Yellow Cab Marikina

Yellow Cab, Marikina 1 Gunting St. Cor. Marcos Highway, Brgy. San Roque - Marikina

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When Yellow Cab first opened in the Philippines, the brand was an instant hit. A lot of customers, including myself though it was a brand from New York.

Fast forward many years later, they have now cemented themselves as one of the top of mind pizza players in the very competitive industry.

Just recently, in preparation for Christmas parties, they launched Yellow Cab Party Trays that are good to make 10-15 people happy at the same time. More than the pizza, there's now pasta and wings in bundles too!
10 months ago
Leona Tiopes
Ordered Korean and Newyork BBQ Chicken Wings. They have almost the same taste but you can still identify which is which! Haha! But both flavors are so good! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Shrimp and Chicken Alfredo. They have same spice, sauce and taste. It’s only either shrimp or chicken! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Feb 18, 2018
Reich Torio
Note: Late Review

Yellow Cab Pizza Company.  They have been around since 2001.  One of the major players in fast food pizza. 

Cab is my default place when I am craving for some pizza.   Some of their branches are open 24/7, perfect for late night food cravings.  I've always liked their food,  i love their Garden Special Pizza and the Aglio Olio pasta with shrimp.  Price is reasonable too. 

Food trends vary every season,  I am glad that Cab is doing it's best to introduce new products every now and then.  Case in point,  the Craft Pizza,  has four variants and costs only php 250.  When you hear craft,  you'll probably think it's the same as the DIY concept or the expensive type.  Craft,  meaning the ingredients of the pie is specifically selected. 

Last night we tried some of their Craft creations.  Four cheese pizza with tomatoes and Pepperoni and Jalapeno.

Ze Cheese Pizza.  Thin crust cheese pizza topped with tomatoes and feta cheese.  I absolutely love this.  I am a sucker for thin crust pizzas.  The flavor combination of tomatoes and cheese worked really well.  I dunno what types of cheese they used but who cares,  it is delicious.  The feta cheese is a breath of fresh air,  the saltiness works well with the sweet notes of the tomatoes.

Pepperoni and Jalapeno.  Ay caramba!  Who needs hot sauce when you have sliced jalapenos on your pie.  The combination of meat and chili works well.  I like my pizza with a lil heat,  it makes you want more.  Similar to unrequited love,  it stings but you crave for more (We were watching The Holiday last night,  hence the figure of speech).  And did you know that eating spicy food speeds up metabolism. 

A round of applause for Yellow Cab's Craft Pizza!
Mar 18, 2017


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YELLOW CAB, MARIKINA - 1 Gunting St. Cor. Marcos Highway, Brgy. San Roque - Menu and Prices

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