper Grilled 1824 Tenderloin Grass Fed Queensland Steak...Synonymous to perfectly grilled , medium rare steaks. Prepare to sigh in..."
"Wanted to try this place for so long, so happy we get to try it! Had an amazing dinner starting off with their hot appetizers - spicy calamari, and..."
Kimchi Eats
"We decided to come here with my significant other to experience this quintessential steakhouse for dinner. Having heard about Raging bull’s and..."
Nygel Pangilinan
"I had a fantastic dinner here. Their steaks were very tasty but what really set them apart is the warm service. No one is snooty and everyone is..."
"From the menu to their service, everything is..."
Jonas Garcia
"Great steak for a good value too! The rest of the food in their menu is really good as well. Quality of the food is consistent every..."
"Best steakhouse in Metro ManilaI've been there twice with my partner and we had a lovely dinner each time. Everything is superb, the food,..."
Ludovic Vallat
"The ambiance is really intimate, the service is outstanding and the food is exceptional. I liked it when you get to choose your WEAPON for you to cut..."
Ms. Ava
"Celebrated our anniversary dinner here the other night. I didn’t make a booking since it was a week night and thought that there be a table for 2..."
Foodtrip Guy
"This place is simply outstanding. Ok, let’s get it on the table - it is expensive....BUT the service is great and the food top shelf. Deep wine..."
Danny G
"Everything about this place is just perfect. Food is exeptionally delicious. Staff were attentive and nice. We ordered their caesar salad...."
Anna Isabel Chua
"My 3rd time at Raging Bull. The first two times not so good maybe cuz they were business lunches and I didn’t get to choose the food. The 3rd..."
"Now this is what I call a Steakhouse! Loved every bite from appetizer down to my very unique sorbet dessert! A must go to place whenever you’re in..."
Hans And Haze
"We were at Raging Bull during our last stay in Manila (April 2019). We had a Wagyu tomahawk; it was really excellent, cooked to perfection in a..."
"Hands down one of the best restaurant I’ve tried!Everything was perfect! The service, the food, the ambience- the total..."
Pat Dimayuga
"Now is the best steak room in the country! I always like my steak medium rare (btw that’s how steaks must be cooked, besides a very few exceptions..."
Monika Veron
"Service is 5/5. Staff are warm, friendly, attentive without being intrusive, and are knowledgable about the menu. Food is also a 5/5. We had the..."
"I come to the Shangri-La at the fort since it opened, and have a really nice lunch at Raging Bull once a month, and the occasional drink. The staff..."
"Great place for a romantic date! Food is superb and everything is not expensive. Their service is amazing. All staff were friendly and attentive...."
Jessie Aspiras
"Always a great experience at this restaurant. My husband and I celebrate our date nights here and this restaurant has been consistent all throughout...."
Rachel Ford
"Raging Bull Chophouse certainly lived up to my expectations in terms of both the food and the service. This restaurant’s ambiance managed to be..."
Jarelle Gonzales
"Ordered the ff: Darling Downs (medium), Potato Gratin and Mashed Potatoes for sides (yes we love potatoes and both were uniquely great), and Mushroom..."
Andee Aguila
"Me to my boyfriend: This is far by the best steak I’ve ever had in my life.I’m not the kind of person who is really into steaks since I..."
AJ Francisco
"A delayed review but we went here as a family and had the best time.The ambiance is really wonderful and their staff is definitely..."
Mille Reyes
"Food was really great!!! Tomahawk was awesome!!! Food was pricey but it’s given since it was located inside Shangri-La at Fort. The meat was juicy..."
"Fine dining at its finest. Ambiance is great albeit the very low lighting, not good for taking pictures if you're celebrating. Table setting, choices..."
"That place is top notch, interior is unique, perfect lighting that give you the just the right balance between having a drink in a bar and enjoying..."
The Good The Bad And The Hungry
"Two thumbs up!! No superlatives can be said about how amazing their meats are. I can only think of a handful of steakhouses that can compare. Keep up..."
"Our waiter was awesome he gets a 5 no doubt. Gerald I believe that is his name. He did a superb job the choosing of your weapon is a great touch. The..."
"The place is very nice and we all had a good time here! It's my boss personal favorite for their steaks. Since I no longer eat pork, I chose the..."
N Nishiike
"We ordered Ribeye Downs (medium) with Half Boston Lobster, Caesar Salad with Tiger Shrimp, and Truffle Mashed Potatoes. The salad was good though it..."
Nico B. Valderrama
"Ideal for power lunch. Make sure to order from the lunch menu to get best value. Service is top notch and food is good. Beef cheek was tender while..."
Secret Glutton
"My fiancé’s favorite steak place!! 😘 I specifically love the Lobster Bisque Soup 🍜 yummyyyyy!!! But I made a mistake pairing it with a red..."
Ash Toyo II
"Excellent dining experienceThe ambience (lighting, furniture, decor and music) was very soothing. The service was great. The food was..."
Kislay Chandra
"Came here for our Anniversary. We ordered the mushroom risotto, truffle mashed potatoes and darling downs wagyu ms5. We were served hot bread and..."
"Whenever i’m with a friend who has not visited Manila for quite a long time, i often take them here. The bar is a good place to chat and catch up...."
Kaths Chong
"Ambiance: Classy but cozy interiors Food: I ordered a Tajima Wagyu steak and it’s a little on the salty side but personally I appreciate..."
"I tried their Tomahawk steak, which came with different sauces but I usually prefer my steak eaten alone. It was really good, but it wasn’t one of..."
Lexi Enriquez
"A bit pricey and the parking should have been free for the total bill that I paid... but it's all worth it! The food (specially the steaks!), the..."
Dick Cristobal
"We went here for post Mother's day celebration and birthday. Waiters are attentive to our baby's needs. They have plates and utensils for babies. We..."
Vicky Yang
"They serve really good quality steak. Upon ordering, they’ll have you choose two sauce for your steak. But since I was having a hard time on..."
Hensee Uy
"Went on a late night run to Raging Bull. At this visit, their burger place wasn’t open yet. The H wanted something a little fancier than food on..."
Christina | Kain Club
"Expensive but really amazing food.  They also have a well stocked bar.  Considering the price, in my opinion, a perfect place for special..."
Average Person
"Me and Lois ate at the burger branch downstairs then went to the 3rd floor where they had their steak restaurant, but we just had dessert instead. We..."
"first time i came here back in Dec 2017 my friends and I shared the 1824 ribeye, crab cake, wagyu burger, creamed spinach and truffle mashed..."
"I don't think I'll be able to appreciate any other steak after experiencing Raging Bull. Everything was extremely fantastic. The service was amazing!..."
"We came here for valentines day burgers, and yes they were very tasty, along with the chunky fries.  But, my goodness theres nothing that annoys me..."
"I think it was last year when I first visited this wonderful mouth watering restau in the Fort. Grabe heaven yong salmon , well diet kasi ako that..."
MiTch Asaña
"Let me quote my friend's statement after our amazing meal at Raging Bull: "Now I understand why they have rave reviews. Well they come with rave..."
Karla De Vera
"Tried RBC for the first time and it was a great experience. Ambiance: The room is dim with nice decor, like those fancy restaurants...."
"Steaks: Wagyu MS 5 tenderloin (medium), Darling Downs ribeye (medium) were perfect. Meat was tender, tasty, serving was just right. Their steaks come..."
Erica Hernandez-Garcia
"Ate here with friends last month. I also had my first time drinking wine here. The service was very nice as we all laughed about how hit we all got..."
Mark Huang
"Skipped meals in prep for a nice 4 course meal of a dinner with the hubs celebrating his bday in advance. Worth the “fasting”! We started with..."
Donna Formilleza
"This has become our default place for celebrations or whenever we’re craving for worth-the-money steaks. Over the past year, I have tried..."
Miguel Francisco Macaalay
"Ambience: Great, with all the dim lights and intimate setting.Service: Great. The servers know what they’re talking about—from wines to..."
"If you want to impress someone especially your date, this place will NOT let you down, I assure you 100%! Raging Bull Chophouse is marvelous. The..."
"Ambiance: The place is chill and classy, the area is properly lighted and the surrounding is clean. Not sure with the sounds though...."
"We went there to celebrate my wife's birthday. We love every bit of it. The steak was top grade. My son had the burger and enjoyed every bite. The..."
"The ambiance is really good, i love the wine, the place, its a bit loud would be nice to have like a romantic place somewhere in the room But..."
"We went at opening hours so the place was pretty much to ourselves. The place is simply lit and relatively new. Food was amazing! I would recommend..."
Mika Kubota
"Nothing to separate this resto from other steakhouses, save maybe for the fancy steak knives diners can choose from. Ambience is nice. Food, the..."
Rommel Cuison
"It is a great place to celebrate life's occassions and even random dates with your family.Their steak is also great. So tender and..."
Louie Lumactud
"This review is long overdue. Me and my partner have been regulars at Raging Bull ever since it opened and I have nothing but praises for this..."
Yuri Marshall
"Had our team lunch here and availed of their executive lunch meal. For a 2-course meal, it would cost you around Php 690.00. We had the choices of..."
Bettina Siochi
"This is a highly recommended upscale restaurant (in an equally classy hotel, if I may add) for those nights when you want to splurge or impress your..."
The Executive Home Director
"Ambiance 5/5, Taste 5/5, Service 5/5, Value for money 0/5. So thats 15/20 for a 75% score. I just wished that for what you pay, the servings should..."
"Excellent food, ambience and service! Priced at a premium, but you definitely get what you pay for. Our servers were super charming, especially Ella..."
89/100 (48 ratings)
Tomato soup
"Love the food in this restaurant. The servings are good for sharing. Price points are ok and the customer service is great..."
Charlene Briones-Michelena
"Always love the homey feel at Cibo! their spinaci zola is our staple order! pasta dishes are superb as well as their mains especially their Manzo..."
"Quality food and good service is what we've come to expect from Cibo and they meet our expectations each time!We had Arancini- fried..."
"Cibo in Aura has a bright, narrow dining area. Staff were polite and professional. Came here for the food, always.Chicken Sandwich (php295)..."
"Cibo is a local restaurant chain by Margarita Flores serving authentic Italian dishes that are tweaked to suit the Filipino palate. We had the..."
"Service was excellent. Crew are all friendly. Serving time is around 20minutes. Their red grapefruit fruitshake is the best. Pasta is good for 2..."
Valerie Bonilla
"The Truffle Pasta here is very nice, normally it is overpowering but these guys cracked it. I also had the Pesto Parpadelle which was tasty with..."
Danny G
"My visit to cibo won’t be complete without my pasta and peach iced tea. So far its the best peach iced tea for me. I tried the risotto balls and it..."
Van Floro
"Cibo is one of the two places we go whenever we are craving for Pasta/ steakPasta ultimate favourite is TelefonoTrivia: during my..."
Erica Delapaz
"I enjoy this place.  Its easy and simple.  The menu is satisfying and there is something for everyone.  My favorite dishes are the spinach dip..."
"Lemonade was too sweet but the vegan sandwhich waa superb. I wish they would improve on their fish menu. It's a bit overpriced and taste was so-so...."
Aileen Anore
"November 1, 2017 (Wednesday)We’re too late. It’s getting dark. My other Titas & cousins left The Heritage Park already. Luckily, my..."
Alexandra Nicole Agorrilla
"Cibo never fails us. We're so happy they've finally set up shop in BGC. Our orders revolve around the following: Spinaci Zola, Penne Al Telefono,..."
Christina | Kain Club
"Awesome experience.Nice ambiance, Servers were attentive and friendly, we have been eying this place for a while, finally tried last..."
Lasay Arnold
"For starters you should all try the Spinaci Zola. The Dip is so addicting you cant help but dig in for more. If you're the type of person who loves..."
Stephanie Penaredondo
"Cibo will always be one my top places to get authentic, delicious Italian food with huge servings. Cibo's branch in Aura is small compared to other..."
Janela Franzin Apolinar
"A small but very artistically designed place to enjoy your next meal.The meal was rich and the service was excellent.To read more..."
Aryen Jumaya
"It was a joy to spend our Christmas celebration lunch here with their perfectly presented and delicious servings of pasta dishes and gourmet..."
Jesse Misal
Elephant Grounds
89/100 (805 ratings)
"And we made it to the weekend, finally with mi amiga, firs time dinner out this pandemic... We ordered gruyere grilled cheese sandwich and egg angus..."
Jassele Jane
"We ordered Tapa Donburi, Nori Fries and Bacon-Steak and Egg Waffle. We loved the fries and the waffle!!! The tapa was served a bit cold but otherwise..."
Steph Tan
"We love the food here especially the duck krapow and angus sandwich. The coffee was awesome as well. We ordered the iced black tie and the condensed..."
Irene T
"Ordered their Grilled Cheese and Swiss Chocolate and my friends tried their Bacon-Steak and Eggs Donburi. Loved the combination of the Grilled cheese..."
Zenia Concepcion
"Best waffles I’ve had in the metro. I honestly just keep coming back for the waffles. The bacon could be less flavorful. Could need a bit of..."
"Always wanted to try the food in Elephant Grounds but it always gets filled-up during lunch hour. (TIP: Come by around 11:00 AM so that you could get..."
"I had their french vanilla latte and their classic waffle. The coffee was just fine, I don't think it really stands out in any particular way. The..."
Mark Philip Wu
"The food is so good, a bit pricey but totally worth it. Service is attentive. Love the outdoor seating where you can people watch or let your kids..."
"Lovely cafe with excellent beverages and great food! We loved our Masala Chai Latte and Cortada with almond milk. The Sourdough Angus Burger with..."
"I came with my gf to check the food, we ordered the chai tea latte and steak and eggs waffle. The serving was way bigger then the expectation. Big..."
"One of the very few coffee places I keep going back to. Their affogato really is one of the best, along with their fries. Theyve got good meals as..."
"Food and bill was a bit delayed but the manager was very kind to explain, prioritize us and give a free scoop of ice cream to compensate for the..."
"One of my favorites in HK is finally here! And I’m so happy that they have great food, perfect coffee and my favorite ice cream cookie remains the..."
Dyna Ruth
"Literally, this is a coffee and chill place. Enjoyed all our orders--truffle cheese fries, bacon-steak and eggs waffles, and iced black tie coffee...."
"Good serving of ice cream (well, it is 150 pesos per scoop)! I got the hazelnut flavor and it's really creeamy. Ice cream is worth a..."
Margaret Kho
"Great cafe to hang in BGC whether you’re alone or with some friends. Had their Thai Shrimp Salad and a glass of cold brew. Both were good. Will..."
Sheila Chan
"Ambiance is Perfect! Chill music and not much crowded. Perfect for breakfast dates!Food: their avocado sandwich is superb. It has salad and..."
Sandra Yu
"Our group had a food and wine appreciation event at Planet Grapes where we were served new menu items with appropriate alcoholic beverages. I enjoyed..."
"I’ve been seeing Elephant Grounds on my instagram feed lately so I wanted to check it out. Originally wanted to try the salmon eggs benny but it..."
Melanie Bravo
"too many choices in the menu you could choose from!..."
"Great food and coffee just a little tight on seating, probably because it's so popular. Best breakfast I've had in BGC...."
Gary Tyson
"Loved their food! Will be back for more 😍..."
"Been dying to try EG for quite some time now but I avoided reading reviews to have an experience of my own. Finally tried it with my sister last..."
"I absolutely loved this place. I got around here at 10:30am on a Saturday and I was surprised by how full the place was already. I was lucky to get a..."
Anika Molina
"Duck Krapow: not really a breakfast meal but wanted to try something other than the usual beef, pork, or chicken food.. good thing I tried it because..."
Randy Molina
"Thank you for your great service:) from Australia. Best coffee!..."
"Great vibe and really good rice meals. Coffee tastes great too.It takes awhile to get your order since its usually packed with young groups...."
"Dined in around lunch time on a weekday. Wasn’t immediately greeted by a server. Another man was actually waiting to be seated as well but as soon..."
Melissa Andrea
"Super love the earl grey ice cream! Great ambience, and cool chairs. The menu is well curated, and coffee tastes well made as well. I highly..."
Khenn Arquiza
"Food was great! Everything tastes great! For the drinks, I liked the yozu over the berry one.Service needs a bit of improvement. There was a..."
Jessy Soriano
"Great cafe, very instagrammable with its neon lights and orange furniture. Food tastes amazing, I recommend the grilled cheese. I haven’t tried the..."
Mika Kubota
"I didn't expect too much from Elephant Grounds when we decided to dine here. Outside dining in this rainy and a bit cold weather wasn't really bad...."
Evert Miranda
"Went to elephant grounds for a drinks & dessert run. Tried the affogato with toasted rice ice cream and it’s good. The toasted ice cream is also a..."
Iris Raña
"Was looking forward to their belgian waffle, really disappointed it wasn't available, "machine problems" accdg to the server.Ordered the..."
Addy Ang
"Black Tie Coffee and Chocolate Chip Cookie are the..."
Sarah Santos
"Stopped by for the coffee. Perfectly roasted. Best coffee in the metro. Not too sure if they roast their own coffee but whoever does it deserves..."
"I love cafés with wooden-themed interior, and this café just literally has that. There are exclusive areas for either dining or just to chill and..."
The Coffee Mat
"I like the variety of food choices that is in EG's menu. You can get the best of savory, sweet dishes and coffee...which not all restaurants would..."
Kristian Jewel
"Tried their High Societea ice cream sandwich. Ice cream was great, light but packs a  ton of flavor. The cookie was on the light and crunchy side. I..."
Marky Tan
"Place is often jampacked but luckily, didn't have to wait long for a table for 2. Could take longer if you'll need more than 1 table..."
"Scrambled Egg and Bottarga Toast - very good dish! You could really taste the fish, I'd like to believe they were generous with it. The eggs were..."
Astrid Feliciano
"Found another great place to dine in BGC!We have been hearing a lot of good stuff about Elephant Grounds so we decided to try them..."
Pat Dimayuga
"Been wanting to try this cafe and thankfully it is open early. They serve gelato and food as well.But first their coffee. Selection is..."
Xy Pintoy
"I’ve been here 3 times already last week. I love how the wait staff are friendly & they even remembered me. Elephant grounds is one of my favorite..."
Fenina Tolentino
"Elephant Grounds is one of the famous cafes worldwide that I was waiting to open here in Manila, and finally last June 23, they already opened to the..."
Marj Liwag
"Finally tried this newest coffee shop in BGC. I tried their Blacktie coffee and it’s really good. I think it’s made of two espresso shots,..."
Norman | The Travelling Tongue
"Went here at noon on a Saturday for lunch so I expected a lot of people but my friend and I were only 2nd in line and it took around 15 minutes to be..."
Bea Reyes
"A nice new addition to the area. Elephant Grounds certainly knows how to look the part, it has that vibe that makes it seem premium. Ice cream and..."
Mark Canteras
"Went here yesterday for dinner. We were immediately seated by the bar and served by nice and friendly staff. I ordered a masala chai latte and the..."
Kami Navarro
"Great food & awesome staff, great service. They're very accommodating. Will definitely a regular guest 👍We ordered Flat White, Tapa..."
Meynard Rainier Victor
"We tried the ice creams, really good, too bad that we asked for chai latte and the best seller for the ice cream sandwiches and both were out of..."
Mauro Gallardo
"Dishes:1. Duck krapaw rice bowl - 4/52. Beef tapa rice bowl - 3.5/5Dessert:3. Toasted rice ice cream -..."
Radi C.
"Edit: Went back with my parents as I had gotten a free meal offer from the restaurant and while we thought it would just be the burger I ordered that..."
Kathy Lou
Merry Moo
88/100 (30 ratings)
"We buy here on weekends after meals at the food court. Avocado and Berry cheesecake are my favorites. Both are not so sweet, but it definitely tastes..."
Joy Navarro
"Despite having just eaten this delicious Ube Cream Cake from Kettle, my brother insisted we try out this delicious ice cream shop he heard of from a..."
Noel Peñafuerte
"I try to find the best dessert after I dine at the food court inside SM Aura to wash off the salty residue of my palate. I stumbled upon this ice..."
"Oh this ice cream shop, I've been a fan since it's early days in Mercato! Salted Caramel is a favorite, then there's Matcha and their Strawberry..."
"For dessert and ice cream lovers, Merry Moo Ice cream is available in Mercato, ready to satisfy your sweet tooth craving. The flavors that they were..."
Yogo And Cream
"Mercato BGC has always been one of the best places for us when it comes to food tripping as it offers a really diverse food selection. In fact, there..."
Yogo And Cream
"I don't believe in the tooth fairy,  the supernatural and miracles.  But there is one thing that i believe in right this very moment... I..."
Reich Torio
"Ordered a half and half awhile ago. I got a scoop of Sea Salt Caramel and a Strawberry Shortcake. What I like most about their Strawberry Shortcake..."
Kathryn Lauren Dela Cruz
"I'd ordered, half and half which is the flavours are sea salted caramel and strawberry shortcake, I love the texture of their ice cream and I really..."
Gaby Calagui
"I can't go to SM Aura without getting a scoop (or two) of Mary Moo. I have not met a Mary Moo flavor that I didn't like. My favorite is Sea Salt..."
Kay Flores
"I ordered two flavors: Milo and Strawberry Cheesecake. I was expecting more from the Strawberry Cheesecake, but it was good enough. The Milo though,..."
Hannah Mae B. Revilla
"My favorite ice cream used to be Carmen's best, until I met merry moo. The latter is just more dense, less sweet, and more flavorful. I love the earl..."
Patches Espino
"I would really recommend you to try their half and half so that you can try 2 of their awesome flavors. You can also ask for a taste before buying...."
Mits Almarez | Mitsadventurez
"I honestly couldn’t find the words to describe how good their ice cream is. It’s just sooo good. Their Strawberry Basil is now officially one of..."
Chelzee Pangilinan-Abon
"Marry me Merry Moooooo! Divine divine divine!!!!I love their Avocado ice cream it simply won me over, thick and rich. Their salted caramel was..."
Khadlyn Czarina
"So after filling my stomach with so much lunch, I just had to grab 2 scoops of pure joy. Bought myself a half and half of Earl Grey (now my new..."
Myzyl Choi
"Three words: I CAN'T EVEN!!! I can't even describe how good this ice cream is! I've been to this location a couple of times in the past year, and..."
"I love their ice cream, all of them flavors. It's kind of surprising to say For someone who's not a fan of ice cream...."
"As always, I had a crazy craving for something sweet and Merry Moo caught our eye! They have such a wide variety of interesting flavors..."
Ana S.
"Tried their best seller avocado and sea salt caramel flavors for P120 and its good! but between the two, top 1 for me would be the avocado...."
"Best dark tsokolate ice cream. Tastes like frozen hot chocolate, almost the same flavor as Mad Mark's Javan Hot Chocolate but creamier, not so dry...."
Camille Montejo
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
87/100 (91 ratings)
Coffee & Tea
"I was killing time in BHS since I was almost two hours early for the foodie meet up when I saw this branch and remembered that I haven’t had my..."
"On a Saturday afternoon, a coffee and a slice of freshly baked blueberry cheesecake makes the afternoon "sweet"!The freshly brewed caffe..."
Sinchita Kar (The BienVita)
"Monday is the least favorite or most dreaded day of many. It marks the end of weekends and it always feel like it was the longest day as we have to..."
Mary Love Siy
"Kudos to the crew who assisted me earlier to have my phone charged, given that they're almost closing. Ambience is relaxing as well. Thank you...."
"Tried the new coconut ice blended–matcha, and I love it. didn’t imagine that the coconut would blend well with the matcha but I think I would..."
James Benguet
"Having afternoon coffee together with other mommies and their kids. They have outdoor sitting area where you can sit, enjoy your coffee and food..."
Lie Siang
"My favorite coffee chain, CBTL!I could not give a perfect 5-star rating for this branch no matter how I love CBTL, haha!The..."
"I like that this branch closes late. So especially when there are promos that last the whole day, I’ve always got time to catch it since I know..."
Ria Pe | RIA_litybites
"i love the renovated look of this branch along the stretch of High Street, they have a mezzanine which overlooks the dining hall below. Bought the..."
Eboy M. Donato
"Excellent food and service. Their staff is very polite and approachable. It is also a comfortable place to hang out with friends. 😊I..."
Rose Anne Pelaez
"This is my staple go to for my freshly brewed tea and matcha latte fix because they are really above par! And today was very extra special, shout out..."
Richmond Lansangan
"The ambiance is good for those who want to catch up and have a good conversation. Price-wise, the product and service is worth it. If you’re not..."
Food Is Lyf
"I often go to CBTL branches but this one was previously crowded so I often end up not staying here. Now though, they added a second floor so there's..."
"Coffee Bean has been one of my to go places whenever my friends and I want to hang out and have something light.One of my favorite drinks..."
"I ordered Caesar Salad, A large cup of brewed coffee and onion soup for 800 pesos. The service was very spot on and very fitting of the price. The..."
Kevin Refran Ripas
"From the cheerful greeting of the cashier on duty to the smell of a mug of African Sunrise Tea with a slice of Guiltless Choco Delight, indeed it is..."
Ann Leebeck Caspillo Manlavi
"CBTL has been my favourite and when I had a chance to chill at their BGC site, I was just happy as always! Very cool ambiance and nice..."
Arjay Aguilar
"Been here a few months before and was surprised because of its new look! Instagrammable and aesthetically pleasing to your eyes! If you ask me to..."
"Stayed here several times while I was waiting for my husband who works near the area. With products and staff, all great it's just for two..."
Aileen Carla De Guzman
"The Hazelnut Chocolate Ice-blended is now on top of my list of favorite CBTL drinks along with African Sunrise Tea Latte. It's sweet and nutty; feels..."
Patrick Unson
"My favorite Coffee Bean branch.Yesterday, I sat outside. While taking a sip of my coffee, a group of Golden Retrievers rush to my table to..."
Migz Cruz
"Baristas are friendly and nice. The place is good, though not the coziest. There are outlets and fast wifi, but it isn't the perfect place to lounge..."
Issa Villapando
"12/17/16 One of the best on 2016It was after our company's Christmas party on Uptown . We decided to stroll along Serendra , I..."
Yian Madrid
"Spacious and with a lot of tables for all. I think it is one of the more popular coffee shops along high street. I have enjoyed coffee here with a..."
"I've had a number of memories in this first BGC branch. I had countless of meetings here and hang out with friends through the years. Sometimes we..."
"I usually prefer CBTL over most American coffee brands.CBTL goes beyond their coffee. They have good breakfast food and they offer a..."
StarryEyed Luna
"I have this particular love for coffee and coffee shops. They hold a special place in my heart. 😊 Thanks to CBTL The Giving Journal's voucher of..."
Jojit Macatangay
"Who says that The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is all about coffee? Wait till you try their list of healthy snacks. This is surely one way of telling..."
Gellie Sandoval
"Always a good place to go for meetings and connecting with friends and family. This time I had the Greek salad again as a snack but was so hungry..."
Jay McLean
"A nice place to relax since the place is not too crowded and has plenty of seating available.Whenever we go there (usually at noon), the cashier..."
Neil Bryson
"CBTL has been a favorite of mine for ages. Their branch in BGC is spacious and the crew is always in good spirits. The place is cool and clean, too...."
CeL Tobias
"I am an avid fan of their Matcha Green Tea! Its flavor has that perfect bittersweet happiness that will make you love teas even more. And the..."
"Tried their chai latte, chocolate fudge cake and the lemon square, the drink is great but the lemon square is super sour and I didn't like the taste..."
Allison Sharpay
"This is a really nice The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf branch. It has a large, comfortable interior, a variety of seating options, power mat chargers in..."
"Went here for their cakes. Tried their ube cheesecake. It was good. Not too sweet and strong in flavor. A little guilty of its calories that i need..."
Daniel Custodio
"im a fan of their tomato and herb linguine and scones so i always prefer CBTL over SB. At some nights though when you stuff yourself with great..."
Jyv Regis
"I have probably eaten everything in CBTL's menu so rating various CBTL branches is not just based on food preparations but also on service. This..."
Christina Advincula : Cofficehunter
"I love their ice blended red velvet!!! It just melts in your mouth! Also would recommend to trytheir their ube cheesecake!!!!!! their staff were..."
Iza Gram
"I love their coffee. It has a different taste. Their tea also is good quite a match with their soulful cheese muffin that have big chunks of, ..."
Kat Guevarra
The Brewery At The Palace
86/100 (732 ratings)
"Visiting this place - both worth the time and money. The place boasts a great selection of appetizers. The ambiance envelops a warm feeling for..."
Karlz Macasaet
"I almost died at how good the Steaks & Eggs dish tastes. I don't like Kimchi, but the Kimchi rice in this dish combo made me realize that there are..."
Paul Caranto
"Brewed oak beer! 5 stars. Pink Salmon and green , side with fries is an awesome dish to come with it. Very nice place, very nice music... a place to..."
Jae Orosco
"Good vibe, great food, and the best attentive staff! We held our private team dinner here just a few hours ago and we couldn't have held it anywhere..."
Abbie Valle Selga
"Best food in bonificio global city makati , excellent ambience , I will defenitely recommend this place to anybody who wants a good and unwinding..."
Hanuk John Mukhiya
"Very friendly staff and a well-rounded beer selection that all tastes great with the stout being the tastiest variant (coming from someone who lives..."
Dave Butler
"What’s not to like. Great atmosphere, excellent beer and food. Good prices, and music � � playing. Will definitely..."
Paul Sandison
"Awesome Awesome Awesome !! Flew in from Sydney and this was one of our first stops ... My partner being a beer lover wanted to check it out, being a..."
Dee Dee Von Kauffmann
"Awesome place! Best place to chill especially during Tuesdays when it’s Acousteoke..."
Rudolph Albert Eser Masinas
"Its a nice place to dine and unwind enjoy food the place is cozy the staff is good at the same time the manager is..."
Wakin Templo
"By far my favorite place for food, drinks and hang outs!! Great ambiance and delicious..."
Kim van der Kruijssen
"Great place good food and great..."
Diego Narvaez
Pound By Todd English
86/100 (2355 ratings)
Foie gras
"The truffle fries and chicken pesto pasta will keep me coming back here...."
"I ordered the classic Pound Burger and wow, might be the best burger I've ever had. The beef was flavorful and juicy. The price was very affordable,..."
J Camba
"We got Pound burger and one of the pasta dishes and 2 sides. The food was great and came out very quick. Good place for a burger and pasta fix...."
Gabriel Mangulabnan
"I like the ambiance. Lighting is good. We Pound burger + gruyere. Buns were soft yet just right, patties were juicy and tasted great with the..."
Rakesh M
"Burgers are delicious! I reco the amsterdam burger and backyard cheeseburger. Their fries are also the bomb! They have combo meals that are very..."
Lena Opiniano
"Great interiors 👍🏻👌🏻 Black & steel industrial theme. Spinach and Artichoke Dip: 4.5/5 Rating! One of the best dip I tried!..."
Epkey Faustino
"Went here on my friend's birthday didn't get to order my own because she already ordered when I got there. I love burgers so I don't really have any..."
"Their carbonara was very tasty and they definitely pulled off the legit carbonara as stated. Their sliders were super savory and the buns were really..."
"Me and friend of mine came to grab a late snack, we decided to order wings (12pcs, 3 flavours) and pasta pomodoro (which my friend order)...."
"I ate here with my family. When we got there, there are no available seats yet to accommodate us all. Make sure you call for reservations to avoid..."
Meliza Daza
"Pound sign is not just for hashtags.It's another symbol for comfort food.This is one of those place I frequent in BGC before I travel back..."
Nadine Sy
"Awesome, rated numero uno by most burger lovers. Flavour makes your taste buds go for more. The price is kinda expensive, but who cares. The ambience..."
Andrei Pareño
"Awesome staff. Ate here with my friends they had burgers been while I had carbonara and fries. Was disappointed with the serving of the poutine, it..."
"Food 4/5All the foods we tried taste delicious! but I wouldn't say best in town. Must try pastas, pound for pound, and any of their..."
Small Girl Big Appetite
"Love the ambiance, it’s clean and classy. The brick walls are lovely. And the signature gold tin cups make it memorable. Tried the 55 menu and it..."
Ezra Angelica
"The best burger place for me and my partner so far. I mean, gotta be the best if you crave for it all the time! Pound is definitely setting the bar..."
Jen Cloma
"They serve good burgers and truffle fries. We were here for a casual lunch with a group of colleagues. The only thing I don't like is that you feel..."
"The first thing you'll never fail to notice upon going in is the ambience. From the utensils, dishes, service, furniture, the overall vibe is..."
Bianca Maxine Villanueva
"POUND by renowned chef Todd English, along High Street is one of those comfort places you would like to visit frequently. Unpretentious, good, tasty,..."
Jason Zark
"High quality food for a good price! The crew was also very accommodating and the ambiance is amazing. Caramelized Bacon Alfredo pasta was my..."
Paula Mae Santos
"This one converted me to being a burger lover. We had their beef moco, backyard cheeseburger and goat salad. The bread of the burger is probably the..."
"I'm a fan of the poutine and pasta it was sooooo tasty! If you want to try something new please visit pound and their service is very good! Highly..."
Patricia Papillero
"What you will love about Pound is quality food for a good price! Initially, I had reservations about dining here because I was under the impression..."
TJ Zialcita
"If you are looking for a filling but not overwhelming burgers then this place is a must. Very tasty and juicy. Place has a great location, very easy..."
Precious German
"The food was great. Perfect for snacks and they also offer rice meals which are very tasty. The prices of food was reasonable. For sure, I'll be back..."
"Good location, great food!We had our quick lunch here and ordered Pound for Pound and T.E. Burger. Food is great, cozy ambiance and not..."
Cristina Damagan
"Got curious what they are serving inside since the name and interior looks high-end. Surprisingly they are serving affordable burgers! I ordered the..."
"Simply one of the best restaurants in BGC. Love the ambiance, food is affordable BELIEVE ME, and I love their poutine. Perfect for a romantic..."
Ma. Alyssa Cabana
"Great food. Great ambiance although i think the place is kind of small? Great service. Must try if you are a person who likes burgers. They also..."
Rod Aldrin Sebastian
"Food was Great, ambiance was good, staff are attentive. Love the Amsterdam burger and the ketchup truffle fries :) Love the Nice copper mugs too...."
Jamie Rose Ong
"Their sliders and burgers is always good especially when you pair it with the amazing truffle fries surely you’ll gonna have a good meal and also,..."
"Burger quality is well worth the price, and the truffle fries are just great! Milkshakes are a bit pricey considering that they’re pretty small,..."
James Quimpo
"One of my favorite go to burger! Looks expensive if you order Ala Carte but actually really cheap if you will take the deals! Tried their Backyard..."
"I highly recommend this outlet because of the ambience. The food was good too especially the Caramelized Bacon Alfredo. It’s not too creamy...."
Jenny Esguerra
"I tried the Foie Gras Burger. Ginawa kong 1,000 peso burger. Hmmm sulit ba? I think yes! Foie gras is so buttery and tender. Yung bacon panalo! And..."
The Chui Show
"Initially thought that the food here will be super expensive (interiors were extremely insta-worthy!). Upon checking the menu, you can even order..."
"Pound by Todd English always have good quality meat inside great tasting burgers. I picked the #Backyard double cheeseburger with fried egg and Good..."
Chris Williams
"I do really love the burger and fries in pound moa.. pls have a delivery service or branch in las piñas.. too difficult for me to order as I can’t..."
"Great food and ambiance. Burgers are a bit small for my liking but the service is awesome. It’s true what they say less on the menu means better..."
Julio Gomez
"Obsessed with Pound’s ambiance especially here at their High Street branch. Very classy restaurant, extremely great service and best food as well!!..."
Epicurean Foodies PH
"Tried everything their dollar menu. It looks like those were samplers of most of their dish on their menu. However, their crispy goat cheese salad is..."
Raquel Ulep
"One super rainy day I was browsing Zomato and run through Pound. I was a little skeptical of the price list as I am used to getting good burgers..."
Love Your Tummy
"I love the food here especially the burger, big and so delicious ❤ You can add more paties, cheese, etc. if you want and their menus are all..."
"The place has this underground motif that just feels foreign, I don't know about you but this pairs well with the food experience. Their sliders are..."
"Just today, we were supposed to jog, but ended up looking and buying some shoes here at BGC. And we played some arcade games at Timeszone. Ha ha ha...."
Happy Muñoz
"Yes yes yes! I finally tried their sliders too. The presentation of their food is great as well as the taste of their food. Will try their best..."
Tinalalala 🌼
"nice ambiance and great tasting burger.  We ordered Amsterdam, TE Burger with extra cheese and Backyard Cheeseburger. Everything is awesome except..."
Levy Martinez
"Follow me on Instagram: @astro.adin | #AdinEats FOOD: 4/5 | SERVICE: 5/5 | AMBIANCE: 5/5Backyard Double..."
"My partner and I decided to eat here after a long day. We tried their caesar salad first. Loved the dressing and you can tell that the greens are..."
"Had a one pound burger menu and went in to try out. Patty was juicy and fresh made as compared to burger chains around. Every item in the menu is..."
Aswin Segu
"We were strolling along High Street and was called in to Pound by their $1 menu posted outside their restaurant. We’ve always enjoyed Pound..."
"This burger place on High Street has always served the highest quality burgers and beer whenever I have visited. The service staff are very..."
Joaq Pads
"These burgers are to die for. Pound by Todd English serves your favorite classic burgers each with their own innovations and twists. The..."
The Refined Crumble
"Known for having burgers and sliders, this place thankfully had other non-beef options like chicken and mushroom, which was perfect for me, since I..."
Fried And Prejudice
"Eating here was a great experience. Love the ambiance, though because of the weather it tends to be a bit stuffy in there. If you are a..."
The Picky Eater
"Their Pound Pomodoro is SUPERB and the best I ever had so far.. its saucy compared to other that is dry. Also for a reasonable price that will not..."
Ajie Alvarez
"Pound by Todd English makes a gooooooodddd tasty chicken burger, absolutely loved it. I had the TE chicken burger and the Sliders, both were..."
Peneueta Willis
"So my friend and i were looking for a cheap place to eat because he said that he’s saving. On the other hand, here i am tired of looking for a..."
"I came here solo. My tukayo served me.I loved their Betty White Brownie very much. Felt like heaven. Lol. Not really a fan of burger but I..."
Marvs Isaac
"dined here last week. tried the chicken burger and it's awesome! so worth the price. you should go here if you are really craving for an affordable..."
"not sure where my other pics of pound are but i love the chicken burger as well. when we first tried the truffle fries, it was to die for. when we..."
Arcee Cordova
"We come here a lot as we really like their burgers, pretty affordable for real beef burgers at just 198.00. We like how its simply seasoned with salt..."
Christina | Kain Club
"Trying this burger outlet.looks like their soft opening.the staff is approachable but they are busy talking to each other.waiting for them to notice..."
Arn Cruz Lazaro
"I tried the Backyard Cheeseburger. For the price (P280), I had big expectations but the actual taste is just a bit above average. Which is still..."
Therese Marie Lim
"Foie gras burger. Enough said.I haven't tried their other burgers, but looking at the menu, their burgers are reasonably priced given that..."
"My favorite from their menu is Amsterdam. The sliders are okay but you need to try the big ones. People there are also friendly and accommodating...."
"Hubby and I were in the mood for some gourmet burger and decided to give Pound by Todd English a try since we always pass by it on our strolls in..."
Aryen Jumaya
"The vibe is very fancy so its a bit intimidating to enter the restaurant but the price speaks otherwise. The food’s not that pricey but the serving..."
B.a.d Late Night Breakfast Bar
85/100 (360 ratings)
"VALKYRIE & POOL CLUB guest list & table reservations, contact +639054048348...."
Dexy Soriano
"I really like the ambience of the place and the value for money is good as well as the taste although it takes years for the order to be served. But..."
Kenneth Chua Mangako
"Aside from this being a good party place with friends and officemates with good drinks and cocktails and service, they totally have good food too! It..."
Dhanica Ghienne Mharrie Lim
"My friends and colleagues went last Jan 18 to celebrate my birthday. It was such a fun experience even though we arrived there a little early. The..."
"If you want to chill and laid back drinking sesh I don't think this would be your scene. When I went here with my friend we definitely enjoyed..."
Hydee Karel Asuncion
"I attended a Xmas party here..It could have been BAD but food was actually good. I had their nachos, fried chicken, baked salmon, salad and some..."
Annalyn Jusay Zoglmann
"The food and service was amazing. The staff were friendly and very knowledgeable of their best sellers. Bad late night breakfast bar was really a..."
Janelle Co
"Me and my friends would always visit BAD for a typical inuman night. But we were able to read a lot of reviews saying that their breakfast food..."
Bianca Monzon
"Gotta love this place! This is where we Pre-Game when we want to celebrate the week, or when We want to all pass out. Haha! Love all the crew as..."
Nyl Umali Sarmiento
"Adjacent to other bars, B.A.D. Late night breakfast Bar is a perfect place to go after all the partying, drinks and late night fun should you wish to..."
Kristian Jewel
"Cool place to hangout with your special someone or even your barkada while listening to a mix of alternative and hiphop beats. We've ordered 2 of..."
Marjorie Mercado
"Food is simply the best! Their Tapa, pica picas, and cocktails (they have off menu for the same price) are excellent! Me and my girlfriend usually..."
Mervinlee Tan
"Went for a girls night out last friday and this place was definitely a good choice! The place is instagrammable but the food was superb! It..."
Odhesa Nestlie Batang
"Finally tried the breakfast bar! The taste of the food was okay. My liempo bbq is a bit dry though, and they also need to improve on their plating...."
Migz Cervantes
"There’s something with breakfast food that always satisfies our hunger. And having breakfast food anytime of the day is something we find..."
"Three of my favorite things: Breakfast. Nighttime. Art. …and B.A.D. provides all these in one place! Upon entering, you will see pink neon lights..."
Cayla Ramos