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King Bee Restaurant, Santa Rosa Sta. Rosa Estate, Brgy. Don Jose - Santa Rosa

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Lorenz Lao
King bee is your typical chinese restaurant near paseo de sta rosa. We ordered the following:
1. Spinach with garlic - okay
2. Hakaw - a bit dry
3. Japanese siomai - so-so taste
4. Beef slices with taosi - this okay but the beef is a bit chewy
5. Fish fillet with broccoli flowers - great
6. Fookien fried rice - very good

Overall, the place is for family and food is for sharing. they also sell rice meals for individuals which is affordable.
11 months ago
Fae Cesar
Staff are super polite, super tasty their soy chicken, hakaw is filled with fresh shrimps, i love ginger puree(i dont know what it is called but i love it so much) mango sago is so refreshing lalo na it's super hot nowadays.
May 03, 2019
Kitty Domingo
Good food! Service is great, you will be given a complimentary tea upon seating.

Servings are kinda disproportional, meat dishes are borderline small servings and rice dishes are served generously.

Good ambiance in the morning before the rowdy regulars come in.
Feb 18, 2019
Tiffany Anne
Food 5/5
Service 3/5
Ambiance 3/5
Cleanliness 4/5
Value for money 4/5
Overall 4/5

+ personal favorite: yang chow fried rice
+ good dimsum
- the waiters are not attentive. it was so hard to get their attention even if only 2 tables were occupied in the restaurant.
Jan 25, 2019
Cheryll G. Padua
King Bee is our go-to Chinese restaurant. Food is served fresh and delicous. They have big servings. Food is affordable. So if you are craving fpr Chinese food, you can never go wrong with King Bee. By the way, they already have set meals in their menu.
Jan 19, 2019
Scott Bernard Tecson
Food are superb. Staffs are accomodating. They have spacious parking. Siomai, orange chicken, sweet and sour pork are my favorite. I always enjoy my time here
Jan 08, 2019
Ryel Medina
One of our family’s favorites!! Sweet and Sour King Fish, Pancit Canton, Chicken Feet, Hakaw, Yang Chow Fried Rice, Patatim, Hototay Soup, King Bee Fried Chicken are some of our favorites! You must try it with your family!
Jan 05, 2019
Pop Gas
I was out with my boss to attend few meetings along South of Metro Manila and after the first one we decided for a lunch. I often see King Bee whenever I visited one of our client located around Paseo Outlets, a Greenfield group-owned site. Anyways King Bee was a surprise for me. Reminiscent of the Chinese restaurants I tried in Binondo Manila I was curious how a similar restaurant ended up somewhere in Sta. Rosa, but I digress. Important thing is I really loved the food. We only ordered five variants in their menu: salted egg prawns, bird's nest soup, cold cut plate, salt and pepper pork and a bowl of Yang-chow rice.

Loved all of them, but I was baffled by the method they did for the salted egg prawns, I mean why batter it with the salted egg mixture with the shell on? Even if the salted egg mixture seeped into the prawn it's kind of a waste for removing the shell just to bite the plump flesh of the prawn. I mean this is the case for my boss, who isn't fond of the shell and would do best to have them removed. For my case however it's hilariously different. Call me weird, but since the dish wash cooked into crisp, I didn't bother removing the shell, so eating it was like munching a Camaron Rebosado (a type of deep fried shrimp dish with the shell removed and cooked to almost crispy goodness, it's like you're biting a good'l prawn cracker junk food except there's still a little plump, fleshy part of the shrimp left). The salt and pepper pork was just right. The vinegar alongside makes it not so overwhelming given most Chinese dishes are oily-fried. The bird's nest soup was fine. I kind of regret though that I failed to finish one cup since it gone cold. The cold cut plate was just right. We ordered the small one, but all the right cold cuts you'll normally encounter in a Chinese menu is there, or that's what I think I can recognize (as long as there's a century egg that's it, lol!). What surprised me the most was the Yang Chow rice. I mean there's a hell lot of restaurant boasting Yang Chow rice but most of them are just downright oily and saturating to my taste. This one is not. It had the right mix and texture. I specifically love the amount of egg incorporated in it.

My only qualm was the ambiance. It's not that too bad, but the spacing seems quite crowded. There's little room for you to pass through tables without moving carefully. The waiters are welcoming and I have to give a point for the security guards for being welcoming, and some went into trouble escorting you with huge umbrella, shading you from the scorching sun. Talk about hospitality. Anyway, I would certainly recommend King Bee to anyone. It's pretty good stop for a work-field trip or just a simple, casual voyage with friends and family.
Nov 10, 2018
Sarah Lopez-Pozas
Everything was yummy! Hakaw, siopao, and siomai were great, the yang chow and steamed fish were perfect! The veggies were fresh and not overpowered by sauce so I loved it. Will definitely go back :)
Nov 04, 2018
Press Start Creatives
For Chinese New Year, we tried the King Bee branch in South to get authentic Chinese cuisine. Got overwhelmed at first because of the numerous items on the menu. We ordered shark’s fin (good but a bit dry), yang chow, chicken in lemon sauce (crispy and tasty), bird’s nest with chicken (add soysauce to enhance flavor but texture is awesome!) and the special seafood fried noodles (good!). Orders took some time to arrive particularly the noodles but overall, it has satisfied our Chinese craving. Would have been better if there was a touch of CNY on that day though.
Feb 17, 2018



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