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Buddy Boy Burgers
100/100 (64 ratings)
"Best burger joint in town. Can't get enough of them.. They are the krabby patties of the real..."
Daniel Jay Dela Torre
"I had a double decker at their booth on Session road just this evening and it was so tasty I had a ranch burger to follow it up. I'm tellin' ya..."
David E. Krieg
"Just tried this today but it definitely belongs to my list of must-try-over-and-over burgers!! Not a fan of the smell of any food which is..."
Chay DeeGee
"animal style everything tho! :D great food, great prices, and great service. the staff is chill, they definitely take care of you here. all good..."
Krystel Megan
"The next best thing is here. Big burgers at affordable prices, the chili cheese fries are the best ones ive tasted so far, I'm very satisfied with..."
Maui Arellano
"By far the best burger in Baguio City! Coming from the states it is very much on par with the..."
Jesse Rodriguez
"I'm so happy this place exists. Would literally eat here everyday if it was closer to..."
John Macrae
"hhhhmmmmm hhhhhmmmmm,, Fish Burger with spam :), Cheese Burger with bacon :), Best burger in Town,, wala sinabi barneys dito XD. nom nom nom nom nom..."
Avril Jameson Kayan
"Thanks so much! That meal (fish burger and fries) was awesome! Will definitely bring more friends over! Until the next chomp, chomp, chomp!..."
Nicole A Hamada
"You will believe this rating if you try Buddy Boy Burgers yourself. Try anything. Everything! They are ALL..."
Faith Erasmo
Karisha Biscocho
"Satrap a must try place:-)..."
Ena Louise De Sahagon
"Booommm!busog!booommm!sarap!booommm! More..."
Polong Ama Luzadas
"Excellent Fish Burgers!..."
Nicole Magno Balinong
"Best in baguio by far! Keep it..."
Mark Contreras
"Super yummy burgers! Must..."
Joy Aragones
Maeve Cafe And Crafts
100/100 (19 ratings)
"I love how they prepared the food as fresh, very appealing with all the colors in one plate..their spinach with strawberry salad is one that i really..."
Maria Corazon Beltran
"The best place to just chill and relax. Add the amazing food to the mix and you've got the perfect combination to complete your day! Would definitely..."
Destiny Balad-Serrano
"Good place! Great food! Friendly owner! Thank you chef Ems for the warm welcome and delicious foods, we had a great time! ..."
Melody Inso Imayaho
"To say that the food is wonderful is an understatement. Our hearts were filled with warmth as soon as they set each dish on the table. We didn't even..."
Alessie Gail
"Nourishment for the stomach and the soul. Intimate, authentic, creative—you will relish absolutely everything, from the smallest crumb on your..."
Aleck E. Maramag
"To all mag reserve na po kayo its worth all the wait and please try nyo lahat ng kasya sa tummy and wear larger..."
Peter FS Aguilar
"#everymorning is a sunshine of surprise for a carefully mastered breakfast.... indeed "food with..."
Jo Ann Lajeras
"the people who are serving here is very accommodating,friendly and the food is 100%..."
JHovi Rhaynne Lua Hernandez
"If you want real food, then this is for you. Super comforting dishes made with love. It's really amazing because all are made from scratch and fresh..."
Hazel Emily Balariz
"Thank you Ate Cathy, Kuya Emerson and daughter Maeve for our delicious and healthy breakfasts during our stay in Lucia's. Had a great time and..."
Joan A. Ladao
"Best place to re-discover real, well-prepared, natural, and DELICIOUS food. A great place to relax, unwind, enjoy life, and FEEL..."
Sharmaine De Guzman
"I look forward to going..."
Tet Mora