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There are 65 restaurants
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72/100 (7 ratings)
"Superb place to chill and hang out. Staffs are great, and best milk tea in Dipolog City so..."
Andre Elopre
"Definitely refreshing and worth the time as well the amount spent for the sweet..."
Mark Jayson Demetri
"I think their edge over other tea vendors is that they have accommodating staffs aside from their scrumptious teas. I like it when they ask the name..."
Bosch Velez Boal
"Awesome place to chill. clean and relaxing ambiance accompanied by flavorful frappe..."
Ted Dy Bear
"so many flavors to choose from..... double dutch frappe is a fave.... blueberry cheesecake frappe and tiramisu frappe will be next in..."
Arjae Ravago
"This place brings back so much memories. Can't wait to be back in Dipolog and have a sip of this familiar perk...."
Rodavarg Vincent B Gravador
"I love how they cater their guests. I am looking forward to more excellence!..."
Arbasit Perez Tulawie
"Nice place to hang out with friends. Love this..."
Kolai Agustin
"I am really satisfied whenever I go there and have your frappe ! Very relaxing and cool place and has a friendly staff. :) God bless you from..."
Shenatic Tejas
"Service oriented store. Keep it up. Safe and..."
Eloim Denlaoso
"Cool place to chill and hang i like it..."
Div Regencia
"very nice, i would like to tell everyone here that its preparation is very gud so as its ingredients unlike in Bonapeatea were i heard from a friend..."
Steven M. King
"Brewing real good coffee and tea..."
Amy Sacris Aleman