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There are 290 restaurants
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Coffee & Tea
"Friendly staff and Awesome selection of international coffee and tea. The dessert pairings are very delightful. I came to visit from San Francisco..."
Linzy Reyna
"Nothing quite like this coffee shop in the city. Warm ambiance (my fave is the spot below a picture of the Sydney Opera), excellent varieties of..."
Kim Lastimosa
"My family and i love their turkish coffee and the delicious oreo cheese cake while playing scrabble plus the friendly staff who gave me a rose on..."
Girlie Casinillo Ludeña
"It's a place where you could really relax, the taste of the coffee makes you feel like you drink it abroad but your here in the Philippines...."
Clint Alzula
"The best Turkish Coffee and Honey Cake ☺️ Let me say it again, the best Turkish coffee..."
RJ Lyn Tuan Impuesto
"My favorite drink is Ethiopian Italian Latte. This type of cofffee supposedly the strongest coffee but it turn out to be the lightest and smoothest..."
Elsa May Chantengco-Picardal
"Very nice ambiance. It should be on one’s checklist. A perfect place if you just want to be alone and sip a cup of coffee or be with your date. ;)..."
Eva G. Mauna
"Cozy place. Nice ambience. Great coffee and more importantly, friendly staff..."
Maelyn Brioso
"The Ambience! � and the Turkey Ham and Cheese Sandwich!..."
Jamaila Sumayang Zabate
"Great ambiance, friendly personnel and unique products..."
Bernadette N Oliver Flores
"An amazing place for a great coffee..."
Athazel M Bince