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Gerry's Grill
81/100 (380 ratings)
Roasted Sea Food
Mango Shakes
Tuna Sashimi
Sisig and Beer
Lumpiang Shanghái
Crispy Pata
Sizzling Gambas
Beef Kare Kare
Sizzling Bangus Sisig
Inihaw Na Tuna Belly
Sinigang Na Boneless Bangus
Fish Soup and Beef Soup
Crunchy Squid Heads
바고옹 젓갈
Gerrys Grill Special Inihaw Na Bangus
Iced tea
"Whenever I am in Robinsons Place Manila, I have a hard time choosing where to eat.  It's not that nothing is good, its just that I don't like paying..."
"Foods is..."
Gleen Migriño Amora
"The crews are..."
Ma. Socorro Cariño
"The crew is very..."
Jannsen Castro
"A solid 4. I wandered around the neighborhood with some friends and we had a craving for the specialty of the house, i.e., their grilled..."
Marianne In Manila
"My friend was hospitalised and we had to get a to go food instead of eating out hence we all ended up calling gerry’s grill because we loved their..."
Shane Pines Quijada
"The grilled squid and pakbet... the main reasons why we keep going back 😋 Service is friendly, even if the waiting time can be long, especially if..."
Cherrie Abaya Blas
"Favorite restaurant for special occasions. 😊 We always order their lumpiang shanghai and sugba kilaw. Their veggie rice is so good. And if there's..."
Fairypig ✨
"Gerry's Grill is one of my go to spots for Filipino food. We love their baked tahong and inihaw na pusit. It's like one of the best ihawan place...."
Jang Abane-Maestro
"Go-to ko for filipino food. Usapang price, lasa at serving, goods dito.Ang di ko makakalimutang lasa dito is yung Seafood Tinomok nila. Try..."
"There was a Mother's Day Promo when we went here (valid from May 12-14). We ordered Queen's Meal 1. It is consist of Crispy Pata (Regular), Beef..."
Shane Del Rosario
"Very limited seating at this place and don't expect the aircon cuz there's none. There's a door that leads outside to an overpass where the guard..."
"When we have balikbayan relatives or friends we usually bring them to Gerry's for Filipino food.  We love their pork sisig, kare-kare both seafood..."
Vivian Co
"This is such a great place to hanged out with your Barkada  and have that grilled seafood's of your choice with ice cold beers on our side. Our all..."
"Satisfying. Definitely go back here and try their other..."
Tin Walet
Lokasyon Mnl
79/100 (373 ratings)
"The food was excellent and also the service was very fast if you are hungry you don't need to wait for a long time and the price is very friendly for..."
Ljay Lim
"Great food for very affordable price. Cozy ambience. We went on a saturday night, we still want to seat a lil bit more but theres everybody waiting..."
"Food and service was great! The oysters and baby back ribs cannot be missed here. Although the buttered chicken is a bit bland. Definitely better..."
Jhannah Soriano
"Ideal place for pinoy comfort foods. Kare kare, bulalo, shrimp with corn bucket, buttered chicken, ..ooohh the bottomless iced tea. Value for money..."
Maria Bernadette Caballero
"We're lucky we didnt wait too long for the food to be served, like what other reviews said. Though we waited long to be seated its really worth the..."
Bea Juico
"My friends and I go here all the time and when we do, the place is always packed because they know they serve good food at a very affordable price...."
Genelle Cleofas
"If baby back ribs are your thing but are on a tight budget, then Lokasyon MNL is just the right place for you! For a price not exceeding Php250,..."
Rasi Saura
"We’ve been here twice already, last Feb. 16 and tonight Feb. 20. We plan on eating here at least once a week so that we can try everything on the..."
Violet Reyes
"My friends and I are always on the lookout for good restaurants that serve tasty food at reasonable prices. We found this one tonight a short drive..."
Tek De Guzman
"If you're looking for a nice and relax ambiance to chill/dine with buddies or family Lokasyon MNL is one of the place to be.. you have to be early or..."
"Super ganda ng ambiance. At ang food!! 😍 super sarap!! Kahit andaming waiting, worth it naman maghintay 💕 Baby back ribs at loaded fries palang..."
Joanna Indico
"The best new resto in town! Food is great super delicious for very affordable price! Sulit na sulit sa sarap po tlga! Cant move on!! Hahahaah will..."
Dahlia Abudaber
"Newest eatery in our place and due to curiosity, we tried it.I would rate the baby backrib; 8/10. Chicken skin is 8/10 (never thought that mayo..."
Lea Pepito
Korean Village
81/100 (372 ratings)
"one of the old, authentic korean restos in malate. been dining here for 10 years now. experience is more chill compared with more recent kbbq..."
"This was recommended to me by my partner if in case I would want an authentic Korean food.Visited the place for dinner and decided to order..."
Shermaine Loffler
"My childhood favorite Korean restaurant. We used to eat here almost every week. Feels nostalgic! Tho the Beef Stew is quite different na. Great..."
Michelle Ann China Yu
"This is one of the restaurants that we've literally been visiting ever since I was a kid, I think that this location is their third around Malate..."
"I want to cry everytime I eat their fresh lumpia. It's soooooo good it's not even funny!! Everything served in front of us is fresh. Staff is very..."
Ana Elisa Butay Tumbado
"The staff are very nice, very friendly & accommodating. The food was DELICIOUS! Expensive though and not unlimited but still really delicious...."
Wileen Olasiman
"The place is old as I've been eating here since I was a kid. Food here is the same as it was back then. Beef stew, roast beef, chicken fillet, and..."
Carlos Luigi Dela Cruz
"Truly a Korean Restaurant for the ages. This was the favorite date resto of my parents 30 years ago and it is now my favorite date resto. Their food..."
"I love this place! Been dining here since i was a little girl. The taste is consistent. Love their fried rice!! For the appetizer, the tofu is my..."
"The food is good. All fresh. Ambience is nice. Waiters are always smiling. Cant go wrong to this place. I will soon come here againBeef..."
Julius Diaz
"Korean Village is near the top of my favorite Korean BBQ places in metro Manila. Their beef roast, chicken fillet, and fried rice are definitely must..."
Dhiren Dhanani
"I don't have complains at all. The dishes felt so authentic and delicious. I specifically like their Samgyetang and yukhoe, which btw is rather..."
Lyka Lakindanum
"One of the great classic korean resto in manila , i dine here once in a while since the 90's aside from great food and dining experience... Memories..."
Kenneth Wong
"I was back at my happy place again..."
"I've choosen this restaurant last night because the other restaurants along Adriatico were crowded. This is my third time and my first time to order..."
"PLACE/AMBIENCE: ⭐️⭐️⭐️Place is old, but clean. Not crowded. Not very well lit. Servers were courteous, but seemed..."
"So, my boyfriend and I decided to eat at korean village in malate. We ordered roast beef, spicy pork and chopchae. We only ordered 3 since we its..."
Alyanna Marie Miranda
"I always come to eat here with friends... Menu is affordable and serving is pretty big! It never fails to please my tastebuds most especially their..."
Gina Aceberos
"This is our favorite Korean BBQ resto. Hubby introduced this resto to me, since he and his family loves this resto too. Love the Korean food here..."
Charlene Briones-Michelena
"This resto has been around as long as I can remember. We've been coming here since the early 80s when one can dine well for around P100/person. It..."
"One of the better restaurants i been to. Great food selection, great service. Its usually less crowded during lunch and they can attend to you..."
"One of the best Korean restaurants in town - consistent and reliable grub.  Very popular among locals and Koreans (residents and tourists); just a..."
"My first Korean Resto grill-your-own-meat experience was superb with Korean Village Restaurant! 👍 :) Cozy place, accomodating staffs and great..."
Camille Layman Roxas
"This place is a bit hard to find however once you find it, it would have been worth it. Their meats are so very sweet. It does not matter if it is..."
Joseph Luis
" To satisfy my cravings for Korean food again, my friend and I decided to try a new Korean restaurant since we know that there are a lot of them in..."
Kristina Coresis
"Korean village serves up one of the yummiest chicken, beef and pork barbecue ever. I like the fact that you can cook them on your own so that you an..."
Joseph Mendoza
"This is my happy place. Or at least one of the few. The prices are very affordable and the food is awesome. I especially like their pork and chicken...."
Marco Miranda
"Craving for korean dishes try this place, i have been here several times with my friends and the whole family as well.  Appetizer alone is good. (..."
"Good food and very generous servings plus a very affordable price. That sums it all about Korean Village. They don't mind refilling your side dishes,..."
Maecar Locsin
"Ever since i was a young kid, I always eat here with my family. When the site of their restaurant was still in Adriatico... They always give me a..."
Gem Saitam
"Rated (4.5)Food(5/5): The Food here is superb!! considering it's price. Very Affordable yet delicious.  Offers Refillable side dishes. and..."
"I've been to this establishment more times than I can count, all with my family members and usually for Sunday lunch. It has a simple and homey vibe..."
Cath L.
"One of my favorite restaurants in Malate. My officemate who lives near here was the one who introduced us to this place. The place itself is good...."
Nel Serafica
"Tucked away in the midst of Malate is a very affordable Korean restaurant. Here you can find your favorite Korean dishes cooked deliciously such as..."
She Co
"My friend introduced me to this restaurant. Her family goes here a lot even from way back. It is a great place to eat with your family in that you..."
Aimee Mejos
"this restaurant has been (and probably will still be) my family's go-to restaurant for celebrating special occasions. We've been fans of this place..."
Cristina Miranda
"I love this place! The food is really excellent and the price is not that bad either. We were a group of 7 people when we went here and we paid..."
Cristina Luis
"This is my family's go to place for special occasions and we have been going here for over 20 years from the time they were first located in..."
Alma Luis
"Korean Village Restaurant at 566 Julio Nakpil StreetSimply put: the best Korean Restaurant in Manila.I was even informed that the..."
Nino Dayanghirang
Wok Inn Malate
82/100 (653 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
"Sipa (deep-fried pork dumplings), sweet chili prawns, embutido (Filipino-Spanish sausage).So lucky that the head Chef/ owner of this..."
Heide Naguit
"Introduced the family to this classic hole-in-the-wall chinese restaurant that used to have other branches in the metro but now is only located in..."
Raymund John Rosuelo
"My favorite here is their sipa and garlic rice. They are also famous for their stuffed squid. We also tried their spareribs and kikiam but it was..."
"Wok Inn became my favorite Chinese go-to! Sort of pricey for its ambiance but the food is worth it! Try their bestsellers: the squid and..."
Hillary Mendoza Mirasol
"It's a restaurant that you can bring your family and friends to enjoy a great meal, everyday! Nothing fancybut the food is like having a home cooked..."
"No menu so if it is your first time you may feel uneasy since you have no selection - over all good food and affordable. Downside will be the..."
Very Buccal
"This has been our go-to place ever since whenever we're in Manila. It's an eat & run kind of place and you will always leave feeling satisfied. We..."
"This is a great, no-fuss Chinese restaurant that's way worth the money you spend here. My mom brought us here since she used to go here a lot with my..."
Anika Molina
"I've been going to this place ever since I was a kid, and I never get tired of it. My faves are the sipa, stuffed squid and buttered chicken. The..."
Ingrid Ysabelle Valeriano
"I thought of having brunch here today so I could have my clam soup. I got here before 11am. Had my usual sipa, clam soup, stuffed squid, fried shrimp..."
"A lot of memories when I came back here last Saturday. Growing up my family and I would head here during those instances when we would opt to attend..."
"This hole in the wall has been around for decades. Highly recommended is the Sipa and stuffed squid. If you are looking for ambience , this may not..."
Natalie K
"Ordering here is quite unusual since they don't have a menu. What they have is a display of all the meat they can offer including seafood. They will,..."
"This hidden gem situated beside Malate church will surely make you wanna go back. The place has this homey vibe and the "paluto" type of resto will..."
"I have always liked the food here. I remember craving for their Pata Tim for an entire year. I always arrived late, with their doors all shut closed..."
Sushi Santos
"I love the food here, especialy the sipa. We have been eating here since (i think) 1992, still the same taste and very affordable. Will definitely..."
Gaiety Lou Guevarra
"Indeed you can find the best eats in Malate because of this place. I grew up going to church in Our Lady of Remedies, after mass we'll just cross the..."
Junnie Francisco
"Service: Quick. Polite.They don't really have a menu. They have a kitchen. Where you point at things and ask what they can cook using those..."
Food Chronicles Of Sparky&Noggy
"Been dining here with my family for the last 2 decades. You should expect more people dining during sundays since its beside Malate Church. They..."
Lorenz Alexis Dasalla
"After the panliligaw moves (food delivery to the barrister) of my best friend, he decided he was hungry. (This, after acing hacking Cibo's Penne Al..."
"Upon entering the restaurant, the whole place, as we initially saw from the outside, was packed with families, groups of friends, and different sorts..."
Kriska Marie
"We've been hearing that Wok Inn is a must-try place in Malate area, so we decided to find it out ourselves. Upon entering the place, we caught this..."
Renz Kristofer Cheng
"From the baptism of my brother (he's 15 years old now) up to this date, we visit this place every once in a while and it's still the same: simple yet..."
Che Mercadillo
"This place was recommended to me as one of the less pretentious but authentic Chinese fast food restos in Metro Manila. Although the place doesn’t..."
A. Yu
"This place brought us so much joy and surprises. The food tastes great and the price are just right. I love the Stuffed Squid, Kikiam and..."
"I've been eating in this place since, pre-school (which was 25 years ago). My family, most especially my late grandmother loves to eat here, and so..."
"There are honestly no words to describe how much I love this restaurant! My family and I have been eating here for as long as I can remember. This is..."
Gray Campos
"Wok Inn is still around! I have not visited this resto in years! So when we found ourselves in Malate, I immediately decided to let my teenagers get..."
Liza Garcia
"I love eating here and its so near the workplace and i consider it a feat not to be there everyday! Its not much to look at inside, but the food is..."
Cie Cisneros
"The first time I ate here, it was pretty confusing. They didn't have a menu and just pointed us to the kitchen and asked what we wanted. We just..."
Carlo Hizon
"had lunch there with rio mercado, last jul 18. she was the one who took me there instead of our original plan to visit yakimix@moa. rio ordered..."
Alex Roy Pineda
Muhan Samgyupsal
81/100 (363 ratings)
"The most COMFORTABLE samgyupsal experience I had so far. This review is for their branch at P. Noval beside UST (I think they have another branch..."
"Been here twice already in a span of a month since my wife and daughter wanted some Samgyupsal. ^_^Had their Unli-2 twice on both occasion...."
Mark Morfe
"We went there at around 11am before the lunch hour and the place was small but there were no other customers so we have the place to ourselves. The..."
Bea Junsay
"This is the second time that I’ve been to Muhan, and I gotta say... it really is worth the visit. There are two branches of Muhan on the same..."
Eya Blancaflor
"Satisfied with their marinated pork and beef. Side dishes are limited but good. Value for money is great. Ambience of the place is nice. Staffs are..."
"Cheap Korean bbq but they're very good! Samgyupsal sets come with a serving of Korean noodles with refillable soup. Will definitely come back since I..."
Carleen Bongat
"Just near the place so when Korean Bbq cravings strike, the most accessible place we can be.Food? Not really a fan of pork liempo when..."
Laizza Constantino
"Ok food and price which is 449 but too hot inside as in hahaha sarap sana kumain kaso mainit talaga. 😂Fave ko yung yangnum nila saka..."
The Hungry Bum
"Food was good and the service was great. We appreciate that they go per table to ask for the next meat to be served. Its just that there is no..."
Miguel Santos
"Service has always been great at this resto. Slows down a little when the place is packed, but that's a given. The table buzzers are so useful. Been..."
Nico Acabado
"Server did my request of not serving me anything spicy. They also offered to help me with grilling. Only KBBQ place that doesn’t require a minimum..."
Miguel Gonzalez
"My second visit to Muhan was very different to the first, but for the better! Service has improved so much from my first time so I highly recommend..."
"Great place! We walked there since we were near, arrived at 8pm and they immediately seated our party of 2. Good meat choices, not the best but good..."
Geraldine A.
"We love love Korean food and the first thing that we judge in every Korean place is their Kimchi. And dammmmn it was gooooood! The actual meat was..."
"The place is nice. The food is great.. Since its unlimited. We also ordered ramen. They also have a free coke when you reach 4 pax above. the crew..."
Bem-Bem Galon Tamayo
"great food and service, they even play kdrama osts and kpop which I think is good for someone who loves korean music and dramas 😊 the place though..."
"➽ Saturday @ 12:30pm➽ ₱900.00 for 2Crowded? ✖Airconditioned? ✔CR available? ✔Location..."
"One of the best places to eat samgyupsal!☆ Selection Meat🍴 Pretty much the same with other samgyupsal places. Their meat was cut..."
"‪This unli korean bbq around P Noval is one of the books!! ‬‪And it is open until 2AM!! Plus may tv na puro kdrama 💖‬ We went..."
Mau Dayanghirang
"Good food, attentive staff. Queueing system needs more work. If you’re into getting grill smoke on your clothes, this is the place to be since..."
"Me and my friends went last week then we were 4, they give us free 1L? Coke 😂😂 COOL. I liked everything na! Will visit again *I love yangnyum..."
Jayson Ong
"ordered unlimited pork for 399 and its super worth it!! quality meat (5 flavors) and side dish .. one of my checklist when it comes to unlimited..."
Roan Aquino
"Definitely worth it! ❤️ Unlimited Samgyupsal is good for 2 hours. 😊 I suggest that you pick Unli 2. It’s unlimited pork and beef already for..."
"Location is convenient since it is across the University of Santo Tomas, so there is almost always a line of diners. Unfortunately their aircon was..."
"The food was good, we love the variety of meat and their service was excellent all of the staff were very attentive. will definitely come back! 😋..."
"Date of visit: November 27, 2017We had a mini post board exam (NLE) celebration here! And, damn, no regrets for choosing this place. It was..."
"The ambience is nice. And the location is convenient since it is near in our school. I love the bbqs and the music. But they should add exhause above..."
Diane Purugs
Mr. Poon
82/100 (360 ratings)
"Their pride and joy fish dish is a must-try. Their braised beef mami was also very beefy and tasty. I was literally smacking my lips about an hour..."
Gojira Dosdos
"The best steamed fish in town. The braised beef Mami is unrivaled. The friendliest and efficient service staff . Best bang for your buck. Your tummy..."
Emily M. del Mundo
"So far, it was my first to ever ate a very delecious food in a commercial food establishment. Subrang sarap, na hindi nakaka umay.. Yung busog na..."
Noah James Soria Sitier
"We are glad to find the restaurant relocated malate manila from banawe q.c. and former corner kalaw near luneta. We love to eating old fashioned..."
Yori Yori
"Good food, friendly staff. Ambience of the place is..."
Josefina Cortes
"Everything is great. Service is efficient. But the tops in our recent visit is tasting my daughter's much talked about "Cake ni Maricar". Finally got..."
Mary Rose Vicmudo Nuñez
"Their steamed lapu-lapu is superb and also the siomai... super authentic..."
Linda Casela Abarintos
"No-nonsense good food that you’ll love going back..."
Joey Melliza
"Very simple atmosphere but the food is great! Try the noodles and you'll see..."
Ron Ronquillo
"Have a good dinner at mr poon with ernesto lontoc and..."
Reynald Santos-Ade Flores
"Will definitely go back again and again and again..."
Atta Dowdow
"The ambiance is 80’s-90’s Chinese restaurant in Binondo. It is clean, aircon is good. There is also a large flat screen tv. I ordered the Braised..."
Flomarcon Domingo
"Went yesterday around opening time. Waiters are friendly and attentive. May meeting ata dun sa function room that time kaya mejo madaming tao. I..."
"Waiters are very accomodating. It looks like a simple kainan but the food is superb! Sulit ung binayad sa food kasi marami ung serving and we we're..."
Vina Tuliao
"late April 2017 dinner experiencehave heard about this resto within the Fil-Chi community for years. I've been waiting for a chance to..."
"This long time Chinese restaurant serves authentic Chinese food. They have a wide selection, I recommend their specialty fish, tausi clams, and their..."
Fat Girls Day Out
"Location and actual place aside, judging based on the food alone, this old school resto deserves praise.I think this has been around the area..."
"For those who dig Maricar Reyes' Choco Liquor Cakes, you may get 'em at Mr. Poon's in Malate. My homie @Clarissa P ordered two cakes for..."
Reich Torio
"My family always eats here! Favorites are beef soup, steamed fish in special sauce(d best!!!), steamed beef, etc. I personally love their hot n sour..."
Selena Ragos Ty
"This is a restaurant I grew up with I remember my folks would bring me here once a week or two times a month. The reason was for their Steamed fish..."
Stan Lee
Isshin Japanese Restaurant
85/100 (354 ratings)
Late Night
"Great Find during lock down. Have been meaning to try this place for many years now. All of a sudden it appeared in GrabFood. Excellent quality and..."
"The best place for after party or late night dinner. The food are the best. We tried sukiyaki, i forgot the name of other ramen, gyoza and tea. I've..."
Clarence L
"I’ve always eaten inside the malls near this place so it was my first time here. And I’m definitely eating here again to try out the other..."
Jelai ✨
"Small Japanese restaurant with authentic ambience. Order their Kobe Beef Teppanyaki but I don’t feel anything special, either taste or..."
Lie Siang
"This place was just recommended by a friend of mine, other than that, I have never seen nor heard of this place before. It was a good thing that I..."
"Since we used to live in Sanlo way back years ago, I've been to this place couple of times already. These pictures I posting now though were during..."
Unshakable Foodie
"We've all been spoiled by the rich, highly seasoned tonkotsu/hakata designer ramen bowls, so it might seem, in comparison, that Isshin isn't all..."
Marianne In Manila
"Fond memory of this place :) many years ago, I received my first ever backpay, after which I bought my first cellphone using my own money! To..."
"A quick fix for Ramen cravings without spending too much. The Sake is so subtle. It matches my Tantanmen. So had to finish the entire bottle by..."
"Very traditional and budget friendly.The atmosphere is just like a cusual dining in a run down street in Tokyo. The food choices..."
Bok Banzon
"This is our go to for a japanese food fix when we are in Makati, and they are open as late as 2am. The place can get full and parking is..."
Mari Gere
"Restaurant was great, but their parking area was small. It could only fit four cars. I ordered the unagi sushi because i love eel, and it was tasty..."
Jr Millares
"Good service! The woman who assisted us was very friendly and was very accommodating. She even gave us a free scoop of Chocolate icecream for..."
Hannah Torres
"This is our favorite Japanese restaurant! Their bento box meals are worth it! So sulit! Try their Gyudon, Tonkatsu, Sashimi platter, and Ebi Tempura..."
Therese Mercado
"It is located along Arnaiz Ave (formerly pasay road) in makati. I first came to dine here probably more than a decade ago to have some snack after..."
Kenneth Wong
"Isshin and I go way back, I mean way back. I am talking about decades. Close to 30 years, I cant remember exactly, but surely at least 25 years...."
Beatriz Fores
"I usually get a Gyoza and Chahan at every Japanese Resto I eat at. The Gyoza and Chahan here is not satisfactory, I keep thinking this is ready-made..."
Yano Escueta
"Another joint along the Arnaiz strip besides, Nihonbashitei, that one must try. I had one of those really good meals after a night of drinkin and..."
Hungry Adventurer
"Authentic Japanese resto with a lot of Japanese customers dining in. One of the best tempura batter, best gyoza, California Maki etc. at reasonable..."
Jeanfranco Espina
"We were craving for some Japanese food and the Nihon branch near Dusit was still closed for renovation. This led us to this hidden gem along Pasay..."
Nica Erguiza
"Affordable but good Japanese dishes even for Japanese people. Set menu is also good and value for money. Ramen is not bad. Beers are not pricy. It's..."
"ISSHIN!!!! Remember when I said in my review on Izakaya Kikufuji that there is a Japanese place that is super affordable yet still good food..."
"Another legit Japanese restaurant off my bucket list. Delicious food served at a very reasonable price! Had their miso ramen, cold ramen, gyoza, and..."
Gabriel Toledo
"My aunt go to japanese restaurant because of the authencity of the place and cheap yet tasteful food. We ordered Pork cornbutter ramen, Gyudon and..."
Mark Alba
"My generation loves this place. It's been around since forever. I remember it was even open for 24 hours before. The after gimmick place to go and..."
Jeremy Marquez
"Wrong address written on this site. Isshin's address is 1024 A Arnaiz Avenue (Pasay Road),..."
Cafe Aquatica
82/100 (345 ratings)
"Totally awesome food, coffee, concept, and fishes and aquarium . come and visit cafe aquatica ph promenade greenhills and binondo..."
Kenbert Chua
"Very cozy, relaxing place as a cafe. Service us great! The big bonus are all the aquariums, much more the aquascape of each! The fish are..."
Rocky Ysip
"Chillin' with the fishes here in Cafe Aquatica Binondo Branch. The best place to eat after going to Binondo Church and shopping spree in Divisoria..."
Norman Roquios
"Very cozy :) their bagnet chips and boneless chicken inasal and nacho cups are the best! Reasonable prices too! Highly..."
Mailyn Ong
"The place is relaxing because of the beautiful aquariums surrounding the cafe. Not to mention the menu offers sumptuous comfort food. Note, they..."
Lester Angelo Reyes
"Great and affordable food, beautiful ambience with carefully and creatively designed aquariums, and an accommodating friendly owner...."
Jam Lingad Mercado
"we love the place, relaxing! it looks like we are inside the aqarium..."
Junjon Mendoza Tacalinar
"Relaxing place & i love the aquatic concept. Need to come back to taste other dishes..."
Belle Cruz
"Super good ambiance and food. Love it definitely will come..."
Lolit Ang
"Amazing ambience and yummy foods! Unique cafe must..."
Lanhey Lao Bayle
"Good Ambiance, Unique Concept, Good Food and Coffee , so what are you waiting for, come and visit cafeaquaticaph promenade and binonod branch. A must..."
Karen Ang Chua
"Ansarap ng pagkain at ang ganda ng lugar appreciate q kc fish keeper din..."
Jhayel Rosales
"Hi! Thank you so much for such fast service, relaxing place, and great food!!! I featured your resto in my vlog titled FOOBU! I wish you could like..."
Jahric Lago
"Great and Affordable! Any Fish lover will feel like its heaven!..."
Marge Hermoso
"Binondo is not all about Chinese food.  I discovered a small coffee shop near Binondo Church which offers great food and cheesecake! Read on to find..."
"The ambience is superb ✔️We had our breakfast today and the kids loved it.We ordered Holy Chicken, Pasta Gambas, Rosas Burger,..."
"i cant believe this cafe is getting a bad wrap because the place is too small.......funny how reviewers rate this place..... not much staff was maybe..."
Basil Jojet Lioanag
"We found this place in a spontaneous night after hearing the Sunday mass and I am so glad we did! I really find their underwater theme cute and..."
"Cozy place. Good to be alone and with a friend. Reviewee-friendly (i guess since we arrived a bit late). Coffee is goooood. Will definitely go..."
"We visited the place after attending Friday mass. As to the place, it was cozy, very clean, tidy and quiet. Aquariums and other displays makes the..."
Sally Punzalan
"It was our first time dining here a few weeks ago and it certainly made us regret not knowing about the place earlier.Everything we ordered was..."
Kei Lin
"Not exactly the place you'd find a cafe but once you step in, feels like you're in one of those fancy cafe in Makati. It's small but very comfy. Food..."
Sasha Lee
"This is a casual and cute place that is good for a small group of 2-4 persons. I loved everything we ordered especially the crispy bagnet. We had..."
"hongkong milktea and lemonade cucumbeR is LOVE, plus their chicken grilled sandwich which i love the most swak sa diet ko:) The ambiance is so..."
Randy Lacap
Vincent's Place Kambingan Restaurant
88/100 (344 ratings)
"Nice place to eat all delicacies of goat meat. The place of celebrity stars,media men politician, and simple..."
Magnifico Dionicio
"The food tastes really good! Especially, the sizzling adobo! Yum Yum! The place is a must-try for food lovers!..."
Villaroman GT
"The best sizzling adobo w/garlic yan ang binalikbalikan ko jan!..great experience great..."
John Gito
"The best para sa kin dito yung Papaitan at Sizzling Adobo. Sa lahat ng natikman kong papaitan na kambing, dito mapapa wow ka. Try nyo. Gusto ko rin..."
Amon Olaw
"we travelled from bulacan just to taste their specialty. and they didnt dissappoint me. the best kambingan i've taste so far. thanks for the kind..."
Joel Zartiga
"sarap ng kilawing kambing haluan mo ng especial nilang suka at sili Ayos pati ung adobong kambing ang lambot at ang sarap walang angho after a few..."
Ronald Allan Francisco
Reffinej Ascaño
"I have eaten here and they have one of the best menu for a hungry group, had to takeout an extra..."
Mikee Steinmann
"Best Pata Tim i've tasted! 3 thumbs up! Will definitely go back and order..."
Law Rence
"The best adobong kambing & caldereta I ever tasted sobra!!! And we had the chance to have taken photo with the..."
Joann P. Obusan
"Sana mkapunta po ako sa restaurant nyo...ang sasarap po ng putahi..."
Antoinette Mallari
"No other place to go to for kambing (goat) dishes except..."
Joel Bretaña
"My plate went upside down.. Simple food meets..."
Jam Ocampo-Gatchalian
"The best papaitan i have ever had. First time to taste Adobong Kambing also. Two thumbs up! Sir Vincent is a very gracious and humble host. We..."
Edward Gatchalian
"The Best and Only Famous Kambingan in Town! Must..."
Fredie Lagong Segovia
"Paborto ko lahat kasi..."
Bong Samonte Sangalang
"Went here for lunch with my officemates. The place was crowded but the turnover of tables were pretty fast, so I think we just waited for like 8 mins..."
"Great tasting goat dishes at affordable prices.For first-time visitors, try Sizzling Adobo with Fried Garlic and Special..."
Louis Go
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Malate
84/100 (338 ratings)
Quick Bites
Coffee & Tea
"White Dream Ice Blend forever. This is my go to drink whenever I crave something sweet and with caffeine. Their guiltless chocolate cake is also..."
"CBTL’s crinkles are back and they have been getting traction for it as of late. They were initially offered before, and now we are hoping it will..."
"Tried the NEW Ham and Cheese Swirl and it was good for the price. It was hefty and filled with ham bits and cheese. Can be a good choice for a..."
Eboy M. Donato
"The place is two floors plus an extension so it's pretty spacious. However, the glass house extension isn't always open and the second floor closes..."
Valerie Abby
"Very good ambiance and we've been here three time a day literally because of vacation last Christmas, and the food is very delicious so with the..."
Richelle Dayrit
"Easily my favorite CBTL branch This was my home during undergrad. Great choice for studying! The baristas are really nice and accomodating too. Plus..."
Genry Criscel Consul
"A very convenient place to get work done or chilling with friends! The staff is very friendly. Their smiles go a long way! They should switch up..."
Deo Deguit
"Who doesn't love coffee bean! My fave is their mocha chillleerss!Place is usually crowded with employees/students working, 24/7. Staff is..."
Maria Kay
"The best coffee bean branch I've been to so far.There's enough space for their..."
Jaydee Medina
"One of the best designed / unique coffee bean that i ever been to, the place is so cool they have friendly and accommodating staff. Starting today..."
Ezekiel Zafra
"One of the best designed Coffee Bean I have been to and the staffs are really friendly and accommodating. The only thing I don't like is the low..."
Lyndon Vincent Ang
"When is coffee never a good thing to indulge yourself into? As long as it's coffee I'm G whether it's 7Php instant to something bigger than my..."
"This is one of the coziest branches of CBTL. The staff is very accommodating and they make sure you have a seat when they can.I recently found..."
Ida Tan
"This is my favorite Coffee Bean branch. The upper floor is mostly used by students for studying. It's spacious and quiet and you may get glares from..."
Mina Barroquillo
"Good place to study. Quiet and students are also around especially during the night. Good thing it's open until 4am. But their upper level is only..."
Kelsey Lamiel
"I like this place its so quite and relaxing, not so crowded there is always available seat for me every time I go here.  I like so much their..."
"If this place isn't crowded, it's a very nice spot to unwind and relax, or study. I go to CBTL for the food more than their drinks-which are both..."
C. S.
"Very nice place to study or read. I love the ambiance on the second floor especially when you're seated on the couch. It's also nice to seat by the..."
Charrie Pablo
"Quiet, gentrified spot on Adriatico adjacent to the Malate Pensionne, one of the oldest hotels in the area. Service is consistent with..."
Marianne In Manila
Simply Thai
81/100 (338 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Late Night
Green Curry
Pad Thai
"Wsgood everybody. Lil’ Lisa here.Thai food is already bomb in itself, but this Thai place blew mine & my foodie assistant’s mind. We..."
Annalisa Abarquez
"If you wanna have a taste of authentic thai food, this is one of the thai restaraunts you should go to. And they also have good customer service...."
Joey Sarines
"If you like Thai food you have to eat here. Unquestionably the best Thai restaurant in..."
Toby Ayre
"The food is not cheap, but you get what you pay for - the food looks good and tastes great. The pad thai with egg lattice was so freaking cute. It..."
"Amazing food, what I liked the most is the menu has clearly mentioned vegetarian section. The food we ordered had pineapple fried rice.. it was very..."
Parsuram Dash
"Good food but the long service was disappointing. Ordered traditional pad thai which was a bit ok, chicken satay and patbung with crispy..."
Jan Michael Quisumbing
"Loved the flavor and how tasty their green curry chicken and pad thai were. Will come back to try their other dishes and desserts. The ambiance..."
"Plenty of food selection and the food tasted delicious, but the servings were on the smaller side. Servers were patient and friendly too, and the..."
"I ate here early on Wednesday evening and ordered Chicken Satay and Pad Thai which were both delicious. They have San Miguel on draft which is a..."
"Our ordered:-Salted fish fried rice (4/5)The taste is kind of authentic and yummy.- Kangkong garlic (4/5)Good..."
"We ordered Khao pad Kra-Praow (without the vegetables) and Aromatic Prawn Curry. The Khao pad Kra-Praow (it's like a fried rice with some chicken)..."
Angelica Divine Alan
"Very nice Thai Resto. One of the best Curry we’ve had, and the prawn cakes are yum. Nice service, reasonably priced. The downside is that if you..."
"All jobs are kind of stressful. Even if you say you love your job, there’s always this time you feel more tired than the usual, more pressured than..."
May Vargas
"Craving for Thai food and happy to have found this place in Makati. We ordered the Beef Rendang (I rarely find the perfect recipe but I liked theirs..."
Marga Go
"I think this is the tastiest thai restaurant in manila. The food variations is quite a lot. As for the ambience, it's just natural thing that most of..."
Hary S Soelistio
"We had dinner there last week and loved the place. I still crave for Thai food after returned from Thailand trip a week before and Simply Thai didn't..."
Joseph Holman
"Not a new place in greenbelt but I can say they're one of the good thai restos in the metro. Noteable dishes are the shrimp cake, spring roll, and..."
Mindful Eater
"Super loved the food however this is pricey. I do not have pictures of our beef rendang , halo halo and ice cream. Bill was ₱4k. Yes. 😭. But..."
Elah Yam
"Ambiance: 3.5/5Cleanliness: 3.8/5Customer Service: 4/5 ( waiters are very attentive in your water to be filled)Food: 3.9/5Value..."
Matthew Ezekiel Ong
"Loved the fact that this place's authenticity is in the details (e.g. lime for the pad thai, orchids for garnish) Loved their crispy crab dish! Loved..."
Monique Cotaco
"Review as of March 2017Updated as of August 2018Simply Thai serves simply delicious Thai food (though it may be a little on the pricey..."
Hilary Hao
"Loved the Thai dishes here. Tom Kha Gai was goodGolden Tofu appetizer was just okSom Tam salad was excellent Basil Beef was..."
"The restaurant's ambience is great. The lamb shank is really tasty. The satay is okay and the crab cakes are delicious. The only thing that is a..."
"According to my thai friend it is not original enough. I think otherwise so if you are not thai you may want to go there. Menu in any case covers..."
Jean-Francois Pinera
"I'm not really a fan of Thai food but Simply thai changed this. They have the best chicken pandan i ever tasted!!!! Nice staff and good ambiance..."
Angeli Abelo
"Food and service is excellent! The ambiance is also great, Chicken Pad Thai and there citrus drinks are most recommended 😁 Good place to hang out..."
Dante D. Julian Jr.
"If yu are craving for Thia cuisine, this place is a good idea. It can be a bit pricey, but the food is 👌🏼. Thai iced tea - 10Pad..."
Celine T
"I needed to train my stomach to eat more these days for an eating contest I will be participating in this coming Saturday.  Since I hardly go out..."
Mary Love Siy
"[Late post.] I needed to train my stomach to eat more these days for an eating contest I will be participating in..."
Mary Love Siy
"Thai food is my favorite. It is at-par with Krung Thai resto. It serves authentic thai dishes. The difference with the tom yum soup within this resto..."
Food Tripper
"Flavourful Thai food.very good service.nice ambience.Chicken with lotus stem ws awesome.also liked the chicken rice.price is on the higher side, but..."
Amrita Priyadarsini
"Good food. Nice staff. Cozy ambiance and less crowd. What more would you ask for? The price was reasonable because all the dishes are delicious...."
"Last night was a very stressful and tiring one and being in the company of your friends is just a perfect way to wrapped out a terrible day. Since we..."
Jhoanne Marie
"I just love, love Thai food. And I loved it in here. Taste was good, especially their chicken curry!! Serving was huge. Price was reasonable. Crews..."
Rizza Faustino
"overall the food was good. they just lack the level of spice expected from a thai resto. the presentation was great! a thai place that we would..."
Poonam Kaler
"i love thai foods.. i had dinner with my boyfriend and it was really good.. the place, the atmosphere, the server.. definitely, we'll be going back..."
Merill Rubante
"Had spent a Saturday evening with friends, enjoyed sitting outdoors. Had thai chicken satay, spring rolls, seafood basket in appetisers - good taste,..."
"My first dining experience here was overwhelming. Their authentic dishes were nothing but superb. To add to that, the ambiance of the place was..."
Clar C.
"I am quite fond of Thai food not only because it's spicy but there's just something their spices and herbs do to my body that I'm always a satisfied..."
Tintin Francisco
"Wandering around Greenbelt and wanting to eat at a place we haven't tried before, we ended up at Simply Thai. It has an indoor fine dining concept..."
Dennis Carlson Lim | TFC
"My roomate and I are fans of Thai food. Our first attempt in the Makati mall area was Soi in Glorietta which failed to deliver. So we moved on to..."
Nowie M
"Food: 5/5My companion & I ordered Chicken Satay, Beef Curry, Citrus and Herbs Pitcher and Tapioca Pearls for dessert. When the chicken satay..."
"It was Mother’s Day when we dined here, and got their Tapioca Pearls delicious complimentary treat. I was able to take a bite of it, and reveled in..."
The Hungry Employee
"We are frequent visitors due to the excellent food and service. I cannot say this is authentic Thai food but I can say it is really delicious!..."
"Restaurant is located at 1st flr. Greenbelt 5 beside CBTL. One of the good places to satisfy your thai food cravings from their array of curry dishes..."
Kc Tseng
"I am not very familiar to Thai Cuisines, so I never go to Thai restaurants that I came across. But since I wanted to broaden my foodie know how and..."
Rachelle Ann G. Bautista
"Awesome ambience and nice location, Great service, nice food. Food quantity is also good and can be shared between 2. Expense for 2 person..."
Kumar Prashant
"Fell in love with Thai food some years ago so once in a while I explore some Thai restos.This was a pleasant surprise. Tucked in one of the..."
Ilai Llena
"I loooooooooooove their pad thai. Definitely will go back when thai food crave strikes. They have a really good fish too but i forgot the name lol..."
Greta Hogendorp
"Lamb Shank Massaman Curry, Tod Man Kung and Pad thai! Simply Thai is located at Greenbelt 5, Ground floor! Everythingthat we ordered were super..."
Anne Camille Clemente