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Cafe Ilang-ilang
90/100 (1049 ratings)
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Late Night
Steak and Salmon Corner
Juice & Smoothies
Fruit and Desserts Bar
Korean Dishes
Beef tenderloin
Sushi and Sashimi Combo
Mandarin Duck
Peking Duck
Seafood Counter
Foie Gras
Dim Sum
Ice Cream
Baby Back Ribs
Garlic Prawns
Salad Station
Cakes and Desserts
Roast Beef
Pizza Station
Hong Kong
"I have tried Breakfast and Lunch and the selection is..."
Sheren Claire Vasquez
"Loved the selection of food. Didn't like the set up though. Went with our visitors and we all had difficulty in finding the Japanese section. There..."
Rakesh M
"I have given an odd and personal gauge for my ratings of hotel buffet before, and that is their attention to making their finisher dishes good..."
Asch And Sieglind
"For the price you pay on a promo, cafe ilang ilang is hard to beat. Specially in thursday when they have foie gras. The spread is wide and..."
Bob Azcor
"Round 1 - Get the ROAST BEEF STEAK ! It's near the Chinese Cuisine area. Then head on to the grill and get the LAMB CHOPSRound 2 - Seafood...."
Margaret Chan
"Loved it so so so much ♥️ i used a voucher, but it would have been totally worth the original price...."
"We went here to have a Sunday lunch buffet. The food was delicious and so many food to choose from. This is one of the best buffet hotel restaurant..."
Scotty Wilburt See
"Their seafood night is so lit. 👌 I also love their japanese section. Good food and Great staff will definitely go back with my family and friends...."
Miel Solidum
"Everything superb. I love the coffee section, each latte I ordered came out so beautiful and tasty. The ice cream had a surprising amount of..."
"Tried their buffet thanks to BDO’s 50% promo. Food was superb! Almost everything was of the best quality (for a buffet meal). I particularly loved..."
Louise Martin
"We expected the place would be really crowded judging from the reviews i’ve seen online and knowing it’s in Manila Hotel. My whole family stayed..."
Tine Jadormeo Clemente
"One of the ultimate buffet places to go to with value for money because of their awesome promos for some card holders. Perfect for special..."
Charmagne Yerro
"This buffet restaurant inside Manila hotel is a good start to define your cravings. Know why? Simply because this foods are definitely satisfy all..."
"Currently our go-to buffet place.They have the best seafood buffet in town (thurs to sat). A lot better than Spiral IMHO. Unlimited lobster, sea..."
"Great food and service. Good Ambiance and highly recommended buffet dining especially during the Seafood Friday night! Special maki is to die..."
Lhea Manongdo
"Food : 4.5Ambiance : 5Service : 4.5I've been in many restaurants and buffet in Metro like Vikings, Buffet 101, NIU and so on. So..."
"Always love the ambiance here. Been coming here since I was a child. Their burger tastes the same. Their Pancit Malabon is always yummy and full of..."
"Came here on super crowded Holy Week. The place was absolutely packed, despite that the staff did a good job in keeping all the dishes flowing and..."
"Stayed at the hotel for an event and we availed of their lunch buffet. Was really looking forward to trying their roast beef but it wasnt available...."
Pau V. Flavier
"I love the Breakfast Buffet here. That's why I always look forward to eating my breakfast whenever I I stay for the night in Manila..."
"We tried their american night dinner buffet. The roast beef was tender, loved the lechon with truffle rice, the desserts were great, lobster was..."
Mica Valenzuela
"Foods are great during friday seafood theme night, lots of seafood and all food taste good, i love to keep coming back here at least once a month..."
Danny Espinosa Liao
"I've eaten here over 10 times and its hands down my favorite buffet in Manila. It has the best selection and I love the Japanese room and..."
Bob C
"One of the best buffet restaurants in Manila for sure. Food from around the world and very good as well. Attentive staff. Plan your dishes and..."
"We tried their dinner buffet and we were pleased with all the different cuisines. Their food were presented really nice and the service crew were..."
Gigiiiiii 🍛
"One of my favorite hotel buffets in the Metro.Appreciative of the range of different cuisines ( especially indian) which was really..."
Joma Sanchez
"I had a stay @ The Manila Hotel & I had my breakfast at the Cafe Ilang Ilang throughout the stay. Loved their food & the service., even their dinner..."
"We went here like 3 times already and it is still a pleasant surprise which makes me want to go back again! For me Cafe Ilang-Ilang have the best..."
Roxy Dimanalata
"Kumain kami dito kagabi kasi birthday ng misis ko at kasama yung 2 kapatid nya (tsaka 40% off pag gagamit ka ng BDO Credit/Debit card hanggang..."
"One of the best Buffets. One of the best high-end Buffets that is. Food is legit good and you can find High end food inside. They serve..."
"The breakfast buffet was pretty good. You get the standard breakfast food that you would typically crave, as well as those that you won't really find..."
"Came here on a friday due to there unlimited lobster. Got a good discount at deal grocer. A very pleasant experience. We actually left with literally..."
Riz Sugba
"Been to Manila Hotel several times but wasn’t able to dine there but this time I celebrated my 27th Birthday and our 2nd Anniversary at the Cafe..."
Ann Maniclang
"Can't think of any unpleasant experience here. I always enjoy dining at this place. Maybe the only downside is the price, but you get what you pay..."
Ana Alryne
"No need a long review for this hotel buffet, simply wonderful. For me, it's the best among the hotel buffets in Manila, better than Spiral which has..."
"I celebrated my birthday by eating dinner here and it was the perfect meal. There are so many stations but my favorite has to be the Japanese..."
Ens Manahan
"We had an overnight stay with my family in Manila Hotel. The buffet breakfast in cafe ilang ilang was great! 😊 We will definitely come back for..."
Gen Cartalla Torio
"The place was jam packed on Sunday Lunch. Food was great, wide selection and fresh. ambiance is very classy and romantic. Service is also good, fast..."
"August 11, 2018 11:30am LWF - We originally scheduled to eat here yesterday but something came up and we rescheduled for today. Thankfully the..."
Carlo M. Tecson
"After staying infor the night, we had our brunch here at Cafe Ilang Ilang. The breakfast buffet spread was awesome! All our favorite breakfast food..."
Liz Ng
"I must say as this was my first time dining there, I was impressed.. I liked all the variety of their buffet. All meals from starters/salad to main..."
"I’ve recently eaten the buffet here but that was my first time, last June. I loved their Smoked Salmon which is a top hit, their steak is also good..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
"You won't go wrong with Cafe Ilang Ilang. A nice place to celebrate with loved ones. Been here for 3-4 times for birthdays, graduation, and get..."
Amy Villegas
"Our family's go to buffet. I always love this buffet compared to other hotel buffets. The sections are organized. The staff are really accomodating,..."
"Of course who wouldn’t give a 5 star here. Always craving their choco tarttt! Omgggg! It’s the bomb! Would recommend this for any special event...."
Mef DB
"Tried the lunch buffet here and overall it was ok. There were different types of cuisine that were cooked well, just what you'd expect in a..."
"We stayed at the hotel and the room came with a complimentary breakfast buffet. I loved how the choices weren't overwhelming and that they had really..."
Hey Hey
"I celebrated my birthday in Manila Hotel and had a chance to try their buffet breakfast during our stay. They serve delicious food and I love that..."
Ayushi Malik
"FOODFORTHOUGHT:The refurbished and relaunched cafe Ilang-Ilang is one of the best, if not the best luxury buffet in Manila right now! They are..."
"I love this buffet place! I especially love their steak station where they carve a piece of steak from a huge slab of meat and cook it to your..."
Cristine Dominguez
"My favorite buffet spread because of the quality of food they serve. Too many choices is just as annoying as having none so the selection here is..."
"I think its our 3rd or 4th time to dine here at cafe ilang ilang its my top choice for hotel buffet. Not so many choices compare to other buffet but..."
Victor Yap
"Buffet!!!!! I think I was here,....friday night. Seafood night. What can I say more, unlimited lobster, shrimps and crab made me really really happy..."
Joanna Rose Cruz
"This is my all-time favorite buffet, so maybe I’m a bit biased. I used to like Spiral the most, but it’s so hard to shell out 3K per head..."
Jesse Lui
"Third Review: July 2018 - 4/5The Manila Hotel has been our top of mind choice in celebrating special occasions, since my sister's..."
Jomarie Ang (Eat Drink Splurge)
"It was my first time to eat their lunch buffet and never got wrong with the idea to try it with my colleagues. 💚Definitely the food they..."
Anika Jin
"Awesome place and lots of food choices on diffrent cuisines. :) Servers are accomodating and friendly. I recommend eating here from time to time...."
Elmer Castillo Corono
"We have always been fans of Cafe Ilang Ilang and have celebrated many occasions here.Food-wise, highlight is always the amazing and..."
"Great service! The food was great, as usual. It was my first time at the renovated Cafe Ilang-Ilang; the space suffered compared to the..."
K @
"Food ⭐️⭐️⭐️Place ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Service ⭐️⭐️⭐️Been hearing about this luxurious experience with..."
"Great ambience, super delicious steak and has an oh so heavenly desserts section. I'm a huge fan of desserts and rarely does it happen that..."
Princess Norombaba
"Free breakfast buffet from our stay so might as well take advantage of it. Typically, our standards for buffet are lower but we have already enjoyed..."
"food choices ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5 (glad they have a few cheeses available... but wish they have more)food quality ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5 (big slices..."
Yohanny Eats
Zhou Fei
"Cafe Ylang Ylang has a wide selection of different kind of food hands up to the foods that they serves and also they have a very friendly staff who..."
Fat Girls Day Out
"For me, this is still one of the best hotel buffets here in the metro. My favorite is their Japanese section for their sashimi, sushi & teppanyaki..."
Joyce Hailar
"My friends and I decided to celebrate the "Despedida" of our friend @ Manila Hotel. And at the same time, this would be our first time to spend..."
Jayvee Lapina Ardona
"We had dinner on a Sunday. We love the carvings especially the roast beef. It is amazingly tender and savory. I prefer my steak medium well. The..."
May Pineda
"One of my regular go-to places and staycation-- the Manila Hotel and its Cafe Ilang Ilang will not disappoint. A place of history which had its..."
Sheera Brown
A Bite Of Sichuan
87/100 (56 ratings)
Late Night
"A bite of Sichuan is friendly surroundings also very cultural, you can try any Sichuan classic dishes in here, spicy and very nice, food is..."
John Mark Gariando Reyes
"If compared to other restaurants that serves authentic cuisines, I’d say A Bite of Sichuan is a contender! The way the dishes are cooked and served..."
Favel Joy Dela Cruz
"Restaurant you should try while in Pasay. I love their spicy crab and steamed lobster, it was served fresh and tasty. I and my whole family enjoyed..."
"Superb! I had read some article of A bite of Sichuan, I have to say if you are a spicy fan, pls come here to make your dream come true! Almost..."
Catherine Consigra
"Authentic Sichuan food! The menu is in Chinese with English translation, not for the faint of heart, food is very spicy and Mala. Price is quite..."
Kirsten Bautista Habawel
"Best Chinese food in manila, fresh seafood anytime, Sichuan food is nice and the serving is big, price is very reasonable compare to other restaurant..."
Mary Anne Amular
"Excellent Sichuan restaurant in Manila, next to golden phoenix hotel, the location is convenience, great place for quality food, a bite of Sichuan..."
"Wonderful experience in Manila, delicious food at best price, good service, the food is well prepared and high quality and tasted great, the staff is..."
"It’s a nice place to have a dinner or lunch. my favorite is their pork congee, also the fried rice good too, my friend ordered special plum juice..."
"Best Sichuan dishes in manila! Classic restaurant, very beautiful place, the food was delicious and the service was good too, will be back..."
"Chinese reasonable chinese foods, yummy yummy yummy! A bite of Sichuan is one of my favorite place in manila! The seafood they made so many different..."
"Glad to say it was a good experience overall, delicious dishes, fried rice, snacks and chicken soup, those are amazing. Service was great, quite..."
Caroline Cabantog
"Foods here are the best ! This place has great tasting Chinese food, the servers are very fast and efficient. You can also have rooms reserved if you..."
"New Resto Alert!A Bite of Sichuan is the sister restaurant of A Bite of Hunan which we enjoyed some months back in BGC.This..."
"It was another spicy and exotic food gathering, with A Bite of Sichuan. This new restaurant is located at the Ground Floor of Golden Phoenix Hotel in..."
A Bite Of Hunan Bgc
85/100 (60 ratings)
Late Night
"This is truly amazing restaurant. Food was unique and the price is reasonable. I Love the food and the dining crews are verry attentive to their..."
Rocel Gadais
"I have been here for a couple of times already with my fiancé, we do love the food and the dining crews are very attentive to their guests...."
"The Eight Great Traditions of Chinese are compromised of Cantonese, Sinchuan, Shandong, Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Hunan. "Hoo-nan" is a..."
Patricia Veronica Jasmin
"Spectacular Dining and Ambience,the location is perfert, their service fast and nice, dilicious seafood dish at A bite of Sichuan,highly recommend..."
Catherine Consigra
"Growing up, I was never fond of eating spicy food. As much as I could I would avoid them because I have very low tolerance for it. I also hate the..."
Sand Under My Feet
"If I remember it right this is my 5th time to a Schezuan Chinese Restaurant. Among the five I've been to I noticed what they have in common... The..."
Unshakable Foodie
"This was my second times visiting this restaurant. Tasty food, exceptional experience, thank you to all the staff at A bite of hunan, Fantastic meal..."
"It's my first time to try Hunan cuisine and it did not disappoint! I prefer mildly spicy food but I loved the strong flavors here in A Bite of..."
Tara Lets Anywhere
"Hunan is considered one of the most sought after Chinese cuisine. It showcases dynamic and strong flavors, with a strong association with sour and..."
"out of the eight great traditions of chinese cuisine, we’re having a bite of hunan here in BGC and i my taste buds got to sample the bold, fresh,..."
"Authentic atmosphere, great restaurant. excellent food. Price was competitive and the staff very helpful. The location is fantastic just next to BGC..."
Leigh Ryan Libo-on
"One of my favorites in BGC, I went here with my family. Taste was so good but little spicy. And staffs were kind clean and super friendly, the..."
Rhona L. Maranan
"worth trying, we are very enjoyed a bite of hunan, I really like their spicy fish head, it’s a bit spicy but soft and taste good, other dishes are..."
"Lunch with my family, food is awesome, delicious selections, I love beef brisket and taro, very very soft taro, spicy beef brisket, we did a very..."
Maureen Dimain
"I read some article on google, this place has been highly recommended, until yesterday we had a dinner with my friend, delicious from start to..."
"This sea snail with rice melted me down, even though it’s a bit pricy, but totally worth a try!!!Chinese dish,I like it. how about you ?? Its in..."
Eric Liang
"My favorite hunanese restaurant of all time. The fried pork chilli is a must try! The taste is as authentic as the food I ate in China. My family..."
Miss Piggy
Diane Wang
"They really have good chinese cuisine. One of our go to places. We always order their crabs. Recently, we had the fried chili pork and special..."
Dhanica Ghienne Mharrie Lim
"I am a big fan of their fried pork with chili. It goes very well with any of the vegetable dishes like tofu, cauliflour, okra etc. Just don't try the..."
Sunyoung Lee
"We had lunch in the private room there one Sunday. The chilli fish was excellent, the dimsums were not bad, the fried sweet pork ribs with strawberry..."
TheFort BonifacioCity
"Awesome fried Pork with chilli (pork chilli) I had till date. It's a must try with rice. A Bite of Hunan is a new Chinese restaurant specializing on..."
Arijit Sarkar
"NEW RESTO FIND  ALERT!A Chinese restaurant specializing in Hunan cuisine recently opened in BGC  at 9th and 30th just beside California Pizza..."
Isshin Japanese Restaurant
85/100 (354 ratings)
Late Night
"Great Find during lock down. Have been meaning to try this place for many years now. All of a sudden it appeared in GrabFood. Excellent quality and..."
"The best place for after party or late night dinner. The food are the best. We tried sukiyaki, i forgot the name of other ramen, gyoza and tea. I've..."
Clarence L
"I’ve always eaten inside the malls near this place so it was my first time here. And I’m definitely eating here again to try out the other..."
Jelai ✨
"Small Japanese restaurant with authentic ambience. Order their Kobe Beef Teppanyaki but I don’t feel anything special, either taste or..."
Lie Siang
"This place was just recommended by a friend of mine, other than that, I have never seen nor heard of this place before. It was a good thing that I..."
"Since we used to live in Sanlo way back years ago, I've been to this place couple of times already. These pictures I posting now though were during..."
Unshakable Foodie
"We've all been spoiled by the rich, highly seasoned tonkotsu/hakata designer ramen bowls, so it might seem, in comparison, that Isshin isn't all..."
Marianne In Manila
"Fond memory of this place :) many years ago, I received my first ever backpay, after which I bought my first cellphone using my own money! To..."
"A quick fix for Ramen cravings without spending too much. The Sake is so subtle. It matches my Tantanmen. So had to finish the entire bottle by..."
"Very traditional and budget friendly.The atmosphere is just like a cusual dining in a run down street in Tokyo. The food choices..."
Bok Banzon
"This is our go to for a japanese food fix when we are in Makati, and they are open as late as 2am. The place can get full and parking is..."
Mari Gere
"Restaurant was great, but their parking area was small. It could only fit four cars. I ordered the unagi sushi because i love eel, and it was tasty..."
Jr Millares
"Good service! The woman who assisted us was very friendly and was very accommodating. She even gave us a free scoop of Chocolate icecream for..."
Hannah Torres
"This is our favorite Japanese restaurant! Their bento box meals are worth it! So sulit! Try their Gyudon, Tonkatsu, Sashimi platter, and Ebi Tempura..."
Therese Mercado
"It is located along Arnaiz Ave (formerly pasay road) in makati. I first came to dine here probably more than a decade ago to have some snack after..."
Kenneth Wong
"Isshin and I go way back, I mean way back. I am talking about decades. Close to 30 years, I cant remember exactly, but surely at least 25 years...."
Beatriz Fores
"I usually get a Gyoza and Chahan at every Japanese Resto I eat at. The Gyoza and Chahan here is not satisfactory, I keep thinking this is ready-made..."
Yano Escueta
"Another joint along the Arnaiz strip besides, Nihonbashitei, that one must try. I had one of those really good meals after a night of drinkin and..."
Hungry Adventurer
"Authentic Japanese resto with a lot of Japanese customers dining in. One of the best tempura batter, best gyoza, California Maki etc. at reasonable..."
Jeanfranco Espina
"We were craving for some Japanese food and the Nihon branch near Dusit was still closed for renovation. This led us to this hidden gem along Pasay..."
Nica Erguiza
"Affordable but good Japanese dishes even for Japanese people. Set menu is also good and value for money. Ramen is not bad. Beers are not pricy. It's..."
"ISSHIN!!!! Remember when I said in my review on Izakaya Kikufuji that there is a Japanese place that is super affordable yet still good food..."
"Another legit Japanese restaurant off my bucket list. Delicious food served at a very reasonable price! Had their miso ramen, cold ramen, gyoza, and..."
Gabriel Toledo
"My aunt go to japanese restaurant because of the authencity of the place and cheap yet tasteful food. We ordered Pork cornbutter ramen, Gyudon and..."
Mark Alba
"My generation loves this place. It's been around since forever. I remember it was even open for 24 hours before. The after gimmick place to go and..."
Jeremy Marquez
"Wrong address written on this site. Isshin's address is 1024 A Arnaiz Avenue (Pasay Road),..."
Wai Ying Fastfood
84/100 (3190 ratings)
Fast Food
Late Night
Dim Sum
Fried rice
Hong Kong
"i love to eat pecking duck. i love ducks cuisine. i hope that someday i will eat a lot. i will bless all the cuisine that i love. thank you delicious..."
Shanel Angeles
"the place hasn't changed much in 20 years. food likewise remains topnotch. if you want authentic and affordable dimsum, this is the place to..."
Ronnie Uy
"My favorite chinese restaurant..."
"Food was great! Service is fast. Perfect for big groups but great for dates as well. Not too pricey. The only downside is that the place is too..."
Rakesh M
"Not so many good news is coming out of China nowadays. Their continued practice of modern communism, the latest Corona virus epidemic, their issues..."
Sand Under My Feet
"HK Cold Milk TeaAt first sip, HK Milk Tea Cold will provide the earthy flavors of tea but it will later give a refreshing and milky flavor..."
Travel Eat Pinas
"I’ve been here a lot of times and I loved everything I’ve tried in the..."
John Paul Diciembre
"Been going to this place for years with my sister and this is her favorite hole-in-the-wall Chinese fastfood.Food is always good but at..."
"Wai Ying is the reason I love Chinese food and dimsum. When we went here, we had Soy Chicken and Hakaw. The chicken was tender and flavorful. Their..."
Pinky Ballesteros
"Ordered wantan hofun was good 5/5, Suchow dumpling 4/5.Egg tart 2/5, seafood roll 5/5.service 4/5. Value..."
Gregory Tan
"Grabe sarap dito for a very affordable price. Best to order lemon chicken paired with fried rice. 🤤 For veggie perfect yung broccoli dahil perfect..."
Irene Sarte
"The waiter who accommodated us was very nice and very keen to detail. I love how, despite the crowd, he was still able to serve us promptly. Tha food..."
"If it looks, smells and tastes authentic then it must be authentic. Wai ying screams authentic Chinese food! My family and I enjoyed the food and the..."
Vlad Figuracion
"Dimsum = 5/5Lemon chicken rice =..."
Kristin Rye Espiritu
"Very cheap and filling. This a place where you go for the food, not the ambiance though I wish they could make the place more attractive. Service is..."
Leona Gonzales
"Favorite beef curry siomai (3 pcs) and HK cold milktea. I keep coming back to this place even tho I live 100meters away from the store. My friends..."
Jessica Shih
"Restaurant is so delicious that you will travel from north to south, to end of the ocean just to eat here.EVERYTHING HERE IS..."
The Grim Eater
"There was a long line of people waiting when we came and we have to list our names to get a table. It took 30-45minutes before we got ours but it was..."
Harvey Tapispisan Figueroa
"I've been eating here since I was in high school and this is just my favorite chinese resto in the area. I always get their minced beef rice - the..."
"This was definitely a must go to place when doing a food crawl. We ordered hakaw, chong fan, bean curd, and their beef wanton soup. This restaurant..."
Rose Buenaventura
"My ultimate go-to authentic Chinese place ever since I was a kid. You can never go wrong with their dimsum- reasonable price, hefty serving, and..."
"Food - 5Price - 5Ambience - 3.5One of best chinese fastfood we have tried. The food tastes too delicious for its price. Sadly,..."
Michael Gaviria
"The food tastes great (we ordered some rice meals, wanton mami, siomai, and hakaw) plus they have big servings too so sulit talaga :) we got a table..."
Tricia Mae Lescano
"Our main go-to, be it for family dinner or just craving for some Chinese food. We always order fried wanton and fried rice, with the occasional fish..."
Reg G
"Wai Ying is A MUST TRY resto in binondo. It might be small and a bit crowded plus you have to wait in line, everything is so worth it. Walang..."
Kimberly Cruz
"One of the binondo classics, waiying remains one of the top binondo eats.We ordered the pork and century egg congee(you can have it split..."
"Wai Ying is a “must visit” for me every time I went to Binondo. Never meet someone who hate the combination of good food and fast service! My..."
James Benguet
"I’m not a fan of this cuisine but this one’s an exception. Always my highlight every time we go to Manila area. You should try their raddish cake..."
Jella Gonzales
"We went here during a weekday holiday and place was packed. We were 6th in line for lunch time and got seated after 30 minutes.This is an..."
Mykmyk Pascua
"The best siomai, spare ribs, pechay, hakaw & fried rice combo i have had in yearsss... I am surprised there are unassuming chinese food nooks /..."
Lagura Anne
"Our go to place for dimsum cravings. Love their honey pork rib and beef brisket curry. Long lines will not discourage you from waiting. Worth..."
Mitch G David
"Capping off our Binondo food crawl and saving the best for last—Wai Ying! Me and my friends went here for dinner. What we..."
Dempsey Margaux Bautista
"Wandered in Binonddo with my friends and we didn't expect the long lines because we went there at 4PM but we didn't wait long enough and managed to..."
Rosh Pilapil
"I always eat at Wai Ying whenever I'm within the vicinity of Binondo. The food is delicious and affordable. I always order their thai pao for..."
"Open until 2am. Ordered the japanese siomai and pork siomai both really yummy. Get the soy chicken with rice also. Hot salad and mantou bread were..."
Tiffany Uy
"It's a go to place for everyone who wants a quick bite. Their dim sum is not as good as other nearby restaurants but atleast they give you free soup!..."
Archie Lim
"This is definitely one of the restuarants in Binondo that you shouldn't miss.All their dimsum are superb (sorry, no photos).And..."
"Another good find in binondo. a must to be visited if you are around the area. the place itself actually is not very appealing but the food will make..."
Kaye Ederadan-Bautista
"Today we went to Divisoria for some errands and thought our trip wouldn’t be complete without pigging out at Binondo. We came to Wai Ying at around..."
Southern Tummies
"The authenticity of Chinese cuisine is there. The foods are good. Ambiance of the place is average--- just what is expected from a traditional..."
Krystelle Diane Teh
"We had our late Valentine's/ Chinese New Year date here last night. We had to wait, since full house sila. Yes, ngwait kami but not that too long...."
Ellaine Gurrobat
"The long line is worth it 😊 #wheninbinondo try @waiyingdimsum #beancurdroll #hakaw #congee #noodles and asado rice toppings 😋..."
Food Today With Dora
"The Best Milktea ever! Since I was preggy lagi kami kumakain dito at hindi namin pinapalampas ang pag kakataon.. Medyo volume ang Tao kanina, but..."
Andy Miranda
"I used to go here a lot when i was little. I would remember eating their mouthwatering asado and leaving the place wanting for more (we had an extra..."
Kyle Tan
"Been eating here for more than 10 years. Slight changes have been made over the ears. The place may still be slightly unkempt for some people but for..."
Marvin Wee
"As part of our Binondo food crawl, Wai Ying was our third stop. It’s never going to be complete without Wai Ying. The authenticity was there. The..."
Kmyl Lei
"The ambience isn't as nice but despite that, the dismum and noodles are great, rice meals too, they taste authentic and also not as..."
Dea Reyes
"This is my favorite restaurant whenever I am in Binondo. The food is soo good even though the ambience is like a cafeteria. Roast Duck Rice - A..."
Myrna Loquias Mabugat
"Truly a marvelous hidden gem in Binondo. You won't regret getting the super crispy Fried Dumpling for PHP 180. I've also tried their Radish Cake and..."
Dominico Dennis | @perutmeledak
"The BEST Fried Wanton (Php 190/12 pcs.) we've ever tasted! Crispy on the outside while the meat is firm, flavorful, and juicy on the inside...."
MCSI Group
"One of the Best Authentic Chinese resto. Bihon Asado and Beef Curry, Best with Fried Cua Pao 👍Also visit there Branch at Taft Avenue near..."
Stephen Andrew Salomon Timson
"I am an avid fan of their noodles, congee and dimsum via grab food app, compared to other chinese fastfood in their area, they really know their..."
Justin Bayani
"I first went here with my guardians when we explored Ongpin St. and someone recommended this place. I must say, the food is affordable and delicious...."
Nkem Palispis
"BFF and I had our Binondo Food Trip and Wai Ying is on our list. I remembered dining at Wai Ying a few years back and wanted to relive the flavors of..."
"It was our first time to dine here in Binondo (specially in Wai Ying) It was completely out of curiosity since I’ve seen few posts from my friends..."
Krish Federigan
"cant believe i havent reviewed this! good old chinese cooking! the usual menu mami. dumplings, cold cuts..... dont miss the the cold black iced..."
Basil Jojet Lioanag
"Their lemon chicken is a must try. It has big servings. Also, when dining here, don't forget to order their cold milk tea. Will definitely go back..."
"5 stars for the hakaw, pork siomai, and spareribs! hk iced tea was good too! chicken in soy sauce rice topping was bland if not for the soy sauce..."
Koleen Marian
"Wai Ying is a really famous place in Binondo so expect long lines. The usual waiting time to get seated is about 15-30mins. I suggest you browse..."
Jovi Romero
"This is perhaps one of the busiest chinese restaurants here in Binondo, known for their affordable meals and consistent quality. During our visit, we..."
Fat Girls Day Out
"SOLID. #1 Chinese restaurant sa puso ko. Worth it puntahan kahit may kalayuan. Ibang level yung hakaw, parang nakita ko yung langit kahit saglit...."
Mits Almarez | Mitsadventurez
"Over the weekend my team and I decided to brace ourselves and visit our all time favorite Wai Ying. We ordered our staples such as Soy Chicken ,..."
Panini! At The Disco
"This is our go-to place in Chinatown! There was one time when we even drove from parañaque at around 12 midnight just to eat because of the food and..."
Alyssa Jao
"The best in ong pin for their extensive menu on dumplings and toppings. Reminding of old days but their staff can probably make me want to rate this..."
Primex Supit
"Dimsum? Wai ying is a good place to start! Classic place to get dimsum with all the binondo charm. Get into deep debates about which binondo chinese..."
"Accompanied a couple of friends to shop at Binondo and that alone got me excited for Chinese food! With the abundance of restos to choose from, we..."
"I recommended eating here to my Fiance after seeing the rating and price range of Wai Ying in Zomato.We ordered Beef Mami, Roast Duck Mami,..."
Fe Tampinco-Pantig
"My favorite Asado congee and Hakaw dimsum. the best comfort food in Binondo. Their reroasted suck rice topping is also good. plus soya milk..."
Jacky Stephen Co Flores
"One of the best cheap Chinese fastfood places I know. Just look at that photo!Must-try: lemon chicken as it is cooked extremely crispy and..."
Jesse Lui
"Let me start with the parking space. You may park at the Benavidez/Soler parking. Thanks to Waze for this. I paid 60php for the parking fee which is..."
Macy Wayne Olazo
"The moment we walked in, I knew the place would serve good food because we had to wait in line to get seated, at 11:30 PM! My husband and I ordered..."
"You know those restaurants that are just so memorable you sometimes just daydream about a particular dish? Wai Ying is one of them. This little resto..."
Regina Marie Peralta
Harbor View Restaurant
82/100 (750 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Late Night
Fried rice
"When my siblings have their vacation here in the philippines our driver suggested this place which is by the way walking distance from Hotel H2O were..."
Kathleen Alejandro
"Was surprised that the food tasted good 😁 serving size matches price, madami nman pla. Everything is tasty: ampalaya con carne, clam soup,..."
Amor Ulep
"Couldn’t fault this restaurant for anything- ambience is good, food is good, staff very nice, polite and attentive. Reasonably priced as..."
Golda Magabilin
"This place is really nice because of the ambience and the perfect view of the bay. Typical Filipino food served on a great location. Would love to..."
Angielyn Morales
"Fresh seafood out of the tank, sashimi, and everything in between. The food here is very good and a great place for dining in groups so you can share..."
"Great food and ambiance and friendly staff, my family and I went there last week and we enjoyed our stay there and I would like commend the staff for..."
Nathaniel Nicolai Bermoy
"Nice setting and good vibes. We were impressed by the sunset and had a very good dining experience. The ambience is unique with the harbour view and..."
Eliel Reyes
"This place is somehow memorable to me because this is where I introduced my ex-boyfriend to my brother. The ambience is really good. It's..."
Rhodalyn Flores
"The place is a classic as it has been there for ages and has been relatively mantained despite their high customer flow. We went there night time and..."
"Since I live around Intramuros, this has been always my go-to place for intense carb loading. Hahahaha. I love their SEAFOOD FRIED RICE and..."
Vivi Choa
"I like the seafoods here,and grilled pusit,hmnnnnn,so yummy,how many times weve been here,i dnt have photos dont have mobile phone that time but i..."
ElizaCabrera💞GOD IS GOOD💞
"The place has been running for many years. It's being patronized by locals, foreigners and celebrities. What I really love about it is the view of..."
"This place is awesome. Totally underrated if you ask me. Menu's pretty diverse, but mostly Filipino dishes. If you're craving for seafood, then this..."
Elogene Karl Gallos
"Found this place by chance when hubby and I were walking around Manila. I felt like I was in a different location because the restau was overlooking..."
Denise Foodie
"Love the place since my boyfriend brought me here for our 3rd Anniversary celebration. The place is so serene! If you're craving for Filipino food,..."
JA Zamudio
"Harbor view is the place to be in manila to savor delicious sea food with a premium location on a deck over  the sea overlooking manila bay...."
Food Swings (Raço)
"Was our first time here last summer. You're not just going to enjoy their food, you're going to enjoy the view, too. It's relaxing. Their food was..."
"I've always been in love with this place eversince I was brought here by my boyfriend. The vibe of the place is very serene and romantic. Food are..."
Chicharown (Roan Santiago)
"This place has withstand the time and tides in Manila Bay and this used to be a go to place of most people who wants to eat seafoods and enjoy the..."
Fridate Diaries By Cecil Valle
"Once every two to three years my siblings from Maryland, Connecticut and New york come and visit Manila. The first place we think off is Harbor View...."
Felix F B. Ira III
"What I really liked here is their place. You have a choice if you want to dine inside with a view of the bay or upstairs with a much better scene to..."
Joyce Palisoc
"Yesterday's dinner at this place was great. Quick service, good food & very nice AMBIENCE.. We came in group of 6 (4 adults & 2kids), we ordered pork..."
"Dine here in the late afternoon or in the evening to experience Manila Bay's real beauty. This is one of those places that Manilenos should be proud..."
Sushi Santos
"had a late lunch there yesterday. with the tide still up, the surrounding waters were clean and the sea breeze took away much of the afternoon..."
Noel Ruiz
"I picked this place for lunch after doing our Pedicab Tour of Intramuros and was surprised that there is such a restaurant here in Manila which..."
"I didnt know that this reataurant still exists. I remember that I first went here with my family way back in college. I think now they just changed..."
"Quite frankly you can have better tasting meals at home but you just can't get the view and the cool breeze by the bay anywhere. A cool beer, the..."
Micky Domingo
"Defenitely ain't the best floating restaurant but you can't claim you know Manila if you still haven't tried such dinning experience. It's..."
Doc Ian
"I was amazed at the location of this place because of the view and breeze. This is a good place for family gatherings, special occations or just for..."
"It's my Aunt's birthday!She took us here for some dinner by the bay. We ordered Sinigang na Salmon Belly and Crispy Pata are two of their many..."
Sarah Kaye Martinez Rodriguez
"This is a childhood resto for me, the first i ate here was i was a 4th grader. We had a japanese friend touring the country and decided to take us to..."
"The first time I ate here was back in 1995 when I was 5yrs old. Ever since, it has become a family favorite. I guess I can say I’ve been eating..."
Chef Mcelroy
"We used to dine here specially for dinner. Harbour View is a long stretch of bridge along Manila Bay that allows you to dine seemingly in the middle..."
N Cruz
"My tito usually invited us to eat lunch here at Harbor View. They also serve filipino food and you will love the view of manila bay with windy..."
Rosel Legarde
"Harbor View has been our family's run-to for as long as I could remember.May it be a special occasion or not..."
Colleen Guimbal
"Harbor View is one of those places you go on a special occasion. Or sometimes if you're just feeling happy. It offers you some amazing seafood dishes..."
The Aristocrat Restaurant
82/100 (9709 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Late Night
Crispy Pata
Kare kare
"Giving 5 stars for torta delos reyes alone. Do not be fooled by the simple presentation of this cake. It has been named best dessert and has received..."
"Due to the popularity of this branch, the service was slow but it was worth the wait. The food is delicious as..."
"chicken bbq, callos and tokwat baboy tastes good and..."
Eiram Plus
"I love eating at Aristocrat! The place, the ambiance, the food is just nice! Whenever we celebrate a special event or occasion, we come to this..."
Ladz Harrison
"Super sarap!!! Perfect for family get togethers tapos 24 hours pa? Solid! We got stuck in traffic akala ko di na kami makakapagdinner kasi past 10..."
Mits Almarez | Mitsadventurez
"The food is great. Dito kmi lagi nagsCelebrate ng family ko pag birthdays and special occasions. Sobrang sarap ng Cakes nila at ng Sago't gulaman...."
KevinFrancis Llaguno
"The original of the original if you ask me, it's always a ritual for the family to have early mass in Malate Church then head to Aristocrat beside it..."
Miguel Luis Felizardo
"If you are craving for some old school Filipino food, this place is definitely the one. We went there around 2pm on a Saturday, we were surprised..."
Food Torpedo
"If one of our family members crave for Filipino food, we gotta obliged. And when they requests for one, this is the only place that they would love..."
"One of the best place to dine after a flight. Good thing this place is open for 24 hours. We got the hototay soup, honey chicken whole, veggies and..."
"You should try the BBQ chicken and Java rice. I loved the atchara (pickled papaya). You should also try their calamansi juice (cold) and their..."
"For our last night in Manila, we have decided to visit my husband's favorite restaurant.  Short story, so whenever there is a special occasion on my..."
Maruya Eats
"I had the American Breakfast Bacon Plate and really enjoyed it. The bacon strips were nice and crispy and the ambiance is perfect for enjoying a nice..."
Dyana Dizon
"We ordered the Pancit Canton (Php 375) and all 5 of us were able to share it because of the ample amount of sahog present. We had to call the waiters..."
MCSI Group
"Aristocrat is one of my go-to places when I am craving for Filipino comfort food. They have long been famous for their chicken barbecue.We..."
Jesse Lui
"Ordered chicken sotanghon soup and chicken pork adobo, it’s a bit bland but the pork and chicken in the adobo are so tender. The resto is..."
"There is so much to love about this iconic restaurant apart from their famous chicken barbecue 😊 We keep on going back for their chicken honey,..."
Michelle Erika L. Zaldarriaga
"The ultimate go-to for families over Sunday lunch or merienda time. I love that the food choices are all familiar for a Filipino with big appetite. I..."
"• what we ordered for breakfast:- pospas de gallina (120 pesos): it's just like another term for chicken arrozcaldo. It was really warm..."
"THE ARISTOCRATRoxas Blvd.It is for the Aristocrats hahah!Another family dinner with BF's extended family.The..."
Pauoie Dimla
"Originally, one of the first restaurants in Roxas Blvd. Aristocrat is now the most popular go-to chicken barbecue restaurant. They are famous for..."
Fat Girls Day Out
"Aristocrat is an automatic option whenever relatives from abroad visit Manila. We would often dine here cause it's the aunts and uncle's favorite...."
Louise Leocario
"We ate here after my college graduation. It was my very first time to eat at The Aristocrat. The food made me happy tears because of how homey it..."
Jazzy Eat World
"They actually have a little bit of everything. They have pastries for to-go and some Filipino food to crave over. But one thing’s for sure. Chicken..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
"AHHH THE ORIGINAL! My parents always told be this is the first (?) ever Aristocrat in Manila. Packed with history, I was so excited to try out this..."
Pearl Tsang
"My sister came back fro Japan and before heading to Pico de Loro for a quick getaway. We had breakfast at Aristocrat. One of the oldest branches,..."
Feed My Tummy PH
"Their Daing na Bangus Plate was great. The fish was huge but could use a bit more salt.It was kind of uncomfortable to have breakfast and..."
Merl Peroz
"My absolute favorite in Arostocrat is not their chicken. It’s the checkered Torta De Los Reyes - a Chocolate-y, buttery sans rival that is just..."
Christina | Kain Club
"Right across the Plaza Rajah Sulayman, Malate Church and the breathtaking Manila Bay, no Pinoy foodie adventure is complete without heading to this..."
Boodle Bear
"April 25, wednesday. 4/5 ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 4am after baclaran church endeavor, this restaurant has stood up the test of time with..."
Rufino Monteverde Hirang
"Since I was a kid, Aristocrat is one of our go-to restaurant if we want Filipino dishes. As years passed by, food is getting tastier.We..."
Carmie O.
"I have noticed this place has mixed reviews. I have been to other aristocrat branches and found them to be terrible. However this branch was a..."
"Food is delicious. It really showcases Filipino cuisine, so I give it a 5/5. It’s reasonable that the place is always packed. Sometimes you would..."
"1st time here, I ordered their pork barbecue and it was ok, meat is not too tough. I heard their 3 pcs. chicken barbecue meal is worth the price...."
Em C.
"Ive probably eaten here about 3 times..the 3rd one being an intimate celebration for a family member..but here is my first review of the legendary..."
Chris Aquino
"I equate Aristocrat Malate with Lent and my late mother-in-law.Lent , because it had been the family's tradition to eat halo-halo after..."
"Been going here since I was little.Sadly, their service is going bad. We were trying food we haven’t ordered before and the waiter who..."
Patricia Jarmin L. Pua
"Only a few restaurants can rival The Aristocrat as the default, all-around, go-to, authentic Filipino restaurant. No frills, no eyebrow-raising..."
Lawrence San Diego
"Service: 2/5Food 5/5Ambience: 4/5Washroom: yes — clean and they have liquid handsoap and tissueBagsak ang service!!!..."
Marz G.
"Ambience & Service:Restaurant is spacious but very full at dinner time. Long business hours is a big plus here. Servers are friendly but at our..."
Patrick Unson
"We always come for the chicken barbecue. I like that their java sauce is not overly sweet but more nutty. I always get the boneless chicken barbecue..."
Bea Hingada
"One of our go-to Aristocrat branches whenever my family wants to get together with our relatives.Funny thing is that we never ordered group..."
Jonylle Pineda
"old grand mother of Filipino Cuisine. all balikbayans must visit place for reunions. must try kare kare, sizzling pusit , sinigang soup, fresh lumpia..."
Frank Ngan
"Nothing beats an institution like Aristocrat. Java rice, chicken or pork barbecue, achara and their delicious peanut sauce. This branch is..."
"One of those places you go to because it has started as tradition and over the years it has become a stop whenever one is in the area! My Dad used to..."
Sheera Brown
"There's nothing compared to the chicken barbecue they make! Whenever you're in Malate, Aristocrat is a place you must visit!Food..."
Thiara Esteban
"A restaurant that serves classic and traditional Filipino dishes & home of the best chicken barbeque in town.... Aristocrat is the only thing you can..."
Angielyn Morales
"Ala Carte Meals are big/plenty enough for one person,especially their barbeque dishes.=)Can be shared by two.Ambiance and customer service were..."
"This is the biggest branch of Aristocrat that I've been to. Good place to celebrate an occassion at a reasonable price. They still serve the best..."
"Overall, one of the best restaurants in the Philippines for traditional Filipino food. They're doing something right since they've been around since..."
"when we have the chance to go to malate we always go here :) their food taste delicious and offers different menu one of the things i like about the..."
Jesma Salas