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There are 48 restaurants
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Chef Ima's
100/100 (0 ratings)
"One of the best vegetarian restaurants in Cebu. If you are into vegies, this is the place to go. Their dinuguan, adobo and sinigang were so..."
Nestor Angeles
"Planet vegis is awesome! Love the foods, excellent customer service and reasonable price. If anyone of you traveling to Cebu Philippines, I..."
Isabelle Lim
"Yummiest vegan food I've ever eaten! Very low prices for top quality. I'd love one of these on every corner..."
Shannan Bower
"One of those restaurants where GREAT describes both the menu/food and the service. Delicious yet guilt-free. Homey without pretense. Make sure to..."
Crystal Hoya
"great food! very satisfying! I love how you can eat good food guiltlessly. The people are so welcoming. definitely coming back for..."
Melissa Dela Paz
"Fantastic food and friendly service. While visiting Cebu from Australia, I came to a seminar held in their separate rooms, with great catering..."
Juliet Collins
"I went their last night with my boyfriend and we are very much happy and satisfied on the menus and services they've offered. The food is 100 % very..."
Kim Rendon
"Finally a buffet for vegetarians! And for your meat eating friends they have veggie versions of meat dishes so everyonenis..."
Kuan Carlo
"The food was absolutely wonderful, from preparation to presentation, very pleasing. Best food in the planet!..."
Sita Laksmi
"this place answers everything great about veggie food but one meal is not enough, so order pa..."
Ryan Webster Casquejo
"The place is neat and they serve very good and very affordable vegetarian buffet...."
Nick Beja
"Their food tastes delicious. I really love their caldereta and ngohiong. Very nice ambiance and good service as well. Highly recommended esp for..."
Rezza Zaragosa-Suan
"Really great. My cousin is a vegan and this was great. They really care at providing quality and creative..."
Bobby Ratto