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79/100 (1039 ratings)
"This Kbbq is under rated but for me Arariyo has the best quality of woo samgyup for unlimited kbbq! They only offer plain woo samgyup and samgyupsal..."
Anna Cruz
"I get excited kapag kakain kmi dito. Although nagtaas ng price for unli samgeup, this resto never fails me. Their salad and japchae is a must try...."
Armand Alicando
"Absolutely the best KBBQ for me and my family!Reasonable and affordable priceSides dishes are deliciousFresh..."
Bea Dela Cruz
"They have the best Kimchi! I buy a kilo of Kimchi to store in the fridge for home use. Very affordable Unlimited Korean Barbecue served with..."
Marla Papas
"My family and I had our Easter Sunday lunch at Arariyo. It was our first time to try the unlimited BBQ there. We ordered the pork and beef. The..."
Mike Rondario
"Second time to try korean food and this time it was worth it! My personal favorite is topokki. It was so gooood. The potato salad appetizer was..."
Marzen Lontoc
"Good healthy and affordable food. Comfortable aside from the seats of the restaurant it is near my home. They also serve a variety of meals and there..."
Nero Narcelles
"Looking for an unli sangyumpsal place without the long lines and long wait. THIS IS THE PLACE YOU'RE LOOKING FOR. All the meat are fresh and they..."
Mj Caruncho
"Since Korean meat grilling and unlimited meat offers are popular these days, Arariyo is one of the places that is a must-go to. It offers affordable..."
Jec Almarza
"Finally tried eating in this restaurant last mother’s day. Food was great! Their crew were polite as well; and their side dishes were superb and..."
Butchik Santos
"Their unli samgyupsal is cheap compared to other KBBQ places. Even if they are cheaper, the quality of their meat is on point! But they don’t have..."
Therese Pulanco
"sarap dito. alam mung fresh ung meat nila dahil lasa.. at ung mga side dish nla masarap lalo na yung kimchi nla.. sulit pera dito.fresh din veggies...."
Raul Carlo
"Value for money. Ive been here 3 or 4 times and I dont see myself stopping. The samgyupsal is great. They even have a korean ice cream selection. The..."
Alexander Lao Bundalian
"Friendy staff and love their side dishes. We had the unli pork and beef. Just wish they have separate unli for pork or beef only. Overall, we had a..."
Lahaye Sumayao
"Very affordable food selection, especially their unli pork and beef for less than 500 pesos. Very spaceous but the place is in need of total..."
Kenneth Dominguez
"We went at around 7pm on a weekday. No line. Unli meat promo comes with side dishes but rice (50 pesos per cup) not included. They use charcoal for..."
Kyra Toledo
"The staffs were okay naman. Unlike with the reviews that I read. Maybe they take down notes if anong kulang sa service nila. We just need to be..."
Donna Raguindin
"We went here for a weekday lunch and had a good time indulging the samgyupsal and chadalbogi worth 798 for 2 (399 each) If you could see the photos,..."
"Korean food is kind of hype lately and I was never a fan, just bacause I don't eat veggies, until I tried Arariyo's unli Samgyupsal. Nope, I still..."
"I love how affordable their promos are and the availability of different korean ice creams that are so many to choose from! 😍 The food is good it..."
Charish Almaden
"Perfect place if you have a limited budget and you want a korean barbecue, they serve pork and beef with a variety of side dishes. The staffs are..."
JM Tiu
"Arariyo offers unli meat to be cooked over a charcoal grill and served with unli side dishes. Choices for the unli meat are - samgyeopsal only..."
Jo-ann Clemente Corro
"Good quality meat and fresh veggies. Easy to cook on charcoal grill which also give nice flavor to the meat. Very affordable compared to other korean..."
Cristina Red
"Looking for budget unli samgyupsal for two? This is the best place to go. Also, every weekends they serve japchae in their side dish for..."
Tri Jay
"Okay so sinubukan namin yung unli-Samgyupsal nila. Wala naman masyado tao that time kaya nakaupo agad kami.FOOD- Okay so eto naman talaga..."
Dominique Ng
"Masarap yung food. Kaso di kami nakapagtry maggrill kasi sira daw. Sayang naman ayun pa naman pinunta namin. Pero kapag nagparefill ka naman ng meat,..."
Rochelle Filler
"The place is clean and spacious. The meat were okay. I couldn't say it was great because they weren't marinated when served. They were generous with..."
Athina Deroca
"The exp was not so great! Good food, slow service typical casual restaurant. Overall will go if occassion arises...."
Vincent Sakai
"Unattentive and sometimes snobby servers. Place is most of the time unclean. But food is good and worth the price. This place is full most of the..."
Arcel Ayson
"The fun part will always be the grilling. For the meat, we chose the Samgyeopsal and Chadolbagi (beef and pork), which was okay but still needs..."
Lyndel Gabuat
"This is my second time to eat at this restaurant. They have unlimited Samgyeopsal for only 299 with side dishes. They will give you a plate full of..."
Migz Cervantes
"We always order Promo A (unli pork samgyeopsal) for 299/head. Pork is thinly sliced and easy to cook. Their sides have a good variety. Staff are..."
"It was a long drive down south and waze brought us to the tailend of C6 road. This led us to a new Koryan discovery in Q. Plaza across Sta. Lucia..."
"Try this place one time and planning to comeback again only thing I can say is that they need to be attentive to their costumers and be familiar to..."
"Super sarap! Mababait ang mga staff nila. Kung trip mo mag grill pwede kapag hindi pwede naman din. Hindi ganun kamahal compare sa ibang korean..."
Ashley Villa
"The relaunch of Arariyo as an Eat All You Can Korean BBQ place is the best thing they did to revive it. It was value for money. The meat and..."
"Their food deserves a perfect 5. 299 for unli pork and unlimited side dishes is worth it. Add 100 and you'll get unlimited beef(beef..."
Marlina Tallada
"The food is great. We (Neil Cuevas) availed the unli samgyupsal and the quality of the meat is ok at nabusog kami. Attentive naman ang crew pero..."
"💕Date for Two: Unlimited Samgyupsal💌Total: P598Overall: Unlimited Samgyupsal ftw!! Side dishes are unlimited too so there’s..."
Date For Two
"My current go- to Korean BBQ restaurant near my place.. affordable price, great meat quality! Their Sundubu jigae is a must try too. They just..."
Cha Salido
"We had a sumptuous dinner! Had several refills of side dish and all in all we would go back to this place :-)P. S. I'm a super lover of meat..."
Rhigemm Celestial
"The ambiance was very nice. The food was great, although more selections could have been better, such as Yangyum Beef or Bul-jib. Service was..."
Lorenzo Bonoan
"Before the hype and all, we've been frequent customers of Arariyo... Always a good choice for Korean craving... Too bad it has become famous now,..."
Jacklyn Anne Carreon- Mantolino
"Food amazing. Floor quite slippery due to all the oil. Many side dishes but these need to be constantly refilled. Take the beef and pork parckage...."
"What I like about this KBBQ restaurant is that they serve a huge plate of mostly lean beef slices per refill. Reservations are no longer allowed, so..."
Trizh Tambago
"I wish I learned about this restaurant sooner! The moment I spotted the Korean owners accommodating the guests, I knew we were in for a treat. True..."
"Okay naman food sakto naman sya sa price pero medyo sablay lang sa service mga waitstaff nila. May buzzer pero hindi ka naman nila pinupuntahan...."
Marco Rutaquio Bagona
"The food is great. The crew were attentive and we had several refill for the pork and beef. Definitely worth the price. Must try their rice cake and..."
Inna Patrizia Landrito
"authentic!!! my search for the best Korean bbq in Marikina and QC is over.. Even my picky eater teenager loved it. The soup, japchae and kimchi..."
"Unlimited meat. You can either choose if you want samgyupsul or beef and meat or beef alone. Side dish are refillable! Which is great. Staff are..."
Ma Angelika De Leon
"My wife and I loved dining on this place because of the good food and the owners are nice. The korean foods here makes us feel authentic experience..."
Christian Paul Bonguez
"Unlimited. Meats and side dishes are refillable.Clean. Strong point,they do have a buzzer in case you need assistance especially during peak hours...."
"To those who feel that they deserve to pig out after a day's work, I recommend you guys to eat at a Korean buffet restaurant. Arariyo is..."
Arriane Rose Garcia De Guzman
"Initially service was pretty good. During our meal though, lots of noise from crew cleaning up tables. We chose to have the unlimited samgyeupsal for..."
"Aside from the ample parking and having lots of seats, this place is great for families. I love their ginseng chicken - if you feel under the weather..."
Eiyan | DC Travelsolutions
"So, it was my two bestfriends' birthday so we decided to eat out and celebrate. One of the celebrant asked us to try this Korean Resto near Sta...."
Andrea Javier
"Enjoy every bucks. Unli Korean bbq for 399 per person.Upon entering we are greeted by korean owner. Resto are full at that time and we..."
Raymund Quillan Almerol
"My folks have long been singing their praises for this Korean resto that they discovered in Cainta. We took advantage of the unlimited samgyeopsal..."
Jellybeans In The City
"I've been traveling to Korea back and forth, and so far the difference when it comes to taste is minimal. I love the unlimited refills tho...."
Ai Yamaguchi
"Tried the beef, pork, and spicy chicken barbecues. Been eating here for quite a while now and it's one of my favorites. The place is clean, the..."
"I like the location of this restaurant. It is in a plaza in Cainta that has been renovated to adopt a more modern look. The place still feels old and..."
"My favorite korean place since it's nearby my mum's house. the service is great as well and very affordable food. The one thing i'm gonna complain..."
Janine Diñoso
Barkin' Blends
82/100 (268 ratings)
"I enjoyed both their food and the company of their lovable dogs. Julia was so sweet -- she voluntarily sat on my lap and kept herself comfortable (so..."
Janelle Javier
"Dog heaven :)I love Julia and Enrique. I miss them so much.The dogs are friendly but some of them are sleepy. I guess they're too..."
Dharcey Limjoco-Chua
"I soooo love dogs and puppies. Who doesn’t. But of course their coffees and milk teas were awesome too. Everyone should try their services. I’m..."
Diane Purugs
"They have a really nice staff. Dogs are sleeping but that’s okay still the cutest no one should force them to wake up. Foods taste amazing. You..."
"The place is cozy we went there on a rainy Saturday so I think that's why most of the dogs are kinda sleepy/sleeping. We've ordered their special..."
кim Yϋan Mariẹ
"The very first dog cafe I've been to since I arrived here in the Philippines & let me tell you as soon as I stepped foot in that cafe, I fell in love..."
Alyssa Nicole Legaspi
"Meet all their amazing dogs!! Super cute and photogenic. You can take adorable pictures with them. They are trained to behave when it's time for a..."
"This is a dog lover heaven 💖. The place also offers a wide course of good tasting foods. But the best thing here is the stress relieving dogs 😄..."
Simple Man's Appetite
"Doggos!For Php 179, I got a date with many dogs of different breeds.They're clean and groomed well. The play house doesn't stink..."
An Li Rays
"This cafe is a heaven for dog lovers/owners i super love tha place and the dogs 🐕 martha is super playful and piolo is a little talkative😂 when..."
Dianne Erica Cruz
"Calling all dog lovers! 🐶😄 cozy atmosphere 😄 practice hygiene before seeing the dogs inside. Although I didn’t avail the..."
"1HR for 179 php. Finally was able to visit this cafe since location was change near to my place. I enjoy my visit here. Super cute dogs & nice..."
"WARNING: DOG LOVERS ONLY❕❕I wasn't actually reviewing the Cainta branch 'cause I was only able to come at their café when it's still..."
Ayeza Del Rosario
82/100 (221 ratings)
"We came at brunch time-the good thing is they serve the lunch menu at this hour so one will not be stuck in ordering off their breakfast menu. The..."
"EDIT: I was immediately messaged by the manager to re evaluate the beef mami I ordered the night before. So i went again to order the same beef mami..."
Jeffrey Ang-Baylosis
"The palce is so so.. Quite small but has plenty of seats. Tried Squid Tausi, Yangchow, Drunken Lechon Macau, and beef brisket wanton mami... All..."
Joan C.
"Large servings, good flavors. Ordered for delivery their salt and pepper crispy tofu, broccoli with garlic, and hot and sour soup. All of them passed..."
Reggie Reburiano
"We went here for breakfast. For around P250-P300 per person, we had a satisfying and delicious meal with their thick hot chocolate (highly..."
"Ordered asado rice and got surprised it looked and tasted like chopseuy. It even has a bit of sauce. Am a bit disappointed because I did not get to..."
"It is quite rare for us to enjoy all or at least a majority of the dishes we order. This was what happened on our most recent visit here on a..."
"Great and delicious food. Great and fast service. The Asado is so good. Steamed Fish Fillet and Crispy Tofu is the best. Will definitely be back..."
Carlo Oblefias De Vargas
"We did enjoy the food and the staff are accomodating and friendly.. the service is good as well. My son likes the beef wanton mami and i like their..."
Tzeh Sioson- Manahan
"Panciteria Lido Cainta Branch is Highly Recommended for everyone, to my friends and family. Good choices of food especially for me and services...."
Rianne Karisa Lumabao
"Cheaper Chinese resto but the food was great! One of the place where you could eat when you are caught in the traffic along Ortigas Extension. Crew..."
"Perfect place for any special occasion, like Mother's day ☺️ Foods are perfect and the crews are approachable when it comes to their customer :)..."
Karlo Bahinting
"I LOOOOOOVE THE FOODS SOOO MUCH ❤ The restaurant's simplicity is very captivating. Things are always unexpected 😍 from appetizers to desserts...."
Filomena Lazarte-Lino
"Perfect place to beat the summer heat! Just walking distance from our house ✅✨😊 Buko pandan shake and Bihon guisado! Bonding with our two lola..."
Harmony Colina
"The food was great, and the service crew was very accommodating. Definitely, i will recommend this my friend. The food are very good...."
Mark Ryan Sumulong
"The ambience was very good, and service was very fast. The crew was also very accomodating. All these factors over all led to a very good dining..."
Jonas Garcia
"The food is really really great. The service is good and fast . The waiters are very approachable and friendly. Lido has a good ambiance. I have..."
Rodel Ibanez
"Great food. Great service. This underrated Chinese bistro provides great quality comfort food. Whether dine-in or on the go, sure place to satisfy...."
Robert Sun
"Generally, the food is flavorful. The texture of the food is good and well-presented. The staff are very attentive and courteous. The service is also..."
Vangie Cruz
"Good ambiance, nice and fast service, high quality delicious food, approchable waiter, humble staff, work excellently and not give into mediocrity..."
Ace Lovato
"Best experienced :) at super sarap ng pagkain babalik balikan talaga pati ang store sobrang linis at friendly pa mga staff :)) try nio guys di kayo..."
Paolo Giray Borbon
"We had a good experience on their delivery. Delivery service was on time. Efficient order taking, good follow through on the details. Foods delivered..."
Ako Si QTimz
"great food, good service, clean restaurant, spacious parking , very hospitable Team members. the Roasted pugon asado are so delicious, the manchurian..."
Ervine Lim
Chicks N Tops
87/100 (159 ratings)
"First and foremost, I would like to thank Eric and his brother for accommodating us, the manager Jason who was very helpful and all staff. Kudos to..."
Len Franicso
"A must-try! Delicious signature dish. And I really loved the chili..."
Oliver Clark
"Yall should try and check it out, it was a life changing experience :) good food, good people in good place..."
EC Ruiz Meneses Doron
"Love it, best food , so delicious , and really have..."
Jun Javate
"The food was superb... Best quality service ... Cozy place... Tqo thumbs..."
Ronnie Drew Sumulong
"Highly recommended! Thanks ariel n dinala mo kmi dito!!! Super busog!!! Ang sarap sarap ng food at mura pa!!!..."
Maelma Nisamop-Enrikes
"I love their food especially their cheesy fries! They have many chicken flavors and they're all..."
"Chicks N Tops.Every time I visit my high school friends who live in Greenwoods Executive Village, we always eat here in Chick N Tops. The..."
"Must-try: Chicks N Tops Buttered Cereal.For ₱150, you get a sizable serving of crispy chicken breast fillet, topped with buttered cereal...."
Thea Siy Balagtas
"It's been a while since I last went to this place and their Chick N Salted Egg Cream has always been the best for me, so I ordered it again. I still..."
"Not your ordinary fried chicken.We are supposed to eat in another food place but this really caught my attention. So we changed our plan..."
Faye Mariano
"Me and Carlo Payumo Prejido just ate.. And i find the food is really delicious.. Serving is really big.. Location is accessible and the service was..."
Carlo Gabriel Valencia Calado
"Our GO-TO place.sometimes 3 times a week! LOLconvenient.affordable.tasty.reasons why we keep coming back.been..."
Tapsi Ni Vivian
70/100 (78 ratings)
"We usually visit their branch in Marikina but we would visit this branch sometimes after work or one Sunday night. And just like on their Marikina..."
Jec Almarza
"We always eat here during my college days after a night out. Their tapsilog is a bomb!! and their bulalo! Until now we still manage to go here..."
Hezy Cancino
"Super sarap ng bulalo nila. Binabalikbalikan nmn ang msarap n bulalo ng tapsi n Vivian. Try nyo rin promise d kau..."
"My go-to place for tapa!! I super love their Tapa eversince I'vd tried their Anonas branch. 🙂 so happy that this Ortigas Ext. branch opened as its..."
Patricia Veronica Jasmin
"I LOOOOVE TAPSI NI VIVIAN!We usually go here after our shift (which is a night shift) so it's morning and the servers are not tired yet! haha..."
Jaye EspSto
"I always go here during rainy days. I always love their savory goto. Perfect for the rainy season. Partnered with tokwa't baboy and hard boiled eggs...."
Jade Pangan
"We frequent this place because it is along our usual route. My mom swears not to return because she didnt like the sweet dinuguan. Tapsi was..."
Joan P Budac
"This is one of the best restaurants I've ever tried! Their Bulalo and Tapsilog are superb! I wish they could renovate their place to be much cooler..."
You DONUT Know Me
"Known for its famous TapSiLog and other value for money food offering, this Tapsi Ni Viavian branch is where I frequent...Since it's open..."
Kim Marcelo
"I finally got the chance to try Tapsi ni Vivian's tapsilog when we had our teambuilding in Cainta. Unfortunately, my expections was not met because..."
Toni Reyes
"I remember being a teenager after hours and eating hear. Times has definitely changed but this place remains steadfast with the same good simple food..."
Charlene Briones-Michelena
"Tapsi ni Vivian is our default dinner place when we want quick, affordable food.They were extremely busy and packed last Saturday night..."
"I have been here a couple times before, and I can say that their tapa is good, not too sweet, not too sour or salty. This place is a go-to place for..."
Lyzelle Sigua
Kalye Unligrill
76/100 (72 ratings)
"The best unli my baby super like it...."
Iza Delos Santos
"Dined twice. Very affordable and has a great selection of meats to choose from. The staff are very helpful with the customers as well. The first time..."
"Their beef strips, pork bacon and chicken fillet meats were deli! 🐔🐷🐮Better to reserve a table via their Facebook. It gets really..."
Myka Decano
"The food selection/choices was okay for its price because it's cheaper than other eat all you can restaurants. I really like the beef strips (I..."
Armie Peliño
"Lunchtime eatsFood: Great selections! 5/5Service: Good 4/5Price: not for everyday,of course, for occasions it's great 4/5Serving..."
"Gusto mo ba ng buffet time sidewalk ihawan? Try kalye unligrill! Very sulit and masarap ang food choices tho medyo onti lang. Best recommendation..."
Pat Panopio
"My husband and I had our lunch in this restaurant last August during our vacay and we were really impressed with the concept. It's very filipino-ish..."
Aian Lee
"Definitely one of the most unique grilling resto I know. Aside from the wide selection of food to grill, the service is fast and efficient. I warned..."
LJ Zenarosa
"This particular restaurant in the East offers a wide variety of food you can grill to your liking. Buffet rates are 368/head for lunch on..."
"very friendly and attentive staff. Food were tasty even without sauce. had to wait forever for the scallops though. very friendly and attentive..."
Patrick Dordas
"In the world of "korean unli bbq grill" theres it is. The filipino version of bbq grill. Literally, isaw isaw bbq and other varieties na pwede ihaw...."
"Worth it with excellent customer service. :) Loving the ambiance. Sobrang babait ng mga tao. Mabilis sila magrefill ng mga foods. My friends and I..."
Maricar Asor
"This place is perfect, you will go out full. What I hate was the waiting time. They should have put time restriction for each customer and enough..."
John Joshua Mejia Jose
"Sulit ang 369 sa unli food. Sulit ang unli scallopHindi nga lang sya smokeless grillAt sobrang naninikit lalo na pag fish ang..."
MyLittleRueLito ❤
"Affordable para sa family you dont need to go out to spend in a expensive restos something like that and good ambiance love the bake scallops good..."
"This new unique restaurant is the best by far. Pioneering in the bbq yourself and all you can Filipino street food theme, this restaurant is very..."
Charlene Briones-Michelena
"Menu ✔Ambiance ✔Service ✔Everything was great 👍 I definitely recommend this resto. They also have no time limit so you..."
Tsao Ng
Syudad By Barrio Fiesta
71/100 (68 ratings)
"Celebrated 2 of my birthdays here and it's super worth it. For the price it's affordable plus their food tastes soooo goood especially sisig which is..."
Anne Caballes
"We love their kare-kare and crispy pata! Great food and friendly staff. We also dine here whenever we crave for unlimited merienda. Their Q Plaza..."
Migs And Alaine Alejandrino
"My most favourite food in their menu is Kare-Kare! Plus my partner works there. 😊😊 They are accomodating and very friendly. They even do have..."
Andro Nikko Takano-Shinano Palaganas Jr.
"Been here several times. We usually order the inihaw na pusit, crispy pata, kare-kare and pansit. I did not enjoy the laing because of the meat added..."
"One look at this place and you just gotta have their Kare-Kare and Crispy pata. Barrio Fiesta is indeed a good household brand and it continues to..."
Adrianne Diaz
"A quiet and relaxing place at the back of Q plaza. Not too crowded during weekdays and has a lot of parking space. Food is nice, good portions and..."
Eugene Campel
"Ordered solo kare kare meal for dine in & adobo for take out. Each solo meal has average portion size. Depending on your appetite, you may find it a..."
"Syudad by Barrio Fiesta is one of our family's go-to places on weekends whenever we're in the Cainta/Pasig area. We always order the crispy pata,..."
Richard Allan Co | TFC
"It's a reproduction of the old traditional favorite pinoy resto, barrio fiesta! Every viand in the menu meets your taste and expectation especially..."
Food Tripper
Komunidad Filipino Cuisine
87/100 (59 ratings)
"Great lechong kawali and Tokwat baboy, the place Is simple but serving amazing authentic Pinoy Dish.. Love it....."
John Niel Benedicto
"Food is tasty especially the beef kaldereta. The place is "homey", quiet and relaxing. The serving staff was nice, accomodating and with the right..."
Jaryl Desumala
"Kare Kare is the best! Try..."
Eric Lopez
"I love the crispy binagoonga and sinigang na baboy ( PINAKA MAASIM SA PILIPINAS )..."
Denica Veniece Juco
"Tried their Crispy Pork Binagoongan, loved it!..."
Dianne Elaine Oro Aserit
"I really love your Pancit Bato and Guinomis! Sobrang..."
Sarah De Leon - Dalisay
"GENETOUS serving ,delicious food, and very low price..I LOVE THIS..."
Rafael Gregor Orcajada Ursal
"A hidden..."
Hadrian Paulo Lim
"Lutong Pinoy na gugustuhin mong balikan!On photo: Tulingan, Chicken Curry, Bicol Express, Sinigang, Deconstructed Banana Cue with Cinnamon..."
"If you are looking for an intimate place where you can have a super delish Filipino food that will not break the bank KOMUNIDAD is a must try!!..."
Danica Armendares
"If you are craving for filipino food this is the best place to go to! Tried several dishes; worth every penny! I will definitely come back again and..."
Paula Santiago
"This is one of the most price friendly Filipino themed restaurants out there with fantastic food quality. We ordered the Chicken Pandan Curry with a..."
Giles Echavez
"Tried the Chicken Pandan Curry - chicken breast honey-coated goodies. The dish was really good for 3 people, we were only 2 at that time and super..."
Naru Ignacio
"Bang for the buck. This unpretentious, almost hole in the wall resto offers a host of Filipino dishes at uber friendly prices. Even the beer is sold..."
Rommel Cuison
"Crispy Binagoong is a Must Try Dish!!! Yummy!! The price is not expensive but the quality and serving is superb! You should also try the desserts!..."
Kervin Ramos
"On desserts...they have the not so typical bananacue. It's not too sweet. Hot and cold with a nutty surprise :) Must try dessert. I can finish the..."
Lexie Panaligan
"Komunidad is a local Filipino restaurant showcasing their own take on traditional Filipino food. The food is tasty and classy that goes beyond its..."
"One of my favorite filipino cuisines. I love their food. Everything is delicious! Try their binagoongan, tulingan, tinapa rice, kare kare, guinomis,..."