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Filipino cuisine: the best places to taste it in Mindanao

There are 19 restaurants
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Cafe Sa Bukid
83/100 (463 ratings)
breakfast food
"Great view. Superb place. Delicious to go back again with family and friends. I recommend the strawberry shake. I can suggest more ideas..."
Heck Tore
"It's very refreshing experiences. The place is perfect fit for cold areas with a good looking view of the mountains and it gives a relaxing and..."
Kim Bagonoc
"very nice place! hubby and i enjoyed our couple coffee date there! a simple way of celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary and the experience is ..."
GarnerDexee Litanon Guil-an
"The Three of us was there last Saturday (01-27-2018) to celebrate my birthday. Excellent environment, friendly service, great menu choices and really..."
Queenie Bruto
"I super love your place, Franz!!! And everything else about it! Your strawberry jam is the best!!! Yumyumyum!!..."
Joji Santos Ferrer
"Yummy...! Relaxing...! Amazing...! Delicious kaau ang kape og lamian nga cassava chip in barbecue..."
Anna Joy Galleros Galula
"Yummy and nutritious food!Sarap balik balikan! Love the place so..."
Daphnie R. Leonardo
"So relaxing! Feel free to visit the place and try their delicious foods!..."
Haniya Khan
"We visited last sunday April 22,2018.. Foods are affordable ,i love coffee , I love tuna sandwich .. Hoping next time when we visit there are..."
Ma Ri Marl
"Cafe sa Bukid has a superb ambiance . . . taking care of the nature as reflected in their service.My grand salute to the owner!..."
Alferiza Ceballos
"Nice view, salamat sa lamian nga mga pagkaon proud to be..."
Ian Jacob Panganiban
"Ilang gipasulod akong dog � � thank u so much..chada ang..."
Lexi Pam