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Satya Graha Cafe And Restaurant
86/100 (263 ratings)
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
"We loved the mushroom sisig, vegechon kawali paired with vegetarian kare-kare! And their chocolate cake doesn’t disappoint either. Such a great..."
Debbie Dizon
"Vegan Kare-Kare! With vegan alamang on the side. It looked like the real thing. Texture was deceivingly like the real thing. Taste was superb! The..."
Fatima Deriquito
"One of the best of the best! Try their veggie seaweeds chicharon, mushroom chicharon, and the Vechon. My favorite? Satya Graha's Veg. Adobo. Saraaap!..."
Dolly Reyes Aspiras
"First time to try veggie pork & it was really good.. Calamansi Mangosteen is a winner.. I hope they would expand, the eating area is too..."
Anastacia Santos Sanandres
"I have a Kidney Disease and have a very strict diet to follow. At Satya Graha they were very accommodating to my request. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND..."
Andre Cutay
"I would definitely go back here and bring some family and friends to experience great food offers without being guilty about calories and nutrient..."
Yna Mercado
"Serene and peaceful. A perfect place to think and speculate about anything. Or speculate on how it is not made from..."
Jaydison Aniwer
"The place was great and the food was good,..."
Jerome Marquez
"Perfect place to chill out and enjoy healthy and delicious..."
Stephanie Pearl Orendain
"The Food was great and the place is so relaxing..."
Cathleen Manalang