Reviews Tori Tori Kushiyaki Snack Bar

Michael Marquez
The wagyu beef is excellent! No frills place but very good food.
Alain Uy
It was full when we came but the staff was very accomodating. All I can say about the food and service, 2 words.. The Best! ��
JR Ofilada
Loved the butabara I would suggest that you pair your food with beer for maximum satisfaction
Shirley So Tan
Love the food, especially the Japanese scallop. I'll definitely go back and bring my family.
Jaime Jim Gulane
Tori Tori Kushiyaki Snack Bar. . a good quality of meat, cook in japanese style. So craving like yakitori and sushi. .I am sure i'll be back to eat more frequently! �
Jerome Gapasin
Very accommodating staff and delicious food. Service with a smile.
Eugene Co
Affordable and premium choice of meat grilled to perfection wagyu!!!
Carmichael Keane See
Wagyu! Best paired with some alcohol on the side. And the chicken is good too.
Mark Philip Wu
A place that focuses on yakimono, and I think it delivers quite well in that regard. Their Angus belly and butabara skewers were pretty good, as was the mushrooms wrapped in bacon. You have to make sure to eat the skewers as they come out when they're nice and hot because they won't nearly be as good if you let them sit. Their spicy salmon and spicy tuna sashimi were both okay. We also had their grilled oysters, but it wasn't too good for me. Their sushi rolls are okay, but kind of hard to eat in one bite with their size.
6 months ago
Jas Retardo
Tried ToriTori for the first time.

1. USDA Angus Rib Eye Set @ Php 300 per 100grams - and guess what, only 400grams was available. We still got it just to try. This came with one cup of rice and 1small cup of cabbage + tomato + sesame dressing. We requested medium rare but I don't think this was medium rare. Beef was tender though. Kinda felt sad coz we can get better steak at that price. Bye money 💸💸💸 2. Kushiyaki - I think it's cheap here and taste was so-so. A bit overcooked for me and dry. Regretted that I ordered a lot of sticks when we already got the steak. Too much grilled meat 😭
a. Angus Belly - Php 65 per stick
b. Bacon quail egg - 60 per stick
c. Bacon enoki - Php 65 per stick

3. Grilled salmon skin @ Php 90 per serving - loved that you'll still get salmon meat attached to the skin 👍👍👍 4. Tuna sashimi @ Php 280 per serving - that was probably 5-6 thick slices of tuna and it was so refreshing for me after ordering all thos grilled stuff from earlier.

Overall, I'd give this store ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Servers were attentive, place was clean, drinks were cold, food were good and I believe price was reasonable of course except the steak at 400grams. I think I'll be really happy if a 100grams steak was available 😅
7 months ago
Food Torpedo
Tori-tori is located along wilson st. and most of the time (atleast when we eat here) there is always a wait as the place is always packed with people. The vibe here is like a Japanese Izakaya and the food is really good. You may want to ask for some yakitori sauce to add more flavor to the grilled stuff you ordered. The service may sometimes be slow and the staff would sometimes forget what you ordered but seeing how busy this place is, it is understandable. Maybe they could have a little bit more staff for the weekends to ease the load on their other staff.
8 months ago
Genesis Abrigo
I’ll keep it short. Favorite restaurant.
11 months ago
Symon Chan
At tori tori, go for the kushiyaki, it's their namesake, the house special and the best in taste and value.

Oh, and don't forget to get the shishamo.
11 months ago
I never was a fan of yakitoris, until I discovered this place. They’re one of my go-to’s for quick Jap food, since I’m often around GH and they serve other good dishes aside from yakitoris.

Their wagyu cubes are my fave, doesn’t taste like spam! Others of my top picks for yakitori are their angus belly and scallops. They have two sauces, which complements all their sticks (mix them both for the perfect yakitori experience 😁). I always get their Inaris, too (either wagyu or angus belly—both delicious!). For maki, dragon roll is my top choice. Sashimis are also fresh and served in thick cuts. Serving quantity is just right for the price. They’re very affordable actually.

Only downside is the place. They could get cramped up especially dinner time, with limited parking space and seating (that’s why I usually visit them either later at night 8:30+ or in the afternoon). Still, they’re a must-visit and the best yakitori place there is. ❤️
Oct 11, 2019
Leigh Reyes
Hidden in the heart of San Juan is Tori Tori Kushiyaki Bar. Upon entering you would immediately be transported to the world of late night Japan where people have snacks and drink.

As the name suggests, the star is the kushiyaki --- pork, wagyu, poultry, innards and vegetables skewered and grilled to perfection. It ranges from wagyu cubes to chicken liver and heart, for about 50-100pesos. There seems to be a light glaze, which is not overwhelming that the natural flavor of the meat or vegetable is drowned or lost. These are served with either garlic mayo or spicy mayo and perfect with cold beer or a steaming bowl of rise.

Aside from the yakitoris, one dish which we were pleasantly surprised with is the grilled salmon skin. The salmon skin was served grilled glazed with a bit of their yakitori sauce, with just the right amount of meat and fat attached to it. Definitely a great pulutan for your night outs drinking.

Theh also offer the usual sushi, sashimi, makis and donburis-- giving you almost the whole japanese food experience. Whether you just want a light snack, a filling meal, or a night out drinking, this place will definitely not disappoint.

Sep 09, 2019
Tina Mariano Dy
This resto was a revalation! Absolutely enjoyed their food and their menu is reasonably priced without compromising quality. I didn’t mind the small space or the waiting time because I think it adds to the charm and ambiance similar to Izakayas in Japan. Best enjoyed with friends over beer! Definitely coming back.
Sep 08, 2019
Haydee Kua
Such a chill Yakitori place! I loved their Wagyu Cubes; it's quite similar to Little Tokyo's!! 😭💖 If you're saving up, their Bacon Egg Rice is perfect for yah!
Aug 05, 2019
Anj Heruela
Absolutely love it here. Simple, mura, masarap, rak. Generous servings which makes it affordable. It's not like other yakitori and Japanese places I've been to where you end up thinking the orders just aren't worth your buck. Everything I tried I'll order again plus will order things I haven't tried. Servers are candid and kind and attentive too! Interiors are also nice, cozy and laid-back and not intimidating. Makes it fun to stay and keep munching on whatever they're serving :)
Jun 30, 2019
Andrew San Juan
Place is a bit small and cramped but dont let that dissuade you from coming. Order these sure fire items and you will leave with a smile: butabara (fatty beefy goodness), angus belly (see butabara), bacon enoki (its bacon so no need to explain), wagyu cubes, chicken liver. You can have rolls on the side to complement the grilled sticks. I usually get the tori tori roll.
May 29, 2019
Alberto Tenedero Jr.
Probably the best yakitori place I've been to! We ordered the special Cali Maki, Tori Tori Roll, Gyoza and several Yakitori sticks ( Wagyu, Angus, Enoki Bacon, Butamaru, Japanese Scallops). Their rolls are so big at around 2x the size of the usual roll, Gyoza probably the best I've had and the cook on the Yakitori was just perfect! Will most definitely be back soon!
May 14, 2019
Louisa Reyes
Sooooo good and very affordable!!! I will definitely come back with my friends so i can try other dishes!!
Serving time is 15-20 minutes! Parking space is very limited.
May 11, 2019
This is next level (Japanese) barbecue. I have been here twice (second time last night) and I'm still craving for it!

The seafood tastes so fresh. I have tried salmon sashimi (thick cuts!) and their uni (salty sweet goodness) twice

The grilled barbecue (what ever kind) is so tender, flavorful and juicy. The umami flavors give just the right kick to the palate. The butabara and angus belly (next level isaw!) are my favorites. I have tried duck blood kushiyaki (melts in your mouth betamax) as well. The grilled tomatoes and squash are perfect partners for the barbecue.

The venue is a small cute japanese-themed restaurant that gives a pleasing authentic feel to the whole experience.

Must try!!! ✨✨✨✨✨
May 04, 2019
Pricing is good and portions are adequate. Sauces are also complimentary to the kushiyaki and not overpowering. Meats are of good quality, and with that desirable smoky char.

The place is intimate. Go here to be with friends and drink beer, and enjoy some meat on sticks.

Service staff is very responsive. Their ceramicware is consistent with the japanese theme. We will come back to try the sashimi.
Apr 11, 2019
Goldielyn Limsiy
If you're sick of hospital food (Pancake House, Cafe France, Seattle's Best), Tori Tori is a ~20mins walk from Cardinal Santos

The restaurant serves decent chirashi Don, Unagi Don, and Maki. I did find it a bit pricey though - our total bill was ~PHP 1400
Mar 12, 2019
Purple Apple
I love this small hidden japanese restaurant where they serve my favorites: sashimi, maki rolls, and yakitori sticks! And oh, I love their sauces. One is white, the other is orange (a bit spicy). Mix these two, perfect for the yakitori sticks! 😍

The downside: hard to park in the area. During busy hours also, food takes awhile to be served. But definitely worth the wait! It’s my nth time in this place and I always leave full and satisfied!
Feb 01, 2019
Isay Macasinag
A bit pricey, but the food is really good. We ordered the chirashi don, japanese scallops, wagyu, tori tori roll, and salmon skin. All of the items that we ordered were good.
Dec 02, 2018
Something to note on my visit tonight 11/11/2018.. 

The food, ambience and overall experience of the restaurant was 5 stars as usual, service was prompt.. and the staff were polite (at least when LITERALLY in front of you..)


Staff were talking behind customers backs within earshot, 

- Complaining about their boss. most of what i heard was about how unreasonable it is to ask them to keep buzy and not be idle.. (I think any boss would ask this of their staff.. it is part of work ethics.. and being professionally presentable) making insulting remarks, complaining about their shifts, etc..

- Talking about the customers behind their backs, 

"mga bossing bossingan na customer" (after talking about their boss),

"matakaw na customer, matakaw nga" think this was me I was alone and i ordered quite a bit of food.. well cuz their food was awesome.. though i don't think its any of their business, I am a customer in a restaurant afterall am I not supposed to order food, however much I want and can afford to pay for? 

*See pictures below for the amount of food ordered.. I personally don't think its too much if you're a heavy eater, I know people who eat more.. ^^

they were also making insulting remarks about the other tables but i didn't pay any more attention because i was trying to enjoy a nice quiet dinner.


Do note.. I don't really care about what they have to say.. they can complain on their own time at their own venue.. for whatever reason. 

But the problem is they are at work and within earshot of the customers they are bad mouthing, its just a bad experience overall.. kinda ruined my quiet Sunday dinner.

Still I will rate this restaurant a 5 star and highly recommend it. Their food and ambience are truly terrific..
Nov 11, 2018
Edward John Aguilar
A place so hidden that everybody else seems to only know it as “that intersection in Wilson with the ShareTea”. Food was excellently grilled and tasted wonderful, but you gotta pony up cos the best skewers do not come cheap. Loved the parking boys warning sign at the entrance. Hilarious.
Oct 22, 2018
The kushiyaki options were great, as expected. What surprised me was how fresh their spicy tuna sashimi and uni were. Not a hint of awkward fishy taste. I'll definitely be back!
Sep 03, 2018
Jesse Lui
Actual rating: 4.5

One of the best yakitori places I have ever tried. The -0.5 deduction is due to the maki that I really didn’t enjoy. That aside, I’d truly recommend this place.

The yakitori sticks were all good for me! Must-order: scallop, beef wagyu, and butabara.

The ebi tempura was solid! The prawn was big, with batter that was just right and crispy on point.

Basta, just try this place! One of the best.
Aug 13, 2018
Lowell Esponilla
Kushiyaki for dinner 🍢 (From L-R) Chicken Thigh (P45), Japanese Wagyu (P125), Bacon Enoki (P65) 🐔🐮🐷 #foodisbaeph
Rating: 🍎🍎🍎🍎
All three are really flavorful. My fave’s the wagyu coz it’s super soft. 👍🏻😁 Moreover, price is just right, and the place is not too crowded. You & bae shouldn’t have any other plans after going here tho, coz the smoke will definitely leave its smell on your clothes. 😉
Aug 05, 2018
Michiko Mendoza | ~ I Want You To Enjoy Your Food
Salmon sashimi is really fresh and slice is big. Wagyu cubes is tasty 😋 also the uni is good too. Place is too small. My concern is they serve slow. They serve one dish then you have to wait another 10 minutes for the other dish. I hope you can serve it all of it at one time. You have to understand that customers enjoy eating if they see varieties of food in front of them.
Jul 23, 2018
Justine Lauren B. Chan
Skewers and sushi are fresh and affordable. People in Greenhills really do not like overpriced restaurants or bars specially when hanging out with friends, old school mates or colleagues to have drinks at night, may it be a work nights or weekend nights. This is one great example of a place where they can enjoy that.
Jul 15, 2018
I always have a pleasant time here in tori tori. It’s a small japanese resto specializing in yakitori snacks (I was so hungry I forgot to take pics of all 10 sticks we ordered) They also offer sashimi, sushi rolls and rice meals all of which are good. Not anything extraordinary in this place but if you’re looking for decent japanese food that won’t dissappoint then check this place out!

The branch in wilson has very limited parking (only two parking slots) so take that into consideration.
Jun 20, 2018
Foodventures By FraPao
Went here for a late night cravings and we weren’t disappointed. We love all their yakitori specially their wagyu cubes yakitori. It’s so soft and juicy and the taste is just right no need to dip it in a sauce. ☺️
Jun 14, 2018
Felicia G. Aquino
We tried going to the Ortigas branch and found that it was closed on Sundays. Place was small but the food was wonderful. Butabara and rice were excellent. Everything else was delicious.

Shake don
Uni don
Spicy salmon
Mixed tempura
Jun 03, 2018
Muncher Champ
Place is great its relaxing and the food is worthy. For starters I highly recommend the angus beef, butabara  and the wagyu. Glad to see that you guys expand your place its more cozy and can accomodate more customers.
May 25, 2018
Linus Reyes
Beef Angus sticks. Everything’s great just be mindful of the wait for your food because of the grilling. Space is too crowded too but I guess thats the charm of the place.
May 12, 2018
Shasha Zaragoza
the place is worth your patient in queue...coz surely you're in for a good food 👌 just enough to have your fill if ur craving for some wagyu and the likes...we heart their kani salad and grilled mackarel too. if ur by the area...go for a try this stall aint gonna fail u 😊
Mar 18, 2018
Finally had the chance to eat here. This place is always full when we go.
Place was small with limited seats. Staff were very friendly. Food served fast and tasted very good.. Everything we ordered were scrumptious.>Salmon skin, wagyu beef, 2kinds of pork, tori tori maki, pork ribs
Mar 04, 2018
Tin Marie Reyes Poral
Good food, nice place and they served us fast! Their grilling was perfect. Good value for money. Next time we visit, we will try the sushi and sashimi.
Feb 21, 2018
Cath Soriano
This is my fave kushiyaki place. Despite the small space, you still get to enjoy your food which is super tasty! Staff are very attentive and knows their menu very well.
Feb 15, 2018
Foodie Dokie
Quick afternoon snacks with friends...

Some of my friends have their clinics in the vicinity and I had the day off. So we met for a quick gab session/wedding planning over food. The food is necessary, of course.

Anyway, they were feeling Japanese. I just went along with their suggestions since I'm not too familiar with the area. Tori Tori for some sosi tusok tusok it is!

No, we are not keto. Just didn't take a pic of the bacon rice-- yes, they have bacon rice & it's good. We had the ebi tempura maki and the spicy tuna salad (seriously, I'm so predictable) to start. Good choices, delicious! We also had the wagyu beef cubes and the sausages. Oh and the cherry tomatoes for effect. 😅 Gyu kushi flavor bomb in yo mouth!😍 Not bad at all! Even their sausages were good, I'm reminded of the ones in Jiufen.

This place gets packed during peak hours. We were there a little too early for dinner, so everything was served fast. But, the crowd started pouring in as we were leaving. Not sure how that went... But, I definitely enjoyed the food during our visit!👍🏻
Jan 31, 2018
Joserie Plugio
The food was great and the service was excellent. I would rate it a 5 if the crew greet us goodbye, thank you or come again...................
Dec 05, 2017
Isabella Magajes
I was craving for Yakitori that’s why I decided to try this restaurant.
On my way to the restaurant, I was checking the menu and I noticed that there was a wide range of food choices at affordable prices so I decided to try the ones that I liked. The only one I didn’t like was the Duck Meat Tsukune because it tasted ordinary but the rest which were chicken thigh,sausage, Japanese wagyu,bacon enoki,Shiitake mushroom,Japanese scallops were good! The servers were efficient and the ambiance was nice.
I will surely come back to try the other food choices.
Nov 26, 2017
John Silva
I enjoyed the food and appreciate the courtesy and speed of service. I just found the place a bit small. Aside from that, everything's good. Keep it up!
Oct 19, 2017
Sophia Ino
There are few affordable places that serve wagyu and this is one of them.
Wagyu cubes and salmon belly, favorite grilled items. As for sashimi offerings, I have only tried their uni which was of acceptable quality.
They have a cozy, compact vibe perfect for small groups. They serve alcohol too, perfect with your grilled meats.

The order sheet that they have in clipboards are somewhat confusing to me because it doesn't match the menu they have. So, make sure to confirm your orders.
As for seating, I find the tables and stools to be uncomfortable. There's no place to put your purse/bag, not even a hook. Just a note. Service is average, takes 10-15 minutes for orders to roll out.
The place is packed by dinner time, and they take no reservations and very limited parking space.
Sep 26, 2017
Rye Eats
Im baacckkk! Great place to unwind. What we always order are Bacon with Golden Muahrooms, Chix Skin, Chix Thigh, Salmon Sashimi, Spicy Salmon Salad, Bacon Rice and some Japanese Beer! Happy Friday indeed!
Sep 16, 2017
Musts: butabara, bacon enoki, chicken skin, and wagyu. Afforable yakitori plus cheap beer? Would definitely come back.

Tip: they have a corkage fee of 450. They have wine glasses available so not bad, all things considered.
Sep 10, 2017
Jackie Esparrago
Food: 4. Their Japanese skewers and Makis are really good. I love their bacon egg rice most, partnered with Kirin (Japanese malt drink) ♥️♥️♥️

Place: 3. Their place is small so it is crowded most of the time. Also, you need to bring lots of lucky charms for parking space 😂

Service: 4. Good service with no charge 👌👌👌

1. If you have no parking slot in front of their store, ask help from the barker 😂
2. Always give tips for their good service. 👍

Overall Rating: ♥️♥️
Sep 08, 2017
The Curious Belly
Their location is a bit hidden. The restaurant itself is also a bit small and has limited parking. That said their yakitori/grilled skewers are really good. The marinate is not sweet. And because it's tasty, you don't even need a dipping sauce. We suggest trying the Japanese wagyu stick.
Aug 23, 2017
Raphael Diaz
Their Kushiyaki is delicious 😍😍 especially the wagyu. Service gets a bit slow during dinner rush, prepare to wait a bit when their store is full
Aug 19, 2017
Basha Obispo
We are curious about this place so we tried Tori-Tori! Finally!

The food is flavorful and we ordered
-Japanese Wagyu ✔️
-Bacon Enoki ✔️
-Batubara ✔️
-Chicken Thigh ✔️
Plus the BACON RICE ❤️

The price is pretty affordable.
The place is quite small
They also have buy 1 take 1 beer promo every Monday-Wednesday! Yay! 😍

Must try!
Aug 08, 2017
Jasmine B
This place is a goldmine! I rarely give 5.0 ratings and trust me, Tori Tori DESERVES THAT A+.

1. Food is amazing. Wasn't a fan of Japanese skewers up until I discovered the place. Their food is cooked so wall and is rich in flavor. Tastes every bit authentic.
2. Serving size is reasonable. 
3. Pricing is just right -- it's actually pretty affordable. You get full from a scrumptious meal! Yum!
4. Place is cozy. It's located away from "mainstreet Wilson." Interiors are lovely, too.
5. Staff are friendly and attentive.
6. Serving time is fast.
7. They have buy 1 take 1 beer promos every M-W!!!!
8. They also serve whiskey and a limited selection of alcoholic drinks cheaper than bar price.

It's one of those places where you can get gastronomically salivating Japanese food -- specifically skewers -- for a cheap price (don't forget to order rice) and you're SOLVED.
Jul 28, 2017
Unisse Chua
After my errands at Cardinal Santos Medical Center, I was looking for a place to have lunch that was on the way home. I didn't bring my car so it would have to be walkable. Then I found that Tori Tori was just at the end of Wilson 👍🏼

I ordered so much 😂 For one person.
2 sticks of Wagyu
1 stick sausage
1 stick of enoki bacon
1 Ninja Roll
1 bacon rice

... I finished everything. 🙈 Well, the last piece of the roll and the rice took a bit of pushing at the end but I still finished everything. The bill was quite expensive for one but that was because of my "takaw-tingin" 🙊

The kushiyaki sticks were good. It would be great to have set menu though, since it can be pretty pricey if you order a lot of sticks. 😅 Their bacon was SPOT ON! So yummy! ❤️ They also had this Japanese glaze on the bacon - not sure what it's called but it's a bit sweet and salty 👍🏼 I love that glaze. The Ninja roll had 6 pieces - kani, tamago and cream cheese!!! 😍 Huge chunk of cream cheese inside ❤️ Yum yum!

The place is quite small and has this Japanese bar-like vibe. I noticed some people just dropped by for take outs but the lunch crowd started to thicken at around 12:30 PM - 01:00 PM on a Friday. Good for small groups.
Jul 18, 2017
Meliza Orbe
Grabe. I read the reviews and halos lahat maganda. At true enough, MASARAP NGA SYA!! ALL CAPS PARA INTENSE! I wouldn't have had my dinner tonight any other way.

Nag-search lang ako ng makakainan nang late na, around 10 pm, tapos nakita ko to sa zomato. Thank you talaga zomato. May bago na kaming regular na pupuntahan ni boyfie. ang arte.

It was love at first sight and bite.


🎏 Salmon Sashimi - I could confidently say that this is among the best in the metro. Thank you. I am not feeling any pressure right now. (Basta masarap try mo now na!) Quality to, quality!

🎏 Tori Tori Roll - Di ako mahilig sa spicy pero pinilit ko dahil ang sarap. Tamang tama yung lambot ng rice. Pati yung cream cheese, hindi sya yung maalat. It blends well with the Tuna and Mango.

🎏 Japanese Wagyu Kushiyaki - Unang kagat palang, baka malimutan mo pangalan mo. Ang lambot! Not chewy at all. Mapapaisip ka kung karne ba talaga yung kinakain mo kasi it melts in your mouth. ganon.

🎏 Butabara - Grilled Pork Belly on a stick. Sarap nito!

🎏 Angus Belly - Oks naman. Medyo may pagkaalat pero masarap parin!

Ayon. Go na dali! Onti lang parking space, dalawa lang. So you have to look for another place to park tas lakad nalang.
Jul 06, 2017
JV Maralit
From the sliding entrance door and the feeling of minimal space gives you that experience of those Japanese pubs. There are only a few elements present such as the wall ornaments and some shelves but it still managed to pull off that effect without being tacky. The menu has a bit of everything from sushi to skewers. We were left with the order sheets which were later on collected by the wait staff for a bit of efficiency. Simple yet effective especially if you are already familiar with the dishes.

We ordered the skewers (Butabara, Wagyu cubes, and Chicken skin) and some Spicy tuna sashimi. Of course the wagyu cubes did not seize to amaze my palate and is definitely a must try. I was impressed by the chicken skin skewer since it was not greasy and having one felt guilt free. The spicy tuna sashimi is a to share dish that hit the spot and had that right spiciness to it.

I felt a sense of accomplishment having discovered and tried this restaurant in San Juan. The dishes are simple yet it was still enjoyable and worth a revisit.
Jun 20, 2017
I visited Tori Tori for an afternoon snack. I tried two of their "wrap it up" items - Wagyu (P175) and Angus Belly (P125). "Wrap it up" is simply Japanese-style shawarma. The meats were very flavorful and tasty. But I found their serving a little small.
Jun 15, 2017
Ramon Crisanto
The place is quaint with a hole-in-the-wall feel to it. Great for grabbing a drink with friends while eating Japanese finger food. The sushi, sashimi and makimono are incredible. A treat for anyone with Japanese finger food cravings!
May 30, 2017
Hidden here on an unattractive street corner of Wilson in Green Hills is this unassuming easy to miss little hole in wall foodery .    Please take some time and go and seek it it out. You will not regret it.

As you enter leaving the noisy grotty street behind you there will be a pleasant greeting from the crew who will seat you in their very small but clean and fresh establishment . Already you will be feeling better, cooler, and safe from the outside World.

Before you can even open the menu an ice cold water will arrive at your table to refresh you.

Then the food..! I am amazed by the quality of the cooking, the love put into the presentation and the delectable taste of each item on the menu.

Every thing cooked fresh while you wait, and a taste sensation.

Each item on the menu seems quite cheap, however you will need to order quite a few items to make a meal. This will add up to what will still be a very reasonable overall cost.

Go here! Try it ! If we don't support these little places we will lose them.

I will be back!  And thanks for reading my review.
May 27, 2017
Kenneth Wong
Great Japanese Tori house... The way they marinated and cook their food is distinctively japanese the wagyu and the octopus stick is a must try sashimi are also authentic... Dont forget to order a bottle of beer trust me its a perfect match! #oishi #toritoriph
May 26, 2017
Lito Carlos
Fantastic place with reliable yumminess. When we want sitdown no frills sushi and great yakitori, we go to TORI TORI. It is comfortable but not too plush. They concentrate on the important things - good food, affordable drinks (japanese whiskey anyone), and fast service. Street parking is not plentiful but neither is TORI TORI's seating so they do fill up. Pickup their high quality tori and sushi trays to go; your guests will approve!
May 21, 2017
Issa Pisa
This is the place to be if you are looking for Japanese street food! They offer a variety of choices that will surely fit your cravings and your budget too!😊
May 07, 2017
One of my favorite yakitori/kushiyaki joints out there. Have probably tried almost all of their skewers and most of them are delicious and are reasonably priced. My absolute favorite here is their Angus belly - so good and yet so cheap. Their pork belly and Wagyu beef cubes are also good. I'd stay away from the scallops and tsukune (both duck and octopus). They're more expensive than their other offerings but are not even that good. I always pair the grilled stuff with an order of their Uni Don which still amazes me at how affordable it is. Too bad they tend to run out of uni fast probably cos they're so cheap here.
May 01, 2017
Camille Solis
Tori Tori is one of the most “matunog” names when it comes to yakitori. This place is a bit hard to locate if you’re not familiar with the Wilson/P. Guevarra stretch and the parking’s good enough for 2-3 cars. Better to commute or take public transportation and walk.

Business looks really good for Tori Tori because it has now expanded their space (renting/buying/getting the space beside it). More space means more tables and chairs for the customers.

Onto the food… I got a stick each of Chicken Thigh and Japanese Wagyu and one bowl of rice. I found the chicken a bit dry but the wagyu stick was super good! It was soft, tender, flavorful and seasoned well. Will definitely go back for the wagyu cubes!!

— —

Tori Tori is now one of our go-to spots whenever we don’t have food at home. So for today’s visit, I was with my mom and my sister. We ordered Spicy Tuna Sashimi for sharing. It was okay, the spiciness was very tolerable especially for me who has low tolerance for anything spicy. I got my “usual” kushiyaki favorites - Butabara (Pork Belly), Angus Belly and Japanese Wagyu. I really liked how the Butabara is so tender that it almost melts inside my mouth, especially the fat part. The Angus belly had the same texture with the Butabara, only that it’s beef. The only downside I see for the Angus belly is that the end of the sticks are usually burnt. The Japanese Wagyu cubes were delicious. It melts in your mouth a different way than the Butabara and the Angus Belly. All three sticks were best partnered with steamed rice.

Aside from this, I try to make it a habit that for every visit in the same restaurant, I try to order something new. We already have the Spicy Tuna Sashimi and it didn’t fail. I got another kushiyaki - (Taiwan) Sausage. I think it’s Taiwan Sausage because its taste and texture reminded me of the one I had in Taiwan. It was like Chinese chorizo also but not that sweet. I wish Tori Tori had a spicy version of the sausage. This way, it might add more excitement and avoid cloying.
Apr 28, 2017
Kei Obusan
Most amazing wagyu beef cubes in Manila. Tori Tori is waaaay better than a more popular kushiyaki place somewhere else. Other than the kushiyaki, Spicy Tuna is a must-try too.
Apr 14, 2017
Superb Japanese Restaurant!

A hidden gem around Wilson street in San Juan. Mind you that the place can only accommodate by hand so, I suggest you reserve a spot before coming.

Parking's a bit tough too since they only have 2 slots, I think? And cellphone signal is a weak once inside the venue.

But with what they have to offer, I don't think you'd be using too much of your phones too.

Prices are affordable. Service is fast and servers are nice, alert and accommodating. We were a group of 4, ordered everything that catches our attention and was given a salmon salad for free since one the chef we talked to said we ordered so much, we should try it out!

Will definitely come back again!
Apr 13, 2017
Great place with nice selections of food and drinks on an affordable price. Personal favorite: chicken skin and angus belly paired with san mig light! Service is also commendable. The location can be a challenge with parking issues but worth the visit.
Mar 31, 2017
• place is tiny but they serve good quality dishes
• their Izakaya are soooo tasty, enough portion, mouthwatering
• fast, friendly, efficient service
• good place to go anytime of the day
Mar 24, 2017
Ruth Sarno
After 2 failed attempts, we finally made it here. Right after dinner at Pound, mah homies and I went here for some "snacks". Yes, I was also surprised that I can still eat after eating a lot. I guess our tummies are limitless whenever we're together!! :)

As recommended by our friend, Abe, we must order the JAPANESE WAGYU BEEF and BUTABARA at the very least. And so we ordered them plus the ANGUS BELLY and the BACON ENOKI. 

🔶 TASTE. Very Good!! The wagyu was tender and flavorful. The other sticks were also very tasty and seasoned well.  

🔶 PRICE. Affordable and Budget-friendly. Prices are very reasonable. Nothing that will make your wallet cry. ;)

Definitely coming back for more of the yakitori sticks and to try the other dishes available! :)
Mar 22, 2017
Reich Torio
Our weary feet and insatiable tummies brought us to Tori Tori (note: This is right after our sponsored dinner at Pound in Megamall). Yeah, this is how we roll!

This place is highly recommended by one of the #Suspects - ABE | ABEventures The place is small and has that hole-in-the-wall vibe. The facade reeks of Japanese. From the wooden door down to the Japanese Lanterns. The interior is not as fancy as the other Japanese restaurant joints i visited but the simplicity draws visitors in.

Since we are still full from ze magnificent burgers we had, we decided to get some skewers

We got two of each - yes we are still full 😂😂😂

Japanese Wagyu (Php 125)
Butabara (Php 45)
Angus Belly (Php 60)
Bacon Enoki (Php 60)

The Wagyu is magnificent as expected. Juicy and tender cubes grilled to perfection.

I liked the Butabara too! The pork is really tender and seasoned well. I taste all the pork goodness on each bite.

Angus Belly is nice too. Give me some of that fatty belly!

The Bacon Enoki is mediocre as it lacks the "wow" factor. This is probably due to the fact that i ate wagyu first. The succeeding skewered meats will be substandard! Har-Har.

A word of advise: Skip the mayo as it tastes a lil odd when paired with the yakitori.

Overall, we enjoyed our quickie stopover at Tori Tori. I shall come back for that juicy wagyu.

Peace Out!

Mar 12, 2017
What I didn't like: chicken wing drums (though the serving was generous for its price, i think it's a tad undercooked) and bacon enoki (the enoki mushroom was too tough to bite).

What i liked:
- sausage
- bacon quail eggs, though i wished there was a little more bacon
- butabara
- chicken thigh

Their angus beef and wagyu were so-so for me. Nothing special, you can find this in most yakitori places.
Also, i noticed they just used the same sauce to marinate/coat all the skewered meats in. So taste was pretty much the same across all dishes. Perhaps try something else like the basic salt and pepper.
Price-wise, it's cheap!
Mar 06, 2017
Nemie Dayos
I have been always curious about this place since it is a hole in the wall. Chicken skin and chicken heart were my favorite. Not really a fan of the octupus one but it has octopus bits i it which made it tasty. I'm giving it a 4.5 because I didn't find any of the sauce available to be a match for the grilled dishes. Their spicy tuna was a little bit expensive but it tasted even better than those from well known japanese restaurants.

My favorite from this restaurant was the Nama sake. It glided down the throat perfectly and it was a perfect match for grilled dishes. Will definitely come back to try the wagyu and other meat treats!
Mar 04, 2017
Lyza Rojo
Big pieces at an affordable price! Bbq'd to perfection. Will definitely satisfy your cravings. :)
Feb 12, 2017
Ruth Acero
Chanced upon this when the restaurant we were supposed to have dinner at was already full! This place is another hole in the wall, which seats only about 15pax. Place is small, menu is limited, but taste of their food is superb! A must try if you like grilled food. 😁
Dec 27, 2016
Ren Dela Cruz
Happened to pass by this restaurant around dinner time and boy am I glad we went inside! Everything we ordered was delicious, but my favorite by far is the Scallop kushiyaki! Barbecued to perfection, the two huge pieces are a pleasant surprise. Just a bit steep at Php170, but the other sticks vary and go for as low as Php55. We also tried the tempura maki (8 pcs), unagi sushi (8pcs), tuna sashimi (pretty helpful servings!), eggplant kushiyaki and bacon quail kushiyaki. They have house tea as well. Will definitely go back and try other offerings when I return to the area.
Dec 19, 2016
The food tastes great and the price ain't bad. The only problem here is the parking. Other than that highly recommend people to try the food here.
Dec 11, 2016
Annette A. Ferrer
I love Tori tori. I've taken food out of here 2x, dined once, and all were good experiences.

It's an unassuming place, cozy, no dress code needed -- I was in pambahay.

Food is flavorful -- you don't even really need the sauce for their yakitori. Rice is hot, everything is hot off the grill as they should be. The spicy tuna salad was fresh and delicious. Beer was really cold, too.

Our bill went to about 1k for two people. Not crazy expensive, not cheap either. But it was well worth the money. I want to eat there again right now.
Oct 14, 2016
Is it too late now to say TORI? ---------------------------------------------------
Black Ninja Roll by ---------------------------------------------------
Teachers' Verdict ✔️
Who could resist this maki charm? With one order, you get six big pieces of maki covered with black ebiko and filled with fresh tamago, kani, mayo, and cream cheese. Once you go black (ninja), there's really no turning back! ----------------------------------------------------
GRADE: 🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖 (5/5) ----------------------------------------------------

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Oct 07, 2016
Alvin Ong | TFC
Tori Tori Kushiyaki is a 'yakitori-ya', as how they would call it in Japan. A small, hole in the wall along Wilson st. San Juan. It's similar to Yakitori-ya in Tokyo, small and serves various kushiyaki, but here they added various makis and sashimi to add to their experience.

This is my nth time to attempt to dine at this restaurant. Most of the time, it's full or it doesn't have available parking.

I always hear good reviews about this store. So, we were fortunate to have seats and parking on a busy friday night. We were surprised the place wasn't packed and just have 3 customers on a busy night.

We got various yakitori like chicken liver, Angus beef belly, bacon enoki, ika fish roll, and the premium Japanese wagyu cubes, which costs P125, compared to their P35-P65 variety.

Everything was glazed with their yakitori sauce, which was sweet, salty, and savory, except for the Wagyu that was just seasoned with salt.

I like how they cooked their chicken liver perfectly. It was creamy and tender. It wasn't overcooked that would harden and make it tough. The Wagyu cubes was soft and buttery, but we liked the Angus belly better because of the density of flavor and richness. I personally prefer Angus because of its rich, umami taste as compared to the subtle, buttery wagyu.

By the way, on the menu, they stated that they have 2 choices for their dip, either the garlic mayo and the other spicy one. I wouldn't recommend to pair your yakitori with it. If you want to have a Japanese experience, eat it how the Japanese do. No dips and pair it with cold/hot sake.

#TheFoodCrawlers #OngsFoodprints #TheLostDiego

Sep 24, 2016
Paul Mendoza
Been hearing about this place and my expectations was not let down.

We ordered Japanese Wagyu. The meat was cut into cubes and I love every bit of it. It's tender and the flavor explodes in your mouth when you bite it.

The Angus Belly is also great. The flavors great and a bit crunchy in the edges. I like it!

Their Ika Maki is also awesome! It's fish with squid inside of it. It's really good.

Their Bacon Enoki is also good. If you love bacon like me, you should try one.

Tori Tori is now included in my favorite Japanese resto. The price is very affordable and if you love yakitori, this is a great place for you!
Sep 23, 2016
Ed Sel
Great place.. great food.. great service.. one satisfied customer.. going back for more soon.. highly recommended whenever you're in Wilson San Juan👌👍
Sep 01, 2016
Tucked within the mystery eateries in Wilson Greenhills is a tiny sushi place that will make you feel like dining in Japan ;) (howdyou like that?!) They sushi's are huge and are above the standard kinds of sushi you can find in most japanese restos. They also serve small grilled skewers which is a perfect match with your beer :)
Aug 15, 2016
Dyan Ibana
The first time i went here - loved the food. But not the smell of the smoke that sticks to your clothes and hair. But despite that i keep coming back for more wagyu. Favorite pairing is the wagyu and kani salad. The wagyu literally melts in your mouth.
Went here a few days ago, and the smoke smell did not stick to my clothes. (Though we were the only one there at that time- too early for the dinner rush)
Jul 13, 2016
Today is my last day at work here in little baguio San Juan. My colleagues told me that we should have our last foodtrip in the area and they decided to bring me here in Tori tori since we all love japanese food.

We tried all of their skewers, the kani salad and some beer. I love the chicken liver, aki maki, sausage, bacon enoki and fish tofu they're all tasty!! What broke my heart was that the chef is taking his day off during mondays, so no sushi every monday. Well yeah! we're kinda in a bad timing.

I'll try to come back. I'm really looking forward to try their sushi.
Jul 05, 2016
Vireza Wynn Yu
Tori Tori Maki 🍙🍣
Butabara 🍢
Angus Belly 🍢
Japanese Wagu 🍢
Bacon Enoki 🍢
Bacon Quail Egg 🍡
Bacon Rice 🍚
Jun 26, 2016
Hanz Go
Their Grilled skewers are great and quite flavorful. Pricing for their food and drinks were very reasonable as well. Angus Belly and the Pork Skewer were the best. Makis were prepared well.

The Uni Sashimi was overly salty. Your chef the put too much and it accumulated at the bottom of the bowl. Also the servings for their shots are way below the standard. I ordered a shot of Hakushu (350PHP), and I was able to consume it with 2-3 small sips, disappointing.

Would definitely come back and for their Yakimonos and Makis among others, but I might skip on their tiny shots.
May 19, 2016
My first time here and tried their salmon wrap - was worth it! And their kani salad too, refreshing that it had lots of corn. Generous serving of dressing both on the salad and the wrap too :) will return soon!
Mar 19, 2016
Went in with an open mind and left with a satisfied appetite. It's a nice place despite its floor space. Recommending the Angus belly, butabara and their Japanese wagyu.
Dec 23, 2015