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Bryan Golosino
Value for money
10 months ago
Mai Campos
If you’re looking for legit chinese cuisine and not iffy about the crazy food court ambiance, then you will enjoy this place.

We ordered freshly made Yang Chow, Beef with Brocolli (beef was quite tender & juicy) and crispy pancit. The ingredients were definitely generous in serving. Plus, everything was made just for one person, but the servings could certainly feed 2 more extra pax. For all 3 dishes, we only spent around P300 with water and sodas. That’s value for money!
Sep 08, 2019
Alyssa Finch
Very friendly staff & the owner that takes your order is very approachable. My husband loved their sisig! He said it’s the best sisig for him (he’s British) he even approached the owner after he finished the whole order to tell him how good the food was.

As for me, I love their miki bihon and lomi, my family and I have been eating here whenever we’re in Divisoria for years now.

Amazing food, big servings for a reasonable price.
Jul 10, 2018
Yohanny Eats
I seldom eat in a food court because I do not like stores with a lot of pre-cooked displayed dishes... so finding this store where your order is cooked ala minute is certainly always worth the wait. There is always a long line but for me that is a good sign.

Food quality 4/5
Dishes are freshly cooked and in big servings good enough to share.

Taste 5/5
Love the bihon guisado, yangchow, salt and chili spareribs and takoyaki!

Value for money 5/5

Ambiance 3/5
Nope. No ambiance. Crowded foodcourt thats what you'll find on a weekend. Find your own seat.

Service 4/5
An old man will always be there on the corner to get your order.
Nov 25, 2017
Marianne Millama
Chopsticks & Spoon's Sweet and Sour Pork just hit the number one spot on my "Best Sweet & Sour Pork" list. Haha. It has the perfect balance of sourness and sweetness. It was crispy and not soggy at all. We also tried the Fish & Tofu. The tofu was soaked in all the delicious goodness of the sauce, it was savoury and delish! Also, we ordered a side of Takoyaki. It was so-so, not a fan. But my sister loved it.

The servings were generous. The service is a little slow but it is given already since we ordered during lunch peak hours. Prices are reasonable. Will definitely comeback to try other dishes!
Mar 12, 2016
Hello Sheena
Sweet and Sour Pork at Php 250. Very tasty, just the right balance of sweetness and sourness. I enjoyed that it has lots of tomatoes and onions. 

Beef with Broccoli at Php 350. Only expecting broccoli for the veggies but it also has baby corn, carrots, pechay and even mushrooms. Again, it was very tasty that even the veggies were thumbs up viand enough. 

The best thing here is that you will not feel short-changed. It's lutong bahay at its finest!

Enjoy eating,
Dec 29, 2015
Angelica Ambid
This is my first time in Chopsticks and Spoon, I am a takoyaki lover and got excited when I saw their huge takoyakis. Their lomi is superb and is good for sharing too. They serve huge amounts of order which is great for their price range. Thumbs up!
Aug 07, 2015
Vivian Co
Chopsticks & Spoons is my favorite food stop in 168 Mall food court. I love their huge takoyaki balls and bihon canton. They offer a wide selection of dimsum, noodles, congees, rice toppings and other Chinese dishes. I highly recommend this place to those who want their food freshly prepared.
Jul 28, 2015
I LOVE THIS RESTAURANT! Whenever my husband and I go to Divisoria, we eat here. The food are cooked upon order and their portions are huge, you need to prepare yourself for being very full or for taking out whats left.
Oct 31, 2014
Janz Gesmundo
Whenever I find myself in the crazy, noisy place that is Divisoria, I always find myself craving for the pancit & takoyaki served in Chopsticks & Spoons. It is a typical food stall inside the 168 Mall foodcourt. What sets them apart is the waiting line that never seems to end, especially during lunch hours. That was what first got me curious about this stall. I gave it a try, years ago, and boy am I glad I did. Because their pancit & takoyaki is simply the best I have tasted. Nothing fancy in their pancit, just freshly cooked veggies on top of freshly cooked noodles, but somehow it got me hooked. Their serving is also generous for the price, and could feed two to three hungry hippos like me. I'm not much of a takoyaki eater, I have tried a few here and there in mall stalls, but theirs is also the best I have had. Big and fluffy balls filled with veggies and tako, drowning in sweet, red sauce. Just thinking about it makes me want to go to 168....
Jun 30, 2013


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