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89/100 (1621 ratings)
"I was there since day one and have seen their ups and downs. No restaurant is perfect but what makes them different is how they make up for their..."
The Catalyst
"These are the only dishes I order in Ippudo because I am not into spicy food. It's worth the..."
Angela Lawece Villarante Fernandez
"Whenever I go to Ippudo Philippines, I'd often choose their Akamaru Ramen— a Pork tonkotsu ramen with black garlic, as well as the usual trimmings..."
Fried And Prejudice
"Super love ko ramen sa ippudo. Ito lang yung di ko pinag sasawaan na ramen. Ang sarap grabe lalo na yung tantanmen. Tapos nag add pa ko nung pork..."
Kay Mendoza
"Had ordered their shiromaru special with medium as the firmness of the noodles and it comes with pork loin and tamago. I must say I was pleased and..."
"This is our go to resto in rob manila. We absolutely love their ramen—the shiro, akamaru and the karaka. They all taste excellent. Their soup base..."
"It was my first time dining here at Ippudo and definitely not my last. The servers were so attentive and friendly. Upon entering the restau, the..."
"First time to use zomato and thanks for a friend who recommend ippudo! Had a great dinner with girl friends. Menu is great. Ramen is so good. We..."
Rhen Delos Reyes
"Attentive staff. They offer to refill your water automatically. They keep on checking on their customers. The food is good. The ramen we ordered was..."
Rej Argueza
"We ordered shiromaru and akamaru ramen. Serving size of its ramen was large. maybe that's the one factor why the price is high. The soup is..."
"Staffs here are really polite and very accomodating. All smiles sila lagi at they'll ask you if you need something. Food is VERY GOOD. Sobrang sulit..."
Sean Marie Collera
"Ippudo has slowly become one of our favorite ramen places because of the good selection of food and also because of their awesome service. We love..."
Judy T.
"Ippudo definitely tastes closer to home. I really like how the broth tastes like and how thin the noodles are. I also like that the egg is already..."
Mits Almarez | Mitsadventurez
"Couldn’t resist and went to Ippudo second time in a row, just to a different branch.I was curious about their other food, not just..."
Kyrylo Silin
"Food was great but what I really loved was that they read the feedback form and addressed your concerns and suggestions right there and..."
Jasper Ramirat
"Awesome service, I really love how thick their chashu was! The firmness of the noodle fits for my preference since there are indicated choices...."
"Decided to try their ippudo zero. Only 33 servings per branch for 33 days. I got serving 27 of 33 for today. Chasshu is indeed salty but..."
Philip T
"They have such flavorful broth. And that’s such a big thing for any ramen. We tried the Shiromaru Special and their Limited Edition Tantanmen. The..."
Sushi Santos
"Ippudo is a Japanese restaurant founded by Shigemi Kawahara a.k.a the Ramen King and was able to established for over 80 restaurant chains..."
Tiffany So
"Awesome service. Our server was friendly and you feel super welcomed upon your arrival.It is one of the best ramen that I've tried. The..."
Cindy Ambion
"One of my favorite places to dine alone inside Robinson's Place Manila. They have solo dining counters facing the kitchen which is really nice. The..."
"Their Ramen is on point, the price? What can I say? You're definitely getting your money's worth. You just have to save same extra cash if you wanna..."
"The Ramen was delicious compared to it's competitors and the customer service was superb maybe because they only had a few customer when I ate..."
Albert Castillo
"Its pricey but you get what you deserve. If you want an equal mix of of tonkotsu broth and creaminess on your bowl of ramen, I suggest you dine here...."
Epicurean Foodies PH
"Best pork bun I've ever had. It's very tender and tasty. The Ramen is delicious but it's quite expensive. The staffs are accommodating and the place..."
"We’re still in search for the best ramen in the metro, and I’m surprised as to why Ippudo is not always on the list of one. It’s my..."
"I love eating Shoromaru ramen. When it comes to ramen this is my #1 place to go to. They serve the best ramen. I will be back as always...."
"The best ramen for me! I love their Yokohama - best tasting broth and great consistency of the noodles.Also the best Torch salmon roll! I..."
"Great food, but a lil bit pricey. :) The chashu was soft and tender, and the miso soup was savory. Di nakakasawa yung ramen nila unlike sa ibang..."
Nico Salvador
"The best ramen in the metro. A bit pricey but the taste is totally worth it. I usually eat either their Akamaru or Shiromaru. People who love spicy..."
"Best ramen I've ever tasted here in Manila. The service is great, you don't even need to call the waiter for water they refill it to you instantly...."
Mark Yap
"Excellent food and service.You’ll get what you pay for. 👍🏻This is my first-line restaurant whenever i am craving for Ramen. It..."
Anika Jin
"Argh! I looooooove ramen and this place serves one of the best, in my personal opinion. I wish they could have a branch near me tho :( so hard to..."
Andrea Lee
"Ippudo is among my go-to places for my ramen fix. What's not to love in the ambience and delicious broth in each bowl of ramen? Service is always..."
Raniv Rojo
"I must say that this is one of the best ramen I have ever tried! Gyoza was very delicious too! Been here so many times that I lost count. Highly..."
"Ippudo is one of the well-known japanese restaurant in Asia, so when I craved for ramen (again) I thought I should give it a try. The ambience..."
Beastly Eats By Jes
"So I think I went a little crazy ordering in Ippudo. I've been wanting to eat in SM Mega Fashion Hall branch, but I couldn't find the time. When I..."
Maria MS
"I have been making rounds checking out the best ramen in MManila. I went to 12 top rated ramen houses and I can firmly say that Ippudo is the best of..."
Arnel Pijuan
"The hakata style gyoza was amazing. Delicate dumplings filled with pork and and delightful dipping sauce. The karaka special ramen's tonkatsu..."
Mike Klopp
"Their food tastes good, ambiance is inviting, and the staff are friendly and attentive. But I really find the price expensive. The dessert we ordered..."
"I was with a friend and we tried cheesy spring rolls and ramen for each. I love the rolls. The cheesy part is so tasty. I love cheese. And the ramen..."
Kathleen Demesa Gaitos
"Very good service and very accomodating. They always approach you. The food is also good but only 3 choices of ramen. All in all its a..."
Bhea Mendoza
"Date of Visit: December 18, 2017We decided to have our pre-christmas date at Ippudo since we'll not see each other on the day of Christmas...."
"Food and service is two thumbs up. Love the Akamaru Tamago with miso and garlic oil which makes your bowl extra fragrant. My visit here made me order..."
"Great food! - 3.5 for the food. I got the shiromaru ramen and my fried got the beef ishiyaki. Both were nice. The beef was tender. The broth was..."
"We ordered "akamaru special", great taste but nothing amazingly extraordinary. Their menu is very simple with just 3 types of ramen and a few side..."
Geneille Rigor
"One of the tastiest tantanmen ramen in the metro! The place is cozy and enticing to eat. Staffs are friendly 😄 prompt service. best place to eat...."
Ayen Mendoza
"Ippudo never disappoints! I recommend their Karaka-men (+very hard noodles) as I prefer my ramen spicy than the usual. Otherwise, you could get..."
"I'm a ramen lover so I tried Ippudo right away. I ordered karaka chashu and I loved it so much! Best ramen I've had so far as compared to Ramen Nagi..."
Janeth May Rodriguez
"Great service! I commend all their servers and even the manager. They were very attentive to our needs and very polite. All of them were really..."
Romelito Manuel Clorina
"I love how customizable the ramen orders are. And the salmon rolls! I am NOT a salmon roll person. But their salmon rolls were REALLY good. They were..."
Ai Kozu
"Going with the bandwagon and taking advantage of the short-lived rainy weather...My friend and I were drawn to Ippudo last Monday-- damp..."
Foodie Dokie
"I love this branch's service! The staff is very accommodating and attentive to our requests. The ramen flavors taste so great! My friends..."
"And all my cravings for these foods were satisfied.😌 ramen, okonomiyaki and the matcha brûlé, all goooood! I loved it!😋 Thank you..."
Lea Mei
"My friend and I ordered Karaka and Tantanmen. Karaka appears more tasteful and the Tantanmen is kind of bland. Both orders are in very spicy version..."
Flomarcon Domingo
"I am a ramen lover and this by far is the best! You should also try their chicken karaage. The staff are courteous and very attentive to the..."
"Ippudo is the best place to get your ramen fix. Akamaru Chashu is so good, and the texture of Kaedama was perfect. Service is good and staff are very..."
Jessa Dee
"They live up to their tagline as "the best ramen in the world." My first try of ippudo ramen is at their Osaka, Umeda branch and I can say that it..."
Maria Geronimo
"I ordered Akamaru Special and it gets saltier as I sip more broth. It was a disappointment considering its price. But I would definitely go back for..."
Mares Palma
"I was in Robinsons Manila for some errands one Saturday and I had to wait for my sister. So while waiting, I decided to have brunch at Ippudo..."
Unisse Chua
"I looove ramen! Last night my friend and I tried Ippudo, first time for both of us. When I asked about their best seller, I liked that they asked my..."
Rachel David
"Let me start by saying that I was, months ago, a total foreigner in the concept of eating, and enjoying ramen. I was just not into it. Being used to..."
🦄The Last Unicorn🦄
"Tried their clam chowder ramen and gyoza. Their clam chowder's one of their limited edition ramen so try it while you can. 😊 It was delicious but..."
"First time to eat at Ippudo!I had their chicken bun as my appetizer, it was good, the chicken was really packed a lot of flavor. For my..."
"THIRD REVIEW (NOVEMBER 2017): 5/5My sister and I both love ramen! My mom, not so much, because she thinks it's too expensive for just a..."
Jomarie Ang (Eat Drink Splurge)
"Not the best ramen that I've tasted but it does help satisfy my unending ramen cravings. I tried their new Salmon Sushi for my appetizer. The..."
Charina Estipona
"The cuisine of Ippudo at Robinson's Ermita honestly expressed the unique Japanese art. Not only is the food gratifying to look at but tastes good as..."
Jacob's Daughter
"Celebrated my Papa's birthday here at Ippudo Ermita branch since we feel like slurping a ramen that day. We had Shiromaru Chashu, Akamaru..."
"Ippudo is our "I had a bad day" dining place. In search for the perfect ramen I think there are 2 kinds of people. Those who are on a quest to taste..."
Bing Subiate-De Guzman
"This branch consistently provides a great dining experience. This remains to be one of our favorite restaurants, and these are our top..."
"-Shiromaru RamenGreat ramen! I ordered the Shiromaru Motoaji Special I love their broth very tasty and creamy. The tamago is perfectly cooked..."
Hunger Girl Fran
"Had ippudo earlier in the day before the other ramen place. This wouldve been great if you could customize it to your liking. My noodles were soggy..."
Muffy | OneHungryTeacher
"Do not judge me when I say I just go to any ippudo that I see in a mall when I'm really hungry, no second thoughts!!I mean, who doesn't..."
"I ate here last January 12, 2017. I rated ambiance, value for money, friendliness, and cleanliness as "Awesome". You can choose the softness of..."
"Their Ramen is Excellent!Wasn't expecting anything special when we went in. I was just thinking that it was like any other simple..."
Francis Ty
"Almost the same as the authentic ramen I've had while I stayed in Tokyo. Price is fairly appropriate but the long line is a killer. Got good service..."
Ish R
"BEST RAMEN IN TOWN!!! Okay okay i have so so much hype in Ippudo. But let me first start to some things which need some recommendations. To..."
"Akamaru with tamago - spicy ramen- soooooo good - you know you're having good food just be the smell - the pork cheeks were soft and..."
"Ippudo is still one of the best ramen houses in the metro. The soup is very rich and the hardness of the noodles can be chosen for your own..."
"Best. Tonkotsu. Ever. I always believe my boyfriend in terms of Japanese food (as his tongue has been accustomed to a year's worth of the..."
"I expect lines but no lines! What a relief! I have tasted Ramen in Osaka, authentic is really super awesome. This one is the real deal. Super..."
Ralph Macaranas
"Other than Shiromaru Motoaji (with very hard noodles), I also order either the Chicken Bun with it. That's my default order. But during this visit,..."
Mai Logroño
"This place is very remarkable to me because this is where my family ate right after the last day of my CPA board exams. I was not really expecting..."
Catherine Joy Tan Lim
"Food 4.5/5Portion 5/5Location 4/5Cleanliness 4/5Service 4/5Price 3.5/5Given that it's lunch time we were expecting..."
89/100 (1059 ratings)
"My wife and I went there at 10pm, and we were given a table right away. Jayson, our server, recommended the soft shell crab with salted egg dish..."
Hugh Bert Umali
"loved the setting...the staff are very friendly and is superb..."
Rochee Beltran
"Super we love it xoxoxoxo See you again!! Staff are so friendly, lovable music it's a proper pub. Every time we went here loads of fun..."
ホルト ホルト ジェーン
"I love the food! So yummy and i like the ambiance as well..."
Nikki Acot
"Love the food and the people are very nice, service is great. What more can you ask..."
Thara Marie Sakhrani Santiago
"The grilled lamb won my heart. Superb food..."
Jimmy Santoso
"Good food, good service ang very nice..."
Jean Birao
"No complaints whatsoever. Food was out of this..."
Donny Ricardo
"Mganda ang place relaxing,nkakapagrelax ka hbng..."
MyDear Pfenny Chua
"One of the few places that I really enjoyed thai food. Though portions are a bit small for the price, this is still one of the best places to get..."
Kimchi Eats
"I feel like if you've had Thai food, you will never say no when someone asks you to a Thai restaurant. Mango Tree is well-known to every Thai food..."
Nicole Meredith Ayag
"The one and only truly authentic Thai restaurant in the whole country. All the others are far second. Pad Thai, Chicken Basil, Salted Egg Squid,..."
JL Torres
"First time here.Great food. Really loved the grilled chicken and pad thai with prawn. We also had a small platter of egg rice which they said..."
Mariz Pascual Angeles
"Good food. Good service. We will be back for..."
Robin Go
"Had the pork collar and pad thai by myself for a quick dinner. The price is a bit high for one person but the taste was worth it. Loved the facade..."
Luna May
"Went here earlier for lunch together with my workmates to celebrate our milestone. Foods served looks very appetizing. With all the presentation,..."
JC Lopez
"i had a christmas dinner with my friends in mango tree bgc, and i superr looveee all the foods! the pork satay and pork ribs were really tasty, pad..."
Angeline Gracia
"First time to eat at Mango Tree - first off, love the cool, island-inspired ambience. Great place to get your satay and Tom yum..."
Cool Burrito 🌯
"I've been wanting to try Mango Tree for quite some time now. Luckily, Tsuta Ramen beside it was closed so we ended up here. I was excited and happy..."
"Mango Tree has been around for a while now. From outside, there is an opulent feel to the place-- high ceiling, glass windows, golden ornaments. It..."
Leigh Reyes
"I would say, one of the best Thai Restau in the metro. Waiters were all attentive to our orders , foooood was awesome! I love their pomelo..."
"Love everything (almost)! im soooo missing authentic thai, and Mango Tree’s the nearest to one.The first time did not disappoint! with..."
"Upon entry, you’ll be greeted by the ethnically lavish decor, and spacious interiors, which at that time of our visit, were bathed in bright..."
🦄The Last Unicorn🦄
"Really good price for the portions. Loved the catfish salad, but the pad thai lacked depth...."
Lara Lopez
"Food- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Ambiance-⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Customer..."
Roxette Beltran-Lomboy
"Great ambience, great food, very pricey but also very worth it. Can’t go wrong with pad thai and chicken satay, and do not forget to order their..."
Nikki Rivera
"Food/ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.4Ordered:Crispy Catfish with Green Mango Salad— texture and taste of the dish plays well in your..."
Nigel Garcia
"What I will always come back to MANGO tree for :- Pad thai- Stir fried crab in curry sauce- Satay platterTheir service is..."
Goldielyn Limsiy
"Mango Tree has been here for more than a decade and they still continue to serve amazing thai cuisine. I love everything that we ordered! Never..."
"Delicious food, nice service, good ambiance. Try the vegetable greeen curry, is not too spicy for thai food. They also has vegan menu!! Its..."
Nana White
"The food and service of this restaurant was great! The place is so nice and cozy, you could really say it was a fine dining. I will definitely go..."
Janella Del Rosario
"This place is very nice, ambiance is perfect, service is very professional and the food is delivered in proper time and tastes like legit Thai food...."
Eden Felix
"Visited here with friends, atmosphere and ambiance is nice. There’s that nice scent of lemongrass in the air which make the place feels authentic...."
"The food was absolutely amazing, probably one of the best places for Thai food in Manila! Everything we ordered was executed so well - from the..."
"This is my first time to eat in this branch. The difference of this branch is that it is more instagrammable and shala. Haha.These food are my..."
Earle Manucom
"Easily my favorite Thai restaurant in the area. My family ordered a range of dishes, and all were delicious! Both service and restaurant ambience are..."
Julia Gabrielle Lagman
"One of the best thai restaurants in the PH ✅✅ they serve authentic thai food.will be back for more!love their ambiance as well and their staff..."
"Booked a table for dinner and drinks with a group of friends. Staff are attentive and service was quick. We ordered a range of dishes to share. Food..."
"Ambiance looked amazing. That staff was very accommodating, polite and suggestive. Food was great, although menu is a little pricey, the serving and..."
Melanie Bravo
"My husband and I celebrated our 5th anniversary and had dinner at Mango Tree. This branch is the fanciest branch of Mango Tree that I've been to. I'm..."
"They have a very tasty curry. We ordered chicken and beef curry. Totally worth the taste. The price is right for me. Will definitely comeback!..."
Dhanica Ghienne Mharrie Lim
"My favorite Thai restaurant! I love coming back to the new design and updated menu. My favorites were the crab curry, pork collar, and yellow rice (I..."
"If you love an authentic Thai food with a hint of sophistication then Mango Tree is the place to be. I forgot to take pictures of the curry chicken..."
Maedeliene Uy
"When this place reopened I was happy. I mean there aren’t alot of good Thai restaurants in the neighborhood. If I wanted to go for good Thai food..."
Jedi Chef
"Thai cuisine has been one of my kryptonite as it is an uncharted course for my food journey mainly because I haven't found any good Thai joints..."
We Travel Fearlessly
"''Mango Tree established in the country eight years ago  is under the Mother Spice Restaurant Group. The company operates a series of full-service..."
"Been in search for good thai food here in Metro Manila since 2018. MANGO TREE BGC, HAS BY FAR EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS. HAHAFrom the beautiful..."
Ysabel Uy
"My family and I were able to eat here right after it was newly renovated! The bar, the ambiance, the ceiling, and the whole look of the place is just..."
Kar Wong
"One friday night we had dinner at Mango Tree. From the outside, the place looks small but to our surprise when we get inside wow this place is..."
"Decent servings that can be shared. I love the new look of the place. Food also is great. Recommending to try satay, and the pad thai.  Finally,..."
Cheska De Guzman
"🐽 Food: I really love their tom yum soup, crab rice and catfish salad. 🍹 Drinks: You will definitely enjoy their Thai milk tea...."
Cheska Del Rosario
"Excellent ambiance, staff, and food. While the restaurant can be a little pricey, you get quality out of it. Especially after it re-opened, the place..."
Wonhee Cho
"Celebrated my birthday with my fiancé! We loved everything from the ambience, to the food, and of course the service. Kudos to our server, whom I..."
"Ambiance is very nice. Feels like eating in a 5 star hotel.Pad Thai is one of the best i've tasted in Manila.Thai Iced Milk Tea -..."
Jessica Pavilando
"Food was excellent and the servers were very accommodating! We also really appreciated the ambiance and interiors of the place, which gave off a very..."
"Legit Thai food. Everything tastes like the ones in Thailand. Probably the best Somtam Ive tasted in MNL. But daym the prices are too expensive for..."
Linus Reyes
"I haven’t ordered anything here that i didn’t like. I tried the tom yum soup, pad thai with shrimp, and for the dessert, mango sticky rice!!..."
Kath SB
"A place where we celebrate once in a while. Their food is good for sharing and taste authentic. my favourite was the steamed fish, and yes the sticky..."
Erica Delapaz
"Mango Tree.Known for being one of the oldest yet still the best restaurants around the Bonifacio High Street Central in Bonifacio Global..."
"Mango Tree is an international Thai restaurant chain. I first tried Mango Tree Bistro in Trinoma a few years ago and I remember really liking the..."
Karen MNL
"Thai food is known for its sophistication, variety and unique combinations of seasoning.  It’s a balance of different flavors: sweet, sour, salty,..."
Fat Girls Day Out
"Calm those hungry eyes 👀 i’m loving the presentation just as much as you are.🔸 Shrimp Paste Rice (Khao Kloo Kapi): commonly known..."
Fried And Prejudice
"I love eating here whether for date nights or simple lunch with my family. I absolutely marvel at the interiors every time I visit Mango Tree BGC...."
No Ong, No Life
"It's like I was back in Thailand! I enjoyed the Thai classics-turned-high-end choices. The authenticity of the flavours were still very prominent...."
"April 15, 2018As a post birthday and 5th year anniversary treat, we decided to splurge a bit and eat where we have not eaten before. I initially..."
Marco Antonio Lozano
"Best green curry in town :-)Unfortunately I cannot say the same about the seat they assigned me. Although the place was almost empty I got..."
Angela Cocco
"Pricier than the usual Thai restaurants, I guess their location dictates their pricing and they offer a little more than the usual cheap Thai places...."
Christina | Kain Club
"Went here last February 25 for my anniversary with my boyfriend and I was very pleased with everything. The ambience, the customer service (waiter..."
Ivanne Villones
"The Kain Tulog Gang (KTG) had our mini-holiday lunch get-together here at Mango Tree Manila. Sharing the dishes that we tried in this blog post. ...."
Phantasm Darkstar
"Tag: One of the best thai food Restos Must try: Fried Seabas- well done and Crispy plus the fact its so fresh this simple dish blew..."
Fridate Diaries By Cecil Valle
"Amazing feel to this resto. It’s kinda cross between Fine Dine and chilling out place. Their serving portion is HUGE. Vegetarians , please feel..."
Abhinav Shukla
"First up we had the Tod Mun Goong (P420) which is deep fried shrimp cakes served with sweet chili sauce. I like how these didn't come out oily even..."
Bettina Bacani
"Since we came back home last 2016, we have met a lot of food-loving people in our different EATSperiences here. And some that we have met along the..."
"With the Yuletide Celebration fast approaching, restaurants have been preparing holiday meals to help pep up their menu. One restaurant whose menu..."
The Pickiest Eater In The World
"Craving for thai cuisine so we visited mango tree during last minute errands in bgc. It’s serving sizes are decent but price is a little bit on the..."
"Foods ordered:Vegetarian Phad ThaiGarlic TofuPrawns SatayGood venue, warm decor, good food, attentive and efficient server..."
Jeanette Mendoza
"I just went here for afternoon drinks with a friend so I haven’t tried the food just yet. The place is relatively big is high ceilings. They..."
Mika Kubota
"There are several vegan-friendly options here, including dessert. Full of flavor. We often go here to eat and service-wise, sometimes its a..."
Jertie Abergas
"While the of idea trying something new, by merging different zests, ingredients, and methods of cooking all over the years, finding a restaurant who..."
Ryan Paul Magdangal
"First ever Thai restaurant I have tried in the Philippines after 7 years of being away and living in another country. I'd say it's quite better than..."
RJ Barros
"We had dinner here with my 20-month-old kid. We were seated at the couch as we requested from the lady staff. We were ordering food when the waiter..."
Marian Barola
"I'm not a fan of Thai cuisine but Mango tree is a game changer. We tried their soft crab phad thai, chicken green curry, crispy salmon skin and salt..."
"It's been about 6 months since coming back to Mango Tree and honestly was expecting the same old same semi-ok Thai joint that acts like a fine dining..."
Yuri Marshall
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
89/100 (59 ratings)
"White Dream Ice Blend forever. This is my go to drink whenever I crave something sweet and with caffeine. Their guiltless chocolate cake is also..."
"CBTL’s crinkles are back and they have been getting traction for it as of late. They were initially offered before, and now we are hoping it will..."
"Tried the NEW Ham and Cheese Swirl and it was good for the price. It was hefty and filled with ham bits and cheese. Can be a good choice for a..."
Eboy M. Donato
"The place is two floors plus an extension so it's pretty spacious. However, the glass house extension isn't always open and the second floor closes..."
Valerie Abby
"Very good ambiance and we've been here three time a day literally because of vacation last Christmas, and the food is very delicious so with the..."
Richelle Dayrit
"Easily my favorite CBTL branch This was my home during undergrad. Great choice for studying! The baristas are really nice and accomodating too. Plus..."
Genry Criscel Consul
"A very convenient place to get work done or chilling with friends! The staff is very friendly. Their smiles go a long way! They should switch up..."
Deo Deguit
"Who doesn't love coffee bean! My fave is their mocha chillleerss!Place is usually crowded with employees/students working, 24/7. Staff is..."
Maria Kay
"The best coffee bean branch I've been to so far.There's enough space for their..."
Jaydee Medina
"One of the best designed / unique coffee bean that i ever been to, the place is so cool they have friendly and accommodating staff. Starting today..."
Ezekiel Zafra
"One of the best designed Coffee Bean I have been to and the staffs are really friendly and accommodating. The only thing I don't like is the low..."
Lyndon Vincent Ang
"When is coffee never a good thing to indulge yourself into? As long as it's coffee I'm G whether it's 7Php instant to something bigger than my..."
"This is one of the coziest branches of CBTL. The staff is very accommodating and they make sure you have a seat when they can.I recently found..."
Ida Tan
"This is my favorite Coffee Bean branch. The upper floor is mostly used by students for studying. It's spacious and quiet and you may get glares from..."
Mina Barroquillo
"Good place to study. Quiet and students are also around especially during the night. Good thing it's open until 4am. But their upper level is only..."
Kelsey Lamiel
"I like this place its so quite and relaxing, not so crowded there is always available seat for me every time I go here.  I like so much their..."
"If this place isn't crowded, it's a very nice spot to unwind and relax, or study. I go to CBTL for the food more than their drinks-which are both..."
C. S.
"Very nice place to study or read. I love the ambiance on the second floor especially when you're seated on the couch. It's also nice to seat by the..."
Charrie Pablo
"Quiet, gentrified spot on Adriatico adjacent to the Malate Pensionne, one of the oldest hotels in the area. Service is consistent with..."
Marianne In Manila
New Po Heng Lumpia House
89/100 (225 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
"This is arguably the holy grail of fresh lumpia. One wrong turn and you'll miss this place. Took me a few wrong turns (I'm bad at directions and they..."
Quitz Sinco
"Hands-down, THE best lumpiang gulay ever. Very generous in terms of filling and the amount of peanuts add that yummy crunch. Best paired with their..."
Ann Pauline Sison-Lim
"Ambience: It was hot during our evening visit but this is expected of other establishments in the area. It's a really simple place that's more about..."
Patrick Unson
"Great food at affordable price. If you are a senior don’t use your senior card. (Whispering...mas mapa mahal ka pa..."
Arnel Macariola
"Malayo lang, pero masarap. Natural ang..."
Butch Gonzalez
"Will come back for more delicious food! Thanks!..."
Porsche Peralta
"Sarap ng lumpia, 5-star rating talaga....."
Maricris Reyes
"Best lumpiah in this country same as in my country..."
Donny Saputra
"Authentic Lumpia with its signature sauce perfect for everyday..."
Jasu Chan
"Grabi ang sarap tlaga ng fresh lumpia sa new po-heng ito tlaga ang pinaka da..."
Lea Quisto Sandoval
"Best lumpia in Manila! Reminds me of my childhood in Singapore...."
Abby Tuangco
"One of the best lumpia I have ever tasted! There's sweetness, saltiness and a little kick (maybe coming from the pepper? Not so sure tho.)..."
"New Po-Heng's Lumpia has thin lumpia wrapper and looks small compared with regular fresh lumpia but once you cut the former, the wrapper will unveil..."
Travel Eat Pinas
"If you're a fresh lumpia lover, you have to visit New Po Heng in Binondo!I don't want to make this review too long, because you only need..."
Mon Villaverde
"2nd Best Fresh Lumpia in the world after my Grandma's !Siya lang yun pwedeng substitute when I crave fresh lumpia.They also have good..."
"Okay. Been so grateful this second time around 'di kami nasaraduhan. The lumpia is plain on the outside it looks smaller BUT... yes there's a but...."
Kevin Lumbaca
"One of the best fresh lumpias I’ve had in town! You could taste that the ingredients were really fresh. I love how generous the servings were...."
Louise Martin
"Best fresh lumpia in the world!They used to be located inside a building in Quintin Paredes St. But they moved to a smaller location..."
Justin Torres
"I recommend this place. Customer service is friendly. Affordable yet delicious. Love the fresh lumpia and kiampong! I will definitely order..."
Mirian Tan Lo
"The ambience is very different from what I saw but nothing negative about the place. Fresh lumpia is a very “must-try” dish!!! Peanut taste is..."
Patricia Policarpio
"I've been to other lumpia houses in Chinatown and they sure are trying to copy how New Po Heng makes its signature lumpiang sariwa. But nothing beats..."
Johnny Usman
"Went to their old place and found out they moved across the street (along the fruit stands beside BDO). Their new place is well lit and much cleaner..."
The Hangry Couple
"Had their Fresh Lumpia, our 3rd stop. One helping is big enough for two, since it is so compact, we had to share. I love the crunch of the ground..."
Lagura Anne
"Went here to try their Lumpia. But since we were able to find seats inside, ended up ordering their Pork/Fish Maki, and Kiampong as..."
"2nd stop in our Binondo Food Crawl.New Po Heng Lumpia House serves really good fresh Chinese lumpia. It has the perfect mix of vegetables..."
Boodle Bear
"The new poheng lumpia house is definitely offering the best lumpia taste, just be careful with the wrapper because it can easily..."
Lorenz Lao
"I love fresh lumpia so I went here with a friend who told me that they're one of the best places to go to for my cravings. I wasn't disappointed at..."
Gastronomiss PH
"📍New Po Heng in Quintin Paredes St. Binondo Manila🍴Lumpiang Sariwa for 95 Pesos (Original Price in Pricelist) with less-12% Discount I..."
JK Foodies
"A small cozy place in Quintin Paredes St., they serve good food at an affordable price. Love their Fresh Lumpia, Kiampong and Maki. It's my comfort..."
Mercsi Diyosa
"This was the first stop on the Binondo Food Wok that my officemates and I went to. I heard of this from other blogs but I was quite apprehensive...."
Regina Marie Peralta
"During my very first visit here, I was led inside a random building in China town and when we finally got to New Po Heng, I was surprised to see a..."
Fat Girls Day Out
"This humble chinese restaurant is the home of the best lumpiang sariwa in the metro. Prices are cheap and staff are friendly. Will definitely visit..."
"Ambience:It was hot during our evening visit but this is expected of other establishments in the area. It's a really simple place that's more..."
Patrick Unson
"I've tried different chinese lumpia before. So far, i like this one the most. i find it more flavorful compared to others. the sauce as well tastes..."
Aleizza Rae Nocon
"There lumpia chay or lumpiang gulay are the best. The best i ever tasted. It is recommendable👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 the stuff inside is also..."
"First time to try this raved about chinese lumpis place here in binondo. And I must say, it's not raved for nothing. Their lumpia is really really..."
"Really love their fresh lumpia and it’s very affordable. They also deliver but with a minimum amount. They also have different dishes you can order..."
"#latepostOur whole extended family had a Binondo Food Trip... We braved the rain, the traffic and the busy streets to sample the culinary..."
Foodie Dokie
"Not a glamorous place for sure but you will like it for its lumpia and all the rest of the food it offers. Simple but delicious. It is a hiffen..."
Jean-Francois Pinera
"just been dragged by a friend to get some lumpia tonight. i was supposed to visit this for the first time when i did my diy temple run in binondo but..."
Rurouni Neko
"I'm a big fan of fresh lumpia, so I must say - it's a must try! Though there's quite a drawback sa mami nila kasi walang lasa. But kung lumpia lang..."
Jerika Mica
"I'm a huge fan of fresh lumpia. I would eat it as often as I could so I was not too optimistic about this one. I knew I had high standards when it..."
Ish Meets World
"Masarap ung lumpia. Matamis lang siya. May taste sya ng seaweed and may sugar ung loob. Puro senior ung mga customer nila. Ambiance is okay. Super..."
"I just love the setting of no fancy improvement with an atrium. We just bought Lumpia real Veggie, I cannot give perfect score since I haven't tried..."
Jonathan H.
"Taste is good for first few bites but later on there's "umay"factor for me.Good hearty meal for vegan lovers. and their lumpia is too heavy for..."
RoxVin T.Co
"I was in binondo area practically all my life yet this is my first time to eat here by accidental discovery... The lumpia is great and the ambience..."
Kenneth Wong
"This is one of a hidden gem in Binondo. The location is not easy to find because it's located in an old building and you have to enter an alley. I've..."
"Don't be afraid to go through what may seem as a suspicious alleyway because you certainly won't regret it. Finding it at first adds to the thrill..."
Bears Looking For Food
"This is home to one of the best Lumpias in town. New Po-Heng Lumpia House is the go-to place when the talk of original Fresh Spring Roll surfaces. I..."
Janni Janni Daquigan
"My Mom requested for their lumpia while she was confined in a hospital. I was curious because it's all that she requested. She was bragging how the..."
Genevieve Uy
"Went here as part of our Binondo Wok Tour. This was our first stop. They have other Chinese food specialties but only tried their lumpia which is..."
Lady Baker
"Well its location is not very obvious. It is inside a building but can be seen easily for me. Well the lumpia's price is definitely worth for the..."
Daljit Singh
"Delicious straight forward fresh lumpia in this old joint. You'll feel like you are transported back in the old days when you dine in their..."
"As an additional place on my #BellaInBinondo Series, I check out this Lumpia House known in Binondo for 2 decades. It's inside Uysugin Building..."
Glenda Candedeir
"Read a lot about this place! This has been on the to-try list around Binondo since I don't know when. I can say that out of all the places we've been..."
Midz Sy
"As an additional place on my #BellaInBinondo Series, I check out this Lumpia House known in Binondo for 2 decades. It's inside Uysugin Building..."
Glenda Candedeir
"New Po Heng is part of the Binondo Food Tour curated by Ivan Man Dy. It just across an Eng Bee Tin store in Quintin Paredes, it is located inside the..."
Alvin Ong | TFC
"I have been patronizing their lumpia forever. Undoubtedly the best Chinese lumpia in Chinatown! I always try to buy whenever there's a chance to pass..."
Violet Reyes
"New Po-Heng Lumpia House is a popular in Binondo known for their Lumpia Sariwa, a Chinese-style fresh lumpia. A number of foodies love going to New..."
Chef Jay's Kitchen
"Rating more for the lumpia than the place itself. The place is quite hard to find since you still have to go inside a gated hallway to reach a small..."
Vincci Monique Salud
"Pretty much the same taste as with GLOBE in Raon just bigger. I didn't like the sauce though, it's too sticky for me. But the insides of the lumpia..."
"Best soup I have had in a long time. This was my very first visit to New Po Heng and I was just BLOWN AWAY by all the comforting goodness I was..."
"As our friends from Binondo will attest, New Po Heng Lumpia House serves as a good introduction to Chinese cuisine as it is found in Manila's own..."
Marianne In Manila
"One of the hard-to-find "popular" place in your Binondo food walk. They serve the best fresh lumpia in Binondo. At 50php a piece, you'll get one..."
"You have to try their Fresh Lumpia, it's highly recommended!😋Though you have to find the place because it's located way inside a building..."
Cindy Grace Lim
"We often kid the walking into New Po Heng is like walking into the twilight zone. Although there is a huge sign outside, you will walk a short..."
Dennis Carlson Lim | TFC
89/100 (3239 ratings)
"One of our favorite restos in Manila. Their porkchop is a must try! It is served with potatoes and veggies. Staff here is also very helpful and..."
Kriztle Regalado
"This is a great place to have a meeting in Intramuros. The food was great too. They were delicious and well-prepared. Service is great as well...."
"Took a long hiatus from writing in Zomato. Zomato can do more to appreciate the effort that foodies like me put in to feeding their content. That..."
Hungry Filipino
"Since the last time I went here, this restaurant made a huge improvement on their food quality. Prosciutto pizza is a must! Though I would suggest..."
Karlene Sy
"Fantastic place to have long conversations. The ambiance is quite nice. It also offers a great view of the Manila Cityhall with the Intramuros Walls..."
Davy Jonathan Cheng
"Great to visit Raffaele again for the 2nd time. First time to try it was 5 years ago. All of their dishes are still "delizioso". Started out with a..."
Hungrig Bauch
"The vegan pizza is divine!!! Although I added cheese so it became vegetarian but still... glad there’s an option. Also, the chickpea & kale soup..."
Janice Marie Racelis
"We originally wanted to book the Skydeck but it was raining so we made a reservation here instead. It was a blessing in disguise because dining here..."
Rikka Morante
"They have a great 4cheese pizza. Not everyone knows the place but their brickoven pizza sets them apart from other pizza parlor - giving the crust..."
Iris Raña
"Good place for romantic dinner. I really loved the ambiance of the restaurant. Dimmed lights, food view for city hall and quiet music.Service..."
"Second time visiting Bayleaf for a nice meal. Definitely a great experience for us again! The service was excellent; the waitress at the time..."
"Nice Italian restaurant. Great food there. Fish and pizza amazing. Try the eggplant pizza very masarap. Located in the middle of intramuros. Best..."
"Great Place to dine with family and friends.. We tried their Prosciutto Pizza and Mushroom Pasta and we loved it! The Dolci cake was also worth the..."
Shyna John
"They serve the best wood fired pizzas! We love the Butcher's Choice and Cheese Steak! Must try the Crispy Kale Salad and Agnello! Wonderful overall..."
"Great food and ambience in this restaurant! Never fails to give me a happy tummy! Try their Truffle Mushroom Pasta 👍 but pls bring mosquito..."
Ken Chua
"Food was good enough for an Italian restaurant in Manila. Most notable was the Cheese Pizza which had developed flavors. Service was also attentive..."
Secret Glutton
"Order the mushroom truffle penne and any pizza . the pizzas are baked and not the greasy type. View was nice as it’s overlooking intramuros..."
Karen Blythe Lim
"The restaurant is located on the 3rd floor in the Bayleaf hotel. The prices are high compared to other places in the region, but you pay for good..."
"a nice respite in the very busy manila area. a good place to get good decent italian food at affordable prices. bayleaf hotel has a selection of very..."
"The place is too beautiful. Overlooking the Manila City Hall and the Walls of Intramuros. The staff were very accomodating and really assisted us..."
Christian Zaide
"Gamberetti never disappoints. Ambience is great. Truffle pasta is a winner too. The warm chocolate cake with créme anglaise isn't too sweet...."
Felicia G. Aquino
"Their chocolate lava cake will definitely put your patience to the test but it's definitely worth the wait! I'd brave the traffic just for this..."
"Food: 4Service: 5Ambience: 4Value for Money: 4Will Come Back: YesWhat's Best: Beef Kare Kare, ambience,..."
Margarita Sampang
"Our favorite Italian restaurant to date. This place is underrated. Try their gamberetti with their focaccia bread, uva salad, their pasta-..."
Perpy Ramirez
"Can't say that the food aren't good but it's okay. Mushroom risotto is something to try. It tastes weird but delicious. Bacon carbonara is okay too...."
Hazel G
"Can't say anything. Just WOW. It must be 5.0 but some of the foods and drinks in their Menu list are too expensive. Lol. OVER-ALL taste of the food,..."
Francis Romero
"Venturing into a whole new and modern concept here at Raffaele... 😊 particularly enjoyed their Gamberetti, Prosciutto con Zucca, Risotto di Funghi..."
Gem Saitam
"I availed the SR9 membership card so we got 50 off from our total bill. Food and service was excellent just like in a fine dinning. Best tasting..."
"It was my boyfriend's dad's birthday dinner when we ate here. They had just recently opened/started that time that's why there were only a few..."
Yza Miranda-Abella
"when you eat here, make sure to get their pizza! definitely a must try. their ambiance and service is also very great :) cant wait to come back..."
Tess Santos
"It was quaint and classy. A place you would go to for a quiet date. Their food is amazing! Especially wood fire oven baked pizzas. When you're in..."
Aimee Buzeta
""Accidentally" had dinner here while waiting for my husband. It was a pleasant accident which I would gladly repeat☺️. Tried their Bruschetta al..."
Carla Salandanan-Maglalang
"Celebrated our anniversary here. Loved the cozy and romantic ambience. Food did not disappoint. I enjoyed their wood-fired pizza, Quattro and their..."
Jannette Guevarra
"I had high expectations of this place mainly because it's located in a hotel. I've heard that they serve good wood fire pizza, so decided to give it..."
Coco D.
"Great experience with fabulous view and service. Will surely come back for the experience and food! Keep up the great work. Two thumbs..."
Vanni Soriano
"Our experience at Raffaele is very memorable. Upon entering, you are treated like royalty. The manager will personally serve you if he isn't busy...."
Ceska Padilla
"The father of wood-fire pizza in the metro. Their Quattro Pizza oozing with flavor is a must-try! And so is their Gamberetti. Place is cozy for a..."
Rafaela Angela Camacho
The Curator
89/100 (985 ratings)
"Worth a try!!!..."
Marsha Martina
"There are only a handful of cocktails to choose from, but don’t be afraid to speak to the bartenders, as they welcome suggestions to create from..."
Purple Curiosity
"Great place for a nice coffee and light meals which is hard to find in Manila. The decor gives the place an industrial charm with the concrete walls...."
Chris Anesco
"Everything’s great. Coffee. Food. Music. Ambiance. They serve alcohol at..."
Allen Caeg
"A very simple cafe, with a clean interior and a low profile exterior - barely a sign and easy to miss. Their menu also reflects their simplicity. For..."
Black Prince
"I like how lowkey this place is; when my friends and I went here, we kinda struggled finding where it was 'cause they didn't have a signage haha...."
Diane Corre
"The service is great!! The staff were very friendly and accommodating. In our first visit, they took time to explain their offerings and helped us..."
Natasha Kosheleva
"Chill and lowkey. Great place to hangout for after-work drinks. Great set of cocktails + we had a sample of that puto bumbong drink w/c tastes..."
Julian B.
"I like the exclusivity of this bar/cafe. Also, it’s lowkey cos you won’t expect behind their front, which is the cafe, is a semi speakeasy bar...."
Bevy Salvador
"Has a very comfy Filipino hipster-esque vibe Good place for coffee! Staff are very friendly and know their stuff. You can even ask them for..."
Jicu Beloy
"Really great coffee for a really great price. Will definitely recommend. Presentation is not bad. It’s hard to spot at first because they don’t..."
Micah Galang
"Visited this place again after so long. The last time I was here they still had that wine store but now it’s a full blown cafe/bar. I appreciate..."
Kathryna De Bustos
"It was a bit a hassle to look for this place since it did not have a sign or a name, however, the ambience and the taste of their coffee definitely..."
Kathleen Bernabe
"since it’s lowkey, it took five minutes to figure out where the entrance was. the staff were accommodating and conversed while doing our orders...."
Deniesse Borce
"Good place to catch up with friends.Perfect for those who wants a morning coffee and chill place.Friendly barista.No..."
Bea Patricia
"Love the cocktails! the selection of drinks are so much intriguing. You can actually request for them to make a drink for you, like a special or one..."
Anjeanette Cansino
"Drinks: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Cool concept! They take their drinks very seriously. And I have never seen a cocktail menu so fun and..."
Erica Bucog
"BADASS cocktail lounge, hidden in legaspi makati.i am overwhelm with the service and the variety of cocktails. their bartenders are the..."
"Who would have thought that this coffee shop exist. Thanks to my friend for introducing The Curator to me. I love the ambiance, the coffee and the..."
Innah Andrea
"My boss introduced me to this place so I come here mostly for meetings cos it is really quiet at daytime and almost looks like a hideout. Easy to..."
The Beanie Review
"THE BEST in Makati 💖 Everyone is just so nice and their coffee and cocktails are great. It’s the best place to chill and relax. I could live..."
Ji Young
"UGH, what an experience. Great, secretive ambiance tucked in a corner along Legaspi village. Since it’s a tiny bar, you’re almost pressured to..."
Bea Delos Reyes
"Their bartenders are the best! Super friendly and are great at recommending stuff to you. Though the drinks may be pricey, they are truly worth it...."
Norman Paul Roy
"I gave the Curator 5 stars. Why? It hits the right notes as a cocktail bar while going the extra mile as well.1.) AmbianceCozy..."
Miltton Li
"Hanami Gin is a thoughtful, hand-crafted drink infused with the true essence of distinctive cherry blossom and herbs. These botanicals are carefully..."
Feed My Tummy PH
"The Curator serves its location well, just at the corner of C. Palanca Street, walking distance from Greenbelt 1 and the nearby residential and..."
Eboy M. Donato
"Was here for a product launch and it was my first time to set foot at The Curator and little did I know it was just near the office. It looks small..."
"I really love this place and will surely recommend it because they go beyond the normal kind of service a coffee shop can give. I went here all by..."
Rose Ann Galera
"I don't drink coffee but I drink alcohol so I am reviewing Curator for their "Hidden Bar".If you're looking for an nice, quiet, intimate..."
"I went here for the "cocktail" part, where I can get free peanuts ;)No seriously, don't ask for the best seller drinks. Just tell them..."
Dony Johansyah Habibie
"A nice coffee place na may not so hidden na bar sa likod. They serve food din pero I always go here for their coffee. Try nio tong Shake-O-What-O,..."
"The place is small but relaxing, I love the wall color. I love the Espresso with milk it is best paired with the brownie. I will be back soon for..."
"This place is a go-to for some down time. The Sicilian fizz is amazing (using a metal straw is lovely touch) and the grilled cheese is perfect (the..."
Kyla Yzabella Mari
"The brightly lit closed coffee shop hides a gem of a bar behind the back sliding doors.They've got a great selection of cocktails including..."
"This is a very late review. I'll break it down into three:a. FoodTheir honey grilled sandwich is equally sweet and salty. I particularly..."
Catalina Ricci Madarang
"If you had trouble finding this place, we are no different. We just wanted to try something new and ended up googling the Curator.We were..."
"@thecurator_ has got to be the best hidden-gem café in Makati. Coffee or cocktail - it’s your choice but they’ll definitely get you what you..."
Epicurean Foodies PH
"For the introvert in me that prefers quieter places with smaller crowds, this has become one of my favorite places/hideaways in Makati. This place..."
Mamiyo Camille
"So in love with places like these!The Curator has it all, a bright front room and a moody back room for all kinds of coffee and cocktails..."
"This place has been updated. You don't need to go through Cyrano anymore because they have expanded their shop while still maintaining the great..."
Hans Erickson Lim
"Amazing, not so hidden anymore Gem, in legaspi. Great coffee, impeccable service, and just a cool vibe about the place. Their staff are some of my..."
Brett Bayly
"After visiting The Curator the first time for drinks, I really wanted to come back to try their coffee too because the place seemed like it looked..."
Unisse Chua
"If you're looking for great food, great coffee, great ambiance and great service. This is the place that you've been looking for! I've always been..."
Karlo Maneja Dela Cruz
"ever seen a test tube out of your chemistry lab?You can drop by at The Curator where they serve sugar varieties in test tubes...."
Aiz Parala
"Another hidden gem of Makati. Literally hidden. Haha. It does not have any signboard or whatsoever so it could be a bit challenge if you're planning..."
Karen Buñag
"I have been meaning to drop by this cafe/bar ever since I heard news of it last last year. I was able to see it at night where it turned to a..."
The Hungry Employee
"My favorite 2017 coffee shop so far. I had their espresso + milk and it was really good. The coffee was strong enough and blends well with the milk...."
Getting Pigger
"One of the best coffee shop I've been in makati! So we decided to chill after our shoot with a model around makati. The barista was very nice of us..."
Benedict Bigalbal
"Got to taste different kinds of coffee here! And got a chance to see david ong pouring a coffee! The place is kinda dark which is very relaxing, guys..."
Dan Calagui
"I went here a few months ago with a friend on a spontaneous night out. The baristas were asking us what we wanted to drink and I had no idea what to..."
"Just this Saturday, hubby and I together with some looloo friends went to TLC Festival in Bonifacio High Street Central. The plan was to have lunch..."
"I don't think that I can say enough good about this place to do it justice. From the moment I first walked in the door I have had a phenomenal..."
"The Curator is probably my favorite cafe in Metro Manila. Here's why:Food- I wasn't able to take a picture, but I ordered their Apple Pie..."
No Ong, No Life
"A place you never expected that there is a cafe and bar inside. Really a whole in the wall. Love their coffee and I love the interaction the..."
Dale Cruz
"If it weren't for Zomato, I never would have guessed that a coffee shop can be found inside a wine bar. I was actually a bit hesitant to open Cyrano..."
Kathlyn Diane Datu
"The secret place. We had a quite hard time looking for this coffee shop. They could have posted a signage or something outside the wine bar. Or maybe..."
Kevin Edward Culla
"The Curator is a designer coffee shop by day, cocktail bar at night, owned by four partners who divide day and night operations amongst themselves...."
Marianne In Manila
"Finally! Nakita rin kita, kung hindi pa sa isang blog site hindi kita makikita. Pinahirapan mo ako! 😜 But still "it's worth it!" 😃The..."
"The Curator is perfect for caffeine addicts and alcoholics! It's a cafe and bar in Makati which serves amazing coffee. I ordered the Winds of winter..."
Astrid Nicole Jalandoni Arceo
"Excellent coffee and cocktail bar in Legaspi Village. Cool setting with good music.Bartenders introduce themselves to you!We..."
"The barista is very accomodating and peaceful. Im not into coffee kaya nag reccommend sila for me na first timer dun na walang alam about coffee..."
Hungry Jef
"you would love to have breakfast here:) they have very simple menu yet efficient for me since i was able to order in a few sec right after i was..."
Donna Nolasco
"I enjoyed my first try here, but today I found the service wanting. The muffin is OK, but my friend's coffee wasn't hot enough but I credit the..."
Good Pinoy
"Went there last saturday afternoon with a friend to have a chat and watch movies (laptop). The cafe/bar is actually at the back end of the shop so if..."
"Visited Curator on a Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately they don't serve alcohol on Sundays, so we only got to order coffee. I had the iced..."
"Love the urban speakeasy vibe. The Curator is hidden behind a bar, so it may seem "closed" but you have to check the doors to be sure. Their coffee..."
Raina Cheng
"Some might have a hard time finding where this café is since it's located inside a building; once inside, you will still have to pass through a what..."
"The Curator definitely knows what they're selling. Honestly, I've just started drinking coffee and so I don't know much yet on coffee variety. The..."
Shelly Viajera Travel
"Great coffee experience at The Curator. Special thanks to Ivan (The barista) for entertaining us. My friend and I learned so many things about..."
Michelle Ann China Yu
"Every time I am in town, I’ve always got to try and make as much time for my favourite local coffee shop - The Curator. Their food menu is..."
"Wednesday morning and had to accompany my husband in Makati for his HAAD Exam. I didn’t have enough sleep that day so I looked for a coffee shop..."
Jacqui T
"The Curator Coffee and Cocktails: Bringing the Best That the World of Coffee and Cocktails Has to Offer. The Curator Coffee and Cocktails is known..."
Chef Jay's Kitchen
"My favorite hidden lair!I actually got the idea of creating the @coffeecrawlerph handle in Instagram after my first visit to The..."
"The Curator is a gem hidden inside a winery, I even doubted if the vicinity was open when I went here. This is just a 2-min walk away from my office..."
"another great place for meetings and chilling located in Makati. :) a well established restaurant to serve you all. the service here was not that..."
Caleb Zion
"I rate this high just because one, it's hidden. Finding it was a victory in itself. Two, their unique presentation of coffee. It came with test tube..."
"I truly enjoy those rugged vintage looking types of coffee shops, so if you also prefer those kind of places, Curator is definitely a place to add to..."
Wency Gail Apostol
"4/5 for their Dark Matter Theory! The place is quite hidden. Love the interiors but their lights are dimmed. Just ask Ramona to score a brewed coffee..."
Marilyn Fernandez
"Coffee during the day. Cocktails by night. I must say my first experience of the so-called "third wave coffee" is really good. I tried espresso with..."
Jindra Dolatre
"Ordered Espresso (Winds of Winter Blend) with milk and it was just the perfect cup. Light, crisp and a bit nutty. I'd love this for my morning cup of..."
Bea Hingada
"The Curator is a quaint cafe by day and a unique speakeasy by night. It is located in the back area of Cyrano Wine Bar, which can be found at the..."
Cath L.
"I love love a good drink. Im more of a tea person but oh wow I certainly enjoyed my Dirty White Coffee drink. It's espresso with milk and since it's..."
Kirsten Chloe
"A very interesting place to taste coffee in different "depths" and to learn more about coffee and to share conversations with the baristas and even..."
Anya Argüelles
"Great coffee, great cocktails, great food and great people. The Curator is tucked behind a wine shop. It feels more like a speakeasy bar..."
"Espresso with milk - very goodHoney grilled cheese - simple but tasty. The bread was soft and its crust has the same texture as croissant...."
Kata Sobejana
"Excellent service and the coffee is brewed exceptionally well. I enjoyed the croissant with Gorgonzola, but found the grilled honey and cheese a bit..."
Frankie Figgs
"If you want to get away from work for a while and get a perfect cup of coffee this is definitely the place to go. It might be a little intimidating..."
Alain Roy Francisco
Dunkin' Donuts Glorietta
89/100 (12 ratings)
"Chocolate Butternut! When you’re waiting for a movie and you want something else with your coffee. Donuts and sugar free coffee always work...."
Christina | Kain Club
"We all know that almost every people around Metro Manila loves munchkins! This is why I want to share with you my favorite munchkins which are the..."
"Always good donuts. Tried some of the fancy flavours and they were delicious! Get the Simpsons looking ube sprinkle! The blueberry cheese was a..."
"Our go-to coffee shop for brewed coffee. No frills, but excellent tasting quality coffee. Pair with the classic donut and you only need to pay 60...."
Fat Girls Day Out
"Long before Krispy Kreme, and J.Co dominated the donut scene, Dunkin’ Donuts was the clear leader in the “dough” biz. I commend them for..."
🦄The Last Unicorn🦄
"Our personal favorites are the Boston Kreme, Strawberry Filled and the Choco Frosted. We also love the munchkins! Recently, we tried the Dunkin Yan..."
Manila Dining Diary
"If I remembered correctly, they have a new stall at the Glorietta food court. After having lunch, I want to have something for dessert and good thing..."
"An impulse buy of 25 pieces of munchkins to keep me from becoming extremely Hangry!!! Of course, i shared it with the rest of the family. The kids..."
"Who doesn't love and crave for Choco Butternut? ❤️🍩 My All-time favorite donut, ever since I was a kid. 😃@dunkindonutsph #DunkinDonutsPh..."
"All time favorite donut! My love for dunkin donuts will never ever go away. Even if a lot of new donut place opened like, Krispy Kreme. I would..."
Joanne Yao
"One thing i like in Dunkin Donut is their Bunwhich  Spanish Sausage  also the bunwhich ham and cheese both goes well with my hot brewed coffee...."