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Amo Yamie Crib Coffee And Movie House
78/100 (130 ratings)
"We came here last December 2018, an hour before closing time so there were only a few people hanging out. They have no service water and you need to..."
Alexa Antonio
"Broke? This restaurant is for you. Price here is very affordable. It will also satisfy your pleasurable needs! I recommend the burger. It tasted so..."
Jennifer Borbon
"Ohhhh I love your Nachos so muccccchhhhh. Kaso yung finding dory, naubusan ng sauce kaya ketchup nalang. Yun pa naman pinunta koooo 😭 pero I love..."
Jasmine Faye
"So me and my friend ordered once upon a nutella, mocha wish, strawberry cheesecake and big bird. First of all I would like to point out that their..."
Jacob Gapoy Cañada
"Been here twice and I can say is ok talaga dito. Budget friendly especially kung minamarket nila is mga students. The food is good plus good for..."
"So dito ako dinala ng mga paa ko nung mga panahong balisa ako. Well, the place is good and so is the food. Pero wala talaga tatalo dun sa hindi ka..."
Earl Cruz
"Medyo on-time tong review na to. So here it goes.Una. Mura dito mga bes! As in. For P130, meron ka ng meal and a drink. If you're not fond..."
Johnny B
"Ambiance 5/5 Great place to hang out! All of their food tastes great ☺ Rate: 4.9/5Drinks are meh, it doesn't have anything special to it...."
Abegail Ogbac
"The student guests of AYC Anonas were probably shocked when they saw 2 very curvy unicorns that afternoon - one pink, one blue - traipsing around..."
Manang Bidang
"I did not have much here though. I just had this Cream Dory fish fillet basically for lunch and it is good! I love fish fillet/fish and chips that is..."
Kim Bucao
"Amo Yami Crib Coffee houses its branches near schools to provide a haven for students, barkadas, and avid café goers. Their branch in Project 2 is..."
Erika Perena
"One of the most "sulit" cafés around the Metro.Tasty food ✔Attractive ambiance ✔Instagrammable food ✔Friendly Crew..."
Simple Man's Appetite
"Sugar, spice, and everything nice! Amo Yamie offers a wide array of dishes that range from rice meals, to nachos, and to their beloved..."
Johanne Thelmo
"Why don't we have this kind of establishment before when I was in college? That's what I've been thinking when we dropped by here in Amo Yamie,..."
Ken Lingling
"This is a place where you would want to chill out on your lengthy college breaks. I wish that there is already an Amo Yamie Crib near our university..."
"A haven for students and people who love to hangout, Amo Yamie Crib Coffee in Anonas is a dessert parlor located in (for me) an eerie building named..."
Cortha Lamasan
"It was very hot day, I went to school for enrollment and then headed to Anonas. Before I found the place I was standing in front of the old..."
Takaw Tikim X Nina Jesica Tolentino
"It was super sunny afternoon, traveled to Project 2 to visit the newest branch of Amo Yamie Crib. Another tambayan for the students around Anonas but..."
Takaw Tikim
"Food: 5/5Service: 4/5 Value for money: 5/5 Place: 4/5Cleanliness:5/5Food is so good ,really yummy and the price so..."
"The old saying of not judging a book by its cover holds especially true for Amo Yamie Crib Coffee in Anonas, which is near the Anonas LRT 2 station...."
Kevin J. Resurreccion
"Situated in Proj.2 Anonas ,Quezon City.Amo Yamie was sheltered inside Belmont Place,an old building, quite hidden from the outside and the exterior..."
"Amo Yamie! It may look totally eery from the outside, but once you get in it changes the whole atmosphere. Cribs left and right, sound..."
Paul Martin Reyes
"Food: if you're looking for really good rice meals, this might not be the place to go, but it's cheap enough that you can't really complain. Could be..."
Jelly An
"Budget-friendly for a student like me, but there are parts in the vicinity that are not reachable by the air-condition. But all in all it's a good..."
Den Luzon
"This is just so near my Alma Mater, TIP. I’ve been with their other branches, and I think this needs a lot to improve to have their setting be the..."
Rommel Jayson
"I've been eyeing on this place for the past couple days since I'm always looking for cozy and comfortable environments that offer crazy milkshakes..."
Nathalie De Guzman
"It was really a perfect place for chilling! I find this super cozy and affordable. When we went there, there were just few customers (maybe because..."
Vivien Nolasco
"Amo Yamie Crib is really the talk of the town. Since a lot of cafes were popping out and getting rampant these days, I decided to go there to catch..."
Charlene Lyn Chua
"The place is soothing to the eyes. A lot of students would hang out here since it's a bit near to schools. However, the food tastes ordinary and..."
Enzo Shin