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There are 54 restaurants
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Kahel De Luna Restaurant
90/100 (52 ratings)
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"A place where you can only find and taste the delicious smallest empanada in town. The foods offered are great and very satisfying, the staffs are..."
Shanea Jelline Martinez
"Kahel de Luna is a place that you can relax and offer the tastiest small empanada that can make you experience the best of it. The owner and the..."
Crizel Riveta
"The place serves delicious food with great service. The mini empanada in this place is the..."
"A great place to eat with family and friends in town. Very unique concept! Tried their smallest empanada, and the green empanada is my personal..."
Jan Allec Cabaloan Syed
"1. Kahel de Luna Restaurant is the home of the smallest and tastiest Ilocos Empanada. 2. Kahel de Luna Restaurant is the kitchen of the first..."
Bong R Balagso
"The restaurant offers a unique innovation of empanada which is the smallest empanada with different colors that corresponds to its flavors. They..."
Gee RJ
"The ambiance is good. Their menus are satisfying because they have different varieties of foods and recipes that you can choose. You can come and try..."
Grace Ann
"The food here is awesome! I've been around and they serve nothing but authentic ilocano-filipino dishes! Extremely friendly and accommodating staff!..."
Jam Tagudin
"The place is a mixture of elegance and simplicity.With their dishes combined with native delicacies, the superb taste of Ilocos emanates from every..."
Anthoine Paguio
"A comfortable and nice place to eat with families and friends. Its affordable and the foods are delicious. Come and try their menus...."
Karen Cagaoan
"Come and visit Kahel de Luna where you can try the smallest empanada in Ilocos.. Their empanada is like a color that gives you joy because of many..."
Jerra May Caballes