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Manila Creamery
91/100 (183 ratings)
Fast Food
Flat White
Mango Suman Latik Gelato
Tablea Lava Cake
Halo Halo Ice Cream
Roasted Milk and Cookies
"Cereal Milk. Dark Hazelnut. Kinder Bueno. When are you guys going to open up in Makati and proceed to blow everyone's mind with your Gelato? I have..."
David Chan
"Loved it! � I'm especially in love with the Matcha Taho Gelato Shake, a must-try for every matcha lover. � Their gelato have unique flavors too,..."
Jomarie Ang
"Awesome taste! Superb! ��������� I love the Kaning Tutong flavor..."
Yeomel Agnir Pitz
"Love their gelato... Shakes have unique flavor and taste..."
Hazel Laurente-Dalit
"Best gelato ive experienced! With all the flavors to choose from, its unbelievably awesome. A must..."
Carlo A. Martinez-Tolentino
"Just had two scoops of Kinder Bueno gelato and now I'm craving for..."
Martha Belsa
"Amazing Gelato! Really one of the best in..."
Reginald Tan
"Really loving their stuff!!! One of my favorites in the..."
Brian Tenorio
"Spectacular. Excellent flavors! Best gelato in..."
Chino Rondain Hernandez
"Unique flavors that capture the Filipino taste in every..."
Lorenzo Orosa
"Best gelato in..."
Glen So
"I like that you can try the flavors before ordering. Their Mangga't Suman is the best! 💗I also like the Avocado and Blueberry Cheesecake..."
Nadine Cabe
"Tried Vanilla Almond and The Dark Nut.Vanilla Almond was a little too sweet for me. The Dark Nut was very chocolatey though. Good service...."
"One of the finest gelato dessert concoctions I have tried is at the Manila Creamery in UP Town Center. My friend chose two kinds of parfait – halo..."
Joyce Lamela
"(4.5/5) DON'T EVER PASS UP ON THIS ICE CREAM PLACE. The concept behind it is unique - taking Filipino gelato craft and making it world class and..."
Mr Pomodoro
"Manila Creamery Mango float is the BEST!You can taste every layers of it. Starting from the mangoes, pandan cream, cookie butter caramel..."
"My sister introduced this to me. Though I am not a big fan of gelato, I must say that I love their mango and suman variant. Price is okay. Other..."
Jayjam Ganang Isidro
"Offers interesting flavors of ice cream such as Thai milk tea, Cereal Milk and Mangga at Suman. My personal favorite is their Vanilla Almond. Their..."
"A must try. Especially their roasted ice cream. Nkalimutan ko ung name. Tried their ube langka it’s also yummy. Will definitely come back here and..."
"From start to finish, the crew did his job 100%. Gave all the information that I need about the flavors that I inquired about. Will definitely come..."
Sai Koh
"IF ONLY THESE FLUFFS OF GENIUS LOCALLY MADE BUNDLES OF CREAMY JOY WERE OUR DIRTY ICE CREAM, id be going out of my cave eryday or like even be an ice..."
"Ordered two scoops of ice creams before heading to my meeting and it did not disappoint! The tablea lava cake tasted like real tablea and had chewy..."
Christine Magpayo
"I ordered a scoop of their salted egg cheesecake as most of the reviews here in zomato recommended it and a scoop of their cereal milk gelato. Both..."
"Ice cream. Gelato. Name it, it's my comfort food. And they have one of a kind flavours for my unique taste buds.After the meaty lunch we had,..."
Beastly Eats By Jes
"We actually passed by this small store at U.P. Town Center & decided to try it. I chose the Mangga’t Suman & Salted Egg Cheesecake topped with..."
Robi Lorenzo
"Yes, it's a bit expensive (at least on a student budget hahaha). But really everything I've tried from here is great. I'd say this is my favorite ice..."
Diego Limpo
"My boyfriend and I enjoyed Papa Diddi's Ice Cream so much that I've long wanted to try this other artisanal brand. Paul was sick at the time though..."
Regina Marie Peralta
"I’ve been a fan of Manila Creamery ever since they’ve been joining weekend food fairs. They’ve come a long way since then. The flavors are..."
"I am from paranaque but i keep going back to this place for their tinutong na kanin flavored ice cream...Just can't get enough...Have other..."
Mark Teruel
"You can find Manila Creamery by the entrance to the UP Town Center cinemas. If you’re looking for rich, delicious gelato infused with uniquely..."
Sweet Tooth Fairy
"I gave this place a solid 5 because they may not have a very extensive flavors but the quality is there! And it's gelato not the typical ice cream..."
Karlo Maneja Dela Cruz
"This is our favorite Gelato place. Must-try are their blueberry cheesecake and leche flan ice cream. Go for their double scoop to get a 20 peso..."
Mai Logroño
"Tried the Cereal Milk and Salted Egg Cheesecake ice cream. Did not expect it to taste so good!!! You can really taste the salted egg. It mixed well..."
Lui O.
"Been to Manila Creamery a couple of times already and it always satisfies my sweet tooth. The first time I was here, I got their salted egg..."
"As a self-proclaimed ice cream connoisseur, it goes without saying that Manila Creamery's Milk Tea and Cereal Milk flavors are to die for! They..."
Nicole Florendo
"Rating: Must-Try!My Recommendation: Try their ice-cream flavors! Some flavors stand our more, particularly the Salted-Egg Cheesecake, Mangga't..."
"I always have a hard time ordering here because of their extensive selection where everything sounds really yummy - and they are. I've tried. The..."
Ayna Guevara
"Great flavors! I like that they try to incorporate Filipino snacks and desserts into their gelato ❤️ It's a bit pricey at P100/P120 for a single..."
Jhanelle Vitug
"Midz invited us to join her at Manila Creamery to use her GCs she won from Food Society's Giveaway Promo in Instagram.Finally, Manila..."
"Yummy ice cream :) interesting flavors. It's simple and we enjoyed grabbing a snack here. The ladies there were very helpful (we asked a lot of..."
Gigi Ramos
"Second Review: February 2018 - 5/5I believe the Thai Milk Tea hype isn't over yet! 💁 After our lunch at Fat Daddy's, we..."
Jomarie Ang (Eat Drink Splurge)
"Good gelato is very creamy and the flavors are more intense than that of an ice cream. The consistency is also very dense that you don't need a lot..."
Manang Bidang
"Went crazy over their salted egg cheesecake! Also got to try mangga at suman and loved it. Both were rich in flavor. Can't wait to go back to try..."
Mela Dayaday
"Was a little disappointed with the tinutong flavor since we just came from Bicol and totally devoured the tinutong na bigas from 1st colonial...."
Jenny Lives For Cheat Meals
"Thank you @FoodSocietyPH and the boyfriend for the GCs!!! :)There are already a lot of gelato/ice cream places in the Metro but Manila..."
Ruth Sarno
"I love how they infuse Filipino flavors that are of top quality. Ambience of their space in UP Town Center mixes modern and Filipino so perfectly and..."
"Manila Creamery had a pop up booth a few months back in Makati and got to try their Tinutong na Bigas! It was great with that toasted giniling after..."
Eboy M. Donato
"Two things i like about manila creamery: their cereal milk and mangga at suman gelato!Had the cereal milk during my last visit. The gelato..."
Muffy | OneHungryTeacher
"If you know gelato in Italy, the authentic ones come in round bins you have to peep into. The overly high, overly colorful gelatos are tourist baits..."
Alen Diaz
"When your sorbetes gets a makeover 💕. In my opinion, one should definitely try their salted caramel. Reminded me of Merry Moo's Salted Caramel but..."
Kollyn Nelson Marajas
"I learned from a friend that they have a matcha taho gelato shake. Of course being a matcha lover, I headed straight to UP Town Center for this baby...."
Forever Hungry
"I WON P1,000 GC FROM MANILA CREAMERY AND FOOD SOCIETY!!! I invited my fellow foodie reviewers to enjoy these GCs with me. We arranged to..."
Midz Sy
"Tried their Manga and Suman Gelato and it was surprisingly good. They have other good flavors but I think the one I bought is the best. They need to..."
David Ramos
"Manila Creamery is THE gelato place for Filipinos. Owners Jason Go and Paolo Reyes learned the craft of making a gelato in Bolognia, Italy..."
Bea Danseco
"Matcha Gelato Taho is ❤❤❤Latik Latte 💔💔💔Matcha Latte ❤❤❤Affordable Price 👍👍👍Place 👍 (can't..."
Kin Bueno
"Manila Creamery has been a fixture in many weekend markets, so I was able to try their gelatos previously. These are made so well, achieving a fine..."
Foodie Dokie
"It has been a habit of mine to get my matcha fix whenever I eat out, so we decided to try Manila Creamery to grab some matcha goodies. We ordered..."
Kat Lorenzo
"Jason Go and Paolo Reyes of Manila Creamery offers unique and delicious selection of gelato. It is unique because they have gelato flavor like Mangga..."
SHiE Captures
"Manila Creamery is one of my top gelato picks and I've been stalking them in weekend markets and Glorietta for the longest time. I love the..."
"I've had the pleasure of trying Manila Creamery's gelato before at the Gourmand Market in BGC or at another market, but to experience their newly..."
ABE | ABEventures
"After dinner, we craved for dessert and we were satisfied. 😘 Manila creamery is a one week old gelato parlor that serves creamy gelato made the..."
Food For The Goddess
"My 3 friends got their Matcha Taho, while I had Ube Salted Egg 😉 #teamubefortodayUbe + Salted Egg is surprisingly delicious. Its also..."
Sandra Yu
"I was one of the selected few who got dibs on Manila Creamery before they officially open their doors to the public.  I wasn't expecting that I'd..."
Reich Torio
"I was recently invited to try out Manila Creamery at UP Town Center before they officially opened this October. We tried the different flavors they..."
Phantasm Darkstar
"At about the same night when we reviewed Shawarma Bros., our group also got a taste of the sweet flavors of the Manila Creamery Co., an up and coming..."
Manfred Manalo
"They say you can't buy happiness, but they also say you can buy ice cream and it is basically the same thing. But what if the ice cream is gelato?..."
Sand Under My Feet
Snack Shack
86/100 (515 ratings)
Quick Bites
Fast Food
"Grabe! HS palang ako, ito na #1 burger para sa akin. 5 years later, Snack Shack grilled burger is still the best burger for me �� Walang kupas at..."
Therese Von Pos'l
"Delicious grilled burger for a cheap price. One of my favorite burger..."
Marl Aldwin Bermudo
"The best pound for pound burger I've ever had and at a very affordable price! I've tried so many burger joints, but nothing comes close :) Thank u..."
Jojee Nogra Martinez
"Best burger i've ever tasted.... Di nakakasawa and pagnatikman di pdeng di mo..."
Ma Francia Bacani Gitana
"Burger is life. I like all the food listed in their menus. I haven't try the chicken yet and I can't wait for..."
Choy Edhel Detablan
"Pumuso yung mata ko nung una kong natikman to! Sana libre nako ni SV hahahahahahahaha sarap makakalimutan mo umuwi..."
Angelina Ricafort
"I don't mind the ambiance, I just drop by and grab my burger. The best. every Saturday, I call to make a reservation ng 4PM palang kasi napakabilis..."
James Robert Cerillo
"Happy Anniversary Snack Shack Maginhawa. I love your..."
Chris Nocon
"Quarter Pounder with Cheese, french fries and house blend iced tea - Wow! Just wow! Pure beef ang natikman ko sa unang kagat. Sa unanag kagat - may..."
KL Rodelas
"Fresh veg,Crispy and juicy burger.sauces compliments the meat...."
Jay Castro
"Patty is so flavorful and juicy, and the vegetables in it are also fresh. It is my go-to snack when I finish my exams. Definitely at par with famous..."
"If Krabby Patties were real, I'd say you can get them from Snack Shack! You can taste the freshness of ingredients in every bite. Patties are made..."
"Walked around UP Diliman and found one of the best grilled burgers in area 2. It’s not expensive for its quality. There’s a bench in the counter..."
"Another hole-in-the-wall experience. Their burgers easily beat any of your local fast food chain’s. Their prices are affordable too. While not..."
"Ordered the half pounder, and it was such a bargain for the price! The patty was nice and juicy, although the buns could be a but improved. Burger in..."
Louise Martin
"Snack Shack, why weren’t you available when I was a coed in the campus??? I was craving isaw actually, but it seems like Mang Larry was forced to..."
Manang Bidang
"You can't go wrong with Snack Shack. Great burgers at such an affordable price. Homemade patties are delicious, juicy,and always freshly-prepared...."
Minique A
"Had an afternoon snack in the area, so we tried Snack shack. We ordered the quarter pounder with chilli con carne and a side of fries and their..."
Fat Girls Day Out
"One of the better burgers in town. no fancy ingredients. Nothing infused in the burger/bun. Just plain ol' good burger. Affordable too.One..."
Byron Cortez
"Josh and I have been fans of Snack Shack since college! When we were in our senior year, a quarter pounder with cheese is sold at 70 pesos, but after..."
Jomarie Ang (Eat Drink Splurge)
"Snack Shack is a popular burger joint amongst Maginhawa goers. I would have easily rated this 5 stars but they increased all their prices just..."
"You can get one of the best burgers in the city for as low as 80 pesos! I used to hate vegetables, but with their burgers, I didn't mind eating them...."
Sarleen Castro
"3.5 is for the effort and the price of the burger. It lacked the beefy taste of a burger but it was quite a size and it has veggies in it and for..."
Jahd Remers
"Affordable? Check [Price starts at I think 75?].Quality of product? Check [This is a surprising find inside UP Diliman Campus Area 2,..."
Avi Eats
"The Snack Shack has really awesome burgers and is now on the top of my list. The only problem I have is that the place is small and crowded at times,..."
Issa Villapando
"I left the group with a broken heart since i have errands to run.  CMA was famished and he is having burger cravings for the past couple of days. ..."
Reich Torio
"If you're looking for cheap burgers (but quality) that are meaty, juicy and packed with your favorite toppings, you'll definitely love Snack Shack's..."
Mai Campos
"Idk but I'm not impressed with Snack Shack's burger patty. It isn't what I was expecting it to be. 80Php for a cheese burger is not sulit for me. :(..."
Athena Cortes
"Excellent place for us students with burger cravings! At around P70 for a freshly-cooked quarter pounder oozing with dressing and relish, it's super..."
Regina Marie Peralta
"Quality pound burgers with a good cost! Me and my whole team did a very worthy choice. We really had a remarkable picnic there at UP Diliman Campus..."
Marjorie Davillo
"This is my go to place when craving burgers. Waiting time is usually 20 minutes so I usually text them ahead for my orders and pick them up when..."
Sushi Lipstick
"So, I've been dying to go here for almost a year now. This was suppose to be one of mine and my husband's (who was just a manliligaw at the time) 50..."
Gigi Ramos
85/100 (553 ratings)
Fast Food
Fried rice
"Dined here with my dance crew family, I enjoyed the food hut the place is not spacious. Also dined here before with my family. There’s really..."
Mary Lourdes Lagera
"Masarap ang tapsilog. Matamis, flaky yung tapa. Garlic rice swabe. Honest to goodness, Pinoy na Pinoy. Mura at nagdedeliver pa. Will try the other..."
Max Coquia
"Yum! Good to eat breakfast here. I started to eat rodics because of my sister. She let me try their lechon paksiw, and i couldnt get enough. I..."
"Their tapa is the best. The sweet flavor is what I like about it. There are more good food in the menu but their tapa is what I really like. Haha...."
Just A Foodie
"Rodic's is my one and only favorite breakfast place along Congressional (where I lived for 8 years).Everybody knows that the Tapsilog is..."
Migz Cruz
"First time to try rodic’s and I wasn’t disappointed. I tried their famous tapsilog but their displays offer dishes good for lunch or dinner that..."
"Just get the kaldereta here and forget the others. Trust me, it won't disappoint! The tapsilog which they are known for is always dry and hard to..."
"Food is great. Binabalik balikan namin yong Kare Kare baka super sarap 😊Reasonable price. Place is super cozy. Good place for family. 😊next..."
Mary Ann Buce
"I went here two or three years ago when it was fairly new. I'm not really sentimental about their tapa despite my being a UP Alumnus (this was a..."
ABE | ABEventures
"For me, para syang sosy na tapa place/silog place hahahahaMalaki yung place compared sa branches nila sa UP and Maginhawa plus airconditioned pa..."
KL Rodelas
"Still the best tapsilog in town - that flaky, salty, anise-y sweet tapa sprinkled over a steaming bed of fried rice and fried egg. Other dishes that..."
Manang Bidang
"Best seller talaga nila ang tapsilog.Hindi tinipid sa tapa,at kanin. Hindi ako fan ng calderitang may gata, pero masarap ang caldereta nila🤗...."
"The best tapsilog ever! P95 lang sulit! Dito sa branch na to dami din iba ulam. Also tried kare kare for P90 without rice. Ang sarap din! Hindi..."
Aika Bertumen
"This place is so simple.. peacefuL.. sarap mag dinE.. sarap ng food.. sarap uLit uLitin.. sana wag Lang maubusaN ng caLamansi juice....."
Eilerol Nat
"This is the best Rodic's Diner here in quezon city. (I mean than UP and Maginhawa Branch) The place is so elegant and classy! The price is still the..."
Patricia Larracas
"First tried this in UP Diliman and was very happy they have a branch near my place. This is my go-to all day breakfast resto. And I like this branch..."
Surely Grace
"Love everything on the menu. Sobrang sarap ng tapa forevs! It never gets old but you gatto eat while its still hot or pangit na siya pag..."
Nicole G. Genito
"The best tapa sold in a best outlet at the best location! They're lacking parking space though. Soon Congressional ave. extension will be a highly..."
James Reynald Comía
"Mas gusto ko yung branch na to kesa sa iba. May aircon at maganda yung place. Syempre the best pa din ang tapa nila tapos hahaluaan mo ng suka...."
"It was my second time to try Rodic's but I've seen their other branches. This branch is airconditioned and has a nice interior. I would suggest you..."
Jaz Bernales
"The "upscale" Rodic's does cost a little more but, to me, it's worth the airconditioning and overall experience. And I'm still a sucker..."
Maginhawa Food
"I'm a huge fan of their tapsilog (can't beat a classic!). And my fiance also enjoyed the other viands he bought (he was that hungry). He had beef..."
Fe Tampinco-Pantig
"Imagine Rodic's with aircon and nice seats and tables but food with the same price. They have perfected the system on how they make their food...."
"RODIC's is an iconic fast food first opened in UP Diliman in 1949. It has been a staple not just to students but now to many as it has opened..."
Pats Lim Dy
"Comfort food. Tapa classic...the best! Othe food is very homy at least you feel you are just eating at your own house....Ambiance feeling at..."
Pam Laureola
"Yummy shredded tapsilog :)) you should also try their sizzling sisig. the downside of this place is their unfriendly staff tsk tsk. I visit this..."
"Me and my partner another food escapade lands us here at rodic's tandang sora area where i always pass by going to work. They are known for their..."
Yeh Dalag
"The food i always order here is tapsilog, their tapsilog is actually beef flakes on top of the rice served with egg. It was actually a canteen but..."
Karen Jean Collado
"It could be a 'sosyal na karinderya'. The food are mostly lutong bahay. What I love most here is the dinuguan. Its so yummy and could finish 2..."
Cheryl True
"Super yum tapsilog for 85php!! I was surprised that they are already serving different viand of menus like "dinuguan, lechon paksiw, humba" etc. very..."
Army Navy
84/100 (938 ratings)
Quick Bites
Fast Food
"We always order here thru GrabFood. Usual combination of adobo flakes, freedom fries, and iced tea. What I noticed is the incosistency, there are..."
"We love to eat at Army Navy. Because the burger there are kind of sulit. Big burger and the patty was also big. I always ordered the double burger,..."
Scotty Wilburt See
"I really love their Breakfast Meals, and this time I got to try their Adobo Flakes and it was really good! The meat is more of bite size than flaky..."
Marj Liwag
"I love this branch because it's peaceful here in the afternoon. I like to go out by myself on a weekend so this is where I go if I want to eat..."
"If you really want to burst your buds in flavorful dishes. Army Navy is the ultimate place to be. As it serves your favorite Mexican dishes and..."
"For your Burrito cravings, this is the place to go.  Their standard fare includes burgers and their own unique version of fries called Freedom..."
Let Us Eat
"Army Navy is one of my go-to places whenever I want a burrito and some good fries. I always opt for their steak or chicken burrito (although I prefer..."
The Executive Home Director
"When I want a stepped up version of fast food, I have Yellow Cab or Army Navy to choose from. Last Saturday, I went with Army Navy before going home...."
Foodie Dokie
"I love their quesadillas and burritos... A staple for me when I’m super hungry... the steak quesadilla today though is a bit on the oily side..."
Kim Paguia
"My only gripe about army navy is the slow service. I guess that is the trade off with the food prepared upon order. Other than that their food is..."
Peter Sanchez
"Good place to hang out specially when you just want to have some chit-chats with friends. Army Navy's Burger is one of my Favorite Burger it's..."
Mitch Chelly Matsumoto
"Burrito, particularly the Vegetable Burrito is Army Navy... ;D That's what I just want to say, but I need to use up the 140.. Chipotle Chicken is..."
Lagura Anne
"Passed by this place for a burrito fix and I got it in exactly 15 minutes after I placed my order. I was also given water and 2 pieces of napkin..."
Juris Go
"Their Steak Soft Taco was so-so (and expensive for its serving), with its three pieces of soft taco, a few slices of steak that weren’t so..."
Hannah Villapando
"Army Navy is my buddy. Whenever I feel hungry, this is one of my top picks. My favorite is their Chicken Burrito, Cheese Quesadillas, Freedom Toast..."
"I've tried most of their dishes except for their Quesadilla. It's not bad. Their Steak Quesadilla has chunky steak filling. Molten cheese was also..."
Mellow Yellow
"We will never forget our BUZZER BEATER DINNER/MIDNIGHT SNACK in this Army Navy branch. Tho we arrived 5 minutes before 2am, we were still..."
Eden Grace Irag
"Craving for burger, burrito, quesadillas? You've gone to the right place! Army Navy is more than your usual fastfood with their boast of mainstream..."
"I love the fact that they don't use msg (not a fan) on their food...just lots of spices. My personal faves would be their steak quesadillas, chicken..."
Tin B.
"Faith in burgers restored 💕Taste: I ordered their burger and an onion rings, the burger was amazing I can taste every single ingredients..."
Janvher Buena
"Not a fan of burrito so I really didn't like it but their burgers are to die for! I love their patty cos you know by the taste that it is pure beef,..."
Honey Fugaban
"Tried their french toast today... 4/5!! Wish it was bigger tho :-( heheWell army navy's always a staple whenever I crave for mexican food...."
Jia Mercado
"It's Taco Tuesday!!!! But i didn't get tacos :))So my friend and I got steak burrito, cheese quesadilla and fearless..."
Nerizze Mendoza
"Army Navy is all about:Longganisa Breakfast Burrito.Freedom Fries.LiberTea.Charlie Bravo Querida Mia. Nuff said!..."
EJ Mallari
"My boyfriend and I first went here for a date. Yes, a date. It's because we both are big meat-eaters. And as soon as I heard of their Bully Boy..."
Jamaica Licerio
"Order the Classic Burger and add-on some sauteed onions, cheese and bacon!Wash it down with the LiberTea that they brew..."