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Gino's Brick Oven Pizza
90/100 (442 ratings)
"We enjoyed our lunch at Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza Katipunan Branch today, great food as usual (including our fave Buratta Caprese �) and our server..."
Andionne Celeste Parlade
"my family always loves this place, good thing they’ve moved to a senior citizen & pwd friendly establishment as we celebrated our parent’s 56th..."
Ian Hermoso
"Delicious brick oven pizza with right combination of dough,sauce,cheese and the best spicy honey.the salad here is excellent as well.. Don't be..."
Clarissa Rolluque
"We had a very nice time yesterday. Loved the pasta and pizza! The pizza reminded me of the pizzas I ate in Italy! The salted eggs pasta is uniquely..."
Maria Lourdes Quisumbing-Baybay
"Great. Staff and food is good. We are regular customer of that place. Problem is parking..."
Ramon Armedilla
"You can bring your own wine - first bottle is free of..."
Ernest Custodio
"It was our first time dining in. The pizza was great! It stood out from our pizza store because of their brick oven, it was served to us right away...."
Marco Magsino
"Great food - salad, pizza, pasta and dessert! Consistent in taste! You will want to come back for..."
Tessie Fajardo
"Currently here waiting for my order and this is my 3rd day starting Saturday so I would definitely say this place is really worth the effort, the..."
Dencio Lagatoc
"Could this be pizza heaven? It could be! Enjoyed every bite of the pizzas and the sauces were so good. I miss eating here after college so came back..."
Luna May
"Food: masarap naman ung pizza nya mejo makunat ung dough. Mejo bitin lang sa cheese. Pero pwede namag mag order ng extra. Ung salad masarap din bsta..."
Jeff Chan
"Might go back for their cacio e pepe and salted egg pasta but not for their well-loved pizzas. tho i liked the crust's texture, tomato sauce tasted a..."
Bev Caluma
"Ordered Margherita, 5 Cheese Pizza and Bacon Parmigiano Pasta.Margherita:The taste of it transported us back to Italy lol. How I missed..."
"Had an early dinner with the in-laws.  The place was bright and clean.  We ordered the Burrata and Proscuitto Di Parma, Margherita, Panna Sausage,..."
Let Us Eat
"I always get my pizza/Italian cravings thru Lala Food Delivery. Since ordering from Gino's the first time, which was months ago, I have ordered from..."
Vinnie Petti
"People have been telling me about Gino's for years, but I either couldn't afford it, or couldn't find an occasion that was worth it. So finally, Paul..."
Regina Marie Peralta
"A great place with cozy atmosphere for a good-food experience or simple catching-up with friends. Food is wonderful! First time to try a honey-based..."
Pauline Nicole B Elnar
"Always a great visit and a legit Italian place for brick oven pizza and hand made pastas!!Just be ready for carbload and cheesy creamy goodness..."
Bettina Bell
"We ordered the following for dinner:Prosciutto PizzaLemon Mushroom PastaBurrata CapreseAll good! Price is reasonable..."
"I love their spicy honey so much. It goes well to the pizza we ate. The pizza was so fresh and hot. I love their mozzarella! I would definitely go..."
Eli Topia
"Superb house salad, Bianca Verde Pizza and Arabiatta Pasta. Yuuuum. We'll definitely be back to try the rest of their menu! Very good service and..."
Trixie Estomata
"Freshly made pizza and pasta plus the buratta always hits the spot when were craving for our comfort food. But sometimes the pizza dough is too..."
"This is one of our favorite restaurants. The pizza is so good. The dough is top-notch. We always order a side of burrata to go with our pizza because..."
Rosa Lapeña Concepcion
"Celebrated my birthday here. One of the most authentic, value for money Italian restos out there. I'm in live with their burrata and prosciutto..."
"People from Katips suggested this place. And I womdered why people were fighting over the pizza crust, then I tasted the Spicy Honey! It enhances the..."
Guilty Pleasures Seeker
"Our go to place for pasta and pizza comfort food. Always reliable when we have cravings for chewy fresh pasta and good oven fresh pizzas. Start with..."
Michelle Bautista
"Venue:Very cute restaurant with lovely decor and atmosphere. Limited parking space, but if you come on weekends or after working hours, there is..."
Jeremy Dejardin
"Heaven on earth. Bianca Verde with Prosciutto and Parmagiano Reggiano. Spicy honey. Chili flakes. The best, the best value and great ambiance and..."
"Gino's is on the top list of pizza restaurants for me! I always go for their pesto pizza - it goes well with their spicy honey. I also used to order..."
Kelsey Policarpio
"They have really good pizza, but a bit pricey (pero still worth it). Staff are very friendly, and super efficient. Customer service is super okay!..."
Kends Toledo
"I used to not like Gino's before but as time passed their pizza got better, cooked properly, just the right amount of burnt bits in all the right..."
"To keep it short and sweet, Gino's is easily one of the best pizza joints in the Katipunan area. The menu is simple, but the food is absolutely fresh..."
Ian Villanueva
"Got the carbonara and while I have an irrational fear of runny egg yolks, it was very good and flavourful. I find the serving was kind of small for..."
"Ambiance: 4/5 (nice and clean)Food: 4/5 (their pizza are the best great!)Service: 4/5 (we ordered 4 pizzas, and everything was served all..."
"While I still love the food in Cibo better, this is a good enough contender. The interiors are years ahead of Cibo, for one. The food also is..."
Mr Pomodoro
"Service was fast, food was excellent, especially the pasta which was the perfect Al dente! It also wasn't difficult to be seated and it is also quite..."
Mark Fabian
"Pizzas were great. The cheese was awesome. I tried Gino’s when it was still the same area as Cello’s Doughnuts (not sure if it’s still in the..."
"My third time here at Gino’s Katipunan and it never disappoints. Their service is getting better as what I observed bec normally it takes a while..."
Marie Neisne Negapatan
"Loved their smegg pizza! It pairs greatly with their spicy honey sauce. Their restaurant is a small cozy place you can bring your date to, or friends..."
Rachel Leen
"Absolutely one of the best restaurants around Katipunan. Their pizzas and salads are the BOMB especially when paired with their exclusive spicy honey..."
"I always wanted to try this well-raved restaurant because I love pizza and pasta. Our family finally had a chance to try this! :) We ordered salted..."
"A must try in Katipunan! This is one of my favorite places because I think it's affordable for quite a tita place. I like it here because it's..."
Kate Rustia
"Tried eating here for the first time and I was pretty happy about my choices.I tried their Salted Egg pasta and it’s quite promising. It..."
Artsy Foodie
"Probably one of the best pizza and pasta places in the city. High quality food with good prices. The pasta is always so fresh and i love the rough,..."
Ivy Pangilinan
"It's always been hard to find a comparison for this humble pizza place. The closest pizza that tastes like this is something like Salvatore Cuomo,..."
Martti Joeyson Cimafranca Uy
"My favorite pasta salted egg! Must try unique dish! And try their SPICY HONEY for their pizza. The best! 😍 Been eating here since college with..."
Cecil Rodriguez
"We ordered Buttered Parmigiano pasta and Margherita pizza. The place was good and relaxing, good for family lunch or lunch with friends. The pasta..."
Tiffany Doria
"Gino's is the best place for pizza along Katipunan -- no other contenders. To top that, it also houses a great Salted Egg pasta that perfectly..."
Migz Cruz
"Lovely service. Accessible location. Food is above average. This is a good place for a date once in a while. Prices are considerable considering the..."
Chi Chi
"Great pizzas and good service made for a nice experience. Pizza was thin, flavorful, and cheesy. It also goes well with the honey chilli..."
"Bianca Verde Pizza - didn’t have flavor and was too bland, tasteless almost! I think the Arugula they used was too weak or too little. Toppings..."
Kitty Marfori
"The pizza here is great, unpretentious and simply delicious. Normally i leave the crust alone as it's extra carbs but i can't resist dipping the..."
Kat K.
"Gino's transfer to a bigger, cooler location along Katipunan Avenue is attracting a new generation of customers who've latched onto Jutes Templo's..."
Marianne In Manila
"Every food is worth the price. I never thought that spicy honey sauce will blend perfectly with every pizza. I really wanna snatch the sauce away..."
"I fell in love with their pizza! I love the chewy texture of the crust, I can finish one whole pizza all by myself. I also liked their homemade pasta..."
Aiko Panajon Martinez
"Went to this branch twice recently -- one time on a date with my boyfriend and the other time for a celebratory double-birthday-and-mother's-day..."
Monique Falcon
"Burrata Caprese, Pesto Pasta and Prosciutto Pizza - perfect for a Saturday early dinner. Everything was so awesome. :) Best paired with wine!..."
Gianne Ninia L. Llamas
"We've been meaning to try this pizza joint for the longest time and i wish I had tried this sooner! We ordered the well-photographed burrata caprese..."
"I love their Smegg's- that's all I can say. It's a must try. I love it!! 😋😋😋 and of course, the chili honey is the bomb!! Definitely coming..."
Kathleen Joyce Tan
"This will be my forever favorite pizza. ❤️ Authentic brick oven pizza, a little bit pricey but worth it. I can seriously finish the whole damn..."
Valerie Imperio
"5 Reasons Why I'm Giving This A 5:1. Perfectly-textured and good-tasting pizza. We had the Four Cheese + Buffalo Chicken with Blue..."
Mary June Conti
"First tried this restaurant wayback 2013 when it was still located above Mercury Drug. Now that it has transferred to a much bigger place, the food..."
"First of all, I didn't expect that their Bianca Verde would be flavorful--it looked very bare when it was served to our table. Their spicy honey..."
Trina Yu
"Gino's started here and now they have four branches! Their own art of Brick Oven Pizza made them famous. This version of pizza starts with their own..."
"From among the places I have been in Katipunan, Gino's is one of the best. The ambiance was good and staff were nice and attentive. We had Bacon..."
Kiel Gonzales
"I've always loved Gino's. The place is decent. The food is really good. The burrata is amazing. Would've scored higher but in my most recent visit,..."
Maginhawa Food
"My All time favorite Burrata!❤️ a lot of customers when we came. Their Pizza and pasta are all very good and the ambiance is also perfect. The..."
Hannah Villapando
"When you want pizza and you dont like the ordinary one, Gino's the place to be. Their crusts are not too thick and not oily that you'll appreciate..."
Joanna Michelle Valdez
"We ordered the Summer Burrata Salad, the Salted Egg Pasta, the Bolognese, the BOMB, the Bacon Gouda pizza, and the Crack Pie. Their..."
Mark Philip Wu
"5.6.16Went here because of the good reviews. And i was not disappointed. I heard so much of this restaurant because of my friend and this is the..."
Karl Gorospe
"We finally step foot in the famous Gino's Brick Oven Pizza in Katipunan. Of course, we just had to order Gino's famous homemade Burrata with House..."
"The staff are always so courteous. Quick service without sacrificing the quality of the food!Dined in at Gino's for three instances the..."
"It was a bit pricey but worth the experience! One of the best pizzas I've had. I liked how their crust was still so crisp even after it got cold...."
Cassie Reyes
"One of the best pizzas I've tried here in Manila! Their sauce is also a must-try; it tastes like honey with a bit of spice. Their service is quite..."
Clare Del Rosario
"Best handmade, freshly baked brick oven pizza there is in the metro. The branch in Loyola is not really as famous as the one in Makati but it..."
Zzlleenn Lee
"The pasta was really good, and the pizza was just right! A must try for all those who love Italian food. Love the place as well not too big and not..."
Paige Tribdino
"Just had a sumptious dinner with friends at Gino's.One thing that I love about this restaurant is their Menu. Gino's menu was..."
Iza Gram
"Place ⭐️⭐️⭐️💫It was quite small, but the interiors were simple and pleasing to the eyes. Their lightings were cute as well. It..."
"It's been over 5 years since I first tried a slice of Gino's Brick Oven Pizza and to this day I'm still raving about how good it is. Back in 2010,..."
Chef Jay's Kitchen
"They offer one of the best tasting pizzas in town. No BS. The price is above average but it's totally worth it if you ask me. Nice to know they'll be..."
Rodrigo Ang Escobar
"This restaurant did not disappoint my curiosity. I super love their Salted Egg Pasta. Kudos to the Chef! Your a genius. I also had their Burrata..."
Dolly Verayin
"Their Strawberry Burrata is mind blowing. I like it better than the Burrata Caprese, which was absolutely amazing. Even though it's hard,..."
"Food here was great. service was also very fast.. Our food was served in less than 15 mins..Im not sure if its because there were only a few of us..."
"My friend suggested this place because of its intriguing pesto pizza, salted egg pasta, and most especially the honey chili sauce which really got my..."
Julian Vallada
"BURRATA. They serve the best burrata at such good prices. I love this place and if I could, I would eat here everyday just for the burrata or..."
"Cozy ambience, very accommodating staff and unique but surprisingly likable dishes. Definitely not just "another pizza store".I recommend the..."
Julia Young
"I wouldn't have known that this restaurant in Katipunan existed without Zomato. It's actually not something you'd notice from the outside. It's..."
Anne Madamba
"I can't believe it took me this long to try out Gino's Brick Oven Pizza!! Sex on a plate, this place has now won the crown for the best brick oven..."
Hungry Pants
"Burrata - 4.5Pasta - 4.0Pizza - 3.0When dining at Gino's, I almost always get their burrata paired with some salami. I heard the..."
"Last Sunday, two of my high school friends and I decided to have lunch outside since we rarely get the chance to see each other. I decided for us to..."
Nikki Peralta
A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante
88/100 (382 ratings)
"I love dining here. It's one of my family's go-to places for Italian cuisine. Their portions and serving size are really worth the price. I..."
Eats Meru
"New York Style Pizza - Overloaded pizza. Complete sa toppings. You can also see the the stretching of the mozzerella cheese which will make you..."
KL Rodelas
"My go to Italian restaurant!..."
Luigi Roxas
"Ohhh yeshhh still my favorite. Same as Napoli. ♥️ What I usually order is their Oil & Garlic Seafood in White Sauce. Can definitely finish the..."
"My favorite go-to place when I'm feeling badass, and don't care if i'll be eating like it's my last meal on earth. If ever you'll be visiting this..."
Hazell Pilar
"Perfect place to go carbo-loading. Also a perfect place for families and friends to dine at. Servings are huge and great for sharing. Food is great,..."
Beverly San Juan
"The seafood pasta with creamy white sauce is to die for! Never fails to amaze my taste buds! I also love their Four Cheese Pizza! This place is good..."
Claudette Higwit
"Ordered the usual the same as the husband’s favourites in Napoli-chicken caesar salad and chicken cutlet spaghetti! Bang for the buck! Just noticed..."
Zhiella Turingan-de Jesus
"Love this resto. Im a pasta lover but i really dont like pesto. But when a friend ordered and i tasted their seafood pesto...darn! It was sooo good...."
"Brings back lots of childhood memories! The seafood oil based with white sauce pasta never ever disappoints! Their serving sizes are huge here so..."
"This restaurant has been my favorite for more than 10 years now when it comes to pizza and pasta. Prices are very affordable and taste is distinctly..."
"This has always been our go-to place for a quick and yummy Italian meal. Their prices are VERY reasonable and the service is quick and efficient. Our..."
Ann Burgos
"This place feeds my hunger for pasta and pizza nicely. 👌 Talagang solve ako pag dito kumakain. Whether to let a bad trip pass or just indulge..."
Gelli Naig
"when i crave for pasta i always think of aveneto. reasonably priced big serving. 2-3 people can eat 1 serving. my favorite is the alio oglio seafood..."
Rubz Zamora De Ocampo
"This is one of my favorite pizza place. I usually order oil and garlic seafood pasta but today we tried the oil and garlic shrimp in white sauce and..."
Aiko Panajon Martinez
"Affordable Italian resto that satisfies your craving for such cuisine. I have several favourites like their chicken pesto and their seafood pasta to..."
Jacky OH
"Fill your Italian cuisine craving at A Veneto Italian Ristorante. Their Specialty, the Oil and Garlic Seafood White Sauce Pasta will definitely blow..."
Kris Dominic Rubillos
"The ambiance of this place is chill and relaxing. The restaurant itself is spacious and really clean. It is also very accessible because it's in the..."
Therese Mendoza
"Food is good..reasonably priced..they have to clean up and renovate the smells musty,small cockroaches crawling,and place is..."
Bong Samonte
"A family favorite ever since they had branches inside malls :-) pizza is super goooood. The dough is thin and chewy and goes well with all their..."
Jean De Villa
"I love their Bacon Cheeseburger Pie. It's like a burger, but it's a pie. I never had a chance to dine-in, we always take away our food since it's..."
Adrian Gabriel
"Aveneto is hard to not like. Its akin to your next door friend--warm, reliable and ever present. The food in here is something that evokes custom...."
Claine Avelino
"Value-for-money food selections! I love their pasta selection and they have huge servings! Pizzas are good too! Perfect for big group gatherings...."
Cristine Dominguez
"Great Food, way big servings, bang for your buck!The rustic place adds more favour to the over all dining experience.And oh, The Bacon..."
Dominique Cristi
"Ever since high school, aveneto was never a miss in our occasions. Their seafood pesto pasta and specialty pizzas are the best to fill up our night...."
Ara Abigael Palomar
"From the outside, this place doesn't seem like much. Maybe that's why it took us so long to actually try it. But we were definitely wrong in judging..."
TJ Zialcita
"Best pasta ever like seafood nut-pesto with their chicken wings. Simply d..."
William Villegas
"I head to this place whenever I want to feel good, food-wise. I love the generously sauced Spaghetti Putanesca and match it with four-cheese pizza...."
Charo Treyes
"They may not be the best but defenitely they have proven their worth in the industry for more than a decade already.You can't go wrong with..."
Doc Ian
"Value for money is great. But I think they should upgrade the cutleries, the tables, chairs, everything and keep the price low. I love the meatball..."
Alan Gabriel Ponce
"The freshest ingredients on your pizza! :) generous servings for pasta and cheese, cheese, cheese! :) location and place was veru good, although they..."
Carla Jane Manalang
"Attentive, and happy waiters/waitresses. Delicious food with an affordable price. This is the second time we dine in here, and enjoyed eating here. I..."
Ma. Cecilia Felisa Ornedo
"A Veneto's a pretty good place to go for tasty but affordable Italian fare. When I come here (or any pizza place, for that matter) with my family, a..."
"So you want to treat your huge family out with your first paycheck. Want them to get stuffed on great pizza and superb pasta, but you don't want to..."
Justin Posadas
"I celebrated my birthday here yesterday. This branch looks small from the outside but when we entered, i realized that it could actually accomodate a..."
Khalid Cruz
"First of all, I can't believe that they served us a salad with commercialized (Italian) salad dressing. I mean, they gave us the bottle itself. I..."
Katarina Shimojima
"Our all-time favorites are their Chicken Wings, Spaghetti with Meatballs, Seafood Pesto Pasta and Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza. Their chicken wings are..."
Elizabeth Lim-Tee
Mama Lou's
88/100 (1182 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
"I love everything about this restaurant. All the dishes are tasty. The servers are very hospitable and..."
Elisse Bo-o
"Love the braised short ribs and mozza..."
#wanderer /Richie Salao
"Everything was great. Everything was great. I’m so happy with the rib eye and the pasta and the ravioli and the beef! This place is getting..."
"Mama Lou's really is THAT Italian restaurant offering quality food without being overly expensive. We had the truffle pasta, seafood risotto, and..."
Jp Acebuche
"It was our first time dining at Mama Lou's and we tried the Vongole Olio, Pan-Fried Beef Scaloppine, and Pan-fried Sole Fillet. We loved the Vongole..."
Nonalu Abao
"I’ve only tried this resto via grab delivery. I love that you can order 2 flavors in one pizza. The chili honey dip was bomb! Truffle pasta was..."
Helen Veloso
"Efficient service crew especially Bern...."
May Angelique Lorenzo
"Risotto was the most delicious thing our table ordered. Calamari was soft and excellent. Iced tea had a surprisingly good twist. Fried chicken a..."
"I've been a fan of Mama lous ever since, I've always eat there whenever i had a chance. but lately i noticed that the food sometimes not consistent..."
The Grim Eater
"Definitely in my top 5 favorite restaurants. I brought my family and friends in here. I love how they make their pizzas and risottos. It's worth..."
"Easily one of my most fave restos! Everything we ordered here tasted like home. The salmon was good and had a fresh-tasting butter sauce. But the..."
Ara Espenocilla
"Love their pizzas! Im a pizza lover you all know it! Pizza love at first bite! We got the Quattro Formaggi (P350) & Spinach and Goat’s Cheese..."
"This place serves delicious authentic Italian food. Their pizza paired with arugula is my favorite. For me, their thin crust is one of the best in..."
Rosa Lapeña Concepcion
"Had their Goats Cheese Brick Oven Pizza and Lucio’s Truffle Pasta again. 😁Happy with the service of this branch as they even thought of..."
Christine Caballero
"We just celebrated mother's day at Mama Lou's italian kitchen. We chose this restau since we are craving for pizza and pasta and this restau did not..."
Karen Del Prado
"We ordered Rigatoni Pasta, Pizza, Ceasar Salad and Truffle Pasta. This Italian restaurant serves the best TRUFFLE PASTA! Mouth-watering, perfectly..."
Pearl Velasco
"Their truffle mac and cheese is best paired with Mama Lou’s special pizza. Also, the complimentary bread’s home made which make feels like..."
"Food here is excellent. Although, make sure that you choose ones that will compliment your choice of dish. As I've said, taste wise -excellent - but..."
"My friends and I loved this place kasi very chill ng place and perfect for get togethers kasi tahimik. Mababait din yung staff nila and fast service!..."
"A variety of choices, good ambience, and their food is well portioned. Nice and friendly servers too! Was here with my entire family and the kids..."
Kat Molo
"Loved the pastas and the pizzas here, especially the spinach goat cheese pizza. My officemates and I went here for lunch awhile ago. It took 20mins..."
Maribeth Villanueva Dabu
"Food was okay. We're regular customers way before zomato gold and always order the seafood aglio olio, there are times that it's sooo good then when..."
"Over-all experience is great. Staff is courteous and friendly. Wider selection of food compared to other Italian restaurant (i.e. includes different..."
"My grandparents wanted to try eating at Mama Lou's and decided to bring me with them.I appreciated how cool it felt inside the restaurant..."
Chelsea Cabrera
"Me and my friend tried their seafood spaghetti and pizza margherita.The pasta really has a tomato taste to it and the flavors are well..."
Alvin Sanchez
"Dined here for a late dinner date with main man.The place is packed with group of friends and families.Food served tasted like..."
Mag Cruz
"A great place to dine! The cuisine is home-cooked meals for special occasions if there is such a term. The servings were generous, with every dish..."
Budoy Lim
"The food is great & delicious. They offer a small appetizer while waiting for your food.Worth your money. Great staff. They also give a sanitizer in..."
Cat Leathley
"Mama Lou's is one of my go-to restos for comfort food. It was only recently that I got to try items under the main course and they're pretty okay...."
Christine Magpayo
"Truffle mac and cheese, aglio oglio, seafood pasta, and beef salpicao. All of these were incredible. It was definitely an enjoyable experience as the..."
Jairus Jugueta
"The Vesuvio is to die for💜 Me & my family loved everything we ate. Excellent service and friendly staff. We order fried chicken, vesuvio and..."
Karla Abrazaldo
"Good food. Dined at UPTC branch. We had our fur baby with us and they were so nice to provide water for our dog. Appreciate this so much. Staff was..."
Marianne Reyes
"They serve by far the thinnest pizzas in town for me. Thin enough with the right amount of crunch. Oh sooo good. My recos are the all meat pizza,..."
Yvette Velasco
"Ordered the spinach w/ goat cheese pizza, truffle mac and cheese, and seafood olio. Was expecting to be amazed by the truffle mac n cheese based on..."
Rey Christian Guintibano
"Always wanted to try their risotto and I finally have! Got their risotto pesto al pollo. Serving is generous, can be good for 2 persons. I liked it a..."
Kate Tabaño
"Went for dinner on a Friday night. Staff are very accommodating. Complimentary bread with olive oil and garlic oil for dipping is a huge plus. Orders..."
Ivy Marero-Masaquel
"Staff are very friendly and accommodating.. we had an issue with the validity of our order using the zomato but they handled it nicely and..."
"The truffle mac and cheese is the bomb!!!! But, their quattro formaggi is just 3/5 for me coz it lacks cheese. We used the zomato gold 1+1 promo so..."
Janelle V.
"A-very nice. Highly recommend. 11/10. Risotto a-very delicioso. Mama Lou's iced tea a-very tasty. Spaghetti a-very yummy. Lots of cheese and..."
Roselyn Crisostomo
"The best Seafood Olio. Great pizza. Excellent service. Eating here is definitely worth the wait (if they place you on queue), as the place is almost..."
Jack Tan
"Their tuna is to die for! Juicy and soft at the same time! You know it’s served fresh. Also tried the rollo chicken??? Also good but for me it..."
Viel Dela Luna Yochingco
"The serving size is good for sharing! My and I are very satisfied with the food quality and service. The pizza was baked to perfection and the pasta..."
Christian Adrian Sioson
"It was very easy to claim and the staff is great! Had an awesome time tonight. Thank you, Mama Lou’s UPTown! Will definitely be back soon! ..."
Karen Custodia
"Love the place and the food! I have no issues using the app, just inform the waiter that you’ll be using zomato gold. Will definitely be back!..."
Althea Diaz
"This restaurant serves yummy food with big servings. Good selection on menu. Good for families with kids. Servers are very helpful and friendly,..."
Hazel GB Bautista
"Ordered All Meat Pizza, Truffle Mac & Cheese, Seafood Pasta, and Spinach & Goat Cheese Pizza but I got to say, the Truffle Mac & Cheese hit homerun..."
"Loved the truffle mac & cheese, ordered 4 different pizzas and they were all good though they almost taste the same. Good service, will go back again..."
Mica Valenzuela
"Best comfort food for me and my parter. Truffle mac and cheese is superb, you’ll really taste the truffle in this dish. Risotto was very filling..."
"Food and service is excellent!This is one of my favorite restaurants and this one has the majority of my favorite dishes! Staffs are also..."
Yumiicoo Achika
"Mama Lou’s a really homey restaurant that offers nice and affordable Italian food. I always enjoy their brick oven pizza with my personal fave..."
Bea Ruiz
"This is our go to place whenever we are in the area because of its superb food and not to mention, great staff. They will really make you feel at..."
Kams Sta. Rosa
"It was perfect to come in with an empty stomach and be able to fill it with the yummy pepperoni pizza that was fresh from the oven. The Italian..."
"Nice place, good ambience, excellent food! The servers are also very polite. I would recommend their truffle-based dishes, too- especially their..."
Jeanne Marie Cantong
"The pizzas are really good!The waiters were nice.4 stars because one of our food was served late, but everyone was really nice about..."
Chii Balanaa
"Mama Lou’s consistently delivers yummy food from the time we started eating here about 3 years ago when UP Town just opened. The Seafood Aglio Olio..."
Rona Oh-Es
"Try the truffle pasta! Portions good for 1-2. Complimentary bread with olive oil and garlic. Fast service and a rustic atmosphere. Also recommend..."
Renzo Racadio
"Ordered spaghetti bolognese and a 12" napoli pizza. Expected everything to be good for 2 but could actually serve 3 people. The pasta is good and the..."
"Always good. Risotto is the best, my son finishes his food when we eat here. Staff is very efficient and friendly. Will definitely be back..."
Diana Zialcita-Kim
"The food was great as usual. We ordered the Spinach and Goat Cheese Pizza (P350), Aglio Olio (P250) and my personal favorite which was Risotto Pesto..."
Jerm Racela
"Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen made a good first impression on us with their friendly and accomodating staff. The place is nice and vibrant and their..."
Carol Andrada
"First time trying out this restaurant! I ordered the Penne Pesto Al Pollo, while my friend got the Spaghetti Seafood Pomodoro. They served us bread..."
"My friends and I ordered two large pizza and paid for the price of one. For 3 pax we only paid 150php each, which is cheaper than buying a slice in..."
Patty Lloren
"A reliable go-to restaurant for Italian comfort food like pizza or risotto. Their poutine is also good. You may want to tell the servers to make the..."
Bonner Dytoc
"Food is tasty. Menu is diverse. Friendly staff. One thing I found not to my liking is that the ambience is not that homey. It's quite noisy in the..."
Ashton Wong
Sachi Tone
"Food was amazing, what’s not to love. Will definitely come back for more. Tip: Make sure you try Seafood Alfredo and the All Meat Pizza when you..."
Hazel Frias
"Incredible pizza and truffles! Just love how the melted cheese feels in your mouth. Kudos to the staff too for handling the Zomato Gold problem..."
Christopher A. Espinueva
"The squid heads appetizer we ordered was very good. It had everything I liked, lots of garlic, oil and chili. After we finished the baby squids, the..."
Brenna B. 🍭
"Great staff, great comfort food! Forgot to take pics cos was excited to eat, but don't miss the spinach and blue cheese ravioli ❤ so happy to have..."
Ava Lee
"Really good pasta and pizza! My favorite is seen in the picture. Mama Lou’s pizza and any pasta actually. I’ve tried most of their pastas and..."
Monica Pantaleon
"Mama Lou's is definitely a good place to get your quality Italian fix and the UP Town branch is no exception.I ordered their famous Truffle..."
Mille Reyes
"A great first experience with Zomato Gold. I unlocked my very first zomato gold privilege to have late lunch at Mama Lou's UP Town Center..."
Andrew Naval Santos
"For a late lunch, my friends and I tried out Mama Lou's in UP town center to satisfy our pasta craving. Since my friends and I are Zomato Gold..."
David C.
Amici Up Ayala
87/100 (145 ratings)
Ice Cream
"When I ate seafood pasta, especially Eating shell, I felt I chewed like a stone.. be..."
"We love celebrating milestones as a family and one of those is my Nephew's 2nd Birthday. We got him a cake due to being heartbroken 'coz the Timezone..."
Marj Liwag
"Favorite cousins came over the house third day of the new year. They left before dinner and a female cousin and I had a craving for a salad. Tried..."
"Love their pasta and oven baked pizza.I have been to Amici several times and was never disappointed with the food and service. Generous..."
Mag Cruz
"My favorite dish that we ate here is the Chicken pesto pizza. The pesto is perfect for the white pizza sauce and the grilled chicken fillets added to..."
Zar Francisco
"I like amici for it's reasonable prices and food that is just excellent. Overall, a very good choice for those looking for a restaurant that delivers..."
Arnulfo Pecundo Jr.
"Price: 3Fairly affordableService: 4AccomodatingAmbience: 4Average interiors, wall design is superb..."
Zac Osial
"Our go-to-place whenever we crave for pasta, pizza, and italian chips! Accommodating and friendly service crew. The cakes (by caramia) are good..."
Jean Piedad
"We ordered 1 pizza (Tutta Carne) and 2 regular-sized pastas - Spaghetti alla Carbonara and Spaghetti ai Tesori del Mare (not in photo). There were 4..."
Katrina Guarin
"Great place for a quick, satisfying lunch. You definitely get what you pay for, although the price is a little mid-range.The chicken can..."
"For merienda, my cousins and aunts all wanted to head over to Amici for some pizza and gelato. We ordered the 4 cheese pizza and the prosciutto and..."
Fat Girls Day Out
"With the continuous increase of restaurants all over the Metro, representing brands born here and influx of international franchises, it is..."
"Favorite is the shrimp agli olio! Pasta quality is good though the regular plate is not enough, for the price of 400 the serving needs to be..."
James Camacho
"Sophie Says that Amici is a must-go-to place!We were hungry - well the hooman was hungry so we ordered the Ravioli di Spinaci and Lasagne..."
"clean and spacious place is the first thing that you'll notice , loved the interior as well , as you of course will dine Italian , you should also..."
"A bit pricey but their servings are good for 2, unless you're like Kirby like me. 😂My favorite pasta here is their Penne Rosa. Tomato..."
Ia Guevarra
"Very good food. Pick anything and it is good! I am truly impressed with the quality of the basic food stuff like the tomatoes in the pasta or the..."
Harvinder Singh
"My birthday treat - Amici's Seafood Diablo! Since I love seafoods and pasta with real tomatoes and not just pasta sauce, I got the solo order for..."
Loise Palma
"I love this place because it gives me that nice and quiet ambiance every time I need to focus on something. They offer free wifi which is definitely..."
Ronnie Haw Rodelas
"Eating in Amici is always a pleasure!👍It's Italian fast food-- delicious and affordable! My fave pizza has got to be the chorizo e..."
Foodie Dokie
"Haven't dined at this branch yet but we buy cakes and gelato from them. Polite and attentive staff, always ready to provide assistance and..."
"Went to Manila for work...the place is located right next to our office at technohub. Had gone there once the first day. ... from next time onwards i..."
Sumit Biswas
"Amici has one of the best sans rivals in town. I also tried their rouge cake and it was delicious. Although quite expensive, its worth your sweet..."
Food For The Goddess
"I am not a huge fan of Amici's pizza and pasta dishes (with the exception of the blue cheese flatbread), so we always go straight to the list of..."
Richard Allan Co | TFC
"we had our Thanksgiving dinner here on Nov 26, 2015 & i must say, i fell in love..we had their Spinach Artichoke as antipasti, the Spaghetti Red..."
Dada Dela Paz Octaviano
"When you're craving for Carbonara this is the best place you can go:)Can't get enough of their creamy carbonara which is also good for..."
"I'm writing this review for the cakes of Caramia inside Amici in Technohub. Ice cream cake has been a tradition in our family that we can never miss...."
"We tried their group meal which was P1800+ for 8 persons which consisted of 2 pizza, 4 pasta and 2 pitchers of iced tea. I was so busy chatting with..."
Lady G
"Must try : Italian Chips, Prosciutto Al Tarfutto and Tutta Carne Pizza. The serving size is good for sharing plus the Cara Mia , which sells good..."
Fatima Vene Gaye Peña
"Love the food ! Great pasta but a bit expensive😂 servers are friendly. Ambience is the best. Comfort room clean but should have separate for..."
Cher Espiritu
"Amici is always my go-to place if I want great Chicken Parmigiana. I just loooove how they make it there. Not too salty, and not bland, either...and..."
Jyl Carson
"For all pasta and pizza lovers, you can never go wrong with Amici. Their diverse menus of pizza and pastas are packed with flavors. For the price..."
"All foods here are very tasteful and easily get your tummy full. You can eat them without rice and have alcoholic drinks here to make chit chats more..."
Yani Lanuza
"Must try: Chorizo e Spinaci Pizza, Linguine al Prosciutto e Tartufo & Seafood Chowder Risotto. My Food-O-Meter: Taste:..."
"I like their food in general, salmon cream pasta is heavenly and.perfect.for.sharing along w another like.vongole to offset the..."
Renee Arianne
"This is a cool place! ❤️We ordered a family meal.Its quite expensive but the the taste of their pasta, pizza, meats and desserts were..."
Paula G. Abustan
"Amici serves one of the best Pizza Margheritas for my taste, and I've had my fair share of Margheritas. It tasted so Itakian and if you're an avid..."
Gian Jurado
"One of the nice things about Amici's Technohub is their brick oven; you'll see it in the middle between the kitchen and the service counters on your..."
Marianne In Manila
"Blue Cheese & Honey Pizza was superb, pasta was good and staff we're okay. Just don't grab my plate too soon next time coz I was still using the oil..."
Jennifer Danganan
"Amici is one of our go-to places for a fast, good quality Italian bite to eat. A real family place, the dining floor is arranged simply with tables..."
Kirsten Uy De Baron
Pizzeria Napoli
87/100 (394 ratings)
"House made sauce fresh ingredients how can this place lose? Coming from Chicago I'd give this place 10 stares oh and may I add a wonderful staff..."
Michael Krammen
"I've been going to Napoli since I was in college (2001). I've been there so much that at one point, I could identify which servers were old and new...."
Jaycee Pagdanganan
"Always the best pasta and pizza, and no loud music to ruin your..."
Jerry P Panela
"Eversince, during our Pediatric Residency days (2004), when we want a delicious Pizza and Pasta and a nice place to hang-out, Napoli is one of our..."
Jhun Cusay
"Love to eat here n my children too specially d white pizza n pastas #Superb..."
Leizel Tolentino
"Ok, great food and service. Limited parking space. Place can be packed so come in early, tables are too near each..."
Glenn Paraso
"I so loved the food, especially the White Pizza. Will keep on coming back, for sure...."
Jesse Ian Yulo Andal
"Been going to this place since..."
Jm Ruiz Tobias
"Comfort food. My favorite is the spaghetti with meatballs, and the al olio with shrimps and garlic. I am hungry as we..."
Jerry Jose
"Great pizza!!!..."
Ryan Tan
"ny pizza & putanesca unforgettable the..."
Mikee Dy Dumalasa
"I spent my high school years in New Jersey and spent many times taking trips to Hoboken and New York city so I would know what real Italian food..."
Roland Tuason
"I am from the U.S.. Lived here for 9 years now. I have been searching for a sub sandwich to satisfy my craving. Finally found it in the Napoli Super..."
VinnieJames Petti
"Its the staff... They were all friendly and..."
Joby Loue Ching - Ting
"this is my nth time visit to napoli, and part of my regular order is additional garlic bread, and they never failed to deliver it last when we..."
Jay Mark Pestaño Ebora
"Been eating here since I was in HS. It is one of those nostalgic restos that makes me happy. Good food and good memories. Alot has changed since then..."
"I used to come here a lot before for their pesto pasta and puttanesca - really good! For this visit, we opted for the new england's best pizza and..."
"Big service and reasonable price is the selling point of this Italian restaurant. It is definitely a must to try their pasta as well as their super..."
Bessie Besana
"Napoli would be forever my favorite go-to place when it comes to Pastaaaaas! You must definitely try their Seafood Oil and Garlic White Sauce ♥️..."
"Had their Carbonara with chicken to go. The dish was a little bland for my liking and i thought that it was a bit pricey but the portion is really..."
Kim Paguia
"Superb and delicious seafood very sarisfied with the taste and its worth it. 👌 Their Mozarella also delicious.❤️ Melts in ur..."
Diyesi Seyer Fabulosa
"This is my default pesto place. I consider their pesto my comfort food. I love the subtlety of it. I discovered this restaurant in SM Fairview before..."
Honorio G. Buccat Jr.
"Napoli is a childhood fave that never changed since the early 2000's. Not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing, but I am still glad they have my..."
Migz Cruz
"La pizza non è male, se gli dai qualche indicazione é anche buona. Ho chiesto una capperi e aggiughe ed è stata fatta bene. Tutto ok, peccato per..."
Daniele Scolaro
"Just wanna tell you guys that I love their delicious pizzas and pastas! Do yourself a favor and try their OIL AND GARLIC IN WHITE SAUCE SEAFOOD..."
"The food is really great! They have big servings for a very good price. Maybe they should expand their space more and add more staffs to assist the..."
Aya Cortez
"Food: ❤❤❤❤❤Place: ❤❤❤❤❤Price: ❤❤❤❤❤For the love of pizza and pasta here I come!! Hehe.. 😁I..."
F 💙💚 D Is Life By MeissyG
"This has always been a go to place for pizza and pasta. My husband and i used to go on dates here. This morning, we celebrated our sons 3rd birthday..."
Camille Santos Encabo
"I am rating it 5 because their dishes are so delicious, they give generous servings and the prices are so right! I am lazy tonight to give the..."
Jayvee Sagles
"The food and ambiance was awesome. I'm still wondering why they closed their Sm Fairview branch (which there's aa lot of customers---always.)..."
MisterAt Misis
"i like the service, the wait time is very reasonable and i like what we ordered which is meatball marinars and seafood pesto pizza. not so pricy in..."
Jorge Cardiño Juan II
"Service. It was acceptable. No smile can be seen in their faces. They will just write your order, repeat everything and then they will head off to..."
"Very polite and accomodating staffs. Clean bathrooms and of course the food was no less than delicious. Worth coming back to! So good. Cheers!..."
"Went here for dinner on a Sunday. We went at around 5:45, so it wasn't crowded yet. By 7:00, the place was full of goers.From their menu,..."
"Since it was payday my friend and I decided to eat out and look for something Italian along Tomas Morato last night. As we drove around the area we..."
No Diet Since Birth
"This place reminds me of college! There were a bunch of birthdays celebrated here a few years back (let's not be exact) and it was an "in" place to..."
Foodie Dokie
"For the love of pasta! This is the place to be. Cheap but good food. You will be spending less than a thousand for a meal for two imagine that. Try..."
Monchi Pangilinan
"Been here a few times already.  They have an extensive selection for their pasta dishes.  Pasta is categorized under Marinara, White Sauce, Pesto,..."
Let Us Eat
"Our go-to place whenever we crave for seafood pesto. Very affordable yet so delicious!Must-try: Seafood pesto, chicken wings, white pizza..."
Stal Songcuan
"PARKING IS LIMITEDmy first time here last month , and did not get disappointed ,the girl staff was accomodating , servings : a..."
Stephanie Anne Bernabe Buenafe II
"Number of times visited: more than 2xParking: In front of the resto, limitedFood: We’ve been going here for years and I love it..."
Project Viajero
"I love this place!! They used to have a branch here in fairview and the food was amazing! Their Carbonara with chicken is my all time favorite. I..."
Reichel Fuentes
"Loved their Classic Calzone as well as their Shrimp Spaghetti! Friendly staff and cozy ambience are also commendable. Perfect for date night and..."
Paul Anthony De Leon
"I loved it here before but I love it even more now that they had some renovations done. They improved the ambiance and the rest room. The preparation..."
Karlo Arsenal
"My officemates and I went here for our montly night out. We ordered Zomato's most recommended dishes, New York's Four Cheese a.k.a White and..."
Joanna Michelle Valdez
"I was so happy that they hired an OJT that was from the PWD sector. I saw how the regular waiters would be patient in training the OJT. It's..."
"They make the classic pasta and pizza combos and they make delicious ones! :) Have their Napoli Class pizza and Oil and Garlic pasta and you're good..."
Marga Go
"Our friend was leaving manila and took is to eat out as a despedida. We frequent Napoli but it was oir first time to just have a late snack of their..."
Dom Platon
"Good for reunions and gatherings. The service is great, it's fast and foods arrived on time. The foods are delicious too, their pizza is freshly..."
Jathree Gutierrez
"Been hearing a lot about this place, and it didn't disappoint! Pasta was good for 4 people. :) Gooey melty cheese on the pizza --..."
Pau Gonzaga
"I've been eating here with my family since we moved near Tomas Morato 8 years ago. It's a humble Italian restaurant. I keep coming back for..."
Juris Go
"After all these years, I was able to come back and I must say... Their eggplant parmagiana (now renamed to eggplant spaghetti) was still excellent..."
Michelle David
"Food tastes generally okay and comes in large servings so it's a good deal. I recommend the eggplant spaghetti and the pesto pasta. Service is so-so..."
"Actually, I'm a big fan of Napoli's. I loved everything about them especially the tomato soup that I always order whenever we dine there. The food..."
Michiko Evangelista
"Where does a one even begin when reviewing Napoli's Pizzeria?! Well for starters, if you are anywhere within two blocks of this place you will smell..."
"Warning: Huge servings!Go try every kind of their Pesto Pasta selections! Good stuff.For the pizza, I liked the White Pizza which..."
Jacel Sison
"Napoli has been around for years. It's so sad to see how the restaurant has turned into a gloomy old place and has not been given an updated look..."
Violet Reyes
"When I first entered the place, I already prepared myself for the disappointment. The staff were inattentive and the place looked so gloomy. The..."
Jiselle Chua
"Love their food and everything's for sharing... Price 3/5 not too pricyTaste 4/5 good and fillingPlace 3.5/5 ambiance was dark..."
Felicia Del Rio Pilares
"Pasta is great :) plus the pizza, the food serving is great too, the staffs were courteous and able to serve our food just in time, :) loving the..."
Nurse Annie
"Still my favorite italian ristorante! They have affordable large Servings!But i rarely eat here without getting their seafood salad! Love..."
Mark Oliver C. Adiong
"One of the best pizza places in town that offers Italian authenticity. We ordered All Meat pizza and it was delicious. The cheese and meat blended..."
Henzel Gapay
"I was looking for a place to treat my friends for dinner for my post-birthday and victory party celebration. Considering that most of my friends are..."
Arvin Christian Cotiangco
"Napoli is ideal for barkada lunches wherein you split all your orders as a group as the servings are large and the flavors are strong. Our group of 9..."
Jellybeans In The City
"Napoli's interior could use a boost, but despite that it's negligible because the food is great, and the serving sizes are just as good considering..."
"I really like their selections of pasta. I always order the Seafood Asparagus Pasta and Oil and Garlic Seafood Pasta. Their Clubhouse Pizza is also..."
Gershon Gambala
"Whenever I'm in the mood for pasta and pizza I always consider eating in Napoli. It has been one of the few places that has stood the test of time in..."
"I love Pizza and Pasta! Napoli is one of the best resto in the area, even though the place is a little bit old, they kept it clean, neat and smells..."
Carlo Chico
"Disclaimer: I love Italian food!We went here for a dinner meeting. What surprised me was their overly huge servings, from pasta to pizza,..."
Jess Ferrera
"One of the best pizzerias I have ever been to!Food:Pasta- Plain & Hungarian Sausage Pesto pasta always hit the spot! Always..."
Erika Lee
"Being situated in the center of big and famous restaurants, Napoli is often overshadowed by the establishments nearby but when we decided to eat..."
Karl Ong
"Must try!First time I visited this place I was attending a baptism after party (10yrs ago when I was visiting the Philippines). Underwhelmed by..."
"We had French Fries, 10" All Meat Pizza, Meatball Spaghetti and some drinks. Halfway thru my first slice of pizza and a quarter of the spaghetti, I..."
Cindy Santos
"Love the Seafood Pesto w/ lot lot lots lots of parmesan cheese.. Hihi. New England pizza is the best. What i like about there pizza even if u eat it..."
Cristel Sanchez
"Meaty (literally!) and satisfying Italian food right in Quezon City is what Napoli offers. The quiet restaurant has been in operation nearing a..."
Marielle Ong
"I LOVE NAPOLI! Pros: food is great and they have big servings, Value for money because they serve in big favorite is..."
Mary Grace Badere
"One of the best pizzerias in town! Beats any other specialty pizza places! Been coming here for the past 4 years and everything still remains..."
"Found this place through a friend's post. Thought I'd check it out and I wasn't disappointed! The food is great! If there's one thing I love the..."
Cindy S.
"If there's one dish I like more than any Japanese food, it would be great-tasting pizza. And probably pasta. I love their pesto spaghetti. I think..."
"Family hangout, barkada food trip or going on a date here is a good choice! The food is simply amazing plus huge servings! I ate here twice already..."
Hannah David
"Napoli is a family favorite, we've been dining here for about 10 years I believe. With great tasting big portions in relatively affordable prices, we..."
Phylicia Marie Pineda
"Napoli is a favorite go-to pasta place of mine. They serve awesome (you've guessed it!) pasta dishes! What i meant by awesome is not just the taste..."
Ardenne Chuat
87/100 (245 ratings)
"Sarap ng lahat ng food!!!..."
Kylie Barlis
"Food was great, we liked the pasta and fried chicken. Will try others in their menu next time. 😊 Worth it because we used zomato gold😊 service..."
Cindy Grace Lim
"Had dinner with friends here last night and the ambiance looks cool. It's a dual purpose of selling various tool parts, and a restaurant, too, that..."
Eats Weekend
"A dining area within a hardware/construction materials store. It truly matches the concept - heavy and great tasting meals with good interior. All..."
"The Crab Tomalley over Shirataki Noodles (P358) was delicious! The didn't skimp on the toppings. Megawatt House Fried Chicken (P245) is also a must..."
Helen Blas
"Can’t stop thinking of this restaurant! Nothing to dislike about this place. Definitely a bang for the buck and a hidden gem in QC! Their steaks..."
Kimberly Mas
"Good food, bacon..."
Kevin Ray Salmorin
"We loved everything and will definitely come back!The staffs are very accommodating and alert of our needs. There has been a mishap in my order pero..."
Maria Angela
"Service is excellent, and they are very accommodating (unless the entire place is packed). Service time is appropriate, but better if you'd order in..."
Daniel Manuel Macrohon
Sam Bertumen
"Ordered chicken poppers, hawaiian pizza, porterhouse, crab pasta and mango cake. Everything tasted good. Service was fast. My only complaint was the..."
Myra T.
"They have Keto selections! You can even upgrade your food to keto (with minimal fee, of course)!We ordered the Bacon Bomb, Keto Fries, and..."
Bernadette Pangan
"Tasty food and amazing menu selection. Unique concept. Staffs are also nice. They also have extensive hardware and diy products that they sell in the..."
Hazel Evangelista
"Would really love to visit this again, no. 1 reason is the pizza that we tasted and their keto friendly..."
Mary Joy Espina
Remiel Nicholes
"A place for "Food and Toys for the Big Boys" (and Smol Girls who have the appetite of Big Boys). That’s the best way to describe Megawatt Pizza &..."
SmolGirl X BigNoms
"Friendly and attentive staff. Good ambiance. Bright atmosphere. Good service. But the pizza and chicken are a bit too..."
"Food’s delectable and the servers were very accommodating! The concept of the restaurant is also unique - perfect for people who are really onto..."
Terence Kiu
"Megawatt is located in the heart of Banawe. It’s easy to find especially with the creative, big, neon yellow signage illuminated on the streets of..."
Moku Moku
"We booked a table with Zomato and availed the 1+1 on food. We ordered Meltique steak, Crab tomallay pasta and bacon bombs for appetizer...."
"Food was good, some are kinda oily but something you can bare. Concept was someting different. No complains on all the food we ordered. Kudos to..."
Lhong For Short
"Are you the type of person who’s into hardware, building, fixing, or decorating your home? If you are, and you’re a foodie too, then why not head..."
Stephanie Bernadette Ellao
"Very unique concept for a restaurant. Good food and fast service...."
Jessilyn Gan
"A pretty unique dining spot, you get to dine in the middle of a hardware, not a lot of food choices but they are rather good at what they have. The..."
"Here in Banawe there is what we call who offers not just home tools, but also scrumptious kind of food. You can see wide varieties of..."
Allans Gastro Snaps
"Love the place and the food. We ordered the lasagna, chicken wing, fried chicken and a pizza. The servings for the lasagna was small. But at the time..."
Scotty Wilburt See
"Food is yummy and staff is very attentive, polite and always smiling. Will definitely be..."
"The steak sauce is a bit sweet but not bad :) order medium rare for the steak and get the crab paste pasta :) last time I came here was about a few..."
Dexter Chan
"Who would have thought that having two entirely different hobbies could make it into one place? As some of you have heard, Megawatt finally opened..."
Alyssa Tuangco
"Everything is perfect!!! I really love the foods and everything huhuhu will surely comeback!!! ❤️❤️😍 SERIOUSLY FIVE STARS AINT ENOUGH..."
Isha Barroga
"Finally, It's good to have a restaurant in Banawe that offers a variety of food. They have Steaks, Pastas, Pizzas, Burgers and many..."
Leslie Ann Go
"BuildPlus+ is a build, shop & dine concept that offers the everyday and professional home & kitchen improvers who are looking for a unique & value..."
The Baby Fats
"One of the few Trendy/Themed restaurants that actually serve good food! Here's my review:Get the FRIED CHICKEN!!! So delicious! The..."
Margaret Chan
"Good food, a bit on the pricey side but overall it was a nice dining..."
"Everything about this restaurant is not ordinary.Take the name, for example. Megawatt. What market are you trying to capture? Architects,..."
"To all my girlfriends out there who need to tag along to their jowas/hubbas for car/hardware duties in Banawe, there’s a new build, shop and dine..."
P&B Eats
"Keto-friendly options and delicious dishes can be found in Megawatt Pizza & Steak. The restaurant is part of the Build Plus hardware store and has a..."
Hungry Travel Duo
"Megawatt is a powerplant-themed restaurant in Banawe, QC. The equipments, electronics, and other hardwares displayed here were being sold as well. ..."
Glenn Joseph | Jogpen
"BuildPlus+ a build, shop & dine concept that offers a unique & value for money construction & kitchen tools store.Megawatt – Pizza &..."
Patricia Veronica Jasmin
"Megawatt Pizza🍕 and steak🥩🔹Sa mga tatay na mahilig tumambay sa hardware at sa mga nanay na naiinip pag nagaantay, ito na ang sagot..."
"Volt-Meater PizzaThis is what I recommend everyone to try! I love pizza but this pizza is indescribable! I think I found this pizza much more..."
Kristian Marfori
"Megawatt at Banawe is a great place for meat lovers and it's also a place to excellent dishes to complement your beer.We loved the..."
"We were served an electrifying feast at Megawatt, a powerplant-themed resto along Banawe Street which doubles as a hardware store selling ING-Co..."
Raina Cheng
"Shop and Dine atBuildPlus+ and MegawattWhat they offer?✔️ Home & Kitchen Tools✔️ Power Tools (INGCO..."
Foodventures By FraPao
"The food is really worth it. I ordered the meat pizza which I really liked. They have options for the pizza dough. I chose the hand tossed because I..."
Poli Rosario
"Ambiance was unique, you order electronically, service was okay. We ordered classic big angus slider burger which was really big you can do a to..."
"I can't help be skeptical whenever a place seems to be too trendy or different. I'd always imagine Instagram-worthy food and it pretty much ends..."
Mary Love Siy
"Well frankly, this restaurant is a lot to tell to every person who is trying new food places in the metro.Aside from being a keto-friendly..."
"It's not a theme restaurant. It is simply, a resto inside a hardware. The food was good. I really did appreciate it. My favorite was the Classic Big..."
James Benguet
"We ordered meltique steak with the 2 different sauces and we love it! I love the herb seasoning rather than the honey, but both taste good. We have..."
Gem De Leon Vibar
"Very grateful for ZOMATO Gold not just for the free dishes but for helping me discover all these new restaurants! This time around, we decided to..."
Goldielyn Limsiy
"MEGAWATT PIZZA & STEAK686 Banawe Street, Banawe, Quezon CityArriving at this place was a real chaos for us, waze said that we..."
Pauoie Dimla
"Would you imagine a restaurant inside the hardware? The concept is good, considering that for a woman like me, I can get easily bored inside a..."
Hungry Herl
"First time to try this new restaurant around banawe. Ambiance is good, brought me back my college days when I was an engineering student. What I..."
Brij Bancoleta - Aguilar
"The food is good, but not that worth it for the price.The cleanliness of the restaurant is good, restrooms are clean and the 2nd floor is full..."
Ervin Chua
"We ordered the bacon bombs and solo baby back ribs with mash potatoes. We got to use the gold privilege and got the 2 piece Megawatt House fried..."
Rose Buenaventura
"I was invited by a friend to try this place since she knows I'm a pizza and steak lover. 😊 And also it got me interested when I saw that half of..."
"There’s so many concept stores popping in every part of Metro Manila, but I dare ask you guys if you have seen a place where you can get..."
Sand Under My Feet
"Came here for the second time to eat the dry aged porterhouse with truffle salt but the 50 off promo already ended last June 30. Otherwise, it would..."
"We went here on a Saturday. The place looks good and its space is definitely bigger than their previous branch in N. Domingo. We ordered 1) Bacon..."
Kim Alyssa
"For the value of money and amount of serving served. You can never go wrong dropping by at Megawatt, even the sides did not disappoint. I can..."
Phoebus Carranza
"We probably all desire a different dining experience as much as we could with the thousands of restaurant options around us. BuildPlus+ understands..."
"We used Zomato Gold for this meal. The place looks like a diner inside ACE Hardware haha. The concept is actually cool with tables looking like solar..."
Korina Ada Tanyu
Friuli Trattoria
86/100 (1266 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
"I love it for its nearly italian taste but with affordable..."
Paowie Kan
"Love the food!..."
Azalea Barbero-Ramos
"Delicious italian food. The toasted ravioli tasted so good with the tomato sauce. I like the truffle penne pasta because the truffle oil is not..."
Zar Francisco
"Had an early dinner with the partner.  The place was tight and full.  We ordered the Truffle Penne, Half Viva Venezia and half BBQ Chicken Pizza. ..."
Let Us Eat
"Their pizzas are really, really, really good. They're perfect for their flavor and price. Pastas are above average, their truffle pasta is probably..."
Rakesh M
"My fave place in Maginhawa..."
Hencel Tinio Villaruz
"Their pasta is great in line with being price friendly and..."
Benedict Alfonso
"...Friuli Trattoria serves pretty good pizza and pasta at reasonable prices, hope this place expands and gets to places outside..."
Jeremy John Borlongan
"Went back to Friuli after such a long time and it’s still as good as I remembered. Ordered the following for lunch:1. Truffle Pasta - the..."
Bea Lopez
"Their pizza is probably the best one along maginhawa. their pasta is so-so but i give it points for being more "authentic" than ones i have tasted so..."
Rhameses I
"I love how laid back this resto is. Super duper love their pizza! I love that you have the option to choose 2 flavors. Pasta can serve up to 2..."
"Food - 5Service - 5Ambience - 3Price - 5Accesibility - 4Overall: 4.4Food: Food is great! And the portion is..."
Gee Reyes
"Prior to entry, your nostrils will be greeted by sweet aroma of garlic and chives. The place resembles a delightful marriage between Filipino and..."
Hungry Byaheros
"Chad and I have been loyal customers of this establishment for about 5 years now. It's only this time that we tried to order meals that are not for..."
A&C Food Diaries
"The place looks casual, not really meant for fine dining I think. But the food was so goooooooood 😭❤️ I'll definitely comeback for more!..."
MJ Azotes
"Food: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Ambience: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Service: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Price:..."
Supertaster J
"1st date namin ng girlfriend ko dito. Ex ko na ngayon. So yun okay yung place. Calm ambiance lang. Approachable yung mga staff lalo na si kuyang..."
Bryle Taasin
"A perfect artisan, gourmet pizza within the neighborhood. A lot of variety , quality pizza. Also thr pastas and appetizers are so..."
"Before it became our favorite, when me and my friends crave for pizza and pasta but had a tight budget we always go at Friuli Maginhawa. Wayback my..."
"Probably my go to place for pizza fix, cheap and taste great too! You can have you pizza, half and half.. but my fave here is their mozarella sticks...."
Nona Lyzel Vicente
"Food: 5/5Interior: 4/5Service: 5/5Value for Money: 5/5Honestly one of my go-to food stalls along Maginhawa. Highly..."
Myrrha Bernadette Santiago
"We ordered 2 pizzas (half-half) and 2 pastas. What I like about friuli is they offer half-half pizzas wherein you can get two flavors in one order...."
"One of Italian restaurants where you can get authentic taste of pizza and pasta at a cheaper price. This is a must try when you go to Maginhawa!!..."
Epicurean Foodies PH
"This is our favorite place here in Maginhawa. Affordable price and definitely good italian food! All meat pizza is a must! Haha we also order the..."
Cham Lorenzana Alba
"At first I thought this place was a bit sketchy but when the food arrived I was shocked not just because it tasted so good but also the serving size..."
Allen Liquigan
"Really good pizza! Their pasta was also good, though it can be improved on.It's also a pretty budget choice, and you will definitely get your..."
"Fruili Trattoria serves authentic and quality Italian at amazingly low prices. Hats off to them for maintainibg the quality all these many years..."
"The Spaghetti with Tuna and Mushroom is a must-try!!! We order this 99% of the time we dine here (also available in take out trays**, see note..."
Minique A
"I am thankful that this place is open til late in the evening, especially when you suddenly get hungry and want something fast and affordable. They..."
"Definitely my favorite go-to when I'm craving for mozzarella sticks. Pizza is good but their pasta (especially the pesto) needs to be improved as..."
Clark Clotario
"What We Had:All time favorites— Mozarella Sticks, Pancetta Pizza, Tuna and Mushroom Pasta, Spaghetti with Meatballs, Iced Tea..."
The Beanie Review
"Authentic Italian cuisine at a very affordable price. I suggest having their Cheese Pizza and Carbonara. The place is small and gets easily packed..."
Dempsey Margaux Bautista
"Never been to Naples or Italy at all so I don't know what "proper" pizza should taste like but, man if they did it better than Friuli's that would be..."
Jake Sumagang
"The place is small, but nice and accessible, too. This is our go-to place when we feel like having pizza and pasta - on a budget. Affordable and..."
Melody Aquino
"The place is a little bit cramped but it has a cozy ambience so it’s also chill for hanging put with friends. They serve good pizza and they got..."
Claudette Higwit
"One of the few restaurants in Maginhawa that withstood the test of time--and with great reason. Food's cheap and filling, and the pizzas don't look..."
Cee M
"Love the pizza. And I love their tiramisu. It's a must try. I love coming back here whenever I crave for pasta and pizza. The place is okay..."
Mari See
"Their food is affordable and tastes good! The servings are good for sharing too. It can get super crowded because it's one of the popular restaurants..."
"Food is great! Although they had a price increase since the first time we went here; food is still worth the money. The ambience of the place is not..."
Marinela Katrina Coronel
"Big servings! I think ung pasta nila na single serving eh good for 2 people. Mejo matapang ung taste nung pesto nila.. Pizza 🍕 nila ay very..."
Lara P. Elizaga
"This is the pizza place that will satisfy your pizza cravings! They offer brick oven pizzas and pastas that are good for sharing that won’t break..."
Cheska Frances
"For the ambiance, it’s not really vintage but it was old. But all around, they promote their pizzas and best sellers so, great idea! But what’s..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
"This restau deserved a five stars , kudos to the staffs very friendly, I loved the pizza , pasta, and the unique orange ice cream.I would love to..."
Bubbles Elegio
"My favorite go-to place whenever I need my comfort food -- white sauced pasta. And boy, I believe they are one of the best place for pasta, pizza,..."
Jolina Lindo
"My favorite Italian restaurant. The pizza and pasta are perfectly cooked and so tasty. The service was good. The place is small tho but overall it..."
"Place/staff: place was simple with an italian vibe to it with adequate ventilation. Staff were nice and efficient.Food: Their hot sausage and..."
"This is one budget friendly italian resto. This lil hole in a wall is a must visit. I love their pizza and the pasta is triple yum. I think they put..."
Cassie Pachooolee
"My opinion about pastas changed when I tasted their Carbonara. It's the cheese sticks are nice too, and don't get me started with their..."
"My friend recommended Fruili Trattoria as one of the best restaurants in Maginhawa, and she’s definitely right! We ordered Pizza Margarita and..."
Charisse Anne
"We went there with my classmate for our project and it's worth it. All the pizza was great also the Tuna and Mushroom I could eat 2 plates of it but..."
Ala Carte Traveler ♔
"This is my first review, and I’m happy that I’m doing it for the best Italian resto in my opinion! This is our family’s (and cousins’, too!)..."
Carlo Frederick Taylor
"Great place kung gusto niya ng pasta and pizza.Affordable naman siya tsaka marami yung serving nila 😋Malaki laki din yung place since..."
"We were craving for pizza and since this resto is near my place I asked my friends to come with.I must say that this is one of the hole in the wall..."
Sarah Lorenzo
"Dine here with our family recommended by our tita. After church we decided to try this restaurant. Sobrang huge ng servings nila dito. Yung nga..."
Shen Santos
"It's my first time to try Friuli Trattoria. Here's what I tried.Lasagna - good enough, but I've had better-tastig lasagna in other restos..."
Lady G
"Their food is sooooo good! My favorite dishes were their pizzas. We ordered the margherita and panchetta pizza, mozzarella sticks, the zuppa di..."
"The food is very affordable. Good for those people who are craving for pasta and pizza. There are plenty of choices to eat. Sometimes, sriracha is..."
Bonito Alvaran
"It is our first time to try the famous "Maginhawa food craze" and our feet brought us here in Friuli Trattoria. The ambiance was okay, not too bongga..."
Dianne Samantha Balagtas Odulio
"We were looking for a pizza pasta place in Maginhawa and we found Friuli in Zomato. We ordered margarita pizza and meat pizza. Both were spot on. We..."
"Lexrielle's Birthday !..020318 Celebrated my daughter's birthday here!., foods are delicious and prices are very reasonable. Balik kami kahit..."
Jojo Alvarado
"Food is cheap for the area and the cuisine. Their pizza and pasta is just average. Still, worth trying out for the sake of the..."
Adrianne Diaz
"They say that this is one of the top list in Maginhawa Teacher’s Village. And they are not wrong about it. Friuli Trattoria make the best pizza..."
Diane Purugs
"Friuli Trattoria, up to this day, it's still the best Italian pizza and pasta in town! And they know how to keep up with it since they opened..."
Al Marcus Aurelius Galang
"food - 4.0price - 4.0presentation - 4.0ambiance - 4.0service - 4.5☺☺☺☺☺Tastes like home. Yung..."
Krisshia Manuel
"Everything is worth it! The price of food is veeery affordable and i can say that it's cheap with the quality and quantity of their pasta. We always..."
Aiks Palisoc
"Fell inlove with this Pizza place when I was still an undergrad! Everyone should try eating here at least once (you'll keep coming back after that..."
"A simple restaurant with good, affordable Italian food. Flavors are just right, nothing too strong or over the top—the same feel you get from their..."
Jan-Daniel Belmonte
"Their tuna pasta and carbornara are delicious and affordable. I always come back here for the pizzas especially the all meat pizza. Dine in during..."
Morell Begonia
"Good quality of food. Worth the price. And will definitely go back! Their Spaghetti with Tuna and mushroom pasta is my mom's favorite and she always..."
Hungry Bubbies
"Home made italian food. Angel hair pasta is nice. Got to love the pizza varieties. Interior and toilet needs some updating. Friuli is one of the..."
Victor Karlo Poto Dalisay
"Always my go to place especially when I'm in my critical wallet days but the craving for good pasta is reeeeal. Their Spaghetti Meatsauce and..."
Mendy Alawi
"The place could do a renovation. But still love the food. 🍝 My first time to dine here. 😊 Affordable for an Italian resto. 👌🏻 Sadly the..."
"AmbianceIt's a small place, simply decorated, with a cozy feel. The acoustics can be pretty bad though if there are a lot of people. But it..."
C Tan
"Enjoying once more great pizza! Tre Formaggi and Viva Venezia with Minestrone Soup. I always take out so more customers can sit down in as it's..."
Al Galang
"I'm happy to report that the food's still as good (if not, better) as it was before. Friuli Trattoria is a pioneer in the Maginhawa food scene, years..."
Cielo Gutierrez
"I absolutely love it! The price is cheap but the quality of the food they serve isn't compromised. The place is small and very simple but it doesn't..."
Diana Tej
"A safe choice for a place to dine in Maginhawa.They offer good pasta, pizza and other italian dishes at an affordable price, even for..."
Joyce Donaire
"Everything we ordered was really good and really cheap! I only deducted .5 because the place needs a little improvement. But overall, this place is..."
"Super love the pasta and pizza!. The best mozarella sticks I've ever tasted. The place can accomodate 50-60 persons at a time. Will cost you approx...."
R. L. Lofranco
77 Bar And Restaurant
86/100 (394 ratings)
Late Night
"love their pizza and crispy is an old house converted to a restaurant...... they have eatigo promo....parking at the street..."
Napoleon Ong
"Friendly neighborhood bar/cafe. Been coming here for years (since Hemady days) dahil napaka-convenient, cozy, chill. Sarap balik-balikan. Unwind,..."
"Hurray for places that serve San Miguel Super Dry!That said...Loved the food here. And the place is gorgeous. Like stepping into an old..."
"Nice place, very homy - it's an old house converted to a bar. Great place to drink and chill with friends especially if you can't decide where to go,..."
"This is the go to place when you just want to chill and drink with your barkada :) the ambience was really nice it’s like an old house converted..."
Korina Bolhayon
"A place to be any day of the week. The crowd around, service and FOOD is great. Really recommend it everyone out there. Drink, EAT, laugh the night..."
Jeremy Patrick Calderon
"The ambiance is very homey and the food is great! We contributed 400 pesos each for 3 people and it got us 4 dishes and 2 buckets of beer. So worth..."
Eunice Felix
"77 Bar and Resto is located at Kamuning Road which offers cool ambiance, and cozy feeling while having good food and drinks with the people you..."
Egace Alabanza
"An old house converted into a restobar! Passed by for a nightcap after dinner while aiming for the kamuning zomato expertise as well. The house is a..."
"This old house turned resto and bar has a bayou-ish vibe like that HBO vampire series. You can almost expect to be served True Blood from their stock..."
Noel Liok
"Dropped by a friend's birthday celebration here. We had the place to ourselves because it was just 6pm. The place seems to be packed around 9pm..."
Gillian Hero
"Skip everything else in the menu and go for the chef specials! Salmon Parmesan is divine and Pesto Tuna is heaven sent. The latter with aglio olio..."
Jecca Dela Cruz
"My bestfriend introduced me to this place. An old house in the middle of a very busy kamuning street. And yet when you step inside, antique..."
Myk Sucayan
"The place is just homey and calm which I enjoy going to on a sunday night when i just feel like having 2 bottles and chill. They used to be located..."
"They say that there's no place like home! All I can say is when I'm here it always feels like home! A cozy place with nice service crew and most of..."
Harold Sale
"My go-to place if i'm looking for coziness and few bottles with friends. Used to be quiet where you can hear the story of your friend but not too..."
Charm Herrera
Yellow Cab
84/100 (174 ratings)
"I honestly believe that you can never go wrong with yellow cab pizza. We tried several flavors all the time and so far so bad taste. My personal..."
Lorenz Lao
"[Late post.]February is my favorite month of the year for several reasons. Aside from it being the month of Love and my birth month, it is..."
Mary Love Siy
"First event for 2019 was a blast as Yellow Cab kicked off SO WORTH IT! The Yellow Cab Pizza Tour last January 05, 2019 at Eastwood Central Plaza...."
Jessa Acosta | Patches Of Life
"The food is tasty. But I think the price is a lil bit expensive. We were 5 that time but we just had 2 pieces of pizza and pieces of chicken, so it..."
Candy Miles Domingo
"fast, delicious and full of perks 😊 went there during valentines day...ordered pasta alfredo manhattan meatlovers and their new chicken thingy i..."
Jovalmarie Quilla De Vera
"Hey! It's our first time to try Yellow Cab's My Mix! We couldn't decide what to order tonight-- I wanted pasta, hubs wanted wings. We both..."
Foodie Dokie
"The heart of payday/bonus treat lol! Known for BPO agents as this is their go-to when treating out someone.They remained consistent..."
We Travel Fearlessly
"Hard to resist pizza cravings when you live and work minutes away from Yellow Cab. The alfredo pasta and the Dear Darla pizza have been my favorites..."
The Girl Who Eats Her Feelings
"Perfect Rating because Yellow Cab Pizza is life!!!I always order their MySize Pizza because it's very filling and yummy. It comes in..."
"I appreciate this branch because they deliver quick. My order wasnt ever late and i hope they continue that good service. The quality of food can be..."
Muffy | OneHungryTeacher
"I got hungry in the dead of night and since there aren't a lot of food joints open 24 hours, I decided to go to Yellow Cab. With the exception of a..."
Fluffy Belly
"Best pizzzzaz in the town....must try place and the best pizzza will be NY special...pepperoni mushrooms.....amazing.....thanks guys..."
"We were craving for pizza for breakfast and good thing there was this Yellow Cab that is open for 24hrs! We really wanted to stay at the veranda at..."
N Cruz
"Yellow cab recently renovate all their branches to a more industrial type theme. The place might be new but it still have the same superb menu like..."
Lariza Garcia
"Amazing how Yellow Cab has asserted it's way into our palettes without even trying. There are some days when you know YOU.JUST.NEED.YELLOWCAB!..."
"I usually eat here with my friends several times after our shift. Tried their pizzas, but what I usually order either for dine in or take away is..."
Al Mijares
"I have always been a fan of Yellow Cab Pizza. Love the cheese used in their pizza and the toppings are also of really good and amazing quality. Their..."
Marco Miranda
"Never miss to order Charlie chan pasta and Dear Darla.  My kids too lazy to roll it so they just stick to their favorite New York Finest.  Price..."
"2am snack!!!!! ☺️☺️☺️👌🏽 Yummy hawaiian and cheese pizza... 😍😍😍. Couldn't ask for more!! Bloated. 🐷🐷🐷 ..."
Kathleen Rose Yap
"I was disappointed with my ham salami egg folded pizza. Super less cheese and a bit blant. Para akong kumakain ng matigas na tinapay. Nonetheless,..."
Precious Gemlin Plaza
"The tastiest pizza in the Philippines, in my honest opinion. Manhattan meat lovers, Dear Darla and New York's Finest are the best flavors. Their..."
Nikki Carbonell
"Great customer service. I love their Charlie Chan pasta. As expected food is always best. Also, strategically located in between office buildings...."
"This has always been our after-midnight companion before Yellow Cab Hampton branch had their delivery service. Libis branch is always on time and we..."
Chai Galapon
"Just like one review for Yellow Cab that I read, this branch was indeed open on Holy Week when all else was closed. We drove here to get our pizza..."
Aimee Mejos
"Spent my birthday here with my friends, and yellow cab will always have one of the best pizzas ever, i really live the place specially on the second..."
John Ronel Ronel
"Favourites:Corona Chicken Salsa Pizza - Don't forget them lemons! Sprinkle them evenly for a delightful dinner.Charlie Chan Chicken..."
Rommel Morales Fabro
"Yellow Cab has always been part of my life since my high school days. I remember eating Yellow Cab Pizza in school every time someone celebrates..."