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90/100 (746 ratings)
"The best korean resto! Sa katunayan nakaka-5 balik na kami jan. My family's favorite place to eat. We came all the way from Cavite. Malayo sya sa..."
Alma Olano Umayam Vetus
"My first time to eat on this kind of korean resto and boy I will definitely come back for more. Everything in this resto is superb. We love how the..."
Reina Baylongo-Ungos
"worth the wait. kudos sa staff sobrang ganda ng service mababait and mabibilis kumilos ang staffs. sobrang SOLID ng food. every flavor sobrang worth..."
Adrian Peregrino Monzon
"For a restaurant to be great, both product and service must score. This time, Samgyupsalamat has aced both! Meats are fresh and yummy, of excellent..."
Lercy Cuenca
"I love this place. Took 3 hours to get in here but its all worth it, good costumer service! Good food tho its seems like fresh all day. Clean. ..."
John Ralph Sibal Ching
"Long queue explains it all. Its not my first time to eat at Samgyupsalamat but this branch is definitely worth the wait. Me and friends travel almost..."
Daiana Mangao
"Just had our dinner there & suprisingly it's great! Honestly, I am not a fan of Korean food but when tried all, my tummy gets full! � My..."
Paps Ray
"Samgyupsalamt bf branch is my favorite . Very fast service. Mababait ang staff. At higit sa lahat masarap ang food..."
Reneboy Cascayan Amba
"Just had our dinner there & suprisingly it's great! Honestly, I am not a fan of Korean food but when tried all, my tummy gets full! 😀 My..."
Ray Magallanes
"We always go for this branch. We were there earlier.. Goood food, courteous and very accommodating people. This is just a cherry on the top other..."
Christine Sy Dela Cruz
"the best place for everyone!! very nice and accommodating..."
Gloren Sison- Fuentes
"I love it in here, food is given, ambience is always spacious to it's most branches. What's also commendable is their..."
Allans Gastro Snaps
"Food was delicious. 👍🏻 Worth the money. We went here yesterday, Monday around 7pm and we didnt have to wait, there were tables available for..."
Randall Somoza
"The food was superb! But alot of restos now can offer that. What we really loved was the awesome customer service! Staffs were lively and kind. Will..."
Joyce Ann Canlas
"Yummy food affordable to everyone.. they should have more a lot of desserts and big..."
Anne Sherina Vianzon
"Great restaurant and great staff, when me and my family went here our server was a deaf woman who had no issues reading our lips with our drink..."
Joaquin La O
"Very cozy and very chic! Compared to other samgyupsalamat branches I've been to, this one would have the best ambiance. Be mindful though, if you..."
Mich Clemente
"Friendly and helpful staff, on our visit though, we had to change the grill 3 times because it wasn’t hot enough to cook. The line as always was..."
Apple Dela Cruz
"Value for money. Not only will you get unlimited samgyupsal but also unlimited side dishes and iced tea! There are a lot of pork and beef options,..."
Xia C Santos-Resurreccion
"They serve the best meat! There are varities of meat to choose from the menu. In fact, there are ten kinds of meat that you can eat in..."
Ara Patria
"I actually recommend this place. Great service 🤩 Waiting in line was worth the wait. However, the pork that time tasted bitter so we had to just..."
Venice Clei Oaper
"I’d already been to Samgyupsalamat several times already and it's one of my fave Korean unli-BBQ restaurants. It has wide meat selection with..."
Tara Lets Anywhere
"I love Samgyupsalamat in BF branch!!! The ambiance, food and staffs are really accommodating. The only downside is that you have to wait for about an..."
Dorothy Mae C. Torretijo
"This place deserves 5++ stars. Not only was the unli food sulit but I am also impressed with the courtesy and attentiveness of the staff. My..."
Southern Tummies
"The location is accessible, plus I love their meat especially they have different variants that we almost got full. Plus they serve cheesy samgyupsal..."
Cheska Talens Guevarra
"Samgyupsalamat is one of the Korean BBQ places that Filipino loves going to. The meat is wonderful, the side dishes are great, the cheese is..."
Joshia Marie Naputo Gacis
"Great food kaso medj ung isang pork na sineserve medj napakataba pero the best steamed egg , kimchi and ung ibang food :) sulit na..."
Laura Shane G Joya
"Favourite place for korean bbq and we keep coming back.☑️ price range☑️ great selection of meat☑️..."
Louise Aquino
"One can never go wrong with Samgyupsalamat. Great marinades for their meats, and the side dishes themselves are also delicious. I particularly love..."
Hitomi Ejima
"Once a month we dine at Samgyupsalamat in BF Homes, they have the best service and generous amount of servings. We usually go there before 5pm so..."
Ma Kathrina Ofiana
"I am curious why the queue is always long and felt that there was something special about this place. We came here for lunch and luckily we were the..."
Grace Pilao
"We got there just before the waiting list started pouring in. Good service, a cleaner and better kept restroom could have gotten the 5 star..."
Geju (Angelo Christer & Juli Samiley)
"Now I understand why people line up just to eat here. This is one of the best Sangyupsal experience I had. From the ambiance and the food was..."
Sam Bendo
"It was my second time eating at Samgyupsalamat, but my first time at the BF Branch. Had a pretty great experience here because our server was extra..."
"It’s quite expensive for the service. Good thing there was no line when I decided to eat here. They can also do better on the cheese, not my fave...."
"First of all, I would like to commend the "new" cheese sauce. It complements to almost all the types of meats. The crews are very approachable and..."
Liana Dizon
"One of the best Samgyusal I’ve ever tried! I just hate the long line and time to wait. ☹️☹️ But overall the food is great, Worth it! the..."
Lynne De Guzman
"Consistent food quality,excellent service,the downside is you have to line up always for 1-2 hours for the waiting lists,not a fan of their new..."
Stergen Baylosis
"Our go-to place to satisfy our samgyupsal cravings. A lot has been said about this place, but I rave about the exceptional service that is always..."
Melody Habon
"Samgyupsal lover will surely fall inlove in this restaurant, they offer not just 5 but 10 kinds of meat for their samgyupsal experience. For 399..."
Zero Two
"Korean BBQ night with Better Friends! Unlisawang Pork and Beef Samgyupsal!. oh common..!! hindi yata ako tumagal dito.. siguro mga 20 minutes lang..."
"I love the Food Here. For a Variety of Pork and Beef This One Will Suit Your Budget.. And the side dishes are good too. With unli rice? Its perfect...."
JiA Kim
"This will always be my go to place for Samgyeop craving. The service is great and all staff members are friendly. Also, the food is worth it for the..."
"The best unlimited korean barbecue, it worth it, because it's unlimited rice and meat, for me it's the best it's very tasty, i love it i'll go back..."
"I like eating here than the one in ATC. They have a bigger space and it is well lit. Their service staff are courteous and attentive as well with our..."
"Meat selection was great! It was tender and the flavors were awesome. Ambiance was family friendly, staff were very attentative. Better come early,..."
Jarelle Abrera
"First time at this branch and it was a very good experience. The place was packed and the wait was long but was totally worth it. The staff were..."
Trix Vidamo Tadeo
"The meat that they are serving are very yummy. You can really taste the ingredients that were used for marinated meat. Unlimited rice and iced tea..."
Lery Torres
"I have always loved going to Samgyupsalamat even when they are yet to make a name in the samgyupsal scene because their offering is sulit, although I..."
Maricar Maza
"Bettet dine here before 4-5pm because the waiting line becomes long but nevertheless it was so worth it came here with my officemates and we never..."
Marjhory Soriano
"First time we dined here was on a Saturday. We wanted to have a late dinner so we decided to go here and try their unli samgyupsal. We arrived at..."
"Great place and great food 😊Variety, quality of meat in the menu, its what you've been looking for in a korean resto. Staffs are very..."
Tintins Patisserie
"Thumbs up for the super duper good service and accommodating staff! They refill meat and side dishes quickly. Space is quite okay. Ventilated, clean..."
Ali Pollante
"Try not to go here with an empty stomach because You need to wait for atleast an hour to be seated (that is, if you go there during peak hours which..."
Diane Erika Lopez Modesto
"Nice foods and services! 👍🏻 You should definitely eat here during weekdays and lunch time because it’s crowded at night so the waiting time..."
Angelica Adina
"Place is well ventilated. Has enough exhaust for every grill to absorb the smoke. Yummy side dishes and the meat, legit pork and beef. So soft...."
Nikka Nidoy
"This place is really great although you need to wait in line for a couple of minutes but their staff are very accommodating and hands on when it..."
Ann Gonzales
"Out of all korean restos we have tried in BF, this is totally different because of its smokey taste. They are using charcoal which adds flavor on the..."
Genine Alyssa Pedreno
"The meat and side dishes are soooooooooo good! 😍😍😍😍 I really enjoyrd eating here last night. 🤗🤗🤗The staffs are very..."
Rona Sancho
"Worth it! 💜 And the staff are all approachable. Masarap bumalik dito kaso yung pila lang. Wala kasing time limitation eh! Pero worth the wait..."
Eleonor Sudayon
"Their branch in BF is very nice! Lots of tables, clean place, very accommodating staff, and more side dishes to choose from compared to the other..."
"Best Samngyupsal I have tasted so far! 😊 Also they have happy hour at 2pm - 3pm so if you want to try or it's just your first time I would say you..."
Mary Jan Come
"Definitely one of if not the best "unlimited" Korean BBQ joints in the metro. Considering the variety of side dishes and the quality of the cuts of..."
Benjamin Alexander Madamba
"Excellent meat selection. I love their side dishes too. Friendly, attentive and polite staff. I’d probably eat here once a month if waiting time..."
Arlene Flores
"Samgyupsalamat is hands down my favorite kbbq joint in Metro Manila.Whenever I go with my friends or my family, we always order the unli..."
Abby Dominguez
"Went here to celebrate an occassion on a Sunday night and we got served 3-4 hours after waiting. The food was good and was worth every penny. The..."
Bernadette Seperidad
"For me, this is the most sulit kbbq in metro manila. For 450, you'll get different types of meat in different styles. The side dishes include soup,..."
B.A. Lanto
"The store has a great design and is clean. CR just needs a little work. I love the food here! To be honest, I find their meat better than Sambo..."
Catherine Tan
"Aguirre street in BF Paranaque is one of the well known food spot in the metro but this place is also well known as one of the Koreantown in Metro..."
"I have been here three times since their soft opening in December. Service has improved a lot. orders are served much faster than before. There can..."
"We availed the unlimited pork and beef within their happy hour. Though it was stated that 9 kinds of meat, the server told us that we can only choose..."
Gretchill Bernarte
"My sister has told me about this a couple of times and today we had lunch. It was spur of the moment. We had to wait for an hour because a lot were..."
June Sales
"I’ve been eating Korean food lately and loving the samgyupsal. Someone told me about this place and wondered if it’s worth the hype so we decided..."
Sarah Regis
"Hey Wanderers! We had our Staycation at Amaia Steps in Sucat and after our checkout, we decided to eat here sa Samgyupsalamat in BF Homes na super..."
Mart Lester
"bang for the buck! meat was of good quality, servers were very cheerful and attentive. Downside is the wait time for you to be seated, but wth, it's..."
Allan Pasajol
"We love this place! We’re here almost every week. Super sulit for P499. The staff are really nice. :)One thing I noticed from our many..."
Nyko Pateña
"Place is great, manager and crew are very polite. Crew serves quickly and attentive. If I have the chance to go to any samgyupsalamat branches, I’d..."
Tweesha Sipin
"Had to wait for more than 2 hrs., but the food was worth it. The service was good too, although I really wanted to eat their fish cake side dish when..."
"The first time I try. Hindi ako nabigo 👍 Tho meron sa menu nila na hindi ko ganun kagusto i cant remember nga lang basta isa sya sa mga beef na..."
"Their staff were patient and kind. Couldve been better if there were better side dishes but nonetheless their meat were really good. I really liked..."
"Been here twice. Super duper happy with the food. Super nice and friendly ng staff. Even brought ny 3 yr old daughter na super kulit but the staff..."
Elliane Fabuna
"5 reasons why I gave it a score of 51. It is worth the wait. No matter how long we waited outside it was worth it when we dined..."
Angel Charelie
"Of all the samgyupsals I have tried, so far this is the most worth it. For just PHP 499 you get 5 kinds of pork + 4 kinds of beef complete with unli..."
Raphael Ortuoste
"I dined here first on a weekday. I had a great time then, the servers were very sensitive and attentive. When we got to the table everything was..."
"Okay... So, I honestly want to give them 4.5🌟 becos they don't have desserts 😢😢 i cri. I want chocolate or Ice cream 😭 plus when we went..."
Nicole Aquino
"The variation of meat is one of the reasons why this restaurant is different from other samgupsal restos out there. The different flavors of their..."
"Unlimited Korean Meat Grill. Deliciously Good Flavored Meats and thinly sliced Beef belly. Not too Smoky. Walk in early to have a seat. Eat around..."
Tina Remulla
"For a restaurant to be great, both product and service must score. This time, Samgyupsalamat has aced both!Meats are fresh and yummy,..."
Lercy Cuenca
"My friends and their La Salista daughters were raving about this shop that has a branch near that school and I always said to them that we have loads..."
"I've read bad reviews about this place--more on about their service, so i was skeptical to try it out but I finally did yesterday and I'm NOT..."
Nina Gorospe
"The place was very nice and clean compared to other branches. Staff were very accommodating. All of my requests were well attended. Food was..."
Sam Cabela
J-rams Coffee Bistro Pastries
87/100 (309 ratings)
"This restaurant got our attention because it's well lighted and got a lot of parking space, so we gave it a try.. The interiors and the furnitures..."
Kc Banzon-Shinya
"We had a very great dinner last night at J-Rams. We ordered unlimited pork, side dish and dessert. We enjoyed our food and the owner and staff are..."
Charlon Ignacio
"I love all the pasta dishes! Especially the Salted Egg Pasta, kakaiba talaga. The mixed seafood in a bag (not sure what its called really) and the..."
Anrol Sagrav
"Thank you j-rams sa pag aasikaso and pag eentertain sa amin kanina :) especial mention si mam jonalyn and si ganda j.c. Super sulit ng price nyo it's..."
William Tan Apura
"Good food & good service! The owner(i forgot to ask for his name) will even go to your table to ask if everything is ok & have a little chat with..."
Mark Xavier Legaspi
"The place was not that big, considering the large number of customers being served. It was my first time to eat near a portable gas range. It really..."
Toffy Perez
"Hi this is Red 9 years old.. i am giving you 5 stars because that was my first time in your restaurant.and because the people are so nice. The food..."
Lanselotte Montalbo
"Super accommodating staff and super friendly too!☺♥ Their meals are the best too, especially the Korean..."
Kenny Perez
"It's a cozy atmosphere. The crew were very attentive and friendly as well as the owner itself who continously supervise the operation! Samyupsal is a..."
Richard Grijaldo
"Looking for an open kbbq place and we saw this place. Venue has a nice ambient and the owner was very accommodating. They also have an unlimited..."
Gleanne Hazel Mendoza
"I rarely give reviews but J-Rams deserves one. I don't think you have to spend much to receive a good service BUT everytime I go there you never fail..."
Keekai Bracamonte Justiniani
"Jrams is one of our regular tambayan... after a stress duty/work! Sugod to JRAMS and the owner, sir george, very accommodating! Very nice place...."
Tintin LeBlanc Magno
"This is superb! The staff are very accomodating and very hands on. Even the owner do rounds from table to table. The foods are great and very..."
Danel Ian Choji Yago
"February 23 2018. Nag Celebrate kami dito ng Dinner Party ng Team namin. Napaka Petmalu ng mga Foods nila dito lalo na ung unli Samgyeopsal grabe..."
Randy Fernandez
"We went here to celebrate my birthday with the family and it was just a wonderful experience. Great job guys for putting an A SERVICE. Keep it up and..."
Jem Castro
"Love the unlimited crabs! Plus they are very attentive, no need to ask for refill sa rice, iced tea or water coz they do it automatically. I love..."
Gladys Joy Andrade
"Wide selections of food, for me they have covered most of the food I crave for, it's like one stop resto.. Great Customer Service not only from the..."
Cindy Alfaro
"Value for money! Sulit � plus the staff and the owners were very hands-on and..."
Jenne Belle B. Formales
"Legit korean food down south. Excellent customer service. Will definitely go..."
Sheryl Loja - Dumale
"Very fast service from the friendly staff. Best unlimited..."
Jason Javelona
"You know what to do with your belt after how many rounds of beef and pork haha!!!!! We find it a very good place to spend time with families and..."
Ronald Jason Diaz Castillo
"If you love seafood, Pig Me is the place for you! I love their concept of having shabu-shabu and K-BBQ grill under one roof because if you are coming..."
Julianne Dietitian
"I have reviewed a number of Korean Restaurants and surprisingly, each one has it's own unique feature. So what makes Pig Me Samgyupsal Atbp inside BF..."
Jenny Pagalilauan
"PIG ME Samgyupsal atbp. by JRAMS, Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Parañaque City. Enjoy unlimited Pork, Chicken, Beef Samgyupsal. Unlimited Salmon Belly,..."
Eboy M. Donato
"Pig Me is the first ever Samyup resto that serves unlimited crabs-- not just shabu shabu type, noodles, and seafood.. FREAKIN' CRABS PEOPLE!!!! Why..."
Jonylle Pineda
"With the so many restaurants offering unlimited samgyupsal, how does one stand out? (F)OOD:They offer chicken, pork and beef and unlike the..."
Jowell | FoodFlings.PH | Flingeros Philippines
"Once you've tried it, you'll love it for good. Despite the layers of fat and the guilt that hits as you sink your teeth into the tender meat. Its so..."
Randy Fernandez
"Superb food, there’s a lot of side dishes to choose from. Unlimited pork, beef, chicken and seafood at a very affordable price. The owner and..."
April Consignado
"Delicious Food, Good Restaurant Ambiance, Friendly Staffs at very reasonable..."
Ace Ellison Valdez
"I love their seafoods & unli samgyupsal.                                                                       ..."
Almira Matalog Gorgonia
"highly recommended for those who search this kind of enjoyment with their tasty menu where can you treated well the staffs. Very..."
Jonathan Manlapat
"I'm not gonna say that this is the best "ssam" I've experienced. The baby potatoes were my favorite side dish and the beef was tasty. My colleagues..."
Fatutch Ie
"Money well spent here in this resto. Lots of food to choose from. The owner and staffs are very accomodating. Highly recommended this place. Will be..."
Ynna Tarrayo Ortega
"Affordable and yummy. I loved chaphae..."
Shiela Dungka
"Delicious food, bang on the buck, friendly service and one of the best sangyupsal here in the..."
Kevin Labajo
"Nice servings of pork and beef but not much on the side dishes. Satisfied and will eat there again. I am yet to try the other items in their lengthy..."
Grace Dulfo
"I like to eat and I came here, I will go and tell that its insteresting to take unli-samgupsal and shabu-shabu with fast service. I will visit again..."
Arnold Baniaga
"Came in hungry, came out happy. Interesting take to unli-samgupsal and shabu-shabu model which made the service faster. Will come and visit..."
Ellwin Ern Pablo
"The food was so delicious since Im a first timer to eat samgyupsal. The service was the best, staff lovely and the food was great. We all really..."
Arvie Jay Nones
"sobrang sarap d2 solid ung pag-kain , sarap ng meat fresh na fresh, pati ung mga gulay fresh , malinis din mga kasang kapan at kagamitan..."
Josemari Rubrica
"I love the experience here. I will recommend this to my friends. Accomodating staffs, they are always smiling. Great place to..."
Jaynelyne Española
"I would definitely recommend this to my family and friendThe food is good. :D  Best unlimited Korean BBQ ever!!! heart..."
Megan Kimberly
"Food was great and the place too. I love my experience here and I will recommend it to my family and friends. Pretty sure they will love it too..."
Mark Orlanda
"Good customer service, free valet parking, LAHAT NG Pagkain..."
Vincent Nuestro
"Just to say thank you for our christmas party yesterday. We all enjoyed your delicious. well cooked and fresh ingredients, pleasant..."
Jay Delina
"Highly recommended, Madaming pwedeng pagpilian sa iba't ibang categories like Pork, Beef, Chicken, and seafoods and pwede for any events like..."
Ronaldo Palisoc
"Best unlimited Korean BBQ ever!!! Been here 3  timesalready but it always feels like the first time tasting the Yummy Pork,Chicken, Seafoods & Beef..."
Mark Anthony Roque
"Delicious foods and good accomodations, very..."
Roniel Cañete Tayoni
"One of the best samgyupsal na nakainan ko. Sarap ng foods, cheese, and side dishes and most importantly the meats dami choices meron din sea foods..."
Kevin Macandog
"Best place to experience a taste of Korea!Hang-out with your family and friends here and you will never regret! Good food! Friendly Staff!..."
Mearl Angelique Nacianceno
"Very good dining and accomodating crew very tasty food.Options for pork: Daepae samgyeopsal (sliced fresh pork belly)Buljib..."
Nikki Domingo
"A great place to celebrate family reunion and enjoy korean food cravings.Prices are worth it too! Definitely a must visit and..."
Arker Cruz
"Masarap at maraming pgpipilian ng side dishes.Sulit ang price lalo na ang shabu-shabu.Good ang Venue for Christmas party or any..."
Mary Joy Carpio
"The venue is nice. Foods are yummy for all unlimited version. People are accommodating especially the owner, Mr. George Llorente. The price is worth..."
Tess Lacson
"Great eating experience especially wagyu. Imagine wagyu at a low price!?!? Highly recommended for samgyupsal and hotpot lovers. So many side dish..."
Cynthia Ona
"Great place for Family bonding and who wants to enjoy eating together with friends or someone u..."
Jomil D. Llanza
"Good for group or couple who want to eat and..."
Karl Ernel Pamarsa Fernandez
"masaya kumain kasama ang mga kaibigan o pamilya, masusulit yung pag kain, ok yung mga side dish pati na din yung karne ng baka...."
Peter Masankay
"and the wagyu is..."
"This place wasn’t only good for smaller groups who craved for samgyeopsal experience, but also great for larger group events/parties. The food..."
Rafael Cruz
Benjie Cruz
"They offer a variety of unlimited dishes, which are shrimps, crabs, chicken and samgeupsal. Crew, staffs and the manager were all very..."
Efren Canzana
"We ate dinner here. The staffs were very polite and friendly. Large range of Delicious pork and meats. I really like the dessert station ice cream +..."
Camille Joyce Vergara
"We rated this 5 stars without a doubt. We have been to this place before and we can surely say that they've worked so hard to improve and be better...."
"We ate here because we were tired of waiting at Samgyupsalamat. Thankfully, we got accomodated immediately because the place is quite..."
"Birthdays are big deals for us, especially when it is March.  It's the season when we celebrate the whole month with a number of cakes and it had..."
Joy Felizardo
"I don’t think you’ll ever miss this restaurant along Aguirre since there’s UNLIMITED PORK, UNLIMITED BEEF, UNLIMITED PORK & BEEF, UNLIMITED..."
Janna Dela Cruz
"Nice for everyone! Friendly servers. Hightly recommended for family dining. The owner took time to entertain customers...."
Kyte Cacho
"J-RAMSis excellent. The Bistro offers Samgyeopsal and a wide range of Western dishes targeting family and group clientele. The wide-range..."
Budo Ganzon
"Love love love Jrams. I used to travel all the way to QC to get my crab fix. But Jrams has made it so easy now. They offer eat all you can crab to us..."
Di Santos
"We had an amazing experience! The restaurant was pleasant, the crabs was just succulent! My fave is sweet and spicy.. I would recommend this resto..."
Jay West
"choices of pork for samgyupsal are great! i love the marinated ones. staffs, even the owner are friendly and very accommodating😊👏🏻..."
"This restaurant is a must try, especially if you’re going with friends and family who are fussy eaters. The menu is diverse so there is something..."
"I love this place because of their affordable unlimited pork, beef & chicken samgyupsal. That goes with unlimited side dish and dessert. Not bad for..."
Grace Pilao
"You’ve got unlimited korean bbq, (chicken, beef, pork) Unlimited Crab, Unlimited Dessert and a great approachable crew working. A must try..."
Harvey Adrian Cabasug Cambri
"Another place to visit along Aguirre.The place itself is very cozy. Not just a typical korean resto or any samgyupsal house. Its like a korean..."
Lucky Sam Marallag Nunag
"My wife and i have had dinner here due to a friend did have a great experience here, so we tried...As a practical man, of course i took the unli..."
Pusong AhrGhee
"The owner is very nice and accommodating. And, if you are looking for marinated meat, pizza, liquor, cakes and pastries, this is the place..."
"This restaurant got our attention because it's well lighted and got a lot of parking space, so we gave it a try.. The interiors and the furnitures..."
Kc Banzon
"The line for other korean restaurants was too long and some didn't accept anymore walk-in and we were already hungry by that time. We accidentally..."
Leis Alemania
"Sunday night, the wait at another Korean resto was too long we decided to try this new resto along aguirre avenue.. It did not dissapoint!! The meat..."
Aye Bautista
Romantic Baboy
87/100 (153 ratings)
Marinated Pork
Cheesy Samgyupsal
"My first experience of Samgyupsal :)We dine in few minutes before they open, so no line or waiting time.The variety of meat was good enough..."
Flavours And Places
"Love the wide variety of the menu and the rose given at the end of your dining experience. Love all the flavors coz it has pinoy..."
Genine Alyssa Pedreno
"My favorite samgyupsal..."
Raj Chand
"This is on my list for best samyeop in town. they goy quality meat and sides, definitely will eat here again 👍👌 staff are accomodating and fast..."
Christine T Villaluna
"My friend and I looooove it here! We looooooove the cheese... and the soup! Waiting time is long so come early or avoid peak hours and weekends...."
Rachel David
"First time to try this coz we usually go to its rival. Surprised by how fast, accomodating and friendly the service is. The grill is changed..."
Joanne Lacap-Tañada
"We ate here for lunch. I loved how accommodating and friendly the staff were. Our food orders were served quickly and we were constantly asked if we..."
"We walked-in around 4:30PM and we were able to get a table right away. It's a good thing because we actually expected we'll be waiting in a long line..."
Michelle Deveza Adriano
"You’ll get a single stemmed Rose 🌹 before you leave, that’s as far as I assume about why it’s romantic, since I didn’t get to ask any of..."
"They serve the BEST cheese everrrrrr! In addition to that, they have got the best-marinated beef and pork in which you won’t ever mind of paying..."
Ara Patria
"Romantic Baboy is one of our go-to restaurants when craving for unli samgyupsal. For P499 per person, you can enjoy 8 types of pork and beef as well..."
Tara Lets Anywhere
"Great place to eat at when you’re looking for another kbbq place to try out! Staff were super attentive and fast which is surprising kasi sa lahat..."
"Higly recommend this place! Just don't expect to be seated as soon as you arrive, since there's usually a long queue. But the food makes up for the..."
Southside Eater
"I enjoyed eating here with my friends but i wish they would add more side dish 😂 i love that their pork/beef are very thick! Very sulit sa price!..."
"Expect some queue when you get here. But the wait is worth it for the 499 pesos unlimited pork & beef. I recommend the romantic bulgogi and the thin..."
Southern Tummies
"Food is always good here. The lines are long, but it is worth it. I love the meat here especially the curry beef and the bulgogi. Will never get..."
Diana Rose Silverio
"Great value for money at 499php. Ample meat variety which are all delicious and tender, with yangyum galbi being the tastiest. The thinly sliced meat..."
Diana Reyes
"Second time to visit this place. Availed of the unlimited offering at P499 each. Visited on a Monday night and there’s quite a queue already as we..."
"Samgyup restaurants may be pretty much the same, but what stands out from this branch is the service. Personnel are attentive and requests are..."
Franz Yap
"Dined here for the second time already. Had a satisfying experience again. Meats served were good and staff are very attentive when being asked for..."
Grace Isais
"My friends and I really love how the meats were marinated and the huge selection of side dishes. :) worth the price! Just wish they had more staff to..."
Cid Teves
""Welcome to Romantic Baboy!!!"This is how an entire crew of energetic employees will greet you as soon as you step inside Romantic Baboy...."
Sarah Mae Fernandez
"And so the battle of the unli-samgyupsal joints continue. I would put this on pretty much the same level as Samgyupsalamat for the price,..."
Hitomi Ejima
"Found my new favorite kbbq place! 😋 Crew is attentive to our needs and time to time replaces our grill without us asking them 👍 only downside..."
Monique Marquez
"One of the best Samgyupsal Joint along Aguirre Ave. to date... 'recently discovered this place since the almost similar Samgyupsalamat is full at..."
Bim Miral
"Masarap siya and mabilis ung serving specially on the dishes, hands on ung owners and sila pa ung kusang naglilinis..mababait pa ung servers di tulad..."
Jahziel Pernia
"My favorite go-to KBBQ restaurant! Not only do they have quality meat and various side dishes but also good ventilation and friendly staff & owners..."
"Lots of choices for meat. Service was fast, friendly staff. Even the cheese tasted great! Expect long lines even during Weekdays. If they can have an..."
"Had my first K-Bbq experience here and I was glad that it did set my standards for good tasting meat and sides. With PHP499, you can have your choice..."
Munch Dela Cruz
"🌟🌟🌟🌟Food - Favorite Korean BBQ joint maybe because it has better tasting side dishes and better cuts of meats. LOVED THE CHEESE and..."
Darylle Acosta
"A little smoky for a romantic date but definitely worth the price. Staff are prompt, courteous and smiling. It will be good to book in advance since..."
Very Buccal
"Better than any other samgyup places we’ve been so far. The wait was not that long compared to Samgyupsalamt. Place is cozy and bigger. Romantic..."
April Joy Muhat
"My friends and I tried out Romantic Baboy for the first time here in the BF Homes branch and we were very pleased with the service and food that we..."
"Excellent food. Excellent ventilation.The food was unlike any other samgyupsal places I have tried before. The meat was very flavorful and..."
"Very very accomodating, they change your grill from time to time. They serve fast, masusulit ang bayad mo. Super friendly ng staff. Super sarap ng..."
Jesse Xoxo
"When your going to ride the tricycle going inside bf homes tell the deiver to drop you off at phase 3 Aguirre infront of McDonald's. Some tricycle..."
Riz Sugba
"First Romantic Baboy outlet in the south! I enjoyed eating in this place! Since it was only my 3rd time to try a samgyupsal restaurant this one..."
Elaine Nor Cariaso Perez
"Top samgyupsal restaurant I had so far from their high quality meats and good interiors.. too small servings though on appetizzers. Hence, kept us..."
Alfred Uy
Samgyupsal House
85/100 (659 ratings)
"The place is great overall but it's quite noticeable that there is a lot of improvements that can be made in the restaurant. But the buffet was..."
Niquole Leitch- Pitagan
"Do you like Samgyeopsal? Buffet? Well, this place offers both! Oh! Samgyupsal House offers a budget friendly buffet style samgyeopsal. With a wide..."
Chad Kevin Rosel
"One of our fave samgyupsal places.We love samgyupsal house! There are plenty of food choices and they're delicious too. I like that it's..."
Curious Couple Eats
"Dined here yesterday afternoon. Good value for money. Good cuts of meat, well-marinated without the umay taste. There's also a spread for side dishes..."
"Unli pork, chicken, beef - total of 7 meat variants served on a buffet spread. There are about 15 side dishes or banchan including the ones I am..."
Diana Reyes
"It is more delicious here than other KoreaBBQ restaurants nearby. Many buffet foods are freeIt is the best samgyeopsal restaurant in..."
"out of all samgyupsal restaurants i've been, this is the most delicious and the best for me :) the first time I was here they have like more or less..."
Allyza Flores
"Unli beef ❤️❤️❤️Love their buffet style . You can choose what do you want and how much you could get in their table. Happy..."
Aira Mae Basobas
"Still my favourite korean bbq place. 🙂 Place is spacious and clean. Food is of good quality. Side dishes are many and delicious 😋 Lettuce is..."
Jane Espiritu
"Been here several times and what i love about their place is they have a lot of side dishes! I love their concept of self serve when it comes to..."
"Giving this a 4 because of the attention the crew gives their customers. The pork and beef cuts were just perfect, not too thick and not too thin...."
Abi Tarroza
"One of the most legitimate samgyups in BF Homes. Sides are like in a buffet style. Dont forget to try and ask the crew for their 'special sauce' for..."
"Samgyupsal House recently became an Eat-All-You-Can, buffet type. The prices are good and reasonable:Pork - P349Beef - P400Beef n Pork..."
"We love samgyupsal! Prices are affordable. Fast service. But sometimes the side dishes are not complete :( Prepare to smell like samgyupsal after......"
"Food: We ordered the Seoul Soy Sauce, it was enough for the 2 of us. It was cheap, but delicious. I would definitely go back for the..."
"Really love this house! ♥The food is great, the service is fast, the price is affordable the ambience is nice and the staffs are..."
Aimee Marie Apolonio
"Fair return of food, we cant even finish all.. they are very generous in giving appetizers :)👍🏼 order moderately 👍🏼 have..."
Maritoni Chua
"CleanSpaciousGood Service so far 😊Love the samgyupsal and side dishes ❤Love the tteokbokki and ramen too!!!We're going..."
"What makes Samgyupsal House stand out is their side dishes. They serve good japchae, egg, soup and sweet potatoes(?). Their meat is good as well,..."
"The place is clean and spacious, maybe the lack of manpower because the staff is not so attentive. the food is great, even if its not unli meat but..."
Nina Amor Soriano
"The reason why i love this place is because for the different cuts of pork they have, and the sauce or the marinate which gives the flavor are just..."
John Alouette Jugo
"The place is nice, it's spacious and clean. The staff are friendly but needs to be more attentive to the customers. The price is ok, it's not that..."
"We visited this place twice already. Their set meals are good for 3-4 people. Beef set for 4 people for only 1k!!! and the food was good with..."
"I went here last friday may 19. Place is just a normal place to eat spacious and simple place not too much design. Anyway, since the place looks..."
"Good food, awesome staff and super clean restrooms!!! Will go back for sure...."
Clare Reyes
"My stomach was about to explode due to fullness when I got up the table. It was really filling. What we ordered was the 850 peso meal for 3-4..."
"Both Food and staff is great. The staffs are very welcoming. the salad was AMAZING.We were 12 in a group but they found a way for us to be..."
Steffie Otico
"Tried out this place during their soft opening. Food was good for its price. Unlike other korean restos, their samgyeopsal is not unlimited. For..."
"the plain samgyupsal promo is great for those who want a chill type of eating. beef is perfect. unli side dishes. which is great for an 850 price...."
Jeff Mercader
"Finally back in bf homes and again of course, I was looking forward to eating Korean food again! We were curious about this place since its new so we..."
KMP Manods.
"Compared to Sing sing and other unli samgypsal house, this restaurant does not offer unli-stuff. You order in bundles. Cheapest probably is around..."
Grami Korean Restaurant
85/100 (410 ratings)
"Nice food, place is good and well accommodating staff even their Korean Manager. I love their fresh pork, no any foul smell. Very tempting to eat..."
Bing Jimenez-Collantes
"Hello Grami kamsahamnida my family had a great time the food ambiance and also the staff are excelent palaging naka smile 2hours ang eat all you can..."
Cristine Morita
"Best value for your money, place is ok, staff are always far been there 4 times with the family,and looking forward for my 5th visit....."
Roderick Angeles
"It's my 2nd time around coming here the 1st one was with my close friends we had a blast bcoz we are really meat lovers sad to say i forgot to rate..."
Shirome Chua Chan Siy
"The food is good and the place is nice! The staff were very accommodating; I just love how they often ask if we needed anything additional plus..."
Eji Luna
"It was one of the cheapest and affordable korean bbq I ever encountered. However, the flavours of the pork are a little bit bland but the sauces are..."
"An affordable and tasty unlimited samgyeopsal restaurant! I love their unlimited beef and pork package! The meat is not greasy and service is good..."
Rachel Agustine
"Underrated samgyupsal restaurant, they deserve 5 stars for me! Quality of food keeps on improving and the meat selection is broad. Love the side..."
"This Samgyupsal restaurant is not widely known but has the same quality of those in the mainstream. Grami is the cheapest as well. You get to have..."
Armstrong David Mendoza
"We Highly recommended this restaurant to feel authentic Korean food. Reasonable price with quality food! Staffs are nice and friendly. We will..."
Amy Kim
"Good food, affordable prices, very accommodating staffs... This place is a nice venue for some barkada bonding. 😊😊 And everything is served..."
Cesar Bacho
"The place looks a bit sketchy from the outside. But wow! At Grami, you get more than what you pay for. My entire family ate here last..."
Sushi Santos
"My favorite korean buffet :)Food : Super sarap pati mga side dishes..Service : super friendly ng staff unlike other korean..."
Food Addict
"While this place doesnt really look like much from the outside. This is the only time we’ll say, try going inside. Grami has unlimited..."
Fat Girls Day Out
"Unli korean bbq with 2 kinds of pork and 1 beef. Good deal at 379php with unli rice and sides. Beef texture is good, moksal or pork neck was..."
Diana Reyes
"I have been here a couple of times already, this place has been around ever since korean novela where not a thing yet, highly accessible just a cross..."
Jhayz T DCruz
"Food was amazing!!! Fast service and friendly staff.The only down side is, it can get crowdy. I suggest to add more tables so you can..."
Sharmaine Gotera
"Experience Korean bbq grilling on your table with side dishes of your choice! Surely you will enjoy dining here at Grami because they offer unlimited..."
"July 2018 | samgyup over unliwings kami ngayong Sunday. First time to eat here and ang ti-thick lang ng cut ng mga pork nila. Mas maaanghang mga side..."
Ed Sheenghot
"typical korean restaurant as you see in a kdrama. you can feel the vibe of eating in a the food and and the crew was great. they are..."
"There’s been a buzz with this resto since kdrama became famous. It’s near our place but we didnt even bother eating here, not until we saw a lot..."
Mildred Collantes
"Typical korean restaurant with food commensurate to its price. You can enjoy unlimited pork & beef for only P389! Side dishes are also unlimited..."
"I heard a lot of good reviews about this restaurant that's why me and my friends tried it.Place: Typical Korean restaurant that I've seen..."
Ann Espiritu
"We decided to have our short and small group Christmas Party here last December. Small place but still spacious for diners. Ventilation needs to..."
Gladys Almario
"One of our faves when craving for Korean food. Unli samgyupsal and we immediately book a table here.We have dined here with friends (multiple..."
Rico Cortez
"Their salad, meatballs and jjigae were amazing! The staff were all nice. We only waited for a short amount of time. All in all, it was a wonderful..."
"I believe they just underwent renovation and installed overhead smoke "filters" i forgot what it is called.So im giving it a 4.5 because..."
Ann Macion Salamanca
"Well for me, it was worth it but I was expecting that the pork is marinated already (we ordered the unlimited pork for 289) and we added a marinated..."
Jhona Lyn
"it was my first time to visit this place. Tip: if you are more than 4, make sure you reserve first before going there so that you could surely get a..."
Shane Jocson
"Staff are really attentive. Lots of side dishes! They also sell Korean ice creams. For 349 per head, unli pork and beef experience here in Grams..."
Marjorie Mae Pangilinan
"I am not a fan of Korean Drama but I am a fan Of Korean BBQ.Just discovered a new Unlimited-Korean BBQ restaurant around the Metro...."
Jayvee Lapina Ardona
"Surprisingly, theres a korean restaurant in this area other than BF Homes. This place is managed by a korean with nice staff. There are few private..."
Law De Guzman
"My friend way back from highschool decided to try this place. I informed her that there was an ongoing promo by Grami. I reserved 2 seats for lunch..."
"At first we didn't know there was a korean bbq restaurant across at BF. My friend and I decided to come in and waited for the menu. I was amazed..."
"This resto is just near us but never had a chance to visit it until last friday. The place can only accommodate those who have reservations. It is a..."
Nikka Nidoy
"Light Dinner with the wife. Tried out this Korean resto, really clean place, great staff and average pricing. Surprisingly they don't have beef on..."
Jimmy Chung II
My Shanghai Korean Noodle Restaurant
81/100 (96 ratings)
"Order extra noodles, always! They're so good! Also the chapsal tangsuyuk and bokumbap are..."
CallMeAntha Punsalang (CallMeAntha)
"The best place for Korean-Chinese food spot in Metro Manila!Place is so clean and I also love this restaurant's atmosphere.I love their..."
Yejin Shin
Carmela Almarinez
"Best jajangmyeon and tangsuyuk in town! Everytime I crave for real jajangmyeon, this is my go to place. Jampong is also a must try...."
Meng Albaña Castillo
"My favorite korean restaurant in BF Homes. Their jjangmyeon and ebi tempura definitely hits the spot. The owner is nice and friendly as well as his..."
Megan Merrielle Delim
"We frequent My Shanghai and usually order the same dishes - Jajangmyeon, Jampong, and Tangsuyuk. The serving size seems to have remained the same -..."
Benj Ong
"This restaurant is one if not my favourite Korean restaurant in BF! I have eaten here for 8 times already and totally coming back for more. Delicious..."
Hiteroza Katrina
"With Chamja myeon (half black bean noodle half champong) you get best of both worlds! Generous serving with tons of side dish. They have delivery..."
"I've been going here with my friends (and even when I'm alone) for the past five years and it's our go-to Chinese-Korean resto that we've been..."
Larieza Camille Mae Valdez
"If I could rate this place 10 stars I would. I’m even hesitating doing this review cause it’s such a hidden gem. 99% of the time we eat here, we..."
"What I like the most is that the server is not always in our side while we eat. We feel like we're eating in our home. Servings are big and..."
Ha Eun Choi (joahana)
Cafe Seol Hwa
80/100 (717 ratings)
"I came late in the afternoon and was the only customer so it was relaxing for me. Even when they're a few people coming and dining in, I felt it was..."
Cherrynel Katsuragi
"Visited this branch both in the weekend and weekday. Service is standard, nothing spectacular but nothing bad either. Would really love for them to..."
Danielle Yap
"The food's worth it for the price. The ambience was nice, chill and quiet. The best part was the service. Thank you to the kuya cashier! Very..."
Janine Dela Cruz
"Super love Cafe Seolhwa for their bingsu and tteokboki!! You should try the mango bingsu as well as their injeolmi bingsu. Definitely a great pair..."
Mich Clemente
"Cafe Seolhwa is my go-to place in BF, I believe there's never a month I did not crave for their food, so yes I try to visit monthly. My favorites are..."
Nadine Silvestre
"Mango cheese bingsu was really really good and yummy 💖 My Mom and I enjoyed it so much, Plus the people here was very friendly and accommodating..."
Venesca Cervantes Callanta
"Great place to hangout with ppl. Cozy and comfy all in all. Also love the fact that they serve smoothies since I'm not really a bingsu person..."
Nona Lyzel Vicente
"👍Hi..I was there last week that cravingMangocheesebingsu and yummy dukboki coz summser PROMO n too hot weather as of now..We will definicatly..."
"I love cafe seolhwa...the ambiance of the place is very relaxing, the food was great...their gochujang is awesome and my partner loved it. I love..."
Darren Balunsat
"Best bingsu i have ever tried! Better than what i had in korea. Love their mango bingsu and chocolate bingsu! So refreshing and yummy. Cant wait to..."
Gia Juliano
"Along aguirre street in bf paranaque. The ambiance was cool and relaxing. You can see they also have many native korean customers here, korean music..."
Zero Two
"We went here in the afternoon. The place was neat and properly ventilated. Staffs were good too. And the bingsu was superb. Loved how the ice were so..."
"Loved the feel of the place. And what can you get wrong with bingsu? The offerings were delicious. A bit pricey but the servings were worth..."
"If nightcap isnt coffee at Starbucks, I would recommend having it in SeoulHwa. The shaved ice dessert is comparable to those served in Seoul Korea...."
Benj Ong
"Last time I went here, August 7, 2016, my friends and I ordered different things. I’m The only one who ordered Caramel Coffee. It was super great..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
"Cafe Seolhwa has been my favorite for bingsu cravings it’s really refreshing! Perfect for summer tag-init and korean cravings. I ordered Mango..."
"📍 Cafe SeolHwa Bingsu. Bingsu, Dessert, Korean. 330 Aguirre Ave. cor Tehran St. BF Homes, Parañaque Cafe Seol Hwa is a Korean dessert..."
Chelsea Hillary Aguilar
"I went here with my friends a few months ago. I must say they have a very friendly owner and staff, the ambience was good too. I love their menu and..."
"Date night wouldn’t be complete without our favorite dessert- MANGO BINGSU 💛 We finally got to try Cafe Seolhwa after reading some good reviews..."
"I liked the ambiance of the store, it was cozy and laidback. The staff is friendly as well. They are keen to help you pick out an item from their..."
Trisha Rosales
"This is a famous Korean dessert place at BF! The owner of this cafe was so friendly... he said if we want free stickers. We ordered Mango Cheese..."
Charisse Anne
"A must-try dessert here is Mango cheese bingsu! The only thing that bothers me here in this branch is that it’s hot inside. There are ACs but not..."
Ara Fernandez
"Your Mango Cheesecake Bingsu has changed the way I feel about dessert! I am absolutely in love with it. It may seem expensive at first but since it's..."
The Picky Eater
"Great place to hang out and get a quick dessert. Their Ice shaved delights have thay additice component to it (try their red bean topping). Though a..."
"Cafe Seolhwa is the bingsu place where I got enlightened by the greatness of bingsu! (Not in this branch though, my first time having Seolhwa was in..."
"It was really nice. The food was actually quite fairly priced for the neighbourhood and the chocolate was really nice on the shaved ice. People there..."
Roberth Ignacio
"The ambiance, food, staff: CHECK!! 💜 ang sarap nung bingsu nila! Inorder namin Choco brownie bingsu. Mumsh, must try!! Perf place din para..."
Alyssa Pigao
"Not really a fan of bing sun or ice-based food so our trip to Cafe Seolhwa didn't really excite me. ✌🏻Upon entering the place, I just..."
Camille Solis
"I'm really in love with their tteokbeokki. As it has this melted cheese on top. So yummy! 😍 Their tteokbeokki is not really spicy as the usual..."
Marjorie Mae Pangilinan
"Super love their bingsu, cakes and ambiance of the place.❤ the 3 of us shared 2 regular servings of their bingsu and its more than enough for us...."
Nina Amor Soriano
"The food is great but the staff is not accomodating and impatient. He insisted for a smaller bill though at the end he was able to give us the..."
Marjorie Anne Mawak
"Calling out all k-drama fans and also non k-drama fans! This bingsu is a must try. We ordered mango cheese bingsu and it's really delicious. And I..."
Lady Viloria
"Nice Korean dessert place, service is pretty slow though. I've tried their brownie chocolate and mango bingsu, Their Mango bingsu is actually good,..."
Kristine Villanueva Chan
"Café Seolhwa offers a lot of food besides their special bingsu. :) this is one of the tastiest bingsu places ive been, & they serve with a variety..."
"I really love the ambience and the decor, the place is authentic Korean. The place is also not crowded so its nice to just chill out. The mango..."
"Okay naman. Sobrang okay niya. Like siya yung pinakaokay sa lahat ng mga okay na restaurant na nakainan ko. Ang okay okay talaga niya tsaka yung..."
Ralph Jardin Añes
"Authentic Korean Bingsu. Fresh fruit toppings...Prices are quite expensive but worth it. Good ambience. Would definitely come back..."
Catherine Mayormita
"Post dinner on a weekend, we decided to drive around BF Homes for dessert. Craving for something sweet, and something new. We decided to go here!..."
Cathy 💋
"Rating this based on their Bingsu and Matcha Latte.This place NEVER let me down. Their light and heavenly Bingsu always pull me back to..."
Elaine Corpin
"Feeling so full after having unli samgyeopsal at Sing Sing? Then walk your way to Cafe Seolhwa which is strategically placed a few meters from Sing..."
Angeline Brillantes
"Green tea, strawberry, mango cheese bing su! Tried those tree already! Good thing they have fresh ingredients. But i hope they also provide sweetener..."
"Ordered Milk Choco Bingsu, it was good! It tastes like a chocolate ice cream turned to snow. What's amazing is that aside from the cookies and..."
Geni Palugod
"I've never been a fan of snow cones or any dessert that's ice-based, but when I tried Cafe Seolhwa's Bing Su, which is basically a Korean dessert..."
Abbey Angelique
"Allons-y to this place! (Allons-y means lets go)Its pretty far from my place since i live somewhere in makati but it was worth it. Pricey but we..."
Nikita Cardinal
"ONE OF THE BEST BINGSU IN THE SOUTH!! 😋We ordered the single order of Mango Cheese Bingsu. It taste delicious and the single order is..."
Kath Santos
"Always my fave place when craving for bingsu ❤ Their bingsu are at a very reasonable price and their fruits are sweet. Recommended this cafe to my..."
Zomato User
"Korean Bingsu has been making waves here in the Philippines, coined as Korea's version of our "halo-halo". Cafe Seolhwa is just one of the most..."
"get together are always better with dessert ,kahit 1st namin mag dessert dito two thumb ups 👍👍 agad kami ,kasi sulit sya pati ung price👌👌..."
Alma Orais-Buncha
"My favorite place when it comes to dessert 😄🍧🍨The food remains constant. The ambiance was great. For those who haven't tried this korean..."
Yllana Nicole
"Craved for some bing su... And things ended well. Had it all for myself. Whahhahahha. And had something spicy to go well with my bing..."
Benedict Cruz
"I finally had a chance to eat here! So we ordered one of their best seller which is the mango bingsu. We ordered it large and boy, was it big! The..."
Rose Anne Pelaez
"Alas! A branch in the Parañaque area. I wouldn't have to go through traffic in Makati nor BGC just to satisfy my cravings for cheese and..."
Clary Viel
"The place is nice and neat, but parking place is just few, which was shared with other shops and Robinsons grocery. I went ther by myself before and..."
Peng Peng
"CARAMEL COFFEE BINGSU IS THE SUGAR BOMB!I was so happy the first time I went here. The large size was big enough for two people.The bingsu..."
"Mango-Cheese BingsuFOOD QUALITY - 4.5Shaved Ice - really fine, texture almost like the vanilla ice cream that went with..."
Alyanna Marie Carrion
"Love the place! So peaceful and everything is sooo nice hehe! We tried the Brownie Choco Bing Su and it's soooooo yummy! I will definitely go back!..."
Sheereen Tibajia
"One of the best bingsu places I've been to 💕 I'm glad a branch opened in the south because their place at BGC is a bit farther all things..."
Yumi Okazaki
"Dined here with friends and this is the first time I was able to experience bingsu's with those super fine shaved ice. I was so delighted. Was able..."
Lhex Nobleta
"Amazing Korean dessert. I've never been to Korea for me to know the authenticity of their collection but seeing that they have a lot of Korean..."
"Dropped by Noah's Place to check out this lovely Korean dessert place. Of course I had to try the mango cheese bingsu to see how it fared with Ice..."
"This will be a very biased post as I am very biased with mangoes. I love the mango cheesecake bingsu. It wasn't too sweet, which is very great! The..."
"Tried their Strawberry and Choco Brownie Bing Su along with Mocha Chino and they were all delicious! About the Strawberry Bing Su, there was that..."
Tweetie Sabado
"Tucked away above Seattle's Best Coffee, this place is a good go-to for hust desserts but I suggest to not go there on their peak hours since the..."
Ronnisha Santiago
"Absolutely close to flawless bing su I've ever tasted. Truly the finest with their craft. We tried their Injeolmi Bing su and Brownie Bing su and..."
"Okay naman ice and mango + cheesecake pero wala naman something special and price is ahmm a bit pricey but okay. The place is great and..."
Marvin R Moldez
"We ordered mango cheese bingsu large and gochujang ddukbogi..Will definitely come back here..Their ddukbogi tastes so good..."
Allena Mae Culala
"I'm from the South (sucat to be exact) ad much as there so many resto's in bf dessert place are not that many. I was happy that there was a bingsu..."
Foodie From The South
"Definitely worth the hype, their bingsu is authentic just like the ones I tried back in Korea! But here in Cafe Seolhwa they have a lot in their menu..."
"I have nothing but praises for their Bingsu, the Korean version of our halo halo. The Pat Bing Su was an elaborate mix of red beans, cashews and..."
Chris Ong Of Kain Manila
"Pretty sure my son would love the Bingsu here as it is not just a bunch of ice. It's tasty and it's sweet. A lot of the bingsu I have tried were..."
Kathy Kenny Ngo
"I've been eyeing this place for a while. Had my first bingsu tonight and I loved it. Ordered and Mango Cheese bingsu and everything was just right,..."
"The bingsu was.. Average.It was the second time I ordered a mango-based bingsu, and the mangoes used were sour.:(But the ddeokbokki..."
Corine Honrado
"I'm probably not the best person to ask if it's really a good place with good food since I've only been here once.My friends and I were..."
Carl Villaceran
"The dessert I ordered was very nice! The price is quite reasonable since I think everything on their menu is very tasty. They also sell some..."
Via ✨
Fusion Restaurant
79/100 (166 ratings)
"Love the food...yummy! They have a clean place and good..."
Marizon Domingo Basa
"Good food and good service. Their shabu shabu and samgyelsal are both..."
Charmaine C Tevar
"Best samgyup place in bf next to romantic baboy! They serve the best cheese. I can say that cos i've already tried most samgyup resto here in bf. My..."
Reagen Mari
"I didn’t know they are now serving unlimited cheese as part of their buffet. I am a cheese lover that’s why I really enjoyed our last dine here...."
Grace Isais
"Hands down the best kbbq in the south! Better than samgyupsalamat (there usually aren’t lines too so you don’t have to wait 😉) The way you get..."
"The place was very large perfect for barkada and family bonding. They have many staffs to accommodate their customers lalo pag weekends. Foods here..."
Zero Two
"Good food and cool place. not hot and too manu choices, kimchi, beef,pork, ice cold water, iced tea, kimbap and many more!!! will definitely go back..."
Dominique John Manzano Gonzales
"Food will at least meet your expectations and the staff is very accomodating. Im a regular customer here. A must try unli meat koran bbq in bf..."
Jay Pineda
"One of the few restos in BF that is open after 10PM. The resto has Korean and Japanese and after the buffet you can choose whether you wanna be in..."
Lhong For Short
"Enough choices, not too many and not too few. You have the side dishes, additional main course with meat, soup, unli iced tea. Not bad for the price!..."
Apple Dela Cruz
"You can have unlimited korean bbq (pork and beef) plus they have lunch and dinner buffet for only 450php. Aside from cold water served, there is..."
Marianne Besoña
"When in the south, try out BF Homes Parañaque's long strip of Korean and Japanese restaurants that mostly offer unlimited food deals. Yes, you heard..."
"Dinner buffet starts exactly at 5:30 PM. We came there like 5:22 PM and waited a few minutes to be seated since they strictly follow their dinner..."
Jonna Mae
"My favorite korean place in BF!!! Korean barbecue plus buffet for only 499?? You tell me that now worth it. Oh did i forget is both pork and beef..."
John Alouette Jugo
"One of the most sulit Korean BBQ buffet in the South! We always go here to get our unli meat and kimchi fix. Lots of people dine here as well so be..."
Jermae Almonte
"An officemate of mine recommended this place. Luckily when we arrived around 6pm there were still seats available. We availed the unlimited pork and..."
"For out post Christmas Party, my High School friends first wanted to try out Sing Sing Meat Shop, reading good reviews from foodie apps..."
Eboy M. Donato
"Tried this place out of curiosity. With limited food choices along with the unlimited beef and pork slices for 490 pesos per head. I found the promo..."
"If ever me and my boyfriend craves for a korean food this is our go to place. They serve unlimited korean meat BBQ along with a buffet of different..."
Lee Lii Loo
"I've been here twice, and one thing i love about this place is that other than unlimited meat you still have other choices of food to eat. Good food..."
Jemille Benitez
"So far this Korean buffet resto is worth the price. They serve meat all you can and that's what I'm looking for. They have a wide range selection of..."
Lewis Cruz
72/100 (589 ratings)
"Samgyupsalamat is my go to KBBQ spot back in college, years ago. This branch is by far one of the best in town! Food is straightforward, meats are..."
Frances C
"great food, has an approachable staffs, and most importantly has a clean and comfortable environment. we will definitely come back again...."
John Angelo Alayan
"great service, amazing quality beef, approachable staff. will definitely recommend this to friends and family. clean environment, it’s very..."
"The service was amazing. Their servers were pretty alert and attentive. The cuts of meat were top notch! Just look at the photos again and you will..."
Jacque Colitoy
"SAMGYUPSALAMAT Bicutan: Worth Every Peso!Samgyupsalamat started the “Unlimited Korean BBQ Restaurant” craze here in the Philippines,..."
"I've tried a few branches of Samgyupsalamat before and the restaurant never failed to provide quality meat choices and great side dishes that I often..."
Kimchi Adventures
"Samgyupsalamat has been making a lot of waves and it started to make an impact in the South. You’re probably wondering what makes this Korean..."
Kristian Marfori
"You guys know we’re a fan of Samgyupsalamat. For a sulit rate of P499, you can enjoy unlimited, high-quality meat and delicious side dishes...."
Tara Lets Anywhere
"FINALLY! After some samgyupsal eatout attempts, I was now given a chance to try one of the famous Unli Korean BBQ in the metro. And I can tell that..."
Angela Mae Abad
"My husband and I enjoyed eating here. Staff were kind and they refilled fast, the sides and meat quality were good, the place is spacious and had..."
"The store is closed for months now i have been contacting your store hoping you have open up again and finished your renovation. I would like to know..."
Maria Theresa A. Sobremisana
"Finally a nearby samgyupsalamat branch. The staff is friendly and accomodating. This branch is also spacious especially the waiting area. It is also..."
Perseus Arcellana
"Samgyupsalamat, no matter the branch, always seems to have accommodating staff. And the meat selection is very consistent. I always have to roll out..."
Miel Barrera Abong
"I will commend the resto first of all in hiring disabled staff, they do such an amazing job! Price for the food you get is so worth it..."
"Out of all the branches I have been, Samgyupsalamat Don Bosco exceeds my expectations. When you arrive at the right time, you won’t have to wait..."
Far Velez
"Eating here thrice (or twice) a month says it all... but for real, service is good, meat is always fresh, side dishes are always delicious. Although,..."
Jazmin Nolasco
"We had a lunch-out and we decided to satisfy our starving bellies with the unlimited Korean bbq deal from Samgyupsalamat. They offer the usual meat..."
Jinnessa Catapia
"There were types of beef and pork slices to choose from (10!), some were bland but most were marinated well so they tasted good. Side dishes are..."
Domininique Healy
"The most convenient korean place for us since it's near our home. My husband loves everything here and i like how pleasant their staff is. Just..."
Pam Ordoñez
"Unlimited Korean BBQ in South Area.Everywhere and anywhere! That’s Samgyupsalamat. This restaurant chain is definitely special to our..."
Sino Pinas Eats
"They have good quality of pork and beef. Their unlimited Korean barbecue goes with unlimited side dishes. Favorite side dish from them is the steamed..."
Ana Detoyato
"An influx and a trend ,the Korean BBQ style restaurants are sprouting left and right.After a hiatus from food reviewing and sporadic..."
"A couple of Random things to be thankful about: 1.) I was born after antibiotics were invented2.) I no longer use a dial up modem to..."
"[2019-Feb-11] This branch is a few hundred meters away from the mall so it is an alternative if you want to avoid the mall crowd. Good unlimited food..."
Carlo M. Tecson
"I love unlimited samgyupsal restaurants. Although it does make my hair and clothes smell after dining, I still enjoy these types of places. In fact,..."
"By far, the largest Samgyupsalamat branch i have been to. Spacious, enough room for people to walk around without bumping into each other. The tables..."
Eboy M. Donato
"This branch of Samgyupsalamat is spacious enough to accommodate several groups of customers. I've been to a branch of Samgyupsalamat in Manila before..."
Glenn Joseph | Jogpen
"Been here last week, compare to other branches ive been i think here in don bosco and wilson in san juan has the most polite and attentive staff..."
"Salute to Kuya Jess Dandoy (server/waiter) of Samgyupsalamat of Doña Soledad branch. Sobrang sipag and very attentive sa mga customers, isang tawag..."
Ria Leth Barcelona
"Although it took almost an hour for us to get called. But it was worth the wait. They served it all fresh (meat and side dishes) Served with water,..."
Emy Ystine
"This was my very first time to eat Sangyupsal, so my sister and I ate here because it was just near us. All in all it was OK. It was not too crowded..."
Aileen Grace Hernandez Pagayanan
"I love this branch of Samgyupsalamat 💕 yung space nila per table ay maluwag talaga, unlike other branches na medyo siksikan yung pag kaka arrange..."
ALexandrea MoLera
"Very satisfied with the good food and very impressed with the great service at Samgyupsalamat in Better Living. Unlimited meat (pork and beef), side..."
"Just went here for the first time and I'd say that it's worth what you spend, Unlimited drinks, unlimited sides and of course unlimited..."
70/100 (201 ratings)
"The best samgyupsal! Side dishes is good, their meat was the best i tries so far, yung rice medyo lumalamig na mas okay sana kung mainit pa kapag..."
Kuya Rey
"Honestly we've dined here countless times and kung sa masarap.. well masarap talaga.. Ive been to Samgyupsalamat and KPub pero their marinade is so..."
Anna Lou Gamboa
"We went there and the line was a bit long so the waiter got our cellphone number and texted us when our table was ready. That’s a plus point for me..."
Grace Pilao
"my family went to eat lunch here and we enjoyed the unlimited korean bbq. the price are reasonable and the staffs are very attentive and responsive ...."
"^Customer Service is 5 of 5. Kudos!^Foods 4 of 5. We were able to eat by 8pm. They dont have beef available. Meat are marinated, it's good, but..."
Nicole Aquino
"Surprisingly, food and experience was actually very satisfactory. Marinated beef, pork and chicken were great. Chicken parts was from thigh or leg..."
Liz V
"I don't know why this resto has a low rating. Maybe other people went at a bad time. When me and my friend went there last 6-16-18 everything was..."
Mari Chann
"It has been a while since the restaurant opened in SM BF and I really wanted to try it out.  Because of the bad reviews the restaurant received, I..."
Anne Therese Samala
"Samgyeopmasarap is a good choice when your cravings for kbbq. They have marinated meat and plain daepae pork and beef, which is a good thing. Went..."
Wylo Aragon
"The service and food was ok. I guess more variety of side dishes and meat and also make the meat more thicker. Also, play some korean songs to give..."
Hanna Navarro
"Samgyeop Masarap Sm BF branchsatisfied with the food and serviceThe staff was very accommodating and they give so much attention..."
Louis Michaelo Pugay
"New samgyupsal house!!! Too little choice of meat but the meat tastes great. You won't find any difference even if you ordered pork because it tastes..."
Nikka Nidoy
"This place was great! Staffs were all friendly and accommodating. They would constantly ask you if you need something. The beef, pork, and side..."
Jom Dalay