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83/100 (324 ratings)
"The higante fish platter is good. The nachos is good also and dynamite was not too much spicy... That's why i..."
Weibel Andres Björklund
"excellent food with a reasonable price plus cozy and artsy..."
John JL Leonard
"I love the music. The place is so relaxing and okay na okay ang food. Super sulit at masasarap. Thank you friends for taking me to Ang New No...."
Jenelle Geronimo
"Awesome Venue, cool staff, excellent food... Strong Wi-Fi connection. Perfect place to unwind with friends or alone. Keep up the good work, AngNewNo!..."
Kim Marcelo
"The best Crispy Pata ever! I always go with the spicy one. Can also be served boneless. Dynamite and Blackforest Shake is a must..."
Noel De Leon
"Very nice place, very relaxing. Their staff are very accomodating. Food are great! For sure we' ll be back. Two thumbs up..."
Rey Onglengco Rivera
"Food taste, serving, and price are all great!! We tried most, if not all Cafes in Angono and this one earned our TWO THUMBS UP! Just visited them..."
Irene Ignacio
"i really love the foods, yummy..kakaiba.. thats why isinasama ko ang mga people close to my heart..for me such a convenient place.. ipinagmamalaki ko..."
Marie Valle- Texon
"The last time I went there was last year with my family!.The ambiance attracted me the most, a homey and comfortable surrounding makes the food more..."
Shyla Soriano Javier
"Good place and good food. Dinala ko mga friend ko last Friday. Sulit daw ang bayad..."
Marissa Andales
Tasty Dumplings
79/100 (324 ratings)
"tasty has long been known for its huge pork chops than their dumplings despite being called tasty dumplings. I used to eat here when I was young and..."
Food Torpedo
"Food is cheap and good. I'll still give it a 5 star since we loved the bread and chops. It was worth the wait. Although the place is small and..."
"We had an amazing time in Tasty Dumplings Condesa Branch, service was quite good! Waiters are very very polite. This is a no frill..."
Happy Tummy Experience
"The clear standout is the guard – he was the most accommodating person in the entire establishment. Food was priced fairly except for the drinks,..."
Raymond Pastoral
"I have eaten at tasty so many times over my life, i think I know pretty much the whole menu by now. Their most famous items will of course be their..."
Mark Philip Wu
"we ordered pork chop with tossed noodles and meatballs! perfect combination. good for sharing already! can’t forget the tasty meatballs! soooo..."
The Intermittent Foodie
"Once you've tried their porkchop, you'll look for it once in a while and that's a good thing. You'll definitely miss their porkchop. Soup is also..."
Archie Lim
"This is definitely one of the must-try restaurants in Binondo.We were able to try their Pork Chop Rice which is one of their bestsellers...."
"Everything that we ordered taste good. Except for the free soup it taste like water. Dumplings not hot but its fine. Pork humba and the fried bread..."
Jac Choa
"This is a must-try when in binondo. Their porkchop rice is the ultmate lunch for alot of people because of its size and good price and the taste!..."
Lorenz Lao
"Everytime I went to Binondo, I will go there at tasty dumpling, because the taste is really good and affordable price. The most I like is fried..."
"There porkchop rice is a must try. It doesn't just taste good but it is large you may opt to have an extra rice haha 👍🏻Taste great,..."
"Try their spareribs rice, sweet and sour pork and chicken leg rice. I tried all their noodle/bihon soup and i loved it.Will I go back? yes,..."
Kevin Dy
"True to it’s name, order their fried dumplings and you’d figure it out yourself why the restaurant is called as such!Besides the dumplings,..."
Stephen Suico
"Also one of the places to go to in Binondo! You will definitely get your money's worth here because their pork chop rice's serving is bigger than..."
"I recall first visiting Tasty Dumplings during my college years at their branch in Retiro. My Filipino-Chinese classmates brought me there and raved..."
Catherine Walls
"Their pork chop is the best!!! Do prepare for a bit of MSG stinging on your tongue, thanks to the sauce used. Still very delicious though. Try the..."
Kiara Lagrisola
"It has been many years since I last ate here but I was pleased that the taste of their food was still the same. I had my usual pork chop rice and..."
"The place was cozy and inviting and the service was good!! The soup is not too bland nor salty, for me it was alright!! I ordered spareribs noodles..."
Tricia Sze
"I ordered spare ribs Mami and my husband got the beef mami. Both were awesome. The broth /soup was tasty and meaty. The noodle soup indeed have..."
Marie Evangelista - Marimla
"Tasty Dumplings is known for their porkchop noodles. They serve big thinly sliced fried porkchop. I recommend their noodles than the usual rice. It..."
Janica L.
"This Chinese restaurant is my go to when I visit Binondo. Their food is pretty much simple chinese food and it's so appetizing. Simple and Tasty..."
"It was a hot day to continue our trip in Binondo. We decided to eat at the well-known place for dumplings. We ordered the steamed dumplings and..."
Perlito Fabiani | Hungry Panda
"I love their porkchop simply because it's thinly sliced and huge. I add a little bit of their sweet fish sauce or eat it as it is depending on my..."
Charina Estipona
"Binondo's Chinatown Food Crawl2nd Stop: Tasty Dumplings After eating brunch at Cafe Mezzanine in Ongpin Street I walked few..."
"I was surprised to find this little nook and was happy to find that they serve yummy dimsum and dumplings for a cheap price. We ordered tsay mah pao,..."
Rurouni Neko
"This place should be called "Tasty Pork chop" because that is the star of the show!  The pork chop is perfectly fried, thin, crisp and delicious...."
Labrador Lady
"It's our second time eating here. The first is when it's "Fiesta ng Sto. Niño" while the second one is when "Chinese New Year". The place is good..."
Lars & Jas
"This quaint and little place would be inviting to some but this place is definitely for everybody. Even with their name, everything is tasty in here..."
Bears Looking For Food
"A family favorite, we love their pork chop, and we used to order from here like, once a week without fail when I was younger. Anyway, their dumplings..."
"My childhood favorite!!! Sml! ..."
Andrea Acuña
"I love their dumplings and porkchop here!! Their porkchops are thinly sliced and really huge! The breading is perfectly crispy (though it gets hard..."
Catherine Joy Tan Lim
"Awesome home grown comfort foods from childhood memories. Dumplings are meals on to itself. Rice combo are value for money sure to make any teenager..."
Frank Ngan
"My favorite here is their Hongma. I always pair it with silver roll bread and a glass of soy milk. But to those stick-to-the-basics/classic types,..."
"Despite being named Tasty Dumplings, their porkchop was the "try me please" here. It was not disappointing. The porkchop, almost a hand's size, was..."
Daljit Singh
"This is a list of my thoughts about this restaurant. I've already eaten here countless times and I'd definitely be back for more. 1. Menu..."
Samantha Concepcion
"Great old style chinese food with a characteristic flavour especially the fried dumpling and soup dumpling. Too bad they do not have alot of variety..."
Erwin Joe
"I've always been a fan of this place. Fast service, yummy food, although the restaurant is quite small. The must try? Well the porkchop rice, of..."
Midz Sy
"I'm not going to rave about the porkchop rice because everybody already knows how great it is. Same goes for their wildly popular dumplings. But in..."
Pippi Longstocking
"I've see tasty dumplings on television since it was featured on kristv and since then I've been craving for their extra large katsu. After n years I..."
Abbygale Pangan Soriano
"You can't go wrong with porkchop rice or noodle, fried dumpling and soya milk . Steam dumpling is good for those who are health conscious. Meatball..."
Carlos L.
"As recommended by many reviewers, I tried their pork chop rice which I found to be tasty and affordable. Unlike the usual pork chops, their version..."
JoLyn L
"My love for Tasty Dumplings' pork chop will never fade. It's my all-time favorite food, and has become a habit that every time we will go to Binondo,..."
Rozanne Marie Caparas
"Whenever I hear or think of Tasty Dumplings, I suddenly find myself chanting to the beat of pork chop rice! Pork Chop, Rice! Pork Chop, Rice!..."
"True to their name, their dumplings are really tasty. And they're really called tasty dumplings. Lol. Sweet, juicy, and yummy. I'm not really fan of..."
"My colleague and I got stuck in Binondo because of heavy rain. And since we're hungry (and wet), we decided to eat at Tasty Dumplings. We ordered..."
Diane Coles-Cupon
"I have tried here once with my wife back when she was working in manila. I usually eat tasty in the banawe branch. Though their dumplings are good,..."
"Natry ko ang dumplings nila. Hindi ko siya type. Hindi ko siya nagustuhan. Lagi kong order porkchop rice. Masarap as always. And para sa akin sulit..."
Christeine Lim
"Tried their dumplings, and their pork chop rice. The Pork Chop rice was truly a good choice and a must try, the breading was just right and crispy...."
Louie Reyes
"You gotta try the porkchop rice.. Its the best ever. The porkchop is as big as the plate. Also the fried dumplings works for me.. I want to try other..."
Jay Bamba
"Their dumplings are great, especially the pork dumplings. Its worth the trip to Binondo. We always buy a couple of box of frozen dumplings to take..."
Charlene Ang
"Went here for lunch on a Monday, place wasn't crowded. I loved their extremely fast service; our orders arrived within 5-10 mins. Staff was okay. We..."
Bettina Siochi
"Tasty Dumplings is famous for their jumbo-sized pork chop with rice. Well, that's how I came to try it. The portion may seem huge at first but it's..."
Vivian Co
"We visited the place during Chinese New Year and, as expected, the place was full. It took a while before we got our seat, since the servings they..."
John Erwin
"The original branch of Tasty Dumplings is located at Masangkay St, and it still stands today. This branch originally came from Ongpin St before..."
Dennis Carlson Lim | TFC
"This place what I call pork chop city. Love it and also their siopao. Truly delicious. I always go back here if I want to eat pork chop. A hidden..."
Bryan Allan B. Ching
"The place is small and a bit hard to find if you're new to Binondo. Their food are really good and very affordable. The first two times I dined here,..."
Kat Nobleza
"Tasty Dumplings was our first stop of our Binondo food escapade. It was not crowded when we arrived so we got to choose our table. The place was a..."
Clarice Supan
"We arrived around lunch time. The resto is already packed. We ordered porkchop, steamed dumplings and pork asado with bread. They served our food..."
"We went on a food crawl last Saturday and Tasty Dumplings was my group's first stop. The place was small and could only accommodate small groups of..."
Nickle Love
"It was a year or two since the last visit. I was enjoying lunar new year with cousins when this stomach called us loud to dine it. The food was fair..."
말가 말가리타
"Tasty Dumplings is well known for their dumplings and noodles. I was curious what their rice meals taste like, so I decided to order pork chop rice...."
Tyler Yen
"Tasty Dumplings is a known place for, well of course, the dumplings but aside from that it is very much popular with its pork chop. The must try..."
Renz Kristofer Cheng
"Found in the less-frequented area of Binondo, Tasty Dumplings is a small Chinese eatery which offers a variety of dumplings, noodles, and rice..."
Nicole Rivera
"After my 2 final examination, i just felt really hungry and decided to eat somewhere near the school. and i chose Tasty Dumplings in binondo..."
Mary Grace Khu 王育心
"That mami with the porkchop is a big check, and the price is cheap too! I would definitely want to try this again. If only they have a more accesible..."
Sai Cho
"I love there breaded porkchop.. I always go back here everytime I stumble Manila. My bff love this place since there portions are big and worth the..."
Che Rabajante
"We went to a Binondo food trip and decided to eat here. I was with some of my Chinese friends so they really know where's the best place to eat. They..."
Getting Pigger
"It was summer 2012, during one of my weekend outings in old Manila, when I had my first (and last) taste of Tasty Dumplings. It was the first..."
Ivan Jose (
"Tasty Dumplings can be found right beside Binondo Church in Chinatown. It's a very small and simple place and a possible stop over for your Bindondo..."
Sam Fusingan
"This is where I get my comfort food. Each time I come home for vacation, I would make sure that I eat here. It's got to be porkchop rice..."
"When mucking around Binondo in search for Taiwanese-style pork chops as big as your head, head on over to Tasty Dumplings! With refreshing drinks,..."
Mucking Around Manila
"The place was hard to find at first. But he people here knows the place. The venue is small and clean. They have a security guard watch from the door..."
Ice Uminga
"Dumplings has been of one my moms favorite she always brings home dumplings and noodles, it was really good when you taste the dumplings and also the..."
Ren Ren Santos
"Tasty dumplings. The first time i heard about it i thought is just a dumpling store. But when i visited it its not the way i was imagining. The..."
"Tasty Dumplings is a classic favorite of our family especially for its famous Porkchop. A big and flat porkchop is their house specialty. I think..."
"Tasty Dumplings is not a place I go to for dumplings in spite of it being their specialty. I go to Tasty Dumplings for the Pork Chop Rice...."
Pamela Lim Cinco
"porkchop noodles is the best..."
Abigail Ong
Amo Yamie Crib
77/100 (708 ratings)
"I gve my 5 stars kc ang ganda ng place makakapag relax k habang kumakain. Friendly p ung mga staff sa Amo Yamie.first time ko pumunta sa Amo Yamie..."
Leny Sanchez Aguirre
"- Maraming salamat sa"(AYC) Amo Yamie Crib Espana" for the movie rooms💕 ang ganda ng place at sobrang sarap talaga ng mga menu nila napaka sulit..."
Naveo Jingay
"Lagi kaming napunta ng boyfriend ko sa Espana branch everytime na may free time kami or gusto naming magdate kaso di namin alam kung sa pupunta. Kaya..."
Analyn Cerilo Pastor
"I will definitely recommend this place to my friends, very nice ambience, feels like home, warmth serves, and all the types of their coffees taste so..."
R.A. Caba
"I would like to give thanks to your katipunan branch for helping me setup the perfect surprise for my girl! Great staff, exellent place, and awesome..."
Jency Louise D. Yu
"Very Accomodating.. the place is very relaxing especially the ambiance music there.. the food is very good..."
Lemuel Beloy Cabanos
"We always come back because of the cutesy ambiance! 💕 The food is so-so. Hope they season the food more. And as for the drinks, sometimes they are..."
Renelou Lumibao
"A good place to hangout with your friends. Drinks are good as well! We ordered Jav-Aladdin and Wizard of Oreo. Cost is just right for it’s..."
Bernadette Doce
"Cons:Terrible PlatesI've never given this as a con before, but seriously... They serve their food on a wooden frame with gaps. Making..."
Vulcan Peace
"We’ve been here plenty of times before, the ambiance is great, although there are times when it’s crowded but it’s a great hangout place for..."
Angelica Miran
"D R I N K S & F O O DI tried Once Upon a Nutella (Drunk Dwarf). The presentation is good. It really looks like the one in the menu. The..."
"If you are looking for affordable monster milkshakes then amo yamie is the place to be. Their food is also delicious and they offer comfort and..."
"Food- It was good it did satisfy my mouth and my favorite was the pizza fries! It’s sooooo good!Ambiance- We availed the movie room so it’s..."
Kate Villegas
"When you think milkshakes can’t get any crazier, Amo Yamie begs you differ! THE FOOD: This place is known for their sweet monster..."
"When you have the love for frappes like me, then you can try this. Their food is so budget friendly and so good for students who just want to eat..."
Caamz Sandra
"Affordable! Masasarap pa yung pagkain. So sad lang na kapag gabi ubos na yung ibang menu, it means na masasarap talaga food dito!..."
Jovie Anne Yap Solivas
"This place is for spending quality time with anyone. The shakes and smoothies are great, the food not so much. The nachos and fries are the only good..."
Mark Anthony G. Teodoro
"A cozy hangout with your own personal space & good music. Nothing much more to say but if you got someone you like, bring him/her here, a great place..."
Arvin Uy
"Nice place. Instagram-worthy foods. It's so nice because you get to chill with friends while eating. I like the shakes but not the 4 small burgers..."
"I really love this place. If you are looking for a hangout or a study place, I can suggest this place. The foods are budget - student friendly. And..."
"Cute and unique hangout place. Each visit guarantees a good time. As you enter you get to choose ‘crib’ to stay at. Pillows are available in each..."
Geneille Rigor
"Our usual place to go to if ever my boyfriend and I have cravings. The prices they offer are student friendly esp. in regards to their rice meals but..."
Nicole Bonifacio
"I like the concept of the crib because it maximizes the spaces and accommodates a lot of customers. The price of the food is budget-friendly. You can..."
Kimberly Rose Mallari
"This is from an introvert-looking-for-a-place-to-cram-and-hide point of view.Service: The guard is the asset of this cafe. I arrived..."
Daryl Jade
"First time to be in a cutesy chill place like this! Feels like a baby while munchin on meryenda! Seats are like crib of a baby, sat on the floor,..."
Charisse Anne
"We went here on a Sunday night around 7pm and the store's still packed of students mostly. There is an available "crib" where I stayed in and let my..."
Ab Tabuzo
"The place is nice. The food could use some improvement as well as the number of outlets. It would be more convenient if there's a power outlet for..."
Jewel Rose Matawa
"Ambiance is ok :) price for the food is student friendly.. love their latte.. their strawberry tea is yummy.. pearls are always out of stock so i..."
Allison Joyce
"Instagram worthy 👏🏼Delicious food 🥘 I like how you can enjoy your tiny space with privacy because of the cubicles . This..."
"Isa sa pinakasikat at dinarayong crib coffee sa University Belt. Marami laging tao pero malaki kaya marami pa ring spaces. Good for group dates,..."
Pauline Leanda Dela Paz
"Food, ambiance and the size of place is incomparable. But what was new to me was how one of the staff (or was it the manager) who treated my burn..."
Geraldine Fernandez
"Ambiance ✅💕Food ✅ but kinda pricey 😋Service ✅ I love this branch because it can accommodate more customers compared..."
Jez Cayaba
"Nice place ✔Good Food ✔Cool concept ✔Super fun and satisfied ang visit namen dito. I visited here with my friends and..."
Dianne Sarian
"After taking our lunch at Santorini, we headed to Amo Yamie to grab some dessert drinks. I ordered the smores and my guy had the wizards of oreo...."
"Really love the clubhouse sandwich. But im just a little dissapointed that instead of fries they serve it with kamote chips. Anyways it tatse good..."
AL Lmbn
"Relaxing and satisfying. Pero sana mas dumami pa yung nasa menu. Ang konti kasi but all in all, the experience was good. A nice place to have a..."
"After spending time in the church, and you would want to have a chit chat with a friend Amo Yamie Crib-Espana is the best place to go. It offers..."
Charlene Lyn Chua
"Great place for chill and hangout with friends as well as alone times and studying. We often go there to just hangout, talk and catch up with each..."
Alloyssius EG Gorospe
"Not bad for 130peso promo. Yes Amo Yamie Crib offers that promo on their drinks, you can name the price of a drink not lower that 60php. Me and my..."
Dom Agnote
"The ambiance is great. The staff are homey. You have to get your own order once it's ready tho but the staff will be there if you need assistance...."
Dyan Eloisa Sumamban
"Definitely a good place to chill/hang out. Milkshakes are very much worth the price. Carbonara tastes better than the baked mac. Fries were not that..."
"We're here as a squad two times! Its so nice in here. Although, the upper area above the entrance door is dark. But, its comfy in here. And, will..."
Joyce Marquez
"Food is great. Staff is very accommodating. I like their drunk dwarf very much especially since it now comes with different flavors. As for the..."
"Great ambiance if you want to chill and chika with your friends since the segregated cribs become your own group hangout. Not recommended as a study..."
Adelle Villegas Kho
"Brown-out! Heavy rains! 😱 But nothing can't stop me to finish my Sampaloc Manila Food Crawl. 👊🏼My final stop: Dessert at Amo Yamie..."
"I love the place ! The cribs are very cute and private, its like being in the house that you imagined when you were a kid , the food is really..."
Alex Bianca Cuento
"the best yung oreo cheesecake. very creative. sa amo yami crib masarap ang lupa lasang oreo, hindi super tamis, sakto lang.😍😍😍 kaso nga lang..."
"Decided to walk my way down to P. Noval to visit this cool place. You'll be greeted by their sweet guard and pleasant looking employees. The place is..."
"Let's admit that one of the criteria in choosing a place to relax or unwind is the serenity and coziness. I agree. Amo Yamie Crib in España, Manila..."
"What I liked about Amo Yamie is their interior ✨ I love the concept of getting cozy while talking with your friends and just chilling...."
Christine Anne Peñaranda
"Really good ambiance, ideal for groups or pairs that want a twist in their own dining space. Very comfy as well. Although with a limited selection on..."
Aira Mae Putiz
"Went to amo yamie today and enjoyed the ambiance so much! Nothing much on the food, the nachos was good, except for the sliders, patty was dry and..."
Jasmine Louise
"One of the growing cafes not only in Manila but other parts of the Philippines as well, Amo Yamie Crib has set up the best branch they have here..."
Bears Looking For Food
"The place is nice but the food is too pricey. I think it will be better if they lower the price or upgrade the taste of their food. It is the best..."
Tessa Dayawon
"The place is so nice. It's cold and relaxing. It's a great place to spend your leisure time with friends. The staffs are friendly. It has cribs where..."
Shane Jocson
"The place is very good and para sa mga instagram addict, wag kayong aalis hanggat walang picture. Haha! Wala siyang chairs kasi cubicle type siya at..."
Jes Candelario
"Are you looking for a place to chill that offers desserts, coffees, shakes, teas and a unique setting? Amo Yamie Crib Coffee and Movie House welcomes..."
Egace Alabanza
"I love the place because it has a good ambiance. It is student budget friendly. The food is worth really worth it but I hope they offer more drinks..."
Marielle Abiog
Wing Vibe
86/100 (692 ratings)
"The best chicken wings ever! Soy honey and Garlic Parmesan are my go-to flavors. The taste really go deep into the chicken’s meat (not only in the..."
Jovena Manlangit
"The foods were great, except I find the service a bit slow and unresponsive. Me and my friend ordered soy honey and garlic parmesan, which were both..."
Dianne Rose Salvo
"My go-to place whenever I crave for chicken wings! Love love love their cheesy bacon, honey sriracha, and their group fries! Super sulit for the..."
Kim Alyssa
"Sobrang sulit!!! Price-wise and taste-wise! I recommend the cheesy bacon, honey sriracha and soy honey. Masarap din and sulit ung fries for 80. Go-to..."
"CHICKEN:All flavors are worth it and my favorite is the hickory bbq. 🤤FRIES:I so love their fries kasi sobrang dami nila..."
Melmarie Elbo Cabungcag
"Sobrang sarap ng food 😍😍 worth it kaht mag hintay kayo ng medyo matagal ..masarap lahat ng flavors, mababait din yong mga crew. Hindi..."
Diana Gatdula
"Our to go place whenever we had a bad day at school. Menu price is student friendly and the servings are good. The queue to be seated are bearable...."
Kads Mejia
"WINGS 🔥 One of my fav place for wings! Super love the garlic parmesan babalikan at babalikan mo talaga!!! 💯 The wings was great and properly..."
Chelsea Aquino
"Best wings I’ve ever tasted❤️ ‼️INFERNO‼️ Yep inferno lang talaga gusto ko pero masarap din yung ibang flavours depende sa taste mo..."
Jeane Cloe Cailing Norberte
"Mamsh. The best wings in P.noval! Louisiana Rub ang favorite kong iorder dito. Pero I recommend you to try them all kase masarap talaga! I hope na..."
Katrina Parohinog
"Hickory barbeque’s our favoriteee!!! Damn, it tastes so good plus budget friendly paaa. Medyo masungit lang yung girl sa counter pero keri lang,..."
"This place offers cheap meals which is good for students nearby the establishment. They were known for their delicious wings that you can eat through..."
Jace Navarro
"This is one of my go-to places back when I was still in college so I brought my boyfriend here since we both love buffalo wings. We ordered for..."
Charm Guanlao
"UNDER 500 pesos!!! One of the affordable chicken wings in the metro. The place is small and always full. One of their chicken wings which is..."
Snack Is Life
"Great food with great friends 🍗😋 I highly recommend this as the best chicken wings in town in very affordable price! Don’t miss this out!..."
Psalm Pangan
"We usually go here 2-3 times a month. Would like to say a bit about the place first. Their place is small. It's like 3 tables for 4-6 persons and 3..."
Kimberly Rose Mallari
"I always see myself eating here atleast once a week. Although their wings are expensive you can not argue against them as they are the only ones..."
Casual Eater
"So I don't give ratings right when I first try new resto and bars mainly because sometimes it changes. So... I've been here 2 times with my SO. We..."
Alysha Thalia
"Best and the most affordable wings I've tried around UST area. Place needs to expand due to more customers coming in and bigger/more number of..."
Geraldine Fernandez
"Shared 15 pcs of their wings with my 3 roomies and asked for the Honey Dijon, Hickory BBQ and Louisiana Rub. My favorite was the Louisiana Rub since..."
Bea Hingada
"I am not a fan of chicken but this place earns my respect because they offer the spiciest wings that always make me happy! My favorite is inferno..."
Dio Uberita
"One of my favorite wing spots. They serve a wide variety of flavors and most are good. I have had their: garlic parmesan which you can really tadte..."
RJohn McLorenz S. Esguerra
"If you are craving for chicken wings and you're on a budget, I highly suggest this one!Their garlic parmesan flavored wing is the best!..."
Beatrice Peralta
"Affordable, delicious food and good spot . But the space is too small for a food store like this that is popular and always having bunch of costumers..."
Lexi Gotladera
"Student friendly meals. Great place to grab wings. The place is small so you have to wait to be seated most of the time. They have fun people. Very..."
Romelito Manuel Clorina
"A budget-friendly mini restaurant for college students. Their garlic parmesan wings is a must-try. Pair your meal with their house blend iced tea and..."
Roxanne Roxas
"Food tastes great considering the price. Serving time is average. Presentation is decent. Selection of flavors will cater to different taste buds...."
Kenneth Manuel
"A student friendly budget for those who love chicken wings. There are different varieties of flavors to choose from, my suggestion is try their..."
Patrick Mandi
"My boyfriend and I went here just for it to try and wow! Their chicken wings are so good and really affordable! Plus, in less than 10 or 15 minutes..."
Sam Fernandez
"If you're craving for chicken wings but on a tight budget, this one's for you. Their chicken wings are affordable yet very tasty. I just hope that..."
"This place is really small and can't accommodate people all at once but their wings are so good that you'll actually patiently wait for you to be..."
Kathleen Villar
"The place was a bit crowded and was too small. But the food was great the price affordable. The creativity of the food is there. Looking forward on..."
Aki & John's Foodventure ?
"One of the things I consider in writing a review is the price. Wing Vibe's price for their chicken wings and other food is really cheap, it met the..."
"I haven't tasted chicken wings and when we went here, that was my first time to eat chicken wings. This restaurant made me love chicken wings. The..."
"Thomasians' and Tamarraws' favorite! You can already eat chicken wings for a very affordable price. Plus their flavors are great - from sweet to..."
"One of the best chicken wings along FEU. My favorite is their garlic parmesan. But too small. Budget meal for student. And they serve a plastic..."
Cheska Talens Guevarra
"Fave chicken wings ever ❤️❤️ super sarap nung hickory bbq nila tapos yung fries super daming cheese worth it talaga yung bayad mo . Kaso nga..."
Yellow Cab Greenhills
81/100 (315 ratings)
"What can i say, ive been patronizing this branch since at least 2003! Food is excellent as always. However. They haven’t maintained the toilet..."
"New Style Pizza and their signature yellow cab taxi in New York is the inspiration for this Pizza chain. My favorite is charlie chan and their all..."
Food Buster
"Food and ambience was great. Service was okay, though take out took some time. Ordered Manhattan Meatlovers, Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta, Wings, and..."
Stephanie Santiago
"Ambience:As we entered the branch, we started to feel some heat crawling on our skin, thinking the pizza oven was giving us some sort of..."
Patrick Unson
"It is one of those days. Its a pigging-out kinda evening when yours truly want a brief respite from the heat of the kitchen and from dishwashing..."
"After hours of walking and shopping we felt the need to recharge for another hour of shopping. Ordered this for take out and we ate inside the car..."
Dax Placente
"All time favorite pizza parlor! Whether I am with my family or friends, we usually order manhattan meat lovers, new york's finest & #4 cheese for..."
Angielyn Morales
"Had a quick client lunch meeting and we ended up having some awesome pasta and chicken. Haven't had this for a while and it was awesome again to..."
Jay McLean
"Service in this place is really good. The crew here is friendly and they are pleasant to deal with. I order pizza and pasta here every time we are..."
Christian Poso
"I love yellow cab especially their pizza and pasta :) love the potato wedge as well. everything is deadly but its good so its okie. great service and..."
Tess Santos
"I like the options they have on their menu. Definitely a haven for good carbs so if you're in the mood for pizza, pasta & wings then you've found a..."
Don Allado
"Cravings satisfied with spicy pepper sauce and oil. However the pasta in our chicken alfredo was not quite firm, the chicken in it was well cooked..."
Mary Francis Enguero Quitevis
"Yellow cab... Bow! Megamall, Ayala, GH, Galle, C. Raymundo (Pasig). My gf's favorite! Pepperoni (good for 4) plus hot wings plus Sola (Lemon) plus..."
"Really good pizza and pastas that tend to hit the spot when you want a really good and filling meal. This Yellow Cab branch is always were I go for..."
Cristina Poso
"Relatively small branch of Yellow Cab but still offers the same good pizzas, of which my favorite is the Manhattan Meatlovers. Their twice backed..."
Patrick Mendoza
"If it weren't for my sister, I wouldn't have known that Yellow Cab Pizza Co. in Connecticut, Greenhills opens at 9AM.When the invitation to..."
Em Dy
82/100 (309 ratings)
Coffee & Tea
"I love my Raspberry Milktea drink from Starbucks. The drink I needed for a very hot day. I’m a bit disappointed with my sausage roll because its..."
Sabrina Reyes
"Chocolate Chai drink, not your usual chocolate drink 😋 I ❤️ the drink ☕️ A great hack from a Starbucks lover like me..."
Nikki KC
"This branch is so chill early morning. Any time of the day, it can feel like morning with their lighting set-up. It's not a big branch but they do..."
Patrick Unson
"Neat place, friendly servers.Loving the limited edition Acai Berry and... was it Dark Mocha Granola Frap? Sweet and fruity acai, busting..."
IamLil Affamé
"What do you order at Starbucks nowadays?I noticed that the sandwiches taste bland recently. I think they changed suppliers? They changed..."
Foodie Dokie
"Love the coffees and pastries in this chain. The quality is consistent with goodness and the customer service is aways great. Highly recommended for..."
Charlene Briones-Michelena
"Green +Brown+ White! Its a rainy afternoon after lunch but decided to give in with this beautifully mixed Iced Matcha & Espresso Fusion...."
Sandra Yu
"Way back when there were just a few Starbucks stores around, my friends and I used to hang out here a lot. Just like other branches, they have..."
"This used to be my favorite branch (when I was still working in Ortigas). This is our go to place to distress and enjoy our coffee. I have so many..."
"I have a Starbucks Card that I always lose. Am glad they have that security online. We all have experienced this place. I go here for the ambience,..."
"Great service. They offer sample drinks and bring you water from time to time. Staffs are also super friendly. My favorite branch so far. Keep it up..."
Li Li
86/100 (307 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Dim Sum
Fried rice
"Date of visit: February 2020Had a Valentine's dinner at Li Li. We had the following: har gao, salted egg squid, e-fu noodles with assorted..."
"3rd Hotel's the Charm!We are dim sum fanatics and first tried Solaire's Red Lantern (meh), then New World's Jade Restaurant (so-so), and..."
Picky E
"One of the best chinese restaurants in Manila. Their unlimited dim sum buffet is also amazing and super worth every single cent! Great..."
"Hello Dimsum All You Can! This is Li Li’s on going promotion with dimsum and other selected menu items like pork buns, custard taro and desserts at..."
✨ Rayray ✨
"I've dined at Li Li before but it was my first time to try their Dimsum Buffet for P1,088 nett per person. The price is really worth it because it..."
Kat Catapusan
"Li Li is and will always be one of our favorites when it comes to delicious dim sum and superb service! Ever since the first time we tried their..."
"When I received an invite to dine at Li Li - New World Manila Bay Hotel, I was dreading the day because of traffic but it was a surprisingly not so..."
Eboy M. Donato
"Dined here on Sunday for boyfriend’s birthday. I made reservations beforehand thinking it would be full on a Sunday but luckily it wasn’t. We..."
Kaye Corazon Woo
"Very classy place. Food was quite expensive but it was definitely worth every centavo. Enjoyed our dinner here. We will surely come back here soon...."
Conrigo Boya Santos
"LiLi at the New World Manila Bay Hotel serves their fantastic All-You-Can-Eat Dimsum from 12PM to 0230PM everyday for only Php1,088!Check..."
Boodle Bear
"The menu is quite extensive and has everything from fowl-seafood-veggies etc. We were impressed with the menu. Not your trypical western style..."
"I have been going to LiLi since it first opened many years ago and it’s only today that I’ve been disappointed. Sadly, the quality and size of..."
Loves Good Food
"As part of our staycation in AG New World Hotel Manila Bay, Mathelle and I had dinner at Li-Li Restaurant, the Chinese fine dining restaurant located..."
Raina Cheng
"Great ambiance matched with great food and service .A great place for fine dining and executive meetings. Oh I love the concept of their dimsum treat..."
"Always love their dimsum buffet. Tasty, fresh and lots of choices. But I've noticed, they have taken off a lot of mains and desserts since the hotel..."
"If you appreciate a luxe dining ambiance and value the luxury of space then head to Lili Chinese Restaurant where you can indulge the classic..."
Mia Ojerio
"Lili - the chinese restaurant at the new world manila bay hotel offers the unlimited dimsum and side dishes in their menu. Most of the restaurants..."
Kenrick Gan
"Rarely do the Zamoras find ourselves in the Manila area, but we would cross oceans and climb mountains for some awesome dimsum, and Li Li, the..."
The Pickiest Eater In The World
"Lili’s raises the bar for all Chinese restaurants in the Metro. Coming from a Chinese family who loves comparing different Chinese restaurants,..."
Kimberly Mas
"Budget-wise, i wouldn’t recommend this buffet dining experience.Taste - ❤️❤️❤️❤️Ambience-..."
Alpha Marie Tolentino Maltu
"We had an intimate dinner with our Chinese friends; they were told Li Li was highly recommended. The barbecue platter was really good, i enjoyed the..."
Tricia D.
"The restaurant has an air of class about it. Food was great. Ambiance was excellent. Service was superb. You have to know your dimsum if..."
Edwin Santiago
"Authentic is what your looking for? Then i suggest Li Li will definitely satify your expectations. The ingredients they use are sure to be fresh plus..."
Mary Grace Khu 王育心
"Li Li Restaurant is highly recommended for those people who loves dimsum - like me. They are lots of choices, from all time favorite "siomai" to..."
Eunice Cai
"We ordered:Dong Ting Premium Tea = 262*It was very refreshing to start our mealwith this tea. The taste is light and earthy.We..."
Remz Chesnut
"We went to a wedding banquet at the new world manila bay and the servers confirmed that the caterer is the chinese resto LiLi inside the same hotel...."
"use to be my family's favorite chinese dimsum restaurant.. it has degraded since the hotel's changed management.not satisfied during our last..."
Pipe Steel
"Buffet dimsum places can be quite tricky, since most of the stuff is done by batch, ordering is a hit or miss. Li Li manages to do things right by..."
Chris Ong Of Kain Manila
"One of my most favorite chinese restaurant to dine in. They do serve authentic chinese cuisine. They have really friendly staffs...."
Angel Tolentino
"We always avail of LiLi's Yum Cha dimsum buffet here. I love their selections and quality of food so much! Their food items coupled with the place's..."
Glenn Ong
"Dimsum buffet? Here! Pretty nice place to eat your heart out if you're a dimsum lover... Just order till you can! Nice ambiance as well and staff is..."
Jerry Nepacina
"We always have our Laurier at lili for us it is the best kauri at specially it done in lilis largest private room with toilet, from appetiser to..."
"Inspired from the life of Li Li, a Chinese socialite in Hong Kong, the restaurant is patterned after her house, complete with a wine cellar (the wine..."
Mucking Around Manila
"Li Li Dimsum Buffet in Hyatt is one of the best Cantonese dimsum buffets in Manila. It's just like the ones you can enjoy in Hong Kong. The..."
Anton Diaz
Fantastic Chef
93/100 (296 ratings)
"I liked their meat selection..."
Dio Uberita
"One of the better samgyupsal places in the metro, their pork jowls are really good and tender, so is their sliced beef!Some of their side..."
"One thing I appreciated the most is that the staff was very accommodating, for me, if the service is garbage then no matter how good the food is, it..."
Aki Kinori
"I love the varieties of meat and side dishes that it makes it difficult for me to choose which one I would pick. The food taste good too for a very..."
Anna Leah Mayor
"Fantastic Chef 👨🏻‍🍳 From South Korea to Manila , Fantastic Chef is bringing us a 3-starred Michelin Chef! For us to experience..."
Charmilyn Lucena
"AMBIENCEWe were actually impressed with the restaurant's size. It looked a bit small from outside but once they opened the restaurant, we..."
Patrick Unson
"The food, and service is really Fantastic!!! Very well recommended. I love the different choices of meat as well as the delicious variety of side..."
Hana Hana
"It's definitely better than the infamous samgyupsal S. Taste of the meat is good, lot of side dish too. But most of all, the waiters always pay..."
Hary S Soelistio
"Staffs were okay, very attentive. Food’s okay as well, they provide large servings. Selection was okay as well, they have a big selection. I just..."
Kath Sunga
"Another branch of fantastic chef with excellent food and very accommodating staff! They also allow us to avail the 3+1 promo even though we have a..."
Pat 💕
"This KBBQ has the best service and the best meat in the DLSU area The staff is extremely attentive, and within 5 minutes or less you'll have cheese..."
"It's an awesome rainy day to eat #KoreanBBQ at Remedios Circle. And what better way to enjoy #Samgyupsal than enjoy it BEST at one of the famous..."
Angela Mae Abad
"I'd choose Fantastic Chef over Samgyupsalamat and other Korean samgyupsal places nearby.FC has waaaay better meat and ambiance.The japchae..."
Kierby Cheng
"We’re not really a fan of Kpop but we definitely love Samgyeopsal because who doesn’t? It came to a point that we tried making our own..."
Dea Mariano
"Went here with my friends and we loved it! The service was great, crew were very attentive and there were times na kahit hindi pa namin sila..."
Louise Loque
"The ambiance was perfect for a Korean Vibe. Food selection was great because they have wide variety of food selections. Side dishes was also superb...."
Food Nomad
"Korean barbecue cravings never end!One thing that differentiates this place from other kbbq places that I’ve tried is the attentiveness..."
"Korean BBQ is now everywhere, every Korean Restaurant offers Unlimited Meat and Side Dishes. But every Korean Restaurant offers a different kind of..."
Takaw Tikim
"Korean Bbq, again?! Well, yes. Why not? Hehe! The Korean Bbq phenomenon is here to stay. We just got to accept it. However, we don’t need to..."
"The invasion of Korean food in the country is very massive especially that samgyupsal places are mostly everywhere, wherever we go. It is a known..."
Hungry Herl
"2018 saw the rise of the KBBQ and milk tea food trends in the Philippines and they are still spilling over to 2019. I’m already getting confused..."
Sand Under My Feet
"Fantastic Chef Taft id the absolute best! The owner is very accommodating and the staff are quick on their feet to serve you with mouth watering eats..."
Mj Saquilayan
"Craving for samgyupsal? Fantastic Chef Taft can be your next regular stop. It’s reliable for platters and platters of meat and all the good stuff...."
Rochkirstin Sioco
"FoodI love their meat! It is fresh and I didn't taste the strong and bad flavor that some pork meat has. Also, they offer so many variety of..."
Jai Estremos
"If you're one of the avid readers of our blog, you'll know that we love samgyupsal. This month, we had a new discovery - Fantastic Chef in Taft,..."
Tara Lets Anywhere
"Fantastic Chef Taft is a franchise of the Fantastic Chef restaurant that I tried in Remedios. Even though it's a franchise, this specific branch has..."
Kimchi Adventures
"Unlike my experience in the Remedios branch, my experience in Fantastic Chef Taft was superb! The service was way better because all the staff were..."
Raina Cheng
"Came late at night and i gotta say, it was nice to see a neat and decent looking place around taft for korean bbq.Ive tried quite a lot of..."
Jein Lee
"The best KBBQ in taft! Excellent service!! The owner made sure that we had a superb experience. He guided us on what to order first and even helped..."
Reina De Guzman
"One of the best eat all you can korean bbq restaurant that I have been to. The meat tastes really good even without adding any sauces. More than 10..."
Celina Iris Brito
"it was my first time eating there a few days ago. staff is friendly and accomodating :) they acknowledge orders real fast. also real good meat..."
Arielle Cordero
"Authentic Korean BBQ! The pork cheek is a must try! Their beef also tastes really good, even without marinade! This restaurant offers meat not found..."
Moises Cleon Limyuen
"The newest Korean BBQ in taft, Fantastic Chef. It offers unlimited kinds of pork, chicken and beef. Unli Pork and Chicken P499 - 8 kinds of..."
Epicurean Foodies PH
Almon Marina
79/100 (36285 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
"The pesto pasta with zuccini and shrimp is good. It has a balance of zuccini falvor and herbs. Must try their best seller roasted chicken. Good..."
Quennie Molano
"Love the garlic sausage and fish and..."
#wanderer /Richie Salao
"Went here for a lunch with my mom, the food was good but the ambiance of the place was a bit dark and gloomy?. But all in all our dine was nice,..."
"It’s been a while since I ate here and it felt like a time capsule. I’ve eaten here at various points in my life: from elementary to late 20s...."
Josh Rosario
"Their version of the Spanish chocolate is happiness in a cup. It's a great mood lifter - a serving of joy for just 65..."
Mari Latoja
"It was not the best tasting food there is, but the service is excellent. It is well-managed perhaps the owner himself. This place is like the calm in..."
"If you love lamb dishes like I do, it was always hard to look for reliable and affordable places in the metro to get your fix during the '90s. This..."
Libay LC
"Glad to see almon marina still doing so well in Megamall. I was recently there to have coffee while my family enjoyed sandwiches and pastries. The..."
Bev Caluma
"Good price to serving ratio. Kebab was grea and tender, but the salmon is kind of dry. The roast beef is also good but serving is like 70% mashed..."
Mt. Foodji
"Place: i like the interior, its very cozy and welcoming. Reminds me of a lovely first date.Food: lasagna: so worth it for 190 pesos! Cheese..."
Erika Nuguit
"I’d never thought Almon Marina offers good food! Back then, all I knew was more of a “pang-adult na bistro” that I can’t afford! I used to..."
Charisse Anne
"For the price range Php200 - 350 sulit ang bayad 👌Big servings 👍Food taste 😋 YUM! 2 👍👍We ordered Crab Louis Salad with..."
Erly E. Buenaventura
" Almon Marina ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️This is my favorite food at almon marina 👉 bolognese 👈 Food : 4/5 Service: ..."
"I really like their kebabs and their rice pilaf. I also recommend their sandwiches and sausages. And their pasta. 😊They're not nothing that..."
Jae-t Morgan Chase
"I like the menu selection in this resto. It has a mixed American diner plus Mediterranean bistro. Servings is also good for sharing. My favorite is..."
Charlene Briones-Michelena
"Wonderful pasta experience! This is one of my favourite pasta restaurants! I hope their place gets bigger but I really love the old Italian streets..."
Mark Christopher Lardera
"Been here once, I tried their roast chicken with afredo's and puttanesca pasta. Loved the alfredo but a no-no with puttanesca. Loved the italian..."
Analyn Ferreras
"Though for an average Filipino like me,the menu might dazzle you and make you change your mind and look for another place. Still, i dont have any..."
Marco Basco
"Months ago after my boyfriend's detox program we opted eating something (a bit) healthy. 😊 Had visited this place in the past and as my..."
IamLil Affamé
"Decided to go out for a sunday lunch..looking for some good pasta meal. And this resto caught my attention.the place looks nice and cozy.themed like..."
Vic Jayson Capistrano
"I love their Smoked Salmon Platter- the fish meat is fresh and tastefully smoked. Their soup of the day is tasteful too, was delighted that it was..."
Elg Santiago: Takaw Mo Elg!
"There's no other restaurant like Almon Marina. They have great selections in sandwiches, their food is affordable and honestly, it's not as crowded..."
Zen Angue
"Almon Marina serves great sausages and salad. It provides such tasteful flavors and keeps your tummy satisfied. Delicious food, well cooked plus some..."
"almon marina's lasagna is among my favorites. sooo cheesy and beefy and creamy. so flavorful. perfect for cheese lovers like me. sulit for only 170..."
"Almon Marina serves gourmet sandwiches using all kinds of meat: beef, pork, chicken, and even turkey. They also have salads, pasta and sumptous rice..."
Fam Dacaya
"Almon marina has sumptuous healthy gourmet sandwiches. They have many pair of meals aside from sandwiches. I ordered farmer's ham sandwich with..."
"They got a gazillion ways to make a sandwich. Almon Marina has selections you can't find elsewhere. Even better they listen to you when you wish to..."
"Whenever the family is at Megamall and we can't decide where to it, this is our go-to place and it never fails to satisfy us.We have tried..."
"Since i love meat.. Their combination platter 2 was perfect. Everything i have craved for was all present, hungarian sausage+ grilled chicken+stuffed..."
AmAnda Aguila
"★★★★★   I'm giving this a 5/5 simply because I can and they deserve it!I have no idea how many times I passed by this..."
"I tried the sausage and pasta combo. I chose alfredo sauce and although it looked plain (i had it to go), it was tasty. I loved the hungarian sausage..."
"I love this place, even though it's always underrated. They have rustic menus and good quality food, but one time I noticed that they are selling..."
"We have eaten here a few times and we're always satisfied. We like their gourmet sandwiches and have also tried their grilled and house specials and..."
RoVi D Foodies
"If you want a quaint, unchanged quality of food that reminds you of home-cooked South American cooking, then this place is for you. If you're..."
Jerico Pascual
"One of my favorite places to go to before I discovered Fireside by Kettle. Their Stuffed Pork Chop (stuffed with cheese, apples, herbs and..."
Leila T. Salera
"Almon Marina offers a wide array of food and drinks at a very affordable price. It gets crowded at lunch or dinner time and I understand why. My..."
"Almon Marina started as a seafood and deli store and later on turned into a Sandwich store. They are known for gourmet sandwiches, pasta and grilled..."
Lalee De Leon
"Good food at very decent prices! Their offerings sound and look expensive, but they're actually (relatively) affordable. Their menu is so vast from..."
What The F | TFC
"This simple delicatessen and sandwich store exceeded my expectations. It was hard to choose from many mouth watering dishes- I opted for the steak..."
Christine Dy
"While were finding something at megamall then few hours passes our hunger strikes so we search for a good and affordable restaurant then we saw this..."
"My friends and I are having a hard time in looking for something to eat. Since we go to mega for a resto that is is not available in mega we try..."
Shiela Castellano
"still a solid place to go. food is quite affordable. deli setup with some rice meals. photo is sandwich called Sydney special. I remember eatin here..."
"Good ambiance. Delectable food. Wide food selection. Smiling people. Accomodating staff. Affordable price! Real value for money! Should be in your..."
Emmanuel James C. Monsayac
"Foods here are definitely fab. Plus, THE BOYS are servicing all too good :) Thumbs up for almon marina. The best restau found in SM Malls...."
Michiko Evangelista
"Years back I can still remember that wonderful memory of pork chop stuffed with cheese. So when I had the chance I tried to relive the moment but was..."
"Still my go-to place when I'm craving for sandwiches and burgers, especially their California Roast Beef. Reasonable price, great food and great..."
"Normally I don't eat at these kinds of places because I don't know what their specialty is. But since a friend recommended the place, I tried it..."
Jai Guzon
"Almon Marina has always been my place whenever my tummy is not in the mood for food. I mean thier soup and sandwich is always a life saver. The..."
"Almon Marina has big servings. The sidings are very generous while their pork and chickenare roasted to perfection- it's not dry and bland. Juicy on..."
Roxie Castelo-Velasquez
"First time I was here was almost a year ago. Haven't had the chance to visit again so I'm not sure if there's been any big changes. But I just wanted..."
Kathryn Sanchez
"Nice ambiance. Good customer service. Great food. I don't know what else to say. I only have nice words for this place. Even the boyfie loves it..."
Khaye Hernandez
"As much as possible, girlfriend and I don't want to eat in the same restaurant every time we dine out. Not only to try different foods, but also to..."
Aldrin Mendoza
Szechuan House
77/100 (293 ratings)
"Great service, great staff & they recognise us again & again. And great meals, thanks..."
Lolo Richards
"Awesome and yummy foods, all the Staff including the owner are very Customers friendly and the ambiance of the venue is truly..."
Jeng Espiritu Biligan
"The only restaurant you can find fresh Lapulapu in Tauso sauce ... the best..."
Peter Miguel
"been eating here since i was 4 years old. never missed a year dining here. sometimes we eat here twice or thrice a month. do not order the generic..."
Isaiah Ortega
"Good food ,Good service ,reasonable..."
Marilou Reyes de Guzman
"I like the food ...william the waiter is so attentive and polite..thank..."
Al Lim
"Superb Chinese cuisine our family loves to spend our special occassions here at Sze Chuan.. Staffs very are accomodating which includes Elorde of..."
Ka Elena
"one of the oldest chinese restaurants in manila..... food is still very good up to now..... service is still good.... will always come back to try..."
Napoleon Ong
"This is my family's go to chinese restaurant for affordable chinese food. I would recommend the sze chuan chicken, eggplant with spicy garlic sauce..."
Joshua Ty Cayetano
"One of the old school classic Chinese restaurants to be at that gives us a homey vibe. Their staff is very attentive and accommodating! Observant and..."
"I got a change to eat their spicy crab sotanghon... my mouth was burning but it felt like i was in heaven... the taste of the crab was all over the..."
Marlowe Perjes
"This place is an institution if you ask the old timers. But i can say i enjoy this place too and understand why. We should be so lucky to still have..."
"Been eating here since I was a child, more than 15 years ago. Still tastes great as I remember, especially the pata tim with mantou. Also try their..."
Miguel Francisco Macaalay
"Chinese restaurant with exotic food, like frogs are served here. Although, I am not a fan. We still ordered food that are new to us. And luckily we..."
"An acquaintance introduced Sze Chuan housed to me a year ago. He said that this housed one of the best Xioa Long Bao. We went there to see if it was..."
Kathy Kenny Ngo
"Nag.Christmas party kami dito last Friday. The food so good. May kamahalan pero madami naman per serving. Very tasty. The place is ok very Chinese..."
"When most Chinese restaurants in the city serve Cantonese style, this establishment focuses on Szechuan, a style characterized with more flavors and..."
Seoul Galbi
83/100 (292 ratings)
"One of my best Korean food too dinin', I love the food because they perfectly cook and the taste was really good. I always order the..."
Josie Matulin
"This is a hidden gem in Poblacion! Before all the "samgyup" places started popping up, ito na yung binabalik-balikan namin! We have seen so many..."
Anna Marie Garcia
"Along the side streets of Poblacion, Makati, you’ll find Seoul Galbi. It’s one of the oldest Korean restaurants in the area and, even to this..."
Tara Lets Anywhere
"They do not offer buffet sets like most of Korean restaurants around the metro but, their meats tasted flavorful and served in generous slices. Side..."
"Very authentic. The food is great and staff are friendly. The ambiance is a little bit off for me hence the 4 stars. However, I would still go back..."
Louise Anne Algenio
"Seoul Galbi is where I go whenever I'm alone and craving samgyupsal. They don't offer unli meat, but it's okay bcos the portion of the meat is fair..."
Clarissa E
"One of the best hole-in-the-wall Korean restaurants in Poblacion! When you want to satisfy your Samgyupsal craving but don’t want to line up for..."
Eunice Buenafe
"Their fish cake was superb!!!! We ordered Samgyeopsal and Bul Samgyeop (pork belly with spicy chili sauce), Suntobu Jigae, and Gimbap with..."
"Went here on a sunday night. Crowded. But luckily we didn’t have to wait for a long while. Anyway, there’s alot of koreans eating here, hence a..."
"Been here twice already! And I can say that it's worth every visit! 😊Ambiance: The place was quite gloomy, small, and looks outdated but..."
Jadelyn De Duque
"We ordered sampyupsal and kalbijjim for dinner. Samgyupsal was indeed good. Kalbijjim took a couple of minutes before served. They served a couple of..."
Nuj De Castro
"Glad I've tried my first samgyup here because the following Korean resto was not okay. This has been my basis of taste.  Looking forward for more..."
Ruth Ann Goyena
"Food is excellent, portions are generous, ambiance could be improved since the place looks dated, but service crew is very accommodating. Free..."
Don Paez
"I absolutely enjoyed their food and restaurant ambiance. Staff are also nice. Free appetizers and unlimited refill of lettuce for samgyeopsal...."
Trisha Anne Santos
"We ate had dinner at branch in San Antonio village (soft opening). Great food, and great customer service! The owner was very accommodating. You get..."
"Ate there alone after a tiring day fixing my papers at school. Ordered their Sondobu Jjigae and Steamed egg which both are good for two persons! So..."
Nicole Mendez
"on a friday night. we ordered deungsim. highly satisfied. they also serve excellent side dishes. staff are fast and accomodating. highly recomended...."
Jacky Stephen Co Flores
"💕Date for Two: Dwaeji Galbi, Samgyeopsal, Rice, Side dishes: Kimchi, Sweetened Potatoes, Fish Cake, Raddish, Spinach, Sayote and Carrots, Soup,..."
Date For Two
"Great fish cake! Been here thrice and I keep coming back because of the side dishes! Service is good as well. Very casual place but they have WiFi..."
Gabby D
"Sayisfied Korean craving with great price! If you're looking for Korean food that's worth every centavo, go here. We ordered the Samgyupsal - thick..."
Cheen De Guzman
"With friends, with girlfriend, with bro or alone, every time some korean taste whispers on me, this will be my choice. The staffs are accommodating,..."
"Among the Korean Restaurants in Poblacion Seoul Galbi let's you experience the authentic korean food. From side dishes to main dish you will..."
Queenie Ibayan
"Seoul Galbi is a great fix for your random Korean food cravings. I love their samgyupsal and refillable variety side dishes. The ambiance is so-so,..."
Ysobel Cabili
"My fave go to Korean restaurant. My favorite is their bulgogi bap which is perfectly cooked and seasoned. It goes well with kimchi. Other items on..."
Chesca Enriquez
"Worth the money, great place for your korean cravings, this is a busy restaurant catering to a lot of customers in the evening. As for the food, love..."
Dale Cruz
"We went here on a friend's recommendation as she heard about it through others and I thought it was a good place. As for my friends thugh, they..."
RJohn McLorenz S. Esguerra
"No doubt that I am a fan of Korean BBQ's and Seoul Galbi is my favorite among all the K-BBQ resto that I have visited. Place - It is not big as..."
Jian Marla Reyes
"My go-to place for Korean food (specially the usual barbeque/grilled options). Accommodating owner and staff and good food at affordable prices.  ..."
"I love Korean Cuisine. I always explore all types of korean resto in the city as long as my friends recommend it, So far this is one the best......."
Wendsay Alicante
"One of the best Korean Resto. Cost for money: 👌🏻. The food, it is flaming hot served in fromt of you, the waitress are very nice and..."
Ris Mae
"My 2nd time to dine here & would like my husband to compare the taste,servings & the place itself from the other Korean resto that he tried before...."
YanYan Sulit
"Went here on a Saturday afternoon and most of the customers were foreigners. As soon as we ordered, the table was beautifully set with the ban chan..."
Jennifer Adoja De Castro
"We came here on a rainy Saturday night to have a late dinner. This is recommended by my Thai friend and since one of my friend is craving for Korean..."
Foodie Day Out
"It's a shame I forgot the name of what I ate so much that night. I don't like Korean food but I have to say, that was the best! Ever! I recommend..."
Dian Licop
"Value for money--that's what you get from this place. For the affordable price that you pay, you get the complete package of excellent food, generous..."
Rorie Cosico
"Great atmosphere and yummy foods. Me and my fellow co-workers tried eating here for the first time, and we ordered 3 variety of meat and 1 spicy beef..."
"This family ran place is awesome. The meats are seasoned well and cooked at the table to your liking by helpful severs. The creamily..."
Joey Melliza
"superb korean taste like no other. i will recommend this to all.----- 18 Jul, 2013 -----their food is so good... thumbs up..."
Chinitah Luwi
"Seoul galbi is the best korean bbq. Its a small restaurant around poblacion makati. At First time im wondering what's the taste of their bbq. Because..."
Jae Ie Seo
Wursty Wursty
77/100 (291 ratings)
"Great service and good food. Ambience for chillax drinking is lit. We've been visiting this place for a couple of times and we always enjoy. They..."
Nevi Cirujales Calisin
"Love the ambiance! It is comfy! And this is really a place to go with friends and family. Cheap drinks and food is worth it! Everyone must try it...."
Priscillia Aralar Peña
"Super friendly crew, good food and drinks! Fries are great, so is the grilled pork belly and sausage platter (3-Kinds is good enough for 5 to 6..."
Jane De Los Reyes
"One of the few places that almost always has people in this Tuscany row. We come in here for after dinner beer and sausages once in awhile. Say hi to..."
Christina | Kain Club
"Love the food. Drinks are not that expensive considering the location. The servers are very accommodating. Wish they had a branch in..."
"And I bet you’ll have some mad craving for the dishes here once you’ve had a taste of it. As its name suggests, they have delicious sausages..."
The Hungry Employee
"I ordered Brathaendl Roast Chicken - half with 2 sides for only Php 250. I chose buttered veggies and rice (of course!) as sides. Everything was..."
"One of few restaurants I know with fine steak.Prices are competitive but they also offer budget meals.Value for money: 7/10Ambiance:..."
Rommel Sarno
"It was a friday night with my team mates. We are looking for a place that can satisfy our hunger.We dine at a pub-like place named wursty..."
Chadz Espe
"Nice place. Perfect to chill and hang with friends and family. Looking good Draft beers taste good according to my friend though I only had iced tea..."
Angela M
"To be honest Wursty Wursty has been the first German restaurant I've been to and they have the best variety of sausages. Their chicken curry is..."
Yumi Okazaki
"Great place to spend the night with friends. The prices are quite high but not bad for a once a week thing. Their sausages are very delicious and so..."
Joshah Caleb Chua
"The ambiance may not be as presentable, but drinking in Wursty Wursty is worth the price.  You can get a  a whole liter of draft beer that will..."
Hungry Adventurer
"Had a blast at Wursty Wursty McKinley Hill (Venice Piazza Oktoberfest) last night. First there was great German food. We had roasted chicken..."
Patrick Cruz
"Great food. I love the sausages very authentic and affordable plus great music and perfect ambience...:) i will definitely come back for..."
Mark Lester Martin I
"I have nothing but praises for this place. It has a unique but catchy name, Wursty Wursty, and it sure does live up to it. Great food, nice location,..."
Ardenne Chuat
"Get yourself a big ass beer and curry wurst and you're all set! With a variety of imported beers, every visit makes it like a new experience every..."
Matt Matel
"A friend told me Wursty Wursty is such a nice place to dine in. So there we tried it and found out the place was indeed a cozy place for a chill..."
Kat Navalta
"The opening of Wursty Wursty in McKinley Hill is a breath of fresh air for all of us working or living in the vicinity. Located in the Tuscany area,..."
Pepe Samson
"Owner is so friendly. Sometimes he offers free Schnapps. Food is great! Try there famous Dynamite and Hungarian sausages. Dining area is 2 floors and..."
RJ Abellera
"This is a cool restaurant to hang out at especially when its raining! Bring your friends to drink and chill especially on a rainy night! It was as if..."
Kevin Crisologo
L'opera Ristorante Italiano
80/100 (290 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
"This fine dining is one of the oldest authentic Italian restaurants in Manila, having been around since 1994. If you're a fan of seafood pasta and..."
Carl Locsin
"Its a good place for a formal eating experience. I enjoy the home made pasta very much, its like my mother in law used to make. I also love the..."
Korita Kalaw Ferranzini
"Loved the quaint and charming ambiance of the place. If you're planning to celebrate your birthday or anniversary with your significant other,..."
Joel O
"L'Opera remains the premier Italian fine dining restaurant in the Metro continuing to provide great food.We had Ravioli Verdi with spinach..."
"Celebrated my birthday dinner here with my fiance, the food and service were excellent. We enjoyed it so much that we're already planning to go back..."
"La Dolce Vita! I celebrated my birthday here with my partner. The ambience is very elegant which is really ideal for romantic dates...."
Rhodalyn Flores
"Stopped by for a fairly late dinner around 2000. We were greeted when we entered and taken to a free table. The staff was always nearby so we didn't..."
Benedict Uy
"My family and I have been enjoying L'Opera's food as early as I can remember. Their extensive menu has really great vegetarian options that can be..."
Kelly Peralejo
"Amazing food and presentation! Easy to make reservations plus very accommodating crew to serve you. We had great time and experience here! 2 thumbs..."
Ryann Ong
"Hidden inside all those resto bars, I got invited to a quaint Italian restaurant in BGC Fort Strip. The ambiance of the decor of the place was on..."
Benedict Bigalbal
"Our boss always treats us here. They have good Caesar Salad and Arrabbiata. The mains are big enough to share and the steak could feed four if..."
K @
"Im not into italian food however after trying to dine in at L'opera ristorante it turns out very full-filing. You can request for you choice of pasta..."
"Good food end excellent services if you are bgc area must try Restaurant for special occasions We try there pasta good and super good main..."
Original Pizza
"This is my mom and my ninong's favorite Italian restaurant. Going here as a child and still going here now, the food has remained excellent! The..."
Mia Yatco
"My first time to dine in L'Opera (considering I've been living in BGC area close to 15 years) and all I could ask myself was why didn't I try this..."
"Dined here last night and i must say, the food does not disappoint! We ordered the mushroom soup and crab with spinach, both were really tasty..."
Penny Chua
"My hubby and i dined here for our wedding anniversary. It was the best fine dining i've experienced by far. We had pasta and wine.. And while we are..."
"The complimentary bread we had was cold and tough to chew, but their pâté and tomatoes were so good I had to ask for another serving! My appetizer,..."
Stephanie Chua
"The only photo I can offer you is a photo of our plates wiped clean. We thought the food was that good.I went with my boyfriend to L'Opera..."
Gaby Flores
"L'Opera Ristorante Italiano truly is the perfect place for intimate dinner dates. Ambiance is the perfect kind of rusty. For a group of five girls..."
"L'Opera has been my all time favorite Italian restaurant ever since I was a little girl. Every birthday since I could remember would always be..."
"I love this place.The ambiance is amazing (great music, lighting, servers) and of course, amazing food.I don't really know how..."
"So.. my beau and i went here Dec of 2014., the ambiance was pretty impressive- italian dressed musicians greeted us on our way in. With the intimate-..."
Karla De Vera
"This place lives up to its reputation! Fancy! From the food to the ambiance. Perfect date place. Their food is so good! We had their seafood risotto..."
Rhea Bea
"Begin with the aperitif Of l'opera negroniFollow up with some antipastiNo other than tortino di pepperoniThe spotlight goes..."
Stacy Danika Alcantara
"Gorgonzola & walnuts on salad is always a delight. I am quite critical with ravioli but theirs on porcini mushroom was a surprise....heavenly! The..."
Rome G.
"I surprised my girlfriend with a romantic dinner for our monthsary in L'Opera. Since I've never eaten here before, I was a bit hesitant at first, but..."
"Went here for a birthday celebration. The food was great! Lamb chops were cooked perfectly (and has veggies and risotto on the side). Their..."
Icai Enriquez
"i have been dining with my friends here since we were in high school (7 years ago) and the quality of their food has not changed. they have the best..."
Paula Andrea San Jose
"I only come here for their mushroom ravioli in porcini sauce. Maybe the best I've had. I would go for my pizzas elsewhere. Nice plus is their area is..."
"Amazing food. Lovely atmosphere. Warm and friendly service. Perfect for dates, friendzoners, business thingies, families, special occasions or those..."
"A fine dining Italian restaurant with an extensive selection of wines, this place serves authentic Italian fare fit for the rich and famous. Must try..."
Mike Yu
"Its a..."
Mark Villavicencio
"I was transported to another place when I enter Ristorante Italiano L’ Opera. I fell in love with the beautiful interior of the place...."
"I went here for my birthday with my Italian boyfriend and for him, the ambiance and the ingredients were very authentic. We enjoyed the dim lights..."
Syd Dagal
"Too often vegetarian-friendly restaurants tend to over-complicate and over-compensate, but L’Opera Ristorante Italiano by L’Opera Holdings, Inc...."
Rochkirstin Sioco
Kenny Rogers Roasters
84/100 (288 ratings)
"Ive been a fan of Kenny talaga. I would like to commend their side dishes na nag level up, I dont know but it seemed na binago nila yung timpla...."
Ron Brnls
"Tried the new chicken spices, but forgot the name. It taste really good, it taste like indian curry, mild spiciness. The price is good n the portion..."
Hary S Soelistio
"We ate several times here with my friends. I really loved their bacon roasted chicken. The place is big and the ambiance is nice but they had their..."
"August 6, 2018 Woohoo! The muffin promo is back, 2 boxes of corn muffins for 120 pesos. I got 4 boxes. Since classes will be starting again, this..."
"We usually have our food delivered to our office, and one thing which really counts a lot is the presentation. Presentation wasn't sacrificed because..."
Abi Manalansan
"Ordered Premium Steak with two side dish.Food was delivered late but delivery man apologized for the delay. Food was properly packed...."
Carmie O.
"AmbienceDine-in space is pretty wide and well-lit with strong morning music playing in the background to set the day's mood positively. They..."
Patrick Unson
"Large place but only few diners. Maybe because it’s pricey for some students around the area. But the food is good. The downside is that I was..."
Mary Grace Monteverde
"Spacious and clean! The place is well ventilated although there is no space for parking, the staff were very friendly and very accomodating...."
Alexandra Coreen Ramos
"Kenny's is probably one of the places here in Taft with great seating capacity and great healthy food that's reasonably priced. Their sides..."
"We ate in this KR's during the birthday celebrating of a friend. We loved it since the ambiance of this restaurant is better than most KR restos...."
"I've never really been a fan of chicken, of of Kenny Rogers. I always found their food a bit tasteless and too expensive. I still find it expensive..."
Joshah Caleb Chua
"I used to love Kenny when i was little. Over time i think their servings got smaller. Quality is so so. This branch is particularly clean. The..."
Patricia Valdivieso
"Kenny Roger's burgers are seriously overlooked. Napaka sarap nakakainis minsan kainin, sa totoo lang. Juicy, meaty, & cheesy. Bun size & texture..."
"Nothing special. It tastes just like their other branches, the service is quite fast especially I dined during lunch hour.Tho, there was..."
Miyo Rigor
"Masarap. Delicious food. Healthy food. Worth it para sa akin ang mga food nila. Lalo na un 2 side dishes. Dami mo pagpipiliian. All in all it was..."
Christeine Lim
"Kenny Rogers would be a good choice that caterd healthy foods. My friends tried their quesadillas, yoghurt and of course, muffins! I'm not an avid..."
Noelle Pangilinan
"My favorite place to be when I feel like eating something guilt free and extra healthy. My top pick is their Froyos! Delicious and creamy, just the..."
Faith Pomarejos
"Kenny Rogers is known for their roasted chicken,obviously. And they also offer healthy picks which is a must for everyone. I should say that its a..."
Tin Walet
"Since i was craving for a salad, i decided to invite my friends to eat in Kenny Rogers Roasters for lunch. As usual, we enjoyed it here because every..."
Den Sy
"Kenny Rogers is a bit on the pricey side for students but the food is really good and you actually get what you pay for, and because of that, I..."
Cristina Luis
Tabletaft Boardgame Cafe
87/100 (280 ratings)
"The shakes watered my crops and walked my..."
Angelica Perez
"Went there for a friends birthday, servers were very attentive and friendly, food was delicious, it wasnt as well ventilated but it was still a great..."
Aki Kinori
"First time to try a board game café and I really enjoyed it! The game coach was patient enough to explain rules of the games we played. Some games..."
Patricia Jarmin L. Pua
"A good place to relieve your stress away. Price is reasonable. You can stay as long as you can. All of the staff are very warm and kind. Definitely..."
Jhockz Lorenzo
"Awesome place to hang out with friends! The staff were super friendly. Food was also great! Plus, they also had a wide selection of board games to..."
"A boardgame cafe with excellent food?? This place has it all! *screams* chicken teriyakii!!! No extra charge for playing boardgames which..."
"I have no problem with their food and service it was amazing. What killed my dining experience was their customers. The place is full of weaboos...."
Trisha Jarabelo
"Me and my friends decided to go to tabletaft just a few hours ago to have fun aaaaaand.. they didn't disappoint us. 😊 We enjoyed their boardgames...."
"Good food with great friends. Nice ambiance and a friendly server. Perfect for barkadas and family. For your next foodtrip, try this on your list...."
Tina Bernardo
"So this place has been my go to place when I want to hang out with friends. The staffs are accommodating and friendly, the food is good and there is..."
J Anne Roxas
"Went here last week just to explore new places near our place. Experience here was awesome! But there are still room for improvements I know. Keep it..."
Rommel Jayson
"It's my first time to try a board games café, and it didn't disappoint me.. from their games to their food! I tried the;✔️ Taco..."
Redge Palma
"Gusto ko yung food nila, lalo na yung Salsa Verde Fish Fillet Rice Bowl nila. Tama lang yung pricing ng food nila sa serving and quality. Yung staff..."
Ken Limson Villamor
"If board games and having fun with your friends is your thing, then TableTaft is the right place to go!Food (⭐️⭐️) - I love their..."
Thiara Esteban
"My sisters wanted to try a boardgame cafe and TableTaft was the nearest to my place. The place is quite small but since we visited on a Sat (lunch..."
Bea Rigodon
"It was our first time to visit TableTaft Boardgame Cafe and yes it was an enjoyable experience. Since you will have a nice ambiance of the place,..."
Richel Pedregosa-Barcelona
"The dog bit me! Awww! Actually, it's one of the games we played when we attended the Grand Launch of Table Taft Board Game Cafe.THE..."
"I really appreciated the friendly staff, particularly the guy who taught us how to play the board games. (Sorry, Kuya, I forgot your name.) This is a..."
"Was invited during the launch event of TableTaft and I was really excited to try out new games aside from my usual Snakes & Ladders, Monopoly, and..."
"Within Taft University Mall  is a student budget-friendly board game cafe called TableTaft. With a wide array of board games, TableTaft is a safe..."
Raina Cheng
"It was my first time to be inside University Mall, a go to mall by college students around the area for mostly dining. Each of its floors are filled..."
"Last saturday we had a fun filled afternoon playing board games at Table Taft Grand Launch. In support with our fellow foodie Denise Jestine Ang the..."
"We went here during their opening week so it was a bit crowded and noisy. The servers are nice and accommodating and take the time to explain the..."
Kimi Barra
"My friends and I went to Tabletaft last April 6 to de-stress and we weren't disappointed. Although tabletaft is like any other boardgame cafes out..."
"One of the board game cafes around Taft hence the creative name, TableTaft offers plenty of board games ranging from complicated to casual. They can..."
Bears Looking For Food
"Definitely one of the best places to play board games with friend. Be it during a break or a reunion of some sort. The place has plenty of games to..."
"For only Php 100, you can enter and start playing games with your friends. The entrance fee is waived when you order something greater than Php 100...."
Kristine Redillas
"Table Taft Boardgames Cafe. I went to this place after lunch to meet my friends and to probably find a good dessert. It was very noisy and..."
Simōne King
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
76/100 (275 ratings)
Coffee & Tea
Calamanci Pie & Choco Latte Nuts
Blueberry Muffin
"Lots of tables, nice ambience. Good thing that it isn't too cold because other coffee shops can freeze you to death hahaha. They also don't play..."
Giulia Tabara
"A member of the coffee bean card. at first I was quite hesitant because it is expensive but having a card was quite convenient every 100php you get 5..."
Abigail Ching Su
"Finally there’s a coffee bean branch near my place and school. I really love their food and drinks. The ambience is really relaxing and the..."
Kristine Mae B. 💊🎸🎹 🎶🎮🚗🏹🏸🎱
"I usually visit here in the morning so it's not that crowded and the ambiance is more peaceful. I tried their salted caramel latte and it's strong..."
"I frequently visit this place whenever I’m at manila to review for my upcoming board exam. The place and staff is great, it’s just that sometimes..."
Karen Lim
"I have nothing against coffee bean. I always love it. However, this branch kinda suck. It's in the middle of recto Ave. And usually, customers here..."
Kathleen Villar
"The ambiance was really nice! Great place for catching up with friends. Not sure for studying. The interior was great too, it makes the place more..."
Beatrice Peralta
"My favorite Branch :)Their staff are attentive and cheerfulThe place is big enough to accomodate customers especially students since the..."
"My friends and I decided to have a zip of coffee 💕 and we loved the coffee as much as we love the ambience. A lot of students also passed by,..."
Jerlyn Legaspi
"I went here together with my girlfriend last day when we were strolling back then and decided to taste their coffee. First it's just the coffee that..."
John Roque